Napping Princess (2017) Movie Script

(light music)
Napping Princess
(calm piano music)
(horns honking)
Long long ago, in the
kingdom of Heartland,
everyone had the exact same job,
and that was to build machines.
The congestion is awful today.
Where are all those people trying to go?
Right here, to Heartland Castle.
In order to make these machines
our factory must run 24 hours a day.
The King of Heartland
has an unyielding faith
in his technology to build
the very best machines ever
thanks to his great, big, giant factory.
And he truly believes that his machines
are the key to happiness
throughout his entire kingdom.
To try and make the day shift
on time
workers head out as early as 5 a.m.
But with all the congestion it makes sense
that they're still late.
Everybody in the kingdom works
on the long assembly lines that run
throughout the castle's giant factory.
People on the day shift
get off work at 5 p.m.
After which the night shift takes over.
I got away with just
putting in four hours.
- [Man] You were late.
Your pay has been doctored.
I don't believe this.
Hey you!
How long are you gonna
keep riding that bike?
You should buy a new car.
Is this a joke?
You either follow the rules around here
or you pay the penalty!
And you, scrap that old thing!
But, sir, this machine still runs great
and it's actually one of
the best I've ever owned.
- [Boss] Rules are rules, you hear me?
- [Man] Oh yes, sir.
- [Ancien] Just another
day living in Eastopolis,
the capital of the kingdom of Heartland.
No matter how bad congestion gets
or how good your old machine
is, no one really cares.
Every single person has to follow
every single rule that has been
handed down from their king.
Despite his people's obedience
there is one matter
that causes a great deal
of heartache to the king.
Princess Ancien, his beloved daughter,
happens to be a sorceress,
and her magic has the potential
to bring misfortune to the kingdom.
(calm music)
When Princess Ancien was three
the king gave her a
stuffed dog as a present.
She named it Joy.
And she magically brought it to life.
And send!
My name is Joy.
When she was six Princess Ancien
cast her spells on the
machines in the king's factory,
magically bringing them to life as well.
There's your magic tablet!
(questing music)
Why are you hidden away in here?
You poor thing.
(alarm blaring)
Wait for me and I'll get
you out of here, okay?
(footsteps echoing)
Did she?
I beg your pardon, sire.
(dramatic music)
(metal clanging)
My name is Ancien Heart.
Basically I'm the princess of this land.
Close one.
Dammit, I'm late!
- [Woman On TV] There are
now just three days left
until the long awaited
2020 Tokyo Olympic games.
Preparations are well underway
for the Gala Opening
ceremony at the brand new--
Sorry, sorry.
I woke up late.
Hey, clad?
Is this how Mr. Miyaki paid
you for fixing his car?
Are you sure?
And is that directly
from Chairman Shijima?
- [Man On Phone] The
chairman wants that tablet.
And if he doesn't get it
he'll be seeing you in court,
do you understand?
Then why would he wait
so long to ask me for it?
- [Man On Phone] This is the last warning
you'll get from me.
(pan sizzling)
Ugh, what would he do if I wasn't here
to make breakfast?
Probably starve.
Dad, food's almost ready.
Could you at least clear
away the Mahjong tiles?
Each Olympic team's athlete
will enter the stadium
in fully automated self-driving cars
throughout the game's opening ceremonies.
True, this will be a historic spectacle
like no other in Olympic history
to implement such an ambitious feat.
Good morning.
So did you find time to visit mom's grave?
Not yet.
Well, let's dig in.
I gotta say, I think this might be
my best work to date, you know?
You do know summer vacation
starts tomorrow, right?
So I was thinking, why
don't we go away somewhere?
We used to go on long drives
and camp out all the time, remember?
But I suppose I don't
really have the time.
I should prep for entrance exams.
I'm done.
Your tea.
(calm music)
Kind of early for the
ancestors festival, Dad.
See you tonight, okay?
Why didn't you ask me earlier?
I could barely get a word
out of you during breakfast.
You're gonna bring this up now?
Way to just change the subject on me, dad.
And dad make sure you get
paid with real money today.
You got that?
(light music)
Good morning, Officer Kijita.
Ah, Kokone!
Good morning to you, too.
You old guys really
burn them in night oil.
Don't keep my dad up too late, all right?
Do it again.
(light music)
Oh hi.
Good morning.
Good morning, Mr. Sawatari.
Hello there, Kokone!
You're looking chipper.
You know me, always positive!
You guys and dad have fun tonight, okay?
Right there, see what
I'm talking about now?
When using text-based social apps
people pretty much
represent themselves as is.
But with photo sharing apps,
they show off every little
detail of their lives
to try and seem more interesting.
You really just used one algorithm
to generate all this?
It's crazy.
Is that?
Hey, Mori, that you?
I knew you were in there.
So did you come back
for your summer break?
When did you get into town?
Man, you finally hit your growth spurt.
The Mori I remember was
just a tiny little shrimp
but not anymore I guess.
Hey, would you stop calling me Mori?
Okay, Morio.
Unless you prefer Mister
Morio or my bro Morio?
Hey man, I'm pretty sure that girl
is the Jacket's daughter.
Do you know her or something?
Who is the Jacket?
You know, the guy from the repair shop
who always wears one.
Yeah, the one with the skull.
Yup, the Jacket is what kids
are calling Dad these days.
A charming nickname.
By the way, Morio, which
college did you end up going to?
I really hope I can get into a university
in Tokyo like you did.
Hate to break it to you
but you're a long way
from getting there.
Is Tokyo that far?
So then I definitely have
to take a plane, huh?
(light music)
So how's this truck of mine faring?
She ready?
All good to go.
You just tap this here.
And when that part comes up,
tell it where you want to go.
And if the map's right
then you tap it again, see?
Not much profit to be made in helping out
old timers like me, am I right?
I can't say I agree.
It's old folks like you that are hoarding
all the money in the first place.
You don't say.
How much will it be then?
Well the price of fixing
your flat tire 2,000 yen.
It's a deal.
And here's something extra for you.
Let's try this out.
Take me to Kayama Hospital.
(engine revving)
Hey, wait a sec.
You gotta at least hold
on to the steering wheel.
If you end up getting
pulled over, I get busted!
- [Old Man] Don't worry!
(ominous music)
- [Ancien] This land is falling
a constant and brutal attack
by an awful monster named the Colossus.
These attacks are occurring simply because
the magical Ancien lives in the kingdom.
- [Ancien] The Grand Inquisitor
keeps advising the King
to exile Princess Ancien
somewhere far away from Heartland.
Yet the King can't bring himself
to banish his own daughter.
So instead he gathers up
his very best technicians
ordering them to build
giant mechanical troops,
ones that are capable of
defeating the Colossus.
These troops are called Engine Heads.
Machine Brigade.
I want the Engine Heads
dispatched at once!
- [Ancien] These Engine Heads
are the pride of Heartland.
Many operators are required to control
each aspect of the machine's
intricate movements.
Left leg forward, 18 meters seven degrees.
And don't you fail me down there.
Left leg movement squadron,
move forward 18 meters and seven degrees.
18 meters and seven degrees!
(dramatic music)
Those won't work.
Unless I bring them
all to life with magic,
they can't beat that monster!
(ominous music)
(keys clicking)
Right leg back, 23 meters and 12 degrees.
Pedal for your lives!
(loud crashing)
Hey, right over here!
Here we go.
Who is that?
What is he doing?
A pirate?
Joy, if I make that pirate my lackey
we can defeat the Colossus.
Aye aye, sir!
(tires screeching and crashing)
Hurry, let's go!
You just follow me, all right?
Since you're alive, I'll
give you a heart too!
Let's go!
(engine revving and tires screeching)
What, hey!
You're a pirate, I was right!
Good, you're my lackey now.
Hurry and jump in!
So what's your name, Pirate?
It's Peach.
Peach, huh?
It's been pretty long since
I last had that dream.
Did you have a pleasant
dream, Miss Morikawa?
You're not on summer vacation just yet.
(class laughing)
The last summer break before graduation
is an important opportunity for each
and every student.
So it would be a shame to go and waste it
by slacking off, understood?
- [Teacher] So, until then
let's keep naps to a minimum,
you got that, Miss Morikawa?
I hear you loud and clear, sir!
- [Teacher] I wanna see all
of you give your best effort
next term, all right?
(calm music)
You're the only one who
knows the whole story,
the only one, Joy.
Your father reached out, Ikumi.
He wants the tablet and
if he doesn't get it
he'll take me to court.
Even if he's trying to
get custody of Kokone,
why now after all this time?
It makes no sense.
Well, guess I finally have to go
and talk to him in person.
I'm going to head out for Tokyo now.
You're Momotaro Morikawa, right?
We can't have him talking directly
to Chairman Shijima.
Kokone, you somehow manage to always
fall asleep in the middle of class.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I simply don't have a clue.
But for what it's worth
I was up all night long
playing Mahjong with dad's friends.
Why would you do that?
'Cause I can make some money.
You're right though,
I guess I am always kind of sleepy, huh?
But it's my super power!
I don't think sleeping is a super power!
Hey, I meant to ask you
are you gonna take classes this summer?
We're just a little strapped
for cash at the moment.
Yeah, I tried to bring up
summer plans this morning.
Dad just clammed up.
He's still letting customers pay with food
instead of real money.
I just don't understand why he keeps
on letting people do that.
All he really cares about is
tinkering away in his shop.
Maybe you should try having
a conversation about it.
No such luck.
He even tells me simple things
like "thanks for breakfast"
to be a text.
(whimsical music)
Looks like they're at it again.
That's for making us pick up your slack!
I gotta make my last
summer before graduation
count somehow.
What should I do?
How about going to visit some relatives?
I already live with my only relative.
There's just dad.
But I thought that your mom's whole side
of the family was from Germany?
How come?
'Cause back in junior high
you wrote that whole big essay about
how your mom has to be
in Germany, remember?
(laughs) That thing?
Wow, you've got a pretty
good memory there, Chico.
Actually that was a total lie.
Well every time I started a new school
I've had to explain to people
why I don't have a mom.
Then they always ask
why my name is written
differently from how
they think it should be,
so it was just easier to lie.
What a creative solution.
But I guess that's what makes
you so interesting and fun.
Thanks, Chico.
You're the best.
Hey, Miss Morikawa.
We just got a phone call at the office.
It's about your father.
(dramatic music)
(calm music)
What's Joy doing here?
Dad's tablet.
I'm home.
(somber music)
Oh Dad.
Where could they have taken you to?
Hey mom, could dad really
have done something wrong?
But I guess I hardly know
anything about you either, mom.
All I know is that you died
in some kind of accident
right after I was born.
Aside from that Dad hasn't told
me a single thing about you.
So tell me,
what were you up to when you were my age?
Did you go to college?
What do I do with myself now?
Please mom, would you help me out?
(calm music)
I hope I got this code right this time.
You were able to speak right away, Joy.
Ahem, that's because I
happen to be pretty special!
Peach finally came back!
(calm music)
Peach, welcome back.
Hey, Princess.
So were you able to write a spell
that can give a heart to
our friend Heart here?
I guess we're about to
find out, aren't we?
Don't worry.
Give it a shot.
So with hearts united we can
even fly through the skies.
Inside you is a will of your
own so express your freedom.
(engine revving)
And send!
It worked!
(ominous music)
I finally managed to
track you down, Princess.
You are to be returned to your glass tower
for the crime of continuing to use magic.
Do you really get those orders
directly from the king?
Oh very much so.
However if you were to hand over
the tablet directly to me
there'd be a chance I'd be willing
to request more lenient
terms from the king.
(door bell ringing)
Is that clad?
I know that face.
The girl has to be inside there.
I'll need to take her back
with me as a precaution.
If she's not accounted for,
the Tokyo Police might get in the way.
The Tokyo what?
(phone vibrates)
It's from dad.
That's the same guy!
(suspenseful music)
That little delinquent
hasn't come back yet?
Just look for the tablet.
He didn't have it on him so
it must be here somewhere.
We're gonna find it no matter what.
(suspenseful music)
It's dark in here.
- [Henchman] Mr. Watanabe, is this it?
- [Watanabe] You idiot!
That's just a whiteboard.
- [Henchman] Very sorry, sir.
(phone vibrates)
Why didn't you tell me that earlier?
This is not good.
(floor creaking)
That stuffed dog.
It's here!
Hey, I found it!
Kokone, hey are you home?
We heard the police had
taken in Uncle Momo.
My dad was worried and
wanted me to make sure
you're all right.
He's gonna come over
later with Officer Kijita.
Tell Takamatsu Airport
to have a company jet
ready for immediate takeoff.
I need you to stay behind
to capture the girl.
Understood, sir.
What exactly are you doing?
Nothing important.
Morio, can you drive a motorcycle?
Where are you going?
Well, can you drive one or not?
Yeah, but my license
is only good for cars.
That's good enough.
(engine revving)
Start driving.
Wait, what?
Don't worry.
Look, if you can drive a car
then you should be fine.
To Takamatsu Airport.
What's this about?
Come on, just step on it already!
Hey. you there!
Nice work, Morio!
What was that?
What did you hide?
It was nothing.
It's the truth, see?
Shouldn't we call Officer Kijita now?
We can't.
We have to get Joy and the tablet back
before those guys get on a plane.
Then we can reach out
to Officer Kijita, okay?
(engine revving)
Hey Kokone!
Make sure you keep
the engine running!
There he is!
Mr. Watanabe!
Your bag!
(dramatic music)
Go around now!
Come back here!
Kokone Morikawa, stop!
How did she even find me here?
Nice save, Morio.
You really are just as
tough as your dad is.
Hold the jet.
We are not letting her get away.
Yes, sir.
It's me.
How did the girl end up here?
- [Henchman] I nearly
grabbed her at the house
but she was with some boy.
I swear there was--
You moron!
Why didn't you call me
and tell me right away?
- [Henchman] Well, because I
thought it'd make you upset.
Her father must still have a phone on him
so tell the police.
And I'll need full cooperation
from the local authorities.
Also you tell them that his daughter
has fled with the evidence.
Apparently I'm the bad guy. (snickers)
You're back, what a relief.
I'm glad you're okay.
This doll, it belonged to my mom.
(alarms blaring)
Morio, let me use your cellphone.
I should call Officer Kijita.
He can pick us up in his patrol car.
What exactly will we tell
him is happening right now?
He shouldn't have a
problem giving us a ride.
If those guys can use the cops, so can we.
Can you find out whether or not
we can get in touch with my dad on this?
That guy stole my phone and I don't have
any of my dad's contact info memorized.
Hello, Officer Kijita?
Yes, I'm with Morio.
I have a good reason but he and I
are in Takamatsu right now.
Would you be able to come and pick us up
in your patrol car please?
So he was using his tablet to modify cars.
What do you think?
Can we reach my dad on that thing?
I don't think so.
He only used this for repair
and modification diagnostics.
There's no address book.
It's got a decent internet
connection though.
Oh well.
Officer Kijita might have your dad's info.
No, they see each other all the time
so they never need to email or text.
So much for that then.
There's an alert.
(phone ringing)
That's from clad!
I think this app connects to some
kind of private message board,
one that's only used by a
bunch of auto mechanics I guess.
Hey, if we post a message
for your dad on here
maybe he'll be able to
see it on his phone.
Great idea.
Dad, are you okay?
Where are you now?
That bearded guy showed up.
He stole my cellphone and the tablet
but I was able to get the tablet back.
I don't have your number or email,
so I hope that I could
reach you through this.
And send!
But why do those guys
even want this old tablet?
I don't know.
Mr. Sukomoto, I need to have
a word with you outside.
It looks like something to me.
We got a call from Shijima Motors.
It looks like your
daughter just disappeared
with the tablet in question.
She did what?
Tell your daughter to turn herself in
and to return the item that you stole.
Listen to me, all right?
I told you the real crook
here is Shijima Motors.
They want my code but not just a copy.
They're after the original files now too.
What are you doing?
Seeing if that bearded guy's stuff
might have some clues about anything.
Shijima Motor Corporation?
What's the kanji say?
How are you a high school senior?
It says he works at
Shijima and that he's some
kind of executive director.
Ichiro Watanabe.
Wow, he's a senior exec at Shijima Motors.
Shijima Motors?
Oh come on.
Shijima Motor Corporation
is only one of Japan's
leading automakers.
You seriously never heard of them?
Say what you want but Morikawa
Motors is probably better.
Wait, that reminds me.
What of?
I'm pretty sure that my mom's
maiden name was Shijima,
just like that company.
Not that it does anything for us.
If you don't mind my asking,
how did your mom pass away?
Dad just said she died in some accident.
Officer Kijita won't be here for a while
so in the mean time I'm gonna take a nap.
A nap, what, right here?
It's cold out, so you
may as well stay close
but no groping in my sleep.
I wasn't gonna!
(calm music)
Morio's here?
Wait, who are you?
My name is Ancien.
But actually it's me, Kokone.
Hey, we got an emergency.
- [Morio] Officer Kijita?
And dad?
Ancien, who's the little twerp with you.
Jeez, dad, you don't
recognize your own son?
Yeah, right.
I think I'd remember
having a son as big as you.
Ancien, Peach has been
capture on Bewan's order.
Not just that.
Castle guards are on the way.
Don't worry.
The two of us could take care of them.
You find a way to rescue Peach.
Did my dad look younger than normal?
Come on, Morio.
If we're able to help out dad
while we're having this dream
then we can help him out for real!
What do you mean dream?
This dream has been
connected with real life
since this morning.
And since I can use magic while we're here
it'll make things a whole lot easier.
(engine revving)
Takeji, Ugi, we believe in you guys.
Come on, step on it.
(engine revving)
Coming through!
Ancien, we know you can save Peach!
Leave it to me!
(questing music)
And how is that we're flying right now?
It's because we're
inside a fairytale world
that my dad made up for me.
A fairytale world?
You must remember too, Morio.
Back when we were little
whenever you'd sleep over at my house,
it's the world from the bedtime story
my dad used to tell!
Oh yeah.
Now that you mention it, Uncle Momo
did used to make up some
story about a princess.
Man, I haven't thought
about all that in forever.
Dad and I used to have so much fun.
But after all this time I can't even
picture him that way.
Yeah, that story would put you right to sleep.
Uh-huh, that sounds like me.
Hey how come you're not a
little kid version of yourself?
In your dad's story, Morio was never made
into one of the characters
so he doesn't have a
fairytale version of himself.
I see.
Makes sense to me.
I'm not a part of this.
I'm stuck playing the role of myself
'cause there's no place
for me in this dream.
So when you wake up from your dream
you'll probably just
remember the story as it is
and forget that I was even here.
That sounds awful!
What's the point of dreaming then?
It's just how it is.
I'm a realist when it comes to this stuff.
(engine revving)
(questing music)
That was a little rough.
Oh yeah, the title of the story.
It was Ancien and the Magic Tablet.
You remembered!
We are in Ancien and the Magic Tablet.
What now?
- [Ancien] We're out of gas!
What do we do?
Heart, set us down as soon as you can.
(dramatic music)
(crows cawing)
Hey, where are we?
We are in Osaka for some reason.
I remember we fell asleep in Takamatsu
waiting for Officer Kijita to pick us up.
Speaking of weird, last
night I had a dream
that your dad's motorcycle
here was able to fly.
Then we really did have the same dream.
Are you serious?
Oh wow!
I'm starting to think magic is for real!
Stop it.
We're too old for fairy tales.
So what is going on?
(phone ringing)
What is this?
A self-navigation system?
Did this thing drive us all the way here
while we were sleeping?
If so, then while everyone was mocking
you dad's car upgrades,
he may have actually been on to something
completely ground breaking.
Still, could he have really programmed
a system as advanced as this on his own?
Up there!
Sorry, sir!
We ran out of gas in
the middle of the night.
Come on, dad.
Did you get my message yet or didn't you?
Hello, dad.
Where are you right now?
No need to worry.
I still have the tablet with me.
Currently Morio and I are
near Dotonbori in Osaka.
We are filling the motorcycle up with gas.
And send.
Morio, listen.
Are you somewhere safe right now?
- [Man] And do you have Kokone with you?
Put her on for a second.
Kokone, it's my dad.
I'm at your house right now
and some fishy people are looking for you.
Does one of the guys have a beard?
- [Man] Yeah, yeah the one in charge.
And the guy is telling me
he was sent all the way out here
from Tokyo by your grandfather!
But my grandpa died back when
I was in elementary school.
- [Momotaro] No, no.
I don't mean your father's father.
This is Ikumi's father I'm talking about.
My mom's father?
That's right.
I'm just now hearing about all of this.
- I was pretty surprised too.
- Get Morikawa's daughter
- And it turns out
- back here right now.
That your grandfather is the
chairman of Shijima Motors!
I'm sorry Momotaro never
liked talking about Ikumi,
but it's only 'cause of
some unpleasant drama
that seems to go back a long way.
Like what kind of drama do you mean?
Well it looks like Momotaro and Ikumi
went and eloped without
telling their families.
Her old man was so pissed about it
he made your dad promise
to never get involved
with Shijima Motor Corporation again.
And on top of that he stole
some of Shijima Motors'
proprietary software and
hid it in that tablet.
There's no way!
My dad isn't some kind of thief!
- [Watanabe] Are you sure about that?
Kokone, all of us still
believe in Momotaro,
but to prove that he's innocent
you're going to have to
bring that tablet of his
back here and then hand
it over to these guys.
That's exactly right.
Just hand over the tablet
and Chairman Shijima
will overlook this unpleasant matter.
Otherwise Mr. Morikawa
is going to find himself
in a great deal of trouble.
If that's the case,
I'll just go and talk to
Chairman Shijima myself.
I'll explain that my dad would never do
anything like what you've said.
You'll what?
The chairman won't simply
take a meeting with you
of all people.
Why wouldn't he?
Obviously because the man continues
to bear a tremendous
grudge against your father.
But you're telling me
that I'm supposed to be
this guy's granddaughter.
- [Watanabe] Well, yes that
happens to be the case.
Even if my dad has some
kind of sketchy past
I know that he always
does the right thing,
and that's what I do too.
So goodbye, sir.
You brat!
What the hell is wrong
with that little girl!
Morikawa's clearly raised
some kind of delinquent.
I want you to get her back here.
Yeah right.
You ought to know that
Kokone's just as stubborn
as her father.
She and the rest of you are
a bunch of stupid hicks.
Let's go.
Yes, sir.
(engine revving)
You gotta hand it to her.
Kokone's got guts.
She is her father's daughter after all.
I'm guessing that Mr.
Beard isn't going to see
eye to eye with me at all.
Hey, Kokone.
Right there.
Friends of Mr. Beard?
What should we do?
I know.
Can you fall asleep?
Sleep right now?
Yes, right now.
That way you can use the
magic in your dreams.
But I can't sleep right now.
I just woke up a minute ago.
When has that mattered?
You're always nodding
off at the drop of a hat.
(calm music)
It'll help us more if
you start heading home.
(engine revving)
But what about dad's motorcycle?
It'll be fine.
Just trust me.
Hey, hey!
Call the company.
Have you got enough to get
us on a train to Tokyo?
I've only got 650 yen right now.
So then both of us are broke?
How could a college student like you
walk around with no cash?
I had a little but I spent it yesterday,
and for the record most college students
are broke these days anyway.
Then why'd you get rid of our bike
and bring us to a train station?
I just assumed that we could
use your Mahjong money.
Sorry about that.
Not much we can do now.
Hey, why don't we just
borrow from Watanabe's stash?
No way!
Then we'd be common crooks!
So what then?
(phone ringing)
There's a message from dad.
Kokone, where are you right now?
I'm at the Shinosaka Train Station.
I'm coming to Tokyo to rescue you.
Hey look.
I'm here with Morio right now.
We want to take the express train but neither of us
have enough money.
What about you?
Where are you?
He wants us to wait?
But I want to get to
Tokyo on the express train
to find you.
You must be Miss Kokone Morikawa.
I have both of your super
express tickets right here.
These are...
But how did you know?
Here, we found a lost bag.
Please give it to the proper authorities.
(alarm ringing)
Very nice.
This is my first time on the bullet train.
I still don't get it.
Does this sound magic to you?
So let's try some magic again.
I'm hungry.
I would like a bento box.
And sent.
(whimsical music)
They're already paid for.
Who is doing all this?
The only logical conclusion is magic
also works in our real lives.
The only conclusion?
Well aren't you gonna eat?
Our bento boxes came.
We're on the bullet train
and we're going to be
in Tokyo really soon.
What did you say?
They're on an express train now?
Didn't you say both of
them were out of money?
- [Henchman] Yeah, that's what we thought.
- [Watanabe] Let me know
as soon as she posts
another message.
Listen, we're not here to act
as your private security detail,
am I making myself clear?
I pay my taxes, don't I?
And I think we've done more to further
this investigation than you.
Get me to Hanada.
I need to be in Tokyo.
I have to stop her before she
can speak with the chairman
or all of this could unravel.
Do you think that Morikawa even stole
that program at all?
I think as long as he won't talk specifics
I can't rule anything out.
I guess we can't.
- [Kokone] So this is my mom's father?
Industrialist Ishin Shijima is the founder
of the preeminent
Shijima Motor Corporation
where he serves as chairman.
Your mother, Ikumi Shijima,
graduated from Carnegie
Mellon University in America
and was soon placed on
Shijima's Board of Directors.
One year before her death she resigned
from Shijima Motor Corporation
after a falling out with her father,
the nature of which was undisclosed.
What's it say about dad?
But it stands to reason
that this falling out
had something to do with your mother
eloping with your father.
I think mom must have been
someone really special.
And if for only having the
good sense to marry her,
so is dad.
Yeah, I guess so.
Can't argue with that.
I wonder how the two of them first met
and how they ended up falling
in love with each other?
Morio, find out how to get me
to Shijima Motor Corporation.
Get me to that Engine Head.
(calm music)
(alarm ringing)
- [Soldier] Sir, the
Colossus has returned.
Ah, so it has.
Indeed the creature is within sight.
But our orders are to hold the gate.
We will not abandon our posts.
As if we could count on these guys
to fight in the first place.
Your spell will show the king
how great your magic really is.
And with hearts united we can
even fly through the skies.
Please, giant machine,
defeat the Colossus of your own free will.
And send.
(light music)
What the!
Whey the hell is this
machine walking on its own?
You stop moving yourself at once.
Legs, apply brakes now!
Don't do it!
This Engine Head is battling
because it wants to.
So please let it fight!
What in the places!
It's sorcery!
Then throw her out of here this instant!
You watch your stupid mouth.
Don't you ingrates forget for one moment
that Ancien is still your princess!
You leave her alone!
Attention all hands!
Stop this rampaging machine!
Shut off the engines!
Well done, Chief Engineer.
We'll defend our posts to the death!
Ancien, the engines!
(questing music)
(wind blowing)
(gears clicking)
Got you.
Forgive me.
I wasn't able to stay
with you till the end.
However if you're ever in trouble
I will always come back to help you.
So please from now on
look after Kokone for me.
It was mom.
But how?
All this time
I thought I was supposed to be Ancien
in dad's old fairytale.
(somber music)
For so long I thought dad
never told me
anything about mom.
But he really did.
He told me so so many things.
Morio, are we almost there?
460 yen to reach Shijima Motors.
Think you got any magic to spare?
Excuse me.
Are you Kokone Morikawa?
Watanabe sent you!
Go on, Kokone.
I can handle these thugs.
You really think that?
Don't worry.
You still got the tablet.
Yeah, but what about you?
You don't understand!
I understand plenty!
Forget about me, Kokone!
If you'd just calm down and hear us out.
Shut up!
We're just trying to help
because we're old friends of her dad's!
Wait, that's...
Every one of Kokone's messages are there.
So you guys have been reading
them all along, haven't you?
You spotted us through this forum!
And that's how we knew you needed
express train tickets and food
so you guys could safely
make it from Osaka to Tokyo!
But why help us?
That tablet, it can never
end up with Watanabe.
I'm not sure I'm buying this.
Wouldn't you be after the tablet too
since you guys are from Shijima Motors?
Well yes.
Technically we are with Shijima.
Then what the heck's
in that tablet anyway?
The entire legacy of Ikumi Shijima,
the original code for her revolutionary
self-driving car program.
That's what my dad says.
- [Shijima] You're all cowards!
Do none of you have a backbone?
- [Executive] But Mr.
Chairman, the Olympic Games
open in just two days.
If even one of our vehicles
were to malfunction
with athletes inside,
oh the company's image
would be the very least
of our problems.
The press already doubts
whether the technology is safe.
Be reasonable.
We need drivers in those cars.
We do not!
We will proceed as planned.
The self-driving vehicles will
be in the opening ceremony.
My decision is final.
Now get back to work!
Any updates?
Have you gotten the
original code back yet?
I'm very close, sir.
Well, hurry up!
You've already made a huge mess of this.
I know, but it's too late to back out now.
If our demo vehicles
don't perform flawlessly
then both of our careers are finished.
Securing the tablet is
well worth the risk.
I'll buy off whoever needs silencing.
I'm warning you!
This is all just temporary.
The chairman doesn't care
about self-driving cars.
It's all just a pathetic
eulogy for his daughter.
When the Olympics are through
I'll be taking this up
directly with the Board.
And once the old guard is dead
it'll be our time to take
charge of this company's future.
But before any of that,
those opening ceremonies have
to go off without a hitch.
I'd like to speak privately
with Chairman Shijima.
On what matter of business, Miss?
You see, I've never met him,
but I'm the chairman's granddaughter,
and I need to see him about my dad.
Young lady, that is a
particularly tasteless joke.
The chairman lost his only daughter
so he obviously has no grandchildren.
Yeah, well part of that's true.
That's him!
What is it?
Would you like some tea, sir?
You're all by yourself on such a nice day?
I was hoping to meet with someone
but things aren't working out exactly.
Have some.
So tell me something,
were you planning to just sit
here and waste the day away?
It's best to think about your future
and not allow yourself to stagnate
because life may seem
long, but it truly isn't.
Do you really think life is that short?
Yes, I'm afraid I do.
If you don't mind, why do you think that?
'Cause to me it always feels like, well,
there's still so much ahead
that I still got to worry about.
I had a rebellious daughter
who passed away young.
That's when I learned
there's never as much time
as one thinks.
Please tell me, what
was your daughter like?
She was only a little bit
older than you are now.
She was on track to succeed
me as Chairperson one day.
She attended a top American university.
She was very much an exceptional daughter.
(somber music)
People want a sense of control
in driving their own cars;
to feel some sense of
power in their lives.
So who would ever want a
car that drives itself?
It's true.
That might have been how most people
felt about it in the past.
But now times are changing
while we stagnate.
Software technology is taking the lead
in this industry as the
movement in self-driving cars
has progressed.
This is already a global trend.
When engineers are made to bow down
before software programmers,
that's when this industry
of ours will be finished.
Then this company has
no vision or strategy.
Just memories of past glories
and a future of in-fighting.
And Chairman, if I may
offer one last thought,
we should live up to our company motto.
That's why it's so important,
we must slay the Colossus.
I'll see to it with my
own hands if I must.
(questing music)
You better go and help him.
You really had me worried for a while.
I was wondering when you were going to say
you were his granddaughter.
Hold on.
How'd you get here?
All Grand Inquisitors
receive a corporate jet.
That plane belongs to the King himself.
Quit acting like it's yours!
What is going on?
We were talking but he
didn't recognize me.
Why is that?
Despite how he may appear
your father is a man of his word.
He kept his promise all these years
and never once contacted the king again,
and made it all the easier to keep
my actions hidden from his majesty.
This is my doing.
I should have believed in
the power of magic sooner.
He did?
All right, I got it.
Yeah, we're working on it now.
This isn't good.
Kokone managed to meet
the chairman after all
but Watanabe showed up and
he somehow grabbed her away.
Uncle Momo!
Hey there, Morio.
What are you doing out here?
It doesn't matter.
Kokone's in trouble!
I see.
Your self-driving demo
cars still aren't ready yet
and that's why Watanabe
suddenly needs Ikumi's program.
But all of this has been
Watanabe's idea alone.
I promise the chairman
never knew a thing about it.
It doesn't change a thing.
It doesn't mean I should get
involved with the company.
- [Man] I understand how you feel but...
You were able to finish what she started
without help from any of us.
No matter how you look at it,
it's quite an accomplishment.
But that said, isn't keeping
all of that technology
for yourself the exact same thing
as what that bastard Watanabe is doing?
(somber music)
So, how exactly do you think
you're gonna take over all of Heartland?
At this point every
last one of Heartland's
precious Engine Heads have
been completely destroyed.
Yet only an Engine Head that
acts by the grace of magic
has the power necessary
for defeating the Colossus.
Yeah, so?
But if there aren't any Engine Heads left
then what good is it to
steal the magic tablet
in the first place?
With this, my secret weapon!
All of Heartland will belong to me.
With the King's Engine Heads destroyed
I'll be the one that saves this kingdom.
I shall emerge to defeat the Colossus
and the people will revere me.
Then I shall become the brand new king
at long last--
You phony!
You were lying right to the king's face
this entire time, you big--
I'll stop at nothing to claim that useless
old man's throne.
Quit being so immature.
I suppose I'm through with you.
My fear was of Ancien and her magic,
but with her out of the way
I suppose you may simply run along.
Not until you let go of the tablet!
Like this?
Close one, whew.
How mean!
Did your parents teach
you nothing, you jerk!
Why you rude, relentless little vermin!
What is all this commotion?
Explain yourself this instant, Bewan!
Actually, sire, the girl is an intruder
and I was attempting to apprehend her.
And that?
How do you explain that Engine Head?
I thought it wise to
keep this one in reserve
just in case the need should arise.
Bring that girl to me right now.
(loud rumbling)
(indistinct chatter)
Hey, do you know what's going on?
I've only heard rumors but
I think some girl is in trouble
in that building up in the 13th floor.
Move it!
Out of the way.
Come on!
Let us through!
Now what's going on?
It's Kokone!
She must be dreaming again!
Morio, we need to control
the Engine Head right now
so I gotta take this, okay?
Don't get the wrong idea.
I'm only here to save my daughter.
Now you needn't go worrying
about one mere commoner, sire.
What's most important is
getting you to safety.
Seize this man immediately!
No, no.
Sire, I...
You damn fool!
How much longer did you
think you could deceive me?
I gave Ikumi that doll.
I gave it to her myself years ago!
But, sire, all of your grand designs
have now fallen through.
Give up the crown and give it to me.
Our first priority is protecting this land
from the Colossus.
The rest we can discuss later.
Now take him away!
(loud rumbling)
(footsteps ringing)
And so with hearts united,
we could even fly through the skies!
(loud rumbling)
(pained groaning)
(dramatic music)
Kokone, I'm so sorry.
You're in danger because of me!
But who?
Who could be piloting that machine?
That Engine Head, is my dad the pilot?
Yeah, and Uncle Momo is beating the crap
out of that monster.
That Engine Head belongs to me alone
which means the fate of the kingdom
lies with me as well.
Bewan, what is that?
Hey stop!
He's up building a curse!
(dramatic music)
(wings flapping)
(fire blazing)
What's happening now?
If I can't rule over
Heartland, then no one can.
I'd sooner watch it all burn!
(maniacal laughing)
You traitor!
Come on, dad.
(laughs) Everything will burn!
(maniacal laughing)
Kokone, I need that magic spell!
(engine whirring up)
What am I supposed to do now?
Oh yeah.
With hearts united we can
even fly through the skies.
Engine Head.
Please carry out the
hopes of my mom and dad.
Save the kingdom of Heartland.
And send!
(loud explosion)
Now fly!
Engine Head, fly!
(questing music)
(Joy screaming)
(bats screeching)
Something's wrong up there.
Do you think that maybe
he doesn't have a way to get back down?
What could we do?
We gotta go help him.
I know, but...
(engine revving)
(tire screeching)
How did you get here?
That's weird.
I'm positive I set it on
the course to return home.
Thanks for everything, Morio.
(questing music)
(bats screeching)
What the?
(dramatic music)
Hey wait, I came all the
way here to rescue you.
Why are you the one rescuing me?
- [Ikumi] Forgive me.
I wasn't able to stay
with you till the end.
However, if you're ever in trouble
I will always come back to help you.
So please, from now on
look after Kokone for me.
(glass breaking)
Wait, why is Heart?
That's it!
Come on, let's do this!
Kokone, fly!
(engine revving)
(balloon hissing)
(camera flash beeping)
- [Reporter] Can you comment
on what just happened?
- [Reporter] Is this some publicity stunt?
Would you tell us who you are?
Do you know what just happened?
I thought you could tell me.
- [Reporter] Chairman, isn't it?
Hey, is that Chairman
Shijima coming this way?
It is him.
So you were able to perfect
your self-driving software.
Who are you?
I'm Kokone Morikawa.
And my name is written with the characters
for Heart and for Wings.
Now I see.
- [Reporter] What is your
connection to Chairman Shijima?
(indistinct questions)
- [Reporter] Young
lady, please, over here.
- [Man On TV] The Olympic
Games are invariably rich
with human drama,
and the Tokyo Olympics were indeed another
spectacular entry in
this enduring tradition.
The closing ceremonies
of the seventeen day games
were truly an astonishing
and historic sight to behold,
a stunning procession of fully automated,
self-driving vehicles
led by cars from Japan's
Shijima Motor Corporation
carried the athletes
of each member nation
into the national stadium.
Some questioned whether the technology
could be perfected in time.
But the endeavor was
a breathtaking success
and a testament to modern
technology and human ingenuity.
Hey, dad, how come you switched
the cucumber with an eggplant figure?
A cucumber's a horse but
an eggplant is an ox,
and an ox is nice and slow.
Now mom can linger for a while
instead of racing back to heaven so soon.
I always wondered why we put those out.
That's what they're there for.
Yeah that's how it works, I think.
What's Morio been up to?
He went back to Tokyo yesterday.
He said he had some college seminar.
Okay, sounds fun.
You look good in a yukata.
Well then, have you given it some thought?
I have and I think I'm perfectly
happy right where I am,
so I'm just gonna keep
working here as usual
in my own repair shop.
I understand.
Your summer vacation's almost over.
So what are your plans, huh?
You could test for schools out in Tokyo.
Actually I think I like
that idea a whole lot.
Yeah, I like that idea too.
Okay then, but I wanna hear
all about mom while I'm still around.
Now that I've got a game plan for college
I'll be ditching you to
check out Tokyo pretty often.
I'm gonna need your support, okay Grandpa?
Yours too, dad.
(calm music)
Written & Directed by Kenji Kamiyama