Naqaab (2007) Movie Script

"Oh my heart, my crazy heart"
"Do you know what love is?"
"The destination of heartbeats"
"It's a lonely call"
"A prayer to God"
"It is a merciless obsession"
"It doesn't give you any solace"
"Oh my heart, my crazy heart"
"Do you know what love is?"
"Somebody appeared in my dreams"
"And gave the loneliness
of my youth a fragrance"
"Arousing cravings, making
my feelings fragrant"
"I have complaints and regrets too"
"If there is trust, there is betrayal too"
"It is a merciless obsession"
"It doesn't give you any solace"
"Oh my heart, my crazy heart"
"Do you know what love is?"
"The ambience was so lovely"
"Without words, every
feeling was expressed"
"If there is happiness,
there is sorrow too"
"If there is union, there is bondage too"
"It is a merciless obsession"
"It doesn't give you any solace"
"Oh my heart, my crazy heart""
"Do you know what love is?"
"The destination of heartbeats"
"It's a lonely call"
"A prayer to God"
"My heart... "
- Good morning, Sophia!
- Good morning, Mrs. Gomes!
Oh, no! I am late again!
Why didn't this alarm ring?
- Where is Karan?
- At the office!
Office? When did he leave?
Sir left
early in the morning.
How can Karan wake up so early?
With this alarm!
It can't wake you up.
But it wakes him up in
the adjacent room.
Hi, Rinkie! Hi, Rishita!
You're late again!
Do you know how angry the manager is?
Don't worry! I will handle it!
Someday she will be fired!
You are right! I don't know
what's wrong with her.
Yes ma'am.
One chicken burger, please.
Sure! One chicken burger, right?
- Bye! Take care! See you!
- Bye! See you!
You smell delicious!
I feel like devouring you!
If I don't take a shower in 10
minutes, I will die!
You mean we will have to go home first?
Do we have to go anywhere else?
- Have a pleasant evening, sir!
- Thank you!
- You too, madam.
- Thank you.
Maybe by making a toast,
this will taste different.
Karan... at times I find
our relationship as
right out of a movie.
It is something like...
You are a rich guy. And I am a poor girl.
Do you think there is a happy
ending to this relationship?
It happens in movies.
But this is real life.
Life is stranger than fiction.
Excellent! You know, Sophia...
...Satyajit Ray was a genius director!
He took Indian cinema to
an international level!
His movies depicted fiction and reality.
Just like real life.
Are you sleeping?
If I don't reach Burger King
on time tomorrow morning,
I will be sacked!
- That's real life! Good night!
- Good night!
I got my salary today. This month's rent!
Don't be silly.
Can't we stop this silly arrangement?
A deal is a deal!
- Good morning.
- Good morning, darling!
- Where is Mrs. Gomes?
- It's her day off.
So I thought of making 'Karan's
Special' for breakfast.
You are a darling!
What are you looking at?
I'm trying to see my future.
See anything?
You are 60 years old. I am 65 years old.
We are at the dentist for dentures.
But I can't see whether you
have written your name as
Mrs. Karan or something else.
Let's resolve that problem today.
Sophia, I want my grandchildren to
have a lovely grandmother like you.
I know we've only known
each other for 6 months,
but I should have told you
this 5 months 29 days ago.
Will you marry me?
Yes, I will.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
Vicky, look here!
- Change the CD.
- Okay.
When will you learn to change the CD?
Give it to me.
- Hello, sir.
- Hi!
Do you have a reservation?
- In Ronnie's name.
- Okay.
Do you know, I had come here for
celebration on valentines day?
We had a lot of fun.
You won't believe Rita was with
me, her boyfriend was there.
It was so much fun.
Oh, yes.
You didn't bring your fianc?
He would have financed this party.
It would have been so much fun.
Maybe she was afraid.
If Karan would have seen me,
he would have rejected her.
Why would she be threatened by you?
You already have a boyfriend.
- I have broken up with him.
- Why?
- Did he do something wrong?
- He wanted to marry me.
Sophia, giving us an
engagement party is not enough.
- You will have to tell us a secret.
- What?
How did you entice such a wealthy man?
For your kind information,
Sophia didn't entice Karan.
It was Karan who enticed Sophia.
Isn't that true, Sophia?
I am happy that she will
have a nice husband!
Tall, good looking, and a millionaire!
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
So dude, finally your dreams
are going to materialise.
All the credit goes to Sophia, my friend.
If Sophia had not come in my life,
I don't know what would have happened.
All the best!
I am thinking of enticing a billionaire.
It's the same thing.
What a babe! What a smile!
What style! Amazing!
All three of them are amazing!
Even a bit of her will be good enough!
Talk softly! If they hear
us, we will have to leave!
Mad guy!
Ladies and Gentlemen!
Can I have a few moments
of your time, please?
Today we have Ms. Sophia with us.
She has come here to
celebrate her engagement.
She is going to get married soon!
Young lady! There is an old custom
in Egypt for such an occasion.
The bride to-be can dance with any guy
of her choice for the last time.
The last dance of her unmarried life.
Whom do you want to dance with?
Except me!
No, no! I can't dance.
Come on! You won't get
such a chance again!
Yes, Sophia!
After marriage you have to
dance to your husband's tune.
Today make somebody else
dance to your tune! Please!
- Come on! Come on!
- Come on, Sophia!
Come on! Go for it! Just do it!
It will bring you luck
in your married life.
Come on! Choose your partner.
Come on, Sophia! Come on!
Ladies and Gentlemen!
Sophia has selected her dance partner!
And he is the lucky man!
Go for it, man! Go for it, man!
Come on, dude! Make a move!
Why are you thinking so
much in the first round?
The entire game depends
on the first move.
"Someday I will come in your path,
into your arms, and your shelter"
"I will lose myself"
"Someday I will become yours"
"Someday I will come in your path,
into your arms, and your shelter"
"I will lose myself"
"Someday I will become yours"
"This heart couldn't express it"
"This heart couldn't express it"
"This heart couldn't express it"
"This heart couldn't express it"
"You don't know how
passionate my love is"
"You don't know how
passionate my love is"
"You are the dream, I've been
dreaming for a long time"
"Every moment..."
"I will be in your memories...''
''...your conversations and
intentions every moment"
"I will lose myself"
"Someday I will become yours"
"This heart couldn't express it"
"This heart couldn't express it"
"Those downcast eyes drive me crazy"
"Those downcast eyes drive me crazy"
"What can I say? It gives
me strange kind of pain"
"I will be in your dreams and thoughts"
"I will lose myself"
"Someday I will become yours"
"This heart couldn't express it"
"This heart couldn't express it "
There is a bit of swelling.
It will be fine by morning.
I know you very well.
I am sure that while dancing
he must have flirted with you.
Losing your temper...
you must have hit him.
Sophia, you should control your anger.
Your anger can hurt you.
I don't want that to happen.
Sophia, I get restless
if you are in trouble.
Why don't you go for plastic
surgery to erase this mark?
Some marks are important.
For guidance.
Here's your order, sir.
Yes please. What would
you like to have, sir?
A lunch date with you.
How did you know I work here?
Your friend told me.
Hey! Hey! Excuse me! Where are you going?
Excuse me!
What happened?
Why are you running away like this?
I am engaged. I am going to get married.
Yes. But yesterday...
It was a custom. I had to do it.
I only wanted to ask if you also
felt the same as I did, yesterday.
I told you! I am getting married!
That's why I'm here!
You'll spend all your
life with your husband.
Can't you spend some time
with me before your wedding?
That's impossible!
- One lunch?
- No!
- Coffee?
- No!
- Lemonade?
- No!
- Plain water?
- I said, no!
We won't even talk to each other!
Please! We will sit at separate tables!
I will be at this corner,
you will be at that corner!
We won't even look at each other!
If you pity me, just wave your hand.
And I will pay the bill too.
- Why are you filming me?
- In case, you don't meet me again?!
You are right, I won't.
Still I'll wait for you at
Hotel Blues in the afternoon.
I won't come!
Hi, Rohit!
- What happened? Did you meet her?
- Yes.
What's the progress?
Did you take her phone number?
No. She didn't give it to me.
Actually she refused to meet me again.
But I...
What! And you didn't try?
You need to finish this job fast...
It will take some time. I am trying.
Just trying is not enough.
I want results. And I want them fast.
Of course, Mr. Sahani!
The work is going on fine.
If there is no snag, we should
complete it within 2-3 months.
Don't worry. You are the one
who is going to distribute it.
Okay? Bye.
- What happened? Why are you so upset?
- Nothing.
If you want to lie, then close your eyes.
Because they reveal the truth.
What happened? What's the problem?
Karan, when I was
returning from the mall,
somebody was following me.
I think Rakesh has come here.
Rakesh is in a prison in Goa.
And you had said that he is
serving a 3 year prison term.
It's your imagination...
No. Somebody was there.
When I turned around,
somebody was following me.
Is he the guy with whom
you danced with that night?
No. It can't be him.
Maybe it's my imagination.
Don't worry. Nothing will happen to you.
I am with you.
- Good afternoon, sir.
- Good afternoon.
- I am waiting for my date.
- Yeah.
- Can you quickly bring some
fresh flowers? - Sure, sir.
Thank you.
I knew that you would come.
Hey, Tyson! Why did you punch me?
Why were you following me yesterday?
Following you? Why would I follow you?
People follow me. Creditors.
Ma'am, the restaurant is there.
Our lunch treat is still pending.
Give me one reason, why I should say yes?
Because I love you.
Strange! In two days, you
fell in love with me?
It's not strange that I fell in love.
It's strange that I told you this.
I see!
So tell me the colour of my eyes.
When I saw you in the
pub for the first time,
your eyes were coffee brown.
Then when I saw you in Burger
King, they were dark brown.
But when you laugh,
there is a silver shade with dark brown.
And by God!
When you get angry,
they turn red like traffic signals!
Your are a good talker.
Come here.
Let's go to the medical store.
It hurts.
I wish you had hit me
here, instead of here.
Let's go.
You know, yesterday I lost
my job because of you.
What are you saying?
You should in fact thank me.
What kind of job was that?
To hell with such a job!
You talk as if you are the manager
of some multinational company.
- What do you do? - I am an
actor. Right now I am unemployed.
But I can handle unemployment well.
It's good to have lunch
at the right time.
I am famished!
Let's go. Today I will take
you wherever you want to go.
- Really?
- Yes!
- Okay. The food's good there. Let's go.
- Come.
The restaurant is in the lobby.
Where are you taking me?
Don't worry!
I won't misbehave with
you in the first meeting.
Whenever I don't have money,
I have meals in fancy restaurants.
- What do you mean?
- Just wait and watch.
- Hello. Room service.
- Yes, sir.
I am calling from 2306.
Can you take my order for lunch, please?
Yes sir.
One salad, one smoked salmon,
and one vegetable pasta.
Anything else?
Yeah. And can you send one bottle
of red wine with that, please?
Yes sir.
Thank you. One second.
Sweetheart, what will
you have for dessert?
Nothing. Okay.
Black forest cake.
- And one black forest cake please.
- Ok, sir.
Thank you.
And we are going for our bath now.
So please don't disturb us.
- Tell the waiter to leave the
lunch outside the door. - Ok, sir.
Thank you.
How is that?
Some red wine.
I have come here before.
But I am really enjoying this
more, sitting here...
...having lunch with you.. and talking.
How did you think of this?
I have worked in many hotels.
And was sacked because of this!
For your kind information,
I have changed 12 jobs in 6 months.
By the way, my name is Sophia.
People call me Sophie.
I am Vicky. And People call me Vicky.
It's a pleasure meeting you, Vicky.
Not many people say
that after meeting me.
Hey! Who is it? Who are you
and what are you doing?
Hey stop, where are you running?
Hey boy! Where are you running, stop!
Stop! Hey! Stop! Stop!
Hey stop! Stop!
Sir, we were only having lunch.
- Please try to understand.
- Come! Come!
Very smart trick!
Do you have any other tricks?
Ma'am, I am not a criminal.
I was just having fun.
- I was just passing time.
- Passing time?
Now you will pass your
time in Dubai's jail.
I did it, let's go!
Come on!
Calm down! Don't panic!
It was a false alarm.
The security just switch the alarm off.
It's been ages since I have
enjoyed myself so much.
This is the best day of my life.
Where is your jacket?
I left it in the hotel.
Take this.
Should I tell you something?
This is the best day of my life too.
After today we will be friends forever.
Wow! At least you
consider me your friend!
To our friendship!
- Yes, Rohit.
- Did you meet Sophia?
We were together the whole day.
Good! This means you are progressing.
Rohit, I don't like this.
It's not about your likes and dislikes.
Just do what you have been told to do!
The work should be completed soon.
That's it.
You scared me!
The jacket is nice.
- It's my friend Rinkie's jacket.
- Where is yours?
I forgot it at work.
- Let's go and get your jacket.
- I will collect it tomorrow.
Why tomorrow? Let's go now.
What has happened to you?
I told you that I will collect
it tomorrow, when I go to work!
You didn't go to work today.
I called Burger King.
They sacked you from the job yesterday.
You are spying on me. Don't you trust me?
I don't like it when
somebody spies on me.
You are getting me wrong.
I was worried about you.
You yourself told me that
somebody was following you.
So when you were late
today, I called Burger King.
I am sorry.
Let's go.
Do you know why I was
eagerly waiting for you?
To give you good news.
I have finished all the preparations.
I have even got the form
from the marriage bureau.
We will get married on the 10th.
So soon?
It's okay with me if you don't
want to get married now.
I will postpone the wedding.
It isn't necessary to
get married on the 10th.
We can fix some other date.
No. I don't want you to change the date.
Are you sure?
Then sign on these papers.
Here too.
You must be tired. Go and rest.
Bye, guys. We will meet tomorrow.
- Vicky, take your camera.
- Yes.
Why? Aren't you going
to meet Sophia tomorrow?
If she wants to meet
me, then sure I will.
Vicky, it's better to take
advantage of the situation.
Otherwise you might lose your chance.
- You!
- See you.
Come on!
What a nice surprise!
Welcome to my house.
How did you get my address?
From the electricity bill in your jacket.
Oh God! Come on in!
No! I just came to return your jacket.
If I had not returned home,
would you have left just like that?
Come in!
I live alone. So...
No, no! Your house reminds me of mine.
- Whose picture is this?
- My daddy's.
Where does he live?
I will leave now.
Sophia, I still have the
wine bottle you gave me.
My dad too had his wine in a mug.
Is that so? My daddy had it
directly from the bottle.
He didn't like anything to
come between the bottle
and the lips. Cheers!
Oh no! Not again!
Why do you always film me?
Because I want to keep all
the moments of my life alive.
These lovely moments are never lost.
With this I can pause,
rewind and fast-forward.
In the future if I marry a rich girl,
and feel lonely...
I can play this to come out of the blues.
Tell me about yourself.
How did you meet Karan?
Around six months ago,
I was a waitress in a club.
Once an insolent man tried to harass me.
And Karan was watching all this.
We met there for the first time.
Now it's my turn!
You were telling me
something about your dad,
but you stopped.
Tell me.
He was an actor.
He wanted to be a big star.
Finally he became a star.
People say that after
death, we become stars.
He committed suicide.
After struggling his whole life...
he neither achieved
fame nor made any money.
So I thought, I would become
an actor and fulfill his dream.
And four years after struggling in
Mumbai, I am finally here.
- What is this mark?
- I...
I am sorry. I didn't mean to...
No. That's okay.
When I was in Goa, a guy named Rakesh...
...would follow me the whole day.
One day I threatened to
lodge a complaint...
...with the police, and he became violent.
So you came to Dubai.
And here you met Karan.
He is rich, isn't he?
He is very rich.
He is a multi-millionaire.
Then why do you work?
I prefer working to meet my own expenses.
Yeah, right!
Do you think I am marrying
Karan for his money?
Then why are you marrying him?
Because I love him.
Then what are you doing here with me?
Now I will leave.
Sophia, I love you.
I can't do this.
- Hello, Rohit.
- Yes.
I want to talk to you urgently.
I can't do this anymore.
Are you mad? Don't forget.
You have signed a contract.
To hell with you and your contract!
I will repay your money
along with interest!
I can't... I can't play
with this girl's life!
I wish you had slapped
me here instead of there.
Know something?
This is the best year of my life too!
Are you mad, this girl has
fallen for you big time,
and you are running away from her?
Are you gay or something?
If you are, let's keep our distance!
Stop your nonsense, she is about
to get married in five days.
So, you are not going
to perform the ceremony.
Why are you so tense?
And if you do want to dump her,
give her some practice
for the wedding night.
You son of a bitch, If you ever
speak about Sophia like that... I'll...
Relax! We are joking dude...
Vicky, are you in love with her?
I will not do anything to harm Sophia.
In fact, I won't ever meet her again.
What do you think?
It seems like he is in love.
We will have to think of something
to bring a happy ending
to his love story.
My phone didn't ring,
so who were you calling?
My friend, Rishita.
Mrs. Gomes, today I will have lunch here.
With pleasure, sir.
- Get two wine glasses, please.
- Sure.
- My dad used to drink wine in a mug.
- Really?!
My dad used to drink
directly from the bottle,
he didn't like anything
to come between his lips and the wine.
Wine glasses, honey,
we are drinking wine,
not tea or coffee.
Karan, tell me something,
what colour are my eyes?
Black or dark brown.
What is the matter, why are
you asking such questions?
So what have you decided?
I don't know what to do.
There is Karan, who loves me a lot.
And there is Vicky...
with whom I am very comfortable.
Karan makes me feel good,
but I feel happier with Vicky.
If you will try to solve
this with your intellect,
your problems will get worse.
This is a matter of the heart,
do what your heart says.
Hey, cheer up! It is not
the end of the world.
Come on, let's go home
and talk comfortably.
I will come some other day.
Today I'm going to the
beach festival with Karan.
Ladies and gentlemen...
We present the next
performer, Vicky Malhotra.
"Love is a test"
"I am in love with you"
"My love is crazy"
"My love is different"
"My loneliness is asking me
to find a new destination"
"Come and unite your hearts"
"Come and unite your hearts"
"Come and unite your hearts"
"Come and unite your hearts"
"I search for you everywhere, my beloved"
"You are my life, I swear
you're my sweetheart"
"I search for you everywhere, my beloved"
"You are my life, I swear
you're my sweetheart"
"My peace is lost in your restlessness"
"Your beloved has been
mesmerised by your beauty"
"My loneliness is asking me
to find a new destination"
"Come and unite your hearts"
"Come and unite your hearts"
"Come and unite your hearts"
"Come and unite your hearts"
"It could not be hidden, it was revealed"
"I devoted my life to love"
"It could not be hidden, it was revealed"
"I devoted my life to love"
"Living without you is a punishment"
"You don't know what my desire is"
"My loneliness is asking me
to find a new destination"
- "Come and unite your hearts"
- "Come on!"
"Come and unite your hearts''
"Come and unite your hearts"
- "Come and unite your hearts"
- "That's right!"
"Come and unite your hearts"
"Come and unite your hearts"
- Hi Sophia.
- Hi?
For the past three days,
I have been calling you.
You neither pick up the
phone nor call back.
And you are here.
I was saving money to buy you a present.
You are about to get married.
Don't you love me?
You know, my friends say that I
have got this really mean habit
of flirting with girls.
So whatever happened between us
that day in your house,
it was a joke?
Sophia, you are about to
get married in a few days.
Now be serious, if anyone hears you,
they will say you have loose morals.
Yes, we can still sit
together and drink wine.
Once you are married,
it's like having a license to cheat.
After that we can meet whenever we want.
I won't mind it.
Why do you girls get so
angry over such small things?
Come on Sophia, don't make a scene
in front of everyone by crying.
Sophia, what happened?
Why are you so angry?
Did I make a mistake?
No, I am angry with myself.
Calm down, Sophia! Tell me, what happened.
I have hidden something from you.
That day, when I returned late at night,
I was with Vicky.
Who is Vicky?
The one I had danced with at the party.
I went on a date with him too.
Even though, I was engaged to you.
I don't know why, I couldn't stop myself.
I lied to you, I deceived you.
You did not deceive me.
You would have, if you
hadn't made this confession.
Everyone makes mistakes.
I am mature enough to understand
the difference between
a mistake and betrayal.
I love you.
If you still need time
to make up your mind,
I will postpone the wedding.
And if you still have
feelings for that man,
believe me, I will move out of
your way and unite both of you.
I want to see you happy.
Why are you so good?
Why don't you get angry like others?
Why are you so understanding?
Welcome, dude.
Sophia my darling, you look gorgeous.
Thank you.
You are looking beautiful.
So sweet, thank you.
Shall we?
- He is rich, right? - Yes, he is, he is a multi-millionaire.
Then why do you need to work?
Because I like to work
for my own expenses.
Yeah, right!
Do you think I am marrying
Karan for his money?
- Then why are you marrying him?
- Because I love him.
Then what are
you doing here with me?
Mr. Karan Oberoi,
do you accept Sophia D'Costa,
as your lawfully wedded wife?
I do.
And you Ms. Sophia D'Costa,
do you accept Mr. Karan Oberoi as
your lawfully wedded husband?
I repeat, do you Ms. Sophia D'Costa,
accept Mr. Karan Oberoi as
your lawfully wedded husband?
Then tell me, what is
the colour of my eyes?
When I saw you for the
first time in the pub,
the colour of your eyes was coffee brown.
Then when I saw you for the second time
at Burger King, they looked dark brown.
And when you smile, a silver shade
appears in the dark brown eyes.
Oh my God, when you get angry,
it gets as red as a traffic signal light.
"Oh my heart, my crazy heart"
"You know what is love"
"Destination, the destination
of the heartbeat"
"By God's grace, it is always moony"
"Its passion is pretty insensitive"
"I don't get any satisfaction in this"
"Oh my heart, my crazy heart"
"You know what is love"
"Someone came into my
dreams and filled..."
" lonely youth with fragrance"
"You aroused my intentions"
"You made me wander my feelings"
No, I don't.
You lied to me.
You love me.
You love me and l love you too.
Come in, Sam.
Hello, sir.
Sir, these are the DVD's
of the past two days.
Sam, stop following Sophia from today.
Okay, sir.
Sir, can I ask you something?
Three months ago, you hired
our Detective Agency...
...because you were worried
about Sophia's security.
But she began an affair
with a boy named Vicky.
- I gave you video tapes as proof.
- That doesn't concern you.
You will not understand.
Send me the bill, I will
settle your account.
Yes, sir.
How do I look?
See, not just you but
your clothes suit me too.
No sir, I cannot do this.
Sophia, I have hidden something from you.
I know, it was you who
always followed me,
but I forgive you for that.
If you hadn't, how would
I have found you?
No Sophia, I want to say something else.
I know, that day at the Dubai festival,
you broke my heart on purpose... that I would marry Karan.
And I would have, if I
hadn't met your friends
Siddharth and Ronnie outside the church.
Do you know why Vicky broke your heart?
For you to go away from him.
Vicky loves you a lot,
he wants you to be happy
with Karan, to lead a happy life.
Shall we?
Both of them told me you
were sacrificing your love,
for my happiness.
You know everything
about the one you love.
- Where are you going?
- To meet Karan.
After what I did to him yesterday,
he must be very hurt.
I am going to apologise to him.
I don't know why but I
feel like he will forgive me.
- Karan.
- Get out of here.
- I realised yesterday that I love Vicky.
- Get out!
What else do you want now?
Yesterday you made a mockery
of me in front of everyone!
I asked you, not once,
I asked you many times.
Didn't you realise then?
- Karan...
- Get out!
Get out.
People say that I have gone mad.
I have everything. A
business, cars, bungalows,
money, everything.
And yet, I don't have anything...
...because you are not with me.
People say this is the easiest
way to end your problems.
But today I realised how much
courage it takes to do this.
Look, my hands are shaking.
I love you Sophia,
I cannot live without you.
I can't live without you.
I have always loved you.
What should I say, sir?
My master was a good man,
he was such a good man.
Now what will I do in this house?
What has happened to him?
He has committed suicide.
- No, Karan!
- Stop, you can't go!
Leave me alone!
- Please listen to me.
- Let me go!
- Please listen to me, please.
- Leave me alone!
Please go out.
What happened, Sophia,
why are you so scared?
- Karan is dead.
- What?
I killed him.
He died because of me.
What are you saying?
Karan committed suicide.
He shot himself.
Oh my God.
All this has happened because of me.
I am responsible for all this, only me.
You didn't do anything
Sophia, all this has happened
because of Rohit and me.
I will have to inform Rohit.
Rohit, who is Rohit?
Vicky, tell me what is going on.
Believe me, I wanted to
tell you everything,
but I did not get a chance.
I swear, I did not want to do this job.
What job?
Vicky, tell me everything.
I came into your life
because I needed money.
Few months ago in Mumbai,
when I was working as an actor...
...I saw an ad in the newspaper.
Then I immediately sent my
rsum to the production company.
I was short listed after
giving three rounds of audition.
Now finally, I had to
meet the director and...
...the producer of the film.
Come in.
- Hi Vicky, I am Siddharth.
- And I am Ronnie.
We are the assistant
directors of this movie.
We are the producers of this film too.
Nice to meet you, sir.
And this is the director of our
film, Mr. Rohit Shroff.
You can call me Rohit.
Okay, sir.
I have seen your bio-data
and your show reel.
You have assisted some camera man.
Sir, I did it for survival.
Well our movie is a love triangle,
a rich boy and a poor girl.
Both of them love each other a lot,
and get engaged.
The girl throws an engagement
party for her friends...
...where our second hero enters story.
He is very smart and handsome...
And the girl falls in love with him.
You will play the character
of that handsome stranger.
Nice, it's a great story.
Bullshit, that's what happens
in 99% of the love stories.
Sir, then what happens after that?
Even I don't know that.
Oh, so the story is still being written.
We are making the film without the story.
A love story that happens in reality.
Reality cinema,
real characters, real love,
real anger, real tears, real passion.
You know there are lots
of twists in reality.
Did you know you would be selected?
No, right?
That's reality.
That means I have been selected.
Yes, and you will film your
exciting story yourself
with this video camera.
Ronnie, give him the contract.
You didn't hear the real twist.
The girl and her fianc
will not know till the end,
that a movie is being made about them.
You mean they are not actors.
I will really have to
ruin their relationship?
That's the USP of our film.
No sir, I cannot do this.
I can't play with someone's life.
That's wrong.
What's wrong about it?
Thousands of relationships
are formed and break in this world.
If another one breaks up,
what difference will it make?
Are you a supreme court judge
to decide what is wrong and right?
Look Vicky, you will get
1 million for this film.
And you will have guaranteed
stardom after the movie's release.
Be practical.
People don't hesitate to
kill someone for money,
but you hesitate on account
of breaking a relationship?
I won't be able to do this, sorry.
I rejected his offer...
...but I was helpless
due to my unemployment.
I was under a lot of debts,
so I was forced to do this.
I didn't have any other go other
than accepting Rohit's offer.
Who is the girl?
She lives in Dubai, her name is Sophia.
So, I came along with Rohit,
Siddharth and Ronnie to Dubai.
That evening when you threw your
engagement party, the same evening
Karan introduced me to the
hotel manager and the singer.
He gave them money and told them the
plan for you to come closer to me.
I am sorry Sophia, but that's truth.
You used me to make your film.
That means, whatever happened
between us was a lie?
It began with a lie but
I started liking you.
That day when you came
to return the jacket...
...I realized how much I love you.
Right then I told Rohit that
I wouldn't be able
to do this assignment.
I went to the Dubai festival
to arrange the money... that I can return to Mumbai.
Mr. Rohit, do you know
Karan committed suicide
- because of us?
- Really?!
- Hi Sophia.
- Karan, you?
Aren't you shocked to
see a dead man walking?
- Karan and Rohit...
- Yes, both the names belong to me.
Rohit for you, and Karan for Sophia.
By the way, my real name is Rohit Shroff.
Don't be so shocked Sophia.
I did not shoot myself, I was
just shooting for my film.
I can't live without you.
I will always love you.
- Mind blowing!
- Good shot!
Mind blowing!
It was mind blowing man, clean this up.
The ambulance, police officer.
All of them were actors, junior artists.
I acted in the entire film,
Mr. Ronnie, please tell him...
- pay me extra.
- Handle her.
Yeah, I will. Here!
Thank you.
Sign here.
By the way, Siddharth and Ronnie
helped me a lot in making the film.
I wish you had hit me
here instead of there.
Come on Sophia, don't create
a scene by crying here.
Posing as Karan you
played a game with us.
You deceived us!
Deceived? When you slept with my fianc,
didn't you deceive me?
If Sophia's fianc was someone,
other than me, would you
have made her your sister?
You made a mockery of my emotions.
You are mentally sick.
Yes I am mentally sick,
I don't have any emotions!
I don't know what emotions are.
Throughout my childhood, I didn't
get any love from my parents!
My father was always busy making money,
and my mother, was always
busy with her kitty parties.
Since I was a child, I have been
taught that money is everything!
You can buy anyone's life with money.
You can buy anyone's emotions.
You wanted to hear that, right?
The audience will also like to hear that.
Actually my mother and
father gave me a lot of love.
They motivated me to
do something different.
I am not mentally sick,
I have a lot of confidence.
Anyway, today because of
you, I got another good scene.
You know, these emotional scenes
work beautifully in the climax.
It's a digital camera...
If I hadn't installed this camera here,
how would I have got
those romantic scenes
for my film, especially
that love making scene?
There will be repeat audience
especially for that scene.
I swear, I didn't know
anything about that camera.
Sophia, you have to believe me.
He gave me this house.
He is right, he doesn't know
anything about this camera.
He doesn't even know,
that the camera is here.
The recording was made in
the van parked near this house.
If he knew, your love making
wouldn't have been so realistic.
Your expressions wouldn't
have been so natural.
Come, I will show you.
There is so much passion in your kiss.
They say if your love is genuine,
your eyes close when you kiss.
Have you ever kissed me
with so much passion?
No, you can't do that.
You didn't, because you never loved me.
Even before Vicky came into the story.
There it was just sympathy...
...understanding, and a
lot of money between us.
You just pretended to love
me for your future security.
Another excellent shot.
I can't believe this, without glycerin.
Darn it, I am a spontaneous actor.
Second camera.
And here is the last camera.
You cannot release this picture.
You don't have Sophia's consent letter.
I planned every minor detail,
how did I forget this?
Can that be possible?
Not just the consent letter,
she has signed the contract.
I took her signature telling her
it was our marriage application.
You must be exhausted, go and rest.
I have done everything
with perfect planning.
You were afraid that your
boyfriend was following you...
...but that was my hired detective.
Even the detective didn't realize,
he was shooting my film
by keeping a watch on you.
You know, it was very important
for your affair to continue in my film... that my character gets an
emotional advantage in the film.
But when Vicky called me up and said
that he would not complete the
job, then I had to change my plan.
I took you to the Dubai festival,
so that you could meet him again.
Then when I realized that
you broke off with Vicky... marry me, I sent
Siddharth and Ronnie,
to tell you about Vicky's sacrifice.
You finally left me for Vicky...
...then came my turn to make a sacrifice.
It is so emotional.
Don't be so depressed,
both of your performances
were very good throughout the film.
One day you will thank me.
Now just see how I will promote my film.
I will not let you release this
film, come what may.
Don't even think about
it, it's my last warning.
If you try to interfere
with the release of my film,
I will upload your love making
scene onto the internet.
After that, instead of
becoming movie stars,
you will become porn stars.
Remember my words, you guys
are going to be big stars.
- So congratulations, Mr. Rohit.
- Thank you.
A film winning the best film
award in all the festivals,
that has never happened before.
It is the first time.
I didn't expect that it
would be appreciated so much.
Ms. Sophia wasn't aware
that she was in the film,
during the shooting.
Yeah or how could you have
called it reality cinema?
But without telling her,
you made her a character of your film.
She must have been angry.
Sophia will give you the answer to that.
To tell you the truth,
at first I felt very bad,
but after the film festival awards
and watching the movie, I realised....
...that there is no one
as creative as Rohit.
If Rohit hadn't come into my life,
it would have been so aimless.
Today there is a purpose to my life,
a feeling to do something.
He gave a new direction to my life.
By the way you are always seen together,
at pubs, discs, parties, everywhere.
But if we were to ask you,
you would say that you are
just good friends, right?
No I won't, because Rohit is not my
friend. He is my fianc.
Wow, then double congratulations.
Just one last question.
When will we be able to see
this film in Indian theatres?
Just let the Goa film festival end,
then we will release it worldwide.
Well all the best for your release
at the Goa film festival.
- Thank you Rohit, thank you Sophia.
- Thank you.
Till next time then,
this is Archana Puransingh
saying goodbye.
Yes, we are the producers of this film.
Your film has been
nominated for today's award,
how do you feel?
We know for sure that we
are going to win this award.
We have worked very
hard to make this movie.
But we have heard that Mr. Rohit Shroff
made the biggest creative contribution...
- ...towards making this film.
- What?
Rohit just financed the film.
Look, the basic idea of
making this film was mine.
I mean ours. We asked
Rohit to make this movie.
He just improvised on it.
And anyone can do that.
Look, the basic idea of
making this film was ours.
But how did you get this idea?
One day we were coming
out of the bathroom...
No, no you have forgotten it.
We were sitting inside the bathroom.
And we were sitting in the bathroom, when
we suddenly had this idea.
You know, the best ideas are
thought of in the bathroom.
The artists are here.
That idea...
- Mr. Rohit...
- Mr. Rohit...
- Please sir.
- Please tell us something about the film.
Please, sir.
Please, sir!
Relax, calm down.
I have arranged a press conference
after the award function.
I will answer all your questions there.
And now to present the
award for the best film,
I am pleased to invite a creative genius,
who won the best director's
award in the same
prestigious film festival last year.
I call upon Mr. Simon Mark.
Thank you.
Thank you, it is a great pleasure
to be here for the 37th International
Film Festival of India.
And now it's a great honour,
to announce the winner
in this year's best film category.
And the award goes to Rohit Shroff.
What are you doing,
couldn't you load it earlier?
I have already loaded
it, I am just checking.
Why are you sitting? Come on.
Thank you.
Shoot it quickly or else
you will miss the award.
Relax, I am not a professional.
Rohit! Rohit! Rohit! Rohit!
Help! Call the doctor!
Call the ambulance!
So you fired from this gun.
But sir, there were blanks in it.
I know there were blanks in it.
Then who shot Rohit
with the real bullets?
Tell me, why did you fire
the blanks at Rohit?
Sir, because Ronnie and
Siddharth asked me to.
They gave me this gun too.
Who are Ronnie and Siddharth?
Sir, they are the producers of the film.
All of this was their idea.
The media from all over
the world will be present
at the awards function.
As soon as Rohit goes on
stage to collect his award,
take your dummy gun out and shoot him.
He will fall down.
People will think that you
killed Rohit for revenge.
There will be chaos in the entire hall.
But then Rohit will stand up and
say that it was just a stunt.
Rohit knows all this?
You don't worry, Rohit knows everything.
The film was about to
be released in 15 days,
and this was just a publicity stunt.
If you want, you can ask them.
Does this camera belong to you?
Yes, this camera belongs to us.
This gun belongs to you too?
No, this gun does not belong to us.
Sir, we have never seen
a real gun in our life.
The gun that you never saw,
how does it have your finger prints on it?
According to the forensic report,
the bullet that hit Rohit and the bullet
that was fired from this
gun, is the same.
- Instead of harassing us,
why don't you ask Vicky? - Yes.
So far you were convicted
for an attempt to murder,
but now you are convicted
under section 302, murder.
Rohit has died.
Sir, please believe us. We are innocent.
Sir, look we are no ordinary people.
Someone is trying to trap
us, do you have any proof?
What are you doing,
couldn't you load it earlier?
I have already loaded
it, I am just checking.
Shoot it quickly or else
you will miss the award.
Relax, I am not a professional.
Can you see that ring?
That ring is yours, that hand is yours,
the camera is yours too.
Then how can the gun be someone else's?
You gave a gun loaded
with blanks to Vicky,
and used the other gun with a silencer.
You know what you have done?
Why didn't you tell me?
Why didn't you tell me?
Believe me, I did not do anything!
Shut up!
You are under arrest, understood.
- Sir, listen to us...
- Mhatre!
- Look, sir...
- Take them away.
Please listen to us, sir.
Sir, sir.
He is dead.
I know.
Why are you seated? Come on.
312, here is the paper.
Let me read it.
Open it, open it, open it!
Our film 'Naqab' is
going to be premiered,
and the advanced booking is full.
It is all your fault,
if you hadn't shot Karan,
we would have been at the premiere.
How many times do I have to tell you?
I did not shoot Karan,
I did not shoot Karan.
I did not shoot him!
Do you want to kill me now?
Hey, where do I look?
A deal is a deal, good night.
What about the money?
For my grandchildren... Cut!
- You know...
- Cut, again you are going ahead of me.
You don't trust me?
- Oh god.
- What oh God?
I forgot the dialogue.
I am so sorry.
Doing the same thing again and again.
I will always love you.
1, 2, 3.
Where's the camera?
"Someday I will come in your path,
into your arms, and your shelter"
"I will lose myself"
"Someday I will become yours"
"Someday I will come in your path,
into your arms, and your shelter"
"I will lose myself"
"Someday I will become yours"
"This heart couldn't express it"
"This heart couldn't express it"
"This heart couldn't express it"
"This heart couldn't express it"
"You don't know how
passionate my love is"
"You don't know how
passionate my love is"
"You are the dream, I've been
dreaming for a long time"
"Every moment..."
"I will be in your memories...''
''...your conversations and
intentions every moment"
"I will lose myself"
"Someday I will become yours"
"This heart couldn't express it"
"This heart couldn't express it"
"Those downcast eyes drive me crazy"
"Those downcast eyes drive me crazy"
"What can I say? It gives
me strange kind of pain"
"I will be in your dreams and thoughts"
"I will lose myself"
"Someday I will become yours"
"This heart couldn't express it"
"This heart couldn't express it"