Naradan (2022) Movie Script

Eliamma's husband worked for
Chakkala builders for a lifetime
He died at work, falling form
a building under construction
They turned their back on her
Let it be.. but they don't even
admit that he worked for them
Is this builder legally registered?
Hmm..are they..?
No worries, I will take care of it
She does not have the money
to run the case
Devout prayer only won't help,
where a legal fight is needed, right?
That's when I thought about you
You don't worry, sister..we will devoutly
fight the case
I shall call you, off you go..
Father, it's me Aishwarya
Tell me, Aishwarya
Could you help with some story idea?
Some thing we could break
What happened to the story I gave you
last time- the one against the Bishop?
Wasn't it taken down after the first run?
That won't happen, this time.
Are you sure?
A hundred percent
OK, then I will give you a story
on quarrying..
Call me in the evening
[VOICE OVER]The quarry, that violates
the forest act is proving dangerous ..
.. to the lives of the people and the
environment of the Chamankunnu village
It is owned by Babuji, the leader of
Jana Congress party
That woman's sound bite should
come right here, after my voice over
Hello, this is Aishwarya from Kottayam
Minister's sound bite from Trivandrum
should be inserted in the story
I am a trainee..
Then pass it to somebody else
It's Aishwarya ...
What's it?
- Brother George..
The quarry story is ready, Minister's
soundbite will be ingested from Trivandrum
You may please insert it from the desk
- OK, will do
It's an auto-man, not the Ottoman
Sorry, Sir..sorry
MINISTER: If somebody is violating the
law using political clout...
.. it will be strictly dealt with,
no matter how powerful he is
So, you will be going gaga
over this, the whole day sleep will be definitely ruined.
Really? Will Babuji act out?
No doubt, aren't we the party
that grows as it splits ?
Have tea, before you leave..
I need to be at Chalakkudy before 4 PM
Hello and welcome to
the show, 'News track'
'Kerala - A state ruled by
the Quarry mafia'
Yes..yes..I am just switching it on
Dad, Father Purampokkil is
a panelist in this discussion
ANCHOR: You are not only a
quarry owner, but an MLA as well..
So what? This Father is an ass-kisser of
those foreign funded environmentalists
ANCHOR: Please don't use abusive language
- Seems our Father is being targeted
..or else you stop talking
He will give a befitting reply
Oh..God, the power has gone,
how could we grind this now?
This Father Purampokkil is nothing
but an utter nuisance
..son of Satan
Stop it..I've been listening to
your crap for quite some time
Look, don't make me, a priest
to swear at you
Your run the quarry violating
all the rules and regulations, isn't it?
If you go on with it,
the protest will intensify
You can't simply getaway bitching
me on a public platform like this
Then you come marching
on with your flag.
I have gun on me,
will shoot you full of holes
By the way, what did he say,
Minister Thommi?
He wants to put me away, right?
He will be utterly disappointed
The Minister didn't say so
- He certainly did
No, he did not
Don't try to confuse the viewers..let's
listen to his words once again
The District Collector has issued notice
to the owners of the illegal quarry..
If somebody is violating the
law using political clout.... will be strictly dealt with,
no matter how powerful he is
Don't you listen? Didn't he just
threaten to put me away .. Huh.!
Babuji, what do you hear with?
His sensory organs have gone for a toss
Must be Satans handiwork
Hello, Kuru..
Is your Minister Thommi around?
No, he is in a meeting
- What 'mating'?
I will put an end to all of his
'matings', got me?
Better you tell him,
if he dare bothering me again..
I will have his ass blasted
with gunpowder
News track ends here, coming up next
is 'Crime stopper' with P V Rajesh
Huh...excuse me..
Bro, I am already off..
Pradeep's bike is in the garage
I'll pick him and come to the club
- OK
Bro, why don't you switch it off
before peeing?
The sound is ear-pounding
Never mind your ears, my bladder
was about to blast
Hey..your chitty installment is due
- Will pay later
Was it you who
opened fire today?
What firing?
'Barcelona opened fire, thrice
in to Real Madrid's goal post'
Manjari, football is no gunfight
Why should we use war terms in a game?
Referring our style book
once in a while won't hurt
Yes..I am coming ..
Your English daily fired
12 journalist at a go
Did you even lift a finger against it?
Else ways, y'all play rebel
on face book, all the time
Answer me, don't you have anything to say?
What should I say, bro?
All of them have been working
for more than two decades
Many of them are in their fifties.
How could they possibly find another job?
Answer me..
What should I do?
You don't have an opinion!
- Is he gone?
What's you opinion?
Track: Thannathan by Mudiyan
Track: Thannathan by Mudiyan
Whom to blame if my
theatre of desire falls flat ?
Its me and me only
At the top of you ladder of dream..
Are you free now?
I am in a meeting,
will call you later
Don't you dare rubbish the union!
Oh.. you guys react selectively
The public may not be aware of that,
but all the sane journalists are
As if you are the sanest of the lot
I am perfectly sane, that's why
I question your insanity
What's Pillachettan's issue today?
- Nothing spicy...
He says all the union guys are
good for nothing
Don't you have cigars?
No, I thought you might have some
No issues, we can get some from Kuttettan
Oh..will have to beg from him
Park here
You are one of them, who attend
press conferences for some gifts
Shame on you..
After all, it's hard to make the
shameless feel ashamed.
Stupid bugger..
You've been irritating for while will get even worse, if we step in
I will punch your pulp out..
Do it then. Why did you back off?
Come on, punch me...
Come on, try me..
Don't make me do that
Leave him.. Brother Pillai, come on
He never understands..
Brother Pillai..
I've left my soul memoirs there
Manu bro, get his glass..
Bro, you're hitting the bottle everyday
When did you turn up?
Just now
Mathew, get me a peg of..
Aren't you the superstar of the
news television, the face of your channel !
Why couldn't you conduct a
debate on the sacked journalists?
Did you even carry a news story?
We'd carried the news, bro
- Who watches your channel?
Mr.Gossip monger, you have
no right to criticize him
Your yellow online journalism is a shame
for the entire Malayali community
Better you stop messing with me,
like you do with everybody else
Leave it, as a family does
- When did he become my family?
This is how it becomes, isn't it?
How true!
You are an angel, alien to
the 'press language'
Patros bro, aren't you going home?
Please, don't force me to..
I'm not coming back to India
Don't say so, come and visit
your Prime Minister friend
Look Hussain, let me say..
MT Vasudevan Nair, KG Sankara Pillai
P Govinda Pillai...[Malayalam authors]
.. M P NarayanaPillai, Thakazhi
Sivasankara Pillaii [Caste Hindu surnames].
You got me?
Oh it
Are you talking about some karayogam?
[Upper caste organisation]
Chandran, rumours are doing rounds
that you are....
..all set to replace Kurup
as the Chief Editor
Dear brother, please don't
talk nonsense
The top brass of all the media houses
are afraid of the young guns
History has it that..
He knows that you have the firepower
Dear bro, spare me..
I don't want to be the Editor or anything
What was it about?
His Chief Editor, Kurup has an affair
I see, it must be the cleaning lady
Suits his taste
I was just joking.
Don't pull off a story of it
Let me tell you something,
it's true, half of of it
Would you run the story with that half?
Why not?
Hey, Chandran..
Can you invite my bro- in- law
for some debate and give an earful ?
It would be a big push for him !
Shall try
Alright, then
Hey Chandra, your first
discussion was good
You should have let Babuji loose
Why did you interrupt?
He was in terrific form
Will see next time
- Isn't he around?
Yea, he is here
- Can you give the phone?
It's for you
It's Athira
Did you tell her that I am here?
- Yes
Why did you come here at this time?
- I've been trying to reach you whole day
I was busy today
What's the matter?
You could wish me a happy birthday
Sorry that I forgot,
It's 15th today!
It's 16 th, not 15
Happy birthday
Are you free for a ride?
I am not..
It's sweaty
Alright, then
Welcome to Pularmanju (Morning Mist)
On this lovely morning we are
here to talk about good words
Many fights could be avoided if we
think twice before using words.
No medicine can heal the
wound caused by a harsh word
What do you think, Dhanya?
You are absolutely right
Words should be sweet as honey...
As raindrops,they should
stimulate your ossicles
[Interrupting] Of course..let's listen to
Prof. Anandakkuttan's words on this topic
Pradeep, you are making this a habit,
interrupting me on live shows..
Better you stop it..
Aren't you ashamed of spitting words like
ossicles on a morning show?
Even medieval poets would not
have used those kind of words
Get lost, you
I will say whatever I like
Hey.. 10 seconds
The story on three handed banana tree
from Idukki is yet to come
You may go
faffing for a bit more
I have nothing to faff around
with her
[TV AUDIO] If you feel it stressful...
Dad.. can do it...
..keeping your arms at your side
Have you slept?
I am meditating
Hope the Yoga class has woken up
your mind and body
Roopa, I really love rap songs
I grew up listening to rap music,
for lullabies
Now Malayalam too has
its own rap music
Of course. Have you heard about Mudiyan?
- No I have not
Then, here he is.. Mudiyan,
the long- haired, as the name suggests
Welcome to the show, Morning Malayalam
- Thank you
Let me start with a simple question,
how did you get his nick name, Mudiyan?
Back then, I had long hair, so people
started calling me Mudiyan
And that's been your name since.
- Yea, now I drip in this name
Let me clear a doubt,
a public perception, in fact..
Is it true that you rappers
are drug addicts??, people always say
things ..sis
As far as I am concerned,
I am allergic to smoke
My body is weak since childhood
I don't have any such habits
Your song 'Thannathan' has
gone viral these days
How did you come to
create this song?
I am from Idukki. My parents are
plantation workers
They used to sing songs,
and I just followed their steps
It's been a while, since I reached Kochi
I started listening to rap music
from here only
This song simply happened like that..
I just hummed into it, quite naturally
Let's watch Mudiyans
latest song, Thannathan
Of course, we should ..
Whom to blame if my
theatre of desire falls flat
Its me and me only
Whom to meet at the top of
you ladder of dream?

Hey, Isn't that you on the TV?

Yep..both are me only
Your Thannathan rocks, congrats
Thanks, counsel..
The show is pre-recorded
What's the issue with the
resident's association?
What issue? It's their usual
moral policing, nothing more
Hey Meera, there is a complaint
that you made the...
..pick up vehicle wait at
your gate for long this morning
Do not repeat it...
How could I get up early, if
you keep texting me till the dawn?
Let me finish this
Dhanya, your morning show
anchoring was really good
Especially that quote from Sankaracharya,
so touching it was
Thank you, Sir
You keep on quoting
The youth were having a ball
with Mudiyan's show
Come, let's have a time out
I will join you in a moment
Do you remember any of yesterday's
drunken rants at me?
Rants are fine, but dubbing me as
a lackey was too much
It hurt me dearly
Haven't you promised to
pay the salary yesterday?
Now nobody has anything to say
Like you guys, I am also
getting it in installments
You are well off, you wife
and children are employed
That's not our case,
financial troubles are real
I am even thinking of joining
some yellow press
Don't even think of it. You will end up
being another Kuttettan, the gossip monger
If we could break a couple of good
stories, we'd be back on track
For that, we need to pay
our reporters first...
..vehicles need to be fueled
When ignorant idiots launch news
television, this is what happens
At least we have an owner who does
not interfere in anything
The owner must interfere
in salary related matters
He started this out of sheer passion
When I tell my creditors about this
passion they do not get it at all
My friend Manu is taking care
of my food and bed..
But there is a limit for exploiting
friends, isn't it?
You might not have shame,
but I do have
News Malayalam is breaking a story on
Maoist posters in Thiruvananthapuram
Did you call our Trivandrum bureau?
- No, should I?
Far, far away..
They are far away, as usual.
You try this..
Change the rundown, lift their story
and make it the lead
Grab their footage too,
if it is not watermarked that
Do what?
Shall give you a breaking news
for the time being
Yesterday's was not a drunken rant,
I was totally sober
[SPEAKING TAMIL] Now we can run it, right?
Sir, can you say something?
Sir, audio check
Can you hear me?
Yes Sir, OK..
Do you still visit the club daily?
Of course, a drink or two in the
evening is the routine
The leader of opposition is still
in a meeting, his PA just called..
Excuse me, Sir
He will join the show in a while
Count down 5 seconds
5..4..3..2..1..On air
Hello and welcome
to the show, News track
Maoist presence
reported in the Capital city
Red slogans spotted right under
the nose of the home Minister
Serious security lapse,
alleges the opposition
Switch on the news
I have just started this
There was no lapse from
the Police in this case
We did remove the posters
immediately after it surfaced
You are a retired Director
General of Police
Additional DGP says there was no
lack of vigilance in this case
Then how did these posters appear
in front of the Home Minister's residence?
This is nothing but security lapse.
Lack of vigilance from the Police
It's understandable if this happened
in some remote places
But this is right in front of
the Home Minister's residence
Budhimon, run it on the ticker
Ex-DGP blames the Police
for security lapses
Type it
Hey bro, increase the volume
[TAMIL] Coming are the days of revolt
says one of your posters..
..stuck in front of the Minister's house
What are you trying to
convey through it?
When the state work against its own
citizens, such actions are quite natural
It's foolish to think of wiping out the
Maoists with the help of the Central Govt.
We believe that a revolt against
the state is inevitable
News24x7 is airing an interview with
Maoist leader Thankam Selvaraj
Shall we grab it?
Which bureau is it from?
Not from any bureau, it's Pradeep John
Is it live?
I don't think so
Theirs was hell of a breaking story
Nobody might have
watched us tonight
In fact I too was watching
their show on YouTube
Kurup Sir (the Editor) has come
He wants to meet you at his cabin
You are the bureau chief of Kochi
and the head of the entire region
Khadi attire and a long beard
won't make you anything
It's hard work that's needed
Got me?
This is what happens when
I trust you guys
I am not sure what you're getting at
George, where were you?
Had to go home urgently
- Are you aware of what happens here?
Wasnt it a fake interview?
What fake interview!
Save your drunken rants
A channel with zero infrastructure
Their YouTube views have
spiked by over 1.5 lakhs
They don't get paid,
don't even have a decent camera..
What facilities do you lack here?
All the National media outlets
are carrying their story
I have already had an earful
from our investor
That's why I am here
at this time of the night
Listen Chandraprakash, your hour-long
debate- shows are no good
You might have a fallacy, that
you are the superstar of this channel
That lad, Pradeep John did
that story all by himself
There are some complaints
against you in the News desk as well
You don't do anything else
apart from your show
I have not heard anything of that sorts
You won't, but I have..
Let me be very clear
Don't think that you are the
only face of this channel
Chandraprakash, your shine
seems to have faded
Look at him- Pradeep,
he is the 'thug' now
What he did is real journalism
You can have a couple of extra drinks,
that will help you cope
..and that will be on me
You have this
Have what ever you want..
Today's rounds are on me
You too..No.. no, not you.
You are with the other channel, right?
Is it true that you got
roasted by the Editor?
I am least interested in politics but..
Let me have a word with him about
the sexual life of the Maoists
We should know about their
real shooting skills ..heh!
Hey Pradeep..
What's the problem with you?
Why do you keep calling me?
Don't call me anymore. I am not interested
in continuing this relationship
May I know the reason, the least?
There is no reason, that's all
My response won't be the same
if you call again
- This is from the Special Branch Police
Pradeep, what about
that Maoist source?
I have already made it clear..
It's not going to happen
Please don't call me again for this
Peeing after peeing...seems my
blood sugar is on the higher side
Please bear with me for
one last month
The owner has promised us salary
with arrears from next month onwards
He always says so,
it won't work this time
Everybody should get at least
half of their salary by this evening
Otherwise, I won't air this story
Don't do that, Son
We are slowly picking up..
If we keep on doing this
they will definitely fall
I am not bothered about
their rise or fall
Half of the salary must be credited
in our accounts today
Sure, you please air
the promo of the story
'We have guerrillas all across
the campuses in Kerala'
An exclusive interview with
Maoist activist Janaki
Tonight at 7.30, only on News 24x7
I won't take your silence for an answer
Their second breaking news, the interview,
will be aired at 7.30, this evening
Prime discussion at 8 PM
What's our news track
discussion topic tonight, Sir?
We are yet to decide on a topic
How about a debate on house-farming
by the assembly speaker?
We can invite an observer, a lawyer
and a retired agriculture officer..
Our viewership will sky rocket
Don't you have anything to say?
Aren't you ashamed of yourselves?
Aren't you getting enough money
and advanced equipments?
If you have something like a spine, go
get some solid stories
Get a voice clip of that
absconding Maoist, the least
If you can't do any of it, better you quit
I know how to run the show
with new young guys
I need some days off, Sir
If you are so particular, even after
all I have said, you may take leave
Where have you been for
the last couple of days ?
You didn't even pick up the calls
Have you drunk at
this hour of the day?'s from yesterday's night out
Have you eaten something?
No, let me have a shower first
Can you find a job for
Gopalan's son in your channel?
Poor thing comes here everyday
That girl had called me
Which girl?
I am done eating
I too would have said the same,
had I been in his position
Investors always want profit..
I know you ditched your girl friend
... knowing you wouldn't
get any of her fortunes
That's the right thing to do
When I married your mother,
I too was eying the same, her wealth
So, what's your decision?
Going back to work, or..?
Kurup is a tough nut to crack,
It won't work if I go back
It's the number one channel. You are
drawing decent salary
You are safe now, got me?
Don't take risky decisions
just to satisfy your ego
When an opportunity comes,
hit him hard
If you step down now, you are
nothing but a big zero
Mom, please switch on my channel
Increase the volume
She won't listen
You go do it, if you want, Huh..
This is my Rum and that
one is your Brandy
Don't mix'em up like
you did last time
Better I take it with me
Pradeep: Hello and welcome
to the show, News track
Kerala's Kannur district becomes
a killing field yet again
Spine chilling spate of political
murders rocks the area
Is Kannur turning out to be
the land of blood and tears?
Why Sujith got hacked 61 times
in the broad day light ?
How did his wedding venue
become a house of mourning?
Will there be an end to this
game of killing?
Our Kannur bureau
has this special report
Where are you?
I have been trying
for two days
I am at home. Phone was switched off
So, you know it, right?
They were waiting for you
to take some days off
He brought Pradeep in,
that too in a night's time
He is given your same designation
with an increased salary
By the way, Babuji wants to meet you
Something urgent, it seems
See you, once you are back
Pradeep bro, where is yakshi of Malampuzha
(the iconic nude female statue) situated?
[MOCKS] It must be anywhere but Malampuzha
- Oh..I see
I was on leave for a couple of days
Manu and I tried calling you several
times to tell you about my joining
Your phone was switched off
- Yea..
I would not have left our channel
..unless they played us,
promising the salary..
Got the call from here precisely
when I was put out by their rebuff
Let me meet the Chief
Yes, come in
Come on in
When did you come back?
This morning
You looks awful, haven't you slept well?
Hey, it's nothing
Good that you came
Finally the Chief Minister has
agreed for an interview
They will inform the
date and time later.
Here is what you should do
Prepare some questions for the interview
What is this? Resignation letter!
Is it because we
brought Pradeep in?
If he performs well there,
wouldn't it affect us?
Could anyone refuse an offer
when he is struggling there?
Take it as part of a competition strategy
You need to understand that
you are still the face of the channel
Journalism is not an ideal field
meant for emotional beings
He doesn't have your calibre
This stays here for the time being
Listen up
Prepare the questions
for the C M's interview
What's happening there?
I was dead serious handing over
the the resignation letter..
He took it with a sardonic smile and..
.. asked me to prepare questions for
the interview with the CM
He has not given a single interview
in the last five years
This is how it is ..your editor needs you
Any how, your pressure tactic
seems to have worked
Inform me when the
interview will be telecast
Sir.. it done?
This will be of use for your CM
interview, take the relevant ones
So, where were we?..Yes..go on
What the heck are you thinking?
Babuji is still on the wait.. meet him
Babuji: Brother Hari has been living in
the US for almost 5 decades
This is K K Nambiar, he has business
in Canada and the US
This is Jaleel. Even though a Malayali,
he is born and brought up abroad
He has all sorts of business including
manpower, hotel chain, imp-ex and whatnot!
One second..
Hope Babuji has given you a
brief on or project
We've been discussing about the scope
of a new channel for two three years now
According to our studies, there
is a clear scope for it
Kerala market has an advertising
revenue of 7 billion..
In this 1 billion is taken up
by the news channels
As you know, News Malayalam
has the monopoly
Where have you gotten?
Have you discussed it?
There are two more investors as well
They will join us in the next meeting
..also, we don't interfere
in editorial matters
They are not expecting
an immediate answer
You give it a thought and decide
They will be happy if the answer is YES
If you say NO they will have
to look for other options
Is this offer an expression of
sympathy for me?
Then I would have done it in a phone call
You journalists often
speak about freedom, but..
However big a journalist you are, your
freedom ends where the owner draws the line
Wealth, power and the privilege
of journalism- with absolute freedom
Have you ever thought
of such a combination?
Consider this offer like that
[COOPER] We've a president.
He knows how to ..
... grab people's attention
in front of the camera
Mind should be focused
No storm could break or weaken you
Sun is alone, but it still shines
with the power of its inner strength
You could also be a shining sun,
even when you feel lonesome
Could you shrug off the shadow and
come out of the depths of darkness?
I don't know
CP, this negative answer is as worthless
as the snivels of the hopeless
As despicable as throwing the
fighter in you to the death
I am low in confidence
During the battle of Kurukshetra, seeing
his relatives on the other side..
.. a skeptical Arjuna cries out to
Krishna, his charioteer..
My bow Gandiva is
slipping out of my hand..
My whole body is trembling,
my skin is burning
My mind seems to be whirling
CP, this sums up your present crisis
Can I ask you something?
Can you kill someone?
If you decide not to fight a war
relying only on your ego..
..that decision would not be materialised
The nature would definitely
assign you for it
You should always keep an
enemy in front of you
Be it an individual, community,
organisation, idea or a country
Hi, I am Kevin Jose, 26 years of age,
I am from Nemmara, Palakkad
I am working as a reporter with
Zee news for the last two years
..and I look forward to
join the new team, Thank you
I am bored of you.. more reminders and stuff
You believe in yourself only
It's me and me only- that should be
mantra you should be repeating all the time
This world will tremble and surrender
before you for ever
Take one more..
Put more..
Stab it..stab it
Spit it..
Stab it..stab it..Stab it..stab it
Stab it..stab it.. stab it..
Don't they have trial run?
It's been two days of 'stay tuned'
Even they might not be sure..that
could be the reason for this 'stay tuned'
George bro, we should not
under estimate Chandraprakash
Pradeep is right. We can't judge
him by watching from outside
Do you have any idea of their
plan of actions ?
Laxmi Balachandran?
Father's name?
Balachandra Menon
Caste is a reality,
why don't you own it?
Only a few are experienced..
Everyone else is a fresher
Why don't you ask Manu?
Aren't you room mates?
He left the room after joining Narada
Isn't it unfair to ask him,
about their plans?
Narada was the first pracharak,
propagator of news
From now onwards, you are
taking over as pracharaks
Camera is your weapon for
the creation of a new Kerala
They are launching the
channel on 27 May
We too plan a facelift and
relaunch on the same day
We will air our explosive item
in the 9 AM bulletin itself
Besides, every bureau should pitch in an
exclusive story each through out the week
Then why dont we re-launch on 26 ?
It will backfire if we go early
A day's time is more than enough
for rivals like them
They could even do a total overhaul
We should air our exclusive item only
an hour before their launch
The power to decide what
should people know, and when..
That's what we should use
Today's TV news make
tomorrow's newspaper
This is an era of bet journalism
Allegations first, explanation later
So, forget about your classrooms
Emotions are more sell-able than facts
27 May, our cameras expose
another face of Kerala
Stay tuned for that explosive news
News Malayalam,
the mind of modern Malayalai
Always number one ,
in news and success
According to this data 51 journalists
have been killed in India since 1992
I don't want the courage of
those old school journalists
What I want is ...
Your energy to be the number one
..then, absolute loyalty
Countdown..5..4..3..2..1.. go
Welcome to the show, Third Eye..
Corruption, human rights violations,
work place harassment...
We are opening a third eye of truthful
journalism to your day- to- day life
Kerala should watch this and be ashamed
We are exposing three incidents
of corruption from three districts
First report is from Kasaragod
This is the village office in Thenga
of Kasargod district
The conversion of land, which is illegal
otherwise, can be done with ease..
..if you know Mr. Sadanandan,
the peon of this office
Sir, what about the matter we discussed?
Rs 5000 and a bottle of liquor
for the village officer
..and mine is up to you
Isn't the amount a
a bit too much?
Then you may farm and
lose out the whole I shall pay, no worries
Thousands of acres of agricultural land
is being filled by bribing the officials
It's surprising that no political
parties are reacting against this
Ready stand by
On air
Welcome to the new era of truth
Narada was the first pracharak
(propagator) of news
From this moment onwards we are
taking over as pracharaks (propagators)
This is our first news story
from a state that boasts over..
...renaissance and political consciousness
This is Thomman Varghese,
minister for forest
A political leader who has completed
over fifty years as member of the assembly
Please excuse me..
If your children, especially girls are
watching, please ask them to refrain
This voice is also his..let's listen
I arranged this program
only to meet you, honey
Is it?
What do you want?
I don't want anything now
Do you know what I feel now?
What's it?
I want to pamper you, honey..
You know what? It's been long
since I got a good night's sleep
Stop the video..
We are forced to stop this visual here
We cannot take this sleaze
into our prayer-filled households
It's a shame for entire Kerala
I leave this issue with you
for an open discussion
Joining me on the debate is Sreeja Marar
from Thiruvananthapuram..
Tharat Thambi, political
observer form Kottayam..
... and Prof. Viswambhara Menon,
spokes person of Indian Thoughts
We expect Kanjikkadan MLA
also on the show
Let me start the discussion
with you, professor
How do you react to the news
of a senior minister..
..forcing himself on a hapless girl?
I don't know how to respond..
Only a man with pervert
mind could behave like this
It's nothing but vice
Sreeja Marar, Professor says
this is perversion
What's your opinion? Isn't it a
moment of shame for all of us ?
CP, it's in deed criminal, if he forced
himself on that girl
.. but if she is an adult and
the act of love was consensual..
How can we find fault with them for
sitting together or even having sex?
Are you even a woman?
Have you given birth?
We have a culture..this is the land where
women are worshipped as goddesses
Let me explain..
Women like you who encourages
sexual anarchy... are the enemies of this culture..
I did not mean that
What do you have to say?
You are justifying a minister who
sexually exploited a girl..
..who sought help from him
Let me complete
How can you say that consensual sex
between individuals are OK?
It's a pity
I said consenting ADULTS
What does that mean? You want the
sacred family system to break ?
Do you want monogamy to end ?
Are you advocating free sex ?
How could you say so?
Are you a mother?
Are you even a woman?
Would you please let me
complete my answer?
Mr. Tharat Thambi, you may comment
Let the whole world hear it
This woman is even
worse than the minister..
No woman with family values
would say this ..
I have more to say..let me..
- One minute
This is nothing but a media conspiracy
against our party and the minister
No such campaign can malign our party
My reporter Asha Panicker has
reached Udyogamandal
REPORTER: CP, the minister is holding some
official discussion, we gather
Jana Congress activists are staging
protest out side the gate
The minister's presence here in
Udyogamandal club also raises suspicion
CP, minister is coming
out after the discussion now..
The Police here is struggling to
control the Jana Congress workers
Minister for lust must resign
The situation is getting tensed as the
protesters are trying to block the minister
Our news break on the minister's shameful
act has triggered a massive protest
Jana Congress workers
are fighting it out on the street
Minister's vehicle is getting out
from the compound..
The Police are unable to
control the protesters
REPORTER: The minister's vehicle
is leaving from here to the capital
Lecherous minister, you better resign
Asha, is he heading to Thiruvananthapuram?
REPORTER: CP, He has an inauguration
function at Thiruvananthapuram
..but given the circumstances it is
unlikely for him to attend the function
Follow him..
Let the icons break, towers of
pseudo dignity come down
This is what real journalism is
These are the news breaks that
Kerala has been waiting for
Is it?
OK, sir
Sir, there is a problem..
There could be demonstrations
all the way, says the Police
They are advising against
traveling to Thiruvananthapuram
REPORTER: CP, We are traveling alongside
the minister's vehicle
We can see him drinking water
and also...
..his body language clearly suggests that
he has given up the fight
What we can see is a frightened
man inside the car
He is seen wiping the sweat
from his forehead
CP, the protest seems to be
flaring up across the state..
Jana Congress is adamant that the
minister must resign immediately
Comfy Government guest houses to sleep..
Obedient servants at service...
Do we need to tolerate these
smutty men of power?
Do we?
You the people should think of it
Will be back after a small break
before the big change
Minister under pressure
Does he have to resign?
Is the Minister a porn addict?
Where are we heading to?!
Is he the minister of lust?
Minister's sexpeditions
CP opens the Pandora's box
Narada to rule Kerala..
Chandraprakash aka CP- the rising star
- Why have you been ignoring my calls?
I was a little busy, Sir..
Just wanted to check on...
Make a call once in a while
I will call you back
Please come to my cabin
Yes sir
Chandraprakash has taken the
show to a dirty low as a porn film
Can we stoop that low?
Pradeep, this is a do or die situation.
Media ethics and stuff can wait
I don't want to leave this chair
for a while, the least
With out this job, even your wife
won't give you a damn
Sorry Sir, I can't stoop to
that low as Narada
Nobody asked you to, either
But something.. we need to do something
The minister have not responded yet
Good..that's it, that will be enough
That's exactly what we need
We should get an interview of him, ASAP
if not, even a sound bite would do
Do it before somebody else pick it up
Please, do it man
Minister must resign
What you are watching is the
protest outside the Kochi residence of...
..minister Thomman Varghese. The protest
seems to be spreading across the state
Jana Congress workers are not willing to
budge unless the minister steps down
Watch this.. the state is burning
Minister is immoral,
the skirt- chaser must resign !
Bundle up all the reactions as a package.
Babuji's sound bite should go in full
Roopa, our reporter Asha
hasn't even peed for the entire day
Field reporting is like that, some times
we can't pee for a whole day
All of us have gone through it
Minister will be at his uncle's house
in Thevara..will send the location
What ever the minister says
should go as breaking news
Just a moment,
Sir Kottayam bureau
What's the emergency there?
Ask them to call later.
Why are you even here?
Aren't you supposed to go on air now?
I was looking for my lipstick
What hell is going on here?
Pradeep,..please be on line
for a moment the promo
There is an issue with the
graphics time line
There is an error in the time line
What time line? I don't want to
hear your technical jargon..
Shoving these technical terms
into my throat wont help.. nonsense
Sorry, I was talking to someone else here
Run whatever you have at hand
Tell me
Today's News track begins with
our investigation to reveal the truth...
Over to our correspondent Pradeep John
Is the audio OK, bro?
Yes, it's good to go
How's it?
All good, sir
One minute..
I have sent an image to your phone
It's a complaint written by your 'honey'
The complaint says that you raped her
You can now decide whether to
open or close your heart
We were all set to go,
but he just walked out
His assistant says he won't talk
What should we do?
The interview with the minister couldn't
be telecast due to some technical reasons
The inconvenience caused is regretted
Bro, please ask him to
give me a real boost
That depends on how you treat us
I will do whatever you want, bro..
[SARCASTICALLY] I have seen it many times..
You are the one who jumped the ship
at the last moment, when I split the party
You played me nicely
Past's past, I am sorry about that
- Hmm.. was way above our expectations
Take your seat
It was my duty as a party man
to defend him, you know..
Given the situation, I had no other option
..but now I need your help
Yesterday we nailed it.. I am
getting a flurry of calls
Just a moment...
I was about to come yesterday,
but got tanked early
Good 'morning' Sirs..
Excuse me for a minute..
This my personal space, I don't
entertain my subordinates here
Bro, I..
Call me C P
You are not paid to play friends
with me, but to obey
Chief Minister has taken a stance in
favour of the minister
It would be great, if we can float
Kanji's name at this juncture
Just help me sit on that chair,
and I will do whatever you say to
He will be with you as the most obedient
The most important
development of this hour
If Thomman Varghese steps down
as minister after the sex scandal ..
Tomy Kanjikkadan will be considered
for the post, reports our bureau..
Our correspondent Deepak Namboothiri
has further details
Deepak, update with the latest
developments from the capital...
Roopa, according to my sources, there
is no uncertainty in this regard..
A section of leaders in the party say that
the minister will step down immediately
Youth leader Tommy Kanjikkadan is the
front runner to replace him
Run this as breaking news..
Thomman Varghese will not resign
Chief Minister backs the forest minister
Sir, can you please repeat?
Thomman Varghese will not resign
Chief Minister backs the forest minister
ANCHOR: Thomman Varghese will not resign
Chief Minister backs the forest minister
The C M is of a view that the
forest minister need not resign..
.. unless and until the allegations are
proven, say sources close to the minister
So. like I was saying..
The nation needs such minds...
This guy is a fing corporate
in a journalist's suit
Real OG
We are impressed
Thank you, Babuji
You made the right choice
Thank you
Bro, the News Malayalam is reporting
that Thommi will not resign...
Let them..
If one channel says the mom's dead,
the other will say it's the dad who's dead
This is what news television is all about
Anyhow your name is actively on air.
You just relax and have a drink or two
Are you sure that he won't resign?
Kanjikkadan is making some moves
behind the curtain, but it won't work..
Are you that sure?'s not gonna happen
CP: It's curtains for the most shameful act
that Kerala has ever witnessed
Forest Minister Thomman Varghese resigns
The value based journalism we
upheld has been rewarded
This is the meaningful culmination
of our news break
Wrong doings should not be justified
We will point out all the wrong doings
..until the final verdict
is pronounced
Sir, Narada is running the story..
what should we do?
YOYO PIMPING- The hotel booking
network facilitates immoral activities
YOYO PIMPING- Students as customers
Hideouts for lovemaking-
our new investigative series
CP, this is one of the hotels
belongs to the Yo Yo chain
Their customers are mainly college students
Usually they prefer twin rooms
Girls come together and
their boyfriends join them later
The couples go to their respective
rooms through an inside doorway
This is not America or Europe...
..this is Bharat (India)
Think for a moment, a single moment ..
Where is our Nation, our youth headed to?
Are our girls losing their way?
These visuals are really upsetting
How can we sent our girls
outside with confidence?
The girls in these videos are of your age
Is your's a generation misguided?
I don't go to hotel rooms with my boyfriend
So, you have a boyfriend?
Does your family know?
Obviously they will know
when they watch this
Have you had sex with him?
We have not, yet
That means you will have in the future
Aren't we all humans, bro?
Nobody knows nothing
Anything can happen instinctively
Romantic love can transform into
mere lust in a blink of an eye
This is the terrifying reality
Do you have a romantic affair?
Would you marry him?
I am not sure..
What about the caste, religion?
He belongs to another religion
Everything is uncertain in this era
This Kerala with diminishing
morality scares me
Mr. Joby we have just heard the
sorrow of a Mother ..
We saw a generation falling in love
irrespective of caste and religion
You work in the tourism sector
I want to hear you, tell us
The concept of YoYo is to provide
common people with....
..good hotels at an affordable price
This is not only a business.. We...
That's not my question..
Are you justifying the prostitution
happening in these hotels ?
No..Sir, please listen to me
Are you married?
Yes, sir..
Do you have daughters?
How old?
Er..she is 15 years old
And yet you justify the 'hotel pimping'?
Please listen to my words
[INTERRUPTING] Are you a father?
Shame on you
Please, what I am saying is...
Some people do whatever
it takes to make money
Hotel chains are not the only face of
pimping, there are many other avenues
Dating applications are one among them
They are trying to push us to an inferior
culture, in the name of sexual freedom
Is he going to burn down Tinder?
There are many other things
happening around the word
Try watching those too
Common man likes this only. They are not
bothered about the Ozone layer and stuff
What I was talking about..
Going into another important development..
A group of angry young men has
taken the streets to protect our culture
My reporter is with them...
Keep in mind, this is Baharat
Down with dirty bitches
We will chase you down
We will spread this across
the state and chase down...
..those who misguide our sisters
REPORTER: Bharat Garjan Sena says that
they too have the responsibility protect the Indian culture
just like 'Narada' is doing, CP
Tell me, whats up?
A group of students are planning
a protest against the Marine drive issue
Be on line for a moment..
Pradeep, Some students are planning
a protest against the Marin drive incident
Shall we go live with them?
That's a good idea
Get ready for a live appearance
Stupid CP shouts in the name of culture
We won't back off, we won't budge
Mathew, are they affiliated
with any organisation..
..or a spontaneous coming together
of people protesting against this?
Pradeep, these people have no backing of
any organisations..
They have gathered here to protest
against the morality hooligans
Do you see a conspiracy by a media
organisation to incite violence?
Of course we do.. This is yellow
journalism in the name of culture
Down with yellow journalism,
Down with Narada News
Ah..I will call later
Hello, Chandraprakash
Stop the live telecast
It's my prerogative, right?
Now, I am the one deciding..
Son, I have been into this
trade for long enough
You leave that topic
No father would like to watch the
nudity of his own daughter
No matter how seasoned he is
I like the daring Editor in you
than a cowardly father
Stop the show..stop the live..
..are we walking backwards?
What to do , brother George?
Run something else from the chart
We have conquered all the three worlds
with only three steps
Thanks to my warriors
I want dirt
Dirt is there in each and every one
It's there in intellectuals
and idiots as well
It is the dirt that a
journalist should find
The lotus of our success will
blooms in that dirt
I remind you..
What I want is not the
initial enthusiasm...
..but hard work, discipline and trust
which could take you to the heights
I repeat..
Absolute loyalty
Have fun
Hello, sir..
I am a fan of yours [CHUCKLES]
Let me ask something
Isn't it voyeuristic to plant spy cams
in bedrooms and washrooms, sir?
What sort of behaviour is it?
CP Sir, why are you not responding?
Sir, say something
Aren't you the roaring tiger in the studio?
Open up.. Kerala wants to know!
Sir..Is this your brand of journalism?
Sir, don't go
Thank you.. Ahem..
We have nothing to say formally, but..
All the credit for this proud achievement
goes to you only
All the best from the
board of directors
Three years to reach break-even
and profit from thereon
This was our original project plan
I have made Narada on top
in the very first month
Which means, Narada will be profitable
from the first financial year itself
Fifty percent of that
profit should come to me
Excuse me
What's the matter?
CP, I have sent you a link
Please check it..
That Mudiyan has played a trick
Let me ask something
Isn't it voyeuristic to plant spy cams
in bedrooms and washrooms, Sir?
What sort of behaviour is it?
CP Sir, why are you not responding?
Sir, say something
Aren't you the roaring tiger in the studio?
Open up.. Kerala wants to know!
Sir, Is this your brand of journalism?
Look CP..
Don't you think 50% is a little too much?
I'm not your slut..
Don't bargain with me
Who are you?
This is a raid..
What raid? What's the issue, sir?
Shut your mouth..
- What's this about, sir?
Why are you going there?
Shut up...
What's going on..?
Shut your mouth
Sir, got the stuff
What's this all about?
Get off my hand, sir
Nothing is there, Sir..
Coming in is the news of
a narcotics raid in Kochi..
Malayalam rapper Mudiyan has
been arrested for possession of drugs..
Let's go into the details ..
Is Kochi in the clutches
of drug mafia?
The excise party conducted the raid at a
flat in Vaduthala after a tip off..
Rapper Mudiyan was taken into custody
from the flat...
A sizable amount of MDMA and
charlie (Cocaine) have also been seized
According to the excise this catch worth
Rs 15 million in international market
The drugs were concealed inside
musical instruments
He was in an intoxicated
condition when arrested, said the Excise
The Police have gathered information
about some girls who frequented his flat
The are suspected to
be carriers of drugs
Suspicion of possible terrorist
links will also be investigated
I am not feeling good, physically.
Haven't told Dad about it
So, aren't we fighting the case?
I have not done anything wrong
We will fight
He is worried about Mom
I will make her understand..
People will find the truth one day
This is your third coffee
Don't ask for more
Don't get angry, Mr.Chef..
What is this? It's been a while now
I'm preparing the bail application
for Mudiyan is he?
He is very weak.. and his mom's
yet to recover from the shock
CP..afterall, guys like him
hardly have ethics
Dad, I'll be going to Peerumedu
in a couple of days
Don't you have back pain?
I was on my period, now it's okay
Won't you be coming back soon?
Mom's death anniversary is nearing
Friends say that I don't inherit
your culinary skills
We just wanted to ask you some thing
Can we do anything in this matter?
Only the court can do something now
You can do one thing..
..provoke him

Hey dude, why cant you get a lil better?
Why cant you let the scene improve?
Its the time,
If you are to do something good
Bro, well see you.. this is our time -
We the local boys have it,
the burning ember in us
..and we know it,
the people are in this hell-hole
That time is long gone,
where morality was honoured
Weve seen the bigot in you
Your words have given us heart burns
We are the farm hands who
plough the land, grow the crops
Don't try to price tag our crops
from the causeways
Dont grind your teeth, either
I drink, I swear and I smoke weed-
who're you to judge?
Hey you, self-boasting,
lying losers, now tell us...
Who are you ? Who are you ?
Who are you ?
Who the heck are you,
Who the heck ?
Who the heck?
Who..the..heck..are.. you?
Who the heck?
Hello, I got bail today
I am with my friends now
Thank you all for your support
A recently started new channel and it's
head are responsible for my plight
I have something to share
with you about it..
But now is not the time, I will
disclose it in the coming days
You should be with me
I don't understand
He has something to say
Shall we take an interview of him?
Wasn't it a drug case?
He went to the jail not for protesting
against the national emergency
What's happened to you, man?
You are afraid of Chandraprakash,
aren't you?
If you have some ego
problems with him..
..sort it out, outside the compound
I will decide what should be done here
We didn't have big money in my,
old channel, so was the extravaganza
But still there is freedom, which
I lack here, and a spine too
If you want his interview, ask him
I had contacted him,
he asked me to talk with you
I have quit News Malayalam
now I am with my previous channel
Are you trying to get some rating points?
Nothing like that..
I just wanted to do this interview
because of the ingenuity of the case
Oh, you guys know the word genuine !
He asked CP the questions
that people had for him
That's why he was implicated
He got the bail this quickly because
the court understood it
He don't even smoke a cigarette
His blood results came back clean
Did any of you report it?
Did you show a minimum courtesy to
apologise for your false reporting?
You can play with anybody's life..
no one will ask you
You are accountable for nothing
What you said is right, but not
everyone is like them
Most of you are..
We always try to do something, ethically
You can ask Father Purampokkil
I have taken up many of his issues
Pradeep, I am not saying
that you are one of them
This is the natural reaction against
the actions of your professional community
What about the interview..?
I will tell him
Is the drug mafia getting away?
The Mudiyan menace - live debate
from Peerumedu
Sunday 5 PM
Rigged ratings..
What is the truth behind
TV channel ratings?
Exposing soon, the back room
stories of the television rating scam
Stay tuned..
Idukki reporter is online
The venue should be near his house
There is a school near to his house.
We can do it there
We can arrange Police protection too
No need of Police..
Let there be chaos
OK, sir..
[ECHOING] Rigged ratings
What is the truth behind
TV channel ratings?
Exposing soon, the back room
stories of the television rating scam
Why are you having so much of this Mixture?
Are you some Mixture India?
Give it back, don't pick a fight with me
I have asked your friend many times
to change the name of his show
He is maligning the name of the great
journalist, C P Ramachandran
If he don't change it, I will
barge in to his studio and slap him
How is he?
I am yet to meet the Doctor
Have they identified the
vehicle that hit him?
No, says the Police
I quit ..
Pradeep's condition is critical
We have got a legal notice from Mudiyan
against the show at Peerumedu
Is this the first time we
are getting a legal notice?
No, but this demands a reply in two
hours and withdrawal of the promo
What if, we don't?
There will be a defamation suite
That's what your senior Govindan sir has
been hired for, right?
Do I need a Supreme Court lawyer to
argue against a drug case accused?
You don't need to give the reply
I will do it
Will the drug mafia get away?
Live from Peerumedu, Sunday 5PM
Large scale drug dealing in the
guise of rap music
An open debate on drug deals
Please switch the channel
Sunday 5 PM
Live from Peerumedu
Sir, Peerumedu Munsif court has
issued a stay order for CP's live show
Did he move via Munsif court?
Who is his lawyer?
One Shakira Mohammed
Shakira Mohammed!
She is one of the founders of the
Your lawyer comrade movement
..and the one who appeared in the
Pozhiyoor eviction case
CP, you may postpone the show
for some days
Or else, remove his mugshot
from the promo and do the show
Oh..such a great piece of advice!
Look, my dad used to say..
You should finish the buffalo
coming at you, and eat it
If I spare him now, many more
bitches will dare to come at me
Hey..will your father bring the soda?
This gag order from the Munsif court
is no child's play
It's just a Munsif court, not the
Supreme Court of India, is it?
CP, hear me out calmly
We had sent a usual reply in this case too
But they filed a suit in the
munsif court, Peerumedu..
..and got an ex-party order
The notice did not have
the details of the court
A munsif court is enough and more
for such hindrances
Look, I don't get your jargon-
ex-party, tea party or whatever
I am telling you in pure Malayalam
He, that bloody nigg Mudiyan
insulted me on the face
..punctured my pride
Chandraprakash became CP after enduring
a great deal of insults
I never had dreamt of any thing
lesser than a king's life
If some low-lives dare to mess with me,
I will finish them off..
Listen, move a petition in the High Court
Bribe anyone and everyone, if needed
Money is not an issue at all
I want to shoot the show
right under his nose
I must do it, at any cost
CP, it's not that easy
District court won't take it any soon
if we file an appeal
Next option is to file an
OPC in the High Court for a stay..
But the court could direct us to argue
the case in the Munsif court itself
Better we don't take the risk
I've already told you that
I don't understand this language
I know only one language, the
language of the winner
This show must be done at any risk
I don't like blockades,
even if it's my own father
Your lordship, Media is the fourth
estate of the democracy
Here, not only the fundamental rights
of the speaker but also the..
..right to information of the people
have been denied by the munsif court
This will adversely affect
our democratic practices
This is an order to keep the
drug mafia out of the news.
This should be stayed
There is no stay order for any news
against the drug mafia
The stay order is against the practice
of judging somebody...
..even before a court of law
convicts them
Besides this case is posted to Thursday,
you can argue there
Hello ...
The High Court refused to vacate the stay
Our petition has been dismissed
That's why I said, it's pointless
Anyways, we shall try another way
Shall sent one of the juniors to the
Peerumedu munsif court tomorrow
Let's try revoking the order
OS 10/2020..Plaintiff Jais John,
defendant K. Chandraprakash
I am appearing for the defendant
May I submit your honor?
Honorable court may kindly revoke
the gag order passed in this case
The complaint is of defamation
However, no defamation has occurred here
The order violates the
freedom of the media to...
... discuss serious matters
pertaining to the society
Free media is the spine of our democracy
The honorable court should not make
any interference which may violate it
Why don't you stick on to the
merit of the complaint?
Your honor- I, CP is a show
with millions of viewers
That show has been stayed on
the basis of a complaint by a criminal
I have filed a
counter affidavit on it
The honorable court may kindly examine that
Narada News' Chandraprakash aka CP have
been denied of their fundamental rights..
...on a complaint founded
on mere apprehension
If at all defamation occurs, let them
file for compensation then
The stay may be vacated, your honor
I am appearing for the petitioner,
may I, your honor?
Reputation and dignity are the assets
that cannot be replaced by wealth
Those who teaches us democracy in their
prime time debates, should understand this
It would be good for you to refer the
SC order in the famous Puttaswamy case
This issue must be heard
in detail, your honor
Yes, it should be heard in detail
Then, senior counsel Govinda Menon
will appear tomorrow
Kindly adjourn the
matter to tomorrow
The matter will be heard tomorrow
I submitted in detail about
the CP show and all
Most courts tend to revoke these kind
of orders when they see us as defendants
But, this guy seems different
He wants to hear the matter in detail
What's his name?
K P Chothi
It's on tomorrow, right?
Let's see
Good morning, Sir
Good morning
This is from the High court
Good morning, sir..
- Good morning..
Everything set?
Else you'll lose your job, that's all
OS 94/2017
Batta (has been) paid, your honor
What's the delay?
Case has been posted to 23rd
Ah..senior counsel himself has appeared!
Your honor, I am appearing
for the defendant
Petition to vacate the interim
order may be heard
Im ready for hearing, your honor
Will take it as the first
item after the roll call
OS 107/2017
OS 41/19
I am seeking time for
filing the objections, your honor
Case posted to 8th December
You can argue
Normally a preface of this kind is
not necessary in a court room
However, as laid down in the
Constitution of India..
..fundamental rights are
of paramount importance
..especially the right to freedom
of speech and expression
Your honor, my client..
.. the defendant, is a media organisation
The media is entitled to gather
and disseminate social issues..
..and to conduct discussions
on relevant topics
It's their right, responsibility
and obligation as well
Here, an accused in a drug case,
Mudiyan, a nobody..
How can a duffer claim
.. if his photograph is used
in a TV discussion?
After all defamation shouldn't be an
obstacle for telling the truth, your honor
Here, the cause of action...
.. has not yet occurred. The said
discussion is yet to be happened
But even before that they have come
to a conclusion that it is against them
..and hence this case
Your honor, this channel
is functioning at Kochi
The broadcast of the
same is also from Kochi
Then how can a Peerumedu court
have the territorial jurisdiction?
This also needs to be
looKed into
Your honor, let them withdraw the
case and file it in Kochi
We'll fight
Your honor, This show is viewed by
Malayali community all across the world
Which means cause of action is occurring
in the jurisdiction of this court also
So the contention on the jurisdiction of
this court is inappropriate, your honor
The venue of the show, which is very
near to the house of my client.. selected deliberately in order to
assassinate the character of my client
The screen grab of the video, the cause of
action here, is submitted as exhibit
In this, the header Drug Mafia is imposed
on a mugshot of my client
A complaint, alleging that the drug case
was a fabricated one.. under the consideration
of the honorable court
It's the court that pronounce one guilty
or not after careful examination of ...
..evidences and proper trial.
Conducting this kind of discussion..
..using images of the accused is
nothing but a parallel media trial
The accused is presented as a convict
before the society, even with out a trial
As the presenter himself has appeared, hope
we'll have better clarity in the matter
Even if the court acquits him, the
defamation caused will be huge
No compensation amount could
repair it
Dr Nambi Narayanan (ISRO scientist) is a
living example for that
What nonsense?
We have not said anywhere that
the accused is guilty
If this is the situation, can we conduct
any kind of discussion for public good?
That's not their argument
No photo shall be used so that it
could create prejudice in a discussion
That's the contention
That means, discussion could be
conducted without using a photo
Isn't it, counsel?
It's the prerogative of trained
media professionals to decide how to..
..treat a news item, or how to
conduct a discussion
Nobody else has anything to do with it, be
it a layman, his lawyer or even the court
Let them decide
Your honor you might have
studied, or read..
..but might not be remembering
Your honor, there is a famous case..
Maneka Gandhi v The Union of India
It must be 1978, right?
There is a legendary observation by
Justice. P N Bhagawati in this case..
..that an open debate and free discussion
will strengthen the democracy of the nation
Your honor, indeed there is a supervisory
body, the press council of India
With powers not to punish, chide
or chastise, with no judicial teeth
They can only admonish, advise
or counsel the media
That's all your honor
Even the Government has no authority to
the dictate the media how to do their job
That's the sacrosanctitiy of the freedom
of media, your honor
In Indian system
You should have tried to
understand these..
...before rushing to the court
when you get a case
Your honor, I agree with
the learned senior counsel
Are you agreeing with his argument that
the court has not authority over media?
Yes, your honor
We have rules and regulations for
the TV media in this country
It clearly states that what
should not be aired
..not only in news shows but in
the advertisements as well
I shall read the relevant parts from the
cable TV net work rules of 1994
No program should be carried
Which contains anything obscene,
.. defamatory, suggestive
innuendo and half truths
It is good for the senior counsel also to
know things before running into the court
They were saying about half truth..
What Narada says is no
half baked truth, but absolute truth
People have the sense to
differentiate between truth and falsehood
They love me, recognise me
That's why we are on top,
in a short span of time
We are not like some dishonest
never- do- well lawyers
If it was at me, I don't need to
canvass cases for some rating points
Personal remarks should be avoided
Come to the point
Pardon your honor
Imposing the header, drug mafia on
a mugshot of an accused, is innuendo
Even though they don't directly
say that he is guilty
..they are implying that, making it a
clear case of innuendo
If a discussion, program or advertisement
contain defamatory half truth with..
.. with suggestive innuendos,'s the duty of the civil court to
ensure the legal protection
This court too has that duty
Am I right?
What do you say, Counsel?
So, the court can interfere, right?
Your honor, Merivale v. Carson 1887
Fair criticism has been defined
point by point in this case
Have you ever heard of any of it?
Any media activity done with out
an ulterior motive or previous enmity
..has the protection of that verdict
Here neither the channel nor the anchor
has any previous enmity towards him
Then how come this case hold water?
That verdict is not applicable
in this case, your honor
CP, the head of Narada news, who is not
averse to shout at anybody on TV
..was confronted by my client in an
elevator with some hard questions
It went viral on the social media
My client has been targeted
because of it
This does not fall under the
ambit of fair criticism
I too have seen it
Do you have anything to say,
Mr. Chandraprakash?
He was intruding to my personal
space and insulting me
He did not enter your bedroom or
wash room to ask questions
Wasn't it an elevator?
It's public space, Mr. C P
I have my privacy
Not only you, all the people
have the right to privacy
..and it's where you plant your cameras
If you could speak with the same
vigor as you do in your show..
We can quickly finish
the court proceedings
Everything stated here is absolutely false
This is personal attack on me
in an unrelated case
There is no criminal case
against me till date
Not even a complaint
Objection, your honor.
There is a complaint
See, this is what false statement
I challenge her to prove that there is a
complaint against me anywhere in the state
I don't conduct channel discussions
to wage personal vendetta
If this is the case, you will say that the
drug case also is fabricated by me
I had taken up this complaint before
the court earlier
..during the bail hearing of Jase John
aka Mudiyan
Don't blather any crap
to win an argument must be your exclusive
privilege to do all the crap!
No more personal attacks
Pardon your honor
CP has been fearlessly presenting
this show before millions of viewers
That's just because he does not have
anything to hide
I challenge you to substantiate
your statement
Your honor, there is a complaint with the
Police against Chandraprakash..
..and others for allegedly
conspiring to abuse a girl
Your honor, unnecessary accusations
shall not be permitted in this court
Isn't it serious if
there is such a complaint?
Your honor, as I have already submitted
This court has absolutely no
jurisdiction on this matter
This court has no authority to
hear this matter, your honor
Need to ascertain whether the
channel's motive behind the show..
.. is personal or public interest
The antecedents of the defendant
are also important
Will hear it in detail tomorrow
Have some other duties today
Tell him that it's not possible
I have to travel today
My client has to travel tomorrow are just a beginner
We have been doing this for years
Have seen may court rooms
and corridors
You know what? The bats hanging
on the church ceiling for ages...
.. do not get to lead the holy mass,
but the priest, however new may be, does
Do something..
Don't expect me to bow down
before that lower caste Munsif
I am an aristocrat Menon by birth
Let me send my junior
She was repeatedly saying that
there's a case against you
You just make a call to the
Police and have it ruled out
In case..
He need to go to Dubai, today, right?
Yes, sir
I don't intend to ruin his show
Wait.. let me see
OK, thank you, sir
Sir, he has the additional
charge of the Judicial Magistrate
Magistrate is on medical leave.The order
from the High Court came this morning
Good morning, Sir
Good Morning
This is from the High court
C P..
Make absolutely sure that there is
no complaint against you any where
I will definitely know if at all
a finger is raised against me
CC 43/19
Accused is absent
Posted to 24 th August
CC 67/18
A1 and A2 present, your honor
Ask the Munsif to call our case
He is not Munsif, but
the Judicial Magistrate now
Whatever be it, ask him to call
Case posted to coming 27th
CMP 03/2019
Your honor, I am appearing
for the complainant
This is a private complaint
under section 191 of CrPC
The offense was committed when the
complainant worked for the accused
Your honor, it was traumatising
to say the least
She needed long term therapy to recover,
that's why the delay in complaint
Medical documents are
attached with the petition
Your honor may record the
statement of the victim
Ask her to come in
Do you know this girl?
This must be some bogus case
Haven't I told you to inquire whether
there are any new complaints?
I already told you that I will know if
something like that happens
Better you be
Then no need to worry. He can do nothing
if there is no complaint in the Police
Ask what's the ground
for a private complaint
Your honor..
The court may kindly inquire about the
ground for the complaint u/s 191 of CrPC
Is it because of the inaction of the
Police on her complaint or not?
A complaint had been lodged, your honor
The inspector had received the complaint
sent via registered post six days ago
The acknowledgment card has
been submitted as exhibit
She had to file this private complaint
as the Police did not act on her petition
Your honor, the court can cross verify the
signature of the Inspector from the records
CP, call your Idukki reporter
Ask him to check whether the Peerumedu
Police had gotten that registered post
There is nothing
Just ask him to make sure
We don't have time
Call the Peerumedu station
Call the Peerumedu Police station
Just a second
Complainant can record her statement
in confidence, if needed
No, I will do it here
Go on..
I joined Narada News with
lot of expectations
One day during the training period
C P called me to his cabin
Manu, the cameraman was also present
What if a minister behaves inappropriately
to women who come to him seeking help?
What if he exploits them?
..and gets away using his power?
Denaika became the best news magazine
in India because of their sting operations
A journalist can do whatever
it takes to reach the goal..
.. if the intention is pure
Some phone calls, some
hidden cam operations
We are planning to launch the channel
with such a story
You are from Peerumedu, right?
- Yes..
This is your camera
You have two weeks
Target, Thomman Varghese
I will say what and when to do
Do what I say, only that
Manu will be with you for everything
I did it all exactly like he said.
Two days before the launch ...
Manu took me to CP's place
as he wanted to meet
Then.. [PAUSING]
They showed me my nude video
He asked me to write a complaint against
minister Thomman Varghese of raping me
He threatened me to leak the video
if I did not heed
I did what he said
Thank you
This will remain safe with me
Don't try resisting
If you do, then it won't be safe
They fired me from the job, after that
It was no complaint but a blank
paper in that registered envelope
What's that?
Nothing, a blank paper
Crazy lot, trash it
A witness statement may kindly
be recorded, your honor
What she told here is absolutely true
As directed by Chandraprakash
It was me who planted the camera.. room 205 of the Zero Planet resort
in Peerumedu to shoot her nude video
I transferred the footage to CP who was
in room 108 via phone on the same day
Shut your mouth..this is a courtroom,
not your news floor to shout
Go on..
It was CP who instigated the flat residents
to complain against Mudiyan
The drug seized from his flat
was also planted
CP is behind that too
It was me who covered the raid,
replacing the bureau cameraman
Do you know the consequences
of this confession?
I am ready to accept the punishment,
whatever it might be
I want to submit something else
before the honorable court
I suspect Chandraprakash is behind
my friend Pradeep's accident
He is leveling baseless allegations
How dare he bullshit me like this?
Shut your mouth
I have already warned you
Sit there
You should speak for me, you must
This case is different,
I have no right to interfere
Your honour
A case should be registered under sections
67 A of the IT act and 509 of IPC
Electronics evidence is
crucial in this case
The accused is certainly a flight risk
So, if the Police don't act swiftly to
secure evidence from the accused...
.. this too will go cold
like many other cases
Your honour, I am extremely
sorry to interfere
Your honour, realising that the
civil suit won't hold water,
.. this bogus complaint is being
cooked up against my client
Your honour, my client is willing to fully
cooperate with it, if an inquiry is ordered
My client will never make any
attempt to flee the country
Isn't he flying to Dubai this evening?
Didn't you send one of your
juniors to inform me of this?
People know the history of
big guns who fled the country
I am ordering an
investigation into the matter
OK, sir..
Inspector, a case should be registered
and the complaint should be investigated
Arrest or no arrest is your prerogative
If you do not arrest him today.. will be answerable to the judiciary
for all its consequences
You can take both of them in
custody, now itself
My honesty is being questioned, so is the
freedom of the media
I'll be defamed before millions of
viewers who love and trust me
The court should give me an
opportunity to prove my innocence
All these accusations against
me are fabricated
Court may reconsider its decision which is
against the entire media of this country
Do you think you can say whatever
you want if you have a television channel?
If you open your mouth again..
I don't need any complaint or witness
to slap a case under 228 IPC
You have been screaming
about your self esteem
Do you journalists only have self esteem?
Not only the rich and privileged, the poor
also have prestige and self esteem
They don't file defamation against you
only because they have no money
Mister, I am doubtful of the greatness
of your media world..
I have no doubt that our constitution
is one of the best in the world
It's the life breath of democracy
Freedom of speech expression
which the constitution ensures same for all the citizens and
media organisations
No media organisation has
greater rights than citizens do
We have a stated criteria for how
not to report something on media
It's an individual's right to chose whom
all can see their nudity or not
If somebody records it violating this
right, it's certainly a criminal offense
Better you don't conduct trial and
pass judgment in TV studios
There are courts in this country
entitled for the same
Take them