Naran (2005) Movie Script

The south of Mullankolly is a forest.
A riverflows round this place
like a silver girdle.
Flowing in full spate in the first rains
of monsoon is an amazing sight.
Like wise my Velayudhan is also amazing.
Nambiar Sir, Nambiar Sir.
What kuttunnooli?
Awoman there! Came in the flood.
Never seen her before.
I saw her here.
Then where is she now?
Go and see outside.
Nambiar Sir, a baby.
Sri Muruga! Velayudha!
Row hard Ahmed.
When we want to go somewhere urgently...
then your rowing will have a slow rhythm.
For a long time there were talks that a
bridge will be built in Mullankolly.
Will it realise, member?
Forthat just voting and
making me win is not enough.
You must learn to respect me.
Do this Mullankolly people give me
any respect due to a member?
That's because you are
collecting interest for money.
I give loan to people who need money.
That's my helping nature.
Will the Hajiyars who cheat people in
timber business understand that?
Of course I take gold or documents for security,
what is wrong in that.
Nothing wrong but taking 10%
monthly interest is wrong.
Yes. That is the problem with me.
Faster. Faster. Bring to the shore.
Wait forthem to get out.
Don't teach me rules.
Nowadays lots of people are
coming forfield work.
Good for nothing otherthan eating.
They haven't come to work.
This is notorious rowdy
from Kozhikode market
Who? - Kuttachira Pappan. Pappan?
He has come to beat Velayudhan
- What? To beat Velayudhan?
What are you doing?
Look at the man who was in a
hurry to go, going back now!
He wants to become the
leader of the fight now.
All otherthings only afterthis.
Have you come to defeat Velayudhan.
- Why Can't I?
I am only happy. I am the member of
panchayat here. Member Kurup.
Have you seen Velayudhan before?
- I've seen bigger men than him.
I'll show him to you
if you don't know. - I know
What? Have you had a fight
with him before?
We are Pappettan's men. Walk boldly.
He'll be in the shop at this time.
Stop. Stop. Here is a short cut
to the shop. I'll show you.
Brother, get out of the shop before you
lose consciousness -Velayudhan'.
Is Velayudhan here?
Member, is it itching foryou
not seeing Velayudhan.
Is this Velayudhan?
No. This is Keeri Raghavan.
Just a name Keeri.
Go without scratching.
Hey Vasukutta, you fetch Velayudhan.
Today golden flies will fly from his eyes.
Go and tell him that
Kuttichira Pappan has come.
With one slap he has felled a mad tusker.
Really? Let there be a weight.
Hey, Damodara, give him whatever he wants.
Write the bill in Panchayat account.
Brother, sit down.
These are Velayutham's rule.
Leave the shop before you
loose your consciousness.
If you show goondaism in the shop
there is beating and a fine.
No debt. If you ask for debt,
you'll get a beating.
Drink only what you need.
Singing is not allowed.
Shop and surroundings should be
kept clean. Should not vomit.
"Yours humbly Velayudhan.
Doesn't he need a beating.
This is nectar made from the sprout of
coconut tree mixed with fruit juice,
distilled and cooled in running water.
You come here without giving speech.
Kelapetta don't be greedy.
This is nectar.
You know the speciality of nectar.
- Give me.
Drink only a small quantity.
- Give me.
Nectar is the most poisonous
when taken in excess.
It's alright if I die aftertaking nectar &
going tipsy. Atleast there is a dignity in it.
Velayudhetta there is a chance for a fight.
What? Kelapetta did you hearthat, a body less
voice saying there is chance for a fight,
I also heard
No it isn't a bodyless voice.
It is our Vasukuttan kelapetta.
What? - Kuttichira Pappan has come
to the main road to beat you.
He has come from Kozhikode market.
How is he?
Size is alright 6'3 height and
weight about 105 kilos
Then tell him to stand there.
I am coming
I am not coming. For all his notoriety,
when we go & see he might be a spineless.
If he is spineless let it be
If we go on drinking without doing any work
we will only die of laziness.
This drink we can consume on the way.
Kuttichira Pappan will not wait for anyone.
If he gets bored of waiting,
he will go away. You come.
Stand back, I told you to stand back
without making noise.
I am Mullankolly Chit funds Proprietor.
Member Kurup.
That is also me.
Ornaments, pawn, loan, debt.
Sit inside if you want. No. Don't.
You will take time to come out
when he arrives for a seat!
Ashoka stand up. Let me take this stool.
Let me complete stitching this blouse
before the fight starts.
When a woman is suffering from labour pain,
you and your blouse stitching.
Here children who have primary complex and
Asthma, sit 10 feet behind than usual.
A big fight is going to take place, I tell you.
Before a fight, do you usually take
raw eggs and medicine?
Oh! This Kurup! From where does
he organize such men?
Kurup didn't bring him.
That man in yellow shirt was beaten by
Velayuthan in the toddy shop before 2 days.
Pappan must've come to
enquire about that.
He looks all right.
Will he defeat Velayuthan?
Oh! May be we can see a good fight,
that's all.
Member, give the money
orthe plantain and go.
This plantain, you know,
is for a common cause.
No bell! No brake! Stand back!
- Specimen! What? Ah!
I'm Velayuthan.
Ho has a complaint?
What's the complaint?
Oh, it's you! Who is this?
Your master?
Oh, what a frightening stare!
Kelapetta, make the crowd move back!
By his look we can see that
he's in a hurry to go.
Those who don't mind getting
slashes can come to the front.
Others, go back!
Shall we start then?
Of course!
Hara Haro Hara Hara!
Sit down Sir, sit down! Vasukutta! - Soda is ready.
Stand aside Sir!
Drink this. No money forthis.
Those who lend a stick and get beating
themselves will get a soda free.
This is that. I beat him for singing
after drinking in the shop.
Sing now! Let your master hear.
ln the forest of dark clouds in
the house of the night...
Is a beating enough forthis?
Master, you yourself tell.
Jesudas and Jayachandran have sung
good songs for us to hear and enjoy.
Not for spoiling!
In Mullamkolli, I've some rules.
Whetherthe people are from Mullamkolli
or outside, a rule is a rule.
Those who can't follow it,
should defeat me in a fight.
That's the rule in Mullamkolli.
A disciplined toddy shop is
the sign of a good village.
OK. Leave it. Masterfought well.
All of you knap for master.
Its not knap. Its clap'
Clap your hands.
How's your grand daughter, Chiruthakutti?
No better, Gopi Nambiar Sir!
Whatever she eats,
She vomits at once. If vomiting doesn't stop,
you must be careful.
Why don't you go to Mathai Doctor in
the market across the river?
If you want money, you can take
extra fifty rupees. I'll tell Neelakantan.
What happened, Neelakanta?
Did you take all the coconuts?
There'll be one more load.
- What says Koyutti?
More than 600 coconuts are
less than last time.
Koyutti says its due to negligence.
Or else, somebody is stealing.
It's not because agriculture is profitable.
The workers will get salary. I didn't stop it
because it is a good thing. That's all.
I'm getting old.
Let others who want, manage now.
The people here have great respect
foryour son-in-law.
He's helping you in everything.
That itself is a luck.
Yes. It's better not to desire for more.
Then we won't be disappointed.
You go grate some coconuts and bring.
The workers will start calling now.
Gita said she'll come for kitchen work
till the paddy work gets over.
Here we don't need help for kitchen work.
Looking afterthe cows in
the pen is the problem.
I'd told that Narayanan Nain'to come.
But he didn't turn up.
Sunandha? -Yes
What father?
Here, keep this.
It's the money forthe coconuts.
Koyutti said more than 600 coconuts
are less this time.
Tell Gopi, if he needs money,
show the account and take.
It's his own property. Why to!
Since we leave him like that,
he's taking advantage. That Velayudhan.
Now he's started stealing also.
He's taken away nearly 600 coconuts.
When Kurup went to ask him, he says I must defeat
him in a fight. Otherwise he'll steal again.
Last time it was ginger.
Nowadays gingerfrom one square
costs more than 8000 Rupees.
Kurup! When did you go to enquire
the price of ginger?
As a representative of the people,
I must know the price of ginger, etc.
Serve the lunch if it is ready.
Today there are many workers in the field.
Please wait, Please wait! Kunhappu is coming.
Kunhappu is coming. Children, give way.
Let me keep the fish basket down.
Kiri, give a hand. - Slowly, slowly.
Oh! Kunnummel Santha is here!
Santha, nowadays do you come to
the market across the river?
Kunhappu, isn't the fish a bit rotten?
Rotten mackerel is tastier,
isn't it Santha?
Santha, does Velayudhan sleep
in your house still?
There are other strong men in Mullamkolli.
Who? Are you the strong man in Mullamkolli?
Shame! You know to show off muscles and
say foolish things. But you buffalo, will run
bellowing if you see Velayudhan's shadow.
Hey, don't flaunt to me your pride
in sleeping with him.
What if I do?
If there's any daring person
in Mullamkolli, come!
Now will you stop it!
There are other people in the boat.
What happened?
The Village officer was not there.
They told me to come day aftertomorrow.
Look in front and walk.
You are still loving her sitting on
the bench of 4th standard.
Now Janaki has a daughter
studying in 4th standard.
Its no wonder people talk.
Why can't you marry someone
and live decently.
Forthat who will give me a bride? Ahmed?
You go to Ponnani, shave your head,
wear a cap and come.
I'll give you any number of girls.
Kunhappu has come! Kunhappu has come!
Come one, come all.
What fish? -lt's good mackerel,
wriggling fresh! Buy only if you want...
A little more! A little higher!
- Is this enough? -Yes.
Allah! What is this?
Unnyar, you are putting up a name board,
spending your own money.
I gave him Rs 250.
So what? The writing is grand.
What's written below? Is it Tamil?
When we spend so much let it be grand.
Let the Tamil people also think
that this is their place.
You want those low caste
people coming to work
in the field to think that
this is their own place?
These are the people who were driven out of
Tamil Nadu for creating problems there.
Don't keep the board here.
Sathish, you get down from the ladder.
And take that board with you.
Velayudha, I've spent about Rs 250.
Don't create problems.
Unnyar, why do you spend unnecessarily?
What's the necessity forthis now?
Tell that.
There are no hotels here to compete.
No need for any board. In any case, don't want
Tamil board. No. No. No!
Wait Velayudha!
What you are doing is rowdyism.
What is it to you if he keeps
the board there? -What fish?
It is wriggling fresh mackerel.
Tell me that.
I've told you that.
Now let me see this.
Is this your wriggling fresh mackerel?
Show them wriggling.
It's only slightly rotten.
It's caught from the deep sea.
It has to reach here after crossing the river.
Haven't I told you before not to cross
the river and bring rotten fish?
Then don't sell this fish here.
Oh no! Don't!
It's a matter of my stomach.
Not stomach! I should break your
head forthis. Shall I?
As it is, the children here are always
suffering from diarrhea and vomiting.
Now if they eat fish sprinkled
with ammonia, that's all. Slap!
No use following him, Kunhappu!
When he has put the stick, it is an order.
No change afterthat.
Umma, is Khadija there?
Oh, it's you! Khadija, Leela is calling you.
I'm going to buy fish. Is she coming?
Umma, did you call me?
It is Leela. She's going to buy fish.
You also go. Buy only fresh fish.
Leela, wait. I am also coming. Wait!
Can't you wait fortwo minutes?
You should not stop here and there
like a leaf fallen in a river.
Go straight, buy fish and return.
It's mother's order.
Here, the rice and sugar.
Shop closed so soon?
I'm going to the supply office
to bring things.
You come tomorrow.
There's not a drop of kerosene to
light the lamp at night, Krishna.
Give it and go.
- You go. I'll come.
When you come will you bring
fish for 5 Rupees?
There is nothing to make curry.
Why only for 5 Rupees? Make it ten.
Half we can fry. Let it be grand.
Father is going to the toddy shop, isn't it?
Janaki Edathi.
Where are you going?
- We are going to buy fish.
Leelechi, will you buy fish
for Rs 5 for us also.
I am fed up of hertalk.
If you want I'll bring.
You go. Krishnetthan will bring.
- OK.
We will eat when father brings!
What if we don't take fish?
Don't tell our difficulties to anyone.
Understand? -Yes.
Those who want to buy rotten fish,
let them buy.
Who is he to say not to sell? -Yes.
What's the matter?
Do you see the stick nearthe fish basket.
It is Velayudhan's orderthat
fish shouldn't be sold.
It is not all that bad.
This is his highhandedness.
It is only a little bit rotten.
First, it has to be caught from the deep sea.
Then it must be brought
across the river, taken to the market and
only then only we get it in our hands.
There the member has arrived.
Now it is going to flare up.
Come let us stand that side.
What's the problem?
Velayudhan has forbidden the sale of fish.
Gopi Nambiar, in that basket there
is fish worth about Rs 300.
What can we do if he says not to sell?
He didn't allow me to put up
a board for my hotel also.
When I questioned him,
Kunhappu got this punishment.
We mustn't leave him like that.
Member, you yourself find a solution.
How now Member! When I took a plantain
from yourtea shop?
Keep the money Suffer!
Even otherwise
No one gives any weight for my words.
If that man who doesn't have
name and a place says anything,
you'll all obey silently.
You people only spoil him.
Why do you obey?
Take away that stick and try to sell fish.
He said he will kill me by hitting on my
head if I sell even one fish.
Puthussery Gopinambiar himself has told you
to take away the stick & sell the fish.
Then Keeri, you take away the stick.
Shall I take out?
Take it away Keeri, aren't we all with you.
Go Keeri, today we must
know one thing or other
We'll see what happens
if we remove Velayudhans flag.
Something will happen today.
What Keeri? Goondaism? Haven't I told you
not to wearyour dhoti like this?
Foryou trouser will do.
Keeri lost his dhoti.
If Gopi Nambiar & the Maharaja of
Mullamkolli fight, who will win? You tell.
What, Gopinathan Nambiar has come to buy fish!
I only told them not to sell this fish here.
But if Pudhusseri Gopi Nambiar says,
I will agree.
But you must defeat me in a fight.
If anyone defeats me,
the problem is solved.
Nambiar, shall we fight?
If we fight with each other, who will win?
That's the regional problem of Mullamkolli.
Come Nambiar. It is fun.
Let us fight (play).
I've crossed the age for playing.
You play. I'll enjoy.
Why there's a crowd here?
Nambiar Sir!
What? What?
Nambiar Sir, it's a nuisance
with this Velayudhan.
He made us remove the board for my hotel.
He forbade Kunhappu to sell fish. See this?
He also took off Keeri's Dhoti.
Where's he? - There.
Hey you, come here. Come here!
For rheumatism, (kurunthoti)
Sidha is the medicine!
Chechi! Let no one think that
Gopi Nambiar can defeat the king.
He's a big coward.
There was a chance for a big fight.
The Maharaja
irritated him and tried his
best for a fight, but no use.
Gopi Nambiar escaped.
He knows that he won't win.
That's why. And then, there was anotherfun.
Keeri shouldn't wear dhoti. A ban!
You went to buy fish, but you were
watching the fight there?
Forthat there was no fight to watch.
Seeing their arrival,
I thought we could see a good fight.
Ha! You go there.
I can see a fight here!
Grandma is angry with you
for coming so late.
Prakash, I am telling you for a
long time to take bath.
If you don't obey me you'll get
sound thrashing. Do you hear?
Oh! You've reached. When you go out,
you are never back soon.
Didn't you get fish?
- That's the fun, mother.
The fish is rotten, should not be sold.
That's the order of Mullamkolli Maharaja.
He put a stick nearthe
fish basket and went off.
If Kunhappu sells even one from that,
he'll be killed with one shot on his head.
What a nuisance he is!
Those who want rotten fish can buy.
Why can't he leave it like that.
That's what everyone tells.
But someone is needed to fight and defeat.
Now what is available to make curry to night.
Did you see Velayudhan anywhere.
All this while she was talking
about him only. Move.
When you think the sun is going to set,
you start thinking of Velayudhan.
Foryou it is enough if you get toddy
from him and drink.
Don't care what is there for curry tonight.
Look at him running as if he has labour pain.
If you come here with him after drinking.
My Goddess, I swearthat I'll beat
both of you with a broom.
You go, broom.
Don't have any thought that there is
a girl of marriageable age here.
The elder one though married is like this.
Then at least you walk with consciousness.
No way.
Look there.
Do you see that light?
It is Velayudhan going.
Shall I call him?
Do you know one thing.
There is a big knife with Velayudhan.
If he takes it out, he'll keep it back
only after killing someone.
He has tucked in his waist.
Here. - Enough.
Aha. Then I must call Velayudhan.
Velayudha, come here.
He is not taking food.
Ha Ha. Child, why are you not eating?
Don't you want to become big like me,
fight and defeat thieves.
If you eat then only,
you'll have the strength forthat.
Hasn't Hajiyar come? - No.
Father wanted to go to a marriage house.
He'll come now.
Doesn't he have a thought that the
women are alone at home. Marriage house.
Child, Don't be frightened.
I'll sit here till grandpa comes.
You give him rice.
Like that.
Shall I sing a song foryou.
- Yes.
Listen carefully. A very good song.
Glow, Glow firefly
You Twinkling star
Dip, dip, dip in Gold!
You light of the still dark forest.
Ha. You've come.
Do you've any sense?
The time to go for a marriage.
You are roaming at night leaving
a girl alone at home.
What do you want now.
I'll see to the needs of my house.
You need not come to enquire.
Goondaism! Slap.
I'll break your eyes.
When old, you must have some responsibility.
When I say the truth you are angry.
You light this.
Do you know what types of people
come here from across and outside.
The people you see during day time
are not the same at night.
This is that kind of place.
If you are not watchful...
The wife of Peethambaran, kannoth House.
Why did she die drinking poison
2 years back? Ah.
Here is the light.
Sister, here after he comes late
like this, you must tell me.
Shall I go? I'll sing the rest
of the song later.
Are you staring and frightening me?
I'll break your eyes.
Firefly with thousand eyes.
Hey you put my mat and pillow outside Velanna.
Do you have any problem?
I've got many problems.
Among that which problem you want?
Anyway you are looking after me
and giving money.
Why do you sleep in the Verandah in the cold.
Like a dog in manger.
I sleep here so that some bulls
will not break the fence.
I don't mind if you call me a dog.
If you want to make a place good,
you must transform Kunnummal Shanta.
Oh a ruler - Come to improve this place
you try to be good yourself.
There won't be any trouble because of me,
in this village you don't have a place to sleep
just say that.
What? Goondaism? -Yes.
I won't allow people from across and
outside to spoil Mullankolly.
Forthat I won't get fever if
I am exposed to a bit of cold.
Bow. Bow. Dog. Dog.
It is betterto close this window.
Your disease increases when you get cold. Ha ha.
Grandma there Nambiar Sir.
How are you Malutty Amma?
Shall we take the dry frond and twigs?
Oh! Take them.
Are you getting letters from son?
Yes. He came last month and went. - Ok.
What's on your shoulder?
Coconut oil forthe shop.
Nambiar Sir, you must be going for a walk.
Yes. It's long since I came to the grove
Nowadays a lot of coconuts are being stolen.
No doubt. It is Velayudhan.
Hey. Will he steal?
He does everything.
How is the business?
Is it better after keeping the board?
Forthat board is not kept.
He didn't hearyou telling us
to keep the board.
He says he should hearyou telling that.
If he wants to hear, tell him to come to me.
If you can, tie him up and bring him
in front of me. I'll get him. Arrogant.
There he is. Velayudhan.
Stay there. Come here. Here.
I heard that you've started stealing also.
Oh! Nambiar Sir, I'll get angry if you
accuse me for what I've not done. You beat,
if you get angry, isn't it?
Then beat me. You listen only to the people
who beat and defeat you. Then come.
I'll do so. Come here.
I tell like that only to those who
show Goondaism, Nambiar Sir.
If you can you beat me in running.
Stand there.
Kelapetta, if you laugh that maddening
laughter, I'll get angry.
What's there to laugh so much?
Now we can live without fear of
any other bad name.
Bring tow more bottles.
Because with this, everything is over!
Drunkard! Rogue!
Womaniser! And now thief!
Velayudha, you drink 24 hours a day!
Sleep in Kunnumel Santha's house!
Everyone will believe that you are a thief.
Why can't you do some decent job for a living?
The advisor is the best party.
What's the problem with the advisor?
When I was young and able I had worked hard.
All old people say the same thing.
Kellapetta, can you bring ashore a tree uprooted
by the heavy rain from the flood water?
Leave that.
We'll leave Kellapettan. Who else
can do that? Kellapetta, you tell.
Velayudettan has no need to work in the field.
That makes me happy.
They won't allow one to improve a person.
Such boys! Go and bring one bottle of toddy.
That bottle in your own account! I am off!
What account? If I have to drink in my account,
why should I come with you?
I can come alone and drink.
I am also coming.
No need of toddy.
Due to this mandali disease, the coconuts
are as small as areca nuts.
No value forthat.
Madhava! -What?
Cut down that top one also.
It is forthe next time, member.
It is not ripe.
Don't teach member Kurup. Cut it down.
Member, if you take away next month's
coconuts also we'll have to starve.
Sister! What can I do? Now itself
three months' arrears.
I can't meet Krishnan when he's sober.
Let the capital be there.
I must get at least the interest.
I will give you some money
this month somehow.
Then I will keep it forthe capital.
You know that
Krishnan took loan from me pawning
the document of your house.
If you take a wrong step, you will fall.
Saradamma, tie those fronds without
just standing and staring.
What, Kurup! Trying to cut down?
A coconut confiscation?
Madhava, these are not ripe.
I told him they are forthe next time.
Oh! Member is showing Goondaism?
How many trees more?
- Five to eight trees.
Then, you climb before it becomes hotter.
Cut only the ripe ones.
Give me that pickaxe.
Madhava, member will give your wages.
Take one ortwo coconuts.
Member, you are supervising.
So you also take one ortwo.
The balance you count and keep in a heap.
Velayudha, don't play with me.
Whoever it is, there is beating
and fine for goondaism.
Then, Kurupetta, everything
as already said. I am going.
Give this to him.
The bridge is on the road.
Velayudha, come out
when there are no males in the house
will you come and harm the women. Come out.
You don't know me.
Who's that making noise there?
Your killer! Come out, you coward!
He's the husband of your past lover.
You must've done some help to her.
My old lover is your grandma.
If I've taken loan I'll repay it.
Who are you to interfere?
Get lost without shouting.
What will you do if I don't go? Will you
rotate me on a pounder? Come here!
Krishna, you'll get from me.
Coward! Then you come and fight.
I've come to know one thing or othertoday.
Go! Go!
She shouldn't sleep in two beds
and enjoy. Eitheryou or me!
Coward! If you tell needless things
about women at home I'll break yourteeth.
Go! Go home.
I'll tell whatever I want about my wife.
Who are you to ask?
Krishna Krishnan is yourfather.
My wife is bad. Very bad!
Come here. I think he's lost
his consciousness. Help me.
Forthat even when you came he was
not conscious. Carry him yourself.
I am going to sleep.
Hey! Everyone sleeping? Please come here.
Oh God! Why did you create these?
Oh mother! Oh! They're killing me. Oh! You!
Isn't this my house? Why did you come to
my house at this time?
What? What happened?
Nothing! I poured some water on his head.
I want to know at once
why he came here at night?
I will give you a slap.
I came carrying you.
Carrying me? From where?
Do you remember I beat you a little
earlier, then, you fell unconscious.
What, what? With your one slap
I became unconscious?
You are telling lies to show off
in front of my wife.
When he said bad things about you I beat him.
I'll tell anything I want about my wife
who are you to question that?
Then, you remember!
Please, will you go without interfering?
Oh God! Won't allow us to live in peace.
I brought him here thinking that I shouldn't
leave him unconscious on the road.
Now you're blaming me!
What harm did I do to you?
If you tell me to go, I'll go.
But don't say hurting words!
Child, don't be afraid. Fathertook too
much toddy and became tipsy.
He'll be ok in the morning.
You go and sleep.
Both of you don't try to cheat me.
I'm not a fool.
Go and bring a towel.
A person like you who can't look after
his wife and children decently,
should not call himself a man
and keep moustache.
You won't prosper ever if you die.
Hey, you've not grown enough
to advice and transform me.
Finish the work soon.
It seems that this time the rains
are going to start early!
He is standing there.
If you don't speed up the work, cutting the rest
of the logs cannot be done this time.
Shall we pick up some dry twigs, Neelakanta?
You take away all the firewood,
telling they're twigs. Don't ask me.
Gopi Nambiar Sir is there.
Go there and ask.
We'll ask him. You don't say anything.
Hey, what's your name?
I am Jansi Rani. She is Mumtaz Begum.
We're Muslims.
This time, some good fighters are coming
from Mattancheri forthe festival.
If they break his hands and feet and put him
in a corner, he won't walk again.
Gopi Nambiaryou call the Settu in Kochi.
And make arrangements to bring five or
six men with good muscles.
The rest I'll tell. For him,
Mattancheri people is not the solution.
If Velayudhan goes to a house, the women
there should get a bad name.
They should close the door
seeing him, afraid of gossip.
When Velayudhan goes to help,
they themselves will drive him away.
Gopi Nambiar Sir, shall we pick up some
dry twigs for lighting the oven?
You must take only twigs.
Leave the knives and pickaxe here.
You can take them when you go back.
Is she Kelappan's daughter? -Yes Leela!
The children have grown up as big ladies.
If you give that money, I can go.
I've a doubt that you are running
the chit fund, seeing my money.
Now how much? Are you keeping account?
Gopi nambiar, I've written the accounts properly.
Here! I am not taking any security
forthis from you.
So, I must get the Power of Antony'
signed in your name
and bring that paperto your
Pudusseri' house. Isn't it?
You don't trust me.
You got very little, brain. That's the only
good quality I can see in you. Go.
Prakash! Enough! Come!
Mother! Five minutes more.
Ha! He got a fish!
Prakash, have you seen the knife in his waist?
I've seen once. It is like the beak
of a kingfisher. Very sharp.
I want to see.
Go! You go and ask! Go!
Prakash, come out. It's going to rain.
I'll come now. Only 5 minutes more.
Go! Go and ask.
- Have you come to take bath?
Will you show me the knife?
- Which knife?
The one in your waist.
- Not for me. Forthem.
If you take it out, will you keep it back
only after killing someone?
Who told you all these unwanted things?
Oh! It's you! Some stories.
Stand there! I am able to see you neat
at least once a year.
I am happy!
Hara Haro Hara Hara!
Why're you laughing?
Look! Look at that feast, laid for Krishnan
to come and spoil in a drunken fit.
Gopi Nambiar! You can count.
The festival will start on the
21st day afterflag hoisting.
This time we'll put an end to Velayudhan.
Let the people of Mattancheri come.
We'll have a solution for all our problems.
A good news!
This time as a part of the
festival programme,
we're bringing five wrestlers from Mattancheri
to beat Velayudhan and break his leg.
He's our permanent headache.
As soon as they break his leg,
mimicry and music programme will start.
That is by Janata troupe.
You'll say that it is by Janata troupe.
But lateryou'll make Velli sing.
I'll see that Ganesan, doesn't sing.
Nobody believes Kurup here, isn't it Rajappa!
Don't question the sincerity
of a public servant.
The Panchayat is bringing the people
of Mattancheri foryour sake.
Asoka, without watching simply
write down fifty rupees by Krishna.
From where will I get money?
Write two rupees.
Two rupees? You don't know
about the rates now, Santha.
Nowadays to break a person's leg,
the rate is too much.
She's imprisoned.
Then how'll she know world news?
Doesn't Santha also need freedom?
Mattancheri people are coming.
That too five persons.
To feed them itself a large amount is needed.
The decision of Panchayat is to collect 50 Rupees
from those who are personally affected.
It's not the matter of money only.
We need energy to work also.
What member? Collecting donation forfestival?
Is collecting donation also forbidden?
Oh! Goondaism?
Velanna! Do you've have 50 rupees?
- What for?
To send them away.
Anyway it is the decision of Panchayat.
We'll send the receipt.
You come without staring.
Did you give 50 rupees as donation?
No. I gave it to Kurup as loan.
If it is five orten rupees I can understand.
They are bringing four orfive people
to break your leg.
They said that they are from Mattancheri,
and their rate is more.
All the five from Mattancheri?
Even then, 50 Rs is too much!
Soon. Soon.
Come soon brother.
Yes. Right.
This Velayuthan! How is he?
They wanted 5 persons.
That's why Panchayat collected money
telling they will bring 5 persons.
It's the trick of memberto
get money- It is Panchayat.
So Government's programme.
Isn't it? Food will be good.
Government? Who is that?
That reminds me if you want to go for a fight,
you've to go to Cherayi.
There you would get toddy and good fish.
Afterthis ferry, it is Mullankolli.
You sit there.
I'll go.
It's not that I can't break
the leg of Velayuthan.
I withdrew because Gopi Nambiar
told me not to interfere.
Come soon.
The ferryman is an old man. Ahmedka.
Are you going to swim?
No. It is itching. May be due to sitting
in the bus! - Ok. You scratch.
Keeri, who are all these guests?
Are they your relatives? -Yes.
Brought them to see the festival?
All of you get in. Get in.
I need the side seat to get enough wind.
Ok. Can go
They may be the children of Keeri's uncles
and aunts. Isn't it? -Yes.
Can't say that this person alone
is your relative!
That is because I have loosened my muscles.
- What?
Muscles are loosened that is why.
What is your name?
- Iddi mutti Vechan.
Everybody will be startled to hearyour name.
- Let them be frightened.
All of you please cooperate.
Those who had seen,
give chance forthe others.
What is this?
Can't you understand?
Don't kick.
Panchayat has made arrangements for everybody
to see. So please be calm.
Has everybody had theirfill?
Are you happy?
One parotta and half curry, please.
The Panchayat has arranged for 3 Parottas
and 1 curry for one Goonda.
You have taken 8 parottas and 3 curries.
If food is bad, there won't be
a good fighting. That is the problem.
Member, fighting will be good.
It's sure.
Break his hands and legs and put him in a corner.
He shouldn't get up in this birth.
What is the feast here?
They are giving feast forthose
who've come from Mattanchery.
Oh! Is it given by Panchayat?
I too paid 50 Rs. Let me also see.
Do you need more?
Enough! After one hour.
I think some more receiptes also have to be printed.
Member, are these Mattanchery people original?
You sniff and see whether
they're original orfrom Kunnamkulam.
Veera Babu is the best. Isn't it?
- No Veera Babu. It is Veerabahu.
The Army chief of Sri Subramanian.
This is Surapadmasura. This is Tarakasura.
I know all that.
A decent man is staring at you.
Do you know him? He's smiling at you.
Wherever I go there'll be people to look at me.
Oh what a beauty!
He is looking at you only.
Shall I ask him what his caste is?
No problem. I'll ask him.
Nanuetta, we may need some more police.
In that case we'll have to inform now.
This is not much. Sir, you are coming
to this place forthe first time?
Many people are coming from outside.
There will be a big crowd
when music program starts at night.
Who is Velayuthan here?
Vel Muruga Haro hara Ho...
Velayudha Haro hara ho...
This is the dancing rhythm...
of the drum-beats of the mighty army!
The rising rhythm of the mighty army...
when the white banner is carried!
This is the sound of Kaavadi...
on Mullamkolly hill!
The thakkidi thakilidi' sound...
of the Lord coming from across!
This is the silver chariot of the rays of dawn!
When overthe hill... the sun rises!
Valli's chariot... coming in search!
Coming across... for us -hills and rivers!
Vel Muruga Haro hara Ho...
Velayudha Haro hara ho...
To impale on the spear... this Tharaka Demon
Vadivelan has come... to Thiruvannur!
To trounce the valour... of this Surapadma
Lord Muruga has come...
as the commander of the army!
When you cross the six steps...
there is a temple,
There are chariots and festivals! Ho!
Forthe elders, who have no hain'to cut,
There is intoxication of Theyyam!
Vetrivel Muruga... Muruga...
Vel Muruga Haro hara Ho...
Velayudha Haro hara ho...
The devout nomadic boys...
are about to reach ourfront yard!
This is the holy hill...
Muruga's six sacred hills.
Arranged the urns of embers...
to dance fire Kaavadi!
To start the rituals... now beat the drums!
There is the deity dancer... wearing Virali silk!
There are swords and shields... hey hey hey
There are holy plantain leaves... and six lamps,
There is the peal of cymbals!
Hey Kurumbi... dance and rejoice!
Vel Muruga Haro hara Ho...
Velayudha Haro hara ho...
We've taken quotations for breaking his leg.
Leave that quotation. I'll tell Kurup it's impossible
to defeat him in beating as they say.
Sever. Attack him from back and sever.
- We must kill him with one blow.
He is a tough savage.
He won't die of beating.
While returning don't cross the ferry.
There is a way through the forest.
By dawn you'll reach the valley.
I've arranged vehicle there.
You keep this torch to recognize him.
Don't ask ortell Kurup anything.
If you need anything you can ask Keeri.
Good people of Mullankolly,
all of you wait impatiently
The music programme of
Janata troupe will start immediately.
You look like a beauty!
- Get lost
Then everything as said before
All of you must be here.
I'll go to the Panchayat office and come.
Shall I sing a song
before the programme starts?
Can't you see?
That's why I am wearing specs now.
Anyway it's good having seen you
Where are the people who came with us?
Nobody is seen. Have they gone?
Oh you are standing here!
Shouldn't we start?
In the dark don't mistake some one else for me.
See carefully I am Velayudha
Hey, when did you arrive?
I saw Iddi Mutti roaming there.
I'll be nearthat fireworks shop.
All come there when it is time.
Otherwise you send the boy.
A special announcement -
If Dinesh is here, he is requested to come
to the back side of the stage.
Fighting started...
Come on boy, come on.
Oh escaped.
They ran away Sir.
They are from Mattancherry.
The panchayat brought them by collecting money
Who are you?
- I am Velayudhan
Are you the Police?
You've to control those who
indulge in Goondaism.
First we must tell them politely.
If they don't listen, we must beat them.
Whether he's Minister of Member of Panchayat,
Goondaism is Goondaism!
Then you are Mullankolly Police station.
Walking Police Station!
Kelapettan's daughter Leela.
She calls me Maharaja of Mullankolly.
She won't call me in front of me.
But she still calls me that.
Why doesn't she call you
like that to yourface?
That's because she is afraid of me.
She is a young girl. I drink, you know?
In the July rain we can't say
what all will come in the flood.
Even forest elephants have come.
Nanuettan knows that.
My mother came like that in the flood.
In my mother's womb I was there as an infant.
After delivering me on the bank
she was washed away.
All the mothers of Mullankolly brought me up.
I became a strong man. Isn't it my responsibility
to see to their needs and protect them. Please tell sir.
When a problem arises in the village,
what we men have to do?
Interfere and solve it, isn't it, sir?
Then this problem also I'll hand overto you.
You'll solve the problem, isn't it?
You sit in a corner.
What is this thing? Eenampechi or Marapatti?
- Both mixed. He is naive Sir.
We are coming to the other side.
Member, get in.
What happened to your leg, Kurup?
- A boil.
Seen the doctor and
bought the medicines and oil.
Kurup's leg is injured because
Mattanchery people came.
You came with them?
- I missed the bus.
There was no use of those Mattancheri people.
Will we get the money back?
Why should we?
Now isn't Velayudhan in police custody?
The punishment is forfive or six months.
I've told the Police. But the Panchayat
has rules for extending it to one year.
When is he going?
I have kept him with me as help.
For collecting hard debt.
A Goonda for name sake.
Yesterday I lost concentration.
Let him come in front of me.
I will show him my power.
Have you come? Stay there!
I will turn the boat.
Hey! First you leave us on the other side.
- Don't return. I will come.
Iddi Mutti, didn't you go?
He is adamant that he won't go
without breaking your leg.
Ljust said it to fool them.
You know swimming?
Then jump into the river.
If you go now, there's a bus forthe market.
- I don't have bus charge.
Kurup, give him money forthe bus.
Give me coins. The notes will get wet.
This time the rains are going to be heavy!
For one week, we can't ferry.
Son, you will get fever in
this drizzle. Come here!
Leela, where is she?
If I keep something it'll not be there.
Leela, did you take my umbrella?
No, you come here
You're wearing this and roaming about?
I went to give the milk.
Where is this Velayudhan gone?
Heavy rain is coming.
Will I've to go alone to catch
the log in the flood?
Oh. As if he is going to catch.
Yourfather also is coming.
He is coming to drink. Eat fast.
Kelapetta! It seems to be a lamb.
Ha, caught it.
You take a sip and lick this once.
Velayudhetta-A log-Where?
Yes. Kelapetta. It can meet our
next year's needs, Ahmedka.
What is this?
Velayudha. Don't want.
Velayudha! -Velayaudhetta.
Velayudha, we don't want that.
He should not be seen in this Mullankolly.
Send him away at once.
See. It is not done to kill you.
Anyway you are showing adventure.
Let it be a delight to the people who are here.
He is leaving this evening anyway.
He does not know swimming.
You are telling him to go into the
riverfor others' delight.
Yes. Let that be also for a delight.
Glow, glow firefly.
You twinkling star!
Dip, dip, dip in gold,
You light of the still dark forest!
Someone has given poison with this song.
You hearthis:
Atusker like a black hill is coming
Shaking the forest This mighty one will kill even
a black tiger If it comes in front of him!
Pappi! Appacha! We've reached home.
- I see!?
Narayani shouldn't know that I've drunk.
If she scolds your ears will break.
Then Kelappettan's ears?
It won't enter my ears. A black smith
won't hearthe sound in his place.
Pushpa, Leela, Prakash, Narayani edathi,
Called everybody's name?
I've brought a bunch of plantain to you.
What's the smell? Have you drunk?
Here is fish. Where is Leela? Leela!
Why you want Leela now?
- To give herthis. A lamb, a small one. Leela.
You give me. I'll give her.
There's a lot of work in the kitchen.
Then I will go there.
I'll give this in her hand only.
Nuisance Leela. You stand there. She'll come.
You prepare fish with good chilly.
Ettathi, I'll go only after dinner.
Narayaniedathi, you go only after eating.
Ho. You've frightened me.
Here's a lamb. You tie one bell in its neck.
When it plays, ning ning sound must hear
from a distance. Will you tie?
Yes. I will tie.
You put it in the pen and come
or shall I come with you? - Don't want.
Where's this Kelappan?
- I am also looking for Kelappan.
Shall I cut the fish, mother?
No. You see to the curry. Season it.
I'll see to this.
- He will only go aftertaking dinner
Shall we give him little poison
mixed in curry, chechi?
You speak softly. He has sharp ears.
He is calling you. - Shall I go?
You learn your lessons.
Is the fish rotten, Narayaniedathi?
I bought it from the boys who were angling.
Why are you not worried about Leela's marriage?
I've told broker Govindan to bring
if there is any suitable alliance.
This time monsoon is good.
Today, a very good rose wood log
has come. It costs a lot.
When I was 12, I was laid up with
fever and shivering.
Kelapettan put a piece of cloth dipped
in salt water on my forehead.
That night he went across the river
to bring physician.
Even if you close the door I won't go away
forgetting that gratitude and love.
Go away from here. There's boiling water
in the oven. I'll pour it on yourface.
She'll scold me badly.
But she got love for me. - Really?
You make fish curry soon.
I've to go after having food.
You go only after dinner.
You are lucky in one way.
Need not give accounts to anybody.
When rain comes, only 3 days' hard work!
That is enough if you get one log.
Spending forthe whole of the next year.
The rest of the 362 days drinking toddy
and ruling the place.
Anyone can catch the log coming in the flood.
Next time you try Hajiyar.
Hajiyar will get fever.
- Let the flood come. I'll try.
Rahiman, you measure the log of Velayudha.
You'd kept the tape somewhere.
I am still searching fortape.
I got other works after going.
There is timberfor Rs 3500.
Then give me Rs 500.
Let it be Rs 1000.
Don't want Kelapetta.
It will be spent unnecessarily.
If it is kept in your hands.
Let it be with me.
Give a thousand rupees. This is
for anotherthing. I'll tell you later.
Hajiyar, the balance you've to give me totally.
The only benefit I've with your business
is I need not give cash in a bulk.
Leela's marriage to be arranged soon
- Kelapettan's daughter's!
For my emergency if I ask for Rs 100
or Rs 200, you'll grumble.
I can't believe you for a necessity.
That's why.
See, Rs 500 was enough. Isn't it?
That's what I told you in Malayalam.
Let it be. Come.
His elders are two girls. I'd married them off
giving a lot of gold and money.
Not because they are not
good looking, isn't it Govinda?
Hai! They both are very good looking.
I like the girl. Now we can talk
about otherthings.
What Govinda? I've come just
because Govinda told me.
I've no interest in marrying
my son from a forest area.
How much can you give?
Forthat I've not kept much in reserve.
Just recovering from the exhaustion
of elder girl's marriage!
But that relationship was cut off.
You might've found someway when there
is a girl of marriageable age.
How much will be this coconut grove, Govinda?
That'll be 1 to 11/2 acres,
isn't it Kelapetta?
Govinda, don't try to measure the land.
We've kept some cash. We'll put in her neck
and ears as gold ornaments.
Can't say how much it'll be.
To give herto the other bank, we too have
no interest. Isn't it Kelapetta?
That's not Velayudhetta.
The boy is in Gulf.
What Gulf? We are giving you the girl
we've brought up fondly for nearly 20 years.
To speak correctly, money to be
given to us. Let it go.
Kelapettan has two girls. Forthat he cannot
go to the street and beg.
Who is this one?
This is Velayudhan.
What's the relationship with the girl?
He is not related to the girl.
Consider me as a person who has love
and responsibility to this family. Isn't it possible?
His love and responsibility is famous.
Here in Mullamkolly everybody knows.
Narayaniedathi, this will not materialize.
Kelapetta, we are not giving the girl
to this party. Tell them to go.
Is this your love and responsibility?
You keep this inside.
Govinda they are defaming us
after inviting us. - Get lost!
Are you mocking?
Come. If we still stand here
it won't be proper.
Start, Suguna we can go. Go.
They don't know well Pankajakshi Amma.
A girl like a tail of a lizard.
Can't give anything!
Who does he think of himself?
That too a girl like a slate pencil.
Who will marry her without dowry?
That is because they don't
have the mind to marry her off.
If two proposals are stopped,
then the girl will be left in the house.
See, Velayudhan has kept herto ripe.
Forthe time being another ripe one is there.
Otherwise, will he buy toddy and all to Kelapan?
Yes. Yes. This is the relationship
of Kelappan's dipping a cloth in salt water
& putting on his forehead when he was
laid up with fever at the age of 12.
If you want only the leaves of Jackfruit tree,
you'll have to starve.
I'll give it to the cows.
Is Velayudhan here?
This is not Velayudhan's house.
Is this Kelapan's house? - Who is that?
I am Pareeth. Come from the other
side of the river.
For a marriage proposal, Velayudhan wanted.
Go and call yourfather.
Please come in
The boy is a teacher in ITI.
His mother died long back
Father is retired from military.
Two sisters are married.
This is the youngest.
They've got sufficient land and property.
How much we'll have to give them?
That can be anything as you wish.
No matter if you don't give anything.
They are decent people.
This boy has seen and liked her.
Has he seen the girl?
During the festival here,
the boy alone had seen her.
There is nothing to think over.
We can't get a better alliance.
Khadija, Khadija!
Aunty, is Khadija there?
What is in your hand?
I've something to tell you.
Then he came forthe festival to see you.
That's what he told the broker.
Any happy news?
Mother, her marriage is fixed.
- Not fixed actually.
This week they are coming to see me.
This is as fixed only.
Where is the photo? Let me also see.
A good match.
Narayaniedathi, when you fry coconut,
coriander and green chilies also to be added.
Aftertaking rice with chicken curry,
we've to fix this marriage.
There is Payasam. Now you tell
chicken curry also must be there.
Payasam after meals, isn't it Kelapetta?
Where did you get the chicken?
It is Kathrina chechi's.
She will demand exorbitant rate.
We have to catch the hen ourselves.
All plantain leaves are torn. I cut some
plantain leaves from Kesavan's compound.
I didn't ask for permission.
What's this? Look at what's he done!
You've come with your muddy feet.
Why can't you take bath and come?
When I asked fortowel to take bath,
You wanted me to bring plantain leaves.
After coming with it, you scold me
for not taking bath. What am I to do now?
You keep this in the kitchen.
- What time they are coming?
They'll come at 12'0' clock.
That's what the broker said.
You sit down. I'll bring tea.
Tea not necessary.
I'll not stand here when they come.
We don't know who are all coming.
There should not be any problem like last time.
I shouldn't talk unnecessarily. Good people.
We've to conduct this certainly.
Forthat money...
Kelapetta, don't think about money.
That's all ready.
Oh you've been to temple?
In this dress, she is just like a bride.
Isn't it Kelapetta?
Is it Pareeth coming? You said you'll come
with the party. You came early?
What's the matter, Pareethka?
That... that... they are not coming.
What's the problem?
It's Mullankolly people's tongue.
No license.
You tell the matter.
Some people have told unpleasant things
to the boy's relatives.
They believed it and wanted
to cancel this proposal.
What! What did they tell?
Velayudhan is keeping Kelapan's daughters.
The elder sister was divorced
forthis reason. Like that.
My God!
Kelapetta what wrong have I...
I've not uttered a single word, Velayudhetta.
Govindan, Member and that Keeri also.
When all of them said, ljust laughed. That's all.
Will you laugh if anyone says
something bad about your sister?
Forgive me! I promise Velayudhetta.
Kelapetta, Kelapetta, Velayudhan is beating
and driving whomsoever he meets.
He is mad. He is telling
your daughter's name.
Now one proposal is cancelled.
If it shouldn't happen again,
you come and catch him soon.
My God! I am fed up of him.
You too go with him.
Hey! Is nobody inside?
Where is he gone?
What did you get after spoiling
the life of a poor girl?
Velayudhan is coming to kill me.
If there is anyone, dare to come out
To lose, Velayudhan has got
a mat and a pillow only.
You tell anything about me.
Why are you giving trouble to a poorfamily?
Dogs! What wrong that
poor Kelapettan has done to you?
From Mattanchery or Kuttichira.
Come down Pappan or Kuppan whoever it is.
You beat and defeat me Velayudhan.
Tell him not to go there now.
He's become mad.
Those who happened to be in front of him,
has got good thrashing.
Just you dread Velayudhan. Kurup will not.
What did you Kurup say? What I've done
to Kelapettan's daughters?
You don't play with me.
My health is bad. Don't beat.
Velayudha, Velayudha
Kelapa, take him away. Otherwise I will die.
Velayudha, Velayudha
Leave him.
We shouldn't leave him.
Kelapetta. He is a man who eats fellow men raw.
Tell me. What is my relationship
with Kelapettan's daughters?
Did I tell you to marry off my daughter?
Who are you to me?
Is the fault lies in what they speak? A relationship
of putting a wet cloth on yourforehead!
Telling that you shouldn't enter
the gate of my house?
Don't help and trouble anymore Velayudha.
It's an old man's request.
It is not today oryesterday
people are talking like this.
You've to think that you've a
daughter of marriageable age
when you are making friends with him.
Forthat what's the use of beating the people.
Put him in mental hospital and chain.
Gopi, Hey Gopi, I know that
you are the person behind this.
Do you hearthat? If he drinks
24 hours a day, won't he become mad?
Just having moustache underyour nose
will not make you a man.
If you've guts, you beat
and defeat me like brave men.
If you win, I'll leave Mullankolly.
Come down.
You go and call him here.
Fathertold you to come up there.
- I am going this way.
It's not because I don't know
to come there to break your ears.
I've eaten more rice from this house.
More than you've taken.
Fathertold you to come.
No! I won't come. No.
I am very very depressed.
If I come, it won't be proper.
I can't make you and Nambiar Sir cry.
Do you know sister, Kelapettan told me
not to enterthe gate of his house.
What wrong did I do? I'll never show
impropriety to anyone.
You know me. I am going.
You just tell this to Nambiar Sir.
I am going.
Is Velayudhan there?
Yes. Sleeping. I'll call him.
Velanna, Velanna.
I told you not to disturb me when asleep.
Here Nambiar Sir.
You are beating and defeating all the people here
and running and defeating me, isn't it?
That's why I've come early in the morning.
Have you the habit of cleaning yourteeth?
- Yes.
You fool! To help others is good
but you must help only those who seek help.
Sometimes, your help may turn out
to be a nuisance.
You be a king. No problem.
You feel like a King only when 100 ml toddy
enters your stomach. That is the problem.
First you stop sleeping
in the house of Kunnumel Shantha.
Then itself bad name will disappear.
Can you do that?
- Yes I can.
Give some waterto drink, child.
If I say one thing, will you obey
or will you come to fight and defeat me?
Is buttermilk enough?
- Yes. Good.
Aha. Good buttermilk. Drink. It's good
to get rid of yesterday's bad thing.
Kelapa, you know that it was Velayudhan
who looked after everything
in Pudussery House till Gopinathan came.
In the morning he used to come
with me for a walk.
He looked afterthe works
in the field and compound.
Need not tell him anything.
One good Manager.
Yes I considered him like that only.
But in his mind I had a father's position.
He has a much bigger place for us
in his mind than we think.
I didn't know that till now. If we turn
a blind eye now, it will be a great mistake.
That is why I've come to see you now.
He's standing outside because you told him
not to step into the entrance thereafter.
Kelapa, both of you give thought to what I said.
Then reach a good decision.
What Narayaniamma?
- Yes Sir
What did Kelapettan say?
You make some toddy taking
the sprout of the coconut tree,
distilled and keep underthe water.
Where did you keep?
Give me.
Is it this much orthere are more bottles?
- Only this much. All finished.
Then drink, let me see.
Don't want?
Then shall I drink?
It is coconut tree's sprout
taken and distilled Nambiar Sir.
I've given word to Kelapan and Narayani
that I will transform you
as Sri Ramachandran & handoveryou to them.
From tomorrow you have no drink, no fight.
You are going to marry Leela.
She's a small girl.
That's the only solution
forthe grief you caused.
Vasukutta, I want one more bottle.
- What a drinking? Enough fortoday.
No you've not grown enough to advise me.
Forthat let the moustache on yourface grow well.
What is it, Goondaism?
One has to leave the shop before
consciousness goes. That is the rule.
Dear Vasukutta, I am going
to stop drinking from today.
You bring one more bottle.
This is the last.
Stop drinking.
What happened to Velayudhettan?
No Goondaism. Stop drinking and fighting.
This is horrible foryou, Velayudhetta.
I'll give one more bottle. Don't ask for more.
If you drink like this,
you need not stop drinking.
What use of Velayudhetan
if there is no drinking and fighting.
Let it go, brother. Forget it.
To forget? What is there to remember?
Nothing else.
Nambiar Sir, Kelapettan and You
only are there for me, isn't it?
As Nambiar Sir wanted, I have decided
to be a Sri Ramachandran. -Who is that?
Yes, you may not know. The King who ruled
this Mullankolly in the past.
Gopinathan Nambiar.
Oh Kurup, you are here.
Is our small Gopi Nambiar inside? -What for?
To love. To give a kiss.
Do you know the news? As Nambiar Sirtold
I'm going to give up drinking & fighting.
I am going to marry Leela,
Kelapettan's daughter.
But before marriage
I've to become Sri Ramachandran.
Before attaining Rama's feet,
I've to say Mukunda Rama protect me.
Now there is a small wish.
You please come down. Come.
I'm going to stop fighting. Forthe last fight,
I'm in search of a decent opponent.
For me, there is only one enemy
who is fit forthat. It is YOU.
Only You! Come down, come down!
Tell those who want to see to come.
This is the last fight. Don't ask to fight again.
Yes. I tell you.
You go. I can't. I'll be very tired.
Fight is after coming down.
We'll lose everything.
Gopi, he will come up.
Then we'll start, isn't it?
You are not what we see here
and what you've done.
Not now, the day from your arrival
at Mullankolly.
Anyway you belong to Pudusseri House now.
I've had more rice than you've eaten.
Hence you've a place in my heart.
I am not beating you first.
You beat me first.
Don't go like that. If you don't beat first, I will.
But don't go like that.
So you don't beat first.
You say that I should start first?
Let it be as you wish.
Hara haro hara!
Are you going Gopi Nambiar?
It is true what others say.
This is what his aim was.
Otherwise will he tell publicly that he's
going to marry Leela in such a loud voice?
My God! You've not given luck
for both my daughters.
He's good. If I die he will be
the only person to protect you.
As Nambiar Sir said if he gives
up drinking & fighting,
there'll be no other better one for her.
I don't want that man.
If I've to marry him, I'll kill myself.
Then go and die. That is better.
Then there's the trouble of burying only.
With you, take your sister also.
Before dying you hearthis also.
The document of this house is in Kurup's hands
forthe loan taken foryour sister's marriage.
He doesn't dare to throw us out
because he's afraid of Velayudhan.
I didn't disclose this so far, not to upset you.
Now, I need not worry. You've decided to die.
Go. Go whereveryou want. Nobody to ask.
But you shouldn't be so unkind.
So faryou were sleeping in this verandah.
When you leave
why can't you tell Shantha earlier.
Forthat, it's not decided earlier,
then how can I tell?
It's decided now only, I told you.
Why don't you understand?
I don't want to hearthis cajolery.
Go I am not your wife to tell you not to go.
To protect a woman who has gone astray.
To make her lead a proper life.
These are all big wrongs
in the eyes of the public.
Shantha, Velayudhan is a fool.
I didn't know all that then.
Glow glow firefly...
You twinkling star,
Dip dip dip in gold
You light of the dark house
God! Save me!
Firefly, firefly
Child with eyes of midnight
Is your motherthere in the dark woods?
Is yourfatherthere on the opposite hill?
Who left you alone?
On the banks of the river of tears?
Who went far away?
Firefly if there is no twinkling world
Of stars of yours
What will I do in this dark?
Where will I go in this lane?
Is it you? Why did you come here?
Tell the matter without crying.
Why are you crying?
I'm afraid.
Do frightened people sit like this in dark?
Not that. I'm afraid.
I don't want to marry.
Don't cry. I'll not side foryour marriage
which you don't like. Is it enough?
It is Nambiar Sir who said it.
I'll convince him.
To say this why did you come at night?
You could have told in the morning.
Who told you that I will be here?
Nobody. - Then?
I came here to jump into the river & die.
- To die?
Why do you want to die?
Go, you idiot.
Have come to die!
I am frightened of darkness.
Afraid of darkness, afraid of me?
No fearto commit suicide. Go, I'll escort you.
You could've committed suicide
by hanging on some tree nearyour house.
Who told you to jump into the river?
- Nobody said.
Then how did you come here alone?
Suicide is not meant forfools & cowards.
Forthat one needs brain and boldness.
Understand now? You don't have both.
Don't be frightened. I'll go only after
you reach your house. Go!
No one else should know about this.
It's shame. Not foryou. It's for me.
I heard that you now sleep
in the boat house of Ahmed. -Yes!
Do you want to marry & take herthere?
Have you money for building a house?
- I can make money.
Where are you going to build?
Is this compound suitable?
If it's ok, do a fencing.
Your house should be seen to me from
the verandah of Pudusseri house.
Nambiar Sir
Nambiar Sir, please find a
better match for Leela.
If you try it'll be possible.
She doesn't like me.
Did she say that?
- No!
If she doesn't like now she'll.
You just obey as I say, understand?
Go to backyard if you want tea or water.
- Okay.
Why a meeting with Velayudhan in that compound?
Giving land for Velayudhan to build a house.
Gopi, how many people are working
in the plantain grove? - Seventeen.
Have a food & go.
Kicking me on my chest, you'll build a house
in this compound & live with your wife & hens?
I heard that you've a knife
which villagers are frightened of.
If you hit it on chest it'll pierce
and come out. I want to see that.
Is this the one? This is not fit enough
to scrape Areca nut.
Here is the sacred thread.
You give word to Leela in front of
Lord Subramaniya that you won't beat or drink.
You come near child, it is not we
who decide who'll live with whom.
You pray to God to give good brains to him.
You tie this thread on his hand.
Stretch your hand.
I've no parents. My word is my God.
I won't break my promise.
You can tie the knot.
Now I'm on vow which I've
given to Nambiar Sir.
No drinking, no fighting.
If I have to break the vow,
if I have to beat someone,
then I won't stand in front of you.
I'll go away from Mullankolly.
In childhood I didn't wish for
even a chocolate. I won't get.
If I don't get I'll be unhappy.
I, who have no place and name,
neverthought of marrying Janaki.
When once she extended her hand,
I gave a kiss.
Forthat some people beat me severely as if
to avenge the wrong done in my past birth.
Afraid to go in front of Nambiar Sir,
I slept on the platform
underthe temple banyan tree.
I'd fever. Kelapettan laying me
on his lap put a piece of cloth
dipped in salt water on my forehead,
rubbed softly and made me sleep.
I had to give up even my life to put an end to
the agony which I have given to Kelapettan.
Now I think marrying Leela is the only thing
possible to expiate, I will do that.
Velayudha, son, wake up!
Who has done this?
Nobody is to be seen here.
Nambiar Sir, Nambiar Sir
What Ahmed
- Come to the ferry and see.
You've made him promise
not to beat anyone.
Some sons of a bitch
beat him excessively while sleeping.
Nambiar Sir, it is because you made him promise.
He's good & innocent.
The village is corrupted.
Don't ask him to take such big oaths.
Who has done it?
Some cowards!
If Velayudhan just stares, they will pass excreta.
Only such cowards will attack him from behind.
Just move. Let air and light enter.
Allow them to see properly Ahmedka.
It is their long cherished wish
to see me lying like this.
Nambiar sir...
Nothing serious.
There's little pain on hands & legs.
There is a big wound on the bone, Ahmed.
Has someone gone to call the doctor?
- Kelapettan has gone.
If massaged well with oil & enterthe river
it'll all disappear.
It's only that much.
What member, are you okay?
- Yes!
Has the tooth come?
- Yes!
When did you come?
- Yesterday
Then, this was done by you, isn't it?
I didn't know anything.
Is Gopi Nambiar here?
When I go out with gun for hunting...
Be careful Nambiar.
Don't say that member didn't tell.
I've gone and seen.
It'll take long time for him to recover.
Now I can try to levy
the bad debts without fear.
Gopi Nambiar, please give little more cash.
We can improve the chit company.
Even then it is a crime
to beat at night while sleeping.
If it's day time, even if there were 8 or 10 people,
there would've been a weight.
Some of the people have sympathy with him now.
Father wanted me to bring meals.
It was brought from Ahmedka's house.
Keep in side. - Ok
Mother, poor uncle. He smiled at me.
Shall I go and speak to him.
When about 5-8 persons attacked
why didn't you use your knife in your waist?
Can't kill anyone with that knife child.
It is not for killing.
It is fit only for scraping Areca nut. -Yes?
Mother, that knife is not for killing.
It is to scrape Areca nuts.
Krishnan will be at ration shop or in the
house at this time. - He will be in ration shop.
Did you see the timid eyes of frightened deer?
I don't go to the forest.
Hunters might have seen.
Kurup has no interest in hunting.
- She is a poor woman.
If I beat Velayudhan & make him bedridden, Kurup,
did you say that you will make a Kozhukatta daily?
When I took cash from you for chit funds.
Have you got the documents of the house?
- Yes I have.
It's enough, the rest I will tell afterwards.
I told you not to peep into the well.
Mother, I wanted to see whetherthe fish is grown.
What fish did you put?
Mother, Leelechi!
I will show you the fish.
It's a deep well. Then how to see fish!
Why this way, as not usual?
- Nothing...
Now you go and play.
If I ask something, Janakiedathi,
will you answer me?
Ask, let me see whether I can reply.
Janakiedathi, you loved Velayudhan
long back, isn't it?
Why such a question now?
You loved him, didn't you?
Then why didn't you marry?
That's all the matters in childhood.
I didn't think anything like that.
Here I care forthe liking of Krishnettan
and daughter even when making a curry.
I neverthought of my liking.
You'll understand that after sometime.
Velayudhettan is a poor innocent one,
isn't it Janakiedathi?
I had fear even to look at his face.
Now, I understand why you asked me this question.
Anyway you can believe in one thing.
No one will speak of Velayudhan's wife
if she goes out in the dark.
Nobody will try to harm you.
Put it in account.
Why are you grumbling, Unniyar?
I told you I will give.
I've written this foryou to see.
What'll I understand if you write in Malayalam?
If it is written in tamil, I can understand.
The money of that board also gone.
Unniyar, you assume that this money also gone.
Even non venomous snakes are getting
venomous these days. Time is like that.
Who is that?
I drink with the money that I made
working hard in the hot sun.
Go away. Who are you to question me?
Get lost.
Unniyar! A strong tea.
Zainaba... zainaba
We both was so scared.
- What happened?
Some men on the road for a long time.
They don't belong to this place I think.
Singing and whistling.
Who is that? Who?
Leave it. It seems that they have gone.
It is true that when there are eyes,
we won't know the value.
There was fear when Velayudhan was there.
Now it is also gone.
Neelakanda, we told we will come to agricultural
office at 3'o'clock
so you go to the rice field.
I'll be here.
Gopi nambiar, I have come afterfrom timber depo.
What is the news there?
- There is need of some money.
Aten thousand rupees.
It is for Veluthedathu Nani.
Her husband is in hospital on the death bed,
today ortomorrow he will die.
If there is some cash,
I could have taken her ornaments.
What is the use for me
in giving cash like this?
Is it about Janaki?
I am in the process of making arrangements.
Keeri, keep aside a bunch of plantain fruits.
To give to a person.
That route is practical, Gopi Nambiar.
Bunch of Plantain fruits. Ha!
Is this alright?
OK. You yourself go and take it to ration shop
Krishnan's house. Tell that I have given.
I'll go and give it.
Shall I take it to the ration shop
orto his house?
You take it to the house.
Oh! That's the reason behind this.
Gopi Nambiar has given this.
- What for?
He is a helping man.
He might have something in his mind.
For us, everything we need is here.
You tell your Gopi Nambiar.
If you don't want plantain have this tapioca.
It is mine. - Take it away.
Oh. You can help Velayudhan.
If I bring tapioca, problem.
Oh beggar, son of a bitch.
Keeri, you coming to my house
and say bad things to my wife?
I will kill you.
Don't beat more. He will die.
You are playing with Keeri Raghavan.
Vasukutta. How many bottles are broken?
Did any one see you coming?
You go & hide where coconuts are kept.
I will enquire. You go and hide.
You save me somehow.
- You don't worry I will see.
Is he dead? - I don't know...
I will enquire about it. You go.
Make him sit there.
I want to see. - Child! - Leave me!
Informed Police? - I've sent a person.
After hitting where did he run?
Didn't anyone see Keeri afterthat? - No.
Keeri is hiding in the coconut room.
I've told him to hide there.
It's Neelakandan who has gone to Station.
I've told him everything in detail.
When they come to arrest him
you must be with me.
After making him hide,
you yourself... - Yes!
It is true he has helped me a lot.
What's the use of telling?
But if we go behind this, it'll be trouble.
I've got time to come here now only,
afterthe busy work.
Whole day was spent in Police Station
and for Postmortem.
Is your daughter asleep? Poor Krishnan!
It's a tragedy. What to do?
Keeri said that he didn't hit him purposely.
But I don't try to help him orto bring him out.
Not because I can't.
If you want cash or something, you can ask me.
I'll be there for all the help.
I've come to tell you, don't worry that the
documents of this house is with Kurup.
I'll see to it.
Why are you here?
As you slept in Kunnumel Shantha's house,
you arranged for security for here so soon.
Gopi, I've taken a vow not to beat anyone.
If I've to do,
I'll have to go out of Mullankolly.
I've given word to Nambiar Sir like that.
You don't make me break that vow.
If I've to go out of this place,
I'll go with you only.
Get lost. With 1 leg you're threatening
Pudusseri Gopi Nambiar?
Hamsa isn't gone. I'll send him again
when your 1 hands become okay.
To kill you I don't need 1 hands fully.
Two fingers are enough.
The sacred thali you tied
in Sunandakka's neck is protecting you.
It was in her horoscope that her husband
will have an untimely death.
I don't want it to happen with my hands.
Go away.
What is that Nambiar?
Oh! You've come. I was going through
some of the documents.
Why now this?
After breaking the lock of the door.
You tie this as one bundle & those as another.
I am taking these and going
to keep in Pudusseri house.
You aren't able to maintain this
and to collect monthly interest.
He will look after all these hereafter.
The Proprietor of this Mullankolly chit company
is Member Kurup. Not Pudusseri Nambiar.
Is this an uncivilized town?
Don't become tense, Kurup.
Sit, I will tell you.
Mullankolly Chit Funds is swallowed by me.
Kurup, you sit there.
What is a document?
Document means a thing to pawn.
A paper which shows the boundaries.
There's no use of keeping
only that in your hands.
When you give loan, there's a paper in my name
in which you get the signatures of the loan takers.
Power Antony. - Power of Attorney!
That is the paper of authority
forthe person who gives loan.
We can send out those who took loan.
Can sell. If we want, can stay there.
The powerfor everything.
Hamsa, you keep this in the jeep.
Stay there. I'll come.
Didn't I tell you that I won't play.
I will make others play.
In my play, the part of Member Kurup is over.
Now forthis, you as an enemy
don't stand in my way.
If I do?
I'll place wreath on your chest...
and say that the untimely death of Member Kurup
is an irreparable loss.
I don't understand.
I'll kill you without anyone's knowledge.
Ha ha ha. Power Antony!
That idiot Kurup has put this name
for Mullankolly's chair of power.
The matter is Power of Attorney.
That is here in this box.
The documents Kurup bought
for bit by bit of Mullankolly.
The other one's wish was
to fight & defeat me.
Velayudhan. Afool!
Heart full of love,
good fighting ability & speed.
He has everything but no brains.
Forthis, don't say intelligence.
It is bad brains.
You can say anything today.
Your horoscope which says that your husband
will have an untimely death,
has made me win the game.
Not only Kurup & Velayudhan but yourfather
also had a good part in my play.
Part of a joker. A good part.
Joker! Yes! You are my trump card.
Whatever it is, Velayudhan has love
foryou. Do you hear?
You told me several times not to give
Sunandha to Gopi in marriage.
I scolded you telling not to interfere
in unnecessary things.
We can't amend some wrongs by asking pardon.
Even then you forgive me.
Nambiar Sir! -Why?
This is also a great blunder of mine, isn't it?
There is nothing in my hand to give you
foryour loving call Velliambiar(Nambiar Sir).
Velayudhetta, Velayudhetta!
Nambiar Sir passed away!
Here's certificate.
You killed Nambiar Sir, isn't it?
Oh! You are too brainy.
Forthat, no need of much brain.
- A small trick!
Doctors can't make out. See what is written.
The reason for death is heart attack.
You got the brain not to tell this anywhere else.
Enough! Don't be sentimental. Go away.
Tell me when you can stand straight.
Can't we fight?
Have you the guts to fight with me?
Then we will fight now.
Come, if you are born of one father, come!
My God! Kelapetta, Velayudhan with that broken
leg going to catch the log in the flood.
He doesn't listen to whatever we say.
It's too frightned to see the gushing water.
If you go deep, you can't able to withhold.
He who is not well...
- You please go and tell him.
Don't Velayudha
Why are you afraid, Kelapetta?
I won't die if caught in the flood.
I knew this river and its flow before
I came to this earth, isn't it Vasukutta?
God! My mother will take care of me.
Hey! Just as she has left me on this bank,
she is calling now to take me back.
It must be my mother.
Beloved son! Come this way!
Come floating in the waves of a dream!
Wake up my darling!
To become the leader of this country
You are the child of Mother River...
Got from the flood like Karna
My life, you grow up owned by the whole country
Clouds for roofing the hut
Walls of rainbows!
With a pot of coolness foryou...
Fresh rain, lovely rain is coming
Ho ho ho I am a man
Who has got a new life
Oh! A man, I am a Man!
Mother, I am going.
I am coming child, one minute
It's a kind of madness
I've kept in my heart since a long time.
I can't wait any longer.
I've decided and come.
Even your daughter
won't abuse you for not resisting.
This house and compound is mine today.
I am the sole authority to drive you
and your daughterfrom this place.
Mullankolly is mine. Mullankolly is here.
Mother, what's it? - Child!
Where are you running?
If you run, how faryou'll run?
Don't! Don't!
It is he. Puthusseri Gopi Nambiar
Next is Sunanda. Otherwise you see.
He knows how to kill
without anybody suspecting.
He's killed Nambiar Sir.
Like that he'll kill Sunanda.
Whoever stands against him, he'll kill.
You are hamsa, isn't it?
Velayudhan has broken his vow.
No I don't have fear now.
Nambiar Sir didn't die naturally.
Gopi Nambiar had killed him.
Yes he killed him.
Kelapetta, when Nambiar Sirtold me
to marry Leela, I should've denied immediately.
That's my biggest fault.
When I saw him last, he told me to amend it.
I've given word to Nambiar Sirthat I'll leave
Mullankolly if I start fighting again.
Can I leave Gopi alone here?
He must've known everything now.
May be waiting for me.
I'll be back aftertelling
some good words & sending him away.
Stand there
Nambiar Sir didn't die.
He has killed him.
Yes. I've killed. If she comes against me,
I'll kill her also. Everybody go.
Velayudha, beat him and kill him.
Don't kill me Velayudha. Don't kill.
Okay. I'll give one more chance.
If you can swim you escape.
Ha! All have come.
Don't you see Sir, all in Mullankolly
has arrived to send me off.
I never wished for more happiness than this.
Kelapetta, you have to find
a suitable groom for Leela.
Don't say anything. I know what's in your
mind without yourtelling me.
What? Ahmedka, is it not so?
Yes! That's the properthing.
Then, I am not telling good bye to anybody.
Come Sir, we'll go. If I stay here any longer
all of them will see me crying.
That's bad. This river is my mother, Sir.
Whenever I felt hungry she made me eat.
When I cried, she took away
the tears without anyone seeing.
Sir! Can you defeat me in swimming?
Come, come by boat Sir!
I'll wait on the other bank.
Ho ho ho I am a man...
Who has got a new life
Ho a man, I am a man...