Narasimha (1991) Movie Script

- Hail Bapji!
- Hail Radha Madhav!
The temple's
oblation for you first, sir.
What is the progress of
my other temple?
It's a beautiful temple.
People have already
started coming to the temple.
They insist on
going to Bapji's temple.
The sculptor has
made such a lovely idol.
Is it?
Yes. Though the idol
is of Lord Krishna...
but it looks just like you.
It's each one's devotion, priest.
You see the image of God as the
feeling you carry for Him...
in your heart.
Well said.
Do you need anything, priest?
- We needed another Rs.500000.
- It will be done.
Bhure, tell Bajrang to call a
strike in Saxena's factory.
During the compromise, make him
give a donation of Rs.500000...
to the temple.
Saxena, no chances of a strike
in your factory, are there?
- Wow!
- Shut-up!
Everything is
going fine by your grace.
This is a donation of Rs.200000 to
your party from Saxena Industries.
Rs.500000 on behalf
of the business community.
Hail Radha Madhav!
I have fixed the rates of
grains for this year, Jaganbhai.
Bapji, if you
could increase the rates...
Hey! Foolish man, the basic
principle of my rule is...
to increase the rates that much...
that people don't get the time
to even think of rebellion.
But not increase it so much that
people are compelled to rebel.
- Yes doctor?
- Bapji, I had come for you only.
Bapji, he is a new judge.
He has come to offer his greetings.
What are you doing?
My coat...?
- Let them remove it.
- But I am not feeling hot.
Wearing such a coat is not
allowed in this city.
Not allowed?
But Bapji also wears such a coat.
That is why it is not allowed.
We will burn this coat.
Whatever number of such coats you
have at home, burn them yourself.
Hail Bapji!
Hail Radha Madhav!
With Bapji's
permission and blessings...
the auction of government
contracts of Narayanpur begin.
The rascal! He considers the
whole city his father's property.
The tender for cycle stand...
its basic government price
has been fixed at Rs.25000.
I request the people to bid.
Hail Bapji! Rs.26000.
26000, one...
26000, two...
26000, three!
It is all pre-fixed about
who will get the contract.
Yet, he gets the whole city
closed down...
and calls everyone to his mansion.
- But who will complain?
- The one who wants to die.
Nonsense! Even I have
made arrangements this time.
The public is requested to
bid higher.
- Rs.600000.
- 600000 one, two...
Have you forgotten to count?
Did you take permission from Bapji
to participate in the auction?
Whoever he is, why should
I take permission from him?
- This is a government auction.
- I am the government here.
The order of this mansion
is the law of this city.
Damn the order of your mansion!
- Bapji, how could he dare?
- He is my man.
- I got him released on parole.
- You? But why?
In this crowd,
there are a few people...
who have rebellion
against me in their hearts.
But after this prisoner's death...
instead of rebellion, they
will have fear in their hearts.
- Without fear, you cannot rule.
- Great!
Saw the consequences of
rebelling against me?
No one can kill me!
Not from front, not from behind.
Not from left, not from right.
Not man, not animal.
Not weapons, not arms.
- Hail Radha Madhav!
- Hail Bapji!
Suraj, I have heard so much
about Bapji and his goons...
that I got my posting done here.
But from this file it doesn't seem
any crime has taken place...
in Narayanpur since many months.
Sir, no one will give evidence
in Narayanpur against Bapji.
It's a week
since you joined duty...
and you haven't gone
to greet Bapji yet?
Just because you got a medal,
you have become proud?
Tell your Bapji, that I
have heard a lot about his crimes.
The day I get even one
clue against your Bapji...
he'll be under arrest.
You seem to be an honest man.
If you are looking for clues...
then listen. He only got
prisoner no.340 killed...
In the presence of the entire city.
But no one will give evidence.
If you can take
this case to court...
I am ready to become
a government approver.
Think over. I'll call you again.
- How is business doing?
- What business?
Even five barrels
a day are difficult.
The gambling dens have already
gone to Bapji.
Dada, if we don't get liquor
supplies, we'll have to go begging.
Why do you worry?
I have played such a trick...
that all liquor contracts
will be under our control.
You guys sharpen your weapons.
Damn Bapji!
- Give me the file of prisoner 340.
- But that case is closed.
I know to read
what is written in words...
and also what
is not written in words.
Okay sir.
Hail Bapji!
- Hail Radha Madhav!
- Come Bapji.
Congratulations Mr. Rastogi.
I came to know only today...
that you have got a
President's medal for the best cop.
- Take.
- Thank you. Take dear.
My men told me
to call you to my mansion.
But I refused.
I said that the man who has
earned such a big honour...
- I will myself go to him.
- Please come.
- Sit down.
- Thank you.
Whenever any man
has made my city proud...
I have made their lives.
Dr. Deshmukh... when he got
a big degree from America...
I got him a plot from the
government to start his clinic.
When Rajan Patel became judge
from a public prosecutor...
I got a bungalow made for him on
government expense on Gangapur road.
But these men are so good...
that they come and meet me
even today at my mansion.
They sure must be.
I will have to do something for
you too. Think and let me know.
Your assistant was telling me
you wanted to talk to me.
The prisoner you got released
last week has been murdered.
Inspector, why are you so worried
about a sentenced criminal?
It is good he died, we are rid
of him, less burden on earth.
If he was alive,
he'd commit more murders.
That is why you killed him
and got him out of the way.
With what right? And why?
Man is not stone that he will
remain the way he is.
When a bandit
can become Valmiki (a sage)...
there is hope for every bandit
to reform.
If it's a matter of philosophy,
who ever dies? The soul is immortal
Even Lord Krishna has said...
the soul is reborn immediately.
One dies and is reborn again.
Then why are you worried?
Even if someone is sentenced to
death for killing prisoner 340...
what difference does it make?
And then, the soul is immortal.
It will be born again immediately.
Die, and be born again!
- You are joking.
- I am not joking.
I know everything about you, Bapji.
You have come here so that
I dismiss the case of 340...
I close it.
By coming here...
you have proved you are guilty.
I have an eye witness
to the murder...
who will give evidence
against you in court...
and you will
be under arrest tomorrow.
Hail Bapji!
All of you come!
Go and find Narsimha.
Search the whole city. I want
Narsimha here by tomorrow morning.
Bapji has called
Narsimha to the mansion.
Bapji has called
Narsimha to the mansion.
Right away.
Chameli, close the shop.
Shakeel, Bapji has told to find
Narsimha & send him to the mansion.
Pakya, Bapji has asked us
to find Narsimha. Hurry!
Did he have to die now?
What is wrong with him?
He is drunk, Bapji.
Pour water on him and make
him lick something tangy.
This is water.
Wait... leave me.
Ensure he doesn't get hurt.
- Come.
- Great!
- Come... good.
- Great!
One more step... come inside.
What have you done to yourself?
How are you?
- Fine, by your grace.
- Want to eat?
- Can I get a little to drink?
- Dhut! Sit there!
How much will you drink?
You'll drink and die one day.
Who wants to live anyway, Bapji?
I didn't die, so I am living,
and drinking.
Bapji, give me some to get sober.
- A little.
- You will not change.
Bhure, get another bottle for him.
Yes Bapji.
- Are you in a hurry to die?
- What do I have, Bapji?
I eat food provided by you.
I drink liquor provided by you.
And I follow your
orders without a thought.
Whether it is right or wrong,
good or bad...
sin or virtue, right?
I forgot this jacket.
- Take, wear it.
- He bought it from Bombay.
Only for you, affectionately!
It will look great on you.
Narsimha... listen!
What is the matter?
Bapji, I will bear your whips.
Agree to be chopped with a sword.
Wear me handcuffs, clamps,
I won't complain.
But don't try to tie me
in the bonds of love.
What happens with these bonds?
It increases attachment.
And if attachment increases...
you desire to live.
And then, it hurts to see death.
I have crossed
this sea of fire once.
I don't want to cross it again.
Take it today,
I will never gift you again.
Why had you called me?
A man is going to give evidence
against me day after tomorrow.
Why break my high for that?
You should have sent your men
and got his head broken.
If it was so easy,
why would I call you?
- Alright, give me his whereabouts.
- I don't know anything.
Who he is, where he lives,
what he does.
Where will I look for him
in such a big city?
And that too, in two days?
You are my answer
to every question.
But I have no
answers to your questions.
Any clue?
Inspector Rastogi of
Bhaji lane police station...
is going to file a case against me
on that man's evidence.
Alright, the job will be done.
Tempo Dada has come!
- Greetings Tempo Dada.
- Hello Dada.
Take sir.
Coming Dada.
Yes Dada?
Who is Telwala in our area?
He is troubling our man.
Let's teach him a lesson.
- Which is your lane?
- Over there.
Let's go.
Telwala, come out!
- Heard some noise?
- No Dada.
See! He got scared.
Come out!
Or you will be a dead man.
Come out!
Who is that rascal?
My husband has just fallen asleep
and you have come to wake him up.
Tell your husband his death
has come in the form of Tempo Dada.
Bring him out!
Hey! If you act smart,
I'll teach you a lesson!
Get lost!
Dada, this woman
seems to be dangerous.
Who is talking to you?
Telwala, come out!
Why are you hiding behind a woman?
Come out!
The whole world knows Tempo Dada
does not raise his hand on women.
Look, I put this down,
you also put it down.
Then why are you acting a goon?
Wear bangles and skin fish...
- in your mother's lap. Go!
- Hey fatso! Don't mess with me.
Go inside and
send your coward husband out.
Don't act smart. I will stick
this broom on you as a tail...
and turn you into a peacock.
Have you seen this?
This is a sharp dagger.
You are threatening me
with a knife? Just wait!
You rascal!
I'll teach you a lesson!
- Just you wait!
- Don't move ahead.
You are threatening me
with a knife?
You scoundrel!
- Don't act smart!
- Hey!
You are a goon, are you?
Go back!
Why are you dancing?
Trying to threaten me?
- Sir, he was rioting in Bhaji lane.
- File a report.
- Come.
- Don't tear my clothes.
Be careful how you deal with me.
I am Bapji's man.
If I put you behind bars,
you'll regret it.
What difference does it make?
Bapji will get me released again.
I have come out
on parole only last week.
- From which jail?
- From Narayanpur jail.
If you have doubts, call up and
ask who got prisoner 340 released.
Go get tea.
Will you take tea, sir?
Hail Radha Madhav!
No inspector,
he is not that prisoner.
I had seen that prisoner
getting killed in that auction.
This is surely some plot of Bapji.
Alright, you go.
I'll make him spill the beans.
Donation for the festival.
Bhure, he is the combination
of brains and courage.
He is the real Narsimha!
Take him away.
And bury him in the dungeon.
This is father's...
What happened to father?
What happened to him?
The police suspects a dangerous
criminal named Bhairavnath...
killed the
inspector due to old enmity.
Bapji, Inspector Rastogi's son,
Ravi Rastogi...
who is about 20 years of age...
has quit his education in
Bombay and come to Narayanpur.
He has also taken admission
in Delhi college.
But we are not at risk from him.
Keep an eye on him.
She dances so well!
Is this how you dance?
What are you doing? Want to
make a laughing stock of me?
Watch me dance.
- Sorry?
- What's so funny about our dance?
Forget it madam,
you will take offence.
No, it's okay. Let us know your
precious opinion about our dance.
It looked like
you are not dancing...
but looking
for a coin with your feet.
Or maybe you were dancing correct,
but the floor was crooked.
You probably take yourself
to be Michael Jackson's father.
Michael Jackson's father
does not know to dance.
Do you know
to dance, Mr. Nincompoop?
Just a few steps.
That's why I came to practice.
Then show them to us.
He's doomed.
"Make friends with me"
"Make this beautiful mistake"
"Come, shake hands"
"Come baby, listen to me"
"No... no... no"
"If friendship turns to love,
it is not surprising"
"Because life is love, not hatred"
"If it pounds..."
"let the heart pound"
"Iff It fflarreeeess..."
"let the embers flare up"
"In the paths,
we walk hand in hand"
"Come baby, walk with me"
"No... no... no"
"How do I believe such things?"
"How do I
believe you are so good?"
"People have..."
"told me"
"Love is..."
"a momentary comfort"
"Go, don't influence me"
"Don't trouble me, let me go"
"No... no... no"
"Why should we make
friends with you?"
"Why should we make this mistake?"
"What is that heart which has
no love for someone in it"
"That day will come one day
when you will tell me"
"Make friends with me"
"How long will you keep this
distance between us?"
"Come into my arms now"
"I wait for you since so long
in these paths of love"
"Make friends with me"
"I will lose
myself in these talks"
"I will be a changed person"
"It seems now
I will lose my heart"
"What has to happen will happen"
"Come, shake hands with me"
"Come baby, listen to me"
"Yes... yes... yes"
"I have accepted this friendship"
"I have made
this beautiful mistake"
Come dear. Thakur has been
waiting for you since so long.
- She is my daughter, Meenu.
- Hello.
Bless you dear.
What took you so long?
I have come, but I
just didn't feel like coming.
What was so exciting in college?
A new boy,
Ravi has come to college.
He sings so well!
He dances so well!
If you see him dancing,
even you will start dancing.
He has promised
to teach me dancing.
Is it?
Though it is nomads who dance...
not princesses' like you.
You are the
heir of Narayanpur city.
You have to become a politician.
But George Bernard Shaw
had said that politics...
is the job of thieves,
goons, and cheats.
Bapji, if you have no objection,
I accept this proposal.
On one condition.
Your son will be a house husband.
Because after me,
Meenu will run this city.
As you wish.
Come, I'll show
you Saxena's factory.
And get you a fat order.
Seema, your going around with
boss' son every day is not right.
You know Anil Saxena's reputation
where girls are concerned.
But I am his secretary.
I will have to do my duty.
Be careful.
I rule here.
And where that license is
concerned, I'll get you that easily.
- Which is Saxena's cabin?
- He is busy in a board meeting.
Please be seated. You will
have to wait for some time.
I will have to wait?
For that Saxena...
who, since the last 20 years,
makes a bow at my mansion?
I object to your attitude.
I cannot tolerate my
boss' insult in my presence.
What if I tell you that your boss,
in everyone's presence...
can lick my feet?
I'll consider you a cheap man
and have you thrown out of here.
Brazen girl! Hasn't your father
taught you how to speak to elders?
I have learnt from my father how
to speak to people like you.
But being a father, you have not
learnt how to talk to daughters.
For this brazen behavior of yours,
I can have you sold in the market!
Try buying me first before
selling me.
Though you'd one day tried to buy
off Inspector Vinod Rastogi too.
- Isn't it?
- Vinod Rastogi?
Yes. I am his daughter.
So you are the
daughter of that dog?
He was a dog who had
run away from our house that day.
Who does she think she is?
You bitch! You petty servant!
Call that bloody Saxena!
Hey Saxena!
What bitches have you
appointed to insult me?
Bapji, you? Why did you bother?
You should have called me over.
All that later! First tell this
girl to fall at my feet...
and apologise to me. She has
insulted me in everyone's presence.
Then you should
apologise to him, Anita.
I very respectably told him to
take a seat. Is that insulting him?
If I asked him to wait,
did I insult him?
If I told him you are busy in a
board meeting, did I insult him?
And he? He called you a
dog of his mansion...
so he honoured you.
He threatened to
sell me in the market...
so he honoured me?
He called me brazen, bitch,
dog's child, so much more.
Was that a praise?
Saxena, if this girl
doesn't apologise...
you will not be fit even to beg.
Child please!
I am like your father after all.
If you were like my father...
this man would not be here,
but lying in the dustbin.
Anita! Is your job dear to
you or not?
My father staked his life
for his self respect.
I am his daughter.
I can atleast stake my job.
I am leaving, sir. I will
send my resignation tomorrow.
I don't want your resignation,
I want your apology.
Listen child...
Agreed that you have a right
to stake your job...
for your self-respect.
But yet, remember,
it is not only your home...
but thousands of homes
that run on this factory.
If you don't apologise, not only
your home...
all those homes
will also go hungry.
Don't you know how
Bapji ruined Laxmi Mills?
Gupta Chemicals,
Jaitley Engineering...
so many mills became ruins.
The price of one self-respect
can be one life...
but not thousands of lives.
You are right perhaps.
Forgive me, sir. I made
a mistake in recognizing you.
Seema, open the door!
Take pity on your father.
Why is this old man screaming?
This priest's daughter
has locked herself inside
She refuses to open the door.
Look how her father is weeping.
Brothers, I have narrated
stories to you always.
Someone hear my story too.
Oh God!
This priest will bless you.
Someone save my daughter!
- What are you searching?
- I want to climb the tree.
What does he
want to do on the tree?
He wants to repeat what
Dharmendra did in Sholay.
Push hard and climb!
My daughter's life is at risk...
and this drunkard
wants to pluck mangoes.
Hey brother!
" Father, I am pregnant
with Anil Saxena's baby'
" But he is refusing to marry me,
so I am committing suicide'
" Your's Seema'
What brazen behavior is this?
Who sent you?
Peon... peon!
What is the matter?
I have come to
invite you for a marriage.
Which rascal's marriage
invitation is this?
Read it.
" I am sending you an invitation
to call you'
" O handsome man,
don't forget to come'
- It's well written.
- Read further.
That's my name.
What joke is this?
It was you who was joking.
The marriage will happen now.
- If on the right day...
- Monday.
- Right time...
- 10 am.
- Right place.
- Shree temple near bell tower.
You don't reach there, remember,
we even have the tradition...
of picking the groom.
Pick? Why?
Because he is not left fit
to walk on his feet.
I'm doomed.
He will come for his marriage.
Look, I don't want to
have this marriage done by force.
Because things done by using force
don't last long.
What do you mean?
We must think of something whereby
he himself comes & tells Seema...
that he wants to marry her.
That's like organizing prayers
in a devil's home.
I will surely get prayers
organized in this devil's home.
Saxena, come out!
Where are you hiding?
Oh my God! Run!
Stop! Brother, help me. A goon is
after me carrying a sword in hand.
- Take me to some police station.
- Sure, hop on.
- Where?
- Over here.
Is it some affair with a girl?
How did you know?
A handsome man like you must
be having many affairs.
Why hide from you?
I am young, she was young.
And youth went out of control.
- She is piling on to me now.
- Then marry her.
How many girls can I marry?
Go this way!
Are you alright?
I am alright,
but who are you guys?
- You don't know him?
- No.
He is Dr. Narayan Sinha...
who is running the family planning
programme since 16 years.
That is why, the world
calls him Dr. Narayan Vasectomy.
He is just four numbers behind
the count of 100000.
For which,
he did not even spare his father.
I didn't spare myself either,
because duty is duty.
You are my 99996th patient.
You performed a vasectomy on me?
Why? Who told you?
I told them.
I thought I will
end your problem forever.
Now go and
enjoy as much as you like.
No girl can bother you now.
No girl can even accuse you now.
Wasn't that a great idea?
Can I never be a father?
My work is always fool proof.
Ward boy!
Look... no flute, no music.
The government
appreciates your action.
- Ward boy!
- Bringing sir.
- What is this?
- It's a reward from the government.
Rs.220.50p cash, and this radio.
"My sweet dream is broken"
"I lost everything in love"
"The cruel world won"
- Narsimha, I... was looking for you.
- Even I was looking for you.
- Me?
- I wanted to apologise to you.
That petty girl
was after your money.
And I came after you at her behest.
No Narsimha,
she was not after my wealth.
I only was crazy about her looks.
What's wrong with you? There
are many more fish in the pond.
And you have lots of bait.
I do have lots of bait,
but I lost the hook.
Along with me, the whole of Saxena
Industries have been left heirless.
I am the only son of my parents.
But I won't
even have an only child.
I plead with you,
just tell me this.
- What?
- Where will I find Seema?
- Who is he?
- He is my uncle.
I could not bring any gift,
but I have brought this.
- What is this?
- These are 99999 pieces.
I had given you one of these.
You mean, this is the same piece?
The same piece, the same hair, the
same glasses, the same moustache.
But I am not him.
I am Tempo Dada.
That means I am fine!
I am absolutely fine, Seema.
I am... you mean you cheated me?
- I am alright. And this marriage...
- Won't take place?
No Seema,
this marriage will take place.
I cheated you, I took
undue advantage of your innocence.
I insulted you in everyone's
presence, yet you accepted me.
Anil Saxena is not such a fool
that he cannot recognise true love.
It is all thanks
to brother Narsimha.
Meenu, you found only
this jungle to learn to dance?
We could have
done it in the college hall.
Over there? All the girls
would pounce on you.
What are you doing here?
We were looking for you in college.
You are teaching her to dance?
Teach us too.
Sure. Why not? Why are you
standing outside? Come in.
I am forever ready
to teach you to dance.
Do exactly what I am doing.
What happened?
You're sticking to them like flies
on jaggery, and ask what happened?
Why do you have to hold
their waists and dance?
Hey hey! Whatever I do,
it's none of your business.
Just because I held your
hand to teach you dancing...
you think you have a right over me.
You think you have bought me?
Do you own
everything in this city?
"Go wherever you wish"
"You will remember there"
"That there
is a boy in this world"
"Who can give his life for you"
"I have loved only you in life"
"But never ever really
confessed it to you"
"In my heart I am hiding..."
"so many young desires"
"Go wherever you wish..."
"The clouds of sorrow have melted"
"The sun is shining bright"
"I had not seen this
facet of life"
"There are songs in the air"
"The whole atmosphere is dancing"
"Go wherever you wish..."
"Enter my heart and
live in my every heartbeat"
"Now, my love,
I will do whatever you say"
"There is a
restlessness in my heart"
"And storms in my breaths"
"Go wherever you wish..."
"In the rain..."
- What news have you brought?
- It's hot news.
But I am broke these days.
If this continues, I'll be ruined.
Stand straight!
- Your daughter...
- What happened to her?
She was dancing a lot
with a guy named Ravi yesterday.
They are very good friends.
She goes out a lot with him.
Keep her in control, or she will
break the signal and run away...
and you will be left
twiddling your thumbs.
You called me, sir?
Do you come here to study,
or to have a good time?
I don't understand, sir.
I have got good marks,
and even my attendance is 100%.
Your attendance is more with
girls and less in class.
Don't you feel ashamed roaming
around with girls?
But only Meenu and I...
These is not mine,
but Bapji's orders.
You will have to leave Meenu,
or this college. Choice is yours.
Sir, I have
learnt History from you.
I have learnt from you, that
the citizens of this country...
enjoy freedom of movement,
freedom of speech...
and freedom to seek justice
if subjected to tyranny.
And I have learnt that the one
who restricts this freedom...
is called a dictator.
Be grateful that I gave you a
chance to rectify your mistake.
My freedom is not your favour,
but my right, sir.
I have been born in free India.
I breathe in a free country.
You cannot do anything
you please with me.
I rusticate you, right now!
Will you leave on your own,
or do I call the watchman?
I am leaving sir.
But remember one thing.
You accepted defeat from
lessons taught by yourself.
- Hail Bapji!
- Hail Radha Madhav!
What is it, kid? Want admission,
or want a fee waiver?
I have heard that since years,
the orders from this mansion...
have been the law of this city.
You have heard right.
I have heard the watch of this
mansion is...
the third eye of this city...
from which, no incident, accident,
or injustice can be hidden.
I have also heard
that you do good justice.
You have heard right.
I always impart justice.
Then tell me something, if two
people commit a crime together...
but only one is punished,
is that justice...
- or injustice?
- It's absolute injustice.
- Who did this injustice?
- You did, Bapji.
When I committed the crime of
making friends with Meenu...
you got me rusticated from college.
Even she had committed the same
crime. Why was she not punished?
Just because she is your daughter?
Your justice has ruined my career.
You have no
right to sit in this chair.
Because you yourself have proved
you cannot do justice.
Leave him! Leave him!
Leave my son!
Someone save my Ravi,
they will kill him.
Please save my Ravi.
Save my Ravi! What are you
standing and staring? Leave him!
Inspector, they will kill Ravi.
They will kill him. Please!
Please help me.
- Please help me.
- Can't you see? I'm alone on duty.
I cannot leave the
police station and go out.
Do one thing,
bring those goons here.
I will put them behind bars.
How can I bring them here?
I am a woman, I am alone.
You must be having neighbours.
Take help of them.
Even their conscience
is fallen where yours has.
Oh God, where do I go now?
Is there no one to
fight for us helpless people?
- Has any of you seen Narsimha?
- I am Narsimha. Shall I come?
Excuse me... Kaka you?
Nowadays, even whores have
started getting prayers offered.
That is why I had to come.
- Kaka, have you seen Narsimha?
- No.
Mom, let's take
him to the hospital.
Doctor, how is my Ravi?
Have courage,
everything will be alright.
But why doesn't he open his eyes,
why doesn't he talk?
There is no movement in his body.
Save my son, I plead with you.
I will be your slave all my life,
but please save my son.
Mother, what happened to Ravi?
They beat him up brutally.
- Who?
- That butcher Bapji!
Bapji? When?
Last night, he sent four men.
They dragged Ravi out of the house.
No... no...
They broke my son's hand.
Like it was a mud toy.
A mother's curse is on that Bapji.
The way I am begging for
my son's life today...
even he will have to beg
for his daughter's life.
Your desire will
surely be fulfilled, mother.
How fast she is driving.
Take a U turn. Stop her!
Meenu, stop the car!
- Meenu, stop the car!
- No father, never!
Stop the car! Is this done?
Why? Four men beat up one man.
Is that done?
I'll tell you everything,
stop the car.
Meenu, listen to me!
You rascal, drive faster!
- Meenu, listen to me.
- You're worried about your daughter.
Didn't you think that
even Ravi is someone's son?
Someone can
be worried about him too?
Meenu, listen to me!
Slow down!
Meenu, I plead with you!
Stop the car.
No father, Ravi's mother's
curse is working on you.
Listen to me.
Even you are begging for your
daughter's life like her.
You will realise today what the
sorrow is of losing your child.
What did you get by doing this?
What do you want to prove?
That I am your daughter.
Even I won't allow injustice.
Ravi and I,
both had made a mistake.
Even I should have been punished.
You saved me this time.
But remember, hereafter,
whatever happens to Ravi...
I will endure the same.
Protect us, God.
You must have got my message.
If I wanted, Ravi's,
your son's blood...
would be flowing in the gutter.
If I wanted, I'd strip
your daughter in the bazaar.
If I wanted, the bodies
of the three of you...
would be dragged, pulled,
eaten by the street dogs...
and no one would complain.
But my daughter
has made me helpless.
That is why I had to come here.
I had to come here. Here!
In this hell.
Forgive Ravi. I will convince him.
What will you convince him? It'll
be no use even if you kill him.
It will be no
use even if I kill him.
The question is not of your son's
life, but my daughter's insistence.
If your son dies,
even my daughter will kill herself.
Until Ravi lives in this city,
Meenu will insist on meeting him.
So what do we
poor people do, Bapji?
Take him and leave this city.
Where do we go?
To hell! I should not see a
light in this home from tomorrow.
And beware! No one should
know where you are going.
Disappear in the darkness
like you never existed.
Have mercy, Bapji.
Don't be so cruel.
Don't remove us from this city.
Here's some money,
and time of a few hours.
I cannot do any more than this.
Remember, tonight is your
last night in this city.
Bapji told us to leave the city,
so you sat up all night & packed?
Mom! Just think for a moment.
Where will we go?
Where will we go
leaving this home, this city?
Why? Is there only this city in
the world where we can live?
There are many cities where we
can live, but what about money?
I got this
job with such difficulty.
You can get many other jobs.
Just pack up.
And Ravi? What about him?
You didn't give him a thought?
He has not
regained consciousness yet.
Wonder how many more days he will
have to stay in the hospital.
This is a home made by father.
Father's memories exist in it.
We... Mom, we will
not leave this city.
Mr. Saxena, find out if
Anita Rastogi has come to work.
She has?
Bapji, she has come to work.
Give me the phone.
I should resign? Which means,
I should accept I have done wrong?
I will not do that.
I will go to the supreme court
to save my self respect.
Then I will be compelled
to dismiss you right now.
And once you get dismissed
from a job for theft...
the defamation you suffer,
forget this city...
it will be difficult for you to
get a job anywhere in the country.
- You will accuse me of theft?
- If you don't resign...
I will be compelled to take this
step to save the self-respect...
of my company.
And only you can
stop me from doing that.
Doctor, why are you removing this?
Take him away from here,
right now!
Don't say that, doctor.
What happened, mom?
Ravi has not
regained consciousness yet...
and they are asking us
to take him away from here.
- What is the matter, doctor?
- Just what we said.
Take him away.
But why? The treatment Dr. Patel
has started is not over yet.
His wounds have not healed,
and you say he is alright?
Are you the doctor, or we?
This is not some charity home where
you can stay as long as you like.
This is not your profession,
but your pride...
you power, that is talking.
You should feel ashamed
that influenced by a cheap man...
you are playing with
a patient's life.
Stop your nonsense!
I ask you the last time.
Will you take him from here or not?
Until Dr. Patel does not come,
I will not take him from here.
Yes sir?
Lift him and
throw him outside the hospital.
Don't touch him!
Leave him!
No! Stop!
Stop! What's going on?
Their ration card is being
transferred, what else?
- On whose orders is this happening?
- My orders.
You cannot make us leave this
house without giving us notice.
What are you waiting for?
Throw out their things.
Let me see how you make us
vacate the house. Get out!
You have barged in!
Get out you goons!
Hey girl!
Old man, why are you shouting?
I told you, your house
will be vacated by evening.
- Get lost!
- I want the house vacated now.
So you were getting this done?
I never expected that a man
who makes a home, can break it too.
- Whose home did I make?
- Seema's.
When everyone was standing and
watching the fun...
you staked your life...
A man gone astray
is like flames of fire.
They have no direction.
food is cooked on them...
and sometimes, entire
colonies get engulfed in them.
If someone's house is ruined today,
you won't be at fault?
If you think I am at fault...
we are just five of us.
The whole colony is standing here.
Call someone to help you.
Let me see who comes forward.
You had only us left
to try your strength on?
A helpless girl, an old woman,
a half dead boy?
If you are so
proud of your strength...
you should have
tried it in the ring...
in the sports field,
the boxing ring.
Then your strength would
be this country pride...
not a curse on a helpless family.
Look, the one who has sent us here
is a very powerful man.
- Go away from here, or...
- Or what?
What will you do?
What will your Bapji do?
Compel me to come on the streets
with this half dead man.
Give a begging bowl
in my mother's hand.
These hands which know
to work hard...
use them to strip
myself before people?
Will your fire of
vengeance be doused then?
What has my brother done?
He didn't kill anyone.
He didn't render
anyone homeless like you.
He has loved.
What do you know what love is.
You have only seen hatred
Hey lady! Narsimha is not
used to listening so much.
If he gets angry, see that sword;
he'll kill you with it.
Yes, I know, I know his
power has become blind.
And when power become blind,
it turns to tyranny.
It can destroy homes of those
who have done nothing to them.
Those it doesn't recognise,
doesn't even know by name...
it can kill
their wives and children.
It can rape
mothers and sisters.
Using this blind power,
four goons...
can destroy a happy family
in minutes like...
Go... go and tell your master...
that we will not leave
this home until we are alive.
If anything leaves from here,
it will be three dead bodies.
And if your master orders,
cut us to pieces with your sword...
in which you take pride.
Go... go away!
Bravo! Welcome, my lion!
Take your reward. Take more!
And more!
All this is yours.
What happened?
It is not enough?
I could not throw them
out of the house, Bapji.
What? You mean that girl
and that kid...
turned out to be
more powerful than you?
No Bapji, my conscience turned
out to be more powerful than me.
What nonsense are you talking?
Are you in your senses?
Didn't you drink today?
Tell me the truth,
what is the matter?
Let them stay there, Bapji.
They are tiny mites against you.
And you must sometimes
show mercy on mites too.
Foolish man, how did you
become sympathetic towards them?
You won't understand the
pain of being rendered homeless.
I do.
When the sky spits on you,
and the earth abuses you...
you don't know
where to take your corpse.
Even graves shut their doors
on you.
Let them stay there, Bapji.
Let them live.
Shut-up! I had sent you to
throw them out of the city.
And you, a petty goon,
are advising me?
I am requesting you, Bapji.
That boy is injured...
his sister is unemployed.
The rains are approaching...
where will they leave their
home and go?
To hell! But they
will not live in this city.
- This is their city too, Bapji.
- But the law is mine.
Since years, the orders from
this mansion...
has been the law of this city.
Orders from mansions
are no more laws, Bapji.
India is a free country.
My order is
still the law of this city.
And my order is that you go now
and throw them out of the city.
I have followed your
every order until today.
Without thinking
whether it is right or wrong...
good or bad, sin or virtue.
But today...
You have started thinking?
Every shoe
thinks it can become a hat.
But it is the fate of the shoe
to be crushed under the feet.
And the hat has a right
to adorn the head.
When the shoe rebels,
it can crush heads, Bapji.
You betrayer!
You will rebel against me?
Then I will have to skin
you alive today!
You rascal! You betrayer!
Bapji, beat me as much as you want,
but please spare them.
Years ago, a home
had been destroyed similarly.
And a Narsimha was born.
If you render them homeless,
one more Narsimha will be born.
That will be even more better.
I need such Narsimha...
who, for a little food & a bottle
of liquor, come & beg at my mansion.
How many more Narsimhas'
will you create, Bapji?
If need be, I will make every
youth of this city Narsimha.
But if even one of those Narsimhas
finds his real mission in life...
your mansion will be destroyed.
You rascal!
You have not guessed
the power of Bapji.
The mission of Narsimhas'
created by me...
will be nothing
but following my orders.
They will run gambling
and liquor dens on my orders.
They will capture
booths during elections.
They will create riots
and destroy millions of homes.
They will even brutally
kill women and children.
They will give up their
lives on one word from me...
or even take someone's life.
The Narsimha who refuses to do
this, I'll eliminate him forever!
Enough Bapji. I stop
being your slave from today.
From today begins the war.
And this war begins not over
whether one family...
lives in this city or not.
This war will decide
whether this city is yours...
or of the people living here.
This war will decide whether the
youths of this city...
are puppets in the
hands of Bapjis' like you...
or this city's fate.
Put your whole power in removing
that family from this city.
And I will use my whole power to
keep that family in this city.
I have the promise of
every youth of this city...
I will die, but not
let another Narsimha be born.
- Please give me these things.
- I won't give anything.
We are the audience,
we will watch your show.
Shake a leg, let us also see.
Don't you know how to
talk to decent people?
Hey! You look
for customers at night...
and talk of decency during day?
- Suleiman!
- What is it?
Why did you park
your truck outside my house?
- So what?
- How will I go in?
Why do you need to go in
when I am here?
What do you mean?
Come with me,
I'll take you to the brothel.
All your needs will be fulfilled,
and some of mine too.
- Coming?
- Suleiman!
Get lost!
- Why are you beating him?
- He abused you.
He abused me, not you.
What have you got to do?
What he is doing
is his helplessness.
But what you are doing is neither
your helplessness, nor your right.
You don't have to fight for us.
We don't have the habit
of hiring goons to protect us.
Narsimha is a lost man,
with nowhere to go.
How is that?
He lost you...
and even Anita slapped him in
everyone's presence...
and asked him to leave.
- But they are still in the city.
- Don't worry about that, Bapji.
I have left everything aside
and am after them.
Their rations have been stopped
on your orders already.
Just wait 8-10 days.
If they want to live...
they will leave the city,
or leave the world due to hunger.
- Give me oil.
- There is no oil. Leave!
- I am paying you.
- I know you have lots of money.
Your father was in the police. He
must have left a lot of bribe money
You rascal!
How dare you abuse my father!
I will not spare you.
Leave me!
Beat him up!
Where is Ravi going
at such a late hour?
Even his blood has begun to boil.
I heard he was involved in
a fight with some shopkeepers.
- Where are you going?
- I'll go and see.
He may get into a
fight with someone again.
Missing father very much?
If father was alive today,
all this would not happen.
All this... all this has
happened because of me.
- No Ravi.
- Forgive me, sister.
- Don't dear.
- I am responsible for this.
Forgive me.
Rat killing poison.
Kills in minutes.
Give me a bottle
of rat killing poison.
Don't refuse.
Take madam. Rs.2.
Keep it away
from reach of children.
It kills rats,
but can also kill humans.
Mom, where did you
get the food from?
A well wisher gave it.
You eat.
Ravi, I have cooked your
favourite cabbage. Come.
But where did you bring it from?
Why do you bother? Just eat.
- First answer my question. This...
- Answer what? I didn't steal.
Mothers even steal
to feed their children.
But mom, who dared to
go against Bapji's orders?
- Even he is a man.
- Whose man?
It must be that same Bapji's
stooge, who else?
What? Mom, you brought
food from Bapji's dog?
Ravi, I did not beg
for good from anyone.
He himself came and gave it.
But you forgot that he is the same
rascal who, on Bapji's orders...
came to throw us out of our house.
Yes, I forgot.
Because I could not forget that my
children are hungry since two days
I could not forget that your
father's eyes follow me all day.
They demand a reply from me.
I could not forget that.
Mom, rather than doing that,
you should have poisoned us.
You are asking for poison
instead of food.
He gave food instead of poison,
so that we don't die hungry.
We will die hungry, but not
accept favours of that dog.
Where are you taking it?
- He is standing outside.
- That's even better.
Let him know our opinion
about Bapji's stooges.
No... Ravi stop!
Do you also want to kill
your brother of hunger?"
I can see him die hungry...
but not dying of
shame and humiliation.
I am going to return this
to the one who has given it.
something has happened to you.
Since you have come
from Bapji's mansion...
you neither drink, nor speak,
nor tell us anything.
Have the problems of that
girl's home increased?
Bapji has stopped their rations
to make them leave the city.
So why should we care?
As if we are dying hungry.
You come and drink.
Bapji wants to burn the life
of every youth in liquor dens.
And you want to drink
the same liquor?
Why should we care?
Let him do what he wants.
Who do we have
who will get ruined?
Bapji wants to use every youth
as weapons for riots.
Why should we care? None of
our dear ones is going to die.
What why should we care? If we
don't think...
who will think about this city?
About the youths of this city?
Who will think of that house
which is being ruined?
After committing so many crimes,
he wants to become a saint.
Is this the first time atrocity
is being committed on someone?
You yourself had taken us
to get their things thrown out.
You didn't think then
about their destroyed home?
You gambled all day, rioted all day,
ran to kill with a sword in hand.
You didn't think then
about your city?
You drank Bapji's liquor,
took money from him...
and committed crimes for him...
You didn't think then
about the youths of this city?
Forget it. I'll tell you the truth
He has fallen for that girl.
Look, we are street men.
We don't settle into homes.
And you have become so crazy about
that girl, you're messing with Bapji?
- Have you gone mad?
- You all have gone mad.
I am not doing all
this for that girl.
My eyes have opened.
So tell us, which sleep
have you suddenly awakened from?
Tell us.
You want to know?
Then listen.
In some corner of this city,
even I had a home.
The home of my dear ones.
A happy family.
My mother. Seeing her working,
even tiredness got tired.
If I coughed, she'd get up
from the deepest sleep.
Whether it was a knee wound,
or a torn shirt...
it was impossible to hide
anything from mom.
My father had so many
dreams for me.
His every drop of sweat burned
as fuel to give me an education.
And sometimes shed as tears of
happiness on my sleeping face
My sister, who, how much she
fought with me...
fought more, for me.
She would loot kites for me.
And if I gave her less money for
Rakhi, she would even steal...
from my money box
in broad daylight.
On her marriage being fixed, she
clung to me for three days & cried.
Brother-in-law, who knew about
my choice more than me...
and vice versa.
He didn't take a penny as dowry.
And on sister's leaving home...
he was the one who
cried the most among us.
My younger sister, who was less
a sister, more of a doll.
Who brought cheer to the family.
I could burn down the whole world
if I saw sorrow in her eyes.
I remember that day when sister
& brother-in-law had come home...
for the hair trimming
ceremony of their son.
After making all arrangements,
I went to the priest...
to fix an auspicious time.
I was talking to him,
when I heard a strange noise.
Listen! Riots have broken out
in Bajrangpura and Mominpura.
Everything is on fire.
Some goons...
carrying swords, iron rods
and sticks are coming this way.
My shop!
I have been ruined!
Hurry! Before the riots flare up,
we have to leave this city.
Hey... hey stop!
Listen. I had come to take
medicine orders in this city.
I was going to go back by this
train. But the station is shut.
If you can suggest some
guest house or lodge...
where I can spend the night.
And a post office.
I'd like to call up my family.
My mother will be terribly worried.
Get down here and turn right.
You'll see the post office & also
the guest house after 6-7 houses.
What had I done?
How had I harmed anyone?
Like it always happens,
innocents lost their lives...
and the rioters escaped.
Help... help! Someone help!
- What are you guys doing?
- We'll teach them a lesson!
Are you coming out
or do I break the door?
But what have they done?
Have they harmed you?
Or do you have any personal
enmity with them?
You don't know Narsimha, they
threw bricks on our procession.
We know how to
give them a befitting reply.
We are not cowards!
Don't be ridiculous.
Get lost! Let us do our work.
This is your job? To threaten
a helpless mother and child?
Is this why you were born?
Is this why we worked out
in the gym for hours?
Show your strength in the
boxing ring.
Get into the army.
Narsimha, if the people of
Mominpura were here...
and if your family was inside,
this is what they would do.
They would kill. Move aside!
Even now, it is my
family that is inside.
And until I a here,
they cannot come to any harm.
Because right now, I am neither
from Bajrangpura, nor Mominpura.
I am just a human being. And
neither are you my neighbours...
nor my friends
You are just fiends.
Come out!
The sword that got into my hands
that day...
could not be dropped until today.
Mom... father.
Where did Meera go?
Who are you? Don't come here!
She is my sister.
- How did this happen?
- I could not save her, son.
I pleaded with them,
but they were 10-12 of them.
They hit my legs with sticks
and rendered me useless.
- And raped her.
- Who were they? Who?
When the animal
inside a man awakens...
to hide his cowardly
and dirty acts from people...
he comes as a crowd. And that
crowd has no face, no religion.
No religion, son.
In the fire and pile of
dead bodies of that night...
my desire to live, my aim
of life, got buried, got burned.
I became a vagabond like you...
just moving on
from day to night, night to day.
But that day, the ruin of Anita's
family, the cries from her heart...
reminded me of my ruined home.
Me, gone astray since four years,
returned home.
I found a reason to live again.
Narsimha, forgive us.
We don't know anything
about reasons for living.
We are with you.
I have heard everything. And I
believe that you want to help us.
I don't know how much
Ravi will understand this.
I have come to meet you after so
many days, & you are avoiding me?
Look Meenu,
don't ever come to my home...
and don't even try to talk to me.
But why?
Because whatever there was
between us, is all over.
- Understand?
- How can it be over like that?
Have you forgotten so soon?
I injured myself
when you were hurt.
I feel every pain
before it comes to you.
Look Meenu, I neither want to
discuss this, nor talk about it.
Ravi, who do you think you are?
What do you mean by
just shunning me like that?
Meenu, I am getting out
of your life forever.
And hereafter,
don't try to meet me again.
"Go wherever you wish"
"You will remember there"
"That there
is a girl in this world"
"Who can give her life for you"
Meenu, I can die for you...
but not leave my mother and sister
to suffer atrocities of Bapji.
But whatever father did,
must have been in my interest.
I hate those who are cruel to
others to please their dear ones.
Then even I should hate you.
Cos' even you are doing the same.
For the happiness of your dear
ones, you are hurting others.
You are punishing me
for a crime I didn't do.
"Sleeping desires awakened
on one call of love"
"I can rip open my chest and give
you my heart if you so wish"
"I'll write this love story
in my own blood"
"Go wherever you wish"
"You will remember there"
"That there
is a boy in this world"
"Who can give his life for you"
"You also are aware,
the truth is, my love..."
"we are incomplete
without each other"
"I am your land"
"You are my sky"
"Go wherever you wish..."
"If you are a stranger,
why do you seem so dear?"
"Seeing you,
my eyes have begun to dream"
"Why are you so silent?"
"Even you don't say a word"
I made a mistake in
tolerating your stubbornness.
You have taken undue advantage
of my pampering.
But now, only what
I want will happen.
Bhure, this girl will not step out
of the room until her engagement.
Only that much air, that's necessary
to breath will be allowed in.
Nothing else, and nobody else!
Are you speaking the truth?
Yes Bapji. Narsimha, Anita, Tempo
Khan, and his men, have all united.
Narsimha has started
managing Anita's home.
- Bhure.
- Yes Bapji?
Tomorrow is auction day.
Everyone will be gathered here...
and the city will be desolate.
Send our men and have the rascal
Narsimha killed wherever he is.
As you wish, Bapji.
With Bapji's permission
and blessings...
the auction of government
contracts of Narayanpur begin.
The contract is of 130 grain shops.
The basic price has been fixed
at Rs.500000.
The public is
requested to bid high.
The contract is of the plot of
land opposite Narayanpur Square.
The basic price has
been fixed at Rs.2500000.
The public is
requested to bid high.
2600000 one, 2600000 two
He has come to die today.
Who are you?
Munshiji, ask Bapji who I am.
He knows me very well.
Bapji, recognise me?
I know you very well.
Catch this rascal!
He should not escape alive.
Don't be afraid, Bapji.
Narsimha does not raise his
hand on anyone who is helpless.
The answer to your every
question was Narsimha.
Where will you get an
answer for Narsimha now?
Look... look carefully in his eyes.
The fear with which Bapji
has been ruling this city...
the same fear is in his eyes today.
Look carefully. This is the real
face of every Bapji of this country.
He is such a fiend, who wants to
make every youth of this city...
your brother, your son...
such a cheap and lowly man who bows
pleads & begs at his mansion door...
for a little food
and a bottle of liquor.
He wants to make the law and the
police, dogs at his mansion door...
who will bark or bite at
anyone with his one gesture.
He wants to enslave every being
and make them dance to his tunes.
I request you all. Remove the
fear of Bapji from your minds.
Reject his every order from today.
So that every man who is Bapji,
or dreams of becoming one...
sees his pride being
shattered to pieces.
Do you want to give your
children such a city...
which goons,
cheats and murderers run?
Saw Bapji? The same public used to
bow & walk backwards while leaving.
The same public has turned
its back towards you today.
A spark has lit a spark,
fire has lit fire.
Look behind.
- What is this?
- Take inspector, arrest them.
They have admitted they tried to
kill my brother that day...
on Bapji's orders.
So issue a warrant in Bapji's name
on charges of attempt to murder.
This is law, not a joke.
Maybe you pressurized them...
and made them make a confession.
Do you now, you could get
sentenced for three years...
for pressuring people
under section 506?
Because the hospital doctor,
the college principal...
and even Saxena has admitted...
that Bapji pressurized them
into doing illegal acts.
Okay, you may leave.
We'll investigate.
The time to investigate is over.
Bapji is a murderer.
Put him in jail!
See? If you still don't issue an
arrest warrant in Bapji's name...
then if all these people even
carry one brick each...
neither will your police station
be anywhere, nor you.
Saw Bhure? This is called loyalty.
Yes Inspector Suraj Kumar.
What's the news?
I have an arrest
warrant in your name.
Goyal, have you gone crazy?
Which kid have you sent
with my arrest warrant?
Do you want to live
in this city or not?
Bapji, the winds have changed. The
whole city has gone against you.
It is better you surrender
yourself to the police.
Or the crowd of thousands that is
coming towards your mansion...
will lynch you.
What are you sitting
and doing at home, Judge?
An arrest warrant has
been issued in my name.
I want anticipatory bail right now.
Bapji, it is a
government holiday today.
I'll see what I can do tomorrow.
Go to jail for today.
"This crooked man..."
"let us straighten today"
"What his cure is..."
"let us use that cure"
"How, brother?
"Like this... like this"
"Catch him, catch him tight"
"And beat him up"
"The thief has been caught,
ensure he doesn't escape"
"Catch the rascal!"
"Bash up the rascal!"
"Hold the rascal!"
"Punch him!"
"He is the son of a devil,
the friend of a demon"
"He is the elephant
in the jungles of sin"
"He always hated love"
"His deed is tyranny,
his religion is money"
"Catch him, catch him tight..."
"He is the cobra who
can swallow everybody"
"There is no cure to his bite"
"He has ruined many homes"
"Who knows how many people
he has killed"
"Catch him, catch him tight..."
"Bring him to the court of people"
"Expose his crimes"
"Remind him of his every crime"
"Tell him of his every sin"
"Make his life miserable"
"Bring as many shoes as
there are in this country"
"Thrash him with
800 million shoes"
"This Bapji should cry out"
"Catch him, catch him tight..."
Bhure, you rascal! I gave
you so much knowledge, yet...
You did, Bapji. But seeing today's
scene, I've myself learnt something.
The one who considers
the public nothing...
is surely beaten up
by them one day.
Isn't it?
- Well said.
- Note it down.
Enough now, Meenu. I cannot
see you like this anymore.
Come with me... out of this hell.
Where? In another hell?
- What? Another hell?
- Ofcourse.
You have closed
all doors for me, Ravi.
Now every door that opens,
is only towards hell.
I only promised to give you
heaven. What are you saying?
What have I done?
What have you done?
You people wore handcuffs
to my father...
walked him in every street and
took him to the police station.
You called him a thief, murderer,
cheat, in everyone's presence.
We only spoke the truth.
How do I believe you?
What proof do you have?
Don't you trust me?
I feel like believing you.
But believing you,
if I go with you...
the whole city will say even I
accepted all the accusations...
levied on my father.
Ravi, the accusations that
can ruin someone's life...
should only be levied with proof.
And I have no
proof to ruin my father.
I have no proof.
You and father,
to take your revenge...
destroyed my life.
Believe me Meenu,
all this is true.
It is not true. And if it is...
then go get proof
of the accusation made on him.
Father is being
released on bail tomorrow.
And my engagement is fixed
for day after tomorrow.
If you bring the proof before that,
I promise you...
I will hold your hand
before the whole world.
But this is not true, Ravi.
But Narsimha,
where do we get more proof from?
And there is no
cure to Bapji's bite.
If he murders, he leaves no proof.
Even if there is proof,
how can we get it in one night?
Meenu is getting engaged
in the morning.
The band must have
started playing there.
Stop it!
End of topic.
There is no proof, period.
- There is proof.
- Who?
Bapji. Bapji himself is
the proof of his every crime.
So then?
The proof is in the mansion, and
also the one who is demanding it.
We just have to think
of a way to unite them.
That's very easy,
but how do we do it?
I will have to go to
the mansion for that.
And what about us?
Whether I return
at night or not...
but you all do reach the mansion
tomorrow with the groom.
- Groom?
- Yes, our Ravi.
I'll get the proof,
you bring the groom.
I am leaving.
Can I come with you?
One can only go alone on
some paths, only alone.
- Shinde.
- Yes Bapji?
The time has come. My daughter
is getting engaged tomorrow.
The whole city has gone against me.
Bapji, Jailer Shinde was, is
and will always be with you.
Very good.
- Bapji.
- What is it?
Narsimha has been caught.
- Where was this betrayer?
- He was trying to enter the mansion
Until yesterday,
you sat at my feet.
But alive.
Saw the consequence of
rebelling against me?
You are standing tied before me,
waiting for your death.
What difference does it make,
whether I live or die, Bapji?
People have been instigated.
Your mansion won't last long now.
My mansion has always stood proud,
and will always stand proud.
The fear of your power
without me is a fake devil.
You cannot rule with it.
You sure can
drive away crows with it.
Everyone sitting in a temple has
the illusion he's the most devout.
Thus, living in my mansion,
even you have the illusion...
that whatever happens,
you do it.
Whenever you were
faced with a problem...
you used to make the
whole city run to find me.
Bring Narsimha! Bring Narsimha.
Who do you think you are?
I have crushed many like you.
Why are you laughing?
Know what happened to Patil
who rebelled against me?
I got him buried alive.
But I only caught him
and brought him here.
You didn't bring the prisoner
who I got killed...
in everyone's presence
during the auction.
But I removed your glasses in the
auction in everyone's presence.
You didn't do anything to me then.
You had got scared, hadn't you?
You would be a
dead man right then.
25 of my men were looking
for you in the entire city.
So what if you kill me.
After me, there is Ravi.
The fire in my heart
will then burn in his heart.
I didn't spare his father,
you think I will spare him?
- Inspector Rastogi?
- Yes, Inspector Rastogi.
The rascal had come to arrest me.
I had killed him right here
with a dagger.
- You only killed Inspector Rastogi?
- Yes, I did!
Speak softly, Bapji. If Meenu
hears you, what will she say?
What will Meenu say?
Great Bapji!
Today, your only child, hearing
your praise from yourself...
has been blessed.
- Kalla.
- Yes Bapji?
Take her to her room.
Saw Bapji, no one killed you
from the front, or from behind.
Not human, not man.
Not any weapon, nor arms.
Your ego killed you.
You have ruined my home.
I will not spare you.
You can kill me Bapji,
but not the whole city.
Bapji can kill.
If you want anyone else to hear,
make them hear it.
I will instigate riots
in the whole city.
I'll make the people of Bajrangpura
& Mominpura fight among themselves.
I'll get everything burned down.
You had instigated those riots?
Yes, I had,
to eliminate my enemies.
You murderer! You butcher!
I will kill you!
You will kill Bapji?
Take him away,
and bury him in the dungeon.
Father, I plead with you. You have
already crushed all my desires...
I am like a
dead body without Ravi.
Atleast don't be cruel to a body.
Even if I have to get a body
engaged, I'll do even that.
Your fiance and Thakur's
guests are waiting for you.
- Come!
- Father, no!
I plead with you, I won't go!
"Why are you standing silent?"
"This is the
time to take a decision"
"Tell the world today..."
"Whether it believes or not"
"But love is supreme"
"This is the
time to take a decision..."
"Come, I am calling you"
"Come, your destination is here"
"Come, the heart is at stake"
"Come, love is on test today"
"This is the moment of test"
"But love is supreme"
"From great lovers
of yesteryear..."
"I have learnt to love"
"No wall will
be able to stop me now"
"I was away from
you until yesterday"
"I was helpless, defenseless"
"When your song echoed"
"Is when I came out of my prison"
"My bondage is lying broken"
"It is true that love is supreme"
Where is your leader, your
protector, your courage, your power?
That Narsimha. Call him to save
their lives. Where is he?
Shall I call him? Where he is,
forget you, even I cannot call him.
I have killed your Narsimha.
"One who takes
pride in his power"
"Let him be most cruel"
"Let this world realise"
"Those who love are not afraid"
"Even if death confronts us"
"It is true love is supreme"
"This is the
time to take a decision"
"Tell the world today..."
"Whether it believes or not"
"But love is supreme"
"This is the
time to take a decision"
They have been buried
inside those walls.
No Narsimha, let it be.
Narsimha! Narsimha has come!
Bapji has come!
Father! Before that mansion
of sin crumbles, come down.
I plead with you
father, come down.
- Come down, father.
- No, never!
No one can kill me.
Not from front, not from behind.
Not from left, not from right.
Not man, not animal.
Not weapons, not arms.
No one can kill me!
"Why are you standing silent?"
"This is the
time to take a decision"
"Tell the world today..."
"Whether it believes or not"
"But love is supreme"
"This is the
time to take a decision..."