Narasimhudu (2005) Movie Script

Veeriah alias Beeriah.
Your moustache is
like Veerappan's.
sandalwood is smuggled there,
and here, the production of beer is
so high to fill reservoirs.
calling you Beeriah instead of
Veeriah, l can understand why...
BEER iah...
Stop scratching your head.
lnstead, twist your whiskers.
Ramesh, Rana, Anand,
Akhil & Varaprasad.
ls anyone of these a honest man?
Surprised to hear the facts of
your city from a North lndian?
Do you know why?
The total bribe money collected
in the police stations of this city,
comes to the tune of...Rs. 3.5 crores.
None of you will have
a peaceful death.
You'll die like
a electrocuted crow.
l'm not saying this.
People say this.
Just think for a second.
The son of a tailor is
called a Tailor's son.
The son of a teacher is
called a Teacher's son.
But the son of a policeman...
is called as a...
A policeman's palm shouldn't
spread to take.
lt should be like this,
as a sign of protection.
2 men are stopping the police
from doing their duty.
l've been transferred from Delhi
to deal them with an iron hand.
First is JD,
a great business magnate.
Using his money power officers
and politicians are in his pocket,
and gets his work done.
Second is Amberpet Pothuraju.
Commits murders,
strikes terror in the city.
and gets his work done too.
They were close friends
6 months before.
But now, bitter enemies.
The factor that separated
them is, 'POWER'.
l need your help to catch
those 2 criminals.
Whether you help me or not,
Any new officer gives this kind
of speech on his first day.
After a few days,
he'll ask for his share.
l didn't miss the target.
l aimed there.
Next time, l'll aim at you.
Bullet will pierce into your head.
Pani, not finished yet?
No one listens to this me, an MLA,
6 months before,
you & Pothuraju were friends.
l asked Pothuraju
why was he's troubling us.
though l'm an MLA,
he insulted me.
l'm shouting here and
you look very relaxed.
He brought Prakash, a sincere officer
from Delhi Health Ministry,
and proved your factory manufactures
spurious medicines.
He has proved it with evidence.
l met Prakash.
l told him l'll pay Rs. 50 lakhs,
if he returns the file.
Amberpet Pothuraju is trying
to frame you up.
lf Prakash goes to Delhi,
your life will be in danger.
Oh god!
He's Prakash.
Have you killed him?
l gave Prakash the information,
that spurious medicines are being
manufactured in your company.
Pothuraju promised to me a Ministry.
He demanded Rs. 50 lakhs.
l planned to get it from you,
give it to him & become a Minister.
Don't kill me.
Stop the car.
Oh my god!
JD, l beg you.
Please save me.
The train.
What's that noise?
- Don't ask me.
He watched ''Yakshaganam''
on T.V. last night.
He's dressing up like them.
- Okay.
''Yogi Vemana'' is being telecast
on the T.V. in the afternoon.
Don't allow him to watch that.
Atleast he wore a loin cloth.
Our boss won't even wear that.
This disguise...
My brother is in a happy mood.
lf he doesn't listen to me,
he'll have to go to jail.
What are you blabbering P.A.?
Boss, we brought Prakash from Delhi
and laid a master plan.
But JD ruined our plans
and killed them both.
Not only that,
you murdered an MRO
in public place.
The one & only witness to the
murder is Neelakanta Shastri.
JD will present him as
the witness in the court.
lf he testifies...
Neelakanta Shastri must have
the guts to do that.
JD called on Neelakanta Shastri
and promised protection,
and Rs. 10 lakhs if he testifies
in the court. And he has agreed.
Beat the drums.
Where is Neelakanta Shastri?
Give him a bath & bring him fast.
Chase everyone out leaving
the husband & wife.
Why are you shell shocked?
Recognized me?
The other day when MRO refused
to give ration card to my man,
l killed him on the road.
You were the only witness.
Sister-in-law, your husband
has two lives.
l felt pity and spared him that day.
But he going to testify tomorrow.
Though a vegetarian,
you show lot of guts.
As a non-vegetarian,
l must show a lot more.
No. He won't testify.
He must've thought about
it before meeting JD
lf you don't testify,
he'll kill you.
lf you testify, l'll kill you.
lnstead of dying every second,
he could rather die now.
Sister-in-law, l can't see
you as a widow.
Hey you, come here.
What's this?- Axe.
What happens if l kill you with this?
- Oh my god!
Come this side.
Oh my god!
When l raised the axe, you both
shouted ''Oh my god''. - Yes.
But that kid said something else.
Undoubtedly not bad words.
You tell me.
Tell me the meaning of it.
To protect good people,
To destroy bad people,
God takes birth,
time and again.
To protect good people,
To destroy bad people,
God takes birth,
time and again.
To protect good people,
To destroy bad people,
God takes birth,
time and again.
Stop it.
Take him away.
Prajval, these people did it?
No sir.
The one sitting over there.
You mean him?- Yes sir.
Such a small boy!
Did he bash those football players?
1 1 men...
Get up l say.
How dare you stare at me!
Wild cat!
Did he really beat them?
Trying to scare me!
Are you a lion or what?
Why is he so arrogant?
What's your name?
Where are you from?
Why have you come here?
Speak. You...
How dare you do that
to a Commissioner?
l'll kill you.
Don't beat him.
- He's not answering.
He won't.- He must.
He can't.- Why?- He's dumb.
There is no water.
Tell me what happened
in the bus stand.
l'll tell you.
My brother & my daughter and
l were travelling in the bus.
Those rogues harassed my daughter
and tried to molest her.
No one came forward to help her.
Then, this boy...
Put those football
players behind bars.
l'll teach them
how to play football.
Madam, lodge a complaint & go.
Wild Cat.- Sir, water.
A tumbler isn't enough.
Get me water in a jug. Go.
Why did you leave without
informing us? Who are you?
Why have you come here?
Life became difficult in our village.
So, we've come here to eke a living.
We know no one in this city.
Don't you know us?
Be with us.
No thanks. We are 3 of us.
We might be a hindrance...
- Hindrance!
My sister owns a colony.
Stay in any one of the rooms.
Brother...l've no brother.
Hereafter, you are my brother.
Come with us.
Here comes the Beauty Doll.
She sparks fire in these old men.
Look there.
They are coming like
a Tsunami wave. Come.
Stand in a queue.
God, help me.
You've the blessings
of Mohanlal & Mammooty.
What do you want?
- What do you want?
4 teas.- l'll kick you.
You've come to Palakkad
beauty's milk center.
Tirupathi is famous for Laddu.
Kakinada is famous for Kaja.
Anakapalli is famous for Jaggery.
And here...Masala Milk by her.
Then, ask her to make Masala Milk.
lf she serves you milk,
a cup of milk will cost you Rs. 25.
Do you have money?
25? Take Rs. 50 instead.
You're very lucky. Drink.
The milk is very sweet.
Did you take a sip?
ls it so sweet? - Very sweet!
l took a sip.- You...?
l told you to send Rs. 100 a family to
my place on the first of every month.
Why didn't you send it?
Madam Mangamma is out of station.
But l'm here.
Rs. 100 per family. Put it here.
This currency has Gandhi's photo.
Your photo in my heart.
Say yes. Money is yours
and you're mine.
lf you want, l'll settle
with you in Kerala.
Oh Mangamma! Think of a devil
and the devil is here.
Give me Rs. 3000.- l won't give.
What? You won't...! Did you get
courage from your village?
What made you say so?
Why are you running away? Go.
Sit down...
Like Lord Vishnu getting settled
in Tirupathi leaving heaven,
why have you come to this colony?
ln this area...
l'll leave this state.
Come. l'll take leave.
Come brother.
Come sir.
Who is this handsome?
Oh my god! The button got
snapped with his one look.
Stay away from him.
Don't cross his path,
you'll end up a loser.
A while ago he bashed up
1 1 men in the bus stand.
lf he is with you, Wow!
- Yes. You're beautiful.
lf he is with you, he'll protect you too.
- But he must agree!
lf he agrees, l'll give away
Palakkad for his power.
lf that isn't enough,
- l'll give Chalakudi.
lf that is also not enough,
- l'll give him Trivandrum for his style.
lf that is also not enough,
- l'll give him the entire Kerala.
Do that.
Your wish will be fulfilled.
His desire will also be fulfilled.
What a nice couple you make.
Mangamma, no water.
- But we get water very well.
We're getting it fully.
That old lady is coming
here for water.
My lover boy will come for water.
Baby...- What's it?
2 buckets of water please.
lf you ask me,
l'll even give you milk.
Won't l give you the water
which l mix in it? Take it.
She's old. How can she carry
2 buckets of water? You help her.
Chapathi is on the hot plate.
She'll take care of that.
You keep the buckets in her room.
Grandma, l've kept a bucket of water.
But he's showing me a cup of oil.
You must apply oil and
massage his body & head.
Massage well.- Sure l will.
Team Tolly
Majestic lion Simhadri,
steal me like King Adhi.
l'll spread the enchanting
magic of Kerala.
l'll suck you into a
vortex of erotic fun.
Using the bait of my beauty,
l'll trap you into a net of fun.
Ammukutti, don't tease
winking at me.
Don't incite me with
the bait of your beauty.
Oh my dear Singamalai!
l'll treat you to exotic
prawn delicacies.
Why don't you come under
the umbrella of my youth?
The sky is up above.
Earth is down below.
the heaven is in between,
permit me to enter it.
Oh my god! You're Rama!
Where did you learn so many tricks?
Oh my dear young maiden,
my grandfather taught me.
Oh Simhadri! Won't my body
shiver on seeing you?
Stop it my dear.
l'm sleepless after seeing you.
l'll present you with
Mumbai gold belt,
and present you with
Paritala bangles.
Won't you give on lease
your hen in the coop?
Scaling the height using
the steps of banana leaves.
...tucking the young
chicken in the coop.
Won't you come to enjoy
the feast of beauty?
You're pint size but with
giant size desires.
Stop your loose talk.
Whether you pinch me
or steal me,
l'm all yours,
young macho man.
Gone....water is overflowing.
What happened to you?
l've finished your work
but you haven't supplied water.
l'll supply it now, grandma.
Oh my god!
Kerala beauty.
Stop the jeep.
Who is that working
at midnight?
Hey isn't it you...
...police station....
you're a dumb...
At this hour?
What's the time now?
- 12 'o' clock.
What are you doing
here at midnight?
You're a dumb fellow.
You can't talk.
Sir...- Come, my lord.
What are you doing at this hour?
He has the habit of sleep walking.
Dumb, sleep walking.
A sad story.
Please forgive him this time.
l'll see to that this
never happens again.
Can we go?- No.
l'll drop you.
Hey...this is a city,
not your village.
lf l see you again late night,
l'll put you behind bars.
Tell him. Go...
No, control your anger.
My dear boy, please listen to me.
What happened?
When he was walking
alone in the night,
Commissioner saw him.
l told him he has the habit of
sleep walking & brought him back.
Boy, Commissioner saw
us on 2 occasions.
lf he sees us next time,
he will put us in jail.
You're our leader
if you're caught by the police,
coming to the city will
have no meaning at all.
Use your brain like Machiavelli and
not weapons like a warrior.
We're going to meet
the Minister tomorrow morning.
Hail the Minister Ekambaram.
Though your health isn't good,
thanks for coming to
inaugurate our park.
You invited me with a suitcase
of money and an invitation.
How can l avoid it?
Grandpa...- Be careful, hold it tight
you may fall down.
You said a small park
and gave me Rs. 25 lakhs.
How many acres is it?
- 100 acres.
So, Rs.25 lakhs for 100 acres?
lf this continues,
l'll go bankrupt.
- We don't get votes for free.
We have to spend crores
to become an MLA.
Send Rs.1 crore immediately.
Or else, l'll spread the rumours about
a scam in the construction of park.
l'll send it in an hour after
you inaugurate the park. the press people.
Mikes are energy
boosters to me.
my dear people...
What happened, sir?
- My heart is paining.
We're from his home town.
We've come to meet him.
Not now.
Just give us a minute
to talk to him.
Grandpa, come with us.
Sir, they say they're from
your home town.
They want to meet you.
Get lost.
Let's go.
You shouldn't go for a giant
wheel ride in this situation.
l'll be peaceful only when l sit
in the giant wheel.- Let's go.
Speak grandfather.
Call the ambulance.
Not necessary, the Minister is dead.
Oh my god!
What have you mixed?
Tell me what it is.
To make the man in
room no: 53 fall for me,
l've brought this magic
powder from Palakkad.
lf l make him drink this...
only if he drinks...
There is way to make
him drink this.- How?
At midnight.
lf l go with this,
Game over.
Everything is finished.
Why are you closing my eyes?
We mustn't see the
rest of the show.
ls it? Let's go.
Team Tolly
Rule over me, my Lord...
l'm waiting for you...
Spring time maiden...
l've come for you...
How long will l hide it?
Without even sunlight
falling there...
l'll not give up, my bird...
Till l accept your
beautiful present...
Understand everything
yourself man...
without telling you
in detail...
Have you still hidden something?
To dazzle me
with bewilderment...
l'm sleepless & restless in a
youthful body burning with urges...
Has the passionate desire
in you awaiting new flows?
Will l be afraid of you?
Though you hurt me
with your fingers...
l'm like a fire next to you.
Shall l quench the thirst
of your urging body?
What a nasty desire!
Young girl!
Won't it take out the wind
out of your sails?
Am l asking you
to slow down?
Buck up, my dear Cupid...
Won't your delicate
beauty get fired up?
Won't the my warm passionate
hug stop this quarrel?
Why don't you share my burden?
Why don't you share
the bounties of my youth?
l wish to say no,
but you're making me say yes.
lf you join me,
bliss is all ours.
Oh no! What happened
to my bowl of milk?
What's this?
Nothing. We're getting old.
lf you leave us alone for sometime,
we'll get into action.
And by the time
you come back,
we're 6 now,
we'll be 9 then,
play with our kids.
You spoiled my plan.
You want kids.
Don't know in which disguise
he's in...-sir...
Oh you!
When did you come?
Come! When did we go?
So you like this place.
What's there to like?
ln this bungalow only you
appear to be humane.
You brought us here in
the name of the festival.
You promised to send us
back after the festival.
We haven't heard anything
from you till now.
We will send you back.
May be, the train is delayed.
Delay by 4 days.- lt's a train.
From the time we came here,
we didn't get food properly.
Not knowing when he may call us,
we're still standing here.
lt's been 2 days since
he went to the toilet.
Sir, it's been 3 days since
he changed his loin cloth.
l can smell it.
When we want to go,
they threaten us with knives.
Please tell him about our grief,
and have us all released.
lf l tell him, l don't know whether
you'll get released or not.
But, you'll definitely be killed.
He'll stab me, not you.
Hey...- Boss.
Come....- Come.
He might have heard us.
What did the party President say?
The party has decided to deny tickets
to rowdies to contest the election.
So, the didn't give
ticket to JD's son.
They didn't give us the ticket.
Are we rowdies?
JD who wears a suit
is a good man,
and l'm wearing a dhoti,
am l a rowdy?
Once only freedom fighters
were in politics.
And now, only killers
are politicians.
Anyone who tonsures other's
head is Councillor,
lf anyone cut one's head
is an M.P.
ln the past you needed 2 qualities
to become a politicians.
Be good and humane.
Even now, you need 2 qualities.
Currency and knife.
He has only money.
But we have both money and knife.
Brother, forget it.
l'll consider myself to be unlucky.
l'll make you contest as
an independent candidate.
On the day when JD's son
files the nomination papers.
l'll make you also file
nomination papers on the same day.
l'll ensure your victory.
l'll send you to the assembly.
Hail Amberpet Pothuraju.
Greetings master.
Going to file nomination papers.
No, to cut the election officer's hair.
what's he blabbering?
- lt's English, you won't understand.
l'll teach what will happen to rowdies
like you leaving the politician.
lt'll make no difference
if you leave us.
But if we leave you,
you'll be in danger.
No bogus voting.
You'll lose your deposits.
We'll see.- Sure.
What's this?
This is the nomination form.
You must sign this.
Don't mistake him.
An illiterate but commits
more murders.
The guarantor must sign here.
l don't know to sign,
only thumb impression.
Should that be only in ink or
can we do with blood?
What are you talking?
He is ready to shed blood
to make his brother win.
Don't point your finger at him.
Or else he'll even cut that
finder to put the impression.
lnk impression.
Don't exert much force,
the glass might break.
Hail the future MLA Manibabu.
Our men want a party.
l've arranged liquor and
girls in the guest house.
Looks like you'll became
his P.A. after he wins.
Today's politics run on money.
lf we collect the bits & crumbs
thrown by the corrupt politicians.
We can construct the
Yeleru dam, right sir?
l am also sailing on the same boat.
You go and enjoy.
Do you know what happened?
4 of our men died.
We shouldn't spare
the men behind this.
We must kill him.
lf you say so,
you must kill me first.
Brother... - Brother...
l planted the bomb
and blew up the car.
You...? - Yes.
4 of our men died.
We lost only 4 votes.
But the sympathy wave,
will fetch you 40,000 votes.
What are you looking at?
Get me a bottle of blood.
Not your's. From the blood bank.
Why blood?- You lie down first.
But blood brother...- Lie down.
You're wounded and hospitalized
in that car bomb blast.
No need to campaign.
A small political game.
l've asked the T.V. people
to come here.
Just pretend serious with moans.
You'll get 4 more votes.
You must act.
Now l understood.
- What you've understood?
You're a rowdy
if you kill your enemy.
You're a politician
if you kill your own men.
Come here.
No one should enter
this floor except me.
lf anyone enters,
l may be forced to kill you.
Pothuraju and his men
are inside the hospital.
l've arranged for a strong
security to run the show.
Doctor, how is the patient's condition?
He's out of danger.
Hello, who are you?
- We're Pothuraju's men.
Wow! Pothuraju's men. Get out.
The Commissioner is here.
Getting inside will be very tough.
Yes sir, okay sir.
Where are you going?
- He got hurt.
Can't he stay quiet without
doing anything?
He's bleeding, take him fast. Go...
Have you informed the press?
- Yes boss.
lnformed the TV media people also.
Don't come closer.
Boss, Commissioner is
going into the lCU,
Why did he come here?
You both, be here.
What's it sir?
Are you going to the lCU to see
whether my brother dead or alive?
You can't go.
Do you know the consequences
if you stop an officer on duty?
lG knows that.
One minute Commissioner, l.G. sir.
Yes tell me sir
why did you go there?
To give security.
- They didn't ask, did they? Come back.
JD and myself will settle
our scores on the road,
Or in the battle field.
Why should the police interfere?
Go sir.
Boss, T.V. media people are here.
That's great, come.
Look for yourself.
Look at my brother's position.
Rowdies were denied tickets
for contesting the elections.
Now you tell me.
Who's the rowdy? We or them?
We've small knives.
But they have bombs.
Knife is mightier than pen...
Prove that pen is mightier than knife.
The injustice done to my brother.
Must be published
in news papers,
and must get us justice.
Ask my brother to say something.
Superb acting.
His brother seems to
be very good actor.
He's living in death also
Hey, wake him up.
Your brother...
- What happened?
Your brother is dead.
Boss, T.V. and press people
are watching us. Leave him.
How did this happen?
When we were on the ground floor.
JD's men would've killed him.
Where is Pothuraju?
- Upstairs, come.
Boss, Minister has come.
You thought l was dead.
ln my 40 years of political experience.
l've made many people as CM,
and pulled down many governments.
You should've atleast informed me.
Stabbing is different from
getting stabbed.
Action and reactions are different.
some problems need
weapon to solve.
some problems need brains.
You considered yourself very
clever and planted a bomb.
What happened now?
Your only brother is
going to the graveyard.
Accept me as your master
and listen to me atleast now.
Commissioner is very strict,
and is eyeing you both.
Lodge a complaint that
JD killed your brother.
lf you come forward,
l'll stamp his neck.
lt'll get crushed..- Go.
Do you think am l a wastrel?
Do you think am l a chameleon
like you politicians?
Rowdies and politicians
are different identities.
You are angels and
we are devils.
Take any mythological story,
you've always killed
us unjustly.
You said about brain and brawn,
now l'll enter the real politic,
l'll give a wake up call to all the
rowdy elements in the state.
l'll use my brawn
to beat the brain.
When intelligence takes a beating,
violence will rule the roost.
Who is the dead man?
My younger brother!
l amassed all this wealth
for him only.
JD who killed him,
without him and his son Pani dead,
if l lodge a complaint with
the police like a eunuch,
will it quench my thirst
for revenge?
l'll hack everyone of them. didn't kill Mani.
lf l ever kill anyone,
it would be Amberpet Pothuraju.
No sir, election has been
countermanded now,
There will be pressure to
deny party ticket to your son.
Then, l'll buy the party.
lf l throw few millions of rupees,
l can easily buy MLA's ready
to change their loyalties.
Keep the car ready. Go.
How did he die?
Who killed him?
Winter time Simhachalam.
Lady in green sari.
Goddess is speaking to you.
Lord Basava is speaking to you.
Anyone can seek fortune...
Hey Astrologer!
How did you enter my compound
without permission?
Go out!
Big mouth Gangamma!
Fighting Mangamma!
You're so arrogant, that's your
daughter almost got molested.
Every one on the road had seen it,
you needn't say as if you've foreseen it.
Shall l tell about your husband
who ran away 16 years ago,
unable to bear your torture, presently
in Kasi like a wandering mendicant...
Shall l tell when will
he kick the bucket?
No need, my sister's face will
not be good without the dot.
You know your future.
Tell mine. - Tell mine.
Boy without moustache, come here.
Show me your palm.
Yuck! No line on your hand.
There's death in your eyes.
Your face appears dead.
Hey Dirty face!
l don't tell men's fortune.
Women...only women.
- Ladies.
You tell about our future
...come...come. Go...go.
You've crossed the age
of sitting on a mat.
You shouldn't sit,
l must sit.
My chechi (sister).
- What's that nuisance?
Great girl!
- She's a milk specialist!
Recently she fell in love with a man.
Make goddess to reveal his name.
O Goddess! Mother of Universe!
Answer me!
Golden sparrow!
There's a young stocky man in
room no: 53! You're eying him.
O my Lord Guruvayurappa!
You are no ordinary fortune teller!
Go ahead...will my love succeed?
- l got it.
Two plus two is four!
Three plus three is six.
Take a betel leaf.
A banana. - l'm keeping.
Money. - l'm keeping.
Not from my pocket, foolish boy!
Here...- Take out.
Take it.
Laddu of Bandar!
On the sea beach!
Your union is difficult. - Why?
He has already given his
heart to another girl.
She not only built a nest in his heart,
she has built a Taj Mahal.
ls she more beautiful
than my chechi?
What more beautiful!
When she smiles...
it's like the dance of a peacock.
Looking at her waist, crescent moon will
desire to become her waist belt.
Her walk will put
swans to shame.
ls her walk so beautiful?
The celestial dancers Ramba,
Urvashi and Thilottama,
were dancing to please
lndra, Lord of Heaven.
But this celestial dancer will dance
exclusively for young macho man.
Won't peacocks dance if
my chechi smiles? - No.
Do one thing, let your Urvashi
be on his left side.
We'll keep our Menaka
on his right side.
Let's see who will
show more oomph!
Team Tolly
Young man and young girl fell
in love in each other's arms...
Slipping outfits...
cheeky pecks on cheeks...
Cheeks have turned pink...
O Madhava! Play the music
of cradle with your flute...
Play in that romantic mood,
rhythm of life on your lover's body.
Shall l hit the pot?
Shall l become your partner?
Don't hide your butter
in the pot?
Let me touch and
enjoy it's softness?
Let me smooch your
bounties of youth...
Let me enjoy all
of your beauty...
My beauty is yours...
lf you touch me...
My pot of milk spills
only on seeing you...
Fun of romance is on...
Game of love is entertaining...
l'm enjoying it to the hilt...
Slipping clothes are forcing
to seek more pleasures...
Hold on...
Enjoy it stealthily...
Shall l play flute of the youth?
Shall l play the drums
of your youth?
Shall l teach shyness
to your clothes?
Shall l become tune
of your youth?
Fun and frolic
at the festival...
Young maidens are enjoying
the hits of passionate desires...
You are running short
of milk of youth...
Get charged up with the
fragrance of flowers...
Your anklets are musical
creating melodies...
Though l've stolen the
butter of your youth...
You're still mine...
Lass is beautiful...
She has great airs...
l know her secrets...
She's moaning for me...
O handsome!
l desire you...
O dear! Why are you troubling?
The bounty is before you,
enjoy it....
Let the game of fun go on...
Let not the swing of
happiness ever stop...
Luck...your bad luck...
She's the girl in his heart.
Won't he marry me then?
Let me see how it
can be impossible.
l'm a real Kerala girl.
- That's it!
By hook or crook,
l'll arrest him in my centre.
Are you suspecting goddess' words?
lf it really happens,
l'll shave my moustache.
What man? sari?
Nobody can catch me.
Do you've any sense?
Thinking you'll worry about
our whereabouts,
l wrote a letter about things
happening here,
will you come immediately?
lf anyone recognises you?
l've come incognito
for that purpose only.
When the death news of Mani
was splashed on newspapers,
do you know how our village
burst into joy and happiness.
That's why l came to see you.
You saw, haven't you?
Now leave the place.
lf anyone comes here
without my knowledge...
They sent money
for your needs. - No.
This isn't my money, sir.
People's money...take it.
What is this?
Tears in your eyes!
We should see only fire
in your eyes, not tears.
Don't spare anyone...
kill everyone of them.
You don't cry, Narasimha.
Where are you?
l'm going to a disco, dad.
You're the next MLA,
moreover Pothuraju is angry on us,
and is waiting to avenge
his brother's death.
How many times l've to tell you
not to go out without security?
Come home quickly.
While coming...
Greetings sir.
Where is Pani? - lnside sir.
Okay sir.
You go up. - Okay sir.
You go to the parking area.
- Okay sir.
When will the show end?
- ln another 30 minutes.
How many doors are there?
- 8 sir.
Locations?- 4 in the front and
two on the either side.
Close all the doors
and find Pani.
Where's the cabin?
- This side sir.
JD's son has been murdered
in the bathroom.
Two men just now rushed
into the balcony.
The murderer mustn't
escape from here.
Close all the doors, and ask the
people to exit from one door only.
A murder has been
committed in the bathroom,
killer is in this crowd,
you come out one by one,
there won't be any problem.
Please co-operate with us.
They may get suspicious
if we are together.
You go first...go!
Go l say!
Go away!
A murder has been committed.
How can you sleep
peacefully here?
Get up...get up.
Get up bloody fool!
What's this sir?
What's this disturbance
at midnight?
A man who beat 1 1 people to
save your daughter that day,
Where does he stay here?
What's this indecent
behaviour with women?
Sir...he stays in the
room number 53.
Where is he?
Come on tell me.
He stays in that room.
You want to die?
Don't you all have
any desire to live?
Are you all suicide squads?
You are ready to die
for him here.
There that man...
with a beard...
He committed suicide
to save the dumb.
He's the man who killed
Pothuraju's brother Mani,
He's the man who killed
JD's son Pani today.
ls Pani dead?
ls JD's son Pani dead?
Has our man killed him?
Goddess Shambhavi!
Till now we were three.
Today we are two.
Tomorrow even if one remains,
we'll do what we've vowed to do.
What are you blabbering?
Where is that dumb boy?
Why did you come here?
Go...go...go away from here.
My name is Narasimhudu!
Kondaveeti Narasimhudu!
Driver, get into the train,
MLA has come.
We didn't stop the train for him,
but for our Narasimhudu.
What are you discussing here?
l've come, haven't l?
Why isn't the train moving?
lt seems the train isn't
stopped for you.
For Narasimhudu!
Why did they stop for him?
Why a farmer will not plow
the land till it rains?
Why a rooster crows
only at the dawn?
Why festival of harvest comes
on January 1 4 only?
Whose eyes you can see
sun and moon together?
Lord Vishnu!
Narasimhudu is Lord Vishnu
to our village.
Who is he man?
- Who is he? Look there!
Team Tolly
Mischievous blue eyed boy...
Take me away with you...
Naughty boy...
Entwine me...
This beauty is the queen
of sleazy Rajamundry...
This maiden is delicious
'Pootharekulu' of Palakollu...
lt's Monday...
Away from women...
Desire me...
Competitive price...
lf you ask me won't l get
hooked on to you?
Even if you pull the chain,
train will not stop my dear...
lf it crosses the mail, fool,
night is all yours, my dear...
Vijayawada is busy...
Gudivada is in chaos...
Take a trial in the moving train...
Prosperous Nellore...
Hometown for devastating beauties...
Just go for them passionately...
My heart is a purse...
return it...
Your beauty is my need...
l'll have it...
l'm coming to you...
You pouncing on me...
l'm giving up myself
to become yours...
l've got her like the
yesteryear heroine...
You've come like legendary NTR
to shatter records...
Will you join me...
Will you show me bliss...
Will you strap me
with love shackles...
Will you torture me
with pleasant tortures...
l'll stamp out the chill from you...
l'll squeeze out the shine
from your cheeks...
Wait...and see...
l'll trouble you with pleasures...
l'll melt the layers of fat...
Hug me tight in your arms...
My stride...your waist...
Swings a cradle...
Your looks are inciting
new desires in me...
Your beauty and my toughness!
What a great pair!
Direction is fine...
the going is fine...
She's devastating...
the girl l got...
Greetings sir. - Greetings.
Are you fine Narasimha?
- l'm fine sir.
You bring all the produce
from the village.
You don't take a rupee
as commission,
how can you make a living?
- Why do l need money?
Village looks after me,
l look after the village.
Check it. Totally Rs. 1 ,00,730.
Hey bamboo, Order me tea.
Why do you call me
with nickname?
My parents have named
me as Venu.
What is Venu?- Flute.
What is a flute made from?
- Bamboo!
Tell him that. - Hey bamboo...
Brother...take this - What?
Look there, brother.
His money. - Who are you?
How dare you've entered
my work place?
The money is yours
till it's with you.
When it comes into
my hands, it's mine.
Without bothering about
day or night, rain or shine,
flood or storm, stones or rocks,
dust or sand, thorn or prickles,
insects or snake,
when the rooster crows,
taking the plow to field
to till the land,
working hard day and night
sowing, tending, watering,
fighting starvation, deprivation,
selling wife's jewels,
spraying medicine, weeding waste,
standing guard to the crops,
old aged, mother, father,
children, all of them unite,
harvest the produce and
store it in mounds,
pack it in bags, take it to
the city and to the mill,
bargaining for better price,
counting & bundling the money,
when kept aside in a cloth bag...
Taking a tea for tiredness,
how dare to steal a farmer's
hard earned money,
A filthy crossbreed
of dog and fox!
Don't kill me.
A punch for the first mistake.
Death for the second mistake,
that's my policy.
You can put hand in food
only if we put our hands in soil.
Never get bitten by
a vengeful snake.
Stay out of me when
l seek revenge.
Live carefully!
Subbu...come quickly...
train is moving.
You're doing too much! Come.
Father, hold this.
- Give me the water carrier.
Get in...get in.
Girls now are very light,
she boarded just in one push.
Who are you?
- l'm a passenger like you.
ls it? l thought you were TC.
Why did you hold
my daughter's waist?
l got only that so l held.
- Will you hold anything you find?
Without thanking me for
helping her board the train...
Why are you scolding me?
- Scolding you?
You've not only held
an unmarried girl's waist,
are you accusing me
of scolding you?
l told only once,
but you've said that twice.
Go without bothering me,
you come in.
Sit there. Move man.
Come Narasimha.
Will you remove your leg,
it'll be fine.
What? - Why?- Why?
To play cards.
Take the suitcases!
- They are ours.
There's no yours and
ours to play cards.
l'm not a human if l get angry.
You too want to join the game?
- l don't know to play.
A good card please...
You take it and give him. Give!
Take your hand off me.
Asking her to give the card herself.
Will l touch your daughter?
Oh god! lt's show!
Just a card from her lap and
you've won the game.
lt has proven to
be lucky to me.
You move and sit...
Let her sit here sir.
Asking her to move.
What's wrong if she sits here?
You sit here only.
What are you looking at?
Close your eyes.
Mine is full count!
Mine is also full count.
- Me too!
Stop...what can we do!
Some bring bad luck
with their touch.
Enough of watching,
take out the money.
l don't have change,
l've only a ten bill.
l told you before, no credit,
there will be change in
the bag, take it out.
Bloody dirty face!
- Why are you abusing me?
Should l kiss you then?
Shall l?- You better abuse.
Oh! My two rupees!
What's the meaning of that look!
Give my money.
lt fell there. - Where?
Master, my two rupees.
l didn't find it,
who asked you to lose it?
l know where it fell.
- Then take it.
You don't have any objection
if take it, do you?
No objection.
Can l take wherever
it may have fallen?
Silly! What objection will l have
if you take your lost money?
l'll take!
Take boy! Tell him to take.
He's telling you to take...
come on take.
Take...take... - What man?
Why did you give him?
- Father...that two rupee...
Did it fly and fell
into your purse?
Don't play fool with me,
l'll jump from the running train.
What's this you took
one 2 rupee coin?
Why there're 2 one rupee coins?
- Don't know?
Greetings sir.
- Put the garland.
Why have you come
to the station?
Don't you know
he's our new MRO?
Government servant!
Subbu, you come.
Salt and camphor
appear same...
Hold this.
This cap is for you.
Go and play.
- Look how happy they are.
Hello master.
Give it to me.- Take.
This year's earning for
the agriculture produce.
Rs.1 ,00,730... take it.
Come, let's distribute
amongst ourselves.
Stop. Count the money.
Why would there be short
when you've brought it?
Rs.3000 is short in it.
Things you bought for
children will be Rs.3000.
lsn't it Seetharamaiah?
What's this?
My grandpa is very serious.
What's the date... - Date?
22nd... Friday.
Oh God! How could l forgot?
l am dead. Come grandpa.
Lock the door. - Okay.
You can come.
How many cups!
- No...don't touch.
How nice it would've been if l was
at the presentation ceremony?
Why didn't you come then?
l was away on village duty.
Will you forget me
for the village?
The day l receive prizes,
the day my brother comes home,
you know, how l was happy
because it's the same day.
No need! Close the door and leave.
Brother, for me.
Take...thanks brother.
lt is very good.
l am hungry...can l have food?
All can have food.
Then, let's go and eat.
Though you live for
the entire village,
You visit everyone's home
once in a year.
lt's festival of harvest or light
the day you come home.
Today passed off with
fun and frolic.
You'll step into this home
again after a year only.
l too want to come,
what can l do?
Though l'm an orphan,
the entire village looks
after me as their own son,
l can't repay your's
and this village's gratitude.
Why are you calling me by name?
- No, l asked for a soap.
No, you called me.
How is that whatever
l say or talk.
you hear it as your name
or talking about you.
Nothing like that.
Aren't you ashamed to
follow a man in front?
You are following me.
You know the reason
for following you.
lf you give my money.
l will go away. Give...give...
Take it.
Keep it yourself.
This isn't my coin.
lsn't this a 2 rupee coin?
- How can it be?
lf water is in pot,
it's ordinary water.
lf it's in conch,
it's holy water.
The coin that touched your heart,
l can't find it in Tirumala temple's
donation box also.
How much a kg of brinjals?
Rs. 2
A kg of ladies finger?
- Rs. 2 only.
Got it! Anything you
buy is Rs. 2 only.
Why're you showing 2 fingers?
l remembered childhood's two symbol
- ...Shameless creature.
Yes, l was roaming without
undies as a boy.
Close. Don't worry.
Now, l wear.
l bought it for Rs. 2
Oh my god...he's coming...
you come...
What happened?
Asking me what happened?
Your father is coming.
lt won't be nice if he see
us together like this.
What's there between us
to be afraid of my father?
What are you saying?
lf there isn't anything
why're you hiding with me then?
You created panic
to hide, so l hid. Go.
Even god doesn't want
us to separate.
Nothing like that.
Wait, l'll remove it...sit.
l'll remove it myself.
Get lost.
lf you get up now,
father will see you.
He'll ask what are you doing here?
My answer will make you furious.
- What will you say?
We're young man and woman.
l'll say we feel like doing it.
What do you feel like doing?
- l've many talents.
lf you say yes,
l'll show you a sample.
What's it father?
- l am hungry, serve me food.
Food is ready.
Why is he coming like a
son-in-law to ln-law's place?
Did you feel like that?
l am like that only.
lf l like anyone,
l'll become very close.
Who do you like here now?
- Certainly not you.
My daughter...?
- No...never.
This is punishment by my Master
for playing cards before you.
l've to cook and serve you.
Why're you ringing the bell?
God's offering is offered only
after ringing the bell in temple.
Even in jail food is served
after ringing the bell.
Master punished you
for this loose tongue.
My friend doesn't consider
it as a punishment,
so, he has cooked delicacies.
A bathroom singer can't
became a Balasubramanyam.
Every cook can't became
a legendary Bhima.
But everyone who loves
becomes a lover.
l don't like your simile.
- You should like my cooking only.
Tell me your menu.
Chicken pieces....
chicken legs.
Chicken thigh....
chicken neck.
Chicken mouth....
chicken back.
Did you prepare all this?
We planned to prepare all this.
But due to some
unavoidable circumstances.
We had to settle for
simple vegetarian food.
Can we survive
after eating this?
Taste it. lf you survive
you'll answer or else....
Then, you taste it first.
This is Government order
Taste it and tell me.- Eat.
Will you finish it yourself?
l haven't yet started eating.
You are fit for eating only
not to cook.
What're you saying?
- This is government order.
Hey go out...go out man.- What?
- He has gone out.
Why're you threatening me?
He's a mad man.
He doesn't know anything.
Subbu, you too eat.
Why're you calling
her by name?
lsn't a name to be called?
- May be.
Only l must call her by name.
- Okay fate.
The loin thread is
tied around waist.
Why're you carrying
it in your hard?
This isn't loin thread?
Neck thread.
Neck thread?
Recently l lost a 2 rupee
coin in train,
Like you lost yesterday?
- Yes, same.
But it fell into a
beautiful girl's blouse.
Stop...stop...why're you
watching fun like a fool?
Give me water quickly.
Bring it from kitchen.
Modern girls don't know
what to do & what not to do.
Did that girl gave
the coin to you?
That girl...
Chakrapani's daughter
Subbu get me water.
Why're you calling
her by name again?
That's why l called her
with your name.
Father.- Water is here drink it.
A misfortune just passed away.
Anyway did you get
back your coin?- No sir.
One must be lucky
to get it back.
lf l had got back, l would've
worn it in this thread.- Why?
Asking why? The coin that
touched such a beautiful heart,
wouldn't it touch my heart too?
You're getting hiccups
without eating anything.
Someone is thinking of me, father.
Only we're there for each other,
who will think of us?
Why sir? Can't future
husband think about her?
Right. Why have you
come this side?
Forgive me...bye sir...
- Bye. Bye.
Why're you getting shocked
for a good bye? Say bye to him.
Oh! Your daughter
is very lucky.
Silly girl. She's not lucky in reality.
The one who marries her is
the lucky man.- Stop it sir.
People around here say
l am a lucky man.
So, this is it.
Bye sir...
What did he say now?
Father! Shall l serve food?
Serve food?
He has already served me full. l say.
Eat l say.
Sister, why're you
beating a little boy?
He's refusing to eat.
Refusing to eat? Wait.
How delicious it smells.
What are the dishes sister?
Drumstick and butter.
That's it. Butter!
Look boy. lf you eat drumstick,
you'll grow tall like the tree.
l too was eating the same.
He is about the cot's size.
Make him eat plenty.
lt tastes terrific!
Will you eat or shall l eat?
l am eating.
Look, how intelligent he is.
l too have intelligence.
l'll show when it's time.
Drink...drink...won't you drink?
lf you refuse l'll beat you.
l've got a chance. Narasimha thinks
he's very intelligent.
...he made a boy to eat food.
Watch now. l'll use my brain,
and make an infant drink milk.
Will infants drink milk
if you beat them?
There's an art to make
infants drink milk.
Give it to me.
l'll milk him drink.
You must drink milk,
it'll be sweet, my dear.
Will you drink or shall l drink?
l'll drink...
l'll drink.- Look here.
This man wants to drink milk.
Did l say like that?
How dare! Will you desire
to drink her milk?
l don't have change,
l've to make an offering to Baba.
lf you give my coin,
l'll make an offer and pray.
l pray you.
Leave me alone.
How can l leave you?
Even god doesn't want us to separate.
That's why day before yesterday
in train, yesterday at home,
now in temple.
- What happened?
He has united us.
United? As if we're man and wife.
You make me think like that.
What did l do?
l gave you one.
You gave me two.
One plus one is two.
A boy and girl make one.
How do you l look to you?
Lightening of the sky.
Jasmine twig on land.
Don't you've sisters?
Except you all others
are my sisters.
You are shameless.
Love is shameless.
lt'll bud.
What shall l do
to get ride of you?
lf you give my coin,
l'll offer it to Baba.
l gave it the same day.
That's yours.
Return mine.
Leave me.- Return it.
l gave it long back.
MRO's daughter is asking you to leave.
Have you fallen in love with her?
She's not free.
lt seems she fell in
love with someone,
when she expressed it to him,
it seems he advised
to see her face in the mirror.
Spinning yarns?
What is he saying?
ls it true?
lt seems MRO's daughter
loved someone,
and it seems he told her
to find another man.
Balu, what's the fool is saying?
lt seems MRO's daughter
has fallen in love.
What's it sister-in-law?
Did you call me, Subbu?
Won't you spare anyone
in the village?
Have you told everyone?
l didn't tell children?
- Why?
Anyway we'll have children, don't we?
What do you think of yourself?
l've stopped thinking
about myself long back.
l am thinking of you only.
- What?
Your eyes are beautiful.
Your teeth are beautiful.
Your smile is beautiful.
Did you tell all this to everyone?
No, l never told your
hips are beautiful.
What did you tell then?
- l told them, l love you.
What did you say?
- What did l say?
Just now you said, l love you.
- What did l say?
l love you.
- What?
l love you.
Public announcement.
There are few discrepancies
in the issued ration cards.
lt's Sub-Collector's order to attend
a meeting tomorrow with ration cards.
You can start now.
lt's me sir.
Chitti, 10 years.
My grand daughter.
l am Durgamba! Housewife.
Narasimhudu! Aged 22 years.
lt's me sir.
lt's me sir.
Your wife is Varalakshmi, son Venu,
daughter is Shailaja.
Narasimhudu, aged 22 years.
- lt's me here also.
lt's me sir.
Your wife is Mary.
Your eldest son is David.
- Greetings sir.
Narasimhudu aged 22 years.
Here also it's me, sir.
What's this? Playing fun?
There's nothing fun in it.
There're 365 homes
in our village.
There are 365 ration cards
one for each home.
But every card has
Narasimhudu, aged 22 years.
Yes, they are all mine.
How can it be possible?
This is cheating the government.
How can it be?
They've entered my name for
the love they've on me.
they haven't taken any extra
rations using my name.
May be...but it is invalid legally.
We are not bothered
whether it is valid or not valid.
When anyone starts writing
on a piece of paper,
generally, we start by
invoking god's name,
we write Narasimha's name
with the same veneration.
We pray god before
having our food,
but here we think of Narasimha
before having our food.
When he's not a member of
any of the 365 families here,
his inclusion in the card
is invalid legally.
l am cancelling all
the issued cards.
No need of you
to cancel the cards.
Without Narasimha's name
in the ration card,
we don't want your ration cards.
- Yes, we don't want.
Mr.MRO! Will you supply rice
without ration cards?
Kerosene and sugar?
We'll not supply anything.
l request you to please
wait for a minute.
l beg you, master.
Please remove my name from
your ration cards.- lmpossible.
Grandpa, you're an old man.
Agriculture is also not
supporting your needs.
lf you give up ration cards
at this juncture.
Please do it, grandpa.
lt's better to die than
give up your name.- Yes.
You're a farm hand.
You've to work everyday to
keep the kitchen fire burning.
Atleast you listen to me.
We can survive for
few days without food.
We can't survive even
few minutes without you.
Let's burn the ration cards
which he says is illegal.
Let's burn it.
Please listen to me.
Stop Narasimha! Don't step forward.
lt's a swear on us.
Go back.
What's this grandpa for me....?
How am l to repay
your gratitude?
lf you conduct my last rites,
it'll be done.
Sir, one minute.
What is this?
You'll die without ration cards.
We should've perished
16 years ago.
We are still living
is Narasimha's mercy.
The sacrifice made by
Narasimha and his parents.
We must remember till we live.
Till this village is there.
Our village is on the bank of river,
once the river flooded
half of our village.
Since then Narasimha's father
Ramachandra used to guard the bund.
With unseasonable incessant rains,
it breached the bund again.
Father... - Hubby.
Janaki, check if there are any cracks
on the other side...go.
Water is flowing out.
Narasimha, go & stop
the water flow...go.
Janaki, push down the sand bags.
Look there.
lf you don't stop it,
village turns into a grave. Plug it.
Will you follow my orders
to save this village?
What is it?
You made a vow to live with me
on our marriage.
Will you die along with me today?
His parents died for
the sake of village,
Narasimha was left an orphan.
Narasimha who saved
the entire village,
we didn't want him
to feel like an orphan.
The entire village adopted
him as their own son.
ls it wrong to add his
name in our ration card?
l seek the forgiveness
from all of you.
l'll issue fresh new cards tomorrow.
l'll issue with Narasimha's
name in every card.
Sir, l'll also apply
for a ration card.
You must permit me to
add Narasimha's name.
Anyway you've to enter Narasimha's
name in your ration card.- Why?
Why? He's going to
become your son-in-law.
Your daughter and Narasimha
fell in love at first sight.
You mean?- Love each other.
Greetings.- Greetings.
Entire village is here.
What's the occasion?
Your home.- My home?
Yes.- A good news to you.
You are going become
a father-in-law shortly.
Thank god, you didn't
say grandfather.
lf you delay any further
it is bound to happen.
lf l don't delay.
We'll fix the marriage.
lt's good Narasimha
becoming my son-in-law.
Traditionally the groom's parents
get a new set of clothes.'re 365 families
can l bear it?- Don't worry.
We'll bear the entire
marriage expenses.
Then, okay.- lt's settled.
Stop. What settled?
Won't you ask a groom's wish?
What's this? We've come here
knowing you love her.
Don't you like the bride?
Shut up! Why not? l love her.
Don't you like your father-in-law?
l like him 50-50.
- What about rest?
lf you give me the dowry
l desire, it'll become 100.
Dowry? Are you asking
dowry from the government?
l am not asking the government,
l am asking you.
You come in once.
These are my dead wife's jewels.
These are my daughter's jewels.
This is cash and behind
it land documents.
These? Who wants these?
Keep it with yourself.
What do you want then?
All l want is only one.
How can l know if you
don't come out?
Your daughter knows it very well.
lnnocent little girl.
What will she know?
Whisper into my ears.
Sir, do you know about
spanner in the spokes?- No. This is it.
Your daughter knows
what l need. You go out.
Take care of him.- Go out.
What's this?
You said my eyes
are beautiful.- l did.
You said my smile is beautiful.
- Yes, l did.
You said my hips are beautiful.
- Yes, l did.
Why are you talking
in different language now?
Didn't l ask my 2 rupee coin
along with them?
lt's there.
There....? How do l know?
lt's still there only like a bucket
falling into the well.
l'll turn, take it out and give me.
Yuck! There means not there...there.
Here it is.
Why have you kept it here?
This 2 rupee coin
brought us together.
That's why, l've kept it
at god's feet.
To offer it on our marriage.
- Offer it?
Yes, you said you can find in
Tirumala donation box also.
Go, find and get it back.
l'll do that later. l said l've
many talents, haven't l?
Shall we test a sample?
- What is it?
Did she give you?
- She gave only a half.
l'll give you the rest, come out.
lt's a thing you can't give me.
Then take it fully
from my daughter.
Give him.
Why're you denying him?
Team Tolly
Romantic mock anger...
Charming beauty...
lt'll fire up cool moonlight...
My gracefulness...
lf you say yes, it's all yours...
Youth will be fired up
with passion...
When air is teasing...
When jasmine is
turning enchantress...
Cheeks and buds are desiring...
Shame and shyness
left me for good...
When the boy in is on rampage,
who will dare to stop him?
A beautiful girl is
becoming mine today...
Will it quench my thirst for beauty?
Can the shyness
hide in my beauty?
Won't the youth catch fire
in passionate hugs?
Can the youth hold on
the pressure of it's urges?
Desires pinch and
rake up the passions...
Shall l melt like snow
in your hot embrace?
Shall l give you the liberty
to take chances with me?
Will the game of fun
cross the limits?
Will the sweet talk open up
the flood gates of youth?
Shall l twist my whiskers
on getting your fragrance?
lf the chill air hits you,
shall l warm you up?
Shall l have a ball in
your streets of love?
ln the cool moonlit nights,
shall l strip out my shyness?
Shall l have you in
the misty dim lit nights?
Shall l burn the lights
of passionate desires?
Have you left leaving
me like an orphan?
Father died as young boy,
now, you've left me.
How am l to live now?
Tell me.
Calm down.
Your cries won't bring back
your mother alive.
Great mother!
She wasn't just a
mother to you,
she was a mother to me too,
a mother to entire village.
What a lucky chance
he got himself.
lf l had got this idea,
l would've got this good name.
You can never get Narasimha's
intelligence, impossible.
Watch me...keep a watch.
l'll not rest till l find a body.
Then, l'll show my wisdom at work.
Oh! Rathalu! What have
you done to me?
Your mother has left us...
Rathalu! Are you dead?
Silly girl! What have you
done to yourself?
Make your heart strong, man!
Will your cries bring back
her alive? No... she'll not!
What a great lady she was!
Not only you, entire village
is mourning her death.
Calm fool!
l can't bear to see
you in sorrows.
She wasn't just your wife,
she was a wife to me too!
Why are you looking stunned?
Rathalu wasn't a wife
to just we both,
she was wife to every man here.
Please listen...
Shut up! What do you know?
What do you know the
sorrow of losing a wife?
are they just your children?
They're children to
the entire village.
What did you say?
My children belong to entire village.
ls my wife your wife too?
l'll kill you!
Why should l learn to
ride bicycle?- Why not?
ln future, when l'm working
in the fields,
Dear, l've brought your lunch,
Saying this, you've to
come riding this cycle.
Go... go..
Why did you leave it?
Please catch it.
Come!.. - Nothing will happen...Go...
Are you driving blindfold?
You've damaged my cycle.
Not just cycle, baby,
your dress is also spoiled.
Will you remove it?
l'll buy you a new dress.
Who are you?
l'm ''Nara'' (Human),
who stands by good,
and ''Simha''(Lion)
who demolishes injustice.
l'm Narasimhudu!
Move out!
No. One step forward,
it'll not be good to you.
Look brother!
This is a village.
We'll say anything like this,
any differences,
we'll say it with fist.
This is for Subbu's clothes
and her cycle repairs.
lf l make a phone call...
you couldn't do
anything with a gun...
What can you do with a phone?
l will...
Stop...stop! Give it to me!
Who do you think
they are, Narasimha?
JD's son! A billionaire!
Then tell him to eat 3 times
and use pot 6 times.
Advice him to stay
out of public.
What did you do?
They hit my cycle and
pushed me into water, father.
So, you're responsible
for all this
Please don't mind sir,
she's my daughter.
Till yesterday.
Now she's my fiancee.
MLA, tell them!
This is a village.
Land, water & air is pure here.
We'll weed out waste
from the fields.
We'll chop anyone who
commits mistake here.
100 acres of land!
You are selling it unnecessarily.
You make the arrangements.
l'll get these documents registered
in the registrar's office
and give it to MLA.
l'll give it to you. father has asked him
to come with the documents.
You'll get bored here. - No uncle!
- We like this place very much.
We'll stay today and
leave tomorrow.
Okay! You finish the work
and give it personally.
l'll go now!
l know the reason for
your staying back.
Yes, the girl who got drenched
in the stream,
is still lingering in my eyes.
- Oh my god!
After having her...
l don't mind even dying. too come.
Subbu promised to come.
Did priest say it's good
to offer prayers together?
Oh! How do you know that?
Your eyes are revealing it.
There's a yellow file
on the table,
take it to Pani, JD's son
staying in traveller's bungalow,
hand it over to him.
Sir, l'm MRO speaking.
l'm calling from Srungavaram,
Sub-Collector wanted
me here urgently.
How will the documents reach us?
My daughter will
handover it to you.
Plan success, buddy.
l can't bear the tension.
- l too buddy!
Greetings sir.
- Why did you bring the file?
Today's festival of victory!
My brother & Subbu are in
temple offering prayers together.
So, they sent the file with me.
You have spoilt my mood!
Look there!
lt's our Chitti.
What happened?
Bring her in quickly.
You go.. l'm here.
Nothing will happen to her.
You all go out.
- Come, let's go out.
What happened to Chitti?
What happened to Chitti?
What happened to Chitti?
What happened? Chitti... dear..
lt's me...your brother.
What happened, dear?
What did you do with her?
- Please listen to me!
What happened to Chitti?
Chitti was....- Chitti was...
Without even considering
Chitti is a minor girl...
...they have raped her.
No... no...
No... no...
Grandpa... grandpa...
Our little Chitti has been...
Grandma... grandma...
Master... my little Chitti...
My dear little Chitti,
l'm your brother,
Tell me, what happened?
Tell me...
Brother... - Yes, your brother.
When l went to traveller's bungalow
to handover the file,
Search where those bastards are!
Where are they?
They are not here!
Sir... sir..
Tell me or else l'll kill you.
Tell me where are they?
Please listen to me.
Tell me, where are they?
- l don't know.
Tell me, where are they?
Will your anger bring
the culprits to book?
Yes, listen to us.
Let's meet the MLA.
Mr. MLA! - What happened?
lt seems 2 men had come
with you yesterday.
they... they... - They...?
They raped her grand daughter.
Did they do like that?
Wait, l'll call S.P. of Police.
No, just tell me
where do they live?
l'll behead them myself.
You want them dead, right?
Leave them to me.
lf l don't have them hanged,
l'll resign as MLA.
When he's promising
to hang them,
why are you still furious?
Come... come... come...
Who is that enraged man?
Shall l kill him?
No... don't be in haste.
Our MLA has intelligently turned
it into a legal case.
Before they come back
from the police station...
l'll tell you what we must do
in the mean time.
How dare! Do you know
about this village?
Do you know the local rules?
Before they come back
here from the police station,
Let's come to an understanding.
l'll pay you Rs. 5 lakhs.
Do l look a man on sale?
Rs. 10 lakhs!
Are you trying to buy cheaply
a sincere doctor?
Rs.15 lakhs!
Narasimha has gone
in search of your people.
lf he comes to know your
people had raped Chitti,
He'll kill you all here and
get me do your post-mortem.
Rs. 20 lakhs!
lf you force me,
l may have to call police.
Rs. 25 lakhs!
No problem!
She has been like that ever
since the incident.
Who are you?
What are you doing with
my grand daughter?
l'll have them arrested
within 24 hours.
Yes, it's me...tell me...
What happened?
Our Chitti...- Chitti?
Our Chitti is no more!
Have you died leaving us behind?
Grandpa... Grandpa...
You've come quickly.
Come let's go.
l'll handover this file in
traveller's bungalow & come.
l'll handover this file,
you go to the temple.
lt seems priest said offering prayers
together is good to you both.
Check this report.
You said the girl was raped.- Yes.
But the report doesn't say so.
What's this doctor? You said something
but report says something else.
l've written what had
actually happened.
You told me the girl was raped.
Did l say like that?
The girl fell on rocks playing and
died due to heavy bleeding.
You've written a false
report taking bribe.
Bloody crook!
- Stop... stop..
What happened?
He has changed the report!
Hey stop!
No Narasimha!
Stop! Don't harm the doctor.
Did you see what a tragedy
has happened?
l told you to stop him.
Nobody stopped him.
Now he has killed doctor in public
and has become murderer.
Law must do it's work.
You carry on with your duty.
All right!
Do you know why l brought you here,
instead of going to station?
Chitti didn't die because of rape.
Scared of truth coming out,
JD, Amberpet Pothuraju,
bought Doctor for Rs. 25 lakhs,
and killed Chitti.
Killed Seetharamaiah
who tried to stop them.
You've become a criminal
by killing the doctor.
Real culprits are going scot free!
lf they have to be punished,
you must escape from law.
Run away!
l don't mind losing my job!
Don't spare them. Kill them!
Run away!
Go, Narasimha!
You've got ridden
of all the troubles.
The trouble is for me,
not for you.
lf there's any query about
why l had to shoot Narasimha,
l must tell l had to kill
to stop him killing a constable.
Now, l need a constable
urgently to kill.
Why did you fire at him?
We need witness.
Mr MLA, S.l. killed Narasimha,
Narasimha killed S.l.
Both are dead.
So the case is closed.
No, l'll not believe!
Nothing will happen to my Narasimha.
He's immortal.
lf it's true, what l believe,
my Narasimha will be
alive somewhere.
Don't talk.
Till those criminals are alive,
those who killed Chitti & grandpa,
You mustn't utter a word!
This isn't one person's revenge.
lt's an entire village's revenge.
Kill every one involved in the case.
Till you come back.
l shall wait for you at
the border of the village.
Now l understand why you
never uttered a word.
l couldn't bear to see my
daughter's dress being pulled!
How could you...
a 1 1 year old Chitti getting...
How could you bear it?
What you've done isn't crime?
Not only the people of
your village stand by you,
we are ready to sacrifice our lives.
lf blood letting is answer
for blood spilling,
the world will fast
turn into a graveyard.
l'm sad to hear about your past.
Because l too have
a 12 year old daughter.
But as a protector of law,
l can't support you.
Surrender yourself.
l'll ensure the culprits get punished.
Trust me.
Trust me!
Your rusted guns have
bullets in them,
but you don't have guts
to fire at criminals.
l have it.
Trust me!
l'll do what your
department cannot do.
No evidence, no courts,
l'll punish the culprits
right there and then itself.
Trust my trident to kill
the culprit in one shot.
Trust my fist to
punish the criminals.
We're from village.
We don't know to cheat people.
We don't know treason!
We may not be educated.
But we are worldly wise!
We respect earth as mother.
We respect woman as goddess.
We too hold sickles.
But not to kill men.
To harvest crops.
To keep hunger at bay.
l was a happy-go-lucky young man.
Who forced me to pick up a knife?
l never hurt even a blade of grass,
who made me to roll
down heads of men?
l'm not a!
l was forced to become one.
Lost...l lost everything.
My sister...
My grandfather...
My happiness...
and now my master
who was my godfather.
But l'm not mourning his death.
l'm sad because he died without
seeing another 2 deaths.
l'll surrender as you've requested,
but after killing 2 people,
l'll surrender.
Trust me!
What man? Why're you so dull?
Very sad to see Subbu
in such a condition.
Asking why?
When will Narasimha kill
the remaining two?
When are we going to see
smile on Subbu's face?
Narasimha has killed
JD's son also.
ls it?- Look at this new paper!
Good news.
Kissing me isn't great.
The way Subbu will kiss Narasimha
after hearing this news...
Team Tolly
Mischievous boy...
Warmth of the chilly nights...
Let's unite without any inhibitions...
Lover of beauties...
Are they shiny lamps?
lf bodies unite,
it's moonlight all over...
My mother-in-law
gave birth to you for me...
Your moustache is rocking
the boat of my youth...
Lord Brahma, the creator,
created you for me...
The spring time has
arrived early for us...
Your majestic walk of
lion has flattered me...
All of my body, life
and soul is yours...
O Beauty! Spread the bed...
When the fun starts,
your pride will vanish...
Boy! l'll spread the
bed of moonlight...
l'll give myself fully to you...
Night Cupid!
Gardener Ramu...
Someone who will rule
over your nights...
Mischievous Krishna
will steal your sari...
Looked at me mischievously...
twisted his whiskers....
Stole me from myself...
She wanted to wake up her youth...
She wanted me to
become her partner...
She became mine and
celebrated our union...
Wherever you touch,
it's sensuous fun...
Whenever you touch me,
the stork will come flying...
The kisses l showered on
you all the day...
The fight of fun without
inhibition on bed...
lt's bliss of kisses...
Magical man!
l'm all yours...
l've removed the veil of
shyness for you...
l've given you the green signal...
lt's fun to fight...
Shall l enjoy the fun?
You're sweet to hold...
l'll squeeze out
the fun out of you...
l've given my delicate
youth to you...
l let out a moan of happiness...
There's fun to be
enjoyed all the night...
Do it man...
No need.
l don't need your help.
l'll handle that Amberpet Pothuraju.
JD, l'm a criminal.
He would've never imagined
that you'll shoot him.
With the same hands
which greeted him.
lf you don't let me go.
l'll shoot him.
No master. l'm already in grief
for my brother's death.
l can't lose him too.
You thought l would say this, right?
He's my servant.
Not my life partner.
Ask your men to go to your side.
He's a wounded tiger.
lf he escapes, he won't spare me.
Catch him.
My name is JD. Jaydev,
from Hyderabad streets to Delhi
everyone knows my name.
Political leaders & rowdies wait
for the dinner l invite them to.
But Pothuraju wants to kill me.
But god saved me.
l saved you, not god.
God saved me through you.
Today, since you've saved my life,
l'll give anything you want.
Make a wish. lands...
Apartments, government posts,
anything...l can arrange
it in minutes.
l want my Chitti.
l want my grandfather.
l want my lost happiness.
Who are you?
Kondaveeti Narasimhudu. are dead.
We killed you.
As long as men like you live,
Narasimhudu will not die.
So, you...
l killed Pothuraju's brother Mani.
l killed your son Pani.
l'm going to kill you too.- No. me...
Save me!
To protect good people.
To destroy evil.
God takes birth time and again.
We live here. We die here.
Where else can we go
other than here.
l'll not leave.
l'll not leave any one.
lt's more severe to hide crime
than actually do the crime.
Who murdered him?
Tell me.
Tell me, also killed JD?
- l don't know sir.
Tell me.- l don't know sir.
Son! Come here.
Tell me, who killed him?
- l don't know.
You know boy.
- Stop it Commissioner.
Are you threatening us?
Don't you know who killed him?
Don't you know?
l know...l know.
Don't reveal the
name at any cost.
l've come here to tell you this.
People will torture you
to know the truth.
But still don't reveal his name.
He's doing what we couldn't do
wearing this Khaki uniform.
Let him do it...please.
lndustrialist JD's
suspicious murder.
Neither l killed him nor his son.
Who killed my brother then?
He didn't do it.
Then, who?
lsn't he dead?
Yes, he's gone.
lf you permit he'll also go.
Call the Commissioner.
l know why you've
called me here.
lsn't it to say you're not involved
in JD's murder, right?
No, to tell you.
l'd killed JD.- You're lying.
Hey, call them.
Greetings to all media people.
l've killed JD.
l'm asking him to arrest me.
No...- You record my statement.
Do you've any sense?
lt's live on T.V.
We can't save you later
even if we think.
Only if you've any intention
of saving my life,
l know who killed JD, his son and
my brother and you too know it.
But you know his whereabouts,
and l don't know.
Jail is safest place to be alive.
So, l'm going to jail.
Will you arrest me
or get orders from l.G.?
Are you arresting Pothuraju?
He has accepted
to have killed JD.
l'm arresting Pothuraju.
He's very clever.
He's observing everyone's
movement and making his kill.
May be he would've seen
this live on T.V.
He may try to bump me off
before l reach the jail.
You know what to do.
Why are you tensed up?
l'm scared to go with
people like you.
Nothing will happen.
Be brave.
You wanted to kill me.
Look! How l've invited
you to your death.
l ate in each home a day and
grew up with their blessings.
My young sister's soul is
waiting to rest in peace.
Come on.
Sing an elegy for his death.
Narasimha! Kill him.
Open your eyes,
angel of death...
Break his back lord of death...
Son of warrior...
Stamp out the evil
lock, stock and barrel...
With your anger properly channelled...
wipe out the demons...'s victory over devil...
Narasimha come,
the destroyer of evil...
Victor in the wars.
The great warrior Narasimha...
Stamping out the evil...
becoming the trident
of Lord Shiva...
becoming weapon of Lord Vishnu...
becoming the deadly
step of death...
becoming Lord Rama's arrow,
becoming Lord Krishna's discus...
to save the good on earth
and destroy evil...
go on a rampage Narasimha...
Hit on the stomach of evil that
drank the blood of innocents...
destroy his heart...
The man who strangled
so many innocent's necks,
strangle his neck
and kill him.
These are the demons of past
resurrected in a new form.
His cries are sweet music
to the world.
His rolled down head is a
feast to the vultures.
Even a crow will not touch the
food offered on behalf of him.
To save justice,
Victory is yours.
Peace...peace...your peace
is bliss to us.
What is setting on the west isn't sun,
it's the vengeance in you.
Like the world awaiting
the sunrise of a new dawn.
...Subbu will be
waiting for you. Go.
You restored peace
to your sister's soul,
and live in your
villager's hearts. Go away.
You didn't do anything.
l didn't see anything.
Victory is sure ours.
No need to fear.
March ahead without
any fear or hesitation.
Victory is sure ours.
No need to fear.
Salt & camphor...
Brother, it's time
to school...come.
Narasimha has come back.