Narco Cultura (2013) Movie Script

They say that it's safe on the
other side.
That people don't kill over
But the narcos are over here.
My dream is that there would be
no more murders here.
I want to see him!
We can't get through here.
They're saying hooded people
came and killed him.
They took out an AK-47 and shot
Well first with a pistol.
Then they ran out of bullets
so they took the AK
and started shooting the car.
Good thing they didn't hit the
gas tank.
It would have exploded.
They shoot randomly
and liquidate everyone.
That's how they killed my
uncle. He was going to church.
My uncle was just walking and
got shot.
He choked on his own blood.
We're going out to Guadalupe
to pick up a body.
The streets are empty.
Because of the situation people
don't leave their houses.
Here in this plaza
they left dismembered bodies,
without heads.
Sometimes only the heads
with a message.
We have to come out here to
and it's very dangerous for us
to be here.
Juarez has always been a
dangerous city.
In 2007, we processed 320
Then the drug war arrived in
our city.
In 2008, we processed 1,623
In 2009, there were 2,754
3,622 were murdered in Juarez
in 2010.
In El Paso, Texas, just across
the river
there were only five murders
that same year.
Making it the safest city in
the United States.
I was walking in peace
around Guadalajara.
The damn government started a
With an AK-47 but no bulletproof
vest, I cruised in my white truck
I hit one, my rifle never fails.
With a good eye and a good
pulse, my school fights back.
All right "Ghost" my friend...
What do you want me to put in
your song?
The more stuff you let me know, the
more I can make it interesting
and the better it will come
Say that I come from Michoacan.
And now you can find me in
What caliber do you carry'?
A 9mm.
Or the R15.
Do you want me to say your
name, or just call you "Ghost?"
"El Ghost. "
That's it.
Gonna go meet up with "Ghost. "
A little hustle I got going on
Let's do it here in the truck.
Is everyone ready or what'?
Walking around without hearing
with bags under my eyes
I don't like the usual Only the
best quality inside these jars.
The clients ask and they pay.
And I bring them the package.
The car stayed parked
and I went in my Silverado
South to north on Highway 101,
always in transit.
With payments for my friends.
My name... it slipped my mind
I'll pay you now?
Damn, no tip'?
Did he like the corrido'?
Yeah he liked it. Tomorrow
I'm gonna record it for him.
...and he asks if I want to
sing in a band he was starting.
We're bloodthirsty, crazy,
and we like to kill.
Sing it!
Why do you work with a mask'?
For our security.
There are so many people at the
crime scene.
We never know
what people are in the crowd.
Maybe the murderer is one of
Please... my children are over
Let me see!
I'm fine! Let me see!
My children!
- Let me pass.
- I can't.
Why not'? It's my house.
We saw two cars arrive.
One of them stopped, put their hand
out the window and started shooting.
There were three shots and
then they left.
And Who did it?
A kid. Maybe 14 or 15 years
"There are 11
left. "
They are going to come for 11
That's it.
We'll have to walk.
This is going to be a bitch.
Get behind the line.
They killed him!
In this last year, many of my
colleagues have quit
out of fear and insecurity.
I know the danger that we are in
as crime scene investigators.
But this is my job.
It's what I like to do.
And so I refused to quit.
I was born here in Juarez.
My father was born in Juarez
It's a beautiful city
and very sincere.
Six or seven years ago, This was a
very different city than today.
Now there are no jobs.
There are no businesses
they have closed because of
So many innocent people here
have lost their lives
for being in the wrong place.
The only way I can help this
is through my work.
We'll be right there.
You are probably asking, as are
other Mexicans, if this can change.
And my answer is "yes. "
Yes it can change.
Things can change, and they
will change for the better.
It's Mexican weed with an
American name.
Wow it smells nice.
Like the scent of a woman.
Thanks to the fucking weed.
You take it like this, right'?
A little gift, a bonus.
The guy liked the corrido and he
gave me a weapon. That's how it is.
1... 2... 3... BuKnas!
What song does this fucking
bazooka remind you of'?
With an AK-47 and a bazooka on
my shoulder.
Cross my path and I'll chop
your head off.
We're bloodthirsty, crazy,
and we like to kill!
What violent people in El Paso,
That's why we are
as disturbing as ever.
This song is what we are all
With an AK-47 and a bazooka on
my shoulder.
Cross my path and I'll chop
your head off.
We're bloodthirsty, crazy,
and we like to kill!
We are the best at kidnapping.
Our gang always travels in a
With bullet proof vests, ready
to execute!
I'm number one, code name "M1"
I'm backed up by El Chapo.
My name is Manuel Torres Felix
sending greetings from
SEMEFO consists of the forensic
medical service,
criminal investigation field
the ballistic laboratory
the chemical laboratory
the genetics department
criminal identification
and vehicle identification,
among others.
Right now we are the busiest forensic
department in this country and the world.
We have two bodies. Completely
Completely burned'? Damn.
Copy that.
It's difficult to work on the bodies here.
We can't get them out.
It'll be safer to do back in
the lab.
The men in the car were first
executed by shooting.
Then they were doused in gasoline, and the
truck was left burning for everyone to see.
Revenge is something we've
experienced first hand.
On June 3rd, 2010, my colleague
Juan Luis was assassinated.
He was gunned down in front
of his house after work.
A month later, Saul Chavez left the office
to go pick up his kids from school.
He was murdered as he waited
Oscar Miranda was the third
member of the unit we lost.
The hitmen unloaded over 40 rounds from
automatic weapons in front of his home.
They were all killed on their
way to or from the office.
I just saw a suspicious car
When was this'?
Right now. I just got back.
You should contact
the coordinator and the boss
and tell them...
Do you have your radio'?
Those were gun shots.
High caliber.
If you see any action or anything
just call us so we can send you 23.
Thank you.
Wait, just let me check.
You always go out with a prayer
on your lips.
You never know when things will
You always have to
look what vehicles are at your
If you see a strange car...
Look, that one doesn't have
Those are the kind of vehicles
that we're really scared of.
This is the risk of working
This is the "Movimiento
Straight out of Sinaloa.
Sending reinforcements to decapitate El
Macho leads wearing a bulletproof vest.
Bazooka in hand with experience
Wearing grenades, death is within.
Tvviins Culiacn.
...the girls take off their clothes a
private party like you can't imagine!
Hit it! Hit it!
If there wasn't so much violence in Mexico,
we wouldn't have such badass corridos.
And that's reflected in the
Movimento Alterado.
This is the first time all of the Movimiento
Alterado bands are here on Sunset.
In Hollywood, with all the
We do it in L.A. because it's
very powerful
to give birth to new musical
movements, artistic movements.
We upgraded to The House of
Blues now.
...a new Mexican-American
All this culture is being mixed
People have come here from all
It's so cool to see regular
They go to a club, and they feel
narco for that night, you know?
Komander, Komander!
Komander how are you?
Is this the first step to
Let's hope, let's hope!
We're going to see a series of
great artists...
a huge lineup of 22 artists.
You said you were going to
arrive at 11 am.
I was waiting here with the
This is a musical movement from
Los Angeles
but really it comes from
And so it's an honor to present,
straight out of Culiacn, Sinaloa...
my main man, Komander.
- Great corrido.
- Yeah you like it'?
My mom listens to it. She says,
"it reminds me of you!"
Yeah I wrote that in Durango.
Badass, dude.
Oh you wrote it there'?
He's started playing the
One day you can be like me!
Who wants corridos?
One, two, three... BuKnas!
Take a bite out of crime!
People are very drunk, very
hyped up.
Often people have already taken
There are fights in eight out
of every ten shows we do.
You always hear these narco corridos
over the police frequencies.
After we hear a narco corrido, it
means there's been an execution.
Thanks, we'll be right there.
Never come around here. And
now they drive by twice. Why?
They were scouting ahead,
working for the bad guys.
They're all the same guys.
I don't understand why
there are so many police here.
They should go and catch the
The federales stop people,
but then just let them go.
And the local cops abuse their power.
They're bullies.
It's their fault so many
innocent people die.
Just now five or six people
were killed.
Including workers, clients
and supposedly a police officer
Nice Christmas.
Sometimes you ask yourself,
"Did I mess up?"
"Was there something I didn't
do right?"
Some people even say...
"You guys are just bullet
collectors. "
It's sad when people don't
value your work.
The truth is
there are many deaths that...
that sometimes...
it gets frustrating.
As a crime investigator, I play
my part in the system.
He was watching the news.
And I asked, "What happened
- He grabbed his face.
- "What happened son?"
A colleague.
- "What happened?"
- They killed him.
Now Richi doesn't go out.
He doesn't go have a drink, go for a walk.
He doesn't leave.
He comes from work to home
eats and sleeps
and then goes back to work.
When he leaves in the morning, I
don't know if he'll come back.
Sometimes I wish that you would
leave that job.
Why don't you quit my son'?
Why not'? Give me an
There is no other work.
And it's my career.
But last week, you lost one of
your colleagues?
Sometimes I worry so much, you
have no idea.
But like Richi said, it's his
work, it's his career.
If he leaves his job, what will
he do for work?
All the small businesses are
closed or closing.
And those that aren't closing
are paying extortion money.
What if you get married and go
to El Paso'?
If he gets a good job there,
we'll all go with him!
This is my house.
I was born and raised here.
I've lived here for 34 years.
This has always been my room.
My own space.
Here it's just me.
This is where I laugh, this is
where I cry, all of it.
Yes my son.
Be really careful okay'?
Bye son, God bless.
Richi doesn't want to leave his
But the higher he gets promoted
the more danger he's in.
And he tells me "Mom, at 6pm
lock yourself in. "
Unless you see that they're customers,
don't open the door for anyone.
These young guys come in...
They come in with little papers like
this, and they leave you a phone number.
And you say, "What is this'?
What do you want?"
They say, "Call this number, I
don't know anything. "
You're afraid and don't know what to do.
But you have to call.
They tell you they'll come by
to charge a certain amount.
- But why'? I don't have very much...
- I already told you.
If not, close your store.
We'll burn this place down.
What can we do'?
- Joaquin, you okay'?
- You got hit by the ricochet'?
Calm down, my love.
A gun shot!
It's all taken care of.
Where to now, boss'?
We run the risk that this
fucker will tell his friends.
Cut it.
Okay, out.
This is how movies need to be
made, stupid.
He's here! It's the actor from
"El Baleado"!
Take eight, camera two.
You're dead!
Everyone listens to narco
I don't think there's anyone
who doesn't like them.
I would like to be the
girlfriend of a narco
because it's a way of life, not
anything bad.
Well, okay, it is something
bad, but it's a way of life.
It's been coming for years, in
our Mexico.
It's something that's a culture
for us.
Where are you playing now, at
the Nokia theater'?
Yeah man.
Sold out, dude.
Arriba Los Angeles!
...I've got so much to learn!
I need more words, more slang.
You should send me to Mexico to live
there for six months or something.
If you're born here, you don't have the
same vocabulary as someone from Mexico.
I have to get my information
from YouTube and the Internet.
All Komander has to do is walk
For that reason I've always wanted to
go to Culiacn, to write more corridos.
How are you my son?
I'm good grandma, thanks.
You've been dancing!
I was thinking today...
I just could not have met a
better woman than you.
No, I'm serious.
Awww, love!
I kill at a very early age.
That's why I live so
then to get over the trauma, I
go get into a fight.
Now nobody can catch me.
They'll say "He has flown
away. "
...with his AK-47 at his side.
We are getting to work...
I don't like his voice.
He has a good tone, but the
Gordito Chaparrito is better.
Yeah, why couldn't he come?
In the mafia he is known
as M1 by his friends.
Active collaborator.
My girlfriend and I have
to live over there in the
United States, in El Paso.
She feels more at peace there.
She doesn't want to live in Juarez
because of the insecurity and danger.
We have to think about the safety of our
kids when we have a family one day.
It would be a major change.
After you cross the bridge,
you feel a certain quietness.
A different rhythm of life.
How do you feel, Richi,
coming back to Mexico?
You wouldn't believe how much
more free I feel
because it's my country and my
Here I'm less worried about
breaking every little rule.
I just feel more confident.
It'll be hard to live there.
There are different customs and
A different language.
I'll miss this.
Everything that's here -
Juarez isn't just death and
There's also love. Kindness.
There are good people.
What's your name'?
Carlos Hogada.
And who received money'?
In a video posted online, a captured
member of the Sinaloa Cartel
is being interrogated by
members of a rival cartel.
They force him to identify corrupt
officials working with the Sinaloa cartel.
Who else inside the law is paid
off by the Sinaloa Cartel?
Corrupt or not, the officials named in
the video knew they were targets now.
Give me more names!
The coordinator of SEMEFO in
What's his name'?
Two days later another video
was released.
This time, there was no
A written message appeared,
"This is what will happen to people who
continue to work for the Sinaloa Cartel. "
And this time, as usual, a narco
corrido playing in the background.
The situation in the office was
very uncomfortable.
The guys began referring to
Oscar as "dead man walking. "
After knowing about the threats, and
certain information being circulated
your life changes radically because
you need to take precautions.
You can't go out like you used
to or like any person does
walk through the mall...
And you have a family too
This is something you have to
explain to them'?
Yes, but in the last year we've
lost colleagues.
It's a risk all of us who work
here take.
You're not working in a flower
It'd be stupid not to be on
And I'd rather not talk about my family,
so I don't give them any ideas...
Although Oscar was shaken, he kept
working until he received a threat:
"If you don't resign, you'll be
executed tonight. "
Oscar quit, and was never seen
at the office again.
The first thing that happens is
you stop fearing the law.
We have the law bought when we
Because it's a cycle.
All of it.
Did you ever torture anybody'?
I've had to do many things.
I've had to do favors for many
There were three people
hitting him with wooden bats.
And when he wouldn't tell us
where were,
we burned him, pressed nails
into his hands,
But in that moment you don't
feel anything, because...
if the people you're working with see your
weakness, you're no longer useful to them.
So you need to turn cold.
You can't have compassion for
other people.
Sol picked up the bat again
and worked up my nerve.
I took the bat again and gave
him three more hits
but these I gave him to the
back of his head
and it all opened up.
I couldn't sleep for a week.
I don't think it will ever end.
On July 25th, 2011, there was a
massacre in the Juarez prison.
In a video released by the
inmates dressed in white easily take keys
from guards, who then simply walk away.
They open the doors to the cell, and
other prisoners emerge with guns.
17 inmates were murdered that
day, and another 20 were injured.
It took 24 hours for the authorities
to take control of the situation,
and for us to gain access to
recover the bodies.
So the fact that you catch less.
Does that indicate that there's actually
less movement of drug trafficking?
That could be a bad number too, right?
You're catching less.
The most natural herb ever,
marijuana from Sinaloa.
No to drugs. No to drugs.
We got a shoutout on YouTube.
"This video was specially made
for my friend Edgar Quintero
and my friend Jaime from
BuKnas de Culiacn, Sinaloa. "
That's it. Make no mistake.
This is for our friends the
To our friends The BuKnas!
Every time I watch this video
it hits me.
I want to raise a glass.
That's my friend "300" right
Him and his brother
with his wooden leg.
300 came up to me as a fan and
asked how he could get a corrido.
Arriba Sinaloa, motherfuckers!
The Sinaloa Cartel has always
been there.
It's been the strongest cartel
after all these years.
And that's very important for
You have to recognize what direction things
are going in, and what's becoming popular.
The Sinaloa Cartel is on the
rise right now
and that's why we sing corridos
to people who deserve them.
He sings for BuKnas de
Culiacn. He's a singer.
Yeah, we already know him.
The years have passed,
today I am a hitman.
Working on the line for El
Chapo and El Mayo
I'm a brave person, a hard
And I'm alert 2417
I'm good at this and I follow
my name is "300,"
tell me when and where.
Business is booming,
even if it doesn't look like it
I've overseen it
down to the last detail.
We've been looking at the
statistics of all reported crimes.
And we've found that out
of every 100 homicides,
only three cases advance
in their investigation.
And once those three are in court, even less
are actually found guilty and punished.
So 97% of the 10,000 murders in the last
four years have not even been investigated.
None of them have been
And if there's no punishment, people
will just commit more and more crimes.
In recent years, there's an increased
focus on forensic science.
The problem is that all this forensic
information is not going anywhere.
After the crime scene investigators
collect all this information
there are very few cases where they
actually follow that trail of evidence
and find the guilty party.
Almost never.
We have seen many many cases of authorities
collaborating with criminal organizations.
My opinion, based on what I've
is that the administration is very careful
to make sure there is no investigation.
This is going to be unsolved
and it's going to be like a
blackout in our history.
Can you tell us what
happened with the body that
was found in the government
office last Tuesday'?
I don't know if it's okay to
talk about that case.
There's an infinite number of
We simply do our job and don't
know why.
On October 10th I went out on a
call and found a dismembered torso.
Human Jigsaw Puzzle.
By nightfall, we had collected over ten
pieces of that one chopped-up body.
Not long after, a video of the
victim's mother appeared online.
Who authorized this war'?
Who did they ask for
They didn't ask the citizens.
We are in the middle of this
They are killing us.
They are killing our children
and nobody is doing anything.
Nobody shouts!
Who told to turn this
into a battlefield?
Who told this animal that he
could leave us like lab rats'?
He should be the one fighting!
He should go to the front lines
and not our children.
Why do the all the mothers stay
They decapited him alive.
Those animals out him up into
16 pieces.
Everybody saw when they took my
It would have been better
if they killed him right there.
But they decapitated him alive.
That's what I can't stand.
The pain.
That I can't stand.
Shout, Juarez, Shout!
Shout about the pain they are
Why doesn't anybody shout'?
Today, Durango, I want you to pay attention
even if it hasn't happened to you.
But I want you to look around
YOU, and think and listen
to the pain of the cries:
"Give me back my son!
Give me back my father.
Give me back my brothers. "
Because if you don't cry today,
If you don't go home with a new awareness
that tomorrow can't be the same as today
that tomorrow you can't live
the same as you lived today.
Tomorrow you have the responsibility
to build a better Durango
because if you don't become
aware today
tomorrow Durango will be an
abandoned homeland.
We've walked 3,400 km to get to
Ciudad Juarez
the epicenter of the pain of
this country.
The march stayed in Juarez for
two days.
Over those 48 hours, we kept
working like always,
and processed 19 more
I want a protection blessing.
We're going to Mexico.
What part?
To Culiacn.
Close your eyes.
How good that you have faith.
What parts of your life would change if
someone gave you a million dollars'?
What wouldn't I do'?
Build a house for my mom and
A house for me and my family.
You have your plans, but in that moment you
won't know what to do with that money.
You know why'? Because you don't
need it.
You simply don't need that
Or do you?
I just need my health and to
Exactly. Health and security.
How old are you?
How old do I look?
I just turned 60, and one day
you will too.
And at this age you have done
what you've done.
And once you complete your
mission then that's that.
I'll be back. Are you going to
No parties in the house okay'?
You. No after parties in the
Not in Mexico. Fuck no.
Mexico's dangerous.
Yeah I'm scared.
What did he say'?
He said AK-47!
Wait wait wait! What about me?
Stop lying to him, Edgar.
This is to everyone who says
BuKnas aren't in Culiacn.
Here we are right in the middle
of Culiacn!
On a little ranch outside the
city, here we are!
Check it out, look all around
If you know it well, you'll
know where we are!
Hey, look at his shirt!
BuKnas, see'?
That's me, in the middle.
Is this all yours'?
Yeah, everything here is ours.
It's really peaceful here.
Well of course, this is our
You guys are the bosses here. Just
tell us what to do and when to do it.
Because you know how the water
runs here.
I don't want there to be any
We came for what we came for.
Do some singing, have a good
We can go wherever we want.
I just feel grateful right now.
Happy and grateful for...
Even the dogs don't bark at us
Even the dogs don't bark at us
This is the good stuff, bro.
My friend and I were cooking
We were happy, over there at
the ranch near Modesto.
When the DEA came,
the lookout was in place.
How much is in each bag?
One pound.
How much is that worth in
$9,000 each in Los Angeles.
$100,000 total.
He traded in his boats
for pots to cook meth.
He brought it to Phoenix, Arizona
where he sold the "crystal".
Catrin and I will cook
and we'll send you the rocks.
Just keep working at it, the
gringos will keep smoking it.
That's the song. Put it on the
You have to write down a few songs
so we can record them in L.A.
Anything I write in my garage
in L.A. is just bullshit.
You have to experience the real
thing to write about it.
I didn't hit a single one!
Arriba Culiacn, Sinaloa!
What a surprise to find you on
my ranch.
He'd been waiting for me for a
Because I have so many hitmen.
They offered me so much money
I don't care what you say.
They paid me to kill him.
Right now, we're gonna play for
this guy.
And he's going to pay us cash.
He wants us to go now.
Here'? In here'?
No, we're going to his place.
Okay fine.
He's the son of "The Rooster of
Sinaloa. "
"The Rooster of Sinaloa"? Okay.
The private party's on. Let's
I've got some "cuchita blanca. "
Four little grams of it.
Can I try some tomorrow'?
Yes of course. I'll give you
some to try.
How is life here?
It's the best, my friend.
It's the very best.
If you have money, you do
whatever you want.
Shoot guns...
smoke marijuana... front of the poli-oops,
I didn't say anything.
Sometimes we shoot paintballs
at the transit cops.
Yeah we start shooting "boom
boom boom"
and they all go, "Ahhhh!"
They get really scared.
Money and happiness.
They're the same thing.
First you get the power,
then you get the money
then you get the bitches.
...In other words.
I bring a bag full of ammo
of pure AK-47 and .45.
Don't presume to be brave
I have enough, thank God.
At the federales' checkpoint.
They only say to me, "Pass
through, sir".
Don't ask where I came from.
Much less where I'm going
lam a Sinaloense and very true
I have enemies, what can I do'?
I will never forgive traitors.
And if I fight, I won't lose.
I never get scared.
When provoked, I respond.
It was night and all of a
we started to hear a very loud
engine rumble.
And Richi thinks they're
They pass near our car
and someone in the first truck
"What's up faggots?"
And Richi turns around and
tells them:
"Go ahead, go ahead!"
Eight trucks pass by.
Really big trucks with masked
men inside.
That's when I said,
"These aren't policemen!"
Suddenly we were in the
eye of the hurricane.
Like that.
And the guy in the passenger
seat got out.
The guy who said "what's up
Yes, the guy who said "what's
up faggots. "
He was an elegant man.
With a trench coat nearly
touching the floor but elegant!
Classy shoes, nice pants and
Skinny and with white hair.
You would think he was a
He comes down holding an AK-47.
He starts to tell us, Coco
with an AK-47 pointed at his
"Don't you know who we are?"
"The truth is I don't. "
When they realized we weren't
doing anything
they started to leave.
All the vans took off.
The first thing Richi does is
get the radio
and call 23.
The next day Internal Affairs
called us in.
"Do you remember the trucks?"
I remembered that they were
luxury trucks.
"Did you see the plates?"
I saw them. I saw. But no, I
didn't see.
I didn't see anything.
I'm supposed to risk my life
and my family's life'?
How much more do we have to
deal with?
Will it change'?
Will this change'?
God willing.
One month after listening to
our conversation.
My friend Isaac Jesus Orona was
He was ambushed near his home
becoming the fourth investigator
in our unit to be assassinated.
We're with you.
In this line of work we're like
a second family.
What happens to one of us
happens to all of us.
That's how Isaac's death
affects us.
We already miss you
tremendously, Isaac.
Rest in peace, number
- Bravo three.
- Present.
- Bravo nine.
- Present.
- Bravo thirteen.
- Present.
- Bravo twenty-one!
- Present!
I'm suffering the loss of a son. That's
two of my children they've killed.
The first was named David Saez.
- And the delinquents took him
with a bullet to the head.
What's going to happen to the
future of our city'?
And not just this city, but all
of Mexico'?
Will our society be destroyed'?
And those who work for the
They are all afraid.
If they quit, wherever they go,
that fear will hound them.
But I'd tell them not to
I'm afraid. We are all afraid.
But we can't always live in
All the big dogs end up here.
All the folks from Culiacn.
Alvarado, Ruben Cabada...
All the big dogs.
Since birth, I've wanted to be
like them...
I would love to be like Pedro
Aviles or Seor de los Cielos.
But of every thousand fuckers,
only one gets there.
Maybe not even one!
There are people here who wanted to be
buried along with their pickup trucks.
There are other tombs with
bulletproof glass.
Bulletproof. Just because they
wanted it.
They do it because they can.
Here's how it should go.
You know where they dropped the
head and the legs'?
I want you to say, "Here. "
Here they left the head, here
they left the legs
and here they left the
mustache... got it'?
Last year, like my boss just
they found the head and body of
a person, separated.
They say it was a gift. A small
gift for the dead.
Over there you'll find the new
The new narcos.
So this section is all new'?
Three years ago, none of this
And now? It's a city.
That whole area there will
keep expanding and expanding.
Next time you come, this will
all be packed.
I like the "bad life. "
You see the person over there'?
That person was killed.
You see the police'?
They will take the bodies and
then leave.
I tell them the truth.
This is the reality they're
We can't deny reality.
I drive through the streets
and see people without hope.
They hear the sirens
and see us as angels of death.
I see the streets full of evil
and the good people hiding out
of fear.
The youth have lost their
and now idolize the devil.
I do my job as professionally
and scientifically as I can
but without involving my
What are my options'?
Bear it'?
I have to continue my work.
It smells here.
It smells awful.
It smells of blood.
It smells of death.
And fifty meters from here,
on the other side of the
nobody wants to know what
and they shut their eyes.
I miss the Juarez where I grew
Where I played.
Will it return again'?
What is the limit'?
Why go on'?
But at the same time, here I
In my beloved Juarez.