Narcopolis (2015) Movie Script

'... the opponents of drug legalisation
'were growing more powerful...
'... violence perpetrated by employees...
'How do you respond to the accusation
that you gave the order...?
'Here we go - innovator,
a corporate genius, a spiritual leader,
'which brings us neatly back to why. '
'Why what?'
'Why does everyone trust you?
'The personal guarantee? Come off it.
'I mean, seriously, to really guarantee
the safety of every single Ambro product,
'you've got to be high
about 90% of the week.
'Now, I know you're a recluse and all that,
but come on. '
'Do you really want to know
why people trust me, Martin?'
'That's why we're here. '
'My parents where drug addicts.
'As soon as I could walk
I had to step over needles,
'crack pipes.
'Sleeping, drooling,
emaciated, stinking bodies
'just to find something to eat.
'As a child, I became very familiar
with hospital waiting rooms...
'... while doctors tried to flush out
my parents' systems after OD'ing.
'I had to scrounge money,
bail money, dealer money...
'... protection money off my neighbours.
'And then one day, it was all over.
'I found myself staring at two people
'with their guts spilling out
onto the threadbare carpet,
'because my parents had skanked
their dealer one time too many.
'I made a promise that day,
I made a promise to myself.
'To change a system...
'... that took two decent people
and turned them into cockroaches.
'And I've kept that promise ever since.
'Today, Ambro products are legal.
'They are affordable and they are safe. '
'People have made their choice, Martin.
'You can't change history. '
"'You can't change history,"
'from the lips of the Ambro Company's
enigmatic founder Todd Ambro,
'right here live and exclusive
and in person
'in our studio on the 25th anniversary
of drug legalisation.
'Todd Ambro, thank you. '
'What a pleasure it's been, Martin.
Thank you. '
'What are you waiting for?'
- Well?
- 'Shush, shush. '
Rushing will only make me mess it up.
OK, I'm there.
Come on, you have to move faster.
'This is my whole life
passing before me. '
A little respect, please.
Your whole life?
You're forgetting something.
Apart from you, Eva, of course.
'What's the matter?'
I know this is the right thing,
but that doesn't stop it feeling wrong.
'Don't think about that.
Just do what we planned. '
- 'Talk to me. Tell me what's happening. '
- It's happening.
- You're a genius!
- 'Was. '
- No one's gonna know now.
- 'I'll know. '
You've got company.
- 'You need to get out of there. '
- No, it's not completed.
There are three of them.
OK. There's an emergency exit
in the clearance chamber.
'I can try and buy you some time. '
- I have to finish this.
- No, you need to get out of there.
Don't move!
Step away from the door.
Put your hands above your head!
- Don't fucking move!
- What are you doing? This isn't stable.
Where I'm going, it doesn't need to be.
'This was never the plan! Don't do it!'
It's gone.
- All of it?
- No, not all of it.
Eva... I love you.
'165 status update.
165 status... '
I really loved her.
- Yeah, that's what it looks like.
- Fuck you!
She was my baby. My skin.
Hey! What about me?
You can't just leave me like this.
I really need something, brother.
I'm freaking out here.
I'm... ditching, man.
Please! Anything! Please!
Then try room service.
Fuck you! You motherfucker!
We've been promised
an upgrade now that Ambro owns this site.
Ambro owns this place?
God knows why anyone
would wanna own this shithole.
The lights are on a timer.
They don't come on till 8:00
when we open. Cutbacks.
Are you meant to do that?
This is the only key.
I checked the security cameras.
No one came in
or out of here last night.
Except this guy.
No, there's the thing.
There's nothing on there.
Hey, come on. This is a stressful job.
You know how it is.
Anyway, I thought
you Drecks worked in pairs.
'... with the largest
range of LRDs on the market,
'Ambro have something for everyone... '
- 'What time's this?'
- Someone offed themselves in the Kindle.
- 'ID?'
- No, nothing. E6.
I'm going back for a DNA test again
once the body's cooled down.
- 'Cools down?'
- His body temperature was 49 degrees.
No weapons.
I'll have to go back with Forensics.
- 'Christ. So what was he jamming?'
- I dunno. Another Error 6.
I need to go back in there
with a Forensics team.
- 'No way. '
- Did you hear what I just said?
We've got a double E6.
'I'm sending everything
to Rogue Trader Convictions.
'We'll shut these bastards down
once and for all.
'There's been a 30% spike in
unlicensed busts in the last two months.
'They still keep coming back.
It's making people nervous. '
- You mean the LRD manufacturers.
- 'Making all of us nervous. '
- And tell them we need more Drecks.
- 'Very funny.
'We have to let some one-offs like
your E6 slide until we get on top of this. '
- Great. - 'Technically
it's a crime without a victim.
'No one gives a shit.
The case is closed, eh?'
I'm sorry. I...
Can I come in?
Everyone's gone home.
I've got him a present.
Come on. Let's see you then.
Yes. Definitely bigger.
Happy birthday.
- What is it?
- A book.
- Where did you find it?
- At a market.
- So what's all this?
- Don't touch it!
I'm trying to construct
an anti-gravity chamber.
Oh, right. How's that going?
Thanks, Dad.
New neighbours.
Mum puts the TV on to hide the noise.
Are you still angry with Mum?
I'm not angry with her.
Is that what she said?
I can't stay, Ben. You know why.
You can come over and see me
at my place.
I don't like your place.
I want you to live here.
I'm sorry, it's not that simple.
Why isn't it?
'Ambro Infinity lasts up
to five times longer than our rivals.
'If you want safe play,
then you have to play safe.
'Only Ambro products
carry my personal guarantee.
'Ambro... playing safe. '
I had them knocking on my door today.
- Cold calling.
- Who?
Who'd you think? Ambro.
- They were at the school on Monday.
- Jesus.
I'm not sure how long
we can go on like this.
Six months.
- We agreed six months apart and then...
- I...
- I don't think I'm gonna make it.
- What does that mean?
Someone at the diner said
trading's picked up in the north.
A lot of abandoned accommodation
going begging.
- What's this got to do with anything?
- We can start again.
Get a small house
in the middle of nowhere. No drugs.
Just us.
Who's "us"?
I'm sorry about tonight. But I'll make it
up to you both, I promise.
I could come by at the weekend,
when you're working.
Come on, Angie.
- I'm free on Saturday.
- Saturday...
Good. It can be just the three of us.
You look like a man
who puts in the hours.
What you poppin', man?
You need a little bit extra-sweet
medicine for your tired bones?
Not interested, pal.
Listen, I'm not talkin' licensed shit.
I can get you some really bad.
Come on. You look down, bruv.
Let me sort you out.
Calm the fuck down!
We call you people
rogue addiction traders.
Might give you some clue as to how
I feel about you offering URDs to me.
Are you Dreck, man? Shit!
And I'm void.
Your worst nightmare.
All right, keep your sense of humour.
I was only joking.
You think this is funny?
Think this is funny?
Please, stop.
Please, please.
Thanks for the free samples.
'... with the CEO
Todd Ambro unavailable for comment,
"'The Central Show"
caught up with his wife Ellen. '
'Todd is... he's so active.
So committed.
'He would've loved to have been here,
but there's so much to take care of. '
- 'Personal guarantee?'
- 'Well, exactly. '
'Ellen, tell us,
what do you say to people
'who accuse the Ambro Company
of aggravating the situation
'rather than helping it?'
'Look, in any society, you'll always have
people harking back to the good old clays.
'If by "the good old days",
those people mean a time
'when children were scoring
unregulated narcotics on street corners,
'and injecting themselves
into their stomachs,
'then you can have your golden age.
'The reality is that people
are much happier now,
'and that's what's important. '
'OK, are you sitting comfortably, Frank?
I'll give you ten minutes.
'Tell me what you know. '
White male. Late-20s.
Only distinguishing mark,
small scar on his right arm.
Like an old gunshot wound. Unrelated.
'Probably did it when he was a kid.
Go on. '
Judging by the mess he made,
I'd say PCD was suicide,
but I've got no weapon and an E6
on LRD and DNA, so I'm just guessing.
'There are traces of alloy here where
a one-inch section has been removed. '
- By the bullet?
- 'Bullets are lead. This is surgical. '
- Surgery?
- 'Seems that way. Check this out.
'On the other side,
there's what looks like a needle hole.
'It stretches back to the eye socket.
'The needle seems
to have planted a hostile enzyme
'into the cells in the hippocampus.
'It looks synthetic. Maybe
a biotech parasite. It's hard to say.
'But it might explain why he was so hot. '
So is this a URD or not?
'If this is a drug,
it's like nothing I've seen before.
'Licensed or unlicensed. '
- What's that noise?
- 'Oh, that? I'm acclimatising. '
- For what?
- 'I got my transfer, man.
'To a rural detail. Can you believe it?
I'm getting out of this city. '
Congratulations, Eddie.
- 'That is not right. '
- What?
'Still no DNA match, both networks.
'Incredible. Get me something else from
the crime scene. I can't work with this. '
Forget it. I've gotta do this by the book
these days, Eddie. You know that.
'Come on, man.
My life just got interesting.
'Don't you get it?
'Even if this kid killed himself, somebody
showed up and took a piece of his brain.
'There's gotta be something. A trace
of them back in the storage locker. '
'Ambro Infinity lasts up
to five times longer than our rivals.
- 'If you want safe play... '
- Hi.
'... you have to play safe. Only Ambro
products carry my personal guarantee.
'Ambro, playing safe. '
Put your hands where I can see them.
- Where is he?
- Where's who?
Where's who?
Stay there!
Wait! Hold up!
- 'Dad!'
- What are you still doing up?
- 'I can't stop reading that book. '
- Have you finished it yet?
'Nearly. When I do,
can you get me another one?'
Tell me what you liked about it.
'Well, this guy invents a time machine
and he travels to the future,
'which is ruled by these scary
sort of ape people who live underground.
- 'They're called Morlocks. '
- Morlocks, eh?
'And they feed on these other people,
who are like the good people called Eloi. '
Well, tell me when you're finished.
How's your mum?
'She doesn't know I'm still awake. '
I won't tell her, I promise.
- 'Are you all right?'
- Yeah, I'm fine.
I just hurt my shoulder. It's nothing.
Keep talking to me.
- 'What shall I talk about?'
- Dunno. Finish the story.
The thing is we had no idea
whether he was telling the truth or not.
- So how did you find out?
- The smell.
- Smell?
- Yeah.
- Piss.
- No way.
Yeah, it's true.
The hardest motherfucker in the city is
pissing himself right there like a baby.
And as it turns out
it wasn't even nerves.
The fucker was incontinent!
Right, we'd better do this.
- Let's make it quick, all right?
- You got somewhere better to go?
Yeah. Maybe.
So tell me, how does it work
with that girl of yours, Leona, huh?
Do you load up on your whore and then
crawl home to the arms of your Madonna?
- She is not a whore. She is a skin.
- Same difference where I come from.
That's perhaps the reason why the only
person you get to fuck is yourself.
Touched a bit of a nerve.
Does Angie know you like
a bit of a fondle now and then?
Fucking shut it, all right?
All right, just...
Let's focus on the job, yeah?
My point exactly.
- What the fuck are you doing?
- You can party when you've finished.
I need someone I can rely on.
What the fuck's that...?
Where the fuck are you going?
We'll shout if we need you.
Oi! Oi, fuck Off!
Fuck you now!
Fuck you.
Yeah, fuck you!
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
Oi! Wake up!
Nolan needs backup now!
- Grieves, where were you?
- Shut the fuck up!
- Get me out of this!
- I said shut up!
Take the fucker down!
Take the fucker down! Take him down!
Hey, wake up.
Hey! Wake up.
Hold still.
- What are you doing?
- My job. I'm a Dreck.
Hold still, hold still,
hold still, hold still.
Don't touch me. Don't touch me.
So are you gonna tell me what
you were doing down there last night?
You and your little friend
forget to pay your dealer?
- My little friend?
- The dead guy.
The stiff.
He's dead?
You would be
if you had half of your face missing.
Do you know him?
So he was your friend.
My condolences.
Fuck you!
Mess with that unlicensed shit,
it only ends one way.
- We don't do that. He didn't do that.
- No?
Don't lie to me! Your arteries
are not good enough for you now?
You and your boyfriend pump
that shit into your brain?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I ran out of juice.
Let me get to the car.
They work for Ambro.
'Gonna let me in on the joke?'
What joke?
'Where you break into the storage house
and shoot the place to shit.
'What did you do to yourself?'
The gunman winged me. It's fine.
'The gunman? Did you nick him?'
No. He disappeared.
'What, into thin air?
'You went directly against a briefing.
We've got a body unregistered
on any system we have,
and people running temperatures
in excess of 49 degrees.
I mean, come on. Aren't you even
at least a bit curious about what this is?
'You left the scene of a Code One
to go back to a low-priority sideshow?
- 'I'm putting your status to orange. '
- What? That's absurd! I know what I saw!
'I know it's been tough
for the last couple of months,
'but I'll save you some embarrassment
and I'll cite personal mitigation.
'You're on orange until further notice.
'Now go and get me
some RAT bookings. '
'On a good clay, you can see
all the way out to the Kindle. '
- How many of those do you have?
- How many what?
Good days.
- Where've you been? Come in!
- Sorry. I thought we were in your office.
- The lift was bust.
- Kim...
- This is Ellen Ambro.
- Ah. As in...
Todd Ambro's wife.
Well done, Detective.
And Chief Executive Officer
of the Ambro Company.
Talk to me about the Kindle district.
Well, it's the old industrial quarter
of the city.
Mostly Chinese-run till the collapse
and they all scarpered back home.
I didn't ask for a fucking history lesson.
I'm talking about last night.
What was Grieves doing down there?
The Kindle is his beat.
There was a body he wanted to identify.
Didn't I make it clear that you were
to redirect all your Drecks to bust RATs?
I bounced him back to orange. He won't
do it again. Not with his track record.
That land belongs to us, Detective.
- I thought that was just a rumour.
- Well, for once it's true.
Over the next five years, we'll shift
our research to the Kindle district.
As you know, our business involves
a high quota of highly sensitive testing.
We can't have any rogue elements
in or around such an environment.
Which means
keep your fucking snouts out.
With respect, Grieves was investigating
a possible LRD-related homicide.
- Suicide.
- We can't be sure of that.
- We can.
- Sorry, we can what?
We've made our enquiries
and we're happy with its conclusion.
It's a suicide.
I'll let you get back to work.
Get this Grieves back on his leash and
I'll have my people draw up a contract.
You really can see the Kindle from here.
- What was that all about?
- What do you think it was all about?
Your face isn't the only thing
needs fixing. We're talking resources.
Big fat resources.
- Can we partner with a drug company?
- Depends which one.
With them behind us,
we can do whatever we fucking want.
These are exciting times, Kim.
We're looking at a new era for the city.
The city or the Ambro Company?
What's the difference?
You need to see this.
This is the CCTV footage
from the incident last night.
The man is Grieves.
- What about the girl?
- There's no record of her entering.
We've got another body.
From the same place as the first one.
- Only this one's alive.
- Exactly.
Which means the drug must be stable.
There's something else you should know.
He never called it in.
The girl must still be with him.
Find them.
I need you to put her up
for a couple of days.
Just until I sort out what's going on.
She needs help, Angie, please.
- She isn't dangerous.
- She isn't dangerous?
I mean, is she void?
No. I don't know.
- Miss?
- She'll be with you in a minute.
I'm coming.
Fill me up.
- Angie?
- You made the rules.
You laid down the terms
for your recovery, not me.
Now you want me to take in some girl
you picked up at a crime scene!
To bring her into our home?
My home! Ben's home!
I'm sorry.
I just didn't know what else to do.
You do what you said you'd do.
You come to our house on Saturday
without your gun and... your darkness.
And you take part in our lives like
a normal, everyday father and husband.
That's all you have to do.
This is how it is.
I'm this close to throwing you back
to whoever was trying to kill you.
I know you're frightened, but you have
to trust someone or I can't help you.
- If I keep you somewhere safe...
- You can't keep me against my will.
With no positive ID,
I can do what the hell I like.
I'm just trying to help you here.
Why do people call you Dreck?
Because we clean up the shit
that nobody else wants to.
Are all police like you?
- Like what?
- Angry.
- Eddie.
- 'Get anything?'
Double E6s.
- 'What? You got another one?'
- Same location.
I'm going to send you
a sample for an ID.
- We must be missing something.
- 'Dead?'
Shit. Eddie, I'm gonna have to go.
Call you back later.
Morning. Now, shut up. Move now!
- 'What happened to you?'
- Shut up and tell me something.
Is there any way DNA could be
changed or altered to avoid detection,
like jamming the code or whatever?
- 'Not that I've heard of. Why?'
- We have to make an ID on the first body.
- 'It was incinerated this morning. '
- What?
'Orders, Frank. We don't keep E6s
any more. It came from Nolan. '
- Anyone off-site who can help me?
- 'I'm not getting into this. '
- Tell me.
- 'You're void.
'But you know you really should consider
getting some help.
'These patches, you strap them on... '
'OK. All right, there's a guy
called Yuri, Yuri Sidorov.
'He used to be a genetic engineer
at a big pharma gig before deregulation.
'The guy was a god. And then
one day he just jacked it all in.
'He moved out into the Kindle district,
away from the centre.
'I think he still hangs out there,
but he's got some kind of condition.
'It's why he left his job.
Tell him I sent you. '
'Thanks, Eddie. '
I've got eyes on him,
but there's no sign of the girl.
I'll check.
What the fuck, man?
How about me?
Ambro, eh?
He likes a bit of rough.
Stay where you are.
Don't come any closer.
I can almost smell
the electrons on your body.
Your phone. Put it in the box.
Close the lid.
Put your gun way.
Who are you?
Eddie Rankin sent me.
He said that you would help me.
You are Dreck?
I need you to take a look at something.
- Eddie owes me money.
- How much?
500. But I take 450 for cash.
- Forget it.
- 300.
Half now, half when I've helped you.
Yeah, done.
- What have you got?
- This.
Here, please.
- Eddie said you have some condition.
- That's one way of describing it.
Before I quit,
I calculated more than 3,000 ways
in which to track
my movements, my habits.
From the phone calls I was making...
the money I was spending,
the drugs I was buying.
I was so full of protonic energy,
I could have illuminated an entire city.
And then, for some reason,
my body, my brain began to reject it.
I had no other option
but to move out here.
I use only what radiation I need,
I stay alive.
What do mean "reject"?
You receive a phone call
within five feet of me, I get a headache.
You make two,
my brain starts to embolise.
Three, it starts dribbling out my ears.
I need you to do a DNA test for me.
Thank you. Come back same time
tomorrow, I have something for you.
- Why can't you do it now?
- Because I'm tired.
Because it takes a long time.
Because I want to do it properly.
- Hello?
- 'Hi. It's me.
'Look, I'm... I'm sorry about earlier. '
- 'Where are you?'
- I'm working.
- 'How's your arm?'
- I'll live.
'Huh. Good. '
- At least until Saturday.
- 'Yeah. Angie?'
- Are you still there?
- It's nothing. I'd better go.
- 'See you Saturday. '
- OK.
'Stay safe. '
Oh, fuck.
- 'Where have you been?'
- I ran out of juice.
- 'Were you in the Kindle district today?'
- What?
'You heard me. '
- I was following up a lead.
- 'Your status is orange!
'You don't follow up leads
without checking in with me first!'
'Some of the Drecks are having a social
at the Bloodbuzz. Put in an appearance. '
- What, now?
- 'Yes, now. '
- But I've got work to do.
- 'It can wait. '
Fuck me! It's the Lone Ranger!
Come here!
Everyone, this is my old buddy
Mr Frank Grieves!
We've met.
You gotta try this shit.
It's on promotion.
It's called a fucking Smaquari.
- Old school.
- Whoo!
- What can I get you?
- Anything soft?
Like what?
Actually, don't bother.
Hey! What the hell?
Sorry, I thought you were
someone else.
All right, Daddy.
Let's get out of the ladies'.
It's all right. I got this covered.
- Are you Dreck?
- That's right.
- I thought we had an agreement.
- Not with me you don't!
- Hey, Frankie, what's going on?
- This isn't gonna happen.
You look like you need a hug.
Relax, brother. Everyone loves you.
I don't need your fucking love!
Take him down! Take him down!
What the fuck are you looking at?
- You're early.
- I got bored. What have you got?
Suits me, don't you think?
Unfortunately, it's just a bracelet.
- I can just take it back.
- You don't need this.
- What do you need it for?
- Look at it. It's got a blank face.
Maybe we should call Eddie.
See what he thinks.
What are you doing?
No, don't, please.
Stop! Stop it!
- You're sick!
- Yeah?
After that shit you pulled in the tunnel,
what do you expect? A hug?
The watch is fitted
with some kind of safety device.
It works in contact with the owner.
Show me.
Give me your arm.
And turn.
Come on!
- It's just a watch. Big deal.
- Oh, yeah, big deal.
But look at the date.
It just needs resetting.
- That's one explanation.
- What's the other one?
You wouldn't believe me.
- The watch isn't wrong.
- Yes, it is.
No, it's correct,
but not to you, not now.
- It hasn't been manufactured yet.
- Then where did you get it?
And the reason you can't find me
on your DNA network
is because the date of my birth
isn't due for another two years!
- There is no way you'll believe me.
- Damn right. Let's go.
Where are you taking me?
I put my job on the line
and this is what you give me?
Some bullshit junkie fantasy?
I'm turning you in.
Thanks for nothing!
Wait! I tell you everything I know.
You give me my money now.
I'll drop it by sometime.
What, what, what is this you write here?
You write this?
- Why? Do you know what it is?
- No, it's not a scientific term.
It's some kind of...
You've gotta stop doing that!
I don't want any more stories
about 2044, watches or whatever.
I just want the truth.
I told you the truth.
- What does Morlock refer to?
- What?
Your fianc or whatever he was,
he had...
he had the word "Morlock"
imprinted in the proteins of his brain.
- Did you say Morlock?
- Yes.
Is that some kind of branding
or something?
Is that the name of this drug you're
both using? Was it an Ambro drug?
Or are they trying to get hold of it?
Answer me!
Morlock has nothing to do with the drug.
It's a word.
It means something else.
I don't have time
for your fucking stupid games!
- What is it?
- It's impossible.
What's impossible? What's impossible?
If it doesn't mean a drug,
what does it mean?
Who are you?
Come on. Hurry.
Hurry up! Get in the car!
We've got him.
- 'What do you want me to do?'
- Does he have the girl?
- 'Yes. '
- We need her alive. Lose the Dreck.
What the hell's that thing doing?
Need a jump-start?
All right! How's the face?
What the fuck is that?
'It's a word.
It means something else.
'Who are you?'
Hello! Ben?
Is it Ben? How's it going, buddy?
I'm OK.
Would you like to see some magic?
- What?
- Magic. You know?
Now let me think.
Wasn't it your birthday this week?
How do you know that?
Don't worry.
That's not the magic. This is.
I- I-I'm not supposed to eat those.
My mum says.
It'll be our little secret.
I told you,
we don't want anything from you.
Sorry. Am I disturbing?
Family time?
My dad was supposed to come.
But he hasn't.
What a bummer.
I'm sorry about that.
It must be really hard
having to do this on your own.
Just give me five minutes.
That's all I ask.
- Yep?
- He wasn't at the wife's place.
- Well, stick around and keep watch.
- All right. All right, cool.
Where the fuck are you, Grieves?
They said you'd gone
on indefinite leave.
That you'd had a relapse,
that you'd molested some girl in a bar.
You can't go on like this.
OK, you have to turn yourself in.
They're searching for you in every corner
of the city. They will find you.
The police and Ambro
are in this together.
- What?
- They made a deal, Eddie.
Ambro have taken over
the Kindle district.
Whatever they are doing there,
they are willing to kill to protect it,
and they're using the police
to bury the evidence.
- Oh, Jesus, Frank.
- I think it's a drug.
The substance you found in the body.
I think Morlock is a drug.
An experimental drug.
- How do you know this?
- The girl!
I saw her.
They put a syringe... Some sort
of syringe, they put it in her eye.
- That's how they got it into the brain?
- Yes.
It would explain
the alloy traces on the body.
- Exactly. There was something else.
- What?
She was wearing a watch,
some kind of homing device.
She was wearing a watch
and the date on it was 2044.
- What?
- 2044, Eddie.
Well, that's 20 years from now.
Do you see?
No, I don't understand.
We were never supposed
to know about this...
But, Frank,
you never reported any girl.
- No one saw any girl.
- Fuck that!
They're from the future, Eddie.
If we wanna identify the body,
we need to start looking for a child,
not a grown man!
You said it yourself. He was 29.
He was fucking 29.
If he's from 2044...
You're the fucking scientist, Eddie.
Look, I got my transfer, OK?
In 12 hours, I'm on a plane out of here.
I don't wanna be a part of this any more.
Can you explain Morlock to me? Hmm?
You need help, Frank, OK?
There are people who can do that.
That's where I'm going.
Come and visit when you're better.
Is it true?
Have we done a deal with Ambro?
Ooh. Who've you been talking to?
Where is he?
I don't know.
I got my transfer.
So I heard, yeah.
'Only Ambro products carry
with my personal guarantee.
'Ambro... playing safe. '
It's all right.
There's a box in Ben's room.
I need to get it.
He wouldn't believe me
you weren't coming.
He waited up for you
until he couldn't stay awake any more.
I had to carry him into his room
in the clothes he chose specially.
I even caught him tidying up for you.
God, he's nine years old,
he should be light-hearted!
He should be carefree and happy.
He should not be dealing with this shit
that you dump on us every single day!
And now you're here
for some stupid box?
- Who the hell do you think you are?
- I'm sorry, Angie.
I never wanted it to be like this.
Liar! You spent your whole life
making it like this!
- I hate you! I hate you!
- One clay I'll explain all this.
Right now,
the less you know, the better.
- What's happening? I'm frightened!
- Shh. It's all right. It's just the drugs.
I need you to be calm. Please.
I need you to let me do this.
Please stay with us.
- Please.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
That book's really scary.
Why did you give it to me?
Sorry, I didn't wanna wake you.
There was this bit where the sun was
dying and there were no more people.
Just these horrid giant crabs. We're
not going to end up like that, are we?
Why would someone want to write that?
No, we won't. I'm going
to make sure everything's all right.
Why didn't you come earlier?
I'm sorry.
There's something going on.
It's work.
Try and get back to sleep, OK?
I told you, she always does that
when the people upstairs argue.
It's the middle of the night.
There's no one's arguing.
Get down.
And don't come out till I say so.
- You're not going to shoot anyone?
- Get down.
- Please don't kill anyone!
- Shh.
Hold it! Angie, get in here.
- Oh, my God! Ben!
- Get him out of here.
Don't even think about it!
Show me your arm.
'An old gunshot wound. '
'Probably from when he was a kid. '
'They're called Morlocks.
- 'They're called Morlocks. '
- 'Morlock?'
'Probably did it
when he was a kid. '
Frank? Frank? Frank, please!
Frank, we need to get Ben to a hospital.
- Keep him back!
- OK.
Get him back, Angie!
Dad! What happened to those men?
- Get in.
- Aren't you coming with us?
- Get him out of the city.
- We're not going without you.
Shh, shh, shh. Go north.
Eddie's got a place up there.
It's in the middle of nowhere.
Go to the airport and buy two tickets.
There's a plane that leaves
in less than two hours.
Don't leave us, Daddy.
I'm frightened!
Frank, I don't understand.
I don't understand.
If I come with you, they will kill us all.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for everything.
You deserve better than me.
Shh. Be brave. Be brave.
Be brave.
Now, soldier, you have got
the whole of your life ahead of you.
- You are gonna do amazing things.
- Daddy!
And if I hadn't screwed up everything,
I would've earned the right...
to be there to watch.
Oh, God! Frank!
Remember... I love you.
Now go. Go!
So the watch you gave me,
it wasn't 20 years fast after all.
The body, the...
The E6 I found was...
I think it was my son.
- What?
- My son, Ben.
He must've been looking for you.
But why would he come looking for me?
I'm not a scientist any more.
This... this, this word "Morlock"
I don't understand it.
But you... you understand it.
You think he was looking for me?
What does a son do when he's in trouble?
He goes in search of the father.
For centuries, man has been
trying to create a machine
that would help him
pass through time.
But all the while,
everything he needed was in here.
This... this is the time machine.
And the drug is the key.
This changes everything.
This technology in the hands
of the wrong people...
I have to go back.
I have to try and stop them.
A fellow countrymen of mine,
he... he spent his life
studying what he called
the "Great River".
Novikov he was called. Igor Novikov.
He had this theory, a principle,
that even if time travel existed,
we could not change
the course of history.
The best we could hope for
is to change the detail.
The river flows on relentless.
Waste of time...
I wouldn't if I were you.
- Frank! Oh, we've been worried sick.
- Don't.
- Come on, we're on your side.
- Don't fuck with me, Nolan.
- How much do you know?
- What do you mean?
- Have we signed a deal with Ambro?
- We?
The police.
Answer me!
- When?
- What does it matter?
- It's over. It's done.
- Done?
You have no idea what you've done.
What do you know?
You're just a Dreck.
Just the scum who clear up
after the scum!
Who the hell are you?
Where is he?
How did you find him?
The beauty of it is he found us.
Oh, my God. Look at you.
You've been in the wars a bit,
haven't you, Frank?
I mean, how could you have
just disappeared like that,
without leaving word?
A family man like you.
Where is he? Where is Ben?
Is that right, "Ben"? It is?
Where is Ben, Frank?
Now we don't want to hurt him.
Quite the opposite.
We had to ensure that he survives.
You already have the drug.
Yeah, well, we have and we haven't.
We only have a partial formula.
The drug we're using is very unstable,
so as you've seen,
it's only effective in short doses,
meaning we can send you
where we want,
but unless you're dead,
we can't keep you there.
So the drug's virtually useless.
We have enough to follow him
in the hope that he has
a complete sample in his brain.
But you know that, don't you, Frank?
You know that he's precious cargo.
We need him to be strong and healthy...
and safe.
I mean, we'll find him.
We'll find him eventually.
You know, the longer he's out there,
u n protected...
Why don't you do us all a favour
and just tell us where he is, Frank?
Speed this up a bit, right?
I don't have time for this.
The most precious commodity.
He who controls time,
controls everything.
Oh! Yeah, well, I knew
there was someone missing.
No, Frank. No, don't do it. No!
Tell us where the boy is,
then we can leave all this behind us.
No, Frank. Don't.
This... This doesn't make me
happy at all.
But I think you understand,
you leave me with no other choice.
No, Frank.
I know! I know, why don't we get Yuri
to call him for us? Shall we do that?
No, listen.
He doesn't know where he is!
- What's the number?
- No, don't.
- Here we go. Say hello.
- No, please, no!
Now look what you made me do!
Now there's a bloody mess!
Now we have to clear it up!
Bring it, please.
You know, it's funny,
but for a drugs manufacturer,
I'm really not very good at this at all.
This is your last chance, Mr Grieves.
- Oh, you motherfucker!
- Grieves!
Well, look at that.
You two...
You're supposed to be detectives.
If you place any value
on your lives at all, find that boy.
Get rid of this one too,
while you're at it.
Just tell us where the boy is.
- You know I'd die first.
- That's the problem, Frankie.
We can't let you.
Until you tell us where Ben is,
we're just gonna keep hurting you.
And then when it looks like
you're gonna die, we'll stop.
Then when you recover a little,
we'll start all over again.
Don't you miss this, Frankie?
How easy it used to be to escape?
Just to disappear.
Even for a while, eh?
I've got the munchies.
Frank! Frank!
Nolan, what the fuck are you doing?
I'm not an idiot. When you give them
what they want, they'll kill me as well.
If there's two of us,
I might get out alive.
You think Ambro was telling the truth?
You really think that all he wants
is to keep Ben alive?
I don't care. Come on.
Oi! What are you doing?
Stay where you are! Get round there.
- Come on! Get there!
- You're gonna shoot your way out?
- Our only chance is doing this together.
- That's funny.
- Please.
- And you...
That thing... Ambro said
it can send you where you want.
That's right,
but we can't keep you there.
- Grieves, think about this.
- Shut up.
- Send me to my son.
- Think about it!
- I've thought about it!
- You can't change this!
I know.
But you can change the details.
Now do it.
- It's set.
- Don't give it to him!
Do it! Do it!
Do it!
'The people have made
their choice, Martin.
'You can't change history.
"'You can't change history,"
'from the lips of the Ambro Company's
enigmatic founder Todd Ambro,
'here live and exclusive
and in person... '
This is my whole life
passing before me.
Your whole life?
You're forgetting something.
'What the hell is that?
You need to get out of there. '
Ben, what's going on?
I'm sorry I'm late.
'Who is it? What's happening?
Ben, what's going on in there?'
It's OK... It's OK.
You have to finish this.
You have to finish it, Ben.
How do you know?
I don't understand. I don't understand.
Now you listen to me.
They're coming for you, Ben.
But you made a plan, didn't you?
You're going to use the drug
you invented to come and find me.
It worked.
I got the message.
The book.
- 'What message?'
- It's... Eva, it's OK.
It was the last thing that you gave me.
Not the last thing.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
It's gone.
All Of it.
'Only Ambro products
carry my personal guarantee. '
Are you meant to do that?