Naresuan (2007) Movie Script

In the year 1563 AD...
fifteen years after Suriyothai died...
Prince Bayinnong ascended the throne...
as King of Hongsawadi...
and heir of King Tabengchaweti.
He led his army beyond
the borders of Maelamao...
and captured the towns in the
north on their way to Ayodhya.
When King Bayinnong had conquered...
Kampaengphet, Sukhothai and Sawankhalok...
he led his forces to
the Kingdom of Phitsanulok.
Hongsawadi soldiers have
surrounded our Kingdom.
They are with many.
Never has Phitsanulok conducted
a war of this magnitude.
Our Kingdom is in urgent need of food.
Citizens are looking for protection
throughout the city.
King Chakkraphat of Ayodhya and his men...
have placed soldiers in
position around the city...
to defend themselves.
They are not going to send aid.
That's an insult.
When Ayodhya was in danger...
by the false plans from
Worawongsa and Srisudajan...
we and our allies in the
north risked our lives...
led an army to Ayodhya
to fight for the Kingdom...
and put King Chakkraphat on the throne.
And now...
in Phitsanulok's darkest hours,
Ayodhya let us down.
If we do not assist each other,
Phitsanulok and Ayodhya can...
not remain as allies any longer.
King Thammaracha has ceased the battle.
We have victory.
I've seen a lot of trained warriors...
but you are the ablest.
I remember our struggle at Makhamjom.
If the King of Prae had not helped you,
I had you slain.
Well, what are you saying now?
You fight for Hongsawadi or for Ayodhya?
Phitsanulok is no longer
the enemy of Hongsawadi.
I wouldn't like to force anything.
Therefore, please take my
son Ong Dam as collateral.
I swear by the sky above us that I,
Bayinnong Kayodinoratha...
will raise Ong Dam like my own son.
Nobody will hurt him.
May the sky slay me
if I not keep my word.
The King of Hongsawadi,
ruler of all countries...
orders by royal decree...
that his highness Prince Naresuan
is sent away...
the son of King Thammaracha...
and kept at Hongsawadi for safekeeping...
as a royal hostage.
No, my son. Don't go.
Don't go.
I forbid you.
Ong Dam, my son.
Have not you learned to show respect,
young Prince?
I prove respects to those...
who have earned respect.
Wise words for such a young boy.
Who has taught you to speak like this?
My only teacher is my heart.
All right. I will not force
you to behave like the others.
If another than you behaved like this...
he was executed.
When he had conquered Phitsanulok...
Bayinnong led his troops
in the attack on Ayodhya.
Fire. Do not let them just
walk into our city.
Ayodhya is well defended.
We can not get over their walls.
You know why that is?
The army of Ayodhya has no fear.
Your uncle, King Chakkraphat,
and Prince Ramesuan...
are astute warriors.
But wars are not decided by arms alone.
You win them with your mind.
how long should we keep fighting?
Until the whole country is flooded.
- The rainy season is almost starting.
With the first drops of rain...
the army of Hongsawadi will return home.
By that time,
Ayodhya will be already destroyed.
Our army is smaller than theirs.
I would advocate...
that we persevere and fight on.
The water will soon
wash away their soldiers.
But then, everyone in Ayodhya
will be killed.
Bayinnong has declared the end of the war.
We will listen to his proposal.
Lord Rachapakee, get construction
workers and build a pavilion...
between the temples of
Atsadawaat and Nakphramain.
Once I sent a message to ask you...
for your friendship and
two white elephants for my Kingdom.
But you have not complied with my request.
Therefore I had to attack your Kingdom.
Now I ask you for four white elephants.
How about that?
You take my proposal?
If you're truly a great King,
you promise me...
that you lead your army
back to Hongsawadi.
Then I will give you the four
white elephants that you request.
Prince Ramesuan should come back with me.
If you agree, I pull the army back.
Prince Ramesuan should remain here.
He is the heir.
Prince Mahin can assume his duties.
If they both remain here...
their death may someday lead
to a bitter power struggle.
Then your people will find
themselves in a difficult position.
I swear...
that I will raise Prince Ramesuan
as my own son.
Because you swear by heaven,
I will not stop you.
But you need to release my people...
and return my soldiers to me.
So they can defend my city.
- This will happen...
if I get Lord Chakri and
Lord Sunthornsongkram...
so they can serve Prince Ramesuan.
I see that you have no objections.
Do not be afraid for our son.
King Bayinnong has promised that he
takes care of Ong Dam as his son.
His promise does not reduce my fear.
He is still in the land
of the enemy after all.
Hongsawadi is not our enemy.
You do not have to follow me.
I go to the market,
to the Siamese prisoners.
The Siamese will not hurt me.
Go home.
From now on, you do not have to serve me.
I am also just a Siamese prisoner.
Go away.
If you follow me any longer,
I will have you lashed.
When you pay your debts? The interest
rate is higher than the principal sum.
Have mercy. I come from Siam too.
Silence. Money has nothing
to do with nationality.
Have mercy. I am poor.
A thief, a thief.
Grab him.
Grab him.
Do not let him escape.
Is this a game for you?
Thief that you are.
Kill him.
You're all Siamese?
Why are you doing this to each other?
- He steals. That'll teach him.
What did he steal?
- Food.
He's hungry.
Is a bit of food too much to ask for?
We all Siamese here.
I am no longer Siamese.
King Bayinnong has granted
me Hongsawadi citizenship.
A Siamese betrays his country so quickly?
I will stay where it is beneficial for me.
You're Ong Dam, if I'm not mistaken.
And your dad?
Are we not here because he
has drawn on Hongsa's side?
Well? Since you ask, I'll save that boy.
But if he steals from me again,
even God could not save him.
Then I will beat him to death.
Get out.
Steal no more, because then I will
not help you anymore.
I have no home.
Can I stay with you?
I promise that I will serve you faithfully.
Why do not you hide for the
child of the King of Hongsawadi?
If you ignore our customs any longer...
I will force you on the knees.
Try it.
Get of the horse immediately and kneel
before the Prince Mangsamkiat.
Stay away from him.
Stop immediately.
Prince Naresuan is the son
of King Thammaracha...
the ruler of Phitsanulok.
He does not need to kneel
before the Viceroy.
In the royal hierarchy...
Mangsamkiat stands under Prince Naresuan.
He should bow to him.
Mangsamkiat, where is your expression
of respect for Prince Naresuan?
Lukwaithammo, immediately apologize
to Prince Naresuan.
From now on, no one lays a finger
on Prince Naresuan.
He who strives him, will be beheaded.
I ask your forgiveness...
that I have offended
the rank and the pride
of the Prince of Phitsanulok.
Prince Naresuan, tomorrow you will
take part in our exercises.
Yes, Your Majesty.
This fabric comes from Pakata.
It is very gentle and
one of a kind in this region.
If you're wearing it, you are
the most beautiful woman in Ayodhya.
Pink Essence from Persia.
Some of it in the bathwater
and you smell of roses.
Or would you prefer rubies...
One Moment.
I did not call for you because...
I want to buy something from you.
I want to know about my son.
You have been in Hongsawadi so
you've must have heard something.
Bring me the bird.
- Your Highness.
Here, your highness.
If you have any news about
Prince Naresuan...
please let me know with this bird.
You will be highly rewarded.
Yes, your highness.
Is this here the weapons school?
King Bayinnong has appointed this.
It looks more like a temple
with an ancient, sleeping monk.
- He sleeps deeply.
He sleeps all morning.
Old monks sleep in all the time.
Oops, who threw something at me?
Why do you disturb me during meditation?
King Bayinnong has sent me here.
So, then you are Ong Dam,
the Prince of Phitsanulok.
But King Bayinnong said you
would come later.
He is also forgetful.
- Who are you, foul-mouthed fellow?
I do not know my name.
My parents died very early.
Then I call you Bunthing,
because you're without merit.
Why did King Bayinnong sent me to you?
He asked me to educate you.
Later, you will be King of Ayodhya.
You must be more skilled
than any other warrior.
Such is the royal will of King Bayinnong.
Come tomorrow to my temple,
the temple at the port of Yodia.
Here I will teach the law of the King.
That must be the temple.
It is the only temple at
the ports of Yodia.
What do you want?
We are looking for the temple of Yodia.
Is this the temple of Yodia?
Yes, silly. You may only enter if
you pay something for it.
What? We have no money.
- Then you can not come in.
Go away.
- Enough, Manechan.
Do you know who that was?
- Yes.
Prince Naresuan from Phitsanulok.
- Why do not you bend for him?
Go and apologize to him.
Akiyami, get my stick.
- Yes, master.
You see that reaping hook there?
Go and get it.
What should I do with that?
Mow the lawn, of course.
There. You see the grass there?
Go mow it.
Let me.
- No, no.
Ong Dam has to do it.
Not you, Bunthing.
I would learn to use weapons.
- What have you got in your hand?
A reaping hook.
That's a weapon.
- That rusty thing you call a weapon?
In the right hands it is a weapon,
even a reaping hook.
I believe you.
You teach us how to fight?
If you really want...
you must be a monk of this temple first.
Like all other students. That foul-mouthed
fellow will be temple servant.
What are you waiting for, Bunthing?
You'll be late for class.
At the Shwedagon
pagoda are sacred relics.
There are eight strands
of Gautama Buddha's hair kept...
along with some other objects.
Your first lesson is
about tactical warfare.
There are six types of troop movement.
One: The palace procession...
which we call 'Prasat Ta Phra Yu Ha'.
Which is shaped like a triangle.
There are a total of twenty
gates to the Kingdom of Hongsawadi.
King Bayinnong is located
in the center of town.
He built the walls after
the model of Ayodhya.
Two: the Mupinta formation,
in the form of a two-sided drum.
Lesson five: the Teejala formation.
This formation is like a river.
Stop, that's enough.
Imagine that the sword
in your hand is like a bird.
If you hold too tightly...
you will squeeze it to death.
If you hold it too loosely...
it will fly away.
Go away. Get out.
Are you okay?
It hurts.
Ong Dam.
Help me. Manechan
was bitten by a snake.
What are you waiting for?
Quickly, otherwise she will die.
Stand up. Stand up.
Put this ointment on the wound.
Then it goes better with her tomorrow.
You know there are snakes
at the ancient temple.
Then why are you playing there?
It's my own fault. I had picked
lotus flowers for Akiyami.
Did I violate a religious doctrine
because I've touched Manechan?
That does not count now.
The point is that you
have saved Manechans live.
Mangsamkiat's rooster has
defeated the one from Tong-Oo.
You had to bet on Hongsawadi.
No other rooster in the Kingdom
can beat the Prince his rooster.
He is a heavenly creature.
Ong Dam.
Who's rooster is this?
I do not know.
He looks aggressive and strong.
He is also tame.
Maybe he escaped from Si-om.
He breeds fighting cocks.
The rooster of the five Buddha's.
Is this your rooster?
I have only roosters from here.
No roosters caught in Phitsanulok.
Why do you say 'caught roosters'?
- They come along with the prisoners.
This one can be a great ruff.
Where you from, pretty boy?
Can you talk with roosters?
What a nonsense.
Who can do such a thing?
There are cockfighting at the temple.
You want to try him out?
The monk would not agree with that.
- Then, say nothing.
I won. Here with your money.
Is there a rooster
who can beat my red tail?
This one here.
Learned nothing, Si-om?
Frankly I do not want your money.
Can he win?
Of course. He's from Siam.
He can not lose.
Get out.
Very good.
- It is like he said.
The rooster of the five Buddha's
can not lose.
The rooster from Siam has
defeated the local one.
Now I can repay my debts.
Bring that rooster to my coop.
Then we'll see how good he is.
Did you hear that?
He gives off on the Siamese fowl.
We not have to accept that.
Yes, we must fight.
- We will fight.
Yes, we must fight.
This is for your wounds.
The abbot wants to know if
you stop abusing animals now.
Here Bunthing, take this.
Grease his whole body with it,
not just the wounds.
Release the rooster.
As the monk said, it's a sin
to force animals to fight.
Why? Can't we keep him as a pet?
Humans and animals both equally
desire for freedom.
We must release him.
If I had no Pali lesson now...
I'd come along with you.
Si-om, where is the money
I have to get from you?
Can I pay back in installments again?
No, that's not possible.
If you not pay tonight,
you will repent.
Remember that. Bring me the
money before the night falls.
What is the matter?
Khun Dej wants the money I owe him.
He gives no respite.
If I do not pay tonight,
he let somebody manhandle me.
Will you do me a favor?
- What?
Let your rooster fight that of
Khun Dej. I'm sure he wins.
I can not.
I have to release him from Ong Dam.
He must fight before being released.
You earn freedom with fighting.
It is just so.
A caught chicken will always stay caught.
Not that he can not fight,
but he is afraid.
As the people of Hongsa says:
A caught rooster will never fight
with a Hongsa rooster.
Wait, Si-om.
Do not say that. Even though
he is caught, he never gives up.
And how do you get him out
of here without anyone noticing?
I know how.
Concentrate on the lesson Ong Dam.
Where is your young rooster?
What makes you so sure he wins?
If he loses, you can have my house.
But if he wins,
you relieve me of my debt.
And the owner gets four gold baht.
- Yes.
You have not listened to the monk.
Only for once.
What you are doing here is a sin.
They make insults about our rooster.
They say he can not win.
Without a fight our cock
will never live in freedom.
He won.
My little one has won.
I told you he would win.
- Here with that money.
- Cash out.
That rooster's nothing.
After a fight with Mangsamkiat's
rooster fares your laughter though.
Have you learned a lesson?
Cockfights are a sin.
The animals suffer.
Just go to bed now.
I see you tomorrow at the Pali lesson.
Can this cock win from
the one of Mangsamkiat?
You still want a cockfight?
Can he beat Mangsamkiat's rooster?
Mangsamkiat's rooster is very strong.
He is also bigger than yours.
If your cock strikes,
he has already struck three times.
If your cock gets hurt, he may lose.
What are you afraid of?
I would also like to see
Mangsamkiat's rooster beaten.
Give your cock to eat this.
It makes his skin impenetrable.
Then the sharp spurs can't hurt him.
One moment.
If you win this time...
you must promise to never
participate in cockfights again.
Yes father.
Do you believe that your
rooster can beat mine?
Think carefully, Ong Dam.
Mine has never lost.
Mine comes from Siam.
He has never given up.
Although he is less strong.
- Let them fight then.
Which is better, the rooster from
Ayodhya or the one from Hongsawadi?
Put him in the ring.
Look, Mangsamkiat's rooster has spurs on.
If you still have pure Siamese
blood, you can not give up.
You have to prove to all of Hongsawadi...
that we, Siamese,
are not afraid of anyone.
Make sure you win is swiftly.
Good rooster. He has defeated mine.
He is not brought up to fight
for other's enjoyment...
nor for the people's betting.
Enough, the battle is over.
Make sure you hold no grudge.
I will release you now.
Who can beat the Hongsawadi
should not be locked up.
Take care of your freedom...
and never let you be caught again.
I, ruler of the
Kingdom of Lan Xang...
proof your majesty my utmost respect.
You, ruler and commander...
of the Kingdom of Ayodhya.
I, the King, have no heir
to my royal throne...
at the Kingdom of Lan Xang.
I would like your
daughter of royal blood,
Princess Thepkasatri,
to be my wife...
at the Kingdom of Lan Xang.
So that our empire's unite
in friendship...
and commitment to our countries,
now and forever.
I know what I'm asking from
you is very difficult to fulfill.
But it is important.
It's about the future of Ayodhya.
What is it about, father?
I am at your disposal.
- King Chaiyachettha from Lan Xang...
has sent a messenger
to take you as his queen.
After King Thammaracha
chose the side of Burma...
Ayodhya is without allies.
Do I have to go to King Chaiyachettha?
Without the help from Lan Xang
the next war will be our downfall.
You are the daughter of Suriyothai.
Every drop of your blood is as
strong as that of my mother.
She has given her life for her country.
I will sacrifice my body for my Kingdom.
I will sacrifice myself
just as my mother once did.
Even though it makes me very sad.
I have summoned you...
because I have received
a letter from your father.
It states that King Chakkraphat
has sent his daughter...
as a sacrifice to
King Chaiyachettha of Lan Xang.
What you think about that?
- He wants an alliance with Lan Xang...
so they can compete together.
Your father wants me to try
to intercept the Princess...
before she arrives at Lan Xang.
Would you not be happy
if your aunt came here?
We have reached Samoso.
We will arrive at Lan Xang soon.
I will probably never return to Ayodhya.
You must not say that.
One day King Chaiyachettha
will come to Ayodhya...
and then he will surely bring
you with him, your highness.
But when?
That can take years.
Perhaps it never happens.
What happens here?
- Highwaymen. We are being robbed.
Hide the Princess, quickly.
I've heard that my sister
was abducted by the Hongsawadi.
At the border with Phetchaboon,
on the way to Lan Xang.
You knew it.
Come in and join me.
Do not despise me, please.
I love you for so long.
Did your soldiers
dragged me therefore...
like I am a soulless object?
I can not bear the thought of you
being with the King of Lan Xang.
Because you're the daughter of Suriyothai,
which I hold in high esteem.
You're just as King Chaiyachettha.
He loves me...
only because I am the
daughter of Suriyothai.
Nobody loves me for who I am.
I can not stand to be treated
as a dead thing...
just because I am the daughter
of Queen Suriyothai.
If you desire my body, you can get it.
But not my soul.
Now, you can be a powerful King...
who has done all kinds of conquests.
But you, mighty King,
will never conquer my soul.
Out with you.
Out, everyone.
My sister is dead.
She killed herself...
because she not wanted to be
a slave of the King of Hongsawadi.
It's your fault.
You ignore our pride.
You give everything to your enemies.
The way King Thammaracha
asked King Bayinnong...
to abduct the Princess with soldiers,
is disrespectful.
This means...
that Phitsanulok has chosen
the side of King Bayinnong.
If we turn away from Ayodhya...
King Bayinnong can easily
prevail over Ayodhya...
with Phitsanulok on his side.
If Ayodhya loses from King Bayinnong...
we will be soon in great danger ourselves.
Lan Xang should help Prince Mahin
to attack Phitsanulok.
We must conquer Phitsanulok.
I've heard that Prince Mahin...
has chosen the side of Lord Ram
to betray your majesty.
What? Prince Mahin wants to hurt me?
I was the one who asked Prince Mahin
to fight with me against Lan Xang.
Why would Prince Mahin
do something to hurt me?
It is part of a plan of
Prince Mahin and Lord Ram.
Prince Mahin summoned King Chaiyachettha...
to attack Phitsanulok.
Prince Mahin would then take your Kingdom.
Prince Mahin has sent us to capture you.
I knew nothing of this ruse.
I am willing to fight with
all my might against Lan Xang.
But this is all a trap?
Yes, it is, Your Majesty.
Raise the alarm.
Raise the alarm immediately.
This is the work of
Phitsanulok and King Thammaracha.
Nobody acts like a dog...
and bite the hand that feeds him.
Except King Thammaracha.
King Bayinnong let us bring
soldiers to fight Lan Xang.
I thank you both.
But King Chaiyachettha's army has withdrawn.
Our men come from far.
Let us fight.
Chaiyachettha is an experienced warrior.
Do not underestimate his army.
If we follow him, it can go wrong.
- They can not escape.
King Bayinnong has commanded this.
We must obey.
We will show you the power of Hongsa.
Bayinnong's soldiers are invincible.
Rumors on the market say
that my father is Hongsawadi.
I know.
Thammaracha is in Hongsawadee...
to assist Lord Phukaam and Lord Suahan.
Why does he help them?
If he does not do that,
they will both be executed.
Thammaracha has asked King Bayinnong
for forgiveness.
Lord Phukaam, Lord Suahan...
I have commanded you to fight in Phitsanulok.
Your negligence has led to a loss...
that has affected my Kingship.
No ruler would accept this.
Executioner, behead them both.
Your Majesty, please be so kind...
These two men have
fought hard in this war.
I beg you to let them live, Your Majesty.
If the King wants to give grace,
I will not stop him.
Why did you not bowed
before King Thammaracha?
Whilst King Thammaracha...
saved Lord Phukaam and Lord Suahan
from the death in Hongsawadi...
Prince Mahin went back...
to get King Thammaracha's wife
and daughter out of Phitsanulok.
Listen, Prince Mahin.
Every mother misses her child.
But we are willing to obey
our fathers and our bloodline.
Dear sister.
This time it's obvious that
your husband, King Thammaracha...
has decided to choose the side
of King Bayinnong.
Your husband seems more important
to you than your country.
If you talk about the blood line,
think about the origins of my children.
Don't tell me.
Do you come to Ayodhya or not?
We go with you back to Ayodhya...
as long as you know it's against our will.
Your behavior emphasizes the break
between Phitsanulok and Ayodhya.
King Chakkraphat and Prince Mahin...
have taken your wife and daughter...
and one of your son's to Ayodhya.
They want to break with Hongsawadi.
I think this is a plan of Prince Mahin.
Why do you think that?
- He wants revenge...
because I am faithful to Hongsawadi.
He accuses me...
that I am guilty of losing
their independence.
Doesn't Prince Mahin understand...
that it has nothing to do with you...
but with the obstinacy
of King Chakkraphat...
and the nobility who support
the war against Hongsa?
Prince Mahin blames me for that.
He therefore persuaded
King Chaiyachettha to attack Phitsanulok.
King Chakkraphat has broken his word.
Now he is an enemy of Hongsawadi.
We must not forget.
Our allies will gather
their armies from the north.
They will prepare, and in the
twelfth month we will attack Ayodhya.
That I broke the covenant with
Ayodhya and joined with Hongsawadi...
had it's reasons.
Ayodhya has made himself
an enemy of Phitsanulok.
- He comes from a different bloodline.
We descend from Phraruang,
but Prince Mahin from Suphannabhum.
They are afraid that our line
grows bigger than theirs...
and we will take Ayodhya.
I do not share your view...
that the blood of the Hongsa is
thicker than that of the Siamese.
I believe...
that Thammaracha's attack on Ayodhya
should not be supported with troops.
It does no good.
- Nandabayin.
Your vision is too narrow.
Ayodhya competes with us.
It is a port city with rivers.
If we allow them to flourish,
we will not endure long.
Ayodhya and Hongsawadi are
the most prosperous Kingdoms.
If we decide to attack Ayodhya later,
it will be difficult.
But now Thammaracha comes and
offers Ayodhya on a silver platter.
Without Phitsanulok, Ayodhya stands alone.
Like a ripe fruit, only to be picked.
We must pick Ayodhya
before someone else does it.
So, Ayodhya was a ripe fruit...
which King Bayinnong
wanted to pick effortlessly.
But it proved harder than expected.
Weeks turned into months.
Thus passed nearly one year.
King Bayinnong's army simply
could not conquer Ayodhya.
Do not fire at the temple.
Remove your army from Phitsanulok
and weaken Prince Mahin and his men.
Ayodhya will not beat us.
King Thammaracha,
what are you waiting for?
Are you still loyal to Ayodhya?
In the year 1569 AD...
amidst the war with
the Kingdom of Hongsawadi...
King Chakkraphat of Ayodhya died.
Prince Mahin ascended the throne...
in succession as the new King of Ayodhya.
Ong Dam, have you heard?
Your grandfather, King Chakkraphat is dead.
King Chakkraphat is dead.
King Chakkraphat is dead.
King Chakkraphat is dead.
King Chakkraphat is dead.
Without your grandfather,
Ayodhya will fall apart.
Soon King Bayinnong, my uncle, will...
be sitting on the throne
of your grandfather.
In the first war you have lost elephants.
Now you lose your empire.
Now lose your empire.
- You want to be tough guys, huh?
Come over here then and prove it.
- Bunthing.
I will punch you in your face.
Don't brag so much.
All Siamese are quitters.
Do not worry, Your Majesty.
After the death of King Chakkraphat
Prince Mahin will ascend the throne.
He will rule the Kingdom.
But how can Prince Mahin
fend off an army?
Do not underestimate him, Your Majesty.
He will be strong when the time comes.
He can take care of the empire.
He will not lose.
King Bayinnong will be surprised...
how much effort and expertise
the new King has to offer.
Long live our King.
Long live the King.
Long live the King.
Long live the King.
Long live the King.
Why is the canal not filled yet?
When will we reach Ayodhya?
- We have worked night and day.
How much loam can a man wear?
Seven blocks.
Hurry. We need a bridge to Ayodhya.
If men die,
fill the canal with their corpses.
Otherwise, I throw you into the canal.
King Bayinnong...
needs 500,000 more men
to replace the fallen.
King Bayinnong is mistaken...
if he thinks he can beat
Ayodhya so easily.
He should not underestimate the Siamese.
If you put too much pressure on them...
they will fight to the last gasp.
- That's right.
If Ayodhya can ward off
King Bayinnong until the monsoon...
King Bayinnong must return to Hongsawadi.
King Bayinnong must have
devised a strategy to defeat Ayodhya.
As King Mahin is not careful...
he may run into the trap of King Bayinnong.
We are at war now for so long.
Since the end of summer.
And yet we have not won.
The monsoon starts soon.
And then we must withdraw.
We have underestimated King Mahin.
Without King Chakkraphat
and Prince Ramesuan...
King Mahin is like a little bird
that dropped from the nest.
Nevertheless, the young King...
successfully defended his Kingdom.
Your Majesty, I serve thee six years now.
And yet I never could satisfy you.
Now I can finally give you satisfaction.
What do you want to say?
- You must promise me something.
If I make sure that Ayodhya
falls in your hands...
like a ripe fruit...
you must adequately reward me
for my efforts.
That's brutal.
How dare you to exploit me
in a time like this.
If I succeed,
I want to be Governor of Takong.
And collect the boundary charge from
the visitors to the Shwedagon Pagoda.
Well, I agree.
What's your plan?
Here's my plan.
I'll pretend I've you fled from you...
and act as a spy.
King Mahin will not suspect me
and let me protect his empire.
I'll post the best soldiers
at insignificant posts.
And if their defense are thus weakened,
I open the gates for your army.
Then you can take Ayodhya effortlessly.
Who's there?
I am Lord Chakri.
I've fled from the Hongsa fortress.
I request immediate audience with the King.
I'm glad you have fled
from Hongsa to help us.
No one else supports our
fight against King Bayinnong.
I swear...
I am willing to die
to protect my Kingdom.
I dictate the command...
over our military to you,
to protect Ayodhya against Hongsawadi.
Why do not you shoot?
We have no gunpowder.
- That is no reason to wait.
King Thammaracha.
- Majesty.
Send a request to Lord Chakri
that he addresses your wife.
I have to steal gunpowder
from Ayodhya for the Hongsa?
King Thammaracha is a prisoner.
Like me, your highness.
If King Bayinnong's orders
are not followed...
King Thammaracha will be in danger.
I'm nobody's prisoner.
King Bayinnong might not
be able to hurt you...
but if your highness
will act on my request...
there will be no harm
done to King Thammaracha.
Recently, one of
your servants fell ill.
If you allow me to hide
gunpowder in her coffin...
and let it take out from the town
to the cemetery by the undertaker...
your husband will be spared
from King Bayinnongs wrath.
Your Excellency...
Your lordship...
Bring the guns to the west wall.
But the Hongsa will not attack from there.
There is a river.
Do not argue with me.
I wear the royal sword.
I believe they attack from the west.
Bring the guns to the west wall.
I do not understand that strategy.
Majesty, I do not trust Lord Chakri.
I do not believe...
that Lord Chakri really fled
from the fortress of Hongsa.
If Chakri really not fled Hongsawadi...
why did King Bayinnong beheaded
thirty of his soldiers than...
and put up their heads at the Panma Temple?
Lord Chakri used the King's sword...
in order to turn soldiers into civilians
and civilians into soldiers.
Thus he decreased
the strength of our armies.
I have given Lord Chakri my sword.
Lord Chakri takes all the decisions now.
I trust Lord Chakri
like I trusted King Chakkraphat.
Lord Chakri can defeat the Hongsawadi.
Do not bother me any longer with this case.
Disappear and join the
others in the Diamond fortress.
Do what I am telling you to do,
What are you doing there?
Go to the Diamond fortress.
Rumours exists...
that Ayodhya has lost from Hongsawadi.
Do not be sad, majesty.
It is Ayodhya's fate.
- It is not fate.
There is a traitor in Siam.
Everything in life is predestined.
It was inevitable.
What happens to King Mahin now?
I do not know.
Everything depends on one's own fate.
Even the fate of a ruler like King Mahin.
Come and sit with me.
Do not think we are so different.
I've sent my soldiers to you
according to royal tradition...
in order to preserve my Kingdom.
So do not feel humiliated.
I want you to remain at Hongsawadi.
Do not worry about
the Kingdom of Ayodhya.
I make you King of Phitsanulok...
and King Thammaracha will reign Ayodhya.
King Thammaracha will arrange...
everything in your place in Ayodhya.
That is wonderful.
I have never seen
such dances in Hongsawadi.
Even not in Tong-Oo.
I've never seen anything so beautiful.
My daughter, Princess Suphankanlaya,
has trained the dancers.
Princess Suphankanlaya,
the sister of Prince Naresuan.
In my memory, she is still a girl.
Now she is a grown woman.
- I would like to see her.
This ring is your reward...
because you have learned the
dancers to dance so beautifully.
Take it.
I want to take the dancers
and their teacher to Hongsawadi.
She have to teach my
dancers these fine arts.
Do not worry.
I'll watch over the Princess.
I know you trust me.
Lord Chakri.
Even though you were a
servant of King Chakkraphat...
your services for Hongsawadi
have led to the victory at Ayodhya.
I have a reward that...
is worthy for your efforts
in the conquest of Ayodhya.
Your deeds are worth more than any object.
Open up, Lord Chakri,
and see what reward awaits you.
Take your reward, Lord Chakri.
Thank you very much.
You two there,
don't just sit there and observe.
Help him to carry his treasure.
How dare you betray your King.
King Chakkraphat en King Mahin...
cared for you and had you knighted.
They made you minister.
But yet you have betrayed them.
If I stay favourable towards you...
sooner or later, you
will also betray Hongsawadi.
Lukwaithammo, take him to the river...
and drown him with the treasure.
Take him away.
Dear Sister, look here.
Princess Suphankanlaya
would like to see Ong Dam.
But the laws of our government
forbid her to leave the palace.
Ong Dam will understand it.
Do not worry.
King Bayinnong will arrive soon.
King Bayinnong is coming.
No formalities, Princess.
Let me see your beautiful face.
Talk to me.
Do not be afraid.
I hope you like this house.
I have it built for you.
It's no different than the house
that is built for Princess Singnee...
or for Princess Chiang Rung.
It is not like that.
I had them come to forge
a relationship between our empires.
That is simply a royal duty.
With you it's different.
I've let you come out of love.
Do not waste your words on me.
I'm only one of your prisoners.
You may do to me what you want.
But you'll never win my love.
Are you sure?
You have no power over my heart.
Do not be so sure of yourself.
One day you'll love me.
That day will never come.
What kind of earth is that?
- Earth from Ayodhya.
Have you brought your country to Hongsawadi?
I refused to live in a country other...
than my homeland Ayodhya.
I will never give up
my nationality for another.
I will be Siamese until my death.
You are most loyal to your race.
From now on you will be called Ameawyuo.
It means...
'She who loves and stays
loyal to her lineage'.
Your Highness, the disease has
almost reached his heart.
I have prepared a medicine...
to expel the poison from his body.
And it will not take long...
before he will feel better.
You have to heal King Mahin.
If you fail, you will be executed.
Take your medicine and eat
something. Don't be discouraged.
King Mahin does not have long to live.
You'll need to visit
him for the last time.
Even though the lineage
of the Suphannabhum...
and that of the Phraruang...
were always each others enemies.
However, the future ruler of
Ayodhya has to learn...
to forgive.
Is that Prince Naresuan?
- Your Highness.
Have you come...
to see the enemy of your father dying?
It is not like that.
I'll just come to see
how you are doing.
I will die soon.
You must be happy...
that the bloodline of
Suphannabhum ends when I'm dead.
I do not approve of
Siamese fighting each other.
Especially now that
we have become colonies.
We are slaves of Hongsawadi.
No matter which bloodline reigns the empire.
As long as there is a Siamese
who reigns over Siam.
We must not be slaves of other empires.
Wise words, Naresuan.
If only me and other nobles
in Ayodhya thought just like you.
Then we would not have lost our country.
Now that I've heard you,
I'm not afraid of death anymore.
Ye gods and angels of heaven and earth...
Naresuan must become the new King...
and save the future of our country.
Now it's time for me to die.
May Prince Naresuan one day rule.
King Bayinnong,
ruler of all countries...
Let announce that King Mahin...
died from a serious illness.
That is not true.
I don't believe that.
My brother did not suffer from any illness.
Those sneaky Hongsawadi killed him.
That's right.
You have killed King Mahin.
What is that?
It looks like a coffin.
- Perhaps family of the abbot.
Or maybe his wife.
- Then when was the abbot married?
Before he was ordained.
It's not a coffin.
- Then what is it?
Things that King Bayinnong
has taken from Ayodhya.
A treasure? Why should this be in the temple?
- Shall we go look tonight?
The monk is sleeping deeply.
Once he sleeps, you climb through
the window, and I'm on the lookout.
A gun.
What is that?
He is so long.
I believe it is a royal gun.
Whose gun is it?
I do not know.
It seems like it opens here.
Don't touch that.
You have learned nothing.
Because you have touched this weapon...
you must be punished.
You have done something
that is forbidden.
You may never take these weapons again.
Now tell me what you are thinking about.
Whose weapons are these?
And why should I not touch them?
They are royal relics that
belonged to the ruler of Ayodhya.
Only one man,
as big as King Chakkraphat...
has the right to touch them.
And why are they kept here?
King Bayinnong has brought
them from Ayodhya...
After his victory at the Siamese.
But there was a series of omens.
A soothsayer said Bayinnong
was not virtuous enough.
With his vast Kingdom...
he must be virtuous
enough to possess them.
Yes. But he must be so
virtuous as King Chakkraphat.
Hence the omens.
- But why are the weapons here?
The soothsayer has determined so.
He said I had to guard the weapons.
He predicted that there
would be a virtuous man...
that would be strong enough to possess them.
When that day comes, my task is fulfilled.
I need your help.
A student of mine is an orphan.
I'd always got her under my care...
Now she's grown...
and almost a real woman.
I wish to request your majesty
to take her to the palace.
Do not worry.
I'll take her.
What's her name?
Manechan. She will be
very happy with this news.
No, I do not want to go.
- You can no longer stay here.
You're almost a woman.
And as a woman you can
not live with monks, you know?
If you stay here...
you will not be more than temple servant.
But if you serve Princess Suphankanlaya...
you will be maid of honor.
Do you not love me anymore?
Or I love you or not, you need
to go to Princess Suphankanlaya.
Let her.
What is wrong?
- The abbot wants me go away.
I must go and be a servant of
Princess Suphankanlaya.
I cannot live here any longer.
What should I do?
That's great news.
You will learn many new things.
I do not want that.
I want to stay with you two.
You can come if you miss us.
If Worajan goes to the temple,
you can always come with him.
Go ahead. Here you only eat
leftovers from the monks.
You will get much better food.
- No, I do not want to go away from you.
Go along with it.
We're not going anywhere.
We stay in the temple.
Directly beside the palace walls.
Promise me.
I promise.
I promise too.
I've asked you to get Manechan,
the student of the abbot.
Whether you believe it or not,
under all that dust it is Manechan.
I do not believe you.
Help her to wash up.
I thought for a moment that
you had brought me a monkey.
I do not want to shower.
- Manechan.
It is really Manechan.
So you're not a monkey.
No, ma'am.
why have you requested for an audition?
Wait outside, I'll call you.
Please, have a seat.
I want information on Ong Dam,
Prince of Phitsanulok.
What about his upbringing?
What has he learned?
Ong Dam has already learned everything.
There is nothing more I can teach him.
Do you believe that Ong Dam
ever will be a great King?
I have no doubt about that.
If I may say...
I predict...
that he will be...
a powerful King in the future,
just like yourself.
I've heard that before...
when I first encountered
Ong Dam in Phitsanulok.
Ong Dam...
will be a great King.
He will conquer land on all sides.
Just like you.
Maybe we should kill
him to protect my Kingdom.
You can not do that, Your Majesty.
The fate of Prince Naresuan...
and your own destiny...
are interconnected and can
not be separated.
If you have Prince Naresuan killed,
you destroy yourself with it.
When I'm deceased...
maybe my bloodline will
perish soon after me.
Because my son Nandabayin
can only fight...
but can not control a country.
And I observed Mangsamkiat
from the beginning.
He can never be a King.
When I am dead, our colonies...
will come at us as vultures.
Then Hongsawadi will be destroyed.
The Oo-Thong dynasty that I've founded,
will be lost.
Only Ong Dam can save the monarchy.
Ong Dam is from the genus
of the Phraruang...
and not from the line of Thong-Oo.
But there is also Manechan.
Manechan is our little secret.
You're my advisor...
but I am her father.
Her mother was Chantradevi,
the daughter of Samingsawtu...
who deceitfully killed King Tabengchaweti.
Lady Chantradevi.
Chantradevi was the wife of Bayinnong,
the daughter of Samingsawtu...
who was of royal descent and plotted
the murder on King Tabengchaweti...
and so lady Chantradevi
had to be slain by law.
Through her father's act,
seven generations were executed.
Without you Manechan also had
been executed according to law.
Like Chantradevi and her father.
Do not worry, Your Majesty.
I will teach Ong Dam...
as I have previously taught you.
About Manechan...
that depends entirely on them.
It depends on whether
they are getting along.
That is determined by fate.
Nobody can change that.
And the more time passed...
the more King Bayinnong
grown fond of Prince Naresuan.
Finally, this made other members
of the royal family jealous.
This jealousy led to events
that nobody had foreseen.
I have never refused you my help.
But this...
I can not do.
Am I not the reason you're so rich?
Khun Dej.
I can take back everything
I have ever given you.
Think about it carefully.
If that young monk is still
here in three days, you die.
Bunthing, here.
Bunthing, here.
You've been waiting long?
- I just wanted to leave.
We are looking for a place to talk.
At the bridge.
There is nobody.
Is that allowed?
Of course.
I must tell what I feel for you.
I'm sorry.
Young monk.
Young monk.
Beum and Thongdi have dragged Bunthing away.
Where was that?
- At the bridge.
They went to Yodia market.
It's a trap.
- I can not swim too.
Don't help them.
Let them drown.
Wait, Ong Dam.
It was wrong to attack you.
Starting today, we both...
shall never try to hurt you again.
Who encouraged you to do so?
- Khun Dej.
Lukwaithammo has ordered him to murder you.
Be careful, young Prince.
They will not give up.
They will find another way to kill you.
Lie down.
I'll take care of you.
Worajan, you have to pass
a message to my sister.
What do I have to say to her?
- I'm going to Ayodhya.
But not alone.
I would take my sister.
If I stay here...
I am constantly in danger.
A member of the royal family
wants me off as a threat.
And another thing.
I will no longer allow Mangsamkiat
to put up Siamese against each other.
Is your journey well prepared?
I have people with me
who know the way...
and 300 citizens of Phitsanulok.
We are ready to bring
her majesty to Ayodhya.
I will immediately notify the Princess.
Are you not happy to return to Ayodhya?
I will deal with your luggage.
Ong Dam will return tonight.
You think Bayinnong
will let us go so easily?
We still serve as collateral.
Should we suffer until we die?
As long as we stay here in Hongsawadi...
and Ayodhya remains a slave state,
we remain prisoners.
And what about Ong Dam?
Ong Dam will make a getaway?
Oh, Ong Dam.
Ong Dam should return to Ayodhya.
He is our only hope.
Will King Bayinnong let him escape?
He is the only one who
can help Ong Dam escape.
Where are you going?
- To Ong Dam.
That's not possible.
It is very far to Ayodhya.
You will be a burden to
him and hinder his escape.
Can he escape?
That is determined by fate.
It depends on the Princess.
I believe...
that Princess Suphankanlaya has
a plan to secure Ong Dam's escape.
If you have something to say,
say it now.
I believe...
that you changed your opinion
about your love for me, right?
- I...
You know yourself...
I'm rich and handsome, a cunning
negotiator and a great warrior.
One that has won every battle.
- More. You are a great King.
You possess the virtues of a King.
Your kindness is legendary.
There is only one reason you can
get my heart, my body and my soul.
Namely by your compassion in this situation.
You want me to let your brother
go to Ayodhya.
Do you know that?
I know everything that happens here.
Agreed, Ameawyuo.
If you offer yourself in
exchange for your brother...
I will happily agree.
Even though I know he will soon...
turn against Hongsawadi.
I swear that my brother
will never betray Hongsawadi.
You will see for yourself...
on the day that I die.
Prince Naresuan will
lead troops to Hongsawadi.
Thank you King that you
release a trapped bird.
You have great virtues, my King.
I give myself to you
for this virtuous act.
You do not have to love me for it.
I do not want that.
I just want to believe...
that one day, you love me
without consideration.
You'll love me for who I am.
Your sister will probably not come.
What should we do?
If we did not have everything prepared,
it was not that bad.
But our plan is put in motion.
If we stay and it leaks out,
we will pay the price.
Shall we wait?
- We can not do that.
My sister loves Hongsawadi
more than her family.
Maybe she is delayed.
- Never mind.
We must leave now.
Holy Father, I must go now.
I will return to Hongsa.
I promise.
Where are you going, Prince?
I knew it.
Khun Dej has failed.
He thinks he can get out?
King Bayinnong can not help him anymore.
Grab him.
Go on, Ong Dam.
We take care of it here.
Prince Naresuan escapes.
Stop him.
On orders from the King,
no one may hurt Prince Naresuan.
Those who do, will be slain.
It is not over.
Just wait.
We are going.
- Yes, Your Highness.
Bunthing. Bunthing.
Sorry that I have not said goodbye.
I understand that.
A great duty awaits you
in the future, Your Majesty.
I must warn you for one thing.
All the knowledge I have
given you is insignificant.
What is important is in yourself
and those around you.
They want to die for you...
because they think you would
do the same for them.
This is the strongest weapon on earth.
Much stronger than
what you've learned here.
May your journey back to Ayodhya...
be safely conducted.
Prince Naresuan of Siam.
Bunthing. Bunthing.
What is it, Your Highness?
Did you see the monk last night?
No, Your Highness.
Was he here last night?
Come, we must break up camp.
Ayodhya is waiting for us.
Hey, wake up.
We have to go.
It's time to break up camp.