Narok (2005) Movie Script

Hell is a world of misery.
We can feel it close at hand,
but we do not care and choose to forget.
It's a world full of evil acts
and cruelty among human beings.
Thousands or even millions of sinners
cry and moan in excruciating pain
to repent sins that they have committed.
Some ask for a little mercy.
Others try to capture us and kill us for food.
No one is likely to believe
what I have just recounted.
However, none of us could escape
the power of the Great Keeper
who governs hell.
Sooner or later,
you will be aware of the truth.
25 hours earlier
- Don't drag our kid into this mess.
- I didn't want her to begin with.
I wouldn't be so miserable
if I'd never had her.
Shut up! Enough is enough!
Ja, sweetie, are you pregnant?
Let me have a look.
Let me see.
Who is it?
Ja, come on in.
Let me get you a towel.
Drink something warm first.
It'll make you feel better.
I'm not sure if I'm right about Chot.
I think you better leave first.
I agree. I'm of no use to you anymore.
I didn't mean that.
It's all right, but don't stay up too late.
We have a project tomorrow morning.
Ja, have some breakfast first.
I'm in a hurry.
Can't we talk?
What do you care?
My life is none of your business.
You just gave birth to me and that was it!
Peace be with you.
It must be very sacred,
drinking while praying like that.
Lae! You bastard!
I was praying and you still bother me.
Don't ever do that again!
Anyway, when is our producer
supposed to arrive?
I don't know. He's almost never late.
It's late now.
Good luck, Aun.
Call us when you get back.
We'll pick you up.
Bye, Mum, bye, Dad. I'll call you later.
Take care of yourself.
Why did they have to drop me off?
They think I'm still a baby.
Hi, Lae. Hi, Uncle Tao. Where's Chot?
Good Lord!
Those two are so annoying!
How many people know the truth
that this girl is only sixteen?
She willingly leads this life.
She works here for free,
so that she can use this place to turn tricks.
- Ja.
- Hello, Ja!
Aun, it's late. Let's start loading.
Where are you? How could you
let everyone wait for so long?
You're so selfish and irresponsible.
Are you done complaining?
Next time, you should look around first.
Kim, this is the script.
Thank you, Uncle!
Talk to Art, if you have any concerns.
You'll be equipped
with two concealed cameras,
one inside the brooch
and one in your purse.
Try to avoid touching those things.
Don't worry. This is safe.
Just try to control
the camera the way I taught you.
Stay calm and act normal. You'll be safe.
All right.
Your responsibility
is to take care of the equipment.
Don't confuse her. I'll take care of her.
Aun, could you turn that off?
Aun, stop drooling.
When we finish this job,
I'll let you meet some real angels.
Only cute and light-skinned girls.
Are you for real? You know lying is a sin.
I'm not lying. I never deceive anyone.
I agree. There are hundreds of virtues,
but Lae can follow only one of them.
Uncle, you make it sound like I'm so rotten.
When your time comes,
don't even ask Aun and me for help.
Hey, we share the same blood,
I'll go wherever you guys go.
I thought so.
Aun, you're still young.
You should save some money.
Don't spend it all on bullshit.
You must learn to behave well,
so you go to heaven when you die.
What's the point of going to heaven
when you die?
I'm warning you,
but you just want to joke around.
Beware! Your soul is heading to hell!
That stuff was strong. It was good.
What the hell is going on?
Why is it so hot today?
Where are you going?
Chot! I have to talk to you.
Ja, don't do this.
I don't have any feelings for Kim.
You worry so much.
I'm pregnant.
With who?
I mean, are you sure?
Am I sure that I'm pregnant
or that you're the father?
What are you going to do?
What about you?
I'm not ready.
You're not going to take responsibility,
are you?
No, but we're so young.
Neither of us even has a steady job.
I'm ready.
Ja, let's talk about it
after we finish this project.
Let's go.
What the heck is going on?
I almost peed my pants.
I have to get out to take a leak.
Keep moving!
Come on!
Move along!
Go! Go! Get out of my way!
- Don't go, Ja.
- If you want to stay, then stay by yourself.
Where do you think we can go?
Get away from me!
What's going on?
Are you okay? Help him! Help!
Art, are you all right?
Hello? Yes, I'm his wife.
Where? Where is he now?
Your dad just causes us constant trouble.
I wonder when he's gonna die.
Move along!
Move along!
If you wanna stay,
then stay here by yourself!
Kim, you go ahead. I'll be right back.
- No, I don't want to.
- Just go on.
What the hell is this room?
People who came here before us named it
the Waiting Room.
- The Waiting Room?
- Waiting for the reincarnation.
Which one is mine?
Chot, don't let them do anything to me!
Move along!
Chot! I don't want to go! No!
Uncle Tao, help me! Help me, please!
I can't help you. I can't even help myself!
Chot! Help me!
Let me go! Let me go!
- Chot!
- Ja!
Kim, listen! We're not dead.
I saw the lights of our lives on earth.
We're all in the emergency room.
We're in critical condition, but we're
not dead. We have to hurry back.
Get back? How?
This is really good,
I've been waiting for so long for this.
It was so tormenting.
It took forever before I could redeem myself.
Yes. I don't mind being reborn as anything.
Just let me out of this place.
Do we have to eat that black pill?
Of course! That black stuff
is the place where you will be reborn.
The water that they drink
will erase all their memories
of past lives.
Then, I won't be able to remember a thing?
Honey, why would you
want to remember anything?
Now we can go back, right, Art?
We have to help our friends first.
We're not dead.
We don't belong here.
Kim, you wait here, okay?
Wait! Let me go with you.
I don't want to be alone!
Don't think that you can just torture me!
What do you care?
You didn't even want me to begin with.
Chot, help me.
Hurry up, Ja!
I can't walk.
Come on!
This way! Help me, too!
I can't! You have to help yourself.
Idiot! I'm hanging here.
How can I help myself?
Every man for himself! I have to go now!
Why don't you help me?
We're in this together.
Help me, you selfish bastard!
Chot! You bastard!
Don't let me see you again!
Now, Ja, you have to walk.
I can't carry you anymore.
Chot! You selfish bastard!
Son of a bitch!
I can't even save myself
and I also have Ja with me.
Hurry up. They're here again.
Art, how did you get here?
We're not dead yet.
- How do you know?
- I'll tell you later.
I know how to get out of here.
I think we'd better go now.
Then why would they bring us here?
They should take us back.
They might not know. So many deaths!
Or they knew,
but didn't want to take us back.
It was a lot of work bringing us here.
They wouldn't have enough time
if they decided to take us back.
How could they do this to us? It's not fair.
Then we have to sue them for torturing us.
What are we waiting for? Let's go!
We have to help Lae and Aun first.
Don't try to be a hero!
We can't even help ourselves here.
I think...
Didn't you see how ruthless
those people were? If we go help those two,
we might not have a chance.
Don't act like a hero. It can get you killed!
If you want to go, then go.
We won't go with you.
Ja, have you lost your mind?
Art has no mum and dad.
He has no one to worry about!
Ja, you still have your mum.
Think about your mum!
What about our baby?
Aren't you worried about him?
In a situation like this, nobody
can blame anyone for being selfish.
Kim, you know the way, right?
Ja and Kim, you two should go back first.
Take care of this fag, too. I'll go with Art.
Where the hell is this place?
- Kim, are you sure this is the right way?
- It wasn't like this before.
This is weird.
Are you taking us the right way?
I don't know.
Please help!
Please help!
Help me! Please!
Mum, come play with us!
Please help me!
Mum, let's play!
Help me! Help me! Help me!
Come on, Mum! Play with us! Play with us!
Play with us!
Kim! Kim!
Help me! Anyone! Please help!
Are you crazy? Go on! Hurry up!
Lae. Lae.
Art, help me!
Aun. Aun.
- It's me!
- Uncle.
Shut up! You want all of them to come here?
Easy. Easy.
- What are we gonna do, Art?
- Let's hide first.
Art! Uncle Tao! Lae!
What are you guys doing here?
What about Kim?
Chot! Where's Kim?
She was eaten by little monsters.
Don't make me get into the details.
It was horrible!
How's that possible? Dead again and again?
Chot killed her.
Son of a bitch!
Let me go!
Art! Don't!
Enough! Leave that bastard alone!
Let's go!
I could use a few drinks.
Look, Lae, we're in hell
and Uncle Tao still wants his drink.
What about the drink in those giant pots?
I saw quite a few of them.
Watch out! You've got a sharp tongue.
I shouldn't have saved you.
I'm just kidding! Don't take it seriously!
Hey, brave girl.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Don't be.
I'm the one who should be sorry.
I always thought that I was too good
and didn't care about others.
I was so self-righteous.
Even when it came to Chot.
I deserve to be here,
to repent for what I did to my mum.
I caused her so much pain.
I only looked at her past mistakes.
I was so resentful
that my mum wanted an abortion.
She didn't want to have me.
But my mum was truly sorry.
She was trying to make it up to me.
I never thought about forgiving her.
I made the same mistake,
just like her.
I am so
If I ever go back,
how could I look her in the eyes.
Don't give up, Ja.
Your mum is waiting for you.
Just say sorry,
your mum would be very happy.
I appreciate that you came and rescued us.
If I were you, I'm not sure
if I would go back to help you all.
Don't mention it.
Lae, what are you thinking?
I must have hurt so many people.
I didn't realize it at the time.
I thought it was fun.
Me, too.
I don't know why I was so useless.
I drank and hit my wife all the time.
I didn't care.
If I ever go back, I'll make it up
to my wife and my kid.
To tell you the truth,
your face reminds me of my parents.
Uncle, what's wrong?
Don't joke around! It's not funny!
Lae, I don't think he's joking.
- Uncle!
- Uncle!
Uncle! Are you okay?
The patient's in a coma.
We're trying our best,
but he's still unconscious.
We can't guarantee anything.
He may not be normal ever again.
Worst-case scenario, he might be brain-dead
and may slip into a vegetative state.
When he was normal,
all he did was drink and get drunk.
Now I have to take care of him?
To be honest,
I don't have the money to take care of him.
We barely make end meets.
And I don't have time
to take care of the disabled.
If his condition gets worse,
I think you should let him go.
You have my permission.
There it is. The place that will take us back.
Nim, please wait for Daddy.
I'll see you soon.
- Lae, it's me, Art.
- Art?
- Let's try to light this place up.
- Sure.
Ja? Ja?
- Art, help me!
- Lae, go take a look.
Uncle! How are you feeling? Uncle!
Uncle! Are you okay?
Art, let's go!
- Aun.
- Art! Lae!
Stop playing around! Hurry up!
Find something to feed the fire.
What the hell is this?
This stinks!
Chot! You scared me!
Run! Run! Run! Quick!
Ja, run! Get out of here!
- Where are you going?
- I'm going for a drink.
Drink. Drink.
You never think about family, about us.
- Why can't I drink?
- What about your family?
Shut up! Idiot! What do you want from me?
Fine! If you want to die, then go ahead!
Uncle Tao! Uncle Tao! Uncle Tao!
- Uncle!
- Lae!
Uncle Tao.
Come back! Come back here! Uncle!
Please help me.
I'm so scared.
I don't know why,
but whatever I did to you,
I'm so sorry.
Please forgive me, Jitra.
Let's go, sweetie.
Where are you taking me?
I don't want to go.
Lae! Lae, don't lose it!
Try to stay focused!
Aun, hurry up! We have to go now.
Let's go!
- Lae, help me!
- Aun!
Art. Art. Art.
I can't go on any further.
Aun, you take Art and Ja away.
I'll follow you guys later. Don't worry!
Lae, what do you think you're doing?
I'll take care of these guys. You take Ja out.
No, Lae, don't do that!
Hurry up, Art! Ja can't hold on anymore.
Hurry up!
You, too!
See you soon, Lae!
This way, girls! I love having fun!
Come on! Come! I'll satisfy everyone!
Are you cheating on me?
Come here now!
Don't hurt me!
Her condition is stable, but still critical.
We have to see if she can survive the night.
We tried our best to save the baby.
I'm very sorry.
Thank you.
Who wants to wait? Wait? I can't!
Get out of my way!
Get out of my way!
Get away from me!
Ja! Ja!
No, Ja, no. We made it here. Don't give up!
Aun, go get those pills. Quick!
Where are they?
I had it first!
Ja. Ja.
Son of a bitch!
- Ja. Ja. Ja.
- Ja!
Get up there, Aun!
Are you sure? It's...
Go! We don't have any choice!
You probably think that
what you just saw is only a fiction
created by someone.
I can't prove otherwise,
nor have any evidence
to confirm.
However, I can guarantee one thing.
Whatever you've done,
bad or good,
everything has consequences.
One day you will realize
that karma exists.