Naruto Shippuden: The Movie - Bonds (2008) Movie Script

Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Bonds
Steer to port!
Pilots, prepare to launch!
Prepare to launch!
Send out the Level 3 Security Alert!
Are these guys using
Wind Style or something?
It's chakra.
Theyre circulating chakra into the wings...
Creating air pressure differences between
the tops and bottoms ofthe wings to fly!
Sky Ninja? Were there ever such things?
To attack from the air
with such strength...
Who in the world are they?
During the Second Great Ninja War,
there were ninja who excelled
atjutsu allowing them
to manipulate chakra and fly in the sky.
They called themselves the Land of Sky.
They opposed the Five Great Nations,
and were destroyed by the Leaf.
What ifthey are descended from them?
Then their goal would be the LeafVillage.
And by extension,
it's quite possible theyll seek revenge
on the entire Land of Fire!
What the heck is going on?!
Lend me a hand!
I'll help you, old man!
He needs to get to the hospital, quick!
There's a hole in his lung.
He won't make it to the hospital
the way he is now.
You're a doctor, old man?
Pneumothorax. Leaking air builds up
in the chest and...
crushes the lungs.
And what's that?
Good. Take him to the hospital like this.
Take him? But I've got to get those guys!
Don't waste your time.
You would be like a stray catjumping up
to catch crows flying in the sky.
Cat... Wait, a stray cat?!
Yes... You'd end up falling
and being crushed flat.
You should try to find lives
to save now, even just one.
The fight will begin after that.
Isn't that right?
Carry him without bending
his chest, Naruto!
Hey! Old man!
How did he know my name?
Those bastards have started
to pull back.
Did you find anything, Neji?
It's simple.
Theyve run out of chakra.
I see.
So ifwe calculate the amount of chakra
they've used up and what they have left,
we should be able to determine
the distance theyre flying to get back.
Lady Tsunade!
You are safe.
Though I wish I were
the only one they shot.
They advanced on us this far,
yet they didn't destroy the Leaf,
and retreated.
Which means they must have
some larger objective.
Shinobi from the Land of Sky?
Doctor, here's another!
Over here!
This is...
She'll be okay. She'll pull through.
This one too.
Just like the other patient
carried in by Naruto,
this girl's also been treated perfectly!
Who did this in the middle of...?
I saw this old man----
That's Shinnou!
Her, and him...
Theywere all treated by Doctor Shinnou!
Doctor Shinnou?
I've heard ofthat name.
You know that old man?
You saw the doctor?
Where?! Where is the doctor?
Hey, you...
My village... My village is in trouble!
Hurry and...
Who is this guy?
You've been a great help, Naruto.
I couldn'tjust leave
your apprentice alone, old man.
Yeah... You're this guys...
Um, this guys...
Right, you're the doctor
Amaru was talking about, aren't you?
Thanks, but I'm not so deserving
of a title like "doctor."
That's not true.
Without you, there would have been a lot
more wounded who wouldn't have survived.
That's what Sakura and the others said.
Amaru's village is located on the outskirts
ofthe Land of Fire, however...
Last night, some unidentified ninja
attacked it
and there were a great number
ofwounded, so it seems.
Amaru came all this way to let me know.
You awake, little boy?
Are you sure you're well
enough to leave?
Doctor Shinnou is going to come
to our village!
I can't waste time sleeping!
Oh, I see.
That's why we've formed
an emergency medical team,
a three-man squad.
Sakura, Hinata?
What? A three-man squad?
Including you, Naruto,
it's a three-man squad.
It would be a great help
to have you along.
W-Wait, h-hold it...
A protective charm from Jiraiya Sensei.
All right, it's decided.
Let's workwell together.
Whycan't I be partof
the counterattack force?
Ninja Art: Super Beast Scroll.
Enemy spotted!
One person.
Those Leaf... They're counterattacking
faster than we predicted.
Butitseems they were unable to
properlyprepare themselves.
Okay! Send out the first squadron
to play with them!
Yes, sir!
Second formation!
Prepare to launch immediately!
Raise the catapults!
One, two, three, four...
It seems like the enemy has
only noticed me so far.
You're capable ofgoing toe-to-toe
with the SkyNinja.
You're a valuable asset to this mission.
But there's no reason foryou
to go all-outon them.
Allyou need to do is draw
theirattention away from what we're doing.
Man... He makes it sound easier than it is.
I'm not really good at performing
such delicate work.
Well, I can hold back a bit.
Maybe I finished them off
a bit too quick.
Just as Lady Tsunade said,
it seems theyre preparing for
their second objective.
To think there'd be aircraft carriers
standing by in a place like this.
Your calculations were spot on.
It's the same way that worker bees find
theirway back to the beehive.
All I did was narrow down the possible
flight distance from the chakra
that Neji's Byakugan detected.
Even so, just sending a single four-man
squad is a radical plan.
It's so like you.
Well, they could always retreat
into the open ocean.
So it's best to let the Sky Ninja think
that the Leaf has no military means
to counter them.
You've come, Sasuke.
What do you want?
We received information that
the LeafVillage was
bombed this morning.
The Land of Sky was responsible.
Though theywere once thought to be
destroyed long ago.
So you're still interested in the Leaf.
At this point, I don't care
what happens to the Leaf.
That is not what I've called you
here to talk about------
Lord Orochimaru!
There's a man
I want you to bring to me.
A man?
A doctor.
This doctor is the one
from whom I received
the Forbidden Regeneration Jutsu.
By now, he should have perfected
a Regeneration Jutsu
different from mine.
Oh, that man.
Bring him to me.
I am in need ofthatjutsu now.
Amaru's village is upstream,
deep in thisjungle.
There are some ruins nearby.
And why are we going
by river in these boats?
It'd be fasterjust to walk!
In jungles like this,
there are tons of poison bugs,
poison snakes, and wild beasts!
And this river has man-eating catfish,
alligators, and poisonous fish as well.
Don't worry.
In both boats, we've got doctors that
are way more useful than you ninja.
I'll save you with this scalpel.
Oh yeah?
Well, it's us shinobi who are
protecting you doctors now.
And besides, I got a feeling that
ifyou have a scalpel,
you'd be ending lives that
otherwise could be saved!
Yeah, right!
I might not look it, but I'm Doctor Shinnou's
number one apprentice!
You wouldn't understand this
in your cold ninja world!
It's about the bonds between
a master and apprentice
and the skills passed down
between them!
Say what? I'm not gonna let that pass!
Ifyou're talkin' about the bonds
between master and apprentice,
then my bonds between me
and Iruka Sensei, Kakashi Sensei,
and Pervy Sage are way...
way...way...stronger than yours----- !
That hurt! What are you doing, Sakura?
Be quiet for a moment!
There's chakra emanating from
a flyer high in the sky.
The same as the ones
that attacked the Leaf.
Well, that's not good.
Hide under the trees!
What the hell are you doing?!
He passed us.
Amaru, Amaru!
You can do it, Amaru!
You'll be fine, for sure!
Good, Amaru. You did well.
please make me a ninja!
I'llgetstrong and
showeveryone in the village
that made fun ofme
fornot having parents!
Amaru, I've already given up
my fighting ways.
Yes, the power to fight is important.
But the power to save lives is
even more important.
The power to save lives?
You see, as long as there are blades
that can wound people,
there are blades that can save people.
--- Naruto!
--- Amaru!
Could it be that you're. . .?
The poison!
Naruto, hang in there!
Naruto, why are you blushing?
Uh, it's. . .nothing.
The infant who used to be
the outcast of the village
finally gains acceptance by using
a blade to save people.
Covered in wounds, you ran to alert people
that the village was in a crisis.
And now you're trying to save a ninja
who became a friend.
You've really grown.
You'll be fine now.
Indeed. The poison has been
completely removed,
andjust the right amount of
anti-venom has been applied.
Amazing! It's perfect.
You did well.
Yes, Doctor.
Master and apprentice, huh?
What a nice thing.
Don't worry.
There aren't that many bugs
or wild beasts around here.
We're almost at Amaru's village.
Hey, I'm sorry about all
the things I said before.
You're pretty awesome.
It's not me.
It's Doctor Shinnou who's awesome.
But you know. . . Before. . .
How you're all. . . Um, like this. . .
So um, are you really. . .?
Really? Seriously?!
You're a girl?
Is it that surprising?
Yeah, I'm surprised!
Do I really seem that much like
a guy to you?
Uh. . .yes.
I wonder if Doctor Shinnou looks
at me that way too.
I see! You're in love
with Old Man Shinnou.
Idiot! That's not it!
I still can't move so good. . .
Look, there!
What is it?
Don't rush!
Wait, damn it!
I can't believe this. . .
This can't be happening.
Everyone! Where is everyone?
Is anyone here?!
You've got to be hiding somewhere!
Come out!
A-Amaru. . . Are you safe?
Doc. . .
What is this? What happened?!
Doctor! Doctor, hang in there!
Doctor Shinnou!
It seems. . .
jumping in was all I could do. . .
Because I recognize you. . .
as my apprentice.
It's up to you now.
Work together with everyone. . .
and find the villagers.
Save them. . .
--- Doctor!
--- Old man!
Doctor, Doctor!
Please don't die!
Doctor Shinnou saved my life.
I was abandoned as a child.
When I fell ill from an unknown disease,
there was no one in the village
who would care for me.
But Doctor Shinnou wasn't afraid of
catching the disease, and treated me.
When I woke up, Doctor Shinnou
smiled brightly and said to me. . .
"You did well, Amaru. You made it."
U-Um. . .
Since there aren't any bodies
of the villagers,
I think they must have taken
shelter somewhere.
Let's search for the villagers,
just us three.
I'm no good. . .
Unless I'm with Doctor Shinnou,
I can't do my best.
I never. . .said anything to him.
Anything. . .
What is this chakra?
Oh, it's Naruto.
Sakura. You're not with Hinata?
No. Anyway, what are you doing?
What happened to
looking for the villagers?
Sakura, look. . .
What's that?
The ruins that Old Man Shinnou
talked about, I guess.
Amaru. . .
Why are you here?
I am the Zero-Tails.
As conflict rages in the world,
and people's hearts become overcome
with darkness, I am born anew.
What are you talking about?
Amaru, what's wrong?!
I feed on the darkness inside of hearts,
--- I am born and
--- I am born and
--- then grow without bound.
--- then grow without bound.
In order for this world to be ruled
by darkness.
Where'd he go?
Ninja Art: Super Beast Scroll!
Only one left?
Shikamaru, I think this is about
as much time as I can buy you.
Sai's reaching his limit.
Kakashi Sensei, you stay here.
It's almost time,
so I'll distract them now.
Finally relieved of duty.
I leave the rest to you.
What a drag.
But what choice do I have?
Now then. . .
Attacking with the sun behind you?
You've been trained well.
But that will prove to be a fatal mistake!
Ninja Art: Shadow Paralysis Jutsu!
It's about time for the counterattack.
We're counting on you,
the fourth member of the four-man squad.
What is this strange chakra?
Why you. . . !
You have something interesting
within you.
Why won't you release that power?
I want that power you hide!
Never! I can't rely on this power
that hurt Sakura, Pervy Sage
and everyone else!
Expose your evil power before me.
The darkness you hold in your heart.
I'm going to save Amaru
with my own power!
You should know all too well
that's impossible.
Sasuke, is it?
You weren't able to shine light
on the darkness in his heart.
You can't save anyone!
Yes, that's it. Rage. . .
More rage!
You can't do anything.
Pervy Sage. . .
That's right. . .
I-I'm going to bring him back
with my own power!
Amaru, open your eyes!
Weren't you
Old Man Shinnou's apprentice?
An apprentice has to protect
their master's teachings!
Didn't Shinnou tell you,
"You did well"?
Doctor Shinnou. . .
Not just Naruto, but even Amaru has
lost the darkness in their hearts.
Well, it's enough to activate.
If I envelope the world in conflict,
I'll soon obtain all the darkness
of the heart I could ever need.
Activate, Ancor Vantian!
Now is the time to destroy
the Five Great Nations. . .
in order to resurrect the Land of Sky!
I. . . I. . .
Are you okay? You did well.
I'm glad you're back.
I bet Old Man Shinnou would've
said the same thing.
Yeah. . .
Sakura, are you okay?
W-Why did you hit me out of the blue?
Because you suddenly
looked at me like that!
So, what happened?
I don't really understand.
I suppose that we've finished
things up nice and quick!
Nothing's finished at all!
Could Hinata and the missing villagers
be inside there?
Sakura. . . Take Amaru with you back
to the Leaf Village right now.
I'll definitely find Hinata and the people
from this village!
Understood. I'll bring back reinforcements.
Amaru, let's go!
What's the matter? Grab onto my back!
I want to honor
Doctor Shinnou's teachings!
I want to bring them back!
But if you stay behind. . .
I understand.
Follow me!
Hey Naruto!
Don't worry.
I'll protect Amaru, no matter what!
He never listens to me, does he?
Anyway, I have to inform
the Leaf Village first.
The forest is. . .
What do you think?
Should we send out more?
There's no need for that.
Anyway, hurry up with the refueling!
Yes, sir!
Refuel quickly!
I'll take you on again some other time.
When we destroy the Leaf, that is!
It's about time.
It seems like the enemy
has finished refueling.
We'll soon be facing their general attack.
You need not worry about that.
You may ask why. . .
It's because I can't imagine
myself failing.
What the-----?!
Oh my. . .
Naruto. . .
We're. . . I mean, these ruins
are flying in the sky!
Man, what's going on here?
Today's been nothing but surprises,
one after another.
I recognize you as my apprentice.
Doctor. . .
We're going.
If it was created by humans,
then someone has to be controlling it.
Right! We catch that guy
and we can stop these ruins!
And when we do that,
we can save the villagers!
That's. . . !
Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu!
Hey, you're in our way!
You've done well, you two.
I knew it! I knew it!
I believed! I believed in you!
I knew you weren't dead, Doctor!
I knew you wouldn't leave me!
Why? Why, old man?
What's the meaning of this?
Even if I explain it,
would you fools even understand?
This flying fortress is
named Ancor Vantian.
It looks like ruins, but it's been studied
and rebuilt by ninja
from the Land of Sky
for a number of decades.
It's the ultimate weapon of destruction.
Ancor Vantian?
It means the fortress capital of the king.
So, old man. . . What are you doing
in the middle of their fortress?
And after being hit by so many kunai.
Feigning death just enough to fool
Sakura and Hinata is a simple matter.
And I revived the systems
that were destroyed,
using my Body Activation Jutsu.
Hey, don't you think you've been
talking really strange?
What're you doing here, old man?
You came here in order
to beat them up, right?
Why don't you realize already?
I'm not going to beat up
my dear allies, obviously.
Fourteen years ago,
I posed as a wandering doctor,
infiltrating villages all over the country,
in order to obtain the method
of operating the Zero-Tails.
Why you. . .
You've been tricking us the whole time!
It took thirteen years to find the scroll
that would enable me to
resurrect the Zero-Tails.
I finally found it, in the Leaf Village. . .
and I have obtained the power
of the Zero-Tails!
The power of dark chakra.
Dark chakra?
Wait, Naruto!
This isn't right!
Something isn't right about the doctor!
So we've got to cure him somehow!
Too bad, Amaru.
I haven't gone crazy or anything like that.
If anything, what's crazy is
how I've been acting up until now.
What's with that outfit, Amaru?
Pretending to be Shinnou?
You can wear his clothes,
but you ain't got his skills!
Amaru, it looks good on you.
Thank you very much.
When darkness is born in people's hearts,
they become possessed by the Zero-Tails,
and it turns the darkness emitted
from their hearts into actual chakra.
Once I understood,
it was quite simple.
Although it took me fourteen years.
Darkness of the heart?
People fall into despair.
When they are ruled by sadness. . .
that which creates the sadness
like anger and hatred. . .
All of that can create dark chakra.
The attack on your village was to cause you
to be possessed by the Zero-Tails.
The attack? Lies. . .
Doctor. . . Doctor!
Master? Apprentice?
Who cares about
such stupid relationships?
You were nothing
but an excellent pawn in my plan!
You've grown, Amaru.
You did well.
A person who has saved someone's life
will never be doubted.
Amaru! Amaru, hey!
Ohh, I can feel it! I can feel it!
What awesome dark chakra!
I won't forgive you!
I'll never forgive you!
The power of dark chakra isn't just for
resurrecting the Zero-Tails.
You can also use it to do this!
This is the Body Activation Jutsu.
With this ultimate body,
I can open up all Eight Inner Gates,
all the way up to the Gate of Death.
Do you understand now?
Do you understand
what this ultimate body
that has been born from
the Body Activation Jutsu means?
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm still having trouble getting used
to all this power!
I see.
This is meant for someone
who holds the ultimate body.
It is indeed a throne fit for
someone that will be King.
I won't accept that.
You. . .
A king?
I won't accept it!
Amaru. . .
Muscles gain strength every time
they are damaged and regenerated.
All you need to do
is grasp the regeneration mechanism
from Medical Ninjutsu,
and with just damage alone
you can obtain a strong body.
It's always possible.
Why you. . .
When the ultimate body
releases chakra,
it creates this ultimate attack!
Super Activation Fist!
I'm so glad you can still move
after taking that.
But you're going to pay for
damaging my throne.
Trying to outfox me, eh?
Too bad.
Come on now. Hit me!
Hit me with the dark power
you possess!
No way!
Why do you refuse?
The Zero-Tails told me
you had something sleeping inside you
that would entertain me.
Why would I use it?!
I want to test this power of mine.
The power of dark chakra!
You. . . Just you. . .
I'm not gonna stop until
I beat you with this fist!
Naruto, look here.
This is. . . Well, this is it for you.
This is the extent of the power
that you can obtain over time,
the power that you all believe in.
In the end, that's all you have.
People are weak.
They have no fangs or claws.
All they can do is cry.
And yet, how was it that this world came
into the possession of humans?
That's because. . .
among all living things. . .
they are. . .
the cruelest!
Am I wrong?
Compared to other living things,
they yearn to improve their condition,
they join together,
and now they've obtained prosperity.
And the power to do that is
most certainly not people's love!
You've got to be kidding me.
Just 'cause you've got a freaky jutsu,
aren't you getting
a bit ahead of yourself?
I don't mean to bring up cheesy lines,
but all my sensei and my comrades
who stay beside me. . .
Pervy Sage, too!
I love them.
I love them so much,
I can't stand it!
That's enough. Please stop.
I apologize.
What was I even trying to say
to a fool like you?
Master? Love?
Then let me ask you.
What did Amaru's feelings change into?
It's clearly what's hurting you
right now------
Shut up!
I. . . My power. . .
That didn't work at all!
Here I go!
Activation Fist!
That's a good look, Amaru.
Don't forget that hatred.
Never forgive me.
As long as there are blades
that can wound people,
there are blades that
can save people.
Amaru. . .
I can. . .still fight!
I don't mind your sadness
and pain.
You can't stand it, right?
I'll take it all on myself.
Don't move!
Because I'm coming
to knock you out!
Naruto, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. . .
Doctor. . .
No. That's not the way.
You have to live.
That's why. . .
That's why you have
to say your goodbyes.
You never said it, right?
You never expressed your feelings.
You have to tell him, okay?
The first time I was praised,
he praised me.
The first time I learned
what I should do,
he taught me.
I see.
The first time I wondered
if I was pretty. . .
The first time I wondered
what he thought of me. . .
In my mind,
all I could think about
was the doctor.
The first time I wanted to be cared for,
and wanted to be loved!
Always. . . Always. . .
I've always loved you, Doctor!
Why you. . .
Don't force. . .
each and every one of
your twisted thoughts. . .
on other people!
The feelings of people
loving each other. . .
Those hearts will never be overcome. . .
with darkness!
You're nothing but. . .
a piece of garbage!
M-My chakra. . .
I will never. . .
forgive you.
What are you. . .?
After all this time,
it seems Orochimaru
now wants your help.
My help? And if I refuse?
Do you intend to take me by force?
If that's how you wish it to be.
You underestimate me.
Did you think the dark chakra
had disappeared?
You fool!
This world is teeming with
the darkness from people's hearts.
Soon, with my Body Activation Jutsu-----
Try it.
I don't mind.
Go ahead.
Hurry and show me.
Sasuke, stop it!
This guy gets stronger the more
you beat him up!
Doctor. . .
What's the matter?
Can't heal yourself?
What have you done?
I've already seen through
your entire chakra flow with my eyes.
It doesn't seem like you noticed
the Chidori Senbon.
You interfered with my control
of my chakra points?
When did you. . .?
I won't kill you.
I'm bringing you back with me
to where Orochimaru is.
What Orochimaru wants is
probably not me,
SECRE but this.
The scroll I stole from the Leaf.
I'm not done yet! Nothing is finished!
Amaru. . .
I'm going after him.
Just like you said,
there might be a way to save him.
You can give up anytime after all.
So you go and save the villagers!
That would be following
your master's teachings, right?
Yeah. . .
Sasuke, wait!
How long have you been here?
Tell me!
What happened?
You nonchalantly followed me here,
you idiots!
Who're you calling idiot?!
How's that?
You can't use your Chidori, can you?
This place absorbs the chakra
collected by the Zero-Tails
and converts it to power!
With you fools standing here,
any chakra you release will be absorbed
as power for Ancor Vantian!
Leaving you powerless!
Will you shut up already?
I don't need any chakra!
I'll beat you. . .
with my bare fists!
If it absorbs chakra,
then we're at the same disadvantage.
You're both a bit naive.
Do you seriously think
I led you all the way
to the core of Ancor Vantian just
to have your chakras sealed?
Did you really think that Ancor Vantian
is just a floating fortress?
Do you really think I'd meddle
with something so dangerous
as a Tailed Beast just for that?
This fortress can destroy
the Five Great Nations in a flash!
It's equipped with the ultimate weapon!
Say what?
W-What the heck was that?
Did you see that?
The power of the Land of Sky?
After I destroy the Five Great Nations,
I'll reign over a great Sky Empire!
You've got to be joking!
You think we'll let you?!
You fools!
I will kill you first, Sasuke!
Why you. . .
Let Sasuke. . .
Let Sasuke go!
Everyone, are you okay?
W-What's this?
What's going on?
I'm going to save you!
Don't touch it.
This cell absorbs your chakra.
Amaru. . .
At this rate, the people
from the village will. . .
You've got to undo the lock.
Is that it?
Doctor. . .
Doctor, I'll do my best!
What's the matter?
Can't fight back without your chakra?
You damn brats!
That's funny.
You couldn't even handle us brats
without turning into a monster first!
You really think you're all that?!
Why you. . . You're asking for it. . . !
You just won't shut up, will you?
Behold the power of the Sky Emperor!
This is painful to watch.
To think that someone who can't
even measure their own power
can be the Sky Emperor.
It's beyond pitiful, it's comical!
What are you trying to do?
Are you trying to hasten your death?
So that's it. I got you, Sasuke.
If you really want
chakra that much. . .
have all you want!
Impossible! More chakra than
even the Zero-Tails can absorb?
Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu!
More, more, more!
All right!
I don't think so!
Die! Die!
Tornado Rasengan!
I see. So that's how it works.
This is over!
You don't deserve
the name "Shinnou."
Damn it.
I can't believe it's come to this.
But I won't. . .die yet!
So you destroyed the slate
that controls the Zero-Tails. . .
Indeed, you are the lone survivor
of the Uchiha.
And you, the Nine-Tail's Jinchuriki.
But you are clearly a brat
who knows nothing!
What are you saying?
Even I don't know what'll happen when
the Zero-Tails is released from its controls!
Wait, Sasuke! Where are you going?!
What's going on?
--- Wait, stop!
--- Rasengan!
How dare he. . .
Hurry! Get on, one at a time!
How do we make this fly?
There. Right below that face
in the middle.
Got it!
Hurry and get on, Amaru!
Hinata, I just need to pull this, right?
Naruto. . . The doc. . .
Amaru, get on.
What are you going to do?
Can you fly?
I still have something I need to do.
You go with the villagers.
No! Then I'll stay here too!
I'm staying and that's that!
No matter what you say-----!
As expected!
Thank you, Sasuke.
Get yourself together.
You have to stop this. . .
Do you know why shinobi
take on students?
It's so we can pass on
our own Ninja Way.
You still have a long way to go
with yourjutsu,
but at leastyourpersevering gutsiness
and Ninja Way arejust like mine.
Pervy Sage. . .
Gutsiness. . .
Let's do this, everyone!
--- Yeah!
--- Yeah!
C'mon! Gutsiness Rasengan!
Pull! All right!
He's not stopping, is he?
Because he's an idiot.
It's coming our way.
We should make a run for it,
shouldn't we?
--- Gutsiness!
--- Gutsiness!
This is. . .
Can you see it, Neji?
You don't have to use your Byakugan.
Yeah. . .
How do you like that, Pervy Sage?
My gutsiness pulled through.
Amaru !
I won't let you be alone!
Amaru. . .
Don't do anything crazy. . .
Who's the one doing crazy things? Idiot. . .
Sasuke said this to me once. . .
He said, "Can you understand
the feelings of someone who is all alone?"
I was always alone, you see.
I won't let you be alone.
I'll stay with you.
I can feel it.
I can feel my friends.
For goodness sake. . .
Tears stream down
Quietly telling me the end has come
I look up and see
the blue sky through the clouds
No rain lasts forever
No Rain No Rainbow
I'll dry offmy drenched view
Before I knew it, the rain had stopped
And a serene silence enveloped me
A rainbow appeared
As if to tell me something
I'm comforted by the smell of
the asphalt after the rain
My worn out heart suddenly
breaks out to dance
Dancing in the puddles,
under that rainbow
I'll take one step forward
in my rain-soaked sneakers
No Rain No Rainbow
Sunshine will replace gloom someday
Uh. Ah. After crying around the clock
I saw the light that tinged
my heart in seven colors
Tears stream down
Quietly telling me the end has come
I look up and see the blue sky
through the clouds
No rain lasts forever
Deep inside my wounded heart
A brilliant rainbow forms
Everything starts here
The sun will come out someday
No Rain No Rainbow
There'll come a day when we'll reminisce
About the troubles we face today
Until then, it's okay to cry
This isjust a checkpoint in
the longjourney oflife
It's okay to rest sometimes
And wait until the tears
wash away the pain
I've thought many times
That I couldn't go on anymore
I wanted to throw my hands up
And give up on everything
But rather than living a life ofexcuses,
Blaming my incompetency
on someone else,
I want to give it a shot
However clumsily
No Rain No Rainbow
Sunshine will replace
your suffering someday
As I stood, numbly looking
at the sky above me
I saw the light that would shine
upon tomorrow like a rainbow
Tears stream down
Quietly telling me the end has come
I look up and see
the blue sky through the clouds
No rain lasts forever
Deep inside my wounded heart
A brilliant rainbow forms
Everything starts here
The sun will come out someday
No Rain No Rainbow
Everyone is burdened with pain
Maybe we are being tested
Even on sleepless nights,
hold it in and stand firm
Bear through the tough situations
Because they will only make you stronger
The light pierces through the clouds
And wraps everything
Tears stream down
Quietly telling me the end has come
I look up and see
the blue sky through the clouds
No rain lasts forever
Deep inside my wounded heart
A brilliant rainbow forms
Everything starts here
The sun will come out someday
No Rain No Rainbow
As if to save me from
this monochromatic world,
A rainbow is quietly painted
As if to save me from
this monochromatic world,
A rainbow is quietly painted
So this is the scroll in which the
Forbidden Regeneration Jutsu is written. . .
Not being able to bring Shinnou back
with you is an uncharacteristic failure.
Did something good happen to you?
I just had that feeling.
I'm definitely gonna to bring you back
to the Leaf Village!
Chidori Light Blade!