Nash Bridges (2021) Movie Script

Hey, you want to slow down
a little bit?
They're not slowing down.
Well, I don't remember
these bumps
hurting my ass so much.
Your ass is fine, Bubba.
All right, it says
make a right on Kearny.
Yeah. Are you gonna
let some app tell us
how to do a car chase?
These things are really
pretty accurate, you know,
if you just give 'em a cha...!
What's going on up there?
Don't say a word.
Car 717, what's your 20?
I don't like that face.
This face?
25 years working together,
that face only means one thing:
trouble and paperwork.
That's two things.
Car 717...
Oh, shut up!
This goddamn rich kid pedophile,
Trevor Garrison,
we've been after him
for six months.
All right, come on.
We gotta get this
wannabe gangster.
You plan on outrunning both
of Garrison's cars on foot?
They're in the same traffic
we are.
Oh, come...
Come on, let's go.
Oh, my gosh!
What the hell's going on
up there?
Gas truck took out a cable car.
We're blocked all the way...
Dropped a hubcap, homes.
Why don't you sit this one
out, Bubba.
He almost shot me.
Where were you?
It wasn't even close.
Go! Let's go!
Let's go.
Get out of there.
Get down!
Freeze. SFPD.
Joe! Joe, no.
The gas truck!
My Uncle Ernesto has
a body shop.
He can buff that out.
There they are.
Come on, knock it off.
You degenerates will use
any excuse to end up here.
We're the degenerates?
Boss, it's all over the news.
Hey, first round's on me.
All right.
I heard the 'Cuda got
pretty dinged up.
Four beers.
Oh, dinged up you say?
Well, the important thing is
we kicked ass
and got the bad guy.
How bad is it?
We don't want to talk about it.
Well, you know, if you don't
mind me asking,
what the hell, boss?
We're a team.
Why didn't you bring us along
for the takedown?
Well, we were on our way
to pay a visit to Garrison.
I guess somebody tipped him.
He jackrabbited,
and so we had no time.
You know, my guy downtown says
you're in line
for a promotion. Big.
Ooh, are you gonna
take us with you?
What, are you crazy?
A man of my stature?
I can't be seen with
lowlifes like you.
Yeah, well, speaking of,
I forgot to tell you that
the commissioner's office
called over to SIU.
They want to see you
first thing in the morning.
Hmm, I wonder what that
could be about.
What it's about is
you two assholes are
buying us drinks
the rest of the night.
You got a deal.
Start a tab on me.
A round for the whole joint.
One round. One.
Shots, shots, shots, shots...
Thank you.
Hey, guys, a toast.
When I came here from
The City of Brotherly Love,
happiest place on earth...
I thought that was Disneyland.
My point is, when I got here,
I didn't expect to find,
uh, I don't know... family.
Oh, you're such a pussy.
But as long as we're
making toasts,
to Brenna Montrose.
What happened to her,
that's on Garrison.
And we got him.
We got him.
Got him.
Inspector Bridges,
Captain Harris wants to see you.
I'm sorry, Nash.
This couldn't wait
till tomorrow?
You had to come down here...
This'll be on the news
by tomorrow.
I came down here as a friend.
You were like a father to me
when me and Cassidy
were going through Academy.
Lena, this is some serious BS.
You refused to communicate
with dispatch,
and then you went out and you
blew up two city blocks.
We got Trevor Garrison!
He's been trafficking
in underage women.
One 16yearold girl is dead.
Come on!
And you backdated your affidavit
for a search warrant.
Exigent circumstances.
You know I know where
the line is
and when to stop.
Garrison is getting a walk.
And he'll probably
sue the city, too.
All right, well...
I'll take care of this myself.
No, you leave it alone.
You lay low,
you let me work on it.
You'll be reinstated
in two weeks.
A month tops.
Hey, you know,
they just found another body
up around Cow Palace?
That's six in the last
three weeks, 11 total.
It's gotta be a serial killer.
But my podcast says
there's no connection
between the killings.
Bodies found all over the city,
killed in all kinds of mess...
Okay. Yeah, yeah.
Man, if I have to hear about
your true crime podcast
one more time...
Hey, supercop.
What do you think?
I'm not a cop anymore, Kenny.
I'm a private citizen,
just like you.
I'll tell you one thing,
I've seen a lot
of serial killers, but this
it's different.
Come on, come on, come on.
Hey, Kenny. Come here.
Pull my limo to the alley
behind that bar.
There's another 50 in it for you
if you get there in ten minutes.
Sure thing, Nash.
Today's gruesome discovery
brings the death toll to 11,
in the seemingly
unrelated murders
that have officials stumped.
In a press conference today,
police captain Lena Harris
indicated that there are
no suspects at this time.
But Captain Harris promised
that SFPD will leave
no stone unturned in bringing
down the killer
or killers, leaving terrified
citizens to wonder,
"Is there a serial killer
in our city?"
Hold on.
It's my time.
My time.
Any chance of me getting in?
Feeling lucky tonight.
Just playing for fun,
I'm not a cop anymore.
Everybody's making that
mistake tonight.
Whatever you are, get lost.
I used to be a cop,
then I got stabbed in the back
by another cop.
Oh, come on, man.
Now I'm just a parttime
limo driver,
bail enforcement agent.
You know, bounty hunter.
Shame on you, Greg.
You bounced on a $50,000 bond.
We good?
Yeah, yeah, we're good.
We good?
Come on, Greg, let's go.
Don't piss yourself.
Oh, and you pissed yourself.
Now you're gonna have to
ride in the trunk.
Tell them we'll lower
the B round valuation
to 80 million,
but the offer's only good if
You're too close
to the ledge, sweetie.
I'm looking for starfish.
There are no starfish.
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
Oh, oh.
I'm fishing here, Lena.
You're bad luck.
Go away.
You see my press conference?
Wasn't pretty.
The city's on tilt
with these murders.
I got vigilante groups
on the streets,
crackpots calling in
useless tips,
all for the reward
on the Sunset Serial Killer.
Come on, Nash,
I had to suspend you.
You were a big problem downtown.
You pissed off a lot of people.
Cowboy cop days are over.
Well, they certainly are for me.
You look like hell, you know.
You've always been a charmer,
you know that?
Come on, I'll buy you
a cup of coffee.
Yeah, sure. Why not?
You chased off
all the damn fish.
I've known you 30 years.
I've never seen you catch
a single fish.
Thank you.
What I have to say needs
to stay between us.
Oh, you mean like that time
that you got my daughter drunk
at the Academy, and then
drove the TI's golf cart
into Metson Lake?
Okay, first of all,
Cassidy got me drunk.
And that was a very
long time ago.
Oh, see, I haven't told anybody.
All right,
so what's the big secret?
Trevor Garrison is back in town.
He just got back from
six months in the Ukraine.
Well, maybe I'll just have
to pay him a little visit.
Well, this is also
off the record.
But your suspension?
It wasn't entirely...
Oh, oh, the twoweek suspension
that happened a year ago?
That one?
those people downtown who
hated you, they're gone now.
I need you back.
Maybe I'm happy
being off the force.
You're a cop, Nash.
That's all you'll ever be
same as me.
I get to go after Garrison?
No, I need you
on the Sunset murders;
you'll be back with
the Special Investigations Unit.
With Steve Colton?
That bozo that
stabbed me in the back
and is now sitting there
in my job?
That's about the size of it,
How does Steven feel
about this plan?
I haven't told him yet.
But he's gonna hate it.
Listen, I understand whatever
feelings you're having.
I really do,
and I want you to know that...
I acknowledge them. Okay?
I think that's important.
But if we're going to have
a meaningful dialogue here,
I think we gotta start
from a place of respect.
I mean, don't you agree?
I'm handcuffed
to the table, man.
Yeah, about that, I'mI'm not
a big fan either, to be honest.
In fact, I don't like
the word "accuse."
I feel like it gets us off
on the wrong foot.
If I confess, will you shut up?
Uh, yeah. Yes,
Dave, yeah, I will.
Just give me one second, okay?
Lena, hi. What, uh,
what brings you down here?
Any chance I could ever get you
to call me Captain Harris?
Ah, that title thing seems kind
of antiquated, don't you think?
At SIU, we actually...
I'm not with SIU.
I know.
I oversee it.
And I gave you a shot
at running it.
And thank you.
You know,
I saw you
interrogate that skell.
You mean Dave?
What are you guys,
going to get beers later?
No, I mean the criminal
who's been
hitting electronic stores
for weeks.
Anyway, listen,
that is not why I'm here.
I'm putting SIU
on the Sunset murders;
I've pulled it from Homicide.
That's great.
And I am bringing in someone
from the outside to help.
Okay, who?
Oh, no. No. Nononono.
No, please. Please.
Anyone but Bridges.
I've put three
different divisions
on these murders
and we're nowhere.
I need SIU's technical abilities
and Bridges knows this city
better than anyone.
Yeah, he's also a loose cannon
who refuses to follow procedure.
I don't care about
your issues with Bridges.
There's a killer out there
and I need you both to nut up.
Nut up?
Well, my boss said he needed
me in Chicago, so here I am.
I'll be back tomorrow.
I love you, too.
First time?
So how do you want
to start this?
I think we just...
Place your bets,
place your bets.
Fourtofive odds
on the handsome man.
Who wins? Four to five.
Prop bets.
Three to one on decapitation.
40 to one
on both fighters dying.
Still taking bets. Who wants in?
Okay, ma'am. I've got
700,000 on gorgeous woman.
Come on!
Come on!
We need more action.
Now getting
eight to five on gorgeous woman.
You die, mother...
No good.
That's cheating!
What the hell?
No more bets.
No more bets
can be issued.
Oh, shit.
No, sir. No, sir, no refunds.
All bets are final.
All bets are final!
You must be high.
Nobody shoots at me here.
You know? I got businessmen
throwing money
at me to buy weed.
Why would I come
back to the SIU?
'Cause I'm asking.
That's good.
Did you work on that a lot?
"'Cause I ask you."
I'm not going to do it
without you, partner.
I wouldn't even pass
the drug screen, man.
I'm high most of the time.
And so am I.
Thank you, Your Honor.
See you next week.
Why don't you let me
worry about that.
Uh, is the mayor
a weekly customer?
Sometimes twice a week.
They can't make me work
with him, they really can't.
What is this really about?
He didn't follow procedures.
It was handed to me
to investigate.
II reported what I found.
Does that make me a rat?
Mm, doesn't not make you a rat.
Let's talk about...
Okay, if you say my father
again, I'mI'm gonna go.
I was gonna say "our father."
Why don't you find
your own shrink
and stop bugging your sister?
I like bugging you.
Bridges is in his 60s,
just like our father.
Strong personality,
just like Dad.
Confident, bordering on cocky.
Classically handsome.
What? That's not
When did I...
I googled him.
Listen, it sounds like this
is going to happen,
so you can either whine about it
or you can deal with it.
A Hellcat?
rale, vato.
This is nice.
Yeah, man,
I had to step up my game
after you crushed the 'Cuda.
Yeah, and getting the bad guys.
You know, Joe,
we got hung out to dry.
I don't feel like we
deserve to go out that way.
Kind of feeling like we're
getting a second chance to
go back in and see if we can
make a difference.
What do you say,
the dream team back together?
One last assignment?
Dream team?
Yeah, I got your dream team.
Very nice.
So when do I get to drive it?
Uh, let me think. Um...
What? I'll give you free weed.
Oh, we got a welcome committee.
Okay, this is
an unusual situation.
Maybe we should go over
some protocols.
Steven, you look exactly
the same, except for maybe
you have a little more
gray hair, right?
What? DDon't.
It's nice to see you, Joe.
Nice to see you.
This is Joe Dominguez,
Nash's partner.
Ah. Inspector Dominguez.
I'm running SIU now,
so if there's, uh...
I'm sorry, are you high?
Well, right now?
Joe's with us
on a consulting basis,
so he doesn't have to
undergo drug testing.
Oh, but you do.
Oh, I'm happy to take the test.
In fact, I'll give you
my sample right now.
Before this turns into
a literal dickmeasuring moment,
there's something
I need you to do.
Yeah, I know.
See the department shrink.
Make sure I don't have any
skulls in my basement.
Yeah, we moved them out
to the backyard so...
I'm sorry, ma'am. We don't
investigate breakins anymore.
Have a blessed day, ma'am.
What is that music?
Sounds like
my massage is ready.
Uh, Joe?
I don't think we're
in Kansas anymore.
I don't think we're
on Earth anymore.
One of my inspectors informed me
you parked in my space.
Wow, now that's some
solid detective work.
Is it really anyone's space?
I mean,
in a world with no titles,
doesn't the space belong
to pretty much everyone?
What's going on
over here, Steven?
This is our IT hub.
Not only keeps us up to date
with current crimes,
but allows us
to predict how and when
future crimes may occur.
Ah, predictive policing
the new packaging for profiling.
You run this?
Oh, no.
No, only one person at SIU
really understands it.
Hey, dickwad.
Keep your feet off my CPU.
Now, her I can work with.
I'm Nash Bridges.
Chloe Zane. We've met before.
My uncle used to work here.
Nick Trevath.
NoNeck Nick is your uncle?
Oh, yeah, you used to come here
when you were a kid.
You always wanted to
check out everyone's guns.
I still like guns.
Hey, let me ask you a question.
There used to be
a coffee machine
right over here
where'd they move it?
Steven brought in a cold press.
Now we have green tea,
Colon health.
I'll be right back.
Yeah, yeah.
I got to get some real coffee.
So where's Ellie Tang
and, uh, Philly Morton?
I don't see them.
Working on a case.
They're investigating
a bank robbery.
There's something off
about that bank manager.
Yeah, yeah, you see, uh,
his tan line?
Where he used to wear a watch.
Like he had to hock it recently.
Oh! Keep doing that.
He's wearing
an expensive suit but...
it's falling apart
and did you...
did you see that racing form
in the trash can?
Degenerate gambler.
Maybe he set up the robbery.
Yeah, I'll get a subpoena
for his financials.
Don't move! Oh!
Nash is back.
Coffee for Nash.
Yeah, there you go.
Nicely done. Wow.
You gotta get the app.
Yeah, I guess so.
You live around here?
You want to know where I live?
Oh, it's just
casual conversation.
Just kind of running through
my coffee material.
Oh, you have material.
Let me guess. Lawyer.
Let me guess. Cop.
Now, why would you think
something like that?
Shoulder holster
you're either a cop
or you were there trying
to rob the trucks,
and you don't seem
like a robber to me.
You sure?
Yeah, I got a pretty good
intuition about these sort
of things.
Well, this is me.
I had to bounce out
for some real coffee.
Got some changes
going on in my office.
This is me, too.
You're a cop, that's how you
noticed the shoulder holster.
I'm a psychiatrist.
And this was going so well.
I contract with SFPD
for psychiatric evaluations
on certain cases like yours.
Hmm. Joe.
Are you gonna introduce me
to your friend?
Oh, yes.
Well, this is the SFPD shrink
who wants to get inside
our heads.
Oh, dangerous place to be.
Anything else I need to
know about you, Doc?
No, I think that's it for now.
Oh, I've seen that look before.
Don't make a run
at the police shrink.
Joe, it's 2021. You don't
"make a run" at women.
Well, you keep repeating that.
Welcome back, bitches!
Ellie, that's not really
an appropriate greeting.
I said it with a "Z"
like bitchez.
Yeah, I heard the "Z."
Come on.
You really back, boss?
For now, Philly.
Okay, everyone.
Yes, welcome back, Nash.
Uh, the Sunset murders.
Chloe, can you?
First two bodies were found
in the Sunset District,
but all the bodies found had
been moved from somewhere else.
We're still looking
for a common M. O.
Outside the extreme violence
with which
the victims were killed.
Now, I'm heading
to the districts
that have been handling
the investigation
to get their murder books.
Don't take
any additional steps
till I get back. Got it?
Oh, Dad, if I finish
my homework, can I watch TV?
You don't technically work here.
Remember that.
Ooh, okay.
You guys ever gonna get past
this Garrison beef?
What beef?
Putting that aside,
the fact that Trevor Garrison
is up and walking around
is pretty screwed up.
I have a feeling the clock
is ticking on Mr. Garrison.
You guys, we got fresh bodies.
Pier 45.
You come with me.
Comfy back there, Bubba?
Well, I'm used
to riding shotgun.
You know?
It's called chivalry.
You're all right with that,
aren't you?
If it gets me out of
having to squeeze back there.
You don't mind my asking, but...
beyond him being
a total lowlife,
what's your beef with Garrison?
How much do you know about him?
Party boy.
Criminal wheelerdealer.
Drugs, weapons, whatever
he could make money on.
Yeah, that's right.
He also deals in influence,
surrounds himself with
underage women, and deals them
to important people for favors.
One of those women is a girl
by the name of Brenna Montrose.
She ended up dead before
I could take Garrison down.
Makes you wonder what rock
a guy like that crawled out
from under.
A rich one.
Yeah, I know.
Marvin Garrison's his dad
Silicon Valley royalty.
How you doing?
How's it going
being a trans woman
on the force?
It was tough for a bit.
I'm not the first trans cop
in San Francisco,
but folks knew who I was
because of my uncle.
It took a while with people
getting on board with me
being Nick's niece
and not nephew.
Yeah, I get that.
Well, my money's on you.
You all right
back there, Bubba?
Oh, that was really funny.
Really funny.
All right, what do we know?
First DOA
Alvin Cardoza, tourist, age 30.
Next Jeff Delancey,
former MMA fighter, lived
across the bay in Emeryville.
On probation for selling oxy.
He pissed somebody off.
That feels like
collateral damage.
Somebody female.
We found some hair
and a fingernail on the body.
Thanks, Pete.
Maybe a lover's quarrel?
I don't know, Joe.
Do you bring a ninja star
to a lover's quarrel?
Hey, did it occur to you that
I don't know
call me when you
got word of a new victim?
You know, it occurred to me.
Then I moved on.
I may have an opportunity to
get you close to Garrison.
He's throwing himself a party
later today
for a new startup.
A coder buddy
got me on the list.
Oh, take me as your plusone.
No, no, no, no, no.
Absolutely not.
Your orders
are to work this case
and this case alone.
You like to hover, don't you?
You got it.
You play too much.
Listen, Garrison's gonna spot me
as soon as I get inside.
I doubt I'll be here very long.
So look around and see
what you can find.
I know these type of parties.
There's going to be security
but I'll poke around.
If you don't see me,
I'll pick you up
two blocks down on Stockton.
Ooh. Shouldn't you buy the guy
dinner first?
Long time no see, Joe.
Same lame jokes.
Heard you were back.
Yeah, well,
bad news travels fast.
Uh, what do you got on
the Sunset District murders?
Oh, uh, no consistent
cause of death.
Not much in common
with the victims.
Couple were tough guys,
hit man for the mob
and an upandcoming boxer.
Uhhuh. Who's he?
John Doe.
Too early to say, but
I'm guessing victim number 12.
Based on his tattoos, I'd say
he's from Eastern Europe.
Cyrillic alphabet.
He was damn near cut in half.
And we're talking serious force.
Anything else?
Three victims
have syringe marks.
No. Uh, victims
with syringe marks had
elevated levels of adrenaline,
like off the charts.
What does that mean?
Well, I know one thing
I won't figure it out
as long as I have you
yapping at me all day.
Yeah. Well, it's been a slice.
Nash Bridges.
Why am I not surprised
to see you here?
What can I say, Trev?
I'm a sucker for a good party.
Yeah, I hear you're back
on the force, huh?
Yeah, it turns out that
the guy behind my suspension
liked running around
with young girls.
Speaking of,
I look around here and
there's a bunch of young girls.
Looks like it's almost
their bedtime.
It's a party, Nash.
I don't check IDs.
But congratulations.
Thank you.
Yeah, someone was leaning on
this commissioner
to take me down.
right around the time
of your arrest.
Is your father here?
'Cause I would love
to meet the guy
that revolutionized
the Internet.
And then he moved on
to something else.
It was something big,
something mindblowing.
It was, uh...
I don't know.
You'll have to ask him.
Nanobots, that's what it was.
These tiny, tiny, tiny little
robots that get into your body
and your bloodstream and they
find cancer cells and kill them.
I mean, that's incredible.
So cool.
You must be so proud.
Well, he couldn't
make it today, Nash.
At least you're here, right?
Let's cut the crap.
What I know
what everybody here knows
is you're a twisted freak.
That's your business.
But when you start
victimizing young women,
and one of them dies,
that's my business.
I was cleared
of all charges. Okay?
Whatever brought you back here,
I'm gonna get you.
Sounds like a threat.
Good. Good.
I remember now.
Trev, who's your friend?
This is Nash Bridges.
He's a cop.
And he was just on his way...
I got this.
It's your party.
Why don't you go enjoy yourself.
Okay. You got my attention.
So who are you?
Want me to take a stab at it?
You're another son
of a billionaire who couldn't
live up to Daddy, so you decided
to become a screwup, too.
Not even close.
You got a warrant?
I thought it was a party.
Private party.
Your accent.
American by way
of Ukraine, right?
See Inspector Bridges out.
I can see myself out.
Maybe I'll see you again.
What are you doing in here?
I was looking for a bathroom.
There's a bathroom
in the entry area.
Not gender neutral.
This is a private home.
All the bathrooms
are gender neutral.
What a male thing to say.
Does that seem gender neutral?
You know what?
I don't have to go anymore.
And I don't care
for your attitude.
You're into his computer?
Yeah, I think so.
I also found a slip
from a parking garage
with writing on the back
You stole that from Trevor?
It's not stealing if...
Okay, yeah, I stole it.
11 digits.
It could be a wiring number.
I also saw a bill of lading
could be a plane or a ship.
But I had to bail
before I could find out.
What would he be bringing in?
Eastern European, huh?
Okay, Joe, let's keep this
between you and me
for the moment.
All right, thanks.
Hey, I just got a call
from Garrison's lawyer.
You went to that party
after you were ordered not to.
Well, it seemed like more
of a suggestion.
And you had Chloe
hack into his computer?
You don't think a guy
with a tech background
is gonna notice and shut down
the backdoor program
she put in?
She was acting under my orders.
If you're gonna rat anybody out,
it'd better be me.
Whoa, rat out? What are you,
in an '80s cop movie?
You know,
you could learn a thing or two
from '80s cop movies.
No one is ratting out anyone.
I reminded Garrison's attorney
of Rule 570
of the Evidence Code
and he decided to back off
on making any formal complaint.
Right. 570.
You know what the problem
with dinosaurs like you is?
You think
your way is the only way,
with the breaking rules
and cracking skulls.
You accuse me of being
a dirty cop one more time,
we're gonna have a problem.
Where have you been?
We already have a problem.
If I didn't
know you better, Steven,
I'd say you were
looking for a fight.
No, no. No, no, no.
II can't fight you.
Oh, department protocol?
Because I'd hurt you.
Oh, right.
Man of my advanced years,
just wouldn't stand a chance
against a young...
I owed you that.
Whoa. You okay?
You need medical assistance?
Oh, you wanna dance?
I thought you wanted to fight.
This is capoeira, a Brazilian
form of martial arts.
Oh, I know capoeira.
Yeah, but do you know Muay Thai?
Oh, God.
My money is on Nash.
Stay down,
you're embarrassing yourself.
Scuse me.
We got something on what Chloe
found at the party.
Unless you two assholes
want to keep fighting
like a bunch of kids.
Come on!
Now we're even.
We're really not.
So I ran that 11digit number.
It's not a wiring number
or an international
phone number,
and it doesn't appear to be
any kind of discernible code.
You broke up
a perfectly good fight
to tell me your supercomputer
is stumped?
We ran the other side
of the card that Chloe
found at the party.
Parking lot ticket?
Yeah, it was from
Golden Gate Park,
so we scanned every camera
in the park
for the three hours
after the card was issued.
Some sick shit going on
out there.
We've already met Mike Trumanik.
grew up in Ukraine.
That's probably where he
met Garrison facilitator
in Kiev. He did about
18 months for gunrunning.
According to Interpol,
he does business
with the highest bidder
the Taliban, Boko Haram.
Who's the other suit?
Commissioner Ron Peters.
Ron Peters,
who signed the papers that
pushed Nash off the force?
Just got put in charge
of the Port of San Francisco.
No. No. No.
This happening to you?
Yeah, everything's gone black.
We've been hacked.
All right, everybody,
listen up. I need all your devices
cell phones, laptops, iPads.
That's work and personal.
Uhp, uhp, no, I don't want
to hear it, you guys.
I don't care how
you're gonna send
your TikToks or your Instagrams.
This is a matter
of national security.
Any cell phones...
Nash, I thought I was clear
that you were to
stay away from Garrison
and focus on these murders.
Lena, don't you think
it's a little bit
coincidental that
I see Garrison yesterday
and we get hacked today?
Come on,
you gotta let me look
into the Garrison murder,
'cause I believe strongly
that his murder
and the Sunset killings
are related.
You sure this Garrison thing
isn't just you
with a hardon for the guy who
got you thrown off the force?
Mm, not entirely.
Fine, but I'm going to need your
help with the rest of SIU.
Most of them are trained
in data mining,
and without that, they're
a little out of their element.
Come on, Joe and I
can take these TikTokers
and turn them
into oldschool sleuths.
Okay, fine, but first: shrink.
No, I don't wanna hear it.
Nash, you said
you were gonna go.
Okay. Just tell me
what's on your mind.
Um, hmm.
I don't want to be here.
That's what's on my mind.
You're resisting. Let's talk.
I'm resisting 'cause
I don't wanna be here.
The SIU has been hacked and...
I got people getting killed
all over my city.
Why don't you sit down?
What do I gotta do to get you
to sign off on me?
Just be open and honest.
You knew who I was the other day
at the coffee truck, didn't you?
I did.
Not very open and honest, Doc.
Fair enough, I apologize.
Well, why don't you just
sign off on me now
and then we can finish
this conversation over
a nice Vietnamese coffee
or a drink.
Uh, I meant finish the session.
Is there a rule against that?
A huge one.
You've had issues
with boundaries
since the beginning of
your career, haven't you?
Well, now you're starting to
sound like Steven Colton.
You have a problem
with Inspector Colton?
Well, considering we were
just beating the crap
out of each other,
I'm gonna have to say yes.
I gotta go.
Okay, well,
let's reschedule for...
Come on. Isn't this just
like a rubber stamp
or are you just
stringing this out because
you want to see me again?
It's okay, you're only human.
That is the craziest thing
you've said so far.
I'll call you.
Well, this is a first for me
doing cop work at a weed shop.
Yes, it is unorthodox,
but until the FBI has fully
swept SIU for any bugs
or surveillance devices,
Joe has kindly offered up
his shop.
If we don't have a warrant,
how we able to go through
all this stuff
from the Port of San Francisco?
And why are we going
through documents
like goddamn Pilgrims?
Because we got hacked.
The way you guys spend all day
in front of your devices,
numbing your brains,
we're going to miss something.
Come on, get some paper cuts.
Says the guy who's stoned
out of his mind.
To your question,
under the Patriot Act,
we can do random searches
of airports,
train stations, ports.
Oh, so as long
as we're not specific,
we can look at every record.
If we're not focused on
a particular person,
we're covered.
But we are focused on Garrison.
Are we though?
If I didn't know you better,
I'd think you were
cutting corners, SteveO.
How's business?
Where you been?
Oh, still crazy?
Let's find out.
Remember that 11digit number
that Chloe found?
It's a hull
identification number
on a Ukrainian trawler docked
at the Emery Cove Marina
two nights ago on an expedited
highsecurity basis.
Signed off on by our friend
Commissioner Peters?
Yeah, and it's still there.
It's owned by
a shell corporation which
is owned by
another shell corporation.
But guess who owns that?
Now, if you tell me
Trevor Garrison,
I may have to kiss you.
Would you settle for
a search warrant instead?
All right,
I checked the manifest.
There are four people
unaccounted for.
They're probably still on board.
Oh, of course.
Of course what?
Why are you pulling your guns?
Checking them to see
if they're ready.
You know, I haven't pulled
my gun in my entire time
on the force.
You're kidding me.
No, I'm not kidding.
Nash, I talk to people you
might wanna try it sometime.
I love talking to people,
as long as they're not
throwing hot lead at me.
Okay, well, wait for me
at least.
Smart move, boys.
Okay, keep playing.
Don't let me see you again.
Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa...
Freeze! SFPD.
Put down the pipe.
Okay, okay, let'slet's just
take the temperature down here.
I'mI'm Steven.
What's your name?
Well, Vladimir,
we have a search warrant.
We're investigating
Trevor Garrison.
You do not care about my weed?
You have weed?
You know, marijuana is legal
in California, Bubba.
It's a lot of weed.
Oh, really?
You know, I'm in the weed
business myself. We should talk.
You're not making a weed deal.
I'm not gonna make a weed deal.
Come on.
Okay, well, just...
I'm gonna go look around.
Yeah, I'm coming with you.
Okay, I'll stay here
with the suspect.
We won't talk about weed.
I promise.
All right, this has been
slept in recently.
Okay, Goldilocks.
It was probably Vladimir.
Uh, Vladdy doesn't have
red hair.
So, how much trouble am I in?
Depends on how you answer
our next couple questions.
Smuggling in
undocumented immigrants
is a pretty serious crime.
80 years in the slammer,
That's... true.
Tell us who you brought over
other than the two guys we just
arrested and maybe you
keep your freedom.
And your 50 pounds of
Lithuanian sativa.
Came up in conversation.
There were two more men.
One big red hair, red beard;
the other bald,
big bushy eyebrows like Stalin,
and big black circles
under his eyes.
Like how you say? a zombie.
Sounds like
a real handsome fellow.
Don't objectify people
based on their appearance.
You are not
getting politically correct
over a Ukrainian stowaway.
It's not politically correct.
It's just regular correct.
A person's appearance
shouldn't be fodder for you...
But you don't have
to correct me.
'Cause HR comes to me.
Everything okay with you two?
Shut up, Vladimir.
That's I didn't
II'm sorry, that's I
You bring me to this
and I don't...
Look, what happened
when you docked here?
Mr. Garrison called,
said to send the men out.
That he'd call with more
instructions about the trawler.
And did he?
You did good, Vladdy.
Good job.
I can go?
Oh, hell no.
You assaulted a cop.
But you said.
Yeah, I know. We lied.
It's going around.
Stand up, turn around.
We'll put in a good word
for you, but, uh,
call me later
and we'll talk about...
You know?
I guess you pulling your gun
wasn't not a good idea.
I'm touched.
Now, was that so hard?
More than you can imagine.
Oh, you'll get used to it.
Is it true?
As we speak,
Trevor Garrison is on his way
into federal custody.
He'll be charged with three
counts of illegal trafficking.
It's not for what he did to
Brenna Montrose, but it'll do.
Chloe found some things
on Garrison's computer,
a couple of satellite images.
One of the pinball museum
down at Fisherman's Wharf
and also of the abandoned arms
depot out at Treasure Island.
There were bodies found
near both of those places.
So Trevor Garrison
was involved
with the Sunset killings.
We got that son of a bitch
on a nobail hold.
We figure a rich guy like Trev,
if he spends a few hours
in federal lockup,
maybe it'll motivate him
to talk.
In the meantime, we still gotta
work the Sunset killings case.
We gotta go oldschool.
What that means is trusting
yourselves, trusting each other.
But most of all,
trusting your instincts.
It's about seeing what you want.
And going after it
with a laser focus.
You know, good police work,
it's not complicated.
It's about reacting to
new information in the moment.
Christine is my sister.
Now, that's definitely
new information.
You going to be okay
talking to Garrison?
Yeah, why wouldn't I be?
'Cause he ruined your life?
No, Steven, you ruined my life.
Is she really your sister?
Like biological?
I mean, 'cause she doesn't
look anything like you.
She has a different last name.
She's divorced.
Oh, that means she's single.
Not for you.
I just heard from the warden
in federal lockup.
Don't tell me.
Garrison lawyered up
and we're not invited.
He's dead.
Garrison was alone five minutes
after he was booked. When they came back in
to check on him,
he'd hung himself.
I know Garrison.
There is no way
he killed himself.
Joe's got some informants
over in federal lockup.
Why don't you go with him,
go over there
and see what you can find out.
I will.
I'm going to go have a slightly
more difficult conversation.
Been expecting a visit
like this for years.
Doesn't make it any easier.
Do you have any idea
who killed my son?
My partner talked
to some people in lockup.
The killing was likely carried
out by a Chinese street gang.
Oh, God.
They were paid for it, so...
If Trevor had any enemies,
now would be a good time to...
He was running around
with this group
that he had fallen in with...
when he was abroad and...
well, one of them came to me
with a business idea
and I sent him away.
Mike Trumanik?
Yeah, exactly.
Sorry. It's a biotech deal
that I'm looking at.
I'm sorry NDAs.
The Defense Department
insists on secrecy.
Sorry, I'm a... I'm a snoop.
Force of habit.
Do you, uh, have any children,
I have a daughter.
She used to be a cop.
Now she's in the military.
Army intelligence.
I begged Trevor to find
something of his own.
Growing up the son
of the great Marvin Garrison.
I've been living in
my own shadow for years.
I wrote code 30 years ago
that changed the way
information is processed.
But since then?
Ah. World has changed,
Inspector Bridges.
Change with it,
or you get left behind.
Again, I'm sorry.
I tried to get to
Commissioner Peters.
Oh, I'm betting
he's out of the country.
No extradition treaty.
Yeah, courtesy of
a oneway ticket.
Trevor Garrison.
What are you
so happy about today?
Feel good today.
Why? Hitting the streets,
just like the old days?
Nah. Because you're trying
to sleep with his sister
and he knows it.
no one's trying to sleep
with anyone's sister.
We're looking for Teddy Ko.
Is he here?
Well, that was impactful.
You got a warrant, Bridges?
Oh, hey there, Teddy.
It's just a social call.
It's a social club, isn't it?
You bring your son with you?
Oh, God, no. No, no.
We just happen to work together.
I'm his boss.
Oh, yeah.
He's my boss.
I am.
Listen, Teddy,
we got a little situation.
We have some questions.
See, this is what's wrong
with the younger generation.
Always in a rush.
No respect for the old ways.
You're singing my song, Teddy.
But with all due respect, we are
in a little bit of a rush.
There was a guy
that got murdered down
in county lockup today.
I heard he killed himself.
That hasn't been
released to the public.
How do you know that?
Your friend comes into my club,
insults me?
Yeah, I'm sorry, Teddy.
Um, he's got an excuse
he's an asshole.
Excuse me?
But he's got a chance
of outgrowing that.
You're a criminal.
That's for life.
Next time you come,
have a warrant.
That's a good idea.
That wasn't losing your cool?
I mean, II appreciate you
sticking up for me.
I really do, but...
I wasn't sticking up for you.
True, he called you an asshole.
You look more confused
than usual.
You want to tell me
what's going on here?
Teddy can't be seen
giving us anything,
so Nash takes a shot at Teddy,
Teddy's guys take a couple shots
at Nash.
Teddy maintains his cred.
Now they can talk.
It's Chinatown, Jake.
You okay?
Yeah, I was expecting
the first one,
but the second one kind of
caught me by surprise.
My employee said he decided
to go freelance.
Again, young people.
Listen, we're hearing
the Jackson Street Boyz
carried out
the hit on Trevor Garrison.
What do you got?
I heard it had something
to do with gambling.
Any gambling in this town,
you get a piece.
Not with these kind of people.
They're bad for my business.
This is for
a particular clientele.
I heard something
about them gathering tonight.
All right,
I'm gonna need another favor.
I've done enough favors
for you in one day.
Come on, who's counting?
Besides, I might be able
to keep these people
from moving in on you.
I don't like this, Nash.
Teddy says
it's going down tonight,
and they damn sure aren't gonna
let you or me in there.
So why don't we
bust the place up, right?
Pick everybody up,
get people to flip?
'Cause nobody's gonna flip.
Listen to me.
Ellie is one of the best
undercover operatives we have.
If anybody can get
on the inside,
and get us up the food chain,
it's her.
God, this thong is riding up
in every way imaginable.
Okay, so now look, we're going
to be about a block away,
but you're going to be
on your own.
They're going to search you,
so you can't carry a weapon.
Not sure where I'd hide it
in this thing anyhow.
All right, listen,
this is courtesy of Teddy Ko.
That'll get you on the inside.
And I've got you
something that's, uh,
it's the best
I could come up with
in our new lowtech reality.
If you get in trouble,
hit the unlock button.
It'll send us a signal.
We'll be a block away.
We'll get there in a hurry.
Now, I'm gonna give you guys
a minute, all right?
I'll meet you at the van.
Hey, asshole, we had a deal.
We're partners,
we sleep together
no strings, no commitment.
I know our deal.
'Cause it looks like
you're falling in love with me.
Okay, look, if anybody's
falling in love with anybody...
I know I look hot in this dress,
but I'm gonna need you to
hold your shit together, man.
You do look good in that dress.
All right, fine. Fine.
I don't know about this, man.
Okay, she's in.
Onetofive odds
on Hitman McDaniels,
a huge favorite.
Slice him up!
Okay, I've got
one million on "The Hitman."
Over/under on the match
is four minutes.
Yeah! Get him! Get him!
Halfmillion parlay on
The Hitman with the under.
No more action
we're not taking any more bets.
Come on! Get him!
Hey. I need you to blow.
Excuse me?
My dice, for luck.
Oh. I'll tell you what:
why don't you blow yourself
and see how that
works out for you?
Come on!
The Hitman has him on the ropes.
If anyone had decapitation
as a prop bet...
And Hitman wins!
He runs his record to 120.
What do you want?
We want you to come to a party.
I'll pass.
It wasn't an invitation.
I apologize for my nephews.
Where did you learn
Nanyuan fighting?
My grandfather.
Did you enjoy watching
the fight inside?
It was okay.
What would make it better?
He doesn't have a daughter.
What if I offered
to pay you to fight?
I'd say hell yes.
'Cause I have nothing to lose.
Going to an outside guy
feels risky.
Hey, we need someone
off the grid
and this guy
is way off the grid.
Oh, when we get in there,
don't make any sudden moves.
Nash? Is that you?
Who else would I be?
Prove it.
Uh, ookay.
Uh, we were running down
bad guys in the Fillmore
and you had Ethiopian food.
Who's the stiff?
He's with me.
Can we come in?
Yeah, come in, come in.
Come on. Come on, come on!
OOkay, okay, okay.
I realized 15 years ago that
every time you went online,
every time you bought something
or posted about how delicious
your latte was that morning,
they were watching.
Yeah, did you know
data surpassed oil
as the world's most
valuable commodity?
No, I wasn't aware.
That's why I went offline
and stayed online,
so I can watch them watching us.
So what do you need?
You're sure
no one can monitor you?
I'm not the one who got hacked.
well, we need you to run down
any unusual activity
of money being moved around town
the last couple months.
There's been some
illegal gambling going on.
You talked to Teddy Ko?
He gave us all he could give us,
but he doesn't know the players.
Okay, let's give it a whirl.
Uh, Harvey, I just gotta ask,
how long has it been
since you've been out
of this apartment?
Six years, four months,
nine days.
Okay, so when this is all over,
we're gonna take a little walk.
Eh, not likely.
Okay, here's something.
Wire transfers from cash.
Walked into
Woodside National Savings.
That's where the heavy hitters
keep their money.
It may take longer to tell you
where the money ended up.
I can tell you when
the deposits were made.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Look at this.
All the cash deposits
were made within
24 hours of the Sunset killings
taking place.
Look at that.
We're onto something.
Let's just keep digging.
Holy shit.
You better watch that mouth.
I found him!
Guy's face was on
a wallsized screen.
I'm positive.
Sean McDaniels, huh?
Assault with a deadly weapon,
attempted murder.
Seems like a real sweetheart.
Former MMA fighter.
Got kicked out of a league last
year for positive PED tests.
Mmhmm. We should go...
find him.
All right.
They're bringing McDaniels
up now.
Hey, let me be the tough guy
this time, okay?
You wanna be the tough guy?
Hey, man, you dragged my ass
into this stuff,
so all I'm asking
is for you to just let me...
He's all yours, Bubba.
Who you two supposed to be?
Shut up, asshole.
We got you on video
murdering somebody.
Man, I didn't murder anybody.
How'd you get so beat up?
Playing the violin.
You want to leave us alone
for a minute?
Come on, man. You think
I'm afraid of a beating?
I want you to pay very close
attention to what I'm going to
tell you. The people
you're trying to protect
don't give a damn about you.
We arrested a guy who was
in here before you
on this very same case
Trevor Garrison.
He's dead.
And he was rich.
What do you think
they're gonna do to you?
Oh, man.
It started a couple months ago.
I'm in a bar, guy comes up,
offers me a fight off the books.
Said there'd be a bonus if I
put the guy in the hospital.
Next fight, he upped the ante.
Said there'd be an extra 50
if I, you know...
Killed your opponent.
He said if I told anybody,
he'd kill me.
And anyone I ever cared about.
And that's all I know.
All right, I want a name
and I want a number.
Right now.
I'm tired of this.
Well, tough guy, you killed him.
You can tell Nash
you didn't kill this guy.
Well, what was
the cause of death?
Well, I thought it was
sudden cardiac death.
The brain's electrical system
causes the heart to shut down.
You thought it was
cardiac arrest?
Well, the heart did shut down,
but it had outside help.
What you're looking at
is six nanometers
a millionth of a millimeter.
I got lucky and found it
in McDaniels'
cerebral cortex.
How did it get there?
Injected into his bloodstream
and made its way up.
What does this chip do?
Well, that's
for you geniuses to figure out.
It was directed to the amygdala,
which controls emotions.
I need to borrow this chip.
It's a murder weapon.
Look, we just need to bring...
Just bring in the SFPD
Cyber Unit to look at it here.
We've been hacked.
SIU is compromised
and we don't know how far
it goes.
And if I let it out of here,
a firstyear public defender
will get it thrown out of court.
Chain of custody.
You want to show it to someone?
Get their ass in here.
I've got my first fight tonight.
Coast is clear.
Come on. It's okay.
Come on, come on, you can...
Harvey, you're doing fine.
Come on.
You're doing fine.
I can't feel my face.
Let's see, it's still there.
Ugly as ever.
Come on. Here, come on.
Come on.
Oh, shit, I didn't think
they'd gotten this far.
What is it?
You get this in someone's head,
it controls impulses,
especially aggression.
You said the adrenaline levels
were off the charts in some
of the victims,
and that some of the wounds
were the result
of superhuman strength.
Never seen anything like it.
Oh, man.
What else, Harv?
The guy just dropped dead
on you in interrogation?
This thing comes complete
with a kill switch.
How long has she gotta wait?
Relax, bro, this is what we do.
Ah, come on.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What the hell?
Let's take him.
Relax, relax.
We got GPS.
We can track her.
All right, stay on her.
Come on!
They're gone, we lost her.
Just stay on her.
She's headed south.
Come on, let's go!
Make this right and pull over.
We should be on her right here.
We're running out of time.
They found the fob.
They're gonna kill her.
Wewe don't know that.
We've got to call it in, right?
Uh, put an APB out on the van.
We know they're monitoring
the police radio band; if they
know we're looking for her,
they'll kill her.
We can't do this alone.
SFPD. I need to borrow
your phone.
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
No, no, no.
Seriously, come on.
I don't care what
you're looking at.
I'm... Whoa, dude.
All right.
This was absolutely beautiful,
wasn't it?
So romantic.
It, like, pretty much...
Who is this?
Hey, Nash.
What's up?
Harvey, I need a favor.
No, no, it can't wait until
after The Bachelor.
Look, look.
I need you to tap into
the Caltrans traffic site
the bridge crossings
and the traffic cams.
Hell, while you're at it,
you may as well
tap into the NSA satellite.
Inside joke with a friend.
My men tell me
there's a problem? I came here to fight.
Now I gotta get some shot, too?
It's a mild stimulant.
Do I look like
I need a stimulant?
Oh, something's funny?
That you think
you have a choice.
I imagine you'd like
your GPS back.
Who's following you, Detective?
You think I'm a cop?
I got a jealous boyfriend,
wants to keep tabs on me.
You're suspicious enough to
put a hood over my head.
I gotta look out
for myself, too.
We ready?
I'll update it now.
Should be recalibrated.
Where are we going?
Thought you came here to fight.
So you know,
when I'm finished out there,
I'm coming back for you two.
Oh, shit.
Harvey better be right.
All right, we're in.
Northeastern rear entrance.
Send the attack team.
If you're going with me,
you better put a gun
in your hand.
SFPD! Put down your weapon!
Steven, I don't have him!
I don't have him!
SFPD! Put her down!
Steven, take the shot!
Steven? You good?
Steven! Are you good?
Yeah, yes.
Where'd he get you?
Hehe didn't. He shot
Hehe injected me,
he injected me.
All right, relax. Just relax.
You're going to be all right.
You're gonna be good.
Call a medevac.
Get a blood dialysis
on her right away.
Trust me, right?
You're gonna be good.
Officer down!
408 requesting immediate
medical assistance.
This is gonna hurt.
SFPD! Hands up!
Get up, get down on the ground.
Ah... Wow,
that really did hurt.
Hey, what's going on?
Back on line.
You're all like
a bunch of crackheads.
Have you learned nothing?
Yeah, no technology sucks.
Joe, can you believe this?
Hey, look, I got Tinder matches.
Oh, my God.
This whole thing
still blows my mind.
Your mind blows easily.
The Sunset killings
are all either intended
or unintended victims
of these murder games, right?
So how does gambling factor in?
Ah, it was a sick side thing
for Garrison.
If it's his side thing,
what's the main thing?
We're learning Trumanik
was working with someone
to build the perfect soldier.
All this confirms what
I've always known.
Rich people are sick.
Can't argue with that.
Come on, Romeo, let's go.
Hey, look. Oh, look.
Aren't you glad you came back
for this one?
Yeah. I'll be glad
to be going, too.
Come on, we just got
the band back together.
Hey, for this one case.
Hey, a deal's a deal, right?
Besides, I'm seeing
Victoria tonight.
Deal's a deal.
Call you tomorrow.
Yes, indeed.
Nash, wait up.
I got something on
who's been calling the shots.
There's a router that goes
through five different servers,
pinged everywhere from
Munich to Rio de Janeiro.
I don't have the address,
but the neighborhood...
Pacific Heights.
I should be able
to narrow it down
in a couple of hours.
You don't need to.
I know who it is.
I should have known,
Trevor didn't
have the brains for a plan
this sophisticated.
I still can't believe it.
I thought Trumanik
was behind all this.
He was behind
the supersoldier thing.
But he couldn't
pull off the technology.
We were looking
at the wrong Garrison.
We needed to look at the father.
Well, we'd better be sure.
He's the one that hacked
into our systems.
And those death matches?
They were a biotech play.
And everyone who died?
They were what?
Beta testing for Garrison.
They were lab rats.
What's going on?
It looks like somebody
beat us to the punch.
Inspector Bridges,
it's good to see you again.
You know, Marvin,
you really got me
with those crocodile tears.
It's over, Garrison.
I don't know.
Somehow it doesn't
feel that way.
Oh, if you have anything else,
I suggest you
refer it to your captain.
What the hell is going on, Lena?
This is Senior Agent
Delmore Franks.
He's with the NSA.
On behalf of our department,
I want to thank you both
for your service to our city
and the solving
of the Sunset killings.
Mmhmm. But?
Marvin Garrison
is in federal custody.
He's cooperating fully with
an interagency investigation.
This is bullshit.
I'd choose your next words
carefully, Inspector Colton.
Yeah, we got it.
Message received.
So I guess we can go now, huh?
With the thanks of a grateful...
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let's go.
Okay. Hey...
Let me go.
I'm looking after you, dude.
That's the NSA. You don't
want to screw around with them.
So, are they going to stop
what Garrison's developing?
Or are they gonna take it,
weaponize it,
and give the sick bastard
a sweetheart deal?
Mm, I'm gonna go
with door number two.
Okay, so then,
at the end of the day,
what have we even done here?
You know,
for a millennial snowflake,
you're awfully cynical.
Relax, Steven. Get in.
Well, I guess that's that.
That's that.
You figure out your next move?
I can't believe
I'm saying this, but...
we could use you at SIU.
You need me at SIU?
Okay, that'sthat's a,
that's a bit far.
I'll see you
at the shop tomorrow.
Right now I'm gonna go home.
I'm gonna uncork a bottle
of '55 Macallan.
And I'm gonna take
a nice long pull
and gaze out over my city.
Well, I like Scotch.
But you're not invited.
Although I am going to
call your sister.
That's not funny.
I'm not being funny.
Well, I'm just saying, let's,
let's take it easy on that.
Hey, man.
What happened to
"a deal is a deal"?
I lied.
I told you, it's going around.
Get in, partner.
Man, what happened to
"a deal's a deal"?
You know, you tell a guy
and the next thing you know,
you're in a Hellcat.
Shut up.
Better hurry.