Nasha (2013) Movie Script

You always phone at
the wrong time.
Yes, I've reached Panchgani.
Don't you dare call me ma'am.
Okay, I'll call you.
Today is the first day of school.
I'll call you later.
Okay, bye. Bye.
Okay, guys. Shorts up.
Look, guys-
Play the match again.
We'll make you five boys
do it five times.
Look, dialogues of heroes
don't suit naked ones.
Take 100 rupees and
end the matter.
We've only lost a match.
Why are you stripping us? Please.
Is your honour so cheap?
You enjoy more than the girls.
Shut up. - Hurry up,
I've to pee too. Please.
Call the girls.
They're taking time.
Control it.
You can do it on his head later.
Oh buddy. - Boxers are down.
- If you act smart..
...we'll make you walk the
entire campus like this.
Meet me after the tournament.
...we'll make you walk the Mall
Road with that in your hand.
Shut up!
Look, girls have come.
Such a deed on the first
day of summer vacation!
What the hell were
you guys thinking?
Answer me.
honestly elastics were loose.
We didn't realize when
they dropped.
Oh really.
Everyone's at the same time?
Best friends for ever, ma'am.
The whole lot of you'll
keep kneeling..
...till your parents show up.
I hope I've made myself
very clear.
Get lost! These days she's
always in bad temper.
We didn't rape.
Anyway everyone was staring.
Nobody was looking at you.
Shut up. Nerd is in, boss.
Tia was staring the most, right?
She wasn't looking at anyone.
Why? Just because she's
your girlfriend..
...doesn't mean she can't
check us out.
Why will she check you out?
- Why won't she check me out?
Look at me and look at you.
Look at you.
Lord Krishna himself covers Tia's
eyes with veil of modesty.
By the time our vulgar
program ended..
...those veils must've
been lifted.
Hey. What a sight!
- Where?
What are you saying?
Who is she?
She's a new teacher.
She's very hot.
I just wanted to say to you..'s very important to keep
these children busy.
Or else there will
be some problems.
For example the swimming pool
incident of this morning.
And today is just the first
day of summer vacation.
2 whole months are left.
I know, ma'am.
So what have you planned
for them?
I've planned, ma'am, like
a series of activities.
Like for juniors, crafts, games.
And for seniors,
I think of making them do a play.
- Yes.
Wonderful. Great idea.
Where do you want
to do rehearsals?
Anywhere, I mean in my house..
I've a big bungalow.
Or in school? - Whatever.
But keep in mind..
- Yes?
Be very strict with these children
from the very start. - Yes.
Or else these 18 years old..
...there will be surely some
problem. They're very naughty.
Yes, ma'am.
- Okay? - Thank you. - All right.
Thank you.
Oh no. She's coming this way.
Come on.
- She's coming here.
Get back.
- Okay, guys, keep quiet.
Can you please help me?
Yes, ma'am.
What was it, brothers?
Whatever it was,
she shouldn't call me brother.
She has come for activities
during summer vacation.
We've to meet her tomorrow.
It will be fun.
How old do you think she's?
24-25. But she's superb.
For the first time the school
personnel did something good.
If you make such teachers teach,
I'll get top rank.
It's history repeating itself.
Sahil is doing what
you used to do.
And on top of that you're local
guardians of these kids.
You can't handle your own child..'re spoiling other
children too.
Ma'am, don't worry.
We won't spare them.
We'll skin each other of them.
They won't remove pajamas even
to go to the bathroom.
Do whatever it takes,
I just don't care.
But this is the final warning.
I hope I've made myself
very clear.
Where the hell did they
come up with this?
Wickedness is in their genes,
He must be someone else's child.
My imagination was till stealing
teacher's duster..
...or whistling in the class.
Whoever had this idea
must be as sly as a fox.
If it's our junior,
let's offer him a beer at night.
By the way, where is he?
The minute I heard my
first love story..
...I started looking for you..
...not knowing how blind I was.
Lovers don't find somewhere..
...than in each other all along.
Aren't you forgetting something?
Yeah, one minute.
Oh no.
Tia. Tia. - What are you doing?
Open the door.
Sahil. Sahil.
Sahil, open the door.
Tia, I've to go out.
Give me the car keys.
Open the door.
- What happened?
Sahil, mom.
Tia, hurry up.
What are you doing inside?
Why is it taking so long?
Tia, open the door please.
Tia, I'm getting late.
Run. Through the window. Go.
Hurry up. Go.
Tia, open the door.
What were you doing?
Washing my hair, mom.
Washing her hair?
Give me my Sunny special.
don't give anything to Sunny.
Where is my second one?
Give me first.
- For me too.
It's good.
- What's up?
Where is Tia? - She's washing
her hair. Don't ask me.
Washing hair? - What does Kenna
puts in his Frankie.
One isn't enough.
The secret of this taste,
is the smell of his hand.
From his childhood he had
stopped bathing.
- Yuck!
This won't change the fact.
If you don't want to eat,
give it to me. I'm famished.
You're fools.
Only marijuana can give this
effect. He takes it too.
Oh yes. Why don't we ask him?
She looks so beautiful.
I'm sweating seeing her jog.
Too good.
She's looking so hot, buddy.
Look at her waist.
The real stuff is here, boys.
Why don't you smoke her?
It will be overdose.. just one drag.
Oh no.. your eyes are so lustful.
You're so kind.
Do you know what happened
in school today?
4 plumbers were called.
You know why?
Because paper was leaked.
Don't do it. Don't do it,
son. Your eyes will become weak.
Tipsy, again the same thing.
Big pieces of cardamom
are coming in mouth.
That's the fun.
I don't want to eat
cardamom pilaf.
More than mutton,
I can taste this.
But when mother used
to cook pilaf.. had only its flavour.
It was touch and go.
Touch and go.
You're talking of mother again.
You always compare with mother.
Because of performance pressure,
I lose confidence.
Why are you fighting like women?
We'll tell you if
it's fine or not.
It seems chilli is less.
For you even an entire field
of chilli will be less.
Pawan, give it to me.
Hey! First eat what's in
your mouth. Jerk!
- What do you think, Sunny?
Uncle, I'll tell you.
I think rice is more.
Yes. He's a genius.
- Rice is more.
That's what we've, son.
You've to eat that for lunch.
today we're not coming for lunch.
School is making us do
summer activities.
We've a meeting with a hottie.
Oh yes. Hottie.
You've exams after 2 months.
Why do you need activities?
Study at home.
actually we get exam stress.
So school is making us
do extra curricular..
...activities to relieve stress.
Stress? And you?
You ate 12 eggs here and
you talk of stress.
That hen will be in stress
begging you to stop eating eggs.
That reminds me of a joke on hen.
No. No.
Pass here.
Give it to me.
- Come on.
Pass it.
What are you doing?
Come on. Pass, pass.
Come on.
Come on.
- Come on, guys.
I'm strong.
Okay, can I speak?
Nobody will be late
for rehearsals.
This is a non smoking zone.
And my name is Anita.
And don't dare to call me ma'am.
Okay, ma'am.
Come on.
Ma'am, why are there rehearsals?
I've talked to your principal.
And we're doing a play.
A play?
A drama.
- Theatre. Drama. - Yes.
but what will be the play about?
You think, you guys decide.
how about one on Bollywood?
I'll become Ranjit
and rape everyone.
Let's do on culture.
Tenzeng will sing..
And Sunny will do Bhangra dance.
No, no, no.
Hold on. Nothing like that.
Actually it sounds a
little bit boring.
I think personally it should
be based on love.
What say?
Oh no. Not love.
I mean trust me, guys.
You'll love it.
It's going to be amazing.
Love doesn't mean the
love you think.
I mean something different,
you know.
We'll do a parody on love.
You know some musical.
- No.
6-7 songs. Full of energy
and fun. That type..
Okay, what if Heer Ranjha's,
Romeo Juliet's.. stories have been complete?
What would have happened?
Come on, guys. Think.
They would have been in a jam!
- What?
I mean..
they would have been thronged.
They would have, ma'am. They..
Anyway, okay. .
So see you at rehearsals.
- Okay? - Okay.
Okay. Bye.
- Bye, ma'am.
Lucky she didn't react
to what we said.
Or else we would have
been in a jam.
It's true.
Ladies and gentlemen.
'This is a "Jam" song.
It's totally wrong."
"Go to hell.
Just make sure it's long."
'This is a "Jam" song.
It's totally wrong."
"Sunny, we can see your thong."
'This is a "Jam" song.
It's totally wrong."
"When you're in trouble,
sing this song."
'This is a "Jam" song.
It's totally wrong."
"But the answer to every
question is this song."
Just think what if Lai la Majnu,
Heer Ranjha had been united?
"Only tears day and night."
"They would have been in a jam."
'This is a "Jam" song.
It's totally wrong."
"Not everyone can
sing this song."
'This is a "Jam" song.
It's timing too is wrong."
"You jerks,
come and sing this song."
"In a jam."
"In a jam."
'To hell with peace.
Get the post of a prime minister."
"it's their demand and command."
"Boys are happy flirting around."
"First shopping then
pub hopping."
"Romeo gets stripped.
Fools are better than that."
"That's right.
Tears day and night."
"They would have been in a jam."
'This is a "Jam" song.
It's totally wrong."
"Even Adam must've
sung this song."
'This is a "Jam" song.
It's totally wrong."
"Don't be tense. Just bounce."
- No, jam.
Boys, can we just get
back to the issue?
"You get in trouble,
if you fall in love."
"First marriage, then kids."
"How cute!
- Life becomes a dull job."
"Only tears day and night."
"They would have been in a jam."
'This is a "Jam" song.
It's totally wrong."
"When you're in trouble,
sing this song."
'This is a "Jam" song.
It's totally wrong."
"Today, tomorrow.
- Louder."
"One day we all be in a jam."
"The jam song."
Guys, today it was fun. We never
dreamt we would do a play.
Forget the play.
Ma'am in small knickers..
I was scared but..
...he turned out to be a singer.
Oh. - He's skilled in cooking,
knitting and cleaning.
Our Sahil has interest
in music and dramas.
He's a gem. Wow.
Look, she's coming.
So cute.
Hey, guys. Don't be late
for rehearsals. - Yeah.
Okay. Bye.
Isn't her lips too full?
"I like them very much."
Guys, relax. Anyone can get
it from Silicon Valley.
You're just jealous, Tia.
No. I'm not. it's 100% fake.
Guys, how do you come to know
if it's real or fake?
After all, who will kiss?
Whoever shows the guts
will get 1000 rupees.
For such work, one doesn't
need guts but wickedness.
Who can avoid the elbow?
- Stop.
You're laughing a lot?
It's damn funny.
No, it's not funny. Let these
perverts do whatever they want.
You're not going to be a part of
it. - I didn't say anything..
She goes for jogging
every evening.
Wearing shorts..
Guys. Guys, come on.
- Oh my God.
I want to go for jogging
...but who will wake up
early during vacation?
Hello, stud.
Oh hi, ma'am. How are you?
How come you're here today?
Ma'am, actually I go for a run
everyday so that's why I'm here.
Alone? - Yes.
- You don't have a girlfriend?
Yes.. no.. as in just a
casual scene, you know.
Casual scene?
I don't see casual scene
in your eyes.
You know, I see that intensity
in your eyes..
...of a possessive lover.
Look, stud..
...your love story is going
to be full on intense.
Come, let's go. Come, come.
How did you know how my
love story will be?
You into face reading
or something?
Theaters, stud.
You recognize the characters.
Oh really?
You live here.
Yes. I live here.
Wow. What a house!
Yeah. All right. Bye.
Do you've 10 minutes?
It will be fun to do rehearsal
underneath it.
With these lights even
your casual..
...scene will get serious, kiddo.
If you say so, ma'am.
Are you okay?
Yeah, ma'am. I'm okay.
If you're facing problem,
I'll do it.
No, I'll manage.
By the way, you live alone
in this giant house?
Yes. My uncle did some charity.
- Okay.
What do your parents do?
Actually my mom is no more.
Oh, sorry.
- No, it's okay.
I stay with dad and uncle.
- Okay.
They make strawberry jams.
- Strawberry jams?
Yes. And lots of tales too.
- Perfect.
This looks very good.
Come down.
I'll make lemon juice for you.
Thank you.
- Come.
Will you put 2 ice cubes
in my glass? - Sure.
Let's play some jazz.
What are you doing?
Putting ice cubes.
Ice cubes are not put like this.
You need to find two
perfect cubes.
Perfect cubes? All are the same.
They seem to be, but they're not.
See, I found one.
And now you need to find
it's soul-mate.
Yes. Soul-mate.
This one. The rest are of no use.
Try this.
Kids, it's an art to
find ice cubes too.
How is it?
What are you doing?
I'm looking for perfect
ice cubes.
See, I'll show you.
This is good.
Yes, this is fine.
That's the soul-mate.
Have you gone mad?
At times watch religious
movies too..
...if you had studied with
such determination.. wouldn't have
failed in exam.
I've worked out something, guys.
I've not found the exact
story line yet.
But we'll get it.
It's a seduction scene, guys.
So pick a partner and get ready.
But ma'am,
it doesn't have my name.
Because you'll become a tree,
son of a.. sweetie.
at least that tree will sway.
You'll become a sofa.
Sweetie, let's try this.
Ma'am, how can she seduce me?
- I really don't know, ma'am.
At least try.
What can she try?
It's a play. You've to. Try it.
Take him completely off guard.
And without taking your
eyes off him..
...slowly and slowly
move towards him.
Touch him..
...only with fingers.
Say. .
...only with breath.
Push him in paradise.
And then slowly and slowly..
...move towards your paradise.
On his lips..
Something like that.
- Yes, ma'am. - Show over, boys.
Raj, stop gaping.
- Yes, ma'am.
did you understand it well?
Yes, ma'am.
Ma'am was looking so hot.
- Are you mad?
I was totally stunned.
What is your condition?
I'm fine.
Are you fine?
- Yes.
thanks for coming yesterday.
You're welcome, ma'am.
- Thanks.
Bye, ma'am.
- Okay, bye, guys. - Bye, ma'am.
What were you doing yesterday,
- Tell us.
Now I understood that ice
cubes and soul-mate.
Listen. Are you having something
with her? - No, you're mad.
There is something.
- She's saying thanks too.
What happiness did
you give to her?
Tell me, Romeo. Where are you
going? Your Juliet is here.
Hey, stop. Stop it.
Juliet. Juliet.
- Let's go.
Yes, let's go.
- Take her along. it will fun.
Juliet? She won't come.
- Do you want to go with her?
At least ask her.
"In your dreams..
- Juliet."
"With a magical spell..
- Juliet."
"Let me show you.."
"..the first season of paradise."
"O Juliet. Juliet."
"O Juliet. Juliet."
"I am Juliet. Juliet."
"I am Juliet. Juliet."
"I steal heart with a glance."
"I cast a spell with my words."
"Let me show you.."
"..the first season of paradise."
"I am Juliet. Juliet."
"I am Juliet. Juliet."
"Nights will be colourful there."
"Only love will be there."
"Nights will be colourful there."
"Mischief s.."
"..and naughtiness are the
first lesson of paradise."
"In your dreams.."
'With a magical spell.."
"Let me show you.."
"..the first season of paradise."
"Juliet. Juliet."
"Juliet. Juliet."
"I am Juliet. Juliet."
"I am your Juliet. Juliet."
"I am Juliet. Juliet."
"I am your Juliet. Juliet."
What are they doing?
What a hunk, by God!
Totally hottie.
What a dimples! Did you see?
I saw more pimples.
You jealous freaking losers.
If a girl is even blind,
you find her sexy.
But if a boy is a hunk,
it's nothing.
No matter what, the bet is off.
Now there is no need for a kiss.
Exactly. Let's ask him if
they're real or not.
But how would he know?
Hey, it's obvious.
- Let's go. Come on.
What a hunk, by God!
Totally hottie.
What a dimple! Did you see?
I heard they're going
to get married.
They've a 5 years
old relationship.
No matter what, the bet is off.
Now there is no need for a kiss.
Exactly. Let's ask him if
they're real or not.
I love you very much.
Your tender eyes define my life.
L.. want..
I wanted to tell you..
What's the matter, Sahil?
You were memorizing two pages
long dialogue till yesterday.
But today you can say
even two lines.
Drama will go on, baby.
First see this new blockbuster
in your happening city.
Which one?
- Which one?
Headless Corpse.
Headless Corpse. - Everyone will
watch it together. Okay?
But first go and take Sahil
and Sweetie's rehearsals.
I'll take their rehearsals.
My pleasure.
Come on, guys. Come.
Ma'am, coming.
- Everyone. You too. - Yes.
You can't do it.
What happened, Suman?
Someone is behind the car.
'Wise backs, only fools rush in."
"But I can't help falling
in love with you."
"Falling in love with you."
"Falling in love with you."
Stop. Stop it. Stop.
What happened?
- I've to get down.
Why? Uncomfortable?
I feel very stuffy in the car.
But stud, we're almost there.
I'm sure..
No, ma'am. I'll walk.
Okay, I'll come with you.
- I'll also get down here.
Hotel is only 2 minutes walk from
here. - Let's go get down.
Yeah, let's go. - Anyway after
fritters walk is a must. Come on.
Let's leave.
Bye, guys. - Bye, ma'am. Thanks
for the movie, ma'am.
Be careful.
- Good night, ma'am.
Thank you, ma'am. Good night.
BYE, ma'am.
Bye. Bye,
Thanks a lot. Bye, see you.
Hey. Leave it. Stop that.
Come on, my dear.
Today I won't spare you.
Hey, wait. - I don't know
what's with this movies.
What are you doing? Tell him.
Come here.
The boy is in love.
Your hero.
With whom?
With you.
Did you've 3 or 6 beers?
I'm not kidding, Anita.
He couldn't see us together,
that's why he get down.
You should have written the
story of Headless Corpse.
You deduct cheap logic.
Want to bet 100 rupees?
500 rupees.
I've not heard anything
more rubbish.
The Romeo has hit the jackpot.
- Romeo.
Romeo Juliet.
No, Rogue Juliet.
Hey, no cheating.
This is a non smoking zone, stud.
Then it should apply
to everybody. Right?
Some people are allowed.
Oh, so you're in this mood today?
Let's arm wrestle.
If you win, you can smoke too.
What crap!
No, he's right. Rules should
be for everyone or no one.
Shall we?
You cheated.
All is fair in love and war.
Neither love nor war
is going on here.
It's only stupidity which
doesn't suit your age.
Sahil. Sahil. Sahil.
Listen. Listen. Listen.
Hi, stud.
- Hi.
How come you're here?
Just like..
- Romeo.
You're here too?
You must've thought,
she'll be alone. I'll pounce.
Nothing, baby. it's between men.
Okay. I'll see you. Bye.
Are not those sexy legs?
Romeo, tell me the truth.
Does she come in your dreams?
Does she? Tell me.
Kiddo, let's make the
final decision today.
Let's see who gets her.
Come on. What happened?
Are you scared?
I win. As always.
- What the..
Romeo, I win as always.
Even his T-shirt is torn.
I gave him this one.
Does it look nice
to act like kids?
You're 33, Samuel Mathews
and not freaking 3.
But even our hero isn't a kid.
Look at his body. it's full on.
Stop it, Samuel.
He must be in pain.
He'll be in pain if you
apply such cream.
It's a man's cure.
Stop it.
Take some rum.
You'll be fine.
Stop it, Samuel. I'm telling
you to stop it. - It's okay.
Stop it.
She feels for you, kiddo.
Your score has increased.
She cares for you.
Give a smile, sly one.
Samuel, stop it.
Just get lost from here. Stop it.
Move it.
Samuel, what are you doing?
Stop it.
Am I going to be kicked out,
Come on, Samuel.
Are you going to change
the party?
Shut up, Samuel.
You know I love you.
So apply medicine to me too.
It's not like that.
Come here. Why?
I missed you, that's why.
- Yeah .
Where did he go?
Didn't I tell you?
Now pay up 500 rupees.
For what?
For the bet.
Samuel, again?
He loves you like crazy. He left.
He couldn't see us together.
I'm telling you.
Are not those sexy legs?
Romeo, tell me the truth.
Does she come in your dreams?
I win as always.
He scored a basket.
Boys. Boys. Come on.
Great! You're in full form today.
Did you sleep soundly last night?
Did you sleep alone
or with someone?
Yes, dude.
Ma'am in shorts came in my dream.
Oh. What happened then?
She came to say good night to me.
Sweet dreams.
Did she leave saying good night?
I wouldn't let her go like that.
So what did you do?
That's all?
- No.
First our hands touched..
...then our lips,
then I was on top of her.
No, no, no. She was on top of me.
Then I was on top of her.
And then I was..
yeah, yeah, come on. Come on.
Sahil, what are you doing?
Are you mad?
You fool!
Is Anita your mistress?
Can't anyone else
think about her?
I was doing it only in dreams.
But Samuel does it day and night.
You saw that.
What will you do?
Will you fight with him too?
How dare you hit you!
20. How much was yours? 18.
- Yes.
What happened with Tarun today?
Nothing. He was talking rubbish.
- What rubbish was he saying?
He didn't say anything wrong.
Anita and Samuel are a couple so
they'll do what couples do.
And you hit him with
a basketball.
That's not cool dude.
Do you think..
...Anita and Samuel must be
singing hymns at home?
No, they must be doing
it in bedroom..
...bathroom, kitchen and garden.
Don't start again. Okay?
She isn't cheap to do
this before marriage.
Hey! Leave it.
Wow, Sahil, amazing.
What am I then?
I feel like slapping you.
Anita and Samuel could be doing
anything. Why do you feel bad?
I don't understand.
Why are you so jealous?
Because she's not like that.
Like what?
She doesn't love Samuel.
It's a casual scene.
She doesn't sleep with him.
Really? You know a lot.
- How about a 1000 rupees wager?
Let's see if they're sleeping or
not. - I too bet 500 rupees.
I bet 100.
Where are you going?
To see.
I'm going to prove you wrong.
Hey, stop. Stay here quietly.
- What's your problem?
I think someone is there.
A thief.
Shut up. I'll check.
My God!
- No, no, no.
Hey, guys. I'm telling you..
Hey, listen. Listen.
You really went to her house?
Entire school is mocking, Sahil.
What are you doing?
'NW fife you quiet?
I've been observing for so long.
What has happened to you?
Are you in love with her?
I'm fed up of this indiscipline.
Are you going to do the same
thing on the play day too?
Sorry, ma'am.
- Go join them. - And Tenzen..
...I don't want to explain the
same thing again and again.
Yes, be like this.
I think the night had
been very rough.
Did she see Sahil naked?
It's possible. Or else these are
those 5 days of the month..
Look at Prachi.
Seeing her,
it seems it goes on all the year.
Yes, yes, better.
- Romeo.
You seem to be scared.
You enter everyday like a hero.
What has happened today?
You're walking stealthily.
Did you do any feat?
Sahil, come here.
I want to talk to you.
Kiddo, best of luck.
Go now.
He's a goner.
He'll be slapped hard.
Sahil, what were you doing
last night at my home?
Sahil, what were you doing
last night at my home?
How dare you enter my house?
But Anita ma'am.. - I'll slap you
here in front of everyone.
I don't know whom to phone.
Your parents,
principal or the police.
Seriously, Sahil..
...if I'm in this play..
...then you shouldn't be here.
You shouldn't be here.
So leave right now.
I said leave right now, Sahil.
I was wondering, should we
serve juice or cold drink?
Let's serve poison.
He's going to be 18 not 80.
Let's order vodka and wine.
He's going to be a man.
I'm not going to clean up vomits.
Did you forget your own days?
Look who is here.
The angry young man.
Where are you coming from?
What have you done? Tell me.
Get away from me!
I gave you what you asked for.
I didn't mean again
what you refused.
I've been more than
a mother to you.
Whatever you did it's not
acceptable. Do you understand?
Don't you walk away when
I'm talking to you?
Come right back.
I want you to apologize
right now.
Sahil. Sahil.
Should I go or will
you hit again?
Come on, buddy. We should have
resolved it in private.
We should have exchanged
few punches and kicks.
We should have settled
it like a man.
You shouldn't do all these in
front of elders like Gypsy.
Sorry, uncle.
Be quiet. Don't apologize.
What has happened to you?
I've been observing for a week.
How would I know if
you don't tell me.
Come on, let's play Ten Crushes.
Did you break up with Tia?
Did Tia break up with you?
Did someone else come in between?
Hello, Gips. ls Sam there?
Yeah, Nina.
Do you know where Sam is?
Hello, Sam.
We're speaking from police
station. Can we talk to Anita?
Yes, Anita speaking. Tell me.
Come here quickly.
- Why?
Obviously we're not calling
you to play rummy.
If you come, you'll know.
Don't act smart.
Tell me your name.
- Your name?
Come on, sign here.
Don't apologize.
- Sir, we won't do it again.
Enough of it.
Come, miss Anita. Sit.
Your younger sister gave
your phone number.
So we called you.
She was caught in
a rave party in..
...a farm house away
from the city.
As she looks like a minor..
...I doubted she wasn't
there willingly.
Who took her?
A boy with an English name.
What was his name?
He was 17-18 years elder to her.
He fled by the time we brought
him to the jeep.
But the day I nab him..
...I'll strip him and skin him.
You seem to be from
a decent family.
So I'm leaving her
with a warning.
Take her along.
And if that jerk ever
phones you..
...or comes in front of you,
please inform the police.
Take her along.
I didn't know, ma'am. I swear.
He said we're going
out for dinner.
And there..
Leave me!
Samuel, please.
Don't cry.
I'll drop you.
Don't cry.
Where are you coming from today?
Police station.
It's waiting for you.
Police station? Why?
Aren't you ashamed
to talk rubbish?
How can you be such a swine,
I took her for a party. Big deal.
She's 16.
How could you even touch her?
Go and ask her. She dances
around me all the time.
It's fine for her.
because she's not my boyfriend.
I'm sick and tired of this.
What happened?
Is everything fine?
How is your play going on?
Uncle, she removed me from it.
Okay- -
By the way..
...there isn't any deed
in the world..
...which a flower can't resolve.
What happened?
The wound is very deep.
How did you get hurt?
I slipped in the bathroom. Soap..
Soap? Huh?
Well my advice will be..
...stay away from the "Soap"
on which you slipped.
Who is he? Younger brother.
Anyway, you people take care.
Come on, nurse.
Where are you coming from today?
Police station.
It's waiting for you.
How can you be such a swine,
I took her for a party. Big deal.
She's 16.
How could you even touch her?
Go and ask her. She dances
around me all the time.
because she's not my boyfriend.
Thank you.
What happened to you?
You're acting smart with me,
After looting,
you're acting innocent.
Yes, Sahil. I was perplexed.
I was bringing eggs from Tony's.
"On the ground.."
What's going on between you two?
Either you climb on her windows
or she's on your scooter.
And what's this going
on actually?
I saw you carry fruits
on your scooter.
The matter has reached so far
but you didn't tell us.
He won't talk to us now.
It's a different league.
To hell with league.
I want a treat.
Not just a treat, but a party.
It's not a small thing to
seen on the streets..
. .Of Panchgani with
someone in shorts.
Understood? We want party.
Forget that.
I've thought of a killer joke.
What do you call a man who
can shake the moon?
Chandra (moon) Shekhar.
You know how much I missed
you in the class today.
In the canteen.
At the rehearsals.
And then in my room.
Sahil. Listen. Listen to me.
What has happened to you?
Did I err?
Look. Look.. look at me.
Look, I apologize.
Look at me.
What has happened to you?
Why sorry?
Why are you sorry?
What has happened?
Why don't you talk to me?
Why don't you talk to me, Sahil?
Tell me. Speak up. Speak!
Why don't you talk to me?
You're saying sorry too.
What has happened?
I hate you. I hate you for
this. I hate you for this!
I hate you.
Anita, what happened?
My friend had phoned.
He met Samuel.
He was saying these were the
worst 5 years of his life.
And I spent my entire life
in these 5 years.
I think the calculation
is a bit off.
You'll need at least
3 such boxes.
Actually, girls are on diet,
so it will be enough for us.
What if it's less?
Don't blame me.
No, uncle.
By the way, how did you make the
plan to go to Sunny's house?
Actually he insisted so..
- Okay.
Watch it. it will break.
Hey, where are you going?
He was going to your house.
My house?
When was this plan made?
We were coming her to play poker.
So where is this Ace
of Spear going?
Who is going to eat my pilaf?
Uncle, actually.
She's not well so I was thinking
of taking some..
Who is not well?
Okay, kiddo.
So the matter has come to pilaf.
Will she eat or will you
feed her in your laps?
Come on.
Even we'll join you. Come on.
No, thanks. Bye.
Wait, Sahil.
- Sahil, wait.
Some tea for you.
No, thank you.
Morning, Champ.
The lady has been waiting for you
since the past 30 minutes.
She was saying,
she slipped in the bathroom.
I said, this is the age to slip.
Excuse me.
Sure. Sure.
How are you?
I'm fine.
I think I owe you a treat.
I don't like bitter things.
Develop a taste then.
You'll get only that in life.
But you've choices too.
Kiddo, when you're in love.. even forget the
spelling of "Choice".
What were you doing at
my home last night?
No, I..
I saw you, Sahil.
I brought pilaf.
Where is it?
You should have come inside.
Anyway I was very low.
Finally I broke up with Samuel.
One coffee.
They've started.
It natural. First hello hi.
If they mingle so much,
they'll surely be in love.
I would have got it too.
Sahil is still good looking.
And ma'am is on full rebound.
There is a chance to
stumbling again.
And it suddenly just hits you,
One doesn't know how and before
you realise you're in love.
Pass the ball.
Your love story is
going on full on.
We've made a story inspired
by your love story.
- Do you want to hear it?
"Sahil's down with a flu."
"He said I love you."
"'today we saw the ma'am at
the zoo. - I love you."
"Everything is about you.
- I love you."
"Even when he does poo-poo.
- Poo-poo."
"She elder to him."
"She's drama teacher."
"She's very sexy. Anita Joseph."
Anita Joseph."
Anita Joseph."
You and I would have made
a kick-ass option.
But we befriend good people and
fall in love with bad ones.
'They have started dating."
"Does this happen in love.."
"if they mingle so much,
they'll surely.."
"..fall in love. Love."
"Love. Love."
"She would have been in
love with me too.."
"..Sahil is still good looking.
- Balls..
Forget it. Let it go.
"Love. Love."
"Love. Love."
My birthday is after 6 days.
What? Seriously.
After 6 days.
- Yes.
Thank God you're a Gemini
not a Cancerian.
Oh Samuel's sun sign.
Wasn't it very difficult
to guess?
"Ma'am is on the re-bound."
"There is a chance of
stumbling again."
Suddenly it hits you, dude.
- You don't know how.
And before you realize,
you're in love.
Love and affection.
- Shut up!
"What have you done?
You stole my friend's heart."
"What have you done?
You stole my friend's heart."
"What will happen now?."
"O my dear. O my dear.
Silent clap.
Today is my birthday, guys.
Wear good make-up.
Tell Pawan too.
By the way,
what gift is she giving to you?
Gift? His new girlfriend must
be coming as a gift.
Only ribbon needs to be cut.
Shut up, man.
Shut up, man.
- Hey, shut up man!
"Dreams dwell in sleep.."
"..rainbow in the rain.."
"..without taking a drink.."
"..why am in this condition?"
"When dawn changes to dusk.."
"..the moonlight covers
the earth..
'Without saying a word,
everything gets explained."
"..a passion in the
heart is kindled."
"Dreams dwell in sleep.."
"..rainbow in the rain.."
"..without taking a drink.."
"..why am in this condition?"
"Your intoxication."
"Your intoxication."
"When dawn changes to dusk.."
"..the moonlight covers
the earth..
Sahil. What are you doing here?
Actually I was passing by so..
Are you busy?
No, come. Come.
Tipsy gifted me wine and..
I don't know how to open it.
So I was thinking.. know,
I was wondering that the bottle..
So you want to have
a drink with me.
Show me.
Only one bottle.
"Through the eyes.."
"..young dreams.."
"..are soaring high."
"The fast heart beat.."
"..deep desires.."
" about to be expressed."
"May they moment come
to a standstill."
"Let me snatch the happiness."
"Your path may be my nemesis.."
"..but I wait impatiently
for you on this path."
"Under the shower of dewdrops,
the melodies unite."
"..without taking a drink.."
"..why am in this condition?"
"Dreams dwell in sleep.."
"..rainbow in the rain.."
"..without taking a drink.."
"..why am in this condition?"
"Your intoxication."'
"Your intoxication."
"Your intoxication."
"it's your intoxication.
It's your intoxication."
"Your intoxication."
What are you doing here, Sahil?
What are you doing here?
First tell me,
what are you doing, Anita?
Why did you throw me out last
night? - Did Samuel come back?
After everything you
let him back.
How can you..
- Just shut up!
And how dare you talk
to me like this?
I made a mistake last night.
We erred. Enough of it.
And don't dare to act
like my boyfriend.
Sahil, please. Just go away.
Hey, champion. What happened?
What happened to him?
Uncle, if you drink so much
coffee, you'll surely fall ill.
Ma'am in shorts like coffee.
What are you saying?
Adam. Eve. Apple.
What rubbish!
Come on, you don't know.
Do you..
Sahil and you..
I mean..
You two..
Do you understand what
I'm trying to say?
It's a family emergency.
I've to leave tonight.
Is everything fine?
It's fine till now, ma'am.
But if I don't leave today,
it won't be fine.
And when will you return?
I don't know, ma'am. Maybe never.
Well then I guess,
nothing can be done.
Come on, boys. Focus.
Anita. Anita.
you shouldn't have come here.
You shouldn't have come here.
- Anita.
- Please don't go, Anita. Please.
I love you, okay?
I really love you.
Anita, if you leave..
...I'll die. I'll die.
I'll die.
Please don't go. I love you.
You can't go, Anita.
You didn't even think about me.
Sahil, all this is wrong.
Please understand.
This is wrong.
This is wrong, Sahil.
This is wrong.
This is wrong.
I love you.
"Your intoxication."
"Your intoxication."
"Your intoxication."
"Dreams dwell in sleep.."
"..rainbow in the rain.."
"..without taking a drink.."
"..why am in this condition?"
Go, Sahil. Go.
Dear, stud. I've to go.
If I say,
everything will be ruined.
I don't know how to say goodbye.
I don't even want to say.
I hate that word.
Till today I've not even
understand it's meaning.
Nothing ends and nothing begins.
Whatever happened between us,
...was.. I can't explain it.
I don't know how..
...but I'm sure..
...someday we'll reach
some conclusion..
...which will be enough for us.
Till then stay like this only.
Always live the moment.
And remember,
that no one is ever replaced.
In life,
we keep meeting new people.
And new stories are made.
And with each new experience..
...we understand things a little
more, a little better.
Love is like summer vacation.. happens every year.
It happens all our life.
But every vacation has
its own charm..
...its own intoxication.
And we cherish them all..
...just like that,
I'll always cherish you.
So long, stud.
Somewhere.. some time..
...till then, cheers.
Tomorrow we'll watch match
at your house, Pawan.
Why is he laughing?
- I don't know.
Are you bringing chips and coke?
Fool. I gave you the money.
Don't bore me now.
Let's go tomorrow.
No, I say..
Come on, dude.
the one in shorts just left.
How did she do?
Not like that.
Like this.
Jogging. Look. .
Forget all that.
I remembered a good joke.
Oh no!
"When dawn changes to dusk.."
"..the moonlight covers
the earth..
"When dawn changes to dusk.."
"..the moonlight covers
the earth..
'Without saying a word,
everything gets explained."
"..a passion in the
heart is kindled."
"..rainbow in the rain.."
"..without getting drunk.."
"..why am in this condition?"
"Your intoxication."
"Your intoxication."
"Your intoxication."
"..without getting drunk why
am in this condition?"