Natale a Miami (2005) Movie Script

Giorgio's true, I was happy,
but time passes ...
begin misunderstandings, flaws emerge
surface, and things change ...
You must understand, not
you're following me,
It is normal to happen like that
life in a couple ...
Thi seems normal to go to another after
- No matter who he is
- May Think you, my love!
i around, if not go back
to me, I kill.
As you see! You do not e. .. boa and !
Daniela ... !
I boa and e. ..
What lady tell, I boa and e?
We boa and e. .. ? Why plecai?
What do you do?
Daniel went in, and you spend?
You understand, sir admiral?
Left me after 15 years ...
Why did the left one?
What am I bad smell ... ?
- Who is this madness?
- I do not know!
- What is it? You want to give to me out?
- Giorgio ...
And you start doing fool joke?
Please, I did when I was in high school.
Giorgio is a friend of mine,
came with me.
Did you bring me a picture ... Now wishes
Happy Holidays to all!
Happy Holidays to all!
Continue ...
- Happy Again ...
- Happy Holidays ...
- What's up, took me as an idiot?
- You what?
You said stay in the room, and now
You come here and give you a show ...
I know you had left, but
past six months ... Return-Thi!
How can I return?
And tomorrow you, best friend,
I go to Miami and on and one ...
What can I do? Two years
postpone the departure of all this ...
Take me with you, see Kelly, the girls ...
They last many years, is their uncle.
No! We talked about it.
Take that, let's go!
- What to do?
- Climb! Hi-i!
- Who am I?
- There are accountants ...
Do not worry in their respects,
better advantage of my departure.
Try to have a normal life,
bachelor ...
By yourself ... ?
No more crying! I when I desprit
Kelly, I did like you?
- I believe you, you left it!
- These are just details ...
Yes, more ... !
Happy Holidays!
Who I rub the head with
posts at this hour?
Ranuccio dear, I dare to say thi-.
Need to know, I decided.
Leave you.
Ciao ... Your wife, Tiziana.
Damn ...
Tiziana! Where are you going?
You have sent me that message?
- Yes!
- Maybe you have the wrong number.
No, I have the wrong number,
was for you. Have you read that right?
Yes! Leave you.
In what sense you leaves me?
We can not continue
with lies and betrayal?
The story must end.
Stop with this, not I
never betrayed. Never ...
- But I've betrayed.
- Perhaps the thought ...
What is going ... ?
Ciao, Ranuccio!
Tiziana! And I to you?
When I met during treatment
a person who gave me emotions November
I do not never felt
with you.
- Finally, I said Thi.
- Stop thinking about Paolo, our son?
Now Paolo is great, I understand.
I am one who does not understand.
Hello ...
I'll be right, my love.
I'm going down and break its eggs
your love.
You become worse as
Penguin from Batman!
If you still go down, why not me
and go bag? It's hard.
It's hard ... ?
What you put into it, silverware?
Give me, Giulio! You become Eduard
"Hands of scissors."
Now I have to tell you your boa and they,
houle wives!
It will be quite difficult ....
- Who are you?
- Justine, Tiziana therapist.
Are you Ranuccio, is not it?
Charmed ....
Give it to me!
What the hell ... !
However you find out ... In it I found
Thiele i female part missing.
- If you want, I cut it off!
- View that does not understand anything!
- You will be a man.
- There and animal.
Left me for a woman, Giulio.
As you see .... a therapist!
What does a therapist?
A lesbian ... ?
- Now what?
- You hug me, sir!
Hey, just do not and you're any therapist!
Want to THI a cut?
I got ...
- Where is Donatella?
- Donatella has decided not to come.
How? How that is not coming?
Do not come! He gave me a letter for you.
I do not know anything.
Left me. Now it's another.
Thi I told my sister that is difficult.
- What blow!
- My opinion, is a shot in the back.
- Means that we have horns?
- Only it is to blame.
Now we are only three of us went to Miami,
new frontier of extreme sex.
Do not contai me, you know that I
Do I meet someone.
Yes, the one that lost i for a month
Thi and not sent even a photo.
To see ciudenie, even in
this morning sent me one.
I'll be damned ...
What pieces of Space ...
I kill myself if Lorenzo is
such a friend in Miami.
Can you imagine to tell you?
Lorenzo with such a woman ...
Paolo Ghisa passenger is
expected to Lufthansa office!
E Donatella! I knew it!
Paolo Ghisa passenger is
expected to Lufthansa office!
- Maybe your sister has changed her mind.
- It's hard ...
When I gave Paolo's letter was
angry, said he wanted to see him dead ...
- What letter are you talking?
- I wrote one in which one leaves you Paolo.
You're a jerk!
You have wanted to come with his fiance Paolo
Miami? In addition, longer and my sister ...
- Paolo!
- What are you doing, Dad?
- I have terrible news.
- What?
- Mama ...
- What?
- Talk!
- Left me. He went to a therapist.
- Yes, it's Justine, a lesbian.
- Thi find something normal?
Understand, and ocant is to go with a woman
But if we consider the gardener ...
- Who?
- The gardener. I did not say anything ...
- With Julio?
- Not, as before.
- Salam?
- Yes, him.
Black wooden leg?
i realize that I left?
I understand perfectly, happened to me
just five minutes ago.
Donatella left me, is another.
- Any natural or man?
- Male.
Now you're thinking about to do?
What do you do?
Go back home!
Paolino! My flesh,
bone of my bones ....
Let's see what will we do to trdtoarele
these two when we get to Miami!
- What to do?
- November 2, Paolino!
I already bought tickets. November 2
in Miami, a fun without limits.
I hope not to fall flight,
I spoil the belly ...
- No, no, no ...
- What, no, no, no ... ?
- Who was?
- Dad.
- What will?
- He wants to come with us.
Daddy's in the mood to walk ...
I hope you told him you can not!?
- I told you to come? I said to come!
- Are you stupid?
His mother had left him a few days ago.
What to do, want to abandon it?
- There it is!
- Hey, animals!
What do we Trick ...
We are hard ...
Give me five!
Since this, tell me.
Strigai me Rano, Ranuccio not!
Come here! You told them suckers knew Sheet
that they can rely on that?
You know what this is? E Mastercard!
Where to go without it?
Waiting for us, Miami! Come!
I got it!
It will be a vacation of shit!
Christmas in Miami
- Lord!
- Yes.
- Seek Mr. Basi in Italy.
- The phone?
No! It's the door.
Kelly! Always beautiful.
What are you doing in Miami?
- I came to see them on Stella and Susie.
- And I hope you come to me ...
- Of course!
- We have not seen for a lifetime.
Susie is in camp with his friends.
Stella will be happy to see you again.
I know what happened between
you and Daniela. I'm sorry.
I do not want to think about it.
Just wait and keep the arm on a Stella.
For years I have not seen it.
It seems like changing diapers.
- Who came to visit, Britney Spears?
- Britney ...
- Cntreaa!
- Britney Spears ...
- I what I said?
- That's Stella.
It seems to exit the diapers ...
Hey, Stella!
Look who's here!
- What are you doing here, Uncle George ... ?
- Surprise holidays ... !
I'll be damned ....
- Thank you!
- Come down, now you have an age ...
- Another ari well.
- It hurts.
To know that you have grown so much,
my dear.
I hope you sleep here,
do not like my father ...
Mario where he sleeps?
In a hotel. I told you I
sleep here, we have enough space ...
- You know what my ex-husband ...
- You say that now is with another woman?
What do you think? Sure, there will
never change.
You know what to do? I'm going to hotel
and I bring this baggage. It's good to you?
- Yes.
- Again ... ?
- What are you doing, baby?
- We recorded everything in secret.
- Want to see pictures?
- Are you a real pig.
Of course I want ... !
- You pulled ... ?
- You were not in the frame.
- What were you doing, i style your hair .. ?
- If I see someone combed ... !
- What do you mean? If you see someone ...
- Just kidding!
- Who is it?
- I ordered and champagne.
- Bravo!
- Put it in the beginning.
- God! Giorgio's at the door.
- Giorgio ...
- Mario!
- Giorgio! What are you doing here, Giorgio?
- Why scream it?
- Who screams?
I'm amazed and you! Not me and be
expected to do something like that.
Be calm. I can explain everything to tell you,
not like that as you think.
- You mean you're alone.
- No, but I assure you that ...
Stay here with a slut instead to stay home
and girls best friend.
That was ... ! Better tell me
What do "you" here?
I can not I stay alone.
I took the first plane ... Forgive me ...
- Let's go home to Kelly!
- No, I can ... !
- I'll talk to your wife ... !
- Do not you understand.
- Why?
- Because snoring.
- He knows and that?
- It's not Russian, in Russia.
- Let's go to Kelly.
- Come dressed like that?
Who looks like wearing?
I will send someone to take luggage.
O and the Russian luggage?
A steal to tell you everything. I help you ...
You look at porn?
Let me see and I ... !
You were ... !
Damn damn you!
A and of a do ... ?
Look what I do!
Spider position do?
And Daniela loves ...
It was our favorite position.
Spider position ...
Feel that vibrate ...
A hand keeps the neck ...
And now you are thinking about Daniel?
And now, when ocean separates you?
An ocean ....
- Marco!
- Enough! Give me your hand!
Where I go, Marco?
This car is not for me.
It's a funeral car.
Mother ...
Where else finds a place like this?
It's paradise! You see what's here?
Prepare you are, boys?
These girls know job ....
What is your father? Suddenly appeared
and we collect the boa and e?
No petting ...
Listen to me!
Latin Lovers Italian arrived!
I nali, and beautiful, descurcrei ...
In Milan, my son is told
exhibiionist largest ...
There is no need, father!
Excuse us!
- Be careful, this puts you ...
- Sorry!
So many excuses ...
Do not be modest!
To avoid further awkward figures
it is better to tell you you doing a hotel.
- To go to the hotel?
- We hear the phone.
- Need to get my luggage!
- No! Thi I send them. Ciao!
Ciao, Paolino! And he left me.
First wife, and Paolino.
Paolino, no! He wants to stay with his father.
His father is his father!
What's this?
A fire escape?
I leave luggage and go there I find
Sandra, my friend chatting.
You saw it! I can let you escape
such a beauty?
I get a little picture?
- Are you crazy, what do you do?
- Look there!
Thi sent a picture of another,
and mocked you.
- It's only a picture advertising.
- Why?
There is only one explanation.
It's ugly ...
- Why ... ?
- I pulled a nasty eap ...
Thi is not any more trouble.
And we can have fun without it.
Maybe not a beautiful and ...
Good! I am Jane, your neighbor.
He is the Rock, my dog.
- Hello, I Rock!
- Hey, Lassie!
I broke the shower,
can I do to you?
- Stripped?
- Why, do you dressed?
Nudi As you know, our skin out and ... !
- A and e!
- If you want, I go and fix i site.
- Talk to you seriously?
- Jokes and you! He wants to play ...
Welcome! I'm going to shower!
Tonight, it's a party
my apartment. Come and you?
Of course!
We are pleased.
Have you seen the bottom is?
A Doberman!
And my Donatella has one.
Who the hell I came to Miami?
Here one be?
Perhaps beyond.
Who made me go up here?
Boa and they hurt ...
Here one be?
Yes, here it is!
Paolino is your father,
do not never leaves you.
I have to pee. We are between men,
What importance has ... ?
Hey, Paolino!
Thi gave apartment dog?
What you want, pee? Bark
American, do not understand.
Be quiet! Are you crazy?
Please let me go!
It's thick!
- Put that thing in thi!
- A bag somewhere I do not ipa!
Where you choose a bag!
- What pork ... !
- It's just a dog. A dog.
The bathroom is an obsessed ...
I got it, gentlemen and time.
Thi said that I catch him.
- What are you doing, Dad?
- Paolo's father started well.
Do not tell that the left
because of me.
- I had to go to the hotel?
- Yes, you.
I can not stay here with you?
No! Because you're ba ....
Because you're great.
- How?
- Great ... !
Do you want to tell that I'm older!
Hey, Paolo! What is your father on his head?
Boy George resembles.
- Especially the behavior ...
- Sorry! I knew it not to and a.
Look where we Paolino!
We are on Western Drive.
This is serious business,
seems that we are in Silicon Valley.
Look it!
All they look at us.
- You rent the car and I Barbie doll!
- Barbie heavyweight.
- Give Thi thing down on the head.
- Why are old?
No, look like a dork!
I understood, Daniela,
now try to escape ...
And figure frogs and lime, I can not ...
I'd like to do
Sweet Cheriot all night.
Cheriot Sweet!
Means servant, Daniel!
Not because I had left, and your wounds I
the fact that I do not know for whom.
Enough, let alone Daniela
few steps to make i. .. !
- Live and you?
- Do not wait for Mario. Plecai ... !
- Where to go?
- Stella took him for a walk.
He spoke in one of Daniela.
I could not ...
Hopefully I'll pass.
Listen, Kelly! You do not mind
If there are less ... ?
I think the rectum and Daniela did a great
stupid. How could you leave?
Thank you!
You're very nice.
- Can I confess something to tell you?
- Say it!
- When I was 13 I fell in love with you.
- Why did not you say? I could ...
Just kidding!
- It was the enthusiasm of childhood.
- Why? Seem a child?
You grew up and i. ..
- I grew up and still are in love with you.
- Let's go back, can we seek ...
tiai And I did that first time
love, I thought of you?
Glad Thi liked,
to change discussion.
- Welcome! Want to take a bath?
- A bathroom?
- Why not? Let's take a bath!
- We bathroom dezbrcai then make love.
- Are you crazy? Want to go to jail?
- What you got to lose?
- Stop it!
- You must go to buy a frozen.
Your father is like a brother to me.
Your mother know of a lifetime.
Thiele i changing diapers,
shit how do ...
Do you think that may have a relationship with you?
I do not want to have a relationship with you.
Excuse me! I take that back.
- I just want to fuck me with you.
- Here humidity is very high.
How trii you to Miami?
Can not breathe.
Here in Miami it's hard ...
My hands are sweaty.
Come on, Giorgio ...
Remember where you've brought, punks!
Is not it beautiful like that?
Appears first.
Who gave you the address, your wife?
- And he knows?
- We all know.
All, except me.
- How to tell that?
- That?
- The birds that?
- Talk to you seriously?
I'll show you boys agatha.
A method I used the 60
I went to the Viper.
- When it was done badly.
- Where are you going, Father?
He went ...
Warning! On line 5 is
waiting for a new trouble ...
Good girl and time!
Everything was arranged. Hurricane has departed
on the four bridges.
- Tell them to go home.
- How?
Do not listen?
Thi not mock us.
Be quiet, brbu!
Girls have an enormous villa.
If you want to Come, Come.
If not, we'll take care of everything.
No, no! Daddy ... !
I do not want to know how you did,
but thank you!
Let's go! I take it
before, I want to be first.
I need to work
abs and pecs.
- God! Who is it?
- Hey!
Are you crazy? Exit immediately
in my pants!
- Exit immediately from my bed!
- Welcome! Immediately!
Stay! What are these?
- My clothes.
- Are you without chiloei?
Do not move from there.
- i not like?
- No.
Mother told me that in tineree Thi is
said "gagicaru 'unscrupulous'.
- Male nympho!
- Do not talk nonsense.
To me you're not a woman
You're best friend daughter.
- I'm Giorgio.
- Fuck ...
- Yes.
- Thi I brought towels.
- Thank you!
- Stella told me that you have talked a lot on the beach.
- What Thi told?
- Nothing. Nonsense teenagers.
I am her mother, but I
I do not say anything.
Trfulia this ... ! Sometimes it
better to not know.
- Young people are very ciudai knew ...
- I know and I. I feel ...
- I am concerned, Giorgio.
- Tell me about it?
Now you're one regards as a woman ...
... but in comparison to girls aged
her shy little stars, closed ....
- No experience with boys.
- How well he has no experience.
- You know what's missing?
- No.
- A little initiative.
- Initiative?
It's serious if you do not have initiative.
Now that trusts
you, why not give a ....
I will not ever give anything ...
- What are you doing?
- This is full of nari.
Of course! If you do not close
window will eat you alive.
i promise, tomorrow will be
all day together.
Yes, yes! We slave all day,
is a little bit hard, but I can handle it.
Hello, my love!
You must turn off the light.
Here's what makes
iubreul of dried leaves ....
Excuse me! Inside I feel
embarrassed about.
Do not worry, and this is
the so romantic ...
How do you say your name?
Charon, the extraordinary woman.
Woman in love!
- Have you ever done it in the pool?
- I do not know to swim.
- Float, but do not know to swim.
- It is better to and a.
I can save you and to tell you are
mouth to mouth breathing.
You have to tell you something,
before continuing.
I exit it in a complicated relationship,
very complicated.
My wife left me.
Not a man for a woman.
Understand? I am a tolerant man,
understand. Everyone can do what he wants.
For me it was a serious blow.
You see, I am a frail man ...
No I do not know how to explain thi.
In a few words ...
I'm tired of all the bullshit
I saw you ...
What are you doing, Charon?
- The so do you pee?
- Excuse me, I think it's beer ...
I do not care about beer.
Women do not pee and has a. ..
- It's beer Thapa ... ?
- Yes.
Hey, Paolo!
What would your old man?
- I think you need to pee.
- Never mind, forget dancing girls ...
What is?
What is?
Excuse me a little! Can you tell me, Paolo,
since it has not made your old man?
A century.
Now? Are you crazy, I do not see?
Have to go,
Your old man does not feel well.
- Why did it interest me?
- We gotta go ...
Boys, my babe
has a huge clit.
Do not say you do not have a fiance,
Dad did not believe you.
- I have one, but has no courage ...
- What an imbecile!
- Good morning!
- Good morning!
- Did you sleep well?
- Honestly, no!
We had one night about shaken.
- Problems with the time zone?
- Yes. With time .... time ...
- What are you talking about?
- Come ...
Look what I found. Want to see
my pictures when I was little.
To see pictures. Get out ...
Stop stirring to see pictures!
Let's play a game, guess where I was.
Let's see!
Here we are at baptism.
What rochi you were, you were nice.
- Show me and me!
- Look!
- A beautiful moment.
- That was easy.
There we see it.
Look lose!
- That I know it and do not remember me.
- Look!
- I do not want to see her.
- Let me see if I can remember.
I remember well, was to bi,
was about two or three years.
What micui breasts have ...
- This is the pacifier.
- Think about GET OUT!
- You have a pacifier.
- Soothers?
- You do not have never wanted a pacifier.
- He stole it from another child.
- This is my favorite!
- What is it?
- God!
- What is it?
Visit ginecolo ... the pediatrician.
When I see these pictures, I feel like that young ...
- Are you crazy?
- Let us all know the sea.
- Better. You know the style crawl?
- Yes ...
Stop it!
- Hey!
- Hey!
It seems that finally, begins holiday
those who hunt birds.
I do not want to hear the birds
for at least a month ... Clear?
What comes last, is stupid.
- We are a party?
- Why not! Yes.
- Give, give ...
- Look at me ...
Pass me are free.
Look at me, Lorenzo!
- A penalty.
- Do not You're wrong.
- This is a goal, Mark ...
- Shoot me ...
Catch it!
Pamela! Does it hurt?
Thi gave blood.
- i feel the lack.
- I broke the nose.
- You and searched thoroughly.
- Who's the bad guy?
I am the father! I can not see?
You came up with Dad?
- For now ...
- For now, take your bitch!
I Paolino's father. Come, Paolino!
It's my baby.
- i like birds, Paolino?
- Can you go?
What time do we see tonight?
At one!
You see yourself in one night.
- Hey, Dad! Hey, Mom!
- Hey, beautiful!
- Where is Giorgio?
- He went to walk.
- This is your beach outfit, Stella?
- Why not i like?
In front is good, but behind
it's as if you did not have.
Tell him and you, Kelly!
- What to say? There's a child.
- For me to stay and continue.
- My Daddy jealous ...
- Jealous ....
Can not even watch it!
- Hi, I'm Fiona.
- Hi, my name is Ghisa!
Ranuccio Ghisa!
I know no woman
must have the initiative
but crazy from the moment
I saw it.
- With me talking about?
- Of course, with you talking.
Whole life I was surrounded
fcui the muscles in the gym.
Not even know how long search
in Miami a man like you.
One bite soft mosses and cii FLE
as vanilla pudding.
Only that?
You're fantastic, you have no hair,
do not have lips, muscles do not have ...
chicken legs ...
If i love like that, I and a
spasmodic colitis started.
I and indigestion,
breath is smelly.
- Do you have something?
- I and cramps.
When I gas, retch ...
When you eat spicy food,
I peperroni to eat ...
... I burn evacuation ...
- And your member?
- Fell.
He fell many years ago,
then increased again.
He grew a little something ... an appendix,
a petite thread ....
Let's go have a drink,
only two of us.
- Hello!
- Enough! Give me a break!
I thought what you said
Yesterday my father.
It's your best friend ...
i realize what scandal will exit
you will find ...
When you want, you can understand.
But if it does not say anything,
and you never will.
- What to know?
- As we amani, iubreule.
We are not amani,
and we will never be.
- But why?
- Why?
Even tell me why!
- What you got?
- Iubreul is dead.
Suddenly it was let down,
and was not higher.
I tried everything. Medical tests,
psychiatry, medicine, witchcraft.
Would be a solution: transplantation,
but I have courage.
You do not know who is the donor,
what you will put ...
To sit next to a beautiful girl like you and
you can not do anything, what cruel fate ...
Now understand, uncles and rad ...
I am sorry that I hurt.
How unfair is life!
A virile and handsome man like you
that no longer turns ...
And I that bad, continuity,
continue ...
Please do not continue,
and I feel worse ...
What trouble ...
i promise today, I ....
I understood,
I need not explain ...
- Here erai ...
- Stand up!
- Making a bathroom.
- Impossible.
- Why?
- I did, then I ate ...
- I ate buds ...
- In Miami?
- Come, come! Stand up!
- Courage!
- Making a bathroom.
- I, I do congestion.
I do not want to take a bath,
leave me here!
- How hard are you ...
- It is good one around the castle.
What environments, Fiona!
Thank you!
I remind you of hunters inn
of Binasco?
Got something to open the bottle?
An opener ...
You Americans have invented Coca-Cola,
but also how to open it.
- Now that I drink ...
- No return.
Tell me something! How do you pee?
Feet, or in and ezut?
I want to be sure that you're a woman.
Are you a real woman?
You'll see soon.
Not return.
What pieces ...
- Can I return or not?
- A time.
- Now you can go back.
- You can?
- Yes.
- Okay.
Lady! Do you have allergies?
Did you eat berries?
Fiona my beautiful ...
Come to Purcelu and your!
- Schwarzenegger's wife Pari.
- I want to feel your body mole and it ...
It displays on your bed, my beautiful.
With oil you will exit perfectly.
Wine, Fiona ...
Sorry Fiona, I slipped!
- How do you feel?
- As a lover of water sports.
- Baby!
- My husband!
- What are you doing, baby?
- I'm training.
I train and I with you.
What hard e. ..
... but nice to me ...
- Who is this?
- Not as you think.
Let's see what they do!
Come here!
Here's a pussy!
i show you how to fly, deghizatule.
Let me! I am doctor, I came
to see her your wife. How is she?
- Come here!
- No. I have sinusitis.
What pain ...
- I want drugs!
- Stand up!
No, no! What are you doing?
I'm not afraid of you. In Milan
They say he is pro and fatty you.
I am a fool?
- Now I have to tell you do a facial massage.
- I ....
Yes ....
I do not want ten tons of FLE and cial ...
- Are you uneasy?
- A little.
I know I what you are thinking about.
Daniel, is not it?
- Yes, I thought about it.
- You still thinking about Daniel?
- Relax, Giorgio!
- To go dancing.
- What to do in this tribe?
- Go and have fun!
- Hold me that.
- Give it to me! Go!
Thank you!
- We're here!
- Slow down ...
Son of a bitch!
Sorry! It's kindness to you and you're wrong!
- Son of a slut ...
- Human error motion ...
- Now you're the son of a bitch more ...
- Nights in Miami ...
What are you doing?
Want to put and in trouble?
- To arrange things come and I ...
- You said that we bring, and so ...
- Tonight we are free.
- Free, free ...
- The wait in the parking lot.
- Now what do, gringo?
Nada of the problem,
problem of bait!
Now to take El Cid!
- Do not know what El Cid?
- El Cid Campeador?
El Cid finding ....
The accident! You fill it,
you fill it ...
I fill it, we complete it ...
Do not complete?
Excuse me, can not!
- It's beautiful, is not it?
- God! Who is it?
More fool, you find yourself in May
something like that? You know what?
- Talk to you.
- Have 50 years, of 50 cturi shot.
Even less than that.
i know what?
Write them on a waiting chiloii coitus,
one should not miss.
Uii must not, in terms
legal, Giorgio is still married.
Yes, the bitch who put horns ...
- Stop, red devil!
- Jump on it!
Do not even thinking about, is the daughter
Your Friend. Quit!
- To be damned ...
- Please to keep decena ...
- To work!
- Ignore it!
- Think back to it.
- Forget it!
- Quit!
- Shut up!
Jump on it ...
May leave me! I now have stereo conscience?
Need to talk to Mario.
Mario, I can not stand
Kelly's house.
The situation became uncomfortable ...
I prefer to go
before you do anything stupid ...
Understand what you speak.
- Thi did you know?
- Just not stupid.
Better. You could understand
struggle within me.
Inner struggle ... Last night you thi
well resolved inner struggle. I saw.
i swear on our friendship, Mario,
I have not even touched it with a finger.
- You have done wrong.
- Why did I do wrong?
Why did I do wrong, Mario?
Why did you do wrong? Because it is more
well to be you, than a stranger.
- Excuse me, I gotta go.
- No. Waiting!
- You mean I can and it ... ?
- Of course!
- E major?
- Of course!
- E vaccinated? Jump quiet!
- You do not mind?
I do not care.
Do not ever see ...
Why do so many problems i?
Without me it will feel more relaxed ...
Ciao, Giorgio!
Mario! I go ...
Go ...
What interests him? He not even
not seen. What father ... !
Are you crazy?
How could you come here?
You're wrong if you think you stand
the whole holiday hotel.
- How do I do? Giorgio's here.
- Anyway you have to know.
Better late. We pass through a
situation that could ...
i explain before.
- Sellin, goriloiul and recovered.
- What is that?
- I changed my mind.
- In what respects?
Two days pestered me
that you could do, and now ...
- Are you saying that ...
- Yes. See you in 10 minutes in the parking lot.
Zambrotta to the ball, he passes his Aringhio,
it passes them by Pirlo,
and he returns and uteaz
cruel to the right ...
It's an emergency, one must keep increases
to arrive at the hospital ... Track!
- What happened?
- What hurts ...
- Where am I?
- How do you feel?
Are less ameit.
Why am I here?
When you exit it in clubs,
you fell and you do boil.
I've taken and I was en route to hospital
only that we have a little problem.
- Broke down car.
- Have to get back in the disco.
- You asked for help?
- Heaven now.
- Help!
- What are you doing? Try the phone.
I tried, this is not the signal,
not catch ...
Let's go to that house,
phone and call a taxi.
Slowly ...
- There is no one.
- The lights are on, we will hear.
- To see if there's a back entrance.
- You still have a headache?
Let's see if any input
the back.
- Excuse ...
- Anybody?
I think he's a nerd.
One thing that sharpens the knife.
In Milan they are told, he mullite!
No. He's a painter.
Type Pollok! One can recognize the style.
I love the red Pollok. Anybody home?
- Must be a photographer.
- Maybe it's above the rest and fish.
- Must be a great artist, make albums.
- Yes, the killer i. ..
- You can?
- Killer or not, May you have a headache?
I said you can?
What smell of meat ...
Mamby ...
Thi hungry?
What smell good ...
What will be?
- What are you doing?
- I'm hungry. I felt a pleasant smell ...
My stomach has been opened ...
- Time to eat in a foreign house?
- Do not ask What if I'm hungry.
Not even know why you lose,
one to tell you sorry.
You know you did What?
- I take and I one.
- Bravo! Not going to tell you sorry.
And that here in Miami tiai escaped a killer
series that victims and cut pieces?
- Are good?
- You were right, good.
- What are they?
- Fail to understand the taste.
You know what's weird? After killing, and
victims, the killer they eat testicles.
I do abhor, talk to your testicles
human while eating ...
You're right,
what shape is our food ...
- Eat fudulii butcher.
- I've eaten and the last ...
In what sense?
- Everest or Ernest.
- That's it. In what sense?
Everest is left, Ernest is right.
I eat it on the right.
A toilet ... To make a pee ...
Now to take a pee ...
Leave me your pee, ugly beast ... !
E pee my ... Leave it!
Go on ...
Leave it ...
Leave it ...
- Have you made?
- A plant tried to rape me.
- A plant?
- Was insaiabil. Suck ...
Ending the crap. Here there is no
even a phone, and I hurry.
We could borrow the car.
- Who would we ask?
- You're right, to seek the keys.
I do not know if we do well.
Do not do anything stupid ...
All right. To seek the keys.
I found the tapes ...
I box art.
Colored boxes ...
You feel like crap?
When I was a kid, but over time
I exit it in your hand ...
- It's the things intimate, personal ...
- This is something intimate?
Shit? You could tell
first time, doofus!
You know and it uses you?
I like it in your hand exit, but
I worked many years in the forest.
- You know what?
- What do we do?
- Cut and between the upper ceiling.
- The ceiling? You'll destroy your car.
- I and a payment.
- I know, but pay half-half.
Talk about it later.
- What's this?
- Forget it, nesimitule!
Let's see if the saw is running!
It's a beauty!
It's American.
E professional tools.
Starts your engine ...
- Are you sure that you know and it uses you?
- Yes. Why?
- Could your boa and to tell you them.
- You're right, my wife would be happy.
We a. .. and the
What beast ...
Where you go, bitch ... ?
- I can not stop it ....
- Stops it, moron!
Stops it, moron!
Cut the ceiling.
- Look North Star!
- Look forward! It's better.
Milky Way?
- What is it? Police!
- What they want from us?
Stops here.
Artist denounce us ...
Stay quiet,
just a routine check.
What is the punishment in Florida
theft of cars? Electric chair?
Yes! We'll go to Alcatraz and
a law to us a foot ball.
I cut a ceiling, not only
I killed someone.
If you make a motion, i brains.
Out! Exit the car!
Get down! Do not move that!
- Hands on the car!
- Faster!
- Well, put your hands.
- Why did it have pieces?
Why do you shake it?
I do not find anything serious.
- Why is not seriously sick?
- He did everything.
- You saw his first.
- Yes, I've got him, but he cut it?
In fact ...
- ... I am an expert.
- So it's not the first time!
The first time ... ?
I did it many times.
- Are you two and three mon.
- To close an eye.
Tomorrow when you end the service,
take a drink ...
- I do not think.
- We do it in style novel.
You bring your drinking, and we
bring four bucele ...
- Is that okay?
- Nenorocii bastards!
- What nerve e. .. !
- What hurts ...
On behalf of Florida State, I
you to apologize for what happened.
We must explanation what happened,
lt. Colombo. We are fully debusolai.
You stole a machine serial killer.
Without you know, carry
a woman cut into pieces.
- Small, large? It's terrible ...
- It's awful to go, it's late.
- May have to wait a little.
- Tell!
We reconstituted the pan.
- You have reconstructed?
- Just Ask.
It's a macabre information if ...
Tell me, Captain ... !
- This is the killer who escaped?
- Yes, we will take it e..
Understand ...
He's the one who after the assassination,
eat them ... ?
Yes ....
- Cartofiorii ...
- Bucelele meat ...
i realize that you gave to
eat eight human testes.
- Next to come, I ate a sausage ...
- How was it?
- Was the so small ...
- Yes, it was a sausage ...
- May feel that fragrance ... ?
- The ketchup ...
- If you leave us your number ...
- If possible ... !
We can exit the IM together,
to sleep together ...
- Not tonight I managed ...
- Let's go to Ocean Drive!
- Hey, Italians!
- Hey!
- We're going to take a dip in the sea?
- No briefs ...
Neither do we ...
Is there a problem?
- How to you expect?
- You have car?
- My father is waiting for us ...
- We are on foot.
I was walking ...
- What's the wait? Urcai!
- To climb.
Good evening, gentlemen and time!
Thi I told your old man without
We will succeed!
- Hey!
- Nice!
- Bucele meat ...
- Testicles ....
- How much it hurts ...
- You hit Paolino?
- Do you know that I have insurance.
- The shit, daddy ... !
Guys are right,
You're a fool.
- Do you have insurance?
- Unlimited.
No problem, guys.
You can be quiet you know.
What, no problem?
We hit a car pink for girls ...
It feels good. For safety,
I did a scan.
They only hit in the head.
I left with Kelly and Stella.
What? The Condor?
What is it?
That with ... ?
I'll be right!
- What shot ...
- Wait for me!
- Iertai me, do not!
- It is over! Have a good trip!
- Plecai because of me?
- No, you are not leaving.
Leave us alone,
even now in the last days.
You wanted to kill you because
that you have not slept with me.
If it was not that stupid Italian,
you were to be made to jump like a dolphin.
Go home?
Giorgio promised me that we go
the aquarium to see dolphins.
On you know ...
- Now? You have forces?
- I have ...
I'm like a rock. A promise is a
debt. How could they refuse and the stars?
- Okay. Ciao!
- Ciao, Mom!
Right now? Your mom is still here.
You have little patience.
- Where are the taxis?
- There.
Room 641,
and you come after two minutes.
I came here to make love,
Mission: Impossible film is not!
Do not shake me, Stela
and the so very nervous!
Giorgio ... !
What are you doing here?
Just as planned.
I'm going to ...
Why did you just come here?
There are so many hotels ...
- It's only that I know.
- You could not stay home?
With Kelly?
It would have been embarrassing ...
What are you doing?
Another movie with Russian?
- What Russian?
- That ...
- What floor are you staying?
- Four. But you?
Five, six, seven.
One of the top ...
I go.
Be careful what you do!
Mario, a sturgeon rusoaicei show him!
And you're an eel, it's Christmas!
What bad luck!
You must get to Daniel.
Excuse me!
The heat ...
It also turned on air conditioning
If you keep the windows open?
- Are you sure that you do not miss me?
- I'm sure, Dad.
What to do alone?
I will certai ...
We three Americans,
If you do not mind ...
Remember, Polino! You need to register!
Italy, Italy ...
i call me later
as you say. Marcatorule!
Welcome! We hear the latest!
It ends up coming Paolino.
To light another.
You see it, is Paolino, my son.
Now he has a meeting with an American.
Now it makes a big head,
is a womanizer, like his father.
- Lord Ghisa?
- Donatella!
- What are you doing here?
- Do you know that your fault.
You you left and he told me:
Daddy, take me to Miami, come with me to Miami ...
And tiai that had been on a leave
my wife home alone?
Do not run with a lesbian?
- And you know?
- The therapist, is not it?
I did not have forsaken Paolo.
Idiot of my brother wrote two
false letters to separate us.
I came to clear everything with Polo.
It's with you?
It's not me. I go.
Now Paolo and recovered,
is with friends, it's clear ...
It seems that I came late,
not delayed to the console.
How can to talk to you? We had
an exemplary life here in Miami.
Aquariums, libraries, museums ...
Museums? I'm going to see
what's in their apartment.
Goodbye! Have a good trip!
What I do, Paolino ... !?
To switch off the phone, you will catch him.
A to catch ...
A to catch ...
- Thi-liked?
- What do I do?
- My performance.
- This name are you performance?
I waited 10 years to 10 seconds?
Understand your sarcasm,
was not something special ....
Put yourself in my place.
Age, stress, time zone ...
- Abstinena long, impatience ...
- Welcome!
Can I do better, give me
It has no importance,
you do best.
There are a gagicar
I am a novice.
What are you doing? To stand and a. ..
Look what I figure you did!
That move up!
Neither wants to hear.
- Hello!
- Giorgio and Kelly are here in the hotel.
- Where are you?
- On the fourth floor terrace.
- What are you doing?
- Do not ask me how I got.
We arrived right on the terrace of Giorgio.
- Damn! You saw?
- No, but if it comes out ...
Not out. That you start ...
- What do we do?
- What do ...
I'm coming up with an excuse and I
to help you exit the room. Waiting!
It's good! I thought
Italians just spaghetti.
Pakistani or Moroccan's grass?
Is special, grown in
Ardennes near Livorno.
We can be sure that maniac
bald guy is not here.
Do not worry, it's on the plane.
Better for him, in case
returns I bought it.
Paralyzing electric, 200,000. Volt.
Hopefully not return ....
May smoke a little grass
before we draw it?
Jokes are you?
We are at the same floor ...
- Where did you get so much grass?
- It's a good vegetable, a natural drug.
- And champagne! Need to celebrate.
- What should I celebrate?
End! What, you have to celebrate?
Beginning of a new love ... !
What you wonderful scenery!
Run into a glass and then go
all three to one restaurant.
- Where is she?
- In the bathroom.
- How did ... ?
- It's very demanding.
I was a little emotional ...
- Depends on how you behave ...
- Who, me?
How did I behave?
You know what happened in that room?
It was a serious business ...
You know what I said? I have not had in life
something like mine. Her eyes filled with light ...
I do not think! With you screaming?
Screaming or not?
Not really.
- When the height of pleasure, screaming!
- How do you know?
How, how I know?
Whenever I slept with her ...
- Giorgio ...
- Excuse me! I understand.
I said:
how many times I've slept with her ...
- It's horrible ...
- Why?
It's horrible, it's against nature ...
It is immoral ...
What do you say?
It's against nature to sleep with Kelly?
- With Kelly?
- Who was talking? By Kelly!
Yes. Speaking of Kelly.
What you, Giorgio?
I am embarrassed to talk
all this with you.
Put yourself in my place. I am
Kelly in the bathroom, and you live ...
How was it, did you hit it, did not you hit it?
Not howl howl ... ? To exit it ... good job ?
What this means, we play?
- Stars!?
- Hey, Dad!
- What is Stella here?
- What is Stella here?
- Stars? I have not seen any Stela.
- So Kelly is not here?
- Stelua! You were in the bathroom with my mother?
- No.
- Giorgio!
- Tell me, Mario!
You do not want to believe
that you and Stella ...
Forgive me, Mario!
It was a misunderstanding.
I thought you agreed.
I agree! With what?
To sleep with my daughter?
We were victims
a terrible misunderstandings.
- i around! There was almost nothing happened.
- Almost nothing!?
There had in her life something like ...
The light in her eyes ...
It was just a little, as they beat
a butterfly wings ... a little touch ...
- What is just a touch?
- Did not even felt. Tell them!
- About the and a. ..
- See?
And little girl say the same ...
I've been doing that?
Your best friend ... ?
- It was my fault.
- To shut ...
Me? One that I received
house when you were finished?
Desperate, full of depression ...
When all was over for you ...
- I am a villain does not deserve to live.
- Where are you going?
- I throw from the balcony.
- No, from the balcony, no!
I forgive you!
- How to live with such remuneration and that?
- Kill as you want, but not from the balcony.
Tell Daniel that I loved it!
Let, I say.
- Daniela? What are you doing here?
- What am I doing here?
- Mario!
- Daniela ...
- Now you explain them.
- What do ... ?
What to explain?
Sorry, Giorgio!
I was a worm, I had to tell you
Daniela and I say that ...
- You and Daniela ... ?
- Mario and I are amani two years.
- Is that true?
- And to us it was just a little touch ...
A little touch? The trees that
that you have between your legs?
Stop talking like that in front of the little girl ...
And thou hast made morally
because I abused the stars?
- Abuse?
- We know and we as ...
- How could you do this to me?
- I see you and you immediately consoled.
He's right!
Why scream it?
Now we are all equal ...
How equal?
You sleep with my wife for two years,
- ... and I once went to bed with the Stars ...
- A half ...
- You said it. This is equality?
- Almost.
The hell equality ...
- You hit ...
- Let us!
- What's head! I've broken septum.
- Are you crazy. Look what you did!
- You have nothing, just a point.
- What I?
Nothing! You have a big butt like that ...
- It's nice, is not it?
- As the Internet.
Nice of you to
led me, there was no need.
Thi should not worry,
My plane takes off over nine hours.
I think the boys are on the beach.
If you go there, he finds you.
- You must go there.
- First, you leave luggage at home.
- I'll go.
- You must go to the toilet.
- I'll go ...
- What do you mean?
I'm going to get the keys,
stay here, do not move that.
Do not you move here, get back.
- You and me both?
- No.
Do you think it's time to go
Control Dow Jones!
- How to evolve?
- Rise!
This will feel!
They broke the stone ...
What's going on here?
Museums ... !
Damn, it's my mother in law!
If you catch me, I fucked up!
Jane ...
Where are you going Donatella?
This is not your home.
The bathroom.
The bathroom is the toilet, and the knew are
boys do not really clean ...
First I watch myself, and then enter.
Stay here, do not move that!
Nemi stay and how much.
Do not move that!
Can you go!
Go ...
Between ...
Paolino ...
Paolino Where are you?
It's Dad!
It's your girl, you found the ...
Paolo's father ....
Do not understand what you say!
What happened?
Who's this?
Now understand who was Paolo.
Silly bastard!
You organized everything to do orgies?
What say?
I'm sorry, I do not know what happened.
I was not ever happened.
- I do not know ...
- Maybe you like!?
- It's because of your braces?
- No! I like, and Donatella has one.
Maybe that's because when you look
I remember it fail ...
Understand, but I feel like it ...
Do you mind if I try a recovery?
- Mouth to mouth resuscitation?
- Plus, minus ...
Try reviving ...
Paolino ....
- Paolino ...
- Do not understand anything ...
What do you understand? He remained nepenit
with braces ...
To help you ...
- Take this!
- What to do with them?
How could I endure all this up
now? Tell me where's Paolino immediately!
Stop doing that stupid face,
Tell me where is Paolo immediately!
Where is Paolo?
Where is Paolo?
- Who knows? Waiting!
- What happens?
Mr. Ghisa?
You are your father?
- Yes. My son is better?
- Yes. Almost better.
We did our best,
but unfortunately it was broken.
What misery! Poor Paolino ...
He's my son ... Paolino ...
- Can not do anything?
- I'm afraid not!
- E pieces. You want it you see?
- No.
- You hold in your pocket?
- No. Look!
Do not ...
What do you understand? I was referring to
braces. It's face.
About this vorbeai ...
I was thinking of something else ...
I can tell you something, Doctor?
End the crap ...
Tell your father you have!
- Talk!
- I Strive're cuckoo ...
- Can you say ...
- Where is Donatella?
- He left.
- What are you interested in? It is better to and a.
We back all four.
We walked to adventures ...
Finally holiday ...
... start again ...
Bye Dad! Have a good trip ...
See you at home.
Ciao! To be good.
Do not do crap!
I'll see ...
Do not touch this
until you heal!
- Ciao!
- Ciao, Dad!
Paolo ...
- Go! Do not say anything!
- Sorry, Giorgio! It was my fault.
- I did thi trouble.
- If you find that you and your mother ...
Do not worry, I talked to my father,
I decided to not say anything.
It's useless. I would like
If you do not go.
- Without iubii and parties! Clear?
- I promise!
Who rubs me the head ... ?
Want to talk with Paolino?
I understood well.
You left her?
Yes. Are you in Miami?
And I'm in Miami.
And you are in Miami ...
All are in Miami.
He left ...
Kelly, I changed my mind, no go.
I need a little relaxation.
Perfect! Susie has just returned from camp
Can you spend less time with her.
How wonderful, my nepoica ...
Are you a true friend ...
Giorgio ...
- Uncle Giorgio ...
- This is Susie!?
- Yes.
- And it has grown more ...
I want a kiss, Uncle Giorgio!
And now I remember I anointed
funduleul cream.
No. What is this, a conspiraie?
I left!
- Stops!
- What you do not you feel better?
This is Sandra's house,
I recognized the address.
What does it matter?
Now the old man left, and we
we face an ocean of chicks
and you are you still thinking about that?
- Stop the crap.
- Take a look.
Welcome! Let's take a look.
Fuck you, urto ... !
Fuck you, urto ... !
What do you know your friend
Lorenzo talks to you? I'd like to see him ... !
I hope to come soon.
I made you suffer. I know it's not worth,
but it can happen once in your life ...
- How many betrayals ... Black gardener .. ?
- You are right.
- How have I managed to ieri?
- I closed one eye.
- I swear that not one you will never do.
- i around!
What do you say? Here we go first?
We have ten days of vacation.
- Where would you go?
- The toilet.
- How?
- You must go to the toilet.
When men or women?
Forgive me!
It was to destroy everything.
Eater of testicles!
A Romagna ...
- Taxi.
- How are you?
- And you go?
- Yes but you?
- I was reconciled with my wife.
- Lesbian ... therapist ...
- And your wife?
- I do not remember.
- On the feelings are destroyed.
- I understand, but need not despair.
- Sometimes there is happiness after corner.
- After the corner?
When you'd expect less, you'll find
Thi someone who will change your life.
- I do not think, it's too early.
- And that ...
- Who is it?
- If you see me put my ass on the front.
To tell you put on the front bottom!?
It's weird!
Hide me, please!
What are you doing here?
Tiziana ...
- Hey!
- Hey! Even you are?
Lord, how long ago ... !
I was young.
You wait and now the restaurant.
Love can not live without you
and then you disappeared.
- I found that I deceived you in.
- I know! You're right.
Excuse me! That's how I am.
I fell in love unexpected.
I met someone and not
I had the courage to tell you.
And you remember i
Why were happy together?
Tiziana! Earlier my type
said that after you find happiness corner.
It's a sign of destiny.
You meet in a restaurant,
if they did not have these past 30 years and you ...
Tiziana, to do crazy ... !
Let's be together again!
- Honestly, I ...
- I understand. Have someone, do you?
Tiziana ...
Waiting for me here!
Looking for a taxi.
- I come, baby.
- Ranuccio, have to tell you speak.
- Say it!
- Leave you.
- How? Just as we got back together!
- I met a man who excited me.
- Again?
- Emotions that you can not give them to me.
- Do not you give me time.
- It was beautiful, Ranuccio. Ciao!
- What exchangers are you, my love ...
- Honey, I found a taxi.
- We say, honey?
- Yes, because Thiele.
Thi reminds you! Destiny corner ...
We are happy. Is not it wonderful?
- Mrs. ...
- I made the presentation ...
It is Tiziana ...
He e. ..
- Excuse me! What's your name?
- Ranuccio Ghisa.
Ranuccio Ghisa ...
I have to go.
Now 30 years ago
was my fiancee.
Since then it was a stray,
to see what I will do now ...
Hey, novel stimuli!
I'll be damned ...
- Exit out!
- What are you doing?
- Ranuccio ... !
- Talk to you later.
Get away!
- Are you crazy? Leave her in peace on Tiziana.
- Can not and tiai, but Tiziana is my wife.
Your wife? A lesbian?
Now understand why she became a lesbian.
I know, but 30 years ago
You know her and you.
It was a. .. and the
- Tiziana!
- Honey!
- Who Thi told to start and you?
- Stops the car!
See that become bad guys ....
- It seems that thi I seen?
- I do not think ...
- How can you not? The serial killer is ...
- Do you?
Yes. E maniac!
The artist ... !
- A locked doors.
- Kill us and eat our testicles.
Now do not like that!
- What good has changed!
- Yes, now is the taxi driver.
- Now first eat testicles.
- Let us exit im ... !
Let us exit IM.
Open the door a. ..