Natasaarvabhowma (2019) Movie Script

How was my massage?
Spare me five minutes daily.
I will strengthen your body.
How long will you take?
What is the position of strike?
I have informed 200 people.
Call Jhumki.
Jhumki has stopped
coming to our gathering.
Hello! Tell me.
People should be ready in
the airport at 10.30 a.m. tomorrow.
Each person will be given
2000 and a Non-Veg biryani packet.
It is auspicious month.
Should not eat non-veg.
Don't you want to earn some bucks?
Never mind.
Pay 2500 each including biryani.
How many people will you get?
How many do you want?
We want Justice!
We want Justice!
We want Justice!
Down with the Government!
- Down! Down!
Down with the Government!
- Down! Down!
Down with the Government!
- Down! Down!
Down with the Government!
- Down! Down!
Viewers! You can see
how the people are protesting.
Come on. Fast.
Minister! Down! Down!
Minister! Down! Down!
Minister! Down! Down!
Minister! Down! Down!
Will pour kerosene
and commit suicide!
Down with Ghanashyam Yadav!
Down with Ghanashyam Yadav!
Take out.
Phone? Gun? Or Pen?
Down with Ghanashyam Yadav!
Sir! Will wear Yellow sapphire
golden ring on my index finger!
Good. Yellow sapphire is auspicious.
You will be protected by
God in any adverse circumstances.
[Sanskrit chant]
O God! Bless only me.
People are revolting.
We are unable to control them.
What is the order?
They will shout like this
till their breakfast is digested.
They will go back in the
evening when they want to drink.
- Do not be tensed. Get the car.
One person is threatening to
commit suicide by pouring kerosene.
He is a good actor! Just
poured kerosene. Not lighted it.
Don't worry. Get the car.
Hello! Minister's car has started.
Who are they?
Sir, who has attack?
Can you please let us know
who attack the minister?
Please. I can't tell you
anything right now.
I am sorry. Please.
- Sir please let us know.
Come on let's move. Hurry up.
- Sir please. Wait. Sir...
Your call is unreachable...
You are unable to give
security to even the Minister.
He is being attacked.
How will you give
security to common people?
We are also worried
about this incident.
It is a shame if the news about
Minister's attack is published
in the front page.
Yes Sir.
Print about the person
who attacked in the 6th page.
Okay Sir.
- Maintain reader's curiosity.
Let the font size be big.
Let it be in red letters
in white background.
Okay Sir.
- Okay? You got it?
But Sir!
That is not the original news.
Who are you?
- Gagan Dikshit.
From Kolkata?
- Yes.
I saved the Minister
when he was attacked.
But I realized later
that the matter is different.
What is it?
SD card was connected to it.
Amount is less.
Or else I will inform that
this is Minister's handiwork.
Wait. I will give.
I told you to stage the act.
But you are acting smart.
I agreed because he told me.
Minister staged this drama.
Why should we do?
Don't you know it was a staged act?
O God! Did the Minister
pay money and staged this act?
But why?
What else? It is Political
gimmick for sympathy votes.
I got doubt when he was attacked.
There was a lot of firing.
But nobody was hurt.
Checked and found
it to be a fake bullet.
Mind blowing!
Other newspapers will
publish wrong news tomorrow.
But we will publish
original news with proof.
Great! Welcome to Bengaluru.
Why welcome me to my own place?
I need half a day leave. That's all.
Thank you, Sir.
One more thing.
Do not mention my
name in tomorrow's news.
They will find out.
He has been admonished in paper.
Sir will be angry.
Do not feel bad if he scolds.
Do not be tensed.
'Who is he?'
'Who are you?'
'It is me.'
'Who is that person?'
It is 12o clock. Ring?
Someone is condemning me.
Are you talking about ring?
Shut up!
My left eye was
fluttering since morning!
It is my bad time.
Raped in public!
Raped in public!
No one knows about my plan.
But who is he? How did he find out?
Who is he?
Who is he?
Who is he?
Viewers! We are now in the location
where 6 films are being shot.
We have not seen such a director
in the history of Cinema.
Where is the car?
Ours has broken down.
So many people!
So many actors! So many technicians!
A wonderful shooting
is taking place.
Who is the person behind this?
Who has dared to do this?
Come and see the Director
who is shooting these 6 cinemas.
Cut it! Beauty!
I end up with giving
break to others!
Hi! One minute.
Come on! Ask.
How do you manage to
direct 6 cinemas at a time?
Don't you get confused?
Don't you have problem
in shooting different scenes
for different cinemas?
That is not my problem.
It is the problem of the viewers.
You know! By doing this, all
6 movies will turn out to be hits.
The scene left out in one
movie will be in the next one.
And the scene left out
there will be in the next one.
If people go and
watch the last movie?!
Not possible.
Because I would have left something
there and mixed everything.
The left out scenes
will be in the 6 cinemas
which I will be directing
together next year.
Come and watch the cinema next year,
if you have doubt.
Asked for juice.
But looks like paper piece!
That is bill for 10 days shooting.
I have still not got the money.
You will get it. Wait.
Do you think I am
an ordinary director?
Have you seen anyone
directing 6 films together?
Different scenes are being shot.
They have never got mingled.
I say that it will not proceed.
- Why?
The Producer lost one of
his kidneys when the movie started.
He lost another kidney
once the shooting
started and now he is dead.
So many things happened by the time
and I went and came
out of the caravan!
How to handle this person?
What to do now, Sir?
Give it. Till you get
a Producer to pay money...
He has stripped me!
If I had known,
I would have worked out yesterday!
Viewers! See! The Director
who was directing 6 movies
together is now standing
with under pants.
What is this?!
You will get good TRP.
Shall I remove the underpants also?
Got scared.
- Where are you?
You! In Bangalore?
I will stop all shootings
and come there immediately.
Pack up!
He cut the line.
Hey! Eating a lot!
It is complimentary.
Why didn't you inform about your
arrival and are staying in a hotel?
Couldn't you call me?
Where do you keep your phone?
Always 'Not reachable'.
Is it?
- Yes.
I always keep it in my underwear
packet so that I will get network.
You will get network
if the tower is good.
- Eat fast and come.
'I will complain today in Customer
care that the tower is not good.'
'Sorry. The mobile you called
is not reachable at the moment.'
'Please hold on for some time.'
My phone is not ringing.
Who is he calling?
'The mobile you called...'
- Not getting.
I have kept my mobile
in my shirt packet.
Any network problem?
You are here. Why should I call you?
One important person. His phone
is not reachable since 2 months.
I have come to Bangalore to see him.
Many things which I should
know from him are pending.
Who is that?
- I will tell.
Get your bike.
I have found a house for rent.
Let us go there.
Feel elated to hear
you speak in Kannada.
You were in Kolkata all these years.
Still you speak good Kannada. How?
Why Kolkata?
Even if I go to Kailash,
I will speak to God in Kannada.
Got a good dialogue for my picture.
- Okay.
- Okay.
From now I will
also speak in Kannada.
'Your destination has arrived.'
- Stop. We have reached the place.
Can see 'To let' board.
Are you coming here for rent?
- Yes. Why?
I do not come to this road
even to sell tomatoes after 6 p.m.
Are you coming as
tenant to this house?!
Someone committed
suicide in this house.
This is a haunted house.
A ghost house!
Who is that?
Who is the person who said
there is a ghost in my house?
I will test him.
Oh! I am caught.
Get lost.
Are you condemning my house
because you could not do business?
I will curse you if you stay here.
- Vegetables are getting spoiled!
Leave my cart.
- Go away.
Go to burning ground.
Look here. A symbol!
Look here! A conch!
I perform all religious
rituals daily.
Is it possible for devils
come to my house at night?
No, Sir.
They will be scared of you.
You are right.
I do not know whether
you praised or condemned me.
But I feel better.
Come and see the house.
- No Sir.
I came here because I saw
the house in website and liked it.
Let us come to the point.
- Please...
What is the rent?
- What is your budget?
We both are bachelors. 5000-6000?
Give that amount.
- Please do not go to his house.
It is haunted.
He is telling there is ghost here.
No chance of getting a house
in this area for that amount.
This man is going
to spoil our sleep!
Please keep quiet.
- I don't need advance.
I told you there
is ghost in this house.
That is the reason
he doesn't need advance.
I will not stay in this house.
- What is this?!
Can the devil be more
ferocious than him? Keep quiet.
What did you say?
- Nothing.
I like the house. Keep this advance.
We will go upstairs.
Thank you, sir
- Okay. See the house once.
Let us look for another house.
No need to stay here.
Hello! You wretched lady!
You went to your mother's
house saying there is ghost here.
Now I have a tenant.
Come back soon.
No need for this.
Where is the main switch?
Main switch.
What a wonderful painting!
Bells! Watch! All antique pieces.
But no aunt here!
We need not bring even a spoon.
The owner is giving
this beautifully furnished
house for just Rupees 6000.
There is definitely
some problem here.
Is there a ghost here as
told by the vegetable vendor?
- Yes. Possible.
Do not speak like a stupid person.
There is God and Devil
in each and every person.
Let us consider your case.
You looked upon your Producer
as God when your movie started.
- Yes.
When the same movie was stalled, the
Producer looked like devil to you.
We are humans.
We believe in God according
to the situation we are in.
Even if there is ghost here,
it will not harm me.
Why? Does the ghost know
that you are 'Power star'?
No. My father performed Puja
according to the planetary position
in the solar system and
tied this sacred thread to me
in spite of my objection.
Is it? What is the
power of this thread?
[Sanskrit Chant]
Take. Tie this to
your son's right hand.
You do not believe
in our scriptures.
If you want to respect your father,
tie this.
Because you are a Journalist.
You roam everywhere
for investigation.
I am tying this sacred
thread to ward off the evil eye.
Your planetary position
is not favorable now.
Show your hand.
I have no faith in this.
Will you be at peace if I wear it?
- Tie it then.
You act like an atheist.
You should obey your father's words.
Is this the story?
- Yes.
You need not fear for devil.
Don't you fear for God?
- I do not fear.
I have a sort of faith.
- What is it?
God came out of the Pillar
when I called him in my childhood.
Now I am grown up.
If I call now,
won't the Gods turn up?
It is true. If you call, not just
Gods, all your fans here will come.
It was a dream. Lie down.
But I pissed.
That is also a dream. Lie down.
Since we told the truth that
the attack on Minister was a fake
he has cut all
advertisements to the paper.
This is super news!
This will be headlines tomorrow.
You don't understand.
How can we run a big
Newspaper company without ads?
Let us be practical.
I will fix an appointment to write a
positive article about the Minister.
You should take his interview.
We know that person is a loafer.
How can we write
good things about him?
We are helpless. Please...
You should do it.
I realized now that
Pen is mightier than sword.
If Politicians become
owners of the Pen Company
so pen has to be sharper.
Seeing all this,
I feel like resigning this job.
Do not be emotional.
We are living in 2019.
We should live
according to the time.
If you resign, it will have
its impact on many employees.
Everyone's livelihood
is in your hands.
Do not be sentimental.
I have more of family audience.
I will write.
I will write for your sake.
Will write tomorrow. Okay?
- Tomorrow.
Do not forget.
It is confirmed for tomorrow.
Hello Sir!
- Hi!
My friend's number is
not reachable since 2 months.
I will give the number.
Can you give his address?
You say he is your close friend.
Don't you know the address?
I am sorry.
We cannot divulge address.
Why are you speaking
to this assistant?
Call the Manager.
- Yes.
He wants details of
one of our subscribers.
- Sorry sir.
Unless it is Government purpose,
we cannot disclose address.
Madam! I am a Journalist.
Journalist! Then no chance.
Just be quiet. See how I manage.
Look under. Something is there.
500! Bribe?
- Sort of.
You bloody! What do you think of me?
You idiot! What do you think of me?
I will lose my job if I give
address to persons like you.
'Bless you.'
Look! Bell is ringing.
Agrees to my words.
Why are you talking nonsense?
Just say that you will not give.
But I have a doubt.
- What?
You said about bell ringing...
I can understand you are very
devotional like Mirabai.
- Why bother?
You give something to God
when you wish for something.
What do you call that?
It is bribe. Right?
Their individual work
is important to each person.
This is the rule.
It will be helpful to
us if you give the address.
That is why we asked.
Keep it!
He is right. Isn't it Madam?
I remember now.
I had prayed to God that
I will donate Rupees 108
if I get promotion.
First I should do it.
You carry on. Right?
'The mobile you are calling
is unreachable at the moment'.
'The mobile you are calling
is unreachable at the moment'.
She scolded me as
if she is very honest.
People do many things for money.
But she refused to give address.
She did not scold you
because you gave money.
For giving less money.
- Oh!
Do not mix the brand.
Everything in this
world is a mixture.
Our food is mixed...
Air is a mixture.
Medicines are a mixture...
Even Children are a mix.
Then what is wrong
if I mix the brands?
Do whatever you want before I sleep.
Do not disturb afterwards.
- Okay.
He slept before
I could drink One peg!
A person should not
be such a gentleman!
That is why you
are called 'Rajkumar'.
But I am not a gentleman.
Who is playing music now?
He is playing music after
I have finished drinking.
No one to question this?
I am drinking now.
Suitable song should be played.
Switch off!
It is switched off.
Goodbye! You are a goodbye.
Who has switched on the light?
There is a ghost here!
I will go and sleep near him.
He is sleeping peacefully.
It is due to the power
of this sacred thread.
I will hold it and sleep.
I have seen people
stealing purse or chain.
Why are you stealing
the sacred thread?
Do not touch it.
- I am not stealing.
I am scared.
But you will not believe me.
I am touching the thread so
that I will also be protected by it.
Nothing will happen. Sleep.
I can smell liquor. Drink some more.
You can sleep well. Get lost.
Is it? Okay.
Liquor is over.
I will search outside.
Who is that?!
Who is that?!
- Why are you calling me?
Leave me. Who is that?!
- Ghost!
- It is a ghost!
Not a ghost. I am Namadeva.
I was seeing whether the
new tenant is sleeping peacefully.
Why didn't you see from far?
I could not sleep the
whole night because of fear.
If I see your beautiful
face I cannot sleep at all!
Why are you keeping broom
and slippers for that reason?
Get lost! My wish.
- Keep quiet.
Sir! Why are you standing?
Please sit down.
Greetings. Is everything fine?
Are you getting water in the toilet?
That is most important for human.
Everything is fine.
- Am I not right?
The rent for this fully
furnished and convenient house
in a posh locality in Bengaluru
city is just Rupees 6000. How?
Do one thing. Pay Rupees
25000 more from next month.
Let us vacate this house
immediately on the grounds
that the owner is
asking for more rent.
I feel not just two of us... One
more person is here in this house.
You are talking wrong.
It is wrong to cook up stories
because I asked
for the correct rent.
Did something really
happen in this house?
I am totally shaken
by yesterday's incident.
You also did not allow me to
hold your sacred thread and sleep.
So I kept this broom and
slipper here to get some sleep.
Is it?!
- Yes.
Then there is a ghost in this house.
Let us vacate this
house immediately.
Yesterday's incident?
Do not bother about it.
I ate more in my relative's
marriage yesterday.
May be it was the sound
effect of my stomach!
Do not mistake. We are one family.
We will get some
money and lose some.
What can we do about it?
Right. Do not bother
about the extra rent.
Take 6000 as rent.
Are you going to kill
me for a lesser rent?
Where is the ghost? Didn't
I say that my stomach was upset?
Tell your friend not to drink.
He has gone mad.
We have fixed 6000.
Let it be. Let us fix that amount.
Wasted my time.
Give the shoe.
Not from the shoe. It is your dhoti.
Do not forget to take your shoe.
- They are acting.
They don't know that
I am a drama artist.
Super! You drove him
by cooking up a ghost story.
I have some work. Bye.
Hey! I did not tell story.
It was real.
Both of them will kill me!
A sale s report of last month...
Excuse me, Madam.
- Come in.
Tell me. How can I help you?
Your expression should not change.
Our boys are there
around your show room.
Tell them to give the money
which is in the counter to our boys.
- Yes, Madam!
Whoever comes there and
asks for anything, Give it. Okay.
O God! Save me.
O God! You have come.
Why are you standing outside?
Come in.
[indistinct voice]
O God!
Madam! You deserve it.
You drove away the
persons you should protect
but are allowing a
thief to sit in your cabin.
You deserve it.
I am a journalist.
A Responsible person.
Not just you.
Whoever was here,
I would have done the same thing.
Being human I have learnt
that we should help other humans.
If you feel like doing
good for me give the address.
- You will not give.
Don't think otherwise...
Poor guy! He is a very good person.
Unnecessarily I scold
him the other day.
'So be it!'
It is true.
A boy should be like him.
He helped me when
I was in a problem.
Now I should help him.
'So be it!'
It is true. It is true.
O God! You are ringing
the bell so many times.
I will go tomorrow
and give him the address.
'So be it.'
- Hello! Sakshi speaking.
You? Tell me.
My Assistant had your number.
You helped me a lot yesterday.
I called you because I am
prepared to give you the address.
Wow! Promise on the bell
that rings in your phone.
Yes. I took permission
from that and then called you.
Thanks to your bell for
agreeing immediately instead
of dragging on like a TV serial.
Where will you be?
Why should we meet to give
the address? Send a message.
If I send message, there
will be proof. And I will be caught.
Shall I give by hand?
I have an appointment
with the Minister today.
I will do one thing.
Shall I send my friend?
- Okay.
No. I do not believe your friend.
Never mind.
Finish your work and then meet me.
Okay. I will come
to your office directly.
Shall we meet in a Coffee shop?
Coffee shop!
Looks like you are
up to something else!
You...! Get up.
One minute... Bill is to be paid.
Where is the interview?
[sanskrit shlok]
Usually Politicians
are scared of God. Right?
Not just God.
They believe and are scared
of planetary position,
ghost, horoscope etc.
If they had even
a small percentage of
that devotion towards our Country,
our Country would have
prospered a lot. Right Sir?
'He is up to something.'
'Where is my house?'
Never mind. Let the
interview be practical. Okay?
- What is your salary?
What? Salary?
For me?
I feel you get more income
in other ways than by salary.
How much % do you take?
'He is asking directly.'
This is an interview.
Not investigation.
I am taking interview.
I told you before that I
will take a practical interview.
Shall I eat Sandwich?
Eat. It is kept there for eating.
- Is it?
Isn't it Sir?
How much did you
spend for the election?
How much did you
recover after winning?
Taunting me!
Do you know what Politician means?
It means 'demons'.
Each letter denotes a demon.
All the qualities of these demons
combine to form the word Politician.
Yes. We spend and make money.
That is our job.
But it is your job
to hide those things
and write good things about us.
Okay Sir.
Shall I note down whatever you said?
These words are an expression
of your unruly questions.
Do you know what Politics means?
Do you know how difficult it is
to win a Village Council election?
I should be sitting in Parliament.
Do you know the hardship I had
to undergo to get the Minister post?
I distributed money to people
and also had to spend
for sacred rituals.
'He didn't mention about
the expenses for Priests!'
What is wrong in recovering
the money after winning?
You were talking about
Practical Politics.
That means this.
Tell me the things
that I should write down.
What are the developments
that you achieved?
'Don't ask that'.
I have developed in
many foreign countries.
I did not ask about
your personal developments.
I am asking about the
development done to your area.
That... Actually...
Secretary, Give the file.
- You are in a dilemma!
Have you not even a single
good thing that you remember?
Do we have to pay for this?
This is our money. Don't we pay tax?
Am I right Sir?
Sir, Politician is not a combination
of letters of demons, as you said.
A Politician is a ruler who
doesn't look down upon the people.
It can also be termed like this.
You do all this.
I will always write about you.
It is true.
Flight journey was without
any disturbance. I am happy.
We are in Bellary.
How to go to Bengalaru?
Brother! Hello brother.
Convey my regards to your editor.
'He is sweating'.
I don't think so.
The flight was Air conditioned.
I was insulted in this interview.
- Sir!
It was a waste of time.
Go to Guest house directly.
Have you changed your finger ring?
See there!
Someone is attacking the Minister.
You go.
It is a fake drama
staged by the Minister.
Why should he do like
this when I am there?
No. I feel this is real attack.
Even you believe it?
He is a better performer
than the film actors. Look!
Get in. Go.
- Are you okay?
Irresponsible fellows!
Are you saluting now?
The security should be
very high for a Central Minister.
But here?
He attacked me as soon
as I got down from the plane,
in the airport,
in full public view...
He... He is...
If he had not come and saved me,
I would have been dead.
Oh my God!
- Sir!
Sir. That day's attack was a fake.
I did it for gaining sympathy.
But today it was real. Unexpected.
- It is okay.
You are my life-giver.
Like my 2nd father.
Do not say so.
It gives a differeent meaning.
I don't care.
You are my father from today.
Okay Sir.
- Ask for whatever you want.
Do you want this airport?
My factories?
Ask whatever you want.
I will give now.
If you don't mind,
can you drop us back in this flight?
I have some urgent work.
Flight is yours! Keep it.
- Sir!
No space in my house
to park his bike.
What shall I do with this flight?
I just need a drop.
What a simple man!
My father!
Salutations. Go.
Shall we go?
- Sure.
2 sandwiches are left. Eat them.
- Come on!
Please close the door.
- Go inside Sir.
I should know immediately
about the identity of the attacker.
This matter should not leak out.
The Minister told you
to ask for whatever you want.
You could have asked
him to be my Producer.
I would have completed my picture.
This is the start. From now
the Minister will do whatever I say.
That's true.
- Let us meet Sakshi.
Tell her to bring her friend also.
No need.
- Hi Sakshi!
In which coffee shop shall we meet?
Coffee shop!
Come to my office.
She told me to meet at
the Coffee shop in the morning.
Now she is telling me
to go over to her office.
Something is missing!
'Everything will go missing
if you make missed calls!'
Correct Madam.
You feel like staring our
Boss if you look at him once.
But we have work.
If you give the address,
we will take it and go away.
I did not call you
both to give the address.
I got to know the secret behind
your acting as hero
and saving me on the other day.
An anonymous uncle warned
me against becoming a fool.
This is the bill for that
fake attack by the rowdies.
Is this after deducting
your commission?
Boss, we spend so much.
Why do you bother
for this petty money?
Our boys acted so well!
Can you fix a price for art?
Can we?
Okay. Come.
I have spent Rupees 300 for
SMS pack. You have to pay that also.
Thieves! You not only act in
my house but also in other places.
I will ignite the fire!
I will inform her.
Oh! Has it turned
out to be like this?
The owner of the ghost
house is torturing us.
You cannot cheat me so easily.
God is in my side.
She has fallen!
Hello! Sakshi!
- Someone is talking over the phone.
- Hello!
Are you listening?
- Yes.
Please inform that her
father suffered heart attack.
She has fainted.
- Is it?
Call the ambulance first.
No one is responding. Do something.
Please, sir. Please, sir.
Hello! Appaji here.
Sir, I need an urgent help from you.
My friend's father has suffered
heart attack. Not getting ambulance.
[sanskrit shlok]
What are you doing, Sir?
- Chanting prayers for long life.
First save him.
Instead why are you chanting mantra?
Don't worry.
I will arrange
to take him in Zero traffic
and get him admitted
in hospital immediately.
Call commissioner.
- Okay sir.
Sir! What happened to Madam?
Hi Sakshi! How are you feeling now?
Where is father?
- He is good.
We performed operation and have
fixed stent. So nothing to worry.
Thanks, Doctor.
Actually he brought
him in time in Zero traffic.
Thank him.
- Hi!
Feeling better?
- Thank you so much.
No problem. Take care.
In life,
nothing happens without a reason.
I, being a stranger to you,
could save your father's life.
In the same way a person
entered and left my life suddenly.
I am curious to know about him.
That is why I asked you for address.
I am sorry If you are hurt
because of that fake rowdy attack.
Okay? Get well soon.
'I have fallen in love'
'I have fallen in love'
'How did I fall?'
'Where did I fall?'
What happened?
- I told you there is a ghost here.
You did not listen.
Look there. Ghost is pouring blood.
Don't touch. It is blood.
Where are you going?
He has got scared.
Wait. Do not be scared.
Why is he going to the terrace?
You scoundrel!
You are a rogue!
You are cheap!
You are so ugly.
Do you want to dye your hair?
Why have you kept the broken
dye container on the tank?
That water is falling on me.
Why are you scolding me?
Why are you scolding me?
I will scold. Come.
Do you think you can listen
to my scolds? - Scold.
You are like a shirt without button,
like a speaker without sound...
- Like a tank without water...
Like a pen without refill...
Like a mobile without battery...
Without seed...
- Without seed...
Yes. Shut up.
Instead of dying your hair,
better you fall down and die.
Leave him.
He is the house owner. Leave him.
I will kill you.
- Keshava!
Listen to me. Leave him.
Keshava! Leave him.
I will not spare you!
Leave me. I will teach him a lesson.
Leave him.
- Leave me.
He cursed me so much
that I started shaking.
Weird things are
happening in this house.
We are peaceful because
of the sacred thread in your hand.
Hey...! Where is the sacred thread?
Where has it gone?
I was not scared all these days.
I have started getting scared now.
Where has it gone?
It must have broken and fallen
down when you both were fighting.
Never mind.
I thought of removing it some day.
It fell on its own.
Why are you bothered? Come.
My time is not good.
The sacred thread
has also fallen off.
He has no belief in God or devil.
I wonder what is going to happen!
Did you wake me up?
You woke me up.
Are you asking whether I woke you?
Now that you have
lost the sacred thread,
do you realize that there
is ghost in this house?
Lie down.
He will start telling ghost stories!
Are you standing near
the door and playing tricks?
I will not get scared.
I will not get...
I am unable to sleep. You too?
The time and the manner
in which you were standing
made my heart stop beating.
This is the 1st time it
is happening like this in my life.
My life has become
like a horror movie.
O Lord Shiva!
Keshava! Is this your specs?
I don't have money for coffee.
How will I buy specs?
Hello Boss!
Your new get up is excellent!
He did not even thank me!
We should go left.
Why are you going straight?
To temple?
You got scared yesterday night.
So have you started
believing in God?
We should have turned left there.
Why did we come here?
I have been shouting since
long that we should turn left.
I kept quiet because I thought
you wanted to come to temple.
Temple? Me! Never.
Did I do anything?
You did not sleep well yesterday
night. So you feel like that.
Let us go to Office
and eat breakfast.
Good Morning!
- Hello!
Good Morning!
- Hi!
Put that ad on the first page.
Sir! You made a grave mistake.
If you had published the
article on the disabled people,
it would have saved many lives.
Which article? What are you saying?
Why are you standing here?
Why am I sitting here?
Good joke.
- Is it?
Come. Sit.
This is a very important matter.
B SarojiDevi has got
Lifetime Achievement award.
She has given appointment
for an interview.
Will you go and interview her?
Sure Sir. I should be fortunate.
Send me her address. I will do it.
Okay. Sure.
Sir! Did I do something before?
I was sitting and
you were standing...
Go. I will message her address. Go.
May God bless you!
Why did you fall at my feet?
No. I need your blessings.
My father has explained the
reasons to fall in elders' feet.
You have gone through lot
of hardship and reached this stage.
We should learn a lot from you.
Your father has taught
you good things.
I am happy to give interview to you.
- Thank you, Madam.
We are reminded of you when we hear
the name of Kittur Rani Chinnamma.
You have been given
Lifetime Achievement award.
How do you feel about it?
I got life achievement award
on the day people
applauded my acting.
It is due to the blessings of God.
We have no power.
Excellent words!
Dr Rajkumar said this.
When he acted in the drama Meru,
he considered his fans to be God.
I acted with him.
How is it possible that
I did not learn this from him?
Even today he is
the Emperor of Acting.
Which is your favorite film?
Who is he?
Why do you like that film?
Because I acted with
both Evergreen Superstar
and Future Superstar in that movie.
It was a golden experience.
What happened?
What happened?
What is it?
Who are you?
Why are you hitting me?
Why did you kill me?
Why did you kill me?
Why did you kill me?
Sir, sir.
Why did you kill me?
Why did you kill me?
Was it a mistake to ask for Justice?
Who is he?
Why is he hitting me?
- What happened?
Sir! Leave him.
What happened?
What happened to me?
Shall we finish the deal between us?
Shall I pay Five hundred more?
Two hundred more?
Yes. Deal over.
Did I do anything?
- What are you saying?
- Really.
What happened exactly?
What happened?
Why have you come here?
Sir! He is acting crazy.
Why did you hit him?
Hit? Me? Did I hit B. Saroja Devi?
Not Saroja Devi. You hit
Prabhakar Reddy, VIP guest there.
He is a famous criminal lawyer.
Why did you hit him?
Luckily that person
did not complain.
Somehow I erased it
from the CCTC footage.
Why should I hit him?
This is the first time
I am hearing his name.
I was interviewing Madam.
Where is she now?
She got tensed when you hit him.
So now she is taking drips.
Is it?
Sir, I will first go
and finish her interview.
Why did he hit him?
Why did he hit?
- Why should I hit a stranger?
I am not such a person.
Everyone except me has become mad.
Don't know what to do.
Dr! This...
- Give after an hour.
Why have you lied down?
Did I ask any question that you
had to inject glucose to yourself?
What is your name?
I told you. Gagan Dikshit.
No. We should call
you Emperor of actors!
Emperor of actors! Me?
What are you saying?
Are you acting before me?
Why did you hit him?
'She is also saying the same thing.'
I promise I don't
know what happened.
Please forgive me if
I had done anything wrong.
My career as Journalist is a waste
if I do not complete your interview!
Forget about it.
Which is your favorite food?
Favorite film? Favorite color?
Mother... Please Mother.
Please. Please Mother.
Please Mother...
Please Mother...
You look like a small boy to me.
Greetings Sir!
Who... Who bashed you like this?
You came for my birthday.
Who made you lie down in hospital?
I do not know him.
I am seeing him for the 1st time.
Okay Sir.
Say now.
The words he spoke when
he hit me are connected to me,
you and our illegal business.
Is it?
- Yes.
I did not give Police
complaint for that reason.
I am a Lawyer.
Still I am ashamed of myself.
I will find out details
about him after my birthday
celebrations are over today evening.
I will find him also.
What are you doing?
If the owner sees you fixing
nail to the wall, he will smash you.
Let him do anything to me.
You first become alright.
I am observing since yesterday.
What has happened to me?
Show a single evidence to
prove that I am acting strange.
Give me time table of your behavior.
I will call the
cameraman and shoot it.
I don't change with time.
I remain the same.
You say.
Don't we miss something
after coming to this house?
We lost the sacred thread,
sleep and peace of mind.
Don't you think that bad things are
happening after coming
to this house?
Who said so?
Minister became our friend
after coming to this house.
Sakshi agreed to give the address.
Got a chance to interview B.
We should be positive.
Only then we will feel like
living in heaven even
if we are in a cemetery.
Look! Phone is ringing.
Is everything true
if the phone rings?
You have become like that girl.
Minister is calling.
- Hello!
How are you?
- Super Sir!
You should come to my 5 star hotel
in the evening. - Why Sir?
If you had not saved
my life in the airport,
I would not be celebrating
my birthday today.
It would have been my funeral today.
- I will surely come.
My friend is a Film Director.
I will introduce him to you there.
Sure. Your friends are my friends.
Done Sir. Bye.
I said this is an
unlucky house by mistake.
Minister birthday is being
celebrated in the evening.
Shall I tell about your film?
We are in an unlucky house!
- You are right.
My luck has changed
after coming to this house.
I am going to settle down in life.
You are laying
the foundation for that.
This is really God's house.
You change according
to the circumstance.
That is why even though you believe
in God, God doesn't believe in you.
I will send message at midnight.
Hello Sir!
- Hello!
I am reminded of a
proverb when I see this.
Is it?
- Knowledge is better than show off!
I would have finished a movie
with the cost of the decoration.
Introduce me to the Minister.
I have brought you here.
Show your skills here.
- Okay.
I should drink little if
I have to show off my skills.
Do not drink liquor and act like
a loafer. Media is here.
I would have acted like
a loafer if I had come alone.
But I have come along with you.
I will behave decently. Okay?
- Thank you.
- Hi Sir!
Welcome Sir.
Please come. Minister
has been enquiring about you.
Where is Sir?
His spiritual leader has advised him
not to get out of the
room before 8 o'clock.
What will happen if he comes before?
His life will be in danger.
We wanted to engage
the guests till then.
So we have arranged
for bar and band.
Arrangements are good.
- Juice!
Thank you.
Did you mix something?
Hope you did not mix anything.
I will not be in
my senses if I drink.
What will you do?
Increase the tempo slightly.
Tempo! Why will tempo come here?
Not that tempo.
Then which one?
- Hi!
Our Central Minister
Ghanashyam Yadav
will arrive in a few seconds.
Minister will come now.
I am sweating a lot.
Give the coat.
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Come on. Bring cake.
- Where is Appaji?
He was singing and dancing till now.
Look! He is there.
How come this specs is here?
Who is that?
Appaji! Hi!
Take your hand off.
What did you say?
I said Take off your hand.
Why did you become silent?
This is birthday bash.
Was it really birthday bash?
Yes. Birthday bash. Applaud.
Cheers to Central Minister!
Cheers to Birthday boy!
Cheers to Birthday boy!
Cheers to Birthday boy!
Cheers to Birthday boy!
What is this?
Everyone apply cake on the face,
on birthday,
but you have dug
my face into the cake.
Never mind. You are my friend.
You are the savior of my life.
I love you.
I love you.
No Sir!
No Sir!
Sir! Do not beat him.
Why are you hitting me?
Leave me. You are my friend.
Leave me.
Why did you kill me?
I asked for Justice. Was it wrong?
I want your life.
I want your life.
Want your life.
Are you hitting the Minister?
Ghost attack on Ghanashyam Yadav.
Breaking news...
Attack on Central
Minister Ghanashyam Yadav.
During the birthday party of the
Minister, Journalist Gagan Dikshit
attacked the Minister in front
of the press, public and the Police.
It was him who hit me.
It was him.
Was it him who hit you also?
- Yes.
I started the party after 8p.m.
as advised by my spiritual leader.
Still why did this happen?
I should know the effects
of the planetary position on me.
Unwanted things are happening.
Where is spiritual leader?
The person who saved
me is now attacking me.
There should be a reason behind it.
Where is my Guru?
- He is coming.
Planetary position... Stars...!
Do not talk like a fool.
He has come to our
place and hit both of us.
What does it mean?
We should send our
boys to attack him.
Give the phone.
- Take.
Where is he now?
Move to that side.
Sir is scolding us.
You are disturbing us.
'I do not remember
what I did after drinking.'
Wait. I will ask Sir.
Bail papers.
He is mentally ill.
That is the reason
he is behaving like that.
- Come here.
I am not bothered if people comment
that you are in lock
up and that you are mad.
But you lost the sacred
thread which I had tied
to your hand without
knowing its value.
I feel bad about it.
I am unable to believe
till now that I hit the Minister.
Why should I hit him?
Minister fondly calls me Appaji.
Ask Keshav if you want.
Who? Your friend?
He is talking rubbish in
front of TV crew. Do you know that?
Problem started from the
moment he lost the sacred thread.
There is a ghost in that house.
He is possessed by evil spirit.
He is cooking up stories
because his picture is half done.
He is not cooking up stories.
See this. You will know. Take.
Latest developments of
ghost attack on Ganeshyam Yadav!
Gagan Dikshit has
been sanctioned bail.
He is coming out of the station now.
Is he really possessed or is he mad?
Let us ask him. Come.
Go back.
Go to that side.
- Relax.
Have you come? Welcome.
He hit your devotee mercilessly.
I have a small doubt.
Is he my friend or foe?
I am unable to understand.
Look at him.
They both do not know each other.
But he has hit him violently.
You should save us.
It is not him.
He did not hit.
Reporter Gagan Dikshit
has been granted bail.
Is it?
- Yes Sir.
He has got bail.
Reporter Gagan Dikshit,
who attacked the Minister,
has been granted bail.
Gagan Dikshit has now
managed to get bail
and come out of the Police station.
This is your Junior Lawyer's house.
This house is well known as
the haunted house of the street.
It was here that we...
- Yes.
Why did the spirit
attack the Minister?
Has he done any harm?
This is the truth.
This is the act of soul.
Your sinful deeds are affecting you.
It should be solved soon.
Otherwise I will not be
responsible for the future events.
Swami! Please tell us.
What should we do?
The reported who attacked
the Minister Ghaneshyam
Yadav has got bail and come home.
This is his house.
It has been only two
weeks since he came here.
This is called haunted
house of the street.
A person committed
suicide in this house.
Is that spirit troubling Gagan now?
If it is true that
there are spirits,
why is it trying
to kill the Minister?
Minister has to answer
these questions.
You have done a big mistake.
You have given Mental
Illness as the reason.
Doesn't it amount to
admitting that he is mad?
I did not have any other option.
No other option?
He did not hit some ordinary fellow.
He has hit a Central Minister.
Court would not have agreed
for any reason other than that.
You have made a mistake.
- Hello, Sir!
Get up. Vacate the house first.
Vacate it.
Before your arrival, only the people
in this street knew
this house is haunted.
Now the whole country knows.
You Vacate the house.
We will surely vacate.
We will not remain here permanently.
This is a haunted house.
Get up, My son.
Will you keep queit?
You speak about ghosts.
I do not believe in that.
I am searching for
answers to questions
which I fail to understand.
You said I hit that lawyer.
But none of you proved it.
I do not know why
I hit the Minister.
He gave me liquor to drink.
Why don't you think logically
that the problem might have
happened because I was drunk?
Instead why are you connecting
it to the suicide of this house,
me or to others problems?
Sakshi! You please explain to them.
Even I did not believe it initially.
You are being possessed
by some spirit, as they say.
What? What nonsense?
I have to go upstairs.
This house and the address
you are searching for are the same.
You should not go there.
Was Shruthi staying in this house?
Why are you troubling these
people instead of coming to me?
Why did you commit suicide?
You loved life.
Why did you commit suicide?
I don't know why
she committed suicide.
I don't know the relation
between you and her.
But you should be
possessed by Shruthi.
You should tell me
the reason why she died.
Media people are saying
that Minister killed her.
Shruthi's spirit should
take revenge on her death.
Shruthi! Shruthi!
Tears in your eyes!
I have never seen you crying.
Why are you crying?
What happened? Who is Shruthi?
I had written an article about
'Disabled funds
allotment' one year back.
She passed a wonderful
comment about the article
which was even better
than the article.
She is Shruthi.
Our friendship started
and we exchanged our numbers.
I started loving Shruthi.
Two months back, I got time
to meet her for the first time.
At the Kolkata airport.
Flight got delayed. Shall we go?
From which side should I come?
- Oh! Sorry.
Come to that side.
How come you have
suddenly come to Kolkata?
I felt like seeing you.
I can't bear to hear this white lie!
Tell me the real
reason for your coming.
It is true.
I have come to see you.
- Okay. I believe.
Which hotel have
you booked in Kolkata?
I have not booked any hotel.
Are you joking?
You have come here
during festival season.
You will not get
hotel accommodation.
It is very crowded here.
Will you not take me to your house?
Boss! Are you thinking that I am
saying whatever you wanted to say?
I feel excited.
Please... Tell me the truth.
Did you really come
to Kolkata to see me?
Shall we go?
Gagan! What is the matter?
Brought a girl!
No. We are friends.
This is a chawl.
Be careful.
3rd door is my house.
I will call you.
Okay fine.
2 minutes.
- 'The house must be in disarray.'
'I realize the house is
untidy only when guests come.'
'Let me squeeze it in.
Will look like another cusion.'
'I didn't understand these books.'
'I could have at least sold them.'
'Let me keep this
here for the time being.'
'This is old cloth.'
What is this?
'House will look clean if
I keep these books on the shelf.'
Have you come?
Why so urgent?
Do you want to use the toilet?
It is towards the right.
No. Need one week to clean
your room. Not 2 minutes.
Never mind. I will adjust.
Thank you so much. This is
Bachelor's room. You have to adjust.
I am not the person
who is decent enough
to ask you sleep on the
bed and will lie on the floor.
Because you have
come here voluntarily.
I will sleep on the bed.
You adjust on sofa.
Okay. No problem.
Have you agreed so soon?
I thought you will argue
and fight since you are a lawyer.
Lawyers do not argue
with the person they love.
- Tea.
Yes. Tea. Sure.
Please change. Relax.
- Sure.
Make yourself comfortable.
- Okay.
Tell me the truth now.
Why have you come to Kolkata?
I have come to research
in the investigation of a case.
I knew you would
have come for some work.
But you believed me
and stayed with me. Really great.
Nowadays girls are becoming
bolder in our country.
Thank you.
Where should I keep this cup?
Do not give to me. Wash it
and keep it neatly on the shelf.
I was just joking.
Keep it there. I will wash.
Suppose I fall in love with her,
I have to do these things.
Shruthi! What happened?
What happened?
My leg got stuck to your
underwear and I fell down.
I do not get it when I want!
It happens like this if you
stuck the clothes wherever you want.
Where did my specs fall?
I fell on the specs and...
What happened to the specs?
It is here.
Thank you.
What happened?
Why have you become silent suddenly?
I am also a kind of disabled.
I cannot see anything without specs.
Forget about me. God has
created so many handicapped persons.
Their life must be so hard.
I thought of helping such
persons after reading your article.
I felt you have a noble heart.
I wrote something
to fill up the paper.
Did you take it so seriously?
I don't know. But your article
provoked me to help people.
Do you know how
much funds is allotted
to handicapped persons.
for a year. in our country?
9500 million.
Central Minister Ghaneshyam
Yadav is the owner who manufactures
the equipments for
the handicapped persons.
He is running a campaign
called 'Support' in a fake name.
He supplies only duplicate products.
There was a boy named Gangadhar.
He was the son of our Office clerk.
Topper in 10th std.
He was also handicapped.
The Government gave
him a new tricycle.
'Be careful.
- Is the cycle good?'
'My son!
- Please hold cycle father.'
He died because of accident
on the day he got it.
Instead of giving duplicate product,
they need not have given at all.
He would have been alive today.
Our senior lawyer Prabhakar
decided to handle that case.
'Please calm down.
'Collect each and every detail
of the duplicate parts of the cycle.'
'Do not leave out anything.'
'I am not bothered about
how influential that person is.'
'I will handle it.'
'We should not lose this case.'
- Okay Sir.'
I collected the
defects in the cycle.
That's all.
That case was not solved at all.
But why?
- My senior Lawyer Prabhakar Reddy
became partner to Ghanashyam Yadav.
A solitary case of Gangadhar
will not be taken seriously.
Our media will not consider
it to be a serious one.
I told Avinash,
your editor in Bangalore branch
that we will publish such articles
and create public awareness.
I called him many times.
I requested him.
He also did not show any interest.
So I am researching such
cases throughout the country.
One minute.
'She is so beautiful!'
'Her character and intention
is also equally beautiful.'
'She may not be able
to see without specs.'
'Never mind. I will be her
eyes throughout her life.'
Now I need your help.
I have got contact from where
I can collect many such incidents
which took place in Kolkata.
You should take me.
- Sure. I will surely take you.
Then take me to Kalimata
temple tomorrow.
Let us start after taking
the blessings of Kalimata.
Okay. We will go to Kali temple.
Why are you putting nail?
Which God's photo is that?
Come and see.
It is not God's photo.
It is your article.
Yes. We met because of this article.
For me, This is God.
You sleep inside, on the bed.
I will sleep on the sofa.
But you told the other
way in the morning.
I changed my mind.
So I am changing the place.
You sleep inside comfortably.
I will sleep on sofa. Good night.
Why didn't you come in?
Don't you have belief in God?
I believe more on
people and relations.
If we think good for everyone
it will be beneficial
for people around us.
That is God.
If we have negative feelings, things
around us will also be negative.
That is devil.
- Wow! Nice.
You want to get justice
to handicapped people.
What a good thought!
For me, you are Kalimata.
Thank you.
Devotee! What do you want? Ask.
'I wish to see your smiling
face throughout my life'.
'I don't know why
I love you so much'.
'I think I love you very much'.
'Yes. I think I am
in love with you.'
- What are you doing?!
I am sorry.
What the hell?
- It's raining... I didn't realize.
That is why. Come.
I love you.
What does it mean?
It means I will
pay for tea and come.
I will pay and come.
'It means, 'I love you'.'
Thanks a lot for these days.
They will remain as good memories.
You are welcome.
'Shall I say, 'I love you'?'
Why are you staring like that?
What do you think of love?
Love is a wonderful feeling.
The world needs it.
Even for me.
You know what...
The most powerful weapon
in the world is love.
My uncle brought
me up since childhood.
He brought me up as long as possible
and then admitted
me in an orphanage.
He used to go to
Court as false witness.
He was doing a fraud
thing but he was caught by me
in Court after I became Lawyer.
'Instead of asking me
for money to meet your needs,'
'you have come as
false witness to court.'
'And this is a half murder case.'
'What shall I do?'
'Even I have expenses.'
'How many times can
I ask you for money?'
'If you love me,'
'stop committing such fraud
and tread on a good path.'
Because of his love for me,
he stopped all that
and is now working honestly
as Security officer.
That is the power of love.
Will you take care of
him if something happens to me?
What will happen to you?
Shall we go?
Getting late for flight.
'I wanted to convey my love to her.'
'But her uncle's matter
diverted the point.'
'Could not say in water.
Let me try in car.'
Mr Gagan!
- Yes.
Why are you so silent?
Nothing. My respect
towards you is increasing.
People are selfish.
But you are working hard
for the betterment of a few people.
You are a brave girl.
I feel scared to
convey a matter to you.
Touch one of the fingers.
- It means I should not tell.
Then this.
Why did you touch this?
This means you should
not ask anything.
Are you serious?
- Yeah.
You are crazy.
See you.
'I think I am already late.'
'Shall I express my love?'
'Shall I say?'
Shruthi! One minute.
I really love you.
You have also turned
out to be like other boys.
I didn't expect this from you.
Do not take any hasty decision.
There is lot of pollution on earth.
You are going by flight.
You will be amidst the clouds.
Think about me there. Fresh.
Take a good decision
after landing and call me.
I will be waiting for your call.
I don't know why I am scared
to see you after I proposed to you.
Even boys feel shy.
Still I will be
waiting for your phone.
That was the last meeting.
The phone which was
switched off on that day has
not switched on till today.
She had no accounts
in any of the social medias.
I thought she is avoiding
me because she doesn't like me.
I didn't know her
whereabouts since 2 months.
So I came here to search for her.
I thought at least
we could be friends.
Shruthi is not a girl
who will commit suicide.
I feel they are telling the truth.
Otherwise why will
you come to the same house?
Why did that sacred thread get lost?
Shruthi's spirit is on your
body and such things are happening.
I feel what these people
are saying is correct.
Sir, Did you hear?
Bad luck for you.
Swami! Did you hear?
If he is possessed by that
spirit and he starts bashing us,
we will surely die.
Somehow save us.
The spirit in him should
be removed today itself.
Bring it out.
Full media is behind him.
They are arguing if
he has gone mad or not.
They are covering every movement.
He has given the reason
of mental illness to get bail.
So we can easily
bring him to your place
on the pretext of
shifting him to NIMHANS.
Ashram. I will perform Smashanakali
Homa.(religious ritual)
I will bring him from
his house immediately.
Excuse Me! Mr Gagan!
We have received orders from
Court to shift you to NIMHANS.
Please cooperate.
What is happening?
This is not a legal matter.
He is possessed by spirit.
Why are you taking him to hospital?
Listen to me.
What is the use of
taking him to NIMHANS?
A person calling himself
Shruthi's uncle is
creating ruckus
in front of the media.
I will send him there.
You should know the
secret behind her death.
Shruthi! Please do not go.
The ambulance carrying Gagan is
going towards another
side instead of NIMHANS.
Something is very fishy.
I will send the media there.
Okay Sir.
I will inform the Lawyer.
[sanskrit chants]
'The house where you are residing'
'and the address searched
by you are the same.'
Let the scholars of Atharvana
(Dealing with souls) Veda come!
[sanskrit chants]
What is happening here?
Yes, Appaji.
I have made all these arrangements.
How is it?
I made a mistake by hitting you.
But it was not intentional.
I know.
We have no enmity.
But your lover Shruthi's
spirit is inside you.
I have enmity towards her.
Does it mean that Shruthi
did not commit suicide?!
It was a murder. We killed her.
Are you angry?
Shruthi was your lover.
It is natural for you to get angry.
You will be pained. It is natural.
We advised her to
follow our lifestyle.
But she refused.
She said our lifestyle is wrong.
Then how can we lead our life?
That is why we killed her.
You don't worry.
We will drive out the
spirit which has possessed you.
Shruthi is not the type
of girl who will trouble others.
But if someone troubles her...
Guru! It is she.
She has come!
Let us wait and watch.
Do not get scared.
Don't worry.
What is this!
[sanksrit chants]
[sanksrit chants continue]
[sanksrit chants continue]
Shruthi! No! Go away.
I will kill your uncle.
- No, Shruthi.
Go away.
- Do not come.
Do not come near.
I am your uncle. Please go away.
Do not come.
- I will kill him.
Do not come near. Go.
Do not come near. I will kill him.
[sanksrit chants continue]
Sir! Reporter Gagan Dikshit is here.
Media is already here.
Some ritual is going on here.
Minister is dead.
Along with him many people are dead.
Situation is very critical.
Please send medical emergency.
I am surprised that educated persons
like them believe in Soul, spirit,
ghosts etc in this age when
science and technology is developed.
Your Honor!
It is a serious case of MPD.
Multiple Personality Disorder.
He needs treatment. That's all.
There is no value for Ghosts,
spirits and souls in Law.
But you take oath
in the name of God!
I saw that spirit.
I know how cruel and violent it is.
But Court will not accept this.
You have to believe.
Gagan is not aware of the deaths.
This is the work of spirit.
This is the truth.
You all have to believe this.
I am telling this.
Do you have anything
to say about this?
Shruthi is not the type
of girl who will commit suicide.
Judiciary follows Law and doesn't
debate about the presence of spirit.
Though there were
people who witnessed it
and Swamiji was present there,
it is not possible to believe it.
So according to IPC Section 84,
this Court dismisses this case
and orders that Gagan must be given
suitable treatment in
a mental hospital.
Do not come near. I will kill you.
No! I beg of you!
No. I made a mistake.
Please do not kill me.
Go away!
O God! Release the soul!
Which God?
Which Shruthi? Which Devil or Ghost?
All these were
illusions created by me.
You are the last
character in my drama.
Does it mean you are
not possessed by spirit?
I wanted to take revenge
on Shruthi's death.
I am not possessed.
I saw Shruthi dying in
the hands of these devils.
'Reached home.
Without you,
this house looks vacant.
Missing you.
- See. He is my uncle.
One minute. Hi Uncle!
- Shruthi! Have you come?
Looks like you are
preparing something special!
Your favorite dish.
- Eat.
Thank you.
I will get one litre milk.
- Will come now.
I will lock the door and go.
- Okay.
You know what?
You should taste the
sweets prepared by my uncle.
Let us keep your uncle
as our cook after our marriage.
What did you say?!
I was just joking.
Give me some sweet news soon.
What is it?
There was a love
story in the airport!
The same matter.
One minute. Someone has come.
No problem.
You are so arrogant!
Shruthi! Where is your uncle?
You cannot see properly.
Do you want to put us in jail?
Where are the documents
which you collected?
Give them.
- Mother!
Shruthi! Where is your uncle?
Prabhu! If she is dead,
who will submit the evidence?
Alas! Leave her.
What are you doing?
Are you a human?
You are acting like a demon.
I have already mixed poison
with the sweet and given to her.
Was this necessary?
I am sorry.
I needed money urgently.
- Why uncle?
I had no other way.
So I did like this.
What was my mistake?
- I am sorry.
I am sorry. Forget it.
- Uncle!
- Hey!
Received money in my account.
Thank you.
Do whatever you want.'
One person is a Central Minister.
Another one is a Lawyer.
I knew I will not get justice
because they have power.
That is why I created this illusion.
People who believe in God
said I was possessed by spirit.
Those who believe in Science called
me a person with Split personality.
People may think whatever they want.
But according to Law I am innocent.
I have mental illness.
According to IPC Section 84,
there is no punishment for any crime
done because of mental illness.
This society will believe
that I have been possessed
only if persons like you say.
Whether I was possessed
by spirit or I was mad...
Nobody should get an
answer to it at any time.
Get up. Press is here.
What shall I say?
Get up. Chant mantra.
What shall I say?
- Throw turmeric.
[sanskrit chants]
Rolling Start...
- Camera.
- Action.
Switch off.
Who is showing light?