Native (2018) Movie Script

This is Cane to Mission Control,
for the records.
This is the next phase
to complete,
the... most rational method
of solving the problems
that have arisen.
'The problem that has arisen.
'I am that problem.'
This is the rational solution.
Awan was...
...everything to me.
For all of our parallel life,
I felt what she felt.
Without her to tell me,
I am not even sure
if I am one of you anymore.
Now she is gone.
'Eva loathes me.
'I understand.
I am unable to contribute.
'I am a phantom limb. Adrift.'
We, uh...
have tried to develop
a stronger link
during our time together,
but it...
it cannot replace
what has been lost.
Eva's not to blame for this.
She is strong.
I am not.
[Eva] 'Cane.'
[Awan and Cane] 'Hold.
Stay. Move with me.
'One, two. And move. Together.
'Now. One, two, three. Engage.'
- [Awan] 'One, two, three.'
- [Cane] 'One, two, three.'
[Cane] 'Ah! Again. Now settle.'
[Delin] Twins.
- 'Come with me. We move.'
- Cane and Awan. They work well.
[Matilda] 'Under these
easy conditions perhaps.'
'This is the most complex
'telepathic test we have,
- [Cane and Awan] 'Three. One.'
- Push them.
'Start again from naught.'
- [Awan] 'I can't keep up.'
- [Cane] 'Yes, you can.'
[Cane and Awan] 'Stay with me.
Do not be distracted.'
- Faster.
- [Awan] 'It hurts.'
[Cane] 'It is temporary.
We keep moving. We go.'
[Awan] 'Yes. We move.
We keep moving.'
[Cane] 'Allow it to ebb.
Concentrate on the rhythm.
'The mathematics.'
[Cane and Awan] 'You are with
me. We are there. It is us.'
- [Awan] 'Cane!'
- [Cane] 'Awan. I have you.'
- [Awan] 'Thank you, brother.'
- [Cane] 'We are there.'
[Delin] 'Eva and Seth
of the Sash Hive.
'Their father led
the colonization
'of the ninth binary system.
'Their lineage is renowned.'
'Their bond is strong.'
and faint music playing]
[Faint sound]
[ Faint music plays]
[ Beethoven's Fifth plays]
[Cane] 'There it is again.
'Strong today.'
[Man] 'We have never heard
sound like it before.
'It has harmonics
we cannot create.'
- [Cane] 'Do you study it?'
- [Man] 'No.
'I listen every day.'
'It is always strongest here
'at this place
and at this time.'
[ Music plays]
[Cane] 'It is nearly my time
to discover it.'
[Awan] 'Cane.
I am at Mission Control.
'You are
at the listening place again?'
[Cane] 'Yes, sister.'
[Awan] 'You must return.'
[ Music plays]
[Crackling and music playing]
[Matilda] 'Pioneers,
you will leave this old world
'and cut a path across
the universe to a new one.
'We do not know
the precise dangers,
'but you will be armed
with a living virus
'to be activated on arrival.
'We do not know
when we will see you again,
'but these many years for us
will be few to you.'
You're apprehensive.
I'm curious.
- [Seth] 'I will miss you.'
- [Eva] 'I will miss you.'
[Seth and Eva]
'We will never break contact.
'I will be with you
at every step.'
'Intelligence has reached us
'and we will find the sender.
'It will be
our most remote colony,
'and as such this is
our most perilous mission.
'In our minds, we are with you.
'Your twin will instruct you.
'They will be the link to
the Hive, to Mission Control.
'You will enter into a routine.
'A routine
that will keep you sane.
'You will work together
'You will work
for the good of us all.
'These will be my final words
to you both.
'You must depart
into stranded night,
'for your destiny is to appear
fruitful out of the lightness
'that passing of time evokes.
'Beware small steps.'
What do you think the
destination planet will be like?
It is too far to say.
We can only suppose.
Its physical characteristics
will become more defined,
as we get closer.
And if we suppose?
We need more information.
It could be another Hive,
like our own.
This is unlikely.
If another hive were to exist,
we would surely sense it.
[Alert bleeps]
The hydrogen is cooling.
It is my responsibility.
You must eat your food.
[Alert bleeps]
[Cane] 'Mission control. Awan.
'Do you hear me?'
[Awan] 'Yes. Go ahead.'
[Cane] 'There appears to be
a problem with the hydrogen.
'We may have strayed off course.
'We are checking the telemetry.'
[Awan] 'We advise that you deal
with the problem manually.
'Take control away from
the ship. Cooling will occur.
'If you level the core quickly,
'the issue will be righted
and the danger averted.'
Override to manual.
[Awan] 'Status report, brother?'
[Cane] 'Status now normal.'
[Awan] 'Hand over
to ship control.'
Hydrogen temperatures leveling.
I miss your presence
and the noise of the Hive.
[Awan] 'Our minds are connected.
Do not miss me.'
[Cane] 'You say that,
yet I'm having difficulties
'in controlling these feelings.
'I have problems
connecting with Eva.'
[Awan] 'You have time
for it to develop.
'It is important
that you allow it to.'
[Cane] 'I hear you, sister.
'I understand that I must.'
You are fast.
You were faster
with your brother.
I must improve.
[Cane] 'The sensation of stasis
is strange.
'It is has that feeling
of being disappeared.
'Wiped from existence.'
[Awan] 'I remember the feeling
from the training simulations.'
[Cane] 'Yes. Maybe.
But this is different.
'The distance. The isolation.
'Nothing can filter through.
'We are so far.
Past star systems and colonies.
'And... and consciousness
is sucked away.
'Without thought.
Without dreams.
'What are we
without these things?
'When I am there,
'do I exist?
'And when I am here,
as we move at this speed,
'it is hard to state
exactly where we are.'
[Awan] 'It is strange
for me too, Cane,
'to not have you there.
'But you are on course
to the signal.'
[Cane] 'Yes. We are on course.'
[Awan] 'I have news.
'I am pregnant.'
[Cane] 'Do you know how many?'
[Awan] 'Four. You may begin
to sense them soon.
'That is what we hope.
'There may be a connection.'
[Cane] 'It will be welcome.
'I will inform you
'when their telepathic
connection comes into being.'
Awan is pregnant.
She's going to have children.
Children! That is unexpected.
How many?
So few?
It's a family trait.
You would prefer twins.
Their more intense connection
would be good for you.
Four will still bring
a strong connection.
Eva is entering stasis.
Cane on deck.
[Cane] 'There is nowhere
for my thoughts to go.
'The silence is not easy.'
[Awan] 'You must find comfort
where you can.
'That is, with your co-pilot.'
[Cane] 'Yes.
'I will try. We will.'
[Awan] 'Connect.
'You were selected
for your compatibility.
'You need this balance.
'Mission Control depends on it.
'We all do.
'As do you both.'
Play transmission.
[Beethoven's Fifth plays]
[Cane] 'The harmony of the
transmission is fascinating.'
[Awan] 'We have studied it
to no avail.
'It does not allow us to access
any further data on its origin.'
[Cane] 'Its beauty
is in its harmony.'
[Awan] 'Beauty?
[Cane] 'Such complexity.
'If I can decipher its message,
'it will help us
when we arrive at it.
'Face to face
with its originators perhaps.'
[Awan] 'Mission Control
would like you to focus
'on the mission, Cane,
'lest you be diverted
by superfluous notions
'such as these.
'Its harmonies are
none of our concern.
'Of your concern, brother.'
[Cane] 'I'm sorry.
I retract those thoughts.
'Solitary, individual thoughts.'
[ Music plays]
[Eva] 'Cane, why is the signal
playing so loudly?'
[Music stops]
What could we call
the sound, Eva?
Awan and I called it abstract,
or something else.
Perhaps it has a purpose
that we don't understand.
It fascinates me.
Play transmission.
[ Music plays]
Stop transmission.
It troubles me.
Play transmission.
[ Music plays]
- Stop transmission.
- [Music stops]
[Seth] 'Eva, status update.'
[Eva] 'Seth.
'All levels normal.
'Trajectory is good.
'Margin for error
is at a minimum.'
[Seth] 'And Cane?'
[Eva] 'Our connection
is not yet strong.
'But does Awan
not report on him?'
[Seth] 'She does.'
[Eva] 'We are working well,
'As expected.'
[Seth] 'That is good.
'You are to tell me,
'should anything
out of the ordinary happen.
'As your brother, as well
as your point of contact
'to Mission Control, of course.'
[Eva] 'He plays the signal.
'Over and over, he
listens to that transmission.
'He talks about it.'
[Seth] 'I see.'
[Eva] 'It will not be a problem.
'I will see to it that he
continues to perform his tasks.'
- [Noise builds in his head]
- [Grunts]
[Awan groans]
Oh, no.
[Cane] 'Awan,
I hear their consciousness.'
- [Awan] 'So painful.'
[He cries out]
[Cane] 'What is it?
What is happening?
'This does not
feel like it should.
'This isn't right.'
[Awan sobs]
'My babies.'
[He cries out]
- [Cane] 'Awan!'
- [Awan] 'Cane!
'Help... help me.
[Cane] 'I do not feel them.
'Where are they?'
[Cries out]
Brother, help me.
[Cane] 'Awan?'
'What is happening?
'Awan, talk to me.'
Awan is dead.
In childbirth, she died.
[Eva] And the children?
They are dead.
- All of them?
- Yes.
I have no connection
to Home now.
[Clears throat]
[Eva] 'You must concentrate.'
[Cane] 'Yes, we will. I must.'
[ Music plays]
- Stop. Go back.
- [Music stops]
- Go.
- [ Music plays]
- Stop. Go back.
- [Music stops]
- Play again.
- [ Music plays]
- Stop. Go back.
- [Music stops]
[ Music plays]
- Stop. Go back.
- [Eva] 'Cane.'
- And again.
- [Eva] 'Cane.'
- Stop. Go back. Play.
- [ Music stops and starts]
- Go back.
- [Music stops]
- Play again.
- [ Music plays]
[Eva] Cane!
- Stop.
- [Music stops]
Tomorrow we should
practice mind-training.
It will focus you.
[Eva] 'The absence
is confusing him further.'
[Seth] 'It is a tragedy
for the mission.
'He needs to stay strong.
'He depends solely on you
for his habilitation now.'
'If I can help him to focus,
'that will give him balance.
'I need him to remain
concentrated on the mission.
'I cannot imagine
how I would cope without you.
[Seth] 'Report back
on his progress, sister.'
I'm trying to block you
from reading me.
Try harder.
- You're blocking me.
- I'm uniquely perceptive.
You're strong.
You could block me
if you wanted to.
I could never hide from Awan.
That is normal.
It is your turn
to chart the course.
That is the routine.
Routine. Routine.
[Cane] 'I know that
you can't hear me, but...
'Can anyone hear me?
'You must be close,
close enough?
'Too far.
'Please answer.
'There are many of you
out there. There must be.
'Can you hear me?
'Hear me! Hear me!
'Please answer.'
[Alarm pulses]
[Glass breaks]
[ Music plays]
[Music stops]
Too quiet.
Play transmission.
[ Music plays]
- [ Music plays]
- [Alarm pulses]
[Eva] 'Cane?'
- Cane, what's going on?
- It's harmonious.
Ship! Revert to auxiliary power.
[Alarm stops]
I'm trying to remember.
You need to stop this.
[Eva] 'Hibernate.
Go into stasis.'
I'm worried about
your state of mind.
[Cane] 'It needs me to discover
what it wants. I'm close.
'I think I'm close
to deciphering its meaning.'
[Eva] 'You need to
regain your control.
'With this deviation,
you are losing me.
'Our connection will aid you
'so do not distance yourself
from me.
'The mission needs you focused.
'What is that around your neck?'
[Cane] 'It helps me to think,
to remember.
'I am back on deck now.
You do not need to wait here.
'You can go.'
'Do you like
the food we have here?
'Do you like the food?'
Why won't you speak to me?
Whether I like it or not
is irrelevant.
The question is irrelevant.
[Cane] 'Are you awake?'
[Eva] 'Yes.
You should be asleep.'
[Cane] 'There's no night or day
here. We're inventing it.'
[Eva] 'You are thinking along
'these abstract lines again,
'I'm concerned about this.'
'Don't sleep yet. Please.'
[Eva] 'Good night, Cane.'
[Cane] 'I want to ask about you.
'I don't know much about you,
where you're from, your family.
'Where are you from?
What age are your parents?
'Do you want to know about me?
'You can ask anything
you want about me.'
[Eva] 'I am one of many,
like everybody else.'
[Cane] 'We are not like
everybody else.
'We are separate.'
[Eva] 'We are not separate,
I am separate.
Get away, keep away, get away.
[He murmurs]
Mine. Mine now.
New space.
- Cane?
- [He murmurs]
[Cain] 'Use up. Use up.
Use... use up.'
What are you doing?
What are you saying? Cane?
[Cane] 'I am this.
'Shut out. Shut you out.
'Trash. Waste.'
[Eva] 'What are you doing
in there?'
[Cane] 'Mine, mine, mine.'
Mine, mine, mine. Mine.
'Stay out.
'Stay out. Mine.
'Not yours.'
[Eva] 'As we anticipated,
'the destination system has
a planet in the habitable zone.
'Calculations suggest
it is water-based,
'and we have charted
a course to it
'and I have everything
under control.'
[Seth] 'Is Cane under control?'
[Eva] 'It is difficult.
'He is causing me concern.'
[Seth] 'Yes.
'We have decided that you must
distance yourself from him now.
'Be sporadic in your connection,
else his mania is contagious.
'Do not jeopardize
your own state of mind.
'You must bear
our responsibility alone.'
[Eva] 'I will need you
to be with me, brother.
'If no-one else is.'
[Seth] 'I will be with you
when you need me.
'I can sense your struggle,
'and I will not let you go.
'We will not let you go.'
[Cane] 'What are Mission Control
saying about me?
'You need to tell me the latest
from Mission Control.
'I can't hear them anymore.
'Eva, are you listening?
'Why don't you tell me
their news?
'The news of Awan
and the others, the Hive.
'What news is there?
'There must be news.'
Are you blocking me?
Have you heard
from Mission Control?
Only as I have reported to you.
And how do I know that?
I have only your word for it.
Yes, my word.
How do I know you're not lying?
- Did they mention Awan?
- I did not say that they did.
- Seth did not mention Awan?
- Why should he do so?
She's dead.
The dead are disposed of.
We do not have reason
to speak of these things.
[Eva] 'You should rest, Cane.'
[Scrapes glass]
'This behavior is uncommon.
'I'm not used to dealing with it
'and I don't know
how to resolve him.
'He is unpredictable now.'
[Seth] 'Do not allow yourself
extreme reactions.
'Stay with us.'
[Eva] 'He is here.'
- What is this?
- It's for you.
'He has given me something.
'A shard from the engine room,
'It has been broken
and carved into.'
I do not need it.
[Eva] 'He has created
'a representation
of man and woman.
'An image of them depicted.'
'Keep close watch on him.'
I have decided to go
into stasis hibernation.
It's not your turn.
Hm. I want to.
I need to.
I'm tired now.
[Seth] 'You must be prepared
to do what it takes
'to complete the mission.
'Should your co-pilot
become unfit to continue.
'This may include
extreme action.
'Until the completion of
the mission, we are with you.
'Until then.'
[Cane] 'I am out of stasis.
'I am awake.'
It's my turn to enter stasis.
Are you able to function?
Stay with me.
The mission needs you.
- What if something goes wrong?
- The probability is minimal.
I have feelings inside me
that I cannot make sense of.
But are you able to function?
[Eva] 'What have you done
to your uniform?
'I do not understand.'
'I am becoming individual.
'I need you to understand
for this to work.
'Understanding is the key.
'Then there's no need
for any of this.'
- [Eva] 'Any of this?'
- [Cane] 'Well, all of it.'
'I can make connections
in this way to you.
'To the transmission signal.'
'Help me understand, Cane.'
[Cane] 'No.
'I can't help.
'I can only show you.'
Time to...
Time to...
Time to...
Time to...
[Eva] 'What is the problem
with the hydrogen?
'Listen to me.
'There is a problem.
'Are you trying to block me now?
[Eva] 'I know you're there.
[Cane] 'You are here.'
[Eva] 'What is this?
'Why did you not answer me?
What are you doing?'
[Cane] 'What am I doing?
I don't know what this is.'
- No.
- 'I need to do this.'
- 'Cane. Stop this.'
- 'I want to be close to you.
'To feel someone.'
- Stop.
- 'Touch them.'
'This is the only thing
I can do. I'm sorry.'
[Eva] 'Move away.'
[Cane] 'What is this?
I do not know any more.'
[Eva] 'Do not touch me.
'Your name is Cane. Remember
who you are, who we are.
'We, you, us.'
[Signal shrieks in his head]
[Cane] 'I want to be close,
to be close, to be close.'
I want... want to be close
to somebody.
I need to feel someone.
[Signal shrieks in his head]
No! No! No! Stop!
Next thing.
[Clears throat]
This is the next phase
to complete.
most rational method
of solving the problems
which have arisen.
The problem that has arisen.
I am the problem.
This is the rational solution.
'Awan meant everything to me.
'The world. Home.'
For all of our parallel life...
...I felt what she felt.
Without her to tell me, I...
...don't even know if I am
one of you anymore.
[Seth] 'You are
losing control, sister.'
- What? What is it?
- [Seth] 'Can you feel it?
'Your weakness.'
[Cane] 'An uncertain fate now.
[Awan] 'Hello, distant friend.
'You must depart
into stranded night.
'Beware small steps. Sister.'
[Eva] 'I need to make a report
to Mission Control.
'I can only describe
these events.
'I need your guidance
on how to act upon them.'
[Seth] 'Proceed.
Tell us. Tell me.'
[Eva] 'My co-pilot
hung himself by the neck
'from a length of material,
'with the purpose
of killing himself
'and leaving me
on board the ship.'
[Seth] 'And is he alive?'
[Eva] 'He is alive, yes.'
[Seth] 'Sedate and restrain him.
'You must assure him
of his place in the Hive.
'In his mental state, he has
strayed and he must return.
'We will need him.'
[Cane] 'For all of our parallel
life, I felt what she felt.
'And without her to tell me,
'I am not even sure
if I am one of you anymore.'
Back, play.
[Cane] 'I am not even sure
if I am one of you anymore.'
[Eva] 'Not one of us.
'Not one of us anymore.'
[Seth] 'If he is not,
'then he must be terminated
after reaching the destination.'
[Eva] 'But, brother,
I need Cane for our return.
'Mission Control must know this.
'Without him I cannot take off.
[Seth] 'What is
the mission status, Eva?'
[Eva] 'Trajectory is consistent.
'Fuel levels normal.
'Distance corresponds
to calculations.
'Cluster galaxy charted.'
[Cane] 'This mission
is not mine, Seth.'
[Seth] 'Do you not hear us?'
'You are of no use, Cane.
'You are disconnected and weak.'
Oh! Aah!
You must rest.
- Aah!
- You are weak.
Untie me. I am not a danger.
Would you let me see the planet?
I want to see the planet.
The civilization
that made the sound.
If I can...
Mission Control
has not yet decided your role
when we reach the planet.
This will calm you.
[Seth] 'You will land
in a body of water
'close to a populated area.
'This way, the virus will be
at its most effective
'when released.
'The indigenous species
will be wiped out
'at an exponential rate.'
[Eva] 'And Cane?'
[Seth] 'He must not complicate
or compromise
'the release of the virus.
'We only get one chance at
setting it amongst the natives.'
I only see you once a day.
I used to be in touch
with the Hive
every minute of every day.
Let me connect with Seth.
Things are different now.
I dreamed about him.
Ignore your dreams.
They do not matter.
We are approaching orbit.
You have to help me prepare.
Are you recovered?
- Yes. I am sorry.
- This is irrelevant.
Are you prepared
to complete the mission?
Yes. For the good of us all.
[Eva] 'Hydrogen?'
'Dropping to target level.'
[Eva] 'Slowing to orbit.'
[Cane] 'Burners prepared.'
[Eva] 'Entering orbit.
Are we at speed?'
[Cane] 'We are.'
[Eva] 'Adjusted to gravity.'
[Cane] 'Preparing to land.'
[People talk indistinctly]
I have seen them.
[People talk indistinctly]
They appear disconnected...
and weak.
This is fascinating.
It does not have the same sounds
as the other transmissions,
the same harmonics, melody.
It sounds primitive enough.
It is only verbal.
There doesn't seem
to be anything cerebral.
The virus requires
the DNA of the species
to ensure safe passage.
Next thing.
Next thing.
[Eva] 'Cane?'
What have you done?
I can't sense you.
- Abort.
- [Alarm sounds]
'I could feel a change in you,
'a sudden absence
and then a surge.'
[Eva] 'Cane.
'It is strange to lose a link
'that has been so close
for so long.'
[Seth] 'So now he is deceased?'
[Eva] 'He is no longer with us.'
[Seth] 'Good.
'We are almost there, sister.
'Your work for the Hive
has been impressive.
[Seth] 'You are a pioneer.
'Record the details.
Recount them to me.
'You will prepare the terrain
for our arrival.'
'I know what I need to do.'
[People talk indistinctly]
[Eva] 'They have structure.
'And society.
'They are singular.
'Cut off.
'Connected somehow.
'Not like us.
'Or maybe they are.
'The similarities are striking.'
[Seth] 'Do not be distracted
by them now.
'They are not of our Hive.'
[Eva] 'Do you remember us
as children?'
[Seth] 'Eva.
'Do not stray from the mission.
You must be efficient.
'Time is important
for us all now.
'It is not to waste.'
[Eva] 'I have found a target.
[Speaks foreign language]
[Speaks foreign language]
[Woman sobs]
[Eva] 'What have I done?
'This violence has shaken me.
'I feel my... my mind
moving to emotions
'that are without control.'
[Seth] 'Eva, you must do
what is charged to you
'and you must do it
without this confusion.'
[Eva] 'I'm a killer now.
I'm a killer.
'Can... can you inform
Mission Control
'of my difficulties, please?'
[Seth] 'There is no difficulty.
'There is only this next thing
that you must do.'
[Eva] Cane! I'm sorry. I...
- I killed...
- You've seen them?
I killed her.
[Cane] But you're
going to kill them all.
[She sobs]
[Seth] 'I can sense
you are there now.'
[Eva] 'Leave me, Seth.
'Leave me, please.'
If you were going to do this,
why did you wake me?
I shouldn't have woken you.
What are they like?
- [Seth] 'Do not waver.'
- They are confused.
She fought me.
I had to kill her.
No, you didn't.
[Seth] 'You must wipe them out
for us now.'
[Eva] If you take one more step,
I will be forced
to kill you too!
Play transmission.
[Beethoven's Fifth plays]
What else did you see?
[Seth] 'What is going on
with you, Eva?'
[Eva] 'I am not alone.'
[Seth] 'If Cane is with you,
then you have misinformed us.
'Mission Control needs to have
'the correct information
at all times.
'So finish the mission.'
[Eva] 'I cannot do this
to these people.'
[Seth] 'These are not people.'
[Eva] 'I have seen them. They
are the same as you and me.'
[Seth] 'Initiate the virus.
They must be killed.
'This is your responsibility.'
[Eva] 'I can't.'
- [Seth] 'Sister.'
- I can't.
[Cane] What can't you do?
[Seth] 'Do it!
'Now! Now!'
[Noise in her head builds]
[Eva] 'Seth, please.'
Seth, please stop!
[Seth] 'Eva!
'You must release them.
'Release the virus now!'
[Seth] 'We have come so far,
'and we are so close now.'
[Eva] Cane!
- [Seth] 'Do not do this.'
- Help me!
[Seth] 'Do as I tell you to do!'
[Seth shouts in her head]
[Seth shouts in her head]
[Seth shouting]
[Seth shouting]
[Seth] 'Eva!
[Glass cuts]
[Voice in her head stops]
I'm sorry.
We can contain the virus here.
It's the only way to stop them.
[Alarm sounds]
I'm scared.
I know. So am I.