Native Son (1986) Movie Script

Oh hey guys blue
get up Fernanda you know yes lady you
get to now get up buddy
we youtube there
y'all know I've got a big washing on my
hands today won't y'all out of here boys
turn your head now mommy and bury your
That's enough now they give you those
fielding I get him out of here
without girls been seriously hurt you
not get hurt you down you stop that
bullying know this child and it twice
before in her life Iraq's suppose you
wake up one morning day a nothing like
that ever seem to bother you get that
thing out of here okay you don't turn
ninety now I don't know what in God's
name the matter with you big given thank
you for this nursing that I might.
Express amen
you don't have to get up earlier than
this you want to hold the job let me
place the process to do you know don't
forget you have to see mr. Don't walk up
you sitting there like you're not going
for that job
you gonna come to a bad end you keep
hanging out with that no-count gang of
yours bitch can you not go mount to
nothing without that job get that job I
can fix up a nice plate you there and
buddy doctor they've come to the Lord to
live like this
you say the same thing over and over I
don't put that thousand times mama don't
want you to forget son you know how you
can forget bigger they often do be such
a great chain saw rusty maybe then we
can get things back the way they was for
your daddy that you still hold out such
hope you pick uncommon
so they act
can't get that job release will cut us
off we won't have no phone they got just
don't understand what is wrong with you
Big up see can figure it.
Kanwar mad huh whoa this 25 degrees 15
yesterday well he's no son he's losing
him radiator at home yeah this wall I
can't take too much code as heatwave
take it
hey baby I thought she was coming crappy
other day I got busy you know how it is
no I don't know I got to catch my train
I'm late for work
I'll be by excuse me if I don't hold my
breath what you laughing at fool
hey man you mess around and lose that
Wish I could be up there like that I'd
go so far away from here forget it
time to fly one of those things if I
have a chance yes I could
yes sir over here okay hello this is a.
President Roosevelt hid from the press
secretary I picked up I'm calling to
meet this afternoon at 4:00 I like you
to be there the president will be kind
of stuff I got a bid the day and it
travels rain slanted Europe itself needs
rain furniture and the Nicolas this
presents an all-over lamp oh dear be
right there
to hell hey Maggie you're worried
filming it's just water involved they
won't let us do nothing man who you
don't understand nothing I'm trying to
tell you do you sometimes I feel you're
like come off is gonna happen you know
nothing ever happens are what you want
to happen anything what's the matter
with you I just don't think I dialed in
white folks affected me here maybe save
more than a job yeah I'm tell me how we
can do this Oh baby I'm so plan to talk
with bigger we'll talk about that for a
why are you bringing it up now see it's
easy we're going to clean the place out
when Blum's gun man account you forget
suppose he beat up two white men in
y'all skate I'm with you booth so you
got it all figured out easy three simple
and light them old man.
y'all going I'm going get it was a rat
we called out my name I don't work for
you little tall black stomach bitch
you see you see you cause all the top we
have around here
it's your hot temple you had to talk me
out of my name I got the right to make
my own mind skewing the skin wanna see
this here was a yeah you gotta do it you
mean that here we run successful from
the cradle to the grave
Hello Kim a room with a ninja we must
make the run successful they got Rolla
cradle to the grave
go to jail - got-damn quite possibly
they're not that sure that's why would
they put it in the movies
wonder why men are supposed to oppose
bitch like that
maybe soon Eileen we will take care of
everything just sit right down there
like a good girl
and just a minute you'll forget that you
have any I got a good one ticket uh sure
you don't know what you might see the
I swear man makes us mrs. Jobs will be
meeting here relax man
he'll be here something got you man I
don't got me lady
it was gone already nothing that we just
talking started to be late we can't do
it now don't you sit still Wallace game
humne born excuses you don't want to say
that you almost went to a bigger one
goal me you know
so this
it will be me
today I think we still gotta love it
sleep is over you go ahead last alright
are you crazy catch that here in 24 God
is the news Acharya
Hello yes I do this homicide
come on take a seat I've come to Dalton
your hair.
Garland's come this way come this way
just a baby
Henry Shain are you alright
where's Peggy herring dinner I'm
perfectly all right Henry
is it someone with you no I'm sorry it's
the new boy the relief people sent
bigger Thomas I hope you'll be happy
yes where's Mary in her room there's a
book she wants to finish before
tonight's lecture our daughter is a
university student how far did you get
in school bigger agreement well we'd
like to see you go back and finish your
education the man who used to work here
went to night school
his name was green and he was very
diligent it took him 10 years but he got
his high school diploma and his college
degree now he has a nice government job
the first colored man in his office you
could do the same thing I don't know man
we were on the way to the library named
the relief people suggested it would be
a good idea if he were put in his new
environment right away let's see let's
see how old are you bigger 1900 the same
ages are Mary welcome to our home bigger
once more whoa but if you change
sometime just yet Oh mr. dolphin tell
you about kind of the furnace rolling
well it's easy I'll show you what you've
this is way way what you'll find
I've been working here 20 years ago yes
I was always one for six to eight down
You know mr. Dalton laughing cool well
people cool yes the color he's given
over a million dollars to colored
schools that everything it's simple here
they've got millions but they act like
human beings they don't put on airs and
stretch this is dog with this big today
You know I wasn't in this country but at
least I was Lester working it was right
before Marik came along
Karen you haven't met her yet no well
she suspect clear he's very bright it's.
Q to the button no no wires that she got
back corner worries and folks the best
she does she's been running around with
a crazy punch and then coming ribs ribs
she don't need nothing about it she's
been around the world but she don't know
that thing about yes.
Oh easy is loyal to a three now you have
to remember to empty the ashes now very
often otherwise the car just gets
clogged you just say Donna physically
just shovel the ashes the bucket there
and leave them outside this okay this
was great from the college man before
you look so sleepy
just you know this is going to set right
now well we'll fix the next week I think
you're going to like it here
My daughter Mary I you biggest very nice
to meet you help we're gonna be friends
okay I try not to be too late coming
home from school your mother worries
don't you worried you did it you know I
do I think we'll be all right ready here
they bigger deal into a union robbery
all right I'm going I'm going
it's a good versus school on Midway
ma'am yes
drives well bigger yes
bigger well I want you to turn right up
there to the left there
bigger bigger I want you to turn there
but dinosaur with your school yes but
I'm not going to school well I want you
to dream to the loop I can't do that man
I'm your father told me I'm not bigger
you're not a testicle are you no no I
want you to take me to the loop but if
anyone asks you say I went to the.
University see yes some great
that's what you wanted man
I knew I could trust you after all I'm
on your side right bigger
you could pull up right in front of that
building over there
mom the fish school is taken here
most of you big I want you to meet Jen
Jen bigger Thomas
all right beer fine sir first of all you
don't have to call me sir I'm Jan and
you're bigger he means that bigger why
don't you let me drive for a while no no
it's okay
I mean okay this is altered I'm supposed
to drive the car
it's pretty in Chicago's it is any taste
me I'm so glad you're back
we see that building over there my
father and about 50 other guys building
one day while on the job my father took
a bad fall and he wasn't able to go back
to work a man came to my mother gave her
check two weeks pay
but things will be different after the.
Revolution I'm bigger
We think strange the only thing
What are you little biggest are no
things is how much I don't know yet your
people money don't know each other
say you want to eat em hmm where should
we go bigger anything someplace maybe
someplace where that what are you eating
mounish what sounds good that sounds
can we park over there yes sir look
bigger please don't call me sir we're
both men okay yes
Aren't you coming come on bigger he
wants me hungry yeah I'm not we'll come
sit with that yeah all right I gotta
watch the car oh come on to hell with
the car
I'm not hungry man look if you're not
going we're not going okay
oh we go listen you know you don't have
to come to we we may not be saying
things about where we just we don't want
to make you feel bad we just.
You wanna score over she's over there
already this is good if you are Birds
real gone because they're that
right-winger yeah that's how they say
what were you born mr. do you like
Chicago yes'm
the bougie folks a mother my brother my
sister will batch dad using a wire damn
stuff not King got killed
what happened to the men that killed me
nothing oh nothing
well how do you feel about that you see
that's what we're trying to stop we feel
that everyone should be treated fairly
and that means everybody all takes a lot
of white people in the world we want to
be friends if they really get to know
exactly oh by the way I have to go to
Detroit tomorrow morning it's 9 o'clock
if you pick up the trunk at 8:30 we can
take it to the station no father he'll
let you make up your time yes ma'am I
mean miss dolly
No I'm in for a bigger you know the
stewards in the song that Singapore
sweet a coming for to carry you
It was right after that the police
arrested three of our demonstrators well
it was a wife yellow in these two
college women.
Max and I've been trying to raise bail
money all day
$3,000 thank you
and you're quick well
here comes my training why don't you let
David take you home
why should he drive me all that distance
at this time in the morning here it's
been a pleasure
so listen idea I'd like you to take a
look at some of our pants let's search
for my organization I think you'll like
them yes I'm talking a couple big Mary
I'll tell small take good care of Mary
what you bigger
you see bigger three hours you didn't
have to say yes sir no sir yes ma'am or
young man sick of those little
miss Dalton man is not man with.
I just want you to know I am NOT drunk
Hanguk keeps getting a good
we're sure
Here honey.
Gary are you alright Mary very dear you
want to sleep are you I hear you moving
everything smelled alcohol very been
drinking again
the song
this matter with you boy jump like sup
Mitch you got the job with what they say
in you 20 you started already last night
you won't feel need go go away what is
you be a combat box
we're glad you got the job son man's
you take care of yourself
Oh I'm glad you're here I was just going
to put some more coal on site
I'll fix with this dolphin down yet
you see to the fire bedrooms dolphin me
down and take a trip station yes is this
your truck here yes okay she told me to
bring it down last night man
don't forget it.
She's not yet
she here what does she say to you
what was said last night men take the
trunk of the station
to turn to them to work well the boy in.
Syria station night sis's frontside to
Detroit oh I said in Haiti I don't
understand it something's wrong
I felt around in their memory didn't
finish packing her trunk at least half
her things still in the Wardrobe a lot
of them that she bought especially for
her trip to Detroit that she didn't know
and we're in shape
just me
mr. mrs. Dalton have some business to
attend to
they won't need you Thomas - doesn't run
out now set to stay cooped up
You need your white friends okatee will
throw you out be stupid said hello dog
I swear because you ain't got no respect
for me at all the truth the old election
It hurt like hell of a bigger you acted
like she was to shame for me to be
around you in your hand to wipe friend
it wasn't my friend
I won't fit that white girl sounds good
just watch yourself right back where you
came from
Nigga I don't just be with you gonna
destroy you something I just know it oh
I'm gonna hurt you
I'll see you there so why are you
working closer to the Blackjacks near
where the Loeb family used to live you
know from that love lap whole trial yeah
you know for them to reach keep feel
that Frank boy and sent the note to the
family to get money like they
so now you want to get romantic huh
well they're just like you bigger I
don't never see you that when your love
calm down
Don't you know how much time you see
when you go.
I work too hard to be treated led by you
where you been
what can I use
I call my girl I work for she's got a
millionaire dad she went off his song
communist guy last night
what a cool room I took this money and
there's more where this came from I bet
thank you Soph you don't keep getting
kidnapped a girl alone
you fucked that girl compatible how I
don't know she will come back.
Oh figured I don't go come back but jeez
about that girl
bigger episode wanted to go break the
trunk back to the station this is also
got a wire from Detroit married
around bigger I wanted to be mr.
Brittain he's a private investigator I
want you to take your time
big card someone ask you some very
important questions what times you take
miss Dalton out of here last night 5:30
you told it at school come on boy
status mochi
I asked you a question no sir no sir I
didn't go to school sir wait to take
loop sir
yeah why did you tell us that before she
told me not to sir we're about to the
loop of 16 Lake Street sir
labor defender's office with our loan
then what happened yeah he's got around
and they want to eat on the south side
and turn these kitchen chef how long we
stay there
he must stay there for about you ate
with them yes
I didn't want to sir they made me but it
was my job sir
get after me asked me that and then I
went in I might say have to drink a
whole no afterwards you drove him home
yes sir what time was that I made it too
how drunk was miss Dalton
so on.
I owe y'all that miss Dalton for me to
take a truck down I said that cuz she
told me not to tell about taking it to
the loop it was mr. Jan from the trade
down that Club and you the top what he
shared my heart so come on bigger don't
stall you tell me what he said about the
it wasn't no party so he made me sit at
his table and anybody don't we can
organize for comrade Oh we'll look I'll
go folding knives ooh
go ahead eat them alone
Let's go along look what is it you want
there this man that don't problem what
fuck this
what the hell it is you should marry.
Dalton last night no
you didn't get these books for that boy
last night all right all right I saw it
last night it you know I didn't tell you
the first place no we don't know come on
you know as well as I do mr. Dalton's
got no use for me my friends I didn't
want to get Mary in any trouble then you
did meet her last night yes and you gave
these books to that boy you and miss.
Dalton cut off last night right I gave
that I hate the pants let's debate it
and no Mary and I were not drunk last
night he had a future agent and that was
all your brother home about - yes - and
you told this boy to take the trunk down
to the basement
say big whistle about people really
trying to do to you come on don't be
speak up always told us all about last
night or Loney so you might as well just
forget it
where's Mary where is she my daughter is
not a Detroit no one knows where she is
we belong late utilities not about Mary
home last night
forget it or lowing you've been lying up
since you got here first say you didn't
come here last night then you say you
did then you say you weren't from last
night then you say you work you don't
even seem sure if you brought Mary
Dalton home or not now do you think
we're fools where's Miss Dahl your
father mother want to know I'm not
telling you anything unless you let me
know what's going on right now I'm
leaving don't let him get you down
look I know that you and I don't agree
on things but this I want my daughter I
want to know what my daughter's I don't
know where she is.
I'll make it with your love
he knows a lot more nice thing I'm going
to call Detroit again
Bigger if they tell you to make you say
those things but it's what it's all
haven't done anything to you have I
where's man hot or talk to you but
tomorrow's English it's our way topic
awful disgusting Paul said leave me
you had a figure what's going on I don't
know she say bigger please don't do this
please don't do this it's not going to
do it again
What's the matter with you boy we're an
having weight and you suffer pillows
there is a chance - Donna knees
how're you doing some coffee there it is
now see about cleaning office kitchen.
Richard uses only thunder the door where
I don't know I just found it in
astronomy okay
did you see who left this note balsa.
Henry what is it it's Mary she's been
oh no man I have escaped it mr. Dalton
janitor Loney says you paid your
chauffeur to lie about it it's not true
chemistry why I have just phoned the
that's the gent are lonely be released
immediately why you don't understand
I want it known that I will not press
charges against him of any time woody
it's important that that be understood I
regret to tell you that daughter Mary is
my daughter mary has been kidnapped
the kidnappers identified themselves we
have a ransom note what are they I will
pay them as instructed
the police are not involved are you a
mother helps to solve it I mean she's a
read sympathizer right Mary is our only
child all right
believe it how come in wooden ladders
coming upstairs I missed all cosmos the
carpet they might you think they're
lonely fellow dinner my come on you know
it's just a phrase boy so what do you
think her lonely took gentlemen help
oh oh figure there's not enough please
you gotta clean those ashes I was
thought a better fire yes.
Hey I just called the paper her loan
he's got a dozen people who will swear
he didn't come here last night you're
going to believe a commie
everybody knows they'll say anything to
protect one of their own oh you get out
of it that fire can't get here
a lot of answers in there Wharton she
took let it get like that it's a very
open the door holding Kasich Thanks
what's the matter what happens like oh
that's just garbage Roberto
it's from a body and what's this the
Our the bleep van hunt continues.
Magda negro reckless and burger police
of already raised over $1,000 South Side.
City quiet neighborhood surrounding 27th
and assistance is there boy like damn
right a preemie the bigger Thomas of
cause you use my child or maybe you made
them kind of thick we all decide that
A bit faster
It's okay trying to get in here for the
last couple of days you can talk to you
maybe I haven't good words to say what I
want to say.
I'm going to try
look I'm struggling what happens think I
know you felt that night because ever
since I heard what happened I felt so
angry it could kill
I'm not dumb bigger I know I didn't
understand that night I know neither of
us understood that night.
I guess I just didn't realize how fall
apart we are and now I can see that you
can only hate me that's all you had
but bigger is a man outside the turnin
friend of mine and Max and let's help
you oh well does he know about it
big I'll save your life back no leave it
alone I can listen figure the seal out
there you tell you unless you do
something to stop there okay max.
Thank You June how are you bigger
I'm from the labor defenders that Jan
tell you I'm going to help you bigger I
ain't got nobody I know that have you
spoken to another lawyer listen to be
bigger they're going to take it to an
inquest this afternoon they're going to
ask you a lot of questions remember you
don't have to tell anyone anything I am
the only one you have to talk to okay on
my territory again I max nice - my
client was like oh that's no ironing
I got enough evidence to put him in a
dozen electric chairs already you can't
help them try to be able to kill before
the April election if I handle the case
boy did you ever think you'd be as
important as you are right now you can't
win what we're taking them see for
stomp mrs. Dalton I'm just dreadfully
sorry have you talked to him has he told
you anything Matt did he say who was
endless with him I think he's just a
killer sir he's got a lawyer with him
bigger please tell us who helped you
we've got to know he's already
implicated alone I know though is all
because as soon as they treating you all
baby we so worried about you the police
standing outside I donate and they
following us around like the driver but
in their crazy they tell them you didn't
do it just tell me and I'll fix up them
to a worry about movements yeah no time
all right Frank would you please escort
these children out come with me let me
there anything I can do anything
my mom all right should happy
ain't nobody but God can stop you
suffering now no bigger feet okay I gave
everything I know how and if I love
anything on so and it's cause I didn't
know cause I did see I got down on my
knees and I asked God if I thought
anything to race you roll and I asked
him to let me battle burden if I've done
wrong by you
constant piggish God's affixed don't
would have announced we go meet you
never but you got to go to some big you
got to folder God's you got faith and
soul I got it
mr. mrs. Dolan I'm sorry mrs. Dalton are
now just a minute mrs. Thomas mrs.
Dalton could you step over here please
no wait what is it Thomas lying down no
please do I know between them don't let
them kill my boy
no you're sorry you never know there is
a Libra
Nothing I can do and you mustn't think
you have too many jokes not to live that
they believe but though he says please
sir please - don't you originate you are
Richard album and complete your peoples
I go move on but how do we know I know
where to live where I know where to live
oh please
he say my son please don't listen to my
songs all we don't waver
okay max will see in the hearing right
now don't worry.
Ramin what I said and the only one you
have to talk
come on have a seat.
I know how you feel boy
you're colored and you think you've
haven't gotten square deal don't you
maybe even thinking about this color
question for a long time
you think I don't understand what I do I
know how it feels to walk those streets
out there just like other people talking
like that and dress like them but cut
off and the only reason is the color of
your skin and it hurts
pretty crazy sometimes
just like this other colored boy I
talked to you raped a woman just like
you right now adult but later that girl.
John wrote that kidnap no didn't.
but Jen told you to write it in you know
let's try and blame him nobody in this
for me.
Hello bigger bigger you gotta talk to me
tell me about that night bigger what you
want to know you don't know already why
did you kill Mary Dalton
oh no bigger it won't do either of us
any good if you won't talk to me help me
talk to me bigger you've got to help me
defend you why did you kill her I didn't
learn the killer tell me what happened
it has to do they don't matter
did you later not all mr. max did I
can't tell you
this is like me and do you I was talking
like that Mike - I hate her
did she tell you why she didn't doesn't
split up I mean she doesn't like
questions to talk and she act like she
knew me all the like I said no damn
thing about me I hated her.
I knew virgins she was an innocent rich
girl who knew personally nothing nothing
about the world
she was harmless little damping after
death she wanted me to tell her how.
Negros view she won't sit next to me in
the car he can yeah no I mean
she made me feel like at night my gut I
didn't know that girl all that news are
the killers of girls like her again.
Erin's acting toward you the only way
she knew how I was acting towards her
the only way I knew how she's like all
the rest oh she was to that like it
pushes she maybe she was trying to be
kind you see an act like I can't a
little part they smile at you and say
are you doing
they feel good about it cuz I don't that
she was like folks she's married
don't she's saying colors the rest of
them I'm gonna die knowing that girl
you wouldn't be worrying about dying you
wouldn't have killed Mary if you just
told mrs. Dalton what was wrong as soon
as she came to the door have room all
you had to do was tell the truth
wouldn't have made no difference she was
white I was black I was dead once I
walked into that room it all turned out
bad no matter what white folks they just
wanna keep you in that same little spot
and you didn't want to stay there no I
I'm gonna try and stop him from selling
it bigger dare rush in this trial
Nigga Thomas your eyes
courageous nineteen if you are found
guilty the court upon weighing the
evidence presented they have one of
three options to sentence you to a term
of not less than fourteen years to send
you to prison for the rest of your
natural life what is sent to you today
do you understand yes
so I will begin one week from today
Bring it.
Must have been a terrible shock to you
that he heard about Mary's dead yes but
you told him to read these communist
laws I gave them but you did not expect
that he would go so far as to raise
objects and murder Mary blowhole I mean
I did not expect anything
It's just an ordinary color with basic
amenities talk objection your honor T is
the objection you ask me
Don't can you identify the object I'm
placing innocent yes
my grandmother gave these earrings to my
mother for 18 for a bit Who am I the
cable play on my left ear I can't
Society has a right to protect itself
from those who would destroy it our
children have the right to walk the
streets safe from harm and in order for
us to ensure those right we must
safeguard them through the fullest to
execution of the law
killing bigoted comments on the same
conditions that spawned the existing
streets of this very moment and if we
allow those conditions to persist into
future generations will come to see a
bigger Thomas murder in on every street
Jagr Thomas will you rise in number 666
893 indictment the verdict the sentence
of this Court is that bigger Thomas
shall die Honor before midnight Friday.
March the 3rd in a manner described by
the laws of this state
Anything we can do for you.
I'm sorry we
question you ask what questions the day
my day they asked me questions about
you ask me questions nobody ever asked
me to fall we got done but you treating
me like a man of course sometimes
hseyin ask me questions because
maintain they can seem scared.
I saw I saw Afghan night and I saw the
other people too
mr. Maddox I know two foxes that need
you to die they hated me they hated me
like I hated them so I thought all sit
around you scared death each other
I saw him say as I saw me instead.
I'm alright now
I go back
they would let me live kill I do so now
come on Oman was alright because I was
already and I wasn't found
tonight snow this math tell mister tell.
Jan I said hello I will take it goodbye