Natpe Thunai (2019) Movie Script

Our pride and the historical
ground; the Aranganathan ground
As we celebrate
it's 64th anniversary...
our historical leader,
minister P Harichandran...
is on his way here
In order to pay ode to our great
leader, Lt. Thiru. V J Aranganathan...
the man himself, the human
encyclopedia is on his way
The man who shines upon us like
the light house, is on his way
He is the ex health minister
and current sport minister
Son of our soil, our very own
brave heart is on his way
The voice of the down trodden
and the living legend is here!
Here he comes!
Here comes our heartbeat!
Here comes our minister!
To all my brothers, sisters
and friends from Karaikal...
my heartfelt greetings to one and all
When I see these young
players gathered here...
it reminds me of the lines written by
the poet Bharathidasan from Pondicherry
" Be on your toes, children.
Let not laziness overtake you"
- What is it?
- Great poert Bahrathiyar wrote that
Sekilar wrote Kambharamayanam!
Thiruvalluvar wrote the Purananuru!
It's only when I make a mistake, these
media people highligh it to embarrass me
And in the process if they write
few lines about this academy...
then the purpose of my
intentional mistake is served
As I talk about this academy, it reminds
me of a tragedy from my childhood
Chief, please control yourself
As a child I couldn't afford a hockey bat
and I used to play hockey with a ladle
Only if there was an honest
minister like me back then
You would have got an excellent hockey
player like Sachin and Dhoni, for sure
In a way it's good because you got
an honest minister in me, today
I promise you all this...
The hockey stick that these
palyers use might be bent...
but I'll will never bend and pave way for
anything that will snatch their freedom
I promise that we shall practice, fight and
win gold in a disciplined and honest way
All I feel like saying is...
our trophy is our right!
Thank you!
That speech got me crying
Long live minister Harichandran!
Long live the legend!
Long live our minister!
Long live minister Harichandran!
This is unfair
Hi sir
- How are you?
- Hi
I'm a big fan of yours.
What are you doing here?
Drats! I was better
off reviewing movies
Joined this news channel
and it's exhausting
What's the problem, sir?
I hear that there is a
history behind this ground
I thought I'll find it out from
the minister but he just left
I need to film a documentary about
it but looks like it's impossible
Sir, the history behind this ground?
- Come with me. I'll help you
- Really?
I know someone who can tell you but
do you have the patience and time?
Come on! I do
- Then follow me, sir
- Come on
Come on
Sir, he is the one I
was talking about
I see
Don't you keep repeating the history
of Sir Aranganathan to everyone here...
Here is someone who
wants to know about it
Narrate it one more time for him
- Right! Sure
- See you, sir
- See you
- So nice of you
First, have this juice
- Sir Aranganathan...
- Just a minute, sir
Let me place the mic
- So are you gonna record whatever I'm gonna narrate?
- Of course
That's not just a statue
of Sir Aranganathan...
That's an idol of a God
Our God!
I was 16 years old then
Though the Britishers left and India
got it's independence in 1947...
Pondicherry didn't attain
it's independence until 1954
It remained as a colony
under the French
This ground is a part of a
place called Kilinjalmedu
Which in turn comes under
the Karaikkal district
That was the time genetically modified farming
was slowly making it's way into India
French businessman Dumas
witnessed all these...
He felt that he could earn a fortune if he
also could start and run a manure business
Hence he made up his mind
to start a manure business
That's where all the issues began
If the wastes were dumped into
the flowing water body...
it shall find it's way into sea.
The ground is right beside the stream
where the sea and the river meet...
and he got the approval from the French
governor to start his company here
There was no way we were
gonna let that happen!
Back in those days, the
Britishers had a practice
In order to solve any land
disputes under their control...
they would face off in the
game they are good at...
and the dispute will be settled
in the favor of the winner
Hockey is to French like
Cricket is to the Britishers
And so...
The governor called for a hockey match between the
French company and the fishermen in this area
I was a young blood and I
immediatley shouted out...
" This is unfair"
" A rich Dumas has the government
and the officials by his side"
" Whom do we have? Whom do we trust in?"
( In friendship, we trust!)
During the 1948 Olympics...
the only Tamizhan who played in the
independent Indian hockey team...
was our own Aranganathan sir
He was the first ever player to
be India's hockey goal keeper
The first coach of the
Kilijalmedu's hockey team
It was him!
He said made me the goal keeper and said
" I can see! You have no fear in you!"
I didn't let the opponent
score even a single goal!
We defeated the company
team with a score of 3-0!
After winning under his coaching, the
governor too jumped onto our side
As a gratitude, we handed
over the land to him
He said "A sport keeps
everyone healthy and fit"
He handed back the ground to us
This ain't just a ground as
far our people are concerned
This is our temple where our Sir
Aranganathan continues to live
- Slevi
- Yes ma'am
- That's my birth place
- Is it?
I was born and brought up,
playing in that ground
Thank God, at least now people
know about Sir Aranganathan
- Kumar...
- Madam?
Here you go
Madam! Madam! Madam!
Madam! Madam! Madam!
Madam! Madam!
Looks like Prabha want to leave
us all and travel to France
Go, mind your business
Ma'am, French carnival dance
program is happening at the beach
Prabha, then that police man...
and those little brats from the streets...
he has submitted all their
names for the dance
He already believes that he is French
Do you think he'll return
if he goes to France?
You go and take care of the food
arrangements. They'll be soon here
You aren't getting the
seriousness of the issue....
Shall I tell you
something you don't know
Guess who is their dance master
My elder brother
And next on stage is...
Bruce Lee and team
' Oh my! Look at the physique'
' Check out the nerves of steel'
' Strong and smooth like
a stone yet so real!'
' With the scars of wars,
which is the real deal'
' We are from the local but with
the standards of international'
' Repeat after us! Repeat after us!'
' We are from the local but with
the standards of international'
' So make way! Make way!
' Fail in love and
friendship will heal you'
' So never ditch a friend
for love, mind you!'
' We are the show offs
from where we come'
' Bitch about our friend and
we'll bash you till you go numb'
' In friendship, we trust!
In friendship, we trust!'
' Nothing like friendship,
it is the best!'
' Shout it out'
' In friendship, we trust!
In friendship, we trust!'
' Nothing like friendship,
it is the best!'
' Even if death awaits, I
will stand by my friend'
' You might be the lord of
death but it'll be your end'
' Mess with my friend and
you will become my foe'
' Show off and you will be no more'
' Dear fake people, out you go'
' Frienship is the religion I follow'
' In friendship, we trust!
In friendship, we trust!'
' Nothing like friendship,
it is the best!'
' Shout it out'
' In friendship, we trust!
In friendship, we trust!'
' Nothing like friendship,
it is the best!'
' Keep left! Left! Left!'
' Keep right! Right! Right!'
' And now straight! Straight! Straight!'
' Hit it! Hit it! Hit it!'
' This is the gang with
whom I like to hang'
' And this is the song
that we wrote as a band'
' Oh my! Look at the physique'
' Check out the nerves of steel'
' Strong and smooth like
a stone yet so real!'
' With the scars of wars,
which is the real deal'
' He is a brave heart and
has a heart of gold'
' Mess with him and you will be trolled'
' He is a brave heart and
has a heart of gold'
' Mess with him and you will be trolled'
' Never give up! Never give up!'
' Prabhakara! Prabhakara'
' Never give up! Never give up!'
' Prabhakara! Prabhakara'
' Keep left! Left! Left!'
' Keep right! Right! Right!'
' And now straight! Straight!
' Hit it! Hit it! Hit it!'
' Oh my! Look at the physique'
' Check out the nerves of steel'
' Strong and smooth like
a stone yet so real!'
' With the scars of wars,
which is the real deal'
' Oh my! Look at the physique'
' Check out the nerves of steel'
' Strong and smooth like
a stone yet so real!'
' With the scars of wars,
which is the real deal'
' Oh my! Look at the physique'
' Check out the nerves of steel'
' Strong and smooth like
a stone yet so real!'
' With the scars of wars,
which is the real deal'
Everything's gone!
Dance is a form of art
Come again!
Is this how you perform?
Is that what I taught you?
No expression on the face!
Nothing to shell out!
Uncle, I got the steps right.
Didn't I?
Yeah right! Let me
watch that step again
' Oh my! Look at the physique'
You call this a physique?
You call that a dance step?
Is that how I taught you?
Prabha, wanna watch
me dance that step?
' Oh my! Look at the physique'
' You retard! Sit down'
All of us are upset because we
are unable to fly to France
Now that's what is
wrong about is this
- Ain't I being soft with you all
- Shut up!
- He is my uncle
- My foot!
You both are dicussing as if he is
Raju Sundaram and you, Prabhu Deva
All you made was two tiny
steps like 1st and 2nd
I was happily whiling away time at home,
in Karaikkal and you got me here!
What in the hell is this get up?
I kook like an item dancer
You! Remember I'm sparing your life
becase your end is already near
Don't you show up
anywhere around me
Forget him
Get lost! Come on, girls.
Let go to some other party
Hey, stop!
Forget him, Prabha. We can handle it
You! It's all because of you!
To hell with dance! Damn it!
He is a real pain in the head, buddy
Hey! Hold on. Quiet
Inspector is calling me
I'll nab Prabhakaran within 24
hours and I'll beat him to pulp!
I'll kick his...
What's your problem?
Answer me
Stop acting like the
victim in Psycho movie!
- What's your problem?
- Listen...
How dare you mess with the
girls who visit the beach?
How dare you judge him?
My buddy is hardcore single!
He won't even bat an eye to the girls
and you say he messed with them?
I'll finish you off
Quiet, you worm!
Look here, I'm a police!
How dare you raise your voice?
Then who are they?
- Is it them?
- Uh-oh, these guys?!
Durai, what are you doing here?
Inspector ordered me to nab Prabhakaran.
Hence I'm here to catch him. I'm in mufti
Why did you turn up in uniform?
Won't he find out?
Aiyo, you guys spoiled
everything for me
He might escape!
He is over there? I called the police.
Make it fast
He is over there
So, who are these guys?
It's not him
Sorry. Ok
A small confusion. Sorry!
A small confusion?
Dude, we must not spare
this girl's life
She got confused and hit you!
She hit Proabhakaran?
Leave before it
turns inot a riot!
I will apologize
I hit him right? I'll apologize
Hello! Sorry
Ok? Sorry
Sounds good?
Don't you call yourself
a hardcore single!
Stop nodding
Will he fall in love?
He is already in love
He is aleady in love?
We just solved an issue
Take him away before
he starts another one
Take him away! Take him!
Hi sir
This is Kilinjalmedu
There is a natural beauty about this place
The place where the sea meets the river
Do you see this ground there?
This is where we are
gonna build our factory
The waste that emits from our factory...
will be dumped into the flowing water i.e
the river and it'll get disposed in the sea
we will not have any problem
Any questions, gentleman?
Oh yeah
What about the
environmental clearance?
We can do it as in Congo
To answer your question gentleman...
Sharmaji is the member of the parliament
He is gonna take care of that
we have better infrastructure than Africa
Especially in South India. There
is a city or a town every 200 kms
There is a metropolitan
city nearby Kilinjalmedu
And we're gonna change this
zone to economical friendly
we will also get tax exemption
So, how does that sound?
So, what about the local government?
We will be dumping lot of medical wastes
I don't want any problems in future
You know what, the local minister
belongs to Sharmaji's party
Harichandran is our friend
He is from my party
there is a long term investment involved
But we only got three months
That's 90 days
That's a lot of time
We can do it
Why don't you send Prabhakaran
to France for few days?
"You'll learn only if you travel and
explore" said the Superstar in Baba!
Dear brother, he won't
return if he goes there
He'll settle down there
He'll find out that he has French
nationality when he applies for visa
Nationality? What do you mean?
His grandpa was in French police
So he automatically
has the citizenship
His grandpa passed away the
day he got the nationality
He had been to renew it...
that's when he had an heart attack and...
Sentimentally, I don't prefer France
Remember, this is important...
no one else in the
family knows about it
No one must find out either
He is my only son
All my struggles are for him
I cannot live away from him
Don't you doubt me, dear
If this secret is leaks
consider that I am no more!
Did we receive all the cheques?
The cheque from Cuddalore is here
Only the cheque from
Vishakapatnam is balance
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Stop it! All of you!
I know you are jobless, Frankie
So did you set out on a
carnival to earn some money?
He doesn't understand any
other language than French
What's your problem?
Give it to me
What he wants to convey is that...
25 years ago...
Prabhakaran, the prince of France had
come down to India for vacation...
and finally now, he has started his
journey back to his motherland, France
Hence, his hand Mr. Frankie...
and his friend 'Apache' Ravi...
and all his kindergarten friends...
are here to see him off
Apachino! Napoleano! Prabhakarano!
Apachino! Napoleano! Prabhakarano!
Liberty! Equality! Fraternity!
Liberty! Equality! Fraternity!
Liberty! Equality! Fraternity!
Stop it!
Liberty! Equality! Fraternity!
All you'll get is one slap!
I want you all to vacate this
place in five minutes. Leave!
We shall leave but to France!
He'll require a Visa to travel to France
Don't be stupid!
I meant you
Only foreigners need Visa
Why would a French citizen require Visa?
He's got the nationality
- Uh-oh! She is giving me that stare
- So you told them?
They fixed a bug in me and
heard everything through it
- Look at his excuse
- Come here
Don't you lock me and
embarrass me in public
I'll deal with you later
He does have the nationality
But he'll have to go to his uncle's
house at Karaikkal to renew it
Poor mother of India
We are talking about flying to France...
and Karaikkal is just right nearby!
Tell her, dude...
Where did he go?
Did he leave to Karaikkal?
- Greetings
- Greetings
How are you?
Whoa! I'm fine too
- Is he available?
- Yes, he is there inside
- He is Tetrastar GM
- Welcome
Sir, what about that amount
from the other scheme?
Chief, look who's here
Take them inside
Ok, chief. Ok. Please, come
Come on, chief
Don't worry. This is my
region and my people
I'll take care
- Ok. Thanks a lot
- See you then
- What is it?
- Central minister is here
Forgot the body language?
- Is this enough?
- Superb!
Shall I count to three. One...two...three!
Please be seated. So happy to
have the party seniors here
So, tell me
Go ahead. Tell him
Greetings, Mr. Harichandranji
I'm Aravind Rathore
I'm the marketing head
at Tetrastar company
And why waste time
Let's get down to business
The great Thiruvalluvar once said...
With all the happiness and
pleasure filled in our hearts...
I am Harichandran
Chief, looks like he didn't understand that
If he can't understand 2000
years old language, Tamizh...
how does he expect me to know
the recently invented Hindi?
Don't you get his point?
Like how you can't understand
Tamizh, we can't understand Hindi
Shall we converse in English?
I can talk in Tamil
- He says that in English
- See that, he knows Tamizh
Let me come to the point directly
Tetrastar is a medical multinational company
We want to open a factory in Karaikkal
We need the Aranganathan ground
Which is that?
That ground
I promise you all this!
Remember, you gave a speech
over there the other day?
That ground? Go ahead, tell me
There's gonna be lot
of job opportunities
Multiplexes, theaters, hospitals...the whole
place is going to witness a development
Forget that development and
talk about our development
- What's wrong with him?
- Wait, I'll explain
What's your project's value?
1 billion
- Looks like a big project indeed
- Whoa!
And 10% is your share
Seal the deal in a smooth manner
and you get additional 2%
120 million, right?
Sounds good
Can be done. With pleasure!
When a north Indian wants our place to
develop, we too would like to join hands
Forget that place. I'll
get you another place
15 acres in the center of the city.
You don't even have to pay!
When a north Indian
wants our welfare...
Shouldn't we reciprocate. It's free.
You don't have to pay
You can start your project there
- Chief, over there
- Wait, let them think over it
- Ji...
- Tell him
You don't want that place, right?
- You need that ground in particular, right?
- Yes! Yes!
How about that?
That's my chief!
Now, tell me. What's the
value of your project?
It's 5 billion. Correct?
Everything is mentioned
in your company's website
Google it and all the craps are listed out
We are the masters of deceiving and
they wanna play that game with us?
So, now tell me. What's our share?
Sir, 12%
The same 12% but how much
is that out of 5 billion?
A 500 million and
another 100 million
Add 2% for all those lies
Impose 1% for dealing in Hindi
- Round it off to 15%. How much is the total now?
- 750 million
- Sounds good?
- Chief, the tax
He will take care of that too when
he is already taking care of so much
Please do ensure all that are paid
Come on
Sharmaji, we all are
businessman here
They run a company and we run a party
Both of us require lot of money
Explain him that this will workout
Sir, give me two days time
- What? Two days?
- I'll speak with my boss and get back to you , sir
Crap! So aren't you the head?
Sharma, why would you
waste my time like this?
- What's all this?
- I fell for his beard and tie
Stand steady. We shall bend
when the real boss is here
You just messed it up!
Chief, you just took the central by storm!
That was swag!
Now, wear those coolers!
Give it to me
Frankie, looks like I'll have to wait two
weeks to get the nationality verified
My uncle is being a pain. I can't stay here
I'll return home
There is nothing over here
Bye aunty
Be careful
Hi! How are you? Fine?
I guess he is new here
We must bash him up!
We must beat him to pulp!
- We must break his jaws...
- Boss...
Is there any route to get
inside the ground from here?
Boss, that's a dead end. Only the
hockey ground and temple are there
Since the minister is coming,
you can't bypass the crowd
- Hit him! Hit him!
- Any other route?
Another route? Go that
way and come in this way
She'll have to come out from here.
I'll wait here
You! Hi!
Excuse me!
- Oh my God!
- Are you hurt?
Why are you ignoring me?
Was this the guy you
met in Pondicherry?
Shut up!
So, you do recognize me!
But I can't see
Stop mocking
What's your problem?
You bashed me up the other
day, did I utter a word?
I just wanted to say 'Hl'
Just a friendly meet
This is too much
Boss, look! This girl is impossible
Excuse me! Why are you
running away from me?
Please move, boss
Aiy-aiyo, he is following
us in his bike
Run! Run!
- Players, sir
- Ok. Go
Let's be friends
She is my friend, bro
Listen you can't get in now
Bro! Bro! Please understand!
You can go in only after minister leaves
You heard me!
Move your bike! Move it!
The minister is going that way.
I'll go the other way
Please! Please! Come on!
Come on, please!
- Ok, you may go now
- Awesome. Bonjour! Bonjour!
Move! Quick!
Hi, looking for me?
- Hello
- Who do you think you are? A thug?
Are you stalking me?
What do you want?
Just say ok and I'll be on my way
Say 'Ok'?
The other day when you bet
me up bad and apologized
I was confused back then hence
I'm acknowledging it now
So if you acknowledge my acknowledgment
the I'll be double happy!
I have been looking for you all around
You again?
Sorry but you're late!
Your friend just said 'Ok'
She said 'Ok?'
Just come!
- Hey, I'll come visit you here everyday! Ok?
- I'll finish you!
Let's meet everyday
' Oh you Malayali girl!
You got the killer looks'
' You mesmerize me! Stealing
my heart like a crook'
' Dancing all the way, here
comes the Kerala birdie'
' She is stealing my heart
and I'm no more sturdy!'
' Hardcore single; that is who I was'
' Not anymore, she's got
me dancing in her paws'
' Hardcore single; that is who I was'
' Not anymore, she's got
me dancing in her paws'
' She ain't your cliched
heroine from the chick flick'
' The girl who acts like she is too
cute; no! She ain't that chick'
' She has an attitude
and you can see it'
' That is what attracts me bit by bit'
' Those eyes! Man I'm in love! She is
making me desperate and I can't tell how'
' She has an attitude
and you can see it'
' That is what attracts me bit by bit'
' Those eyes! Man I'm in love! She is
making me desperate and I can't tell how'
' Do you love me, baby?'
' Give me a sign, oh my lady!'
' The beauty from the
fairy tales; that's her!'
' Her smile makes
my world go blurr'
' I think she is
falling for me too'
' Oh hell yeah! Looks
like it's true!'
' Hardcore single; that is who I was'
' Not anymore, she's got
me dancing in her paws'
' Oh you Malayali girl!
You got the killer looks'
' You mesmerize me! Stealing
my heart like a crook'
' Hardcore single; that is who I was'
' Not anymore, she's got
me dancing in her paws'
' Oh you Malayali girl!
You got the killer looks'
' You mesmerize me! Stealing
my heart like a crook'
' Those eyes! Man I'm in love! She is
making me desperate and I can't tell how'
' Those eyes! Man I'm in love! She is
making me desperate and I can't tell how'
' The beauty from the
fairy tales; that's her!'
' Her smile makes
my world go blurr'
' I think she is
falling for me too'
' Oh hell yeah! Looks
like it's true!'
You'd have been thinking about
Deepa but sorry to disturb
Who are you?
Don't you recognize me?
- Look carefully
- Nope, I don't know
Boss, at Karaikkal! The beggar...
The violin...
Oh! Yeah
I remember that guy playing violin outside
my uncle's house. So you are that beggar?
He is the beggar. I'm the one
who is staking your cousin Sandhya
How dare you?
I have been trying for long now
I did everything from serving milk
packets to groceries but no luck
But you? Just in two days...
Two days... in the temple
and on the streets...
How do you know?
You were following Deepa...
And I was following you
Now I'm following you all
over the social media
Let me show you...
What do you want?
If you help me...
I'll help you back
It's got him thinking
No thanks
Boss, you will need my help
Because the coach here
is a very strict person
Only players are allowed inside
Help me with my love and
I'll help you to get in
Let help each other to win our lovers heart
So what do you say?
He's thinking again
So say with me... We are
gonna fall in love! Come on!
- We are gonna fall in love!
- We are gonna fall in love!
- Aiy-aiyo!
- What is it?
Who are these guys with hockey sticks?
Are they gonna beat us up?
They are the players. Their
coaching session just got over
That's the coach
Stay calm and casual
- He is calling you
- Bravo!
Yes sir? Yes sir?
Why aren't you attending
practice sessions?
Well... alert...
Who is this?
- Friend
- Cousin
He is my cousin but we
are more like friends
- Right!
- Yes sir
Doesn't appear so
Sir, he is a body builder
Cousin, show me your arms
Not like this. This way
Sir, he is a body builder...
but it's long since he worked out
He needs place to run
- So if you permit him to run here...
- Yes, I'll be back in shape
Sir, only if you allow
Looks like he isn't willing. I'm sorry
Do not disturb anyone in the ground
Run only on the track
Ok sir? Sounds good
- 15 rounds
- Ok sir, I'll run
Come on! Let's go!
Hold it like this and swing it like this!
You'll miss. So,
don't play like that
As per coach's instructions...Hey Bravo!
Uh-oh! Not just my day
Who is he? Where are you taking him?
He has coach's permission to workout here
That's not enough. Ain't I
also part of the authority?
All he needs is a salute
Greetings, sir!
Ok, go ahead. Careful
Bravo, mind you actions. You have
become too mischievous of late
Who is that body builder,
threatening those kids?
He is an innocent
Look again
Whoa! He is having
a lollipop like a kid
Where is your shoe?
Bravo, who is that?
My friend, Sunny Leone
Oh. Two rounds. Run faster!
He is a kid for sure!
He is the PT master in the
school right behind this ground
- I see
- Since there is no ground in the school...
coach asked them to use this ground
Your coach sounds like a kind person
Who are those dancers?
Don't you recognize them? The famous
dancers from superstar movie!
Like them in the movie, these
guys are the local dancers here
Let me tell you something, I am
the one who reformed them and...
- Stop bluffing
- Right, you saw it coming
Coach asked them to play hockey but
they are interested only in dance
Looks like your coach changes lives
Yes, he is a great man
Boss, let's leave
Why does he keep staring like that?
Who is he?
That's how he is by nature
He was the vice captain of the
Pondicherry hockey team, last year
He is showing off because chances
are he'll be the captain this year
Boss, the whole ground is under his control
But I'm not afraid of him!
He fears me!
- He is calling you
- Yes, Asif bro
- Why?
- I was just seeing who fears whom
Just kidding
Why is everyone so mean and rude here
I am exhausted
There's Deepa
Boss, this the first day. Come
back tomorrow and talk to her
This is what I am here for!
Now, watch me convince her
Just completed 300 rounds
Give me a juice
You! Finally you followed me
all the way to the ground?
' I followed her to the ground
because she is a player'
' If she was an astronaut, I would
have followed her to the moon'
Why is there no reaction at all?
That sounded too complex
She won't understand. Language problem
- Ok, watch me now
- You!
I am talking to you
I am also talking to you
But you don't seem to understand
You tell me how should I
convey it and I'll do that!
He is a body builder
A body builder?
Let me see
Sorry boss. Was it embarrassing?
Body builder, my foot!
Boss you're now fully
qualified to fall in love
- You proceed
- Bravu...
Grandpa, it's Bravo!
Being my grandson, I named
you Pradeeshban Veerapandian
And you shortened it to Bravo!
What are you up to?
He says you're his grandson
Yes, he is my grandpa
He is the last survivor to have
played with Sir Aranganathan
Wait, I'll finish you off
So you're a hockey player?
Run! Run! He asked for it
Look here
Along with Sir Aranganathan....
What happened?
You shouldn't have asked that
Sir Aranganathan practiced and played
in this ground from 1948 to 1956
There was a war that took
place for this ground
We were made slaves
Sir Aranganathan helped us get it back
You are now standing on the
ground that he once stood on
Also, do you know what...
Don't fall asleep. Hear me out
You are able to walk and jog
here, thanks to Sir Aranganathan
Everyone is able to play
and practice here....
thanks to him again!
Listen dear...
I have a group photo along with him
- Also...
- Look someone is calling you
Who is it?
Check it out for yourself
- Where? Who is it?
- Escape!
Check the next one
Sir, a ground from where
many players have emerged
You had even promised during the 60th
anniversary, saying " Our game! Our trophy!'
- Its that...
- What's wrong with the headlines?
Our team did it
Ask them write something that
will be etched in history
Like I was the one who helped
leaders like Kamaraj and MGR, etc
Won't it be too much?
It is to spread fake news,
we are paying our I.T wing
- Do it
- Ok chief
Who are you?
Sir, sports director, Prakash
Sir there is a history
behind this ground
Everything in this nation
has a history behind it
Did you notice at the entrance?
My photo has the caption
'The living history'
So stop talking about
history and stuff!
Can we rent that ground for lease to
build an hospital and a medical center?
Sir, there is only one legal way to do it
Say what it is. We want legal stuffs.
We hate illegal activities
Like Yanam, Mahe and Karaikkal, there
are seven academies under Pondicherry.
If an academy doesn't perform well then their
ground can be rented out for a lease...
and that income can be used
to fund the other academies
Then do it
But they perform equally good
as the Pondicherry academy
For the past four years at least two
players have emerged every year
Not only that, their coach
trains them really well
Who is that? Shah Rukh Khan?
Half of the nation thinks Shah Rukh
Khan is national hockey team coach!
What coach are you
talking about?
How can we turn that academy and the ground
to fall in under performing category?
Sir, they must not participate
in any tournament and...
if none of them get selected for the state
team then it'll come under that category
That shall be done!
But they will get selected for sure!
They must not
Ensure they don't get selected
If I do that, then the academy will
question me asking who is behind all this
Then confuse them
How will I do that?
Say Illuminati!
Look, even he's confused
When we are caught red handed...
point to something invisible and
they will start worrying about it
Meanwhile we must escape
Sir, evidences?
Evidences is essential only
to prove the truth
Chaos is all you need
to make a lie win!
Guess who said it?
Surely not Kannadasan
Sinthanaialar Silambarasan....
Sir, Thiruvalluvar
Actor Aravind Swami said it!
- Tell him
- That was swag, chief
Now, leave
- My promotion
- Now, leave. He'll take care of it
Don't forget about my promotion
Arrgh! To hell with this
He is crazy
Grandpa, a juice for me
- Ok
- Why is he calling now?
Hold this
Why are you crying?
I'll kidnap Deepa outside
her college gate
- You both are tying the knot today
- Kidnap Deepa?
Uh-oh! I must inform
this to boss right away
Boss! Pick up the call!
Alien baby, Deepa's dad is a police
What? A police?
That's why I'm tell you
Alien baby, forget her
Yesterday she spoke to me for
the first time in the ground
But now your family wants me gone!
Because her dad must not bash
you up in the same ground
Focus on moving to France
- First break his friendship
- Stop! Stop!
- Hey! Watch out
- Boss! Boss! Boss!
Why aren't you picking calls?
My phone...
I kept it inside. I didn't
want you to get diverted
What's the matter?
Boss, Asif and his friends
are planning to kidnap Deepa
Planning to kidnap Deepa? What do you mean?
Yes because one of Asif's
friend in love with Deepa...
and they are planning to get them
married at Thirukundram temple
Which route are they talking?
Through Arasur and Aathpur...
- Hop on
- Old dialogue
Hey! Watch out!
Boss, guess the caught her
Why did you swirl us around
What if he had rammed
me thinking I'm alone?
Too bad!
Go bring my Seethai, Hanuman!
Looks like he watches
lot of dubbing serials
I saw her! I saw her!
Boss, Deepa is in here
Listen, no Prabha!
Who are you?
Damn, kids!
Excuse me, let go of Deepa!
Who are you? Leave!
Deepa's my girl!
Deepa's my girl! I'm
gonna marry her
They love each other and
they will get married
You better leave
No way I can leave
my lover stranded
Don't you understand?!
How dare you raise hands on him?
Whoa! Where were all these guys until now?
Let me handle this
Check if that mosquito
on your cheek is dead
Buddy, we are done for!
Hail Bhavani!
There's another Deepa
Uh-oh! Her dad's here
There's Deepa, who is she?
- Nayathara!
- Where?
Wait. Your father-in-law is here
Please don't rat us out
Uncle, he is the guy
I was eloping with my lover. These
guys are creating unwanted issues
Please inquire them
Is this an age for such activities?
- Look how he is beating!
- He loves his daughter!
Daddy, help me!
This is a different Deepa!
Sorry, my bad
You got six men to kidnap her?
She would've come all by herself
- Don't you judge her
- Deepa, come here
See that?
- Awesome!
- Sir
Greetings, sir
Uh-oh, here comes the boulder
Guess he used washing soda to
clean his head. It's so shiny
Total damage?
Why is he limping?
So, are you the reason your
son is behaving like a thug?
If I press charges under Goondas
Act, his career will be over!
Look at him stare
- Sridhar...
- Uncle?
You both come here
Uncle, we are
comfortable over here
Ok, if you insists
Hello uncle
Of course, how else should
I address Deepa's dad?
Uh-oh, he keeps pushing me in soup
Uncle is here, sir
He is his uncle
Hi uncle
He is my uncle
Yes and he is my uncle
- This fellow?
- Why are you late, uncle?
Daddy! Daddy!
Sir, he is my father
Dad, tell him
I am his father
Sridhar's mom...
I hope you're not confused
I'm not confused
Please, take all of them away!
Take all of them away! Leave!
Come, let's leave
I'm having this tea, uncle
- Prabha, did you drink from it?
- They drove me crazy!
Excuse me, sir
Can I take leave?
Get lost you retard! Go away!
Thank you, sir
There's Deepa!
Uh-oh! There is goes again
That's her!
Aunt, she's the one
Excuse me, boss!
Sir, we didn't notice your
daughter, Deepa at all
Not that. There is Onam function at my
home today evening. My wife invited you
She did call me
- Please come! Do come
- Ok, we'll come
Not now. You may leave now
Why didn't you guys tell
me about the function?
Oh, come on now
Take him away
See you, sir
Greetings. Welcome
Deepa, enough. Come on
Uncle, please get those drums
Are you looking for someone?
The one who always
wanders along with you
Boss, she is indeed awaiting your arrival!
You may come in
Chetta, start music!
'Kerala is the
state I belong to'
'Mr. Vijayan is the CM; I know!'
'Kathakali is the dance I'm onto'
' Coz I want you! My baby!'
'Kerala is the
state I belong to'
'Mr. Vijayan is the CM; I know!'
'Kathakali is the dance I'm onto'
' Coz I want you! My baby!'
' Coz I want you!'
' Oh my dear Kerala treat'
' Our combo will be a great hit'
' But only if you are all set'
' Without you I'll be dead!'
' Oh yeah! I'll be dead!'
' I'll manage to speak your tongue'
' Just tell me what do you want?'
' Even the stars from your
place are good friends'
' Your smile? Oh my God!'
' It raises my heartbeat!
Oh dear Lord!'
' We are the perfect
match, so come on!'
'Kerala is the
state I belong to'
'Mr. Vijayan is the CM; I know!'
'Kathakali is the dance I'm onto'
' Coz I want you! My baby!'
'Kerala is the
state I belong to'
'Mr. Vijayan is the CM; I know!'
'Kathakali is the dance I'm onto'
' Coz I want you! My baby!'
' Coz I want you!'
' All I'm trying is to be your mister '
' All the other girls are now my sister'
' I don't know but I might end up
at the prison for falling in love'
' Here comes her father,
the Malabar police'
' Here he comes with the
weapon to hunt you down'
Keep it in the locker
What's up Arul Bose?
What's happening?
Uncle, we all were just
trying to dance Kathakali
Dance will now turn into martial arts
You better escape
Start music!
Bravo, ten laps! Non stop!
What's wrong with you?
Not even a single guy got selected
All that training is a waste. Right?
- Asif?
- Sir
Last time you were the vice captain
This time, not even in the team
- Sir, they intentionally...
- No, don't give me any reasons
Yes sir
You guys didn't perform hence you
didn't get selected. Accept it
And train for it
Now, go
- Sir
- Yes Kathir
No point in scolding them
They weren't even
allowed for trials
Also, something is fishy. Looks
like our students were cornered
Why do you think so?
Sir our ground is now listed
in under performing category
Our ground?
Also the talks are that the ground
will be rented out for a lease
Prakash would've intimated me
Sir it was Prakash who signed
the papers and passed it
Of course sir! This is an open tournament
for the clubs all across India
Dhyanchand academy has been
hosting it for 60 years now
Greetings sir
Can I meet Prakash?
He is in a meeting regarding the tournament
Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chandigarh,
Amritsar, Tirvananthapuram...
It has even been hosted
six times in Chennai
This is the first time it
will be hosted in Pondicherry
- I'll wait in the canteen
- Ok sir
They are performers yet
none of them got selected
Asif, the vice captain.
Even he was not selected
Hey have you ever tasted
the tea from Babu's shop?
The cookies out there are waste
You must try the coconut cookie here!
It's awesome
- Look...
- Listen!
Fine if not that cookie
get something else
Don't be furious
If the selection board
didn't select them...
what can I do about it?
Why did you list our ground in
the under performing category?
- Who did that?
- You!
Did you see my signature?
Yes, it was signed by you
- Was it my sign?
- Yes!
Then it's not mine!
Academy is running out of funds
Pour me a tea
And when funds are low, an under performing
ground can be rented out for lease...
that money can be use to develop other
grounds, according to rules and regulations!
But why our ground?
Only this year no one got selected
Before this every year at least
four students got selected
Only this year none got selected
Look, these players
aren't from rich families
They are running their family but
doing fishing, delivering papers etc.
Look here
They couldn't study but they are
trying to achieve in sports
- But why?
- Move!
Have you ever worked for the government?
The politicians and higher officials
will pressurize from both sides
My hand will sign
without my knowledge
Tell me and I can help you as a friend
I'll do anything for you
Can you help me with this or no?
I can't help the whole place. Sorry
That's it?
Let Harichandran sir come this
year to honor Lt. Aranganathan sir
He is the sports minister and I know
him very well. I'll ask his help
Yep, go talk to the person who asked me to
put your ground in under performing list
Chief, please no! No! Please no!
Chief no! Please no!
Dear, quiet. We belong to the
same team, yet why shoot me?
- Sir
- What is it?
Sports, Prakash sir is here to meet you
- Send him in
- Ok sir
Ask him to come
Greetings sir
Have a seat
Who's this Prakash?
Shanmugam, the coach
- The military officer. Is that him?
- Yes
Yes sir
Go ahead, tell me
Sir, my students had been for the selection
- But none...
- None of them got selected it seems
Irresponsible players!
The government is raising funds,
you are working so hard...
how will they get selected
if they play so bad?
Actually they performed well
Then why didn't they get selected?
They were not allowed for any trials
They said the selection
process was fabricated
- Listen...
- Chief...
let me handle this
Look, if students fail in an exam...
you can question the teacher
or even the principal
But not the education minister
Don't you know he is the minister?
Well, sorry sir
He didn't mean it that way
Sir, why did you list our ground
in under performing category?
Every year at least four players
were selected for Pondicherry team
Except this year
That's why under performing
No one got selected, right?
Look, the academy is running out of money
We will lease out the ground and use that
money for developing the other six grounds
You take charge in any one of them
Prakash, didn't you explain him?
When we say we are gonna
rent it out for a lease....
a hospital will be built there
How long should people of Karaikkal run to
Chennai or Pondicherry for a good hospital?
Don't we need our own
multi specialty hospital?
It's for a good cause
A guy named Vetri Maran took his
wife all the way to a hospital for delivery
They turned a normal delivery
into c section in greed of money
His wife died
The same shouldn't happen
to our people right?
Hence the multi specialty hospital
That's the story of the movie Mersal.
All you did was edit out the songs
See that, memes have got us confused as to
which is real and which is cinema story
Listen, I'll do you a favor
There is a place that is five times the
size of this ground, by the bus stand
I'll turn it into a ground
using government's fund
Re locate the statue and start
practicing with the students over there
Sir, instead you can build
the hospital there and...
let the ground free
How dare you?
You can't train the players
properly but you speak logic to me?
We know how to do our job!
- What's going on?
- Calm down, chief
Please don't mind, sir
Are you upset? Wanna shoot me?
No need, sir
Look! He is taking the gun
He was a military office! Watch
out, he might just shoot you
Prakash, this is just toy
Prakash, you better warn him
Sorry, sir. Don't mind it
Chief, next is level 2. My turn to shoot
Why? Why'd you do that?
Thank God they left us alive and in tact
I'll overlook everything else...
but he offers you the gun and
you wanna shoot him, rascal?
I'm sure that minister
is playing some game!
Who are you to question it?
Who is he to say that my
players are incapable?
Oh, so you want him to tell
that your players are capable?
As a director, I'll say it.
Your boys are capable
- Your players are the best!
- Sir, fixtures
Talk about your players
Here, Dhyanchand tournament
Take part in it and compete
Win the cup and make it to the headlines
The people should read it and
declare you guys are the best!
You shouldn't advertise that
your players are talented...
the people must witness and say it
Play in any such national
tournament and win it
Then no minister can do
anything to your ground
I want the list of the state and
national players for the past five years
Hey Prabha!
- I'll go die
- Go, die!
The devil is here
- Prabha...
- Well, that's...
Look, how the baby squirrel
is eating it's food
What are you doing here?
- What are we doing?
- Workout
Yes, workout
Oh, I see. Bye. Bye
Hold on, just a minute
I'm gonna say it
What about that 'Ok' matter?
'Ok' matter? I already told you, no?
Not that one
Well, you see, he is
in love with you...
Insect. Insect
I know you know it
If you give me your consent then I'll leave
to my home in Pondicherry then to France
Look, selection process is going on
If I get selected...
I'll be happy
- Bye
- All the best
What if you don't get selected
Shut up you ape! She
will get selected
Will she?
You will! You will!
Isn't the sports director your friend?
Even Prakash came along with
me to meet the minister but...
I felt he was on their side
Sir you were absolutely right
Hospital must be
near the bus stand
but I think the minister is up to something
else in the name of that hospital
I know they have something up
their sleeve but don't know what
How about we file a RTI?
Yes sir
Asif's dad is a lawyer. Let move legally
Let's try talking to him
Do you think we can convince Asif's dad?
We can
for the LS Mill girl's tournament...
the girls are here for selection
The state players list is ready. You may...
Come on, we must focus on
getting our ground back
There are lot of issues around it
Well, sir...
The girls team selection
must happen, right?
- Yes sir
- Asif...
A girls team selection has to
be done for LS Mill tournament
- Select and hand him the list
- Ok sir
The team will be chosen by Asif
- Ok sir
- Ok
You may sign and approve it
Forwards, choose you partners
If you manage to cross the center line and
beat the defense the you'll be selected
- Asif, what about the boys team practice?
- Later
Set everything up and...
- You, ask the goal keeper to pad up
- Ok
Boys, you have no business here
This is girls selection. Leave
- You! Leave
- You...
- You too
- Dude?!
- Ok you stay. You, go there
- Asif
Who's my partner?
Your performance isn't satisfying,
so you are not a part of the team
Performance isn't satisfying?
You heard the coach!
I get to decide the team
And you're not a part of my team.
Dude, she's upset!
What's your problem?
This ain't police station to deal
this using your dad's influence
Asif you are doing
this with a vengeance
Vengeance, my foot! Ask her to leave!
I'll do. Leave! Please!
Now, leave! Get out from here
She'll get selected for sure
Then she'll select me
Then guess where we'll
go and have fun?
Go to hell!
Deepa. Deepa...
Why are you crying?
She is crying
What happened?
They disqualified me saying
I had no to play support
What, she didn't get selected?
Your time's good. Leave at once
Deepa, you don't have
anyone to play support?
What's wrong with his walk?
This way
Hands! Hands of her!
Come on! Come on! Pass and play
Come on
Wait here, Deepa
Now, what do you want?
I want Deepa
I mean I want Deepa to play
I'll be her support
- Oh! Support?
- Yes!
Watch me!
Deepa! Deepa! Deepa!
Support means you gotta
play hockey along with her
- What?
- Yes
The call it 'Playing support' here?
You've given the build up.
Handle it
Boss, you see...
Hands of me
Simple, select Deepa in the team
No, I won't
There's his answer
Ok boss
Deepa, I spoke to him...
What can I do Deepa? He is scared
Let's go. He is scared
Come here
- Now, who's scared?
- Well, no...
You aren't allowing trials for the
selection, which means you're scared
I'm ready. Find out if anyone
will play support for her
Deepa, ask your friends
Listen, play and
you'll make it to the team
Are you willing? You?
Ready? Look here...
no one's willing
Because everyone know
that this here is a dummy
Take her away. Don't waste time
Boss! This is why...
This is why you must
never trust a girl!
Never trust these girls
Just trust us, Deepa.
Especially me
Come here
He is smiling. That means we're good.
Come, let's go
You are talking too much. Why
don't you play support to her?
- I can't
- Why?
Because he is a brave heart!
He won't play against girls
He'll only play with boys!
When did I say that?
All the boys left. So we are safe
Only girls are here
Boss, I accept my defeat. I leave
you to fight your own battle
Get me a stick
Here you go
You can't even hold the stick properly!
- I didn't notice
- And you wanna support her?
Asif, I'm ready
Ready? But I'm not
Look, had I played with girls,
I would have got selected
Now I gotta play with boys
Let's leave then
No worries, I'll handle it.
Just play as per my order
Come on
Any harm in the match is
a foul and not a fight
Look, don't be scared
Who's scared? Myself?
It's quite easy
I'll run in first
Just pass the ball as soon as I run in
It's a walk in the park
Touch it
Wait for the whistle
Will he whistle?
Ok. Ok
What is it?
What about that 'Ok'
matter we spoke about?
If we score a goal...
- Then I'll take it as a yes
- Ok!
You're so confident that
we won't score, isn't it?
Watch me now!
' He is all set to face
the world all by himself'
' Everyone charging against him'
' They are gonna make
him their scapegoat!'
' Do you think you've set him up
or are you sweating in fear?'
' He wouldn't wanna
fail as she watches on'
' Dude, you fate is sealed!
Time to deal!'
The way he is holding the
stick says it all...
he is a pro in hockey!
Can you even see that far?
Shut up! Look at him charge!
' Friendship is my strength and energy'
' Without friendship, I
am nothing, you see'
' Bring it on and we'll
give a run for your money'
' We believe in friendship and equality!
And that speaks a lot about our discipline
' We wanna advance but if you
think you can stop us...'
' We do it on our own and if you
try to mess it up for us...'
' We will never give up
and keep coming back'
' Mess with us and we'll
knock you down!'
Get the ball!
' He is all set to face
the world all by himself'
' Everyone charging against him'
Dude, he's got this
' Do you think you've set him up
or are you sweating in fear?'
' He wouldn't wanna
fail as she watches on'
Get him, guys!
Give me that stick!
You're playing worse than before
' He is all set to face
the world all by himself'
' Everyone charging against him'
' They are gonna make
him their scapegoat!'
'Once again, tweak that mustache
and hold your head high!'
' Here I am! Stop me if you can!'
' This is just a sample. Beware!'
' This was just a walk
in the park for me'
' So, don't you provoke me'
' I am like the volcano,
don't mess with me'
' Or else you'll be
burnt down to ashes'
' Stay away or you'll be a goner'
' You asked for it and you
got what you deserve'
' Your time is up, I am here'
' Are you ready? Come and get me!'
Told you! He's a player
Shut your mouth
I've the state player list here
He isn't any sort of player
That was fluke
You won't find him the state players list
Sabari! Don't swing the bat
Asif's father
- Hello, sir
- Hello
- Hope you're doing fine
- Yes
We have got the report for
which we had filed the RTI
Sir, what does it say?
Out of the 10 acres only
0.5 acre is for hospital
Rest 9.5 acres is for the
Tetrastar medical company
What's that Tetrastar?
Tetrastar, a multinational medicine company
They are banned in many countries
In fact they are banned in
many states here
Having that company won't
just affect the ground
The 14 villages surrounding
this ground and...
the villages in Nagapattinam district on the
other side of the river will also be affected
Sir, can't we stop it?
There is only one way
This ground's name must be lifted
from the under performing category
You guys don't have to win
the Dhyanchand tournament...
all you need to do is beat
Francis club in the qualifiers
We can get the stay order based on that
This is the only way out
The only way...
is that only registered
clubs can participate
So, how about registering
us as a club?
You think it's that easy?
In order to register a club,
you need a home ground
Take that academy
ground for instance...
you must pay 1.2 million
to the department as rent
0.5 million for registration
Plus a little here and there. Altogether
it'll cost you 2 million Shanmugam
So if we have money, can we do it?
You didn't have money to pay
your daughter's fee last year
You sold your Bullet bike
I bought that bike from you and
got an earful from my wife
Now what? Are you gonna sell your house?
I can't afford your house. I don't
have that much in my wallet
What is this?
I sold my house
You son of a....I'll...I'll...
You rascal!
I'm diabetic, don't
give me such a shock!
Look here
You can't do anything
with this money
You must have filled the
application for it six months ago
You better get back your house!
Or else, you rascal...
dated six months ago
will you sign and pass this or do
you want me to pay you more bribe?
Excuse me, Chak de Shah Rukh Khan...
you'll be back in no time
You need five state players in your
team to take part in the tournament
I know you'll manage this because you
have some state players in your team...
One national player must
be part of the team
Whom will you get?
Are you gonna play at this age?
Can you sit in the squat
position for long duration?
I have an international player
Who's that?
Pondicherry Prabhakaran, U-19 captain
You might be a psycho
but he is worse!
He was declared mentally unstable
He is back
He is back?
I wonder what both psychos
are gonna do together!
Dear Lord!
Now, people on the
right say 'Vaadi'
Now, people on the left say 'Pullai'
Now everybody sing
'Vaadi Pullai Vaadi'
Why did you come with him?
The girl he is in love
with is getting married
I want to witness it
I'll finish you off!
Boss, I'm fine with her getting married...
but what irks me is the that she
is getting married to that doofus!
Hi friends, this is
your legend 'Magesh'
Boss, please tell him
not pout like that!
He is from the planet of the apes!
No make up needed
Don't look there
It's indeed scary
Mummy, do you see him?
He is the coach at the ground here
He looks like a police officer
He's not a police
but ex military man
But a very genuine man
Who's that with a serious look
Serious look?
Watch him closely and you'll laugh
Everyone's a pain in the head!
Look at this fellow
Go, mind your business!
These guys are torturing me!
Stop crying
Whom are you greeting?
Why are you greeting him?
He appears to be a man with a
good reputation around here
Just look whom he is greeting
Hope you're fine
Where have you been?
Who is he actually talking to?
He has a condition
He expects everyone to respect
him but no one respects him
He'll keep moving on
Hi, here I come
Ok, will her dad come?
He won't let his
daughter alone anywhere
Why are you asking about her dad?
To ask his daughter's
hand in marriage
What if he refuses?
We'll abduct the girl!
Abduct the girl? Cool!
There is the girl
' When a girl looks
at us, we shy away'
' But when we look back into
her eyes, we get stunned away'
' And when her dad shows
up, we disappear'
' Later we'll re-appear'
' We are single guys,
ready to mingle'
' We will even build a
Taj Mahal for our girl'
' We are single guys,
ready to mingle'
' Time to change your
status single girls'
' We are single boys'
' When a girl looks
at us, we shy away'
' We are single boys'
' But when we look back into
her eyes, we get stunned away'
' We are single boys'
' And when her dad shows
up, we disappear'
' We are single boys'
' Later we'll re-appear'
' We are single boys...'
' We are single boys...'
' But we are always alert
and right behind you'
' How does she look? Like an angel'
' I will even fight the
whole world for her'
' Where is she from?
The neighboring state'
' She might be committed, you're too late'
' Nice and slow we fell in love'
' Watch out her dad's
gonna break your jaw'
' I would love to take her all
around the city and to the beach'
' The rules are strict
, you can't breach!'
' Give me a smile and
I am all yours dear'
' Please don't ignore me. Accept
my love and let's celebrate'
' I shall change myself for you'
' So say "yes" and
I'll be your man'
Stop it! Stop it!
I warn you dummies!
You better shut up!
Move! Move! Escape!
' We are single guys,
ready to mingle'
' We will even build a
Taj Mahal for our girl'
' We are single guys,
ready to mingle'
' Time to change your
status single girls'
' We are single boys'
' When a girl looks
at us, we shy away'
' We are single boys'
' But when we look back into
her eyes, we get stunned away'
' We are single boys'
' And when her dad shows
up, we disappear'
' We are single boys'
' Later we'll re-appear'
' We are single boys...'
' But we are always alert
and right behind you'
' But we are always alert
and right behind you'
'Johnny! Johnny! What's up papa?
' There comes her father!'
' You are the one I
see all around me'
' So be confident and talk
to the girl you like'
' Make hay when the sunshines'
' Your dad is a dummy and I'm so swag!'
' All I think about all
the time, is your smile'
' It's been long, please
open my love file'
' So have a heart
and heal my heart'
' Forget everyone and come to me'
' I was down on earth and you in the sky'
' You gave me a look and
it made me fly so high'
' So come on my
baby, come to me'
' I can feel the vibes
passing between us'
' Smile and we'll grin'
' Stare and we'll run'
' Smile and we'll grin'
' Stare and we'll run'
' Smile and we'll grin
Stare and we'll run'
' Smile and we'll grin
Stare and we'll run'
' We are single guys!
We are single guys!'
' We are single guys!
We are single guys!'
Guys, we have a good news
Our academy is registered as a club
For the first time our club will represent
Pondicherry in the Dhyanchand tournament
But how sir?
Only one club per state
is allowed, right?
Isn't Francis club already
there from Pondicherry?
Our first qualifier will be against them
- Hello sir
- Prabha
- Sorry sir, I am late
- No problem
Join them
He is my uncle
Hello sir
Please join
How is it possible, sir?
We don't have a national player in our team
We have
junior India team world cup captain
Let us welcome him to the team
If I knew you had called me for
this, I wouldn't have come
Sir, hockey is not my cup of tea.
I'm sorry
Prabha, well listen to me...
The other day I played because
they messed with Deepa
Sir, this is a personal matter
Hockey is just not my cup of tea!
I gotta settle down in life
My uncle is dependent on me
- Sir please
- Sir why are you begging him?
Only those who have passion for
this game and nation will know it
Don't you plead him
He is cent percent right
But if he had played properly
and got selected earlier...
the ground wouldn't have come
in under performing category
And you wouldn't had
to request me to play
Sir, nation, passion and fashion...
if this dedication in rhyming was used for
the game, we could've won the world cup
- How dare you?
- How dare you?
How dare you raise hands on him?
Do you think we'll
be mute spectators!?
What do you know about him?
Five years ago...
Let go of me!
What do you know about him? Tell me!
You can never be half
the player he was!
How dare you raise hands on him?
Bring it on! Come on!
Get lost!
Let go of me!
Who tore Prabha's poster?
Who is the one messing here?
Step forward now!
- What can you do?
- Come on
Rascals! What's happening here?
- Who are you?
- Prabha's friend
Get lost!
- What's happening? Stop that music!
- Sir, it wasn't us
Who were they?
Where is it? Ah! Here!
' Captain Prabhakaran leads junior
Indian hockey team to world cup victory'
Look mummy, his photo is published
To hell with that photo!
You! Come here
I'm good here
What's your problem?
You just arrived
My problem?
You are the problem, mom!
You are the one spoiling them
What's wrong with you guys?
Why did you fight in the ground?
The coach is yelling
me for your faults!
You guys have selection next
month and then the national camp
Is this your discipline?
A sportsman needs discipline
Mr. Prabhakaran, we didn't fight
because they tore your poster
That poster had our faces too
Can't you see they are eating?
These guys? Gluttons!
That is why he is like this!
Keep it down and leave at once!
This is too much. Let's leave
Get lost!
That's the kitchen
The door to step out is this way
- Stop it
- Don't you support them mom
- I had made some fish fry
- Took it
Why don't you serve them biriyani too
I have made biriyani too
You fatso! You better run!
You are spoiling them
- They have been creating a ruckus
- When did you arrive?
Guess what?
Tell me
Some guys tore your posters!
It got me all riled up!
I called up our boys...
- Quiet
- You keep quiet!
I took our boys and raised hell!
Your uncle is swag!
So you're the one behind all this?
Of course
- Did you get something for your uncle?
- I did
Come closer
Come closer! Here, have this!
You'll hit me if I
come more close
All you do is eat and
while away your time
I won't let you so easy! Come here!
Everyone has family friends
But for me, my friends
are my family
Usually we find best friends
in schools and colleges
But I found my best friends
in the hockey ground
' The classrooms at school
never taught us anything'
' But our friendship taught us a lot'
' Sorrow seldom found us
during the childhood'
' We had a good time together'
'We hardly had any money but
we were filled with love'
' We fought every day but it
never affected our friendship'
' There is no one like my friend'
' There is nothing
greater than friendship'
' There is no caste or
race in friendship'
' I have nothing to worry when
my friends are around me'
Azhar! He was the one who
taught me to play hockey
In our team, I played forward
and he played defense
Why should I play defense?
I'll play forward
Only if you play defense, you'll
know how a defender thinks
Now, get up! Get up!
- Please!
- Now, come on
- I said, get up!
- Ok, I'll come
' During school and college days...'
' We raised hell together,
here, there and everywhere'
' There is none like us all over'
' There is nothing that
can break our friendship'
' There is no one like my friend'
' There is nothing
greater than friendship'
' There is no caste or
race in friendship'
' I have nothing to worry when
my friends are around me'
I scored nine goals in a match
for Francis Club, Pondicherry
National record
National selectors spotted me and
took me directly to the Indian camp
I progressed over two years and
became the Indan U 21 captain
2012, U-21 junior world cup...
tough practice session and I
met no one for four months
That's when...
Move. Move!
None of our players are selected
Not even Azhar
They rejected all of us
Have you ever seen any of
the players in that list?
It's quite evident! Let's leave
No, I cannot leave!
It's because we are used to
leaving , we have nothing
How long do you think they'll cheat us?
Let's go confront them today!
We'll tell Prabha as soon as he is back
Only in our nation games
are not taken so seriously
There is a network everywhere
to commit organized crime
We read a lot about corruption
and bribery in news...
we feel for our nation and move on!
Who do you think is the nation?
It's us!
We are unknowingly
destroying ourselves
- Sir...
- Yes Azhar...
The list is out
My name in not there in it
Azhar, I know you are a very good defender
I have no idea on what basis
the selectors are selecting
Selectors come from different state
I cannot influence them
Last two years, I understand. But this
year you were the defense selector
Your friend caught the attention of national
selectors and got directly into Indian team
And you all wanna follow his foot steps?
Then what are we here for?
You think you can question me?
- All I want is justice
- Justice?
What does your father do?
He is a fisherman
- Own boat?
- For lease
For lease right?
Don't you wanna own a
boat and prosper in life?
Go help him instead why are you here?
Azhar, everything's changed
Money is what talks here
Try to understand
No use of dreaming big without money
Go help your father with his business
Later, you can play hockey
- Come back next year, I'll give you a job
- Sir, please sir
Sir! Sir! Sorry sir! Please sir!
This is my life, sir
I don't know anything else.
Please, I beg you
Hockey has been my dream since childhood
If I lose this opportunity
then my career is over
I'll have committed suicide otherwise
Aiy-aiyo! Ramachandran sir, look at this
Azhar is emotionally black mailing us
He says he'll commit suicide if
we don't select him in the team
Azhar, you better know
whom you're talking to!
Will you guys too behave the
same way in the future?
Get lost! Leave!
You go commit suicide. Go ahead
And he wants to play hockey!
No use of dreaming big without money
He says he'll commit suicide if
we don't select him in the team
You go commit suicide. Go ahead
And he wants to play hockey!
Millions of them here with
talents and skillsets...
are still committing suicide without knowing
where they failed to achieve their dreams
They aren't cowards
Because it ain't suicide but murder
Brutal murder!
You crazy! Move!
' Everything is over,
only memories remain'
' Everything is over,
only memories remain'
- Listen, let's talk
- Let go of me
- Listen to me, let's talk
- Move! Move!
What happened?
Uncle, wake up
Go call the doctor
- Don't worry. Eveything is fine
- Azhar?
Azhar is fine. He is the next room
- I'm thristy
- Wait, I'll get you water
That's an accident case
One guy lost his leg and
the other one is no more
What happened to Azhar?
- Azhar is fine
- Stop kidding, Prabha
Where is Azhar?
In the next room
You're hiding something
- First, drink some water
- Get lost!
Watch out! Watch out!
My leg?
So, Azhar?
- Prabha!
- Listen...
Tell me, what happened to Azhar!
Is he no longer with us?
They killed him!
Doctor, please come
How could I let him die?!
Don't spare any of them!
Don't do this Prabhakar
Hurt me and you'll be
answerable to many
You won't be able to
play for India anymor...
Look, he has brutaly
assaulted four of them
All of them are government staff
Everything is clearly
seen on the CCTV footage
Seven years of prison for sure!
Tamizh, think before you talk
Azhar lost his life
Please listen to me
No, I can't
Will you listen to me or not?
Don't let Prabhakaran
show up for enquiry
They are ready to drop the charges
Prison time is confirmed
Seven years in jail and
his career will be over
Tamizh, this is atrocious!
This is atrocious!
I was banned for three years
stating I'm mentally unstable
Who are they to ban me,
I left hockey for good!
You guys merely lost a
ground because of politics
But we? We lost our friend
Don't you boast too much about hockey.
Until he mentioned, none of knew who I was
If I were a substitue player or a
ball boy in cricket club league...
I'd have had fan pages and following
I'm not saying that one must
play for name or recognition
But every sportsman
deserves a basic respect
Even that's missing here
Women's word cup winning team had to
hire a rickshaw to go to their homes
Because there was no one to receive them
I ain't judging any sport
or comparing sports here
It's been ages now, sports
is nothing but business here
It's a businessman who decided
which sport must be celebrated
Forget about the winner's
money cheque after winning...
in some places money is
what earns a chance to play
Nothing can be changed here
I'm very sorry, Prabha
Sir, why are you sorry?
There is no fault of yours. I
have no grudge against any of you
I only feel pity for you all
One downfall and I woke up
You guys too will
wake up once you fall
I repeat, nothing can be changed here
Uncle, come on. Let's leave
Greetings, chief. I'm off for the day
- Where to?
- Movie with wife
- Enjoy!
- Thank you, chief
There, it must be her call
Chief, it's Aravind from Delhi
Must be about our deal.
Put it on speaker mode
How's the ground work going on?
Everything is going on fine
Who is this Abdul Maraikkayar?
Looks like he had filed for an RTI
No way. We'll take care of it. Don't worry
It took a lot to
convince my boss...
yet I got you this project but
you don't seem to be serious
Don't worry. We'll take care of it
Where is your minister?
Wasn't he showing off
too much the other day?
I knew it when I heard him speak...
Don't you worry. We'll take care of it
How did he come to know all
this, that too in Delhi?
Yes chief. Strange
Forget that. Abdul Maraikkayar...
find out about him. Only then
this will come to an end
- I'll get you the full details by tomorrow evening
- Now, leave
See you, chief
Sir, please listen to us
Stop pestering us
- We are here to work
- Who are you?
This is government's order
How can you work without any notice?
Stop talking! I have the
court's order with me
Stop kidding!
You need our permission, my permission!
I'm the incharge!
Who in the hell is he? Inspector
sir, please handle him
What's your problem? Leave at once
Don't create unwanted ruckus. Leave!
What do you guys want? I said leave!
I said, disperse
Quiet! Pandi, quiet. Kathir, quite
Sir... Sir...
We have the court's order
Don't harm the players
First have a look at the
court's order and then talk
What's your problem?
Don't you guys provoke me!
Quiet! Guys, stay quiet!
Quiet! Sir...
We have the court's order
What's the issue here? Why are you and
the police creating trouble here?
This is our ground! No one
can do anything to it
None of the fishermen
will go for fishing today
- Call all our men
- You're committing a blunder
Let's see!
Kathir, call the lawyer
Kathir! Call the lawyer!
Lawyer sir, please come
to the ground at once
I had selected a two sovereign
chain for our child
Instead I'm planning I'll
buy eight sovereign chain
Sure, why not. Anyway
we aren't paying for it
Then remember that necklace I chose...
Chief! Chief! Chief!
- What is it?
- One minute
Aravindji had called from Delhi
All the partners from France
have boarded the flight
They'll be landing in two days
We haven't began any work
Didn't I order the survey
work to commence yesterday?
Like that happened
Their advocate is sitting right there with
the court's order and chasing everyone away
The people too are protesting
Listen to us. Please be quiet
Please don't create unwanted issues
Please be quiet
- People have started protesting for silliest of things of late
- Yes chief
Then our place will
turn into graveyard
Please, we don't have time to think
What's that lawyer's name?
Abdul Maraikkayar
- Abdul?
- Maraikkayar
Oh, Abdulla?
Ask our men to go there
Got it
Got it
You, go! Keep serving. Don't
let their plates be empty
Sir, they are protesting over there and
you're offering booze to them here
These are the people who are gonna
break the unity among our people
Why are you feeling bad for this?
Sir, they are protesting over there
They are together but not united
There are 1000s of factors to divide them
Sir, the news has gone viral in social
media and we are being targetted
A few vulgar memes about 'Thala'
will be released tomorrow
Then few vulgar memes
about 'Thalapathy' will be released
They will start fighting among
themselves and we can start our work
Sir, doesn't look like it'll workout
If that doesn't work out then I
have a local emtion that will...
Guess what
We have no idea what is coming here.
Even the government is not telling us
The ground is what matters the most to usl.
The ground is our identity
Stop it!
Don't you all have any
honor or self respect?
Some other guy from different
state is ordering us and...
you all are obeying him blindly
Don't call yourselves Tamizhan!
Are you a Tamizhan?
Please! Please! Quiet! Quiet!
Be quiet! Be quiet! Sabari...
Yes, I'm not a Tamizhan
Let's focus on the ground issue
What if that doesn't work out?
I have another maste plan
Aren't you Kumar's son?
What are you doing here?
Your dad is toiling hard day
and night for the party...
and here you are sitting equal with
other caste people and protesting
Don't you talk about caste in here!
Don't you sow the seeds of
evil in these youngsters
Sir, I'm worried. Do something
If nothing works out...
we'll bring in religion!
International matter...
You get out!
Who are you to kick me out?
Don't you ask us to stop
talking about caste
You and me belong to different religions
This is our country. You go back to Pakistan!
- Please dont' fight
- If you keep creating issues like this...
Told you! Religion!
' We are divided by caste in here'
' We are united by poverty and injustice'
' No matter how much we protest,
justice will never be served'
' Who's the angel? Who's the devil?'
' Only the corrupts proper here'
' What is that drives us to be selfish?'
' Nothing but our
own discipline'
' This is the land where
you sell your vote'
' I am a publice servant'
' But all you want is money and
where do I get so much money?'
' I am the smart one here'
' And so I play
double games here'
' Rise!'
' Do you realize your mistake?
That is what is destroying you!'
' Even the common has turned greedy and
it's so embarrassing for the whole nation'
' Everyone thinks why I alone
should be honest and genuine?'
' Moving on has become our habit!'
' And thus begins my reign!'
' My political reign'
' Wait and watch, we'll all fall'
' Money, race, language, religion...
dividing is quite easy here'
' You become slaves that will
carry me on your shoulders'
' An ocean of slaves and all I need
is sentiments to control them'
' I am the modern Loki! Trust
me and you'll be a fool'
' All I want is the power and nothing else'
' Every new term I will come to power and
give you freebies even if you refuse'
'Because I am the modern king'
' You are the one who is fooled here'
'Because I am the modern king'
' You are the one who is fooled here'
' You trust everyone and every word'
' You fall for all the
traps of the politics'
' But remember, no matter whatever happens'
' Don't you fall, oh brave-heart!'
' Even if you fall, do not fail!'
We must not spare anyone! Come on!
Stop it!
What are you gonna do? Huh?
It's our emotion that has got us here
All these blood shed, war is not new to me
It's a common sight
in the boundaries
We sacrifice ourselves to save our nation
from the clutches of other nation
But when your own men do this to you,
all that sacrifice is meaningless!
So, shouldn't we protest
against such people?
If you want a solution, do
not think from your heart
Think with your brain
Sir, why are you stopping
him from revolting?
If we don't revolt against corruption
then that's the biggest mistake we commit
We must revolt but what matters
even more is the way we do it!
Why are you worried?
Aren't you going to settle down in France?
You will educate yourself here...
but move to US and Europe
and toil hard for them
Then once in a while
through social media...
you post what's wrong about our
country and how it must change
We keep repeating "' Give me hundred youths and
I'll change the nation' said Swami Vivekanda"
But nothing has changed
Today, India is the top country that has
the most youth population across the globe
But nothing has changed! Why?
Because judging is easy
Reforming is the hard part
Just shouting out 'We need change!
We need change!' won't work
To bring about a change
we must be the change!
Each and everyone of you must be the change
The ground is important to me but
equally important is all your safety
Go back safe to your homes
The press is here
That will be taken care of
Don't worry. Greetings
- Wait. He'll come
- Greetings
Why is he so restless?
That's because he is
an government official
Chief will take care! Don't worry.
You proceed
Wait. Calm down. Don't
create a commotion
Drop your mics. Turn off the cameras. Have some
coffee then I shall give you the interview
Come on
We are best at hospitality
- Check if they have turned off their cameras
- Sure
Yes, they have
Who the hell do you think you are?
What do you want?
Carry a camera mobile and you
call yourself the media?
Post video calling out for
help to save our land...
and you all go berserk!
Make other like, share, comment and subscribe
to your channel and also drive them berserk
But what's the benefit out of all these?
Nothing will happen!
Got it? A new protest will take over the
spotlight from the old protest. Simple!
Guess when our people were at peace?
When there was one channel
with news once in a day
Everyone paid attention to all
the issues that was spoken off
But today? There are 24 channels having
breaking news every hour round the clock
So people are least bothered now
They don't pay attention
to any protests
They'll forget this one too!
Tell me this. Any national channel here?
Only the local channels are here
Leave the ads on top and bottom of the screen,
how much do you think the viewer will watch?
Why do you guys even
want to cover politics?
Just play songs, sitcoms, reality
shows and get done with it
If you guys again run behind this ground,
hockey and news related to it...
I will cancel all your licenses! Got it?
- Get lost! Get lost!
- Calm down, chief
- Ask them to leave
- Leave guys
Leave! No coffee for you! Leave!
I know you all will do
anything for your friends
Ain't this grandpa your friend?
It's this friend's request.
Do not give up the ground
Promise you won't give up the ground!
Please promise me!
Give me your word...
Sir, why are you dejected?
We feel really bad
Advocate told us...
it is enough that we win the
first match of the tournament
And we'll get back our ground
We believe in you! We are
sure that we'll win it!
The ground is ours!
The police arrested the
lawyer for supporting us
This isn't any normal tournament
It's a national level tournament
They have 1000s of rules and regulations!
Will they ask for a lot of money?
How much will they ask for? We'll
sell our wealth to save this ground
This is the holy ground where Lt.
Sir Aranganathan played
We must not give it up at any cost!
- What do you all say?
- Aiy-aiyo
It's not as easy as you all think
Just a minute
Amidst all this protest, you
registered for the tournament, is it?
Don't act like you don't know
Stop kidding Prakash
Shanmugan sir!
Sir, application has been
submitted and registered
You may verify once
Next 28th is our first match!
We are winning it!
Kathir, they can't understand
but what's wrong with you?
You very well know that every team
must have one national player
Sir, we have got international player!
'In friendship, we trust!'
' Oh! My dear friend!'
' Push us down and we will rise up'
' We will burn like the sun'
' We will beat the evil...'
' and find our way to our destiny'
' There is nothing we can't achieve'
' So, let's be together
in this fight and win it'
' There is nothing we can't achieve'
' So, let's be together
in this fight and win it'
Master seems to be an expert in the game
What is it Prabha?
Why don't you play in the team?
It's been five years since I played
Same here
Come, we'll practice and play
' Come on, Prabhakara! Don't give up!'
' Come on, Prabhakara! Don't give up!'
What are you guys taking care of?
You just make false promises!
Calm down. Why are you
getting all riled up?
Sir, if they win and if
we lose that ground...
This is the Pondicherry
sports minister, Harichandran
- Tell me, sir
- Hope you got the information
Please take care of it
Sir, I did get the information
But the tournament fixtures are ready
And everything has been published
It's tough to eliminate a team now
I am the minister!
I do understand but please put
yourself in my shoes and think
Get lost! Hang up!
He seems to be a tad scared
I gave it a good thought
Let's take the route you mentioned
That franchise to players deal
Let's deal it in a legal way
What's happening?
Why is it so hard to control one person?
Just finish him off!
Sir, he'll finish us off
Ok, so what's the plan. Tell me
Sir, we can win if we can get four
national players to play for us
Eight national players out of
which four are from Punjab
Couple of them from north east
A mini Indian team
is playing for us
They can have 1000s of
outstanding players...
but we have understanding players
We have something that they don't possess
Let everyone stick to
their positions
We can win this match
Lets practice
We must not spare him!
Forget the match, sir
You are gonna win the trophy itself
Long live our leader!
They must lose! Lose in a very bad manner!
And let's finish him off at the ground
Dhyanchand tournament's first match
is about to kick start in sometime
You must be surprised to see so much crowd for
a hockey match. There is a reason behind it
Because the honor, valor, respect and
reputation of a whole place lies in this match
If Aranganathan club loses then they
will remain a under performing club
And they will lose their ground.
Hence they must win
Talk about the sports minister and everyone
know they don't much about the game
But here, we have a well educated minister
Welcome sir! Thank you for coming
Why is there another statue of him here?
Not just here, where ever hockey match takes
place in Pondicherry, his statue will be there
So, the match is about to start.
The umpires are here
Followed by the players
Today, there are many Indian players from
different part of India playing for Francis club
Aranganathan team is full of raw talents
The whole team is dependent
on Captain Prabhakaran
So, Prabhakaran has already
captained the Indian junior team
The match is underway
Francis club captain Pranav
makes the first pass
Francis club passes are perfect
Their game shows their maturity
The red team is playing in 4-4-2 formation
An attacking format. We can
expect many goals today
Yellow team seems to play like a boy band
They seemed to be confused.
They are all over
Francis team advances through the
right wing. Can it be a goal! No!
Wow! Watch captain Prabhakaran
Bravo clears the field, the ball rolls on
Francis team is pressurizing
them on one hand...
on the other hand the coach is hot headed
Let's watch what Aranganathan team does
Five minutes into the match...
the yellow team didn't even
cross the half line once
They seem to be happy in
their own part of the ground
Is the yellow team playing hockey?
Or is it Kabaddi? Don't you feel so?
No matter what, they are
clearing the ball very well
Correct Vijay but look they
passed it back to the captain
If the ball keeps finding the captain
all the time, what can he do?
Won't they play if they knew how to play?
Note it, that's their strategy Vijay!
So far not even a single
goal has been scored
All of them are defending and the
captain is guiding them well
Let's see how long they can defend
Look at them!
Look at play so close
and united like a party
Why are our players spread all over?
they are playing the game wrong
Our team is playing the correct game
20 minutes into the game and still no goal
Even though unorganized, the
yellow team seem to make it work
Well Vijay, I think they are
changing their game plan
Looks like they heard you.
The coach is calling them up
Go long. Go!
I guess coach was furious and
asked them to play properly
Very good move by Francis club. They are
passing the ball over a long distances
They are stretching the field,
guess that's their strategy
Beautiful, could it be a goal?
Prabha, defense mode!
So far the yellow team players
were playing close to each other
Just one shot and everyone's dispersed
Once again they are into the D
line and there he makes the pass
What will Prabhakaran do? They miss him...
then a pause and now he crosses over
Is that a goal?!
No way, yellow team
did that by mistake
Red team is back to form.
I can sense a goal!
I guess the Aranganathan team is
confused by Francis team's game plan
I can see the yellow team stumble
Spread across. Come on!
That was a perfect loft. Only
the goalie is at the goal post
- Awesome opportunity for the red team
- Must be a goal!
Goalie stepped out and fell down!
It's an open invitation and here
goes Prabhakaran with a last try
And it's a goal!
Well deserved goal for the Francis team
Well deserved? It took 25 minutes
for them to score a goal!
I'm sure now they will pile up goals
Captain's face has gone dull
Why are you fighting
among yourselves?
Notice Vijay, captain Prabhakaran
is still encouraging his players
You appreciated us but
the coach seems furious
Will he slap them?
He is asking them play calm and relaxed
I wonder how everyone understands the
coach expect the player who talks to him
But you are correct
Look how calm the coach and
captain are handling the team
They are passing negative and clearing with
the D line. This is not in the right spirits!
Ball out!
Starting again from the 25 yards line
If they pass it properly,
they can score a goal
The red team have covered up the D line
Poor yellow team are struggling
Prabhakaran is instructing everyone
but he is missing the position
Uh-oh the red team captain has gone free
The ball is approaching the red team captain
but an excellent snatch by Prabhakaran!
It's a huge counter pass. All strikers are
free. Will he hit it? Fantastic! Well received
One on one with the goal keeper
Return pass! Well stopped!
The Aranganathan team
supporters have gone berserk
Asif is shooting all of them who mocked him
Also thanks his captain for
setting up the goal for him
Good pass!
Vijay, yellow team is back on track
The coach seems to be furious at the
captain for letting a single goal
Francis team is a strong team and might have
thought of winning without conceding a goal
This goal has stunned them
It was 0-0 at 20 minutes
Now, it's 1-1 at the 27th minute.
They seem to give a good fight
The yellow team is slowly starting
to play the attacking game
That was an excellent pass. The captain
dribbles it and again a good pass
Well received and smoothly going forward
That was an unnecessary tackle!
There are chance he might
receive a red card
They are getting physical!
The players are behaving out of control
Will it be a red card?
Just a green card
You said referee was on our side?
Then why did he give him a green card?
He should have got a red card! But
since referee in on our side...
he gave a green card
which is a warning
He'll be back in the game in two minutes
You're too good at such explanations!
Francis club coach is calling his captain
Pranav. Must be some special instruction
Guess they are planning something big
If referee had given the red card during the
first time, this wouldn't have happened
Captain Prabhakaran has received the ball
He keeps advancing as he tackles
everyone on his way. Excellent game
Whoa! Again a foul! And this time
Captain Prabhakaran is the victim
Francis club are playing the rough game!
The referee is upset
Confirm red card for Pranav
Why did he give a green
card to the yellow team?
Was the referee sleeping? I'm sure the
yellow team will be all riled up!
No one can be more patient
Three times the same incident occurred
and card was given to wrong team
They must be upset right now!
Pranav just got a yellow card
I wonder if it's the right decision
Prabhakaran is unable to move!
The coach is charging toward him
Guess it's a serious injury because Prabhakaran
isn't even getting up even with help
Prabhakaran is hurt Wonder what they'll do
without Prabhakaran. First aid team is here
Fans are completely disappointed
He can't bear the pain.
Here comes the stretcher
Looks like Prabhakaran cannot
continue playing anymore in this match
Wonder how this team will manage without
him. He was leading them very well
This was unexpected!
Sir, as far as I know...
He is done for! That's all!
See that, Aravind?
The most important
player in that team!
Got rid of him!
We got our men set everywhere!
Fool! Fold your hands
Act smart. Don't you
see cameras are on us?
Now let's sport a sad face
It is quite evident that Aranganathan
team is struggling without Prabhakaran
They seemed to be confused
Foul by Bravo!
Chances are for a penalty corner
Referee raised his hands.
Penalty corner it is!
Yellow team is already
under lot of pressure
It's quite evident and now
this penalty is added pressure
The coach asking him to be patient and calm
The red team seems to have
covered the complete arch
Yellow team players are inside the
goal post like a flock of hens
Will Francis club take advantage of this
or will Aranganathan club stop them?
That was a good pass and good stop.
Will he now pass or go for the goal?
Wonderfully rotated! It's a drag flick!
It's a goal!
That was hit with a great power!
Finally the red team feels like
they have done something worthy
They are ecstatic!
Poor yellow team. They
seem to be dejected
We can see that the yellow team's
coach and goalie are all teary eyed
They are quite upset
The coach is very very upset
They need a comeback!
Asif is leading the team in
the absence of Prabhakaran
They have state players but I wonder
if their experience will be enough
Its quite evident that Asif is
not finding it easy to lead
Let's see if Francis club
will take advantage of it
I'm sure the Francis club will
try to score few more goals!
The disappointment can be seen in the
Aranganathan club's coach's face
They are passing the ball in full force,
they are charging for another goal
Can they score one more goal?
Just miss!
It hit the post or else
it was a sure shot goal
That was an excellent pass and play
by Francis club and the ball went past Guna
They have got the ball into the
D line, a fantastic shot...
It's a goal!
The plight of the yellow
team is quite sorry
This is a tough situation as
they have scored three goals
Yellow team has only one
goal to their credit
Red team is rocking!
Aha! Now this is way
out of the line
They are acting cheap by mocking
at the opponent team captain
Lat minute of the first half coming up
Asif is charging down with the ball.
This is an attacking attempt
We have seen many last minute goals.
Can Asif score one?
He missed it. An
opportunity gone begging
First half is up, there goes the whistle
Aranganathan club 1 and Francis club 3
Francis club's domination was
quite evident in the first half
Aranganathan club must comeback
with a bang in the second half
Captain Prabhakaran's absence can be
heavily felt by the Aranganathan club
Let's wait and watch what
happens in the second half
Left forward, over here
Prabhakaran cannot make it
What happened?
What happened now?
Remember what Prabha said
They can have outstanding
players from all over India
you all are understanding players
And friends
Coordination is very important
You know how important this match is
Hope you remember the riot
that happened the other day
How angry were you back then?
Vent out that anger here!
Two goals
Just two goals
We'll draw this and we'll go for penalty
Come here
Will you be able to do this?
Yes sir
Yes sir!
Yes sir!
The Aranganathan team is starting
upbeat in the second half
Aranganathan team must win this match!
They have conceded three
goals but scored only one
They can equal only if they score two goals
I can see a positivity in Asif
Looks like they have stepped
in with a new strategy
An excellent save by the goalie
and Asif cleared it beautifully
Why do they gather at the back
and keep playing from there?
Looks like they aren't
interested in scoring
See, even you are getting it now
They still don't get it.
Fools are still defending
Aranganathan club are playing well
They are playing by forming
the half court press formation
But this can only help them
prevent goal but not score one
Asif who scored the earlier
goal is also defending
I wonder how they are gonna
score the rest two goals?
That was miss pass that went away
Aranganathan team seems to
change their substitute
Only twenty minutes to go and
now they wanna change the sub?
Sir, Prabhakaran...
is ready to play
- Looks like they are planning to win
- Funny!
- Pandi
- Sir?
Use your experience
Don't let them score goal
A change in the Aranganathan club....
Pandian is taking the field
Looks like an attacking player
Looks like they are replacing another sub
They announced that #7 in coming in
Who is that jersey #7?
Who is it?
The crowd is chanting Prabhakaran's name.
It'll be nice if he makes it
But there is no chance
at all, as he is injured
Prabhakaran's absence can
be felt by the crowd too
Guess he heard you! He is back!
Encouragement is very important and
the crowd is encouraging Prabhakaran
What can Prabhakaran do?
Though he has all the support can
he perform to his full capability?
That's a bold statement by Prabhakaran but
hitting with the stick on his injured leg
The audience are cock-a-hoop!
Looks like the yellow team
is going to rock for sure!
He is being over smart. He
can only limp, he can't play
Step out Sri!
Prabha we got 20 minutes, make use of it
Sri comes off and Prabhakaran gets in
That was a swag entry by Prabhakaran
He takes back the captain's band from
Asif and captain Prabhakaran is all set!
Will Prabhakaran play defense or...
will he attack?
Attacking formation and
Prabhakaran is playing forward
I can feel the tension in the
air because even I'm excited
Last twenty minutes to go
Can Prabhakaran bring about any
change in these last 20 minutes?
Everything rests on his shoulder!
The whole people are awaiting
to retrieve their ground back
A good stop by Asif and he passes it!
And the ball is received by...
Captain Prabhakaran. He keeps advancing
Francis club is trying their best
to stop him but wow what a play
He is nicely sneaking away with the ball
Will do it himself or make a pass?
Goalie charges in. Will the
goalie stop Prabhakaran?
Will Prabhakaran score a goal?
Nice fake by Prabhakaran!
Will he pass the ball or...
will he attempt the goal himself?
Its a goal!
After a long time Yellow team has
scored a goal after Prabhakaran's entry
That was just awesome!
The audience support hasn't gone in vain
Yellow team that was looking lost
earlier is now back in full form
For the first time the red
team can be seen worried
Their coach is also giving a lot thought
on strategies. The score is 3-2
It's a close call but the yellow
team are in the game for sure
The match restarts...
Yellow team is back to form as Prabhakaran
is dominating the entire ground
So, we can expect another goal for sure!
It's 3-2, one more goal and it'll be 3-3
The coach of the red
team is in deep thoughts
Wonder how they'll pass the instruction
but the red is now passing the ball
Finish it!
Will the goalie stop this. He is
charging forward and a save!
Pranav would have converted it to
a goal if the goalie had failed
Already 3-2 but 4-2 would
be a major set back
That was an excellent stop by the goalie
The stop was good but
he isn't getting up
Looks like he is injured. Pranav
is calling up the referee
The goalie is lying still
Yes, its indeed an injury.
First aid team is here
If goalie can't make it then Aranganathan
team doesn't have a sub goalie
Wonder what Aranganathan team
will do without a goalie
Any sub goalies?
We don't have any sub goalie in the bench
No other option then?
Sir change a player to goalie?
Only goal keeper privilege allowed
Goal keeper privilege...
a player can be the goalie
without the goalie padding
Only advantage is that if ball hit a
normal player on the body, it's a foul...
But it won't be foul if ball hits
privileged goalie within the circle
Sir, pad?
Bravo, come here
Look here
We don't have sub goalie,
so its privilege goalie
Goal keeper privileges only.
You're the goalie
Goalie? Myself?
Listen to me
Hold this
Be confident
Was this your plan? Wait! Wait!
Holy guacamole! How can
you trust me with this?
Wait! Can't even wear the jersey
Coach they made me the goalie
Get me the pads
You know the rules. No padding allowed
Only goal keeper privileges
Give me the helmet
Only this?
Bravo, quick!
One minute
A little down
Coach head guard is here,
what about abdomen guard?
You're a strong man Bravo.
I know you can do it
Nothing is impossible
Go or else I'll bash you up
All set? Just one more goal Bravo!
Just one more. Come on
Where are you going?
To the goal post
Come here
- It's over there!
- Oh!
Don't worry about it
It's ok even if we get red card
We were praising the Aranganathan team...
but their goalie is down
Let's see what they'll do.
Asif has the ball...
He passes it to captain
Prabhakaran and he advances
Can he again score one more goal?
But the Francis team players are
charging towards Captain Prabhakaran
Let's see how captain Prabhakaran
tackles the ball and the opponents!
The yellow team started as if they were
playing Kabbadi but now it's more of rugby!
Pandian is looking with the look
that says 'You can't see me'
Shoulder 143 inches!
- He seems to be giving them an earful!
- Take him away!
I don't think they will mess with him again
Someone give him a jersey
Red team will now be very cautious
Yellow team has bounced back really well
Someone go help the injured!
Forget all that. There is not proper
goalie. Try to score and take a lead
Got it? Now run! Run!
Last 15 minutes, let's see what a
goalie-less Aranganathan team can do
An excellent play by the Francis team
But the goalie prevented the goal
Bravo! Again he prevents the
Francis team from scoring a goal
Bravo is preventing all the
goals without wearing any pads!
Let's see if Bravo can stop this.
This is a good attempt!
Bravo stopped that one too!
Bravo has stopped back to back goals
This is a shocker as evident from
Francis team coach's reaction
Alex receives the ball
and passes to Asif...
Coach tells Asif to pass it
Prabhakaran is playing in the forward
Asif has locked it and it's a long pause
Will the ball reach the striker?
Prabhakaran is rushing forward!
He is tacking the ball and
advancing really well
He's handling the pass from captain
really well. An excellent chance to score
Only the goalie is there. Aranganathan
team must use up this chance!
Will Vino shoot at this point?
Once again foul by Francis team
and the audience are disappointed
Captain Prabhakaran is also
venting out his emotion
This could have been a goal
A beautiful chance missed
Referee must have given them a penalty
stroke but he has awarded an penalty corner
Aranganathan team is all riled up!
But referee's call is the last call
In order to play the penalty...
Aranganathan team is getting ready
All of you attack at once
Go! Go! Go!
Though it is an unfair decision
for Aranganathan team...
but Prabhakaran will definitely
convert it into a goal
We all know Prabhakaran
is a penalty specialist
Will he convert this corner into a goal?
Can he level the scores to 3-3.
Let's wait and watch
Prabhakaran has taken the position.
He will score is what I think
This is the best chance he has
to level the scores to 3-3
Prabhakaran has run down
to pass some instruction
No, in fact they are
swapping the position
I wonder why Prabhakaran would
take this risk at this moment
Because he could have used his
experience to score from this penalty
He hands the opportunity to another player
Everyone's tensed
This is their best chance
to level the scores
I wonder why are they risking it?
Prabhakaran pushed the
ball and it's stopped
Vino is nicely dribbling the
ball through the D line
Vino passes and Guna receives
Will Guna shoot it?
No! He passes it
The ball is now with
Prabhakaran and it's a goal!
Prabhakaran's team is celebrating it
in a grand manner. The scores are 3-3
If they can score one more goal in the last
minute, they can win it and win back their ground
They are rocking it down there!
Wow! The stadium looks
so beautiful right now!
They can't keep celebrating. They must use
this one last minute to score a goal
Or else the score will be equal and
they'll have to go for penalty shootouts
Aranganathan team is all pepped up
If they can score one more goal then they can
defeat Francis team and win their ground
Look, don't worry
One minute, let's not take any risk
No matter what happens...
Nothing is impossible
Only one minute to go
Just waste time
Just keep passing the ball around
Time to vent out all your anger
We must win!
' In friendship, we trust!
In friendship, we trust!'
' In friendship, we trust!'
' Oh! Dear friend...'
' I will never give up on you'
' Come on! Come on!'
The whole scene is upside down
compared to the beginning
Yellow team is fully confident
Red team seems to be on the back foot
This is already a good
result for the yellow team
Last one minute
' Even if we fall, let's become a seed'
' And raise like a tree'
' We'll be nurtured well because...'
' In friendship, we trust!
In friendship, we trust!'
' In friendship, we trust!'
' Oh! Dear friend...'
' I will never give up on you'
' Come on! Come on!'
' In friendship, we trust!
In friendship, we trust!'
' In friendship, we trust!'
' Oh! Dear friend...'
' I will never give up on you'
' Come on! Come on!'
Back then when this land faced an issue...
my dear friend, you were stepped up!
Today these guys have stepped up!
Tomorrow someone else will step up!
When a friend is in trouble, definitely
the other friends will turn up!
In friendship, we trust!
In friendship, we trust!
In friendship, we trust!
' In friendship, we trust!'
' Oh! Dear friend...'
' I will never give up on you'
' Come on! Come on!'
Long live Minister Harichandran!
Long live Minister Harichandran!
Long live Minister Harichandran!
Long live Minister Harichandran!
Long live Minister Harichandran!
Long live Minister Harichandran!
Long live Minister Harichandran!
Why are you getting upset? Why do you
look at me as if I'm the villain
I'm not a bad guy but
just a mere politician
That's it
You all think I don't care about the
people and only care about making fortune
Ok, tell me how much will I require?
Say 1 billion for me
then for my wife and child,
altogether say 3 billion
I earned it during my early
stages of politics career
Still I steal, ask me why
It's all for you
I come down asking for an
opportunity to serve you all
And if you ask me money then of course
I'll steal from you and give it to you
Why are you still angry?
Smile, now that you've won
I'm defeated and I lost my seat too
I am a nothing. So what?
I'm a practical guy
I'll go join the opponent party
And bitch about the ruling party
Those who I abused till yesterday
will be sitting there and applauding
That's all
We are cheap to the core
All we need is power and posting
And for that we need votes
And for that we need money
I'll pay you and you'll
sell your vote to me
Fine, I'll serve the people genuinely.
Will you vote for me?
After all you sell your vote!
Now tell me who is the bad guy here?
Me or you?
have a good look at them
Now tell me
Will the people vote for a genuine
guy and stop selling their votes?
Will the people vote for a genuine
guy and stop selling their votes?