Natpuna Ennanu Theriyuma (2019) Movie Script

November 25th,
Remember what day was it!?
"Thalapathy" was
released that day.
It's obvious when it's
Superstar's film.
The entire city was celebrating
the release with joy.
But I...
...was waiting to come
in to this world.
Go faster.
It's crowded, Sir.
-Hey where do you think you're going?
-There's a woman in labor.
Let us go...
Hey, they're headed to
hospital let them go.
It wasn't just "Thalapathy", it was
my release as well on that day. spite of
space around him,
he's been moving restlessly
in zig zag direction...
...that's my Dad.
Instead of worrying
on when I'll be born,
he was more worried on when he will be
relieved of his duties once I grow up.
-Clear this bill at the counter.
Poor thing, got
married really late.
Can't you just shut up,
labor pains will hurt.
The child will be born soon.
Can't you see two patients
in pain just like you?
I'm still looking
for this Nurse...
...her attitude is incorrigible.
But did you listen to
what she had mentioned?
That there are two
patients next to her.
...this is my friend
Raju in her womb.
And this is my friend
Mani in her womb.
It's said that you're twins,
if you shared the same womb.
But are friends, if you're
born in different wombs.
That's us!
"Do you know what
friendship is?"
Good morning...sit down.
The test which I had conducted
couple of days back,
everyone has cleared it.
Except for Three dull heads.
I'll read out the names of
those Three dull heads.
Can you please stand up?
Dull Head #1 Shivakumar!
Dull Head #2 Raju!
Dull Head #3 Manikandan!
Hey Mani...!
How's that, all you three have committed
the same mistake stating "2+2 = 22?"
I wasn't sure if "2+2 was 22"...
...I wrote exactly what my
friend wrote on his paper.
If he had stated "222", I
would've written the same...
...'cause he's my friend.
Show me your hands,
why are you guys
playing in the rain?
Go...get inside the
classroom, go!
Hey don't you smile,
while I'm caning you.
Don't laugh, get lost.
Only after she mentioned it's a
punishment, we realized that it was one.
What else do you expect,
we became the outstanding
students forever.
That was our attraction.
This is Ramanan brother.
He's one of the big
businessman in our area.
A very good person.
But he rose to be our enemy,
due to his scoldings.
-Greetings Brother!
Greet your Teacher instead, at least
will manage to get through your exams.
Three Musketeers
to guard the wall!
That was it...
...we did just like he said
until we cleared our 9th grade.
But during the 10th grade...
...we got tangled.
We offered all our
greetings to the God,
and went straight to the exam
hall, leaving everything to him.
It's not enough, just us
sitting inside the exam hall,
it's quite important to see
who's sitting next to us.
Why are you crying?
I didn't study for the exam...
-Start copying from this...
-It isn't visible
Last Ten minutes left.
...that's my paper.
Hey...that was my paper!
Soon...hurry up!
That's the end of it.
Failed the 10th grade.
Regardless of multiple efforts we
couldn't get through the grade.
The belief on studies was lost
just as it was for girls.
We were there for each other.
Hey, what's it?
It's been two weeks since
your father's death.
And you're still
sulking about it?
Hey, just let it go.
Fine, how did your father die?
-You're asking, as if you don't know...
-Just tell me...
It was due to Stroke...
Was it two stroke
or four stroke?
Damn it, how can you be kidding
about my father's death...
What else do you expect?
Laugh...keep laughing.
You begun to sit here when you
guys failed the 10th grade...
That place collapsed
due to your weight,
still you continue to laugh.
It's just been two weeks
since your father's death,
are you laughing
'cause you're happy?
You guys will never prosper.
Hello, one moment.
Can I borrow Rs.20,000/-?
Are you planning to head for
honeymoon with your dead wife?
Get lost, don't you have
any other business?
What will I do?
-Oldie, one moment.
-He's sad it seems.
What's it?
Last week......wasn't you, who
cooked for Shanmugan's wedding?
That's right.
-It was delicious.
-Thank you dear.
Why do you have to
put up with him?
Weddings keep happening
in the city.
Why can't you do it yourself?
There may be many weddings...
...but he gets called
for most of it.
That's why I'm
working under him.
If there's a wedding,
he's the King of it.
Let him be the King of it,
but why can't we at
least be a soldier?
But we came to our
senses quite late.
You can say, it took us
Seven and a half years.
It's better to have experience
to start a new business.
But it was just a little
hard-work and brains with us.
Moreover our friends...
...will be there for
us like a safety net.
It's our life's first job,
hope the database is right?
I have more, than what you do.
I've covered the entire area.
...which area did you go to?
Can't you figure, he
went to the Moon.
It's 'cause, database
might get wet.
I've always worked
when I'm wet...
...I meant, to
showcase my skills.
-I'm a proud worker.
-Keep that inside.
Seriously you call this a job?
It's going to be
our job here on.
Ok, what's next?
Next is funds and
space to start.
-Bloody shit.
-Don't know how to go about that.
Why not ask your father for it?
Mani just shut up.
He's as good as dead to me.
Will your father had
helped, if he was alive?
My father had a golden heart.
Even when he was
on his death bed,
he gave me a small
suitcase before he passed.
I was surprised just
like you guys were.
When I opened it, there
was nothing in it...
...but old papers.
Where's that suitcase?
I...V. Arumugamsamy
of Nochukuppam,
the shop of my ancestors
in Thambu Chetty street...
...I leave them behind for my
only son Mani a.k.a Manikandan.
What are you guys
up to at this hour?
Even the owner of that shop
wouldn't guard it like you guys do.
Are you guys planning
to buy that shop?
Look at his suitcase,
face and his trousers...
I will be the first to be the happiest,
if these three start going to work.
Ok continue.
The first and foremost good thing
which happened in our lives...
...was this!
Going for a walk is like...
Hey...just continue
with your work.
-Get lost.
-Don't mess with me...
My Lord!
"It's said that Mother, Father
and Teacher are God..."
Why are they coming
with a garland?
"That's the reason they
left the friend go"
"My Lord!"
"It's said that Mother, Father
and Teacher are God..."
"That's the reason they
left the friend go"
"We'll concur it's
never our mistake"
"We'll raise a solid
argument on that"
The garland is quite huge.
Did someone die in our area!?
It isn't for me,
'cause I'm alive.
-Put it!
The garland gained respect.
Why are you guys giving
me this garland?
We've decided to start
a new business.
Business uh!?
Ah...that's right!
-Driver come here.
-I'm coming boss.
It's not a dream then...
-Take this and keep it inside the car.
-Sure Boss.
Hey, are you guys
serious about it?
Brother, we swear
on our mothers.
Did you guys inform
your parents?
-Not yet.
Thought of telling you
first before our parents.
Hey...Hey...Hey, I'm
not able to take this.
-I'm not able to...
-You should definitely come.
What happened?
-I'm headed to Vellore for 2 days.
-Oh no!
My blessings are
always with you guys.
-Ok, congratulations.
-Thanks a lot brother.
That's fine.
Brother can you give
me your hand...
-And your legs for me...
You look damn fit, awesome.
It's hard to digest
this reality!
Dad, we've decided
to start a business.
With these faces, It doesn't seems
like you guys are starting a business.
But surely looks like
you will destroy me.
Dad, have I ever asked you for
anything in last 7 years?
You're right!
Then what's it?
You failed the 10th grade,
never were able to
get through it.
Whenever I used to
walk on the road,
you guys were sitting
shamelessly in front of me.
Did I ever ask anything of you?
Don't try to kill my
peace to fulfill yours.
I won't remain civil about it.
Shiva's Dad!
You don't have to
just give it to us,
loan us Fifteen Lacs.
Will return it in a year.
Do you even know how zeroes
are there in Fifteen lacs?
I do!
Oh! it's Three right?
-Take these sweets.
-Give them to these buffaloes.
Hey come in.
-How are you dear?
-We're good Ma.
-Everyone should prosper.
-Ok Ma.
Us, our relatives, our neighbors
in fact everyone around us.
What happened!? Why
does Dad look pissed?
We had asked for funds
to start a business... which he's pissed as if
I asked him of his wealth.
Oh God, I should
prosper in first place.
Are you praying for yourself?
Oh no!
Hey, you know I can't go
against your Dad's will.
I'll help as much as I could.
Can you guys arrange
for the rest?
Take this.
We're getting the funds.
Give that.
-Take this...
-What's it?
-Not enough.
Great, you're our God Mother.
-Give it to us.
-Take it.
Are you happy now?
Mother! Mother! Mother!
That's enough, come
here and hold this.
-What happened?
-Everything is fake.
Your father was way better,
told us off on our faces.
But your mother is
trying something else.
No, it isn't me...
This is the plan.
I can't see anything
but can hear a sound.
Remove those glasses.
Oh! you're here.
Hmmm...tell me.
He's the guy.
He looks like a pulpy NERD.
Let that moron be.
Make sure he's gone
from this city tonight.
Don't worry about the money.
You look very capable of it,
why don't you do it yourself?
Not possible, he's
from our area.
-That's why I'm hiring you.
-Is it so?
-Tell me buddy.
New guy, need to
be taken care of...
...are you free?
I'm free as a bird, tell me
where it has to be done.
Just hold on a moment.
-Which area?
Kuilthottam! Kuilthottam!
We're there right now.
The weapons are ready too.
Fine, I'll be there soon.
Right, It'll be done.
You better pay up now.
There's 10 Lacs in this,
it's all in the
denomination of 100's.
So it's a result of begging.
It should be done precisely.
Damn it come this side...
-It's very clear now...
-What's clear?
-That we won't prosper.
-Oh no!
I'm very clear about it.
How come you've lost hope buddy.
The ONE up above must've
a bigger plan for us.
Definitely he must've a plan.
-Doesn't seem like...
-Get to the side...
You know my Dad right!
Ya, that Aravind!
I expected of him to mock at me.
But I never expected my
mother to mock at me.
But I had expected it,
about what?
That this dog would
pounce on that coconut.
I'll break this Fatso's
jaw, I'm so damn pissed.
What did you say?
Hey, try beating me up...
Damn you...
Come on if you have guts...
He was right about you...
You don't even know how many
zeroes are there in 15 lacs.
But you talk like a big shot.
How would I know, he
caught me off guard.
I'll ask him one thing now,
let's see if he can answer...
Ask him.
Hey...what would remain if one
drinks off 90ml from a quarter?
A cutting will be left.
That's wrong.
...he will remain high!!!
I'll slipper you damn it!
Catch hold of him Raj.
Hey let me go.
Hold him tight.
Hey don't hit me. you have matches?
You're lurking around the
streets without matches... can you call
yourselves men.
Morons do you have any brains?
-Who's this?
-If we don't have, what else do you expect?
What's it brother?
Is he drunk?
We're drunk too, take him away.
Hey, you're not
aware of who's he.
Damn you guys!
Your boss doesn't seem
to know how I am?
Buddy, tell him.
Oh God!
Places where Injustice
holds high,
there his Injustice
will dance hard.
Stop it right there.
Now you dance idiot.
Injustice it seems...
...will dance!?
Hey come get your
share of beatings.
Where the hell is
that pulpy NERD?
Oh God!
Oh God!
I've got you now!
It was just a match box...
If we did, will definitely give
it to you, we don't have it.
Take it from your underwear.
I don't wear underwear brother.
Brother, let me go.
If at all I see you
again in this area...
...what the hell is he doing?
Brother, it's not right
to kill for a match box.
Runaway from this area.
First wear an underwear.
Brother, was it
him who sent you?
That's my Dad, he's
my only enemy.
Your Dad!?
Brother! Elango Brother!
He's here, mission completed.
-Elango brother!
Elango Brother!
Brother come out soon, hurry up.
Oh God no...!
I did warn you not
to be around them.
I didn't even say what it is,
and he's already running...
...wonder what
happened to my child?
Why did he come running so fast?
"Do you know what
friendship is?"
I know!
Welcome baldy!
He's your son it seems.
That's why I gave the
money to him instead.
The guys will prosper for sure.
Look here, my father was like
you, that's why I'm this now.
I'm in your shoes right now.
If at all you trouble
these guys anymore...
...I'll bump you off, without
taking a fee for it.
Really you'll kill me? Really!?
There's no need for heroism.
Wait for five minutes.
Guys have arranged for
an amazing feast.
We'll have it sumptuously
and give our blessings.
-Feast was amazing.
-Thanks a lot brother.
Call me if at all
there's any issue.
Sir, do you need anything else?
Brother, get a half boil here.
I'm very sure...
...about you three
succeeding in life, Raj.
Thanks brother.
This is just a small
treat for you.
Once the business picks up, I'll bathe
you with alcohol at a five star hotel.
It's been dream for long...
It's all happening
now, 'cause of Shiva.
You just wait and watch,
we'll be rocking.
That's fine,
it's your first project... can you be
drinking at this moment?
I shouldn't...
Drinking 'cause I'm sad.
And Shiva knows that well.
Will you be serving
me the omlette!?
Wait for it, will be there.
But the guys have been
working really hard.
What's your pain?
Why are you drinking?
Just say, why are you drinking?
Love failure!
You've been drinking
'cause of love failure.
I'm drinking, 'cause I'm
not able to love anyone.
How's that?
There are many
fishes in the pond.
Pick one and get married.
That's right.
There's no scarcity for
girls in our city.
But the good ones
are a rare to find.
You're right.
hey, let go.
He will deceive you of love,
and you expect me
to sleep on it.
What does he think of himself?
Everyone is looking at us.
-She's right!
-Let them look.
I'm not scared of them.
There guys...
...will drink to failure,
also when they're in love.
Also will drink to
deceiving someone in love.
Come let's go.
What have you done?
Can't you be civil
like a normal girl?
Thought your fashion was off,
but your attitude is too.
This isn't an issue at all.
Wonder what else you
will have us to endure.
This isn't a case to
be worried about.
I'll speak to the Sub-Inspector.
-You can leave.
-Ok Sir.
-Please leave.
-Ok Sir.
Mr.Veerazhagavan, don't
take this seriously.
Agreed, it's my
daughter's mistake.
But what that guy did
wasn't right either.
Make a fair deal of it.
Ok, I'll take care of
the hospital bills.
Sekar, ask them to arrange the
chairs at 4 in the morning.
Brother, he's sleeping
during the job...
...please wake him up.
Brother, are the banners ready?
Everything is on
track, we'll rock it.
Hey buddy... you really
know how to cook?
We were told you
were a skilled cook,
but you're not capable
of cutting a carrot.
Shiva, I can't work if
he keeps mocking at me.
Take him away.
-Why have you been disturbing him.
-Let's see now if you can...
Hey, get lost idiot.
Hope you guys are happy?
-Is everything fine?
-Thanks a lot.
For getting us married without our parents
support, and doing it free of cost.
We will never
forget this favour.
Don't let us down like that.
We agreed to do it free of cost
just for this first wedding.
You will have to help us
grow bringing in business.
That's right.
You're friends are bound
to get married in future.
Definitely brother.
We'll refer all our
friends to you.
-That's enough.
-Where's Raju?
-Where's he?
-He's here...
Hey, why won't you
pick up the call?
I left the phone on charge.
Hey, did you switch
on that charger!?
How many times do I have to
mention not to drink on the job.
Why do you happen to give
one when I'm drinking!?
Not that...
...I just had little to drink.
-not sure why...
-Just shut it...
Get lost!
Bugger face!
Who's that new Bee, sucking
out the honey from my garden?
It was a mistake canceling
my order in this area.
Who the hell picked
up that order!?
You guys were lurking
around jobless,
suggested you guys
to go for job.
But you're down to
kill my business.
Do you even realize how much
I've gone through to get here?
Do you think business
is a child's play?
If you have to open
the shop at 8AM,
you will have to be up by 4AM.
I've built this business with no sleep
working hard 24/7 and 365 days.
Whether it's my mother,
or my children,
have worked hard without even looking
at their faces for months together.
I've worked to an extent that didn't have
time to even digest the food I have.
You can't run in Olympics,
'cause you can speak about RIO.
Just like that you can't be
Ambani, if you're aware of JIO.
Hey, this business have
been a hereditary...
...each day, each minute,
even every second...
...I've sculpted it myself!
What have you been
ranting all this while?
We called you, 'cause
you're experienced.
But it's a first for us.
So don't mind if
something goes wrong.
Buddy, everything is on track.
Is everything fine
in the dining area?
I'm not sure what you'll do...
-Hey drunken monkey leave...
-Call Shiva please...
Why did you guys get down?
Thanks a lot brother.
Thanks a lot!
It's coming from the
bottom of my heart.
You three will stay together
for your good will nature.
Our hearty wishes for your
business to grow bigger.
Thanks a lot!
This is our first wedding.
This is coming from the
bottom my heart... guys get home
with no worries.
Your parents will
embrace your marriage.
My parents will accept us.
But it's an issue at her place.
You guys don't worry about
that, everything will be fine.
We've a gift for you guys.
Where's it?
-Hey, where's the gift?
-Come here...
Get that here.
My friends and I were the one
who got your children married.
We did our best to make
it as grand as possible.
Still there was no
happiness of their faces.
That's 'cause you were
not part of the wedding.
All the lovers have this desire of getting
married with their parents blessings.
But due to unforeseen
they're forced to resort
to such measures.
That doesn't mean they exclude
you from their lives.
They know it well,
that parents are never selfish.
It's the people around
them are selfish.
If we go on to add, just 'cause
their children were in love,
fearing their relatives
reaction to it...
...have gone to an
extent even kill them.
This is still happening.
Just think about it.
When they're so determined
to kill their children,
imagine how determined the children
will be, who wish to live.
Why don't you ask anyone who got married
without their parents blessings.
That moment of their life...
...will be an
unforgettable sad memory.
There's no bigger punishment than
not having their parents blessings.
Pardon me, if I had
something wrong.
-What's it?
-Our first project...
...we rocked it!
If you'd come would've known.
If you just sit idle eating...
Sorry, I meant cooking.
How would you know?
-What I'm saying is...
Doesn't matter what job we do,
but it's important
that we do that right.
Who's that?
Is Shiva Sir here?
...Sir uh!?
Shiva Sir!?
He's inside.
Thanks a lot son.
You pulled off a great
wedding without us.
Thanks a lot.
I swear... must be really lucky
to have a son like him.
Ma'am those are
really wise words.
-Hey, Bride.
If you want them to stay this happy,
then live a life fulfilling it.
-We're leaving...
-Ok Ma'am.
You guys should definitely
come over one day.
Ok Ma'am.
-We're leaving.
We're leaving.
-Thanks brother.
-You must be happy.
-I'm very happy.
One thing, I saw a couple
of your friends in love...
check with them if they need our support
or they have their parents support.
-I will...
-Thanks brother.
You've been working for
all these years...
...look at my Son.
An entire family came to
give their blessings to him.
There was something
special about him.
We should've given him money
to start the business.
But it's you who always
peck him for a fool.
Hey, he has hired them
to talk good about him.
What did I ever do to you?
Why do you think so low of me?
Is he really my father?
-Damn you!
Mom is getting worked up... I trust her on this.
It's 8:30AM and they
aren't open yet.
Look at their way of business.
-They can't match up to you boss.
-Open the shop...
Good Morning Brother!
Hey, where's Raj?
He doesn't report to me...
...he's been missing
a lot these days.
And you don't seem to bother.
Brother, two Teas.
Where's he grazing these days...
Shut up!
-You're useless.
-I'm pitch broke.
-Oh no...
Oh God no...!
Did you get hurt?
Check if you did...
Does you head hurt?
-Sorry...sorry brother.
-Check if you're bleeding.
I rammed in by mistake, sorry.
-It has started to...
-What has started...?
Hey...what the hell is this?
Must be a small wound.
So you won't get off the bike...
Give me an answer to this...
Answer right!? I'll
give one now...
...make sure it's
not a tough one.
What the hell!
Give me a solution
to this accident.
What should I do?
You'll knock down a family
guy and just leave!?
I'll beat you to pulp,
take him to the hospital.
The auto is here, move aside.
Move, come here.
-Why are you leaning on me?
-You come here.
You get inside first.
I don't even have cash
to pay the auto fare.
-If not then use that chain.
That was a gift from
my father's wife.
Brother, at least let
me take the bike...
If at all something
goes wrong with him...
...not sure even if he'll live.
Just shut up, it's a small wound on the
head and you're ranting losing life.
A small wound!?
It's on the nerves.
Come on dear Robert, come here.
How are you? Are you dizzy?
-He looks fine...
-You just shut up.
-What happened nurse?
-He's drunk...
Get him when he's in
senses, we'll treat him.
You're useless, just shut up.
Hello brother, it
seems he's drunk.
-How did he know?
-So what if he's drunk?
He had a small drink in the morning, and
you're making a big deal out of it.
Hey, weren't we
minding our business?
You were the one who
rammed into him.
Now how will he do his job?
I don't care, compensate
with Ten Thousand rupees.
If not, I'll rip you apart.
Ten Thousand! I don't have
such an amount with me.
If you don't have, then
ask someone to get it.
What's it Robert, is
he trying to mock me?
Hey, this Raju isn't
doing any work here.
In spite I own this
place, aren't I working?
He just lurking around drunk.
When questioned,
says he's a partner.
Tell me Mr.Raju!
Buddy, I met with an
accident on the way.
Accident uh!
-Are you fine?
-I'm fine, only the guy got a little hurt.
A little hurt!?
Does this look a little to you?
Why don't you just shut up.
You're hurt so bad, and
he calls it a little.
Buddy, give the phone to him.
Just shut up and sit tight.
Brother, my friend
wants to speak to you.
I can't speak to some
unknown person...
...ask him to come
down if he's got guts.
You stay right there.
Don't show them the
money until I'm there.
Ok buddy.
Let's leave.
My friend is coming down.
Huh!? Let him come down.
Let me see what he's capable of.
I'm all for justice...
...but for Injustice...!
Damn you!
Can't you get treated at a Govt.
It wasn't me, but him.
Boss, why are you hitting
him on the wound?
I was just asking to take
care of the treatment.
I'm fine with any hospital.
He's the one who's
been torturing.
I'm letting you go,
just 'cause of him.
If not would've
been bad for you.
You're all for Justice, right!?
But for Injustice???
Take him away, I'll kill him.
I was just kidding
let it go brother.
Forget about it.
Look at their ways to loot.
The phone's ringing.
Tell me.
Customers are here, how
long do I have to wait?
Handle them, we'll be there.
How do you want to me
handle them?...hello!
Do you know why I was here?
I never asked for it.
Where the hell are you guys!?
Coming Soon Sir!
They're here.
-Buddy looks like a Big Fish.
-Where were you guys, hurry up.
-They've been waiting for long.
-Just a moment Sir.
Sir, Juice!
-Have this juice...
Hey shut up.
Sorry we got held up.
Not an issue brother.
Tell me Sir.
I'm a retired High Court Judge.
Ok Sir.
I'm thinking of a grand wedding
for my grand daughter.
My grand son, referred
you guys to me.
Will you be able to do it?
We'll have a blast!
I was talking about wedding, and
he's saying will have a blast.
No sir, he meant to say
will make it a grand fete.
It's not an ordinary wedding.
There will be a lot of
VIP's attending it.
I understand, you
have faith in us.
We'll do a great job.
It should be a grand event.
We'll do it definitely.
Give me the name of the Bride and
the Groom also other details.
Groom's name is Sathish, and
sister's name is Priyadarshini.
-What about your 60th anniversary?
First get this one done.
Sir I apologize.
Can you go with someone
else for the job?
Are you kidding?
Just 'cause my grandson
referred I came to you guys.
Do you think we're jobless
to come and discuss this?
No Sir, we won't
be able to do it.
It's better you go
with someone else.
Are you guys playing with me?
-Hey come let's go.
-Can you be respectful?
What kind of respect?
There's a saying...
"Beggar's desire to get
on the palanquin."
He spoke out of anger.
What do you mean by anger?
Even I can speak out of anger.
Hey, there are many
in the market.
Get up and leave.
-Brother, what have you done?
Wonder why they need an office.
Can you explain to him?
Hey, why are you doing this?
He spoke 'cause he was angry
about something else...
You guys might have
million problems.
It's me who's screaming
and you're having water.
Shouldn't you have some manners
how to talk to big shots?
You're to be blamed.
Sir, please come here.
Look, there's another
shop here let's go there.
Look at the faces come
down to do business.
-Come in Sir.
-Son come in.
What's the occasion? who's wedding is it?
is it yours?
No not mine.
-It's my Grand Daughter's.
-Is that so?
If you dye your mustache,
can get you married again.
That was a good one.
They're disrespectful, I
was watching everything.
He should be concerned about the
details for the pertaining job.
Why does he need the names
of the Bride and the Groom.
I'll show you the album.
You check and pick
the one you like.
Get me the date and we'll
get it done right away.
Hey, take out that album.
Get it soon!
Here take this, look at the auditoriums
in it and pick one you like.
I don't have time to
look through the album.
I don't want to waste my time.
Don't have to.
Why don't we take a
direct look at the venue.
We can sure.
Come with me in the car,
I'll drop my grandson off.
-He's a businessman.
-Take care of the shop, I'll be back soon.
I'm getting picked up in a BMW.
That was a big one,
why did you do this?
Pull down the shutter.
Pull them down.
Hey, pull them down.
It's too much to shut down,
'cause you're pissed.
Things I go through
for a small drink.
Can I sit here?
Thank you...thank you!
You shouldn't reflect the anger
on me over the customers.
Then why do you do
such things, damn it!
Hey Mani, can you shut
up, I'm speaking to him.
He spoke my mind.
If It's you I can agree, but how
can this bear ask me such...
I have my rights,
I own that place.
You weren't aware of it, until we told
you, and you're talking politics.
I'll break your jaw
with just this.
Ok, I'm asking now. Tell me.
I have to right!?
Tell me, why did you go there?
I was wondering, why should
I discuss family issues?
My father has got a
mistress in that area.
Hey! I don't think
that's the truth...
...he's lying don't believe him.
Hey bloody crook!
What are you staring at? Huh!
-You think I'm scared.
Do you really think,
I'll be scared?
Tell me!
Ok I believe you.
You have faith in me right!?
Then give the keys
to the shop to Mani.
Give the keys to
the shop to Mani.
How can you ask me to
give him the keys...
Instead you ask me to hand it
over to thief, I'll do it.
But you're asking me to
give it to this fool.
You're right.
Even if he's a fool, will lose
it without his knowledge.
But a thief will
steal on purpose.
I got it.
You're indirectly
accusing me as a thief.
Hey let's leave, he's high.
Hey Mani, what's your problem?
He's saying it on your face,
and you're clueless moron.
You just handover the keys.
Give it!
This isn't fair Shiva, you're
listening to this clown.
Stop, stop I say. Why aren't you stopping?
Stop damn it.
Stop damn it!
And this one...
Hey do you trust me or not?
I trust you.
If so, then get me the keys.
Let that be with him.
So, you don't trust me!?
What's your problem now?
Oh I get it now...
...he bought you
drinks ain't he?
That's why this attitude.
Let it be.
Fatso, do you trust me or not?
Can't trust a hissing snake.
As if...!
Hey, who's flashing
those lights?
Young Entrepreneurs!
Liquor to subside the failure.
Instead of asking about the date
and the budget to the customer.
You were inquiring like a survey officer
about the bride and groom names.
He gave a single
cheque of Twenty Lacs.
And my ride will be BMW.
Auditorium is fixed.
Decorations are going on.
That's why business is
limited to hereditary.
This is the result, when you don't
even know the spelling of business.
Differentiation is required
between a pin and a crowbar.
Holy Brothers it seems!
Bloody immature lot.
Look, assistant is calling me.
What's it?
I just got here, will
load them up and send it.
Judge's grand daughter
ran away boss.
Hey, what are you saying?
Didn't you hear?
Oh Dearie!
"The bride to be
eloped it seems"
Agreed that roaming around with
Ambani, doesn't make you Ambani.
But you can be one, if you
put in hard work like him.
There's no said rule that business
is limited to hereditary.
Anyone who's skilled
can do business.
You're panicking as if we went
in to your cash register.
There's no need to know
spelling to start a business.
It's more than enough, if
you know how to run it.
Do you have any idea how
girls are in our locality?
Just say it.
You don't know right!?
There are a total of
11,544 girls in our area.
From which 4,857 are married.
From that 1,490
have got divorced.
So including you, 3,361 are happily
married and living a good life.
And this is the count
of the married ones.
The next are the lovers...
...In which 2,550 are truly in love
without their parents knowledge.
From which 1,518...
...are in love with a third person without
their parents and boyfriends knowledge.
Then Imagine!
Only 1,032 are sincerely
in love with each other.
Does our brother's daughter
comes under this list.
She's under the list
Raju mentioned.
We shouldn't rat out the daughters
in front of their parents.
That's our company's policy.
Sorry buddy...sorry.
So the remaining
balance is 4,137.
In that lot, 400 have turned
many guys in to friend zone.
And it has 2,200 infants who
haven't developed teeth yet.
And 937 are toothless old hags.
620 are above the age group
of 60, and 317 above 70's.
You're speechless now.
With such research, won't we know that
Judge's grand daughter will elope.
There's a difference
between crowbar and pin.
Even a prick from a pin
will inflict pain.
Here on, you'll be amazed with
the sound of our shop's shutter.
Oh Damn!
What's this Councilor?
You've never made such banners
even for our party meetings.
Who's work is all this?
They're from our area.
-Really, then call them.
-Shiva, come here.
I'm really happy.
Look here, my daughter is
getting married next month.
You'll have to take up
the wedding planning.
Sure, we'll rock it!
Long live, Our Leader!
Long live, Our Leader!
Long live, Our Leader!
Long live, Our Leader!
Long live, Our Leader!
Welcome Sir.
Oh my, now this!
Is everything good?
-You've done an amazing job.
Ok... you have plans
to get in to politics?
No intentions of that
sort, why do you ask?
Then why are your
pictures on that poster?
Oh that...
...'cause we handled
your daughter's wedding.
We'll be famous in
our area as well.
-That's it right!?
-That's it!
-Nothing else right!?
-Nothing at all.
Come take this.
Oh no!
Thanks a lot.
Come in sir, let's go.
The baldy got worried...
Wonder how we will succeed
with such workers...
Hey, is this a place to drink?
You keep at it... day Shiva will
beat you to death.
Hi Sir, wait for five minutes.
Just five minutes we
can have the food.
Hey that's him.
Why the hell are you
carrying me....
What's it?
Where's my daughter?
Why are you asking us that?
Paneer Girls?
Show me how you'll sprinkle it?
Is this how it's done?
...give it to me...
If you don't tell me
where my daughter is... guys won't leave
this auditorium.
Tell me!
Where's my daughter, tell me!?
Take your hands off.
Where the hell is my daughter?
Didn't we say that
we don't know...
So you guys don't know...
Look...Look there!
Come on, come on.
-I'm scared.
-Don't be scared.
It's just your father's poster.
Hey! who are you?
Where are you headed with our
leader's cut out this late?
It's the last cut out...
...thought of putting at the corner
of the street for publicity.
Hey, I'm getting goosebumps.
Even we haven't thought
as much as you have.
Hi...get inside the car.
Thanks Raju.
Bye dear!
"Philanthropist of the Poor"
Get lost, baldy!
Now what you have to say?
Tell me, where's my daughter?
If you don't tell me now,
I'll make you a lost soul.
Tell me!
Sir, honestly I don't know.
Your daughter in fact
was pleading to me.
That's why I did
this as a favour.
Who's that?
Who's that girl with her?
That girl... your daughter's friend.
They've taken your daughter to
a temple and got her married.
These three shouldn't
leave this auditorium.
Beat them up.
How can you think
of betraying us?
How much did Ramanan pay you?
Do you really think I
did this for money?
Hey, don't act shamelessly.
Then why did you do it?
I swear didn't do
this for money.
I did this for a girl.
Hi..get inside the car.
-Thanks Raju.
-I've taken a grave risk for you.
Until they find out themselves,
you shouldn't utter it even
to your close friends.
-One minute.
Where is she looking?
Is the baldy here?
Oh that one, it's me.
I was really handsome younger.
Bye dear!
Hey Shiva!
What's with him...
Hey Raju!
didn't we decide that girls
won't come in to our lives...
...hey Mani, Mani, Mani!
Just shut up Mani,
I'm talking to him.
Get lost!
I hid it, 'cause you'll
get pissed on hearing it.
Are you nuts?
We were young stupid and
made that decision.
If at all you had mentioned, we
wouldn't have taken this project.
Bloody fool!
In our area...
..there was a girl named Kala.
She was pretty and
was our neighbor.
She was torturing me to
love her for 3 1/2 years...
...just 'cause you guys said so,
listen to what I'm saying...
...just 'cause of that, I didn't
give room for that to happen.
Mani, she's differently abled.
Don't confuse it with love.
Hey, you're laughing!?
Keep laughing.
Let's see which category does
your girlfriend come under.
Don't talk ill about her.
Buddy, I ran a background check
the first day I saw her.
She was never in love.
She's pure, just like Kannagi.
You guys have to come and
see her just for my sake.
You guys will
definitely like her.
Just listen to me.
Just have a look once.
If you don't like her
then, let me know...
...I'll let her go.
Hey Shiva...that's Raju's girl.
That's right.
Raju's girl.
Good looking right!?
Buddy, how's she?
How's she?
I've managed to prepare a hook,
I think might workout.
She has asked to meet alone.
I think she's going to propose.
What's it?
I have to tell you
something important.
It's fine... might not believe it.
What's it?
Don't be kidding, tell me what is it?
Nothing much...
...that girl.
-Which one?
-That one...
...who we saw in the morning.
When she crossed us
in the morning...
...seemed like she
was looking at you.
Have you gone mad?
She's Raju's girl.
How can you think
of such things?
Shut up and sleep.
She's so pretty...
...but me!?
Shut up and sleep!
Checking me out it seems.
That's what I felt, so was
just letting you know.
Don't mix beer and dessert.
Hey Shiva!
She was indeed checking me out.
Poor thing Raju!
Why does he have to be worried.
Only if both agree to it,
it's a relationship.
Raju's love is unrequited.
Now that girl has to decide.
That's right.
Hey Raju, where are you?
Don't know punctuality
is important in love?
Shouldn't you be
meeting Shruthi?
Hey, I'm aware of it, you
just come to the tea shop.
What does he know?
She's been checking me out.
Do you know that!? Pineapple!
Take this.
-Raju what's your sun sign?
It's a good day for Aquarius.
What's up buddies!?
Why do you look sad?
Are you not well?
What? What's it?
Nothing much...I was just
following her all these days.
Shiva is asking me
to propose to her.
It's not that...
He's been longing for it...
...only if he
proposes he'll know.
Who she's really in love with.
If so then Raju do it.
Only then we'll come to
know who she really likes.
I don't mind telling her...
...but she was booked
under a petty case.
That's the reason I'm
having second thoughts.
Poor thing!
How will I even face him?
That's why I was
wearing these shades.
Sun Sign - Aquarius.
Shiva said it's a good day.
I've decided now.
I'm going to propose her today.
Hey, she's mine.
I Love You!
I Love You too!
That girl never
checked me out...
It's you who manipulated
me in to this.
It's not a right thing.
It's fine if you're
in love but not me?
It's you who instigated me.
And you committed the mistake.
I will definitely let
Raju know about this.
Look here Mani.
She has already accepted me.
I know, when and how to
convey this to Raju.
But I need some time for that.
I can't agree to that.
I'm going to tell
Raju everything.
Go on tell him...
...I have no issues.
That property of yours...
...the Shop!
I've transferred it to my name.
I won't return it.
Hey, bumble-duck!
That's my father's love to me.
Only that is left
as a memory of him.
If at all, you mess
around with it...
I'll kill you!
Then shut up.
When the time is right,
I'll speak to Raju.
Hey thieving bugger!
Here on you're not
my friend but a foe.
Hold this!
Why do you look worked up?
What's happ...?
Why are you crying?
So what if My love had it's last
rites at someone else's funeral.
That's doesn't mean my
love is not strong.
Is it fine? If I go and
propose to her right away?
Wipe your tears.
Be strong.
"The lion has left his den..."
Damn you puddle-pie!
He's a poor thing.
Are you nuts?
This was the first
time you've seen him.
And you're in love
with him already!?
Who said it was the first time?
The guy who I cheated during
my 10th grade exams... you remember that?
Do you know who is that guy?
That's Shiva!
You're hopeless.
He's a poor thing.
I swear...
I've never committed anything
wrong, since the day I cheated him.
I got an opportunity to
make everything right.
I'm the happiest women
in the world now.
-Hello, can you get down please...?
Why is Raju here?
-Is there a dog?
What's it Raju? Is there
an issue with her Dad?
Nah...nothing of that sort.
I've to speak to you in private.
-To me?
I want to talk to
her in private.
Oh yeah!
wanted to...
...speak to you about
this for long.
I Love You!
Have you gone mad?
-I'm in love with Shiva.
Pick that call!
Pick you damn it!
Pick up and speak.
You're done now!
Pick that!
-Tell me...
All this while I had a
friend named Shiva,
but now I have enemy
with the same name.
That girl...
...seemed to be in love
with a guy named Shiva.
I had poison, buddy.
-What's wrong with you?
-That's right...
Where are you at Raju?
At the beach...
-That beach...
-Which one!?
-What happened?
Hey, he had poison it seems.
What did you say?
You've killed my best friend.
Fool, take your hands off me.
-Come let's leave.
The head is hanging loose...
...just shut up you fool!
Stop here.
Be careful.
-No one's here...
-Push him to this side.
-Raju...Raju, look at me.
Hey Raju!
Granny, my friend has
consumed poison.
Have to save him.
Why did you bring him here?
The Doctor won't be
here during the night.
It's been a while since
he had the poison.
Please ask the Doctor
to come down, please...
I'm aware of what
the Doctor does...
...shall I help you with it?
It should've been you
taking that poison.
But he did, in spite of
knowing what you did to him.
He's still not aware,
I'm that Shiva.
Oh no!
He's a poor thing.
What happened?
He'll be up by 4AM, don't
worry everything is fine.
Granny...It's 4AM now...
Oh God no...
I'm not sure what went wrong.
He should've been up by now.
Oh it's 4:15AM,
I was wrong about the timing.
I've flushed
everything out of him,
He shouldn't have anything
except curd rice.
Take good care of him.
-Ok Granny...
-Thanks Granny...
Bloody Sinners!
Have been charging a bomb
for such a small issue.
Why are you sleeping?
What else to do?
You wanted to talk...
It's been half an hour
since we got here.
Raju shouldn't know
about us, for sometime.
But I've already told Raju...
Nah...he just knows
that it's Shiva.
But he doesn't
know that it's me.
In fact, what I actually
did while proposing was...
When that girl went past
us in the morning...
It seemed like she was
checking you out.
Raju is a poor thing.
Damn you!
You're a smooth player.
I was cheated by a girl
during my 10th grade.
Since then, until I saw you...
...never really liked anyone.
So you can Imagine how it is...
If someone else had
proposed other than you,
accepting that would've
been doubtful.
Tell Raju about us
as soon as possible.
If not he'll be behind
me for no reason.
Guys have a character...
...they don't disturb
the committed ones.
Hey, it's getting late.
Shall we leave?
Why did you press that?
This is sign of happiness.
If the food is good or we're
happy we can press that.
Is that so?
Thank you Sir!
-Thank you Sir!
Sir, don't be playing with it.
After all, with the
help of a granny...
Do you think it's possible to save
a life with the help of a granny?
Friendship is great!
Wonder how it's going to end.
If it's not for him, I
wouldn't have been alive.
To speak about his
friendship, I have no....
Hey, he's here.
He'll live for 100 years.
Mark my words.
-Come here...
-A tea please...
Thanks Buddy!
What's wrong with you?
I'm must be really lucky to
you have you as my friend.
If it's not for you, I
would've been dead.
He's the reason you
even had that poison.
What's it?
Sorry buddy, I didn't
listen to you.
Our friendship is
more than enough.
Let's not worry about the girls.
Let's get back to our old
self and continue with it.
Dad, let's not.
Dad please...
Shut up and come.
Dad listen to what
I have to say.
Dad let's leave...please.
You're a dead meat now.
He's going to slit you.
Not to worry, I'll handle it.
I'll finish up, only when we're
over it, they'll start over.
Was about get this
sorted with you myself.
But look at the fate,
here we are...
Hey move away...
Sorry Uncle...Uncle!
That's me...where are you going?
-Don't push me uncle.
Shruthi, didn't you
tell who it is?
Look he's going elsewhere.
Oh no, it's not him.
It's me not him.
This is my friend.
I swear that it's me.
Hey...take you hands off me.
I kill you, if I see you hanging
out with my daughter again.
I won't be just talking
the next time.
Sorry Shiva!
Why did he slap you?
Why did slap you instead?
Has he gone crazy?
Hey, who do you think is crazy?
It's you, who is a
complete mental.
They've been in love
for three months.
Her father himself
has ratted them out.
Can't you still get it moron?
Is he telling the truth?
Hey, answer him.
He is buddy!
And now you're saying this...
Why didn't you
mention this earlier?
You both royally....
-Buddy, I was going to...
That's it!
I apologized thinking,
I did something wrong.
You guys screwed my royally.
-Listen to what I have to say...
Here on, I'm not going
to listen to you...
...neither do my friendship.
I'm always inclined
to the justice.
Hey Raju, stop!
What's it Raju?
What's with the new habit?
You're drinking
alone without me.
Brother, I'm in trouble.
Don't irritate me.
Something wrong
between you guys?
It isn't as simple as you think.
It's a very serious one.
Fine, let that go.
Will you listen to me?
Will you or not listen to me?
Brother, they...
Will you or not listen to me!?
I will listen to you.
Mani didn't I say that
Raju will listen to me.
I care a damn, if you guys
are in talking terms or not.
-Hey Mani.
I'm extremely angry, might
hurt you with this bottle.
Break it, come on do it.
But listen to me first,
then you can hurt me.
I'm not at all happy with him.
I was in hell for 3 months.
He trapped me in to it.
He blackmailed me.
With what?
You know well...
...about the properties,
my house and that shop.
He transferred that
shop in to his name.
What!? Did you happen
to sign anywhere?
No! I didn't sign anywhere.
Bloody mental, how can he then
transfer without your signature.
Look at him...
He has cheated both of us.
We shouldn't let him go.
We'll have to do
something about it.
We've to finish him.
We should just let him go.
That's better for us.
Shop is yours and
funds are mine.
We'll take care of it.
I'm going to rock...Hey!
Hey...get lost you
bloody bugger.
Look there...
What's it?
Just ignore him.
Where were you guys?
Why aren't you guys
answering your phones?
I'm talking to you guys.
Why are you turning around?
Oh, so you can talk
to us unnecessarily.
But we shouldn't turn around...?
Brother... can't transfer someone's
property without their signature.
You made a fool out of me.
Shop is mine, and
funds are his... can better leave.
As if you're a superstar.
Walking with an attitude
tall as a mountain.
Raju don't listen to this fool
and make hasty decisions.
Fine, if he's a fool.
Let him be a fool.
I'm not any good listening
to a genius too.
Got screwed!
He's a good person, in
spite of being a fool.
But you...
I'm fine being with a fool.
He just mentioned it once...
...buddy change the locks.
Don't stalk us to the
places we hang around,
making a puppy face,
making your mother call us.
Don't do such cheap things.
'Cause it'll go in vain.
You're high and
speaking nonsense.
You guys will suffer without me.
Get lost you damn it.
Look here,
even we're suffering...
...we won't call you.
'Cause you're our suffering.
-Is that so?
-We'll see...
What do you mean by that?
I'm asking you not
to come and see us.
I would've thrashed you, if
we weren't friends before.
Don't you ever step
inside the shop.
-Open it.
You guys spoke your mind... hear me out.
Be quick, we've shut down.
Bloody mocking me...
-You'll be crying without me...
-We'll see about that.
Oh no, look at what's
happening here?
It wasn't the booze which
was talking last night.
I was very sober about it.
Here on, we have no
business with him.
Just see, he'll come
pleading for help.
I just saw the consequences
on helping the lovers.
They've blinded Sasikumar
in the process.
Let's not Mani.
It's him who needs us.
We don't need him anymore.
-What do you say?
-I've already forgotten.
-It's just us for each other.
What did he say?
That we'll cry if
he isn't with us.
It's him who should be crying.
He'll definitely cry, I'm sure
he must be crying right now.
Very Good!
Greetings Sir!
Is Shiva your friend?
He was until yesterday.
But not now.
He said the same thing...
-Come on...
-Who are you talking about?
-Come on, Come on.
Sir, the shop is open.
Let me at least close it down.
It's not me, you
must've mistaken.
-Get inside the car, get in.
-Just listen to me Sir...
Just get in, don't talk back.
-Get in...
-Get in.
-I'm getting in.
He eloped with the
girl it seems.
What are you saying?
He's even got a caller tune
matching to situation.
He won't pick up the
call, please understand.
In fact I was the first one to
fall in love with your daughter.
-I was the second one...
Is my daughter's life
a joke to you guys?
Sir, don't get angry.
Hey call him.
He isn't picking up the
call, what's the point.
Just wait for couple of
minutes, I'll take this call.
Buddy, didn't I warn that
you'll cry if I'm not there.
Where are you?
Let that be, tell me
where are you guys?
Sir, can we tell him?
At Police Station.
Is he there? The Shop Owner?
Where did you elope
with that girl?
Oh that thing...
Oh so you're not aware
of what's happening?
My father in law started looking
for a new match for Shruthi.
It's not right to let go of the
girl who we love for another guy.
-Tell me, is it right or wrong?
-Ah!'s wrong.
It's wrong, so what now?
That's why...
...we're getting married today.
Once it's done, I'll come
to the police station.
Until then you guys
be there as my pawns.
-Bye buddy.
I have nothing to
do with this Sir.
Just 'cause he asked, how can your
daughter be such a fool to leave.
I feel it must be
your daughter's plan.
Tell them Mani. Mani...Mani!?
He fainted Sir.
Let us go Sir, don't
kill us in encounter.
Hold on a moment, we'll talk.
Tell me.
It was our mutual
decision to get married.
That doesn't mean you
can get married.
-How can you do it?
Sir...hello Sir stop it.
If you want to handle yourself,
then why did you complaint to us?
Sir, my daughter
is very innocent.
She's unaware of such things.
It was him, who
polluted her mind.
Sir, she's a major now.
So what if she's a Major?
Sir you don't have the right to hit him.
Take hands off him.
I can't sit idle looking
at this nonsense.
Do you expect me to sit idle?
Sir, you stop hitting him.
Ask your daughter.
If she agrees, you can take
her no one will stop you.
Come dear.
Why are you standstill?
How dare...!?
I'll just...
Have I ever...
...laid hands on you.
Look what it has come to now...
I beg of you, please come home.
Dad...Dad I'll come.
I'll come Dad.
Please listen to Dad and come...
-I'll come Dad.
I'll come!
I'll come...I'll come Dad.
in my experience.
The difference is really small
when it comes to men and women.
If there's an issue.
Men will hold on to it
and face it headstrong.
But women lack that
capacity a bit.
Even if she had loved
you sincerely,
When her dad pleaded
she went with him.
But you got to think
from her point of view.
Doesn't matter what it is, but you
shouldn't trouble her anymore.
Madani what happened?
How would I know?
Her Dad brought her
up like a boy.
Moreover, he let her
pursue Fashion Technology.
She's never worn a Saree
for any occasion.
But today...
...she took her mother's saree
from the cupboard and eloped.
I feel really embarrassed.
Shall I go to my friend's
place for a while?
Why do you need my permission?
You be as you were earlier.
You can do as you wish.
I've forgotten what happened
at the Police station.
I'm Sorry!
Do you think I'm as
selfish as other fathers?
I brought you up.
I know you well.
You wouldn't do anything wrong.
You will never go wrong.
I love you Dad.
I love you dear.
Go ahead.
-Ok dad.
-Ok, take care.
Seems like the computer
brain crashed.
They look worried.
Young entrepreneurs, were
jacked by Police Department.
"Sky peeked in to starry window"
"Home Bred Weddings
with Holy Brothers 2"
Hey Raju!?
It's an easy job being a boss.
Is this what you guys were
doing all these days?
It's not important
if it's an easy job,
after this...
...we shouldn't work with
anyone associated with him.
Not only the associated ones,
even who comes asking for him,
I will beat them up, strangle
them and will hurt them...
Come in, please come inside.
Would you like to sit?
She's here.
Forgot what you said.
Please leave, get out from here.
I know...
...that you guys are very
pissed with me and Shiva.
You don't have to talk to me,
just listen to what
I have to say.
Shiva is not a bad
person, as you think.
He's a very good person.
Do you know who's a good person?
Only I would know about that.
It's not that Raju.
I know everything.
It's when you introduced to
him, he started liking me.
And confusing Mani about it.
I knew everything.
So you never checked me out.
I want you three to
get back together.
Oh no, for god sake...
...for god sake.
We can't be like that Shruthi.
Broken mirror can
never be mended.
You won't get it, just
hold on a moment.
Look here, this picture.
His friendship is lost
even from this picture.
Everything is over.
Please believe me Raju.
It's 'cause of me, these
issues have rose.
It won't happen anymore.
The dialogue seems
to be a long one.
How can you be so confident?
Are you going out of station?
I'm going to die.
...had poison.
You had poison!?
You're so cool about it as
if you're reading the news.
What did you have? she's coughing
check what's wrong with her?
Check on her.
Oh God no, she fell down.
You killed her.
It's you, It's you, It'
you who killer her.
I didn't do anything, shut up.
What did you guys
do to this girl?
We didn't do anything.
She had poison
before getting here.
Listen come here, and
lift this girl up.
Please lift her up.
Lift her up.
I'm really scared.
Keep coming!
You shouldn't sleep
after having poison.
Nothing will happen
to her right?
What's this?
It wouldn't have mattered if
she had fallen elsewhere,
but she fell in
front of our shop.
Do we have to call him now?
Yes we have to, what
if we get caught?
-Tell me...
...your girlfriend took poison.
What are you saying?
What's it buddy? Looks
like you let it go?
Here, take her down,
take her down.
Be careful.
Is this a good hospital?
I can understand if
it's your girlfriend.
It all begun with you.
What's with having poison?
How is it the same?
That doesn't mean you
can have it like tea.
Uncle don't beat us
up at the hospital.
She came to the shop and discussed
about Shiva and your problems...
...but she said had
poison in the last.
So we brought her
to the hospital.
I swear this is the truth.
He came for him.
For the trust he has on you,
you shouldn't die
but he should've.
You were 3 years old, when
your mother passed away.
Since then you were his life.
I have seen it myself...
Getting married to him,
I don't want to betray you.
At the same time marrying
the guy you chose,
I can't betray him.
From this even one happens,
I can't have a good life.
That's why...
...I decided to end my life.
You get married to him.
It was a gore mistake
seeing her at the bar.
Please pay this bill.
Hey Raju.
Hey, give it to him.
Hey, give it to him.
Hey, take this, pay it.
I don't have money.
-I don't have cash in hand.
-Is it there in your account?
Is it there in your account?
Hey come here.
Why is he in love,
when he's broke.
Troubling me, instead.
Take this, pay it.
Don't mess with me.
He's really lucky.
Have you gone crazy?
How dare you had poison?
It wasn't a daring act.
I had it fearing losing you.
My parents have accepted?
Will it be the same
with yours too?
Why don't we discuss that later.
Auspicious time is here.
Iyer you can start.
So you've bunked school today.
Ask your daughter to come.
Dia, ask Shruthi to come.
Engagements Invitation,
this year during January 12th,
Aviary stars blessed
with Siddha's luck...
between 9AM - 10:30AM...
Sabari from Thirumurugan
Nagar Kovalm, Chennai city.
will get Padmavathi's
daughter Shruthi...
From Mandaveli of
Metropolitan City of Chennai,
Son of Aravindan and Sasikala...
Mr.Shiva the to be groom...
To get them engaged.
It's an invitation printed with
consent from both the parties.
Your's lovingly, Sabari.
Shiva is like our son now.
Don't worry 'cause your
parents aren't here...
...we'll extend our
full support to you.
Come on let's
exchange the gifts.
Come on Son.
Brother did you see
my Son in Law?
How is he?
It's my engagement today, feel like
dying without you guys present here.
Then Die!
Why are you so sad?
After a lot of struggle
we got engaged.
Aren't you happy?
I'm happy on one side...
You don't have to worry,
You Dad, step mom,
relatives...everyone is with you.
I'm not even bothered that
my parents aren't here.
But my friends aren't here...
I never imagined getting engaged
without their presence.
So that's your problem.
Don't worry, your friends will
be there for our wedding.
How's that possible?
I did say right!?
Trust me.
If this is how you'll console me, I
don't mind being sad all my life.
-How much is a cigarette?
-It's fifteen rupees.
What!? you can have it yourself.
-It's fifteen!
-Is GST added for cigarettes too?
GST is added on water too.
Oh God!
Expenses have gone really high.
Have to earn to take
care of the expenses.
For that we need a
project right now.
-Here they are...
-...It's here buddy.
They'll fall in love
with our daughter...
...will take her on the bike.
Also will get engaged to her.
But when it comes to marriage,
they'll disappear in to thin air.
Where's he?
Look here...
We have nothing to do with him.
Don't come to me asking for him.
If that's the case, why were
you defending him back then?
Now you seemed to
be unaware of it.
I'm keeping my cool
'cause you all are women.
-If not, would've thrashed everyone...
-What would you do?
What's wrong with him, why
is he crying like this?
You all don't seem
like women to me....
As if...
You don't seem to
show any mercy on me.
You have nothing to
do with him right!?
Then get him to us,
we'll let you go.
That's about it.
Damn you! If I'd knew
won't I tell you guys.
I've no idea, Mani
explain to them.
We've been ranting all this
while, why don't you trust us?
Look here...
We've have no
relationship with him...
...also he has nothing
to do with our business.
It's my business
and his investment.
I swear on my business.
Get him to us, and then you
can take your keys back.
Hey, come let's leave.
-Now they'll come to us.
-Aunty, everything is stacked inside...
They took our keys
to the shop....
That's the last memory of
my father gifted to me.
Get it back for me...
That was the only
key to the shop.
What will we do now?
He won't even talk to us.
If so, do you think he'll
come if we call him?
It all depends on
your performance now.
I'll talk to him myself, OK!?
-Someone's here...
-They're Shiva's friends.
You can leave.
Come in guys.
Hey! Why the hell
are you guys here?
Whenever you guys are
here, it becomes a mess.
Trust me there will no
trouble caused by us.
Just give us five minutes
with him, we'll be quick.
Only now he's in his senses.
If he see's you guys again,
something will crawl up.
Nothing of that sort will
happen, just couple of minutes.
Why don't you understand? You
guys very well know how uncle is?
We do know him, isn't he bald?
You guys are hopeless! Come in.
Your notion is to get
the shop keys back.
Look at him...
What are you guys doing here?
We should be asking
that question.
Why did you reject the
girl you got engaged to?
If that was your notion, at
least we would have pursued.
-I meant one of us.
Mani, I've moved on,
and you too move on.
Now you tell me!?
I committed a mistake.
I committed a huge mistake.
Wondering how I got to
cheating you guys for her.
Even if you guys move
on, I won't be able to.
Have decided to annoy us today?
First let us know, why you
said no to that girl?
You wouldn't be talking the
same, if you knew who she is?
Is she the same girl, who
cheated you in 10th grade exam?
Yes she's the one!
She once again made
a fool out of me.
Hey, what makes you say that?
Don't speak like a fool.
Wonder how I'll explain this...
It was wrong of us to
fall in love with her.
You falling for her
was the right thing.
This was decided by
the God himself.
God! You're the mighty one!
-You did the right thing.
-Don't be a fool.
It was her, 'cause of which our
lives took a different turn.
Who do you think
ruined our business?
Moreover it was her due to which
we're not friends anymore.
After all this, how do you
expect me to be with her?
I won't be able to
trust her anymore.
I swear I won't.
Don't trust her...don't.
You will never... isn't just you, everyone
in the world is just like you.
You guys never the trust the
girl who loves your sincerely.
Aren't you ashamed,
speaking like this.
You've been ranting
that she deceived you,
she took your paper and
submitted as hers.
If you had submitted, do you
think you would've topped?
She topped, we should
be proud of it.
Should be proud of it.
As if she deceived you...
Didn't you do the same?
didn't you cheat
on his friendship?
She didn't even check me out...
...didn't you make a fool
out of me stating she did.
Stop ranting the same.
How can you accuse her of that?
Didn't she consume poison and
came looking for you to the shop?
We did say...
...that she's shrewd and selfish.
Also that she's not
the right one.
Even when she was
about to die...
...she was just on stating
that "Shiva is a good person".
Who would do such
a thing for you?
Will your Dad? or
will your Mom would?
Or would you yourself?
Now even if you wish to,
she won't be yours.
Doesn't realize.
You were too good Mani.
Now you can call
him, he'll come.
Oh God! Shiva!
Didn't I tell you guys...
You said will talk and
get him to agree.
Why do you have to
bring up the Poison?
I knew something will go wrong.
I curse you guys for this.
Go and check for the
doctor hurry up.
Hey, Shiva look mom is
right here for you.
-Mom is here for you dear.
Bloody buffalo, don't
pretend to be innocent.
-It's all 'cause of you...
-That side.
Go faster!
It's just us in such
a big hospital.
Just hold on for a moment.
-There must be someone...
-Buddy no one's here.
-Wonder what we would do?
Did you really have the poison!?
Don't worry about it aunty...
...don't cry, I've
done this before.
I've experience in this.
If he's just taken Phenol,
then we can save him.
What's wrong with you damn it?
Oh God! Explain to her, why have
you been smiling like a lunatic?
Damn you!
He's in such a serious condition and
you guys seemed to smiling about it.
Hey Mani, let's leave.
The Shiva you're looking
for, is inside.
There are his parents,
relatives and his sisters.
Moreover, this paper has all the details
on his relatives and their identities.
Don't come back to us looking
for Shiva once again.
Crazy Family!
Get lost!
Isn't it good we're free
with no worries now?
Indeed we're...
But shouldn't be so
idle without a job.
All we need is
just one customer.
We need at least two
even for a wedding.
-Ain't indeed...
What's up with the
young entrepreneurs?
How come you're all lazy
right in the morning?
Not good for the business.
We were busy all night with
work, so stressed out.
It's quite too much
for us two to handle.
It was a mass wedding
of 140 couples.
Moreover, since we
conducted Virat Kohli...
It's been quite a
tight schedule.
We're very busy.
I don't think you
never got be so busy?
Never happened.
Not a chance.
-How did you manage all these years?
-It's a headache.
I had too much on my hands, thought
of giving you guys some business.
-Seems like you guys are busy enough.
-Brother! Brother!
Brother we've been idle for
long, look at this notebook.
We just have this as
a prop in the shop.
You guys must be busy all
night, let me not...
Nothing of that sort, we
were just up for nothing.
You guys won't be able to do it.
No issues, you guys
will wear yourself out.
We don't even have funds to pay for
electricity, look we're sweating.
Just give us one project.
-Just one...
-Come inside brother...
We've better plans than yours.
Oh, you want to discuss
outside the shop.
Or you prefer going inside?
Let's stand right here.
Brother would you
like to have tea?
-Just give us a project.
-Three Teas please.
It's been ages since we
got to see a wedding.
He's right.
-Just give us one project...
I'll get you this project,
but I have one condition.
-Tell me brother.
-Tell me!
Shiva shouldn't be part of this.
We've thrown him out of our
lives, he wouldn't dare to come.
I swear he won't be seen.
You just draw the line,
we'll not cross that.
You just get us a room.
I'm not giving this
to you guys...
-Why is that?
-Your intentions aren't right.
We meant to say, we'll plan well.
Nothing like you might think otherwise.
Oh God!
Come over in half an hour,
will pay you guys the advance.
Why should we wait that
long, let's go now.
Why don't you place
this on my face?
What kind of music are they playing?
ask them to play something good.
Take it slow, 'cause
you're changing it.
Reception is about to
start, come on hurry.
Hey fool, come here.
What's it?
It just says "WEDS"...who's
getting married?
Is it you and me?
Oh no!
Forgot to take Bride
and Groom's names.
In sometime, the Bride and
the Groom will be here.
And you here are giving excuses.
Hey, they're here.
Damn it!
So it was his wedding
we were working for?
Where's that Ramanan?
I'm that Ramanan!
What do you have for me?
We didn't even want to face him
and you made us plan his wedding.
It wouldn't look nice, if
you face something else.
-He's our enemy.
-Then kill him...
You shouldn't make enemies...
...and when we do, then
have to kill them.
Do you even realize how
much he has tortured us.
Hey, do you even realize how
much you three had tortured me?
I incurred a loss of fifty
lacs in this last year.
I'm struggling here for
your goodness sake.
But you guys seem to have
a riff with each other.
Just get over with it.
What's your problem with him?
Is it that girl?
"Generation changes, but the
attitude never changes".
Why is it always two guys
falling for the same girl?
-It's Three...
Keep counting. Shut up!
Hey, is she the last
girl on the earth?
It's not that you won't
find another one.
It's not that, love
doesn't work for me.
With such intoxicating eyes, you're
bound to be lucky with women.
Why are you giving
me dirty looks?
-Do you feel so?
Would you agree, if I rape you?
-Don't be kidding brother...
-What's it Karuppusamy?
Why are your restless
like an elephant?
Beyond one time, you
won't find friends.
Please understand.
-What's it brother?
-Come son.
-Did they forgive?
They did forgive and
has buried the anger.
Shall I fall on your feet?
Mani shall I fall on your feet?
Ask him to...
He won't, look at him laugh...
He will definitely fall on your
feet once the wedding is over...
Don't be fooling around.
Convince and take them in.
The day I saw Shiva
in the exam hall...
...since then I developed
a liking for him.
I didn't fall for him for
that answer paper incident...
...but for...
...his good will
nature to help too.
What we have is,
a sincere love.
Please understand.
With no harm intended...
...I became the reason for
you to commit suicide.
Please forgive me Raju.
Are you still stuck up on that?
Ok I'll tell you one thing...
...if you guys don't approve of
it, I won't get married to her.
Hey, you can leave...
I want this wedding to happen.
-What do you say?
Get their names on the board.
Fine, Mr.Peanut!
Also start the music.
Hey Shiva!
What's does your horoscope say?
-Why do you ask?
Just asking...
I didn't want to
help you in love,
but you managed in getting
me help with your marriage.
Don't give me that look,
will punch you in the face.
The answer paper you passed
on to your girlfriend then,
did you mention, that it
was me who gave it to you?
Don't bother! Have a good life!
Hey, do you know "What
Friendship is?"
I do very well, have
extensive experience of it.
I shouldn't be asking
this, but I'm now...
Ok dear...Ok dear,
love doesn't works out for me.
My father doesn't seem to bother
in finding a match for me.
So...I've found someone from your
wife's family...please come...
...why don't you get
me hitched with her.
-Who's that?
-It's that girl in blue dress.
-I didn't notice
-She's there...
Hi dear...I Love You!
Congratulations, have
lotsa kids and be merry.
When are you getting married?
I'm wondering the same.
It's Twenty five thousand for
a vote, so keep them coming.
-Have a drink...
-Should I?
-Just have one.
-Ok done.
I'll get a tummy with beer,
will have quarter instead.
Ok!?...Ok ready.
...what's happening here?
-I did tell you...
-give me that.
Oh so she drinks too?
Just have this small bottle.
He's not a drunkard
like you guys.
I have my husband
hail and healthy.
Hey Shiva, have
that small bottle.
-Ok dear.
-Don't have these..
-Sure I won't -And don't
hang around all the time...
-Definitely I won't.
-Ok!? Bye.
Where did she actually
come from...?
-It's his horoscope.
She doesn't seem to
understand the drinks well.
Oh my God!