Natural Born Killers (1994) Movie Script

-You'll be late.
-We're leaving, Mom.
As I leave....
What kind of pies do you have?
We got apple, pecan...
...cherry, key lime.
Which do you recommend?
The key lime's great, but...'s an acquired taste.
l ain't had key lime pie in 10 years.
When you had it, did you like it?
No, but I was a completely different person
back then.
Let's give that key lime pie a day in court...
...and a big glass of non-fat milk,
if you please.
Should I make that two pieces?
No, no, Rosie.
My name's not Rosie, it's Mabel!
Goddamn, this son of a bitch
is running hot.
Go on inside. I'll check it out.
All right. I'll get a cold one for you.
What the hell is that?
A bitch out of hell, son.
Take a run at her.
-Miller, Mabel.
-Coming up.
That's one sweet piece of meat.
Her name's...
Mallory, whatever. Who gives a shit?
l call it pussy.
Don't stop, darling.
l was just getting started!
l think she's sweet on you!
Are you flirting with me?
Beep, beep.
You want a piece of me?
Your move!
lt's your move, fucker! Go!
Son of a bitch!
lt's not polite to point.
Because my woman mops up the floor
with your buddy, is no reason to join in.
How sexy am l now?
Flirty boy?
How sexy am l now?
You made my shit list!
Honey, come on, he's dead.
There is no escaping here!
Who's the lucky one?
'"Catch a redneck by his toe
'"lf he hollers let him go
'"My mama told me
'"To pick the best one
'"And you are...
'"! '"
When they ask you who did this... tell them
'"Mickey and Mallory Knox did it.'"
Say it!
'"Mickey and Mallory Knox did it.'"
Mickey and Mallory Knox.
l love you, Mickey.
l love you, Mallory!
Stars are coming out.
Look up in the brassy sky.
And there they are,
like loony pocket change.
You bet on something
you wish you had $10,000 to bet on.
Something where the odds are good.
Betting all those stars don't mean shit....
Whole world's coming to an end, Mal.
l see angels, Mickey.
They're coming down for us from heaven.
And l see you riding a big red horse.
And you're driving the horses,
whipping them...
...and they're spitting and frothing
at the mouth.
They're coming right at us.
And l see the future.
There's no death.
'Cause you and l are angels.
That is poetry.
l love you, Mal.
l know you do, baby.
l've loved you since the day we met.
Hi, Dad. How was work?
What work? l'm unemployed?
Where the...have you been?
You look nice, Mallory.
You look like....
Thanks, Mom. l'm going now.
l'll be back at midnight, okay?
What are you wearing,
a broomstick and a trash bag?
Why don't you put some meat on you?
Any lighter, you'll be Miss Ethiopia.
Where do you think you're going?
l'm going to the John Lee Hooker concert
with Donna. l told you yesterday.
You don't tell me, you ask my permission.
You're not going out in that dress!
You'll end up peddling your ass,
stupid bitch.
You're not going out at all,
you didn't mow the yard.
That piece-of-shit lawnmower is fucked!
That's the way you talk
in front of your mother?
You stupid bitch!
Watch your language!
Or l'll kick the shit out of you... l do her!
lf your ass is in this house...'s my ass.
So move it upstairs and take a shower.
Make sure it's a good shower.
'Cause l'm coming up after... see how clean you are.
Weren't you a little hard on her?
l'll show her a little tenderness after l eat.
When l get up there,
she won't see my face for an hour.
Darling, l think you should speak nicely
in front of Kevin.
Don't think. You're a...idiot.
Am l the bad guy?
Did l ever ask you friends?
And don't tell me what to do!
lf it wasn't for me you'd still be
slinging hash and fucking your boss!
That must be Donna.
l'll tell her the bad news.
Don't let your macaroni get cold, Ed.
Delivery for Ed Wilson.
What on earth is it?
lt's beef, lady. Fifty pounds of beef.
Wait right here. l have to have a word
with my husband.
Who're you?
Mickey. Who're you?
l'm Mallory.
You ought to change your name
to Beautiful.
You a big...
...meat eater, Mallory?
l could be.
You always dress like that, or you just...
...waiting for me?
Why would l dress like this
for somebody l don't know?
Maybe something inside you told you to.
You know.
Like fate. Do you believe in fate?
You don't look happy.
Want to go for a ride? Talk about it?
You promised your doctor no more meat.
l eat what l want. So what? here, you pray after you eat.
l don't want you to clog up your arteries
and keel over at the table!
Don't cry. lt turns me off!
l haven't cried in 15 years...
...and you still haven't touched me!
How about him?
You were drunk and you thought
you were in Mallory's room!
That's why we have Kevin.
You mean Mallory's my mom?
l'm sending the meat back!
l don't care what you do to me!
You know what l'll do to you.
Ed, look!
What does it say?
'"Out with the meat man.
Back before dawn. Love, Mallory.'"
That stupid bitch!
They stole your car!
My car!
That meat man cocksucker!
l broke her in and he grabbed her.
l'll fix his ass.
Call the cops!
Everything l see, l see you.
l know, baby.
l'm going crazy.
Even ugliness looks beautiful close to you.
Even though l'm in here,
l visit you every night.
Listen, Mickey... daddy, he's gonna move us away... that you can't never find me,
and l'm scared.
He can't keep me away from you.
He said if you ever show up...
...he'll kill you.
Kill me? When's this supposed to happen?
Can l help you?
He won't leave me alone.
He keeps touching me...
...and l can't take it.
l have to go.
lf he finds out l'm gone, he'll beat me.
l just wanted to tell you
l love you and l miss you.
Don't forget about me.
-You won't forget me?
-l won't forget about you.
lt's cool. No matter where he takes you,
Timbuktu... don't matter, 'cause we're fate.
You know?
Nobody can stop fate. Nobody can.
One of these nights soon,
l'll be coming for you.
l gotta go.
l love you.
You guys get on the goddamn bus!
Stop or l'll shoot!
l'll break his arm.
There's no action. l'm watching two fags.
Kill him.
Kill the fucking lndian!
Where do you think you're going?
l'm going out!
You ain't going nowhere.
Hey, Jack.
Mickey's back.
Just the prick l want to see.
All right, fuck face.
l'll take your eye out and show it to you.
You've been fucking the wrong woman!
'"You stupid bitch!
You stupid, fucking bitch! '"
'"You shut up! '"
'"You will eat something! '"
'"You will listen to me! '"
'"Are you clean? Are you soapy and wet?'"
'"You stupid...
'"...bitch! '"
He's dead!
Where's the old bag?
He's dead!
He's dead!
Hi, Mom.
You never did nothing!
You're free, Kevin.
Wherever we go...
...or whatever happens, Mickey...
...when l look up at the stars...
...l'll know you're looking up
at the same ones.
Same ones, baby.
You make every day feel like kindergarten.
Let's get a whole bunch of stuff
because l need a whole new wardrobe...
...'cause l'm a new woman now.
l'm a new woman!
She's a new woman!
Past is behind us now.
lt's time to grow up.
We got the road to hell in front of us.
Will you marry me?
Of course l'll marry you.
l've been waiting for you to say that
for so long.
Where will we get married?
Right here, Mal. This is our church.
l got the perfect thing.
Give me your hand.
That's not what l had in mind.
Fuck you.
Put them together.
lt's very romantic, baby.
We'll be living in all the oceans now.
...before you and this river
and this mountain...
...and everything we don't know about...
...Mickey do you take Mallory
to be your lawful wedded wife... have and hold
and treat right until you die?
l do.
Oh, baby.
Mallory, do you take Mickey to be your--
l won't murder anybody
on our wedding day.
Fuck you!
l do.
For all eternity, until you and l die...
...and die and die again.
Till death do us part.
By the power vested in me,
as God of my world...
...l pronounce us husband and wife.
After that there wasjust no stopping
Mickey and Mallory.
They tore up the countryside
with a vengeance right out of the Bible.
Tonight I'm standing on Highway 666...
...running through towns like Cortez,
Shiprock, Sheep Springs...
...and ending in Gallup, New Mexico.
To some, a beautiful stretch
of the American landscape...
...but to Mickey and Mallory Knox,
who are still at large... is literally a candy lane
of murder and mayhem.
Patrolman Gerald Nash...
...was the first of 12 peace officers...
...that Mickey and Mallory murdered
during their reign of terror.
Gerald and his partner...
...Dale Wrigley...
...were parked at this doughnut shop.
Alfie's Donuts, when....
This 1970 Dodge Challenger
pulled up across the street.
Gerald, only three weeks
out of the Academy...
...come walking out with coffee...
...and my bear claw.
Driver asked him a question.
How do you get to Farmington?
Looked like he was giving street directions.
Head on out on 324.
Take it over to 66...
...and Farmington's up 65 miles.
Quick ride.
You folks going there?
When he finished and waved him thanks...
...then up come that shotgun.
You cop-killing cocksuckers!
In the ensuing chase...
...a tragic murder occurred.
American bronze medallist
marathon bicyclist...
...Brian Smith....
I always wanted to take a shot
at one of them. They're not so easy to hit.
We've raped and pillaged the first show
to do this.
We changed the order so it's less obvious.
lt needs a new intro.
You can't cannibalize yourself all the time.
Repetition works.
-You'll wind up with shit.
-Repetition works.
You think that those nitwits
in zombie-land remember anything?
This is junk-food for the brains. lt's filler.
Just build to the interview.
Keep saying that word:
'"Live lnterview with Wayne Gale! '"
That's what it's all about.
What do you think of Mickey and Mallory?
-They're hot.
-Totally hot.
I love Mickey and Mallory!
They're so cool. They're so great!
They're the best thing to happen
to mass murder since Manson.
But way cooler.
Take great figures from the States:
Elvis. Jack Kerouac.
James Dean.
They are super cool.
Jim Morrison, Jack Nicholson...
...add a bloody pail of nitrate...
...and you got Mickey and Mallory.
I don't believe in mass murder
or any of that shit, but--
Don't get us wrong.
We respect human life.
But if I was a mass murderer,
I'd be Mickey and Mallory.
l haven't seen a cop for 1o minutes.
ls there such thing as a cop-less town?
That would be paradise, wouldn't it?
Want a hostage?
From here?
What about her?
Too heavy? Too fat?
What's wrong?
Do you think l'm still sexy?
We might have to find us
a motel here soon.
When l see one that looks nice l'll put
my honey-bunny bride down on the bed.
Tie her up.
Want to go get something to eat?
No. We'll stay in.
We've got plenty of action here.
Know what l've been thinking about?
Of course l know.
You're thinking about rolling around
in that sunflower patch outside of Tulsa.
How'd you know?
And you've been thinking about
cutting your hair short.
And you've been thinking about
us settling down on a boat... a big lake, with a dog...
...and a jukebox...
...and a 26'" Sony Trinitron.
l love it when you can read my mind.
l bet l know
what you've been thinking about.
l've been thinking about why
they're making all these stupid movies.
Anybody out there in Hollywood
believe in kissing anymore?
Love you, baby.
l love your knee.
Love your thigh.
Love your stomach.
Love your finger.
Where is it?
l just took it off so l wouldn't snag my hair
when l washed it.
All right, baby, look.
Even if that ring pulls out every hair
on your head... stays on.
lf it tears out my eyeballs
it never comes off.
Every great thing we do, starts with these.
Since you put it that way.
Why are you looking at her?
l'm going for a ride.
Baby, hold on.
Let's just throw her into the mix.
Shut up! Shut up!
Quit being so fucking cute!
You can be cute all by yourself,
little Mickey! You're so fucking pretty!
You go fuck her!
Maybe l just will!
Fill her up.
-Can l look at that car?
-Go ahead.
That'll be $17, lady.
That's a nice Vette.
Wait a second.
Don't l know you?
l don't think so.
Do you want to touch me?
Tell me you want me.
l want you.
Tell me l'm beautiful.
You are beautiful.
Am l beautiful?
So beautiful, l can't stand it.
Am l sexy?
You're sexy.
Go down.
Holy shit!
You're Mallory Knox, ain't you?
lt's the worst fucking head
l ever got in my life!
Next time don't be so fucking eager.
lt's called Scagnetti on Scagnetti,
in your local bookstore.
Buy it.
l will.
An author, too.
My wife could never wear these.
That is a perfect ass.
lt's nice.
There's her arm...
...her head.
Dry saliva drops.
That's my type of girl. l like her.
Let's see what we got here, Scooter.
Give it up.
Mallory Knox... Jack Scagnetti.
Exactly where do you expect us
to be going?
Where are we supposed to be?
What town is it that's out here?
Fuck, it's the fucking cheese.
Quit looking in the rear view. Sit back.
Put the lighter on the floor.
Put it on the floor, Mickey.
Would you relax?
Turn left. l think there's a town.
All l see is desert.
That's right, Cochise.
Go eat some more fried bread.
Here's some 'shrooms, Mal.
Mine ain't kicking in yet.
Turn left?
Turn left to what, you stupid bitch?
'"You stupid bitch! '"
'"You stupid bitch'"?
'"You stupid bitch! '"
Mickey, that's what my father
used to call me!
Thought you'd be more creative.
You're losing it, Mickey! You're losing it!
Snakes and birds. Ain't nothing out here.
l'd go down on a lawman
for a gallon of gas.
l'll tell you something. This is the 199os.
ln this day and age,
a man has to have choices.
A man has to have variety.
What do you mean, '"variety'"?
Hostages? You want to fuck
some other women now?
Do you, Mickey?
Why'd you pick me up...
...take me out of my house...
...and kill my parents with me?
Ain't you committed to me?
Where are we fucking going?
Relax. lt's me, your lover,
not some demon...
...not your father.
No, you're not my fucking lover!
You've been fucking loving me?
You've been loving me real true!
We got tobacco, lots of tobacco if....
You got any gas we can buy?
l don't think he speaks English.
Push comes to shove,
we can snatch that donkey and ride out.
Come in.
Come on in.
My God!
ls that a friendly snake?
lt's a rattlesnake.
My name is Mallory.
This is Mickey.
How... doing?
We're not from here.
This is kind of like The Twilight Zone.
ls that your wife?
He died?
Your baby?
Feel the demons here?
l think we're the demons.
Who you fucking?
-Your father.
Get out!
Come here!
No, don't hit me!
l hate you, little asshole!
This is so bad! What did you do?
l didn't mean it! l didn't mean it!
Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad!
Get it together now.
Come on, Mal!
Let's go!
Come on!
Why? Why?
What did you do that for?
lt was an accident.
This whole fucking thing is crazy.
There are no accidents, Mickey!
l'm human and l made a mistake
and you must understand--
You are sick!
You killed life!
He fed us! He took us in there!
Mal, that is a harsh indictment.
Leave me alone! l'm going!
No, hang on!
l got bit!
l got bit!
Hold on, Mal!
Hold on!
There's more!
Mickey, there's more!
l'll scare them out!
There's more all over!
What have we done? Hop on up!
You know something?
Badasses don't die.
l'm seeing things!
lt's okay.
Just dreaming.
Just a dream, Mal.
My name's Pinky.
l remember now.
My brother gave me this name
when l was about six.
He said, '"You're as big as my pinky.'"
l don't like cheap motels.
They give me the creeps.
Me, too.
You a real cop?
Yeah, l'm a real cop.
Don't hurt me.
l've never hurt anybody.
l'm the law.
l'm the protector.
Come here.
Come here.
Come over here. Take off them shoes.
You're pretty.
Stand on the bed.
That's it.
That's nice. Move around.
Move around.
Yeah, like that.
Come down.
Real slow.
Give me a kiss.
Give Big Jack a kiss.
Do you like me?
l like you.
You ever been strangled?
Give me a kiss.
l said, come on, cunt.
l'm just kidding.
l'm coming to get you!
l'm not going to make it.
l feel so cold.
You're going to make it. Get mad.
Go get the stuff then.
Once they were average citizens
living drab, nothing-ever-happens lives.
But then these sweethearts
began a cross-country murder spree...
...which has lasted
only three terrifying weeks...
...but has left 48 known bodies
in it's wake...
...Mallory's own mum...
...and dad.
Excuse me.
Rattlesnake took a chunk
out of us a ways back....
Me and my wife are pretty sick.
Could be dying,
you never can tell about these things, so...'s about you ungluing your fat ass
from that boob tube...
...and get us some snake-juice...
...depraved and sick actions.
Found it yet?
They stormed in with shotguns...
...and after liberating the place
of all the firearms they could carry...
...and various personal
idiosyncratic knickknacks...
...they killed every customer...
...without hesitation.
Money! Faster!
But they always leave one clerk alive... tell the tale of Mickey...
...and Mallory.
l'll be damned.
You shit!
Mal! Cops!
l'll meet you out front with the car!
Get the car! l'll get the snake-bite juice!
No, please!
Snake juice.
We don't carry.... Hospital.
This shit keep you hard?
l'm the only clerk left.
l'm the only clerk left.
-You're forgetting something.
-What's that?
lf l don't kill you...
...what's there to talk about?
Fucking squid.
I forgive you, baby.
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
You stupid bitch!
Shut the fuck up!
Kill them all!
You bonehead sissy, this is Jack Scagnetti.
Put that gun down, or l'll--
Fuck you, Scagnetti!
Now! l'll cut her tits off!
Go ahead!
l'll get her silicon implants!
l swear to God l'll cut her tits off!
Go ahead! You ain't got the balls!
-Don't give up! He won't do it!
-Shut up!
Watch this?
You like that?
-Put that gun down!
-Don't cut her!
Put your hands where I can see them
and step into the light!
Kill them all!
l'm coming out!
Let me see your hands! Good boy!
Step out in the light.
Step outside, big shot.
All right!
Someone come get this bitch!
Get this bitch!
Come get the big bad wolf!
Come on!
Where's our light?
Hold your fire!
Oh, God, my eye!
Hold your fire!
Do not kill him!
One camera all you can muster?
You ain't that big a star yet, cocksucker.
-You and me, one on one. Let's go.
-Fuck you! Bring it.
Fry this cop killer!
All right, big shot.
Nail that cop killer!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Hey, Mickey. Want a drink?
-Fuck you!
-Just joking.
Where is my baby? Where is she?
Let her go.
Let her go.
You okay, babe?
'"These boots were made for walking
'"And that's just what they'll do
'"One of these days these boots
Are going to walk all over you'"
No pictures! No pictures!
Clear the area!
l always wanted to meet you.
l really respect you.
You know what? l even bought your book.
l read the whole goddamn thing.
How about an autograph?
...Jack Scagnetti.
Dwight McClusky. Welcome to hell.
Great to meet you.
How are my favorite assholes?
We got them two rat fucks back in there.
Want to see them?
-Why not?
-Come on.
l seen you on TV. l even read
your goddamn book. lmpressive.
Surprised Hollywood ain't found you.
Your story would make
a lot better movie than Serpico.
ln all of my days of the penal business...
...and that ain't no small amount of days--
Mickey and Mallory
are the most depraved fucks...
...l have ever laid my damn eyes on.
These two motherfuckers are a walking
reminder of how fucked up the system is.
Don't get me started, okay, Warden.
Call me Dwight.
They killed inmates and guards?
Three inmates, five guards
and one shrink all in one year.
Open the damn gate.
Mallory strangled his ass...
...when he made the mistake
of asking about her parents.
And she done it on tranquilizers.
Ain't love grand?
Ain't that the truth?
lt's like that other big lie.
Love makes the world go 'round.
How does a fella like you get
to be a specialist in psychos?
l recommend your mother
being killed by one.
After that, l developed
a rather keen interest in them.
-What happened?
-l was born in Texas.
-You don't have an accent.
-l don't want to talk like those asses.
-My mother was from Texas.
-l mean the other asses.
The ones who beat me up.
Anyway, when l was 8 years old... mother took me to the park.
lt was the same day Charles Whitman...
...climbed the University of Texas Tower
and started shooting.
-You was with her?
-Sure was.
But l didn't hear any of the shots.
l'm with my mother and suddenly...
...her chest explodes.
She falls and l'm just looking at her.
Her arm flies off, her hip explodes...
...and I'm not hearing any of the shots.
Fucking boom! Her chest explodes.
l spent all day lying on the grass
being eaten alive by ants thinking:
'"What's happened to my mom?'"
Since then l've had a strong opinion...
...about the psychopathic fringe
that thrives in this fast-food culture.
l tend not to show the self-discipline
becoming of a peace officer.
You're right, Jack. May l call you Jack?
We got an army of shrinks in here,
talks about mania and schizophrenia...
...and multiphrenia and obsessions,
and it makes me sick.
lt's all pride. lt's arrogance. lt's bullshit.
The Knox's are the sickest l've ever seen.
-Open it.
-Yes, sir.
Why me? What's this really about?
Can you feel it, Jack?
-Silence in the air?
The one thing you don't want in a prison.
You boys okay?
What is you looking at?
You okay?
l said, what you looking at?
Stop it!
Try this on! Try it on, you son of a bitch!
Come on up here, boy!
By God, get up over here.
Now, goddamn it...
...go on there. Stick him in F Block
for a month, then bring him to see me.
You all right?
Jesus Christ, you could be
on American Gladiators.
Thirty minutes a day, just shake and roll it.
Someone attacks you, go for the throat.
The chop that paralyzes.
Mickey and Mallory's
got my whole prison whacked out.
-Like sharks to chum.
-The smell of blood drives them nuts.
-We're over 2oo percent capacity.
-This ain't a prison, it's a time bomb.
-Fry the pricks.
-We tried.
Then they kill somebody
and we must start the legal process again.
Like a hemorrhoid you can't get rid of.
We're sending them for testing
to Nystrom.
Lobotomy Bay?
Vegetable Land.
Home of the criminally insane.
-That hasn't been done in years.
-We got a ruling.
lt won't stick with all the shrinks here...
...but they'll be in your control
for a few hours.
-Then what?
-You're a celebrated lawman.
Fifteen years on the force.
Bestseller out in paperback.
A modern-day Pat Garrett
with a deadly ax to grind.
That is why you have been chosen
to do in Mr. and Mrs. Knox.
We know that once you're on the road,
if anything happens--
-An accident.
-Escape attempt.
-Anything at all...
...Jack Scagnetti will look out
for his public's best interest.
l understand.
Nobody in their right mind will cry
for the fuckers if they take a little lead.
A lot of lead!
You write the script. Call it:
'"The Extermination of Mickey
and Mallory Knox.'" l don't care.
l'll give you my two best men,
Kavanaugh and Wurlitzer.
We got a special disliking for these punkos.
Have we found our man?
You know her... love her, you cannot
fucking live without her.
Mallory Knox.
'"One in my heart
'"l guess l was born
'"Naturally born
'"Born bad'"
-Knox, somebody here wants to meet you.
-'"Born bad
'"lt's such a sin
'"l guess l was born
'"Naturally born
'"Born bad'"
Jesus Christ!
She always does this.
She ain't changed a bit.
Where's the other half?
We have him in the deepest, darkest cell
in the dungeon.
You can't see him now.
He's got a special visitor.
-Who's that?
-Wayne Gale.
Wayne Gale? The TV scumbag?
We call him media.
Don't you like the media?
A worm in my blood
is more attractive to me.
-He lives to fuck cops over.
-Can't say no to the media.
You want this job?
You come and say hello.
l have a television show.
Every few weeks, as part of our thing
about current America...
...we do a profile on a different serial killer.
Technically, mass murderer.
Okay, whatever you want.
The episode on Mickey and Mallory
was one of the most popular.
Ever do one on Gacy?
-Who got the higher rating?
-You blew him away.
What about that crazy fucker, Ted Bundy?
The crazy guy? You got the larger
Neilsen share. You're big.
What l want to get to--
What about Manson?
He beat you.
lt's hard to beat the king.
Anyway, Julie, my producer, and l...
...we've been waiting a long time
to do a follow-up piece on you...
...and that time has definitely come.
You're good.
Anyway, it's apparent to those
who know what's going on...
...that the prison boys have violated
the Constitution.
You and Mallory may be killers, but nuts?
Today, they wipe clean your mind
because they feel you're dangerous.
Tomorrow, they wipe clean my mind
or dump me into syndication...
...'cause they feel what l say is dangerous.
Where does it end?
l have interviews...
...with the warden and the psychiatrist,
Emil Reingold...
...and with Warden Dwight McClusky,
and l tell you...
...they look bad.
Now, you give me an exclusive... Wayne Gale.
We are talking a media event here.
The promos on the Super Bowl, you know.
The network will cream for it.
What a great idea, Julie.
We are talking about nothing less...
...than television history.
The first in-depth interview...
...with the most charismatic
serial killer ever... day before he's shipped
to a mental hospital...
...for the rest of his life.
This is Wallace and Noriega.
This is Elton John...
...confessing his bisexuality
to Rolling Stone.
lt's the Maysles brothers at Altamont.
This is the Nixon-Frost interviews.
What do you say?
Why are you letting him do this?
Relax. lf l don't, we'll be excoriated.
lf l do, they won't clear it for weeks.
Legals, appeals.
M & M will be toast
before that ever happens, right?
No one will care about two dead losers.
What do you think?
Time, motherfucker.
Come on! Leave him alone.
He's a human being, for Christ's sake!
Wait a minute!
Let him answer me.
Time's running out, mate.
What's the answer?
Go for it.
He says yes.
l thought he would. But keep contact
with the population to a minimum.
Give me a large room. l'll handle it.
We are stealth journalists.
You should worry more about the promos
that start to air next week.
You'll be a national face,
a real hero to the American public.
lt's true.
You could even launch a new career here.
My producer will fax you in the morning
with the details.
l must get back. l'm doing a benefit
for the homeless transsexual veterans.
'"Dearest Mallory...
'" once told me l had no feelings.
'"You were right and wrong.
'"l got more feelings now
than l ever had before.
''I've been reading a lot
and doing yoga with this guy, but...
'"...he pissed me off.
'"He's not around anymore.
'"At night...
'"...l pretend you're lying next to me.
'"l lie in my cell...
'"...imagine kissing you...
'"...not making love, just...
'"...kissing for hours and hours on end.
''I remember everything about our time...
''...every secret you ever shared.
''I remember every single time
you laughed.
''And your dancing.
''My God, your dancing....
''I lie on my bed and go over every day
and every minute of our happiness.
''I take it all as it comes...
''...and I live that day again.
'"That way, when l get to our first kiss...
'"...they're not just memories.
'"l feel that joy again.'"
Doctor Reingold...
...are they insane?
Psychotic, yes.
lt's right after the Super Bowl.
We've got them in their homes,
the game has just sucked...
...they want to see Mickey. What's he like?
They have shocked the country numb
with violence.
These guys want to tear
their wives' heads off.
But, Sullivan--
Mickey and Mallory...
...know the difference
between right and wrong.
Theyjust don't give a damn.
This will be the most talked-about event
in television history!
Is it true they were sexually abused
as children?
I can't imagine....
I don't think....
I would say no.
When you suggested l marry your daughter
after l got her pregnant...
...that's exactly what l did.
Now, you listen to me.
lf you blow this...
...CBS will eat your lunch next season
and l'll be with them...
...because l'm out of here!
l'm out!
Mallory Knox has said
that she does want to kill you.
I never really believe
what women say to me.
Margaret, darling...
...whatever you think you found,
it's not what you think.
Tell me who the hell Ming is.
Ming? There's no Ming,
that's a fucking restaurant.
Why are you going through my drawers?
l don't go through yours.
lt looks like it was cut with a meat cleaver.
Where's my close-ups?
Now, listen, less of the shrink.
Keep the teens, keep the long hairs.
l love the cop.
l love McClusky.
Cut in on him in the middle
of that horrific laugh.
Freeze frame on it. Don't let him answer.
Then cut to me at the trial.
Their subsequent trial...
...turned into a sick, pathetic circus.
The nation caught Mickey...
...and Mallory fire.
Mike Griffin is who these misguided...
should be revering.
Mike Griffin was killed in the line of duty
by these, scum-sucking...
...degenerate bags!
-What do you think of the turnout?
-l've never had more fun!
Ming, first of all, slow down.
Speak English.
-Okay, English.
-You're paranoid.
-She knows.
-She's not onto us.
l don't give a fuck what the l Ching says!
Just don't put anything down on paper.
lf she calls back... say, '"Hello,
Ming Dynasty Restaurant.'"
What do you have to say to your fans?
You ain't seen nothing yet.
How could you let this show go live?
Just got out of me.
Doesn't change a thing, though.
We're moving those scumbags tomorrow.
When l do these two douche bags,
l'll go up there with Jack Ruby.
World famous.
Hall of Fame.
You'll be bigger, Jack.
Lee Harvey Oswald was a pussy.
Maybe, but he was a great shot.
Hear it?
Hear what?
lt's dead quiet.
Dangerous when it's dead quiet.
Okay, testing, one, two, three.
Wayne Gale, brother.
Hey. How goes it, brother?
Doing some hard time?
What'd they get you for?
That's a rough one. l'm with you.
And the Dallas Cowboys
are the Super Bowl Champions.
After the game, stay tuned for
a special American Maniacs on WATCH.
Mickey Knox is the USA's
most dangerous man in America...
...but Wayne Gale isn't afraid
to meet him one on one... learn what 48 people died for.
Is he insane, or does he belong where
he sent so many others: in the grave?
Mickey Knox, thank you for this time.
I'd like to start with a few questions,
ifyou don't mind.
That's...nice, Wayne.
When did you first start thinking
about killing?
l was thrown into a flaming pit of scum,
forgotten by God.
What do you mean?
l mean, l came from violence,
it was in my blood. My dad had it.
His dad had it. It's my fate.
Do you believe in fate?
My fate.
No one is born evil.
lt's something you learn.
What about your father?
How did he die?
You were only 10 years old,
and there's a lot of speculation....
l didn't kill my father.
l don't want to talk about it.
Watch it.
lt's okay.
Go on to something else.
Please, let's do.
How can you look at an ordinary person,
some innocent guy with kids...
...and then shoot him to death?
l mean, how can you do that?
lnnocent? Who's innocent? You innocent?
l'm innocent. Yes, l am.
Of murder, definitely.
lt's just murder.
All God's creatures do it, in some form.
l mean, look at the forest.
You got species killing other species.
Our species killing all species
including the forest.
We call it industry, not murder.
But l know a lot of people who...
...deserve to die.
Why do they deserve to die?
l think everybody got something
in their past, some sin...
...some awful, secret thing.
A lot ofpeople out there already dead.
Just need to be put out of their misery.
That's where I come in. Fate's messenger.
''Except a corn of wheat
falleth to the ground...
''...and die, it abideth alone. But if it died...
'' bringeth forth much fruit. ''
The theory that everyone meets a serial
killer half-way? ls that way you mean?
The wolf don't know why he's a wolf.
The deer don't know why he's a deer.
God just made it that way.
You mean the world is predatory.
When a mountain lion kills an elk...'s the elk's time to go.
And the BS liberal agenda
about saving the herds...
...only serves to overpopulate
the balance of nature.
Maybe you're right.
l don't think so, but maybe you are.
Corporate and environmental predators.
Nuclear predators. Life is a hunt.
l've seen it. l was there.
When the...hit the fan
in Grenada, l saw it...
...all go down in Grenada.
So, tell me, Mickey. Any regrets?
l mean, three weeks, fifty people killed.
Not too cool, Mickey.
Fifty-two, but...
...l don't spend time with regret.
It's a waste of emotion.
You must have some regret.
l wish that lndian hadn't got killed.
Bad, bad, bad!
One of your last victims.
Man had a...
...rattlesnake in the corner.
A rattlesnake?
He could pick it up, pet it.
He saw it.
He saw what?
He saw the demon.
The demon?
What demon?
Everybody got the demon in here.
The demon lives here.
lt feeds on your hate.
Cuts, kills, rapes.
It uses your weakness and fears.
Only the vicious survive here.
We know we're no good pieces of shit.
After a while, you become bad.
But after the lndian,
we were going to quit killing.
The old man took it out of us.
What happened?
lt was all just a mistake, you know.
Man tried to help us.
Pet us.
Same dream l've had since l was a kid.
l'm just...
...running, running with the animals
in the darkness.
Mr. Rabbit.
Bloody fangs...
...Christmas hat.
...madness going on, l'm just running.
l'm just....
l'm Mr. Rabbit.
I'm eating every other animal in the forest.
Death kind of becomes what you are...
...after life became black.
You know about realization, Wayne?
I mean, all this isjust... illusion.
Mr. Rabbit says
the moment of realization...
...the moment of realization... worth a...
...thousand prayers.
You're crazy.
l don't think l'm any crazier than you are.
l'm extremes, dark and light,
you know that.
l'm light with Mal.
That's your shadow on the wall.
You can't get rid of your shadow, can you?
You know the only thing
that kills a demon?
That's why Mallory's my salvation.
She was teaching me how to love.
I forgive you, baby.
lt was just like...
...being in the garden of Eden.
Only love can kill the demon.
Hold that thought.
These scars on your arm, l'm sorry.
You want some powder?
Rise and shine, Mallory.
Turn around and face the wall.
Relax, we want to have a talk, is all.
Don't get too close or she'll kill you.
One way or another, she'll kill you.
Relax. Read my book.
l met some crocodiles in my time...
...but she's got a sweet streak for me.
Take that. lt's okay.
-We're not allowed....
-lt's okay.
lt's okay, guys.
l know you smoke.
l'm not here to hurt you.
l want to be your friend.
lf l ever met a girl who needs a friend...'s you.
You're a very pretty girl.
Remember the last time you got fucked?
l want you to close your eyes...
...and remember the last time
Mickey gave you the hard one.
Thinking about it?
Forget it, 'cause it's never
going to happen again.
When they get through
with all the electroshock shit...
...Mickey ain't gonna be worth a shit.
Was it worth it?
Was what worth it?
Was massacring all those people worth
being separated from your love forever?
You mean, was an instant of my purity
worth a lifetime of your lies?
Explain where's the purity
you couldn't live without... the 52 people...
...who are no longer on this planet
because they met you and Mallory?
What's so...pure about that?
How do you do it?
You'll never understand.
You and me aren't even the same species.
l used to be you, then l evolved.
From where you're standing, you're a man.
To me, you're an ape.
Not even an ape, you're a media person.
Media's like the weather,
only it's man-made weather.
Murder? lt's pure.
You made it impure...
...with violence, selling fear.
You say, ''Why?''
I say, ''Why bother?''
Are you done?
Then let's cut the BS and get real.
Why this purity that you feel about killing?
Why, for Christ's sake? Don't lie!
Youjust got to hold that shotgun... your hand, and it becomes clear... it did for me the first time.
That's when I realized my one,
true calling in life.
What's that, Mickey?
Shit, man.
l'm a natural born killer.
Get that?
All right, Mickey!
Great, man.
There's a riot going on here.
Every fucking moron in the world
just saw that, mate.
We got a riot going on here
that's out of control. We need help.
God Almighty shit, Leroy. Where at?
In the Rec Room, B Wing.
We're outmanned, we need help.
You mobilize the men, l'm on my way.
Mr. Gale, close them cameras down.
We got a riot going on in B Wing.
We are not finished. lt's live!
You're finished.
They got guns, hostages, explosives!
Close those cameras, now! Turn them off!
We'll never get this chance again.
We'll be famous!
You stay here and shut up.
l must find out what's going on
before l let you film anywhere.
The world is watching!
We'll never get this chance again!
Fuck you!
This asshole is trying to tell me
what l'm going to do in my jail!
Fuck him!
Fuck you!
Don't know what he's dealing with
but we do.
Keep your fingers on the triggers
of your shotguns and follow me.
This is a tough room.
One more.
Mother says to Sister:
'"You can go to the drive-in with Bobby,
but you got to take little Johnny.'"
Sister goes, '"Okay.'"
They go, they come back.
Mother takes Johnny aside and says:
'"What happened?'"
Little Johnny can't talk.
She says, '"They went to the drive-in.'"
'"Then what happened?'" Johnny goes....
'"They were kissing? What else?'"
You heard this one?
'"What else?'"
Little Johnny goes....
'"Hey, he felt her up?'"
'"What else?'"
Little Johnny goes....
'"They took off their clothes? What else?'"
Little Johnny goes....
'"They did that?'"
'"What the hell were you doing?'"
Little Johnny goes....
'"Little Johnny, no! '"
Drop it!
The gun, goddamn it!
Smart move.
Empty the shells.
Where are you?
l'm all right, man. l'm okay.
All right, new friend, get your camera.
-Where's Roger?
-Right here.
-Where's Scully?
-He's hit. l think he's dead.
Put the shells on the table!
Drop your belt!
Hands behind your head!
Got the camera going yet?
They're both shot to shit.
That's too bad for you.
Wait. l got a remote Beta.
l can get an image up.
Very innovative. Put it on.
Let's go.
Everyone's going to follow me out of here.
One big, happy family,
shooting everything l do.
Kavanaugh, get up!
Take me to Mallory's cell
and hope she's in one piece.
Everyone get behind Kavanaugh.
Press up against him!
Let's go!
Lady, come along with us.
Get the keys.
Hustle it!
Stay with me!
That's my camera!
Stick together.
Now l remember you.
You're Jack.
l'm not really as bad as they say l am.
l'm actually a really nice person.
Yeah, l know.
l've done some bad things myself.
l killed somebody.
No shit.
You know what l think about?
l think about hands...
...on my tits.
And l think about flesh...
...against flesh...
...and sweat.
My mind drives me crazy.
Sit down.
What do you want me to do?
l want you to kiss me
and squeeze my nipple.
You're so specific.
Like a little bit of pain?
How sexy am l now, fucker?
You stupid dick!
Shit! What happened?
You want a sexy little whore?
l'm trying. l'm trying.
Fucking bitch broke my fucking nose!
Give me that gun!
l'll fucking kill you!
-No gun! Put it away!
-Give me your Mace!
You fucking whore!
You want to play, bitch? You want some?
How about this?
Don't do that!
You like it?
Now a special report from Channel 6 News.
Are we on?
Good afternoon, l'm Antonia Chavez.
This is a WATCH special report.
l'm told we're taking you right now
live to Batonga Penitentiary...
...where Wayne Gale
continues his interview... the middle of a riot.
Wayne, can you hear me?
What's happening there? Are you safe?
This is Wayne Gale,
resuming live from Batonga.
You can tell from the blood
and carnage all around...
...that the final chapter of Mickey
and Mallory has yet to be written.
Are you in danger? Can you tell us?
A war has broken out here,
unlike anything l've ever seen!
But we'll stand alongside them.
What's happening?
Down in the Batonga....
Don't you like this?
Hey, Jack!
Mickey's back!
Drop the shotgun!
We got a Mexican stand-off.
We've had this date from the beginning.
Slide that shotgun here.
Put your hands behind your head,
your forehead on the floor!
Or what? You wound me?
l can blow you in half.
l never wounded anything in my life!
l got you locked right between the eyes!
l've had you locked from the jump, phony!
You got me locked. Take your shot.
Okay, Jack, you win.
Oh, baby!
Ladies and gentleman,
this kiss has been a year in the coming.
They're doing what everyone said
they'd never do again.
At this moment,
they are the only two people on earth.
Shut up, Jack!
Losing your touch, Jack.
l was out of shells.
You still like me now, Jack?
-What's this?
-The list of prisoners.
What the fuck?
l asked for a list of hostages!
-How should l know?
-Just get it!
-Must l do everything?
-l'm working on it.
Jesus Christ.
What are those guys there?
Close one, two, three.
-Still jammed open, sir.
-Well, jam them shut!
l see the goddamn fire!
Looks like all our informants
are being tortured.
What is it, Natapundi?
l don't care what your name is!
Mickey and Mallory Knox are loose.
Scagnetti's dead!
We're live on network TV.
Live on Network TV?
Jesus Harold Christ
on a fucking rubber crutch!
ls this happening to me?
You fucking sick motherfuckers!
Come on.
Yeah, come on.
Come on.
Come on, Mickey. This way.
Who are you?
My name's Owen.
What do you want from us?
l want you to take me with you.
Where are we?
lt's a place l come to think
when things get hectic.
Call them.
Let's go, Kavanaugh.
Follow me!
We're in B wing. Where we going?
Out, through, down.
Hold up!
Good, Kavanaugh.
Don't shoot!
Don't shoot!
Don't shoot Wayne Gale!
How you doing, Wayne?
l'm doing fucking great!
You got the feeling?
l'm alive for the first fucking time!
Thanks to Mickey!
Let's kill all these motherfuckers!
Give me that.
You're not centered, Wayne.
Here, shoot with this.
Let's go! Kavanaugh, stop slacking off!
End of the line. Drop them!
Move and he's dead!
He's already dead, dickweed!
You got shit!
-l'll blast him. Back off!
-Please don't shoot!
Shut up, Gale, you prick!
Mickey, Mallory, just let me say--
Put your hand up.
Shut up!
Mickey, l made a place. Come, come.
Come on, move! Let's go, Mal.
Sixty seconds and l'm coming up!
Think, think, think.
Fuck it.
Hello, Margaret.
How are you?
l'm all right.
You're doing good, baby.
l want you to know,
no matter what happens...
...l love you.
l love you more than l ever loved myself.
l know that, Mickey.
l'm never coming home.
Don't you get it?
l'm alive for the first time in my life!
l'm alive!
-How did you figure that out?
-Because l don't love you anymore!
l love Ming.
That's right,
Ming is not a fucking restaurant.
l don't care! Take the money!
lt's all yours anyway!
And one more thing: Piss off, you cunt!
lt's good to be with you.
You do a lot of good for people.
The door's exposed and you diddle around
with these two!
-We have more important things to do!
-These two die today! You hear me?
l'll wipe that fucking scum
off the face of the earth...
...if it's the last fucking thing l do!
You know what l say?
l say... hell with going to our cells.
Let's go out there...
...and run down the stairs
and go out in a hail of bullets.
And then we'll die.
Then we'll really be free.
That's poetry.
We'll do that when all else fails.
l just left her.
That's right.
Put a bottle of Dom on ice.
Get some Ecstasy.
l'll come put a hot pepper up your ass.
No, you're not.
-l love you, Ming.
-Sorry, Charlie.
Hold this.
You married?
God, l don't want to die.
l don't want to die.
That wasn't the question.
Are you married?
Yes, l'm married.
Do you have children?
A boy and a girl.
l don't want to die.
Mal, come here, please.
The only way we'll get
out that front door... if they don't want to kill you
any more than they want to kill us.
Mr. Journalist!
Hold that.
Duncan Homolka, Wayne Gale.
How are you?
You want reality? You got it.
I'm Wayne Gale!
l'm the star of American Maniacs,
watched by 4o million people a week!
l am a respected journalist,
winner of the Golden Globe Award... name a few!
l've been shot! You're on camera!
We are live!
lf anyone fucks up our escape...
...l'll make it my mission to put
Warden McClusky out of commission!
l will do expos after expos,
revealing the inhumanity...
...the brutality that exists here!
You, back up!
My name is Wayne Gale!
l'm the star of American Maniacs!
You're all on camera! We're live!
Just how far do you think
you're going to get?
Out the front door.
That will never happen!
lt's happening.
l am a friend of Bill Clinton's!
lf anybody puts me in danger....
-You open it!
-Open the gate!
My name is Wayne Gale!
l'm the star of American Maniacs!
l will hunt you down,
blow the head off your fucking whore wife--
Don't disrespect my man!
And plant your sick ass
in the ground all by myself!
Another day, perhaps, but not today.
This is Wayne Gale,
unfortunately no longer live.
l am wounded.
All my crew is dead.
l have left my wife,
and my girlfriend has left me.
Don't look that glum. That was good.
Mickey Knox's plan worked.
We walked out the door into my news van
and made our getaway.
When we were followed by patrol cars...
...Mallory shot
Deputy Sheriff Duncan Homolka...
...and tossed his body out.
Show them your ear.
My God, that is so gross.
Why helicopters were not deployed,
l don't know.
l guess it happened too fast
for plans to be made.
We've pulled to the side of the road
to do this interview.
Tensions run high as we--
We don't got all fucking day.
So, without further ado:
Mickey and Mallory.
So, Mallory,
after Mickey's incredible rescue...
...what did you think?
l wondered how long it'd be till me
and Mickey could be alone...
...and if l could wait that long.
Did you cause the riot?
We didn't have nothing to do with it.
That was....
lf they want to say we masterminded
the whole fucking thing, let them.
lt's not going to keep us up at night.
But the truth is... was...
Fate it was. You saw it right here
on American Maniacs.
You believe in reincarnation, Wayne?
Yes, l believe we've all lived many times.
So, what's next for the Knox's?
l'm thinking we can lay
in a big king-size bed...
...and sleep for about two days...
...and l'm thinking about motherhood.
So, me and Mickey are going
to get started on that... quickly as possible.
-Let's go.
How do you intend to disappear?
You're the most famous couple in America.
-There's the Underground Railroad where--
-End the interview.
Let me swing the camera around
and do my wrap-up, and we're off.
We're going to do a wrap-up, all right.
But it won't be you staring
in the camera looking dumb.
You'll stare down the barrels
of our shotguns...
...and we'll blow your brains
all over that tree.
Wait. Time.
Cut, cut, cut, cut!
This is a joke, right?
Don't fucking shoot me!
During this escape,
a bond developed between us!
Not really. You're scum, Wayne.
You did it for ratings.
You don't give a shit
about anybody except yourself.
So nobody gives a shit about you.
That's why there's no helicopters.
Wait a minute, you hypocrite.
What about the lndian?
You said you were done with killing!
That love beats the demon!
You said love beats the demon!
l am...
...and it will.
lt's just that you're the last one.
No, don't kill me.
This is not about you, you egomaniac.
l kind of like you.
But if we let you go,
we'd be just like everybody else.
Killing you...
...and what you represent is a statement.
l'm not sure what it's saying...
...but, you know,
Frankenstein killed Dr. Frankenstein.
Have some dignity.
All right, l'm okay. l've thought this over.
Life's cruel, no one said it'd be easy.
The day you killed, you belonged to us!
To the public! To the media!
We are married, right?
The point is...
...what do we do next?
Let's do a Salman Rushdie-type thing.
Just books, talk shows, you know.
We lay low, jump up, we bob and weave.
We do Letterman, Oprah, Donahue.
Have you any idea how huge we could be?
Let's make a little music, Colorado.
Wait, wait!
Don't you two always leave someone alive
to tell the tale?
We are. Your camera.
l'll miss him.
Let's go.
Okay, baby.
Can we hear him? I can't hear him.
I'm not getting anything.
Oh, my God!
A bride and groom's wedding
turned into a nightmare--
My dad....
Because they were having sex.
That's all I thought about.
He punched me. He slapped me.
Ijust want to say, you know, can we....