Navy SEALS v Demons (2017) Movie Script

- You ever been down
south to Alabama,
Louisiana, Mississippi?
- Never been that way before.
- You ever seen
Helen Keller's house?
- Helen Keller's house?
- Yeah, you ever seen it?
- No, can't say I have.
- Neither has she.
- Not bad.
- Run, run!
Go, go, go!
- Don't stop, don't stop!
- They're trailing us,
don't stop!
- Oh my God, don't stop, run!
- Bill.
- It's Pete, but that works.
- Fuckin' demon!
- I'll be.
What do you reckon
they're doin'?
- I don't know.
Let's go get 'em.
- Let's do it.
- Jesus fuck, huh!
- What in the hell
done happened here?
Sheriff, where's the other one?
Where's the girl?
- I don't know but
that ain't right.
- That looks like Taco Bell.
- Jesus.
Lopez, get us
close to the house.
- Sir, we're right over them.
If I get any closer,
they're gonna hear it.
- Zinmen, zoom in and resolve.
- Zoomin' in.
- Oh my God, it looks
like they were mangled
by some kind of animal.
Does anybody see any dogs?
- Zinmen, launch those
other two drones.
Find 'em.
- Launching now.
- Lieutenant Carr,
Lieutenant Carr?
Lieutenant Carr?
Lieutenant Carr!
I'm Commander Jacobs.
- I gave up my bars
a long time ago, sir.
- Lieutenant, how would you
feel about getting out of here?
- You got some C4?
- I got a deal.
- I'd rather take the C4.
- Would you be so kind as
to fetch the Lieutenant here
some aspirin?
He sure could use some.
Oh, you are a drowning man.
- Oh, and what
does that make you?
- The son of a bitch
with a life raft.
You're caught in
some evil currents,
and you'll be dead in a year.
- Is that a fact?
- Yeah.
Evil always destroys
itself in the end.
- What is this, a
fucking intervention?
- It's a job offer.
- Well,
I'm not lookin' for
a second chance.
- The Navy doesn't give 'em.
Jack County, Texas.
You ever heard of it?
- Nope.
- I'm not surprised.
It's barely a shit stain
on the ass of Texas.
But there is a little town
there with a big problem.
Men are being slaughtered,
and young women are
being kidnapped.
Daily, it seems.
- Really?
How many?
- Dozens,
hundreds maybe.
We're not really sure.
Most local authorities have
been killed, so, you know,
the rest are too scared to talk.
- So call in the Feds.
- People are dying,
Lieutenant, and you can help.
- Are the cartels killin' 'em?
- This is where it
gets complicated.
There are local legends
of paranormal activity
in Jack County.
- What, like ghosts?
- Like demons.
- Are you serious, sir?
With all due respect, fuck you.
As you can see, I'm sleepin'
off a hangover here,
and I don't have time--
- Demons, and we think
that they are responsible.
- Demons or not,
this has already gotta
be all over the news.
- Well, they're targeting
a small population.
Majority of 'em are
Mexican immigrants.
Down there another dead
illegal isn't news,
it's a victory.
- Why do you care
so much about this?
- Well, we don't really,
but we can't have
this thing spread.
Because if it is real,
and as bizarre as
it sounds, it just,
the threat needs to be
contained and neutralized.
- You wanna throw me
in the meat grinder?
So, that being said, this
must be a black operation.
- No support,
no backup, and undercover.
If your identity gets out
while you're on the job,
then the DOD will deny any
knowledge of your employment.
You know the deal.
- Who else knows about this?
- A few others at Langley,
and of course the Pentagon.
- How many of these
things are we up against?
- No idea.
- If I do this,
I've got a couple conditions.
- Within reason, I'm
sure we can accommodate.
- Fuck it.
Let's go.
- You okay over there?
- Yeah, sure.
- Hey, uh, you
mind helpin' a guy out?
- With what?
- Well, it
seems like, uh,
whoever stocks this thing
doesn't do a very good job,
let's just say that.
- Here ya go.
- Thank you.
- Don't sweat it.
- Hey, hurry up!
- I'm
comin', damn it!
- Excuse me.
Meet me out back.
- Hurry up, up, up!
- We gotta
leave immediately.
- Let me get my bag.
- Hold on, you don't
know the whole story yet.
- Since when did old
Whiskey Sauce give a fuck?
- Well, since never, but
you need to listen up.
- Listen nothin'.
- We may not be
up against humans.
- Humans, babies, hamsters,
it's all the same to me.
- Fuckin'
possible paranormal shit.
- Then I'll be a
motherfuckin' ghost buster.
- You believe in God, Whisk?
- Shit.
- 'Cause that's what
we're up against.
If these things exist,
is half-god, half-man.
- Well, you know
I believe in God.
You know that.
But I can't fight no gods.
But I'm a God-fearing man.
God fearing.
- Demons, Whisk.
That's what's got this town.
- Ain't no motherfuckin' demons.
A bunch of redneck,
lynchin', meth smokers maybe.
- Yeah.
But the Bible says
there are demons.
- Yeah.
Jesus visited a
town, Gergesenes,
saved a man possessed by demons.
But in the flesh, man, uh,
we all got our own demons.
You should know that.
- Yeah.
And Jesus asked him,
"What is your name?"
- And they replied,
"Legion, for we are many."
You've learned a thing
or two, haven't you?
- Let's go save a town.
- Let's save a town from
some motherfucking demons.
- Come on.
- Oh, fuck me.
Pull up, man.
This is bullshit.
- What's bullshit?
- Did y'all know y'all were
fuckin' comin' to get me?
- Yes.
- Huh?
- Yeah.
- Fuck.
Y'all couldn't have
gotten a bigger truck
or vehicle or somethin'?
They don't issue trucks no more?
Man, I can't even put
my fuckin' feet down.
- Do you need me to move up?
- Nah, nah, it ain't gonna help.
My foot's already in your ass.
You know what I mean?
- Then fuckin' suffer
in silence, bitch.
- Oh, now I gotta be a bitch.
I'm just sayin', man,
how far are we?
- You could always be back
in there fuckin'
scrubbin' shitters.
- Okay, I like this better
than that, but still.
- How the fuck did you
wind up there anyway?
- You look like you
need a bath, cocksucker.
- Yeah, well, I've been
workin' on my black face.
Gonna join me the NAACP.
See, I figure a little grease
on my face, some watermelon,
I'll fit right in
with you, brother.
- Til you take those pants off,
and then they gonna
all know the truth.
- Yes, they will, Whiskey Sauce.
Yes, they will!
- What's up, Red?
- Ah, it's good to see you,
It's good to see you.
- Sir.
- How you doin', Red?
- None of that Red shit.
- Yeah, by the looks of that
chin, it should be white.
- I just go by Ander now.
- Ander?
Fair enough.
Looks like you're
doin' really well
for yourself here, Ander.
Real good actually.
- I'm doin' all right.
Who's the suit?
- That's Commander Jacobs.
- Damn, sir, hot
as balls out here.
Got ya wearin' your monkey suit.
So clearly the
brotherhood's all here.
- Didn't know you
had company, baby.
- Thanks, baby.
- There ya go.
- Y'all got mouths.
Use 'em, why ya here?
- I've got a
proposition for you.
- Oh, I just bet you do.
One last mission.
- You know, I had
my last mission.
I don't need another one.
- Well, this one's different.
This one
will top 'em all.
- Yeah, and I've never
heard that before.
- Look,
I need you on this.
I wouldn't be here otherwise.
This is an opportunity
for a new start,
for me to make things right.
- Well, I don't
need a fresh start.
Look, I'm done, guys.
I did my time, I got
out for a reason.
I'm stayin' out.
- Nobody's askin' ya back in.
Hell, nobody will
let you back in.
This is for us.
- Us?
- Yes, us.
- What, 'cause Bear, Lopez,
they weren't available?
- At least take a
look at the file.
- Demons?
- That's what they're
saying down in Texas.
- Oh, I would love to see
the op order on this one.
- It'll be all plain clothes,
- So what is your cover?
- That's the thing.
It's our call.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
- What do ya say, Ander?
- Call me Red.
- They're in.
You owe me 50 bucks.
- I need a fill up
on the bikes outside.
- Where ya headed?
- Jack County.
- What's your business there?
- Don't worry about it.
I'll take, uh,
three of these.
- You don't wanna step
foot on that land, mister.
Ain't nothin' there
to protect you.
- Why do I need protectin'?
- God left those
parts a long time ago.
What's left ain't
fit for no man.
- Keep the change.
- IDs, let me see some IDs!
Come on.
You know, things can turn
real difficult real fast.
- Hey, we ain't
done nothin' wrong.
- Your mirror.
- What about it?
- It's broken.
- Hey!
- Hey!
Y'all just calm down
and have a good night.
And get this fixed.
- Officer.
- Howdy.
- Well, there's no
sense in wastin' time.
Red, grab us some rooms.
I'm gonna head over next door
and check out the locals.
- You got it.
- All right, well
meet back at 23:00.
- You want something?
- Yeah, I'll take a beer.
- A beer.
So, where are you from?
- Look, hon, unless this
is a speed dating service,
I ain't lookin' to chat.
- Hmph, 3.50.
- That's what I thought.
Keep the change.
- Yeah, thanks.
You like what you see?
- To be honest, she looks bored.
- Well, new girls, they
never know how to work it.
It doesn't matter
how big the room,
or how many high rollers.
They're all pigs.
You have a cock,
and I, and
two dynamite titties.
I can work them so good,
the fuckin' king of Espania
will oink and drop down his
diamonds in my G-string.
That's how it's done.
No, no, no,
save your money
for the main event.
This one's on me.
- Thank you very much.
I live my life in the red
Tomorrow I might be dead
So won't you join me
For the night
And make this dead
man feel all right
I wanna hear you
scream out in pleasure
I wanna dig for
your buried treasure
Let's bind each
other with leather
I will love you
til the sun comes up
I'll rock and roll
Til my time runs up
So won't you
join me for a time
I might be dyin',
but I'm in my prime
I wanna hear you
scream out in pleasure
- You like what you saw?
- It was okay.
- You a faggot?
- No.
- Mm, you're married.
- Yeah, somethin' like that.
- Something like that.
- What do ya think's got
this town so on edge?
- Demons.
- Damn, baby.
- Careful, Rafa, or I'll
spill these fucking drinks.
- Why don't you put
those drinks down
and give me a free one?
- Why don't you go back
to your fucking homies.
You don't get a free one.
- Come on, baby.
I need you.
- Fuck off, Rafa, I'm
not a fucking hooker.
- I didn't say you were.
Come on, baby, just please--
- No, get the fuck away from me.
- Come on, baby.
Well, well, Mr. Gas Station.
Where your friends at?
- This guy bothering you?
- You, you should leave.
- Yeah, you heard
that, you should leave.
- Don't do that.
- We got a problem here, Jefe?
- I don't know, do we
got a fuckin' problem?
- Hey, Carlos, check
out homeboy over here.
- I'm here to help.
- Let him go.
Get this man a drink
and a round of beer for my guys.
who are you?
- Friends.
- Friends?
Is this how friends behave?
Where you from, my friend?
- Out of town.
- Yeah, that much we know.
Why are you here?
- Vacation.
- Hmm, vacation.
Now why would you ever go on
vacation to a place like this?
- You don't.
- No, you don't.
- You have a good night.
- Yeah.
- Fuck, every fuckin' time.
- Shut the
fuck up, Whiskey.
- Hey!
- No cops yet.
All that gunfire, no response.
Either there's no
one left alive,
or they're too damn scared.
Agent Barnes, you
awake back there?
- Yes, sir.
- Make an anonymous call
to the sheriff's office.
Get 'em over there.
Maybe one of 'em is still alive.
- Still nothing.
- Ivanova,
there are more things
in the Heaven and Earth
than dreamt in all
your philosophy.
- Sir?
- Yes, there's a chance.
- The battery
life's at 48%, sir.
If we put a recon
unit on the ground,
we can get all the
intel that we need.
- Not enough time, Ping.
All right, Lopez, let's
get her out of there.
Find a thermal,
climb to 500 feet.
- Sir, I understand
you want to ascend,
but this particular UV is--
- Agent, 500 feet, please.
- Ascending 500 feet.
- Turbos off,
and we're gliding.
- All right, Lopez,
start your turns.
- Yes, sir.
Nothing, sir.
- Wait, right there.
Right here, you got that?
- Yes, sir.
- All right, how many
sites are we connected to?
- Nine.
- All right,
switch servers, have all
911 calls routed through us.
Let's do it now, folks.
- Let's get him on
the bar, on the bar!
Get some rags.
- We gotta stop the bleeding!
Go, go, go, get him on there!
- Come on, I got you.
Let's get you on top.
Over there.
- Yeah, you're gonna
be all right, man.
- All right, just relax.
Where Rafa, Rafa!
- Danny!
- Come on stay with us, homes,
stay with us.
Stay with us, homie, come on.
Stop the bleeding!
- I can't stop the fuckin'
bleeding, man!
Fuck it don't stop, man!
- This whole rag.
- Come on, man.
- Stay with me, stay with me.
- Come on!
- Come on!
- Let's go.
Let's go.
- Fuck!
- Fuckin' motherfucker.
- Is this a joke?
Does she smell like Eve
before she bit the apple?
Her flesh has been seduced
and no longer pure.
These mistakes, your
stupidity is hindering us
from our rise.
Now, we can't let such
temptation go to waste,
can we?
- Somethin' broke?
- Nah, I just felt
like wrenchin'.
- Couldn't sleep
either, could ya?
- Could you with Commander
Snore-A-Lot in there?
Take this fuckin' wrench and
shove it in his eye socket.
- Something's got this
town spooked, man.
- What, there's a party and
old Whiskey wasn't invited?
- Nothin'
like that, Whisk.
Just thinkin' of
ways to kill ya,
so I can get some rack time.
- Let's move.
- Door, the door!
Get her inside, get her inside!
- He sees us.
- Yeah.
- Could somebody get me a
cup of real coffee, please?
Not of that ass-sweat,
decaf bullshit
that you assholes make.
Thank you.
- Zinmen, get us closer.
- We're at 22% now, sir.
If we get any lower,
we're not gonna be
able to make it back.
- Your coffee, sir.
- Right, ascending 200 feet,
300 feet,
400 feet.
- We lost power.
Battery's gone.
- It's done.
- We can put astronauts
into outer space,
the moon,
shit, probably even
one day other Earths
and other galaxies
on other universes,
so, please, tell
me, why can't we use
millions of dollars
of sophisticated
fuckin' equipment
to clearly track and monitor
these fucking things?
- Sir,
I've got some of
those old books.
The Vatican librarian
had them scanned.
They're coming in now.
- Oh, fuck.
- Well, well, look who's back.
- Fuck.
Ah, what happened?
- You got your ass kicked.
- Where's Red?
- Fire watch.
- Who's the girl?
- They've been in here praying
all night, riding it out.
- What's so
special about night?
- Excuse me, my son.
I heard your question
and thought perhaps
I might be of some assistance.
- Always, Father.
- I'm Father Rodriguez,
and these women are here
because it is unsafe
for them to remain in
their own homes at night.
- Safety in numbers.
- Safety in geography.
In Jack County,
young women are prey,
and here in this sanctuary,
they are safe from
their predators.
The devil hunts at night.
- So he, uh, they hunt women?
- Not all women,
just those who have
reached womanhood,
but have not yet known a man.
- So they're killing virgins?
- Their purity is
of tremendous value.
- Why?
- Centuries ago
when Lucifer fell,
he fell in these parts,
and his seed was buried deep
within the soil of this place.
What kept him at bay was the
religious fervor of the people
and they power they
derived from a series
of blessed artifacts
housed in churches.
Over time, these
artifacts and churches
have been systematically
Only one remains,
a single one.
This, this is the
last blessed artifact.
In here it's the only
thing that stands
between us and the demons.
- So what's stopping them?
- So long as this stands,
they cannot enter without
purifying themselves first.
To do this requires a sacrifice.
Virgin blood.
- Only demons can
destroy that thing?
But in order for
them to get at it,
they have to purify themselves
with virgins' blood?
- Precisely, my son.
And I am its guardian,
the last defender of the faith.
- Father,.
What the hell are you
people doing here?
Father, what are
they doing here?
Look at them, this is a
safe place with children.
Get out!
Father, get them out of here.
- Mom.
- What does she
mean, "you people"?
- It's okay, Angelina.
It's okay, I'm here,
sweetie, just sleep, okay?
It's okay.
- Sister Juana, these
men are our friends.
- With all
due respect, Father,
these men are most
definitely not our friends.
They are bar brawlers
and nothing more.
- They are angels.
- Hell's Angels, maybe.
- They're here to assist.
- Assist?
Look at them, they're
bleeding, and from what?
Did you ever think
of that, Father?
- From a terrific
battle with them,
and they survived.
These men are deserving of our
compassion and our respect.
They fought them, Sister, them.
And he, the big one, he
saved little Angelina's life.
- What?
- He saved her life.
- When?
- Just now.
I saw it with my own eyes.
They need our care.
Please, help them.
- For you.
- Sit still, let
me fix your head.
- Yeah, good luck with that.
- Did you really
fight with them?
- Somewhat.
Did you know 'em?
- Well, like I said, small
town, everybody knows everybody.
They rode into town
a few months ago.
The prime suspects, a group
of riders from down south.
Came in one night causing
all sorts of trouble.
Then they rode out.
We never saw them again,
not until the girls
started disappearing.
- Fuck.
Take it easy, will ya?
- Hold still, you big baby.
- How old is she?
- 17 in a few weeks.
I can hardly believe it.
- She looks just like you.
- Thank you.
- You never fucking listen.
- Are you okay?
- Yes, just a bit hungry.
- I'm sure your mom
has something for you.
- Are you scared of them?
- No.
Are you?
- No, not anymore.
I have you to protect me.
- I think I found something.
- All right, show me.
- Malleus Maleficarum 1487.
- Heinrich Kramer.
- Now, apparently, according
to this, religious artifacts.
- Yeah?
- Are repellent to demons.
- Which is why
they didn't go in.
They came.
- Right.
- It's a church.
- Right.
Now, look at this.
This cross is important.
See, now the area used to have
dozens of blessed crucifixes
just like this.
- Mm-hmm.
- But over the years
they've been lost or stolen.
- Hmm, what is it about this
thing that makes it so special?
- We made it through
another night.
How do you feel?
- My stomach hurts a little.
- You're probably hungry.
What happened?
- Help me.
- Jesus.
- Where was she?
- Pancho found
her on the street.
- Father, I think she's
trying to say something.
- What is it, Mina?
- I saw them.
- What, are you sure, where?
- The factory.
- What?
Oh my God.
- What the fuck are
they doing here?
- Rafa, it's okay.
- How is she?
- They others,
they still might be alive,
Carmelita and Maria.
- What, where?
- The factory.
- Then let's do this.
We've been waitin' by too long,
lettin' these diablos kill
our sisters and our daughters,
too long.
Let's get 'em back.
- Wait.
- Don't tell
me to wait, Jefe.
- Nobody tells
Pancho to fucking wait.
- You know, I was
sleepin' off a hangover
in a nice one bedroom
loft when me and my team
got drawn into this shit.
I'm Lieutenant Warren Carr.
This is Petty Officer
First Class Greg Jackson,
and Senior Chief Petty
Officer Alexander Michaels.
We're with a Navy SEAL team.
Our mission was to covertly
neutralize the threat
that's assaulting your town.
Problem is we had no idea who
or what we were up against.
Moving forward, I think
it's best that we have
the blessings and the support
of the local town leadership.
Wouldn't you agree?
'Cause if you wanna
get out of this alive,
you can either listen
up and help us out,
or you can stay the
fuck out of our way.
- Okay, Rambo.
Show a Jefe how.
- Come with me.
The building's
guarded by three cops,
one at each entrance.
There's five cop cars out back.
- So there must be more.
- Yeah, maybe.
- How many?
- Well, it's impossible to tell,
and we don't have
the proper support
to get eyes on this guy, so.
- I've been there before
to the south side door
is a loading dock.
- Is there anything else?
- Yeah, the basement.
The door's right here.
- We'll sweep around this way.
Red and Whisk will go
with you to clear here.
Red take south, and
we'll take east.
You ghost us,
and I'm gonna put
two in your chest
and one through your throat.
We clear?
- I just gotta say it.
I got a bad feeling
about this one.
- Yeah, why don't you keep
that shit to yourself?
- Shut the fuck up, Whisk.
- I'm just sayin'
somethin' ain't right.
Look, there's some
bad juju on this.
- Feel the same?
- Look, this ain't the mission.
We're supposed to recon,
assess, neutralize,
not hook up with fuckin'
American me over there.
Look, we've all
seen these things.
We can't kill 'em.
Shit, we didn't even
make a dent in 'em.
We go in there, we
probably ain't comin' out.
- Yeah, maybe.
But I ain't quittin'.
I ain't ringin'
that fuckin' bell.
That clear?
- Okay.
So tell me, why is it always
virgins with these guys?
- Everyone's got a
right to get home.
- Fine, watch my six.
Don't let me fuckin'
get killed, sir.
- When this is over, we
definitely gotta get a beer,
'cause this is some heavy shit.
- Jesus, shut the
fuck up, Whisk.
- Do I
frighten you, Sheriff?
- Uh, yeah.
- Why?
- I don't,
I don't rightly know.
- We share
a common enemy.
You have failed me.
- Yes, yes, you're
absolutely right.
- Do you fear God
as much as you fear me?
- As an American,
I believe in one nation
under God, and yes,
I am a God-fearing man.
- Has it ever
occurred to you to ask
where is he in all of this?
- No, I, I reckon not.
- I am the one,
the one that punishes sin.
For I am here in the flesh.
Call your God.
If there is someone greater
than myself, show me,
introduce us.
I am most eager to say hello.
- Come here.
- Gentlemen,
what you're looking
for is, other room.
- I'm gonna kill all of them.
- I ain't going to
fight you, believe me.
- Where are they?
Where the fuck are they?
- You're already
too late.
When they got the
blood of 12, tonight.
- Who, huh, who?
- Right under their noses.
- Hey!
- Get him off!
- Let me go, let me go, let
me go, all right, all right,
all right.
Fuck this.
- Go with them, Whisk.
Would somebody mind
to explain to me
what happened to our targets?
- Hey, hold up.
- What?
Where the fuck are they, man?
- Incoming.
- Go on, get the
girl, take her to the church.
- Well what about these
cocksuckers right here?
You know what I'm sayin'?
Where the fuck are you goin'?
What the fuck?
- We'll take care of this.
We got it.
We got it.
- Let's go.
- Moving?
- Yes, sir.
- How much time til we
get new eyes in the sky?
- I contacted ops, so
probably an hour or so.
Sorry about before.
- Right, no worries.
- Sir.
- Jacobs.
- How the boys doing?
- Well, they're still alive.
Can't promise for
how long though.
I mean, without air
support or ground support,
it's kind of hard for
them to do their mission.
Kind of a fool's errand.
- Well this is all I can
do without attracting
too much attention.
Too many people will
ask too many questions.
- Yeah, right.
Well, I'll tell ya what.
Jake, why don't you tell
your liberal fuck friends
back in Washington they're about
to lose millions of dollars
'cause they won't
give me what I need
to properly take
care of our boys.
- What do you suggest?
- What do I suggest, Commander?
They need help,
they need backup.
They are in a shit storm.
What do I suggest?
Hey, Ping?
- Yes, sir.
- How long to get the QRF
team at the station inserted?
- Three hours.
- Three hours.
- HALO drop?
- Yes, sir.
- Bingo.
- I'll get the Pentagon.
- Barnes already
has them on line.
Good to see you doing
your job, Commander.
- Juana!
- What?
- We gotta get your
daughter to the church.
- Here, put this on.
- Mama,
I don't feel good.
- I know, I know,
but we gotta hurry,
- Why
do we have to be--
- Shh.
- Go to the chapel.
- Red, start lockin'
down all the fuckin' entrances
and exits.
You fuckin' stick
your, keep your eye
on the fuckin' chicks.
- Lieutenant Carr.
- Who the fuck are you guys?
- We're here to save
your sorry asses,
so I'd appreciate
some gratitude.
- Who ordered this?
- Control.
Where do you want this?
Go for Catfish.
- Tell those motherfuckers to
get us the fuck out of here.
- Roger that, we'll
extract to PZ one.
Let's move.
- Hey, what about them?
- Looks like you bit off
more than you could chew.
Sorry, but we've
got another mission.
I suggest you
neutralize this threat,
neutralize it quickly.
Pop those red flares.
- You just gonna leave
this fucking people here?
- Look, I admire what
you're tryin' to do,
but we have another
mission to handle.
We don't have room for them.
Let's move.
- What's your mission?
What's your mission?
What the fuck do you mean
you don't have room for 'em?
Whisk, I need you to go keep
your eye on that priest.
All right?
I don't know where
the fuck he's at,
and I don't know what
the fuck he's doin'.
- Let her go!
LT, do something!
- Guns down.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, it's okay.
It's gonna be okay.
- I'm fixin' to take this
here pretty little prize
to whatever that
thing is over yonder.
- Easy, man.
- Arms up, boy.
- Easy, easy, easy.
- Hey, look, they're
gonna kill you
when they're done
with you anyway.
Or I could kill you
know, if you'd like.
- Mr. Tough Guy.
Well, well, well, Mr. Tough Guy,
them there folks over
there's gonna give me
a big ol' heap of coin,
so when this here's over,
I can buy me someone as
tough as you, Blackie.
Imagine that.
Good ol' Miller, proud owner
of a big ol' dumb nig--
- Angelina!
- Hey!
- No, no, that won't be necessary,
they, they can't come in.
- I'm not takin' any chances,
- Hey!
- Every little bit helps.
- Help, Father, do something!
- They're from God.
We must stop
resisting their will.
- Let them watch!
I want them to watch this.
- Holy shit.
we have to put an
end to this now.
- How do you mean, sir?
- Agent Barnes.
- Sir?
- Would you get me
the Secretary, please?
- Yes, sir.
- You think you can
make a phone call
and make all this disappear?
My job is to keep
this country safe.
The death of one drunk
ex-doorkicker is not my concern.
- That drunk ex-doorkicker
saved my life when you
were just a shit stain
in your mommy's
drawers, so please,
a little respect.
- Sir, got him.
- Mr. Secretary.
Yeah, we have a situation.
Yes, sir.
- Control, this is Zulu
Six, I am in the air.
Package is on the way.
- One minute to impact.
- I've already won.
- I.
Abort, abort.
- Control,
this is Zulu Six,
in range, target locked,
payload is armed.
- Contact, contact.
- What do we got?
- Confirmed visual on LT.
- Zulu Six, Zulu
Six, this is Control.
Be advised, aborting, two,
two, three, niner, five,
- Roger that,
Control, weapons deactivated.
Mission aborted.
- I'll take care of the girl.
Just make sure his
body gets home.