Navy SEALs vs. Zombies (2015) Movie Script

Two three to base.
I need you to run
Louisiana plates.
Victor, two, seven,
X-ray, three, three, two.
Stay right there.
I said stay right there!
Your hostage search
and rescue training drill is a go.
See you at 2100 hours.
Good luck.
- Charges set.
- Let her go.
Clear. On me.
Clear. Hallway.
Jackal 1, jackpot, jackpot.
Bet you'll never try
to clear a room
on your own again, will ya?
You know, we've all messed up
when we started.
You're gonna be good.
You're replacing
a damn good SEAL
that everybody liked.
It's not gonna be easy, AJ.
What happened,
if you don't mind me asking?
It was a, uh...
it was a snatch-and-grab op
on the Pakistan border.
We're getting overrun, boys.
Went up to the crest
of a small mountain pass.
All hell broke loose.
Small arms fire, RPG rounds,
just... all over, man.
I'm taking heavy fire,
do you copy?
I'm pinned down.
Repeat, I'm pinned down.
Bradley was covering
our flank and maneuver when...
he got separated.
Air support, sector 305.
Take cover, Bradley.
By the time we realized
he was cut off...
there was nothing we could do.
- Oh, Damn it.
- We wanted to go back...
so bad.
I'm hit.
Air support arrived
and it was...
it was too late.
Where are you hit?
Stay covered, I'm on my way.
You could hear it.
Jesus, man.
There's nothing worse...
than having to retrieve
your friend's dead body.
But you know what?
He died that day
for his country
and so his teammates
could live to fight another day.
There's no better way
to go out.
You're right.
how's your old lady
handling this move?
Uh, you know, she, uh...
she loves Coronado, man.
That's home, family, friends.
She'll get used to it.
Man, if I could teach you
about two failed marriages...
is you gotta learn
to compartmentalize.
When you're downrange,
nothing exists.
Nothing but your team,
your brothers.
And when you're at home,
she's everything.
You wanna tell her
about the things we do,
the things we see,
what we go through.
It's just gonna make it worse.
Get your ass home and get some rest.
You're gonna need it.
Hey, AJ.
Welcome to the team.
- Appreciate that, man.
- You got it.
This video is for my son,
name TBD...
I'm leaning towards
Chuck Norris Prescott...
who is currently growing
in that beautiful belly.
So that one day
when I'm old and fat,
I can prove
that I locked down a woman,
a beautiful woman
with some awesomeness.
And you better listen
to what she says.
What the hell, AJ?
What? I'm just gonna
post this on the Web.
You're gonna make
a ton of money.
That's not funny.
- Well, I'll buy you nice things.
- Mm.
Rough night?
Well, I don't speak polar bear.
I'm just so damn tired.
Come on.
We only get
this limited time together
and I'm fresh as a daisy.
You're as pretty as one.
It's just been really rough.
Are they good guys?
Yeah, you know, beneath the roasting,
they seem like good dudes.
I mean are they good guys?
Are they gonna keep you safe?
Keep you alive?
This is the SEAL team
people don't know about.
They're the best.
What are we doing here?
A string of crazy homicides
on the other side of town
or another bullshit
campaign presser.
Which one sounds like a story?
Bella, hey,
this is our assignment, okay?
So we stay here.
The vice president never
takes my questions anyway.
So, look, come on. I'm in tight
and I'll get us right
to the front.
Yeah, well,
I think we're close enough.
- Back it up, Dave.
- Okay, okay.
Well, somebody's not in the mood
for a joke today, huh?
I think, yeah, they're coming out.
You rolling?
Yeah, I'm rolling.
Shut up, come on.
Good afternoon, folks.
Sorry for the slight delay.
The vice president will say
a few short words,
then open it up to questions.
Here we go.
Good afternoon.
It's good to be back in Baton Rouge,
the state capital of Louisiana.
A state that's been through
a great deal of adversity.
Yet it's come out
stronger than ever.
This region is a model
for this administration's efforts
to get people back to work
and rejoin this country's
dwindling middle class.
The Cajun food
is not bad either.
Now, I know you didn't come here
to listen to me talk about gumbo,
so I'll take a few questions.
Mr. Vice President,
Mr. Vice President.
Yes, sir, Mr. Bentley,
how do you feel
that fracking affects
our community
and the safety of our sensitive
coastal environment?
We got a suspicious suspect
moving at 9:00.
Take a look, Hayden.
Sir, nothing's here.
You sure you saw something?
I am.
Mr. Vice President.
Mr. Vice President, right here.
Can you comment
on recent job numbers
and the accusations
that your administration
skewed numbers
ahead of an election year
with you being a front-runner?
Well, firstly, it's nice to be called
a front-runner.
And secondly, those numbers, uh,
we don't control those numbers
and that's just another attempt
to discredit this administration's
hard work
and dedication
to the American worker.
Mr. Vice President,
Vice President, right here.
That's all we have today.
Thank you for joining
our press conference.
God bless America.
Mr. Vice President,
I'd like to present you
with a little token of appreciation
from the people of Louisiana.
Ah, the brown pelican.
State bird.
- The ower is the magnolia, right?
- Right.
Governor Tateman,
don't be like Huey Long.
- Remember to duck.
- Thank you, Mr...
Freeze now!
Down, down! Back inside.
- Back inside!
- Get back inside! Go, go, go!
- Dave!
- Get down, sir.
Petty Officer Prescott.
Muster to base.
We got a mission briefing.
Yes, sir. Right away.
What's that?
They're calling us in.
I gotta go.
Well, what is it?
He didn't say.
When are you gonna be back?
I don't know. I don't know.
I'm sure it's nothing major.
I'll call you when I know.
Love you.
Okay, gentlemen, listen up.
There's an event unfolding
in the city of Baton Rouge.
The vice president
is in the city
on a campaign stop.
A distress call went out
to his Secret Service detail.
An FBI hostage rescue
was deployed.
Then they went dark.
We've had intermittent contact
with the Secret Service.
We believe they're holed up
in the state capitol building.
We can't rule out
the possibility
that there was an attack
of some sort.
The president wants our best assets
on the ground...
and has given us a green light
to get 'em out.
Baton Rouge Police are offline.
To give you an idea of the potential
scope of what's going on,
the FAA has imposed
a no-y zone over the city.
Only military
and law enforcement.
this is a real potential
and you will be dropping
into the eye of it.
Lieutenant Cunningham will brief you
on your mission plan.
Good luck.
All right, boys, listen up.
Code name for the vice president
is Elvis.
Last known location of Elvis was here...
We're to jump in, secure Elvis,
and helo out of the city
as quickly as possible.
There's a high school football field
a half klick to the east.
That's where we'll jump in.
If we're on the go, we should reach
the target in under six minutes.
The bird will be on station,
so we shouldn't be on the ground
more than 30 minutes.
Sir, do you know if the package
is still there?
No, we do not.
We, what about
the VP' s Sacra Service data?
We have no contact
with the Secret Service.
In addition,
we will be broadcasting live.
Intel boys wanna figure out
what's going on down there,
so we're gonna do our best
to facilitate them.
What's our rules of engagement?
Still waiting
for clarification on that.
this is American soil.
These are American citizens.
But you are to do
whatever you need to do
to secure the vice president.
Any questions?
- No, sir.
- No, sir.
No, sir.
Everything okay?
Everything's fine.
- We're getting called out.
- Okay, baby.
- Please be careful.
- I always am.
Let's go. We're rolling.
- Okay. I love you.
- Gotta go, babe.
I love you, too.
Okay, boys, listen up.
Command wants
a small footprint.
So no heavy weapons.
No grenades.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
I don't know about you,
fellas, but...
I don't like the smell
of this one.
Can it, Carl.
You worry too damn much.
I don't know, Chief.
See? See this guy don't worry
about shit, Chief.
Just saying, man,
I got a bad feeling.
Chief? Talk to you?
What do you say we swap out
the new guy?
Now is good a time as any
to get his feet wet.
I think he'll be good to go.
- He fell out of the chopper.
- Polish judge gave him a 10.
All right,
just keep an eye on him.
- Comm check in 10.
- Yeah, yeah, roger that.
Hey, guys, watch this.
Hey, uh, permission to hit a bar
after we get finished with this, LT?
If you guys don't fuck this up,
I'm buying tonight.
Buying? I think the new guy
should be buying.
Ha! Copy that.
- Yeah, new guy's buying.
- Yeah.
New guy's buying.
I like your style.
How you doing, AJ?
- I'm ready, LT.
- All right.
Just remember your training.
You'll be fine.
Roger that.
Get some heat in here?
Sweating like a hostage.
What else is new?
Hey, why does meat pie
sweat so much?
- Did you hear that, Chief?
- Yeah.
Flip flop just called you
meat pie.
Get the rigger's tape.
Let's go, shit birds.
Cameras are up.
Some interference,
but the signal is good.
- Operator.
- Patch me through to JSOC.
This is Agent Thomas.
I need to speak with Commander Sheer.
This is an emergency.
I'm CIA.
It's okay.
- Commander, we need to talk.
- Not now.
My boys are about to
go to work.
Do you have any idea what your boys
are about to jump into?
You can stay here
or you can get out.
Here we go.
What's up?
To tell you the truth,
I hate jumping-
You hate jumping, that's it?
Time to unplug from the world.
Focus on the mission at hand,
everything else will sort itself out.
Roger that, Chief.
Jackal 0-1,
ETA six minutes.
All right, boys, let's suit up.
Clear. One on me.
Clear. One on me.
One on me.
Hey, hold left. Clearing right.
Clear. Tight.
Clear. Tight.
Guys, check this out.
Place is a ghost town, guys.
Jackal actual,
this is Jackal 0-1.
Graceland is empty.
Damn it!
Checkpoint one is empty.
We're heading to checkpoint two.
Copy, Jackal 0-1.
AJ on me. Carl as well.
Chief, Billy,
secure the perimeter.
Hey, LT,
I'll bet they're down there.
What makes you say that?
Just to make my job harder.
Are you scared of the dark?
I ain't scared of shit.
But that... is fucking creepy.
Copy that.
This is Lieutenant
Pete Cunningham.
We're a rescue unit. Open up.
- Oh, thank God. Whoa, Secret Service!
- Back up, back up.
- Where's the helicopter?
- Clear.
Where's the helicopter?
You guys are gonna get us out, right?
- Clear!
- Clear.
Elvis is in the building.
Mr. Vice President,
good afternoon.
- We're here to get you out.
- Thank you.
You are a sight
for sore eyes, sir.
What is going on out there?
We have no idea just yet.
Elvis is secure.
I'm sending AJ up.
Chief, secure the LZ
and the perimeter.
Billy, get down here.
You okay?
Don't even think about it.
I will leave you here.
You okay? Yeah?
You okay?
Is everyone okay?
Yes? Everyone okay?
All right.
- Billy, where you at?
- Coming in!
Go take a look
at the vice president.
Hey, sir.
How you doing?
Yeah, I'm fine.
In the storage room, uh,
one of my detail is severely hurt.
Please, help him.
- Help him.
- Okay, I'll get to him right away,
but I gotta take a look
at you first, okay?
Smile. Smile.
- Any pain?
- No.
How are you feeling?
- A little woozy.
- Yeah?
I want you to remember three things...
cat, dog, and bird.
Jackal actual,
this is Jackal 0-1, copy?
Copy, Jackal 0-1. Go ahead.
Elvis is secure.
Ready for extract.
Copy, Jackal 0-1.
Sandman's en route.
ETA 12 minutes.
Copy that. Jackal 1 out.
Copy, Jackal 0-1. Out.
What the hell is going on
out there?
Well, you don't worry
about that.
You just stick close to us.
- You'll be good to go, okay?
- All right.
All right, where is that guy?
In the storage room.
He's good to go, LT.
Oh, thank God.
How you doing?
- I'm okay.
- My name's Billy. I'm a medic.
What do we have here?
All right,
I'm gonna take a look.
- It's pretty deep.
- Yeah, but you did great.
I got it from here.
What's this about?
To keep him
from grabbing at me.
He's been really agitated.
Hey, buddy, you in there?
Come here.
Hold still, hold still.
It's all right, it's all right.
Has he been given anything?
There's nothing to give.
This guy needs a hospital.
Get him ready to move.
Roger that.
We're gonna get this guy
some help.
But what I need you to do
is go in the other room
and get ready to move.
It's gonna be all right.
We're gonna get you
out of here.
- All right?
- Okay.
- All right.
- Okay.
Go on, then.
So what happened here?
Where's the rest
of your detail?
Dead. Th-they're all dead.
- They attacked us.
- Who attacked you?
They were just people, man,
But they were different.
- Hey, agent, hey.
- We kept shooting at 'em, man.
But they wouldn't go down,
none of 'em.
- They just kept coming and coming.
- Shh.
- They were monsters.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- They were monsters, man. All of them.
- Shh.
Your boss is still alive.
Uh, excuse me, sir?
Can... can you come see
for a second?
I'm a journalist.
I was covering the press conference
when all this happened and I...
Hey, how's it going up there?
All stations,
west side is clear.
Moving south.
Moving south to your location.
How copy.
North is clear. Heading east.
LZ Bravo is clean.
Best extract point for Elvis.
AJ, moving east
to your location.
How copy, over.
All right, chopper's en route.
Six minutes, be ready to move.
Something big is going on here.
Show him the footage, Dave.
- Look.
- This is what attacked us.
They have to be sick, right?
I mean, look.
Men, women, even kids.
I mean, what do you think
would make them do this?
- Do you see the way they look?
- Yeah, man.
Look, they...
they were like rabid dogs.
And then...
and then look at this.
You see that?
I know this sounds crazy,
but I think once someone is bitten,
they change.
They turn into one of them.
What did you get yourself into?
You all right?
You with me?
Whoa, whoa, easy, easy, easy.
Get down.
I could use a hand in here!
On my Way'-
- What's going on?
- What's it look like?
Hey! Hey, hey, hey, we're friendly.
Just stop, hey.
Get him off me!
Oh, my God, what's going on?
Hold your fire!
Look at his face, man.
I told you guys
he was gonna turn.
- I told all of them.
- 'P?
You have to shoot 'em
in the head, man.
It's the only way to be sure.
- You need to calm down.
- No, this is it.
- This is it. This is the end.
- You need to calm down.
- Calm down!
- Calm down. Don't panic.
Chill out.
- Go.
- Jackal 1, this is Jackal actual.
Copy, Jackal 0-1.
- Yo, where's that damn bird?
- Six minutes to extraction point, sir.
Let me talk to Commander Sheer.
Yes, sir. Hold, 1.
Go ahead, Pete.
Sir, I don't know
if you're seeing this, but...
this isn't right.
This is not a riot.
Just get the VP on the bird
and get out of there.
- Not now.
- Yes, now.
This isn't some riot.
This is a biological attack
and I may have a way
to stop it.
What are you talking about?
I have a team
that's been tracking this.
A biological agent that's meant
to take down a superpower.
You can't deny
what you're seeing here.
- Okay, go on.
- Okay.
First of all,
you cannot let anyone
who's been bitten on that flight.
They most likely
have already been infected.
I have a high-value asset
in the city
that needs an evac
with her staff,
and your men are the only ones
in position who can do that.
The key to stopping this
from spreading
may be with them.
Trust your eyes, Commander.
Have you ever seen anything
like this before?
New orders coming in.
I need you and your boys
to stay on the ground a little longer.
I have a second extract
in the works.
Get the package on the bird
and we'll forward you details.
And, Pete,
if any of those people
have been bitten,
they stay on the ground,
that's an order.
Yes, sir.
This may be
some biological agent.
No one that's been bitten
gets out of the city, no exceptions.
Copy that. Jackal 1 out.
All right, be ready to move.
We're being re tasked.
We'll get more details
once Elvis is in the bird.
Okay, ladies and gentlemen,
looks like we're getting out of here
just in time.
Bird will be here
in six minutes.
Mr. Vice President,
I need to get you and your staff
on the roof and ready for evac.
One last thing.
Has anyone been bitten?
I'm gonna get you
out of here, sir.
Let's get you home.
- Are you okay?
- Fine.
I'm just a little light-headed.
I haven't eaten
and I'm overwhelmed, I guess.
Okay, I'll wait for you.
No. No, I'll see you upstairs.
You're getting out of here
no matter what.
There's some action
out on the street.
Got the guys covered
to the south
if you wanna move.
A couple civilians in distress.
Permission to intervene?
Do not give up our position.
Do not jeopardize the mission.
These are definitely bad guys, LT.
- I'm ready.
- Clear shot.
Stand down.
We're really gonna
let these people die, LT?
Stand down, damn it!
Dear God.
- Tell Sandman to hurry his ass up.
- Yes, sir.
What the hell is going on,
Why are civilians
hunting people
in the streets of goddamn
Baton Rouge?
You gonna tell us what's going on here
or what, Chief?
Hey, Carl.
You know that bad feeling
you had?
Now I've got it.
You need to let me know
what you got.
What are my men up against?
We believe it to be
a biological agent.
A few years ago,
we picked up some chatter
about a virus that could potentially
weaponize a human.
Make an army out of...
for lack of a better word...
to tear apart society
from the inside.
Now, we have some
heavily classified labs,
one in particular, which has been
researching this biology,
is in Baton Rouge.
So this is something
that could've come from your lab.
No, we've been in contact
with the group leader
and there's been no breach
on their end.
Besides, we haven't even been able
to make it work.
But these are the best experts
in this area
and their research
may hold the key
to counter this virus.
Well, hopefully
we're not too late.
There's one more thing.
Once this was on our radar,
the D.O.D.'s
US Strategic Command
authored Con Op 8888,
a response study outlining
how we would react
to such an attack.
Nothing was ever formally
but right now it's being pitched
to the president.
The real reason the VP
was in Baton Rouge.
The speech at the state capitol
was just a cover.
And the first step
is containment
by any means necessary.
It's only a matter of time
before everyone's infected.
Luckily, the city is isolated,
which could be
our saving grace.
No one goes in or out.
No one.
Activate all military resources
Block off all access
in and out of Baton Rouge.
This is a code red. Move. Move!
Guys, we got incoming,
southeast side.
Stop where you are!
I said stop!
LT, what's your order?
Permission to fire.
- Shit!
- Somebody talk to me.
- Shit, hang in there, Chief.
- Who's got eyes?
Billy, get your ass down here.
Billy's on his way, Chief.
Hang in there, brother.
Billy is on his way.
Hang in there, brother.
Billy's on his way.
Chief, hang in there, brother.
Hang in there. Shit!
Come on, brother.
Oh, this ain't good, this ain't good,
this ain't good.
All right, yeah,
you're gonna be good.
- You're gonna be good, brother.
- You're good, Chief.
But just in case
you're not, uh,
can I have your Harley?
What, you want some morphine?
- Hold that. Hold that.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got it.
I got it, I got it, I got it.
- Whiskey?
- Can't give you morphine yet, brother.
- Give me some whiskey.
- Whiskey?
All right.
Shit. Come on.
- Come on, Chief.
- Travis.
Hey, hey, hey.
- Hey, come on, Chief.
- Travis!
- Travis! Hold that.
- Shit.
Come on, Chief!
Stay with me, Travis.
Stay with me, bro.
Stay with me, Travis!
Come on, man!
All stations this net.
Jackal 2 is expired.
I repeat, Jackal 2 is expired.
Copy that.
Jackal 2 is expired.
Support 2!
Give me 2, God damn it!
- Jackal 2 is expired.
- Fuck.
Jackal 2 is expired.
Watch his mouth! Watch it.
Support 2! Support 2!
Watch his mouth!
- Billy!
- He was one of the FBI rescue team!
Drop this fucker!
Watch his mouth!
His adrenaline's obviously spiking
off the charts.
My fucking adrenaline
is spiking,
you don't see me
going fucking crazy!
Somethings changing
his physiology,
like a... a virus
or... but those take days
or weeks to integrate.
So it's contagious?
Well, yeah,
apparently through the saliva
or any uids.
- Why the hell is he resisting bullets?
- God!
Whatever this thing is
is obviously...
uh, interacting
with his central nervous system.
Hold... hold his arm.
Zero pain response.
It looks like Federal was right.
If we... if we inhibit the signal
to the central nervous system,
it should shut down
the whole organ.
Give me a sidearm.
Jackal 0-1, Jackal actual,
come in.
This is Jackal 1, over, actual.
Sandman on final approach,
LZ Bravo.
Copy that.
I need to talk to you
for a minute.
Go, go, go.
I think we should stay.
- Are you out of your mind?
- It's the story of a lifetime.
R's our 'gob to cover 'n.
I don't know, Amanda.
I mean, this sounds like
a really bad idea.
We're lucky to still be alive.
- Why push it?
- You can go if you want.
Just leave me the camera.
I'll stay.
Okay, your ride will be here
in 30 seconds.
When the chopper lands, we're gonna
be escorting you out single-file.
We're staying.
- Ma'am, I highly recommend...
- You can't force us to go.
It's a free country, but just know
there is no more help coming.
One! Two!
Mr. President,
have a good trip.
We're good!
- Oh, shit.
- Incoming!
My God.
Okay, come on,
this is too dangerous. Let's go.
Let's go, let's go.
What the hell was that?
Must be attracted to the helo.
Must be.
Ma'am, get back!
Get back!
Oh, no.
- Shit.
- Mayday, Mayday!
Oh, God!
Sandman, do you copy?
Sandman, do you copy?
What are your coordinates,
Sandman, over?
Jackal actual, this is Jackal 0-1,
Sandman is down.
I repeat,
Sandman is down.
- That could've been us.
- Oh, my God.
We need to check for survivors.
No, we need to get our asset
while there's still time.
That's the damn vice president
out there.
If there's a chance he's alive,
we better make sure.
My men will get
to the crash site.
There isn't any time.
Imagine if this spreads
to the rest of the country.
These may be the only people
in the world
who can stop that
from happening.
I need surveillance over the city
of Baton Rouge immediately.
What are you doing, Sheer?
It's vital we have overhead feed
of the city.
It's imperative
that we don't lose contact
with our men on the ground.
We need to see the crash site
and get eyes on the situation.
Sandman, do you copy?
This is base, over.
Sir, we're not getting a feed
from Sandman.
Jackal 1,
this is Jackal actual.
What are our orders?
Continue to secondary target.
Sir, I've got one K.l.A.
I can't really describe
what I'm seeing out here.
Do you have any more information
for us?
CIA thinks this is
a deliberate attack.
Biological warfare.
There's a classified
government lab
about a mile south
of your position.
It's the tallest building
in that direction.
You should be able to see it
from your position.
On the eighth floor
is a CIA black lab.
The scientists on that floor are vital
to stopping the outbreak.
I need you to get in there
and get 'em out quickly.
We don't have a lot of time.
- How much time do we have?
- An hour, maybe less.
I've got a bird on standby
stationed just outside the city.
Now, once they give the orders
for complete lock-off,
you will be trapped.
Copy that.
All right, we're moving
to the secondary target.
It's that building
straight ahead.
CIA has scientists there
that need rescuing.
We might be able
to stop this thing.
We also have a new R.O.E...
anyone who looks like a threat,
anyone who looks infected,
you shoot to kill.
Head shots, make 'em count.
I don't know, LT.
You saw how fast they move.
- We get caught in the open...
- Yeah, this mission's straight fucked.
- No reinforcements?
- Would you guys lock it the fuck up?
We are on our own
in hostile territory.
This is nothing new.
We good?
Yes, sir.
What about them?
How you guys doing?
You okay? We're gonna make a quick stop
and then we'll get home safe.
Keep an eye on them, okay?
You do what AJ says,
you'll be just fine.
Stay close, stay quiet.
Okay, boys.
Move out.
Roger that, moving.
Go. Come on, come on, come on.
Move, move.
Go, go, go, go!
Get in!
AJ, do you copy?
- They're coming.
- Go, go.
To me it looks safe.
- I lost my radio. Damn it!
- Well, that's just great.
Looks like we're on our own.
We're gonna die, aren't we?
Everyone dies.
It won't be today.
AJ, do you copy?
- Shit! Shit.
- AJ!
- AJ, over. AJ, do you copy?
- Jesus Christ, we gotta go back!
I saw him get swarmed.
- We don't leave a man behind.
- He knows where the extract point is.
And if he's alive, he'll make it.
The mission comes first.
- What if that was you?
- Leave me. Leave me.
You see what's going on
around here?
We got people who might be able
to stop this thing.
Hold on!
We have orders.
- Oh, my God!
- Don't you even move.
Hey, easy, man. Put the gun down.
We're not gonna hurt you.
How do I know
you're not one of them?
We're the good guys.
I don't know who you are.
I don't know what's going on.
An hour ago I watched a cop
kill a 10-year-old girl
on my front lawn.
All I know
is you're on my property
and I have every right
to shoot you dead...
right here and now.
Nobody's shooting anybody,
you hear me?
We're just passing through.
You can come with us.
How do I know you're not one of them?
Them crazy people out there.
How do I know
you're not one of them?
All righty, then.
No, you're murderers out there.
How do I know?
You're all dead murderers.
This is my hideout.
All righty, then, well,
we'll just be on our way, then.
' GUYS, you ready? -
No! Hey! No!
- Dave, do something!
- You hear that, huh?
They're gonna bust right through here
and rip us apart.
Is that what you want?
We're getting out of here.
You got that?
You had your chance.
Come on.
Go! Move! Hustle!
Shit! Whoa!
We're losing 'em.
Jackal 0-1 to Jackal actual.
Get that chopper airborne.
Jackal actual, this is Jackal 1.
We are at the target building.
What is the status
of the chopper?
Hey, LT,
got a blood trail here.
May look like
we have some company.
Hey, man, don't shoot.
Don't shoot, okay?
That's my kill. I did it.
Oh, man.
I'm infected, but it's pinkeye.
All right?
Oh, wait.
Damn, you guys are Navy SEALS.
"Captain Phillips," Bin Laden.
I mean, lam a big fan.
My name's Larry.
You know, I tried to sign up to be
one of you guys when I was younger,
but my weight was a problem.
- You don't say.
- ViviTech Lab, where is it?
Oh, yeah, sure thing.
Right this way, come on back.
It's safe.
This way.
Oh, man.
You guys, oh, I tell ya...
How'd you get caught up
in this mess anyway?
- Eighth oor, right?
- Yeah, yeah.
Oh, let's see.
The place is crawling with 'em.
They busted in a few hours ago.
These security offices,
they're sealed off.
So there's no infected in here.
All right, well,
now this place is...
it's wired for video, so I can show you
where you need to go.
Say, why do you wanna go there
- Don't fucking worry about it.
- It's classified.
It's classified.
Not fucking worried about it.
You got it.
Hey, can I catch a ride out of here
with you guys?
Yeah, you get us where we need to go,
I'll make that happen.
Now, the monitors down
by the lab.
I don't have access to them.
They're pretty strict
about their privacy.
But this stairwell right here,
that'll let you out
closest to the lab.
Yeah, you got anything quieter?
Well, the east stairwell,
but that'll let you out
on the other side of the building.
All right, it's better than being caught
in close quarters
with one of those things.
- You guys ready to move?
- Yes, sir.
After you.
We got your back.
We got... we got your back, man.
Well, in case I die, my mom's name
is Mary and my name's Larry.
All right, guys,
they're everywhere.
Let's go.
Stay tight on my back, okay?
- Keep up the pace.
- I'm here, I'm here, I'm here.
Your reporter here.
This is something unbelievable.
Something I've never heard of.
You have that gun, right?
- What?
- The gun. You have the gun.
Don't be afraid to use it,
All right, happy feet,
these guys seem to travel in packs.
They hear us, we're all dead.
Oh, what are we gonna do?
It's okay.
Listen up.
They're behind us and then that way.
Let's move this way. Come on.
Let's go, happy feet.
- Tightly.
- Dave, come on.
Keep moving, keep it tight.
Come on.
All right, listen up.
They're surrounding us, okay?
All right, let's cross.
Come on.
Car! '
Look out!
Up, up, up!
Let's go! Get up.
Move, move, move. Stay, stay.
Right there, right there.
Get down, down.
- Put it down.
- Hey, careful with that.
It only takes one of them
to see us.
What are we gonna do now?
We're gonna wait
for a safe opportunity to move out.
What if there isn't one?
I'm gonna send you out there
and see how long you last.
This isn't funny. Why can't you just
shoot past these assholes?
Bad tactics.
I only have so many bullets.
We fight smart, we live.
Until then, zip it, all right?
- Typical American military dickhead.
- Jesus, Dave.
What are you even doing here?
Shouldn't you be at a coffee shop
- sipping on latts, taking selfies?
- Okay, stop!
He's keeping our asses alive
and he risked his life
by staying with me to cover this story.
The world needs to see
what happened out here
and, you know what,
what's in this camera is priceless.
You got a family?
Well, I don't, but I want one one day.
I've got parents and a dog
that will be very heartbroken
if I don't make it home.
I'm married.
We have a son on the way.
And she's gonna be very pissed...
if I wind up a walking carcass
in Louisiana.
I'll get us home.
Oh! Hey, hey. Hey, little girl.
- Oh, no.
- Hey. Hey, sweetie.
Hey, no, no,
I'm not gonna hurt you.
No, stay back.
Stay, stay back, stay back.
You gotta kill her.
- No!
- I'm not killing a kid.
Yeah, what difference does it make?
She's one of them.
No, no, sweetie, sweetie,
stay right there.
Look, my gun's down, okay?
We're not gonna hurt you.
What... what are you doing?
Have you lost your mind?
- We have to kill her.
- No, we don't!
- Look at me.
- It's either her or us.
Hey, back! What are you doing?
What are you... get back, dang it.
- Ah, shit!
- Oh, my God!
Grab my restraints.
What can I... what do I do?
- Tie her arms.
- Okay.
- Here.
- Watch her mouth, watch her mouth!
- Tie her arms.
- Oh, my God!
She's trying to bite me.
No, no, no, no. Okay.
- Get her legs...
- I'm trying! She's...
No, no, no.
- Stay right there.
- She's trying to bite me.
Come on, little girl,
come on, little girl.
All right, Dave, move.
We're tying her.
Move up, Dave. Tie her arms.
Oh, shit.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- Let me help.
- Wait here.
- What can I do?
- Nothing, nothing, I'm fine.
We gotta go, guys.
They're sealing off the city.
We don't know if you have it.
We'll see.
- You know what to do if I am.
- No.
Take it.
Let's move.
They're everywhere.
You guys, make it
to that crack right now.
Go, go, go, go, go, go.
Hey, give me your phone.
- It's not been working.
- Just give it to me.
Hey, baby.
Yeah, it's me.
Are you okay?
What... what's wrong?
I'm fine.
I just need you
to do something for me.
- Are you sure you're okay?
- Hey, everything's okay.
I just miss you.
I need you to patch me through
to base.
The number's on the fridge.
- Okay.
- Look for JSOC operations.
Okay, I see it.
Hold on.
Hey, Em?
I love you.
I love you, too.
Come back home to me.
- Ops.
- It's AJ.
I'm separated from my team.
Heading to secondary target.
Yes, I hear you. Hold, one.
Sir, I have Petty Officer Prescott
on the line.
Says he was separated
from the team.
Is en route
through to secondary target.
Tell him to hurry his ass up.
They're shutting down
the airspace now
and setting perimeters
around the city.
Keep trying to raise the team.
Proceed immediately
to secondary target.
Roger that, roger that.
We're on our way.
We'll get there as quick as possible.
Copy that, over.
All right, guys.
We gotta hustle.
We only got so much time.
We need to go straight
for that street right there. Ready?
On me. Let's go.
Move, move, move, move.
Hey, any of you guys got, like,
a snack cake or something?
Get the fuck...
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Small room.
We're a rescue team.
We're here to get you out.
Pack up everything that you need
as quickly as possible.
I just need to get the samples on ice
ready to travel.
Wait, you have a cure for this?
No, I don't think there is
a cure.
We might be able to create
a vaccine.
I think we can create that,
but we're gonna need a tissue sample
from one of them.
This just keeps getting better. Sony.
Jackal actual,
we are on final approach, over.
Jackal actual,
your team is not at the LZ.
Sir, they are not at the LZ.
Put 'em on a holding pattern.
They stay until I say.
Sir, they're shutting down the airspace
and implementing a complete lockdown.
I don't give a damn.
They stay on station.
Sir, we have a problem.
We can't hold that mass off
on the other side.
We got 45 seconds, best.
- Where's our closest F-18?
- 60 seconds from target, sir.
Call in a target acquisition.
this is sky command post.
Rally to target acquisition
at vector 0-4-0
heading 2-6-8
at 8.4 nautical miles.
Tiger, do you copy?
Roger, attack position target
vector 04-0, over.
Look at this, look at this.
Target in sight, Colonel.
We gotta blow this target
and you got one shot at it.
Got a lock on target, sir.
Target hit, sir.
We gotta move.
Get up. Let's go.
We gotta get to the extraction point.
Oh, my God, we're all gonna die.
It's unbelievable.
What are you doing, sir?
I'm cutting all access of infected
to the west.
There are too many of our troops
to hold off condensed blockades
from that mass of infected
reaching the rest
of the western United States.
That's what I'm doing.
We gotta move.
can you believe
what's happening?
- Oh, my God, look. Get it.
- What?
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
Dave! Dave!
Oh, Dave. Oh, no.
No, please.
No! AJ, please.
AJ, we can't leave him
like this.
- Amanda, we gotta keep moving.
- No!
- No. AJ... what?
- Amanda, we gotta go!
- Not like this.
- Here. Take it, let's go.
Dave, I'm so sorry.
Are you guys ready?
This might be one
of the stupidest things we've ever done.
Push it, push it.
Clear! Clear!
It worked.
They don't pay us enough.
Coming in.
- How much longer?
- Two minutes.
Come on,
we don't have much time.
Son of a bitch,
here's our vanilla.
Got a visual on AJ.
He's in the parking lot.
Must be another route
to get him.
We'll have to shoot our way
to the extract.
What's the fastest way
to the roof?
Hold on. What about AJ?
Let's go get him.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
We got a mission to complete.
We gotta get her back to base.
And you are my medic.
I'm going to get him.
We'll hold the chopper for you.
We'll hold that chopper
for you.
Let's go.
Sir, we're being ordered
to evacuate the airspace.
We can't hold them on station
any longer.
Jackal actual,
this is Jackal 0-1, copy?
Great to hear you, Jackal 0-1.
We were about to leave you
high and dry.
We have the lab team secure.
I have two men
still in the building.
You're probably gonna get
for having to burn down
We don't have time, Pete.
Give me everything you can.
They'll be here.
Heard that one before.
AJ, come on!
You're a sight for sore eyes.
Don't be a sissy.
Get your ass inside.
Missed you, bro.
We got into
a little bit of trouble.
I'm fine,
I think.
Get inside the building.
Carl, we are at the LZ.
I have the evac in sight.
What's your position?
Go on!
Go, go, go!
Carl, where are you?
We are on the roof.
We are on the LZ.
What is your position?
Headed to you.
All right, hurry up.
I can't hold it for very much longer.
Where's Carl?
Carl, AJ is on the roof. Where are you?
What is your position?
Carl, AJ is on the roof.
What is your position?
- Tell me where he is. I'll go get him.
- I don't have I don't have him.
All good, man.
They got me cornered.
There's too many of 'em. Stay safe.
Tell AJ to raise that kid of his
to be a badass.
Carl, God damn it,
where are you?
No, I'm going off comm.
Get home!
Get home.
Get everyone in the chopper.
Go. Everybody
get on the chopper.
A couple shout-outs to make.
Think it's what those kids
are calling it these days.
Mom, Dad...
I know I was a pain in the ass
growing up.
But you guys, uh...
you guys took me in.
You gave me a chance
when nobody else did.
Because of you
lam the man I am today.
Don't feel bad.
It's actually a hell of a way
of going out.
For all the men I've had
the pleasure to serve with.
it's been a hell of a ride.
See you on the other side.
You too, AJ, go.
I can't.
- I can't.
- What?
I've been bit.
LT, I've been bit.
Get on that fucking chopper
before I kick your fucking ass.
Sir, we have our orders.
I'm not gonna jeopardize
anyone else.
says he ain't coming with us
'cause he's been bit.
What are we gonna do?
I guess we're stayin'.
No, fuck! Get on the chopper!
I can't go. I've been bit!
Look... we already lost
Chief and Carl.
We're not losing another guy.
I'm not
leaving you behind again.
Billy will keep an eye on you.
If you start to change,
he will do what needs to be done.
But if those scientists
have a cure,
you're the first in line.
Let's go home.
Come on.
I'd like to thank my fellow senators
for their participation
in this bipartisan congressional
This classified hearing
is now in session.
Our witness this morning
will hopefully shed light
on our government's response
to this tragic incident.
What our military
and government officials knew
about this threat and when.
I remind you that you are under oath,
Miss Thomas.
I am happy to answer
any and all questions
regarding the outbreak
and to acknowledge
the brave men and women
who risked and sacrificed
their lives.
How would you rate our response
to this disaster?
As with any new threat,
mistakes were made.
Lives unnecessarily lost.
But the human race survives.
The question is
how well will we do next time.
I regret that Petty Officer McKnight
never knew that he had saved us.
How do you mean?
He knew that AJ
couldn't make it to the roof alone,
so he stayed behind.
Then they did what they had to.
They left McKnight for dead
in order to complete
the mission.
Only it wasn't
what the scientists had
that had the answers.
It was AJ.
When he didn't turn,
we knew we had someone immune.
Turns out they all were.
How were they immune,
Miss Thomas?
All five had had full-scale,
intense seven-series shots.
Sir, some type
of chemical change...
happens in reaction
to the virus.
The seven-series shots
changes the molecular structure
of the protocol.
We don't know how
or what changes it yet.
Have you ever seen
such a hot preggo chick?
Look at you.
Man, I look so fat right now.
You're damn beautiful
to me, babe.
I'm tempted to rip your clothes off
right now,
you have no idea.
And you.
How's my boy?
You gonna be big and strong
like your daddy?
Yeah? What do you say, Carl?