Nayagi (2016) Movie Script

(All incidents and characters in this film
are fictitious, bear no resemblance)
'The Heroine'
'Welcome to Doordarshan news'
'Amarnath hailing from Nandivaram,
a village near Madras...'
'...has been missing
for the past 1 week'
'A reward of Rs 1001 will be
given to the person who finds him'
'Due to this steep rise
in the number of missing persons...'
'...panic stricken many have
evacuated this village'
'The Police department has taken
this mysterious case as a challenge'
'For the past 15 years this is the village
where many have gone missing, Swapna'
'The entire village looks
like a crematorium'
'Not even a single soul
can be spotted in this area!'
'What baffles the Police is
though the village looks empty...'
'...number of visitors mysteriously
missing alone is on the increase'
'Missing persons list is...'
'...Ambattur Shankar'
'Vellore Suraj'
'Madurai Kali'
'Coimbatore Kannan'
'Tindivanam Periyasami'
'Virudhunagar Karuppaiya'
'Along with Kanyakumari Kumari Muthu,
few others are also missing'
'Not only has the Govt
taken this issue seriously...'
'...but has declared Nandivaram
as 'restricted area''
'Have you ever heard
of such an atrocity?'
'I believe the folks in Nandivaram
are missing by the dozen'
'Despite the police force combing
the area for the past 15 years...'
'...not one of them
could be traced'
'That's why to restrict the people
from going into the village...'
'...the Govt has built a wall'
'So be it'
'Did you tune into our News?'
'Don't risk your life
by stepping in to that area'
'In a case registered
a week ago in Pondicherry...'
'...the police force has
traced Karunakaran's
mobile signal till
Nandivaram restricted area'
'The department is now
expediting the enquiry'
'The Central .govt has hiked up price
of petrol again by Rs 3.20 per liter'
'This has inconvenienced
the public in a major way'
'Ganesh Venkatraman'
'Satyam Rajesh'
'Sushma Raj'
'Music by
Raghu Kunche'
'Watching this introduction
did you assume he is the hero?'
'He is the villain
in this film'
'His name would top the list
among all crooks in the city'
Excuse me
- Shravani...?
- Sanjay...?
Joe, meet Sanjay
He is the to-be groom
I am supposed to meet
- Oh! Really?
- Yeah!
I'll wait outside, okay?
'She asked you to go, then why
the hell are you hugging her?'
'Bloody bug!'
Thank you!
'Karunakaran, who went missing
in Nandivaram's 'restricted' area...'
'...according to police sources
is a criminal wanted in many cases'
'The police department is once again
requesting the public not to enter that area'
Thank God
There is no rumor of a spirit
like in the film 'Kanchana'...
...which is killing all the people
The police force is posting photos
of people who died in accidents
And cashing in
on people's weakness
These are all tricks to
increase TV viewership!
So you aren't scared of spirits?
What bunkum and B.S!
Okay, wait
I'll show you
something to you, ma'am
Hey, cut...cut...cut
I told you to hit her
You're hitting on her instead
What the hell
did you teach him?
Move, you moron!
Watch me
You must grab
the ghost like this and hit
Beat her to a pulp
Why are you glaring at me?
I'm a human being
You're after all a spirit
'You must pound her
to a paste, understand?'
In a film shoot
all this is fine
But what if you see
a real ghost face to face?
I'll trample it and
smash it to pieces
And strangle its neck
So funny
Dad told me about you
I believe you take short films?
What genre?
- Only horror
- Oh really?
That's why spirits
don't terrify you
'Worked out
to my advantage'
'If I continue in this manner...'
'...initial formalities
will be successful'
'Even if she kicks you...'
' should fall into
a flower basket, Sanju!'
Coming to the point
I'll tell you how the person
This is how I want
my husband to be
Say yes if you are okay with it
Otherwise simply say no
First one
I'll retain my surname
even after marriage
It will be my dad's name
I thought as much
Feminism showing its head
Second one
No questions asked about
my whereabouts or programs
No enquiries whatsoever
In fact you shouldn't even
broach that topic
I'm not your husband
You want to be
my husband!
Last and very important
All my friends
are only boys
No girls at all
You shouldn't object at all
You mean I shouldn't object
even for an abortion!
Excuse me
Tell me, dad
Shravani has 4 boyfriends
it seems, I just heard about it
'It seems' for you
'It is so' for me
'Should I cancel that alliance?'
Finalize the very same alliance
'Why do you want to marry
a girl with loose morals?'
Dad, shall I narrate
a small story to you?
A man is starving
So hungry he is
writhing in pain
He finds a biscuit
in a muddy mire
What will he do, dad?
Will he eat the biscuit
or walk away from it?
I would walk away
Correct, dad
But instead of the biscuit
if it was a bar of gold?
Simple, pa
That chap is yours truly
You're looking at the bog
I'm looking at the bar of gold
Do you get it, dad?
She's worth billions
Even if generations eat into it
no one will land on the street
Fix the wedding date directly
without an engagement
'Okay, da'
Are you married?
Already you've lost
half your hair
Before you become bald...
...follow my footsteps and
get married to a rich heiress
- So, yes or no?
- No
Can you explain?
Why you are not
having any objection?
First point
Not just you
Why should any girl change
her dad's name after marriage?
Second point
If boys aren't plagues with questions of
their whereabouts, why single out girls?
And last but not least
Friends are just friends
Why this gender bias?
I don't have any objection
Excuse me
Yes, dad
Yes, I like him
- What's your name?
- Sanjay
Sanjay, dad
Very open minded
I like him
When kicked you didn't
fall into a flower basket
You fell right into
a feature film!
Have a ball
Fix the wedding date directly
Because I'm having trip
with Arun after my marriage
Yeah, dad
Marry me
Make out with
someone else, huh?
'How atrocious, Saravana!'
Yeah, we'll discuss about it
'Name Sandhya,
Home town Salem'
'Father is a bus conductor
Mother isn't educated'
'But after completing her B.Tech
she is staying in a hostel'
'She is the epitome of innocence'
'Why is she coming here at this time?'
Hey, girl friend, huh?
It's okay, dude
- Glad to meet you
- My pleasure
By the way
Joe is waiting
Sanjay, you have
a nice time with that girl
Will catch up later
Joe is waiting, huh?
Never thought I'll get a hit formula
like this for my feature film!
Sanju, it's okay
You'll be a billionaire
in the very near future
All this is pretty common
Cool, buddy!
Sanjay is waiting for you
Hi, Sandhya
Who is that girl?
The heroine of
my next short film
She has just auditioned
Why should she audition?
You are the director
Since we pay for a feature film
we audition the artistes
But for short films when the artiste
invests money, she auditions
'Thank my lucky stars!'
What was the surprise
in store for me?
Not now
You must spend
the whole day with me
Promise me you'll stay
'Scared my dark skin tone will
stick to you if you touch me?'
At the stroke of 12
you'll be surprised
You shouldn't ask me
till then and neither will I tell
'I wanted to propose to you
at 12 and surprise-'
- Shall we go?
- Where to?
Don't you want the surprise?
Congrats, 'machan'
Heard you found your match
Not the final match
This is just practice
You took my car saying
you're getting hooked formally?
And what is this rehearsal?
Thank your stars
you're my friend
Aravind, where's the key to
your farm house in Chengalpattu?
In the dash board
Help yourself!
Okay, keep this under wraps
Our friends drown themselves
in booze even if it is phenol
There's no end to
your villainous-
'Don't waste my time
Hang up now'
Moron! You need to
be treated at once
- I'll be right back
- Don't, Sanjay
I'll ask for directions
to go to Chengalpattu
- Don't, listen to me
- Wait inside
An old man
with an iPad, huh?
This stirs a doubt
in my head now
What's up?
Hey, Candy Crush, eh?
Do people have such a crush
on Candy Crush?
Will you play even in
the midst of nowhere?
Hello, excuse me?
- Old man
- Yes?
Can you give me
directions to Chengalpattu?
Can you tell me how
to reach Chengalpattu?
If you know, tell me
Otherwise say no
What do you why?
'Back to his silly game!'
Old man
The girl in the car is Sandhya
My friend Aravind's girlfriend
Very innocent
Her parents are forcing her to
marry a groom she doesn't like
So she ran away
He's in Hyderabad
He is coming here
Until he gets here
in the morning...
...he wanted her to wait for him
in his farm house in Chengalpattu
Please be kind enough
to tell me the way
You've driven
past Chengalpattu
If you turn back, you'll see
a board 1 km from here
That's the right way
- There's a board there, right?
- Yes, of course
Thank you very much, sir
Old man
Just once
Can I also play?
Sure, go ahead
Bloody ass!
I asked you directions,
and you ignored me
Searching in google?
What is that glare in aid of?
I'll pluck your goddamn eyes
Listen to me now
She is my girlfriend
If someone asks you for directions,
if you know, you should answer
Instead if you ask
stupid questions...
...I'll beat you to a pulp
All their paternal instincts will rise
like an antenna for these old man
Be careful
What happened?
He acted pricey to me
Will I keep quiet?
I showed him
what he is up against!
Why did you pick a fight?
Go and apologize to him
Do you want your surprise?
Or an apology to some
random moron?
'Chengalpattu 25 KM'
- Hey, stop...stop
- What happened?
Look there
Chengalpattu board
You're right
Let's turn
Why is it so desolate?
Will people sleep
so early in this village?
Look over there
'Ask that man'
Excuse me
1 minute
Can you-
He looks so familiar
I've seen you
somewhere before
It is said 7 people
will look alike
Oh! Revelation
Who are you?
Where is he?
Where is 'who'?
You saw only me
Okay, tell me where
Aravind's guest house is?
Outside the village
Can't you speak properly?
Is everyone
around here weird?
- Aha Aravind...!
- So beautiful
You've maintained
this farm house so well
Now that I have stepped in...
...your farm house
will get salvation!
I plan to propose
to Sanjay tonight
You are my witness
Make sure he accepts it
'Come here'
Bless me
- How is it?
- Simply superb
I was the one who forced Aravind
to buy this farm house
She believes whatever
I say, imbecile!
This exterior plan
is also mine
I gave him the money to buy
Let's go
'Why isn't it opening?
Did he give the right key?'
'Come in'
This place is truly
out of this world, Sanjay
Whose idea is it?
Sanjay, I'll go up
and look around
Go, I'll be here
Sanjay, where are you?
I'm scared
What's all this?
Happy birthday to you, Sandhya
Dunce! I clean forgot
Thank you so much, Sanjay
How is my surprise?
Why wait?
Cut the cake
Just a minute
'Don't know where
the kitchen is'
'And I must look
for a knife'
The knife is right here
It looks like a meat knife?
So funny knife
There is sauce
sticking to it
Cut the cake now
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Sandhya
"Oh! Sandhya, touch me now"
"Oh! Sandhya, kiss me now"
"Oh! Sandhya, hug me now"
"Oh Maria..."
"Oh Sandhya touch me now"
"Oh Sandhya hitch me now"
"Isn't it a natural feeling
in this age, darling?"
"Just once, my love"
"Crush me now"
"Only once and how!"
"Kill me now"
"It's a heavenly feeling
of a different kind, darling"
"Oh! Sandhya, o' nightingale"
"One look at you, calling bell
rings in my heart without fail"
"Oh! Maria, anklets tinkling
You are my hottie darling"
"You turn me on, what-a feeling!"
You can't have your way"
"All that I'll encourage
only after marriage"
"Even if it's perfect logic
You hit on me, a chic chick"
"That's a voyage
after marriage"
"You know what's a good habit?
For purity to be hugged to the hilt"
"In the heat of our desire, dear
even winter won't come near"
"Kargil war can be the base
in the arena of our embrace"
"Your shyness sparkles like a diamond
Don't waste time, let's enjoy every second"
"On a rampage
after marriage"
"Even if 'I am all yours' you declare
You turn my body on fire"
"All that I'll engage
Only after marriage"
"O' Sandhya"
"Don't touch me"
"O' Sandhya"
"Don't hitch me"
"Isn't it a common feeling
in this age, darling?"
"Only once, baby"
"Don't crush me"
"Just once, sweetie"
"Don't kill me"
"It's a heavenly feeling
of a different kind, darling"
"Just shut up, okay?"
Don't, Sanjay
Let's do this
after we are married
'Just you wait
I'll make you toe the line'
Hey Sandhya, you're right
You know something?
Do you know how much
this Sanjay loved Sandhya?
'He plucked the thought
out of my head!'
Till our wedding day
I promise I won't touch you
Okay, take rest
- Sanjay
- Yes
She fell for it
What, my precious?
You're a nicer person
than I thought you were
Thanks a ton
for understanding me
Go to sleep
Good night
'I deserve this!'
'I was so bored'
'I believe there are some
old albums in the store room'
'That's why I came here
to look for them, but-'
Come on Sanjay
Change your plan
Summer, right?
I'm so thirsty
Hey Sandhya, Fanta or Coca Cola
Drink Fanta
You'll sleep well
Okay, as you wish
'It will all be my wish
from this moment on'
'I saw it here'
'Coca Cola'
1 isn't enough for her
Let me add a few more
This is for you
- You said you'll get me Fanta
- But you said it's my wish
(dialogs from film 'Aranmanai')
'You just can't escape now'
'You'll be dead-meat, moron'
How dare you?'
'You were trying to seduce
a girl who trusted you?'
'Marry her...marry her'
'When she wakes up
she'll blackmail me'
'I should act right now'
'This is enough
to be 1 up on you'
'If I place it here, everything
will be recorded easily'
N.Sandhya with Sanjay
Enjoy the hot video
"Eyes sparkling bright, full of delight
My world revolves around you alright"
"Your photo in my pocket caresses me
My heart skips a beat, ignites fervently"
Let's do this after
we are married, Sanjay
Only before wedding, Sandhya
Give it to me
This wide angle
isn't a good idea
Let me get
a close-up shot
Drink a little more
I'll be back in a minute
(song from 'Dum')
'Let me zoom
a little bit'
'This looks fine'
'Where is she?'
'Did I drink what was
meant for her?'
'How weird is this!'
'Can't see her in person
but I can see her in my camera?'
'Bottle is in mid air'
'My head is spinning!'
(film 'Kadhalukku Mariyathai')
'You know this scene, right?
'I do'
'As soon as I say 'action'
come in front of the camera...'
'...beat her to a pulp'
'Why do you get
so riled up about spirits, sir?'
'If you really see a spirit
face to face, what will you do?'
Editor! You told me
the music score was in sync!
Now I realize what you meant
Do you know how long
I've been waiting for your arrival?
Do you know how eager I am
to express those 3 words?
'Is a spirit in love with me?'
'If I get caught
that's it, kaput!'
That's why I turned down
the rich groom my dad suggested
'His stars are lucky!'
- Do you know why?
- 'Why, dear?'
For you, for your love
Am I the lamb
for the slaughter?
I won't marry anyone else
but you, Sanjay, trust me
Trust me
'Just because I yelled at a ghost
will it fall in love with me?'
'If kicked I thought I'll fall
in a basket of flowers'
'Instead I find I am in
the clutches of a spirit'
'Don't...please don't'
'Don't be upset'
I can hear voices
'She won't betray you'
'Why don't you tell him?'
'I have told him so many times'
'Tell him not to do it'
Nice pose indeed
Looks like a scene
from an old film
Excuse me?
I was so happy when my little princess
kicked me on my chest as a baby
But today
I feel miserable
I would rather commit suicide
than face that disgrace
Dear, don't
Don't say that
Listen to me just once
Why don't you listen?
How will I face the landlord?
Can I bear the humiliation?
It's better to commit suicide
- Don't
- Sir, don't
Somehow I will make
our madam agree
'No, Subbaiyah'
'I don't want to marry
that rich landlord's son'
'Even if you try to persuade me
I won't change my mind'
'No, pa'
'Is it a live telecast?'
'This is my decision even
whatever your threats may be'
'I won't give up my love'
'I'm positive about it'
I will marry only Sanjay
whom I love with all my heart
No one can change my decision
'Daughter, stay calm'
'Tell her no one can change
my decision, Subbaiyah'
'Sir, don't'
'Don't hurt this innocent girl
and add to your sins'
'Please listen to me'
'Get her married to Sanjay
whom she loves with-'
Height of emotion!
Old man, you rock
even at this age
Not only your image
Even your grey cells are great!
Instead of a long shot
when he cries...
...could have cut
a close-up shot
Where is the camera positioned?
If the fruit hasn't ripened
can you blame the tree?
Are you blaming me
because I planted it?
Where is the camera?
For the sin of being her father...
...I'm prepared to mete out
the punishment for this sin
'I can't bear to see
this torture anymore'
'God, help me'
'Why are you still standing here?'
'Bring me the poison'
'I won't commit that sin-'
'I am your master
You have to obey me'
'Bring that poison'
'My dear, don't do this'
'If your love for me is true...'
'...don't stop me'
'You have bound me
with your bond of love'
Poison drinking
'Don't, dear'
Hey, waiting
He drank it, huh?
Life gone?
I won't let you die
Your father drank poison
and died, baby
Do something
Why aren't you
saying anything?
Listen! Your father has
collapsed, he may be dead
And you are playing
hide and seek at this time
Is that priority now?
Don't, madam
Listen to me
Dear, I can't live without you
Both dead
Your mother is also dead
Is that sweet pudding?
All of you want to
take the same route!
3rd in the list?
Hello Aravind
A family consumed poison
and died in your farm house
'What are you blabbering?'
Yes, right in front of my eyes
Because their daughter didn't
agree to their choice of groom
- Even the servant is dead
- Is it so?
Can you see them?
I'm telling you they died
right in front of my eyes
What's wrong with you?
Dude, I forgot to
tell you something
A family committed suicide
35 years ago it seems
The real estate agent told me
when I bought that house
But I didn't give it much thought
If you can see them
they must be ghosts
Scoot from there at once
Who are you?
Answer me
Tell me
Who are you?
Sir, I am Sanjay
Sanjay, eh?
So you are the reason
for all of us dying
- No...not me
- What are you waiting for?
"I will appear
Here and everywhere"
'This is Sandhya'
'Where is she then?'
'I was lying here'
You're bruised all over
Where did you get this dress?
I saw it there
I just wore it
Do I look good in it?
Remove it
No, Sanjay
Let's do this
after we are married
You sound like
a broken record
There is a ghost
in this house
Let's escape is that?
There is a ghost in this house is that?
Is this the time to
reel out funny dialogs?
There is a ghost in this house
This is her dress
Why are you laughing
like comedian Vadivelu?
You are not to be blamed
They made a clown out of the ghost
and made horror comedy films
You fell for it
Believe me
Very true
I know you direct horror films
Why are you getting scared?
I thought the ghost
will run a mile scared of you!
Even I thought so
till I saw those ghost!
Even superstar Rajinikanth
will react the way I do
I'm not any star
I swear on you
See how they have
ripped me apart?
From when you were a kid... many horror films
would you have watched?
100 to 200
With such a track record
why won't you get this illusion?
Ghosts and ghouls
are your fertile imagination
How can you say this?
Then how do you
explain this blood stain?
You would have
tripped and fallen
True to your job
you are pulling a fast one
No, Sandhya
Believe me
1 ghost can be seen
only through a camera
Ghosts can be seen
only through cameras
I have seen this
in so many films
I've heard they can be
seen in mirrors too
Haven't you seen it?
Not that
That sound
That anklet sound
That's the ghost
Can't you hear it?
'Sanjay, come to me'
Listen carefully
She is calling your lover
I told you
it is just illusion
You are obsessed with it
'Sanjay, you are
always like this'
'Wait, I will come'
She said she is coming
'Sanjay, I am here'
Look through your phone
If you are wrong
I'll break your skull
Okay, just do it
'Is your stomach
making somersaults?'
What is that supposed to mean?
- Don't come near me
- What?
Don't come near you?
Don't come near me
You are that ghost
Stop blabbering
I'll clobber you
Hold it
Look here
Go fast
I am unable to move my feet
Why is she standing here now?
Sanjay, come
Hurry up
Gayathri, dear
'What is he doing here?'
Gayathri, dear
'Yes, pa?'
'Come, my dear'
I think she watches
Sanjay Leela Bhansali's films
'Look how long her 'dupatta' trails'
- What happened?
- Battery gone
- Give me your mobile
- Wait
Hello, dear
Yes, pa
What did you cook for dinner?
Remember Karunakaran
whom we killed?
I fried his brain
What do we do now?
'I love brain fry, dear'
You see her through this camera
I'll see him directly
What game did you play today?
That family drama where
they all die drinking poison, pa
She created those 3 ghosts
who pounded me unconscious
Whom did you play with?
That chap who is supposed to go to
Chengalpattu whom you diverted here
I've been playing
only with him all this while
Just finished 1st round
- 'Is it so, dear?'
- What does she mean?
We came to the wrong farm house
All because of you!
You hassled that man with the iPad
and he showed us he's boss
Wonder how much worse
it can get for us
I've seen him even before
asking him the directions
He didn't just divert us
He has followed me
We are trapped, Sandhya
Trap, eh?
I said I'll strangle a ghost
if I ever see one face to face
He has got angry and with and
trapped me after hearing me say so
That's why you shouldn't
let your tongue run
They will definitely
take revenge
That means?
- Will they kill me?
- God only knows
Enough of your games for today
Take rest now
No, pa, I have
1 more round to finish
She ripped me to pieces
What's the next round?
Your wish
Take care
I have a long queue of people
waiting for me
I need to take care of them
Where did you disappear?
Where are you, Sanjay?
You are here, huh?
She is coming close to us
I am here
What is this, Sanjay?
Where are you hiding?
Hurry up
Come out, Sanju baby
Who is calling me
at this time of night?
Put it on silent mode
You playful thief!
You are right here, huh?
Come out
Getting delayed
for the next round
'I'm Aravind here
Let me talk to Sanjay'
Someone called Aravind it seems
How did he get your number?
Where are you?
I just arrived
at the farm house
Are you here?
- Talk gentle
- I am inside
I am also inside
Where are you?
How did you come in?
The main door
is open, right?
First tell me where you are
You tell me
I'll come there
I am next to the pillar
near the kitchen
Hide there
I'll join you right away
But your chapter is closed
if those ghosts catch you
Okay, let's go
Let's just cross check once
What do we do now?
Wait, she is the one
talking in Aravind's voice
I'll come up
with a twist
How long do I wait?
Where the hell are you?
I am hiding in
the bedroom, come here
I'll be there in a moment
She's really going up the stairs
Come, let's watch her
She has gone
She is inside
- Run and lock the door
- You want me to go?
Go now
Rot in there
- Yes...yes...yes
- Come fast
Hey, come here
'How dare you lock me up?'
'Open the door'
'Open the door now'
- My phone fell down
- Pick it up
Pick it up, faaast
Hurry up
- Sanjay?
- What?
- Main door is closed
- Whaat?
The other side?
This window?
This side?
Come, I say!
Open the door
She has the whole house
under her control
Look how she's acting, witch!
How do we get out of here?
Do you really, truly, deeply love me?
What timing to get
such doubts, I swear!
If you truly love me
you go open the door first
Typical female trait
To trap us at the right time!
Wish I could strang-
Okay, are you coming
with me or not?
I'm leaving now, have fun
playing hop skotch with Ganga
Hey, Sanjay
Who is Ganga?
Your sisterly spirit 'Kanchana'!
See you
How can you escape
without finishing my game?
Do you know what I do to
those who leave my game unfinished?
Take a good look
Have you killed him too, akka?
Yes, I killed all of them
Someone save him
Someone please help him
Someone save him
(popular song
from '16 vayathinile')
What's wrong with her?
She looks different
Her walk, dress, et al
Whom is she looking for?
"Tell me, where is my king?"
Murali Krishna...?
- Gayathri
- What, pa?
Murali Krishna didn't come today either
Murali Krishna didn't come, huh?
Murali Krishna didn't come, huh?
Who's he?
Hey! Look here
This is our chance
Let's go
Let's go through
the main door
What do we do now?
We are trapped
Come here, Sanjay
If we don't finish the game,
the audience will feel bad
Bloody well show your face
Trying to escape, huh?
Come on
Don't joke, 'ka
Do we have a chance
to even try to escape?
I won't escape
I swear on you
No, on her-
I swear on my own self
My tongue twisted the other day
and I scolded a ghost, 'ka
Kindly forgive me, 'ka
Please say something
Will you kill us even after
we have apologized profusely?
I'll let you go
Really, 'ka?
Thanks, 'ka
You've proved there are still
good spirits on our earth
Akka has given permission
Let's go, Sandhya
Let's get out of here
Hey, hero
Did you call me?
If you go away
then who'll finish the game?
Who else but me, 'ka
Whether playing a game
or planning a heist... one can beat me
What kind of game?
Hide and seek, hopscotch?
Board games, cards?
You need to answer my questions
Sanjay, be quiet
That's a cake walk
You mean the reality show
'Who wants to be a millionaire'?
Or its Tamil variant?
I went because hero Suriya called me
You participated, huh?
I meant I was part
of the audience
Let Sandhya play first
Why are you getting me in trouble?
What did you do near the door?
You ladies will get us caught
only if you get a chance
We men create a chance
to get you caught
You will be crucified
Go ahead and ask, 'ka
Sandhya is ready it seems
What's the connection
between the 2 of you?
I am with him
What did you see in him
to fall in love?
First time
How will they cross?
Why tax my gray cells
when I have Google in my phone?
'Ghajini' the film
"The one with sparkling eyes"
'When he helped the kids
across so cleverly...'
'...I saw him in a different angle'
2nd time during
the auto accident...
...when he saved me
without even knowing who I am
...I realized how
good hearted he is
Stop, we need to
take her to the hospital
To be honest, that's when
I really fell for him
Later when he carried me
in his arms I felt blessed
Where's the hospital?
My faith in him was so full fledged
I came all the way here
Is all this true?
100 %, akka
Total lie
Shall I tell you
the truth as it is?
What did you say?
You saw him in a different angle?
Do you know the angle
he saw you in?
What a sexy seat!
How did you collect
these details, akka?
What else did you say?
You realized he's good hearted
and you fell for him?
You didn't flip for him
He made it look
like you fell for him
'Let me puncture
the bald head'
Akka, your network is
very widespread indeed
So he carried you
like this in his arms, huh?
You considered yourself blessed
To him it was a chance to make a pass!
Where is the hospital?
There should only be
3 questions in a round
But you're plaguing her
with 10 times 3!
Will you ask only her?
Won't you ask me anything?
Before this girl arrived...
...what were you doing with
another girl in that coffee shop?
Haven't you watched
'Who wants to be a millionaire'?
Questions should be general
Not personal like this
Is it so?
Suriya sir,
update yourself
If you ask such questions...
...that chap wouldn't have won
5 million in your last episode, right?
I was auditioning
for a short film, 'ka
Why are you hitting me?
I'm answering, right?
That's the truth' ka
I went to check out
a marriage proposal
His wedding has been fixed
with a girl worth 1 billion
Akka, you shouldn't ask
personal questions in public
Can we shift to
general knowledge?
Why did you bring this girl here?
Pass this question, 'ka
No man handling
Actually I brought Sandhya here
to surprise her on her birthday
In between thanks to a game
played by your dear father...
...I have no choice but to
participate in this game
Greetings, boss
Nailed me, huh?
I came to entice
and finish the matter
What do you mean
by finish the matter?
Sandhya, I wanted to
spike your soft drink
Record whatever I do to you
Blackmail you in the morning
And then delete it later, bingo!
That's all, akka
I confessed it all
Thank god
Game over
So we'll take leave, 'ka
Come, Sandhya
Hey! Sandhya
I said let's go
I loved you
with all my heart
You thought you could use me
to satisfy your urges, right?
My fault
to trust you
I blame myself
I trusted you
I deserve this
Why is her expression
turning ruthless?
Cry your heart out
As long as girls like you
are cry babies... like him will use and
throw you in the trash can
Only solution is not to cry
Not shed tears
Not shed tears
Yes, I should not cry
But make you cry
Please don't do
anything to me
Leave me Sandhya
Hey! Dude?
Hello, my dear, how are you?
Why are you introducing my entry?
Zip your lips
Now that I am here
I will handle it
Didn't expect me, right?
Cupid to all ladies
You thought you alone
can enjoy and escape?
No, you can't
The matter has got leaked
You seem to have
gone through hell?
Not at all
How can you get tired
as early as the interval?
Forget it
I'll finish the 2nd half
Just listen to me
'She is my girlfriend
Don't do anything to her'
Isn't that your dialog?
No way
Having fixed your wedding
what's your game with her?
Playing mummy-daddy game?
- Game eh?
- Take rest
I will take over
Where is my doll?
Where is she?
Don't go near her
Hear me out
She is poss-
"Shall we get married, elope, dear?"
Don't like me, huh?
Am I am a blockhead
to say I don't like you?
You look like 10 girls ground together
to make a hot, spicy chutney, precious?
She has even changed her voice
I am not able to control myself
Where is my bedroom?
Where is it?
Tell me
Upstairs, huh?
Double okay
Bro, that's a gh...gho-
Don't say ghost
you gunk of a goon!
Say go, go now
You dumb ass!
Scent of jasmine
Cupid, sought after
by all women
Time for the flowers to crumple
and for us to rock and roll in bed
Follow me, my precious
Watch my performance!
Hey girlie
Feeling shy, huh?
I'll make out and make
your shyness disappear
Turn around, my dear
Electrifying touch
If you want to touch me
you need to play a game with me
Play games with a lady?
Playing a game with a lady
is like eating candy
This jasmine fellow won't make
glam dolls throw a temper tantrum
What's so great about
these ladies' games?
These board games,
hide and seek
At the worst
they play hopscotch
That's all, girlie
You got it right
Jasmine fellow
this is no ordinary girl
She's a power horse
Not just this game
I'm waiting for the main game
If you play its mere 3G
But if I play it's 4G speed
Want to watch me in action?
Where's the chalk?
Ah! There it is
Whose turn first?
Yours or mine?
You first
Till men start the game
women won't even make their move
Shall we start the game?
If you win
you can touch me
Will do
And if you lose?
- If I lose?
- Then I will touch you
She falls into the category
of being pea-brained
Her brain must be
below her knees
What I need is her touch
To make a girl win...
...for the first time
I will lose in life
Please touch me
Who hit me?
My brothers?
Where are they?
They are invisible
Only action
What should I do then
for you to touch me?
You need to play
another game
But I'll suggest this game
Which one?
Hide and seek
I'm okay with that
First close your eyes
Let go of me
I'll run for my dear life
Let me go
- Go
- Let me go!
Got screwed royally
Piped down, huh?
Cupid sought after by women
You'll rock and roll
in bed with her
You boasted you'll crumple
the flower and the girl!
What happened inside?
She crumpled me to pieces
and ripped me apart, man
If she had born in Hollywood...
...they would have rolled the red carpet
and awarded the Oscar to her
This is no ordinary performance
Peak performance
She isn't a deadly chick
She is quite drop dead gorgeous
But a dead girl's spirit
has possessed her
You mean ghost?
No, devil
Both are the same
Take a look at this
'These board games,
hide and seek'
'At the worst
they play hopscotch'
'Jasmine scented fellow
Where are you hiding?'
'Show me your performance'
No, I stopped playing
and went away
'Jasmine fellow!'
- What will it do now?
- Nothing much
You'll slide and glide there
right next to her
Don't pull a fast one now
Why will I go alone?
What about you?
I finished many rounds already
The story twists and turns
Jasmine man
Show me your performance
I am waiting eagerly
Tie this
Let me see
Let me see who wins
Natural or supernatural?
Listen to me
You're stepping into danger zone
Just do what I say
Am I a girl?
Just tie this piece of cloth
Not tie the wedding chain, you ass!
- Challenge
- You're mad!
You tie me up
Let's see what happens
I am not connected
with this one bit, escape!
Even I have brains
Not just for that ghost
If she has the guts
ask her to drag me
- He's over stepping his limit
- I'm challenging her
Why did you exert yourself, akka?
I was just kidding, 'ka
Show me your performance
Don't strangle me, akka
Please spare me
Show me, I want to
see your performance
- Show me
Hey Sanjay!
Save me
I came thinking I'll
meet a glam doll
You got me trapped
with a ghost, you buffalo!
My dialog is over
Finished with your dialog, huh?
Actually mine starts only now
Clean bowled
Sanjay, save me
Save me
If I don't untie him,
his life will be in tatters
Show me your performance
Dude, just zip your lips
You'll be fine
You want me to be silent
Shut up, you bloody psycho
If my 'jasmine' lineage should end
with this Murali Krishna...'re the only reason
Murali Krishna
Murali Krishna
Murali Krishna
Did you come to meet me?
Ye...yes, akka, he came
just to meet you
Your Murali Krishna
Tell her about you
Can't you see this is
your Murali Krishna?
You thrashed me so terribly
my whole body has blisters
I hit you?
That's the joke of the year
Who is this?
Your friend?
Greetings, sir
Why are you terrified of me?
I saw a ghost
on the way to this place
That's all
Hello, 'ka
I am Sanjay
This is your Murali Krishna
Murali Krishna
Jasmine Murali Krishna
You wait here
I'll get ready in a jiffy
Very happy to hear that
Please go, madam
What would you like to drink?
Tea or coffee?
You've already offered me
and I had my fill!
My power is full
Go and get your
bag and baggage
Okay, Murali Krishna sir
(song from '16 Vayathinile')
May she and her goddamn
song rot in hell
Let's escape, dude
'Why is he coming in here?'
Hey, old man
What are you doing here?
- Do you know him?
- Good question
This is the old man who directed me
to this farm house
- Do you know that?
- He didn't bring you here
He has booked us
Diverted us and
trapped us into his web
Then this ghost is also-
A ghost, he heads
this ghost gang!
My fault to have even
let you live for so long!
Let's go
'Where can I hide?'
Open the door
Shut it
'Why is that girl's photo
hanging on this wall?'
'One more on this wall'
Just shut up and find
a good place to hide
Give me some room
He seems to come suddenly
like Computer Graphics!
Bloody scumbags!
Will you try to
seduce women?
I'll kill you, wait and watch
Bloody scumbags!
'Can't open the door
Come here, I say'
'The door is closed'
Open the door
Open this door
Please save us
Hey! Look over there
My dear Gayathri
Why are you crying, sir?
Why did you divert us here, sir?
If she knows Murali Krishna
isn't coming, akka becomes dull
But if I say he is here
why is she ecstatic?
(song from 'Kuzhandaiyum Deivamum')
Even if you've lost money... never scrounge in
your daughter's birthday celebrations
She is my only asset
You look like a heroine
in a cinema, dear
- Why do you need this umbrella?
- I am a heroine, teacher
Shouldn't a heroine be beautiful?
That's why I'm holding it
You don't lack anything
You look like actress Sridevi
when she was your age
'Watch today
Right away'
'Directed by Bharathiraja
Starring your angel Sridevi'
'16 Vayathinile'
in Devi talkies'
'Daily 4 shows
Watch today'
(popular song
from '16 Vayathinile')
"Tell me will you, where is
this prince of mine?"
Wait...let me tell you
- You saw this film?
- Not just saw, grandma
I saw it 25 times!
"O' breeze so cool, flower carmine"
- 'Lights'
- 'Clapping'
- 'Sound?'
- 'Rolling, sir'
- 'Camera?'
- 'Running, sir'
- 'By 1 take 2'
- 'Action'
I'll book 6 films in 1 go
6 films?!
But you have to say wither
'Yes' or 'No'
If you say 'yes'
you can be here
If it's a 'No'
you can leave
Is it 'Yes' or 'No'?
- Hey you there
- Sir?
Ask if the heroine is ready
or not for the bedroom scene
There is a long queue
of beautiful girls waiting
It isn't enough if you want to
make your daughter a heroine
You should teach her
to be street smart also
Bloody scumbag!
Come here
You dare hit me!
- Take your hands off
- Father, don't hit him
What audacity!
- Don't, pa
- Throw them out
I just wanted my face to be
seen in a camera at least once
But looks like I am not lucky
to see myself as a heroine, pa
No, dear
Let's not make
any effort for this
- Okay
- Let's go home
- Glory to Allah
- Who are you?
I'm basically a cameraman
from Bombay
He's my Tamil friend, who is looking
for a heroine for past 6 months
So far he hasn't found
anyone suitable
Now it's confirmed
Where did you hide her all along?
For her to fit the character to a I trained her for a month
And brought her today
Fix this girl first
Raja, sir
Because of 'sleazoids' like you...
...those who want to
become heroines
...remain as junior artistes
Gayathri akka has
become a heroine...yaay!
Hello, who is it?
'I'm production manager
Murali Krishna here'
Tell me, sir
'Shooting starts from this Friday'
'Yes, madam'
'Memorize the dialogs
given to you'
'I forgot to tell you'
'When you step out,
remember to take an umbrella'
'See you soon'
Okay, sir
Manager Murali Krishna, dad
What did he say?
I believe shooting
starts this Friday
You'll be in a film shoot soon
Congratulations, heroine madam
Yugendar bro
The other day I lied
that I've trained Gayathri
That's why she got
the heroine chance
But I'm kind of apprehensive
So just once I thought I'll check
Gayathri's performance
Gayathri, have you memorized
the dialogs given to you?
Can you act it out for me?
Do it, dear
Do you know... long
...I've been waiting
for your arrival?
Do you know
how my lips are...
...trembling to say
those 3 words, Sanjay?
Now the servant
Don't, sir
Please don't
agonize over this
Your daughter...
...will never deceive you
- Now the mother
- You did a good job
Good job indeed!
It sounded more like kids
shouting out a lesson
This isn't called acting
- Sorry, sir
- Bro...?
If you don't mind
I'll stay here
And teach Gayathri
how to act properly
I can't be happier
than this, bro
"Whatever happened to me?"
"My heart swings so joyfully"
"Such a feeling's comin' over me
My tender age sings like a koel gaily"
"I revel in the waterfall of gladness duly"
"I am amazed at my own self truly"
"In my dreams my wings I spread
I fly in the blue sky overhead"
"I'm flushed with desire
from this second I'm on fire"
"With bonds of friendship
Love beyond mere kinship"
"This girl's heart carefree
is on a questioning spree"
'Madam, this is
Murali Krishna here'
Tell me, sir
'Only 2 more days
left for Friday'
'I called to tell you it would be better
if you can check the costumes'
"The joy around me
thanks to you surely"
"Can my finger point at you
my handsome beau?"
"My heart skips a beat
I'm swept off my feet"
"Shall I shout your name, dear
to everyone far and near?"
"Though my feet on the ground
in the skies my heart floats around"
"Magic wand you waved
for me to be so dazed?"
"Even when my lips caress
not a sound heard; speechless"
"Weren't you the one
who schemed all alone?"
"With friendship as the key-word
Our love most cherished in the world"
"This girl's heart vulnerably
is on a questioning spree"
'One man in a thousand'
'Joyful Palace'
"Stringing flowers of joy together"
"Shall I make a garland
in my soul forever?"
"Shall I make this feeling of wonder
a prisoner for life in my heart forever?"
"As eyes opened the door wide
dreams flew like cotton flakes aside"
"This fluster within me
thanks to you truly"
"Even if we stand far away
our love breezes by to stay"
"You are the one now
who showered this love?"
"With friendship as our bond
Love transcends beyond"
"This girl's heart innocently
is on a questioning spree"
Do you know how long I've been
waiting for your arrival, Sanjay?
Shooting starts
tomorrow morning
You'll be surrounded by people
After you deliver your dialog,
people will applaud
Everything will seem like
an illusion to you
In that illusion
you'll forget everyone
Including me!
That's why I would like to
share something with you today
Yes, Gayathri
I'm in love with you
Tell me, Gayathri
Am I in your heart?
If my dad agrees
I'll also say 'yes'
Rangaraj sir
Tell me
A daughter who respects
her father's words
A father who treasures
his daughter with his life
I love Gayathri
If you agree
I'll marry her
Only if you accept
Even if you don't, it won't
affect our friendship in any way
As expected, shooting will
commence tomorrow morning
I'll be the camera man
and she'll be the heroine
Decision... yours
Murali Krishna sir, tell me
'Tomorrow is Friday
1st day of shooting'
I remember that very well, sir
Should be ready at 6:00 a.m
in the costume you sent
Is that all?
'My intentions are good'
'You'll soon become
the most sought after heroine'
'There's no doubt about that'
Please don't mistake me
for calling you repeatedly
Not at all, sir
Tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock,
I'll myself come in the car
Okay, sir
Please be ready
'Hey dude!'
'My long awaited hunt of 6 months...'
...will have a full stop
from me today
I will have the pleasure of
enjoying my 100th girl tonight
Wait until tomorrow evening, dude
After getting fully drenched
why is a hood necessary?
Now you know
I will have the pleasure
on my 100th girl's company
And that girl is you
I'll make sure I kill you
100 is always special to me
Just like a film
running for 100 days
Do you know how
my 100th girl should look?
Just like you
Like a flower untouched
She should love me
You'll be fine, pa
Only then I can drown in
her passionate embraces
That's why even though
the other 99 dolls...
...didn't intoxicate me
...when I saw you,
I got really high
All this was my screen play
According to it, tonight
is our first night together
Wait, pa
Whether you accept it or not...
My father
He'll die if we delay
a moment longer
He has to be rushed to
a hospital immediately
I'm begging you
Please save him
I will save him definitely
But please smile just once
Let's just go
for a quickie
You're my century
We'll go and
be back in no time
Come with me
Leave me
Don't...let go of me
No, let go of me
You seduced my daughter
I completed my century
She's my daughter
Are you still alive?
Come to me
"Praise be to Goddess Kali
Personification of Shakthi"
"To wreck the wicked human duly
Trident in hand rises an enraged Kali"
"Even if you offer blood to appease her
she shows no mercy whomsoever"
"Kotravai, o' war deity
who protects her devotee"
"This evil man's head, o' Kali
burn to cinders mercilessly"
"Like vermillion red, your third eye ablaze
Save this star-crossed girl with your grace"
"Fury in your eyes, blood-shot frenzy
Dance to drive the evil force, Shakthi"
"Into the traitor's heart, pierce your spear
Let your 'dance of fury' be a lesson to fear"
"With your eyes in red-hot fury
snuff this demon's breath, o'Kali"
"Epitome of femininity
Goddess Mahalakshmi"
"You displayed your power fiercely
Praise be to you, Goddess Shakthi"
"Blow the conch of impending death
Drumbeats echo till he leaves our earth"
"Be it a sheer demon or a mere human
God's will prevails in the end unbeaten"
"With as wipe of her sword she sliced
Demons Sunda's army she paralyzed"
"Demon Chanda and his army she slayed
Her lion killed the elephants unafraid"
"Weapons from her hands with speed
killed her foes, in cold blood indeed"
"May more victories gather
Mahisha the demon's slayer"
"One with braids of hair
King Sailendra's daughter"
"Divine Mother rushes to her children's aid
Wipes out evil with her violent crusade"
"Upholder of good over evil
The slayer of Mahisha the devil"
"One with lovely locks of hair
Hail king Hemavana's daughter"
'Destroy him!'
He stopped me from
realizing my dreams
He made sure I wasn't seen
in front of the camera even once
Not just him, pa
The entire male race who
wants to rape innocent girls
I'll close their chapter
Kill them
My dear Gayathri
(Song from '16 Vayathinile')
'Though she killed
that sex starved villain...'
'...she was unable to come out
of that illusion he created'
'That's why, past 35 years
she thinks every Friday...'
' that fatal day
before shoot commenced'
'From that day if someone
cheats innocent girls like her...'
'...she'll kill them'
Then why have you
not killed us as yet?
'Tell me'
I don't want to marry
this girl you fixed for me
'What are you saying?'
Cancel the wedding
Heard that?
We waited only for
a change like that to happen
No one is born
a bad person
It all depends on
his or her upbringing
First we give them
a chance to change
If they don't change,
we will kill them
I can never compensate
...for making me
turn over a new leaf
That's why I want to make
a film with Gayathri akka
Please give me a chance
to make her a heroine
Just don't say no, sir
Are you in your senses?
Speaking of the impossible
Will you shut up?
Why don't we make Gayathri akka's dream
when she was alive come true at least now?
- Is it possible to execute?
- Certainly, sir
Look at this
This is enough to make
a film with Gayathri akka
'I will marry only Sanjay
whom I was madly in love with'
'No one can make me
change my decision'
She wants to
act in a film
That's why you can still
see her in these frames
My daughter
- Dad
- Huh...?
- Shooting, pa
- Yes, dear
If these people come to know
we are making a film with real ghosts...
...they will have
multiple heart attacks
Shut your bloody gob
I'm already tense
the artiste hasn't come
On top of it
you're pestering me
Am I a pest to you?
Wonder what will happen here!
Where's that camera man?
Our buildup Balraj!
Why did you hit
our director like that?
Only then he'll come
under my control
I'm the director of this film, sir
You should've said so
before I hit you
'Shift your head
a little bit'
That parrot will also
come under my control
What kind of story do you
intend directing now?
- A seedy kind of movie?
-, sir
It's a ghost story
A prince enters a girl's life to fulfill
her dream to become a celebrity star
He'll come and kill her
The girl who's wandering as a ghost
will come back and kill him
This is it, right?
Why don't you do a new story?
Same wine in an old bottle
Think of a new script
Hear me out, sir
I'm making this film
with the original ghost
This is the new point
I believe he's filming it
with a real spirit
Did you hear it?
A real ghost is acting in this film
Original ghost!
This is the reaction
to what you said
A punch dialog should
have the desired effect
Which body is the ghost in? it
Spirits tend to choose
only female bodies
That body, right?
You're right
How did you know?
Okay, I'll do the screen test
for your spirit now
By that time get ready
with your punch
Punch, you vagabond!
Shall we do the screen test?
Can you give me a pose?
Pose like this
I think she doesn't know
the success formula
I know how to deal with you
Counting start, Balraj
Six...I'll get you
signed up for 6 films
Only 2 words
Yes and No
If you say 'yes'
6 films get booked
If you say 'no'
you'll lose this film too!
'How come no reaction?'
Seems like a bigger
- That was a touch touch!
- I heard a bulb bursting
Not only did it burst
but plucked the fuse too!
(song from 'Kulamagal Radhai')
Shall we start, sir?
Okay, everybody ready
Gayathri, are you ready?
Balraj sir, keep an empty frame
Okay, dude
Your wish is my command
Gayathri madam
Shot ready
Art department
Give her the trident
Gayathri, 1st shot
Get into the mood
You should rise and ravage
in a rage beyond measure
That Yugendhar used you
and cheated you, Gayathri
Is it important to bring
his name at this time?
That Yugendhar killed
your dream, Gayathri
You'll rot in hell
I'm scooting
Come on, Gayathri
Come on
You can never
become a heroine
Kill him
This is the emotion I want
He's saying action
but can't see a anyone
Come into the frame
You said women
are like flowers
You said you are
in love with me
You promised to
make me a heroine!
Instead of praying
with flowers... raped and killed me
You miscalculated
my innocence
I won't let you live
Not only you
But I'll kill all the men
who think like you
I'll decimate them
'The Heroine
Super Duper hit'
You made a film
with a ghost
Weren't you scared?
Not just you
Wasn't your unit scared?
He's really shooting this film
with a real spirit just as he said
Is she still living
on this earth or not?
If she's here,
why is she hiding?
When will she
show her face?
Wherever injustice happens
to women, I'll be there
subtitled by rekhs
assisted by harini,
kirthi, sethumadhavan
"Hey! You girl"
"Come on rule the world"
"Put your paws up and roar"
"Show them your power"
Girl power"
"When thunder claps late at night
heart will miss a beat, what a fright!"
"In a thick jungle, middle of the night
you have a flat tyre, o' what a fright!"
"If you yell at your boss, tanked and tipsy
next day morning, office is scary!"
"If ex-girl friend trapped by your wife
it's holy terror for the rest of your life"
"If you sign surety and friend absconds
your tummy will somersault in response"
"You find no hall ticket in your pocket
when you enter the exam hall, holy sit!"
"Booze can make a few panic
Many find shadows petrifying"
"Ghosts sure thing
find God terrifying"
"Humans are scared here
of their own kind, my dear"
"Another kind of scary feeling
Are nightmares spine chilling"
"Lies find truth's face unnerving"
"On harvesting day, if sky overcast
farmer's life filled with dread in fact"