Nayak (1966) Movie Script

Are you going?
I didn't like your decision.
After all it is a
award from the Government.
There is prestige attached.
I don't understand any award.
It's just a relief from all
these round the clock problems.
It's fortunate that I didn't get
a plane reservation.
If you had decided beforehand
you would have gotten.
a private train compartment.
Now you'll have to
share it with somebody.
I don't care. I'll have sleeping
pills and just sleep through the tip.
Who travels with me
is not my concern at all.
Then, shall I cable Delhi? Let
them meet you at the station.
Three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine and ten.
The cable may not reach them.
Phone them up.
Phone up Sunil also.
The hell with it. The line is busy.
What's the report about the movie?
- It's only the second week.
Can't you do it by this time?
It's the end of the month and people
don't have money in their pockets.
These things were never said
before. Why do I hear them now?
Tell me what is in
that movie except you?
I'm in it. Isn't that enough?
Not enough, brother.
Times have changed.
Silly public. Whimsical lot.
Only if I could flatten
them with a steam roller.
- Wow brother!
What will I do for a
living without the public?
I'll eat rice and fish from the
roadside restaurant.
No brother no!
Even I can't have breakfast without
the tea costing 14 pounds per kilogram.
I'm only a satellite.
Read that article in the paper.
Hello trunk.
What is this? This article!
How long?
- Just a few minutes.
Are you going to Delhi?
It appears so.
Lucky I could meet you.
Will you have something
other than tea?
This is written by that Chakravarty.
This chap is going
beyond limits these days.
Phone up Nilomoni that I'm
leaving and sorry for the trouble...
I have kept the sixteenth
reserved for him.
What about Mr. Sen?
Let him kill himself.
He will surely not die.
I'll have to manage him.
Now let me finish my work.
What's my horoscope?
What does it say? Is the time good?
- Yes, very auspicious.
But my reading is exactly the
opposite, Mr. Hiralal.
The opposite?
In what respect?
It says that the journey will
be auspicious but no contract.
You must be joking.
Do you read the newspapers?
- Newspapers?
Do you read anything other than
news about stocks and shares?
A little.
- Then you don't know the news.
What news?
Two nights ago... a club... a drunken state...
...I assaulted someone.
- Means left and right.
Left, right?
You understand thrashing?
- Oh, thrashing.
The gentleman misbehaved with me...
...and in front of a lady too.
- Did he?
In that case do you think it would
have been right
to bear it?
- Not at all.
The gentleman didn't know that
I act well in one particular role.
And that role is that of a fist fighter.
Fist fighter?
- Just like this, a left jab.
Though when I have a little more
to drink the punch is not accurate.
However the gentleman didn't
have the courage
to confront me for the second time.
That's great!
You have done correctly.
You have done the right thing.
But even after trying
to hush up the news
it's in two newspapers today.
What difference does it make?
There is nothing to it, Mr. Hiralal
but it will delay the
signing of your contract
But you had said...
- Nothing. Everything is empty.
You had promised an advance.
- Everything after I return on Friday.
Please hold, he's coming.
Who is it?
- The heroine.
Tell me.
I heard you're going.
- Yes, I'm going.
By air?
- No by train.
Shall I come along?
- I'd be happy if you don't come.
You are mistaking me, Arindam.
- Probably not.
I can explain everything to you.
That won't be necessary.
- Why do you say that?
Obviously, there is a reason.
What reason?
Please tell me, Arindam.
Now I don't have the time to
tell you. I'm leaving now.
Ok, bye.
Do you need
something special for her?
If you can give her
some chicken stew.
Chicken stew.
Papa, give me that
book from your bag.
You want to read? Won't
you strain yourself?
Where will you have your lunch?
Where will you have your lunch?
They will have it
in the compartment.
I'll have it in the dining car.
Yes, I'll have it in the dining car.
Mr. Ghosh, is he in
this compartment?
Mr. Ghosh...
Mr. Haren Ghosh.
- He is in D.
Are you having any doubts?
Who knows? If there is a
last minute change of plans...
I would be happy if there
was such a change.
The idea of working during a
vacation doesn't appeal to me.
Do you know how much they
spend on advertisements?
The lower is his and yours is the upper.
- Thank you.
Put the luggage here.
It is five lakh rupees,
isn't it? Understood?
If I can rope him in,
then my office...
Arindam Mukherjee!
If you have any problem with the compartment
there are two cancellations.
Why should there be
any problem, tell me.
Mr. Chatterjee is
traveling with you.
Oh god... He hates everything
about the movies.
Is that the person who
writes letters in the Statesman?
Yes. When he heard your
name he was a little...
Let's see what a character he is.
This is Mr. Chatterjee.
Do you act in the movies?
Oh yes sir.
I don't like the movies
as per my own principles.
But yielding to my friend's request
I went to see the movie
'How Green Was My Saddle'.
That was a good movie.
In my opinion, the film
was bad in all respects.
But what is the
crime of an actor, sir?
Do you drink?
Yes, a little at times.
It is the second
nature of all movie actors.
But that does not...
This shows their lack of discipline.
Would you drink
inside the compartment?
Yes, you understand that
it is our second nature.
Then it is my duty to inform you
that due to alcoholic fumes
I get nausea.
It causes me to fall ill
and under the circumstances
I expect some consideration
from my fellow passengers.
You don't have to worry sir,
I'm in a different compartment.
I've heard about you,
read your writings
and so came to meet you.
- Oh I see.
Good day sir.
- Good day.
Yours is the lower berth.
Probably you may have some problem.
No, not at all. This is fine.
- Oh god, saved from him.
A hundred point four.
The TC has no sense.
See who he has brought in.
What's wrong with that?
Haven't you read today's papers?
You are more bothered about such
things. Is it not worthy that
he's going to Delhi
to get an award?
Scandal is scandal.
Please open this bottle for me.
In Delhi I'll show you Jama Masjid.
- Then?
Then I'll also show you Qutub Minar.
It's tough.
You can call the porter
and ask him to open it for you.
What? Bottle cap?
It's not opening.
- Shall I try it?
Ok. Please try.
Here you are.
It's difficult when you
hand is wet with sweat.
Yes, you're right.
My congratulations to you.
For opening the bottle?
- No, not for that.
For the award that you
going to Delhi to collect.
She's had a fever
for the past month.
Even now it's above 100.
She's a great fan of yours.
- Is she?
We still haven't seen
your new movie.
It's good
that you haven't seen it.
Don't say that.
We never miss any of your movies.
We couldn't see the
latest because of her illness.
She fell ill at the same time
your movie was released.
In your line do you have to face
problems of export and import?
Yes we do. After all
it's also a business.
I have seen in Japan
that they are very advanced.
America was already very advanced.
This time it appears that the movie
industry there is in a slump.
The studios and
equipment are lying idle.
Television dominates.
I felt bad about the whole thing.
After all, there is nothing
to beat American movies.
Yes, whatever acting we
have learned is from them.
Please forgive my saying so.
We don't seem to be
bothered about quality.
Our motto has always
been to produce more
and produce rubbish.
Yes. Probably that is why
we have to resort to family planning.
My god. Do you publish this all alone?
Not alone. There are
two persons with me.
The initiative is mainly mine.
Is this all written by you?
- See for yourself.
I have to read. Do the proof editing.
There is no dearth of writers.
The layout needs to be improved.
If we get some advertisements
then it can be done.
You have so many contacts.
Why don't you help her out?
To start with, let's make your
wife a subscriber. That will do.
Ok. What is the damage?
Only ten bucks. In this
I'm very shameless.
My god.
What name shall I write?
- Shefalika Devi.
Why don't you go door
to door to sell this?
You'll find a lot of
husbands like mine
who'll give ten bucks
just looking at you.
I'm going to Delhi to
get some subscribers.
I have an uncle there.
I hope you aren't offended.
- Of course not.
Look there!
I'm happy that your trip
has proved fruitful.
It's Arindam Mukhrerjee, isn't it?
- Yes
Don't you like him?
I haven't seen many of his movies.
But his acting isn't bad.
There is some news about
him in the papers today.
He seems to have had a
brawl with someone.
If you speak a little louder
he'll hear you.
Let me get his autograph.
Can I get your autograph?
It's for my cousin sister.
- That's it.
You do appear to be
an autograph monger.
Do you have the bad habit
of seeing Bengali movies?
I see a few of them.
Do you find them so bad?
There is absence of reality in them.
You are right.
Like a graduate heroine
should never sing of
the pains of separation.
The hero should also
not be equal to a god.
Thank you. I'll take your leave.
I don't know how
he took what I said.
What happened?
I couldn't stop speaking the truth.
- What truth did you speak?
Have you seen 'Japaraja'?
Yes, now I remember.
In that movie he is a champion.
Tennis champion, swimming champion...
he knows dancing, singing...
he is progressive minded, studious...
a very devoted lover.
Can one person be so gifted?
She was very
impressed by that movie.
When I saw it all these
things never came to my mind.
The fact is that he is
like lord Krsna and
fans like her are his gopis.
Why are you paying?
- But why should you?
Listen. He's gone to the
dining car. I'm also going.
And me?
- You also come, but after some time.
He's a big fish.
He'll take time to prepare.
Ok then.
Hey, are you angry?
- I said it's alright.
Listen, if I can break
the ice with him, then
for your next birthday...
- a pearl necklace.
We have Darjeeling and you
say that you don't serve tea?
Tea is served only during teatime.
Now you can get cold drinks.
Then can I have a beer?
- Alcohol can't be served now.
Well, can I have a coke then?
Coca cola.
Coca cola, yes.
Get one for me also.
I didn't recognize you.
But I recognize you.
Aren't you Mr. Bose?
I never knew that I so well known.
It is natural that
I know about you
because of the nature of my business.
Rhymes with British.
What is this Maxum?
It is just to denote the
nature of my business.
That I understand.
But there should be a
relationship with the business.
You must know Mr. Nandi.
He was my classmate.
He is my client.
You can ask him about me.
He used to be a good hockey player.
I can show you some samples.
They are truly modern.
And very effective.
Moreover you must have seen abroad...
...since you have traveled the globe.
Yes, by the grace of God.
Why do you say 'by the grace
of God'? It's your ability.
I know that it's just a theory.
God doesn't exist and is
merely a fiction created by man
That is merely a leftist thought.
Are you a rightist?
Not exactly.
You see, when you are young you
tend to move towards the left.
I don't like conservative people.
Certainly not. I'm
living out of my own efforts.
These trains are good.
Something to be proud of.
You are right.
Did you read it?
It doesn't appear that
he had to struggle much.
He must be now. What to do
with so much money in hand?
Thinking about it
is itself a struggle.
I think it's all luck.
Yes, eighty percent.
Hey, do one thing.
Talk to him and then
write about him.
It will boost your circulation.
Why don't you tell the real facts?
You are eager to know
the real facts about the incident
reported in today's newspaper.
What are you saying? You
tell me. Isn't it a good idea?
Tell me whether I am correct or not?
Reporting about movies in my
newspaper would not be correct.
I think you are incorrect.
These days can
a magazine survive without
reporting about movies?
Maybe not, as it appears
from the letters of our readers.
Then what?
Go and do it.
Come on.
Wait. Let me toss a coin.
Here, take it.
You toss. If it's
heads I'll go.
What is it now? Another cousin?
I wanted to disturb you a little.
Of course, if you have any
objections then you may refuse.
Refuse to be disturbed?
Not exactly. I wanted to
ask you a few questions.
Are you a reporter?
Not exactly.
I edit a small newspaper.
The Modern. Please sit down.
There are no movies
in it, I presume.
I wanted to start it
with your interview.
Since I have got you now...
Got me?
I mean you are here and I'm nearby.
And of course in terms of popularity
there is no one comparable to you.
You see that my
biography has appeared
in so many places that
except for two or three
people running small
newspapers like youself
everybody else knows
everything about my life.
What they know probably
I also know.
You lost your parents
very early in life
and you were
brought up by your uncle.
You studied in Bangabasi college
and then you had a job
for some time. Then...
at the age of twenty-seven
you acted in your first film.
In a short time, you became famous and
with it came popularity, money...
And what?
And until now you are not married.
You're also not married, aren't you?
Or is it that you are modern and don't
wear vermillion on your forehead?
No I'm not married.
But whatever has
been written about you
isn't very interesting.
Is that so? Then in your opinion
what is interesting?
Say, for example,
the question that comes up first
is fame, the peak of it.
How do you feel about it?
It's good. I enjoy it.
What's bad about it?
It's so sudden and great.
Don't you think that there
there is a void,
a sense of surprise
or probably a sense of regret?
What is the point in
knowing this?
If I tell you everything
I lose my market.
Look Miss, Miss Sengupta.
We should not be talking so much.
We are beings of light and shadow.
Hence it is better
we do not expose ourselves
before the general public.
The human of flesh and
blood in us is too much.
Understood? No, you did
not understand anything.
Yes, I have understood.
That you would like to remain
before the general public
as the hero you portray
in your celluloid life.
- Then nothing else.
Then I'll get up.
Wait, madam. Let me offer
you a cold drink or else
you'll write in your paper
that I don't have manners.
Probably you might lose your market
because of that, isn't it?
You don't have much information
about our profession.
You watch a movie in
air conditioned comfort
and then you come out
and talk rubbish.
Exactly. I never knew that you
are so conscious of your market.
Had I known, I would
have never disturbed you.
Miss Sengupta.
You'll prosper in life.
Will I? But we have to work hard
for our prosperity.
And us? With all comforts
and with our feet
stretched out
we'll prosper, will we?
Maybe so.
You are sure
you won't have a cold drink?
What happened? Did he say anything?
- No.
Surprising! Why?
You know, he is
like a special plant
which has to be kept inside
a glass chamber with controlled light
or else it will die. He is like that.
Is it enough?
What's your name?
Good name.
- What's your name?
My name is Arindam Mukherjee.
Mr. Chatterjee wants to see you.
Regarding the news that
has come out
in the newspapers about you.
What news?
That you are going to Delhi.
If you can go at once.
- Yes.
You were looking for me?
Yes. Are you going to Delhi
to receive an award?
Don't say anything. These people
will keep any information about us.
Come inside.
Shall I come in?
Sit down.
I'm scared.
- Scared of what?
I have a lot of vices and because
of that some infection.
What vices, tell me.
It's never late to reform.
Would you like one?
- No thanks.
Do you have a family?
Are you married?
Are you talking
about a legal wedding?
What other types of marriage are there
in a civilized society?
No sir, then I'm a bachelor.
Why did you take to drinking?
What is the benefit
of drinking alcohol?
How do I explain it to a
person who has never had alcohol?
I have no language
for explaining it.
If you permit me, then I
can act it out for you.
Look here, young man
nobody can prosper
without self control.
Especially in our country we need
to guide ourselves
with more self control.
Oh god! I'll take leave now sir.
I have to have an injection.
- Hopeless.
Totally hopeless.
Take it.
- No mama, not now.
Good girl, take it.
I never dreamt that I could
see you in such close proximity.
That day I saw
you in New Market.
You were buying some dresses.
You must find it
very difficult to move
around in public places, don't you?
Yes, we have endure
something to get something.
What will you do here?
Where is the imagination?
Abroad, we can spend hours
before a shop window.
Such a superb display.
It's not that we can't do it
but how many people would
appreciate such good things here?
If we get a client like you
why wouldn't we be good?
My wife. Mr. Bose.
Please sit down.
What will you have?
- Porter.
Do you help your
husband in his business?
She's a perfect housewife.
These days young girls are
getting into this line of business.
I think it's a good idea.
Women have a natural
instinct for beauty
and in my opinion it can be
favourably used in advertisements.
Have you ever thought
of that, Mr. Sarkar?
No, not in that sense.
Don't you feel like working?
You do feel like it, don't you?
- Yes I do.
Then probably you'll get the courage
to say so to your husband, won't you?
Won't you?
Bengali girls go hunting these days.
They fly aircraft,
they go mountaineering.
Some of them are barristers
and you think that they can't
work in a simple advertising firm?
Is this an acceptable fact,
Mrs. Sarkar?
Come on, tell me, Mrs. Sarkar.
Brother Shankar, save me!
What happened?
Excuse me.
Sorry madam.
What happened? You walked away.
Just like that.
Just like that? No rhyme or reason?
Don't you know why I walked out?
- Why?
Did you notice that man's behaviour?
For a simple matter like that?
Just because he
liked you? Is that bad?
I have more or less clinched it.
I just need a little help from you.
My help?
Yes, he gave you his
address and asked you for tea.
What is that got to do with it?
Can't you make it out?
No. Explain it to me.
Dear, you have made a
big breakthrough
and now you have to
play it to the finish.
All you have to be
is a little nice to him.
Sit a little close to him
and talk to him sweetly.
You must have understood.
Yes now I understand.
Can't you do this
much for your husband?
Don't misunderstand me,
for heaven's sake.
I have understood you correctly.
Why do you take it
seriously? This is
a game plan, a strategy.
I have correctly understood you.
What happened? Where are you going?
Molly. Molly.
Molly. Molly
Hey, tea.
It's better to sit with you
since you don't have any
interest in our profession.
Listen, do you know
anything about dreams?
- Yes.
I know what others also know about them.
Like what? Tell me.
- Like...
Whatever is there in
your subconscious mind
or your beliefs or your fears
they get reflected
in your dreams at times.
Did you fall asleep
and dream, or what?
Yes. I dreamt that I am
drowning in a quicksand of money.
Brother Shankar
could have saved me
but he did not...
...I was...
That's what happened.
Who is Shankar? Your relative?
No, a friendly neighbour.
He used to say, do whatever you
want but don't get into movies.
He was a tough person, I presume.
No, only when it came to movies.
He had a selfish interest.
Our locality had a club
which used to stage plays.
Shankar was the head of that club.
Like Hitler, you know.
The hero's role was always for me.
You would have always dreamt
of getting into the movies.
Jyoti, my friend, who is my
manager now, would incite me
Jyoti has connections in the movies.
Once he brought me a good
offer to act in a movie.
A movie called Debi Choudarni.
I got very interested in that. It
was festival time and the club
was busy with rehearsals
for the annual play.
Somebody went and told Shankar
about my plans to act in a movie.
No. Not at all. I want to know the truth.
What is the matter? Are
you thinking I'm a fool?
All of you get out.
What are you thinking of,
sabotaging my play?
What is your intention?
You are unnecessarily angry,
brother Shankar.
Whether it is
necessary or not I will decide.
There can't be smoke without fire
or is it all a fable created by you?
You already know the whole thing.
I want to hear it from you.
Jyoti brought me a movie offer.
What movie?
- Debi Choudrani.
What role?
- The hero.
Brajeswar! That non-entity?
Nothing has been decided.
They have called me
for a screen test.
What you said to them?
- I haven't said anything yet.
I'm telling you. You won't get it.
When you say so I will not get it.
But I have no intention of sabotaging
your play and doing a movie.
Listen, Arindam.
I know that there
is glamour in movies
but there is no art there
and movies have
nothing to do with art.
Especially for the actor.
There is no contribution
from him at all.
And there can never be.
This I'm saying with
full knowledge about movies.
I have read about movies in detail.
A movie actor is
nothing but a puppet
a puppet in the
hands of the director.
A puppet in the hands
of the camera man
and in the hands
of the sound recorder.
He is also a puppet
in the hands of the editor
who cuts and pastes the movie.
One more thing. The source of
inspiration for a stage actor is
the viewers, the shadows
of the black heads
that you see
while acting on stage.
Those are ones that give you
the energy, the inspiration
and you want to
totally avoid them.
The real thrill of acting,
in the movies. Where
will you find it there?
Is this all only more money?
I'm not saying that you
will not be successful.
You have the personality
and also the voice.
You may be successful.
I have to tell you one more thing.
Movies also have a business side.
It is heartless and merely
a game of supply and demand.
Once you have two consecutive hits
you climb the ladder very fast.
When your third and then
the fourth flops then
you will suddenly
notice that the ladder
you climbed has been taken
away by somebody.
Then they will drop you.
You will fall on
your face and then
you can never get up.
You will be finished for all time.
Have you understood?
That was brother Shankar.
Of course I wouldn't say
that he was totally wrong.
But in your case it wasn't
correct, was it?
On the festival day
the play was staged.
Then the festival
came to an end
and the goddess
was to be immersed.
In our locality the statue of the
goddess was in traditional style.
It was as per brother Shankar's idea.
He always wanted
the statue made like that.
He said this would inspire all of us.
Hail the mother goddess Durga!
Let me through.
Brother Shankar.
Brother Shankar.
Such a giant of a man
died in front of my eyes.
I had seen my parents
die when I was young.
I had carried the coffins of
a lot of relatives and others.
I had developed a
careless attitude
towards death.
However I could not take
brother Shankar's death lightly.
He who had so much life in him.
How could his
life end so suddenly?
Something surprising
happened in the crematorium.
When his body was being cremated,
consumed by the flames
I felt that a change
was taking place inside me.
- Yes, tell me.
Sit down.
- Do you believe in rebirth?
Whose rebirth?
- Human rebirth.
Say, yours.
I am myself. How would I know
that in my next birth
Jyoti Banerjee is not reborn
as Jyoti Banerjee?
Moreover, the same things don't exist.
Hence where is the
question of belief or disbelief?
It is the era of master frauds,
dear brother of mine.
No rebirths and no providence.
I know. There is only one
life and hence only one chance.
What are you thinking?
- What?
What are you thinking?
Do you believe that
all movie actors are puppets?
Brando, Bogart and Paul Muni.
Are all of them puppets?
You have grown up and earn a
paltry sum of 333 rupees per month
with an annual
increment of ten rupees.
Better than that would be to be
a successful puppet and earn
20,000 rupees per movie.
They have tested of two candidates
and haven't found them ok.
No, brother Shankar must be wrong.
Yes, he must be wrong.
If you agree, then my
prestige would be salvaged.
If it had been ancient times
I would have been scared.
- Scared of what?
Brother Shankar's curse.
I decided on the spot.
Great. You look very
beautiful without the specs.
You seem to be surprised.
The moment that man died I...
That is reality.
This is what is absent in Bengali
movies, is that what you are saying?
It would not be correct
for you to remain here.
It is a station and that means...
see they have recognized you.
Is that not natural?
Look at that.
It is their red letter day,
do you know that?
I know, but I am not used to this.
Do you know what they are thinking?
That I'm going for a shooting
and that you are my heroine.
What are you saying?
Why are you ashamed of
being in my company?
Why would that be?
Don't cover your face, otherwise
they will get more inquisitive.
Relax and behave normally.
Talk in a normal fashion.
Then shall I do the talking?
Why have you not married?
Have you ever acted?
Would you like to act in movies?
It is better that I do the talking.
Then do.
Do you
remember the first day
of your movie career?
Can anybody forget that day?
The person I remember
most is Mukund Lahiri.
Who is that behind me?
Sir, I'm Arindam Mukherjee.
- Yes sir.
Is this your first movie?
- Yes sir.
If I were to call you
Brojo would you have any objection?
I have this old habit of
calling people by the
name of their character.
This will also be useful to you.
If I address you by the name of
the character that you are playing
then it will be easy for you
to react while working in the movie.
I understand you, sir.
But don't address me as Papa.
That would become
very excessive. Only...
...smoking in
front of me! You fool!
I told you to be careful. I'll throw
away all these beards and moustaches.
Are you in pain?
Stiff neck.
I told the servant to put
the pillow in sunshine but...
Would you like a massage?
- Yes, it would give relief.
Oh, Jack of all trades?
If not all, at least I know this.
How much time will it take?
- Not much.
You move away. Come on. -
This I learnt from brother Shankar.
I have never failed in this.
During shooting
I got a feel for his status.
Starting from the director,
everyone was scared of him.
Why is it hot? Who is
that in front of the fan?
Remember that only an
actor is indispensable.
Nothing can be done without him.
There is no assistant for him
who can get the work done.
Where is Brojo?
- Brajeswar.
I'm here sir.
Look, I don't have the patience
to read the lines again and again.
The lines may be
changed here and there
but the essence will remain.
You have to carefully take the cue.
Ok sir.
- Come on...
...take it now.
- One minute sir.
This is your position.
When I say action
you come forward and say 'Papa'.
Then wait for his reaction.
Then come to the stop mark
and give your salutations.
Then you say your dialogue. Is it ok?
- Yes.
- Monitor.
Ready Mukund Sir.
I was very disturbed by your delay.
That in my old age
I have to face
so much agony.
I had never thought so,
I however
find no deficiency in my behaviour.
I have given this enough thought.
I don't remember having
made any mistake knowingly.
Hence, I can only
take it as my fate.
What else can I say?
By the grace of Devi Singh
an arrest warrant has been issued
in my name, which
you probably know.
Yes, I know.
Hence, most needed is money now
which probably you must
have understood by now.
Have you been able to make
any arrangements for that?
My father-in-law has
refused to provide.
But another arrangement
has been made.
Is this your own style
or Hollywood style?
Why are you murmuring?
they wanted it soft here.
They wanted it soft?
Bankim has said that in those days
children never used to speak
loudly before their father.
You need not speak loud. But I'll
say water and you'll say oil.
How will both mix?
It is not necessary to
underplay your voice.
Moreover, you've
acted in stage plays.
Don't you use your voice...
He was not even bothered
a bit for insulting me
before a packed
room full of people.
He was a stalwart in
acting and hence
I digested his insults,
though I knew that
his style of acting is all wrong.
Because it is outdated
and these days it's not accepted.
Oh god! You had so much confidence
at that early stage?
Yes, I had but before the release of the
movie I wasn't comfortable.
Not comfortable?
You see, I did not have the
habit of drinking till then.
But that day...
Take it. Drink it.
It will make you steady.
Do you know the truth?
- What?
This nervousness has a reason.
Is it because your movie is
getting released tomorrow?
Then what?
My work in the movie
is not up to the mark.
Not up to the mark?
Something is wrong. Yes, wrong.
Have I not seen the movie?
Is my opinion of no value?
No. Not at all.
A complete zero.
- Zero?
You all don't understand,
neither do you know.
None other than me knows.
An actor knows.
While acting I could make
out something was wrong.
However, it is not my mistake.
But there is a mistake.
It has remained.
You will not understand it.
You are all blind.
Every scene with Mukund
Lahiri is messed up.
Oh god, that's only four scenes.
Four scenes in the whole movie.
Why even those scenes?
Why should it be?
I would have won the
game in the first move
but that man tripped me up.
You are
exaggerating the whole thing.
Do you know why he did that?
He would have been affected.
He would have been exposed.
That I had given that
role a thorough study,
he had understood
and he could not tolerate it.
These people have nothing
to do with the character.
Whatever role you give them
they will do it all the same.
The same vocal, the same
acting and the same mannerisms.
The public are also
like that. Mukund Lahiri...
he's great, a great voice,
a great actor and all that.
This is not acting in movies.
If you overact a little
in front of the camera
then it will magnify tenfold.
What I wanted to do would
have been dangerous for him
and he had understood that.
Having understood that
he found me fresher, and bullied me and
shouted at me and...
Let it be.
Arindam, this irritation,
this is a good sign.
You will prosper.
I will.
Yes, I will positively.
I will go to the top. The top.
I went to see the
movie at its first showing.
Do you know
that I could not sit and watch
even half the movie?
But do you know how many
autographs I gave after the show?
You must have felt great?
Of course.
Have any of...
...your movies. I mean...
You mean, have any flopped?
No. Not yet.
Then what is bothering you?
I have seen what happens when
three consecutive movies flop.
Who are you referring to?
It was about three years back.
I'd become successful
and also built my own home.
It was about eleven
and I had retired for the night
since I had a shooting
scheduled for the morning.
Suddenly my servant told me
that someone had come to meet me.
He had said that it was important.
I decided to meet him.
Do you recognize me?
What are you saying, Mukund Sir?
I thought...
...that you might have forgotten.
Tell me.
Do you have something
here at the house?
Who's there?
Yes sir.
What will you have?
I don't want it.
It's for my friend.
What does your friend want?
Won't you have one?
I have a shooting
scheduled for tomorrow.
That term appears... be familiar.
...that was my first movie.
In the beginning...
...I did not have a grip on it.
Then I talked it over...
...I mean my voice.
I went to the summit.
Twenty years.
Then one day I saw...
...saw that everything had changed.
Where I was I could not understand...
...but I saw that
the throne is there.
I have been overthrown.
What movies are you working on?
Today's movie?
Good whisky.
Is the casting over?
I don't know.
How much is your
influence in the matter?
Some role, anything
probably a watchman.
This stagnation.
Four years no work.
I had two insurance policies.
They have lapsed.
Will you be able to work?
I'm not liking
the way you look now.
My voice.
Is only voice enough? You know it.
The proverb of the dead elephant... it all false?
Did you give him a role?
How could I give it to him?
Who will I help?
He was drunk always.
How could he act?
Then your revenge was
taken very well, wasn't it?
Had you forgotten the way he
behaved with you on the first day?
Oh god. You are a dangerous person.
The moment it crosses
Bengal the scenery changes.
It is all very dry on this side.
Exactly like you.
Like me? Are you not dry?
Have you never been speechless?
Was it not necessary for
you to overcome
obstacles in your career growth?
You can do the role of wisdom.
...very well.
Is wisdom bad?
Not bad,
but very dangerous and...
What are you saying?
As long as it is there
the human side
of mankind is alive.
Yes, but do you know
what is not acceptable
is when people very close to you
say for example, Biresh.
Me and Biresh studied
together for 10 years.
Same school and same college.
He was involved in
politics and I was idle.
So I used to go along with him.
Today the company is causing
oppression for its employees...
Biresh used to speak in
public meetings and I used to
stand away from the crowd in a corner
and memorise the lines
for my next play.
Two friends used to spend
time like this together.
Do you why I bring you here?
You bring me here? What do you
mean? I come out of my sweet will
Ok. But merely coming will not do.
You have to improve your awareness
of certain things. I mean,
being more involved in the
imaginary world of plays,
you are not aware
of the realities of this world.
You are right.
- Yes.
If you could awaken
your feelings for these things
it would have been better.
What would have been
better? Let me hear.
If with your personality and voice
you could have addressed
that gathering...
In front of that factory gate?
- Yes.
Then you would have become
the labour leader on stage.
I mean, you would have taken to acting
and the play would
have been ruined.
The company has
retrenched, which is an injustice
and till the company withdraws
this order, till then...
One day, Biresh was speaking at a meeting.
As usual, I was idling nearby.
Labour Union!
- Long live!
Long live the revolution!
Suddenly I heard some commotion
and turned to see a gang of people.
Obviously they were mischief mongers
coming towards the meeting.
There was a police van behind them.
I could make out that there
was going to be some trouble.
Usually I avoid any sort of trouble.
My motto is keep away from trouble.
That day I don't know
what happened to me.
Sensing Biresh was in danger
I pushed myself into the crowd
Then I was hit by a stone
and everything
blacked out after that.
Then I heard that
Biresh was arrested.
For four years there was
no news about him.
By that time, I had entered the movies,
made a name for myself
and bought a flat in Ballygunge.
It was a Sunday morning, the tailor
had come to take measurements
for the costumes of a new movie.
Please turn around.
Forty and a half.
When can I try them out?
- Wednesday evening.
Why so late?
Why not two days earlier?
Who's that?
Where were you?
It's nothing. Come in.
Come in and sit down. Just a minute.
Then what shall we do?
Tell him.
If the fit isn't good
the acting suffers.
The fit will be alright.
- You can act in Hindi movies also.
Please wait for me
in the other room.
Yes it's alright.
What else do you want?
Just one more, near the window.
You have taken enough.
Finish fast.
Give me a side profile.
- Take it.
Finished. Ok then leave.
It's alright, now leave.
Come here.
- Tell me.
Send tea to this room.
Come sit down.
These shots are for your fans?
What else? It's part of the show.
They are the real public.
Then tell me. How are you?
Take one.
How many years since we met?
Would it not be about five years?
Isn't it?
Your personality has got a shine.
The glow of success.
Who doesn't want success?
I haven't seen any of your movies.
That's good.
You seem to have done well.
You tell me how you are?
As I was before.
No change.
But in you there is...
- Yes, that is what I think.
That is the law of nature.
Is that not so?
But the change is in which direction,
that's what I am wondering.
What will you do
wondering about that?
Here, have some tea.
You have a car, don't you?
Yes a small car, not big.
Why do you ask?
Can you give me a lift?
- Where?
That question was not expected.
Ok, let's go.
Even while riding in the car
he didn't tell me where we were going
and I also did not ask him.
But after driving a mile
doubts started growing in my mind
and that they were not false
I realized after some time.
Long live the revolution!
What happened?
- What are your intentions?
You just get out. Stand in
front of them and say a few words.
That will give them
the mental courage.
They are struggling
for the last 24 days.
I have told them. They are
expecting you and your support.
What do you mean by
impossible? Come get down.
Listen. It's not right for
us to get involved in this.
It is risky. You don't
know about these things.
It would become scandalous.
What scandal? Who'll
do anything to you?
You want money, I'll
give it you. Any amount.
But it can't be done this way.
You are not thinking about me.
I'm not the same man.
That's why I've brought you here.
- No, this cannot be done
Don't you have any
feeling about these people?
Feelings have nothing to do with it
I've already told you
If you want money I'm
ready to give it to you now.
Confidential donations?
- What's wrong in that?
You have no dearth of money, I know.
Ok. I'll come to you if the need arises.
I'll leave now.
I could not honor Biresh's request.
Why I could not honor his request,
what was the fear behind it
is difficult to explain.
But one thing was sure that I had
fallen in the esteem of Brijesh.
You know what I feel at times?
It would have been better had so
much change not taken place.
Why do you say that?
That you are
entertaining so many people
is that not a big
task and a good deed?
You could have done this before.
In this despair also
there is that happiness.
That is there of course.
This is not only a direction
but also a vice.
Let it be. If the
work done is good
then there is nothing
to worry about.
That I am worried, how did
you come to that conclusion?
From morning you have often
spoke of spoiling your market.
That is a style of our speech.
The real fact for
your information is
that the public
is very dangerous.
But that public is
everything for you.
I can't match words with you.
I don't claim to be a great orator.
You continue with
your work. I'll leave.
Will you have a toffee?
Excuse me.
You aren't sleeping?
The fever has come down.
Does mama know?
You are also sick?
Sleeping pills.
You did sleep once.
I feel like sleeping again.
You can't sleep without them?
If I don't get sleep.
Can't take the risk.
I want to act in movies.
Is that so?
Since I've dropped in
like this you can guess
this is very important to me.
You may be wondering, are you?
Isn't it natural?
Can I get the heroine's role?
The heroine has been selected.
I know.
Then what?
Can't I do it?
Is there any point in
raising that question now?
Don't you have a say in that?
My say in that... why
don't you sit down?
It's alright.
That chapter is closed now.
Can't you give it a try?
What trouble is this? There
should be reason to give it a try.
Further, why should I do it at all?
When a selection has already
been made then why...
I have the capability, I have the ambition.
It's difficult to get a chance.
Moreover, you know
that a new face
is never given a chance so easily.
Is that why you have come to me?
Are you seeing whether
I will fit in or not?
Are you married?
Hey, what happened?
Why are you crying?
That was acting.
I don't need glycerin.
I have read the story.
The role will suit me better
than Mandira, do you know that?
You are surely able
to understand that.
Can I know your name?
My name, my address
and phone number...
That won't be necessary.
Only the name.
I'm curious.
Such an incident
I would like to
include in my biography.
- Pramila?
Chatterjee. Miss.
Good day. Now you can leave.
What happened now?
You do so many romantic
roles with so many heroines
and still you find
an unknown girl in your house
and get nervous.
Yes, you are nervous.
No. Civilised. A gentleman.
A cultured man.
You look better like
this than on the screen.
You probably do a lot of makeup.
Look Miss Chatterjee
I'm not used to late nights.
But I am.
Is there any compulsion that
I should go by your habits?
I suggest that you come tomorrow.
At night?
By god.
You are a good player.
I used to play well earlier.
Used to study the
games of grandmasters.
Now I don't find the time.
If this is your play
without practice
then what will happen to me.
Casablanca, Venice...
The game is played in our country.
Then tell me is it correct
to say that India has nothing?
There is nothing now.
Nothing at all.
You have a charming wife.
Where is she?
- Who, Molly?
Molly, Jolly, Folly, Golly.
You are lucky. Mr. Burman.
No it's Sarkar.
Mr. Sarkar you are lucky.
Is that why I'm losing?
Cheers for Pritram Advertising.
That's checkmate.
Your mate is great.
Where is Brojo? Brajeswar.
Where is Brojo? Brajeswar.
Are you looking for my wife?
Don't you know?
Playing the fool, scoundrel.
What happened? Are you feeling sick?
Your dinner sir.
Mr. Arindam.
I have a request. Will you honor it?
Tell me.
- I want to act in movies.
Can you help me?
I have acted in my school days.
I can sing and dance.
Your husband is with you, isn't he?
Isn't he with you?
- Yes.
Ask him to come and talk to me.
Then I shall think it over. Ok?
Where were you till now?
I was telling your husband
why don't you come to
my house in Delhi for tea?
You ought to mix more
with people, yes?
Let me see.
I'll think over your matter
but I can't commit anything now.
I'll let you know later.
What dear, you won't eat?
Shall I call for your dinner?
You are unnecessarily
taking it out on me.
I want an arrangement with you.
What arrangement?
I'll do what you want.
I'll be nice to him.
Maybe that will get your work done.
Before that you will
honor one of my requests.
What request?
You'll tell Arindam Mukherjee that
you have no objection
to my acting in movies.
You keep busy with your
work and I'll do my work.
You want to act in movies?
Hey there.
You're that... what do
you call them, sitting
Chair car.
Yes. A Miss Sengupta is there,
fair complexion and wears glasses.
Has a pen tucked inside her blouse.
What did you understand?
Miss Sengupta, fair complexion,
wears glasses, fountain pen...
Where is that?
Tucked inside her blouse.
Tell her that I'm looking for her.
Yes, old man.
If life remains...
...then we shall meet.
Sir. Miss Sengupta.
Listen, I'm...
...I'm drunk.
I want to ask you some questions.
Tell me.
There is a news item
about me in the newspapers.
Do you know that?
Yes I know.
Do you know the
real facts behind it?
Wouldn't you like to know?
What is the purpose?
Your interview will be incomplete.
Let it be. There will be no problem.
But then...
You know one married woman...
There is no use Mr. Arindam.
What do you mean by no use?
I need to say it.
What purpose will it serve?
The pain is here.
There is no one
to whom I can say it.
Those that are there, you know...
...if something
happens to me then none...
Assume that you
have said everything.
I have known everything.
How did you know?
I could make it out.
So you can make out things.
Why not?
Why my new movie will flop,
can you make that out?
Maybe I can.
Tell me why.
You probably could not
concentrate on your work
and hence your work
has not been good.
So you saw your...
...god equivalent hero?
Yes I saw him.
So... can leave now.
And you. You first go to
your compartment and then I'll go.
...can write whatever you want.
Whatever you feel like.
I don't care.
Understood, Miss Modern.
...forgive me.
I'm not well.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
Is the train running on time?
- They say so.
A big headache.
You have an ad agency?
Till now that's my business.
Do you have the account of
any religious organization?
Religious organization?
- Yes
Have you heard of WWWW?
What WW and a lot of W's?
Not a lot but only four W's.
World Wide Will Water.
What did you say?
- Will like will power.
Will force. Let me show it to you.
Read this.
- I don't have my specs.
You keep it I'll read it later.
We believe that where
there is a will there is a way
to prognosticate and prevent all
calamities and catastrophes.
Ok? I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
We believe that if a sizeable
amount of people come together
as one unified will force
then they can achieve anything.
Be it a war or an epidemic,
anything can be prognosticated
and prevented.
We have our branches in
all major cities in
India and our current
objective is to
further explore and expand.
Before that we need
some publicity and
one emblem, WWWW.
Have you allotted a budget for that?
Yes we have made a budget.
It's thirty thousand.
I wanted to discuss it with you.
Are you going to Delhi?
- Are you going to Delhi?
Give me your address.
Wait sir, I'm having a headache.
Get down.
Come on get down.
Good morning.
Oh god, it's so late.
I thought that I'd see you for some
more time and then wake you up.
Yes, sleep in the night...
Are you hurt?
How is she today?
Today her fever has subsided.
She feels it's all because of you.
Oh god, I never knew that
I had this skill in me.
She has one wish you know.
What is the wish?
Your autograph.
Do you have your book?
Can you lend me your pen?
Thank you.
What is your name?
How are you?
You can make out everything.
Tell me how I am.
No. I feel a sense of
void inside, a sense of
missing something.
Why is that so?
I'll probably not
meet you hereafter.
You'll also not come
into our profession.
No, your profession
is totally different.
We travel in buses and trams
...and move around in market places.
If three consecutive movies flop
then I may also come to that world.
Why do you say that? You'll stay
where you are now and for a long time.
Your market will remain good.
This is your interview.
You tore it up?
You'll write it out of your memory?
I'll keep it my memory.
I'll take leave.
My wishes to you.