Nazar (2005) Movie Script

Bring it here!
Make it fast!
Take it back.. backwards!
- More? - ls it ready?
Cut the trolley! Cut it! C'mon!
The make-up's going on! Make it
fast! We'll lose the light!
l didn't tell you guys to do that!
You! Take that!
Call her fast!
- Even he has not come, Sir.
All l want is love!
All l want is love!
All l want is love!
All l want is love!
Your presence makes life worth.
My life.. a sentence without you.
Your presence makes life worth.
My life.. a sentence without you.
All l want is love!
All l want is love!
All l want is love!
All l want is love!
All l want is love!
l'm mad about your torso.
l'm dying to be in your arms.
l'm mad about the warmth
in your breath.
l'm dying to devour your lips.
l find your each style
My life.. a sentence without you.
All l want is love!
All l want is love!
All l want is love!
All l want is love!
All l want is love!
Feel like entrapping you.
Feel like casting a spell on you.
None should be able to
find you other than me..
..want to confine you
in such a place.
You're my need.
And, you're my obsession.
My life.. a sentence without you.
All l want is love!
All l want is love!
All l want is love!
All l want is love!
All l want is love!
All l want is love!
All l want is love!
All l want is love!
All l want is love!
Madam, look here.
- Hey, Gorgeous.. pack up?
How was the shooting?
- Tarun!
Fantastic! l just enjoyed it!
And.. naturally you might have
sent away your driver.. that you can drive by yourself.
Am l not right?
Tarun.. l told you so many times..
..don't try to observe me so much..
..some times l get moody..
And who can know that
better than me?
Okay, tell me one thing.. it that you've pledged
to live in solitude?
Don't take a gibe.
Amina Bibi is along with me..
and you too. - Really?
lf l hold that significance in
your life.. then why avoid it?
Why don't you get married to me?
You're laughing?
l'm serious, Ma'am.
- Hmm..
How serious?
More serious than a heart attack.
Still l can't marry you.
The same again. Thank you, Boss.
ls it because we're good friends?
l thought that it's reason enough
for us to get married.
After all we're best friends..
..perhaps it'll be easy
for us to live together.
But that needs love, isn't it?
Of course. l completely agree.
But, how can love happen.. when
you don't let it happen!
You know what your problem is..
..all of a sudden your parents'..
..uh.. l'm sorry.. very sorry..
..l really feel for you
but the truth is..'re scared to give a start
to any warm relationship.
..l hope you don't become lonely..
..while dreading that you might
again become lonesome.
You've yet again started that crap.
lf l really fall in
love with someone..
..what will you do then?
- l'll kill him.
Whoever it might be.. l'll kill him.
But seriously, Divya..
don't change the topic.
lf you really consider
me your best friend..
..then why's the delay?
Hello! Hello!
Hello, Divya..
- You're cracking up.
l'll call you the moment
l reach Bombay.
You're cracking off..
- Hello, listen to me..
Who was the poor guy?
Anyway, you were great! Just great!
Your last video was quite humdrum
as compared to this one.
The music company guys
will go crazy at it!
So, let's celebrate the
occasion in our ways!
No, Darling..
- Let's go..
l'm not in the mood. Got to go home.
What's the matter after all?
l'll also come with you.
l came alone.. and l'll
go back alone. - Oh!
Such a long journey.. and at this
nightly hour.. it's not safe!
How will drive alone till Bombay?
Well, l was alone when
l drove in here.
Oh, God! This silly girl!
Listen to me! Divya!
Divya, are you listening or not?!
Have you gone mad or what?!
Divya! Div.. Uff!
l really wonder she's going to
land up with some big trouble.
Oh my God!
Help me! Please!
Only you can help me!
Only you can help me!
Get up, Madam!
Madam! Get up!
Get up, Madam!
Get up, Madam! Get up.
What happened?
Madam, you were unconscious
here since quite a time.
What happened to you?
- That corpse?
That girl's corpse was sent
for further investigation long back.
Don't know since how long was
the body lying there.
What are you trying to say!?
She was in fact alive!
She.. spoke to me!
Madam, you're not okay.
Sit in the car and we'll
drop you home.
No! l can manage!
No, Madam, you can't
go in this condition.
We'll come along with you.
Come, Madam. Please.
Sakharam, move the vehicle.
Sit in the back. Quick.
Go easy.
Thank you.
Baby.. was there some accident?
Are you alright?
Doesn't say anything!?
- Yes, Baby?
Where's that girl?
- Which girl?
The one who was here just now.
l didn't saw any girl here.
Then.. she might have gone
up by the stairs. - Maybe.
Let go!
Let go!
Let go!
Amina Bi!
Sister Amina!
- Yes, Child?
How many times l've told you not
to allow this man in my house?!
l told him as well. But
he doesn't listen. - Hey!
Shaku.. where are you going?
- Hey! Get out! Get out of here!
l'm going!
- Get lost!
And, you.. why are
you standing here?!
Go away from here!
Child, is this the way
to talk to your uncle?
You don't have anyone in
this world other than me.
Use some manners.
l've told you so many times, Unlce..
..that my house is no brothel
for some cheap women!
Please.. if you repeat this again..
..then l'll call the police!
Now, get lost from here!
One minute.. one minute..
What way is this to
talk to your uncle?
l'm your father's blood brother.
l came here thinking it
to be my own house..
..and you're humiliating
me all the more!
ln a way.. brother transferred
everything in your name.
And it's you, in his place, who
helps me in times of need.
lsn't it, Child?
As far as l know.. your brother
left you a lot of property..
..that you blew away for
your debaucheries.
Rather l'm a fool.. who gives
you money every month.. that you can eat food..
and buy clothes for yourself!
Seems your mood is upset today!
l'll come some other day.. huh?
And, yeah..
..Child, come home soon.
This is no time to come home.
What's this condition of yours?
Nobody listens to me. Everybody
holds me wrong.
l'm going wild bit by bit.
And, the fragrance is
oozing from my body.
l'm craving for you.
Hold me in your arms.
Sister Amina!
Sister Amina! Sister Amina!
What happened?!
What happened, Baby?!
- There's someone over there!
There's nobody over there.
- Sister Amina, l just saw!
Look, even the door is close.
Who is it?! - What happened, Baby?
- l saw! l swear l saw!
l swear..
- Control yourself.
l swear l saw!
- There's nobody.
l saw! Oh my God!
My heart..
lt crossed this way and that.
Such was the piercing gaze.
lt crossed this way and that.
Such was the piercing gaze.
My Dear.. you've wounded my heart.
O my Love.
O my Babe.
O my Dear.
l'm crazy about you.'
Don't go anywhere.
Don't be scared.
Should l get the water?
- Yes. - l'll get it.
Look there!
There's nothing.
- Look there!
lt's swinging due to the wind.
l can see it!
- There's nothing. - Sister Amina!
C'mon, man.. why are you
throwing tantrums?
No, Meenal.. l'll go by myself.
C'mon.. we'll drop you
till your house.
lts okay but l'll take a short-cut
walk till the highway.
l'll get many Auto-rickshaws
from there.
This will take you like a rocket.
- Yet l'll reach before you all.
Go, man.. moreover you're
always in a hurry.. meet your beau these days.
But, be careful.. the road is
dangerous.. - Yes, l know.
- Bye. - Bye. - Bye.
Ma'am, here..
Look up, please. That's right.
Okay. That's good.
Now don't say that l was dreaming.
And l'm not in the habit
of sleep-walking.
When did l say so?
But, Divya.. l can get the idea
only if there's some rational reason.
Divya, that night you saw that
painful accident of some woman.
That's it.
And these visuals and
these imageries.. a direct result of that.
Moreover, there was
a wound on your head.
That was a small thing.
Yet, l would like to do some
more conclusive tests.
Tarun, l've a show tomorrow.
- Divya..
Divya, please try to understand..
..apart from your eye test..
..we've to conduct two more
neurological tests.
lt won't take much time.
At least we'll get to know that
everything's alright.
Anyway, nothing serious was visible.
And, Sister Amina.. least this will
give me an excuse.. spend some time with her.
Hey, Aishwarya Rai!
You just want to sit on the chair
and attend to phone calls..
..and take your month's
salary.. that's it.
The patient in here is dying
in pain.. what about it?
You talk too much.
- Call the doctor..
l've seen her somewhere, Tarun.
- Her?
l doubt it.
- Meaning?
Meaning.. she's not
that type of woman..
..whom you might have met any time.
Divya, she's a professional.
lt appears you know such
women a lot, isn't it?
Excuse me..
..had l been in control..
then l would have..
..never admitted such
women in the hospital.
The environs just get spoilt.
Side! Give me side!
Oh my God! Not again!
Take her down!
- Ramsingh.. - Yes, Sir.
Whoever might have done it..
..might have done it with
all the time available.
Her each and every artery and vein..
..has been cut off from the body.
Poor girl..
Got drowned in her own blood.
lf not a Machete.. a Scalpel
might have been used then.
You seem to be suggesting a razor.
Here's that Scalpel.
We found it here.
Mansi Desai.
Tulika Bhatia.
- Hmm.
The Scalpel was used in
all the three cases.
The arteries and veins were
cut off so finely..
..that not even an experienced
surgeon could do it.
Means.. we're talking
about a genius, Sir.
So, what do you think?
These girls were Bar-Girls
who were also pros.
But no victim was raped.
That means.. he's just killing
for the sake of it.
You mean.. randomly?
- Yes, Sir.
These girls were from different
Dance-Bars and Pick-up joints.
And the bodies are being
found one after another.
These are all serial killings.
As if some serial
killer is involved.
Serial killer!
Serial Killers are only found
in American films, Sujata.
Does anyone have the time
in Mumbai city to do that?
Even the Gods cannot contemplate.. to what a human mind is up to.
And the way these murders happened.. ordinary human being
can be so brutal!
..why l think he's a
bigger threat, Sir..
..the way he murders.. its
after a good thought..
..and in a fully planned way.
That means he's insane.. yet
having a sharp mind, hmm?
This is the fourth incident
in the past two months, Sir.
And the girls have been killed
in exactly the same way.
This is a serial killer, Sir,
who's out in our city.
He's more serious and dangerous
than they show in films.
The Commissioner has ordered.. immediately form
a special team.
And before the press can get
something to pounce upon..
..we should find this killer.
Because this case occurred
in Oshiwara division..
..hence l would want
you and your team.. carry on with your
l'm handing this case to lnspector
Shirke as well.
Sir, permission to speak freely!
Tell me. - lf we want to
catch this killer fast..
..we need someone with experience.
One who has handled such
cases in the past..
..and who's a specialist as well.
Who is it?
- Rohan Sethi.
ls it the place?
- Yes, Ma'am.
l'll see and come.
- No. l'll do that.
And don't disappear.
- Yes.
Hi, Rohan..
My answer is 'No', Sub-inspector
What are you doing here
leaving your duty behind?
l do my duty this way.
- While reading a paper?
l'm reading criminals, Sujata.
You can't catch them running
on the streets.
You've to get into their
minds to reach them.
You've got to think like them.
And there's no better place
than this to do that.
Rohan, before refusing.. at
least you should have..
..asked the reason
for my coming here.
Bar-Girls' murder case.
That's why..
That's why l need you.
l cannot solve this case
without you. Please.
Wish l could help you, Sujata.
But ever since the department
has transferred me..
..since then l'm just interested
in gathering information.
lf you want that.. then
the guy's ready for you.
Don't expect more than that from me.
l've taken to monasticism.
l'm glad to meet you again.
Rohan.. one minute..
The pressure's mounting on the
department for this case.
Why are you putting their
pressure on my back?
C'mon, Rohan..
Why are you shying away from
your responsibilities?
Just because once you goofed
up with your duty?
Just because once a criminal
won and you lost?
Why have you crippled yourself
with a single failure of yours?
Enough, Sujata.
Understand this.. l cannot..
..l cannot help anyone.
Neither have l wanted to.
Once you told me.. l'm telling
the same to you..
..just kill the fear within..
and everything becomes easy.
l fear nothing, Sujata.
There's no reason for fear.
- Stop lying, Rohan!
You're refusing because
there's a fear!
You fear that you'll lose yet again!
Someone will die in spite
of all your efforts!
Why are you shying away
from your fear?
Just because Chetna
isn't alive today?
You know that.. had she been alive..
..then you wouldn't have
feared like this.
One more thing..
The killer is using a Scalpel.
What are you trying to say?!
- Yes!
The condition of the bodies
suggests that..
..except for Tarak..
- How can he be?
l've thrown him in the jail!
Dreading an uproar
in the department..
..this thing was not let out.
He has escaped from the jail..
two months back.
Why didn't you tell that before?
Didn't want to see you more tense.
And.. this is.. the bell.
There you feel it?
Look, if you need anything..
call out for the nurse. Okay?
Divya.. you're on a slight sedation.
As the test results are
out in the morning..'ll be able to go home then.
l promise you.
- Okay. - Okay?
Now take some rest.
l'll make a move.
Good night.
- Good night.
Doctor, should l stay back?
- Look, Sister Amina..
..there's nothing to worry about.
We've applied the eye drops..
..that's why the bandage
is there on the eyes.
Tomorrow morning..
Hey! This is a hospital!
Can't you see that?!
lf you smoke.. then l'll
throw you out from here!
Go and talk on that phone!
Don't show me that you're dutiful!
lt's not allowed here! The
doctor is on his rounds.
Oh! That's why.. you're
acting so decent!
Wait, l'll finish it and come.
Cigarette smoking is not
good for your health!
When my time's up.. l'll surely die.
Don't take tension.
Who's scared of dying?
All have to die one day.
'One more thing.. the killer
is using a Scalpel.'
'The condition of the
bodies suggests that..'
'..except for Tarak..'
'Except for Tarak..'
- Hmm?'
'From tomorrow you've to
do all your work. - Why?'
l won't be able to
cook and wash now.
'Why? What happened?'
'Nothing. l'm pregnant.
- Are you serious, Chetna?'
- What?'
'So, Hero, you're late again?!'
'l had thought that you'll reach
on time at least today!'
'C'mon.. no problem.'
'Only five minutes are left..
c'mon! - Help!'
'Help me!
- One, two..'
'Four, Five..
- Help me!'
'Come fast, Hero!'
'Nine, Ten!' 'Fast!'
'Twelve!' 'Thirteen!'
'Fourteen!' 'Fifteen!
- Help me!'
'Come fast! Fast!'
'Forty Nine! Come fast!
- Help me!'
- Help me!
'Come fast or l'll drop her!'
'Forty Nine! - Help me!' - 'Come,
Hero! Come fast!'
'Fifty Nine! Sixty!'
Someone there?!
Someone there?!
Someone there?!
Who is it?!
Who is it over here?!
Nurse! Who is it over here?!
Who is it over here?!
Hey! What happened?
What are you doing here?
- Get up! Get up!
There's nobody!
Get up! Get up!
- Over there.
There's nobody. Why did you
come out of your room?
Someone's there!
- Nobody's there.
There's nobody! Come.
Let's go to your room!
Easy. Relax.
- l saw! - There's nobody.
That's it. Now go to sleep.
There's no one.
lt was nothing.
- Someone's there!
Go to sleep. Try sleeping,
huh? Sleep.
There was someone.
Someone's there!
Someone's there!
Someone's there!
Don't allow anyone to enter or
..without an interview! - Okay.
And you yourself conduct the
interview! - Okay, Madam.
And get my vehicle ready!
- Yes, Madam?
lnform the Forensics department..
..and don't let the press
get the wind. - Yes, Madam.
Don't worry.
- The vehicle was white coloured..
..and the number was MH-02-516.
- Rohan!?
Hi, Sujata.
- Tell me, Rohan?
l'll do it.
But just this case.
Don't expect anything more from me.
- Great!
There has been another murder..
in the same way.
l think it's the same serial killer.
l'm reaching there..
you too reach there.
Where? - Car Michael Hospital.
Didn't l say it's all about a night?
Now please sit still.
We'll get you home in jiff.
Okay.. till l don't say.. please
don't open your eyes.
Just one round..
There might be a slight
discounter with light..
..but please.. don't panic.'s only to be expected..
..okay, hang on for a second..
How are you feeling?
Now, slowly.. very slowly
open your eyes.
Open them.
That's lovely.
That's lovely.
Slightly blurred, isn't
it? Open them.
Yes? Can l help you?
ACP Rohan Sethi. Crime Branch.
Sorry to disturb you.
Did any of you see or hear something
unusual last night in here?
No, nobody has seen anything.
Yes, l saw! l saw!
l mean.. l felt.. as if something
was visible to me!
..l didn't mean that.
Yes.. what did you see?
Actually, my patient is
been under sedation.
Moreover, she had bandages over
eyes since yesterday.. so..
l see.
Last night.. something happened
here, lnspector?
Nothing special. Some
ordinary incident.
l apologise for disturbing.
- Thank you.
Everything back in focus?
..aren't you in the mood to go home?
What happened last night
in here, Tarun?
Divya, there's actually nothing
for you to get worried about.
Didn't he say it was some
ordinary incident?
Maybe, it was some quarrel.
Well, l myself don't
know much about it.
But, l do know that if
you stay any longer..
..then you'll have to spend
another night in here..
..and l won't be paying the bill.
Now, why are you seated here?
C'mon, pack your baggage.
There are some formalities..
some paperwork.
l'll get done with them and be back.
Do wait here for me.
See you in ten minutes. Okay?
- Hmm.
- See you soon. Hmm? - Yeah.
Now come this way.
l'm Sub-inspector Sujata Deshmukh.
Did you hear any sort of voice?
Anything? Who keeps the gate key?
Excuse me.. Alright?
What did l tell you?
Divya, what did l tell you? Didn't
l tell you to wait in the room?
That's why l..
Divya, c'mon.. we're done..
Yes, Divya, l know that..
should we go now? C'mon!
Who was she?
Sir, can you throw some more
light on the incident?
The murder took place around
4 in the morning.
Someone killed her ruthlessly.
Sir, does some of the
hospital staff..
We shall tell you the moment
we get any information.
ls it the handiwork of
the same serial killer?
We're just waiting for
the Post-Mortem report.
Thank you.
So, Hero? How are you?
lt's been a long time
since we spoke!
Hello! - l've heard that you still
weep for your wife and kid?
Hello! Hello! Hello!
- 'Oh, sorry-sorry!'
'The kid couldn't
even step in the world!'
May l come in please?
You're asking that because
you're coming after two years.
Fine, stay out.
Seems something special
in the dinner menu?
No.. the usual veggies, pulses,
rice and curry.
Your house is still the same.
l was saddened when l heard
about your husband.
Yeah, well.. the imminent
thing has to happen.
What can somebody do about it?
Today l got someone's call.
So, Hero? How are you?
lt's been a long time
since we spoke!
Hello! - l've heard that you still
weep for your wife and kid?
'Oh, sorry-sorry!'
'The kid couldn't even
step in this world.'
'C'mon, Buddy.. what are
you doing to catch me?'
'This time around.. even your
father can't catch me!'
'Because this time l've a mission.'
'And, our game is not over yet.'
Now, what's his new mission?
l don't know.
But, something isn't quite right.
Don't know why.. l don't think
it's Tarak's handiwork.
Maybe, you're right.
But, what if your suspicion
proves wrong?
We just ignore it, Rohan. Tarak
is just too dangerous.
Prepare a team.
Raid all his old hideouts.
Today! Fast!
And send some efficient police
officer to Nasik Jail..
..and get all the details about
Tarak. Do it right away.
Okay, l'll send someone right away.
But before that have your dinner.
Let's have it together, Rohan.
Some other time maybe.
Right now l've to go to my spot.
Maybe, l'll get some information
from over there.
See you.
Yep? - Simply don't go
for the sake of it.
There's Punjab Palace
right in front..
..they make some superb
Chicken 'Tikka'..
..l'll order it right away.
Till we don't find some
lead in this case..
..the mind will be constantly
under a hammer.
We can't be together despite
working together.
Some other time.
Five, six, seven, eight..
Deepali, what are you doing?
Are you sleeping or what?
Five, six, seven, eight..
One, two, three, four..
Five, six, seven, eight..
C'mon, girls.. get me a break!
Honey.. get my water-bottle.
l'm stretching.
That was so nice.
- Thank you, Baby!
Come here, girls.
Radhika, you're forgetting this
step every single time.
l don't want any mess. Okay?
Last night.. something happened
here, lnspector?
Nothing special. Some
ordinary incident.
Hey, Aishwarya Rai!
Oh my God!
No, no, l couldn't get you.
The girl whose photo
is in the paper.. saw the same
girl in your dream?
Not in the dream!
l mean.. right before my eyes!
Why don't you understand?
Let me explain!
l had a vision!
Her face popped up before
my eyes all of a sudden!
Just like some dream!
Still l felt that everything was
happening right before my eyes.
Honestly l didn't get what
you're trying to say.
lf you had seen the girl..
then you might have.
She was in the adjoining
room in the hospital.
That time l had bandages
on my eyes..
..yet l saw her face clearly!
- You were blindfolded?
Yes, l'm saying that l had
bandages on my eyes!
l don't know why you've come to me.
She needs some rest.
- We've come here to help you.
And, you're talking like this!
Look, l'm busy with
a very serious case.
And, l don't have time to spare.
You tell me that you
want to help me..
..then you tell me that you
saw someone yesterday..
..but that time around
you were blindfolded.
Just forgive me. Please.
Forgive me.
Let's go, Sister Amina. We are
needlessly troubling ourselves.
Let's go.
You? How come here?
She had visions in her sleep..
about the same girl.. she thought of coming
and informing the police..
..and here she came.. would have been better had
she met some psychiatrist first.
Let's go, Sister Amina.
Ma'am.. Ma'am, please!
One second, please!
Ma'am.. whatever it was.. tell me.
No, please, let it be.
Ma'am, please. Come in my cabin.
- Let's go.
Saw the face clearly?
- Very clearly.
This girl..
She wasn't killed in the jungle.
- What?!
l've seen this murder happening!
This murder didn't happen here!
lt happened.. in some
shed or garage!
lt was some garage like place!
This is absurd.
You're wasting your time,
Rohan. Just tell her.
One minute.
What did you see exactly?
lt was sort of a shadow..
..the head was covered..
..and a knife in hand..
..kind of.. kind of Scalpel!
- Scalpel?
Yes, then suddenly a
train arrived there..
..and he ran and boarded it..
..and before you could
see his face.. just woke up from
your sleep, right?
Even l'm not pleased
at wasting my time.
Perhaps, l made a mistake
by coming here.
Let's go, Sister Amina.
What's up with you, Rohan?
lf you like someone..
that doesn't mean.. believe everything
the person says.
The girl seems to be
mentally imbalanced.
She's a freak out!
Who knows?
Perhaps, she's really having
such psychic powers.
Police everywhere seeks the help
of such people if need be.
What's wrong in hearing her out?
- You can't be serious!
lf a man's intelligent.. and a
beautiful girl comes to him..
..then he no more remains
Anyway.. l still believe
in hard facts!
l've found out Tarak's file.
He used to frequent the Samurai
Bar in Kamathipura locality.
- What?
She said Scalpel!
We didn't tell anybody about the
murder weapon.. not even the press..
..then how did she come to
know that it was a Scalpel?
How did she know that?
The case is becoming
more interesting.
We should meet her again.
Yes, Godbole..
All the empty sheds
and motor garages.. the range of 10 kilometres
that is around Juhu Beach..
..find every one of that..
we've to check them all.
Right now! Right away!
Sir, look here..
Yes, Sir.. we've found it.
Come and start some uproar.
Start some uproar!
Come and start some uproar.
Start some uproar!
Come and start some uproar.
Start some uproar!
l need your love some more!
No more!
l can control my heart no more!
Give me more!
Love me more!
Come and start some uproar.
Start some uproar! Uproar!
l need your love some more!
She's the girl who'll
lead us to the killer?
l'm going to find him, Sujata.
Don't know what happens within?
Don't know why l'm lost
in your thoughts?
lt drowns me often in
the zeal of your eyes.
This intoxication of love..
is taking me on a high!
lt's working on me bit by bit.
And, now its you..
and your yearning.
Come and start some uproar.
Start some uproar! Uproar!
Come and start some uproar.
Start some uproar! Uproar!
l need your love some more!
Come and start some uproar.
Love is all but madness.
And, verily everyone's
plagued with it.
lt's such a season that
never leaves your life.
lt's about to kill me.. better
come and rescue me.
And better make me the
beat of your heartbeat.
So that no desire should
stay unfulfilled.
Come and start some uproar.
Start some uproar! Uproar!
Come and start some uproar.
Start some uproar! Uproar!
l need your love some more!
Come and start some uproar.
Come and start some uproar.
Start some uproar! Uproar!
l need your love some more!
Come and start some uproar.
Beat it!
Right now l'm standing near
Divya Burman's house.
And many people along with me..
..are eager to know
how's she right now?
lt's common knowledge that
yesterday she fainted.. the National Auditorium
during a performance.. what is wrong with
her? Let's find out..
..from Dr. Tarun Khanna..
Doctor, please..
..because we've come to know that
since past couple of days..
..her mental condition is..
- Perfectly okay.
And, what's the use of collecting
the media here?!
Look, she's under observation
since some days.
The moment we get to know
something.. we'll inform you.
Till then please leave
her alone. Please.
Doctor, one more question..
Doctor! Doctor!
Please treat the poor girl well!
You don't know we're
very much tense!
How should l treat her well?!
Why are you all standing here?!
Look.. Divya is suffering from
extreme mental exhaustion..
..extreme mental strain..
..and she needs rest.. and till
the moment you all here..
..she won't be able to take rest
please move out all of you.
Doctor, you're absolutely right.
She'll recover only if
she gets some rest.
Okay, you don't worry.
We're going out.
Okay, girls, come out right now!
Come fast!
- Thank you.
Come out!
- Please go.
And take those along who're
standing out. - Fast, Baby! Fast!
Sister Amina..
- Yes?
What is this policeman doing here?
- He was..
Was it necessary for your
investigation to reach the bedroom?
Now what do you want?
Will you carry on with
your investigation..
..till my patient doesn't suffer
a nervous break down?!
No, Tarun.. in fact he
has helped us a lot.
No problem, Sister Amina.
l'll call later.
Now, how are you feeling, Divya?
So much..
So much beautiful!
Really, Divya.. really..
You just scared me.
l tried explaining you thousand
times.. don't overexert..
..try to look after yourself..
..but you never listened to me..
..if its dance.. you don't at
all think of anything else..
..moreover.. your mental condition
is critical these days.., what should l say, Divya..
..l cannot hold your hand
and make you do it..
'Can you please help me?'
Being a doctor l can
only suggest you!
'Please, help me!'
Baby.. listen..
Now, don't stop me from
taking these pills!
Something else.
Will you do that l say?
Tell me.
l don't think these doctors
can treat you well.
Then who can?
There's someone..
There's someone..
l've become a recluse!
l've become a recluse!
l've become a recluse!
l've become a recluse!
l call out for Ali-Ali!
l call out for Ali-Ali!
l call out for Ali-Ali!
l call out for Ali-Ali!
Ali-Ali! Ali-Ali!
l swing on the flute of Shyam!
l dance on the beat of Shiva!
l swing on the flute of Shyam!
l dance on the beat of Shiva!
l call out for Allah-Allah!
l call out for Allah-Allah!
l call out for my master Ali-Ali!
l call out for my master Ali-Ali!
My master..
My master Ali!
My master Ali!
My master Ali!
My master Ali!
My devotion is my adornment!
lt's my beloved and it's my love!
My days & nights are spiritual.
And spiritual are my emotions.
Rama is in every vein of mine.
l'm Meera and Ghanshyam
is within me.
lt's always Hari-Hari on my lips!
lt's always Hari-Hari on my lips!
l call out for my master Ali-Ali!
l call out for my master Ali-Ali!
l call out for my master Ali-Ali!
l call out for my master Ali-Ali!
Enough! The glass is full.
That is your reality as well.
You know that you try to know.
But, the more you try to know..
it would be futile.
When the glass of your
understanding is full..
..then why do you want
to fill it further?
There's no place!
Had l known this earlier..
..then wouldn't l've turned
a recluse much before?!
Everything's happening at his will.
Just accept it.
He does that all for the best.
Yes, he does all for the best!
l was perfectly alright!
Then, suddenly.. don't
know what happened?!
The thing that Allah
suddenly does with us humans.. isn't the right thing he does.
You're angry with yourself
and not with Allah.
The mishap in which
your parents died.. was not your fault anyway.
Don't blame yourself.
You too were with them.
Both of them died.. and
you survived.. why?
His will!
Allah rescued you for
some better thing!
l'll go insane! This shall be the
best thing to happen with me!
You see it all yet you're blind!
The visions that occur
to you.. it's a power!
And Allah has given it to
you through some being!
Just don't waste it!
You've very little time!
The darkness is approaching you!
Just look at that darkness!
Look it with your own eyes!
What should l look?!
When l look in the mirror..
l see some other face!
Who is that?!
How am l related to it?!
You'll have to fight
your own battle!
Just.. keep your eyes open!
Very soon..
Very soon.. Death will be near you!
Oh God!
Stare in the eyes of that Death!
Then you'll see.. how life
follows you all the while!
- Ms Divya, this is Rohan Sethi.
l need to talk to you something
important about the case.
Can you come at the Crime Branch?
ESP! That's Extra-Sensory
Our country is full
of such sightings.
Some achieve extra-ordinary powers.
Some have visions.
And some have paranormal powers..
..through that they can
see the near future!
Yes! lntuition!
And if the same intuition
exceeds limitlessly..
..then it's called Pre-Monition.
That helps you not only
in sensing the future..
..but you can very well see it.
The way its happening with you.
But, suddenly.. l mean.. this
never happened with me.
According to science.. humans
apply only 7o/o of their brains..
..and what the rest can do..
..and how far can its power
reach.. nobody knows.
That means.. somehow..
..something happened.. and
in some corner of my mind..
..and that ESP entered
in me as well?
And there's no reason
that be thought of.
And you've not definitely
turned insane.
Do you know Ms. Divya..
..the police of other countries.. the help of people like
you.. to solve mysterious cases.. that they can see..
that a normal human..
..can never see nor contemplate.
So.. you want me to help
you in solving the case?
lf you really foresee
the future events..
..and if you've a premonition
of some murder..
..then maybe we can save
some innocent life.
But if you don't want to put
yourself through this..
..l'll understand.
She looks like the one whose
body was found on that high..
Sir! - Godbole.. take out the
photographs of the girl..
..whose body was found on
Mumbai-Poona highway!
Right away, Sir!
Oh my God!
She looks that one!
- Like whom?
l've met her! l've met her!
The same one.. on the road..
for help.. on the highway!
You mean she's the same girl
whom you found on the road?
lt's her reflection all again?
- Yes!
And she's was in a pool of blood?
- Yes.
This is all beginning
to make sense now.
Wherein that girl was found.. go
to the nearest police station..
..l want an autopsy report and
l want an FlR copy right away!
Yes, Sir.
- And, Godbole..
..also try finding whether the
girl died the same as the rest!
Right, Sir!
And take this photograph to
every brothel.. every disco..
..and try finding whether anyone
recognises her or not!
Yes, Sir.
- Do it right now! - Right! C'mon!
Rohan, can l have a
word with you please?
l'm in a hurry!
- One minute..
Not even if it's very important?
What? What's the problem?
My problem is.. you're scurrying
the whole department needlessly..
..and that too on the word of
a girl who's totally insane!
lf you want to say something about
the case.. then go ahead.
Fine, do you believe that this girl
has nothing to do with the case?
Why are you wasting your time?
What do you want to know
about the girls..
..who are already dead?
Rather you should be..
..thinking about the girls
who're in danger!
And how can we do that? Give
me some more knowledge.
There's system. We can keep all
the dance bars under vigil.
And we can patrol every by-lane.
Do you know how many dance bars
are there in this city?
And even if you employ everyone
from the department..
..l mean to say even if
the peon is employed..
..still he'll get away
with some girl's life..
..and we'll all be seated helpless!
That's why you don't want
to do anything? Huh?
You're still the same
as you were earlier!
Not everything is done
by the book, Sujata.
When will you understand that?
The police can never solve a crime
with mindless patrolling.
For that you've to think
like a criminal!
And you've to get into
the criminal's mind..
..and find out that if
they commit a murder..
..then how can they move to save
their skin from the police!
Don't know you want to get into
whose mind and find out what!
Do your work.. and let me do mine!
You weren't roped in this
investigation for that!
Then for what? So that you
could snap a finger..
..and l should keep wandering
around you?!
Uff! Why is it so difficult
to work with you?
You couldn't think of that when
you were searching for me?!
l'm trying you since a long
time.. where were you?
And how's my gorgeous feeling now?
Oh! Exhausted!
l'm just back from
the police station.
What was the need to go to
the police station again?
lt was.. it was something..
..something important.
Okay, quickly get ready.
l'm coming to pick you up.
There's someone important that
l need you to meet with.
Divya, he's a very special
colleague of mine.
He's just returned from America.
l've discussed your case with him.. fact he's a specialist.
What kind of specialist?
- He's a..
He's a Psychiatrist, Divya.
l'm not insane, Tarun.
Divya, it's not like that.
But, you got to admit.. these days
your behaviour is just like..
..l mean.. your.. overall
personality has changed a bit..
..moreover what's the
harm in meeting?
Yes, please hold.
- Yes! Rohan!
Divya, we've found about that girl..
..if you don't have
any problem, then..
..can you come here for a while?
- No!
l don't have the nerve to drive now!
No problem. l'll come
and pick you up, Madam.
You come. l'll get ready. Bye.
Sorry, Tarun. That was
inspector Rohan's call.
l'll have to go.
lt's very urgent.
- What do you mean?!
Divya.. how urgent thing is that?
You were there the whole day..
and you're going there again?
What's this going on? - lt's quite
a long story.. l'll tell you later.
Divya, please try and understand.
He's a medical professional and
not this thief-police nonsense!
l want to help you.
How can you help me, Tarun?!
On the contrary you think
l've turned insane!
At least those policemen
believe what l say!
Divya.. suddenly this policeman
became so important in your life?
Fine, Divya. Fine!
You decide it! Whether
you need him or me!
l'm going for work, Tarun.. and
not for some friendly affair!
Divya.. choose!
Okay, Tarun! l've chosen!
Thanks for everything! Bye!
Come, Madam. Please come.
Divya, be at my side.
Let's run! The police have come!
Hi, Honey, want to come!?
What's up, Sir? Why are you raiding?
- Hey! C'mon, get lost!
l've never seen her.
- But, l've seen her.
Was she in our business?
- All the whores look alike.
Come, Sir, we'll see over there.
Sir.. this way. Come.
They won't ever let loose our trail!
Did you see this girl?
Didn't you get the money?! Then
why are you wasting my time?!
Shut up!
There were just one
or two customers..
..and that too fled at their sight.
Nobody will tell you about her!
Nobody will tell!
ln a way.. we're angry
with our own fate!
We've a thousand grudges!
Then why will anybody ruin her
business with her mention?!
lt's that the bitch died!
Want to say something
or just babbling
What's there to say? She was
a wretched girl! That's it.
She used to say something..
and it used to turn right!
Some said she was a witch!
Some said she was a wishful serpent!
Why did they say like this?
The whores have to daily
vent their ire!
And when she came in front..
..everybody used to hit
her with their words!
And she used to dream all
that was about to happen!
Not good things!
Not good things!
How anyone will commit a robbery!
How anyone will die! She
used to see all this!
And she used to reach
there right away!
And that.. used to prove right?
l told her a thousand times!
l told her not to tell anybody!
But, no.. she used to
go and tell everybody!
'You'll cry a lot on the
day after tomorrow.'
'Don't do this! Don't do that!'
What did she used to see?!
How did she see?
Why did she see?
Did she ever tell anything about it?
Listen to this one..
..none was ready to see her face.
How will anyone dare to ask her?
lt's good the poor thing died!
lt's good.. she found peace!
Or else day-night everybody's
..and the gibes of all..
What was her name?
- Name!
What's there in our names?
They change frequently.
We never knew her name.. but
we used to her Sakshi.
Yes, because the bitch
used to see everything!
She used to see!
Where did you find her body?!
Was there a canal near?
- Yes!
And there might have been a
white stone as well? - Yes!
How did you know?
- She herself told.
Once she was telling that..
'l had a dream..
'..that someone will
kill me brutally.'
'Will come in black clothes!'
l said very good.. at least
we'll get rid of you!
But.. but there was
this motherly love..
..l asked her.. 'Look..
you know it..'
', when, where will he
kill you.. isn't that good?'
'Don't at all go there!'
'Run at the sight of
a black-suited guy!'
Then she smiled.. and said..
'Nobody will survive him.'
'He'll expel his anger on
other innocent girls.'
'l'll die.. and then
he'll get caught!'
'His face will be visible
only after my death!'
Good bye, Divya.
l'll see as to what can be done.
l'll call you tomorrow.
'Help me!'
Stop! Stop it! Hey!
Stop the car! Stop it!
l'll take care of her.
'Help me!'
'Help me!'
'Help me!'
What was my fault?!
What was my fault?!
- Divya..
Divya, stop!
- What was my fault?!
l just wanted to help her!
- Divya, get up!
- Divya..
Divya, stop!
Divya! Calm down, Divya!
Leave me! - Divya, we can't
do anything without you!
Divya! Control yourself.
Leave me!
- Divya!
Calm down, Divya!
- Leave me!
Calm down, Divya!
Please, Divya!
Sleep for a while.
l'm right here.
Stay in my heart or in my spirit..
Stay in my heart or in my spirit..
Stay in my Sight all my life!
Stay in my Sight all my life!
Stay in my heart or in my spirit..
Stay in my Sight all my life!
Stay in Sight!
Stay in Sight!
Every morning when my eyes open..
l find these eyes of mine
looking at my face!
l may fall asleep but yet l
find these eyes wide open!
l find these two eyes wide open!
Stay in my night or
stay in my morning..
Stay in my night or
stay in my morning..
Stay in my Sight all my life!
Stay in Sight!
Stay in Sight!
These eyes.. once l
want to see them..
l find l'm unable to lose
its lingering effect.
A few drops can never
quench the thirst..
You'll have to give
me the whole winery.
You'll have to give me the winery.
Stay wherever and stay anywhere..
Stay wherever and stay anywhere..
But stay ever in my heart.
Stay in my heart or
stay in the spirit..
Stay in my Sight all my life!
Stay in Sight!
Stay in Sight!
Morning, already.
Good morning.
Seems you were dreaming
something pleasant.
No way.
None smiles like this if he
kills some scum in the dream.
l saw some beautiful
girl in my dream.
Thank God.
l became thoughtful for a second.
Thanks, Rohan.
- For what?
The time when l needed
someone the most.. were there for me.
Want to know.. l saw
whom in my dream?
Might have been this silly girl.
l saw a very silly girl.
- Really?
lt was a similar jungle.. and
that silly girl was lonesome.
Now, that silly girl is wearied..
leading a lonesome life!
No more.
l don't know what l'm doing.
You're doing that's
within your heart.
C'mon! Done?
Had the speed been a bit more..
then you would have been..
..carried in the same
way to hospital.
l was very scared, Rohan.
- l know.
But, please don't do this again.
And if you really want to.. then
take me along in the car.
Do you really think that that night
the girl you came across..
..only after that it all..
- Yes, Rohan.
lt's happening only after that.
She could visualise others' death.
She could visualise their future.
And.. maybe this was the
reason for her death.
Maybe, this is the reason.
Maybe, she wants her
culprit to be caught?
Yes, Rohan.. maybe if
that person's caught..
..these visions might stop then.
With whose permission did
he left the case mid-way?!
ls he mad or what?!
l've never seen such
an irresponsible man!
And it's all because of you!
You said there can be
no one better than him!
There can be no one, Sir.
But, you're very well aware
of his attitude, aren't you?
Then, you go and handle the press!
You go and answer them!
l was out of my mind that
l listened to you! - Sir..
lt would have been better had l
given this case to lnspector Shirke.
Sir, hand me the case for the
next 24 hours.. please, Sir!
- Go away!
Go away from here!
- Sir, he'll be behind the bars!
Sir, please give me a last chance!
Give me a chance to
correct my mistake.
People senior than you..
You please go away.
Sir, only 24 hours.. please, Sir!
You're aware that none knows
this case better than me!
lf l'm unable to do anything.. then
l'm ready to surrender my badge!
l'm ready to put my career
at stake! Sir, please!
lt's my instinct that the
attack is imminent today!
And l want this man.. dead or alive!
ln the next 24 hours!
- Yes, Ma'am.
l'll be on patrolling
along with Godbole.
l'll watch you all.
And if l find anyone stretching
his limbs..
..then l'll happily sign
on his suspension letter!
Okay? Good luck.
- Yes, Ma'am.
Godbole, ready?
- Ready, Ma'am.
Rohan, l saw it!
lt was exactly the same vision!
- You mean murder? - Yes!
And, maybe the next victim
is also a Bar dancer.
Everyone in the world
has got a mate..
But l'm lonesome.
O' Lord!
lf we reach on time.. then perhaps..
..we can end this problem
forever, Rohan.
Yes, Divya.
This phone isn't getting the signal.
''ve called
is currently unavailable.'
'The Orange number which you've
called is currently unavailable.'
Rohan, please make it fast!
lf l drive faster than this.. we'll
land up somewhere else then.
Her life's in danger, Rohan!
Please make it fast!
Rohan, don't stop the car!
Rohan, don't! - Police.
Rohan, we've to make it fast!
- Yeah.
Please do something!
C'mon, Sujata, pick up the phone!
Where are you, Sujata? C'mon!
- Hello.
- Hello Rohan!.
Hello, one minute.
- Sujata!
Sujata, the next murder will
take place in some Disco..
Hello, Rohan! l'm unable to
hear you! - Alert everybody!
Hold on. Hello!
- ln some Disco!
- What?!
l'll send you the names of all
the Discos through an SMS.
Chingari, Kaliyon Ka Chaman,
Shining Star, Night Queen.
Hey! What a babe!
Get her!
- Huh?
The description that you gave me..
..there are 3-4 Dance
Bars like that.
Just concentrate a bit more.. maybe
you'll get a clear picture.
l can't see anything!
l'm unable to see anything!
Sir, come here! Sir, sit here!
- Samurai?
Samurai, Rohan!
Samurai Bar! Ladies room!
Right now!
- l'm at Samurai.
Make it fast, Sujata! Now! Now!
O' Stranger, it's very much true.
All say that you're
in love with me.
l say rather l'm in love with you.
Go, man! What are
you thinking about?
lt's the right opportunity!
She's in the bathroom!
l saw her murder right there!
- We're about to reach there.
Sujata will reach there before us.
- Huh!
There killer is also there!
He's going in!
Did you see the face?
- He's going in!
Someone help her!
He'll kill her!
He'll kill her!
She's dead!
He killed her, Rohan!
He killed her!
He's unlocking the door now!
And, now he's going out!
None knows who has done what!
All say that you're.. love with me!
Put the rascal in the vehicle!
- What are you doing?!
Let go me!
- Get him out!
Rohan! l got him!
We've caught him!
- And that girl?
She was killed before
we could reach. - No!
lt can't be!
Do you.. know him?
- Of course!
He's my uncle!
- Yes, uncle! Uncle!
Divya.. child, you know
me very well! - Yes!
l cannot commit a murder!
- No!
l was just waiting for
her outside the room!
When l reached there.. what was
that Scalpel doing in your hand?!
lt was just lying there. And
l was just looking at it..
..when these policemen came
and pounced upon me!
Child, l haven't done anything!
Child, l'm innocent! Save
me, Child! - Yes!
He's telling the truth, Rohan!
No matter how he is.. but
he won't kill anyone!
The residents of Mumbai can
once again sleep peacefully..
..because finally.. that
dreaded criminal..
..has been arrested.
lt's the efficiency and round
the clock hard work because..
..of which we were successful
in catching such a dreaded killer.
l'll recommend the name
of ln-charge Officer..
..that is Sujata Deshmukh
for a promotion..
..because it was only for
her wisdom and dedication..
..that such a difficult case was
solved in such a small time.
Sujata Deshmukh!
Ma'am, one quote!
- Ma'am, tell us the entire story!
Ma'am, how did you catch him?!
l just regret that l was unable to
save that girl's life. Thank you.
Thank you very much, Ma'am.
- Thank you.
Congratulations, Rohan.
- Not so soon, Sujata.
There's something amiss.
- Now what's missing?
We reached here only because
of Divya's vision.
She's confident that he's
not the killer.. - Yes!
..then what solid evidence do
you've that he's the culprit?
What's the problem with you, Rohan?
We've got what we both wanted.
l've got a promotion and you've
got.. a new girlfriend. - What?!
l mean.. what else did you want?
Wasn't it a pretext
to inch closer to her?
Sujata.. - Hence you pretended
to believe in her visions.
Sujata, shut up!
Just shut up!
- Relax.
There's no need to throw a show!
l'm not terrified or a
poor thing like her..
..that l would need some
shoulder to cry upon.
This is too much!
You can fool her.. but just
don't take me as her.
Divya, one minute!
Why?! Hmm.
Because l hate you.
l hate you!
- Me!?
Will you never be able to see
what's there before you?
That's why you always ignored me.
You always overlooked me!
l've always stood by you, Sujata!
Who was there at your side
during your selection?! Me!
Who was there at your side
during your training?! Me!
l was there for you whenever
you were in the need!
And now after all these
years when.. - Yes!
Even after all these years!
Despite being near me
after all these years.. never found what
l felt!
Always, it was someone else!
Fine! l too got married!
But, after both of them departed..
wasn't l with you?
That time around l also needed you!
Because l too lost someone!
But, all of a sudden.. you took
a liking to that dancer!
The feeling of being rejected..
how will you know that?
Not once.. but often
getting rejected!
You won't know that feeling, Rohan!
That's why l wanted to show you.. it feels when you get
something yet lose it!
Don't drag Chetna in it, Sujata!
- Yes, of course!
Had Chetna been so
important for you..
..then you wouldn't
have let her die!
You failed her, Rohan!
And listen to one more thing..
..l suggested your name only
because l knew it..
..that this case is
not your cup of tea!
You can never solve it!
And the same happened!
You failed as always!
You're a failure!
'You're a failure!'
'You're a failure!'
Oh shit!
- Yes, Baby?
Do you have the money? l've
forgot my purse somewhere.
Of course.
Baby! Baby! Listen to me..
..Sister Amina has left
these keys for you..
..they have all left for
the Diwali function..
..and they have called
you as well over there.
What's the matter? You
aren't reply? Baby!
He's unlocking the door now!
And, now he's going out!
l was just waiting for
her outside the room!
When l reached there.. what was
that Scalpel doing in your hand?!
lt was just lying there. And
l was just looking at it..
..when these policemen came
and pounced upon me!
Oh my God!
l don't want to talk to you!
Just leave me alone! Please!
- But, Divya.. Hello!
Get those gloves and the Scalpel.
l've to check them.
There's no order for it, Sir.
You'll need the permission of
Sujata madam. - Permission?
l need your permission. l want
to reopen the evidence box.
As far as l'm concerned..
this case is closed.
Anyway.. tell me what
do you want to say.
Sujata, none of us can say that
Divya's visions are lies!
The recovery of that girl's
corpse in the Samurai Bar..
..nobody can say that
it was a coincidence.
You want to get Divya's photo
published in the newspapers?
Why don't you say fast?!
l remember Divya saying me
that she saw the killer..
..unlocking the door and going out.
When you arrested Jagdish.. was
he out then after the murder?
No, he was inside the room..
near the body.
l still don't understand what
you are trying to say!
Her killer is still
at large, Sujata!
lt can't be!
Here, Sir.
Hello, Nasik Jail?
How did Tarak escape from jail?
- What?!
Who can escape after dying?
- He's dead?!
lt's my turn now!
Oh my God!
C'mon, Divya, pick up!
Just don't understand how come all
the elevators are out of order!
Just don't understand anything!
This one's also out of order!
C'mon, Divya, pick up
the phone! C'mon!
Oh! Oh my God!
You'll have to fight
your own battle!
Just.. keep your eyes open!
Stare in the eyes of that Death!
Divya, please, Divya!
Open the door!
Divya! Divya!
Divya, open the door, Divya!
No! Let go!
- Divya, please, Divya!
Divya, listen to me!
- No, let me go!
Divya, for God sake, Divya!
- No! - Stop!
l don't understand what's
wrong with you?!
Try to understand me! Divya!
Divya! Divya, just
talk to me, Divya!
l didn't mean to hurt you!
l love you a lot, Divya!
Thank God l was in time.. or else
he would have killed you as well.
- Are you alright?
But.. how come you're here?!
Police officers' instinct.
That uncle Jagdish of yours..
..he was just the wrong guy at the
wrong place at the wrong time.
But it was necessary to arrest him.. that the real killer feels
that he has got away..
..and then he would try to kill the
one.. whom he dreads the most.
But, he was just.. killing
the Bar girls!
You're more dangerous!
You're a witness!
But.. l'm feeling like..
..this body..
..take me away from here!
Shall we go in the open air?
- Yes!
Feeling okay now?
- Yes!
lt wasn't like this!
Something is wrong! Yes!
What happened? What happened?
Whatever l saw.. my assailant
had a knife with him!
A Scalpel!
But.. Tarun had a..
Relax, Divya. Relax.
l'm there with you, am l not?
And.. even this gun is there.
And the whole team will arrive
in a few moments. Relax.
- But..
l saw..
..that l'm alone..
Oh really?
Sujata, you!
lf one doesn't wants to see
something.. he closes the eyes!
But, you could see despite
your eyes being closed!
You see what you shouldn't
be seeing!
Your Sight got you in a fix!
But, why did you kill Tarun?!
Wrong man.. wrong place..
wrong time.
But, still l'll say the same..
he came to kill you..
..and l shot him to death.. and l
regret that l wasn't here in time.
Till then you'll be..
Case closed!
Two weeks later.. l'll join
the duty with fresh ammo!
Why all this?! Huh?!
Why is cleaning done?!
Why is it necessary to clean
the filth?! Tell me!
Tell me!
But how can you ask this question?!
This is the very problem
of our society!
We're used to existing
along with the filth!
So much used to.. that we're
not even nauseous anymore!
So much used to.. that it
makes no difference to us..
..that we've started
rotting as well!
My husband..
..that bastard..
..some.. he comes home after
sleeping with some disease..
..and.. gives me that disease?
He's dead.. but that disease..
that reason.. that cause.. still around.. isn't it?!
So.. are.. you also..
Speak up! Speak up!
Aids.. yes, l'm.. yes, l'm
afflicted with Aids!
Whose fault is it?
My husbands?!
The fault lies with
those cheap women..
..those whores.. who for
the sake of money..
..destroy many lives!
They ruin everything! They
deliberately spread the disease!
The no doubt are going to die.. yet
they want to kill others as well!
So l.. just want to.. kill them!
Killing them just because
they have Aids?!
Can't you see.. that they
are also victims like you?!
They have fallen for
the circumstances!
You won't understand!
No one will understand..
as to how l'm favouring!
After many years.. people will
remember me and they will bless me!
But till then.. no one
will understand this!
Not even you!
So.. you.. must.. die!
Where will you run?!
Nobody will come to your rescue!
Not even your.. Darling!
Because l've already killed him!
lts enough now!
So you won't stop chasing me?!
Same way as your nail polish
didn't let you escape!
Sujata! l'm warning you!
Take it easy! Sujata!
Sujata, no!
Stop it, Sujata!
Stop it! Stop it!
Let it go, Sujata!
Let go!
No, Rohan!
Don't come close.. or l'll drop her!
Sujata, it's not necessary
to end it like this!
Why should l make it late?!
Stay in my heart or in my spirit..
Stay in my heart or in my spirit..
Stay in my Sight all my life!
Stay in my Sight all my life!
Stay in my heart or in my spirit..
Stay in my Sight all my life!
Sight! Sight!
Stay in Sight!