Nazar Andaaz (2022) Movie Script

It feels very strange
to be sending a voice note.
Unfortunately, I am at that stage in life,
where continuing
this journey seems impossible.
Hence, as per my lawyer's advice,
I'm sending this voice note for you all.
It's tough to explain
what you two mean to me.
Bhavani, your frank attitude,
and treating me
like a regular human being,
is an invaluable feeling.
Everyone must have a friend like you.
And Ali
the way you show me the world with
your expressions and distinct style
the way you make me feel
is an experience for me unlike any.
And makes me feel closer to life.
They might sound
like ordinary things to you
but these are your abilities.
My mom was right.
The world is round and small
just like a marble.
How else could we have met?
-Get me some sweet sauce, please.
-What are you doing?
Listen, you must taste this.
-I am on a diet.
-I'll pay him. What's the hurry?
-Hey, my phone?
-What happened?
-It must be there. Look.
-My phone. It was right here.
-Check inside properly.
It was right here.
Wait, wait, let me track it.
-My phone!
-It's showing right here.
Come quickly.
It's right here.
-Do you have bread jam?
-It's right here.
Put some more sauce.
What are you doing? Let's go.
Where here?
-Right here.
Oh my, God!
Listen, stop making us
go around in circles.
Round and round
-Where is it?
I need my phone!
Where are you taking us?
Look here.
It's showing at a distance of two feet.
Where is it?
-And I got blamed for it.
-I see.
He said you lost it,
now you find it.
-Find it, please.
-It's here. See, it's right here.
It's showing right here!
-God, but where?
-What happened, ma'am?
Her phone's been stolen.
We're trying to track it down.
-What happened, ma'am?
-My phone got stolen.
That's fine but, where is my phone?
Look, there's the thief.
Come down! Come down!
I am fine. I am okay up here.
Come down.
Mister, can you help me cross the road?
I can't see, mister.
Help me across, please.
-Hold my hand.
-Hold my hand.
-Where is your hand?
Thank you, mister.
The signal is green right now.
We'll start walking
as soon as it turns red.
Okay, whenever you say.
Let's go.
These people make so much noise.
No one follows the rules.
What are you doing?
Look out.
There you go.
Thank you, mister.
You are not welcome.
What did you say?
Don't depend on others for help.
Otherwise, you'll always
be left stranded on the other side.
Thank you, mister.
-Beat him. Beat him.
-Listen to me.
-Beat him.
-Take him to the police station.
-Beat him!
-Let me go!
-Beat him. Beat him.
Where do you think you're going?
-Where are you going?
Did you recognize me?
We just met yesterday.
Put everything back
in its respective place.
Do you see that owl?
There's a CCTV in it.
Do you see that duck?
The cat also has a CCTV in it.
You're being videotaped.
I'm leaving behind the air as well.
Take it all back, okay?
Don't tell the police.
I haven't done anything yet.
What's the point of going to jail?
Okay, goodnight.
Sleep well.
I came to your house.
He's blind. He can't see.
You came to my house?
-Why were you at my house?
I make deliveries.
Let him go, mister.
Let him go.
Forgive him.
If you forgive him then maybe
he won't do it again.
-I am letting him go for your sake.
-Thank you.
-I haven't done anything.
I was just grabbing a bite.
I don't know how it landed
in my pocket.
Thank you.
Why do you keep attempting
something you're not good at?
I got to eat every day.
This reminds me
that it's time for my lunch.
Come with me.
I'll show you.
It's very beautiful.
-The designs are beautiful.
-Hey! Hello!
Let's go.
Hey, you! Listen up!
Were you calling me?
I've been calling you for so long.
Is this how you call someone?
Do you call someone by
saying "Hey! or Hello!?"
I have a name. It's Sudhir.
Brother Sudhir.
I thought I'll guide you.
Till you get your food.
You're hungry, right?
There's Good Luck Biryani
around the corner.
Their biryanis are amazing.
It's an amalgamation of
hot rice and tender chicken.
Each grain of rice
is as long as your hair.
The pieces of chicken are
marinated in juicy spices.
It tastes like heaven with every bite.
One portion is more than enough
for two people.
I am a vegetarian.
There's also Goldie diner
next to Good Luck Restaurant.
Their food's amazing.
Each piece of bhatura
is the size of a football.
It's always served piping hot.
It has condiments of lemon,
pickle, and fried chili.
All you need is a bite to take
you back to Punjab, Brother Sudhir.
there's food at home.
Why do you want me to waste money?
Then I'll take you home.
You'll take me to my home!
Find a job.
Stealing isn't your thing.
Yeah, you're right.
I'll tell my starving belly to wait.
Let me go get a job, get paid,
and then buy food.
-What are you selling?
-Mobile covers.
Would you like some lunch?
-Come on.
Do the chefs from
the Taj Hotel cook for you?
The food is delicious. Love it!
I made it.
Just the way animals know to find food
similarly human beings
should know to cook food.
Pick up your plate.
-A nice breeze.
-Yes, the weather is excellent.
Why do you keep your eyes closed?
Open your mouth.
Now chew like you chew food.
Keep chewing.
But there's nothing in my mouth.
What am I chewing?
When I can't see, then what's
the point of keeping them open?
You must see something.
A little.
Not even a speck?
I am blind since birth.
Do you see that painting?
I've never seen it.
Then how do you live alone?
I don't live alone.
Mummy stays with me.
I knew it.
Where is auntie?
Hello, Sudhir.
Mummy, please read out today's headlines.
Thefts are on a rise in the city.
Property rates have sky-rocketed.
And unemployment
is spreading like a virus.
-Thank you, Mummy.
-Welcome, Sudhir.
Hello, Auntie.
And who's Anthony Gonsalves here?
Mark D'Silva.
My mentor.
He adopted me as a child
when my parents passed away.
He gave me the most
important thing in my life.
Now I get it.
All this belongs to him.
It "belonged" to him.
He passed everything down to me
before he died.
You're such a lucky man.
You got music as well as the mansion.
You're lucky as well.
I know even you have
some kind of talent in you.
Just quit stealing.
You sound like a young man.
Put in some effort.
I know you'll find a job.
No one would give me an Aadhar Card.
How will I find a job?
What can you do?
I can do anything.
Never done it.
Then what can you do?
I can try doing things.
Then start tomorrow.
Try watering the plants.
There's a round
steel container in the fridge.
Go get it.
Right away.
Congratulations on your first job.
Thank you.
You are a strange guy.
Why are you giving such
VIP treatment to a nobody?
Don't know.
I think there's something
special about you.
Now that you are being so helpful
how about a place to stay as well?
I'll stay out of your hair.
Won't trouble you.
I guess you will adjust.
-Because I won't see you.
Then I'll take that room.
Not this one.
You take that one.
How much rent will you pay?
I don't have money.
Can you promise me something?
-That you'll stop stealing?
Tread alone
I'm so lonely
You're so lonely
-Are you lonely?
-Is this how much you drink?
No, just a little
I'm so lonely
You're so lonely
Endure their snoring tonight.
From tomorrow,
you'll be sleeping at the bungalow.
Brother Sudhir.
-Brother Sudhir.
-Good morning, Brother Sudhir.
-Good morning.
I am here.
I am leaving.
I've to run an errand.
I'll be back by evening.
Why didn't you say that to me?
I've brought all my stuff along.
-Where will I go now?
-I didn't tell you to leave. You stay.
You aren't going to steal anything.
You quit stealing, right?
Yes, but still
Can you entrust the place to me?
Can a guy risk cheating on
the only guys in the world
who trusts him?
Good catch!
Oh, no. I made a mistake.
I knew it.
Keep it.
I'll make other arrangements for myself.
No, not that.
I'm entrusting you
with a big responsibility.
We are friends now,
but I didn't ask your name.
Oh, my name?
Everyone picked a name
for me except my parents.
-Like people would randomly address me.
Then friends called me "dude, bro."
As I grew older, all would call me homie.
Nowadays, everyone calls me Bacchi.
Haven't you seen Gully Boy?
That's the only film I missed.
Sorry, I--
How about Ali?
Whenever I call out to you,
you can come to my rescue.
Ali help!
Works for me.
-Ali Boy.
Yeah, Francis. Coming.
Good morning, Sudhir.
Good morning, Francis.
Come on.
Bring me a convertible the next time.
I've to keep standing in this one.
Come on, Sudhir.
You make me spend 10,000 rupees
but pay me only 1,000.
Let's go.
People haggle over
the price considerably.
I only took one zero out.
Let's go, Francis.
Bye, Ali.
This way.
Yeah, bye.
Hail Bhavani!
There's a CCTV in it.
That duck
Do you see that owl?
The cat
There's a camera in all of them.
-Got you.
-Thief! Thief!
You're the thief, not me.
-How did you get inside?
-I live here.
Who are you?
I know who lives here.
I've been looking after the place
for the past three years.
Then why didn't you
say you're the maid?
I am a friend of Sudhir.
I know Sudhir is blind.
But his taste in people
is not so pathetic.
I swear!
I was a thief until two days ago.
But not anymore.
He entrusted me with the keys.
No one would trust you
with a ten-foot pole.
Keys are out of the question.
Don't cross your boundaries.
I'll tell Sudhir to fire you from the job.
But first, who will
get you out of jail?
-Have you seen this?
-Have you ever got beaten by this?
-Are you serious?
Brother Sudhir
Hope Bhavani didn't trouble you.
He received the best hospitality.
I just took a day's leave
and bugs crawl into the house.
We must get the vaastu
of the house checked.
People just barge in here.
Brother Sudhir, I must say something.
You have a big heart.
Bigger than this place.
You let any random guy stay here.
Did you cook lunch, Bhavani?
What do want for lunch?
Make me potato curry.
Make some okra, bread and, lentil soup.
I'm thinking of making rice
seasoned with cumin.
Then make some biryani as well,
seasoned with chicken.
I'd rather make mincemeat out of you,
seasoned with poison.
Listen order one dish online.
I'm craving khandvi today.
You order from a new place
every week but never eat.
No one in Mumbai can
prepare delicious khandvi.
What to do?
How about it, Sudhir?
You seem to be in a cheerful mood.
That's what generally happens.
When people travel out of the city,
they feel refreshed.
There's a glow on your face.
Look at yourself.
The weather in Khandala must be pleasant.
The open sky
the cold mountain breeze
that sticks to your body
and greenery everywhere.
Every place looks the same to me.
Be it mountains or the ocean.
Doesn't make any difference to me.
How is that possible?
You must feel something.
Yes, I do.
Why do all these places look
the same to me?
This doesn't belong to you.
Keep it back.
-Move over, let me through.
-Keep it back.
Brother Sudhir told me to get it.
-Brother Sudhir?
-Are you telling the truth?
-Come and ask him.
Come on.
-Brother Sudhir
hold this.
-What is it?
-One minute.
-What is it?
There are mountains, trees, and clouds.
Could you see it?
No, he couldn't.
All I can see is darkness.
I cannot even imagine
what these things look like.
Imagine that you're walking
straight down the road.
Keep walking straight.
Keep walking. Keep walking.
Suddenly you come across a staircase.
Now you go up.
And you're on the road again.
Keep walking straight.
We're going up the stairs again.
There's a cool breeze blowing.
Put on your jacket.
We're going further up.
Here we go.
The wind's blowing stronger.
You've nearly reached the top, Sudhir.
The winds are blowing fiercely.
You were on a cliff.
You should have been more careful.
That's the characteristic of a mountain.
The more you walk,
the higher you'll climb.
Ever been on a slope?
It's called a slide, you illiterate.
Oh, yes. I have sat on a slide.
The mountains are like a big slide.
So big, that it takes forever
to climb up and down.
It takes days and months.
Now I'll you through the clouds.
These are the clouds.
These clouds are not
as innocent as they look.
They are crafty buggers like me.
They come in different sizes.
Some are big.
Here comes a small cloud.
And it's evasive.
They are like a cushion laid
on the floor.
But they can't be found on the ground.
They keep hanging over our heads.
Water comes out of it instead of wool
when it explodes.
That's how a cloud looks.
How does a pigeon look
when it falls on the ground?
Should I tell you?
Come, Brother Sudhir, get some rest.
Otherwise, he'll keep you occupied
with the painting.
Get it out.
Do you pay her to spoil the mood?
Bhavani, I can't find my phone.
What, Brother Sudhir?
Oh, no!
I'll be right back, Brother Sudhir.
Get up!
You'll never learn, will you?
Give it back.
-Give what back?
-Brother Sudhir's phone is missing.
Dial the number.
You'll know when the phone rings.
I didn't steal it.
Wow! You're a thief
who claims he didn't steal.
Find it.
Just admit that you don't want
-to work, lazybones.
-Come on.
-You've blown a fuse in my mind.
-Come on.
-I'm letting you off as you're a woman.
-Yeah, whatever!
You've made my life hell!
Where do we look for it now?
-Call the lawyer.
-Look for it.
-Hello, Mr. Sudhir.
-Hello, sir.
Sorry for calling at this hour.
It's alright.
No, I mean--
So, tell me.
What made you call me?
Please finish drafting my will.
So that's what's been keeping you awake.
Isn't it obvious?
It's an important decision.
Don't you think? So until--
Until what?
How can I rest until
I don't have some clarity?
Who are you entrusting
your property to?
I have two names on my mind.
I'll pick one of them.
You know what?
Get the will ready.
Till then I'll make my decision.
Please let it be
my name in the will, God.
Brother Sudhir
I am here to murder.
Not you but your expectations.
I know what you're expecting in exchange
for sucking up to Brother Sudhir,
but you'll never get it.
Every inch of this house
belongs to me.
I was here first.
I will not spare you if you try
to become an heir in his will!
Everything belongs to me after him.
Speak up.
Those who don't have any family,
don't necessarily give
everything to their maid.
I am not a maid.
I am a princess.
I didn't come here willingly.
He called me here.
So what?
He adopted me as well.
You were his favorite,
but I am trending now.
Don't get your hopes too high.
He will choose me.
If you try to interfere,
I'll split you in half.
Be careful.
The world's filled
With different kinds of people
Some work hard day and night
While others bask in luxury
A glorious day overwhelmed by darkness
A glorious day overwhelmed by darkness
Vultures start circling
Before the cattle's dead
Vultures start circling
Before the cattle's dead
Snakes disguised as snake charmers
Snakes disguised as snake charmers
Vultures start circling
Before the cattle's dead
Vultures start circling
Before the cattle's dead
Vultures start circling
Before the cattle's dead
Vultures start circling
Before the cattle's dead
Everywhere you go
I follow in tow
Like bad luck I am always behind you
I've pulled the ladder
From under your feet
I am the serpent waiting
For you at the end
You may be good, but I am better
I am the prick in your heart
If you're better, I am the best
Never let you be content
Gathering around for a free meal
Vultures start circling
Before the cattle's dead
Vultures start circling
Before the cattle's dead
Vultures start circling
Before the cattle's dead
Vultures start circling
Before the cattle's dead
Why is it so silent?
He's always crawling
around you like a snake.
You never know when
he'll be harmful to you.
Can I tell you something, Brother Sudhir?
I've been looking after
this house for three years.
I take one leave,
and you let the thief guard the treasure.
Don't worry.
He's a harmless snake.
Not poisonous.
It seems he is cute.
I am the one who lacks something.
None of us are perfect
but you also have a specialty.
You make this place feel alive.
When you go a leave,
this place seems lifeless to me.
It's not like I've kept this
place spic and span.
You do a lot for this house.
I am sure no one else can do any better.
What do I do, Brother Sudhir?
Tell me.
You get upset.
And you only be upset
with those you love.
Those who have someone
like you are lucky.
Every family must have
a member like that.
Someone who gets upset or irritated.
The one who wards off the evil eye
of a blind man.
Bravo, Brother Sudhir. Bravo.
You're playing that thing so well.
But why are you playing such
a sad tune early in the morning?
When the heart is sad,
it likes to hear sad songs.
What is bothering you, Brother Sudhir?
I'll tell you when
I'm in a better mood.
You see, Brother Sudhir,
my life's taken a U-turn
since I met you.
Believe me!
So, I've only one target in life.
And that is to be like you.
And to do that,
I'll stay with you.
Learn about life.
And one day, I'll prove it to you.
I am the protege this
mentor's been looking for.
And no one else
Brother Sudhir
Your favorite slippers
were hidden under the bed.
Wear them.
-Give me the other one.
-Thanks, Bhavani.
Leave. Get away!
You do so much for me.
I believe women are not careless like men.
So, if you ever want
to entrust anything in the future,
entrust it to a woman.
Brother Sudhir
are you forgetting to tell us something?
Are you sure?
Mummy, am I forgetting something?
Over here.
Yes, Sudhir.
It's your birthday today.
-Happy birthday Sudhir.
-How can I forget?
Happy birthday, Brother Sudhir.
I will never forget it.
Happy birthday, Brother Sudhir.
We're going to party tonight.
We will enjoy to the fullest!
Come on.
Very good.
But you guys will throw a party for me,
with your money.
That will be my birthday gift.
Is this all you two could afford?
We got a free one-on-two
and still got totally wiped out.
I expected more from you.
We learned from you
to be happy with what we have.
So be happy, Brother Sudhir.
Happy birthday.
What does happiness look like?
Happiness is like this
ice candy, Brother Sudhir.
It's cold.
It sends cold sensations
all over your body.
It's solid in the beginning.
It's tightly knit.
But you got to enjoy it quickly.
Otherwise, it melts
and slips through your fingers.
It slipped, right?
I'll drench you.
This is the sea, Brother Sudhir.
Some say that those who are sad,
come sit by the seashore.
People compare their problems
with the depth of the sea.
And their problems seem trivial.
Then they take a U-turn and leave,
just like these waves.
They get back home.
When will you leave?
If you're done giving
running commentary,
can we go home?
Or you'll drown
Brother Sudhir with your words.
Can I drown her right here?
Come, Brother Sudhir.
My ears are tired.
Wasn't that fun, Brother Sudhir?
Brother Sudhir.
-What happened, Brother Sudhir?
-Brother Sudhir!
-It's nothing.
-The train's far away.
-Is everything okay?
-Brother Sudhir, it is at a distance.
Brother Sudhir.
Sit down. What happened?
-Sit. Sit.
-Sit down.
-The train
-Scares you?
makes me jealous!
It runs so fast.
It's fearless and tears through the winds.
How does she feel?
Have you thought about it?
It is--
You two must know
how it feels to run fearlessly?
When someone ran past me
it would feel like he was taunting me.
My friends would leave me stranded
under the bridge, alone.
And run away.
When the train would pass over the bridge,
I couldn't figure out
where the sound was coming from.
You had some weird friends.
I had some good friends as well.
Let's go back home.
Yes, let's go.
Party is over.
No, I mean my real home.
What do you mean by real home?
I want to return to my childhood
like the waves.
Back home.
-Oh, Brother Sudhir.
We moved from Haryana to Maharashtra,
and now Gujarat.
Am I on an Indian tour?
Right, Brother Sudhir.
I would have come along
if you were born in Goa.
But I don't want to go to Mandvi.
It's fine if you don't want to come along.
Pay my rent.
-Otherwise, you can get a cell
for free at the police station.
-Yes, and he'll feel at home there.
I never denied it.
I'll go with you.
So when are we going?
Brother Sudhir, I'll never let you
go with this dimwit.
I'll come along as well.
Fine, we'll go.
But before that, I must call someone.
Call the lawyer.
Like I was saying,
you told me about
points three and four and
we'll get that done.
I won't forget that.
We have to see that
Keep it.
So, I was saying
Just text me the final name quickly.
Yes, sir.
Everything will be clear soon.
-Okay, I'll leave then.
-You keep seated.
Ali. Bhavani.
Yes, Brother Sudhir.
Come on.
Now we can go to Mandvi.
Brother Sudhir
I traveled 19 hours by train to get here.
Can we take a flight?
I never got on a plane.
I even dream about trains
The local trains.
I wouldn't let you board a goods train.
-Get lost.
-You go.
I cannot travel cooped up
in a flight or train.
Even widow seats are useless to me.
I want to ride in the open
see the world
That's it.
Mr. Sudhir!
I've arranged a convertible for you.
It's behind you.
Come with me.
You can't imagine the places
I went looking for this car.
Come, I'll show you.
Thank you, Francis.
I love that.
But I'll sit in the front.
What are you saying, Mr. Sudhir?
There is only one place to sit,
in the front.
It's a two-seater.
But we are three people.
-We'll adjust--
-He can board a bus.
And follow us.
Have you ever cycled?
Who is going to drive?
Don't you have anything that
can accommodate all three of us?
Mr. Sudhir, no!
No, Mr. Sudhir!
It's like we're roaming in the sky
And feeling high
-What? Are we here?
-Yes, we've arrived.
Get down.
Come, Brother Sudhir.
-Come on, Brother Sudhir.
-Let's go.
Don't be afraid like a child.
It's straight up.
Brother Sudhir, don't be scared.
It's just an "alexander".
It's an escalator, you illiterate.
-Yes, I meant the same.
-Come on.
Don't be afraid, Brother Sudhir.
Do you remember the slide?
Imagine this is a slide.
But it's got steps.
But you don't have to climb
these steps. It's automatic.
-Come on.
-Just take a step forward and climb.
And up we go.
We are here.
Now slowly take a step.
The sky is mesmerizing
This place is beautiful
The sky is mesmerizing
It's looking nice.
Brother Sudhir, it's not
looking that great.
This one's so colorful.
You're looking like a dude.
-A dude?
Ali, how am I looking?
Have you ever seen a pumpkin,
Brother Sudhir?
You must have tasted it.
Just imagine a pumpkin fitted
with two eyes,
one nose, and teeth like a shovel.
That's how you're looking.
Like a pumpkin.
-You mean I'm looking handsome.
I'll ward the evil eye off you.
It's like I am going in the sky
I am feeling high
It's like I am going in the sky
Everything is
-Are you mad?
Oh, come on, Brother Sudhir.
There are such breathtaking sights
all around, and you're dozing off.
It's just a millet field, Brother Sudhir.
Go back to sleep.
It's not a field but a plate.
Let me show you.
This is a plate, Brother Sudhir.
Touch it.
We take as much food
as we need on our plate.
This is the entire country's plate.
Imagine how big this platter is
that feeds the entire country.
Feel it.
Who is there?
-Oh, no!
-The plate comes with a guard.
-Run, Brother Sudhir! Run!
Run, Brother Sudhir!
-Brother Sudhir!
-Where do I go?
-Catch them!
-Come with us!
-Yes, coming.
-Let's go!
Let's go! Run!
Incoming voice call from lawyer.
Hello, sir.
Just a minute.
Yes, I have decided on a name.
How did you know
that name was on my mind?
You're right.
That name's on my mind all the time.
Yes, option two isn't bad
but can't be compared to option one.
Wait a minute.
Hello, Sudhir.
Is there anyone in the room?
"Bhavani, get me some tea.
Bhavani, get me some food.
Bhavani, get me a glass of water."
There's only one name
you think of all day.
Here you go, Brother Sudhir.
Toast with extra butter.
What are you doing, Brother Sudhir?
Too much butter
can give you a heart attack.
I had your favorite khandvi made.
Try this.
Thank you, Ali.
Still not the same.
Brother Sudhir
khandvi is your favorite food.
But who among us is your favorite?
I know, Brother Sudhir.
You tell him.
You two are the same for me.
But I'm sure you have a favorite.
Tell him, Brother Sudhir.
He's a shameless man.
He won't mind it.
I'm telling you the truth.
I like both of you.
-Imagine we're having a heart attack.
Why would I get a heart attack?
-Just imagine it.
Oh, God!
So, we're having a heart attack.
We're in pain.
You have only one oxygen mask.
Who will you save?
I have a question.
If you have to choose one of your eyes,
and call it your favorite,
which one will you choose?
Left or right?
Tell me.
Brother Sudhir, what's wrong?
Shall I get some water?
-Get some water!
-I'm fine.
-Let's go.
-Are you alright?
This place is beautiful
The sky is mesmerizing
This place is beautiful
Why is this roadway blocked?
-Brother Sudhir.
-Brother Sudhir.
-Brother Sudhir, there are cops here.
Stop. Stop.
We're done for.
Show me your license
and documents for the vehicle.
Is this your vehicle?
He's just a driver.
We are the owners.
He's the boss.
Hey. Show me your license.
I just remembered.
My purse was stolen yesterday.
My license was in that.
Give me your number.
I'll get a new one made
and WhatsApp you.
Get down.
How dare you cross the state border
without a license?
Do you know for how long you can be
put in jail if you cause an accident?
Six months.
I know the term for every offense.
Park the vehicle on the side.
-Trying to be a wise guy?
-Just tell me what happened.
Inspector, you know what.
You can keep him
and return the scooter.
-We'll get ourselves a new driver, okay.
-That's too much.
-Shut up!
-Shut up!
Really sorry.
It's all my fault I didn't
check his license.
All my fault.
Keep this fine--
Keep this fine, sir.
And let us go.
Please! We won't repeat our mistakes.
Get off the scooter.
Get off.
I did get off.
I did get off.
I don't want this man to
-Why are you hitting me?
-Beat him up!
-Brother Sudhir!
Brother Sudhir, what are you doing?
Sir, sorry.
I won't take any more risks.
-Brother Sudhir.
-Now I'll drive.
Where is the helmet?
The boss is going to drive now.
Are you going to drive, Brother Sudhir?
Brother Sudhir
Sit. Hurry up.
Sorry, sir.
Brother Sudhir, let's take a break
and then continue.
Make sure you hire
a better driver the next time.
-Of course, sir. Thank you.
-Off you go.
Thank you.
Brother Sudhir, what are you doing?
Trying to save you guys.
I think you're trying to
get us killed, Brother Sudhir.
How can you drive like this?
First, let's get it started.
Start it with the key.
Now let's go.
Let go slowly.
-Brother Sudhir.
Be careful.
Let's go straight.
Brother Sudhir, what are you doing?
-Straight. Straight, Brother Sudhir.
-Brother Sudhir.
-There goes your umbrella.
-Oh, no!
Brother Sudhir!
-Stay on the road, Brother Sudhir.
-Brother Sudhir.
Oh, no!
Be careful.
Brother Sudhir.
It's the storm of death.
Let me go.
Hit the brakes, Brother Sudhir!
How long can we keep walking
behind him blindfolded?
Is this what life is going to be?
Mine was almost over.
You saved me.
Our lives have no value.
The things we've to endure for money.
You must have a family.
At least you have a home
to go back to.
But me
I do have a home
but no family.
I never saw my mum,
and my father didn't want to see me.
How is that?
I was too young when my mother died.
She died giving birth to me.
Father called me jinxed.
He never saw my face.
He remarried.
When I tried to be pally
with my stepmother
she made me hold the broom instead.
I was reduced to a maid
in my own home.
Whenever anyone treated me nicely
I mistook it for love.
Later those scumbags would dump me.
Those who hadn't seen my face,
said that Bhavani has put our family down.
I ran away to save myself.
Then I met him.
Brother Sudhir.
I don't remember where
I bumped into him.
He started paying me for the job
I would get yelled for.
Also the one thing I never had.
Freedom. Respect.
Then Bhavani started having dreams.
And then you came along, you scum.
-See you.
-Let's go, Brother Sudhir.
-Brother Sudhir.
We want to live.
Sit over there.
You drove well. Now let's go.
Mandvi, here we come.
What? Are we here?
-Put in all efforts.
-Let's do it.
-Put in all efforts.
-Let's do it.
-Pull. Pull harder.
-Come on!
Pull. Keep pulling.
Brother Sudhir.
We're at an intersection.
Which way now?
Brother Sudhir, which way now?
Right or left?
-Take a right.
You'll come across a post office
at the intersection.
-Stop there.
Wow, Brother Sudhir.
We've arrived at your post office,
Brother Sudhir.
His sense of direction
is better than a phone.
He'll manage. Don't give him a hand.
-He will manage.
But where is he going?
He's going inside.
Brother Sudhir.
Maybe this is where he posted
letters in his childhood.
Why did you call me here?
It was important.
But I have to go.
Let's talk while we walk.
Tell me what is it?
Brother Sudhir.
Where are you going?
Brother Sudhir.
Well I
Tell me. What is it?
Mohini, I am going.
Is this a joke?
Look out.
There's a stone in front of you.
I am leaving this village.
I am telling the truth.
My mentor's moving to Mumbai.
So, he's taking me with him.
is it something I did?
I am leaving
so that I don't make any mistakes.
In a corner of my heart
Are several
Incomplete letters
On the branch of my memories
Are several
Unhealed banes
We'll meet again as we were
This is important
We may be incomplete
But this story isn't incomplete
This story isn't incomplete
You once belonged to me
This thought is enough for me
You can go
but you don't have to break my heart.
You'll never cry again.
Will we never meet again?
We will meet.
We'll meet again.
Sudhir, you bloke.
My Mr. India.
Come on.
Come in.
Come on.
You are here after so long!
He's my childhood friend.
My Mr. India.
-Mr. India?
Mr. India disappeared after
wearing the watch,
and he kept
disappearing all the time.
That's why I nicknamed him Mr. India.
Well, I'd often forget
my cane at home.
And would get lost for a long time.
So what do you do in Mumbai?
I've started a new business.
I go to people's homes
and work for them.
It's a lot of hard work,
but I earn a little profit.
-Works in an NGO.
-Yes, that's what I meant.
He works for me.
Sudhir's favorite khandvi.
-Please help yourselves.
-Of course.
What happened?
I've arthritis.
-My leg keeps paining.
-I see.
Brother Sudhir
it's been two hours.
How much longer will
we keep staring at the water?
Yes, Brother Sudhir.
And I am famished.
Let's go get something to eat.
Khandvi's been scratched off the list.
Let's go get some dabeli now.
You guys carry on.
I'll stick around a little longer.
Let him be with himself.
Don't always cling to him.
-Let's go.
Take care, Brother Sudhir.
Off we go.
Let's go get some golgappas.
I want dabeli.
Let's go sneak a peek.
I've no interest in being
the third wheel.
I've been eating lentil soup for two days.
Why don't you understand?
You look cuter when you're angry.
How do you get this?
I was really mad
the day you left me.
I went home and took all
the stuff you spent time with.
Later I spent my time with these.
I thought I'll give it back
when you return.
But you never returned.
I did now.
Were you doing me a favor?
After all these years
now you've returned.
All these years you never
bothered to find out,
whether I am dead or alive.
I was so worried for you.
Do have any clue?
We could have left together.
But you never asked.
Being there for each other
and spending a life together
are two different things.
you're seeing me
after all these years.
How do I look?
Your language has changed.
Is that all?
But your attitude and
intent haven't changed.
Good or bad.
Attitude is good.
But the intent is bad.
We're meeting after
such a long time.
How do I look?
For that, I'll need to take a look at you.
Then go ahead.
Who's stopping you?
Do I have your permission?
You don't need permission
to take a look at someone.
But you are married.
So what?
Are you afraid?
You are so beautiful.
I've never seen you so happy before.
Hey, what's this?
It wasn't here before.
It wasn't there until yesterday.
It's a mosquito bite from last night.
Lucky mosquito.
How can you like someone
without seeing them?
You could see me.
And yet
why did you like me?
"Why did I like you?"
Do you still sing?
These days I feel
I take longer to get adorned
Feels like my courtyard's
Is graced by the moon and the stars
Is graced by the moon and the stars
Did you cast
A spell on them?
Why does your image
Dwell in my eyes all the time?
Did you cast
A spell on them?
All the time
A story still unfinished
I want to narrate
Had to meet you in solitude
It's an old desire
It's an old desire
Yes, my heart
Has called out to you
You are the sight
These lonely eyes want to see
Yes, my heart
Has called out to you
You are the sight
These lonely eyes want to see
What are you thinking, Brother Sudhir?
It's nothing.
You're very lucky.
At least you have secrets to keep.
When you love someone so deeply
they are always with you,
despite the distance.
Why do you feel that way?
I've seen it myself.
When your eyes
bring a gleam to someone's eyes.
That's called true love.
Tell me honestly.
Did you come to see Mandvi or khandvi?
You two look nice as a couple.
Let me know if you want to marry her.
I'll make her disappear overnight.
That's Bhavani's promise to you.
Brother Sudhir.
Going back to Mumbai is canceled.
I am moving to Mandvi.
Mandvi's such a nice place.
Where are we going tomorrow?
You saw the places
where I spent my young age.
Tomorrow we'll see
the place where I spent my childhood.
I look for
Some new colors in my life
We are here, Brother Sudhir.
-Careful, Brother Sudhir. Careful.
-Hold his bag.
Come on.
I guess the place has changed a lot.
You've come after all these years.
It's bound to change.
One more step, Brother Sudhir.
Climb up.
Come on. That's it.
Wait a minute, Brother Sudhir.
Did they all migrate from Mumbai?
How is it looking?
It's big, Brother Sudhir.
It's nice.
Very spacious.
There's a nice breeze coming in.
I'll feel better if you
tell me honestly.
It's big, Brother Sudhir.
It's nice but
Leave it, Brother Sudhir.
Basically, truth always sounds bitter.
What's this, Brother Sudhir?
But it's only precious to me.
I asked my mother how the world looks.
She said
it's small and round like this marble.
It's just a figure of speech,
Brother Sudhir.
The world isn't as small as it looks.
It's much smaller for me.
Stop talking about all this.
What else is in it?
This must be your
favorite childhood toy.
This is my "google-map."
I would use this as a child.
If there was some
object in front of me,
then mom would snap this.
Like a notification.
It's okay. It's okay.
Don't worry.
There goes the treasure.
-I'll take care of it.
I'll take care of it.
Are you alright?
Where are you going?
Don't go outside, son.
Mom, I am not going anywhere.
I am right here.
Listen to me.
Don't go outside.
You went out.
Careful, son.
Don't run.
Don't run, Sudhir.
Don't run, son.
-Brother Sudhir.
-Brother Sudhir.
Brother Sudhir.
Brother Sudhir.
Mom, I still can't run.
I'll never be able to run
in this lifetime.
I always fall.
How does a mother look, Ali?
Don't know, Brother Sudhir.
I never saw her myself.
Bhavani, do you know
how mom looks?
No clue.
I have an idea, Brother Sudhir.
Mummy would know
what a mother looks like.
How does a mother look?
I don't understand your question.
She didn't understand you.
It's so simple.
Let me try.
Mom looks how?
I didn't get your question.
Even mummy doesn't know
how a mother looks.
How does a mother look?
What does she look like?
When we're tired of running
from pillar to post
and are unable to find someone
in this big world to call our own.
After a tiring day
dealing with all the challenges
when our mood's completely down.
And despite all this,
when you fall fast asleep in her lap.
That's how a mother looks maybe.
Honestly speaking, Brother Sudhir
I cannot explain at the moment.
How do I explain something
I never experienced?
But you explained it so well.
Mom is like relief.
Mom is like solace.
You can't see her
but she can definitely be felt.
Brother Sudhir,
you made me emotional.
-Brother Sudhir.
-No more crying. Only living.
So many unseen colors
Which my heart touches
Which my heart touches
Through my fingers
As I close my eyes
I feel I am flying
I feel I am flying
With wings like butterfly
I feel different
Or am I high
I don't know what's different
I feel I'm racing ahead
Of the world.
I feel I'm on top
Of the world
Breathing is keeps you alive
But I don't want to be
Old school like everyone else
I want to live up every day
Like every moment is a celebration
This freedom
Filled in my heart
Don't know what's wrong
I feel I'm racing ahead
Of the world
I feel I'm on top
Of the world
Ahead of the world
-Are you fine?
-What a nice feeling
that was in the water.
Felt like my entire life
changed in a second.
-You should have seen your face.
-You looked so scared.
-Not at all.
I see No?
If you weren't scared,
then let's go again.
No, not again.
That was so much fun.
You guys must have enjoyed it much more.
You're right, Brother Sudhir.
It does feel nice.
He may not have blessed us
with any abilities
but at least He gave us eyes.
All my life I kept cursing Him.
But finally, I realized
how lucky I am.
For I can see this world.
Whenever I looked at anything,
I always looked at it with
the wrong intentions.
I don't deserve these eyes.
Don't disappear after we
go back to Mumbai.
I have a job for you.
No, Brother Sudhir.
You've already done so much for us.
We don't want anything else.
Brother Sudhir, you can tell us
if you want to go anywhere else,
we'll come along.
-Don't be shy.
-Yes, any place.
I don't want to go anywhere else.
I've done everything on my list.
Not yet.
There's still one thing
we haven't scratched off the list.
Brother Sudhir, let's go.
Come on.
Get down, Brother Sudhir.
You've reached your final destination.
Come, Brother Sudhir.
Come on.
Where are we?
Time to scratch off the final list,
Brother Sudhir.
What do you mean?
I mean, run, Brother Sudhir.
Faster than the wind.
Here you don't have to worry
about falling down,
or anyone crossing your path.
So, run.
And keep running,
till your entire life doesn't flash
before your eyes.
What does this place look like?
It's a huge place.
It's vast!
Never ending.
Doesn't matter how long
you want to keep going.
It stretches for miles alike.
It's smooth and flat.
I don't think I can run.
I think you'll fly.
Run, Brother Sudhir.
-You won't get a better opportunity.
-Run, Brother Sudhir.
-Come on.
-Run. Run.
-Faster than the wind, Brother Sudhir.
-Run, Brother Sudhir.
-Faster than the train.
-You wanted to run, didn't you?
-Run, Brother Sudhir.
-Run. Run.
-Run, Brother Sudhir.
-Bravo, Brother Sudhir.
Faster than the wind.
The earth below me
Feels like a fluid
Never seemed
So beautiful before
The heart is touching
The scattered moonlight
Like dewdrops
On my fingertips
This night is
So peaceful
This night is
So peaceful
I can feel
The sky under my feet
Brother Sudhir!
Brother Sudhir!
Brother Sudhir!
Brother Sudhir!
Brother Sudhir!
What happened?
Brother Sudhir, get up.
Or else I'll force you up.
He'll get up.
-Get up, Brother Sudhir.
-What has happened--
Brother Sudhir.
-Brother Sudhir.
-Get up, Brother Sudhir.
You told me not to steal,
and I quit stealing.
And now you must listen to me.
Come on, get up!
Brother Sudhir.
-Brother Sudhir!
-I'll clean the house twice a day.
I'll cook food as well.
Get up, Brother Sudhir.
Get up, Brother Sudhir.
Brother Sudhir.
Wake up my naive friend.
I don't want your money.
I don't want anything.
I just want you, Brother Sudhir.
What will I do without you,
Brother Sudhir?
Brother Sudhir, I want you back!
Wake up!
Don't leave us!
We met by destiny
but right from bringing
you two home to now,
all my decisions were well calculated.
When you're on the verge of dying,
the heart begins to retrospect.
I've known you two very closely now.
Irrespective of what
the world thinks about you,
but you two have unique qualities.
You have humanity.
So, I want to give
you two an opportunity.
Sudhir took a lot of time
to pick a name.
There are dozens of Sudhirs
in this world.
I've pledged everything to them.
I'm going to ask you for a favor.
Treat them the same way you treated me.
Show them the world.
Tell them stories.
Teach them how to be independent.
Be their eyes.
It's a non-profit organization.
But don't let it run at a loss.
Also if you ever notice
a spark in someone
don't ignore it.
Give them a chance.
I forgot to ask you one thing.
What does this place look like?