Nazi Overlord (2018) Movie Script

Sir, are you okay?
Sir? Sir?
We got 'em on the run!
Forward, boys!
Captain, come on,
you got to eat.
Good work out there,
They told me either
Hawaii or Guam.
I'm ready to go to Hawaii.
That's where all the
opportunity will be.
What about you, Captain?
I bet you got
the sweetest deals.
Gentlemen, just because I pray
doesn't mean you have to.
No, it's... it's good.
I prayed like a little bitch
out in the field.
Whoops, sorry Lord.
Hey, Haas?
Who are those guys?
Colonel just let them
out of the brig.
They went AWOL during Normandy.
Tried to go AWOL.
They didn't even
make it a mile.
Hey, a lot of men
were scared out there.
Fear makes you do
a lot of things,
things you didn't
think were possible.
Yeah, lots of men died
out there on the beach,
probably more than needed
to with guys running away
from the action instead of
helping their fellow man.
Are you talking
to somebody in particular?
Oh, you're damn right I am.
Hey, Private, everyone's
on edge right now.
Nah, I don't got
a damn thing to say to you.
That's right, run away,
run away.
AWOL or not, those men
know how to handle a gun.
Does make me wonder why they
ran away in the first place.
Well, Colonel wants them
to redeem themselves,
so, and he believes
they're good men.
He's giving them
a second chance
'cause we're almost out of men.
Well, if they decide
to turn yellow and run,
Cap'll stop them.
Why would I keep them in line?
They're not assigned to me.
Now that Normandy's secure,
what is the next assignment?
You're coming with us,
right, Captain?
That's why I volunteered.
This is your squad, right?
That's what Colonel told us.
Isn't that what he told you?
Well, look,
I'm sorry I didn't
talk with you
about this earlier
or, to be quite honest, even
ask you, but as we know,
wartime doesn't allow for
the formalities, you know.
So I take it I'm not going
back to Washington yet?
Look, first of all,
look, I heard what
you did on the beach,
and it make me glad to hear
that I have a man
who's not afraid
to kick these guys in the nuts
one-on-one, okay?
And look, is it true
you killed a Nazi
with your bare hands?
The most effective weapon
at the time, Sir.
I'm taking you off the field.
So I am going home?
You want to go home?
I go where I'm needed, Sir.
After you.
Right there.
So look, I'm not ready
to send you back home.
Not yet, not without her.
She's Dr. India Eris,
a British scientist.
She was doing research
in Belgium when the Nazis
took her hostage
two months ago.
- What type of research?
- Unknown.
She was working with the
British government on some kind
of biological warfare method
or some sophisticated
crap like that.
I don't know.
Biological warfare,
like black plague?
Oh come on, biological
warfare has its place.
It's not as scary
as it sounds.
I'll take a gun over some
lab experiment any day.
Spoken like
my kind of American.
I'm fine, thank you, Sir.
That was her lab
in Belgium.
Now apparently, she was able
to burn down all her research
before the Nazis took her.
So they don't have her files,
but they have
the next best thing.
Sir, two months is a long time.
She could be anywhere.
British intelligence spotted
her at a refugee camp
in Romania on a scout.
Now apparently she was
under great duress,
and it appears that she's
working now for the Nazi regime.
Sir, you know, as I well know,
that nobody can make you do
anything you
don't want to do.
Well, if that was the case,
why, half of the men in my unit
wouldn't be doing
what I tell them to do
every day,
now, would they?
What's this got to do with me?
Miss Eris is
an invaluable asset.
Now, we need her back
on the Allied side.
Yeah, but she's British,
why don't they go find her?
They tried twice.
We tried twice.
The British and U.S.
units went missing.
They went missing.
Now look, something's
happening in Romania,
but we can't put
enough boots on the ground
to send in
a full unit of men.
I'm an Army Captain, Sir.
I'm not Special Forces.
I'm not trained for
cloak-and-dagger missions.
Okay, look, intelligence says
there's a base near there
where the Nazis
are operating from.
My guess, it's within
a five-mile perimeter
of the village.
Now just start to scout there.
But I want you to be aware,
these locals are hostile
to Americans.
Sir, with all due respect,
I'm not the right
man for the job.
With all due respect,
yes, you are.
Look, all of our other
resources are in Germany,
China and Japan.
I think the Nazis
know that, okay.
They don't think we're paying
any attention to Romania,
and that's why we're going to
go and take advantage of that.
Sir, since you assigned
me this operation,
I'm assuming you assigned
me my squad, as well?
It's no one you wouldn't
have selected yourself.
You got Lieutenant Haas,
uh, plus Grey,
Thompson, Brisco and any
other jokers you might want.
Including those guys
that went AWOL.
Hey, look, the mission
will give them a chance
to win their spines back
because I don't send
cowards home, all right?
You bring that
doctor back to me,
I will be sure that the
president himself thanks you.
You can shake
my hand now, Sir.
I'm in.
Thank you.
Coffee, Captain?
Where'd you get
the fresh coffee?
I didn't.
So how close are we?
Should be coming up on the
village in a few more paces.
There's something
blocking the road ahead.
Looks like some
fallen branches.
Let's go.
So, uh, this broad's
just gonna be waiting for us
with open arms
to come save her?
This isn't a Flash Gordon
serial, Grey.
Eh, screw that.
They're gonna be making movies
about me when I get home.
Is that so?
So-di-so-so, Mr. Thompson.
Grey, who's gonna play you,
Ginger Rogers?
My uncle's a publisher.
He's gonna wait for us
to get some accounts
on the front lines.
They go crazy for
that secret agent stuff.
Kid, you're too loud
to hold anything secret.
Yeah, coming from the guy
with the big mouth.
Hit the floor.
Brisco, hold your fire.
You're wasting your ammo
without a target.
Damn, what are they
waiting for?
Maybe Brisco got 'em.
What the....
- Hold your fire.
- But I heard 'em!
Well, we can't see them.
Then how can they see us?
- Hold your fire!
- They've gone quiet.
Come on, come on!
No, no, no, no!
Take cover!
We got to go!
Collins, St. John,
grab the trunk.
What about the radio?
All right, we need to move.
Collins, take inventory,
we're heading out.
Back to France?
Damn it, St. John, is running
away your answer to everything?
We're not running away,
I never did run away.
Great, you're
delusional, too.
What the hell's your problem
with me anyway, huh?
You don't know what happened
to me and Collins out there.
My problem is I don't trust
deserters having my back,
- and you, Sir...
- Brisco.
Back to guard duty.
Sir, someone else
knows we're here.
I don't think he's a soldier.
Grey, bring him here.
He's asking if we're angels.
Talk to him.
He says it makes him sad.
Because that means
he's not dead yet.
Where'd he find these tags?
Tell him we're here
to help him.
We've got men
and plenty of ammo.
We need to find these men.
Wherever they are, Dr. Eris
isn't too far behind.
Once we find her,
we can get out of here.
Hey, we're here
to help you,
but you got to help us
find these men.
We need to stop
whoever did this.
Please take us to them
so they can't do it again.
Okay, we're heading out.
They took
my son and daughter.
My wife tried to stop them.
They took her, too.
I-I ran like a coward.
This is God's punishment
for not stopping them.
Who's them?
Who took your family away?
The men with
the black crosses.
No way, Collins, I told you
to stand guard in the back.
What, you gonna argue with me?
Captain, with all due respect,
this old man doesn't seem
like he's quite all there.
He may be crazy, but he's
the only lead we got.
Keep moving, St. John.
Who's side is he on?
He could be leading us
right into an ambush.
If he is, we'll be ready.
Don't worry, I'm watching him.
And I'm watching you.
St. John, Collins.
Already on it.
People actually lived here?
This must've been some
sort of last stand.
They did not go down easy.
Haas, ask him where
he got those dog-tags,
if the men are still alive.
Whoa, Captain, Captain,
over here.
Is it just the two of them?
There's a third
one over here.
What happened to
the rest of 'em?
Is it all men?
Is there any women?
Without a full autopsy,
it'd be hard to tell.
He said the men with the black
crosses brought her down
to inspect the men before
they burned the everything.
From where?
From where?
From up there, the mountain.
- Who's got eyes?
- I do.
All right, I want you
to look at that hill,
see if there's any activity.
You two, guard the perimeter.
If she's that close, the men
that took her are even closer.
Hey Cap, come look
at these skeletons.
I don't think they're made up
of the same person.
Their limbs, they're on
the wrong side, see?
They were broken apart and
reattached, soldered on.
They took off the limbs and
put 'em on the opposite side?
But why?
Captain, there's some
sort of castle
or fortress on that mountain.
Castle? Come on.
If you don't believe me,
see it for yourself.
We've got movement
in the trees.
You sure it ain't
just wildlife?
I don't like this.
I don't like this at all.
- We got to move.
- I don't like it, either.
All right, we're heading out.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Haas, what's he saying?
He's saying kill yourself,
kill yourself before
it's too late.
Too late for what?
Grey, stop firing.
Hold on to your bullets.
What are these guys,
There, by the woods.
Proceed to the north.
Follow me.
Find cover in those trees!
Whoever our shooter is,
his aim sure sucks.
Yeah, well, he had no problem
taking out the old man.
What's that?
- Captain, this is...
- Halt.
Hold your ground.
We're open targets here.
Wait here.
Why did you do that?
They're not trying to kill us.
They're trying to capture us.
They want us alive.
Okay, I'm ordering
a full retreat.
On my count, we're heading back
to the river the way we came.
Everybody got that?
I want you to fire everything
you have at that barn.
Load up.
You boys ready?
Three, two, one.
We're under fire.
We need to retreat!
- Get out of here.
- This way!
Save yourselves.
Captain, which way?
Looks like they gave up on
not trying to kill us.
This way, into the mineshaft.
No, no, Sir, wait,
we need cover and a place
with tactical advantage.
This way now.
Come on.
Come on, Sam!
Come on, Sam!
Here they come.
Okay, okay.
All right, it's okay.
Collins, hang
in there, buddy.
He's losing a lot of blood.
Bullet's still in him.
Hang in there, come on.
All right, I want everyone
to spread out.
I want to hit it from all angles
in case they come in here.
We're sitting ducks, man.
Not if we hit them first.
What's that, Private?
- It's coming from the back.
That means there's
another way in here.
Haas, go in the back
of the cave and scout it out,
see if there's
another way out.
Hang in there, buddy,
you're gonna be okay.
Go! They're here.
- No, no!
- Sam, no, no!
Out this way!
I don't do good in
small spaces, Cap.
It's okay, it's okay.
Nuh-uh, I don't do good
in small spaces, Cap.
- Grey, Grey.
- Get me out of here, man!
Grey, Grey, look, it's okay.
You're all right.
You're okay.
How we doing?
I pulled down all
the loose rocks I can,
but there's still too much
debris blocking the exits.
- All right.
- I'll keep trying.
Hey, Captain,
come check this out.
It's a pretty advanced
air filter.
You could breathe on
the moon with this thing.
Yeah, it's a great
prevention tool,
especially against
biochemical agents.
They gonna gas us?
They wanted to take us alive.
Why wouldn't
they just kill us?
We were fighting back.
They must've had orders
not to kill.
Yeah, because Nazis
never disobey orders.
That's why
they grabbed Collins.
He was injured.
He was the easiest one to take.
What the hell
do they want us for?
Brisco and Collins,
they had tattoos, right?
What does that have to do
with anything at all?
Because they skin guys alive
who have tattoos for decoration.
That's a load of bullshit.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Hey, hey, hey!
Get it off me.
Get it off me.
- Grey, Grey.
- What are you doing, Grey?
- Calm down!
- I'm not gonna let them get me.
- Grey, Grey.
- Stop, stop!
It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay. It's all right,
you're all right.
Hey, it's okay to be afraid,
it's okay.
Oh, yeah, is it?
I bet they give out
medals to crybabies.
Shut up.
- Man up!
- Hey!
Hey, I want you to use
that fear for fuel,
huh, keep you going?
All right?
You can break down out there,
but I need you in here.
Yeah, you got it?
- Yeah.
- All right.
It's not just the fear that's
getting to him, it's the air.
- It's all right.
- Or lack of it.
We're gonna suffocate in here
if we don't get out.
We're gonna get out.
I already looked.
The explosion's caused
too much damage.
Both ways out are
completely walled up.
Who's got a grenade?
I do.
Fire in the hole!
St. John.
Yeah, we got a crawlspace.
It's tight, but I think
we can make it.
I think we better
do this quick,
or this place might cave.
Wait, you're saying we
go through that crawlspace
and then come
out the other side,
get picked off one by one?
Well, you got a better idea?
Grey, help me take off
this guy's uniform.
You gonna dress up
like a Nazi?
Why not?
Yeah, this could work.
All right.
What, you don't like
the smell of Nazi scum?
Son of a bitch, you
look like a damn Nazi.
One thing about Nazis,
they're known for
their uniformity.
Plus, they don't know
what I look like.
Even if they did,
I'll be wearing this.
Let's go.
- Equipment?
- Leave it.
- Let's go, let's go.
- You want me to go in there?
I don't think I'm gonna fit.
Oh, you'll fit, now come on.
The Nazis, of course.
Grey, don't freak out
on me back there.
Holy crap.
Cap, you all right?
No, Cap, stop, stop, stop,
you're going to get
an infection.
That's what they taught
us in boot.
Yeah, screw boot camp,
I'm a damn Eagle Scout.
All right, unless you want
an infection in your arm
from the bacteria in
your saliva, go on,
keep sucking away,
but you don't even know
if there's venom in it.
Oh God this hurts.
All right, let's just
keep on moving, okay?
Damn, got him.
No, no, no, the morons
think he's one of them.
I don't like it.
Stop. What are you doing?
You're gonna blow his cover
before he's even started.
Stay calm.
Hey, hey, hey, St. John,
why don't you come on?
- Jesus.
- Cap.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Where's Eris?
Is she still here?
I saw the guards.
They're leaving west.
She's here.
They're planning on launching
some kind of operation tonight.
All right, fellas,
I need you to get
in these
Nazi uniforms quickly.
Hey, you think
that whole Clark Kent routine
is gonna work?
It worked for me.
I'm the only one
that knows German.
What do we do if
they question us?
They won't, especially
when they see our cargo.
It should buy us enough time
to infiltrate their base
and rescue the doctor.
- I'll grab this officer.
- St. John, don't bother.
How am I gonna get inside?
You're the cargo.
Come on, fellas, let's go.
Get changed quickly.
So what, we're just
gonna walk up
to that front door and knock?
Well, it's a little
late to parachute
through the roof, so....
Sure she's in there?
Everything points to this
being a research facility,
not a military outpost.
Look, there's no tanks,
not even a team of watchmen.
Why keep themselves so
vulnerable to an attack
if they can't even
defend themselves?
There must be some other
defense system in place.
That's probably why they
brought the good doctor here.
Remember, gentlemen,
no aggression unless
absolutely necessary.
- Jesus Christ.
- Shit.
Crazy bitch.
Well, yes, I understand,
but we probably shouldn't test
it on them because of the....
Found her.
Sure she wants to leave?
Yeah, she seems pretty chummy
with her new Nazi friends.
She's been here
for two months.
You do whatever
you have to do survive.
What if she doesn't
want to go?
Then we kill the bitch.
No, we need her alive,
regardless if she's
changed her morals or not.
So what, we're just
going to walk up to her
and take her out,
it's that easy?
These are
inexperienced soldiers.
How old was the guard, 16?
This is a research facility.
Their greatest weapon
is their intelligence,
not their muscle.
Yeah, all the big muscle
already evacuated.
Just what kind of operation
are they planning here, anyway?
Enough debate, let's go.
Captain, your wrist.
We'll bust through that door,
I want you to shoot everyone
that's not a doctor.
Grey, you stay behind
and watch the hall.
Once we start shooting,
who knows how many Nazis
we're going to attract.
You got it?
- Hey, he asked you a question.
I got it.
Don't scream.
I'm Captain Alan Rogers
from the United States Army.
We're here to take you home.
You hurt?
- Are you okay?
- Yes, I'm all right.
Hallway's still empty,
but we got to go.
We need to go now.
Are you the men
from the cave?
Wait, do you have Collins?
Yes, he's here along
with another man.
- Brisco?
- Perhaps.
They brought them both in
separately earlier today.
They're keeping
them downstairs.
We can get in there
through here.
Do you hear that, Cap?
They're alive.
Our mission was
to save the doctor.
- We got her, now we got to go.
- We need to save our men.
Please, we can save your men
and leave.
- Let's go.
- Someone's coming.
Grey, close the door.
We busted the lock.
We cannot stay here,
we got to go.
Do you want to save
your men or not?
How do you get out of here?
There's a ravine that leads
down to a passage in the back.
We can go through there.
We use it for sewage.
We can get out through there.
Okay, let's go.
Let's go.
- Captain?
- I said let's go.
I can barricade the door
once we're through.
How did you even find me?
We weren't the first guys
looking for you.
I know.
I can't even contemplate
the men who've come
to look for me.
I fear they died in vain.
Why do think that?
The Nazis trust me
implicitly now,
and of course I've been leading
them completely off-track.
You've been doing
research for the Nazis?
What they consider research.
I mean, they...
We must get
to the laboratory.
If they know you're here,
they'll turn you into subjects.
You're soldiers.
What are they doing to them?
- What are you doing?
- Are you one of them?
It's a quarantine bell.
It's to warn everyone that
the contagion has gotten loose.
Stand back.
All right. Go.
Where are Collins and Brisco?
What bit you?
- A snake.
- You mean a viper.
It's not important.
It will be once the poison
reaches your heart.
Here, here, give me your arm.
Hey, where the hell
are our men?
I'll take you to them,
but first we need to save
your captain's life.
Who else knows you're here?
Our colonel.
He gave us the mission after
we stormed Normandy.
Oh thank God you got to
Normandy when you did.
If you had been there
one day later,
you might have had a
totally different outcome.
Why do you say that?
Give me your vein.
Captain, if you die, there will
be no one to lead your men,
and I'll be in a worse position
than I was when you came.
Do you have any idea what the
Nazis will do to me
if I'm recaptured?
It's a dry bite.
There's no poison.
Are you prepared to risk
your life on that, or mine?
Where is Collins?
Please, take us to our men.
In the five minutes
that it would take me,
you would be dead.
I'm surprised his heart
is still functioning
with poison in his system.
Captain, let her help you.
If you die, I will never
forgive myself.
You've been through God knows
what trying to save me.
Please let me do this
for you, please.
What's in that?
Thank you.
No, Captain, thank you.
Captain Rogers.
I have good news.
Your wound is
healing nicely.
You were right, it was
a dry bite, no poison.
They turned you into a Nazi.
When I was a little girl,
I had a nasty habit of not
cleaning up my room.
It used to aggravate
my mother to no end.
She would ask me and ask me
to clean it.
And sometimes I would,
but not very well.
And then one day,
I came home to discover
that all my of
my things were gone:
my clothes, my toys,
even my bed.
And at first, I thought
that my mother
must've just hidden them.
But no, she had thrown
everything out and burned it.
I had to start over.
But you know what I realized?
I didn't miss any of
those old things.
I was ready for new toys
and new joys,
new wonders for me
to discover.
Why don't you let us out
of here, you stupid bitch?
The only way to make way
for new wonders and new joys
is to get rid of the old ones.
That's the only way for a new
evolution to occur for our race.
The master race, huh?
I knew it.
You're as bad as Hitler.
Yeah, I bet he buggers you.
Is that what gets you off?
I've never met the man,
and quite frankly,
I don't care to.
I find his methods vile.
What do you call this?
What are your methods?
What are you planning?
The poison was meant
to induce starvation
and also
encourage cannibalism.
The Fuhrer liked the idea of his
rivals eating each other alive.
Stop it, you're psychotic.
And they're not, the ones
who ruined the world,
the ones who destroyed all
of its natural resources
in an endless
gluttony of greed?
Death is not the answer.
No, no, no, stop, no,
Grey, don't...
You don't know what
you're drinking!
Don't drink the water!
Grey, that's an order,
that's an order.
I'm thirsty.
I don't care.
I don't care.
I didn't poison the water.
Dr. Eris?
Bring in Patient C.
That's one of ours.
- Hose him down.
- Woods.
Oh, no.
No, no...
No, no, stop.
I can't get any slack.
Let me try yours.
Van Straten?
Doctor Van Straten.
The viral load
is near 100,000.
He's about to pop.
Open the chamber.
You must be so scared,
but you're a vessel.
Just as the Messiah's
blood cleanses our sins,
so too does your blood
cleanse the world,
and for that I thank you.
No, no.
- What are you doing?
- No, no.
What are you doing?
Open the hive.
Why are you making
us watch this?
You don't find
this curious? Pity.
Let him out of there!
Would a mild sedative
help calm your nerves?
Okay, that's enough.
Engage the vacuum.
Don't be angry,
you'll be out soon.
Bring in another man.
Water for him, please.
I forgot, an empty stomach
will do that.
Well, just know I tried to give
you every comfort before....
Oh, don't eat it.
Our analysis isn't prepared
for that effect.
Why didn't you test one
of the healthy men first?
They wanted us to
eradicate the camps first.
Believe me,
it wasn't my choice.
Bring in another
man from the pit.
It's starting.
It works, it really works.
But that could've been because
he just ate the bug.
No, it bit him,
I know it did.
Our studies are not prepared
for the ingestion
of the specimen.
His stomach acids would
have destroyed the bug.
We specifically manufactured
the plague
to be carried by
the blood stream...
- I'm not sure.
- ...not through ingestion.
I'm not sure.
Proceed to the next stage.
I'm not sure.
Prepare for
the final experiment.
Which means I
must get ready, too.
So which one will it be,
Excuse me?
Which one of your men do
you want me to test first?
- No.
- Test me.
- No, no!
- You're not an option.
God damn it, let us go.
Hmm, an interesting choice.
- I didn't choose anyone.
- Captain?
I didn't choose anyone,
I swear, I swear.
I didn't choose anyone,
I swear.
No, captain, captain, no!
Come on, help me!
Come on!
The struggle is good for
the autonomic nervous system,
pumps up muscles,
makes the veins
easier to find and drill into.
Open the hive.
Cap, come on!
- Haas!
Engage the vacuum,
85 percent power.
Is this how you're going
to win your war,
take over the world
with your sick plague?
Engaging vacuum,
100 percent power.
It's all right.
It works.
I really am immune
to the virus.
I am pure!
Proceed with separation
of the hives.
The locusts will live for
only another 24 hours.
Thank you.
This plan will never work.
Oh, Captain,
it's already done.
The world as you know it
is no more.
So your bugs can fly around
the world in 24 hours?
No, but our planes can.
Tokyo, Paris, London,
New York, Chicago.
We'll start in
the Northern Hemisphere,
and then the natural
progression of the contagion
will move south.
You said you weren't
going to kill us.
No, Captain, I said
I wasn't going to kill you.
Collins, is that you?
Jesus Christ,
what did they...
Damn it, Sam,
it's me, Billy.
St. John, grab one
of their arms.
I'll grab the other,
we got to pull them apart.
No, we can save them.
We can save them!
Sam, they're....
- Stop.
- Shoot.
I said stop.
Why won't you shoot me?
John, there's no other way.
No, we can save them.
We have to save them.
St. John, it's the only way.
We need to pull them apart.
You bastards!
Hold on to me.
St. John!
Hold on to me.
St. John, help me save her.
You're saving her?
No, no, we need her.
She's no good to us dead.
She created the plague,
she'll know how to stop it.
You'll never stop it.
Yes, I can.
- You'll never stop it.
- I have to.
- Not you.
- Yes, I can.
Not you.
St. John, St. John....
St. John?
Collins? Collins.
- St. John.
- You're alive.
St. John.
Kill me.
No, no, we can fix this.
We can fix this.
I'll never be the same.
Kill me.
No, don't you give up
on me, Sam.
Please, please.
St. John...
Make the pain end.
Please make the pain end.
Make the pain end.
The locusts.
There's only one patch of
land nearby to land a plane.
That has to be where that
Von Straten is heading.
I bet my life on it.
Hey, there's another Nazi helmet
and a jacket back there.
Have they loaded
the bugs yet?
Not yet.
There's two of us
against the world, Cap.
Better odds than
David had against Goliath.
He was one man.
Don't focus on how many
there are of them.
All we got to do is stop
that plane from taking off.
Or die trying, huh?
That's what we signed up for.
My dad signed me up.
He's counting on you.
I lied to you.
I did run away.
I know.
That's what
second chances are for.
Collins tried to stop me.
Everyone thinks it was
the other way around,
and he was the one that wanted
to run, but it was me.
It was me.
None of that matters anymore.
What matters is
you're here with me.
We're not going anywhere.
I killed
my best friend, Cap.
So what are you
gonna do about it?
All we got to do is
take out that plane?
Just one plane.
How simple's that?
Too goddamn simple.
Child's play.
You got a good plan?
Only if it's
better than yours.
No! Captain!
Captain, burn me!
Burn me! Kill me!
I'm alive.
I'm alive.
Surely you must have
seen some of her formulas.
You came back with some
of her calculations?
Look, do you have any idea
the military advantage
this Eris research
could give us?
It's okay, it's okay,
don't worry.
It's okay if we use it.
See, we're the good guys,
we are.
We can use it,
we're the good guys.
Come on.
The president
will see you now.
That's the president.
Snap out of it, let's go.
Come on.
I wanted to thank
you personally
for everything you did
for the country,
the entire world overseas,
although personally,
I haven't forgiven you
for resigning
and taking up civilian
life so quickly.
Thank you, Alan.
Son, are you okay?
This is why
she didn't kill me.
I was her failsafe.
Oh my God.
- This man needs help.
- Someone get a doctor.
Get away from me.
Stay away from me.
Someone get a medic.
This is what she wanted.
They're still gonna win.
They're still gonna win.
They're still gonna win.
They're still gonna win.
Get down, get down.