Ne Zha (2019) Movie Script

Over the course
of 1,000 years,
the spiritual energy
of heaven and earth
gave birth to the Chaos Pearl.
Feeding off the sun and moon,
its power grew
at an unstoppable rate.
The divine and demonic
life forces it absorbed
fused together,
making it unstoppable
and no less hungry.
So my master,
the supreme lord of heaven,
sent my brother and I
to put a stop to the chaos.
I know what you're thinking,
"Who's that dashing rogue
on the pig?"
That would be me, Taiyi Zhenren.
And If I weren't so busy
being a super impressive
butt-kicking, day-saving monk,
I've been told
I could be a model.
You can't escape.
This is the end of the line.
Don't scare it, you big meanie.
Go on. There's a good pearl.
Come here. Here, boy!
Or girl?
It's over!
It absorbs energy!
You bruised my moneymaker.
Someone needs a time out.
Hit me now. I dare ya!
I was just playin' around?
- Master!
- Master!
I have divided
the Chaos Pearl into two parts,
The Spirit Pearl
and the Demon Pill.
The Demon Pill is dangerous
and nearly indestructible.
I'm casting a heaven-made curse,
a lightning bolt that
will seek out and destroy it
in three years' time.
Until that day,
you must stay vigilant
and watch over it.
Li Jing has won my favor
in battle.
And so, the Spirit Pearl
will be reincarnated
into his third-born son.
I shall entrust this task
to you, my disciple.
Right now,
Eleven Golden Immortals
sit beside me.
If the pearl
is successfully reincarnated,
then you shall join me
in the Court of Heaven.
You can count on me, master.
Thank you so much!
Once the Spirit Pearl is born
call him...
Ne Zha.
"I love a party"
"And parties love me"
"It's baby time"
Mm! Ha!
How 'bout a swiggy
for the piggy?
Dear, you should worship too.
Why didn't I think of that?
I've only been pregnant
for three years!
From the Cave of Golden Light,
my name is Taiyi Zhen...
- Come on.
- Wait for me!
- Hurry up! Move it, slowpoke!
- Come on!
- Yeah, slowpoke!
- Come on!
This is so exciting.
A third son! Congratulations!
I'll be a matchmaker
for the little man.
We wrote him a song.
Wanna hear it?
Thank you for your concern
and well-wishes, my friends.
But for now, please remain calm
and quiet.
Just wait for the good news
and we'll alert you... soon as he's here.
I can't take it!
He approaches.
Or I think.
Master Immortal,
I have something for you...
I can't drink now.
That'd be so unprofessional.
I'll just leave it here.
I have important things to do.
Take it away.
Ah, some people
just don't listen.
Well, one sip can't hurt!
Don't want it going to waste!
That's nice.
I mean, I'm basically
almost done. So...
Enjoy your enchanted
three-day nap!
I knew it! A spell was cast,
so only Taiyi
would be able to move it.
Your highness.
The immortal's spell
must be cast soon!
Has the time come?
What's wrong?
He passed out,
I think he's drunk.
- He's what?
- I guess we'll have to do it
the hard way.
Now hold on.
We can't just go beating up
on the man.
He's an immortal. It's wrong!
She won't last much longer!
Out of the way!
Oh, you wouldn't believe
the crazy dream I just had.
I beg you. Open the lotus!
Oh, yeah! I knew
there was something I forgot!
Go on! Is something wrong?
I can't remember the password.
That was some
crazy strong stuff!
Okay, let's see, uh...
No big deal!
I have four more tries.
What the heck?
And if you're wrong
a fifth time?
It locks itself
and we can try again
in ten years.
Come, out!
Milord! The lady has fainted!
Oh, I got it!
- Don't!
- Is he mad?
I just remembered.
If you forget the password,
you can just verify
with a handprint.
Look over there,
it's happy hour!
I knew something felt off
with you.
Look! A Slave Rune.
He's got control of her!
You want it so badly?
Okay, I'll give one back.
Oh, boy.
Milord! I'm not sure
what happened but...
You're not going anywhere,
Watch out!
Ah, he's getting away.
With the power of sun and moon,
of sea and sand,
Qiankun Hoop, obey my command!
Take this, you little demon!
- That's my son!
- No.
That's the reincarnation
of the Demon Pill
and he's bad news!
If he didn't have
the Qiankun Hoop containing him,
he'd unleash a reign of terror
like the world's never seen.
Go back where you belong!
My love!
Please don't hurt him.
Don't hurt my child!
Lord Li!
For generations
we have battled against demons.
Do you think it wise
to endanger our people
by letting one live among us?
As the leader of Chentang Pass,
I hope you can consider
the greater good
and do what's right.
He's over there.
You see that?
I'm here. Don't be scared.
Your Grace. Everyone...
My family is unfortunate.
This I know.
But my son
is also just a victim
of this misfortune.
And I'm not of the mind
to kill an innocent child.
I will take care
of Ne Zha's education,
and I promise he won't set foot
in the village.
If he brings you any harm,
then I will receive
your punishment.
I'm willing to pay
the ultimate price.
Even if we spare him.
He'll only have three years.
The Supreme Lord
put a curse on the Pill
so three years from today,
a lightning bolt will strike him
and take his life.
His curse can't be broken.
I'll convince him
to have it removed.
Don't worry. my darling.
I will protect our child.
This is the Spirit Pearl?
If I infuse it into an egg...
That means my son
will be all-powerful.
And my child will become a god?
You'll never...
- Never what?
- Fail, sir!
Oh, very well.
This is my son, Ao Bing.
As agreed,
I will entrust him to you
and he shall call you master.
On the condition
you help free him
from this underwater purgatory.
And he joins Heaven's Court.
- I can't...
- You can't?
...can't be defeated.
I'm going to prove to you
that you've put your trust
in the most worthy immortal.
Next time...
Could you do me a favor
and just nod?
That right there
is a void portal.
The Supreme Lord entered
a realm beyond the three worlds,
so this door is the only way
we can get to him.
Supreme Lord! It is I!
Your disciple, Taiyi.
Taiyi, do you understand
what you've done?
Yes, I know I messed up
but it's not really my fault
because there was a demon and--
Ah! No excuses!
What took you so long to see me?
I get so bored by myself.
Ah! It's just you.
This is Chang ShengYun.
He's in charge
of the void portal.
But we just call him
Clingy Cloud.
Oh, yeah?
Well, we call you fatty!
Hello, new friend.
Not in front of company.
Treat me with some respect!
And this is Li Jing,
- Commander of Chengtang Pass.
- A pleasure! Really!
It's a party! I have company!
Oh, yes, sit, sit!
Here, have some tea.
It's hard sitting here
guarding the gate every day.
So what's new with the mortals?
I've been out of the loop
for so long.
Please relay
to the Supreme Lord.
We seek an audience with him.
Huh? I'm sorry but...
Unfortunately, our master
and some of his god pals
went to the void portal.
Probably attending
to godly matters.
But why do you want to see him?
Do tell, do tell.
Someone's under
a heaven-made curse,
and I want him to call it off.
Say it ain't so!
Then it's useless
to speak to him.
That curse is unbreakable.
One day here is a year there.
Which means back on earth,
a great deal of time
has already passed.
We need to head back
as soon as possible.
Maybe there's something
we can do for him.
These dumb walls
crush my soul.
Even prisoners get parole.
No friends, no fun,
it's just the worst.
Hopefully boredom
will get me first.
Ne Zha.
What're you doing up there?
Can't go outside
and nobody will play with me.
So what else can I do
but check out the sights?
Then-- Oh!
Why don't you describe
the scenery to mommy?
Grass, trees, and dumb flowers.
And a guy showing his butt.
Oh, you with your jokes.
Hey. Why don't I play with you?
Don't mess with me.
You don't have more demons
to fight or something?
This is the first time
I've seen you in forever.
You never have time to play.
I know. I know this is hard.
I would love to play more, baby,
however the fortress
needs protecting.
I can't be everywhere at once.
But today has been peaceful.
How does playing jianzi
sound to you?
Well since you're so bored
I guess I can play with you.
Ready? Go!
Milady. I think you should
put your armor on.
You must be joking.
He is my son and we're playing.
Nobody's died from jianzi.
Uh, you okay, ma?
I'm fine! I'm fine!
Good shot!
On second thought...
Did I kick it too hard?
No. Kick as hard as you want!
You two, join in.
Maybe you should rest.
No. I'm alright.
Look at how much fun
Ne Zha's having.
It's been a long time since
he smiled like that.
That's wonderful
for him, milady.
An eel spirit's destroying
the eastern fishing village.
We need reinforcements.
Mom, catch!
We're going to
have to call it a day.
But next time...
We can play as long as you want.
I promise.
That's what you said last time.
It's fine.
I'm used to it by now.
I'll cook
your favorite when I come home!
- Huh?
- Huh?
And you two.
Master Immortal Taiyi
brought you here
to protect the barrier,
not so you can
be flashy mascots.
Do not allow him
to get out anymore.
Don't worry.
I guarded the southern boundary.
And it's his fault
Ne Zha got out last time.
You are so f-full of it!
The north was secured.
He's clearly guilty.
Just look at this guy!
You turn that finger around!
Once Taiyi Zhenren returns,
you just wait!
Cause I'm sure
he loves to hear you whine!
That's it! Fight me.
Come on, you wanna go?
- Bring it! I ain't scared!
- Oh, yeah, chicken?
- Chicken? You are!
- Ah!
Cut it--
- I'll show you a chicken.
- Who's the chicken?
Chicken says "what?"
- Huh?
- Huh?
Huh? What? Whatcha lookin' at?
What's the big idea--
Body Slam!
Dragon Whip!
Crabby Sea Monster!
Immortal Picking Grapes!
Come on, Dad!
- One!
- Huh?
He's out again!
Ready or not...
I've had enough.
Let's fight.
But boss. There's no way
we can beat Ne Zha.
Not true!
Are we, or are we not
The Demonhunters Gang?
Until we can figure out a way...
no one goes home!
I have a way, boss!
Huh? I told you to keep guard.
Go back.
I was thinking
we could set some traps.
Like what?
Check this out!
Ne Zha's gonna
come down that bridge,
but he won't know I
cut the ropes...
- And bam!
- Ah!
When he hits the ground,
it'll trigger the second trap,
an overhead basket filled
with sharp pointy objects!
He'll reach
for the nearest shield,
which will be an old pan.
But surprise!
There's another trap
within that trap!
He'll run and run and run...
And "What's that?
A safe space to hide?"
But not so fast...
But better watch out...
for that venomous snake!
And he'll start climbing
the rope ladder near the tree.
Which should make
all those hornets
in the hornet's nest I put there
really mad.
If he doesn't want
to get stung so bad
his head swells like a balloon,
he'll have to jump
into the mud pit.
And when he finally crawls out,
he'll be so scared and angry
smoke will come out of his ears.
Nice! I never noticed
how clever you were.
I'd have to be smart to hang out
with someone like you.
You know, when you're right,
you're right.
But he needs
something way worse.
I got it, let's add some sea
urchins to the pit!
That'll do the trick.
It's important for him
to stay hydrated.
Um, guys?
You don't think that's too mean?
Huh? He's mean.
He humiliates us so
- we're just returning the favor.
- Yes.
- Yeah. That's right!
- Yeah. Exactly.
All right. Well you're the boss.
Who am I to disagree?
Hold on. I just had
an important thought.
- What is it?
- If our plan starts with Ne Zha
on the bridge,
how do we get him there?
That part's easy.
We can scare him onto it.
- Huh?
- Like how?
You were right about one thing.
It's important to stay hydrated!
You guys! You guys!
- He beat me up.
- Huh?
And he took all my clothes!
Well fellas, it's been real.
You guys are a lot of fun.
Yeah? Laugh all you want.
You demon!
What did you just call me?
I said...
- you're a demon!
- No!
Ne Zha!
That'll be enough of that.
- Boundary Beasts!
- Sir!
Tighten the boundary.
He's now prohibited from
setting foot outside this room.
We expected
this might happen one day.
We tried but...
maybe this is just his fate.
Even after forbidding them
from mentioning the word demon,
people will never see him
as anything but.
And I've been so busy
fighting monsters
to gain goodwill on his behalf.
I've neglected my boy.
He only has two years left.
Let's resign our
Take him to play
in the mountains,
and just be with him.
Until the end.
Uh, Lady Yin? This is on me.
So I've decided to take him on
as an apprentice.
I'll shape the Demon Pill
into a demon-fighting
warrior of justice.
Is that our only option?
To put him through all that?
Shouldn't we just let him
enjoy the time he's got?
I do not wish to rob him
of a meaningful life.
And would you want this?
For him to be remembered as
a demon?
Master Ne Zha!
Time for breakfast.
The young Master's
escaped again.
What? Oh, no!
- That's impossible.
- Mm-hm.
- I agree.
- Don't stand there!
Report this to Master Li.
- You can count on me!
- I'm on it.
There's no guard alive...
who can keep me locked up.
Welcome to the world
inside the painting.
Scenic isn't it?
What's the big id--
Ah-da-da. Hold onto your socks.
I'm about to show you
a little somethin'.
With one stroke,
you can change the painting
to reflect whatever
your little heart desires!
You've got a brush. Big deal!
Why don't you just sit back
and watch this bad boy
in action!
Do your thing, brush!
No, no, no.
Young apprentice,
we haven't even started!
Mighty impressive, huh?
Just think,
you can spend every day here
learning the Immortal magic
of Kunlun with me.
Go ahead. Call me master,
I know you're impressed.
What could I learn from you?
Huh? Why you--
You're in trouble now.
On my command,
one, two, change!
Look out.
- Huh?
- That's my handy-dandy
disguising spell.
- Wanna learn it?
- Yeah!
This looks yummy.
So can you make me
look all big and scary?
Now what would I go
and do all that for?
Also, that's next-level stuff,
even I can't pull that off.
Don't get fancy,
learn the basics.
Come on little guy.
Your master's gonna teach you...
That's easy.
Teach me something cooler.
The disguising spell
is the most basic.
If you won't learn that
then I won't even bother!
Fine. Watch me knock this out.
On my command! Change!
The disguising spell
isn't even remotely basic.
Took me six whole months
to master my first disguise.
Knock yourself out,
take your time.
Master? Master.
Lady Yin. What a nice surprise.
I'm checking on Ne Zha.
I'm just teaching him
some stuff.
Where is my son?
Oh, right there...
Hang on. What is that?
Ah! Hang on, kid.
I'll save you.
Ne Zha. What happened?
What is this?
Huh? I didn't do that!
I promise you!
How'd this happen?
Oh, good, he has a pulse.
Oh! Oh, no! It's poisonous.
You should treat me
with more respect.
How'd you master that spell
so quickly?
I don't know,
by being super awesome?
Okay, don't get jealous.
Even though it took him one day
what took you six months.
Share your trick
with your beloved master?
Teach me more Immortal Magic
and I'll tell you.
Yep! You got it, kid!
Since your element is fire,
I'll teach you fire control.
Tongue of flame. Sands of time.
Unleash heat
from the holy shrine.
Make it so!
Not cool, that got in my eye.
I can't say this spell right
with my tongue all swollen.
Aha! Good thing I have
an anti-venom pill in my pants.
Oh, I can't reach it.
Can you get it for me,
little guy, please?
No problem.
Whoa! You've got
like treasure pants!
Huh? What's this
weird moppy thingy?
It's for flies.
What about this shiny thing?
That's a fire-tipped spear.
A fire-tipped spear,
Hey, don't touch that switch.
You mean this switch?
Huh? Ha?
Ne Zha!
Are you causing trouble again?
Your grace! Are you all right?
I'm an immortal,
I can't get hurt, but thanks.
Ne Zha. If you show me respect,
the things I'll teach you...
Like banishing demons
and defeating monsters.
What? Banish demons?
And defeat monsters?
Nice try! Like I'd ever
learn anything from you.
How do I get out of here?
Well you'll have to use
this little landscape brush,
if you wish to escape
from the painting.
Oh, wait a minute.
You want to keep me
locked up in here.
No don't be silly.
A place this lovely
could never be a prison, dear.
It's a "training retreat."
So I train
and they'd still hate me anyway.
I'd be better off
just taking a nap.
Ne Zha.
I'm your mother.
I know you. I know you want
the others to accept you.
But you feel more and more alone
every time they rejected you.
And you resent them for that.
Young master?
How did he get out again?
Young master?
Hi, you wanna play?
Ne Zha!
I thought he was locked away!
- They let him out!
- Everyone run!
Go back to where you came from!
- Yeah!
- Little demon brat!
- No one likes you!
- You're a Demon!
Yeah, no one wants you here!
Go away!
You've been through a lot,
but it will be alright.
After your training you'll
be able to banish demons
with us and earn
their admiration.
Why would I do anything
for them? Never!
They wanna see me as a demon?
I'll show them what a demon
really looks like!
Dear, you...
I guess it's time
we tell you the truth.
The secret we've kept
for so long.
Why they're so afraid.
You are actually...
The Spirit, what?
Oh. right, right. right!
The reincarnation!
And it's that divine strength
they find so intimidating.
Are you... lying?
Use your head.
Your father and I are humans.
How could we give birth
to a demon?
Then, why don't you just
tell them I'm the Spirit Pearl?
The Spirit Pearl
was a secret weapon
the Supreme Lord sent down
to the mortal realm.
It's not called an "everyone
knows about it" weapon.
They couldn't
handle the truth.
The truth...
In the meantime,
try to win their hearts.
Treat them as if they're family.
Keep them safe from harm,
and they'll surely
return the favor,
embracing you
as one of their own.
Total piece of cake.
No, no, no.
Way too impulsive.
Show him, go on.
Stop there.
Yummy human!
See here?
And here too.
Look at that. You harmed
all those innocent civilians,
just to destroy
a couple skeletons.
Yeah, they're
not even real though.
What's the big deal.
If you can't do the right thing
in training,
how can we trust you
in the real world.
Your Grace, take away
his Chaotic Silk and spear.
Until he learns self-control,
he's banned from
such powerful weapons.
Fine, so take it back.
See if I care!
I've learned
all your Immortal Magic,
so I can go kick demon butt.
No way.
In fact, from now on
your only focus
will be meditation not fighting.
What? You wanted me to learn
how to fight monsters.
Well I did that!
Oh, why won't you
let me out of here?
You're not leaving here
'til I say so.
Yeah, whatever.
I'd like to see you
try and stop me.
- Huh, how'd he get that?
- Ne Zha!
Don't worry, I got this!
They're gonna love me!
I'm so sick of seafood.
But it's good
to change things up.
Yo, demon!
Let go of that dog!
What, you want me
to eat you instead?
Right here!
- Huh?
- Huh?
Oh, no, you don't!
Get out here!
Show your face!
Turn around and watch this!
Come out! Stop hiding!
Be like that.
Guess I'll have
to smoke you out!
- How horrible!
- Ne Zha's gone mad!
Where you think you're goin'?
Ready? It's coming!
Ne Zha kidnapped Yaya!
Good luck catching me
in the sea, puny human!
I've frozen the sea
for half a kilometer.
You can't escape.
Demon, let the girl go.
Why should I listen to you?
Stay back, child.
I'm here to save her.
I'm not a child!
You should surrender.
Wrong choice.
Back off
and get in line, weirdo!
I saw this guy first!
What-- what on earth
are you doing?
Wait your turn!
I'll kick your butt next!
Where are you paren--
Town's only big enough
for one cool guy.
- Hey, demon! Let that girl go!
- Huh?
There's something
different about you.
Ow, let go! I said let go!
Huh? Woah, you have horns!
Huh, bubbles?
What's goin' on?
Take a good look around you.
I should thank you both
for giving me time
to unleash my special attack.
Go on, make a move.
Not so tough now, huh?
I can finally have my dinner
in peace.
Hey, spit her out!
When I get done with you,
you'll wish that you--
You don't look so good.
Uh-oh, my spit gotcha!
Seems like you hit
"rock bottom".
Maybe in your next life
you'll learn
to mind your own business.
Bring it on, kid!
Please have mercy!
I'll give you the antidote!
Don't worry. It's enough.
It tastes like garlic!
Huh? Look at that!
How'll they drink?
Their mouths can't move!
Uh, you can also apply it
to the skin.
Why didn't you say so?
Well, because you didn't ask.
That's right,
spread it evenly.
You have to
really massage it in.
The skin'll absorb it faster.
Plus, it makes the complexion
all dewy!
- Wait.
- Huh?
Spare me.
I just wanted a snack.
I didn't eat a person.
You gave us the antidote.
So I'm grateful.
But if you try to do evil
in the future,
I won't spare you again.
Okay, okay.
Hey, you! Boy!
What? Still wanna fight?
That's not fair to you.
Huh? I'm no match for you?
Come on then.
Show me what you got.
- Thank you for saving me.
- Huh?
And for saving
this girl as well.
Today you were my ally.
I will find a way to repay
the kindness you've shown.
Nah, it was nothin'.
I was simply following
the will of Heaven.
Cause I was destined
to be a great demon slayer!
You're not afraid of me?
You save Yaya from bad guy.
Hm. Huh?
Hey. What's wrong?
It's nothing.
Just got eyes in my sand.
You mean sand
in your eyes?
Let me see.
I can get it out for you.
Aw man! This is so embarrassing!
Okay, fine!
My mom's the only other person
who'll play this with me.
So I got emotional. Big deal!
We're friends now.
If you want to play again,
come to the shore and blow this.
When I hear the conch shell,
I'll come from wherever I am.
I forgot. I'm Ao Bing.
And you?
My name's Ne Zha!
Your friends?
- There she is!
- He's here!
There's Ne Zha.
He kidnapped Yaya!
The demon!
My baby! Oh, Yaya!
Yaya! How are you feeling?
Ne Zha hit. Pow, pow, pow!
Demon go, boom, boom!
Why would you kidnap
a little girl!?
That's not what happened!
If I hadn't
chased that thing down,
she would've been
demon-food already.
So where's the demon then?
Did you see one?
How about you?
Do you seriously think
we're that dumb?
- Yeah?
- Yeah!
You won't get away with this!
Okay, I see.
Go away, you demon brat!
You wanna say that again?
Stop it!
See? He's a monster!
- We'll kill you!
- Die, demon!
Your master has arrived.
Stop hurting people.
Commander Li!
Ne Zha burned down the village,
kidnapped a child,
and attacked the villagers.
We demand he be punished.
My crimes? I'm gonna show you
a real crime!
Ne Zha, don't.
Lord Li, you must lock
this demon-child up.
Never again to see
the light of day.
Lock him up!
And throw away the key!
Lord Li,
you must get your son
under control!
We'd thank you!
He's destroying everything!
It's not safe!
Father... Master.
How did today's assignment go?
I made seven lesser revolutions
and four greater ones.
I learned to ice over rivers
and create frost and snow.
I've reached the seventh heaven
of the Ice Jade.
Also... I made a friend.
I met him near the seashore.
Wha-- what do you mean a friend?
You can't reveal your identity.
He was a human,
but he didn't care what I was.
- Because I'm his friend.
- And who was this person?
His name was... Ne Zha.
Sma-- small world, apprentice.
Sounds like you just met
the Demon Pill.
- Oh, no.
- Ne Zha...
is your sworn rival.
We've waited
three whole years.
On the day the reckoning occurs,
the Demon Pill will begin
a mama-- massacre...
and then you will rescue
Chentang Pass
and claim your birthright
as the Spirit Pearl.
Master, might he be granted
In the times of antiquity,
we dragons
were all-powerful beings,
revered and worshipped.
On behalf of Heaven,
we fought monsters,
subduing them in the ocean,
earning us
the title of Dragon Kings.
Do you understand
what this place really is?
Our Palace, right?
Beneath the magma
of this volcano
are the countless creatures
we defeated those many years ago
at the request
of the Supreme Lord.
"Dragon Palace"?
It's as much our prison
as it is theirs.
If we were to leave this place,
the monsters would break free of
their imprisonment and escape.
Do you see now, son?
They tricked us into
doing their dirty work for them.
After all.
What were we to Heaven
other than just monsters
to be locked away.
The title "King" they gave us?
It's laughable.
I am nothing more than
another prisoner in this pit.
We sealed our fate the moment
we took them at their word.
So, my boy,
for the past millennium,
the Spirit Pearl has been
our only hope for freedom.
In one year's time,
I'll be able to completely
remove the horns on your head
and hide your identity
as a dada-- dragon.
If you're victorious
on the day of reckoning.
Then and only then will you
win a place in Heaven,
and be able
to break the dragons free
of this underwater purgatory.
Our fate rests entirely
on your shoulders.
Don't let yourself be fooled
by the illusion of friendship.
"I'm a scary demon"
"Better run and hide"
"Legend says I'll eat and eat"
"'Til everyone has died"
"And they're right
You should steer clear"
"Best take their suggestion"
"Cause when I eat too much"
"I get real bad indigestion"
Please eat. You haven't had
anything in three days.
Dear. How long are you going
to be like this?
Leave me alone.
I just wanna die in peace.
"I try to help but no one cares
so honestly why bother?"
Isn't jianzi your favorite, huh?
I could play with you right now.
"I'm tired
Of being a burden to"
I've designed a really neat
new training course
- in your painting...
- "My mother and my father"
...called Ride the Clouds.
- "I kinda wish I wasn't here"
- Wanna give it a try?
"I'll close my eyes
And disappear"
Hey! Your third birthday's
only ten days away.
The people of Chentang Pass
want to celebrate with you.
They'd celebrate my funeral.
Not my birthday.
The Sea Yaksha
can move as water,
without being noticed.
It's saliva can petrify people
and leaves a residue.
That misunderstanding
has been resolved.
They know you drove off
the demon.
Oh! Yes, your father's right.
The celebration's the thank you
for defeating that monster.
It would be.
I see my teachings
have paid off!
Now those morons get it.
About time.
- Promise you'll be there?
- All right, fine!
Why did you lie
about his birthday?
Believing he's the Spirit Pearl
has given him joy.
If it means
he can stay that way,
then yes, I'm going to lie.
Well, except...
the villagers were clear
they want to lock him up.
Why would they attend his party?
Let me
handle the details.
On the beach that day,
I saw the Yaksha slime
on his hands.
He was telling the truth.
And I will see to it
that they all learn that,
at the celebration.
When you've been commander
as long as I have,
many people owe you favors.
I'll get them all to attend.
You can count on that.
Don't worry.
What do you want?
Ah, don't scare me like that.
My birthday party's in ten days.
And everyone in the Pass
is gonna be there.
I, uh, drew you a map
so you wouldn't get lost.
Li Manor's renowned.
I guess.
But you're coming, aren't ya?
- Well...
- Oh, come on!
I don't care if they don't come
but you gotta be there!
Why's that?
Maybe 'cause
you're my only friend.
You're my only friend, too.
Do you have any other wishes?
You saved my life.
So I'll do everything I can
to make them come true.
Wishes? Eh, like I said!
My wish is you'd come
to my party!
I'll go.
It's a deal! See you there!
Don't bail!
I won't.
Ao Bing,
It's time to go.
One more thing.
Wait, what're you--
My son...
Each of the dragons
has given you
their hardest scale
for protection.
Dragonscale armor
is impenetrable.
It's all up to you now.
Huh? Why're you so sad?
Show enthusiasm. Smile.
Why does it sound
like a funeral?
When does Lord Li
want us to come out?
He'll signal.
Yeah, I'm feelin' this cape.
A good shroud
for a corpse maybe.
I am your ma-mast--
Ew, gross, a demon!
I know your master!
So I'm a friend to you!
Oh. Your name is
Shen something, right?
Shen Go-go-go--
What up, Shen Gonggong?
Brat. It's Shen Go-go-gong-bao!
And I'm here to reveal
your true identity.
What do you mean "true"?
Oh, my poor child.
You have been kept in the dark
for far too long.
And now let's bring out
the birthday boy!
Play with me!
Today is your birthday,
young apprentice.
And let me tell you
I'm gonna spoil you rotten!
Your fire-tipped spear
and Chaotic Silk.
They're officially yours now.
And here's the big one!
This shall serve
as your noble steed.
Go on, touch it.
This guy's
my most prized possession.
It can transform
into various mounts
based on the traits
of its owners.
With you, it will take the form
of a flaming chariot!
So why does it turn into a pig
with you then?
You stinker.
Where has the time gone?
Just three years ago,
you were a little meatball
in my belly.
And now you've become a man
with a personality and...
I so want to watch you grow up.
Why are you talking like that
on his birthday?
Dad got you a protection charm
to keep you safe.
I know I've always been
hard on you,
and you're angry about that.
But I was doing
what I thought best.
Now son, you have
a long life ahead.
Do not pay any attention
to what the others say.
You are who you say you are.
That's all that matters.
I believed you.
But all you've done
was lie to me.
Why are you saying that?
Come on. The Demon Pill?
I know about everything.
You said I was the Spirit Pearl.
Put me through training
in the painting.
But really you were just
keeping me locked up
until I died.
All to make these idiots happy!
To keep your dumb reputation,
you locked me away!
Now you're being silly.
Don't be so dramatic.
I mean,
look at all these people!
Eating, drinking, being merry.
Why am I not surprised?
Fine. If you wanna
keep lying too.
With the power of sun and moon
- of sea and sand...
- Where did you learn that spell?
Qiankun Hoop, obey my command!
Run away!
It's just you and me demon!
Ne Zha! Stop this!
He's been possessed!
The Qiankun Hoop is our only hope!
Find the hoop!
Looking for this?
Don't waste your time.
Only the heavenly calamity
can stop the Demon Pill.
Once he's killed Taiyi
and his parents,
go subdue Ne Zha.
Until the lightning
destroys him.
And when the dust clears,
the villagers will see you
as a hero.
After all that, the Supreme Lord
will turn you into a god.
Your power will be limitless.
Ne Zha's parents and Taiyi.
They are all innocent.
It's not right.
If the hoop was still on,
then Ne Zha wouldn't be evil.
What do you care
if he's good or evil?
He's about to get struck
by lightning!
If Taiyi and his parents survive
how will I sell our lie
to the Supreme Lord?
Fortune didn't smile upon me
when I was born.
I had to fight an uphill battle
to get this far.
Of all the disciples, I trained
the hardest,
never slacking.
Yet continually I was passed
over for the others.
Do-- Do you know why, my child?
No, master.
Because he knows I was born
a lowly jaguar spirit.
So he could care less
if I lived or died!
To everyone else,
you and I are just monsters.
They could construct
an entire mountain
with their prejudice.
And no matter how hard you try,
that mountain is immovable.
But you're being handed
a rare chance
to change their minds.
To alter your fate.
- Master. I owe Ne Zha my life.
- Huh?
Maybe I can't save him
but let me save his parents
and his master,
to repay my debt.
Go on, then.
But if, if,
if this goes south...
don't say I didn't warn you boy.
If they discover what you are...
Then I promise more than four
will meet their fate today...
Uh... Hey. I was talking!
Stop! That's your father.
Ah, he's so cool.
Hear that?
We're missing the whole party.
Are you sure we can't go out?
Lord Li said there's a signal.
Oh. Oh, oh.
Use the Hoop!
Sun and moon, of sea and sand,
Qiankun Hoop, obey my command!
Ne Zha! Ne Zha!
Dear? It's your mother.
Please, wait.
Thank you for your assistance
Tell me, what is your name?
My name isn't worth knowing,
Nonsense, I must make a toast,
to thank you.
I have an urgent task
I must attend to.
I'm sorry. Let me get that.
No need.
A dragon!
Weren't they imprisoned
in the Eastern Sea
by the Court of Heaven?
How did he get out?
I knew I detected
a familiar scent on you.
But that mark on your head
confirms my suspicions.
That sigil!
So the dragons stole
the Spirit Pearl.
I could chase you if I wanted!
What else would you expect from
a bunch of dragons?
No wonder
your kind were locked away.
Well, you can't cross
the dragons.
So, the dragons
were the thieves. Figures.
The Court of Heaven
shouldn't have left them alive.
Tsk, tsk, tsk.
How unfortunate.
For this to work
only four people needed to die.
But wouldn't you know?
Now everyone sees what you are.
Now no one
gets to su-sur-- survive.
Please tell me
you weren't involved.
I'm afraid I can't.
It would be quite rude to lie.
As for the Pearl, I stole it.
And Ao Bing is my apprentice.
Uh, have you lost your mind?
I'm gonna tell the Supreme Lord!
Good thing
I'm one step ahead then.
If you all die, there will be no
one left to tell him will there?
there's only one thing
to be done.
The survival of your people
depends on the next decision.
For the past millennium,
the Spirit Pearl has been
our only hope for freedom.
It's all up to you now.
What is he doing?
He's trying
to bury Chentang Pass!
A great deal of time
has already passed.
We should head back
as soon as possible.
Maybe there's something
we can do for him.
You can't leave,
you just got here!
I, I'll die of loneliness!
You're being clingy!
You can't break this curse
but there are ways around it.
Like a transplant spell.
You thought about that?
Yeah, but what does he know?
Are you gonna trust me
or an annoying cloud?
I've studied with the Master
for centuries before you.
I know things you don't!
Let me show you
what talent looks like.
Yeah, okay, airhead.
These guys are
Fate-Swapping Runes.
Find a relative willing to
sacrifice their life.
Have them put one rune
on themselves,
and the other
on the cursed individual.
And then instead of him,
the relative will go boom!
Woah, hey! What are you doing?
I've decided to swap my life
for that of my son's.
This stays between you and me.
I beg of you,
don't tell my wife.
Ultimately, your sacrifice
would just go to waste.
The Demon Pill
will bring disaster
and the Supreme Lord
will never let him go.
The Demon Pill?
I will use the remaining
two years I have left
to make him a warrior.
The people shall see him
as a hero.
No, I can't allow it!
If you won't allow it,
when the lightning strikes
during the Heavenly Calamity,
I will die with Ne Zha.
That's, that's so not fair!
Uh, who is Ne Zha?
He is my son.
That's strong armor!
Aim for the head!
Ao Bing?
Don't waste your breath.
Shen Gonggong?
What are you doing here?
It's Shen Gong-Bao!
Shen Gongbao was the one
who stole the Spirit Pearl
and put it in Ao Bing.
He wants to bury Chentang Pass
and everyone in it!
Your power is limited
by that hoop.
You've no chance.
I'll kick your butt!
Hoop or no hoop!
Don't do this.
Ha! Too slow!
Fine. Then I'll ice you out!
Stop, my apprentice!
I'm sorry, master!
Ne Zha!
That's crazy!
What the heck are you wearing?
Come and get me! You scared?
Demon, there can only be
one of us.
You better watch yourself!
I was holding back
this whole time.
If anyone deserves to be the
12th Golden Immortal,
it's me, not an incompetent
fool like you!
Hold on. Master entrusted you
with the painting,
not me?
Well, maybe he knew
you didn't deserve it!
Very mature of you.
- But it's you who'll weep!
- Take that!
Huh? Ha?
I've got you now!
Stop! I am your master!
Nice try. Next time,
pay more attention to detail.
Apprentice, let me help you!
That'll teach you!
Great! Job well done!
You are too kind, Master.
Thank you, apprentice!
- Huh?
- Huh?
Uh hey...
Totally nailed that! Huh?
- Who are you?
- Why-- I'm your master!
Woah it's me, Ne Zha.
Ooh! That's sneaky!
Come on let's get out of here.
That brush is our only way out.
Get him!
Ao Bing, grab it.
Hey, Ne Zha.
Grab the brush for me.
Classy. But you can't
keep that up forever.
I, on the other hand, will never
run out of ammunition.
What was that you were saying?
Good one!
Uh, question,
where'd you learn to draw?
You try drawing with your feet.
- Huh?
- Hm?
- Ne Zha! Ne Zha!
- Son! Son!
Power of sun and moon,
of sea and sand.
Listen up, Qiankun Hoop,
and obey my command!
Can't lose myself. Gotta focus.
Stop struggling.
You were born the Demon Pill.
Why not accept your destiny?
'Cause it is not the boss of me.
I'm the master of my destiny.
I'll be the one who decides.
And I will not be a demon!
Why spare me?
I told you.
You're the only friend I have.
Well, my time's almost up.
You should leave.
But aren't you worried I'll...
I thought
you were the Spirit Pearl!
I'm the Demon Pill
and I'm braver than you?
Don't be such a baby!
I'm a monster.
When I was born,
my fate was sealed.
You're not listening.
Your fate's
what you want it to be.
No one else gets to decide
what you are.
My father taught that to me.
If fate comes at you swingin'...
then you hit back.
Ne Zha!
Ne Zha! Release us!
I know you want to help but...
this is my fight.
Ne Zha! No!
Huh, you know
looking back on it...
Three years isn't that long.
I had fun while it lasted!
My only regret?
I never kicked
the jianzi with you, Dad.
It's my birthday.
No crying allowed.
Aw, man.
Dad. Mom.
Thank you.
- Ne Zha! Ne Zha!
- Ne Zha! Ne Zha!
Ne Zha!
- Ne Zha! Ne Zha!
- Ne Zha! Ne Zha!
Ne Zha!
Are you nuts?
Ao Bing, get out of there!
Dragonscale Armor!
He is ruining my entire plan!
I'm not done with you.
You've not seen
the last of me!
You're sacrificing yourself
for nothing.
You dumb or what?
'Course I am,
I'm your friend after all.
I never expected it could absorb
this amount of power.
The Chaos Pearl has an appetite.
I can't take it.
I'm about to explode!
You shouldn't have to...
Let's give it back.
I can't hold on!
Ne Zha! No!
How dare they not invite me
to join in...
I love a good party.
Stay strong, you two.
Where are you? Ne Zha!
- How are we alive?
- Ha! We made it!
Well, not exactly...
The Multi-colored Lotus
couldn't save your bodies...
but it kept your souls intact.
Whereas I'm pretty sure
I blew my chance
at becoming
the 12th Golden Immortal.
It cost me centuries!
Now I guess I gotta start over
again from scratch!
Thank goodness.
I thought
I'd never see you again!
If you asked me
whether a person
can alter their fate?
Well, I don't really know.
But hey, anything's possible.
Because a boy named Ne Zha,
forever changed his.
but, are you sure
we can't go out?
We, we're still waiting
on the signal!
So uh what exactly
is the signal?
You know...
That's a good question.
Ao Bing...
Everything we have worked for
was laid to waste.
And for that, I will make all
of Chentang Pass pay in blood.
I don't think they can hear you!
Screaming into the void
like a child
won't change a thing.
We trusted you
to secure our freedom,
and you failed us!
Would you like to make a deal?
Dear brother?
Jiang Ziya...
You know your sin.