Nearly Married (2019) Movie Script

NANCY: Marcy.
Oh, it's Maddie.
Right, yeah.
How are you?
Fine, Mrs. Hogan.
Thank you.
Well, listen.
I don't know how you can do
some many of these in an hour.
I mean, I try.
You know, I was wondering, would
you like to come to a party
I'm throwing on Friday night?
It's a mixer with
local educators.
Yes, absolutely.
I would love an opportunity to...
That's what I thought.
I mean, they can't pay you
more than, what, minimum wage?
So we require our help
to have white shirts,
black slacks, black shoes.
And also, if you have
any an apron, bring it.
If not, we've got some for you.
MAN: Ready to go, honey?
Yes, I'll be
there shortly love.
So it'll be fun.
Bring your focus
and determination
'cause we are
expecting a huge crowd.
It'll be fun!
Bye, Bonnie.
- (CHUCKLES) No way.
I'd probably do
the same thing.
Wait, I gotta get this call.
Give me one second, Roxy.
Hey, babe.
I'm sorry to
interrupt you at work.
I just,
Nancy just came by my desk and...
Hang up the phone, baby.
Are you with someone?
Yeah, yeah, I'm just here
with the wedding planner.
We don't have a
wedding planner.
Cooper, what's going on?
We both know this
is not gonna work out.
Let's not make this
any more embarrassing
than it has to be, okay?
You've got your
politics thing and all,
and I've got...
I should have known.
Since high school, things
have just become so different.
Like we were never
supposed to be together.
Oh, that felt so good!
Your turn.
Do it!
Okay, all right.
See, what did I tell you?
Oh, this one is hideous.
Wait, Maddie, did you
pass on all these schools?
Isn't attending college kind
of mandatory for politics?
It's not mandatory
for stuffing envelopes
at the Hogan's campaign office.
Wait, who's this little guy?
Hmm, that's Bobby Browning.
He sat behind me in
elementary school.
Seating was alphabetical.
Otherwise, I'm not sure
that we would have
ever been friends.
Boys and girls, or should
I say little campers?
Today, we're gonna talk
about camping safety.
Can anyone tell Mr.
Woodypants what he should do
if he were in a camping
and a bear attack him?
Play dead.
Play dead.
Maybe you need
a little visual.
(GROWLS) It's a big daddy bear,
and I wanna eat
all your hot dogs.
No, better.
I think I wanna eat you!
Campers, the best thing
you can do if you were ever
attacked by a bear
is to play dead.
MADDIE: Bobby was
right, Ranger Tony.
Maddie, what did you say?
Bobby whispered the answer,
but you didn't hear him.
He was right.
Oh, well, in that
case, good job, Bobby.
Speak up next time, huh?
His parents were
like family to me.
Yeah, well, what's
he up to now, hmm?
I don't know.
Things got awkward between us.
Well, between his
mom and I, really.
I'm pretty sure
she hates me now.
I tried to look
him up online once.
But that's when I
was still with Cooper
so I didn't look very hard.
Well, he has to be online.
Everybody's online.
I'm sure there are a
thousand Bobby Brownings.
Yeah, well maybe so,
but most adults go
by their given name.
So he would be Robert
Browning, Vinton?
Have a look.
This can't be him.
Of course.
It says he'll be
visiting his home town
for a special exhibit
entitled Roots,
in homage to the community
of Vinton, Virginia.
But it says he'll
be there next week.
Yeah, of course he'll
be there next week.
Maddie, no.
What're you gonna do?
You're gonna walk up
to him and be like,
"Oh, hey, Bobby.
"So Cooper and I broke up.
"Do you wanna date?"
Patsy, look at,
look at his website.
I think he's awesome.
I mean, why should I be
heartbroken, minimum wage,
never went for
her dreams Maddie?
Well, he looks happy, but...
Why can't I be happy too?
You can be happy too.
I just...
I am gonna go back there,
and I am gonna be
confident, successful,
got it together Maddie.
Or you could simply
go back as Maddie.
I wanna make things
right in my life.
I wanna get back what I lost.
Okay, have at it.
Go get your man.
It is harder than you know
To draw water from a stone
I've been tryin' for years
Still there's nobody home
You pick my brain
like I got some
Nothin' good to say
about why we're here
It'll be years
before I can answer
Remember that I, I never
claimed to know the answers
I've just been
searchin' for the good
Yeah, that's right
Because at my best,
I'm a filthy sinner
And at my worst,
I'm misunderstood
Oh, we may need some
help up here later
if you wanna walk up.
Okay, grandmother, no.
They're not, those
aren't your children.
Not everybody likes their
children being played with.
Okay, okay.
You wanna save some
of those stickers
for the train ride, right?
Excuse me, sorry.
Not on the people,
not on the people.
Only on the luggage.
Okay, put one on my bag here.
Wait, no, that's not my bag.
She's very friendly,
don't worry.
Okay, whoo!
Okay, okay.
Oh, okay.
You know what.
You're insane.
You are.
Oh, stop.
No, no, no, grandmother,
No stickers on strangers,
no stickers on strangers.
I'm Ernie Mahoney.
This is my grandmother,
Ingrid Mahoney.
Here is my business card.
Do you have one as well?
Uh, yes, actually, I do.
Maddie Nelson.
Oh, no, those
were pre-ordered.
It's a long story.
I'm Maddie Brooks.
For what purpose
are you traveling?
Um, I'm traveling home.
Been a while?
Yeah, it has.
I'm going back to see an
old friend from high school
who has a photo
exhibit this weekend.
Male friend?
As a matter of fact...
Ah, the search for love.
Excuse me?
The most noble of quests,
though often the most futile.
Well, I didn't
say anything about...
Thankfully, I have found
a suitable replacement
for love in my life.
Grandmother, book, please.
The Elven Journeys.
Mignum, hie eye.
Mignum, hie eye.
Is that kind of
like Star Wars?
Yes, just like Star Wars,
because I love reading material
in which the quest for
love is watered down
to looking no further
than your own sister.
I cannot expect one to
appreciate the superiority
of the Elven Journeys if one
has not been exposed to it.
We shall correct
that immediately.
Chapter one.
Is there a bar cart?
Thank you.
Oh, okay, mm-hmm.
MR. BROOKS: You've
reached the Brooks.
aren't here right now.
So that means we're probably
cruising, on a ship.
BROOKS: In the Bahamas.
MRS. BROOKS: Leave a message.
DARLA: Hi, it's Darla.
I'm not home right now.
Leave a message.
Hi, Darla.
It's Maddie Nelson.
Brooks, Maddie Brooks.
Um, I'm here in town to
find my Prince Charming.
You're alive.
Yes, I'm alive,
and with a headache.
I put water on the plants.
The plants are still dead.
Who are you?
I come to water the plants
while Mr. and Mrs.
Brooks are gone.
Do you know when
they'll be back?
Do you have a key to the house?
They don't want
me to have a key,
though I can't say why.
Surely, they don't want
some stranger having a key.
Oh, I'm not some stranger.
I grew up here.
They're my parents.
Then why don't you
have your own key?
Because I moved to New
York, and I didn't need one.
Awaken from your dark
slumber, my little children.
Is that antifreeze?
It was in the shed.
I've got to go now.
It was nice meeting
you, child Brooks.
Well, like I said.
Get in, now!
Get down!
Secure your valuables!
The bandits are
right on our tail!
BURTIE: And cut.
Brilliant, brilliant,
brilliant, my love.
Truly, truly amazing.
Oh, Maddie, this is
Burtie, my husband.
Where's Cooper?
Uh, he's back in New York.
He didn't come with you?
Wait, wait, wait, hang on.
I didn't know that
you got married.
How, um, how did you two meet?
Well, you tell it so well.
I was an inspiring
filmmaker in Africa,
very good and quite talented,
if I do say so myself,
but not so lucky
in the art of love.
One day, out of desperation,
I enrolled myself on an
online dating service,
where I soon discovered
a gorgeous picture
of a beautiful cheerleader.
After only a few
brief dialogues,
I was exceedingly keen on
meeting this woman in the flesh.
So I saved what
little money I had,
and very soon, Burtie
was coming to America.
That's amazing.
When was the wedding?
How did I miss it?
Ah, no wedding, I'm afraid.
We went to the courthouse.
My money did not stretch
past my initial ticket.
If Darla and I had
not fallen in love,
I might have had to
sell one of my coconuts
to get a return ticket,
if you catch my meaning.
I'm starving.
Let's get you some food, Maddie.
Yeah, okay.
Yes, food, food.
Yes, let's get food.
I have really
missed you, Maddie.
I don't think I've
seen you in years.
So are you a big-time
politician yet?
Um, no, I haven't
quite made it there.
How come?
Well, Cooper and I
have been very focused
on his athletic career.
Well, well, a fellow athlete.
Tell me, have you
ever participated
in a game called tin can?
Is that a sport?
Define sport.
We play it all the time.
Well, how do you play?
You first locate a tin can,
and then you kick it
around your house.
What, you just,
you just kick it?
Yes, I suppose so.
Tell me about Cooper.
Actually, Cooper and I...
BOBBY: I'll have the
special BLT with extra mayo.
And tomato on the side.
tomato on the side.
Cooper is a tomato?
Bobby Browning?
Oh, my god!
It's so good to see you!
BURTIE: I'm Burtie,
her lover and husband.
Maddie Brooks.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Uh, you look great.
Yeah, you don't
look so bad yourself.
It's been so long.
Yeah it has, too long.
- Oh, hey.
- Hi.
This is Blake, everybody.
This is Darla and Burtie,
and this is Maddie.
- Hi, Blake.
- Hey.
Hi, it's so good to meet you.
It's just so good.
Bobby, Blake, why
don't you join us?
And the mayor invited
me to show my work here
since it's, a lot
of it happened here.
But it was also really
just a good chance
for Blake to meet my parents.
They have not even met
your own child yet.
It's the saddest
thing I've ever heard.
No, Burtie, she's not my child.
Very nice then.
Maddie, so what's up with you?
Why are you here?
How's Cooper?
He's good.
He's just, he's working.
And who's Cooper?
Cooper's Maddie's fiance.
Wait, you're
planning a wedding?
You didn't tell me that!
Oh, my god, how exciting!
You sneaky girl.
Let me see your ring.
Oh, no.
It's being cleaned.
Wait, I thought you said
you were only here
for a few days.
I did say that.
It's just gonna be
a quick wedding.
We wanted to go ahead and
start our lives together.
BURTIE: Lovely.
So when does Cooper come down?
He gets here soon.
Is that a question?
No, he gets here soon.
Just, he's wrapping things up.
So when does he get here?
Just a couple of days.
Well, you're never
gonna believe this,
but Blake is actually an
aspiring wedding planner.
What's your date?
I can totally help you plan.
I'm here till Thursday.
Oh, darn.
I mean we're getting
married Friday.
Yeah, okay.
We are totally gonna stay
so I can help you plan.
Now where should we start?
Oh, no, you probably
don't wanna get roped
into my wedding.
You know, it's different.
It's complicated.
You mean like
a themed wedding?
I'm totally into that.
What is your theme?
Well, it's, it's different.
It's unique.
It's, uh, The Elven Journeys.
Yeah, it's an Elven
Journey themed wedding.
Cooper and I are big time nerds.
So we're gonna have, you know,
it's gonna be all
woodsy and dirty.
And we're gonna bring
in some swords, ropes.
And we might even do chocolate
pudding instead of cake,
so it would be more
like the black mist.
Blake, it's okay if
you don't wanna help.
I really understand.
Mignum, hie eye.
I beg your pardon.
I mean it's fate.
I have (MUMBLES) the entire
trilogy like five times.
I even learned the entire
couples' cultish dance of reunion.
Did she say cultish?
To be able to
bond with someone
over the The Elven Journeys,
oh, that would be incredible.
It's true.
It would be like
her dream wedding.
Maddie, you have to
let her help you.
Sounds great.
(SQUEALS) Thank you,
thank you, thank you!
And thank you, thank you.
Uh, well, Maddie, I'm sure
Teddy would love to see you.
He works at the Haley Toyota.
This model gets
32 miles per gallon.
So if you and your
lady get in a fight,
you can get out of
town for pretty cheap.
Yeah, sure.
I would love to see him.
You guys, this is so perfect.
It's just amazing.
We'll get started
first thing tomorrow.
Here we go
Terriers, go
Terriers, we
Want to hear
Terriers, go, terriers we
Want to hear
Here we go
Hey, creepers, taking
pictures of our butts?
Be right back.
Yeah, Rudy, the butt shot.
That's exactly what
we're here for.
Oh, so you wanna
get smart with me.
Rudy, don't you have
better things to do?
Like what, baby doll?
Like practice
that sloppy blocking
that cost us the game lats week?
Later, ladies.
Can we take a
picture of her butt?
Do you have the 85?
No, it's in the other bag.
Alright, I'm gonna go get it.
What's up?
Come here.
So I was gonna keep
this a surprise but...
You know...
I know, I know,
you hate surprises.
So I'm gonna tell you right now.
We're going to New York.
Your scholarship
pulled through?
You're looking at the
next New York Jet.
That's amazing.
COOPER: I know, right?
MADDIE: Long distance
is really tough.
Georgetown isn't
that far away.
Maddie, I want
you to come with me.
I can't go out
there without you.
No way I can make it.
COACH: Coop, get back here!
I gotta go.
So you're going?
You heard?
Creeper. (CHUCKLES)
So you're going?
I don't know.
What do you think I should do?
I think you should do
what makes you happy.
Thanks, Bobby.
Ernie and Ingrid
Mahoney speaking.
Grandmother is on speaker phone.
Hi, Ernie.
It's Maddie, from the train.
Do you have a minute?
I have several.
Okay, look.
I'm, uh,
I'm in a bind.
I need to know everything
there is to know
about The Elven
Journey, Journeys.
Oh, I knew you
would reconsider!
Okay, the journey
is a metaphor...
No, no, no.
I mean, yeah.
Look, I,
I sort of convinced
all of my friends
that I am getting
married this week.
And that it is an Elven
Journey themed wedding.
I see.
I read you the entire
first book on the train.
I think that should
be sufficient.
Oh, I was a little distracted.
That's one way to describe
your focus on dragon fuel.
I didn't have
that much to drink.
(CHUCKLES) Indeed.
Look, will you help me or not?
Okay, there's no
way that I can explain
every detail in one
phone conversation.
Do you need me to
come to Vinton?
How did you know
that I was in...
Dragon fuel makes you chatty.
I should let you know I insist
grandmother travel
with me at all times.
So we would need
accommodations for two.
Is this a problem?
Ernie, I don't
need you to come.
Can you just be
on call this week?
Like if I text or call
you with a question,
can you be available to
answer at a moment's notice?
Mission accepted.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Okay, your first
assignment is tomorrow.
The wedding planner wants to
take me somewhere special,
something about preparation
for the journey ahead.
I gotta go, but you might
hear from me in the morning.
Fah-yah amgino.
Good night, madam.
Fresh towels.
Oh, thanks.
I don't know.
It feels weird staying with you.
You know, it feels
like the old days
when I would stay at
your house all the time
because my parents
were always traveling.
I know.
Remember that one
Valentine's Day,
you snuck in after
that really bad date.
Yes, Sobby Sam.
Do you love me?
Don't even say anything!
Your silence says no. (SOBS)
Who was that one guy who
did the thing with the sticks?
His name was Cody,
and it was whittling.
(LAUGHS) Oh, yeah. (MUMBLES)
No, it was whittling,
and it was endearing.
Um, he gave you a stick
whittled with your name on it.
(LAUGHS) Who does that?
Oh, remember Zach?
Oh, he was the big hunky guy
whose dad owned the
Happy Hamburgers,
and he could get all the
hamburgers you wanted for you.
I think that might have
been one of your guys.
Oh, right.
That relationship
probably lasted longer
than it should have.
It's so good to
see you so happy.
How about you?
Are you happy?
Yeah, couldn't be happier.
Oh, no.
I don't know what to tell you.
This is bad.
I think you should just come
clean now before it's too late.
Bobby will think
that I'm a lunatic.
Yeah, but what about
his girlfriend, Flake?
It's Blake.
And what about her?
I can't just give up
because some sweet, kind, cute
girl is hanging on his arm.
DARLA: You get out
of there this instant...
I gotta go.
I'll keep you posted.
Oh, my god.
Do you even brush?
I think I found last
week's rot roast in here.
No, I need more
passion, right?
Passion, depth.
You have to frighten him, right?
You have to frighten,
frighten me.
Make me feel frightened.
Scare him!
One more time, from the top.
And action.
Listen, guy, you better
get out of there this instant
or I'll blow your little
brains all over the concrete,
and then I'll walk all over
them with a smile on my face!
Too much.
That was actually,
you disturbed me.
I was disturbed.
What are you guys,
whoa, is that a gun?
Oh, don't worry.
It's not loaded.
Calm, calm.
Calm, calm, easy.
Calm down, calm.
- Yeah, calm.
- We're good.
We're calm, we're calm.
We're good.
BURTIE: We are calm.
Okay, that must be Blake.
She's early, so I need
you guys to entertain her
because I need a
few minutes, okay?
I'm sorry that we
don't have any toys.
I'm 22.
Then I'm sorry that we
don't have any slinky.
What's a slinky?
You know, a slinky.
A slinky
A slinky
It's fun
It's a wonderful toy
It's fun for a girl
And a boy
So how long have you
and Bobby been together?
About six months.
You think you're
getting engaged?
Oh, I don't know.
I mean maybe once he gets past
this whole photography thing,
we could get a
little more serious.
There you are.
So before we head out, I just
need to make a quick stop.
I left something
at Bobby's house.
Bobby's house?
Are his parents home?
I'm sure they're
dying to see you.
You know what,
I'm just gonna wait
here while you run in.
Don't be silly.
It'll just take me a second.
I'll be right back down.
You can say hi to Mr.
And Mrs. Browning.
Well, come on in.
Sit down.
Hi, how have you been?
I've been good.
Hello, Maddie.
I heard you were in town.
Yup, just got here
a couple of days ago.
Would you like
some tea or coffee?
No, no, I'm good.
Thank you.
How have you guys been?
Good, good, good.
Maybe I should let
Bobby know that I'm here.
Maybe you shouldn't, dear.
I think I'll just take
my bowl to the kitchen.
What was that, mom?
I said we're just so
glad Maddie is here.
Here it is.
Firing squad?
Are you ready, Maddie?
BOBBY: Have fun, girls.
Bye, babe.
I'm so excited.
You're gonna love this.
It worked out perfectly.
Excuse me.
Yes, ma'am.
I can help you right here.
Is she blind?
You can take off the
blindfold, Maddie.
Maddie Brooks.
It's good to see you.
Listen, you ladies
would be perfect models
for my new invention.
Yeah, I don't think so.
It's just like a tattoo,
but instead of using ink,
you use a stencil to tan
whatever shape you
want into your skin.
How do you get the skin to
tan so quickly without burning?
Technology, it's incredible.
Would you guys like to
be my first customers?
I'll give you a
discount on the price.
I think we're good.
Alright, yeah.
Well, if you guys change
your mind, let me know.
So you guys here
for the games?
You look incredible.
Today's games will commence
in a battle between...
Team Numinar!
Right, and team...
Let the battle begin!
Wow, that was incredible.
Good game.
Isn't this exciting?
Ernie arrived this morning,
but I wanted to let
him surprise you.
Uh, right, yes.
I thought it was so sweet
that the best man wanted
to come early and help.
Oh, he's the best man.
Yeah, that's me, all
the way from New York.
Ernie, how did you
know where to find me?
Well, where else will I
find two elven believers
who have to prepare for
the journey ahead, huh?
And there was only
one gathering in town.
Hey, Junju unite.
Did you just say Junju?
No wonder you practiced such
poor sportsmanship out there.
I might have deduced
from your poor archery
skills you belong to Wuken.
I'm gonna go get
changed, Maddie.
Feisty one, isn't she?
What are you doing here?
I told you not to come.
Seriously, how did you find me?
These gatherings
are a vast network.
Anywhere we go, we are one.
Best man?
It's a fake wedding.
There is no wedding.
Even better.
I can be the fake best man.
I'm gonna be ready next time.
We are here to
learn the elven dance.
You must be Simon and Theodore.
11 dances, just shy of a dozen.
Right, an elephant dance?
Who would have trunk it?
It's the elven cultish
dance of reunion.
It's got nothing to
do with large mammals
or taking a liking to peanuts.
But it does remind me
of a time grandmother...
I invited them to learn
the elven ritual dance
so they could perform
it at your wedding.
Oh, hey, Maddie.
Are you coming over?
We're gonna hang out at
my house before the show.
Alright, I'll see you there.
Oh, Ernie, are you sure you
remember how to get there?
I drove a cab in New York.
I think I can find
your parents' house.
BOBBY: Capisce.
ERNIE: Will Blake
be there as well?
Yeah, of course.
She's my girlfriend.
You're not staying at
the Brownings' house.
I thought I dropped my
things there this morning.
You don't need...
So Ernie, I understand
that you're the best man.
Well, tell us how you
met Cooper and Maddie.
I met them at an elven
convention in New York.
Where in New York?
The streets.
What on earth?
It's probably the neighbors.
Yeah, in New York, it's
always the neighbors, you know.
Well, I do think it's sweet
that you came in to help Maddie.
I mean poor Cooper, having
surgery the week of his wedding.
Definitely not ideal.
What kind of surgery did you
say he was having, Ernie?
Harold, honey,
don't just sit there.
Go check it out.
Oh, no, no.
Nope, Ernie and I got this.
This better not be
what I think it is.
ERNIE: Grandmother!
Where in the world
did you find that?
Ernie, what are you doing?
You can't keep her in here.
I can assure you, grandmother
is properly cared for.
We'll have a blowup
mattress for bedtime,
and I've been giving
her ample amounts
of food and liquids
since we arrived.
Though I did not supply
her with ice cream.
She's in the closet.
I informed you I did not
travel without grandmother.
I didn't ask you to come.
Look, just promise me that
no one finds out about this.
And she has to stay quiet.
Everything alright up there?
I will talk to you
about this later.
I have to get ready for tonight.
Take me home
SINGER: Oh, boy!
Thank you, band.
That was great.
How about a big round of
applause for our band tonight?
Good evening, friends.
It's certainly good
to see all of you.
Tonight, we want to honor
one of our most accomplished
citizens, Robert Browning.
He had the ability
to capture a moment
with the click of a shutter.
And now, he has captured the
attention of his hometown.
Bobby told me what he
lost when he left Vinton,
he tried to find in his work.
But he soon found out, as
many of us already knew,
that what you leave
behind in Vinton
cannot be found anywhere else,
although I hear that Bobby
has an amazing opportunity
to take some photos for a
world-renowned traveler.
Bobby, we look forward to you
sharing that next
adventure with us.
Thank you, folks, and
have a great evening.
Bobby, nice to meet you.
BOBBY: You too.
Thanks for coming.
Thank you.
WOMAN: Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Thank you.
Thanks for coming.
Can I steal you for a second?
BOBBY: Yeah.
BLAKE: I think I'm gonna go.
I'm really tired,
kind of bored.
You're bored?
A little bit.
I'm sorry, baby.
I mean the pictures
turned out really great,
it's just not my thing.
I'll meet you at your
parents' house if that's okay.
I just kinda wished that you...
Come in here.
See you at the house?
Yeah, see you at the house.
Pity you're leaving
so soon, Wuken.
Is it, Junju?
BOY: Tan-tooing?
Let's say you invest
a measly $2,000,
get five of your
friends to do the same,
we could open 10 new stores.
I'm waiting to go home
But I know
It's amazing.
And you look amazing, again.
(GIGGLES) Thanks.
Did you see?
You know, I don't even
remember you taking that photo.
I do.
It was a Saturday by the lake.
We spent all morning
working on your class
president acceptance speech.
And my concession speech.
Yeah, which we all
knew you didn't need.
Anyway, you could tell
I was getting tired,
so you said, "Let's just go."
And we did.
We just went.
I remember that.
We just started walking, and
eventually, we found the lake.
That was a good day.
It was a very good day.
It's a beautiful picture.
Well, I had a
beautiful subject.
tell me about your work.
I feel like I hardly know
anything about you anymore.
Uh, I don't know,
pretty much the same.
I don't think much has changed.
Come on, you've gone off
and followed your passion
and achieved something great.
You even landed a pretty cute
girlfriend in the process.
You could say a
lot has changed.
What about you?
I mean I'm sure you've reached
new heights of your own.
Great show, Bobby.
Oh, thanks for coming.
I'll see you later.
So, you were about to say.
What's this about working
with a world-renowned traveler?
That's exciting.
I just wish Blake thought so.
What, is she not into it?
she sees my photography
as more of a hobby.
I think she's waiting
for me to grow out of it.
This is what you
always wanted to do.
Well, we talked
about it a bit.
Well, for what it's worth,
I think you should go.
It would be amazing for
you to see the world.
I wouldn't want
you to miss that.
I think I should probably
get back inside, huh.
Yeah, being the star and all.
Alright, Maddie Brooks.
I'm waiting to go home
But I know
That I chose the
road I'm traveling on
As silly as this must sound,
I never get tired
of watching her.
It's not silly.
It's incredible.
So when's Cooper
coming tomorrow?
I'll do it.
But you owe me.
And you will house and feed
me if I lose my license.
Congratulations on
your fake wedding.
Oh, what am I doing?
Cooper, hi.
This is Dr. Walters,
your dentist.
Hey, Dr. Walters.
What's up?
Your dental health,
that's what's up.
Listen, I was looking
over your file here and...
At nine o'clock at night.
That's the level of
care I provide, Cooper.
May I continue?
Uh, sure.
And it looks like
there's a problem.
Have you been to Africa
lately, eaten any bush meat?
Uh, no.
Well, then that is
very strange indeed.
Might be one for the CDC.
What, CDC?
I'm afraid to say you
have something called,
well, I can't even pronounce it.
But if you don't
come in right away,
you could be in grave danger.
What kind of danger?
Danger of losing your tongue.
COOPER: My tongue?
And mouth, tongue and mouth.
You'll have to slurp all
your food through a straw
through your nose.
It's bad.
What time can I
expect you to come in?
Tomorrow, tomorrow morning.
Betwixt, betwitddle,
the elf and the fiddle
knew that their journey
left but one riddle.
This is my favorite part.
Ernie and Ingrid
Mahoney speaking.
Grandmother's on speaker phone.
Ernie, hi.
This is Patsy.
You don't know me, but I
am Maddie's best friend.
And I can't talk
to her right now
because she is dress shopping
and she gave me your number.
Look, I need you to tell her
that I will be there tonight
with the golden goose.
Oh, how fascinating.
Do tell me where you were
able to locate one of those.
I have yet to
discover any in Ohio.
What are its feeding habits?
Do you worry about
migration season?
Oh, my gosh,
you're so adorable.
Are you speaking
to me or the goose?
Uh, look.
I just, I need
you to tell Maddie
that I will be
there tonight, okay?
I can't talk because I think
I'll be pretty occupied.
Golden goose,
today is the day.
Got it.
Okay, alright, bye.
Fi-yah amgino.
Till sunset, sweet maiden.
What a strange woman.
(SIGHS) Come on, Blake.
Let's get this over with.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Blake had to scout out some
venues, so I'm here to help you.
Shall we get started?
So what kind of dress
are you looking for?
I have no clue.
Elven, woodsy?
You can always
wear a bear skin rug.
but I'm not sure
Blake will be very
down with that.
Probably not.
Speaking of bears.
Ugh, my god.
Do you remember
fifth grade graduation?
Oh, you had to give a speech.
You were so nervous.
And now we have Bobby Browning
who is going to read
his report on bears.
Let us welcome
Bobby to the stage.
When the bear comes,
the best thing you can
do is just play dead.
MADDIE: You told me
you were going grizzly.
Yeah, going grizzly, just
like Ranger Tony taught us.
MADDIE: (chuckles)
So you did.
And it worked.
Yeah, it's, that's the one.
Yeah, it's...
Let's look at it.
I mean it definitely needs
some small alterations but,
can you help me with this?
MADDIE: I think it just
needs like the length fixed.
So you want me
- to hold it up.
- Yeah, like hold it up.
Yeah, and then this has
got to go in quite a bit.
You want me to hold it?
Yeah, that works.
Like that?
Yeah, like that.
You should probably get that.
Yeah, let me ask her.
Blake wants to know how you feel
about (MUMBLES) dance rehearsal.
Yeah, that's good.
Yeah, she says it's cool.
You too.
Alright, bye.
I guess you should,
Blake's probably
gonna be waiting.
MADDIE: Yeah, right.
But this Looks really nice.
Yeah, okay.
I'm just gonna change.
Elven sister has arrived.
We will now approach
elven sister with gifts.
The whisker of a cat for
good luck on your journey.
The sap from the wisest
and cleverest of all trees
to enlighten your mind.
The blood of a (MUMBLES)
to protect you in battle.
All rise.
Now elven creatures,
we must give our sister
the crest of the elves.
The what?
Oh, no, no, no.
Don't worry, it's
just a tan-too.
No, Rudy, you gotta let me go.
You gotta let me go.
Go where?
No, I just mean you gotta
let me get outta here.
I don't want a tattoo, or a
tan-too, or whatever else.
I hate surprises.
Does nobody believe in
the small business dream?
You gotta cover for me.
Just tell them that I was sick
or that I wasn't feeling good.
Well, let me come
to the wedding.
Well, I'll let you go if you
let me come to the wedding.
It's good advertising.
Hey, you've reached Patsy.
You know the drill.
(CHUCKLES) Dentist jokes.
Maddie, I'm so glad
you're feeling better.
I was worried.
Yeah, I'm sorry about that.
I feel much better now.
BLAKE: Good.
Come on in.
Welcome to your rehearsal
dinner, minus the rehearsal.
Maddie, where's Cooper?
Isn't he coming?
Yes, he had surgery today.
Um, yeah.
But it was just a minor surgery,
so he'll be better
for our wedding.
Poor, poor fellow.
He was always so
healthy and sporty.
Smells amazing.
Darla, where would
you like to be buried?
Victoria, we don't
ask questions like that.
Maddie, I heard they
had a surprise for you
at the dance hall.
Oh, we surprised her alright.
And there's plenty more
where that came from.
What's with the tux, man?
Yeah, we got a special
guest coming tonight.
I wanna be ready.
Special guest?
Guest with a golden goose.
A what?
That must be
our special guest.
And the goose.
Hi, Cooper.
And who might you be?
I'm Maddie's maid
of honor, Bernice.
And I just came to
help Cooper travel.
Say hi, Coop.
He's still a little
out of it from surgery.
Did you leave the
golden goose in the car?
I hope you left the
window down just a crack.
You are just so adorable.
But what's wrong
with your voice?
It's my New York accent.
I thought you were from Ohio.
My grandmother.
She's Ohian.
ERNIE: Ohian, from Ohio.
Patsy, can I see you in
the kitchen for a minute?
It's Bernice.
Ernie, meet Cooper.
Cooper, Ernie.
Ernie, Cooper.
Yeah, yeah, I know that.
Best friend.
What are you doing?
Well, you told
me to bring Cooper.
I did the best that I could.
What did you give him?
An assortment of...
Let's just say I
gave him enough drugs
that he probably won't
remember this weekend.
Teddy, what do you need?
I need ketchup.
It's so nice to
meet you, Bernice.
I'm Ted, Teddy, Teddy Bear,
but you can call me
whatever you want to.
I'm not normally this forward,
but you are the most
beautiful escort.
Wow, what?
Teddy, please.
I know we just met but...
Teddy, could you please
just give us a minute?
And why are you
using a fake name?
Oh, Teddy will get that.
Well, if it's a fake wedding,
I thought a fake
name was appropriate.
Where's my Maddie?
My parents.
I love your parents.
Mom, dad!
MRS. BROOKS: Oh, honey.
Hey, well, so exciting, right?
'Cause we thought you were
alone and heartbroken.
Oh, gosh, I'm happy.
I'm very happy.
Let's sit down and eat.
Eat, eat, eat!
Eat, eat, eat?
Thank you, everybody, again,
for coming to the rehearsal
dinner for Maddie and Cooper.
Bernice, thank you
for bringing Cooper.
Coop, it's good
to see you again.
Ernie, how would
you like to die?
You could spend less
money on a shorter coffin
since he wouldn't have a head.
Victoria, that's enough.
We're at the table.
Let's have our prayer.
Cooper, would you
like to do the honors?
Pokey of money and
the super slides,
and we go wee!
GROUP: Amen.
Victoria, how are the flowers?
I gave them water and
nutrients, which they rejected.
It sounded like a body.
Oh, no, it's not a body.
Dear, I think we have rats.
Well, rats...
Mrs. Browning,
it looks delicious.
There is something up there.
Darla, drop the gun.
BURTIE: We are rolling.
Are you ready?
Oh, geez.
Is it loaded this time?
This time?
Let's go, love muffin.
Alright, everyone.
I need you to act alarmed.
Be afraid, give me excitement.
Mr. Brooks, upon finding
who is in the closet,
I need you to say,
"Polly want a cracker."
MR. BROOKS: Say what?
Oh, for Pete's sake, Frank.
Just say the line.
He's shooting a movie.
BURTIE: Alright, people.
I need fear.
Show me fear!
And action!
Come out now
and I won't shoot!
Hey, no need to shout.
Whatever's in there,
it smells nice.
Bobby, just open the door.
Careful, son.
Would Polly care for
a bit of a cracker?
those my leftovers?
DARLA: Who is that?
Oh, hello, stranger.
Whatever are you
doing in my closet?
You Americans are weird.
Maddie, do you know
what's going on here?
If you're feeling faint...
Teddy, just focus.
Bobby, don't just stand there.
Go pick her up and
carry her downstairs.
Should we call 911?
She might be dead.
MR. BROOKS: She's not dead.
We'll take her to
emergency care.
I'm Maddie's cousin.
I'm Maddie's cousin.
Well, I'm Maddie's
father, and I can assure you
that neither one of
you is related to us.
Forget the both of you.
Who was the lady who
was in my closet?
It's Maddie's mother.
I'm Maddie's mother.
Cleaning lady?
So Bernice...
It's Patsy.
So Patsy...
Just don't.
Master Lewis.
Uh, no, Dr. Lewis in here.
Dancing's my day job.
What's going on
with my daughter?
Maddie's fine.
We're not quite
sure what happened.
We're examining her head.
There's just not that
many ways to see in there.
What about an MRI?
Or a lobotomy?
Or a CAT scan?
Well, we would, but
we're fresh out of cats.
Can we see her, please?
Well, you should be able to
unless she's taking
those invisibility pills.
I told the nurse to
leave those out of sight.
Now, come on, right this way.
Oh, great, nobody
ran off with her.
Come on in.
Thank, guys, for
hanging around.
I'm feeling a lot better.
I'm just not really up
for talking, you know.
I'm just really tired, so yeah.
And I'm so sorry about dinner.
We're just so
relieved you're okay.
That was really scary.
Yeah, we were really
worried about you.
Glad you're feeling
better, honey.
We're just so happy we got to
see you before your big day.
Are you guys leaving?
We just spoke to an
amazing deal to Cancun.
While I was in
the emergency room?
Paradise waits
for no one, Maddie.
We fly out at seven a.m.
Oh, mom, can you leave a
key for me on the front porch.
There's already one there.
Alright, folks.
Visiting time is over.
I've still got some
paperwork to do.
Now I'll have you outta
here in less than an hour.
I promise.
Come on, guys.
Let's go.
We're gonna wait.
Hang in there.
I'm glad you're
feeling better.
You're gonna need
a bigger band-aid.
I can barely stand
to see you in here.
I'll bring you a cupcake.
Darla, my sweet, I might
stick around for a moment more
if you don't mind.
Maddie, I have
something to show you.
Now as I was editing my film,
I came across some things.
Now understand, this
is simply a rough cut,
but anyway, just take a look.
It looks good.
It does look good. (MUMBLES)
Madeline, I know true
emotion when I see it.
And this right
here, this is real.
I'm not telling you
what you should do
or even how you should feel.
You'll have to decide
that for yourself.
But perhaps if you're
going to decide,
sooner is better than later.
I think I'm just too
confused to make a decision.
Maddie, decisions
are never confusing.
Doubt is.
(GASPS) Victoria!
Geez, you shouldn't do that.
It's morbid.
I wasn't trying to listen.
Listen to what?
Listen, Victoria,
there are some things
that are hard for
kids to understand.
I understand.
You want Bobby, but
Bobby wants Blake.
If Bobby wanted you, he
would say so, but he hasn't.
Yet with this new evidence,
the video, you wonder
if you should destroy Blake
in order to have Bobby.
I better go before
they leave me.
I gotta go for it.
It's just so stupid.
A candidate should be
able to put on a campaign
with decency and
respect instead of just
slamming each other
on public television.
When I run, I'm gonna do it
with grace and composure.
What do you think?
About politics?
No, about the dress, dummy.
It's nice.
I like it.
You know, this whole
thing is just so insulting.
Like why do women
have to dress up
and parade around like we're
just a piece of arm candy?
I want a boy to notice me
for my inner qualities,
you know, like my
intelligence and charisma.
How about this one?
I think the red really
makes your black socks pop.
(LAUGHS) Stop it.
I'm serious.
Those are really nice socks.
thanks, but stop it.
The length of the dress
gives it a more formal touch.
How are we doing over here?
Oh, I like this one.
Me too.
I think we might have a winner.
What does your man think?
I think she looks amazing.
Cooper, you're not
supposed to see the dress
until the dance.
I know, I know.
I'm sorry.
Hey, Bobby, you're shooting
photos at the dance, right?
Okay, cool.
Hey, keep in mind,
my left side is good.
My right side, not so pretty.
See you guys later.
Left side, good.
Right side, not so pretty.
Left side, good.
Right side, not so pretty.
You be nice.
I need you to help me
recreate prom night.
Yup, yup.
I can do that.
Whatever you want.
I'll probably just
have Cooper stay here
and play with Ingrid.
No, grandma, no.
Okay, yeah.
No, I'll have the best
man watch them both.
Okay, yup, I'm on it.
So soft.
I'll be right back.
I know it's not any of my
business, and I don't know
exactly what happened
between you and Bobby,
but just be careful,
for your sake and his.
I know this might sound crazy,
and I understand if you don't
feel the same way but...
Speak up, son.
We can't hear a
word you're saying.
Quiet, Frank.
Look how nervous the boy is.
Mom, dad, please.
I mean I should have said
something to you earlier.
I should have told you that.
Spit it out, boy!
Dad, what is wrong with you?
Don't go with Cooper.
Can we talk about this?
Nerd alert.
Hey, buddy.
Out for a cruise?
I gotta go.
You ready?
COOPER: You look amazing.
Alright, and you're good.
Alright, guys.
Give me a little smile.
Just put your hand on his
chest and just give me a look,
just a little look.
And you're good.
Next couple.
Come on, guys.
Act like you like each other.
A little closer.
A little closer.
Whoa, calm down, stud.
And you're good.
Hey, guys.
Alright, a little further
back, further apart.
Hands off the waist.
We don't do that here.
Yup, yup, yup,
hands at your side.
Hands at your side.
Like this?
Alright, and you're good.
Please welcome to
the stage this year's
Mr. and Mrs. Dogwood Dance,
Cooper Nelson and Maddie Brooks.
Thank you, thank you.
Thank you very much.
It's been an amazing
four years here.
We've made great friends,
fun times and
unforgettable memories.
And while we're up here, I
thought it'd be a good time
to make one more
unforgettable memory.
Maddie Brooks.
Will you marry me?
Darla, can I steal Maddie
for just an hour or so?
Sure, go ahead.
Actually, I'm a little busy
trying to tie up loose
ends for tomorrow.
I totally get it, but I
have a huge surprise for you.
It's the last one, I swear.
You're gonna love it.
Well then,
let's go.
Let's do it.
Do you like it?
It's incredible.
Blake, this must
have taken you...
It doesn't matter.
The look on your face right
now makes it all worthwhile.
Besides, we're friends, right?
Thank you.
Now Darla, my sweet,
tonight will be a study
in the art of improvisation.
We need to get Bobby
down to the high school
by nine p.m. sharp
without him knowing
what our purposes are.
Now do you know the first
rule of improvisation?
No and...
No matter.
My sugar bear, we have got it.
Hello, Bobby!
Come in, come in.
DARLA: Hello, Bobby.
Hey, Darla.
Yeah, welcome, man.
Welcome to, uh,
- the ballroom.
- Bachelor party.
The bachelor party.
Welcome to the
bachelor party, right.
Very good, dear.
Yes, very good.
Welcome to Cooper's
bachelor party.
Where is Cooper?
He's meeting us there.
You're going to
the bachelor party?
And why wouldn't she, man?
Darla is the
- entertainer.
- Caterer.
- The catering.
- Entertainer.
She serves the food in
the most naughtiest of ways.
Hey, dudes.
We'll be at the bar
in a few minutes.
MADDIE: Thanks,
Burtie, but don't come.
BURTIE: I beg your pardon.
MADDIE: Don't come.
I'll be there, my dear.
Uh, my dude.
I'll be there, my dear.
Copy that, copy that.
I hope you enjoyed the show.
We shall see you again
tomorrow for the big day,
Maddie and Cooper's big day.
What's an old woman gotta
do to get a dance around here?
Mrs. Browning?
Call it woman's intuition.
Come on, Maddie.
I've seen the way
you look at Bobby.
It's the same way you've
always looked at him.
I'm so sorry
for hurting Bobby.
I know I broke his heart,
and that wasn't fair.
You broke his
heart, that's true,
but you gave him his wings.
If it hadn't been for you,
I don't think he ever would
have become so strong.
He became who he
was meant to be.
He learned to be independent
and confident
without you, Maddie.
That's what makes him ready
to be in a relationship now.
What do I do?
I can't tell you that,
but you'll figure it out
when the time is right.
That may be tomorrow when
you're supposed to get married.
Thank you for not hating me.
I could never
hate you, Maddie.
You're like a daughter to me.
Do I even wanna ask
what happened here?
Maddie, what happened?
I just couldn't do it.
I mean Bobby obviously
cares about Blake,
and Blake, I just couldn't
hurt her like that.
It just seemed wrong.
I should have never come here
and messed everything up.
Don't say that.
It all happened for a reason
even if we don't know
what that reason is yet.
What's your next move?
I don't know.
I mean I could marry
Cooper tomorrow.
He won't remember it anyway.
And then I'll go
back to New York
like nothing every happened.
Maddie, you can't.
There's no other option.
This is best for everyone.
Darla, this is
Maddie's decision.
Madeline, we support you.
Whatever choice you
decide, we're here for you.
Falling shades
Rest between the pages
of our yesterdays
Falling shades
Bring back those
memories of our long ago
One by one
One by one by one
They're sliding as they fade
One by one
One by one by one
They gently drift away
Falling shades
You look stunning.
Thank you.
Are you ready?
Do you ever wonder what
your life might be like
if you made different choices?
Made choices?
Not you in particular,
just anyone.
Maddie, every choice we
make leads us to a new path.
And that path
takes us down roads
that will lead to
more decisions.
You can't focus on the
choices that led you here.
You have to focus on the
decisions you make moving forward.
I'm glad I got
to know you, Blake.
I think we'll be
friends for a long time.
Well, we certainly
have lots in common.
Mignum, hie eye.
And that.
The world waits for the bride.
There's something
I need to say.
Blake, I don't wanna hurt you.
You've been an amazing friend.
I can't deny what I'm feeling.
I understand.
Maddie, I've loved
you since we were kids.
I just never spoke up
because I was afraid.
I pretty much regretted
that since prom night.
I know you plan to
marry Cooper today,
but life has given me this
miraculous opportunity.
I don't care who hears
me or how loud I say it.
I just wanna tell the world
that I love you, Maddie Brooks.
I'm speaking up this time.
I'm gonna ask you
to come with me.
Let's just go.
I love you too, Bobby,
but no.
I can't say yes.
All of my life,
I've depended on other
people for my happiness.
I gave up my dreams
without even fully
understanding what those were.
And now I need time to
make my own happiness
and discover who I am.
And Blake, this is
beautiful and not in vain.
There will be a wedding today.
There's a couple here
who deserves all the love
and happiness in the world,
a couple who never got the
chance to have a real wedding.
Today is your day.
By the powers
vested in me by Jesus,
I pronounce you man and wife.
Kiss the bride.
Oh, boy, take me home
Got an alligator running
where the alligators roam
Oh, boy, take me home
Got an alligator running
where the alligators roam
Oh, boy
Take me home
Well, the catfish are biting
And so are the skeeters
But it's home sweet home
And ain't no place sweeter
Oh, boy
Take me home
If it's good
enough for Maddie
I'm happy too
Stay a little, Bobby
Good enough for you
Oh, boy
Take me home
How can I find
he words to say
To tell you that I love you
in a thousand different ways
How do I spell
the way I feel
To reassure you my
love for you is real
If I could only write
a simple love song
Just for you
To tell you
everything I feel
And everything within
my heart is true
If I could only write
a simple love song
Just for you
How to start and what to say
And to rhyme all night
Someday you'll know
who you are, Maddie.
When you do, then
you'll be ready for me.
And I'll be there.
Found a real love
A true love with you
Well, it's time to get
Cooper back to New York.
Will he remember anything?
(CHUCKLES) Not likely.
Thank you for everything.
Look, I'm proud of you, okay?
And I'll see you soon.
You know, Teddy offered
to give me a ride
back to the airport,
and it was really hard
getting Cooper through
security the first time.
And okay, I kinda
think Teddy's cute.
Cooper, get off!
True love with you
I found a real love
Pull you close (MUMBLES)
Let the beat of your heart
Drive me down in
the end to the sound
You're out of your control
You tell me oh
Let's all start a war
'Cause that's our spark
That's our spark
The iridescent at night
Illuminates so bright
We are out of control
You tell me, oh
Let's all start a war
Let's all start a war
I said I love
you for forever
Said I'll never let you go
You're my platinum,
you're my treasure
Let it glimmer, let it show
Sing oh-whoa
Oh-whoa, oh-whoa
Sing oh-whoa
Oh-whoa, oh-whoa
'Cause I saw a spark
Baby, light up my heart
I saw a spark
Baby, light up my heart
'Cause I saw a spark
Baby, light up my heart
I saw a spark
Baby, light up my heart
Oh-whoa, oh-whoa, oh-whoa
Oh-whoa, oh-whoa, oh-whoa