Nebelgrind (2012) Movie Script

I won.
Enjoy your meal.
Good night.
Good night, Emma.
Your legs, not your arms.
Right, my lees-
Not my arms.
You always take my stuff!
That's so not true!
Morn, she keeps taking my stuff!
- Where's my math book?
- In America, most likely.
Here it is.
- Hold your horses!
- See?
Have a nice morning.
It's all right, Karli.
I'll stay here till
you've gone back to sleep.
28, 35, 42
- What is 7 times 7?
- 49.
- 6 times 8?
- 48. My turn.
- 5 times 9?
- 45.
7 times 8?
- 58.
- You're piling it on!
Better too much than too little.
How much too much?
Not that much.
Just a little.
What's wrong?
It won't hurt you.
Why don't you talk to Jilrg?
I've tried, but he won't budge.
Maybe you need to make things clear.
It won't get better
if you bear the whole burden yourself.
I went through that with my mother.
I'm sorry, Maya. I have to go.
- Do you know what happened?
- Yes,jonas told me.
Karli must never again
go off with Jonas.
Calm down!
Nothing happened.
Are you really not getting it?
- What?
- That your father is demented.
- What a load of bull!
- I looked it up online.
I think he's got Alzheimer's.
Frnzi, really!
We should have him examined.
If my father had Alzheimer's
he couldn't drive a tractor anymore.
- Can he do that?
- Indeed!
Don't you see all the things
he cannot do anymore?
That's perfectly normal at his age.
I don't think so.
- Super, Karli!
- A memory like an elephant.
- Well done!
- Thank you, doctor.
Wanna come to the forest with me,
- Yes, let's do that.
- Good.
Don't let Karli operate the chainsaw!
Do you know how long
he's been handling saws?
Since I was 14.
- Everyone is going to the concert.
- You're staying home!
- Grandpa
- But Werni is coming today.
- Daddy, please!
- Put on something decent!
No black stuff!
Green or white?
- Green.
- White.
- Hi, Pops.
- Hi, Werni. Hi.
- A new car, right?
- No.
We had it the last time we came.
- Hello, Jonas.
- Hello.
Right, come along!
Toni, I forgot the water.
Could you fetch it, please?
Enjoy your meal.
To Werni! He got a promotion.
Really? Tell us.
Nothing big.
Just the next step up.
Eat, Pops!
It'll get cold.
I refuse to eat this slop!
What's wrong, Pops?
What's the matter with him?
What's going on?
- Grandpa threw his food away.
- Why?
That's what I'd like to know.
- Grandpa has Oldtimes.
- Jonas, cut it out!
Morn said so.
This napkin rubs off, damn it!
Poor Frnzi!
I wouldn't want to be in her shoes.
It's Pops that's sick, not her.
What are you going to do now?
About what?
About the estate.
Isn't it time you addressed that?
- Do it while Karli is still
- Andrea!
Or you'lljust end up fighting.
It's wrong of you to
set the kids against my father.
I'm doing no such thing.
The kids themselves notice
what's wrong with Karli.
- Jonas
- Jonas loves his grandfather.
I love Karli, too.
Come on!
I just want to
Damn slugs!
Karli, could you get rne
some yogurt jars from the storeroom?
I won't go in there.
- Why not?
- Because.
Come on! Get rne those jars!
Okay, be that way.
- I have to go to the village.
- I want to come, too.
I want to go to the village, too.
Come on, let's get those jars.
Goddamn jars!
Don't be afraid.
Karli, open the door!
The key]
Open the door!
Get help!
Open the door!
Hello, is this the way to the village?
To the village?
No, you'll have to turn around.
- Where do you want to go?
- To the Ochsen Inn.
The Ochsen?
Can you give rne a ride?
So, the other guy asks:
"Which would you prefer?
Which illness would you choose?
Alzheimer's or Parkinson's?"
He says: "I'd prefer Alzheimer's.
I'd rather forget to pay for my beer
than spill it. "
- See you tomorrow.
- Okay, see you then.
Have a nice day.
- Next time it'll be my turn.
- That's okay.
- Don't you have to go home?
- I do.
You need to walk up that hill.
I'm such an idiot.
- Where's Frnzi?
- I don't know.
She didn't tell me.
Where could she be, darn it?
- Where are you coming from?
- Me?
- You know very well.
- Have you been drinking?
Yes, and I didn't pay, either.
What were you doing in here?
What happened?
- What's wrong with her?
- No idea.
I guess he didn't notice
the door had slammed shut.
Fair enough.
But why didn't he go for help
when I was screaming my lungs out?
I don't know.
Because he didn't get it.
Do you know
why he left rne down there for so long?
Because he forgot.
Because he is ill. Alzheimer's!
Right. Can't you stop drinking?
Karli no longer understands
what's going on.
We don't put our folks in homes
just cause they slow down.
- Did anyone mention a home?
- That's what you're driving at.
But I'm not going to budge.
This modicum of care should be feasible.
I'll be back in two weeks.
Meanwhile you will handle
'this modicum of care'.
Kisses, Frnzi. "
Where did she hide the damn coffee?
Go see what Pops wants.
I have to milk the cows.
I won't, I'm late already.
Jonas, get up!
It's 8.30.
- Where's morn?
- Yes, where is Frnzi?
Dad, where is morn?
She's gone.
She's on vacation.
- Why did she
- Get up!
You drove her away, you idiot!
- That's bull!
- Don't you talk to rne that way!
I'm off to the cowshed.
- What about my snack?
- You won't have one today.
- I didn't have breakfast.
- I can't do everything.
- Grandpa is going off to the village.
- So?
He's still in his PJ's.
Pops, what is this?
Where are you going?
- To the village.
- Like this?
Go get dressed!
- What's the matter?
- Today I'm staying in my PJ's.
I see.
At least put your boots on!
Oh no, not that!
Bloody hell!
- Lorli's got milk stasis.
- I see. She'll need thingy
- Thingy.
- Curd.
What's for lunch? I'm hungry.
Go wash yourself and get dressed.
You can't go to choir practice like this.
- When is Morn coming back?
- In two weeks.
Be happy, you don't have to tidy your room.
- I want Morn to come home.
- I'm not a wizard.
- Where are the darn scissors?
- Hanging there.
You might have told me.
Hey, it's not my fault Morn left.
Well, are you getting dressed?
Do you have some money for me?
What for?
Don't you remember?
Get rne my... money thingy, will you?
You know, thingy.
- There.
- Thanks a lot.
Good night.
- Hey,Jilrg. Not thirsty?
- No time.
- Is Karli sick?
- No, that is, nothing serious.
Tell us if you need help,
now that Frnzi is gone.
Where did you hear that?
Bloody gossips!
Come on, will you?
Frnzi isn't here.
Why don't you get it?!
Go back to sleep!
What's the matter?
He gets scared unless there's music.
Good night, Grandpa.
It's always daylight somewhere.
Not here it ain't.
Damn machine!
The third time in six months it's broken.
- Apple.
- I need to go to the appliance store.
- I'll come, too.
- Get dressed, then!
He can't get dressed on his own.
Don't you get it?
- Is that true?
- Rubbish.
- I can help you.
- Rubbish, I said.
- Look, this is what we need.
- We don't.
Leave it!
Come along now!
Hi, I'm looking for dishwashing machines.
Dishwashers, you mean?
Over there.
- Are you crazy?
- That's my iron.
- Let go!
- This is mine.
- What are you doing?
- That's my iron.
- Leave it!
- No, this is my cart.
- Mine.
- Cut it out!
- It's mine.
- Let go!
- Stop it!
- That's my cart!
There are plenty more!
- My father is a bit confused.
- A bit?
Come on, Pops!
This one uses even less water?
Sure, at twice the price.
It's suitable for fitted kitchens.
It is also our most cutting-edge model.
- It's easy to operate.
- Excuse me.
Pops, what are you doing?
Stop skipping around! It's embarrassing.
Come along!
Hands off!
- I'll do this myself.
- Be my guest.
Go on!
Get out!
- Come on, I'll help you.
- Don't touch me!
Pops, you can't do this on your own.
I could if I would, but I wouldn't want to.
Damn, I need to go to the dairy!
I can't take you like this.
Today I'm staying in my PJ's.
Then you're staying here.
Let rne out!
You brat!
- Grandpa, what are you doing?
- That scoundrel locked rne up!
- Wait!
- That brat!
9 times 9?
6 times 8?
6 times 8 is 48.
Get on!
Did anyone tell you to let him out?
- It's necessary, hold still!
- No, go away!
- Leave them on.
- No.
Cut it out!
Up, go on, raise it!
Thank you for coming so soon.
He's in the sitting room.
Never mind.
I know what it's like from my mother.
Hi, Karli.
- I'll be in the cowshed if
there's a problem. - Yes, okay.
- Is that okay for you?
- You're not Frnzi.
- You finally noticed.
- You're the child of thingy
- I'm Maya, Trudi's daughter.
- Right. Trudi.
- Your Emma and Trudi were good friends.
- But they're not anymore.
Karli, that's such an old story.
I can't do this.
- I thought you had experience.
- I am, but he's aggressive.
And I
- My God! Get up!
- Get out!
- Pops.
- Out of my sight!
- Easy!
- You need professional help.
Not friends anymore.
- This can't go on.
- I don't want to see her here again.
We'll manage somehow. Thanks anyway.
- I want to drive.
- You can't do that anymore.
- I can.
- No.
- Stop this! Are you mad?
- I want to take over the
- I want to take over the
- No!
- Now what are you doing?
- I want to get off!
Come on! You stubborn old fool!
Kiss my ass!
- Are you out of your mind?
- Hi, Werni.
- Is this a new car?
- Are you nuts?
Another visit, so soon?
Why are you dragging Pops along
like a cow?
- Ask him!
- We want to talk to you and Pops.
- I have better things to do.
- Please, it's important for both of us.
You've always been a bloody brat!
Pops, come down!
Get in!
- What were you doing?
- Who?
You and Werni.
- Andrea was there, too.
- I suppose so.
They're in love, Werni and Andrea.
Head over heels in love.
You're kidding, right?
What did Werni want?
Pops, what did Werni want?
To talk
- Talk about the legal stuff.
- What?
- The legal stuff. You know what I mean.
- I don't know!
Don't yell at me!
I'm sorry.
Well then, what did you talk about?
As I said, about the
About the legal stuff.
Werni is entitled, too, after all.
- Entitled to what?
- To half of the farm.
- Are you mad?
- Werni said we need to invest now.
Or the farm will die.
And you believed that bastard?
Your Werni is a goddamn son of a bitch!
For years he didn't give a damn.
Now he wants to build
some modern monstrosity.
And you're helping him, you idiot!
How dare you talk to rne like this!
You're really losing it
if you screw up like that!
- I know exactly what I'm doing.
- Apparently not.
- Maybe you are sick. Then...
- Then what?
You know, Werni is a really good guy.
He is somebody.
And you? What are you?
You are a lousy farmer.
- No.
- Pops!
Come on, I just want to help you.
Get up.
- I just want to help you up.
- Get lost!
Leave rne alone! No!
The gash in his scalp will heal soon.
The stitches will come out in a week.
What else can you tell rne about him?
I'm not a specialist,
but I think Karli
is suffering from Alzheimer's.
To make sure we'd need to run
various expensive tests.
I would say he is in the second stage.
What does that mean?
Does Karli get lost sometimes?
Yes, it happens.
- Does he get lost in the house?
- No.
- Can he still read?
- Yes, I think so.
I don't know.
Does he eat by himself?
Get dressed by himself?
Sometimes he needs a hand,
but that's no big deal.
It depends on how you deal with it.
The crucial thing is
to try and meet Karli's needs.
Good luck!
What have I got here?
Don't you remember?
Yes, I do.
I fell down the stairs.
- Wanna go watch some Swiss wrestling?
- Sure.
- Hi, have you seen Karli?
- No.
Yes, have another sip.
- Do you want another sip?
- What are you doing in there?
- What are you doing in there?
- Having a beer.
You know, with my new girlfriend.
This is Emma. Aren't you?
Sure. Say goodbye, and let's go home.
She doesn't want to be alone.
Look, she's not alone.
There's her girlfriend.
No, she doesn't like her.
I see.
Which one is her friend then?
Me. I'm her friend.
I see.
- She wants to go home.
- This is her home.
She's living with us now.
Sing her a song and then we'll leave.
- No.
- Hey! Hey!
What are you doing in there?
My father is interested in this calf.
- It's a Kobe calf.
- I see.
- Something special.
- A beauty.
It drinks beer.
It's the winner's trophy.
It's not for sale.
We can't buy it?
You're such a sweetie.
7,000 francs.
Frnzi will kill me.
There, this is your new home now.
Have a look around.
This is Emma.
She has the same name as your grandma.
- You have to pet her a lot.
- She drinks beer.
Come on, Emma!
Bedtime. Look, here.
Peppermint for Emma?
- Bad idea?
- Come.
Come, Emma, come!
Let's take thingy.
You know? Yes.
You see?
- Come! Come!
- Pops, where are you going?
- To the village.
- You can't go there alone.
- Emma is with me.
- Emma can't look out for you.
I can look out for her.
- All right, but
- But what?
There. Sit down.
Your legs, not your arms.
Right. My legs-
Not my arms.
Lucas lost his mother.
He's waiting at the customer service desk.
They call it the guardian angel with GPS.
Specially made for active people
who are forgetful and wander off.
You can keep track of the patient,
online or on your mobile device.
Super, that's what we need.
And you can press
the red emergency button if you need help.
- Yes.
- May I?
- Great, right?
- Fine.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
- See you.
- Bye, thank you.
Werni, I want to know
what your deal with Pops is.
What, no time?
I want to know now.
He's talking about some legal stuff.
What is it?
Yes, the one about Pops.
Unbelievable! Son of a bitch!
Holy Moses!
- Where is it from?
- From China.
- Baloney! It's from japan.
- No, from China.
Right, Emma?
Kobe cattle is Japanese. I saw it on TV.
China orjapan -
a Swiss cow wouldn't do this.
He just got lucky.
It stopped raining
when he had his second pit stop
and he changed to dry tires.
That was strategy, not luck.
Look, there's a fellow out there.
- Drink to his health.
- Hello!
You can put it into thingy.
- What do you mean?
- With the others.
- Here?
- Yes, they prefer being together.
Tell me, who is this man?
- This one?
- Yes.
Well, that's you.
Right, yes.
I thought so.
That's a nice sweater, isn't it?
Emma knitted it.
She was the star pupil in handicraft.
They were all in love with her.
But I got her.
- You did?
- Yes.
She would knit you a nice sweater, too,
if she were still here.
Come on!
Come here.
This is you.
Yes, that's me.
That's good.
Yes, that's good.
- Toni, come and eat!
- Coming!
Hello, Miss.
- Hello. Is this seat taken?
- No, please sit down.
- My name is Karli.
- Toni. Nice to meet you.
- Do you come here often?
- Most every day.
- No.
- Admit it!
Here you are.
You don't need to keep asking.
Take it!
I want to know
where you got all this money from.
- I saved it.
- You saved it?
- You've been fleecing Grandpa.
- It's a present from Grandpa.
- For a moped.
- You call that a present?
You exploited his illness.
You ought to be ashamed.
It's none of your business
that he gives rne money.
That's what you think.
- Hey, that's mine.
- You give him back this money!
You're so mean!
I hate you!
When Morn comes home,
everything has to be spick and span.
We want to her to be amazed.
When we're done, we'll go on a little trip.
- Let's do that.
- Great.
The first one to find
our farm wins a thingy.
A... well, a thingy.
Why didn't Toni want to come?
- Does that go away?
- Fortunately, it does.
And Oldtimes?
I got it. I found our farm.
No, G rand pa.
That's Romandy.
I see.
Right, now I'll buy you both a thingy.
Yes, yes.
- Hi, Werni.
- Hello.
- Is this a new car?
- No, it isn't.
- I'll be right with you.
- All of a sudden you have the time?
- What do you want?
- Why not talk quietly inside?
You dared to talk your sick father
into a lousy deal.
I didn't force anything on him.
But we need to talk about the estate.
We don't need to do a thing.
I will continue to run the farm.
- Just have a look at this.
- What kind of crap is this?
It's a draft for a contract
for the division of the estate.
- Lookl!
- Hi, Pops. How are you?
Werni wants to share the farm with us.
You know, Jilrg, we all have to share.
That's the first commandment.
Right. When he gets his half,
Emma's pasture will be full of cranes.
- What kind of cranes?
- No.
- I don't want any cranes!
- Pops, don't worry!
- I don't want to build anything.
- Nothing at all!
There will be no building cranes,
right, Emma?
Right. This is Emma's pasture.
Enough! What's this drivel
about a pasture and our mother?
This here is drivel.
You left and I had to stay.
- Do you think I left gladly?
- You were allowed to study.
- You got to study thingy.
- Yes, Pops. But you know
There is no but!
We did everything for you, everything!
- Yes, but
- Are you gonna complain now?
Fucking nerd!
You're just jealous because...
you're dyslexic!
Werni, stop it!
Stop it, you blockheads!
Stop it!
Go! Leave! Off with you!
- Go home!
- Get them!
- How are you all?
- Fine.
How do you do?
Shall we?
Pops, are you coming?
- How did you manage that?
- Thanks to Emma.
- Who is Emma?
- She's a beauty.
A real beauty.
A Kobe calf?
- How much did it cost?
- About as much as a two-week holiday.
The question isn't what it cost,
but what it'll do for us.
You stay put!
I'll be right back.
Come here!
- Where's Karli?
- In the cowshed.
She's a nice girl, your Emma.
It's me, Karli.
You don't need to be afraid.
I'm not going to a home.
- Come on, Karli
- I'm not going to a home.
Calm down! We all want you to be well.
Damn it!
The bastard got himself a lawyer.
- Karli
- I am to pay him his share of the estate.
Okay, if that jerk wants war, he'll get it.
I'll lawyer up, too.
That's way too expensive. Talk to him first.
- There's no talking to him.
- He's not the only one.
What happened?
He threw this at me.
- At least it's still working.
- Excuse me!
Okay, I'm sorry.
What am I supposed to do?
What am I supposed to do?
Karli won't let rne near him.
Role swap.
I'll run the farm
and you'll do the housework.
Move it!
Come in.
- Looks yummy.
- We'll see.
Enjoy your meal.
Just try again.
G reat, G rand pa. B ulFseye!
It's not funny.
You're right. It's not funny.
Go away!
You know
There's nothing left in here.
It's all gone.
You're a sweetie.
I'm sorry about the money.
What money?
You know
The money I scrounged off you.
I don't need it anymore.
- Grandpa
- Wait!
- For me?
- Open it!
You know, this is the
it was Emma's.
Thank you, grandpa.
- Do you like it?
- I sure do.
This is my farm.
Yes, it's your farm.
But she wants to
She wants to
- What?
- deport me.
Nobody wants to "deport" you, Pops.
I promise.
Lunch is ready!
The kitchen is downstairs, Pops.
Just follow your nose.
- Pops is not doing so great.
- I know.
We must take good care of him.
You mustn't leave him alone anymore.
- Understood?
- Yes, sure.
Watch out!
What do we do if she comes back again?
The woman from the home.
That's Frnzi.
- But, Grandpa
- Come! We have to leave.
- What's the matter?
- You're my friend, aren't you?
- But what
- Shh now!
Grandpa, come!
Let's go home.
Come! This is dangerous.
Jonas, what happened?
- My leg.
- Does it hurt?
- Does anything else hurt?
- No.
I'll be right back.
What have you done?
Are you hurt?
The door won't open.
- What have you done?
- This is not good.
It's not good.
Bucher speaking.
There's been an accident. We need help.
It's not good, am I right?
Lucky, under the circumstances.
It's probably a simple fracture.
Come with me!
- Frnzi.
- Leave rne alone!
- I'm coming with you. - No, you're
going to look after your father.
Where are we?
At Weihermatte.
It's a retirement home.
We'll take you home every weekend, Pops.
A nice room.
Hello, Pops.
Is he one of Emma's?
Yes, he's one of Emma's.
What about you?
We are both Emma's.
Yes, right.
- Emma is a good one.
- Yes.
Yes, it's good. It's good.
Werni is good, too.
- But you're the best.
- Ha! No.
You are.
You're a good one.
You're a good son.
You two have to promise rne one thing.
Take good care of the farm!
Both of you, together.
Yes, Pops.
Is that for me?
- I guess so.
- Thank you so much!
Look, here he comes!
Jonas, will you do the honors?
Wow, cool!
- Well, Jonas? What's his name?
- Karli, of course.
Karli. Not bad.
Shall we christen this breeding farm?