Necronos (2010) Movie Script

Once upon a time there was a wizard who brought fear and terror to the kingdom. It was said that he embodied evil in all it's shapes and forms
that he was a faithful servant of the devil and had made a diabolical plan to seal the fate of all humanity.
His victim's souls were to be cursed for all eternity. Rumor had it that Necronos had sacrificed countless men and women in sadistic rituals.
Often enough one would think their screams of pain would never end, yet eventually they did.
The devil rewarded his faithful servant with immortality
and mighty magic powers. To fulfill the pact the wizard
had to enslave the souls of his victims for the army of darkness.
An army of undead warriors that was supposed to do the devils work until he himself arrived on earth.
Brave men who went to fight and stop the evil never returned.
But the wizard's army turned out to be weak. To give it unlimited powers the devil ordered the wizard to send the blood of
the chosen one, a virgin witch, to hell. But the only one he found had given herself over to the worldly desires of the flesh.
So the wizard's army remained weak. The king had the best blades made and sent an army of chosen warriors into an ocean
of blood to fight against the legions of the undead. To seal the wizard's fate forever.
Only few returned from the battle.
Yet a handful of warriors managed to break the wizard's power delivering him to his fate.
Help me!
They've got him!
Close the gates!
The king ordered the wizard to be imprisoned in the tower and tortured to
death for his heinous crimes. The wizards remains were burned.
Hold it!
You goddamn wizard!
The people feared you for far too long!
Go to hell!
Burn him!
Chop him up!
But it was a matter of time until his soul that belonged to the devil returned to the tower,
to where his remains were burned. For centuries the wizard had licked and healed his wounds in hell waiting to return.
More powerful than ever the wizard who was the master of the demons now unleashes a new era of damnation. This is where it all begins. His name will never again be forgotten.
Goran my dear faithful friend. We need more
mortals to expand our army indefinitely.
And bring me those women that
the witch spoke about.
The chosen one might be among them.
But beware, all those women are witches as well.
It is possible that they are aware of their abilities.
And if they have'nt then they
surely will, soon enough.
Well done my friend.
Here we go!
And we've got the entire weekend.
Was about time to use the
fishing rods again.
And to relax.
- Yeah!
A fishing rod and a cold beer.
What more does a man need?
The beer is still missing though.
Gotta work on that!
I concur!
Yeah right!
I'm going...your majesty.
Bring the corn too!
Yeah okay!
Hey...hey man! Got one!
Seems to be quite a big fish!
Hey...looks like the first
catch is mine today.
What else?
Where is the can opener?
Say something!
Yeah baby!
Do it real slow!
Like this, Teddy baby?
Yeah just like that!
Don't stop!
Boy you're wet baby!
Naughty naughty baby!
Yeah I know what you like!
Oh yeah!
Come here...come here!
Teddy baby!
Do me!
Shit waht is this?!
Oh no!
Yeah I thought about that too.
Well if you wanna be sure you do it.
I might.
I mean...what do you have to lose?
Yeah shit...I am gonna do it!
- Shit...yeah!
Let's finish the job here...
let's haul ass...I've had enough...come on!
Okay man, let's do it!
Get the camera ready.
Doing it!
Where's our doll?
Here you are!
Stop whining! I said stop it!
Roll...roll! Film it!
Film it dude!
And you shut up you cunt!
Keep filming dude!
Shut up and stop crying!
hey...hey...who's that guy over there?
Over there!
Shit...what the fuck is that?
Don't come any closer dude!
What do you want?
Piss off!
Don't come any closer!
I'll blow your fucking head off!
Last warning ...
...not gonna tell you again!
Keep rolling!
I'm gonna kill him!
What was that thing?
I've never seen anything like it.
Last time!
Sleep well you ugly piece of shit!
Finally! Did you catch any
more mortals?
And the women?
Did you take them to the witch?
Good! And now turn the
mortals to undead!
But not all of them! We need
some to feed to the undead!
Throw a mortal into the zombie vaults.
Dont starve them any longer.
Is everything done?
What does the witch say?
Is the chosen one among them?
I want the witch to keep searching! And you...kill the whores! All of the whores!
Let them suffer and don't come back until you killed all of them!
Throw the remains into the dungeon.
Let the undead feast on them.
You shall have some too. One or two
of the mortals shall be yours.
Feast on their blood whenever you feel
like it so you remain strong.
I salute you, my master.
Necronos, my faithful friend.
What do you have to report?
Soon your army will be complete!
Good! Are you satisfied
with your servant?
Yes, my master!
Goran is a faithful servant!
It ws my intention to place a blood demon by your side.
They are my most faithful creatures.
Goran won't cause you any problems.
Surely no, master!
What about your prisoner?
The witch?
She's outlived her usefulness, I don't need her anymore.
Did she find the chosen one?
No, my master. Her abilities are quite questionable.
Therefore I ask your premission to...
Patience my friend!
But master...all her predictions were useless so far.
All she has pointed out were whores!
But they were witches, weren't they?
Yes, my master!
But their flesh wasn't pure!
They shall suffer the pains of my hell!
I've taken care of that already.
Goran will kill them all!
Come to us!
You are the chosen one!
Necronos is your master!
He is awaiting you!
Hey sweetie...did you have one of
those dreams again?
That one dream again?
- Yes.
Don't worry!
I'm with you!
Lucy! Calm down! lts okay! You had another
nightmare. You spoke in your sleep but... spoke with a strange voice and
you were shaking like a leaf.
I'm so exhausted, Mike!
It's okay...just calm down..'s all good.
What's wrong with me?
It's all good sweetie!
No...nothing is okay. It's just getting worse
and worse...I can't really describe it.
I just can't take it anymore!
You know what the doctor said.
You need to rest!
I'm going to call my job tomorrow and take some time off.
I'll postphone all appointments and we just do something together. What do you think?
No you don't have to. I'll just rest tomrrow.
Go down to the river and relax. Just go out.
You've had too much stress lately.
You are right. Just need to relax.
Try to sleep another hour.
Oh no!
Please don't!
The witches abilities are worthless, master.
She is just holding us back.
There must be another way to
find the chosen one.
She will find her. Trust me! The witch
will prove very useful for us.
She is a goddamn whore.
She'll have to pay.
She will when the time has come.
Necronos, my faithful friend.
Yes, my master!
A new task is waiting for you....
Create the first berserker.
For that we will need more time.
To create a berserker...
How dare you question my orders?
I don't master, I don't.
Please forgive me.
A lot of ingredients are needed though.
Yet time is pressuring us.
It's the only way to seal the fate of humanity with these merciless war machines.
Your servant shall work on this task.
Once my army starts marching, taking over the world of the living, the berserkers will follow and then Necronos faithful friend, the world of the humans
will forever be a world of darkness!
Whatever you demand, my master!
Did you kill the whores?
The master has a new task for you.
You will create the first berserker.
Here...take the mana that I brewed and
turn it into the potion of rebirth.
You will need more ingredients though.
At first, the blood from the heart of a man...
...and blood from the heart of a woman. then blood from an unborn child as well as the essence from the...
...third eye of a man. Last but not least the remains of
a mortal. This is the only way to create a berserker!
Did you understand what I told you?
Good! Now hurry, my friend!
Let me go!
Let me go for fuck sake!
It is you!
What the hell do you want from me?
What do you want from me?
Do you know who the
fucking hell l am?
I am a politician from Denmark. My name is
Anders Larsen, I am fucking famous! german?
l am a politician from Denmark... know Copenhagen...
Did you create the berserker?
Bring me the witch immediately. I hope she's
found the chosen one, or else!!
Why did you come to me Goran,
servant of Necronos?
Did the master send you?
Well, Necronos will be satisfied.
I have found the chosen one!
Oh yes, I will help you!
Choke on your own blood you
fucking piece of shit!
Throw that piece of shit into the
dungeon with the others!
Why do you keep me prisoner, Necronos?
Did l not faithfully serve you?
You know the reason for your imprisonment.
It was lust of your flesh that caused us to fail.
Your blood wasn't pure and therefore useless.
You can count yourself lucky that the master still
sees a sense in your pathetic abilities.
And handed you over to me. Otherwise your fate
would have been sealed a long time ago.
Your abilities by the way leave us wishing
and the master is getting impatient.
I will prove my loyalty to you.
But let me go!
When the time has come witch!
First do what is your duty...
And then your fate may be fulfilled.
We will see if you will still be
worthy of serving me..
For sure...for sure!
I will not disappoint you, master!
You shouldn't, now tell me have if you have found her?
Yes I did find her, Master. I'm not wrong this time!
Between dream and reality I found her.
You will be very satisfied.
I hope you are right! For your own sake!
It's her for sure!
Send your servant and
let him bring her!.
So be it! Show him the way!
You'll hear from me tomorrow. I will have all information
gathered by then and we can discuss everything.
Thank you! See you tomorrow.
Hi darling!
- Hi baby, how are you?
Much better! l've been at the beach waiting for you.
When will you be here?
I'm on my way!
How long will it take you?
I think I will be there in like...shit!
Mike...are you still there...Baby?
The number you have dailed is
not available at the moment!
As a police spokesman has told us, more
and more people vanish in this area...
Hi Michelle, It's me, Lucy. How are you doing?
I've had that dream again and it keeps getting more...
...and more intense. Okay just give me a call back
when you have time, love. Love you...bye!
The number you have dailed is not...
The number you have dailed is not...
Here she is, Necronos.
Goran has found her.
Very well Goran, my friend.
Put her on the table.
Awake, my child.
Goran...hold her!
What are you waiting for?
Touch her flesh!
No...please...I have'nt done
anything to you...please!
Touch her...I have to know!
Get your hands off me!
Shut your fucking mouth or I'll beat
the living shit out of you!
This can't be!!
What is it?
Is it her?
Tell me...what did you see?
lt's not her!
What are you talking about, woman?
You were sure it's her!
Yes she is a witch...but her flesh is impure.
How dare you didappoint me again?
But what?
lt's her sister!
Michelle!?'s her!
Oh god please leave her alone.
l warn you witch! my patience is wearing very thin.
You've been wrong too many times already.
lt's her, l know it.
Her thoughts revealed it.
Should you be wrong again then your abilities are of no
more value for me.
This is your lastchance.
The master does nottolerate
any more delays.
Yes, Necronos, my master!
Tell me human child... your sister's flesh untouched?
ls your sister a virgin?
What do you want from Michelle?
You just answer his questions!
Or l am going to devour your soul!
Goran...shut herup!
l don't need her anymore..
No...please! show him the way woman.
Goran my's time to go.
Bring me her sister. Oh and remove her.
Throw the whore to the undead
for them to feed on her.
You gaddamn bastard!
Come here!
The number you have dailed is...
You have called the emergency number for the police.
All lines are busy now.
You have called the emergency number for the police.
All lines are busy now.
You have called the emergency number for the police.
All lines are busy now.
You have called the emergency number for the police.
All lines are busy now.
You have called the emergency number for the police.
All lines are busy now.
You have called the emergency number for the police.
All lines are busy now.
Anybody there?
Hello? Can you hear me? Hello...?
Go away!
Leave me alone!
You'll make it!
Yeah can do it!
Don't give up!
Come on! made it!
You made it!
Yes! Oh god...please!
lt won't work.!
Get help!
Doing it as quick as l can.
Sorry man!
l lock you you are safe!
Sit tight...l'll get you out of here!
Damn rats!
Last thing l needed now are rats.
Did you create the berserker?
Yes, my master.
Good...and the chosen one?
We have her master as the witch foretold.
Goran will bring her to me. Very soon your army
will have reached it's maximum power.
l knew you wouldn't disappoint me.
For sure not, master. But now it's time to
give the witch what she deserves.
Be patient not before we know the girl is the chosen one. Then, not before then, the witch will be yours.
...Necronos, my faithful friend.
Thank you, my master!
Let me go!
Hey, hey...calm down...l want to help you!
Are you okay?
Who are you?
Later...we've gotto get out of here immediately.
Come on, up...we don'thave any time to lose.
Okay, okay!
ls he still behind us?
l think we got rid off him.
We're still much too high here.
Damn...what's going on here?
No idea...we were kidnapped and
brought you.
What is that thing?
No idea...but l don't think it's human.
What do you mean?
Ever heard the voice of that thing?
Just can't be human.
Shit...what are we gonna do now?
We've got to keep moving. There must be a way
out here. All this must be a bad dream.
Oh my god!
It's OK...we'll make it.
It's not OK.
I know this place. I've dreamt of it many times.
There's more of them.
Since childhood my sister and l have
had the same nightmares.
Your sister?
Oh god...they want us!
What kind of dreams?
What's going on here?
What are you doing?
Run! l'll try to stop him.
No, don't leave me alone.!
Are you in a hurry my child?
No...leave me alone!
l've been looking for you for a long time.
The master will be very satisfied.
lt's her,master!
Are you sure, woman?
Oh yes...she is the chosen one.
You were sure it was her sister.
She was just the key to this one. This one is the right
one. l felt it clearly this time.
She is the witch and her flesh is pure.
Very well then.
l belive you.
Finally we have her.
What did you do to her?
She wasn't worth the flesh she was made of.
Goran handed her over to her destiny.!
Good child.
Let all your aggressions out.
You were right,'s her.
As l foretold.
Have l not proven myself worthy?
l will always serve you faithful,
Necronos, my master!
Your work is done now!
Goran my friend...
...get this whore out of here!
You know what you do with her!
You're gonna pay for this, Necronos! l curse you!
You hear me, you goddamn bastard!
Listen to me Goran!
l have always served Necronos faithfully just like you.
But he has only use for us until our mission is fulfilled.
Don't you see?
The day will come when he doesnt need you
anymore either and then he will...
kill you too!
Let me live...
and l will serve you from now on.
Together we can defeat Necronos!
We will send him back to hell.
The devil will punish him for his failure and place an eternal ban on him.
With my help you can finish the devils order...
...and be master of the demons!
...what do you say, Goran,
master of the darkness?
l will always serve you
faithfully, my master!
And l can also give you something else that
no one has ever given to you before.
You can not kill what is
alredy dead, Goran...
...servant of Necronos!
You will pay for this you
fucking piece of shit!
Where are you taking me?
What do you plan to do,
you fucking pig?
We'll meet again in hell!
Did you give the whore
what she deserved? you can feed the
two mortals to the berserker.
He must be very hungry by now.
Oh my god!
What is that?
No idea!
Oh my god!
This can't be true.
Help...can anybody hear us? Help!
Can't anybody hear us?
lt will soon be fulfilled my child.
What do you plan to do with me?
- The blood in you is of indefinite power!
No...please no...
Uncuff her and take her
to the northern tower.
lt's done, my master!
Good...until my arrival you will be
the master of the demons on earth!
Thank you, my master!
So empty the goblet into my hell to
give the undead indefinite power!
As you please!
The fate of mankind is sealed now.
The undead shall gather at the
gate and wait for your orders.
Lock the chosen one up and make her obedient.
Should you not succeed then her blood is still of great value for us.
Soon we will need it for my arrival and
for that of my army of hell.
No matter if she stays alive or dies...
...we need her blood!
So be it, my master!
Goran is taking her to the cell in the
northern tower right at this moment.
Goran? You leave your servant alone
with this powerful witch?
With all due respect,
l can depend on him, master!
He is a blood demon...just a nother tortured creature.
The witch is far mightier than you could ever imagine.
Love defeats all pain!
Never ever forget that.
Look out for your servant. Keep an eye on him
Yes, my master!
Very soon l will be strong enough and then, Necronos,
you and l together, side by side, will...
...lead the army ofdarkness
against the army of light.
Thank you so much, my master!
Hey, wait...wait!
That's your name...right?
Why do you want to lock me up here?
l won't try to flee.
You must be lonely?
You are so beautiful.
l could love you tenderly.
Even more than that if you let me go.
You disappoint me, Goran!
You betrayed me!
You damn whore!
When l can't keep you forever l will at
least take what's most precious.!
The era of humanity is over!
Kill all the mortals!
Let there be no survivors!
The end begins!
Never ever disappoint me again!
And now go to work!
We have much to do!
A long way lying ahead of us.