Neds (2010) Movie Script

'Second, Primary 6.
Holly Martin.'
'First, Primary 6, Sean Cairns.'
'Primary 7. Second, John McGill.'
So proud of you, son!
And first place, Primary 7,
Rebecca Bailey.
Oh, Headmaster? Could we have
a photo with you, please?
- Oh, thanks a lot.
- Thank you.
All right, everyone look at me.
And everyone say, "To success."
To success!
That your book, aye?
Is it, aye?
Is that cos you're a clever cunt?
Or you think you're a fucking clever cunt.
- Where are you from?
- Carden.
Fucking poofs.
I hate every one of them.
Going to big school after the summer?
That's my fucking school...
- Good luck, McGill.
- Are you fucking listening to me?
Do you know who I am?
Do you know, no?
I'm Canta from Hardridge and I like
battering swotty cunts like you!
When you're in my school,
you'll get your cunt kicked in.
Every single day. First day,
I'm gonna break your legs.
Fucking demolish you.
Rip your head off.
I swear to God you're dead, wee man.
First day, you're fucking dead!
Your mum was saying
you wanna be a journalist.
We have the best journalists
in America.
They're not afraid to investigate
anything to get to the truth.
And they love the Scots.
They love us cos we tell it like it is.
And we don't bow down to anybody.
Your dreams are gonna come true,
you know.
Anything you want.
Just work hard.
- The body of Christ.
- Amen.
- The body of Christ.
- Amen.
- The body of Christ.
- Amen.
- The body of Christ.
- Amen.
- The body of Christ.
- Amen.
'For months now,
I've been living on a desert island.
'And my solitude, far from diminishing,
grows from day to day...'
What have you got this fire on for,
I can't be doing with this.
You know we can't afford that.
And why have you got
the curtains closed, eh?
What are you doing
sitting here in the dark?
- Excuse me.
- What is it, pal?
- Do you know Benny McGill'?
- Benny McGill'?
Come here a minute, pal.
Come here.
Stand there.
- Who are you?
- I'm his wee brother.
Are you?
- No, you're not.
- I am.
Benny McGill's wee brother
is a smart wee cunt.
How do you no know
I'm not on my way
to go stab fuck out of him right now?
And how do you know
I wouldn't take it out on you?
See that there?
That's a fucking blade.
Know what that's used for? For gutting
daft wee boys like you, you wee cunt!
Luckily for you, I'm a good guy.
Me and Benny are good pals.
I'm Fergie, all right?
You're all right with me, wee man.
Don't fucking start greeting on me.
Come here.
You want to go find your brother?
- Yeah.
- He's fucking hanging down about there.
We'll go look for him.
Never seen a bread knife before.
What you like, you wee cunt?
Hurry up, wee man.
Any of youse two seen Benny?
You just missed him.
He's in town with Minty.
- Sorry, you've missed him.
- Can I leave a message for him?
Tell there's a boy gonna do me in
the day I go back to school.
- What's his name?
- Canta.
Canta? Youse two heard
of a cunt called Canta?
No, never heard of him.
He's trying to wind you up.
Don't take any fucking notice of him.
Can you tell Benny, please?
Wee man, I've been smoking dope
since age of 11.
How the fuck am I gonna
remember that?
- Have you not got a pen?
- Do I look like a cunt with a fucking pen?
- Any of youse two got a pen?
- I've got an eyeliner pencil.
- Gonna give us it, then?
- Fuck off, that cost a fortune.
Fuck's sake!
Fucking knife is mightier than the pen.
All right. With a 'K' or a 'C'?
Er...don't know.
Fuck it, we'll do it with a 'K'.
That's got straight lines in it.
Here we go.
- 'A',
- I know how to spell, fuck's sake!
- There we go, Canta.
- From Hardridge.
Get to fuck! That's got fucking
'S's and 'L's and fuck knows what in it.
You'll do my fucking ma's
new kitchen knife in.
We'll put down Paka, eh?
- Who's Paka?
- Paka's not a 'who'. it's a 'they'.
That's the fucking team from Hardridge.
Is that me done?
Can I go back to doing fuck all?
Yeah. Thanks a lot.
Can you believe that's
fucking Benny's wee brother?
Wee boy needs a fucking good slap.
Fucking blame the parents, so I do.
'I can see you're ready to go,
'so I'll wish you all good luck
in your latest venture.'
'Thank you very much'
'World of History is proud
to present the premier...
...'of the Townswomerfs Guild
...'of the Battle of Pearl Harbour.'
Fucking arsehole.
Think you can dig my wee brother?
You fucking dick!
Watch how it's done, wee man.
OK, ready?
- Are you fucking shiteing it now?
- One, two, three...
Stand up, stand up! Two, three...
Look at the state of you,
you fucking shitebag poof.
You wee fucking cunt.
One, two, three...
Fucking get over it now,
you wee fucking cunt.
You fucking arsehole.
Here, mate. You're fucking lucky.
Get to fuck, move!
Benny, come on. Come on!
My name is Mr Gallagher.
I am Headmaster of the boys' annex.
This is where you will be
for the next 2 years.
When you go into third year, you will
be over there in the main building.
I will assign each of you a class,
first by reading out the class,
then the names of the boys
who will be in that class.
First is 1A1, top class.
In youse come.
Quickly. Hurry up! Move!
Quicken Hurry up. In!
Quietly! Sit down. Find a seat.
Get in, hurry up.
- You not got a seat?
- No, sir.
- What's your name?
- John McGill.
- Sir?
- Yes?
They read his name out for 1A2.
1A2's next door.
Mr McLeod's class.
- You two, sit down!
- Mr McLeod'?
- One of yours.
- Stand there.
Hurry up, hurry up! Sit down!
Come with me, Mr Burrill.
There. Hands up.
There will be no...pushing...
...or fighting in my class!
Sit down.
- Name?
- John McGill, sir.
- Take a seat.
- Sir, I want to see the Headmaster.
- What for?
- I don't think I should be in this class.
Are we not good enough for you?
I said, are we not good enough
for you, Mr McGill'?
I'm not saying that, sir.
I just wanna see the headmaster.
Go and see the headmaster.
If you've been pissing me about,
you'll be the next one to get this.
- Understand?
- Yes, sir.
Well, off you go.
Close the door behind you.
Come in!
- What's your name?
- John McGill, sir.
- Class?
- Well, they put me in 1A2.
- Who are "they"'?
- I don't know. I was hoping you'd know.
- Are you being cheeky, son?
- No, sir.
- What did you say your name was?
- John McGill, sir.
- Which primary?
- Blessed Mary's Primary, sir.
- Are you related to Benjamin McGill'?
- He's my big brother, sir.
- Are you proud of him?
- He's my big brother, sir.
What I'm asking is
are you gonna turn out like him?
No, sir.
He assaulted two teachers last year
and was expelled indefinitely.
- What do you think of that?
- Bad, sir.
Bad that he assaulted two teachers
or that he was expelled?
Both ways, sir.
- Is he still living at home?
- Sometimes, sir.
Is he in gainful employment?
He's hoping to get work
at the shipyard, sir.
Looking for painters and decorators,
are they?
Before the Christmas break,
the top two in each class move up
and the bottom two move down.
If you can manage
to come in the top two,
and, more importantly, prove to me that
you're a different boy from your brother,
then you can move up to 1A1.
- Sir, I just don't understand...
- it's not for you to understand.
It's for me to understand.
Now, get back to your class.
Periods 3, 4, 5 and 6,
it's Latin with Mr Bonetti.
Well? We're all eager to hear
what the headmaster had to say.
If I work hard and behave myself,
I'm out of here before Christmas.
It's not a bloody prison sentence,
McGill. Sit down.
And copy what you've missed
off one of your classmates,
if they're not intimidated
by your superior intellect!
Periods 7 and 8, music.
Period 9, physical education.
Down here now, cow!
I want you down here now!
I want you here, cow!
I want you down here!
Don't make me come up there!
You fat slag!
I want you down here, now!
Right now! Fat bitch!
Come down here, right now!
Don't make me come up there!
Don't make me come up there!
You fat slag!
Come down here, right now!
Right now!
Fat bitch. you can see,
I've written the marks
in the top right-hand corner.
Now some of you,
if not indeed most of you,
might assume that
these are marks out of 10
and thus think that
you have done rather well.
But, in fact,
these are marks out of 100.
And you have embarrassed
One pupil, however, has embarrassed
himself more than all the others.
Stand up, Mr McGill.
Now before you all sharpen
your adolescent claws,
let me tell you
that the source of this young man's
...lies not in failure
but in a shining success.
100 out of 100. Full marks.
Now, this shall no doubt,
result in you singling
Mr McGill out as a swot.
So, I have decided to take it
upon myself to get it in first.
You are a swot, Mr McGill.
You have the temerity
to exercise your intelligence
and thus rise above
the mediocrity of your peers.
Come on. Up you get.
Take your place upon the podium,
up here, on the upper level. Please.
An example to you all, boys.
Mr McGill...l salute you.
Round of applause for Mr McGill.
- All right. That's enough.
- Arsehole.
Any of those snowballs hit me, you'll
get a toe right up your arse.
Youse have been warned.
Oi! What one of youse two
threw that?
What's your name?
Right, listen up. I have averaged out
your various class marks.
Top of the class with 87%...
...Liam McCole.
Well done, McCole.
Second is 85%...
- ...John McGill.
- Yes!
Sit down, McGill.
Try and curb your enthusiasm.
- I thought I was going next door, sir.
- Sit down!
You could show your classmates
a little bit more respect.
Despite what you may think,
they have also worked hard
these last few months.
Third place, with 80%,
Stephen McLaughlin.
Fourth with 79%, Dean Walker.
Fifth, with 75%, Lloyd Butler.
Also with 75%...
Mitchell, Brown.
McCole, McGill.
Take your seats.
And stop your crying.
Why, whenever a boy is sent
to this class, he seems to think
he's in the beginning of a never-ending
downward spiral to failure?
Now I'm starting to take this personally!
I am just as good as any other teacher
in this or any other bloody school.
You don't know you're born.
You could have had, like me,
an education with the nuns...
Wait! Before you all...
Wait, shut up. Shut your mouth!
Before you all go away,
here, book tokens.
Third place...
...McKendrick. There we go.
Second place, Engels.
There you go.
And first, McGill.
All right, now you can go.
On your way. Enjoy your summers.
John, wait there, please.
Have fun.
You did very well this year.
Thank you, sir.
- Going on holiday with your family?
- No, sir.
Boys your age can find themselves
with nothing to do over the summer.
And sometimes they get themselves
into trouble.
So try and keep yourself occupied.
There's a friend of mine runs
a summer school for kids like yourself.
Keeps them fit.
I think you'd get a lot out of it.
- Understand?
- Yes, sir.
Go. Enjoy yourself.
Oh, no, I'm not having this again.
No way.
Bad enough your father turning this
place into a doss house without you...
What are you staring at?
When you near your illness read out,
put your hand up. Okay?
All right. Er...perforated eardrum?
Er....diabetic'? Good.
Okay. Epilepsy? All right, buddy.
And who's the other asthmatic?
Glass eye?
Oh, that's good.
It looks...a good one.
Er...hole in the heart?
- And you've had the operation?
- Aye.
Your mammy's happy you're here?
Aye? Good, good, good, okay.
- Right, what have you got?
- I've got verrucas, sir.
"Verrucassir"? Oh, verrucas, right.
What's a "verrucassir"?
Have you?
- You're a bit young, are you?
- Just sort of happened, you know.
How do you spell that, do you know?
What about youse boys? You must
have something wrong with you.
Well, you two better keep
eating your porridge,
cos it looks as if the future of
the human race is gonna depend on you.
Right, okay.
Fielders, go to the field.
Batters, get behind me...Satan.
This is fucking amazing, man.
You're rich.
It's my dad's player
but he lets me borrow his records.
Try them. Sounds fucking amazing.
- Will I take them out?
- Aye. Put them on.
Here. You ready?
- This is fucking amazing, man.
- What?
Fucking amazing, man!
Bring your friend down for some
juice and biscuits, please, Julian.
- We have to go down.
- Down where?
For some juice and biscuits.
There we go.
- So what's your name?
- John.
- And which school do you go to, John?
- St John of the Cross.
Oh, so is that Lourdes Chapel
you attend?
- Yeah.
- Oh? Biscuit?
- And what does your father do?
- He's a toolmaker.
- Do you have brothers and sisters?
- Two.
What about your mother?
Does she work?
She's part-time.
In a supermarket or something?
No. She's a nurse
in the Southern General.
And what do you want to do
when you leave school?
- Go to work with your father?
- No. I want to go to university.
Really? And study what?
I dunno.
Is this one of them?
No. No, he's not one of them.
You better not be
pissing me about, son.
- What you running for?
- Don't know.
- Where do you stay?
- Dove Street.
- What's your name? Name?
- John McGill.
Are you sure he wasn't one of them?
I'm not repeating myself to you,
you prick.
If you're fucking with me, son,
I'll come back and do you worse
than those boys ever could.
- You got me?
- Got you.
On your way, son.
Fucking state of them, man.
How do you not just get a new pair?
- Can't afford them.
- How? Your mum and da are minted.
Say they spend too much
on my school fees.
- I can give you my pair if you want.
- How come?
My ma says if I get a paper round,
then I can get a Provy cheque.
- What's a Provy cheque?
- You never heard of a Provy cheque?
Fuck's sake!
You can get them up to 100,
then pay it back a pound a week.
- I'm getting one for 25 fucking quid.
- Really? That'd be good. Cool.
Is that a tennis racket?
I don't even know why I've got it.
Never play tennis.
Picture Bruce Lee with this thing.
One minute a poofy bastard,
next minute you're fucking rattling cunts.
Fuck, man.
- Fuck's sake.
- Sorry, I didn't know you put it there.
I'll get my dad to sort it.
it's fine. It was an accident.
- Is Julian home?
- No, he's not here just now. you know
when he'll be back?
He's at his aunt's so he'll be late.
- Can I leave these here for him?
- What is it?
- Football boots.
- No, he'll not be interested in those.
- Will he be in tomorrow?
- I don't know.
I don't think you should come
round here again. All right?
Good. Off you go.
- Quality, man.
- Aye.
Where you going?
- Up the road.
- Where's up the road?
Just up there.
- What's in the bag?
- Football boots.
- What size are you?
- 8.
Fucking let them go.
You're an 8, aren't you, Keyman?
There you go, I swatched them.
Any money on you?
Provident cheque.
Fucking bonus!
25 pound.
New pair of fucking Docs for me, boys?
- I'll be having halfers.
- Will you, fuck, you wee dick!
You talking about? I dug him up first.
Did you, fuck. You done nothing,
you wee shitebag.
What? You fucking think
I cannot take this knob on?
Come on. Come on!
You want a square go?
Aye? Fucking come on then.
You wee fucking shitebag.
Yo, wee man.
You Benny's wee brother?
- What?
- What?
- That's Benny's wee brother.
- Is it fuck!
- it's not Benny's wee brother.
- Smash his cunt in!
I'm not taking Benny's wee brother's
football boots. He'll fucking murder me.
- Punch his cunt in. Show us!
- Benny's wee brother, aye?
Telling you, T,
he'll kick your fucking head in.
Just looking after that for you, mate.
Know what I mean?
- I've seen him.
- You're on your own with this one, man.
If you're gonna hit him, do it now.
Go. Go on!
- Do you want a drink?
- You fucking dick! What?
So, John, are you teaming up
with us?
- Who are youse?
- What do you mean, who are we?
Car-D, my man!
Benny's the Car-D,
but we're the Young Car-D.
We take on fucking every cunt.
Every cunt, man.
- The Pollock Krew.
- Ibrox Tongs.
- KP Star.
- Few scatty cunts down that way like.
- Shitebags.
- John...
There was fucking two cunts last week.
Fucking came down here from the Pen.
Thought they were wideos.
Was it you, Tam, chased them
with clothes poles, fuck's sake?
- Fucking fannies, man.
- Ask him what he wears, Johnny?
What the fuck are you talking about?
My fucking granny took my shoes!
- That old chestnut.
- You told your granny to hide your shoes.
You know where she fucking hid them?
In that broken biscuit drawer.
Fuck sake. I'm still taking fucking
caramel logs out of my socks.
- And eating them, you wee fat prick!
- Fuck up you. Fucking dick.
Here you are, give us some of that.
- You gonna take it off me?
- Whoa!
Nearly started
without you, lads.
You look exhausted, sir.
So tired.
Perhaps I could help you.
Stand up here.
That's it, sir.
I'll give you a co carry.
Come on.
- What class are you in?
- 3A.
I'll get you there. On you get.
My goodness, you're heavy, young sir.
Sorry about that, sir.
it's my first day back.
Here we go, sir.
I'm sorry, sir.
You're going to have to go it alone.
Not as young as I was.
Now 3A...just along the corridor.
- Think you can make that?
- Yes, sir.
Oh, please, sir.
Don't be late again. I don't think
my old bones could take it.
Thank you kindly, sir. Thank you.
You're late. First day.
Hands up. Three.
Sit down.
How you doing?
- Fucking full of stoaters, man.
- Not one decent looking person in there.
Look at this cunt.
What the fuck you doing in there?
You don't even go to this school.
You Proddy bastard. Fuck off.
- I do go to this fucking school.
- How the fuck did you get in there?
Fucking jotter and everything.
Cunt with a Batman cape came in.
"Oi, son, come in here and sit down."
Fuck it. May as well sit down.
- What class is it anyway?
- 3R.
- R...R...R... A spastic class, isn't it?
- Fucking remedial!
Spastic, my ass.
Spastics get better class than you.
PE. Fucking day trip.
- PE? Can you fucking spell PE?
- I can fucking spell PE, you prick.
Fucking some class you're in.
Look at the nick of it, man.
- Where are youse going?
- For a fag, mate.
Give me a fag? I'm fucking choking.
I can't come out. I'm vulnerable.
- Give me a fucking fag!
- Who'll kick fuck out of you?
Fucking give me a fag.
- So what class you in, John?
- 3A, mate.
3A'? Fucking hell, we got
a smart cunt here. Fuck's sake.
That cunt over there's got a blade.
Who's it for?
They're Cross lot, I think.
The Krew and the Cross
have been at it all summer.
Fucking dodgy bastards, man.
No, son. Not out here. Pick that up
and put it in the receptacle provided.
That's in the bucket, sir.
Past the sinks, up the back.
Thank you.
Both of you, you're expelled!
Mr Muirhead. This is your last day
at school. You're expelled!
Your name? You're expelled!
What's your name? You're expelled!
- Every one of you.
- Sir! Sir!
Stay out this school! You're nothing
to do with this school any more!
- Sir!
- What is it?
- Whats so fucking important?
- Think I've been stabbed.
Anybody tell me
where you would find Marcus?
As usual I'll turn to the knowledgeable
Mr McGill to provide the answer.
Mr McGill'?
Mr McGill, are you with us?
I said if a Roman said to you,
"Marcus est in horto,"
where would you find Marcus?
Now, you see,
such is Mr McGill's modesty,
that he feigns ignorance in order
to avoid embarrassing you all.
If a Roman said to you,
"Marcus est in horto,"
where would you find Marcus?
- I think you do.
- Just said I dunno.
Well, you're obviously
all still in holiday mode,
so I want you to turn to page 7A
in your textbooks,
and reacquaint yourselves
with basic first year Latin.
- Is anything the matter, John?
- Get your fucking hand off us, man.
What did you say to me?
- Have you done this?
- No.
- I think you did.
- I didn't.
- You did this, didn't you?
- No.
Right, come on.
Stand up. Up you get.
And come with me.
Come on. Down here.
You stand here. Stand here.
Now... the 3 years I have been
at this school,
this has never been used.
Now...l am prepared to overlook both
your belligerency and your vandalism,
if I am given first an admission
and, secondly, an apology.
Don't even know what you said.
I find it difficult to believe
that in the space of 6 weeks,
you have suddenly
degenerated into idiocy.
- So now I'm stupid?
- I don't have to take this.
So what you gonna do about it?
I'll tell you what,
tell me to put my hands up,
then lash me with that belt
like a real teacher.
Right, you get your hands up.
Come on.
Put them up, properly.
In front of you. Separately.
There! Now, you get back
to your seat. Go on!
- Is that it?
- What?
What, is that all you're gonna do?
If you're gonna do it, do it properly.
I don't know...
what's got into you, McGill.
But if I have to knock some sense
into you, then I bloody well will!
There, six. Now sit down!
"Marcus is in the garden."
But Shh.
Just what do you hope
to achieve by all this, McGill'?
Youse want a NED?
I'll give youse a fucking NED.
What's happened to you, fuck's sake?
Someone's cashed
in their fucking Provy cheque.
You paying us in, then?
Krew ya bass! Come on! Fucking...
Fuck your Car-D!
- John, where the fuck you going?
- You fucking daft cunt.
There he is.
- He's got some fucking balls, man.
- Oi, wee man!
Come over here a minute.
I just wanna talk to you, pal.
Fucking get him! Car-D scum!
This way. Go. Go.
What do you think you're doing,
barging in like that?
- Those boys are gonna stab me.
- Who are you?
- Please, for just 5 minutes.
- I don't think so!
Please. They're all gonna stab me.
- I don't even know you from Adam!
- Please.
Well, you'd better come on in.
You never get the police
when you want them.
This used to be a good area.
Now you can't step over your front door
without worrying what these thugs are at.
What sort of parents let their weans
roam the streets like a pack of wolves.
Should all be locked up.
Where have you been?
I've been worried sick.
This young lad was nearly killed.
Where have you been?
- I was at my pals, you know where.
- I told you to be back by 9 o'clock.
I don't want you out
when there's lunatics running about.
- I'll walk him up the road, Ma.
- You will not. Stay right where you are.
I don't want you out there
with those eejits running about.
Er...l think it's all right to go now.
- Are you sure, son?
- Aye, I should be safe.
- Cheers for the tea and biscuits.
- Look after yourself. Be careful out there.
All right, cheerio, son.
- Fuck did youse lot get to?
- Did you not get Benny?
- What?
- He went over there looking for you.
Fuck's he doing talking to that cunt?
Put the tool down.
Put the fucking tool down.
Fuck, man. You wee prick!
Fucking Young Car-D!
Come on, you cunts! Come on!
Fucking dafties!
Should've stabbed that fucking Benny
when we had the chance.
Look at the ginger cunt at the back!
He's got a disability!
I'll fucking do you, fat prick.
Come on over here, you fat bastard.
Bunch of bunnet rimmers,
look at youse!
I've fucked your ma,
you fucking clown!
Your ma's had more bell-ends
than weekends.
What's that, Fifey, you fuck? What?
I'm getting into you!
What? You fucking prick.
- You fucking shitebag!
- Every fucking one of youse!
- Here, move out the way.
- Move the fuck away!
It's not my fault it looks
like Wurzel Gummidge!
I Heaven,
I'm in heaven
I And the cares that hung around me
through the week
I Seem to vanish
like a gambler's lucky streak
I When we're out together
dancing cheek to cheek... I
- Pull back!
- Fuck your Krew!
Fucking cunt!
Hey, youse...
Come on. Put it down, man.
Get the fuck outta here.
Go and play with that scooter
over there, Elaine.
You're in my roads.
- Can I help you?
- Want a newspaper delivered, Miss'??
- No. No, thanks.
- Right, no bother.
Johnny, Claire wants you
to fill in her hole.
- You'll need a bigger pen than that.
- Shut it or I'll kick you in the hole.
- Where are you from, sweetheart?
- Govan, why?
Fuck, man.
Govan hairys in the house, boys.
- Fucking hairy you, you arsehole.
- Who the fuck you calling a hairy?
Boy there says he's just moved in.
Wants to hang about with us.
- He's got a bit of blow and that.
- Fuck, man, tell him to bounce down.
Says he doesn't like to
in case John batters him.
- Where is he?
- Over there.
- Too right I'll fucking batter him.
- That's nasty.
- What's he done to you?
- He dug me up.
- Did you sort it?
- Benny did.
Ah, Benny did!
Bring him up here,
I'll kick his fucking head in.
- He's all right.
- Is he fuck, mate.
You'll fucking what?
- I'll kick his head in, mate.
- Kick whose fucking head in?
I decide. If I fucking want him
up here, he's up here.
You'll need to go through me first then,
you fucking dick.
No, mate. Me and you are mates.
it's him, mate.
Just tell the cunt to come over.
it's all right. Just get him over.
What made you move
from Hardridge, Canta?
My ma wanted me to keep out of trouble
and not fall in with the bad crowd.
- Bad crowd?
- Oh, aye.
And this wee cunt's
got the giggles over here.
Two snowmen in afield.
One turns to the other one and says,
"Why do you smell of carrots?"
- The other one says, "l see coal."
- Fucking knob-end.
John. Claire wants to know
if you want to go a walk?
- If she wants.
- I'll go get her.
You better not rip my tights.
- I'll be back in a minute.
- You better not leave me here.
- I'll be back.
- I mean it.
- Here, mate. Here.
- All right.
- Here.
- What is it?
You remember what you done to me?
Honestly, John, I'm fucking sorry,
I swear to God. I didn't mean it.
- Obviously I meant it, but...
- I remember what you done to me.
- Get your fucking hand down.
- It was years ago.
We were both wee guys.
Just forget it.
Doesn't matter how long ago.
You still did it.
I'm sorry. Just shake on it, man.
I'm really sorry.
- I'm not shaking, but I'll let it go.
- Cool, mate.
Just remember I won't forget about it.
- You fucking idiot.
- What did youse fucking say there?
- Never said anything. Honestly.
- Never said anything, did you?
Didn't say anything, you fuck?
And where have you been?
Just round at a pal's house.
John, shut the door.
See, from now on, I want you
up in that room every night.
Your brother's been arrested.
What for?
Does it really matter what for?
And in the morning...
He's up in front of the Sheriff.
I want you to go down there.
Come back,
tell me what happens.
I don't want the police
phoning next door.
And if any of the neighbours ask,
we had a break-in. Okay?
And your Auntie Beth's coming tomorrow.
Here to find out about my brother.
- Does he have a name?
- Benjamin. Benjamin McGill.
What time did he appear?
Don't know.
The guy at the door wouldn't let me in.
- What guy?
- That police guy.
You mean the police officer?
He appeared in front of the Sheriff
at 10:00. Bail's been set at 15.
If it's not paid by 4:00 this afternoon,
be taken out the back,
placed in a van and
taken directly to Barlinnie Prison.
- Now do you have 15'?
- No.
Well, you better get it
before 4:00, eh?
I'm here to pay my fine.
Ma. Benny needs 15 bail money.
- Would you like a cup of tea?
- No, you're okay, thanks.
This is my son John.
He goes to school with your wee lad.
Would it be okay
if he popped in to see him?
- Aye.
- Okay. Won't be a minute.
You see that wee boy?
Someone out his throat in a gang fight.
- Now tell me, did your brother do this?
- Of course not, Ma.
I'm in a hurry. Gotta give us 15.
Gonna put Benny in jail.
- Maybe that's what he needs.
- What? He's not done anything.
- Why did they arrest him, then?
- Dunno. You know what they're are like.
Minute a fight breaks out, they lift
anybody they can get their hands on.
- But Benny had nothing to do with it.
- No.
- Come on, Ma...
- No, no.
- I'm so sorry.
- What you sorry for?
I need the bail money. Swear to god
Benny never touched that boy.
Who's Benny?
Who's Benny?
Do you know who did that to my boy?
Do you know who did that?
Give me your fucking money
or I'll stab you.
Where you going to, mate?
Are you coming on the bus or no?
Don't even think about it.
Get off my bus! Get off my bus!
I'll remember your face, wee man!
Benny, I've got the money.
Well, go and pay it then,
you wee fanny!
Oi! Somebody here to serve me?
Who the fuck do you think
you're shouting at?
Sorry. Just took my brother
into the wagon.
Unless you change your attitude,
you'll be joining him.
Sorry. Can I pay the bill?
- Name?
- John McGill.
- There's no John McGill here.
- Benny McGill.
Well, who's John McGill'?
I'm John McGill. I thought you were
asking for my name.
To be deposited no later than 4:00pm.
It's seven minutes past.
You're too late.
it's so good to be sitting here
with you all again.
John's grown up so much, hasn't he?
Since last time I was here,
you've grown so much.
- I'll get it.
- You sure, Beth?
John, you owe me
two weeks' Provy money.
Where did you get that?
John, it's for you.
You're not going out.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Get away from the fucking drawer!
Fucking move it!
Get out!
John. John, don't!
Come back, please!
I'm so, so sorry
you had to see that.
They've gone, it's fine.
They've gone. Okay?
Okay, they've gone. They're away.
Right. Do you want to finish
your dinner?
Do you not want to finish
your dinner?
Are you sure? Beth?
- I'm fine.
- Okay.
Down here, slack Alice!
I want you here!
Want you down here!
I'm telling you!
Get down here now! Fat cow!
Down here!
What kept you so long, fat bitch?
In there.
Animal. You're a drunken pig.
Don't you laugh at me!
Don't you dare laugh at me!
I hate you! Don't laugh at me!
Get off. I hate you.
Up the stairs.
Theresa, go up.
Who are you?
...who is this young man?
Into your bed, Elizabeth.
I Nobody loves me,
Everybody hates me
I I think I'll go and eat worms
I Big fat juicy ones,
Wee skinny skooshy ones
I See how they wriggle and squirm
I You bite off their heads
and suck out the juice
- I And throw their skins away
- Elizabeth? Why are you singing?
- John told me to.
- Why did John tell you to sing?
Where is he?
Stay there.
Bastard! Fucking hate you!
Get out of this house
and don't come back.
Listen to this, man.
I was at the dance hall.
There was this boy from Renfrew.
Big fight erupted, man.
Fucking razor blades, I'm telling you.
Pulls them from
the top of his mouth.
- Razor blades from the fucking mouth?
- I swear to God.
My cousin from Ayrshire,
I was visiting him a month ago.
Got set about by these Irish cunts.
Got a heavy kicking.
My cousin went into the pub
after them...
He'll end up getting
his cunt punched in, man.
Young Car-D ya bass!
What the fuck do you think
you're playing at?
Cunt's walking about
as if he owns the joint!
- Cunt's gonna come back team-handed.
- Fuck it. We'll ambush them.
- John, you're fucking losing it, mate.
- Losing it?
I'm fucking sick of hearing all your
stories. Where's our fucking story?
What do you fucking mean, "stories"?
You saying I fucking talk shit?
- Youse fucking must be.
- You want to fucking go ahead now?
What do you mean "no"?
You fucking shitbag.
- I'm sorry.
- Mean you're fucking sorry?
- I really think I will kill you.
- Get yourself to fuck.
Did you hear what he said?
He'll fucking kill him.
That's a bit strong, isn't it?
Probably would kill him.
- What's up?
- No, it's fine, man.
Never mind him.
There's a young boy upstairs.
He robbed my bus two weeks ago.
Just watch it,
he held a knife blade to my throat.
Now it's our favourite part of the night.
A wee sing-along.
So, hit it, Sean.
Feel free to join in.
I We've got the whole world
in our hands
I We've got the whole wide world
in our hands
I We've got the whole world
in our hands
I We've even got James
in our hands
I We've got James
in our hands
I We've got the whole world
in our hands
- I We've got...
- Maria.
I our hands,
We've got Maria in our hands
I We've got Maria
in our hands
I We've got the whole world
in our hands
- I We've got
- Jimmy.
- I our hands,
We've got Jimmy in our hands
I We've got Jimmy in our hands
I We've got...
- Come on.
- Your name, my friend?
- John.
- John? Brilliant, John.
I We've got John in our hands
I We've got the whole world
in our hands I
Who put you up there?
You cheeky wee sod.
Come on down.
Come on.
We'll take all these shitebags.
Come on.
What the fuck, man?
What the fuck are you?
I You won't find another fool
like me, babe
I Who'll sit around all night
and wait for you
I And close their eyes
to oh so many lies
I No one else could love you
like I do...
I You won't find another clown
like me, babe
I No, you won't
I I can't count the times
you said you'd leave...
I ...even though you treat me
like you do babe
I You know you do
I I'm so hooked on you
I can't get free
I Oh, but I'll get
through the bad times
I Cos in my heart I know
I That you won't find
another fool like me... I
Get up.
Go home.
Your mother's worried sick.
- Youse here to see Mr Maloney'?
- Aye.
- D'you wanna sit down, John?
- No, I'm all right.
- What time's your appointment, son?
- My what?
What time are you due
to see the headmaster?
I dunno.
My teacher just sent me here.
So are you one of the favourites?
Aye, must be.
She sends me here all the time.
Good for you, son.
Mrs McGill'?
- Who sent you?
- Mrs Barry.
- You sure you don't want a seat?
- I'm fine.
Do you think I should
just knock and go in?
I don't know.
No...I'd better not.
Don't wanna make your mum nervous.
You'll get back to your studies,
and next time I'm over,
it'll be for your graduation.
You two aren't in
Mrs Barry's class, are you?
- What does this woman teach?
- Music.
Good God.
Thanks very much for your time.
Your mother tells me
you've turned over a new leaf.
Yes, sir.
We'll have you back, starting Monday.
On a probationary basis.
Any future disruption and you'll be
expelled indefinitely. Understand?
Yes, sir.
- Thank you.
- Thanks very much.
- Who sent you?
- Mrs Barry.
Fuck you doing? Get the light off
and get the door shut?
- How long you staying for?
- Not long. Be away again tomorrow.
- Where you going?
- Fucking off to London. Then Spain.
- Spain?
- Aye, Spain.
I need to get away
from everything, man.
- Benny?
- What is it?
You coming back?
Look, wee man,
I'm going to sleep now, right?
This is McGill.
Keep an eye on him.
- This is his last chance.
- Aye.
Take a seat.
John? John!
Are you in this class?
Fucking brilliant.
Sir, what page are we on?
- You choose.
- He's fucking class.
- it's a beauty.
- Let's have a wee look.
Look at that.
Lovely, man.
Hey, wee man. Wait there.
I want to fucking see you jump.
Look, do you understand? Jump.
Up and down.
That's it. Do you want this fucking
through you? Do you?
Well, fucking jump then.
I didn't say stop.
That's a good boy. And again.
And again.
That's it, keep jumping
till I say stop.
Going to fucking do it or what?
Put that between his fucking eyes.
- You're doing my fucking nut in.
- I'll fucking do it.
I'm doing it! Fuck!
Did I fucking say stop?
I've told you about that shop.
We need to fucking get there.
- it's fucking shutting soon.
- I know when it fucking shuts.
Nice one. Let's fucking go.
Let's get out of here.
You're fucking dead next time.
I'll go.
it's Benjamin on the phone.
Okay, I'll be one second.
That's Benjamin on the phone.
I'm just going to pop next door. Okay?
Cover your ears.
Finish me.
Come back when I'm asleep.
- What the fuck?
- Fuck!
Fifey! Fifey!
Hey, get the fuck away!
Do you know what
you've let yourself in for?
Think you can just fucking walk in here
and walk back out again?
We'll fucking kill you!
Think you're fucking tough cos
you walk round with those blades?
Next time I see you,
you're fucking dead!
- You're fucking dead!
- Then kill me!
You're fucking dead, man!
He's in some state.
Next time you come back without them.
Kill me! DO it!
Fucking come on! Do it!
Come on!
- Fucking murder him, Casper!
- Let's fucking do it! Come on!
You're fucking dead!
Come on, you fucking clown!
You're fucking dead, you daftie!
See what you done to Fifey,
you're gonna get it!
There you go.
Young Krew! Fucking get on!
Take him down!
Fucking kill him!
Fuck you! Fuck you!
Fucking arsehole!
Aargh! What the fuck?
John? John? Get him up.
- Get up.
- Get up, mate.
What the fuck you playing at?
We fucking backed you up.
You've completely fucking lost it,
- He's not right in the head.
- Cunt's fucking dangerous, man.
That's not school-issue, McGill.
I'm confiscating that.
What do youse think you're doing?
Get back in the van!
There's lions round here!
Calm down. I'm not gonna
fucking touch your lions.
- How many of youse are there?
- Eh?
- How many of youse are there?
- Eight in total.
- I've only got room for six. Hurry up.
- Should you not stay with the bus?
You stay with the bus,
I'm going with fucking Daktari here.
Right. McGill and Brown,
you stay here.
The rest of you,
get in this man's van. Come on.
They're not coming back for us.
Come on.
What you doing?
Beat it, fuck's sake.
Fuck off, man!
Come on.
- No.
- Hurry up.
Look, fucking move, man.