Needle in a Timestack (2021) Movie Script

[woman] Love is drawn
in the form of a circle.
No one knows where it begins...
and it never really ends.
You and I, we are...
we are just... forever.
Always... and all ways.
[camera clicks off]
[flute playing]
[playing jazz rhythm]
[no audible dialogue]
[man] Sometimes,
when you're not looking,
I watch you from across the room.
And I ask myself,
if I didn't know you...
would I still fall in love with you?
And what's the answer?
Tate and Donna are getting a divorce.
Tate and Donna?
They threw the party.
Why throw a party
if you're getting a divorce?
It's ending between them,
but it's not over.
They seemed happy.
- I really thought they were happy.
- Yeah.
[birds chirping]
Come on, Charlie.
Take Daddy for a walk when he gets up.
See you later, Charlie.
Charlie boy. Good morning.
Good morning. Let's go. Let's go.
[phone chimes]
- Hekima, send that video to Zoe.
- [Hekima] Done.
Let's go, Charlie. Let's go.
Morning, Nick.
- Morning, Marcus. Hi, Steph.
- Hi.
[phone ringing]
- [woman on phone] Hello?
- [Nick] Zoe, it's wonderful.
I love this. Best sister ever.
Thank you so much.
- [Zoe] Happy birthday!
- So thoughtful. Thank you.
- Sibila picked it out.
- Oh, is she there?
Yeah. You're on speaker.
She can hear you.
Thank you, Sibila.
[Sibila speaking Portuguese]
[Zoe] The guy at the shop
said it still works.
I had him put some batteries in it.
[pop music playing]
That's really nice.
[Sibila speaking Portuguese]
What did she say?
You and Janine should come
rock climbing with us.
Nah. Nah.
I don't like doing things
where I could potentially...
- Have fun?
- Get killed.
The sad irony of dying
on or near my birthday is...
- Hey, did you get that video I sent you?
- What is it?
It's a birthday gift from Janine.
What is it?
It's my hand. It's imagery.
Hands tell the story.
[Sibila speaking Portuguese]
- Sibila says it's beautiful.
- Sibila gets it.
- You should come rock climbing with us!
- No.
Listen, someday if you guys want to go,
I don't know, lawn bowling.
Or you want to play
some doubles racquetball.
- You're no fun, Nick.
- I know.
- Happy birthday.
- [Sibila speaking Portuguese]
Thank you.
Talk to you later, Zoe.
- Bye. Love you.
- [line disconnects]
What we want to accomplish
in our next pass
is to make allowances for the outcome
of our planning stages.
Have we taken into consideration
environmental impact?
Have we really thought through the cause
and effect of our choices?
- [faint rumbling]
- Within a design itself,
how are we allowing for fluctuations
in human density
and changes in social grids?
[distorting] What's most important...
[distorted voices]
- [Marcus] That was a bad one.
- Oh, God.
- These fucking time shifts.
- I didn't feel anything.
I need to call my wife.
- Here.
- Everyone take a minute.
Check in at home,
make sure everything's good.
[phones ringing]
- [panting] Hekima, call Janine.
- [phone dialing]
[line ringing]
- [Janine] Hello?
- Did you feel that?
A little something,
but it wasn't anything serious.
I'll run through everything, okay?
- What's your name?
- Janine Mikkelsen.
- Where do you live?
- 11 Lantana Crescent Lane.
Who are you married to?
I'm married to you,
Nicholas Perry Mikkelsen.
See? Nothing's changed, we're okay.
We're fine, we're still together.
You can't panic
over every little time shift, okay?
- You're right, okay.
- Okay.
I'll see you tonight.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Look who it is. Hey, Charlie.
Hey, buddy. You all right?
Good kitty, Charlie.
["Plastic" by Moses Sumney playing]
These are great.
The choreography's amazing.
They just have this way
of really physicalizing the narrative.
["This Love of Mine"
by Ella Fitzgerald playing]
- [Nick] It's an art piece?
- [Janine] Oh gosh, yeah.
It's beautiful, actually.
I think you'll love it.
[Janine whispers]
Happy birthday.
Your sister emailed. She said
she invited us to go rock climbing.
- You want to go?
- Rock climbing?
I mean... not rock climbing.
Just to hang out.
- That's weird, don't you think?
- What?
Sibila and Zoe. Having a best friend
who doesn't speak English.
That's not weird. It's different.
- It's...
- Different doesn't make it weird.
It's odd, no?
- Okay.
- I love my sister,
- but Zoe can be a little... you know.
- [chuckles]
I don't... I don't think so.
- [Nick] Hmm.
- [Janine] What?
I don't think I like cats.
- [Janine chuckles] Stop it.
- I'm serious.
I don't think I like cats.
Well, you love Charlie.
I like dogs.
I love dogs. My sister's allergic to dogs.
I grew up thinking as soon as I get out
on my own, I'm gonna get a dog.
You said if we didn't bring Charlie home,
no one would.
Something's not right.
Tommy changed our timeline.
- No, he didn't.
- Three phasings in one year.
That does not happen by accident.
That son of a bitch. It's just...
Janine, I feel it.
I feel we had a dog.
And we loved that dog.
- We saved Charlie together.
- And that rich asshole...
- Tommy used to be your friend.
- That was before. That was way before.
He wants you back, Janine.
He wants you back.
And now he's going, he's going
jaunting through time...
- [scoffs]
- make us never happen.
What we need to do
is report him to the police.
It is not a time crime unless someone
actually changes our timeline.
And obviously he hasn't,
so there's nothing they can do.
Then maybe I go back in time.
Maybe I go back in time
and Tommy has a little accident.
- Jesus Christ, Nick!
- And you never meet Tommy,
you never marry him,
and we never end up in this mess.
The only reason we're together
is because of Tommy.
I never marry Tommy,
I never meet you. Never.
And what you're talking about,
going back in time and hurting him...
Just promise me you won't do
anything like that.
I can't go jaunting.
I'm not rich like Tommy.
Nick, promise me.
What are you looking at?
What if we had kids?
Janine, what if we had a family?
- We would remember that.
- If Tommy changed our past,
two or three hours after it happened,
we wouldn't remember any of it.
Something's not right.
Will you stop it?
We've been married for five years.
We have a cat, Charlie, who we adore.
We have each other.
You always say to me that even if you
didn't know me, you would still love me.
No one can make us not happen.
No one.
[Zoe on phone] Time doesn't mean
the same thing that it used to.
Time traveling and phasings,
that's just how life is now.
Rich people, they get to fly
private jets to Kyoto
and jaunt through time and park
their yachts off the coast of Monaco.
Don't hate the player,
hate the game.
Honestly, to me the part
that's a little pathetic
is you and
him fighting over Janine.
- You're like cavemen.
- Yeah, well, she's my wife.
She was Tommy's wife first.
- They got a divorce!
- Because she fell in love with you.
She fell in love with me
after they got a divorce!
Yeah? After?
Or maybe you changed
their lives a little.
I'm not saying on purpose,
maybe there's something that you did
that changed them
just enough for them
to not be a couple anymore.
Sometimes change isn't a bad thing.
Remember Alex?
You used to be so sure
that you were gonna marry her.
Alex was long before I met Janine.
I'm not losing my wife to her ex-husband.
So, your version of saving your marriage
is to sit at home and argue
with Janine...
- We weren't arguing.
- ...about cats and dogs,
or if the children you never had
were boys or girls.
You talk about Tommy being obsessed.
You are so worried
about life not changing,
you are gonna end up losing
what you have.
You've got a lot of advice
for somebody
who's never actually
been in a relationship.
That's really fucking mature.
- Hey, Zoe, I'm sorry.
- Are you?
- Yeah, I'm sorry.
- I'll talk to you later.
[line disconnects]
[shutter clicks]
[line ringing]
[man] Hambleton Solutions.
How can I direct your call?
- Tommy Hambleton's office, please.
- Hold a moment.
[line ringing]
Tommy Hambleton's office.
This is Nick Mikkelsen.
I'd like to leave a message...
I'll see if he's available.
No, no, no. I said I'd love to leave
a message for...
[man on phone] Hello?
Hey, Tommy?
Hey, it's Nick. Mikkelsen.
[Tommy] Nick, I swear.
I was almost literally thinking
we never talk anymore,
then they tell me
you're on the line.
How are ya?
How's things?
- Uh, things are good, man. Real good.
- Glad to hear that.
Listen, Tommy. I...
I know you're probably crazy busy,
but I was hoping maybe we could...
- get together and catch up.
- [Tommy] Absolutely.
You up for a drink?
How about The Loft?
We could make it this evening
if you've got time.
Yeah, I can make that work.
Be great to see you.
I spent half my life thinking
the last thing I'm gonna do
is be my father, you know?
Waste my life working away
at the business. His business.
Then one day my father announces
he's stepping down from the company
and he makes it pretty clear
I need to do the right thing.
So I start to think,
as big as the company is...
it's still a family business.
It's my name on the door.
I've got to make sure that it's...
that people respect the name. [chuckles]
Sounds like a lot of work.
You have any time for fun?
Not like when we were younger.
The La Jolla days, that's for sure.
Lonely at the top, huh?
- Hey, you talk to Alex lately?
- Alex?
I haven't spoken to Alex in years.
Wonder what she's up to.
You should call her.
Alex was your girlfriend.
Why don't you call her?
I still talk to Tate and Donna.
They said you do the time jaunting thing.
Must be nice.
You never been jaunting?
It's amazing. Time traveling.
The past doesn't just belong to old photos
and history books anymore.
Now we can live it. Touch it.
- Be part of it.
- Change it.
Nobody can really change the past.
Just clean up the present a little.
How are you? How you doing?
[Nick] I'm good.
I'm good. You know.
Janine and I are having problems.
Caught up in a couple of phasings
last year. Pretty serious.
And there was another one more recently.
The little annoyances of modern life, eh?
They're more than little annoyances.
Our lives shifted, you know.
I'm afraid that one day I'll wake up
and Janine won't be there,
I won't remember her
or being married to her.
I'm worried somebody's trying
to break me and Janine up.
Why would that surprise you?
Janine's an amazing person.
As soon as we got divorced,
she couldn't wait to marry you.
Wait a second. That's not...
I didn't steal Janine from you.
Nobody belongs to anybody, Nick.
But you meet a person,
you become their partner,
and once you're together, you alter
maybe a dozen other timelines.
None of them ever happened
because one relationship
negates all other possibilities.
What if...
What about her?
What if the two of you
decided to fall in love?
What other person would never know
what it's like to be with her?
Or laugh with her.
Or spend a lost weekend with her
in Madrid, Milan, or Milwaukee.
Just because luck said
you should meet her first.
Love is its own kind of crime,
and every time we fall in love
we're just stealing a person
from somebody else
and all the possibilities
that come with them.
Are you trying to steal Janine from me?
That would be illegal.
Illegal, immoral...
Are you going back in time
to try to make us not happen?
Because that's the kind of thing
I do, right?
- I know what you all think about me.
- All?
- Who's all, Tommy?
- You.
Everybody from the La Jolla days.
You thought I was just some spoiled
rich kid born into money.
You still think that.
Tommy, you... you got stuff
you need to work out,
and clearly time traveling's not doing it.
If I was lucky enough
to have your money...
And that's all I've ever been.
Lucky, right?
Let me tell you something.
I was lucky one time in my life.
The day I met Janine.
And if I'd really known that...
I never would've let
our marriage fall apart.
So... You know.
From the man who lost her
to the man who's with her...
cherish the day, Nick. Be happy.
Happiness is the only thing
more fleeting than time.
Hi. Can I help you?
Yeah. I've been having trouble
with some time track shifts.
Looking to do something about it.
You know, before it gets worse.
- Do you know much about our company?
- Saw an ad online.
Okay. Uh, well, Past Protect is
an innovator in memory storage protection.
We offer powerful solutions for any number
of time track retrieval issues
with instant access from your desktop
or mobile device.
And with Past Protect you get a 100%
money-back guarantee
should any of your memories
be lost due to ripples, phasings...
So if you lose my memories...
You would be eligible for a 100%
money-back guarantee. Yeah.
[chuckles] That's not
a guarantee against loss.
Well, no one can guarantee 100% retention
of the memories themselves.
But our success rate is among the highest
in the time track phase-disruption
memory-protection industry.
And I give you the memories how?
Once you open an account with us,
you upload files, photos,
videos that are already digitized
to our chronomatically insulated servers.
If you think you've been hit by a phase,
call us and we'll do the rest.
[scanner beeping]
Phasings, you know,
they're just a part of life.
But I really think they make
the memories more precious.
[door opens]
- [meows]
- Hi. Hi.
- Hey, you.
- Hey.
- How was your day?
- Good.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
They were just going
for their final rehearsal
and I was just shooting
the performance space.
It is a beautiful venue.
I think it's going to be
an amazing show. Yeah.
- Guess what I did today?
- What?
- I got us a time capsule.
- A what?
A time capsule.
You upload all your photos
and your videos onto...
essentially a... a big server.
And that way if there's a time phase...
I just walked through the door
and you're already talking about phasing.
Well, I'm talking about protecting
our memories.
Where is this place?
Over at the mall.
It's a... memory protection place
that's located between Foot Locker
and Mrs. Fields' Cookies?
Look, it doesn't matter where they are.
It matters what they can do.
- And they can protect our...
- I'm just sick of talking about it.
Well, I'm not talking about it.
I'm doing something about it. I'm...
Just whatever. Whatever.
Whatever. Whatever.
Whatever I have to do to protect
our memories and hold onto our life.
If I have to go
to a memory protection place,
- if I have to talk to Tommy...
- You talked to Tommy?
I told you to leave it.
He wasn't gonna do anything.
He's tried three times, Janine!
That we know about!
- You're just gonna make him mad.
- What do I care how Tommy feels?
Because we don't have to antagonize him.
He wasn't gonna do anything.
You keep saying
he wasn't gonna do anything,
and I'm wondering how you know that.
How do you know that?
Did you talk to Tommy?
Did you talk to Tommy?
Did you see him?
What the...
- You went to see him.
- [sighs] I just...
I just wanted to make him leave us alone.
- By going to be with him, Janine!
- Oh, my God.
That is what he wants.
- He wants to be with you.
- Stop!
He wants to take you from me!
- Do you still love him?
- No!
- But you went to see him, so...
- I was married to him.
You don't just stop caring
about the people you used to love.
- Where'd you see him?
- [sighs]
At his office.
- Just at his office.
- Yes. Yes.
We met in the lobby and...
just sat off to the side.
I just tried to explain to him that...
I know he wishes
that we could try again, but...
that... that it's over.
He tried to show me that he'd changed.
- That he... appreciated me.
- [sighs]
- He tried to show you, how?
- Yeah.
How did he try to show you?
He gave me a gift.
I made him promise that if...
if I kept it, that he would he would...
he would leave us alone.
He would stop trying to phase us.
But I didn't know what to do
and I didn't want to tell you,
but I couldn't hide it. Nick.
- This fucking thing was from him.
- Nick!
Charlie! Charlie!
[panting] I don't want it here.
- Help me find Charlie.
- I don't like cats.
So... Um...
I just want you to try and understand
why I did what I did.
I know... you used to be friends
with Tommy...
and because you despise him,
you think I should just be able
to hate him, too.
But it's different for me.
You've never been married before.
I spent almost eight years with Tommy
and that doesn't just go away.
I don't love him,
but I don't not care about Tommy,
and I can't forget about the time
we spent together
because the good, bad,
the everyday things.
Because every day led
to the moment that I met you.
I see what Tommy's doing to you.
And, Nick, you talk about going back
in time and hurting him.
And maybe you're just so frustrated
and angry that you're just saying things.
But do you know
how that makes me feel?
Do you know how that frightens me?
So, if seeing Tommy
and taking some stupid gift from him
makes it all just stop,
then it has to stop.
The money Tommy spends on going back
in time to try to break us up...
He can't undo us.
Only we can do that.
Love is drawn in the form of a circle.
No one knows when it begins.
And it never really ends.
You and I, we're just...
We're forever.
Always... and all ways.
[camera clicks off]
[phone ringing]
[ringing continues]
- Hey, Zoe.
- Nick.
You'll never believe what I found out.
So, Janine's been seeing Tommy.
- Not... Okay, not seeing.
- Hold on.
But she saw him and he gave her a gift,
this little shitty Casio TV thing, and...
Nick, listen to me.
Sibila's dead.
She was climbing and she fell.
She didn't make it.
I was supposed to be there.
I was supposed to be with her
and I didn't go.
Zoe, can I come see you?
I would really like that.
I had to call her parents.
I didn't know what to say.
Literally, didn't know what to say.
I don't speak Portuguese.
I had to say it like...
three or four times.
"She's dead.
Your daughter's dead."
They don't understand me, so what do I do?
I start talking louder.
Every time I say it,
the more real it gets.
Sibila's dead.
What if she's not?
Maybe it's just a phase.
Maybe it's something in the time track.
I remember her.
If it was just a phase,
I wouldn't remember her.
- I wish I didn't remember.
- Come on, don't say that.
She was your best friend.
- She needs to be remembered.
- Remember what?
I was supposed to go with her
and I didn't.
I should've been there.
I've been walking around the last day
with nothing but guilt and hurt.
Guilt and hurt is not what you two had.
I used to joke with Janine
I didn't get it. I didn't get it.
How you have a best friend you don't speak
the same language.
But that's how...
tight you two were.
You didn't need to speak the same language
to be with one another,
care about one another.
And when you care about somebody,
that's all that matters.
I'm so sorry I got on you about Tommy...
- I'm not worried about Tommy now.
- you were fighting over Janine.
I didn't have a clue what it was like
to lose somebody you love.
Hold onto her, Nick.
With everything you've got.
Hold onto your wife.
[Janine on recording] He can't undo us.
Only we can do that.
Love is drawn
in the form of a circle.
No one knows where it begins...
and it never really ends.
You and I...
we're forever.
and all ways.
[sniffs, sighs]
[door opens]
[door closes]
I'd like to go somewhere with you.
You just spent the last week
barely saying a word to me.
We'll run away.
We'll run away until we...
run out of spaces to be in.
Anything we need, we'll find.
Whatever we don't have, we'll buy.
- Just...
- [keys jangle]
Just be with me always.
And all ways.
May I see your boarding passes?
I have the tickets. [chuckles]
One second.
Would you mind if I take a picture of her?
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
[shutter clicks]
[faint rumbling]
[rumbling intensifies]
[tires screeching]
What the...
Janine! Janine!
Hekima, call Janine.
I don't see that name in your contacts.
- Would you like me to try again?
Look for Janine Mikkelsen.
I'm sorry. There's no one listed
by that name.
- Her maiden name.
- Would you like me to try again?
- Her maiden name. Carter.
- I didn't get that.
- Look up Janine Carter.
- I'm sorry.
There's no one listed by that name.
Would you like me to try again?
- [panting] Oh, fuck.
- [phone clatters]
[wind blowing]
[phone ringing]
[ringing continues]
- Hello?
- [Janine] Nicholas?
It's me. Janine.
Say it with me.
Janine Mikkelsen.
I was married
to Nicholas Perry Mikkelsen.
- Was?
- We live at...
We lived at 11...
We... We had a cat. Charlie.
- Where are you?
- I'm with Tommy.
We've been married nine years.
Nine years?
It's only been a few minutes.
And you and I never met.
An hour or two and we
won't remember each other.
Janine, Janine. Listen to me.
You don't love Tommy.
- He's different, Nick.
- He changed the past.
- He's kinder.
- He changed the past.
I want you to remember. Love is drawn
in the form of a circle.
Wherever you are, whenever you are,
I will find you.
Okay? We'll find our way back,
all right?
[woman] Mr. Mikkelsen, our technicians
have been through the server
and we weren't able to retrieve
any of your memories at this time.
What does that mean?
Well, our technicians will keep looking,
but the phase you were hit
with was really rough
and every time shift is its own thing...
I'm starting to forget my wife.
I'm starting to lose her.
What we can do, your purchase comes
with a 100% money-back guarantee.
You are entitled to a full refund
of any amount.
I want my memories.
Okay. Every phase is its own thing,
and at this time, we're just not able
to retrieve any of your memories.
Did you want me
to start processing that refund?
Hekima, I live at...
- Would you like to go home?
- Yes.
I can put that on your map.
- [chimes]
- Done.
[music playing]
[dog barks]
Hey, Charlie.
Hey. How you doing?
How's that good boy?
You all right?
Goodness, you... you're warm.
You know what? I'm just gonna call
Tate and Donna
and tell them we can't make it tonight.
We can celebrate with them later.
Celebrate what?
Are you just trying to be funny?
You know, their adoption went through,
they're a family now?
Make sure you text them and congratulate
them and I'll just order in.
Do you want anything?
Thai food perhaps?
The place you like?
Yeah, sure.
[Tattersall] What we want to accomplish
in our next pass
is making allowances for the outcome
of our planning stages.
Have we taken into consideration
environmental impact?
Have we really thought through
the cause and effect of our choices?
Within a design itself, how are we
allowing for fluctuations in human density
and changes in social grids?
What's most important
is maintaining connectivity
as we consider the long-term ramifications
of modern living.
[door opens]
[door closes]
- Just finishing up with work?
- Yeah.
Ah, they've really
got you hitting it, huh?
- I'll take Charlie for a walk.
- I just took him out.
Yeah, I've been sitting around all day.
Really want to go for a walk.
Come on, Charlie.
Let's go.
[door closes]
I'm going to work.
Are you going to be late again tonight?
I don't know.
If you're going to be late, I'm gonna try
and get together with Donna.
There's something different with us.
I know things don't change overnight,
but it feels like they have.
We're... We're just becoming so distant
and I don't know why.
And I miss spending time with Nick.
I miss...
You know what I miss?
I miss dancing.
Nick used to take me dancing
every other weekend
and we'd get drunk
like a couple of kids and...
and dance like no one was watching.
All the better if they were.
No, because I can't do this alone.
I can't. He has to want to work
on us, too, and...
Well, if me not being around
is what makes him happy...
then I just want him to be happy.
I'm sorry, I...
I just needed to talk to someone
and I didn't know who else to call.
Thank you for listening.
[Janine] What's up?
Friend of mine just having troubles
with her husband.
Troubles like?
I don't think they're going to make it.
- Good friend?
- Yeah.
We used to be really close
back in La Jolla.
A long time ago. It was before we met.
Well, invite them out here.
Fly 'em out. Maybe it'll be good for them.
We're not that close anymore.
- He and I, we kind of had a falling out.
- Over her?
Why'd you say it like that?
Because when guys have a falling out,
usually it's over a woman.
It wasn't over her.
I always wanted them together.
I thought they'd be good for each other.
I really thought they'd be happy.
[Nick] I've been thinking
of maybe taking a little trip.
I've never been on a seaplane.
I just think I need a little getaway.
I don't...
For how long?
Maybe a couple of weeks.
By yourself?
[plates clattering]
Look, if it's over, just tell me.
Because... something's different
and I can feel it.
I know things change.
But I always thought
you and I would be timeless.
I come home at night
and you're there and I'm here,
and I just don't see us. I don't.
So it needs to get better
or it needs to be done,
but I'm not gonna put up
with not knowing which.
Because I shouldn't have to.
I deserve better than that.
Tate and Donna are having
a dinner next week.
Can you come to that
and at least act happy?
- [Donna] Alex?
- Hey. Hi.
[Donna] Oh, my God.
It's been forever. I'm so excited...
All those years of trying
and then overnight we were
just this instant family.
We didn't even get
that nine month run-up, you know.
Tate's freaking out.
He worries too much about trying to be
a good dad instead of just being himself.
That's what changes the most.
You have a kid and you don't get
to be selfish anymore.
You've got to be about something
besides yourself.
It's hard, but... it's special.
It's really special.
I was starting to think I would never have
the opportunity to experience
what it would be like to be a family,
but sometimes things work out
the way they're meant to.
[car horns honking]
[horn blaring]
["Gorecki" by Lamb playing]
["Gorecki" continues]
[Nick] Sometimes when you're not looking,
I'll watch you from across the room.
And I'll ask myself,
if I didn't know you...
[both laughing]
...would I still fall in love with you?
What's the answer?
[phone ringing]
[ringing continues]
- Hey, Zo.
- Nick, hey.
I have some good news.
It's really good news.
- What is it?
- Sibila's alive.
- She's what?
- She's alive.
You were right.
It was just a phase.
But I remember her.
If it was just a phase, I wouldn't...
She's back and everything
is like it used to be.
You guys have to come up
and celebrate.
[Zoe] Her parents were together
and happy their whole lives,
but I just couldn't ever see myself...
[Alex] Being with one person?
Is there any other thing in life
where the point is to limit
your opportunities to one?
- [chuckles]
- It scares me.
Well, it's also what makes relationships
really exciting.
Every day... Every day is an adventure.
Skydiving is an adventure.
Monogamy is just misery with company.
Although Valentine's Day
seems like a nice idea.
[Alex chuckles]
How's the patient?
[speaking Portuguese]
All right, just keep drinking water.
- I say amputate.
- [Nick] I'm good.
As long as the next 20 miles
are downhill, I'm good.
[speaking Portuguese]
[Alex] Where is she going?
Um, I'm not sure.
She's either looking for a place
to go caving or to go rock climbing.
God, she's absolutely fearless.
Sibila started climbing when she was six.
Now she goes every Sunday.
Every Sunday.
She says...
[speaking Portuguese]
"This is my church."
I don't know how to say it,
I'm trying to learn Portuguese finally.
She's amazing.
If I had an accident like that,
you'd never catch me climbing again.
She doesn't know what happened.
How does she not know?
You have to promise not to tell her.
It wasn't just a phase.
She really did die.
She doesn't know
because I went back in time and I...
I changed things, so she didn't go
climbing that day.
You went jaunting. Are you serious?
What was I gonna do?
She's my best friend. I love her...
I mean... it cost me
everything to go back.
I'm completely fucked for money right now.
But if you saved her,
why don't you want her to know?
You see how happy she is?
I'm gonna tell her
doing what makes her happy killed her?
She's back and I just want everything
to be like it was.
Zoe, don't worry about money.
If you need any help,
we'll do whatever we can. Okay?
I know it doesn't look it...
but I've never been so happy.
Come on. Let's go have fun.
[phone ringing]
[Nick] One sec. Yeah, one sec.
[woman] Hey. I'm trying
to reach Nicholas Mikkelsen.
- This is Nick.
- Hey, Mr. Mikkelsen.
It's Ryder from Past Protect.
Got some good news.
Our technicians were able to retrieve
one of your memories
that was stored on our server.
Wait a sec, who is this?
My name's Ryder with Past Protect.
You went through
a pretty severe time shift.
There's probably a lot of stuff
you don't remember.
But our technicians were able
to retrieve a memory for you.
It's pretty short,
but they got it.
I can put it in your time capsule
if you wanna check it out.
[shutter clicks]
[Nick] What do you think about
when you think about us?
I think about a lot of things.
What are the best times?
La Jolla.
- Hmm.
- Yeah.
Yeah, we were... we were
old enough to be adults
- and young enough to act like children.
- Mm-hmm.
And on the weekends,
we'd go to the beach, sit by the fire...
- you, me, Tate, Donna, Tommy.
- Tommy?
- I haven't talked to that guy in years.
- Really?
You liked him.
You were good friends, right?
He was tough to take sometimes.
He had a lot of ego going on.
He had some insecurities, yes,
and sometimes they look the same.
That was... It was quite hard for Tommy.
Tommy had everything.
What, just because he had money?
You have money. So what?
You never really know
who your friends are,
you don't know
if people like you for you...
We liked him enough.
You just said you thought he was a jerk.
Yes, sometimes he could be.
So what, did you...
did you like him for him,
or did you just put up with him
because he'd invite you to hang
at his father's private beach?
I'm just saying, it wasn't easy for Tommy.
How do you know?
Because I'd be the one he'd call
when he felt alone and lonely and just
needed someone to talk to and...
he just needed to sit with somebody and...
- cry sometimes.
- [laughs]
I'm sorry, cry?
Tommy's human.
He has feelings
just like everybody else, and he...
he hurts just like everybody else.
Now, all the money in the world, it's...
it's no good for loneliness.
[Nick] Do you miss him?
Well, I miss all of the La Jolla gang.
Do you miss Tommy?
Well, if it weren't for Tommy,
then you and I wouldn't be together.
That's not true.
Not true at all. You and I were friends
long before Tommy.
- Best friends, actually.
- Mm-hmm.
Yes, but Tommy was the one
who got me to see
that being in love
with your best friend is...
is okay.
Just okay?
Sometimes it's a really good thing.
And I'm so thankful.
I am so thankful.
Tommy just always
wanted us to be happy.
["Won't Be Undone"
by Tamika Lawrence playing]
[clicking continues]
[Zoe] What is it?
I got a call from this person. She says
I contracted her company
to keep my memories safe from time shifts.
I think it's a scam. Somebody calls you,
says she's got your memories,
shows you that little thing
and tells you how
she's gonna get you more memories
as soon as you deposit $1,000
in a bank account in the Cayman Islands
because she's really an African princess.
- Something's not right.
- It's not right because it's a scam.
I'm starting to feel like I felt,
you know, a couple months ago
when I was... going through stuff.
When you wanted to dump your wife?
When I was unsure about things.
Things like you wanted to dump your wife.
I'm not sure I'm supposed to be with Alex.
Oh, my God.
You are literally the noise
in the back of my head
that reminds me why I don't get
into relationships.
Listen, it's not just me.
It's Alex, too.
I hear her when she talks about the past.
She's not certain she made
the right decision either.
- I can hear it in her voice.
- You hear what you want to hear
because your ears are tuned
to the sound of your own bullshit.
You and Alex are happy together.
I don't understand what's changed.
No one knows what's changed anymore.
Yesterday stopped being yesterday
when they figured out
how to travel through time.
I look at this memory...
It's not a memory.
It's a video of somebody's head.
I look at this memory...
and suddenly my life doesn't feel right.
My life was wrecked. It was wrecked.
And now it's good
and I wouldn't change it for anything.
But you did change it. You changed it
because it didn't feel right.
- You and Alex have been together forever.
- Have we?
Jesus, Nick! Since back in La Jolla.
You love Alex.
- What if I love someone else more?
- Who?
What is this person's name?
Where are they?
I want you to tell me about jaunting.
I lost my best friend.
You have your wife.
What was it like?
It's expensive. Really expensive.
But they can send you
wherever you wanna go.
They can send you within seconds
of whenever you wanna be,
whatever period, correct things you need.
Whatever it takes to blend in,
they can make it happen.
There are a lot of rules,
but it's like everything else.
You pay enough money,
you can pretty much do what you want.
What if you go back and change your past
but you end up with no future?
If you do change the past, I won't know
what happened or why.
So I need you to remember
that I love you.
And I'll always be here for you.
- [woman] Where would you like to go?
- [Nick] La Jolla.
- When?
- When do I want to go?
No, when do you want to be?
You can be anytime you care to.
Thirteen years ago.
Any historical events
you wanted to witness?
- Any individuals of significance?
- No, no.
Just want a straightforward time travel
experience. I want to go to La Jolla.
I had some friends there at the time.
Good friends.
Every Friday night my friends
would throw a party on the beach.
You know, bonfire, red wine.
There was this one Friday
I couldn't go.
I was... sick.
Really sick and...
I knew my friends were down at the beach
having a great time.
And I was in my apartment...
cold sweat, body aches.
And I felt so alone.
Never felt so alone.
I didn't like the feeling.
And I didn't wanna feel alone anymore.
It was after that that my wife and
I started to think about...
getting serious.
That's when...
that's when I wanna be.
Well, I can book you into our comfort
economy excursion.
The entire trip would be
limited to one full day,
so extraction would be
required after 24 hours,
and your personal travel radius
would be limited to 20 miles.
Your total cost would be...
Did you want me
to go ahead and book you?
- Hey, good morning.
- Good morning.
- Not going in today?
- Going in late.
- [pouring coffee]
- Hmm.
[screwing lid on]
Bye. See you later.
Bye, Charlie. Bye, baby.
See you later, too.
Alex, hey.
I always just wanted you
to be happy.
You're funny.
- Bye.
- [door opens]
[door closes]
Are you currently unwell
or have you required hospital treatment
in the last year?
- No.
- Do you have a disability
or has anyone advised you might have
a medical condition
that could affect your fitness to travel?
Do you currently have
any medical problems
- including mental health problems?
- No.
Do you ever suffer
from motion sickness, vertigo
- or labyrinthitis?
- No.
- Emergency contact.
- Zoe Mikkelsen.
What relation?
She's my sister.
This is our terms of service agreement.
It says that you have read and will adhere
to all travel restrictions
and will refrain from engaging
in any prohibited activity,
including but not limited
to time track alterations,
willful reorientation
of significant events,
and historical manipulations
for personal gain.
If I can just get you
to sign the bottom for me?
- And how will you be paying?
- Bank transfer.
- [beeping]
- [Hekima] Your transfer is completed.
- [watch beeps]
- [woman] We're all set.
Let's see what the past
has waiting for you.
Have a seat, Mr. Mikkelsen.
If you could please
drink the liquid for me.
I'll need you to drink the entire glass.
[clicks tongue]
And just go ahead and
lie back for me.
- Perfect.
- [exhales]
Have a wonderful trip, Mr. Mikkelsen.
Good afternoon, Mr. Mikkelsen.
Can you hear me okay?
- Yeah.
- My name's Steven
and I'm gonna be
your travel technician today.
- Hello, Steven.
- You're okay with that liquid?
You're not feeling any nausea?
Any upset stomach?
- No.
- Good.
What was in that actually? They didn't...
[Steven] You're going to hear me
count backwards from ten to zero.
Really there's nothing much
you need to do, except relax
and enjoy yourself when you arrive.
- [Steven] Have a good trip.
- [exhales]
Mr. Mikkelsen.
It's very important that you relax.
You can't travel until you're relaxed.
[Nick exhales]
That's fine.
Here we go.
- [distorted voices]
- ...what the past has for you.
- Mr. Mikkelsen, relax.
- Love... form of a circle... a circle...
- Hey, Nick!
- Hey!
[waves crashing]
[mellow guitar music]
Hey, Nick.
[Tommy] Hey!
I didn't think you were gonna make it.
Alex said you weren't feeling well.
I got over it.
- Come and get a glass of wine...
- Hey, Tommy, one sec.
There's something
I want to talk to you about.
I'm breaking up with Alex.
Tonight? Why?
Things aren't quite right between us
and I think I owe it to her
before it goes too far.
Well, I don't know what to say.
I thought you two were
the most solid couple here.
We were. But I think it's over.
Tommy, I know you like Alex.
She's a good person, I mean...
She's a good friend.
Maybe she's your best friend.
[chuckles softly]
She sees things in you
I never saw. She...
She's been there for you
in ways I haven't.
- I've been a real dick, man.
- What are you talking about?
Taking you for granted. Our friendship.
- We've always been cool.
- We've been cool because...
I was always cool
with taking while you gave.
helped me understand
how that must make you feel.
She really cares about you,
and I think if it wasn't for me,
you two might be together.
So... So I'm gonna take myself out
of the picture.
I have no idea what Alex
is gonna think about it
or what she's going to feel,
but if she still cares what I think,
I'm going to tell her that you are
absolutely the best person she could find.
And that's the truth.
Me and Donna and Tate...
we never cared who your dad was
or how much money you had.
You're our friend.
And we love you.
We just want...
I just want...
you to be happy.
Both of you.
["Tell Me the Ghost" by Tom Gallo playing]
["Tell Me the Ghost" continues]
[woman] That sounds like a good idea.
[knocking on door]
[watch beeping]
[footsteps approaching]
Mr. Mikkelsen. Are you with us?
Welcome back.
How was your trip?
I don't feel well.
Nausea, disorientation and some memory
loss are common side effects.
I'm going to walk you
to our arrivals lounge.
You can rest there
for as long as you like.
When you're ready, you can head home.
[door opens]
[keys jangle]
["One More Day"
by Zoe Samantha Zelkind playing]
[Tattersall] What we want to accomplish
in our next pass
is to make allowances for the outcome
of our planning stages.
Have we taken into consideration
environmental impact?
Have we really thought through
the cause and effect of our choices?
Within a design itself,
how are we allowing for fluctuations
in human density...
["One More Day" continues]
[clicks off]
[doorbell rings]
[doorbell continues]
Come on. You're going out.
- I don't really feel like it.
- I don't care how you feel.
Let me tell you how you look.
You look like shit.
We're going out.
["To Believe" by The Cinematic Orchestra
feat. Moses Sumney playing quietly]
[Nick chuckles]
It's really wonderful, Zoe.
Happy birthday. Sibila picked it out.
The guy at the shop said it still works.
I had him put some batteries in it.
Thank you.
Me and Sibila are going cliff diving
this weekend.
Wanna come?
- [paper rustling]
- Cliff diving, nah.
It's your birthday.
You should do something.
I think I'm just gonna take it easy.
Well, how about we at least
take you out to dinner?
You guys have plans.
- We can dive some other weekend.
- You should go.
Have fun.
It's your birthday.
You should have fun.
I got something I'm gonna do.
Something what?
Have I always been lonely?
[voice breaking] This is
really hard for me, Nick.
I spent a lot of years just watching you
collapse on yourself
and I don't know why.
I just want it to stop.
I just want you to be happy.
What about your friends from La Jolla?
- [scoffs]
- You don't talk to them anymore?
No. We all just...
I don't know, went our separate ways.
Maybe you should get a pet.
What about a dog?
- I don't want a dog.
- You've always wanted a dog.
I think that...
a cat would be easier to take care of.
Maybe I'll get a cat.
You are a great sister, Zoe.
Best one I could've asked for.
["To Believe" continues]
[phone ringing]
- Hello?
- [Tommy] Hey, Nick.
It's Tommy Hambleton.
Yeah. It's been a minute, huh?
Yeah. I was just telling Zoe
that I never get to talk to the old
La Jolla gang anymore, really.
Nick, I'm not gonna lie.
Zoe called.
She's worried about you.
- Yeah, well, Zoe worries too much.
- She's your sister.
How is she not gonna worry?
It's your birthday.
She said all you got planned
is to sit around your apartment.
Look, we're having some drinks,
some people getting together at The Loft.
- You remember The Loft.
- Yeah.
We're celebrating
Tate and Donna's anniversary.
Just some drinks, nothing too fancy.
[whispers] Tate and Donna.
I, um...
- I think I'll pass.
- Nick.
It's not my business, but whatever
you're going through,
you don't have to go through it
on your own.
Just come and hang out
for a couple of hours.
An hour.
One drink, then you can go.
- Yeah, okay. I'll stop by.
- Great, 8:00. See you there.
[pop music playing]
[Tommy] Nick. Nick.
- You made it.
- Yeah, I told you I would.
I'm glad you did. It's been way too long.
You look good man, really.
Zoe told me
you kind of look like shit right now.
And you really are a little
on the shitty-looking side.
Yeah, well...
Look. I don't know how to say this.
We're concerned about you.
I'm concerned about you.
- You shouldn't be.
- You were my best friend.
How can I not be? Every good thing I have
in my life is because of you.
I think you were doing all right
before you met me.
I mean it.
These past few years have been the best.
My father retired.
He put all this pressure on me to take
over the company, but I couldn't do it.
I knew I wasn't gonna have
one happy day at that place.
So I started my own business.
It's a lot smaller, it's a lot.
But I'm...
I'm happy with what I'm doing.
And I'm happy.
I'm happy in myself
and that's because of you.
You're the one who told me
to be good with who I am.
Nick, we miss you.
We just want you to be happy.
[Donna] Nick!
- It's been forever.
- How you doing, Donna?
- How are you?
- I'm well.
Mm-hmm. You sure?
- You look like shit.
- I'm all right.
Alex, I just need to steal your husband
just for one minute.
- Oh. Okay.
- Come, come, come.
- Do not let this man leave.
- I won't.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How are you?
Everybody says I look like shit, so...
Nothing a little smile wouldn't cure.
Mm? [chuckles]
You already look better.
We all miss seeing you, Nick.
Do you stay away because of me?
I was really hurt
when you broke things off.
I really was.
But over time, I think you were right.
[shutter clicks]
You know, we could've kept going
one year, five years maybe.
I... I don't know if you would've lasted.
And, um... if we hadn't broken up,
I wouldn't be with Tommy.
And if...
And if I wasn't with Tommy...
Hey. Hey.
Don't regret the past.
Yeah, the past is what brings us
to where we need to be.
We've missed you so much, Nick.
[Donna] Alex, come get a picture!
Ah. I need to go.
It's so good to see you.
["Gorecki" by Lamb playing]
All this time I've loved you
And never known your face
All this time I've missed you
And searched this human race
Here is true peace
Here my heart knows calm
Safe in your soul
Bathed in your sighs
Wanna stay right here
Until the end of time
Till the Earth stops turning
Gonna love you until the seas run dry
I've found the one
I've waited for
The one I've waited for
All I've known, all I've done
All I've felt was leading to this
All I've known, all I've done
All I've felt was leading to this
Wanna stay right here
Until the end of time
Till the Earth stops turning
I'm gonna love you
till the seas run dry
I've found the one
I've waited for
The one
I've waited for
Wanna stay right here
Till the end of time
Till the Earth stops turning
I'm gonna love you
till the seas run dry
I've found the one
I've waited for
The one I've waited for
The one...
I've waited...
["Never Gonna Change"
by Zoe Samantha Zelkind playing]