Needlestick (2017) Movie Script

Hey, hey, ooh cookies.
Thank you.
I can't find the nucleus.
Just look a little closer.
Hey, uh, Boris.
The IRB rejected our
application, again.
It's okay, Dave.
Excuse me.
Hey, Boris.
Well, the prodigal son returns.
Everyone, this is
Everett Barnard.
His work was instrumental
in helping us
discover our freeze
drying technique
to extract enzyme from mice.
So work hard, because
if Everett, here,
can be a success,
so can all of you.
Well thanks, I think.
Um, hey, have you
seen doctor crick?
Oh, he got tired of
waiting for you,
so he went up to
the medical floor.
Was he angry.
I wouldn't call it
anger necessarily.
Um, okay.
Thank you!
Get back to work, people.
You must really hate that bag.
Lookin' good, Marie.
You look the same.
Same is better than worse.
You still workin' nights?
Well, it was nice
seeing you again.
Really? What's changed?
Last time I saw you,
you said you wanted
to focus on your studies.
Yeah, well, you know, that's
not really an issue anymore.
Crick's choosing his
resident this week, and...
You back here for him, or me?
Now you look better.
That went according to plan.
Right, thanks.
Welcome back, doctor Barnard.
Hi, Doris, was
doctor crick here?
Uh, he hasn't been here.
Check the unit?
Not bad for two days out.
Look at that valve, much better.
Is she good to go
to the main floor, though?
Absolutely. A little bit of walking,
no more than 15 minutes a day.
Hey, there you guys are.
Everett, my boy.
Doctor crick.
I recognize that voice.
Sorry, I tried calling, but...
Oh, yeah, no, cell tower's down.
- You can't even text.
- Can't even text?
I'm surprised you haven't
killed yourself.
Right, okay, hey, doctor crick.
Uh, again, so sorry I'm late.
I missed you at the lab.
The lab?
I haven't been there yet.
I'm just havin' a look
at my last surgery.
Hey, the hand looks good.
I had a mini-stroke this summer.
But, don't worry, I'm still
looking for a resident.
Why the suicide precautions?
She used her foster dad's
heroin with a dirty needle.
A lot of inflammation
around the heart,
- which is?
- Endocarditis.
There you go.
- On the ball.
- Doctor crick.
You got some orders to
sign on the med floor,
and then you're done.
I will do that.
How does it feel to be chief
resident of main hospital?
There's never a dull moment.
Oh, I'm sure of that.
See you later.
Would you mind taking
care of this for me?
Thank you.
Making friends with crick, huh?
Smart career move, yeah.
Now you guys are chummy.
I'll see you later.
Doctor crick.
Actually, it was my
foster mom's heroin.
Dr. Kravitz, you have a visitor
in the main lobby.
Dr. Kravitz, a visitor
in the main lobby.
Aging is a disease.
Don't let anyone
tell you different.
Yeah, it's a disease
with no cure, though.
- Guess what
- hello.
I'm Brittany, here to watch
over a miss Sarah Hanna.
Watch over, what's that?
A sitter, suicide prevention.
They re bringing her
over from the unit.
What's in the bag?
Oh, things to cheer Sarah up.
Don't try to cheer her up.
All you do is watch her.
Well, I can most
certainly do that.
That remains to be seen.
Alice, can you set
Brittany up, please?
I most certainly can do that.
Hold on, Barbie,
I'll be right back.
Should I tell her that
my name's Brittany?
Why not?
Assert yourself, Brittany.
Code blue!
Morelli again!
No, no, no, hey, hey.
Relax, relax, it
happens every day.
Oh. Yeah.
- No pulse, he's uh, uh.
- Start baggin' him.
Open up the iv, get
those paddles ready.
Charged. 360.
- Hey, Everett.
- The gel.
- Uh, charge it.
- Everyone, clear.
Still v-fib, hit him again.
- No, shouldn't we use some Epi first?
- No, hit him again!
Excuse me.
Okay, we got a
sinus rhythm back.
Let's stabilize him.
You're making progress.
Only two shocks this time.
Sorry, doctor crick, I'm...
It's your first day
back, come on.
Besides, doctor Jenner's
a bit of a prick.
It's not her fault.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
Come on, you know how
far you've come?
Yeah, I can freeze mice.
I don't know, maybe I
need a totem animal
like the jellyfish.
But, why the jellyfish, doctor?
What do you wanna know?
Well I wanna know,
what appeals to you about it?
A jellyfish is the only creature
on earth that lives forever.
What? Immortality?
Oh, yes.
They start the size of a polyp,
they grow up full
size, and back down
to the size of a polyp, and
they keep recycling that way.
And they are immortal,
unless a sea turtle
eats them or they wash ashore.
Well, I don't know
about sea turtles,
but I certainly know
about being washed up.
Everett, there are many
smart and talented people
that never get a
whiff of greatness.
'Cause greatness
requires two things,
a fire in the belly, and the
willingness to see it through.
You have the fire in the belly.
Let's see if you have the will.
Do you want the same password?
Look away, please.
You are a woman of many talents.
When do I get paid
for my talents?
You got quite a
mouth on you, kid.
I mean it.
You know what
else my mouth's good at?
What's that?
You know, I've very glad
that I made you the
chief resident.
You've done well.
I would hate to see
how hard your job
would be with something
pressed against you.
What would that be, Raymond?
Charges, tampering,
HIPAA violations,
enough to land your
pretty little ass in jail.
So I would try to keep
that talented mouth shut.
Just some computer
work, nothing more.
Oh, you tryin' to draw
attention to yourself?
Drawing attention?
Oh, you mean like
with Abe Wilks.
Abe Wilks?
Yes, your most recent
harvest victim.
His widow's lawyer
wants to know why
an otherwise healthy
48 year old dies
after a routine procedure and
then has an unauthorized autopsy.
Well, I authorized it.
- That's funny.
- It is.
Maybe you can tell their
attorneys that yourself
when they get here tomorrow.
What? They're coming here?
We had an agreement, Alex.
Only those patients who
were dying at that moment.
Well, the official
cause of death
is a fatal arrhythmia.
The EKG backs that up.
We're in the clear.
So if that all...
You forgot that
I golf with Darren.
Oh, shit.
I've been nursing this
along with baby steps.
You wanted to kill Abe Wilks,
extract enough enzyme for
Darren to mass produce for you,
and then you're gonna screw me out of
the largest pharma deal in history.
What would you like?
You're done here.
- I protected you.
- 70/30.
I covered your ass for seven
years, I even let you build a...
Please, don't do this.
I'm the one that
made this happen.
I made you happen!
Okay, everyone, we're gonna
close the lab early today.
Let's go, go home
and have some fun.
This is how we have fun.
Hey, Ginny, I need that back.
I'll be done in a moment.
- What are you doing?
- I'll be done in a moment.
I just need to
input some orders.
I'll be done in a
moment, nurse Blackwell.
What's that?
I grabbed what I could
from your office.
And I got the new
remote access codes.
I also found this.
Have a look at this
right now, please.
When was this uploaded?
He has files on all
of our subjects.
Even surveillance video.
That slimy son of a bitch.
He wants my enzyme.
What do you mean?
Abe Wilks's widow is coming in
with a lawyer tomorrow
to meet with ray.
He's gonna show 'em this,
gonna ask like he's
just discovered it.
And throw you under the bus.
Us, Boris?
What are we gonna do?
We gotta stop Legro.
He put this up on
the network, okay.
Somebody else is
gonna find this.
Oh, shit.
Wait a minute, crick.
All this construction,
we've been offline today.
These files won't get
uploaded until we
go back online tomorrow
morning at 6:00 A.M.
So we have tonight.
Our new passwords give
us limited access, okay?
We get alarms, doors, power.
But we're not gonna
get into the network
to change medical files.
We have to destroy the network.
There's something else.
We can't get any
enzyme from Wilks.
Apparently he had two prior mis.
You didn't know that Wilks
had a couple of heart attacks.
It wasn't in his file, and
it wasn't in his physical.
We are so close.
We just need one more subject
to extract enzyme from.
Well that'd kill two
birds with one stone.
You know what happens when
you're stung by a jellyfish?
There's pain and then paralysis.
Hey, Brittany.
I'm sorry, I can't do this.
What-what's-what's wrong?
She is, she's all wrong.
Uh, well, I'm doctor Barnard.
I remember you.
Yeah, so, what did
you do to Brittany?
She asked me if I would
accept Jesus into my heart.
Really, what'd you tell her?
An honest and deeply
religious answer.
Oh, I see.
How long will I
be strapped here?
The straps are part of
our suicide precautions,
much like Brittany.
Brittany is a cause of
suicide, not a precaution.
So I have to ask,
do you still want,
do you think, Do you wanna be
a part of the world, our world?
Use grown up words.
Okay, how do you feel?
Please rephrase the question
so a concrete
answer is possible.
Okay, do you still
wanna kill yourself?
Not until you walked in.
I'm putting that
down as progress.
South union cardiac er.
Thank you.
What? This patient
needs isolation?
You're no guiding light, Flem.
They take out the
trash every Tuesday.
Who's the resident on tonight?
Doctor Jenner.
She the one sleepin' with Legro?
I don't know, you
want me to ask her?
Uh, no.
Get her to handle this junkie.
How'd you get that?
Crack pipe blow up in your face?
I have to make an appointment
to see the cardiologist?
Okay, do you have insurance?
Yes, Michigan
blue cross blue shield.
- Okay, that should be a $200 copay.
- Okay.
Okay, we will get back
with you in a couple days,
and give you an appointment.
Sounds good, thank you.
- Okay, have a great day.
- You too.
My heart gently weeps.
You know, I was a dancer once.
Square dancer?
Ballet in Michigan, then
New York for four years.
What happened?
Fell in love with my director.
That's not good.
He likes to push
people as hard as he can.
And I, being naive,
did anything he wanted.
He pushed, and he pushed.
Until you broke.
Yeah, I guess.
Are you aware of what crick did?
He replaced the
infected aortic valve.
That's the same valve that
stopped you from dancing.
The one with the birth defect.
So when crick
replaced the valve,
he treated both your problems.
Really, so it's all good now?
As long as it heals properly.
Should it?
It should.
Wait, so you're saying
that if this heals
I can dance again.
Square dancing, at
the very least.
Oh, uh, hi Marie.
What are you doing?
I-I just needed some gauze.
Anything taken must be logged.
You know, we have some
exciting new developments
happening in the lab?
I could show you some
time, if your free.
I don't think so.
South union cardiac er.
No, sir, we don't
except that insurance.
No, sir, I can't
prescribe morphine.
No, sir, I will not go to hell.
You already got your residency.
You can stop studying now.
Not after this morning, I can't.
Yes you can.
See one, do one, teach one.
That's how you learn.
See one, do one, teach one?
Yeah, like you and Marie.
See one, do one
we broke up months ago, okay?
Dump one.
Sorry, sorry.
I did not dump her, okay?
I told her that I wanted
to focus more on medicine.
You, oh, okay, why not just
cheat on her and post
the video on Facebook?
That would have
been more humane.
Hey, suddenly doctor
freeze over there
is talking about being humane?
You dumped her to study more.
I mean, at least a guy who's
cheating is sexually active.
Hey, I'm way sexually
active, okay?
And you're the only woman I
know who's defending cheating.
I'm not, I'm just
saying that that's,
like, the worst possible
reason to dump somebody.
But it's true.
You know what's true?
You totally dumped
her 'cause you
wanted to get closer to crick,
and that is so beyond deranged.
And now you're defending
her which is another first.
No, this isn't about him or her.
It's about you and
your ambitions.
If you want cardiology so badly,
why not just apply to a
program like at main hospital?
Look, crick's just a surgeon.
And this hospital is so small.
I had an academic
hearing two years ago.
They wanted to expel
me, kick my ass out.
You didn't tell me that.
Yeah, well, I
didn't tell anyone.
And during the hearing I
was too scared to speak,
to scared to defend myself.
But, crick defended me.
He was there.
He see's something
in me, in my work,
that no one else does, so.
You know, you don't
owe crick anything.
Wait, what is that?
Me and Marie from this morning?
Yeah, it's hilarious.
Yeah, ha ha ha.
What, Legro allows
you to do that?
Well, no, he's not really
in a position to
allow me anything.
Right, what, because uh,
your favorite
position is on top?
Excuse me?
No, come on, say it.
- No, okay, sorry.
- Say it. I know you want to.
- No, I didn't mean you and Legro.
- Call me a whore.
No, jeez, Ginny, come on.
Look, I don't see
him anymore, okay?
Can I help you?
James Ross. My,
how you've grown.
I hate to do this to you, son.
Looking good.
Knock knock.
Just checkin' in.
Thanks, we're all set.
Crick cancel the restraints?
She's not suicidal.
Did you talk to crick?
Can I talk to you
outside for a sec?
Sarah, I'll be right back, okay?
She doesn't need restraints.
Doesn't matter, it's
cricks patient.
- She.
- What?
She's crick's patient.
Listen, I am not the dick, here.
You listen, if she really wanted
to kill herself she
would've done it.
She's fine.
Fine does not capture her.
Have you ever lost
anything important to you?
- Yes.
- Really?
- Yes.
- What?
I lost you.
Screw your bullshit
romance lines.
You dumped me, remember.
Let's just calm down, I
don't wanna have a fight.
Yeah, that's right, Everett.
You never wanna
fight, for anything.
I'd like to accept this award...
Uh, no good.
I'd like to accept this
Nobel prize for man...
I'd like to accept this
Nobel prize for mankind.
One small step for man.
I accept this, humbly.
I accept it all in all...
I hope there's a pony at the
bottom of all that bullshit.
I would like to accept
this Nobel prize for me,
and all my friends,
my mommy, my daddy.
I would like to, I would
like to accept this award.
I don't want your fuckin' award.
Figures, those cheap bastards
forgot to pay the bills.
I think this
computer still works.
I thought you ladies
might like a warm beverage.
Um, thanks, you didn't have to.
It used to be your favorite.
So were you, once.
I have to go
- check on the patients.
- Uh, Sarah
would like more ice chips,
Morelli is due for his meds,
and I am gonna go check on
the rest of the unit, so...
I'm sorry about earlier.
Oh, uh, it's, it's okay.
Actually taught me a
very important lesson.
That you still care.
Like, a lot.
He's ready, Alex.
Alex, are you all right?
I'm all right, now that my
good buddy, ray, is here.
Alex, where the hell am I.
You're in my private
underground lab.
That you never wanted
to know anything about.
Is this what you
build with my money?
Years of grants.
Now it's time for you to pay.
You think torturing
me is gonna help you?
Well, it sure isn't
gonna help you.
Have you lost your mind?
Get me off of this
table right now.
Ray, don't worry, I'm gonna
fill out your organ donor card.
Alex, what are you doing?
Goddamn lunatic,
let me outta here!
Get me off of this table!
Let me out!
Let me outta here, you
twisted sick bastard!
God damn lunatic.
Get me off of this table!
Get me off of this
god damn table!
Shut him up, will ya?
Alex! Let me out!
Ray's gonna miss his tee time.
Mommy's fine, James.
It's just a little surgery.
I'll never leave you, sweety.
You have a special
voice inside of you.
I love you so very much.
It's all right, James.
It's all right.
It's all right.
It's all right.
Alice, mister Morelli
keeps hitting his button.
I'm getting his suppositories.
He doesn't get suppositories.
He does now.
Still alive, mister Morelli?
Got your poopers and
your sleepers here.
If I shock you again,
it'll be between your legs.
Wake up.
God, oh no.
Hey, what's goin' on?
He killed everyone in the er.
A psycho in scrubs attacked me
and killed everybody in the er.
And now we're locked in.
No, we're still...
He has Flemming's
coat and an ID.
He could come in
here any second.
No he can't, he needs the code.
He doesn't have the code.
I tried to get out,
but he locked us all in.
Okay, okay.
Here, stay still.
No bars, shit.
Where's your phone?
Uh, right. Oh god.
Okay, shit, I've lost it.
He had a scar on his
face and a surgical mask.
Ginny, Ginny, look at me.
Look at me, okay?
We're gonna be okay.
We have to get out of here.
We have to find a way
out of here, okay?
Okay, let's go.
Wait, where are you going?
If he can't come in
here, I'm not leaving.
- We can't stay here all night.
- Yes we can!
No, Ginny, we cannot.
Yes we can, Everett.
Wait, you said that,
uh, he's going to the er,
then the unit, that means, shit.
Everett, where are you going?
Alice, I need your pass code.
You think your mommy's
proud of you?
Did your mommy even love you?
Mine left me all alone.
My mommy broke my heart, too.
So, go ahead.
Hit me, hurt me, tear me apart.
But, I won't scream for you.
And it won't bring
your mommy back.
So, how's it look?
He had a defibrillator.
Oh, Jesus.
Well, we can't use that.
Legro is a cold
hearted son of a bitch.
He's dead.
You know what?
Uh, we gotta deal with that.
That won't do.
That's better.
Over here.
Ginny, come help Sarah.
- Ginny!
- What?
You're bleeding, okay.
It's fine. Leave it.
Okay, what do we do now?
Fine here?
Yeah, I'm not going anywhere.
He never flinched.
When I choked him, I
crushed his throat.
It's like he didn't
feel anything.
Oh god, your back.
- Are you bleeding?
- I know.
How are you feeling?
Like my chest is splitting
open ever time I try to breath.
What you did up
there was amazing.
I, how, how did you even
think to ask about his mom?
Most serial killers
have dominant
or over protective mothers who
overcompensate for
distant or absent fathers.
Oh, is that right?
Childhood trauma is
usually involved.
The scar on his face.
Hold on a minute.
You stood in front of him
and made him attack you?
She distracted him.
Ginny, what are you doing?
Just making a point.
That suicidal behavior, no
matter how genius it is,
it still leads to suicide.
Your voice leads to suicide.
The attack separated
her incision,
causing internal bleeding
around her lungs,
and probably around her heart.
A hemothorax.
She'll continue to bleed,
and her lungs will collapse,
she'll go into shock
and die here on our bench.
Ginny, stop, what are you doing?
Just a synopsis.
Are there any useful
supplies here?
Marie, wait!
- Get outta my way!
- What are you doing?
I'm not just gonna sit here.
Are you crazy? He could be
right outside the door.
At least he's not hiding
in a corner like you!
Fuck you!
Calm down, please.
I'm calm.
I'm not just gonna sit
here and watch her die.
I'm the physician here,
and I say we stay put.
Don't pull rank, resident!
We don't have a choice!
- There's always a choice!
- If we leave, we'll die!
- If we stay, she'll die!
- Fine!
What kind of a doctor are you?
The bitch kind.
I'm just being practical.
Is that what you tell Legro?
Go rot in hell, Amazon!
We're done arguing.
We all leave, so we all live.
Now, we need medical
supplies for Sarah
and a way out of here.
You've worked her for years,
so you find an escape route.
I'll get supplies.
You, stay alive.
Yeah, I get the hard part.
Ginny, see if you can
get the computer
on an outlet somewhere,
get a message out of here.
- Everett, I don't think that i...
- You will manage the patient,
or you will wait in the hallway.
Your choice.
Are you serious?
You need stitches.
There's no time.
You're bleeding,
there's time, in the room.
Hacks from chopping up tissue,
tossing it in a blender,
and calling it research.
The answer to
the whole thing is to prevent...
My data is as valid
as my colleague's.
Shoot me, somebody, shoot me.
I've never had a
problem with the IRB,
so I really couldn't say.
We got a big problem.
We don't have any
viable subjects.
James isn't paralyzing
them, he's killing them.
Listen, what the hell
are we gonna do?
We need her.
I'm counting on you.
I only have enough
lido for one cut.
Just do it.
Uh, yeah.
Oh, wait.
Uh, okay. Um
get ready for the
Lidocaine train.
I'm not five, just do it.
Attitude like that, you
are not gonna get a lollipop.
Doin' okay?
- I'm fine.
- Mm-hm.
I just hate needles.
Hey doc?
Is my incision
supposed to do this?
I didn't think so.
Do you know why I was so mad
when you broke up with me?
'Cause I was gonna dump you.
Do know how angry that made me?
I do actually.
Remember my sister, Jennifer?
Married the football coach.
Coach bishop, from alpine
state. Not tom coach bishop.
Coach bishop, what a tool.
And when you first met him,
he's like, "call
me coach bishop,"
you're like, "whatever, Tommy."
I almost objected
during their wedding.
I would have, too, if
you hadn't stopped me.
Stand up, objection.
Wedding dismissed.
Well, Jen finally got her
divorce papers together,
but coach served her first.
He divorced her, after
all the arrests,
the rehab, the...
The driving naked through
the in-n-out drive-thru.
- Yeah, exactly.
- Yeah.
Yeah, wow.
Uh, he, uh, served her at work.
She's a school teacher.
Second grade.
If you ever did
that to me, I would kill you.
I believe you.
Don't patronize me, I'm serious.
I would never doubt
your sincerity.
I'm so sorry I hurt you.
Don't do it again.
How's the pap smear goin', huh?
He's so holistic.
Come on, I got
somethin' to show you.
James Ross.
That's his name.
Can you pull up any
surveillance video?
No, there's only a few cameras.
It's weird.
It's like, like the power was
cut from inside the building.
There has to be someone
helping from the outside.
Why do you say that?
The fire alarm went
off right when
I had James under control.
That could be a coincidence.
Then where are the firetrucks,
and why isn't the alarm
still going off?
Okay, good point.
I also uploaded a bunch
of files, today,
for Legro, and they all
had crick's name on them.
I'm gonna try look at those.
Why, what's the point of that?
Because Legro was
killed on a day
when he uploaded
files for crick.
Cop shows call it a motive.
Let's go.
Everett, wait.
Take this in case
you get a signal,
and don't break it.
They only give me one.
Be careful.
We will, thanks.
Oh baby.
I'll meet you back here.
Yeah. Wait.
No, sorry.
Ah! Oh, Jesus, Marie!
What are you doing here?
I'm so glad it's you, I
That thing attacked
me up in the lab,
and I came down here and hid.
How have you survived?
I haven't survived yet.
Sarah, Sarah?
Where does that lead to?
Nowhere, uh, that's a dead end,
you don't wanna go that way.
Um, listen, you and I should
stick together, you know?
It's like
there's safety in numbers.
For me or for you?
Always with that dry wit.
I think Everett and our dying
patient are eager to leave.
Everett, he's here?
Yeah, why?
Uh, nothin', I'm just,
I'm glad he's safe.
Wait. Hey, Marie.
Let me ask you somethin'.
What do you see in him?
Excuse me?
You're smart, you're beautiful,
you're hard working,
and he dumped you.
You know, I'd never do that.
This conversation's over.
Don't walk away from me!
Oh, shit.
Wow, you actually
can produce tears.
I owe Marie five bucks.
You little shit!
You didn't even check my pulse?
I thought that you were dead!
I was expecting mouth
to mouth, at least.
Faking your death is a
shitty thing to do,
I'll let you know.
Like telling everyone
to let a young girl
die in front of you?
That wasn't right.
I suck.
At least you're honest.
I got back into Legro's account.
You hacked into Legro's account?
No comment.
Oh my god.
James Ross's medical records.
He had surgery to
get rid of a mole,
then it got infected,
three surgeries.
What is trigeminal neuralgia?
It's an inflamed cranial
nerve in your face.
It's so painful they call
it the suicide disease.
No wonder you two hit it off.
That must be why he
wears that mask.
Click there, Katherine Ross.
Must be his mother.
Oh my god.
Let's just, um,
change it so we can
watch the security cams
for Everett and Marie.
Help me, quick.
What the hell happened?
Pull the needle out.
How'd you get this needle in
your hip in the first place?
Just pull the god
damn needle out!
Got it.
James, I know about your mother.
Katherine Ross.
He has to disarm the bomb.
What bomb?
Disarm the bomb.
Disarm the bomb!
Why are you doing this?
Is this all because of your mom?
Get us out of here.
He can't.
- What?
We're locked in by someone else.
Come here, look at this.
- What are you talking about?
- Look at this!
Oh. No, it can't be.
Hold on, there's more.
You didn't know, did you?
Let me see you, James.
It's okay.
It's all right, James.
It's all right, it's okay.
It's all right, it's all right.
It's all right.
It's all right.
Is that where your
dad is, James?
Is that where he is?
Doctor crick, doctor
crick, are you up there?
What's he doin' there?
What's Everett doin' here?
I don't know.
- We gotta get him outta there, man.
- Whoa.
Come on, we gotta
get finish that.
- Here.
- No, no, no, we can't.
- Let's go. -Are you,
listen, I'm not gonna...
No! Listen to me.
I'm not fuckin' around with you.
Hey, hey, hey!
Listen to me, we're
not gonna risk
- everything to save Everett.
- Look!
- Alex.
- Look!
- Alex, listen to me.
- What's the matter with you?
- Nothing's wrong with me. Alex, listen to me.
- I want him outta there.
- Alex.
- I want him outta there now.
- I'm not gonna risk everything
to save Everett. -I'm serious.
Alex, we can't risk everything to save him.
We don't need him.
Stop talking about everything, everything.
I want him outta there.
- Listen to me.
- Stop it!
We don't need him!
- Would you help me get Everett out...
- no, fuck Everett!
You listen to me.
You go get him.
Son of a bitch.
Look, look.
That's one hell
of a side effect.
I'm not doin' it.
Do the right thing.
Do it.
Oh, shit.
This has to be done,
but i... god dammit.
Her pulse is weak, Sarah.
Here we go, here we go.
- Come on.
- Come on.
Sarah, come on.
Clear her out of door!
Oh god, Ginny.
Ginny, come on.
I'm sorry.
How is she?
We have to go.
We have to go!
Let's take the stairs.
Let's go.
Come on.
Let's go this way.
Come on.
Come on, Sarah.
It's blocked here.
Step back, step back.
Okay, watch out for the glass.
Stand back in the corner.
You go first, I'll
go, you come first.
Come on.
Come on, Sarah.
Come on. Come on.
Keep coming.
Detective Osler, we met
earlier outside the hospital.
I'd like to ask you a couple
more questions if that's okay.
See the thing is, we
did a complete search
of south union cardiac hospital.
We didn't find any
survivors yet.
Did you actually see
Everett Barnard
and Marie Blackwell escape?
What about doctor Jenner.
Did you see anything else?
Nothing I wanna remember.
Okay, thanks.
Feel better.
I already do.
Don't wanna break it,
they only give me one.
Ginny's cell phone.
Everett has it.
He does?
Do you have that number?
Check the badge, detective.
Am I done doin' your work?
How's the leg?
That looked pretty bad.
I put about 15
stitches in there.
Stitches, how?
You remember we talked
about aging being a disease?
This is the cure.
What does it do?
It reverses aging by
extracting enzymes
from freeze dried stem cells
from living heart tissues.
Freeze dried.
My studies, my work.
Oh yes, I perfected it, but
this is our win, our success.
I, I don't understand.
Think about it. Never
losing a loved one,
never watching them suffer,
man living to his full
potential, for a price.
A price?
Everything has a price.
What about do no harm, doc?
Is nothing sacred?
Sacrifice is the
production of sacred things.
Nothing is more sacred
than immortality.
No, this, this is not sacred.
This is sacrilege.
Sacrilege is harvesting
embryos from a woman's womb,
and using it in
stem cell research.
That's sacrilege.
How are you different?
People have lived full
lives when I take 'em.
Who gives you permission
to take them?
Who says you get to
play god, crick?
Maybe you haven't noticed,
but god's been a no-show.
And in his absence
somebody's gotta step up.
Good morning, Marie.
Boris. What are you doing?
It's gonna get a lot worse.
We're almost ready, Alex.
He's out of it for a while,
after fresh pain patches.
No, not Marie, no.
Everett, I want you to join me.
I don't have a choice.
Well, you have a
choice right now.
Let her go, Boris!
Her sacrifice will
change the world.
No, there has to be,
what about, um,
an animal subject, or-or
growing new tissue,
What about a new subject?
Every choice has a price.
Fine, you're right.
Am I?
This is the greatest medical
discovery of our lifetime.
And it's ours.
Think of all the
people we could help.
He's stalling!
And the money, I mean,
this is worth millions.
Billions, Everett, billions.
That's bullshit!
Is that better?
I was sure you'd
appreciate this.
I should've known better.
This whole um generation
whining and complaining.
"Oh, my med school debt.
"Eighty hour work
weeks, oh my god.
"I don't have enough
friends on Facebook."
Oh, yeah.
They don't even protest
anymore. They occupy.
Why should I give
people like that
the secret to eternal life?
It didn't have to go this way.
You were like a son to me.
I guess I'm not comfortable
with your parenting
style, crick.
I don't have a son.
He was lost to me.
Ever since...
Since you killed his mother.
Katherine Ross.
You snuck into her room and
you put heparin into her iv.
Shh, shh, shush.
My wife died of
tragic complications.
You were the tragic
You let your wife
bleed to death,
and you let your son wake up
in a pool of her own blood.
I did what was necessary,
and I had the will
to see it through.
So do I.
Not you.
Let's go.
This was pointless.
Excuse me?
I'm gonna continue my
work, and you can't stop me.
No, leave it.
The only reason I
made you a resident...
'Cause you would do
whatever I wanted you to.
It won't end.
See, you just
picked it right up.
Oh yeah, just like that.
Hi. Hi, Sarah.
Hi, doctor Barnard.
I'm gonna go in back.
Um, sorry I, uh
I would've called, but I
don't have a cell phone.
It's fine, we're
just finishing up.
You look great.
You look, uh, same, great.
Yeah, the both of you,
it's impressive.
Just started back up again.
Feels good, you know.
Really good.
It shows.
How was your hearing?
Other than never being able to
practice medicine again,
it went really well.
I'm sorry.
I'm not.
And at least I'm a free man.
When are you gonna
go back to work?
I just need time to
process it all, you know?
It's not your fault,
you know that, right?
I was the one who did it.
He deserved it.
It doesn't matter.
You've got nothing
to worry about now.
I never thanked you
for saving my life.
It was James who saved you.
No, it wasn't.
Uh, can I, can I call you?
Why not?
You need a new cell phone first.