Neetho (2022) Movie Script

[mobile phone ringing]
Hello Varun!
You said, you were sure about...
Look! Don't you dare call
or text me ever again.
Don't disturb me. Okay!
Meghana, wait!
Meghana, I didn't really mean that.
No Varun! You did, didn't you?
-Are we here already?
-Wait, wait...
Cool, cool!
What will you tell her now?
As if she would listen to him.
I will confess everything I have
to, whether she cares or not.
That's alright, buddy.
But how are you going to say?
When I failed to convey things I
was supposed to share it with someone
I don't even know
how to start now.
How do I make you understand?
Just go and burst out.
Hey you!
As life happens to you
Whether it's Sunday or Monday
If our life was predestined
Why doesn't time wait for anyone
With changing faces of a Rupee
You gotta wear many disguises
What is life without freedom
Take it easy, as what may come
No compromises, whatsoever
Memories never return
As they pass
A lifetime is never enough.
No compromises, whatsoever
Memories never return
As they pass
A lifetime is never enough.
No compromises, whatsoever
No compromises
No compromises, whatsoever
No compromises!
When the clock whispers
Is there a way to know
The events to unfold
Can you ever foresee them
Day dreaming in our eyes
With those irresistible fantasies
And never ending celebrations
Memories never return
As they pass
A lifetime is never enough.
No compromises, whatsoever
Memories never return
As they pass
A lifetime is never enough.
No compromises, whatsoever
No compromises!
No compromises!
No compromises in life, whatsoever
No compromises!
No compromises!
When is Satya coming?
He should be here by now.
Wait, let me just
check with him once.
Policy worth 2 crores!
I doubt if it's an arranged
marriage or love marriage.
Is yours an arranged
marriage or...
What were you saying?
Nothing, I just wanted
to know if yours is...
... an arranged
marriage or you know...
I mean, you are paying a
lot for the insurance, so...
Would you ask the same
question to every client?
I mean to say...
If their marriage is arranged or...
Well, generally I do ask that.
Just to know how long
their relationship lasts.
According to you, love
marriage lasts longer or...
...or arranged marriages?
How does it matter? A wedding
is a wedding irrespectively.
Then what's the point
of asking that question?
I mean...
Depending on their answers...
I mean, we can get a basic idea
based on the way they answer.
What do you mean by "the way"?
So, basically 70 percent
of the marriages in India
are arranged marriages, right?
But, looking at global list,
India holds the position of
least divorce cases.
But divorce cases in India
have increased lately.
That's what I've heard.
I don't know.
Yeah, maybe.
Considering the least divorce rate,
I am sure, there's
some math working out.
I didn't get your point.
When people approach
me for insurance...
if they pretend saying it's an arranged
marriage, inspite of being in love...
it shows that they're just concerned
about people's opinions on them.
Okay... And then what?
But, if they try to prove that it's a
love marriage even though it's arranged...
It means that they really
love each other a lot.
They really like
each other, you know.
Well... I guess.
It's not always the case. You're right.
So... Yours is a love marriage
or an arranged marriage?
Love cum arranged marriage.
As you have clearly
explained the question,
I'll give an elaborate answer too.
Thanks, ma'am!
I'm really curious now.
So, Mr. Satya, my fiancee
he contacted you, right?
I liked him first.
Actually, it was me who got connected to
him first when I was little disturbed.
Wow! That's great.
The moment our parents
got to know about us,
they've blindly decided to get
us married before we could think.
You guys are so lucky man!
What's so 'lucky' about it?
My dad's into pharmacy...
And Mr. Satya's dad is into
imports and exports business.
So they have an understanding,
which I'm not really aware of.
Pharmacy! Imports and Exports!
Excuse me! I'm not marrying Mr. Satya
because of their business.
We like each other genuinely,
so we're getting married.
I meant, both are
from business families,
so there wouldn't be a problem, right?
But, it's not the case
with everyone, right?
Why, was there too
much of emotional drama...
with the family
around your wedding?
Not with the family though.
Oh, it's your girl then!
By the way, how's she
with you after marriage?
Oh No!
I'm not married yet.
But I should get married soon.
You really like her.
Don't you?
Yes. See, even you got this.
But she isn't able to.
What is she saying?
If I knew, I would've told you right?
By the way, what's her name?
And where does she work?
Or is she planning to start
interior design business,
or waiting for
opportunities, just like me?
No... She's not that lucky.
She's into marketing.
Oh! That's good!
That's awesome!
What's good in there Ma'am?
Being in marketing job, she's
using all her skillset against me.
Until recently, I thought convincing
people to take policy was most difficult.
But, to convince a girl to marry!
-That's a more challenging task!
-What do you mean?
People shoot me with so many queries
while applying for a policy, right...
But Anusha irritates me with
more questions than everyone.
-I didn't bother you with policy, right.
-Not at all
I'm just
generalizing, that's it.
[mobile ringing]
Just a second!
-Yes, hello.
Sir, ma'am arrived a while ago.
When can I expect you sir?
Yes, I would...
I would take some time to come.
Take her signatures and leave, okay?
Okay sir.
He said he would take time to come.
Okay, then let's just go
ahead with the paperwork.
-Please sign it wherever indicated.
I'm sorry, I didn't get your name.
Mr. Satya shared just
your contact number.
It's Varun.
Hello Varun!
Meghana, right?
So, bye Varun. If you need
documents further, let me know.
My company would accept any kind of
document for the premium you paid.
Sure, right? Because, I don't want
to keep coming here again that's why.
Yes, I'm pretty sure.
Varun, I need a favour.
Yes, tell me.
Can you please ask Mr. Satya
the same question you asked me?
I'm curious to know if he would say
that ours is a love marriage or arranged.
No Meghana!
It's just my stupid theory!
How could you believe it?
Come on please, I'm
asking you a small favour.
It's quite important to me.
Her fiancee will have a tough time.
What's happening?
We aren't going to reach our
targets even this month, right?
Yes, we're almost there.
By the way...
Did you inform Pooja?
That, you may lose your job.
Are they paying our salaries for
the past 3 years without us working?
It's not about what we were
doing for the past three years
It only matters,
what we're doing now.
Not just them... Even Pooja
is concerned about the same.
They don't care about
past achievements
And they speak about company
responsibilities, ethics and their values.
Leave that aside.
You were present
in the meeting, right?
Don't you remember?
They clearly mentioned that, if
at all we don't reach our targets,
... this month,they
will definitely fire us.
That's what man!
I got a client now.
Huge money is involved, okay!
Our jobs are sorted.
Who is the client though?
My uncle's employers'
son is getting married...
Did you finish the paperwork?
Yes, I will get it done soon.
Is this a "Couple Insurance
Plan" by any chance?
How did you know that!
Forget it!
Make sure that they
don't call off the wedding...
Else, you will end up like Ravi.
What happened with him?
I had a similar case before,
I approached, when they
said it's a business family...
they asked me to make few changes
in the document and I have done it too.
In the end eventhough,
bridegroom was replaced
both policy and wedding were called off.
No man, I'm sure this
won't end up like yours.
This girl is very confident about it.
We are sorted.
Oh, Really!
Did you try to
threaten her saying that
we would lose our jobs if
they call off her wedding?
He might have told.
No, I haven't told her anything.
But I would, when the time comes.
By the way,
As we see, me and him are unmarried, so we
both can still get away with unemployment
But you can't under perform
like us, right Ravi?
You are a married man Ravi, okay!
You guys will be married soon!
You get it?
-So, shut up!
-You have no responsibility Ravi.
I pity your wife.
What if you lose your job?
He's least bothered about his girlfriend,
but trying to sympathize your wife.
I have been performing with constant
encouragement she's been giving me.
Oh is it?
Did she stop giving you
Encouragement now?
She said that she
would give me a divorce.
She said she wants a divorce!
You always encourage me
to leave Pooja for good, right?
Try leaving your wife, it
might work in your favour too!
I don't know if it
does any good.
If I lose this job...
My life's completely
gone into the drain.
In that case, you don't have
to waste time convincing her.
She would be
happy to get divorced.
What's with this divorce suddenly?
Do you have an illegal affair
which we aren't aware of?
You're talking about me!
No way!
She just put on a little weight.
-Yeah, so?
So, as I never complained or
commented that she gained weight...
She started believing that I lost
interest and stopped loving her.
Thus, she had decided
to leave me and go.
When is she planning to leave?
To be frank, your wife is
more stupid than our girlfriends.
Don't you dare call her stupid!
You have to respect her, damnit!
I'll definitely see how would you manage
to convince your girlfriends to marry.
Considering this bloody job
situation, I shall definitely see.
shall see, your action
and their reaction too.
By the way... What's up
with that client meeting?
I don't know whose ill-fate it is.
It just didn't work out.
Please take good
care of the client.
Just a sec.
Varun, I'm done with my work.
Where are you right now?
I'm at office. Where
else do you expect?
Shall we go out?
No, I have a meeting now.
Would you care to
listen if I was busy?
Did I even complain about it now?
You would start
complaining eventually.
If you have already
assumed what I would say,
there would be nothing
left for me to speak.
Didn't it bother you when
you did the same to me?
It's different, Anusha.
Why so?
I have a logic which you don't.
That's it.
I make sense and you don't.
Hey Anusha, my client is here.
I will call you later, okay?
Fine, alright.
Yes sir, please tell me.
Dude, I'm out now.
Can you please come here?
I will share you the location.
You can just drop down.
Oh, is it?
Okay sir, no problem.
-Hey Satya!
Your father asked me to
come to office tomorrow.
Please come, okay!
You should spend
tomorrow with me, okay?
Yes, Meghana.
We'll finish shopping first, okay?
-Finish your insurance work today.
-Yes, I know.
We'll finish the wedding
chores by month end.
-Ah okay!
Did you meet Varun?
That's going on.
Oh that's cool then. Bye
Oh, hi!
What's up!
Aren't you too early?
-I'm sorry, sir.
-Have a seat.
I'm sorry man, I was
stuck in a meeting.
No sir, that's okay.
Sorry for being late.
And how much time
is this going to take?
Not too long, sir.
If you don't want to read
Terms and conditions...
There's no need of all this.
Your uncle, Mr. Shivanand
had already informed my dad...
that you are the right
person for this policy.
Like... it's going
to be in safe hands.
So, it doesn't really
matter to me whatever it is.
This policy is highly
important for us sir, please.
Well, I'm glad I'm
helping you out.
-Thank you so much, sir.
-Okay, so what do I do now?
-Please sign wherever it's indicated.
Thank you.
Yes, you were telling me...
-Please sign in the boxes indicated.
You're with Mr. Satya, right?
Please ask him and...
and let me know if he said ours is
and love marriage or an arranged one.
Sir, is yours a love marriage
or an arranged marriage?
It's a love marriage, but...
Why are you asking?
Is the number too
high for love marriage?
No sir, I was just curious.
That's it.
Meghana, you are really lucky.
You don't have to worry about a thing.
Mr. Satya likes you a lot.
You guys are really
made for each other.
Is it for real, Varun?
You serious?
As if it's a match made in heaven!
No Meghana, it's true.
Trust me.
Thank you, Varun.
If you need any help
with your girlfriend, Anusha...
Please let me know.
I would definitely do it.
Okay, goodnight.
Ah, why is he going through
all terms and conditions!
-Done, bro.
-Thank you, sir.
Just in case, in near future,
if our wedding is called off...
Is there any possibility that Meghana's
family could sue me and my family?
Just asking.
Because, Meghana's
dad is paying for all this.
Sir, you might face an issue if
yours is an arranged marriage,
I mean, after coming so far...
And moreover, you said
it's a love marriage, right?
Apart from Meghana, no one else
considers this as love marriage, Varun.
Not just her father, but no one
in her family consider it too.
Pardon sir, I didn't get you.
Varun, Meghana's father didn't
agree due to our relationship
He accepted it considering
their business deal and...
to be honest, he tried
to convince my dad too.
Then why did you accept, sir?
I seriously have no idea why
did I accept it in first place.
Sir, is there any possibility
that wedding would be called off?
Chill, that's not going to happen.
Don't worry.
I'll make sure that
your policy is completed.
-Actually Varun, I'm getting late.
-So, I'll make a move.
-Okay, sir.
Yes Mr. Sandeep,
did you get an update?
-Yes, uncle.
Did you meet Mr. Satya?
I met him, but...
But what?
Tell me.
He's skeptical about the wedding, uncle.
Don't take his words seriously.
At the end of the day,
he has to obey his father.
What did your boss say?
My boss said that, this
wedding will definitely happen.
That's the reason I spoke
to him and referred you.
Uncle, you do know how
important this policy is to me.
My job is based on this entirely.
I'm worried if they
would call off the wedding.
There's no need to worry about your job.
We'll try, do something to manage.
Yeah, will do...
By the way, when are
you coming to my place?
I will come soon.
What would we do anyway?
You will keep cribbing about
your wife and your love story.
Or you keep complaining
that people misunderstand you.
Promise Varun, I won't
utter a word about that.
I wonder what is she doing now.
Let me call her.
I guess she's offended.
I cut her call abruptly, right!
Let me try again.
These girls and their tantrums!
What are you doing?
Did Anusha accept
your marriage proposal?
Let me know if she didn't.
Do you want me to
look out for a better girl?
It's not about that, mom.
If there's anything,
I'll let you know, right?
Anyway, I would never aceept
your choice of girls, okay!
Why do you say that?
What's wrong with my choices?
In spite of waiting
for her since so long,
and if she's still
not ready to accept,
maybe, she doesn't
like you in first place.
It's not that, mom.
She said she would
take a decision
based on my job and
career growth, That's it.
Give her some time.
So, you mean to say...
If you lose your job tomorrow,
she would leave you for someone.
Why are you still
holding on to such girl?
Listen! I think you will end up
marrying the girl I choose for you.
Mom! Anusha is a
practical girl, okay!
You wouldn't understand.
Leave it.
By the way...
What's dad doing?
He's busy watching T.V
What else do you expect!
He's more interested in global issues
than what we have at home.
Did something happen again?
Nothing as such.
The usual stuff between me and your aunt.
Please take care of yourself.
[mobile keypad tapping]
All set for the wedding?
Yes, all set!
By the way, what
are you gifting me?
I still remember the day I
got married and left my home.
Your grandmother was
very sad when I was leaving,
maybe, because I was
getting married and going away.
But now I'm able to understand
as you're getting married.
Even you are going to
leave and alienate us, right?
I understand, mom.
What's the big deal!
I'm not going to leave my hometown
after marriage, like you did, right?
Giving it a thought, now I realize...
Marriages were for the sake
of family's prestige back then,
But now, it's just for
family's business these days.
I wish grandmother
was with us today.
Meghana, tell me honestly, are you
happy with this marriage proposal?
Come on mom!
Ofcourse, I have accepted
this wedding proposal willingly.
God knows!
Everything is happening
in the blink of an eye, right!
So, I thought you were hesitant to
share it even though you wanted to.
Don't you worry about it, mom.
I'm even throwing a party
to Keerthi and Usha, you see.
Didn't your dad warn you not to
tell anyone about the wedding?
I invited only those
who already know.
Who all know about it, by the way?
Who else...
Other than my two friends, the guy
who's working on the policy also knows.
What! Is he invited to the party too?
No mom, he is not even my friend.
I never spoke to
him after that day.
That's alright then.
-Hello Varun!
-Yes, sir.
-Are you done with the work?
I'm done with work, I'll
share the documents soon.
Varun, I don't think
this is working out.
What's wrong, sir?
How can you cancel
at this moment, sir?
This policy is quite
important for your company.
I don't need your damn policy!
-Excuse me!
-Are you an insurance policy agent?
-Y-Yes sir...
Okay okay!
Sir, I can get you any policy done.
No, I don't need any policy.
Insurance is mandatory for
every living being, right sir!
Is it?
Insurance policies
are subjected to many clauses,
terms and conditions, sir!
This policy will help you
solve any such life problem.
It can help you out when you meet with
any accident, such as fire accidents...
... or it would help you
with any such mishap, sir.
It will support you, if you're diagnosed
with cancer or malaria or whatever, sir.
It will help you to make
your marriage and also
helps when you break
your marriage too sir.
Who gets an insurance
done for a wedding, man?
People get it done due to uncertainity
in their relationship or marital life.
If the policy is that
mandatory for a wedding
I am highly skeptical about it.
Guys like you, would need insurance first.
Where are you?
Anusha, I'm working
on an insurance policy...
Are you not meeting me?
I-I am coming.
Amidst of my mess,
she's least bothered.
You know what!
We both started our
careers at the same time.
Yes, what a coincidence, right?
But the same coincidence couldn't
get translated in our career graph.
Why do you say that?
What happened now?
Layoffs are going on
in your company now
And you didn't even tell me.
And you are trying to
escape by avoiding me.
No, Anusha.
There's nothing like that.
I'll take care of it, right?
I will take care of my job.
I got a policy now, okay!
Everything will be sorted.
Are you really sure this policy
would definitely work in your favour?
And if your job is safe?
What are you trying to
prove exactly, Anusha?
Well, those hurdles which
I had to cross...
Those situations which
I had to go through...
I don't want my future
family to go through the same.
If I've to marry, I want to settle
down with a well-settled family.
And not with a
working class family.
Because, I clearly have an
idea of how my life should be.
And I would want to lead
my life the way I planned.
I wanna know!
If you could tell me
your plans ahead...
I can try, right?
I can do something about it.
If we can...
If we can come to
a middleground, right?
You wanna know?
Well, listen then!
I don't want to live
in a rented house.
I want to a have
home for my own.
I want to have
servants in my home.
Basically, I want to have
a comfortable marital life,
which I missed
experiencing since childhood.
Is that a sin?
One more thing...
Do you really believe that you're
independent and self-made?
You don't think so?
Whatever luxuries
you have dreamt of,
Are those truly your desires?
Yes, so what is your problem?
It's not my problem, okay.
If you really wanted
to fulfill your desires...
and the independency
which you dreamt of...
All these things...
You could have earned the same
studying at IIT or a top institution,
Why are you waiting for
someone to come change your life?
W-Why all this!
Are you done!
Are you pointing all this just
because I may lose my job?
In Case...
Even if you have a job...
I don't know.
I mean, I'm really not sure.
Thank you, Anusha!
Now I feel way better, okay.
By the way, is the wedding happening
at the same venue you planned for?
Yes. I've checked
the place. It's good.
Check the photos.
Meghana, where are you?
I'm at a party, mom!
Come home immediately.
Why mom?
What happened?
You didn't inform anyone
about the wedding, did you?
No, but why?
Don't worry about it.
I won't tell anyone till
dad's business deal is done.
-Is that okay?
You please come
home immediately.
Okay, bye.
So, yeah. I'll also share the
menu I planned, please check it out.
Hello, Meghana!
Where are you?
I'm with Usha and friends.
You didn't inform anyone
about our wedding, did you?
Satya, what's wrong with you!
I didn't tell anyone.
Okay, I'll be there.
We need to talk.
We're having our dinner.
I'll be there by the time
you finish your dinner.
I need to talk to you
personally, Meghana.
You guys, please leave soon.
Looking at her, I think she's going to
head to honeymoon directly from here.
Alright. I have to go to studio.
-We'll go then
-We'll leave, you have fun.
-Bye, Meghana!
Oh God! Satya is already here.
-Hey, Meghana.
What's wrong with you?
I haven't informed
anyone about our wedding.
I was waiting for you to
get done with your work.
Tomorrow is your meeting, right?
Meghana, your father
isn't ready for this meeting.
He's not happy with the deal as well.
He's refusing to come to office.
What went wrong?
You should somehow convince your
father and send him tomorrow, okay?
Yes, I will...
But tell me, what's wrong?
Thank you man!
Thanks a lot, Meghana!
Would you like some dessert?
I ordered it for you.
Okay, anyway...
Tell me what happened.
You do know this right.
I come from a business family.
You come from a
business family as well.
So, we have our business
responsibilities on our shoulders.
N-No, we started as
a working class family,
before getting into business.
Yeah, whatever!
But, it won't change the facts.
We still have to carry
our responsibilities, so...
We both never expected
that we would get married.
Our families took a decision...
and convinced us to get married.
But, you have accepted
the proposal, right?
I don't think that it just takes two
of us to believe that we're in love.
But, our families believe it too,
and that's the reason they
want us to get married.
I'm not denying that.
What I mean to say is...
They made a decision
based on their business deal.
What I'm trying to say is...
We shouldn't go ahead with
marriage just based on that.
I prioritize my family and
family's business over anything.
I have been that
person since day one,
and you have known
me for years now.
I don't get it.
We ourselves weren't sure
about our relationship, right?
We have accepted this only
due to family's peer pressure...
Do you think anyone else
would consider us as a couple?
They have known us
for years now, right?
What are you saying!
What happened suddenly!
You want someone else to
validate our relationship, is that it?
Hold on!
Meghana, listen to me.
It's not about that.
What am I trying to say is...
We shouldn't get married
if we are unsure about it.
Varun, answer the call!
-Hello, Varun!
You were sure right, that me
and Satya are made for each other.
Mr. Satya doesn't like you at all!
He's just getting married
for sake of his family.
You're so dumb that you
are still hanging on to him.
He is least interested
in you, okay!
Look! Don't you dare calling
or texting me ever again.
He's not in love with you, man.
Leave him!
Don't disturb me, okay?
You see?
Apart from us, I don't see
anyone believing in us as a couple.
To be frank, he is right.
Satya, I just have a question.
Meghana, I'm sorry.
We can always be good friends.
I don't want to be
friends with you.
I can't be friends with
someone I have loved.
I understand.
Oh, you understand.
I have ordered this for you,
since you like it.
I will take care of it.
Just leave it.
I was just celebrating with
friends about our wedding.
So, it's okay.
Don't worry about it.
Meghana, just listen to me.
I know it's not happening
the way it should and...
I am really sorry.
I mean it.
I am really sorry.
-Good Morning, sir.
-Please come in.
Good Morning.
You have been very
consistent, Varun.
What's wrong, sir?
You failed to reach your
targets for the past three months.
I have got a big
client for policy.
I think I will definitely reach
my targets this time, sir.
You always failed to
keep up your word, Varun.
So, you sure that you have
no issues with the policy.
Definitely, sir!
The management gave
up on us due to their losses.
They're looking forward to remove
old staff and hire new people.
And I can't do anything about it.
Sir, please.
You do know our situation, sir.
See! If at all you lose your job now...
It's going to be really tough
considering all your pending loans.
I am worried
about the same, sir.
You got it, right?
Inform your friends too.
And try to save
your jobs at all costs.
Sir, please make it
work and save our jobs.
I will see.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you so much.
Varun, did you also get a
mail from Assessment team?
It's a bit too much.
This mail looks like a
warning to fire us from jobs.
It's not a warning, we are almost fired!
What are you saying?
Dude? Seriously?
So Ravi's divorce is on cards then.
Is that really important now?
Forget about his divorce.
Anusha just gave up on me lately.
Without a doubt!
Say what?
Our jobs are important
than my breakup now.
Yes, absolutely!
Job is more important than Anusha.
Leave that aside.
Our client is sure about it right?
Did you finish the paperwork?
I-I messed it up.
-What went wrong, man?
-What happened!
Mr. Satya doesn't like you at all!
You're so dumb that you
are still hanging on to him.
Look! Don't you dare calling
or texting me ever again.
Just don't disturb me, okay!
Are you stupid!
Why do you care if
their love is real or fake?
I just realized it lately.
Great realization, I say!
I just blabbered over
frustration on Anusha, I'm sorry.
Looks like your
frustration and break up
would lead to my divorce.
How can you be so stu...
Calm down!
Shit man!
Hey, Ravi!
What now?
Did you try to find
out the situation there?
I have no clue.
Call him now!
Call whom?
Who else can it be? It's Mr. Satya.
He is the one who
approached you, right?
It's switched off.
In that case...
Your uncle would know if
there was any problem, right?
-I know right!
-Call him then.
Yes, Varun.
Tell me.
Hello Uncle, where are you?
-I just reached office.
By the way, you are
getting the policy done, right?
Yes, I'm on it, so?
What's wrong with you?
The business meeting between my boss
and girl's father is going on right now.
Oh, so the weddding is still on, right?
Are you mad!
Why would they call off?
Uncle, are they really happy?
Ofcourse, they're happy. They're
getting profit of 100 million each.
I'm not talking about their
business, it's about the wedding.
What's wrong with you?
Are you drunk?
Uncle, Mr. Satya's phone is switched off.
Oh, he might be busy
with his wedding chores.
Alright, uncle.
Everything seems fine.
If I knew who that guy was,
I would screw his happiness.
Who are you talking about?
That policy guy!
He knew that Mr. Satya
was not serious.
Yet, he didn't inform you?
Even you guys never
told me anything, right?
He is not even my friend.
Why would he?
Oh God!
Mr. Satya is in Goa, as if
nothing had happened.
They finished off their
company contracts, right.
Why would he even bother now?
I think we should stop
bothering and move on.
Let's click a selfie.
Post something.
Good idea!
Come, Meghana.
Come on smile!
Come on smile!
Sorry, Meghana.
Okay now!
Hell with these EMIs
She might be busy.
Her wedding is fast approaching.
Hey Varun!
Your Meghana was here
in the party yesterday.
Is Meghana your friend?
My friend's friend.
A friend's friend?
Pooja's friend is Meghana's friend too.
Any more doubts?
Okay, it's none of my business...
-What we need is just information.
-Which information?
Any wedding constitutes
of many different works,
Everybody posts just like this about
their every wedding related activity.
So, you have to find where she
is and then just go talk to her.
If I go, Meghana would kill me.
What do you expect!
If you don't go, we'll kill you.
What do you expect!
[cicadas chirping]
She roamed around the whole
city to finally land here.
Meghana, wait!
Meghana, please...
Don't take my words seriously.
Don't take anything seriously.
You guys are really
made for each other, okay!
-Meghana, I didn't really mean that.
-No, Varun.
You did. Didn't you?
Well, maybe, I must have meant it.
I am genuinely sorry.
You don't have to take
my words seriously.
I don't make sense from
what I talk most of the time.
Please don't stop taking the
policy considering what I spoke.
Mr. Satya's phone isn't reachable.
I guess he is busy.
He's celebrating bachelor's
party in Goa, right...
I thought so...
I thought he would be busy.
If possible, try to finish
the policy work this week itself.
That should be enough.
Is that enough?
You would be busy later...
You have to invite people...
Send wedding invitations...
You will not have any trouble.
So, you suppose there
would be no trouble.
The reason I didn't
inform you because...
...that day, when we
spoke on phone...
I just had a breakup.
Actually, I thought it
was because of my job.
But I realized that she
doesn't like me in first place.
So, I just bursted out in my frustration.
That's it.
My friends aren't like me.
They have serious relationships.
This job is very important
for all three of us.
If we have to survive
in this job, then...
...this policy is very important to us.
So please try to do
something and sign the policy.
I don't know why...
I don't remember what other
people spoke about Mr. Satya, but...
I can only remember
what you spoke about him.
Meghana, I'm really sorry.
By the way...
Are you done with your wedding chores?
-Are you done with shopping?
-Everything is done.
Hey Varun! Can you hear me?
-Yes, Uncle!
Meghana's wedding is called off.
Ah shucks!
Is it!
You please come home.
We'll discuss it.
How come Meghana's
wedding got called off, Uncle?
The thing is...
Both the families have no
issues with their business affairs.
I'm not talking about
their business, Uncle.
Hey Varun!
What happened now?
Why are you so irritated now?
God knows!
It's troubling me more about
Meghana's break-up than my own.
You are not distressed about
her breakup or about her.
It's your job that is making you worry.
Hmm. Maybe.
Forget it now, whether you have
your job or not, it doesn't matter.
Your girlfriend always reminded
me of my wife, your beloved aunt.
And I always feared that
you would end up like me.
Atleast, losing your job is far
more better than this scenario.
By the way...
-What are you planning to do now?
-What else can I do?
I should go personally and
persuade Meghana again.
Do I have an option, uncle?
Whatever you say...
She should like you first.
But for what?
To help you...
To understand your situation.
And to think about your job too.
If she doesn't, then?
Consider that you are fired!
She never understands her situation
Look at our latest collection.
All of them are added just now.
I'm so excited.
-One sec!
-What happened?
Why would she bother
about me or my job?
What if she is concerned?
Varun, don't tell my friend
that you are the policy guy.
What happened?
-Why are you here?
-The papers...
Papers... Okay, later!
He's an old friend.
He is getting married, so...
He is here to buy
some stuff for home.
Yeah, sure.
Just pretend that you are
shopping for your future home, okay?
I need to ask you something.
Did you inform anyone
else about my wedding?
What do you mean?
Excluding the people who know,
did you inform anyone else?
No, not at all.
You're sure, right?
Because I don't want
anyone else to know
No, I'm absolutely sure.
-What about your colleagues?
They just know about the policy.
That's it.
Fine, I'll never talk
about the wedding again.
You also don't talk about it.
Hey, Meghana!
One more thing.
I would've tried to convice you
to get the policy done somehow.
But as your wedding called off,
I didn't know how would you react
I mean...
Your father...
He spent a lot of money
on your wedding and...
Now that it's called off, I was...
Hey, Hello! What can I do to make
you stop talking about that wedding?
This policy...
What's with the policy?
My friends are in dire need of this job.
Just for their sake...
And what about you?
I'm in need too.
Meghana, If you can just wait for a month,
I will get your policy cancelled somehow.
I didn't get your point.
Meghana, these policy papers are
mandatory for us to survive in the job.
And... We need your signature
on these policy papers.
I'll do something and try to
cancel your policy within a month.
I can assure you that, okay!
Okay! I still have no idea
what you're talking about, Varun.
Please explain what happened.
Meghana, as your
wedding is cancelled...
I was skeptical about
your state of mind...
And I don't like the fact that
I'm troubling you for the policy.
I had a breakup the other day...
...and I blabbered nonsense.
I am really sorry for that.
Despite everything...
You were kind enough.
Receptive towards me.
You could have kicked
me out of here, right!
Just because of this...
I don't want you to...
I don't want to trouble you anymore
but I can't put my friends job at risk.
Is that it!
Hmm, yeah!
So I just have to sign the
papers to continue the policy.
-That's it right?
-Yes, that's it.
Okay, how much do I pay?
Look, my dad is not as rich
as he seems to be.
-Yes, he already paid for it.
Why did she pause again!
Varun, I don't want
Mr. Satya's name here.
That can be done.
I will take care of it.
-Change that and bring it to me.
If your problem was that serious,
you should've informed in prior.
I didn't expect you to
react like this, Meghana.
I would've informed,
if I was aware of this.
Excuse me!
I have no interest in
listening to your problems.
It's not just you...
I have no interest in
my problems either.
What happened, Varun!
Why am I starting to
like her, at this moment?
Varun! No!
Like how the sea is
in the mind of the river
When the cloud thinks about the river
The voice of the cloud
It's medley is heard on the river bank
Hope gets boundless
As the body jerks
Writing the name of its love
Which glows like a firefly
Unknown abode of stars
Pairing with the magical spell
Making this blue sky, so ecstatic
La belle
Are you just a beautiful dream
La belle
Or a raindrop that passed by my eyes
La belle
Are you just a silent cloud
which suddenly thunders
Passionately into rain,
Like my heartbeat
This burning desire lit a quest
To touch rainbows
To reach rainbow, like a peacock
Is this rainbow, my belle
Which pours down
humming like a seasonal rain
Policy papers are sorted man!
Really? How? How could
you even make it possible?
I shall tell you later.
I will call you back.
Hey you! The Unknown abode of stars
Pairing with this magical spell
Making this blue sky look ecstatic
Hey belle, are you
just a beautiful dream
Hey belle
Or just a raindrop passed by my eyes
Hey! Hey belle!
Are you just a silent cloud
Which suddenly thunders
passionately into rain
Like how thousands of
seas wait for the clouds to melt
For them seeking love
This poem is for
those skies from earth
Hey belle! Can you
reach me like that cloud
This heart sings your song
This heart sings your song
Should I search a bride for you?
Mom, I will talk to you later.
Hang the phone.
Don't do it.
No, Varun.
You are not calling her.
By the way...
Why do I feel like
talking to Meghana!
Maybe because I
couldn't thank her enough.
Is it necessary to call her and tell?
A text message would do, right!
Varun, just listening to your
name would haunt her past.
Is this really necessary?
She wants to move on, man.
Let her move on, Varun.
There's no need
to do anything now.
Just shut up and sleep.
You have office, tomorrow.
Are you in your teenage?
You're behaving like a college kid.
Society would laugh at you, man.
What do you think about yourself?
Though you try to explain,
she won't get it, she's dumb.
So just forget and sleep, man.
You are not going to call her.
Let her call if she wants.
I didn't want anybody
to know about this.
People are judging that we'd do anything
just to save our business Savitri.
I expected this to happen!
Inspite of that, I kept asking her...
She said she was sure,
whenever I asked her.
What can we do about it now!
They liked each other.
Dad, will you stop talking about it?
Why are you blaming us now?
You might be the reason,
everyone got to know about this.
Do you have any
concern towards us?
What if people think we've accepted
the proposal for sake of our business?
We have accepted the
proposal for you, isn't it?
Why are you blaming me
for something I haven't done?
You should have
informed us in prior.
That you both are
not serious about it.
I wouldn't have
dragged it so far.
I have no clue who
all are aware of this.
No one is aware about it.
So don't worry.
That policy guy!
Even he's aware of this, right?
Yes he does, so what?
First of all, I have
to take care of this.
I have paid money for it too.
Which money?
What are you talking about?
For the policy!
Dad, why are you
worried about that now?
I must contact them.
I know!
I will talk to them.
By the way...
No one else is aware
of this except our family.
How did outsiders come
to know about it?
You are only worried about
people getting to know about it
rather than being concerned
that it was my wedding, indeed.
It's not that, Meghana!
Don't overthink about it.
I will be fine.
Go and talk to her.
Come on dear.
Are you okay?
Don't think too much.
If you are free...
If you are only free...
Can you please
look into that policy?
Good girl.
-Are you fine?
This is the latest
fabric in town, ma'am.
This design looks good, right?
Mom would like it too.
Hmm, yes.
Hello, Keerthi.
Where are you?
Your family would definitely love it sir.
-Excuse me, just a minute.
Meghana, I have
continous meetings today.
Can we catch up
tomorrow, please?
Oh, okay.
No problem.
Please don't come here. It's
better not to meet anyone for a while.
You are the hot topic here.
Everyone is discussing
only about your wedding.
Is it?
I'll tell them something and manage.
Don't meet any of our friends for a month.
They would eventually forget and move on.
Hello! Why won't you do it?
What do you think about yourself?
Do it right now. I don't
want to take risk with policy.
I won't call her at any cost.
How can we help to
make you guys talk?
J-Just wait.
That's it.
For what?
Until Meghana calls me, don't
expect me to call her, okay!
So should we ask
Meghana to call you now?
Forget it.
Call Varun now.
Hey, it's Meghana, man!
-H-Hello, Varun?
Yes, Meghana.
When will you be done
with your office?
-Why do you ask?
-Nothing, if you don't want to...
No, Meghana.
Did I mean that?
I never knew my words
could be twisted so much.
Did you make the
changes I asked for?
Mr. Ravi?
Did you make the changes
which Ms. Meghana asked for?
Y-Yes we did.
Ask her if Ms. Meghana
needs anything more.
Meghana, do you need
any further changes?
No, that should do.
I'm right in front of your office.
What! Are you at my office now!
Can we meet?
Meghana, there's no need to
talk about that wedding ever again.
Thank you, Varun.
What a relief!
And yeah...
I've informed my dad...
That I will handle the policy work.
So, you don't have
to worry about it.
Wow! That's amazing, Meghana.
Thank you so much.
I am so relieved now.
But, did you come
here just to inform this?
Meghana, what's wrong?
Varun, do you know something?
My parents are more worried about people
judging them about called off wedding,
they are least concerned that it's
my wedding or how I would feel.
They never really
discussed it with me.
Maybe they didn't want to
remind you unnecessarily.
That's not at all the case there.
No, Meghana.
Please listen to me.
The reason I didn't call
you until now is because,
I didn't want to remind
you of your wedding again.
I know how serious were you, with
that relationship and called off wedding.
They are your parents, Meghana!
Imagine how concerened they
would be about you and your wedding.
If they are not comfortable with
people talking about the wedding,
Then, let's just not
talk about your wedding, alright!
Some coffee?
So, why do we have
to bother, tell me.
Why should it matter, who
heard you out and who didn't.
Who got you and who didn't.
Whether we say it or not, certain
people get it. And that's enough, right!
Hmm, that's true.
Do you know something?
We can never forget how
our relationships end,
But we often don't remember
how they get started at all.
If you don't, do you think no
one else would remember it too?
N-No I usually remember.
I just cooked a story
to make you feel better.
Then please enlighten
me with your "betterment".
-Are you asking me?
Didn't you just mention a while ago.
I'm unable to
recollect what to say.
Varun, I think you should remember.
For the first time, when did it happen,
how did it happen and with whom.
Well, okay...
When I was in school,
Diary Milk was my favourite chocolate.
When I asked my
mom to buy it for me...
...she convinced me
to get good grades.
I didn't give my exams properly
and I was very disappointed.
Later that day, I was
waiting at the bus stop...
There was a girl's birthday and...
...she came forward and
handed me a chocolate bar.
That moment!
I felt so good!
What's her name?
I-I don't know...
I never met her again in life.
Haven't you experienced
this ever again in life?
I failed my exam, when
I was in my college...
So this happens only
during your examinations...
Is it like a condition?
My friends have been trolling
me for the same reason.
You don't start now, please!
No, but, seriously I wanted
to ask you a question.
Are you still friends with
your ex-girlfriend, Ms. Anusha?
No, I don't like to be
friends with her anymore.
Once I breakup with someone...
Consider it's done from my end.
Let's not talk about
my relationship, alright?
Okay, one last question?
Do you remember how your
relationship started with Anusha?
I'm unable to recollect.
Didn't you ever experience it
again after what you had with her?
Whether it happened...
...or it did not happen...
I'm absolutely not
able to make it out.
How come!
You are an expert when
it comes to such matters, right?
It's not how you think it is.
-Vanilla, okay?
Baby in trouble!
Troubles of my mind, been traveling
Traveling to my
mind, to my body
Troubles of my mind, ta tcha
Speculating all the things that you do
And you don't know
that, I have been here
I'm counting all my days to you
You have called him thrice already.
He didn't call you even once.
Which means, he's least interested.
Meghana, don't
make a fool of yourself.
It's just rebound stint.
That's it.
What does that even mean?
It means...
Imagine you just went through a breakup...
Later, your parents brought
you a marriage proposal...
You would immediately decide
that she's the right one for you.
That's how rebound works.
Now you look at him.
You see...
What's wrong with me now?
It's not about what happened now,
it's about what could
happen. That's the point.
Hey, irrespective of what happens.
Seriously, I'm not going to call her.
Unless, I get a clarity.
Just understand.
He's not even your friend.
Why am I talking to myself?
It's just a bloody phone call.
Just tell that you want
to meet and ask where to meet.
That's it.
Time is past 1 AM.
Is it okay to call now?
We both are clear that
you are in a deep confusion.
Do you atleast have a clarity
on what you're confused about?
I don't want to take a
random decision this time man.
So, you are not willing
to call her even now.
I won't call her at all.
Okay, let me just call.
No, no, no...
It's quite natural, man.
Don't you know?
I have read about it too.
Where did you read?
Just a second.
Let me show you a forward message.
Oh holy lord!
Half the people in this world get
carried away by forward messages.
Your stupid forward message theories!
Shut up!
Do you still think it's a rebound?
Absolutely, dude!
It's past 1 A.M now,
Let's see...
If you get a call from Meghana now,
will you accept that it's not rebound?
If you don't receieve a call...
We'll accept that whatever happened
in office was just mere coincidence.
Why would Meghana call me at this hour?
Why would she even think about me?
It's past 1 A.M now.
-I know!
What if she really does?
I wonder if it happens.
What if it happens?
What if she calls?
If she calls...
Meghana, please call Varun now.
[mobile phone ringing]
She's really calling me!
What the...
-How's it possible, dude?!
-How do I know dude?
Yes, Meghana?
Hi Varun, I want to talk to you.
Meghana, I have
something to say too.
What is it about?
I am drunk now...
I will blabber something...
And you mishear my words
and you end up misunderstanding.
Is it necessary to talk now?
Yeah, I understand.
Shall we catch up tomorrow?
Troubles of my
mind, heart and mind
Fire is burning out, just hold my hand
What's up, Varun?
What's happening with the policy?
It will be done by
end of the month, sir.
-Are you sure?
-Yes sir, it will be done.
He seems to be busy!
-I will definitely get it done, sir.
-Okay, as you say.
-Hey Varun!
You are looking good.
What's special today?
I don't know!
First time when you came here, you said
that you never want to come here again.
So, you don't want me to come right...
-H-Hey Meghana...
Did I mean that?
Why do you take everything seriously?
It's better to focus on your
job rather than focusing on girls.
I think it's better to leave
this place and go elsewhere.
How many insurance policies
did you get it done till date?
Office hours right,
I really can't come.
It's okay.
We don't really have to
make decisions in haste, right?
Meghana, the decisions
I have made in a hurry...
You know...
It's like, feeling at this moment
and believing in that moment,
getting hurt because of those
moments and later hurting someone else.
Seriously I don't want to go
through this all over again, Meghana.
Varun, please try to understand.
This is really serious.
I barely even know you.
But what?
I feel like I want to
spend time talking to you...
On one hand, I feel
it's just rebound...
On the other hand...
I feel exactly the same, Meghana!
-But what?
I'm not sure how long
this excitement would last...
... 35 years is quite a long time, right?
What shall we do then?
Let's see.
See what?
Let's see how long
our excitement lasts.
Do you think it won't last very long?
Do you want to take it forward or not?
-N-No... It's not...
Y-Yes, I want to.
What did I just say
and what're you thinking.
Then what shall we do about it?
Let's have a cup of coffee first.
Whatever you say, Mr. Varun.
Varun you are more
confused than I am.
So, Meghana tell me.
What do we do?
Varun, I don't want
to hurt you or myself.
If something goes
wrong in a relationship...
I might completely lose trust.
I am in same boat as you are in.
I didn't get you.
I've always taken life decisions
without giving it a thought.
I don't even know how to think now.
Varun, inspite of thinking, I still
failed to make right decisions.
So, it doesn't matter anymore.
We shouldn't take a wrong decision...
... by getting carried away...
... emotionally... unnecessarily.
It's "Unnecessary", Varun?
No problem.
No, it's necessary only.
Meghana, try to
understand my problem too.
Meghana, I have no clue
why all this is happening.
I don't even know you properly.
I felt the same and I
only realized it lately.
Men start to like when they are
given what they expect.
Oh is it?
In that case...
I want to add to that.
What is it?
Women mostly start liking when they
are hear what they love to be heard.
What do you mean?
Meghana please,
enough of our philosophy.
I'm unaware if I really know...
Even if I knew, I
don't know how to say
Even if I said, I don't know
how you would understand...
...whether you understand or not.
If I don't understand?
Would you like to give it a try?
I mean...
You know...
Would you like to give it a try?
I mean, we need to affirm that
it's not rebound certainly, right?
Meghana, until we're sure...
We should strictly not
discuss about this. Okay?
Let's see.
Leave aside.
I think you need to get back to work.
I will leave now.
Let me also come with you.
What about your work?
I will do it later.
What about your job?
I'll manage that too.
What about your friends' jobs then?
This is more important than
my friends at the moment.
What do you mean by "This"?
I don't know!
It's so sweet
The melody in my heart this moment
It's so still
That melody in my heart next moment
I was always
right here for you
See within me
And preserve me in your heart
Hold my hand dear!
I am all yours
When this wave of ecstacy
is sweeping my soul
I don't know
But I really don't know
While my heart still
craves for something else
Who am I, when I'm with myself
Was enlightened
through your friendship
This agony from love
Is a symphony from my past
Though I ask you
Don't you leave me
The essence of my soul
Can I presume it to be yours
You got to tell me
This is enough, this is enough
It's indeed enough,
to be with you like this
I don't know, but I really don't know
Why my heart still
desires something else
There is no reason to
feel like this, do you get it?
Do you really think I'm
not aware of anything?
Do you think it's more
deeper than just rebound?
Yeah, I mean, It could be.
I just feel it.
Do you think Varun
feels the same?
He is behaving as such.
As far as I see it...
You saved his job,
And that's the only reason
he's being good.
Do you really think
it's because of the job?
It seems to be, certainly.
Cancel the policy
and see what happens.
I am sure he would change.
What about Varun's job then?
He promised that he would
get it sorted in a month, right?
-This is the best time to know.
How serious "your" Varun is about you.
Yes, that's very important.
I don't want to... intentionally play around...
...just to test him.
Alright, then.
You will suffer later.
If you approach uncle with
confessing your love again...
He will kill you.
Did you think through it?
Why will he hurt me?
He would hurt Varun instead.
When can we receive
our policy refund?
I think it will take another month, Dad.
One month!
Let me meet.
-I will talk to them.
-Don't worry about it, I'll handle.
Why, Meghana?
Let uncle handle it.
I will take care of it!
I will do it.
You think earning
money is a cakewalk!
I want to close everything
about that marriage.
This is the only thing remaining.
I have a meeting to attend later.
Come, let's go.
Coming dad, just a minute.
They've sent their daughter to get the
policy done but he's trying to own both.
Come on!
Oh, wow!
You're doomed!
By the way...
Did Meghana say something?
Asking you to meet or to introduce.
She'll definitely inform
if there's any problem.
We are already in
a serious problem.
Don't you understand?
First let me meet
her father, man.
Then we can talk.
Why does she always call
when my friends are around.
-Yes, Meghana.
Varun, we are in your office.
Me and my father.
Are you with your dad in my office!
He would like to talk to
you rergarding the policy.
I will be there.
He is coming.
So, let's wait for him.
What a miracle!
Until now, I've only seen
our wishes turning into reality.
but now things are happening
irrespective of what we wish.
When our time comes, things will fall
in place whether we wish for it or not.
That's a fact!
That's correct.
Did you ever imagine that your
marriage would end up with divorce?
The topic here is him, not me.
Atleast, she should've
inform in prior that
she's bringing her
father along, right Ravi?
I would have prepared myself.
Preparation for what?
This is not about your love...
This is regarding our jobs.
Try to convince and manage them.
Whatever it takes, just tell them not
to do disturb the policy for a month.
Hmm, okay.
It's so difficult to convince
your mom, I tell you.
You express all this with me, but
have no guts to talk in front of mom.
Good Morning, ma'am.
Good Morning.
He's my dad...
... he would like to discuss with you.
-Hello, sir.
Please sit.
Thank you.
-You're Varun, right?
-Yes sir.
My daughter's wedding was
called off for some reason.
We got that policy done
when wedding was fixed.
Yes, I know sir.
First of all...
Let me thank you.
Meghana mentioned about you.
You absolutely maintained the secrecy.
Thank you very much, mister.
That's my duty, sir.
I wish if my colleagues and
partners would've thought the same.
Is it a big deal, sir!
Whatever happens is
purely for our well being, sir.
If you are concerned
about our well being...
Can you return our money?
I've already informed
to Meghana ma'am...
You haven't returned
our money yet.
If, needed...
I can go and speak to your superiors.
There is no need for that, sir.
I can manage.
We need the money.
Sir, there is lot of paper work
to do to just to claim your money.
Your daughter should
get married anyway,
so you can hold the policy
till then and renew it later.
Meghana said we'll get
the money in a month.
She's always ready to screw my case.
I told her with the pretext that
she would get married this month.
If not, you can just cancel it.
In a month?
How is it possible?
Come on.
We need our money back.
Let us know when
can you return it.
Do people get their policy
done with every wedding?
We got it done, because
it was needed back then.
I meant, in case if you need again,
this comes in handy.
If you still need your
money, I can arrange for that.
I just have to put a
word with my seniors but...
... everyone would come to know, I
was trying to avoid unnecessary publicity.
That makes sense, dad.
Why to complicate things and
allow everyone to talk about it?
You mean to say...
It's better to not claim
our refund, is that it?
Yes, that's right sir.
You can just go ahead with your policy
when you decide to get her married.
Excuse me.
Well, I have to attend a meeting.
Well, please do it
as soon as possible.
-Okay sir.
-If there's any possibility...
-Yes, sure.
Meghana, I am heading to office.
How are you going?
-She will come along with me, sir.
Excuse me!
He meant, we'll go by company car dad.
He just doesn't know anything.
Is it?
You should be careful, mister.
You will have problems with
your wife due to miscommunication.
Whatever you have said,
makes complete sense, sir.
You have known Meghana
since she was a child, right.
He must have meant it,
since I am also a girl, right!
That's what he meant.
You better do
learn how to speak.
Meghana ma'am is training me...
Oh God!
Come home, whenever possible.
I have some work with you.
-I need to discuss about our new venture.
-Absolutely sir!
Why are you involving Varun here, dad?
-How does it matter to you!
My family's biggest secret is...
... calling off your wedding.
He is aware of all this.
What else does it take for
him to work with our family?
Yes sir.
Atleast check whether
he is talented or not, dad.
She started blabbering again!
I trust him.
He had maintained secrecy
when things are confidential.
That's absolutely good.
-He is a man of integrity.
-Thank you, sir.
Excuse me.
Yes, Mr. Varma!
Yes, I am on the way.
I have to go.
Bye dad.
I guess...
Your dad is pretty
impressed with me.
No matter what, he
priortizes his business...
...and his honour more than anything.
-That makes me worried.
-You should come to my place.
I didn't mean that.
-My mom is in town.
I just want to introduce you to her.
Let's see!
How much can you impress my mom!
Is that really necessary now?
Please, Meghana.
Your dad won't allow us to meet
eachother once you get married.
Please, my dad is not that stupid okay!
I want the mail to be sent today.
It's very important.
-Good morning, sir.
So, this is the plan.
Do you realize that you are
the most luckiest person?
Why do you say that?
You saved your business without
getting your daughter married.
-I don't get it.
He could only save his company's
business by getting his son married.
I accepted this proposal due to Meghana's
wish and not because of my business.
Everyone here knows the
reason for your acceptance.
Just leave it.
Everyone's pointing fingers at me.
I did think about my business.
I thought about my employees too.
I am ready to do anything for them.
That's a fact!
Would you accept if Meghana
was in love with an ordinary guy?
-You won't, would you?
-Why wouldn't I?
I started my career as a basic employee,
Isn't it?
Come on...
Would you get Meghana
married to an ordinary guy?
You would not, right?
-Just leave it, man.
-Why wouldn't I?
I will definitely get her
married, if she desires.
Forget about her preference.
Would you do it proactively?
Everyone knows about you, why
are you trying to defend yourself?
We are all businessmen.
We prioritize our business
more than anything.
What is it now! I've to get my
daughter married to an ordinary guy.
You guys would believe then.
That's upto you.
You mean to say that...
I have to prove that, my business
is not so important as my daughter.
Is that all!
No no...
It's not important now.
Leave that aside.
We'll look into that later.
Let's take care of work now.
Okay, look at this.
It's okay, come on.
Verify if your share values are right.
Later, you would
make a scene again.
What if Meghana doesn't
reach your expectations?
It's your call, dont
you worry about me.
It's not about that, mom.
Please don't force your ideologies
and ask her to be traditional etc.
Even you don't obey my words,
how can I expect her to obey me!
It's not like that, mom.
You want me to accept her even if
she shows up in western clothing.
-That's what you expect, right.
-Yes, pretty much.
Did you ever enter the kitchen
in our home all these years?
Now you're trying to overact.
Mom, please don't cook like
how you do for dad, okay.
Please make it delicious.
Do you think your dad survived all these
years with my mediocre cooking skills?
My poor dad!
God knows how did
he manage to survive!
Let me know what Meghana
likes, I'll cook the same.
I don't know, mom.
I never asked her.
Do you atleast know
what she dislikes?
I-I really don't have a clue, mom.
What does she
like to eat the most?
The only savoury she likes the
most, is icecream, as far as I know.
-I have something for her then.
-Something of that sort.
-Hello aunty!
She looks so desirable.
Why did you comment
about her like that?
What did he say, aunty?
Nothing, Meghana.
He said that Meghana might
not meet my assumptions,
and insisted me to accept you
however you are, irrespectively.
What do you mean by "However"?
Mom, there's something burning
in the kitchen, please go and check.
Please take a seat, Meghana.
Come, let's sit.
So what did you tell
your mom about me?
What would I say?
I said nothing.
Did you tell her that my
wedding was called off?
Why would I tell her, Meghana?
What if she comes to know through
someone else in future, wouldn't she mind?
Have you lost your mind?
Why would anyone say that?
Is it okay to not
tell her about it?
Meghana, I hid it from
her for our own good.
It doesn't matter if she knew.
You don't worry about it, okay? Please.
Hmm, okay.
Well, to be honest...
You look so stunning in this dress.
Oh, really!
-Yes, mom.
Come, let's have food.
Let's go.
Where and how did you both meet?
when my wedding was fixed...
But mom, that wedding was called
off and we met regarding some work.
That's alright, dear.
It's actually their loss to leave you.
That's all.
Yes, that's what.
Who knows whom are
we destined to marry.
Don't think too much about it.
Thank you, aunty.
By the way,
You haven't told me
if you liked our dishes.
It tastes better than
my mom's cooking, aunty.
Just a second.
What's this, mom?
It's a milk pudding!
What's with the milk
pudding now, mom?
You mentioned that Meghana
loves ice-cream, right?
Yes, but...
Isn't milk pudding different
from ice cream, mom?
Don't you like it, dear?
Nothing of that sort, aunty.
Meghana, if you don't
like it, don't force yourself.
Varun, it's okay.
It's fine.
Varun, I can't...
You don't wan't?
No, please take some.
By the way...
We both can share from
the same cup, isn't it?
I would've given you
another cup, right.
Inspite of me telling, he
snatched my share too, aunty.
Atleast now, please express
your likes and dislikes with him.
Aunty, we never discussed
this topic before, so...
He doesn't even know
my likes and dislikes so far.
It doesn't really matter to me.
But, he can't behave
like this with you, right?
A-Aunty, there's nothing like that.
Speaking of him,
I'm still trying to understand...
Whether I'm living
according to his preferences,
or is he living in accordance
to my preferences.
Aunty, this savoury is delicious.
Wait, let me get you
one more cup then.
Enough mom, she's getting late.
She's getting calls from her mom already.
I think, I can't find a better
girl for your than her dear.
Mom, I will drop her and come.
Do you know that
I'm feeling the same?
Like what?
Like your mom said.
What did mom say?
I'm also trying to understand.
Whether I'm being in
accordance to your desires,
or are you in accordance
to my preferences.
To be honest, Meghana.
I don't know.
You know it better.
I don't want to go home anytime soon.
To be honest, I have no
interest in going home either.
Wouldn't your mom mind
if you don't go early?
She might kick
me out if I go early.
Can I ask you something?
After all this, why are
you still trying to be formal?
I mean, it's a girl thing.
But you shouldn't judge
me after my question.
Okay, I won't judge you.
Tell me now.
Nothing as such, but...
What did you think of me
when we met for the first time?
I just wanted to know.
I felt...
The person who gets married to
you would be so doomed.
That's why, you
are unfortunate now!
What did you just say!
Forget about that.
How long do you think it would take
for us to get clarity in our relationship?
I have the clarity...
I'm not sure if this clarity
is enough for marriage.
Why do you think so?
-I don't know, Meghana.
-What do you mean?
See, everything came easy to us.
They say, anything which
comes easy doesn't last long, so...
You have a problem either way,
when things come easy or when they don't.
Meghana, I didn't mean it.
I don't want to rush things.
Who is asking you to rush now?
No Meghana, I didn't really mean it.
What we wished to happen with someone,
when it happens with someone else,
It would take time to understand
whatever has happened, right?
What we wanted to say it to someone and
when we end up saying it to someone else,
It would take time to
say those words, right?
That's what, Meghana.
Meghana, do you know something?
Whatever we desire, when it's also
desired by the person who we like,
That's considered to be lucky.
Where do you pick
up these quotes from?
I don't know, it just came naturally.
In that case...
Can I share my philosophy too?
Yes, tell me.
I would like to know your philosophy.
Varun, to be honest...
When things were expected
to happen with someone,
but when they endup
happening with someone else,
the time taken to understand that
reality is what's destiny is.
Let's see.
Let's see how long
would you take to realize.
Are you not afraid
with all this confusion?
I don't see a reason to be scared.
The fear lies in figuring out
whether the girl likes you back or not.
But, I'm sure you like me.
There's nothing to be scared of.
But it's not the case with me.
Meghana, you are in far more
better situation than I am in.
Varun! Ice-cream?
Vanilla, okay?
I have a great advice for you both.
What is it?
You both should host a TV show
titled "Philosophies of love".
Do you guys realize
what you both are up for?
That's what, uncle.
I just don't want anything to go wrong.
You had to face lot
of problems with aunt,
for mistakes you committed
unintentionally, just in a hurry.
U-Uncle, I'm really sorry.
I shouldn't have said that.
Thank God!
Atleast you understood that I've
made a mistake without realizing.
We men, understand only 10
things out of 100 that we do.
But when it comes to women, they
do 90 things out of 100 knowingly.
I see no problem with Meghana,
But I strongly doubt you.
You suspect me?
What have I done?
If you were so sure about it,
you would have known by now.
You wouldn't try and find
excuses and reasons unncessarily.
I'm thinking about it too.
I really don't understand...
...why am I doubting myself so much.
Hey Varun, I forgot
to mention something.
Yes, what is it?
I think Meghana's father will
get her married pretty soon.
Why is he in such a hurry!
I felt so, when I met him last time.
What should I do now, uncle?
What do you expect me to suggest?
What would you tell her, if she
asks you the same question?
I don't have an answer,
if she asks this suddenly.
Can I be honest with you?
Yes, tell me.
You would probably understand, when the
fear of Meghana leaving strikes you,
But not when she actually leaves you.
I guess this is her house.
Varun, be careful.
Just behave yourself.
I hope everything gets sorted.
-Hello sir.
-Hello Varun, come in.
Sir, these are the documents I've made.
This is where you have to sign, sir.
Here's the brochure and...
You can just go through
it when you're free, sir.
Stop overacting, Varun.
Your actions are more than necessary.
Sir, I've to tell you this...
You have done a great favour
to us and saved our jobs, sir.
I have to thank you for this.
You have to really
learn how to speak.
It's just a mutual help, that's all.
Save the work for later
and let's have food first.
Can you give us two minutes?
-I have to check some papers.
-Yes, ma'am.
-Why don't you join us too?
-It's okay ma'am, It's fine.
That's alright. Please come.
Stop your drama
and join us for lunch.
So... Are you married?
Actually, not yet.
So, what's your future plans?
My future plans...
I want to outgrow and become
the manager of our company.
That's good.
So, Mr. Varun?
You won't get married till
you become a manager then.
In that case, I'm available
for next three years.
You are taking ages to get my policy
done, man, i'm so done with you, man.
What is this guy doing here!
Do something fast, I've my
wedding round the corner.
If he needs one,
am I not here to do it!
I found my scapegoat!
-Excuse me, sir.
Are you planning to
get an insurance, sir?
I need no insurance, man.
But my girlfriend's
father wants to get it done.
I just want my
wedding to get done.
That's what,
fathers these days...
Getting an insurance policy
has become a new trend now.
Did your father-in-law too
forced you to take an insurance?
He is trying to get it done, but...
I'm not sure if it's for
me or someone else, sir.
I have no clue what's happening
with these insurance policies.
Insurance policies are subjected to
various terms and conditions sir.
This insurance serves as a
precaution for any problems faced in life.
What could be more
unfair than a marriage?
It's true, but...
Our wedding can be unfair to
us but not to anyone else, sir.
I believe you got benefitted a lot
through someone else's wedding, is it?
To be honest...
Yes, indeed.
Come on, tell me.
So, the story goes like this.
A girl liked a guy a lot...
But their parents are more concerned
about their business than their children.
So to save their business, they
planned to get their children married...
And they approached me to
get their insurance policy done.
So, your policy acted as
support for their marriage.
Sir, that wedding was
called off and thus policy too.
That girl left her groom behind, her
father behind and now she's chasing me.
Oh! What happened next?
What do you expect?
Her father is bugging me
for the policy refund, sir.
Now, should I apply
for the policy or not?
-Please get it done.
If you want your
wedding to be called off,
please go ahead and consult him.
Oh, is it!
-I'm done with you and your policy.
Sir, please...
Am I running behind you?
-My dad is irritating you, right?
-I-I didn't mean it.
Then what!
Okay, leave that aside.
Shall we go to a movie?
Today is an off.
Finally, you managed to
impress Meghana's father.
And Meghana impressed
his mother in return.
You please finish the paper
work and try to impress her dad.
-It only works out then.
I forgot to mention something.
All the documentation is done.
It's all set.
-We're sorted.
-Wow! that's awesome, man.
Thank you so much!
I'm not sure how his and
Meghana's story would end up, but...
-My story has come to a conclusion.
-What happened?
I mean...
-I proposed to Pooja.
-Oh nice!
And she accepted.
-Wow! That's awesome, man.
-Your party is in the lineup then.
-Yes, yes.
So your drama worked out well.
By the way, what
happened to your divorce?
I haven't told you right!
I scolded her for once!
That if she puts on any more weight,
I warned that she'll be
sent back to her home.
That's it, she forgot about
the divorce and started dieting.
It's all good.
No tension.
You finally learnt to control
my stupid sister-in-law.
-Shut up!
-Just sister-in-law, okay!
-Be careful
-One minute.
-Hello Varun, are you in office?
-Yes, sir.
-Come to my cabin once.
Yes, sure sir.
I believe it is regarding this.
Throw it on his table, we
should be able to hear it here.
If he threatens us to
fire from our jobs again...
Tell him that we're
going to quit our jobs.
Don't you think, you guys
are talking a bit too much?
I feel so.
You please leave.
Yes it's okay, sir.
Definitely, we'll take care.
Finally, you guys have
managed to save your jobs.
Sir, here are the documents.
You can send them to head office.
No, I'm not talking about this.
I'm asking about the marriage policy.
Sir, it's on hold. But it will
be done by end of the month.
How come it's still on hold!
They asked me to replace
the names and I have done it.
Sir, we have already
submitted those papers.
No no...
-I heard their wedding was called off.
-Yes, sir.
But I heard everything
is settled now.
-What did you say, sir?
-I mean...
The girl's father spoke to me recently.
He requested me to not speak
about the called off wedding.
And I promised him that
I would maintain secrecy.
Sir, you're talking about the
policy I've been working out, right?
Yes, Varun.
Is something wrong?
What's the name of the girl?
Just a second.
-It's Meghana.
-What! Meghana?
Yes, it's Meghana.
Her wedding was
replanned just recently.
The girl's father spoke
to me again recently.
He asked me not to discuss about
called off wedding with anyone.
So, I agreed.
Sir, did Meghana accept this proposal?
Ofcourse she did and that's
why she's getting married.
I heard you caused a
lot of trouble previously.
Don't risk your jobs unnecessarily.
The company is running in losses
and they're very serious about it.
I hope you understood
the gravity of the situation.
To save your and
your friends' jobs,
I'm warning you to not discuss
anything about that girl or her wedding.
Leave it.
Forget about it.
Take this.
Handle your work with care.
Okay, sir.
Last time, I agreed with you.
It's not me who cancelled.
-I didn't cancel it either.
-But it's called off!
-I don't want to discuss further.
Don't talk to me about it,
unless you're sure.
I understand.
Is the manager happy?
Yes, why not!
We've worked out a
policy worth 20 million.
What happened!
Meghana's wedding is fixed itseems.
How will they fix
without her compliance?
Unless she gave the
nod, how would they fix!
-How come!
How on hell did she agree to it?
When did you speak to her last?
Actually, I spoke to her last morning.
Please call her once.
We'll have a clarity atleast.
-No way!
Just listen to me.
Call her once.
I feel I'm overthinking.
I mean, why would
she even like me man?
You stupid !
If that was the case, we
would've known by now.
Please, try to call her once.
He won't call her anyway.
Meghana, please call!
-Varun, I need to talk to you.
I need to talk to you too.
-I'm outside your office.
-Okay, I'm coming.
-Guys, I have to go!
-Handle it carefully!
All the best, man!
Meghana, what's happening?
All this is happening
because of you.
What have I done?
It's you who mislead my dad...
That his money is safe if he
gets me married this month.
How would I expect that he
would take my words seriously?
Obviously he would be concerned,
as you spoke about
his daughter's wedding.
Didn't you mention that your parents
don't take your words seriously?
You would speak anything just
for the sake of saving your job.
Are you serious!
Do you think my job is
more important than you?
You behave like one.
And you are talking like one.
Without considering
the situation I am in.
Are you aware of what
situation you are in?
What do you mean?
The only important decision
you had to take in your life,
you took almost
three years to decide.
And you messed up that too.
You blindly accepted the
proposal your dad brought for you.
I mean, you don't even
know what situation you are in.
It doesn't matter.
I think it's high time we
need to take a decision now.
-Regarding what?
-Regarding us.
Didn't we decide that we'll
wait for a month or two.
How can I take a decision
at such short notice?
Yeah, I know, but what now!
You need more time
to think, this is it, right.
I cannot take a decision
all of a sudden, Meghana.
All of a sudden?
Did I ever insist you
about this until now?
I need some time, Meghana.
I got it.
There is no risk
to your career now,
There are no issues in your job too.
You have nothing to do
with me henceforth, so...
You don't need
me anymore, right?
Meghana, did I mean that?
Meghana it's not how
you think it is, okay!
M-Meghana! Wait!
Meghana, it's not like that.
I'm just not sure.
That's it.
You aren't sure about us...
I mean, you aren't
sure about me, right?
Meghana, didn't you mention not
to bring this topic anytime soon?
I didn't expect to be asked
to take this decision so soon.
Can anyone take a
decision in a month or two?
You could have taken
this decision in a jiffy.
But if you are unable to take a decision
about me even after two months then...
I understand!
You need not lie to entice me.
It's fine.
Meghana, please try to understand!
Just forget it, Varun!
Is your love out of my reach
Is it why it changes so much
Why is your heart so cold!
Is it why I can't hold it
Love is a meloncholy of the heart
Why is that, you
alone can't hear it's tune
Was all this just a pretence
What remains is
just a distant dream
Is your love out of my reach
Is it why it changes so much
My eternal love is
slipping off my hands
How will I ever bear that feeling
I am not with you anymore
All which is left is my loneliness
My world is at still
When you are not with me
My body and soul are wrecked
I asked for your heart
But you left me heartless
I suffered in loneliness
Like in a nightmare
Meeting you was like an illusion
I have risen in a delusion
You asked me what am I
about your gift, right?
I bought this Saree
just for your wedding.
I didn't gift you as
wedding was called off.
It's good.
It's great, actually.
What happened to you, Meghana?
Aren't you happy
about this wedding?
I don't know.
Are you in love with someone?
I don't know.
Is someone in love with you?
I don't know.
Why that smirk on your face?
Varun said...
I hardly try to understand
the situation I am in.
I feel what he said
is absolutely true.
Do you want me to convince your dad
that you aren't happy with this wedding?
I've no clarity, anyway.
Just forget it, mom.
Are the decorations done?
Okay, we're just coming.
Hi aunty!
Meghana, let's go.
We need to book wedding hall.
It's the only work we have for the day.
Usha is already there.
Let's go.
Mom, don't worry about it.
I'm alright.
I am being practical enough.
Bye, aunty!
Fill this form and submit it.
Whose is this?
It's Meghana's.
It has come quite far, I believe.
You do know why has
it been dragged so far.
Leave that aside.
Finish the paperwork first.
Why don't you do it!
We aren't ready to do it if there's
someone else's name on the application.
It's you who started.
You have to finish it.
God! I can't do this man!
So, what shall we do?
I need to talk to Meghana.
Will you tell her that you are not
just trying to finish the policy work
but also try replace
your name in the form?
I'll reveal everything.
I have a lot to confess to Meghana.
It's about time.
I have to talk to my uncle.
-Yes, uncle.
I'm very sure about Meghana right now.
What happened to you suddenly?
Uncle, you said that we don't
understand the value when they leave,
but, we start to understand when
we start having fear of them leaving.
If he gives a word...
I-I might have said.
What's wrong now!
Uncle, I've an ordinary job but
Meghana is from business class family.
W-Why didn't you think
through this logic before?
What do you want me to do now!
Are you worried about
Meghana or her father?
I-I want Meghana.
Anyway, you have decided, right?
Wait, I'll get back to you.
Okay, bye.
-It's alright, sir.
By the way...
If you have to talk to Meghana,
won't you have to wait for her to call?
How does it matter!
Wait, I'm calling her.
[mobile phone ringing]
[mobile phone ringing]
She must be busy with
her wedding chores.
Will you just shut up!
He didn't realize until he had
to replace the names in the form.
By the way, you
know her friend, right?
Yes I do, but she
doesn't know me, right!
What shall we do now!
Do you now realize what was
going on in your life until now?
Inspite of knowing that it's wrong, it
still takes lot of time to understand.
We express our anger
on people effortlessly.
But to express love...
We take a lot of time to
even think or understand,
or to even realize the fact.
It's time for all
of us to hit the trail.
He started to talk philosophy.
So, the place looks great.
We love the decoration...
...and it's really grand
and it looks exactly like... how we would like it.
About the catering,
I wanted to ask...
... do you have continental cuisine also?
-Yes, we do.
-Oh damn!
Guys, Mr. Satya is engaged!
-Just give me a moment.
-Yeah, okay.
He just posted.
Let it be.
Meghana's wedding is fixed too.
Then, let's also post about it.
We've booked the venue too.
-Is that necessary now!
-Let's do it from your phone only!
-I think I forgot my phone at home.
-Okay, let it be.
-Let us post.
-Let's do it from my phone.
Come on.
Firstly, check Meghana's whereabouts.
Okay, sir.
Atleast ping her, we
would know if she responds.
Say no more!
Pooja checks my phone messages.
I can't take that risk, you know!
You always hype about it.
Saying, things happen
immediately whenever you wish for it.
Prove it now, man!
And stop overacting.
We credited him for
all those coincidences,
But she actually did
it because she liked.
That's what I am saying.
Now that Meghana
doesn't like him, so...
So, things aren't happening
as per your wish, that's it right?
Then, you try wishing for it.
It may happen.
I have been trying to reach
out, call her for an hour now.
Alright, shall we go
to Meghana's house?
Shall we go there and check?
I doubt whether she's at home.
I found her location
What's happening, Varun!
It doesn't look like Meghana
had come to book the venue.
It seems like she's
here for her own wedding.
-Are we here already!
-Wait, wait...
Cool, cool.
What will you tell her now?
As if she's ready to listen to him.
I will confess whatever I want
to, whether she cares or not.
That's fine dude.
But what are you going to say?
When I failed to convey things I
was supposed to share it with someone
I don't even know how to
make you guys understand.
Just go there and tell!
When they say it's
match made in heaven...
I think this is it.
He's pretending as
if nothing happened.
He thinks I will take it for granted.
I came to say a lot of things, but...
Forget that!
I'm really sorry, I couldn't lie to you
when you came to office the other day.
That day, I-I just
couldn't pretend with you.
Sorry, Varun.
If I've to be with you or you with me
I think we need to start
to learn to lie and
decieve each other.
It's okay.
Atleast, it's better than breaking up.
Meghana, do you even
realize what you're doing!
How will you explain
this to your father?
Just tell him that
venue is amazing.
Excuse me!
I'm not talking about venue.
I will talk to my dad.
-I mentioned about Varun already.
-What did he say then?
-What would he?
He said he would agree
and accept you, if you return by yourself.
I would have has to obey my Father.
This is the reason she didn't
call him for so many days.
Meghana, whatever you say.
I will try and convince your dad, please.
You sure about this, right?
I hope you don't blame me
later for pushing and forcing you.
I hope you don't blame me.
I think this is the first time
someone has ever won a girl's heart
without trying to attempt
to make a single phone call.
It's not at all the case.
When he finally realized that
and tried to call you back,
he just lost his breath,
waiting for you to respond.
I want you to come home.
Why, is your mom in town?
There's no one at home and
that's why I want you to come.
-Why don't you increase the amount?
-Isn't this sufficient?
I think this is enough for both of us.
What about poor Varun then?
There is no mercy!
It doesn't really matter
about if he has a job anymore.
Inform me, if he doesn't perform well.
Only about his performance
or his other activities too?
Oh, tell me some secrets about Varun.
I will tell her the rest, you please
go and finish the paperwork.
-Varun will pay for this.
-All the best!
Hey, Hemanth!
Do you think they're in true
love or is it just a rebound?
We can never figure that out.
But we're done with our work here.