Neeyat (2023) Movie Script

The weather forecast in Scotland today:
Don't be fooled by the sunshine
you see outside your window.
Storm Irene is coming.
Dark clouds are on their way.
Temperatures will head south.
The wind will pick up.
Flights and trains might be cancelled.
Bridges might close to avoid accidents.
All ferry crossings have been cancelled.
So... brace yourself, folks.
It's going to be a cold,
dark and stormy night.
Welcome to Scotland, Mr. Kapoor.
Welcome to Highgrave castle.
Welcoming me into my own home!
I like your attitude.
Thank you, sir.
Can I help you with that, sir?
I can carry my own briefcase.
But, thank you.
Of course.
But you can help carry these.
Hello, Ms. Deb.
By the way,
Happy Birthday, sir.
-Happy Birthday, sir!
-Thank you. Thank you all.
Careful, Ms Deb.
Okay, Kay?
Okay, AK!
Tanveer, I want everything
to go perfectly tonight.
I want this day to be unforgettable
for my guests and myself.
I promise you, sir.
No one will forget this day.
Alright, guys.
Can you get his bags, please?
Boss wants this day to be perfect.
Which means making his
guests feel extra-special.
So let's get to know them,
shall we?
Noor Suri, the vintage beauty.
She once ruled Bollywood,
and AK's heart too.
But now, she's just Mrs. Suri.
Wife, mother and London socialite.
Dr. Sanjay Suri...
Noor's adoring husband
and Ashish Kapoor's best friend.
Once London's renowned plastic surgeon,
he lost his licence,
and has been jobless ever since.
Noor and Sanjay's only son:
Ishaan Suri.
A student at London's top film school.
He can barely hold a camera,
but he's already practising his
Oscar speech.
-What is this place, ya?
Heaven on earth!
-Why haven't we been here before?
Because this place wasn't
lucky enough, till now.
Lovely, lovely.
You smell like roses, as always!
Hey, buddy...
You don't smell too bad yourself, buddy!
The thousands of pounds
I've spent on your fees
are finally bearing fruit!
-Come here!
I hope you're getting
some amazing footage.
I want this film
to make me immortal, Ishu.
I'll never let you down, Uncle AK.
I promise!
I know you won't!
Okay, champagne for everyone, please!
There you go.
Come on.
You know we love you, AK.
Thank you, darling.
So how's our Kensington Mansion?
I heard it's getting a facelift?
It's a Victorian beauty, AK.
The tiles, lawn, and roof,
everything has been fixed.
Thank you, AK.
You saved our home once again.
Why so formal all of a sudden?
Relax, man!
I need some signatures from you.
Get the papers, please?
Noor, come.
I'll show you something.
Just sign.
We'll be right back.
Come here.
So I ordered 20 bottles of champagne
from La Cote des Blancs...
Jamshed 'Jimmy' Mistry.
A man of big claims,
and bigger complaints.
Ashish Kapoor's late wife,
Tahira Mistry's only brother
And Ashish Kapoor's only brother-in-law.
You know...
Before it was AK Industries,
it was Mistry Industries.
I'm Richie OG Rich Mistry.
When my sister married AK,
I said to AK:
You run the companies,
I'll just handle the parties.
I like a man with a big...
Don't be all
Miss Judgy frickin' Kay!
Your AK hasn't paid me
a salary in two years.
You and 10537 other employees
of AK Industries.
Champagne, Mr. Mistry.
I love...
- Of course.
- Your Highness!
The party hasn't even begun yet,
and you're already hungover!
Life is one massive hangover,
your highness.
Because someone else
always pays your bills.
Thank you, Don Corleone!
The enigmatic Zara.
Ashish Kapoor's shadow.
His lucky charm
personal healer,
and tarot card reader.
And the love of her life,
her loyal friend, without whom
she doesn't go anywhere:
Rumi, no!
Not only can she read
your heart and mind,
she can peep into your soul.
She has the remedy to all
of Ashish Kapoor's problems.
I've been chanting all the way.
Haven't had a drop of water.
Now that I'm here,
everything will be okay.
Sweet, sexy...
and all of 26.
Lisa has all three qualities that
Ashish Kapoor wants in his girlfriends.
But Lisa thinks it's her sense of humour
that won him over.
I've got one for you.
What do you call a cake
baked by a baker with a sore throat?
A "cough-fee" cake!
Whatever! Come on.
Hello, madam...
Who's gonna pick this up?
You. Thank you! I will pick this up.
AK's late wife Tahira Mistry left
Many burning candles in her wake.
One of them is the
orphan Sasha Mistry.
A distant relative,
and trouble up-close.
Please take care of yourself.
Can I help you with that?
Wow, you look gorgeous!
Oh, thank you!
Did you have a nice trip?
-Yes, thanks for asking.
Oh, darling!
Oh my God!
Happy Birthday!
Thank you.
-I missed you.
-I missed you too!
I have a surprise for you.
A surprise for me,
on your birthday?
Oh my God! What is it?
Happy birthday, Uncle AK.
Where's my hug?
Doesn't your overpriced boarding school
teach you any manners?
You know I love you,
Uncle AK.
And wow,
what a beautiful castle!
Before you get too excited...
-There's no WiFi.
-And no mobile signal.
-My God.
So you're off the grid.
How boring!
Now tell me,
what's the surprise?
-Tell me!
-Fine, fine!
The surprise is in your bedroom.
In 'my' bedroom?
You're keeping me away from you
on your birthday?
Because I've planned something
unique for my birthday this time.
Trust me.
You'll like it.
Here comes the prince of the kingdom.
Ashish Kapoor's only son,
Ryan Kapoor.
One look into his doleful eyes,
and you'd want to get lost in them.
Look again...
It's cocaine.
I can't do this, Gigi.
It's your dad's birthday, baby.
You have to go.
You know nothing about my family.
It'll be fine, I promise.
Come on.
Cheer yourself up.
It's banging stuff.
The spoilt brat is bringing
a guest to Daddy's birthday party:
His new mystery girlfriend.
Do you have kids, Tanveer?
No, sir.
Nobody can break your heart
like your own child.
Finally, Kamini Deb...
Simply known as 'Kay'.
In name, she's just
Ashish Kapoor's executive assistant,
But she's really like
the genie of his lamp.
If AK ever asked her
the depth of a valley,
she'd jump right in to find out.
No work today.
For once, I want you
to only enjoy yourself.
Okay, Kay?
Okay, AK.
And take something for that.
We have one last-minute cancellation.
The Industry Minister from India,
Raj Chaudhary.
How the hell do you know
so much about them?
Because I'm good at my job.
Now let's get this show on the road,
shall we?
Yes sir!
Eight employees from
AK Industries have died by suicide,
after their salaries were cut off,
without any support for 27 months.
Instead of helping
his people in this crisis,
the company's chairman -
a celebrity favourite
who has been
on every magazine cover...
Star businessman Ashish Kapoor
is living a life of luxury in London,
refusing to return to India
and face the Indian courts.
Ashish Kapoor sold AK Cyber overnight,
and used the money from this
public company
to build AK Aeronautics.
While funding his ambitious project
of passenger-based space travel,
he neither cared about his
employees nor his investors.
And when his quixotic dream
crashed before it could take off,
instead of taking responsibility for
his failure, Ashish Kapoor disappeared.
Now Ashish Kapoor owes
200 billion rupees to the Indian banks,
while government agencies sit idle.
Today from Bangalore, we are joined by
the father of AK Cyber's
eighth suicide victim,
35-year-old Devika Chellam.
It's been six months since
Devika took her own life.
Mr. Chellam,
I there anything you'd like to say
to Ashish Kapoor?
Happy birthday, Ashish Kapoor.
Both you and me
-We're cheats
-Our intentions align in deceit
-Should I prepare your injection?
If you're a blazing fire
-I'm an ocean, icy and deep
Both you and me
-We're cheats
Our intentions align in deceit
If you're a deadly arrow
-I'm the knife up God's sleeve
-Coming, sweetheart!
Prettily packaged
Internally damaged
Shiny mirrors full of lies
What's the price of a life?
Broke frickin' Mistry.
Oh, you who live king-size
Tread cautiously, be wise,
Look away now, beware
The evil eye's envious stare
Both you and me
We're cheats
Oh, Ash...
it's beautiful.
I'm an ocean, icy and deep
Oh my God!
Both you and me
We're cheats
Our intentions align in deceit
If you're a blazing fire
I'm an ocean, icy and deep
What's this?
It's a weird request, I know.
But for family's sake, just put it on.
Wear your hair in an updo,
like you did the other day.
And none of this smokey eyeliner shit.
And what shall I wear inside, sir?
Send my luggage to the room,
along with two hot coffees.
It's fine, we'll handle it.
Anything else I can get for you, ma'am?
Gigi, come on,
it's freezing!
Ryan, wait!
If you're a blazing fire
I'm the knife up God's sleeve
Yes, come in.
Sir, the service staff
want to go back right now.
The storm, sir. Storm Irene.
-News channels say that-
-Wait a minute.
It's the job of news channels
to create monsters.
This is nothing compared
to Mumbai rains...
It's just a silly breeze!
I agree, sir. I agree.
But, actually, the bridge
to the mainland will be shut.
The staff don't want
to get stranded here.
So pay them double.
Already offered!
But once these locals
lay down their weapons,
neither love nor money
can change their mind.
Actually, sir...
I think it might be for the best.
We'll have fewer people.
More intimate.
Don't worry, sir.
I can manage perfectly
on my own.
I'll handle everything.
Okay. Get to work.
Yes, sir.
Can I help you with that?
Yeah, sir.
Just going to put this over there.
I'll do it.
-Carry on.
What the hell,
that's the service staff!
Why are they leaving
before the party has started?
Come back!
Storm Irene has arrived.
Winds are currently
at 70 miles per hour.
But looks like they are going to
reach 130 miles per hour soon.
So folks, stay home and stay safe.
I heard that the honourable minister
Raj Chaudhary suddenly took ill.
And I heard that Mr. Chaudhary
had some 'family emergency'!
All these years,
they basked in AK's glory.
Now when AK needs them,
they're all jumping ship like rats.
But AK still has us.
He always has,
and always will.
-Noor Suri!
And Zara.
Zara what, by the way?
Just Zara.
Just Zara?
Babe, I still think we met in Dubai.
For the nth time, darling,
I've never been to Dubai.
'Just Zara', weren't you going to
read my cards?
I don't need to read your cards.
Your future's clearly shining bright!
Excuse me.
Did he gift you that?
Did you see it?
How much is it worth?
Well, Ash gifted it,
so it's priceless.
Oh God!
What are you doing?
I read your cards.
What is a big, fat loser card called?
Be patient.
I've run out of patience, Zara.
It's crunch time, boyo.
I can see the frickin' light.
It's the frickin' light for you,
Uncle Jimmy.
Never forget...
You and I
are the OG frickin' Mistrys!
Get that tattooed on your brain!
Oh, sod off!
Everyone. AK is coming.
Your highness!
You guys!
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
-Happy birthday, dear AK
-Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday.
Oh my God.
Bloody hell!
Is she on the list?
Who is she?
Sister frickin' ghost!
I'm Gigi.
AK, move!
AK, oh my God!
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
What just happened?
Oh my God.
AK, you're okay, right?
Yeah, I'm okay.
I'm fine.
Are you okay?
Guys, guys, guys!
I'm fine.
I'm fine, I said I'm fine!
Put that away.
Oh my God!
Can we clean this up, please?
Can you get it done today,
or do I need to make an appointment?
-I'm on it, sir.
-Thank you.
Son... I'm okay.
Hey, nothing happened to me!
Guys, I am absolutely okay.
I am fine. I am fine.
And the party has just begun.
We still have to sing and dance!
I want everybody on the dance floor!
So nice to finally meet you in person.
Thank you for coming all the way here.
I really appreciate it.
I hope you had no trouble
finding the place?
Is my team here?
No. No one's here yet.
Perhaps the bridge shut
before they got here.
We don't usually dress to the nines.
It's just that...
Actually, it's my birthday,
So they've thrown me a party.
Your mouth.
This side is up and this side is down.
It's a classic deception tactic.
Excuse me?
You are lying, Mr. Kapoor.
Actually, you are the real surprise.
They have no idea why you're here.
And if you don't mind, I'd like
to keep it a secret till I'm ready.
There's no network on my mobile.
Do you have a landline?
Yes. Yeah...
Why just a landline,
you'll even find a telegraph
machine in this ruin.
Wait a minute.
Take ma'am to my study.
There's a landline there.
Take your time.
I'll wait for you here.
You can leave your bag here.
We're all friends.
Please, follow me.
There it is...
The landline.
Asteraceae family.
They're actually weeds, not flowers.
What are you talking about?
You're allergic to sunflowers,
Is your call done?
I have a lot else to do
apart from babysitting you.
I do a really important job here.
Do you like your job?
My job is my life.
Let me try again.
Hello. Hello?
May I ask what you're up to?
You may.
What are you up to?
I was looking for the exit.
I'm Tanveer,
the event manager...
and you're not on my guest list.
Is this your first job
as an event manager?
I've been doing this
for over 10 years, ma'am.
Bread or cello tape.
Best options to pick up broken glass.
For next time.
The door.
The best option for entry and exit.
For next time?
Go Jimmy!
The AK effect.
His charm works on everyone.
Found anything useful?
You left me alone in the study,
came down and searched my bag.
Who the hell are you?
What's going on?
She just...
Is that how you speak
to my guests?
This is my special guest.
What is wrong with you?
Go, serve dinner.
Dinner, I...
Yes, dinner.
Okay, Kay?
Okay, AK.
I'm sorry.
Did you get a chance
to talk to your colleagues?
Storm Irene, I guess.
What can I say?
I just hope they're safe
wherever they are.
Just as you are.
Please join us for dinner then?
It would be my honour.
If I could just have
your attention, please?
First of all, I would like
to thank you all for coming.
As you can all see,
my birthday celebrations this year
are a tad out of character.
No fireworks, no rockstars,
no showgirls...
What to do...
I've nothing left to show,
after all!
But, but... if I'm honest,
this is perfect.
Just me and my people,
together, at one table,
Eating, drinking, making merry...
This is enough for me.
This is everything for me.
I love you guys.
Sorry, Uncle AK.
One more take.
I said, I love you guys!
-We love you too!
-Thank you.
Okay. I'm sure you must have
seen Nation24 news today...
According to whom,
I'm greedy and corrupt...
A scoundrel, a thug and a thief!
I've looted banks,
wrecked companies, destroyed lives!
We all know that's not true.
Repeat a lie a thousand times,
and it becomes the truth.
200 billion, 200 billion...
They kept repeating the lie,
until it became the truth.
People now believe it.
AK, there's no need
to explain yourself.
I do, Zara. I do.
Because I did not
steal those 200 billion.
If I had all that money,
would I shut down
my dream company,
my baby, AK Cyber?
Wouldn't I pay my loyal employees
their salaries?
Would I not have saved the lives
of those seven suicide victims?
Eight employees of AK Cyber
died by suicide, not seven.
The latest victim, Devika Chellam:
A 35-year-old woman,
rising star at AK Cyber.
Did you know her?
What is she saying?
Gigi, baby... easy.
-Sorry, guys.
-I'm sorry.
-No, its okay
-Who is she?
It's just what the
news channels said.
I'm really sorry.
It's okay.
Gigi, actually...
please don't be sorry.
I understand
what you're trying to say,
and I agree with you.
Don't be sorry.
Devika Chellam
and the seven other suicide victims
had every right to live.
And if everyone feels
I'm responsible for their deaths,
it's fair.
I too want them to get justice.
That's why I called all of you here.
I have an announcement to make.
I'm surrendering myself
to the authorities of India.
Yes, yes.
All my assets.
My homes, factories, this castle...
I am handing over everything.
I'll go back to my country,
stand in court and answer
all the prosecution's questions,
And if I'm sentenced to jail,
then I'll serve my term.
Jail. When?
How can you go to jail, baby?
Relax. Let me explain.
I think it's time that you all meet
our special guest.
Please meet senior CBI officer,
Ms. Mira Rao.
She's come here all the way from India,
to execute my extradition.
I'm on duty.
Hang on, hang on.
This lady has come all alone
to arrest you?
Valid point, Jimmy.
Her two colleagues from Scotland Yard
who were to accompany her
couldn't make it because of Storm Irene.
You see, legally in this country,
only they have the authority to arrest me.
She doesn't have that authority.
If she did,
I'd already be in cuffs.
But yes...
they will come here,
arrest me,
and take me back to India.
I wanted to share this
with all of you.
Wow, AK...
This isn't easy.
It requires courage.
I'm so proud of you.
Truth always wins, Ash.
And come what may,
I will always be standing by you.
Thank you, love.
What a bomb, your Highness!
You've left us speechless!
What more can one ask for?
I really, really love
each and every one of you.
Thank you so much, guys.
Tanveer, just check the lights, please?
Can anyone see
what's happening?
Oh my God.
You guys!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear AK!
Happy birthday to you!
-Rumi, sweetheart!
-Is he alright?
Oh my God.
He drank the champagne.
Sanjay, please do something.
Hold on Zara,
let me have a look.
-Rumi? Rumi, my love?
-Oh no.
He's gone.
I don't know.
Alcohol poisoning?
I'm sorry, Zara.
Zara, you take care.
Goodbye, Rumi.
You lived a better life
than most humans.
You lucky dog.
What did he make you sign,
Do you think they were
the Kensington mansion papers?
I couldn't see clearly.
What? Are you blind?
Kay was standing on my head,
and AK had his eyes on me.
I didn't realise...
I don't know what happened.
Are you bloody high?
Ever since we've landed here,
you've been behaving
as if you've seen a ghost!
Don't you know, sweetheart...
AK always gets what he wants.
Protect your family, your home.
I feel disgusted, Sanju...
seeing you wag your tail
like a dog in front of AK.
Be a bloody man for once.
What are you going to do?
Can't stand up to others,
so you hit your own wife?
You made her wear
your dead mother's clothes?
I almost died of a heart attack!
Will you stop talking about
things you have no idea about?
Then I will talk about things
I do have an idea about.
This house, the cars,
bungalows and factories,
that your father is handing over
to the government with such swag...
It's ours!
Yours and mine.
Mistry Millions!
The Mistry in Uncle Jimmy
is suddenly rising!
No! I love you, boyo.
-You don't love anyone. Give me that!
You're sick, Ryan.
Stay out of my business,
Uncle Jimmy.
Still keeping an eye on me?
No, Gigi.
You took that right away from me.
So you've grown a conscience!
Not like you though.
It's so cute,
how your heart bleeds for others.
The way you stood up
for Devika Chellam...
Your poor boyfriend has no clue
who you are, does he?
What do you want from me?
You have to do something, Lisa!
Uncle AK can't surrender like this.
He can't go to jail.
Please talk him out of it.
This is nonsense.
Not really.
If he surrenders,
he can prove his innocence in court.
This is the right decision,
and I'm really proud of him.
You, like, really are dumb.
Come. Come here.
Excuse me.
The table won't clear itself,
Tanveer sir!
Are you okay, Kay?
What are you hiding in your coat?
So weird.
Our intentions align in deceit
If you're a blazing fire
I'm an ocean, icy and deep
Oh my God, Mira ma'am...
Thank God you're okay!
You really scared us!
I think you fainted. Water.
Zara has been chanting
for you the entire time.
What's important
is that Mira is okay.
If you two don't mind,
I'd like to go to my room.
Of course.
Take care, Mira.
You too, AK.
Life cannot be trusted.
One second, you're enjoying dinner.
A juicy bone...
And the very next second, boom.
Finished. You are gone.
It's all over.
Poor, sweet Rumi.
I'm gonna miss the old chap.
No, you won't.
I... won't?
You couldn't stand him.
You're amazing!
Nothing escapes you.
See, you must understand.
You must understand,
I am not a criminal.
I am just a fool,
who tried everything possible,
to realise his big dreams.
That's all.
Please understand this.
I was only 24 years old,
when Mr. Navroze Mistry
made me his executive assistant.
And three years later,
he called me,
Put his hand on my shoulder
and said to me:
"Ashish, in just three years,"
"you're already the man
it took me a lifetime to become."
And he made me his successor.
I was just 27 years old.
Those who are unafraid of failure...
only they can change the world.
And I was never scared of failure.
And that is my only crime.
My only crime.
I did everything possible
to realise my dreams,
because I've never feared failure.
But I am not a criminal.
It's important that you understand this.
Do you mind if I go
to the bathroom?
Thank you.
How much more will you lie?
-I don't want to talk to you.
I don't want to talk.
I hate you!
Are you okay?
Are you crazy?
-You're bleeding!
-What happened?
Are you okay?
Ryan, what the hell?
What is wrong with you?
What's happened to you?
This is not you, my son.
This is what you made me, Papa.
We are buddies, man!
I gave you everything.
What have I not done for you?
I wanted your time!
I gave you everything you asked for.
You punched me...
I'm your father!
You're not my father.
Don't act, don't pretend...
You're a monster.
That's what you are.
That's what you...
-Ryan, come on.
-Tell him that!
-Put the camera down.
-Calm down, AK.
Put the camera down,
stop recording!
-Tell him to stop recording!
-Don't yell at my son, AK.
Stop recording!
-Calm down.
-Tell him to stop...
Calm down, AK!
Your blood pressure will shoot up.
Relax! You know your condition.
No, Goddamnit!
Wait, wait...
Where are you going?
To check the generator.
No, I'll check it.
You look after the guests.
Fine, Lady Kay...
Your wish is my command!
I'm stepping outside.
Babe, there's a storm outside,
You can't go out.
I need some air.
-I need to be alone!
-You need dressing, AK.
You're badly injured.
I just want to be alone.
What is the big deal?
Your Highness, don't go alone.
Let me come...
You bloody snake!
You thought you could
use my son to scare me.
You don't know the real AK!
Chill, I'm not worth
having a heart failure-
Even your father knew
that you're nothing,
but a bloody leech!
And that's what you all are.
Bloody leeches!
Each and every one of you
is nothing but a bloody leech!
You stay there!
Mr. Kapoor!
Mr. Kapoor!
Oh my God, he jumped!
-Oh my God!
AK uncle!
Where is he?
Everybody careful.
No, no.
-Oh my God!
-What happened?
What happened?
Zara saw everything
from her bedroom window.
He just jumped...
He jumped off the bloody cliff!
Someone call an ambulance!
There's no network here.
It could be anyone, Uncle Jimmy!
I think it's a murder...
Ishaan, your camera
has a zoom lens, right?
Let me see.
Oh no.
He's gone.
How can you be so sure?
How can you say that
from so far?
It's at least 60 feet below.
No one can survive this.
I don't believe you.
Show me!
Are you okay?
Is there a way to get down there?
No, there is no other way.
The wind is getting worse.
We need to go in.
The storm is getting worse,
let's go, everybody!
We can't just leave AK like this!
Come on, let's go.
-Come on, let's go.
-Where are all of you going?
We can't leave him like this!
Come, Ms. Rao.
Let's go to the study
and call the police or an ambulance.
It's dead.
It was working a while ago.
Can we drive to the nearest
hospital or police station?
Only one bridge connects to the
mainland, and it's shut for the storm.
There is just one way out of here.
What happened?
I thought I could do it.
But I can't fight
the haters and vultures.
I'm sorry, guys.
But I have no complaints.
I lived life on my own terms,
and I'm ending it
out of my own free will.
"Goodbye, AK."
Where were you, Kay?
How could I leave AK alone?
The waves swept him away.
I just watched helplessly...
I couldn't do anything!
I was praying for Rumi.
And I felt as if
someone was calling me.
I opened my eyes, and...
AK was standing there.
On the edge.
And then he jumped.
He just jumped!
Are you okay?
Oh my God...
I need to go to Mr. Kapoor's bedroom.
Please stay back, all of you.
-Step back, please.
-That's rude!
It's like we're schoolchildren!
"Step back!"
What is she doing?
What's wrong with her?
-She's so weird.
-What is she doing?
What is she doing?
What are you doing?
My job.
I need a volunteer.
I need this taken down.
Yeah, I'll help you.
-But why?
Careful, Tanveer!
It's empty.
But what was inside?
Mr. Kapoor didn't commit suicide.
He was murdered.
Mr. Kapoor didn't jump...
Someone pushed him.
And you concluded that
from an empty drawer?
From how his body
was lying on the ground.
From a height of 60 feet,
you figured out that
someone pushed him?
If Mr. Kapoor jumped on his own,
he would be facing down.
Like this.
But he was facing up.
Like this!
That's what you all are.
Bloody leeches!
-"Bloody leeches!"
What is that
supposed to mean?
Those were Mr. Kapoor's
last words for all of you.
He said it all the time,
and we didn't mind it!
And let me remind you, Mira...
I saw AK jump off the cliff
with my own eyes.
Can you tell me the time on that clock?
No, I can't.
Because I'm short-sighted.
But I had my glasses on
when I looked out of the window.
Excuse me.
-Where's she going?
She's just talking rubbish.
Just ignore her.
We know you well.
We believe you, we trust you.
Don't pay attention
to what she says.
Why is this woman
adding to our grief?
It's empty.
Are these yours?
Where did you find them?
In the dining room...
where you left them.
I have another pair.
In my bedroom.
You can check if you want to.
I want to.
I'll check everyone's rooms.
Oh, no, no,
you can't do that.
-She can't do that, right?
AK told us...
-She doesn't have the authority in Scotland!
-That's right!
I came here to extradite Mr. Kapoor...
To be tried in an Indian court of law.
So investigating his death
is now my responsibility.
There's no other
law enforcement agency here.
If any of you refuse
to cooperate with me,
they will be charged with
obstruction of justice.
I want the keys to all rooms,
as well as your phones.
Your Highness and I,
like this.
He trusted me the most.
I was the only one
who could tell it to him straight!
Unlike all these slickers.
What is your source of income,
Mr. Mistry?
Woah, woah!
Everybody knows.
I manage the entertainment portfolio
of AK Industries.
I am...
I was... his party CEO.
But Mr. Kapoor stopped all his
social events since the past two years.
Were you still being paid your salary?
This doesn't require
any great detective work!
Everyone knows that the
10537 employees of AK Industries
haven't been paid for over two years,
including me!
What is your source of income,
Mr. Mistry?
I don't need a source of income.
I'm a Mistry!
Madam CBI,
my name is my source of income!
Will-We-Claim solicitors.
Excuse me?
This law firm has a 100% success
rate of reversing wills.
your father Mr. Navroze Mistry
disowned you and made Mr. Kapoor
his legal successor.
Why do you want to
challenge that will now?
These so-called friends of his,
they were all jealous of me!
I mean it was his birthday,
but he got me a gift.
Look at these amazing diamonds!
These aren't diamonds.
Real diamonds sparkle grey and white.
Your necklace has a rainbow of colours.
Like cut glass.
Think about it, Mira...
Mira ma'am.
Ash gave me this fabulous life.
-What would I gain by killing him?
-Sit down, please.
Please, sit down.
Uncle AK was a bit late
paying my fees this semester.
Big deal!
He would've paid eventually.
He promised.
No shit.
I'm not a leech
like the rest of them.
This job was your life.
What will you do now?
I know them too well, Mira.
All their designer clothes
reek of deceit.
Let me help you
with your investigation.
This is your first time out of India.
You hate the cold.
And you're starving.
You didn't have a morsel at dinner...
neither did you have
the water AK offered you.
You exude a strange confidence...
which can only come from
unconditional love and support.
From your mother, I guess?
She must have taught you:
Even if other people
perceive you as odd...
Always be yourself.
Is she still around?
Mr. Kapoor really trusted you.
Because I showed him
the path to peace and clarity.
And that path led him
to jump off the cliff.
If that path led his soul
to nirvana and redemption,
then yes...
We have to accept
that it was the right path.
You lost two loved ones today.
How can you be so calm?
Death is the ultimate truth.
Why fear it?
I am not afraid.
Are you?
Where are your glasses?
You and I are the same.
I never unpack my suitcase.
My job calls for it.
I have to always be ready,
like a boy scouts.
Why did the staff leave so abruptly?
They didn't want to get stuck here.
I even offered them double the money.
They refused to stay in this luxury castle
despite being offered more money...
Strange, isn't it?
I don't know.
But not so strange
if they were fired.
Uncle AK was my Guru!
I mean, after Christopher Nolan.
We had the exact same passion,
drive and ambition!
We were bros.
Look, I know who did this.
But first, tell me your analysis.
Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
Who, Uncle AK?
Sorry, what?
Those are my medicines...
For my palpitations.
Sometimes I even need injections.
In an emergency.
Sanju has a potassium deficiency.
-What is it called...
-It's okay, love.
She won't understand
the medical terms.
Without your medical practice,
what's your source of income?
We have savings.
And assets too.
The Kensington Mansion.
Was it among the assets Mr. Kapoor was
handing over to the Indian authorities?
Why would it be?
The property belongs to us.
It's on our name.
And you have papers to prove that?
Yes, we do.
Yes, ma'am.
We have all the papers.
Excuse me, please.
You won't understand.
Whether it was birthday parties
or school plays...
He missed nothing.
He was my friend,
he was everything, my dad.
You were two years old
when your mother married Mr. Kapoor.
Yeah I know, I was there.
No matter what, he was my Dad.
We loved each other.
Why would you make your girlfriend
wear your mother's dress,
and bring her to
your father's birthday party?
It was a silly family joke,
that's all it was.
It wasn't funny, Ryan.
He would have found it funny, if...
If the chandelier hadn't fallen on him.
It didn't mean anything.
Ma'am, there's nothing in there....
It's just my car keys
and regular stuff.
Whose is this?
Okay, ma'am. It's mine.
Everyone does it these days...
Where are the car keys?
It's right here.
Where are the car keys?
I don't know. It was right there.
I had put it here.
Where did it go?
Where's the key?
Tanveer! Stop!
He's stealing my car!
How did he get the keys?
Stop or I'll shoot!
It's that lameass event manager!
Ma'am, shoot the tyres!
Shoot, damnit!
Do something!
Shoot the tyres!
Stop him!
I'll kill you, I swear! Stop.
[indistinct chatter]
I think we should all split up.
Let's split up!
I'm going down this way.
I'm gonna kill this guy!
I'll kill him!
Tanveer, don't be scared.
Nothing will happen to you.
Bad liars always shout...
Tanveer, I promise you.
I will help you.
What happened?
I didn't do anything!
I don't know...
I just got here.
He looks dead...
Is he dead?
I'm gonna kill him!
He lied to all of us!
He lied to AK too.
He's no event manager, 'Tanveer'...
Tanmay Shah!
Nation24 news channel's sting reporter!
I found his passport in Ryan's car.
That's crazy.
He... just looked so harmless!
Please. He certainly didn't.
Looks like a brain injury.
Severe haemorrhage.
I'd say it was instant death.
Dr. Suri, are you completely sure
this was an accident?
Ma'am, the reason
I lost my licence
had nothing to do
with my medical practice.
Yes, I'm sure.
Prima facie,
it is an accident.
Isn't it possible that...
someone attacked and killed him?
If that were the case,
there would definitely have been
some signs of struggle.
Do you see any?
Carpal tunnel syndrome.
Your wrists.
That's why you couldn't shoot.
I guess you use computers
more than you use guns.
Excuse me.
I knew something
was wrong with that man.
Maybe he pushed AK
to get his 'breaking news'.
Bad news, guys.
He was running very fast.
He fell on a rock,
hit his head and...
But how did he get
Ryan's car keys?
That's true.
He was the event manager.
He probably had keys to every room.
Right, boyo!
Why are you singling me out?
I don't even know these people.
I just met them.
I'm sorry for your loss.
What loss?
What are you talking about?
Those are my medicines...
For my palpitations.
Sometimes I even need injections.
Sanju has a potassium deficiency.
Cure: potassium chloride.
Colourless, slightly salty, lethal.
Exactly when the cake arrived.
There must have been
only a few seconds to hide it.
Two vials can easily
kill a man weighing 70 kilos.
He was just a tiny dog.
You mean to say...
Rumi didn't die of alcohol poisoning,
but because of potassium chloride
or whatever this is?
Why, Sanjay?
Why did you want to kill Rumi?
Not Rumi. To kill Mr. Kapoor.
Yes, of course.
I emptied my vials into
AK's glass to kill him.
Just because you're a police officer,
you think you can just say anything!
You have no idea how deep
AK and Sanju's friendship was.
You know nothing about us.
Hey, hey!
Did you steal this from my room?
-That's my...
How dare you...
This is my personal matter!
You have no right!
DNA test.
What for?
What's this, mom?
Nothing, Ishu.
It's just rubbish.
No, no, love.
Sanju, let's talk later.
This is all nonsense.
It's not nonsense, sweetheart.
Do you remember...
When I had that scare
about testicular cancer?
And we ran several tests.
I kept one of the results
secret from you.
I have a fertility problem.
I can never be a father.
That's why I had a DNA test done.
And I got to know that I'm
not Ishu's biological father.
He's not my son.
Is that why you wanted
to kill Uncle AK?
Is Uncle AK my real father?
I knew it!
Shut up!
Shut up, you...
Ishu is not your son.
But AK isn't his father either.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It was a big mistake, Sanju.
A drunken one-night mistake...
with Jimmy!
No! Whoa, whoa...
Please, please...
Please, Sanju...
Please, please...
Sanju, please...
What a brilliant twist!
Sanju, please...
Mr. Suri.
Oh, madam...
I swear, I didn't kill Rumi or AK.
Your licence was cancelled
for money laundering.
Mr. Kapoor's laundered his black money
through your practice in London.
In return, he gave you his Kensington
Mansion, which he now wanted back...
So he could surrender it
to the Indian authorities.
Did he make you sign any papers?
If Mr. Kapoor were to die somehow,
and the papers were destroyed...
legally, the house would belong to you.
And where are these papers?
Perhaps in Mr. Kapoor's briefcase?
And any idea where this briefcase is?
-No, but Tanveer...
I am tired.
I have lost too much in one day.
Perhaps my entire life.
Excuse me.
Tanveer didn't die of a head injury.
There were no marks on his arms,
but his palm had this imprint.
What is this?
I think Mr. Kapoor's briefcase
had the same mark.
It's possible the attacker attempted
to kill Tanveer with the briefcase
and Tanveer tried to resist,
which imprinted this
pattern on his palm.
Whoever killed Tanveer
has the briefcase.
Then you will have to
check all the rooms again.
Beginning with yours.
By all means, go ahead.
Be my guest.
Dr. Suri!
Dr. Suri, open the door!
Open the door, Dr. Suri!
Open the door!
Dr. Suri, open the door!
Dr. Suri!
It's not what it looks like.
Hey, easy, easy, easy.
This briefcase contains
very important papers.
We can make millions.
Let's make a deal.
Come on.
What are you doing here?
Please, please...
I'm sorry.
No, no...
-No, Sanju...
-What happened?
Sanju, no!
Oh my God.
-Sanjay, what happened?-Om Shanti, Om Shanti...
-What just happened?
Please, please...
Just breathe...
I'm... so sorry, papa.
We have a killer amongst us.
Why isn't he landing!
Why isn't he landing!
Come down!
Madam CBI, do something!
He's going away!
I don't think they can see us!
-What? Madam?
-Stop them.
Where are you going?
People are dying one after the other.
And you are turning us
against each other.
Please, can you figure out
who killed my father?
Maybe it's you!
Ever since you showed up,
people have been dying!
Okay. Okay.
Do you have any clue
what's going on here, Mira?
Okay, fine.
We're going to go into the study,
and we're going to listen
to what you have to say.
Mira, we are waiting.
Photo-luminescent materials
carry inorganic phosphors
that absorb light in the visible and
ultraviolet wavelengths, and reemit-
Lady, have you lost your mind?
Your neon socks.
Yeah, my glow-in-the-dark party socks.
What about them?
You hit me on the head and
tried to knock me unconscious,
because you wanted to follow
Mr. Kapoor alone.
But in the dark, I could clearly spot
your glow-in-the-dark party socks.
Why did you hit me, Mr Mistry?
I don't give a toss...
what you guys think
about me, okay?
Here's the truth.
Many years ago...
Ryan, you were probably
10 years old back then.
Tahira, my sister...
she was in the hospital.
The cancer had spread,
but she still had
decision-making powers in the company.
AK wanted Mistry
Industries to go public.
Tahira was totally against it.
They fought all the time,
day in, day out...
One night, I went to the hospital
to meet Tahira.
AK said:
She's resting, come back later.
So I left.
Ten minutes later,
I get the news,
the doctors have declared her dead.
Acute oxygen shortage, apparently.
AK had killed my sister.
I know you guys must be thinking,
why didn't I expose AK
all these years, but I...
I couldn't.
There's something none of you know.
I loved AK.
I was in love with him!
My sister's husband...
I was in love with him.
And now he's gone!
Uncle Jimmy...
We all know.
It's pretty obvious.
-Yeah, Jimmy - we all know.
-Like, all of us.
Do you have any proof that
Mr. Kapoor killed his wife?
Any report that can confirm
acute oxygen shortage?
Madam, I don't need any proof.
That look was enough.
When he was exiting Tahira's room,
that look of pure guilt...
You should've seen his face,
it was pure guilt!
Pure guilt!
Say that again, Uncle Jimmy?
You said you have proof.
This was the proof.
You said you have solid proof!
Ryan! Ryan!
You poisoned me against Dad!
You're so full of shit,
Uncle Jimmy!
Can't believe what I did
because of you!
Stop it, Ryan!
It's okay.
Your motive is clear.
Yes, I hit you, okay?
And I followed AK.
I followed him because
I wanted to scare him.
I wanted him to feel
what I was feeling.
I wanted to feel anything!
But when I went out...
He was gone.
The living room chandelier
is an original antique.
It is hoisted by a metal wire,
controlled by a worm-gear
next to the window.
We know you are
a walking encyclopaedia.
What's your point, Mira?
Ryan cut the rope near the window,
so the heavy chandelier
would fall on Mr. Kapoor.
How do you know?
Were you there?
Did you see it?
The proof is in Ryan's pocket.
He was running very fast.
He fell on a rock,
hit his head and...
While everyone was busy
discussing Tanveer's death...
I saw you put the scissors
in your pocket.
He messed up my head
with lies and nonsense...
I made one mistake,
bringing you to the party.
Making you wear mom's dress.
I just wanted him to confess,
because I thought he killed my mom.
I saw Gigi in that dress...
she looked exactly like my mom.
I lost my mind...
I just wanted to kill him.
I am sorry.
Yeah, I do drugs sometimes.
I've been doing drugs this entire party,
but I didn't kill him...
Are you okay?
I didn't mean to do it.
Your motive is clear.
I didn't...
Listen, please leave him alone.
"Cub Kumar."
What's a Cub Kumar?
Tanveer aka Tanmay Shah's
nickname for Gigi.
Nation24 news channel's ex-reporter,
and Tanmay Shah's ex-girlfriend.
Tanveer... the event manager guy?
You befriended Ryan on purpose
so you could get your 'inside scoop'
on Mr. Kapoor.
But when Tanveer suddenly showed up,
the situation got complicated.
Because he knew your secret.
He could get you
to do anything for him...
Like stealing Ryan's car keys.
You're so brilliant.
And I was feeling guilty-
You know what?
AK deserved this.
How dare you?
I'm sorry!
He deserved a shameful death.
Tanmay only came here
to find the truth.
And like the rest
of the suicide victims,
AK is responsible
for Tanmay's death too.
Who are you, some bloody journalist?
What do you know about my family?
-Who am I?
What do you know,
you entitled jerk!
All of you?
What do you know?
What do you know about
the suicide victims?
What do you know
about Devika Chellam?
She only borrowed two million rupees.
Probably lower than
your champagne bill for tonight.
They dragged her onto the streets,
for non-payment of instalments.
Do you know how humiliating it is
for a middle-class family?
In our country, a regular citizen
is harassed over a two million loan....
While people who orchestrate
20 billion scams can party happily!
Castles flowing with champagne...
Your motive is clear.
I didn't push AK.
I just wanted to expose the
dual standards of our system.
I'm a dedicated journalist like Tanmay,
not a murderer.
The poisoned champagne.
Mrs. Suri, you always carried two vials
of potassium chloride in your purse,
for Dr. Suri.
But after Mr. Kapoor's announcement,
you got scared that you'll lose
your Kensington mansion.
So when the lights went off,
you poured the lethal injections
into his glass to kill him...
And hid the empty vials
in the vase.
-What is she talking-
-Oh my God!
AK kept breaking my
heart over and over again.
And Sanju would always
piece it back together.
I fell in love with Sanju.
But AK's shadow always
loomed over us.
He humiliated us
at every chance he got.
Sanju was the love of my life.
And yet you let him
take the blame for everything.
I was confused then.
I was afraid.
I was going to tell Sanju the truth.
But by then, Sanju...
I didn't push AK.
But like they say...
I had a brief moment of madness.
This is too much.
Like, seriously?
Also known as a motive,
and all of you had one
to kill my Uncle AK.
No, wait. Come on.
She's just a kid!
No, no, it's cool.
What've you got?
You were blackmailing Lisa.
He would've paid eventually...
He promised.
No shit.
Of course not.
Can't believe this.
She's a liar.
She's been lying to everyone.
About her age...
I've seen your driver's licence.
You're like 34, not 26.
Yes, I'm 34. Big deal!
Everyone lies a bit about their age.
It's not a crime!
But... you were blackmailing me, Sasha!
Your one true friend. Why?
I had no choice.
He gifted you diamonds...
but stopped paying my school fee.
What choice did I have?
What choice, you ask?
You could've applied
for a student loan or a scholarship,
Or sold something!
Anything but...
Poison AK against me?
Come on!
But your real secret isn't your age,
it's something else.
Mira ma'am,
I am an open book.
Minister of Industries,
Raj Chaudhary.
You made several calls to him.
When I checked Sasha's messages,
I saw your call history too.
-What the hell!
Raj's 40th birthday party,
in Dubai.
I still feel we've met in Dubai.
For the nth time darling,
I've never been to Dubai.
That's where I first saw you.
AK wasn't at that party.
Yes, Raj...
Raj introduced me to AK,
to keep an eye on him...
because Raj took a huge risk
in helping AK flee from India.
He was just making sure
AK didn't do anything to expose him.
That's all.
But when I met AK, I...
I truly, madly, deeply
fell in love with him.
And I was loyal to him
right till the end.
Trust me, please.
Just believe me.
-Zara, trust me.
-Stop it!
AK did so much for all of you...
But all he got in return
was betrayal.
Well, I'm just glad about one thing...
AK ended his life on his own terms,
and not at the hands of you traitors.
My poor Papa...
He was innocent.
Dr. Suri killed Tanmay Shah.
Why would he kill Tanmay?
Tanmay took something
from Mr. Kapoor's drawer,
which Dr. Suri wanted at any cost.
Mr. Kapoor's red briefcase.
I found a pen on Tanveer's body,
which was actually a spy cam.
He planted it in Mr. Kapoor's room,
which is how he found out
about Mr. Kapoor's secret drawer.
At the first chance,
Tanveer stole the briefcase
from Mr. Kapoor's drawer,
and hid it in Ryan's car,
using the key he got
from his ex-girlfriend Gigi...
So he could easily
flee at the right moment.
Please, I can explain.
But Dr. Suri caught him,
and strangled Tanmay
with the same suitcase.
So where is this mystery briefcase now?
With Kay.
Did Kay kill Sanju?
We have a killer amongst us.
When Dr. Suri locked me
me in the utility cupboard,
I heard someone sneeze...
multiple times.
It was Kay.
She's allergic to sunflowers.
It's not what it looks like.
Hey, hey! Easy, easy...
-Where's Kay now?
-Where is Kay?
She was right here.
Like just now.
Has anyone seen her?
She was here till the chopper went...
Where did she disappear?
You're saying that
Kay killed AK as well?
Oh my God.
Mira, do you know
where Kay is right now?
She's on the loose?
Are our lives in danger right now?
Mira. Go find Kay.
You have a gun, Mira.
She's just on the loose,
I mean...
You and I are the same.
Mind readers.
You seem to be in a hurry.
High dose of gamma hydroxybutyrate,
with undertones of bergamot and jasmine.
Your room spray,
your secret weapon.
To render anyone unconscious, anywhere.
Right, 'sis'?
I read your cards, Ashu.
Please, sis.
AK controls his own destiny.
It's dangerous when you
believe your own bullshit.
You know what your problem is?
You're still stuck in the
squalid lanes of Bhalla Colony.
Snap out of it and see
where your AK stands today.
I spent five years in prison,
so you could become 'this AK'!
I know.
You keep reminding me of it!
Yes, I do.
You went ahead and became
the great Ashish Kapoor,
And me?
I lost my very identity.
You owe all your success to me.
To Simrat Kaur!
She's awake.
Oh my God, Mira Ma'am...
Thank God you're okay!
We all make sacrifices.
For the ones we love.
Your hands are shivering.
You should see a good doctor!
Kay, is that you?
What took you so long?
Waiting for this?
What's this?
Your perfect getaway package.
Papers to transfer your 20 billion
to some untraceable tax haven.
Fake ID, fake passport, fake life.
I'm hiding here to save my life.
Someone out there
was trying to kill me.
Not one, many people
were trying to kill you.
Including yourself.
As per the plan, you'd arrive
at the castle with the briefcase.
You'd invite these leeches,
aka your friends to your birthday party,
tell the CBI you are surrendering, and
invite them to the party to arrest you.
At the pre-decided time, Zara...
Sorry - your sister, Simrat Kaur
would cut the power to the castle
to divert everyone's attention from you.
And you'd escape via the drainpipe
outside your room, with your briefcase.
Then you would use this secret tunnel,
which leads directly to the beach below.
Some fake blood,
some fake drama...
Oh my God! AK, no!
And your dumb friends
and the CBI would be convinced
that you are dead.
He's gone.
Soon, the waves would conveniently
wash away your body into the sea,
Leaving behind your suicide note,
and an eyewitness
He just jumped!
who saw you jump.
Which would clear your path
to freedom and a brand new life.
I don't know what fantasies
you're trying to cook...
Your perfect plan was ruined
when you couldn't escape
at the pre decided time,
because you were arguing with Ryan.
I hate you!
But your sister was outside,
and at the decided time,
she cut the power.
No, Goddamnit!
-She didn't realise that you had to leave
without your briefcase. -You stay there!
But you were apparently dead now.
How could you go
back for the briefcase?
Enter the forever loyal Kay.
While returning from the cliff,
Kay found this tunnel and you.
AK, is that you?
-Oh my God, you're alive!
-Yes, I'm alive. Listen...
It was easy for you
to manipulate Kay,
and you convinced her
to get you the briefcase.
But before Kay could get to you,
Zara got to Kay.
And before Zara could get to you...
I got to Zara.
A long night and here we are.
Well done!
Well done!
You won.
You will get a fat reward for this,
I promise.
Just put your seal on my story.
Ashish Kapoor jumped to his death.
The end.
Think about it.
Millions and millions of pounds.
Or dollars.
Or rupees,
whatever the hell you want!
Your sister was right.
It's dangerous when you start
believing your own bullshit.
You pathetic...
Mechanical bloody robot!
Eyes, ears, nose,
leaves, flowers, pots...
keep analysing this crap all day,
in that little brain of yours!
You know what you are?
You're an outdated bloody computer,
that's what you are.
No instinct. No passion. No nothing!
What do you know about passion?
What do you know about going
to any limits for your dreams!
I know, because I've done it!
All my fortune and achievements
are mine alone!
This is mine. All mine!
Do you think I'd let
a complete nobody like you
destroy everything
I've built over a lifetime?
Is that what you really think?
Mr. Kapoor!
Mr. Kapoor,
please wait or I'll shoot!
Mr. Kapoor, running is futile!
Game over, Mr Kapoor.
You've lost.
So you want to kill me, then?
Is that what you want?
Go on!
Go on, shoot me!
Do you have the guts to do it?
This is what you want, right?
Go on, take it!
You can't, can you?
You weak woman!
Miss, are you alright?
What happened?
Someone filled the room with a sort of,
gamma-hydroxybutyrate derivative.
What the hell is that?
It made you unconscious.
-Are you the police?
-Aye. Scotland Yard.
Hello, ma'am. Inspector Anderson.
I am Superintendent Parry.
Mira Rao, CBI.
I was always scheduled to arrive this
morning, with Scotland Yard.
So you say some woman
claiming to be CBI officer Mira Rao,
was here to arrest Mr. Kapoor.
And then, just like that,
she began investigating his death.
And then suddenly disappeared.
Without a trace.
Poof. Vanished!
When you put it like that,
feels like...
When you put it like that,
it feels like we were all just...
Yeah, right?
Judging by the drugs and
alcohol we recovered from here,
that seems to be the case.
But everyone knows what goes on
at Mr. Ashish Kapoor's parties, so...
She wasn't just a ghost.
This wasn't a group
frickin' hallucination!
And please, keep your
middle-class judgement to yourself.
Sit down.
Very interesting.
Both you and me
We're cheats
Our intentions align in deceit
If you're a deadly arrow
I'm the knife up God's sleeve
Once my home is ready,
then it's just you and me.
Together, forever.
Excuse me...
Are you proposing?
So, Ms. Devika Chellam...
Will you be with me...
Both you and me
We're cheats
Our intentions align in deceit
If you're a deadly arrow
I'm the knife up God's sleeve
You won't believe it, Devika.
We won!
Didn't you always say,
that I'm wasting my genius
at AK Cyber?
Well, I used that genius
to hack several secure systems.
When I found out that
the man was apparently surrendering.
At his own birthday party, no less...
I knew...
Welcome to Scotland, Mr Kapoor!
he had an ulterior motive.
Okay, Kay?
People like him never go to jail.
I had to find that briefcase
before the CBI got there.
Hacking the systems,
changing narratives,
and creating misunderstandings
between Ashish Kapoor and the CBI..
It was child's play for me.
The real Mira Rao could
have never done what I did.
And honestly,
if only I didn't have to use a gun...
I'd be a brilliant CBI officer.
But it was fun...
Watching those rascals fall.
But to look into the eyes of the man
who snatched you from me,
was the hardest part.
For a moment,
my resolve wavered...
But it didn't change.
I finally got justice, Devika.
Justice for you.
Ashish Kapoor,
AK Industries' billionaire owner
died of suicide last night.
On his birthday at Highgrave,
the 500 year old Scottish castle,
He jumped off a cliff and died.
In a bizarre turn of fate,
Ashish Kapoor is now
AK Cyber's ninth suicide victim.
Senior Indian CBI officer Mira Rao,
along with the Scotland Yard
has begun investigating the case.
Why did Ashish Kapoor kill himself?
That's a question that
might never be answered.
But justice has surely
been served today.
An anonymous mail was sent
to the finance ministry, the RBI
the enforcement directorate
and leading media outlets.
which lays bare the money trail link to
the 200 billion syphoned by Ashish Kapoor.
200 billion worth of taxpayers' money
that Ashish Kapoor looted,
has now been returned to the country.
You're hard to track down.
Mira Rao.
You're good.
Not as good as me...