Nefta Football Club (2018) Movie Script

Nothing yet?
What can that idiot be doing?
Did you do as I said?
Yes, I did as you said.
I put the headphones on his ears,
I gave him a pat on his butt and there he went!
Is that so?
This is the first time you do something like this.
First time!
- We will lose the game.
- Fuck the game!
Riyad Mahrez, is the best striker in history!
Shut up. Messi is the best striker in history!
Mahrez! Mahrez! Mahrez!
In the end, everyone uses doping.
No, Mahrez doesn't use it!
Why do you think he runs so much?
How can you say that?
You never saw him play?
He's the best!
Mahrez! Mahrez! Mahrez!
The ball went out!
Why did you catch the ball?
It is out of the field!
- No, it didn't go out!
- Yes, it did!
I need to pee!
Too late for that.
Why late?
You have to stop.
Fine. But, only if you say that Messi is the greatest.
You can't do that!
That's blackmail!
Say Messi is the biggest and I'll stop now.
Stop or I'll jump!
Hurry up.
Hey! Where are you going?
We have more work to do!
I'm going to pee in Algeria!
If you cross the border, I'll tell your father.
I don't care, I'm going to pee in Mahrez's country.
You are driving me crazy with this Marhez!
Hama! Hama!
Look what I found in Algeria!
What will you do with that?
Look what he had in his ears!
He was chilling, listening to some music!
Leave him. Give him back!
He must belong to someone.
Do you see anyone here?
It's incredible!
Don't bring him over and take him back right now!
Shit, I'm telling you to return him!
That's enough!
Give me the headphones.
Come here!
Come back now!
What's in there?
What is this? Flour?
Put it in the cart!
Give me...
Is it washing powder?
Yes it is. Hurry up!
Don't drop it, stupid!
Pay attention!
If dad finds out we stole washing powder he'll kills us...
You better keep your mouth shut.
Don't tell anyone, okay?
- What are you going to do with this?
- Just hop in and shut up.
I haven't slept, I haven't eaten...
We have been looking for that fucking donkey for two days.
We will not sleep until you find him.
Perhaps customs caught him?
- Or he got lost?
- Impossible.
Not if he listens to Adele.
He turns to automatic mode and he comes home.
- What?
- Adele.
Adele. "Someone Like You".
What is the problem?
I put Cheik Hadl.
Did you put Adele or Hadl?
I said Adele, shit!
I never said Hadl!
I put the first artist that I found on the MP3.
I never listen to those songs.
A donkey doesn't notice the difference.
Are you stupid?
He was trained like that!
To cross the border to eat!
He has been trained with Adele's music!
Have you heard of Pavlov?
If I don't know who Adele is,
How will I know of Russian singers?
I only know the neighborhood guys who sing "Chaabi".
That I know...
Shut up!
I swear, Salim, I didn't do it on purpose.
Who can take care of you like mom?
Shhh. Mom is sleeping, she can't hear you.
Go get the bag.
Take it easy with it.
Shut up, mom is sleeping!
I'm tired.
Are you deaf?
I told you to shut up!
I don't want anyone to hear us.
My feet hurt.
What are you doing?
Nothing. Go back to sleep.
- Where are you going?
- I'm going to town.
I'll go with you.
Stay here and be quiet!
Do you understand?
The coil is screwed up.
Change it.
He left us some money.
Go buy a new one.
Hello there!
Another problem with your motorcycle?
No, I have something to show you.
There is no time for that.
We're busy.
What the fuck!
Are you still here?
Just take a look.
What is it?
- What is this?
- Proof.
- Where did you find this?
- In the trash.
- In the trash?
- In my neighborhood.
- Are you sure?
- Yes I am.
Two million.
- Two million?
- Two million in the trash?
I want to know more.
That's it!
I have a bag full of it in my house. Do you want to see?
I swear on my mom, I swear it's true!
Let's go, you have nothing to lose!
- I swear it's not a lie!
- Where do you live?
Near the mosque under the reconstruction.
Are you sure?
Come on, go see!
You don't have to worry.
Let's go!
Are you sure you are not making this up?
Is it far?
We're almost there.
How big is the bag?
Come here!
What is it, Abdallah?
It's washing powder that we found on the mountain.
What do you want to do with it?
Here, take it!
Take this!
- What do you want to do with this?
- I'll tell you.
This way.
Where is the bag?
I don't understand.
I had them hidden right here.
I am sure they were here.
I thought you only had one bag.
Is better if I don't see you around...
...or I'll shoot you!
Come here!
Hurry up!
- Where's the white stuff?
- What?
- The washing powder.
- Ah, right here!
Here where?
Right here!
We made white lines with it to stop the arguments.
No more arguing. Now we have delineated corners and the area of the field.
Come on, guys! Come on!
Come Hama!
Come play with us!