Negotiator (2003) Movie Script

It was July 7th
The Day of Star Festival
You can leave it there.
Okay. 'Night.
So she's a Captain. Doesn't seem the type.
Don't you ever forget...
...unlike in the corporate business world
such remarks are strictly prohibited.
But we aren't career guys.
I heard she grew up abroad.
She's privileged, different from us.
- Why do you avoid facing reality?
- Good night.
Good night.
I heard a dark rumor about her, wonder if it's true?
That she got knocked up by a married man.
They say, her punishment stopped at simply
being transferred 'cause she chose an abortion.
I have my doubts. That's a cruel rumor.
Why do you say that?
You see, more than six months before she
was transferred from the Metropolitan Police...
...Inspector Ishida had lost his son.
I don't know the details but I
think he was 3 or 4 and was ill.
They say he became distressed and sought
comfort from another woman but I doubt it.
Why not?
That could cause a couple to break up, you know.
I think not.
I heard they'd tried real hard to conceive that child.
They even traveled abroad together
for fertility treatment I think.
Remember, that time, when Mr. Ishida was sent
over there to introduce the negotiator system here?
Yeah, the FBI, a good looking guy...
damn, it's just like a heroic fantasy.
I guess he was gathering information back then.
They took the risk and went
so far to try in vitro, I hear.
Then he wouldn't have a child with his mistress.
That's not the point, stupid.
They must have been desperate
to have a child to go that far.
And the child dies at his most precious age.
You wouldn't be thinking about having an
affair, you'd be looking after your wife.
The woman becomes a burden
for him so he transfers her.
Excuse me, could you take your helmets off please?
Excuse me, the store policy requires
you to take your helmets off.
No, don't do that!
Not the camera! No!
All of it!
Okay, okay.
- The money, all of it!
- Okay, Here, okay.
We'll kill you! Hurry!
We'll kill you!
Get inside!
Stay still! Stay still!
Get inside!
Stay still! Stay still!
Enough. Enough.
There's been a robbery at a convenience store...
Alright, let's go.
The Negotiator
Yes, Shinagawa Minami Precinct.
Umm, here's the vehicle we're looking for...
...the truck with Fukuoka plates.
What's the location?
It's me.
It's me.
Something's strange here at the hospital.
Oh, Ishida!
Thanks for reporting at this hour.
Really, I was just about to eat my dinner.
So what's going on?
Everyone from Section One is on their way.
But Chief of Equipment Control is away, so it's
taking us long to get all the equipment together.
Get things together in half hour.
I need to stop by the Investigation Headquarters.
It depends on Equipment Control Section but
I doubt if things will be ready in half hour.
Then, at least you should get there first.
I couldn't do much on my own, without any
communication device, arms or protection gear.
My alumnus is at Shinagawa Minami Precinct...
...who used to work with the
Special Unit, so send her first.
You mean...
I want Capt. Tohno to hold the fort until I get there.
But I don't think that's a good idea.
She's perfect for the job.
She was outstanding in the training program, too.
But... What happened between you two back then...
Hey, don't tell me you're still involved with her.
It's been over.
I'm just saying she's perfect for the job.
Even I would put accomplishment of
my mission first when I'm at ajob.
It's just that...
Hi, it's me.
Something's strange at the hospital.
I'm not sure what but there are intruders...
It's from my wife.
Your wife's at the hospital?
I intend not to let my personal feelings interfere
at all, as a negotiator and as a civil servant.
But I might get caught off guard and
let my emotions cloud my judgment.
All the more for that I can't
let you be in charge of this...
Oh, Mr. Shimazu!
- Could you leave us alone? Alright? Alright!
- Yes.
What about Section Two from
the Metropolitan Police?
As I said, Ohya's away in Shizuoka.
He's on his way, but it'll probably
be 4 or 5 hours before he gets here.
I'm the only one present right now.
Then at least get Yoshizawa and Murota to come.
We need them to do other tasks,
like organizing the Special Force.
As negotiators, they aren't even a match for Tohno.
On top of that, they'll probably
feel sympathetic towards me.
If that's the case, they're likely to
make wrong judgment like I am.
Are you saying that's not the case with Tohno?
She holds a grudge against me.
I was the one, who both started and ended the affair.
I can't.
You have to come, for us and for the hostage.
It's just for an hour or two, until the
Special Investigation Unit arrives.
That's unreasonable.
Please, come to the headquarters.
The guy in a blue helmet, he looked
Iranian or something like that.
And the red helmet?
He was probably American or something, I'm
not sure about the nationality but he was white.
Oh, his arms were hairy.
- What color?
- Blonde.
And the black one?
The black one had a really long hair down to
here, he might look like a woman at a glance...
...but it's unmistakably a man.
He's the boss.
You see he had that kind of air.
- Lieutenant.
- Yeah.
Here's Capt. Tohno who'll be in charge of the
site until the Special Investigation Unit arrives.
You will?
- Mr. Ando.
- Yup.
We've got info on the vehicle they used.
It was reported missing in
Hakata about two months ago.
It seems the stickers were put on after it was stolen.
Then it should be easy to narrow down the
suspects, being a threesome of foreign gangsters.
An Arab, a White and an Asian, could be Japanese.
- Ask the Prefecture Police of Fukuoka to look into it.
- Yes.
- And its neighboring prefectures, too.
- Yes.
- We've got the security videos ready.
- Alright.
Wonder if they're illegal immigrants?
Foreign punks roaming around in
Hakata stole a car and came to Tokyo.
They ran out of money and robbed a convenience
store. They ran away but got flat tires.
Luckily they were near the hospital so
they locked themselves up in there.
Does that sound about right?
But do you think they decorated
the car up to avoid being noticed?
I'm surprised they've made it to
Tokyo in a flashy car like that.
Excuse me...
...what's going on inside the hospital?
We don't know either the structure of the hospital
or the number of hospitalized patients yet.
The chief nurse, and someone from the security
company are on their way here right now.
Lt. Ando, the offenders are on the line.
Connect me!
Yes. Connected.
- Hello, it's Ando...
- Shut off the phones! It's annoying!
And the alarms! Do something about them!
Aren't you the ones who did that.
Listen, you guys!
Do you know what you're doing?
You're completely surrounded.
Surrender and come out.
- You'd better come out now, for your own sake!
- What's that?
Do something about the noisy one.
We apologize.
We'll quite him down. Please wait a few seconds.
Hurry up.
Why the hell are you apologizing to a criminal?
Excuse me, let me through.
Excuse me, let me through.
Your sentence will still be minor now.
Do you understand Japanese?
What the heck are you doing?
Don't ever use a megaphone!
Hey, wait a minute.
You're rubbing them the wrong way,
only making the situation worse.
The offenders inside are sensitive
to loud sounds and bright lights.
Please use the telephone to communicate with them.
And, did they use a regular phone in the hospital?
Huh? Yeah, suppose so.
Now that it's become such a big scene...
...the media, the hospital workers, the patients'
families... they'd all be calling the hospital.
I suspect the phones in there are ringing non-stop.
That's probably why the offender
said to shut down the phones lines.
So what the hell do you want us to do?
No megaphone, no phone.
What are we supposed to use?
The Special Investigation Unit should
bring us mobiles for communication.
So you want us to sit around
and wait for them to arrive?
Yes. Avoid stimulating the offenders at all costs.
- Don't be stupid. Who do you think you are?
- Hey.
My understanding is that I'm in
charge around here for the moment.
Why the hell should an archive room woman be?
A representative from the security company's here.
Please ask him to stop the security alarm.
Captain, Chief Nurse Ms. Nakayama and
Mr. Ikeda from the security company.
Please come in.
Looks like it's difficult to break in.
So how many people do you think are inside?
Yes. I know for sure that Dir. Koide...
...and Dr. Koide who's Vice Dir. And
physician, the son of the director... Dr. Yamamura the surgeon making it three.
And seven nurses.
And the patients?
30 plus, I think.
A little short of 40 altogether.
I'm gathering information from other nurses now... I should have the exact
number and names of everyone.
That'll be great.
But the director's an honorable man, isn't he?
Well, excuse me. The business ends at 6 PM, right?
Well, I thought the director of a big hospital like
this would go straight home as soon as they close.
Actually, the Director usually goes
home early, and so he did today.
So when you called us, I assumed he was home...
...but then I called his house, I learned he'd
had to return to the hospital this one time.
What for?
I don't know.
The Vice Dir. Called and asked him
to please come back in a hurry.
Around what time?
His wife said it was shortly after his return
home, so I suspect it was a little after 7 o'clock.
What seemed to be the problem?
I don't know.
Verify it.
Please, Mr. Ikeda.
- Please have some coffee.
- Thank you.
They're on the line.
They want the person in charge.
Sorry for the inconvenience before.
We were waiting for your call.
Are you the woman I spoke to?
Who are you?
I'm Tohno from the Shinagawa Minami Precinct.
The person in charge hasn't arrived here yet. If
you have any request, I will take care of it instead.
I said the phones are annoying, do something.
Yes. Regarding the phone, when the person in
charge arrives we will provide you with a mobile...
...will you please use that instead?
Otherwise, we can't communicate
once the lines are down.
I'm sure you carry your own mobile...
...but I presume you aren't using it
because your identity may be discovered.
With our phone, you won't
have to worry about that at all.
The phone is directly connected
to us, so please consider using it.
Alright, I guess.
We appreciate it. Is there anything else?
Turn off the lights.
Certainly. So how shall we bring you the phone?
We'll call you later.
"Appreciate it" was a thing to say.
It sure was.
Well, that's in accordance with the theory.
Well done, as expected.
I'm glad you came.
We need your help.
I'm sure this is everybody, 38 patients in total.
Does anyone require an immediate attention?
Yes, Ms. Hasumi Nakahata.
She has a kidney failure, and is scheduled
to have dialysis tomorrow morning.
Originally scheduled to have one today, but
it was postponed due to circumstances.
If she can't receive dialysis tomorrow morning?
The worst case would be... the worst imaginable.
So we got until the morning, I see.
Inspector Ishida...
...can I have a word with you?
Yeah. We can talk here.
It won't take a minute.
We can talk here.
Sooner or later everyone will know.
It's about that name in the list, isn't it?
Does she happen to have the same name?
No, it is my wife.
Your wife is a hostage...
...for what?
Well, flatly put, she has cancer.
She'd been diagnosed at another hospital,
and was having a second opinion.
Anyway, now that you're here, there's
no need for me to stay around.
They're on the line.
Sorry to have made you wait.
This is Ishida from the Prevention Section One
of Security Dept. At the Metropolitan Police.
Are you the real man in charge?
Yes. How shall we address you?
We've been calling you something like the black
helmet around here, but that's a little strange.
Then, call me Black.
Shall we call you Black, Blue and Red?
So, now that you're here, what about the
mobile phone you mentioned earlier?
We can bring it any time you want.
Then, we'll shut the phone lines down at once.
With that, bring us something to eat, too.
Burgers would be good.
Oh, let that woman bring them.
We'll bring you burgers and
the mobile, as soon as we can.
Out of the way!
Excuse me.
Here's Inspector Ishida.
When you first saw me at the Metropolitan Police...
...what did you feel?
I couldn't see his face, but the witnesses were right.
The dark complexion, and a strong cologne.
What did you think of the way Black talks?
Probably a Cantonese speaker.
He got an accent?
When he says "yeah", his intonation's
different. It shows, when he's more relaxed.
What's up with him?
His subordinate put her life at risk, and he
wouldn't give her a word of encouragement?
Wonder if she wasn't being played by him.
For a sperm relief.
We don't have the time to be gossiping.
Is this...?
A bug in the mobile phone.
It picks up sounds so clearly.
They're on the line.
Ishida here.
It's Black.
What's the woman's name?
It's Tohno.
I know that already. I want her first name.
It's Maiko.
Maiko and I have a favor to ask.
When you're done eating, will you
release a few of your hostage?
Don't be silly.
We understand you circumstances,
but consider ours, too.
If a burger shop clerk gives away burgers
for free, he'd get fired, wouldn't he?
I'm in the same boat.
Between you and me, our job isn't to catch you...
...but to protect the lives of the hostage.
We'll wait until you finish eating.
We want just a few of them, please.
Maiko, you ask, too.
Thanks for waiting, it's Maiko.
We beg you, please release the hostage.
Otherwise we'll be in trouble.
We beg you, just a few of them.
Are you guys cops for real, huh?
Guess it's alright.
We'll pick out a few for you.
Thank you. The director appreciates it.
But there's just one woman, we need you to include.
A woman?
What? Who?
We want you to release a woman
named Hasumi Nakahata.
Ms. Nakahata's been scheduled to
have dialysis tomorrow morning.
If she doesn't get it, the worst
case scenario would be death.
If the worst happens, you might end up
committing murder, though indirectly.
That wouldn't be beneficial to you, either.
Can you agree to this one request?
We'll think about it.
First we've gotta eat.
They want some of the hostage released.
Is it in his pocket?
I think so.
How many do you think they'll release?
With 38 people, it'd be 2 or 5.
Though ideally they'd release 8.
That would be a little too optimistic.
Why's that?
Why not 3 or 4?
That's hard to imagine.
Or rather, if they released 3 or 4...
It might be difficult to convince them to come out.
Ms. Nakahata.
They taped up my eyes and my mouth
well. And they tied my hands up real tight.
What physical features did you see before
your eyes got taped up? Like bodily hair.
- Well, his speech was that of a foreigner.
- Foreigner?
I thought they were joking at first.
Because it was dark...
I couldn't really tell if he was a foreigner.
I see.
Was there any man with long hair?
The one with the black helmet.
Anyone got hurt so far?
Mr. Tsukamoto had a little cut in his hand.
Are they violent?
They were scary.
So, everyone's been put in the
operating room here, right?
Yes, but I didn't see the doctors.
The nurses were in there.
Where are the doctors?
I don't know. First we were thrown in the linen room.
The linen room?
- On the second floor.
- The second floor...
We were told to rip up the
sheets, and tie each other up.
I was the last one left, so they had to tie me up.
But I didn't see either Dr. Koide or Dr. Yamamura.
I suspect they were already tied up somewhere else.
They weren't brought to the operating room, either.
Well, we're not sure about that.
We couldn't tell. We couldn't see
anything, when we were taken.
Once you were in the operating
room, they tied up your legs, too?
They're controlling the
situation more than I expected.
Ms. Tohno.
I'm thinking of resorting to
the Fake, what do you think?
It's to convince them to leave by
letting them go without any trouble.
Letting them go?
By pretending to.
We don't want them to settle in and
become calmer than they already are.
I have my doubts.
Isn't it the rule of the rules, not to give the
offenders false information in negotiation?
Usually it is.
But in this situation, if we want to
put the safety of the hostage first...
Do you think I'm wrong?
You aren't wrong, Detective.
Of course you've gotta put our safety first.
We wish we could do that.
You can let them go for now, and arrest them
later somewhere else, with the dragnet, right?
Sure if we did succeed.
But what if we failed...
...and if they forced themselves into an elementary
school in session tomorrow, for instance?
And what if their nerves then became too
worked up to listen to anything we'd say?
Damn, what's wrong with them?
Go home, get out of Japan.
Hon. I'm so glad.
You aren't wrong, I think.
It's probably best to seek an early resolution
even if we had to resort to the Fake.
They released 5 people as expected.
Perhaps we should take advantage of the momentum.
By the way, how did you know
they'd release 5 people?
It's not that we knew.
It was partly being hopeful.
If they release 5 out of 38, there'll be...
It's a matter of whether the
figure can be divided by 3.
What's that about?
When criminals know how many
hostage each of them needs to control...
...they tend to feel strangely secure.
Their desire to keep the situation under control...
...and to have a clear perspective of the
circumstance, is at work in their subconscious.
If they have 1 or 2 extra hostage to manage,
it makes them feel very uncomfortable.
They tend to imagine, the extra hostage
might attack them and not their company.
Each somehow thinks he'll be the victim.
Never heard of such a thing.
But they did as you'd predicted.
Did you learn that at the FBI?
There's statistics gained by an extensive research.
If they kept a figure that can't be divided by 3...
...either they're too cornered
in to care about calculation...
...or, they're so confident that they don't
feel the need to control the situation.
It's usually one of the two.
You mean they aren't freaking out but
they aren't feeling too comfortable, either.
The hostage they've released, aside from Ms.
Nakahata, were all rather healthy male adults.
I suspect it'll be quite easy to
get another group of hostage.
They'd be releasing a number dividable by
3, so if they release 3, there'll be 30 even.
In the operating room there'll be 27.
It'll be 9 people per offender, in a single digit.
The difference makes a huge impression on them.
They're on the line.
Ishida here.
A child, his mother and grandmother.
Got it. Okay, I'll be right over.
Don't make a move 'til I get there.
Alright, three more released!
...Ms. Hasumi Nakahata, Mr. Kohei Machida, and
Mr. Norifumi Yukawa, were the 5 people released.
Ms. Eiko Itai, Jun-ichi Harada and Ms.
Kazumi Harada were later also released.
But there are still 30 people held hostage at Koide
Hospital, including the director Nobuaki Koide.
The police is still on high alert at the site.
Regarding the offenders, aside from the fact
that they are a group of three foreigners...
...there's no information about
their nationalities or ages.
The Metropolitan Police Dept. is working
hard to narrow down their identities.
30 people remaining.
It'll be difficult to talk them into releasing more.
Once they've got a single digit figure per head,
they begin to feel like holding on to them.
I suspect that they'll soon be presenting
us with demands for their escape.
We could use Fake then.
Let them go for now.
What do you suspect they might do?
They'll try to get as much money
as they can and leave the country.
I guessed so, too.
But I doubt that they'll be flying.
I'd think they'll take a boat
especially if the leader's Chinese.
Counselor Kanemoto has arrived.
Sorry it took me long. What's the status?
But something doesn't sit right.
About the director.
The director got a call from the vice director
and left home a few minutes before 19:30.
He drove so even if there was traffic he'd
have gotten there before 20:00 for sure.
Or he wouldn't have been able to get inside.
Now, they robbed the convenience store at 19:32.
The report came in at Shinagawa Minami
Precinct that the vehicle in search was found...
...and that the robbers were in the hospital, at 19:56.
Right after the director received
a call, the robbery took place.
The director arrived at the hospital,
and they took the hospital.
Isn't that a little too convenient?
Well, but... are the foreigners from Hakata related
with the director of a general hospital in Tokyo?
Or was he just terribly unlucky, you think?
But, what did the vice director called the director for?
Let's watch the bunnies!
You always watch the bunnies.
Dirty ole man! Penis man, penis man.
Penis man, you sausage.
...They all wear helmets and deemed to be armed.
Approximately half hour before they took hostage...
...there was a robbery at a convenience store
in Shinagawa Ward where the hospital is...
...for which the police has determined
the same offenders are responsible...
What's going on?
...based on the fact that the vehicle used
for the robbery had been abandoned...
...and that the three men in the security
video of the convenience store...
...and the three witnessed at the hospital have
the same outfits on and are of the same heights.
The truck used for the robbery has been reported
stolen in Fukuoka about two months ago.
Since the truck was found abandoned
with the rear right tire flat...
...the authorities are leaning toward the view...
...that the robbers had lost their vehicle
and took hostage at the nearby hospital.
Oh, I see.
That's what this was about.
They're on the line.
Ishida here.
Get three cars for us.
Three automobile.
What do you need?
Get us 300 million in cash.
We were decoys for a larger job.
300 million?
In Japanese yen?
That's right.
I got it.
But you see...
Get it ready.
Well, we'll do out best.
There's just one problem.
Black, the banks are closed at this hour.
I don't care. Work something out.
But 300 million yen is physically
impossible to get right now.
We may be able to get it tomorrow
day time, once the sun's up.
Would that be okay?
How much can you get for us?
The police should have some
cash in store, shouldn't they?
Let me ask our big man.
It'll only be a few minutes.
Hurry up.
- Why are you acting so polite with them?
- Counselor...
- It's not what it seems.
- What?
How much do we have at the Metropolitan
Police for use in a case like this?
About 50 million, I think.
60 million perhaps?
Well, we could manage to gather 60 million.
They seem to be discussing
something among themselves.
Their ridiculous request for 100 million is a bluff.
They're more practical trying
to get as much as they can.
They're on the line.
How was it? Did you find it out?
We're still trying, but for now
we've secured 70 or 80 million.
We'll keep trying, so can you wait a little longer?
I'm sure you'd want to get out
of there before the daybreak.
Then, we'll come down to 120 million.
Not one penny less.
Per person that'll be...
40 million.
Don't drag it on.
What are you saying?
I said we've only got 60 million.
What do you think?
What this is, is that it's too steep a
bargain to bring 300 million down to 60.
There's a risk we'd get the offenders upset.
You see, one less digit feels
like too much of a difference.
But, that's exactly what
Inspector Ishida is trying to fill...
What are you talking about?
If we say we're trying to get a
little more than 70 or 80 million...
...right away they'll think 90
million, or 30 million each.
But, they'd like to get more if they
can, over the big 100 if possible.
That's why, they came up with 40 million
each, therefore 120 million in total!
That's how their mind worked, isn't it?
60 million is too easily divided by 3.
100 million per person and 20
million per person are too far apart.
That's why I said 70 or 80 that aren't multiples of 3.
I still don't get it.
Once they set their mind, on
120 million, or 40 million each... won't be too difficult to
bring it down to 30 million each.
It'll be 90 million, less than 100.
That's why, it had to come from their mouth, that
they wanted 120 million, or 40 million per person.
We had to lead them to say it so that now we can
say, oh we're sorry, but can you accept 30 million.
Isn't that how we're going to lead them?
- You're quick to figure things out.
- Well, well.
Well, still, if we could bring it down to
90 million we've only got 60 million.
So how about bringing it down to 60 million?
Well, once in that range, we can manage
to make it look like there's more.
If we stage it, so that they have to leave without
being able to count the money in the hospital...
...we believe, we can fool them for the moment.
We believe the priority here is
to get them out of the hospital... showing what looks
like the money we promised.
After that, we'll leave it to
these capable detectives here.
Leave it to us.
All we can do is to release the hostage.
I see...
Then the three doctors, will be taken
as hostage on the run, won't they?
On... on the run?
I mean, you see, if there are taking three
separate cars, then the three doctors would be...
We don't know whether that
was their original intention...
...but if that's how they're holding the hostage,
that would seem like the natural thing to do.
But, wait a minute.
What if they demand more ransom
for the hostage? What then?
For better or for worse, we'll at least be
able to avoid the worst case scenario.
We will?
I don't think they'll occupy another building
again as long as they've got the hostage.
Like an elementary school, for instance.
Besides, they're foreigners. They'd probably
consider leaving the country before anything else.
The possibility of them making
additional demands is negligible.
But, you see...
...what if they kill the hostage?
They're armed, they've got guns.
Well, they might decide to kill them...
...only when they're no longer of use for them,
I'm sure they'll keep them alive until then.
So if they wanted to kill them, it wouldn't be
until they're on the boat that leaves some port.
So, if we can get them while they're still on land.
The only concern I have, is if the hostage
decides to rebel against the offenders.
Either way we'll get all the ransom back.
Do what you have to do.
We've got three cars ready here.
Finally, the climax approaches.
- Hey, Yasu!
- Yes.
You can use others to do the job, but I want you
to find more information about the hospital.
What do you mean?
I'm not sure. Something doesn't sit well with me.
There's only one of them blinking right
now, because all the cars are in one place.
Once they split up there'll be three.
All the police cars will be receiving the status of
tracking by the radio dispatcher at the traffic center.
And the tracking device?
Inside the radio of each car.
A lay person would never find it.
Alright. Guess we'll wait for their report.
But, why come they wanted look like foreigners?
We just want you to wear helmets
and rob a convenience store.
For a million yen each?
Well, a little more than that.
You can keep the money you rob.
First you take the car we provide
you with, and go to the store.
Wear helmets to cover your faces.
Then, there are a few things I want you to do.
I want you to lift your visor a couple of times.
And you, stand in front of a
security camera for five seconds.
And you, have your sleeves rolled up a little.
After that, hold them up with your
guns, rob their cash and run.
You, don't ever open your
mouth 'til you leave the store.
We'll do it, on July 7th, at 7:30 PM.
Abandon the car, at the specified
place, and get in the other car.
When you do this, make it look like you got a flat tire.
Your rewards will be in the second car.
That's all we want you to do.
Oh by the way, you can have the car, too.
Why, do you do this?
The condition here is not to ask such a question.
I could give the job to someone else, you know.
...don't know, but anyway...
...I suppose, we are the suspects for this incident.
I'll cut my hair.
Bleach it.
- Then, me too, I go brunette.
- Go brunette.
What should I do?
I'm just an Iranian.
Drag, go drag.
That hurts.
No smoking here, you know.
May I ask you... this one thing?
Forgive me for being rude.
What is it?
To have your wife... hostage...
...does it feel like... what you'd imagined it'd be like?
Not exactly, but not too far off I guess.
You're quite an honorable officer.
Every time I handle a case like this, I wonder
what the victims go through emotionally.
I imagine you can see things, from the
perspectives of both victims and offenders.
Well...'s just not too far off.
Excuse me, can I have one?
- Are you shivering with anticipation?
- Yeah.
When you first saw me at the Metropolitan Police...
...what did you feel?
I was simply... surprised.
That it was impossible.
I thought it was destiny.
It wasn't until later, that I felt that way.
They're on the line.
Ishida here.
Have you got the money and cars ready?
Well, Black, can you wait a little longer?
So far we've got 30 million for each of you.
The cars are ready.
We'll send the cars over,
will you take a look at them?
It's just that, we're having difficulty
getting the last 10 million each.
We need you to give us a little more time for that.
If you could accept 30 million
each, you could leave right now.
How long will it take?
Well, to be honest we have no idea.
Do you suppose you can
discuss it with Red and Blue?
Hold on.
They say we can leave right now with 30 million.
Don't know!
But you know, if we wait 'til the morning...
I think that's the right move.
At this point, let's get outta here.
We've made a decision.
Alright, you're getting a break.
We'll leave now.
So, where's the money?
We'll bring it to the cars right away.
Confirm it from the window.
How will we retrieve the hostage?
We'll just leave, that's all.
Then you've gotta come inside and get them.
They're in the operating room, right?
Except, we can't release everyone.
We'll take one per each car.
Well, will you reconsider that?
No can do.
Whoa, so hot.
Remember what we discussed.
We confirm offenders and three men in hostage.
Three men in hostage.
Looks like the cars are leaving.
Stand by.
Go and get the hostage!
To recap, 27 people are said to be in
the operating room, on the third floor.
Repeat, to recap, 27 people are said to be
in the operating room on the third floor.
Hostage found.
This is Toyoda.
They split up at Nishiyama Intersection.
What's going on?
Please hang on a minute.
What's going on?
Stop joking!
Weren't they tracking device they'd never ever find?
Mr. Ando, it's Toyoda!
What, what's up?
We lost the signals!
You... you're going to pay for this!
All 27 held hostage have been
found, all confirmed alive.
27 held hostage, confirmed alive.
Do something about it!
Go! Don't let them escape!
Do something about it!
Hang in there.
There's trouble.
What happened?
The third car was left abandoned
at an automated parking lot.
So it was a premeditated crime, I see.
We've set up security check points with help
from all prefectures, especially along the coast.
But, I just don't get it!
Get what?
We've just got to start by untangling
what we don't understand, haven't we?
First of all, why did they rob the store?
Trying to make it look like they took over
the hospital on the spur of the moment.
For what?
They went through the trouble just to confuse us?
- I'm getting confused!
- Another thing I don't get is...
...that the doctors weren't
abandoned along with the cars.
Don't think it's a matter of
holding on to them just in case.
They should know we'd set
up checkpoints everywhere.
Any car a foreigner drives would be
thoroughly inspected, and then...
...they choose to make a big scene like that.
Really, how on earth would they handle that?
I wonder.
Hello, excuse me, may I?
There was another point back
there. Has anything happened?
Well you see, there were these foreigners...
Well, excuse me.
Thank you so much, you may go now.
Thank you.
Go ahead.
We did succeed in getting the 28
patients and 7 nurses back safely.
One can't say the Special Unit failed its mission.
Oh, Ms. Tohno, you may go home now.
You, too, go get some rest in the sleeping room.
I'll give you a day off as soon as you're
done reading your report in the meeting.
Stay with your wife.
Excuse me.
How's she doing?
Well, as you know, we all die some time.
May I... ask you just one more thing?
The very first time...
...was it you, or your wife that picked me?
It was her.
She's told me... she senses a
fate sooner than I... or you do.
It does seem to me, they weren't from Hakata.
They must've been familiar with the geography
of Tokyo to carry out such a well laid-out plan.
And about the hospital...
...things are pretty shaky.
I doubt if that's related to the crime motivation.
The security tape at the store and
the video of the kidnappers...
Like when they left the hospital...
we've got tapes like that, right?
- Get them right away.
- Yes, sir.
Looks like we've been wildly misled.
First, find a group of three foreigners.
Someone who are about your sizes.
One of them should be Asian.
The other two can be of any nationality,
as long as they aren't Asian.
As long as their body types are similar to
yours when they have the big helmets on.
...find a car, from a local town
where illegal Chinese gather.
Then, let the foreigners drive it... to the store.
By then we'll already have
been inside the hospital, right?
Wh... what do you mean?
Well, if kidnapping had been
their goal from the beginning...
I'd be completely off the
mark if this wasn't the case...
...but if it was then... couldn't have been a coincidence the
director was called back to the hospital.
What... but wasn't it his own son, the
vice director, who called him back?
That's right.
But if the offenders had had
something to do with that call...
...isn't it possible the vice director
was threatened to make it?
Could it be, by the time the store got robbed, the
offenders had already been inside this hospital?
And we're yet to meet the men who robbed
the store and left the truck in the back?
Hey, let me see it for a second.
I'll give it back to you I promise.
It's something valuable to you, right? that we can compare the figures of the
three at the store and the three at the hospital.
And pick up the offender's voice, too.
My wife's ill in bed right now.
I understand, but I need to speak to her urgently.
Well, so, can you tell me what it's about?
Who is it?
What's wrong?
No... no!
You bitch.
I came to ask you to hear me out.
Don't fool yourself!
The police...
- I should've called the police.
- I beg you!
Why, Mrs. Ishida?
I thought it looked like you.
You know, I never thought you'd do such a thing.
Please... hear me out.
You... you realize what you've done?
Sorry I'm late.
Here's the remaining 40 million.
Stop lying.
In... 10 years?
Yes, there have been 21 lawsuits.
In my personal knowledge, four people
have clearly died from medical malpractice.
One of them was my own son.
Are you... suing them, too?
In this type of lawsuit, it takes about
5 years just to have the initial trial.
He died last year.
I probably won't live 'til the end of the year myself.
Kazuya was the name of my son.
He was four when he was killed.
He had cardiac inflammation.
The initial symptoms are much like those of a cold.
We had thought it was just a cold at the beginning,
and that's what his pediatrician said, too.
...he seemed very ill.
We thought, something's wrong, let's try a
larger hospital, and took him to Koide's hospital.
Again they said it was a cold.
Something else seems wrong, we pleaded with them.
But they wouldn't even examine him well.
They said he seemed dehydrated and needed an IV.
And, that was it.
That same evening, his condition changed.
We pleaded with the nurse... to please get the
doctor, but she wouldn't do anything for us.
You see when this was going on, Koide
was drinking outside the hospital...
...when he was supposed to have been on duty.
At daybreak, Koide showed up
apparently still a little intoxicated.
He took one look at Kazuya and became panicky.
In less than an hour, Kazuya's heart stopped.
You know why you were brought here, don't you?
Man isn't god.
We make mistakes.
But how many have you killed?
Anything to say?
But who'd believe you, after
you've destroyed evidence?
Medical records?
They lost them by mistake when the
system got updated, that's what they claim.
So that, with no physical evidence
available some people lost their cases.
Regarding Surgeon Yamamura's patients... can find things out from
the victims' support group here.
Here... Kazuya's medical record.
When he was killed by malpractice, we couldn't
afford to let them kill the evidence too.
To have the evidence of his death taken away
was to have the evidence of his life taken away.
We just couldn't let that happen.
Well, if what you're saying is
true, I can sympathize with you.
But is it necessary to...?
You don't mean you're...?
Man could kill man if he really wanted to.
You do that when you aren't even cornered in.
If you were cornered in you would, being
fully aware you're breaking the law.
Those hands of yours, will keep reminding
you of your crimes 'til the day you die!
If you tell the police, your hospital will be finished.
We made such big news.
The media would learn our motivation for doing this.
We don't care what happens either way...
...whether you go out of business, or continue
to exist and conduct straight business.
As long as you don't create more victims!
We carried out this whole thing with readiness to die.
We have no regrets, whichever way things turn out.
I'd finish them off if I were you, and
it were my own son that they killed.
I have no desire to do the same thing they did.
You're too lenient.
In any case...
...let's look into this.
What if it was all a lie?
We'll go tell the police, of course.
What if it was true?
I wouldn't dare.
It's hard to tell.
Things happened too conveniently.
If the long haired guy had said one word at the store,
we could've matched the voice waves to verify.
Or in reverse, if the red and blue helmets
had said anything at the hospital...
Wait a minute.
So they weren't foreigners, were they?
Which means...
...let's see...
...if they were different groups, and
if this was a premeditated crime...
Mr. Ando, the offenders called in
to say they'd released the hostage.
It was you guys, wasn't it?
What was?
The three foreigners at the convenience store...
...and the three men who occupied
the hospital weren't the same.
If that was the case, the logical explanation
would be that Inspector Ishida was in on it.
It wouldn't make any sense otherwise.
That's crazy.
I asked a man from the other section of the
Special Unit, named Ohya or something.
He said he was in Shizuoka on
business on the day of the incident.
Originally, Ishida was supposed
to have gone on that trip.
But he'd asked Ohya to take his place.
Of course he had to, 'cause he was an accomplice.
What are you talking about?
If that's the case, it wouldn't make sense
unless you were an accomplice, too.
Your part was to ask expected
questions before anyone else would... that no one would disagree with the
logic Inspector Ishida would present us with.
You completely fooled me.
Even complimented me on how quick I was to get it.
Flattering me.
What "Fake" strategy?
You're certainly negotiators.
And, if you two were in on it... wouldn't make sense if his wife who
was at the hospital at the time also wasn't.
The three...
...and the three and the three... a total of nine.
That's the number of the
criminals involved in this case.
But I can't figure it out.
Not that I have any kind of evidence...
...but what's the motivation?
Of course you can't.
Did you split the ransom among yourselves?
That's out of question.
You wouldn't have gone through all
that trouble, just to get the money.
You'd only end up with peanuts anyway.
That's why...
...I suspected if the son of Inspector Ishida hadn't
been a patient, at the mismanaged hospital.
That the motivation was revenge.
But there's no medical record.
That goddamn director had the
nerve to tell me he has no idea.
...I don't understand why you should be a part of this.
If it was just you with Inspector
Ishida, it would've been possible.
But... and his wife being partners?
This utterly confuses me.
That usually never happens.
I told you.
It was you guys.
I'm going to sue you.
I don't care.
...the bottom line, you beat up the
low lives to your heart's content.
You made complete fools out of us, and we
were reprimanded harshly, but I don't care.
I'm more impressed than anything else.
Hands up!
It's just that... know, it upsets me not to know why.
...that's all I wanted to say.
The very first time...
...was it you, or your wife who picked me?
It was her.
She's told me...
...she senses a fate, sooner than I, or you do.
In two occasions.
When she first saw your photo...
...and when I saw you again
at the Metropolitan Police.
It's her...
I feel it.
...his name will be Kazuya.
They took the risk and even tried in vitro, I hear.
How's little Kazuya doing?
When you showed up in my life again,
my wife knew, that this might happen...
...between the two of us.
She left this behind...
...saying she couldn't take it
with her to the other world.
She did take with her, Kazuya's miniature car.
I bet he's happy.
Until the very end, she kept
wondering who his real mother was.
I kept telling her, of course it was her.
I just wanted money while studying abroad...
...that's the only reason why I donated my egg.
I told her that... that you'd said that.
I don't believe it.
That might have been how it started.
...he was a child, of her own blood,
and that of the one she loves.
Surely she'd think of him...
as a child between you two.
That's why... she helped us.
She also felt they'd killed him...
...her child.
...did she die contently thinking she was his mother?
Did she really believe you?
You're lying.
She's not the type of person who's fooled so easily.
My skills as a negotiator didn't work.
Like with you just now.
...she passed peacefully.
What's the toughest enemy in
carrying out the Fake strategy?
Killing the self, is the hardest thing to do.
Be happy together.
Maiko Tohno took on the Ishida
family name the following year.
It was July 7th.