Nekrotronic (2018) Movie Script

Righto, let's do this.
You wouldn't believe
the amount of shit
that's about to go down.
We don't have time
to fuck around
so I'm going to make this
really, really simple.
Thousands of years ago,
when the first ancient man
started sacrificing animals
to the gods...
They unwittingly
opened a portal
that brought demons
into this world.
The demons
possessed the humans,
took over their bodies
like parasites
and started doing
unspeakable things.
Dealing out violence and death
devouring souls
with an insatiable appetite.
Things looked grim.
Then came the Nekromancers.
Bad-arse demon hunters
with magic in their veins
and big, fuck-off weapons
in their hands.
They've been
kicking each other's arses now
for thousands of years.
But recently,
some evil son of a bitch
worked out a way
to blast demons
inside the internet.
Now, they can get you
through your phones.
You get all that?
Stop! Stop!
Turn it off!
Rangi, turn it off!
- Oh, shit!
- Turn it off!
You said it, bro.
What are you watching?
It's a donkey
trying to have sex
with a phone box.
It's pretty funny.
Why would you watch that?
- Why wouldn't you watch that?
- I don't wanna watch that.
what are you doing standing
around in your jocks for?
I'm working on my tan.
You dickheads
are gonna have to take
Dad's shift.
He's hungover again.
He couldn't be bothered.
No, no, no, we've just
come off a 17-hour shift.
We haven't even slept yet.
Mum says you gotta do it.
It's a PFYD.
What's a PFYD?
A problem for you dickheads.
This is bullshit!
No, it's human shit, mate.
That's how we pay the rent.
So, I suggest
you two butt monkeys
get in that truck
and start driving.
See you losers later.
Yeah, so you're brother's
kind of a dick, eh?
Foster brother.
Life is one big
party when you're still young
But who's gonna have your back
when it's all done?
It's all good
when you're little
You have pure fun
Can't be a fool son,
what about the long run?
Come on, sing it!
you're my angel
You're my darling angel
Oh shit! I got it! I got it!
Get it! Ah, fuck! Ow! Stop!
That is disgusting!
No, man, it's just nature.
"Do you want to play a game
"that will change your life
Oh, okay. Yeah.
Hell, yeah!
Game activated.
Scanning for ghosts.
No ghosts detected.
- Hey, Rangi!
- Ah!
What the fuck you doin', man?
Come on.
- Ah, shit!
- Get inside the cab, man.
What are you doing?
I'm looking for ghosts.
You're supposed to be able
to see ghosts with this thing,
but I can't see shit.
Like, dead people ghosts?
It's like that game with
those weird little monsters
you have to collect.
- What?
- You're supposed to find them
and catch them
with your phone.
Cool, man. Why are you always
playing on that thing for?
What else am I supposed to do
on a three-hour road trip?
How about
a conversation? With me?
Verbal communication.
The sharing of information
via the mouth.
- You remember that?
- Ew.
You want to share something
with me via your mouth?
Well, not when you
say it like that, no.
But the conversation
part, yes.
Okay, then.
Let's have a conversation.
- Go ahead.
- Okay.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Play.
Ghosts detected.
- Stop the truck!
- Whoa!
Oh, shit!
Oh, yeah, baby!
Oh, would you look
at this thing?
- Ghost detected.
- It's a ghost!
The graphics on this thing
are sick. Bro, check this out.
You have got to be
kidding me, man.
I thought we hit a dog
or something!
What is wrong with you?
Fuck it, the phone?
So, how do I catch this thing?
Double tap to capture.
Oh, snap! Did you see...
Oh, shit! Dude, you all right?
What happened?
I dunno.
I just had a stabbing pain
in the back of my neck.
- Could be a brain tumor.
- It's not a brain tumor.
- It could...
- Definitely not a brain tumor.
Okay... Oh, dude, take it easy
with the pills, man.
Remember that time
you got wasted
and you took too many?
Started yelling about
space aliens and shit?
Then, you punched my aunty.
That was one time.
What the shit is that?
Ah, I read about these.
They have them
all over the place.
They're like super-duper
transmitter thingies
or something.
That's why the graphics
are so sweet.
Wait, that thing's a part
of your shitty,
little phone game?
That reminds me.
There should be a wraith,
up there somewhere.
Oh, dude...
Check that shit out.
That thing's
freaking me out, man.
Yeah, it's crazy, huh?
Come on,
let's get out of here.
Good afternoon, ma'am.
How are you?
You're not wearing
your Santa hat.
Much better.
Nekropods. Update.
Yeah, the Nekropods, yes.
The new battery units
you have supplied
are being installed.
After the launch
of the game last week,
we estimate
the amount of devices
that have uploaded
the application
to be...
1.3 million.
Excuse me for a second.
I, ah...
If anything goes wrong,
I kill every single person
in that room.
Start the engine.
Nekromancers going
offline all over the city.
Couldn't find anybody
out there.
They're either blocked
or they're dead.
It's Finnegan.
Right, so she's finally
made a move.
- Oh, man!
- Ghost.
Dude, there's fricking ghosts
Come on, pull over.
Let me get my score up.
No, I am not stopping
this truck again
so you can play
fricking video games, man!
Pull your head
out of your arse!
Pull your
head out of your arse.
Get your head
out of your... Oh, shit!
Entity unknown.
Dude, what the fuck!
What the hell
is wrong with you?
Dude, what's wrong with you?
You've got all this
weird, freaky shit
going on, man.
- Entity unknown.
- Whoa!
Hey, you're not a ghost
though, are you, bro?
Like, you would tell me
if you were a ghost, right?
I'm about to turn you
into a ghost,
you fucking cock-knocker!
I nearly
crashed the truck, Rangi!
What the fuck
is wrong with you, man?
You scared the shit out of me!
What are you doing?
What are you doing now?
- Double tap to play.
- I'm just gonna try something.
Rangi, listen, you've gotta
stop this shit, all right?
Unknown. Unknown.
Unknown. Unknown.
What is that?
The signal's off the charts.
Who the hell is that?
Oh, it can't be.
It can't be possible.
Oh, fuck! Dude,
what the fuck happened to you?
What'd you do to me?
I was just messing around
on my phone, and then
fuckin' shit gone mental, bro!
What the hell?
What happened?
You got blood
comin' out of your ears, bro.
Can't be good for you, bro!
Let's get you to a hospital.
What the fuck's your problem?
I'm trying to help you, man!
Oh, you've gotta be
kidding me.
Rip... Tear... Kill... Eat.
Tell me you're seeing this.
Yeah, I'm seeing this, bro.
No! Get back!
No, no, no! Don't do it!
Fuck it!
Run! Run!
Don't! No, no, no!
Do it!
Oh, shit.
It's my bad, bro!
It's him.
Dude! Yo, dude!
Howard, come on, buddy.
Come on, buddy.
Check that out.
Wow. That's old tech, huh?
Certainly is.
That thing's been inside him
longer than you've been alive.
Put the new one in.
Ahh! Oh, fuck!
What the fuck
did you just put into me?
What the hell is going on?
Who are you people?
Well, my name's Luther.
These are my daughters.
This is Torquel and Molly.
Now, as to
your previous question,
it's called a scrambler.
It's a new version.
With that safely inserted
in your head,
hopefully they won't be able
to find you.
You got some pretty
weird friends, bro.
What'd you do that for?
Take a seat.
No, I don't want
to take a seat.
Please, sit down.
Howard, you're a Nekromancer.
You're a demon hunter,
like us.
Come again.
You're one of
the last surviving members
of the most
powerful bloodlines
our kind has ever known.
You know, back in the day,
your mother and father...
Wait a minute.
Sorry, hang on, wait a minute.
So, you know my parents?
My actual parents?
I knew your parents.
Henry and Finnegan.
Your mother, she came
from one of the great European
Nekromancer dynasties.
Tremendously powerful family.
And she could
perform exorcisms
with her bare hands.
With your father,
she killed
thousands of demons.
And they were
the first ones to discover
demon activity online.
The old bastards
were all through the web
like a virus, corrupting souls
faster than ever.
But Henry and Finnegan
devised a way
to blast their souls
inside the internet.
That way, we could track
and exterminate the swine
faster than ever.
But Finnegan
spent too much time online.
And the demons got to her.
Corrupted her completely.
She became a soul eater,
feeding on her own people
like a crack addict from hell.
Each soul she ate brought her
closer to immortality
and ultimate power.
She even went after you.
But your father
got there first.
He scooped you up.
He tried to hide you
where she wouldn't find you
and by the time
we caught up with him,
he was dead.
Murdered by wraiths.
Well, we assumed
you were dead, too.
What happened to my mother?
She's still around.
Your mother was the one
that sent that axe maniac
to chop your head off.
She's been killing all
the Nekromancers in the city.
Taking their heads.
Every single person
we know... Dead.
And your father made this.
I believe Henry
put this scrambler in you
to keep you safe.
But you came home
today, Howard.
You came home
the very day
that she comes out of hiding
and kills every able-bodied
Nekromancer in the city,
except for us, and you.
You're here
for a reason, Howard.
What the fuck are you doing?
I'm just updating my status.
Tell me you don't have
the game on this.
- I don't.
- You do.
- Yeah I do but...
- You motherfucker!
That's my fricking phone!
They're in the building.
We have to get out
of here. Now.
No, don't. Rangi. Rangi!
What the fuck was that?
Get him out of here.
I'll hold them off.
Not a chance.
Go! Now!
Get up!
Get up!
Come on, Howard.
Tor, we have to move.
- Hi, Luther.
- Oh!
Finnegan. Long time no see.
Where is he?
Oh, he'll find you.
Hey, Luther.
Merry Christmas.
Get in.
They were dead already,
Come on. We gotta go.
Hey! Get in the van.
Howard, get in the van. Now.
Howard! Stop!
Hey, bro.
So, I think I'm a ghost now.
It's not too bad, actually.
I can teleport
into the shadows and stuff,
and I can stretch my face
like a mofo. Check this out.
- Yeah, pretty disgusting, huh?
- Very.
So I went for a cruise
around before.
There's, like,
ghosts everywhere.
But they're, like, retarded
or something.
But I'm different.
I think that's because
you did something to me.
See, wherever I go,
I keep getting
pulled back here to you.
- Why is that?
- I don't... I don't know.
You okay, Mr. North?
My dead friend
just flew down off the ceiling
and ripped his face off.
No, I'm not okay.
Are you seeing this? Hmm?
Seeing what?
Dude, he can't see shit.
I'm a fricking ghost.
Hey, what the hell happened
to all the hot nurses?
This guy looks like someone
slapped some hair on a penis.
You didn't hear that?
Hear what?
The thing about the penis.
I'll get the doctor.
Watch this.
What is that?
This is a hallucination
brought on by stress.
I'm a hallucination now, am I?
Yes, correct. Yes, you are.
- Can a hallucination do this?
- No, no!
Now, they're gonna think
I did that.
- So?
- Can you just please
go and haunt somebody else?
I am not feeling very good.
How do you think I'm feeling?
I'm dead.
And I gotta hang out
with your boring ass.
I don't even have my phone.
It's your goddamn phone
that got us into this mess
in the first place!
What the fuck am I doing?
I'm arguing with a figment
of my imagination.
Hey, who are you calling
a figment, you...
Something's coming.
"Howard North.
"Driver's license
registered to Plumpton."
That place is a dump.
You're telling me.
Are you sure you're my doctor?
You're on anti-psychotics.
Crazy pills.
How long
have you been on those for?
- Since I was a kid.
- Why?
I have a tendency
to put people in hospitals.
And sometimes, I, uh,
see shit that isn't there.
Who said it isn't there?
You look like your father.
Sounds like you got
my temperament.
That's interesting.
You've gone white as a ghost.
How's your temperature?
You're my mother.
Nice to meet you, mon amour.
The same one
that killed all those people
and sucked out their souls,
then abandoned me as a child
and murdered my father?
That mother?
Well, I mean, sure,
I did some of that shit.
But that was
a dark time for me.
But I'll tell you one thing.
I never,
and I mean never,
abandoned you.
Did you send someone out
to chop my head off
with an axe?
Okay! I'll cop to that.
But I had no idea
that was you at the time.
What kind of a monster
do you think I am?
Those aren't going
to help you.
How would you know?
How the fuck would you know?
You're a murdering psychopath.
You've been talking
to the wrong people.
Those Nekromancers
are full of shit.
Yeah, well, I think
you're full of shit.
Take my hand.
Do it.
Come on.
Do you feel that?
That's more power
than you've ever conceived
in your small lifetime.
And it's not even
the tip of the iceberg.
Howard, I am your mother,
and I've missed you,
and I love you very much.
And what I'm offering
is a lot more fun.
There is a scrambler unit
in the back of your head.
I want you to take that cable
and plug it in.
Then what happens?
Then the pain goes away
and everything
becomes peaches and cream,
and fun, fun, fun, forever.
Uh, is there a soul
in that box?
Don't be a pussy, Howard!
Just plug in
the fucking cable!
You're either coming with us,
or you're going with her.
I'll come with you.
This is all actually
happening, isn't it?
Yeah, this is
actually happening.
My mother just tried
to force-feed me a soul
through a hole
in the back of my head.
Well, I'm glad she didn't.
If she did, we'd have to
force-feed a bullet
through a hole
in the front of your head.
I'm seeing a lot
of dead people right now.
Don't worry.
You get used
to the freaky shit.
- Are we safe up here?
- Yeah, don't worry.
It's a safe zone. We've got
scramblers all over the place.
What? No fucking way. Where?
- Molly, where is it?
- It's there!
- It's over there.
- Wait, wait, wait!
- Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
- Hey, hey!
What the hell are you doing?
That is my friend!
That's my friend.
Look, I come in peace, okay?
So, don't blast me.
Great. You bring your phone
this time, dickhead?
- No.
- Good.
Well, well, well.
Looks like Howard here's
made himself a wraith.
I'm a wraith?
I thought I was a ghost.
What's the difference?
You're like a ghost
on steroids.
What is that?
That's why we're here.
Come on.
They're ghosts being sucked
into Nekropods.
And all that energy
is pouring into the network,
directly into the hands
of you-know-who.
- Who?
- Your mother, Finnegan.
Who do you think?
Well, how am I
supposed to know?
Check this out.
This is a map of the city.
The Nekropods are forming
a giant pentagram.
A pentagram
is a summoning symbol.
Shit. Sorry.
It's kind of addictive.
- Come on, man.
- Okay.
Put this on.
All right, straight ahead.
At the foot of that building,
about halfway up the wall.
Do you see it?
Ah, Nekropod, yeah.
Look we're going to get
that Nekropod, open it up,
find out
what's under the hood.
Wanna come with?
- Um...
- "Um" is not an answer.
Just give me a minute, please.
Okay, we don't have a minute,
hotshot. Just listen...
No, you listen. You listen.
I just found out
that I'm part of
some weird, little,
anti-satanic superhero club.
And that my mother
killed my father
and a whole lot
of other people
and ate their fuckin' souls!
And because of that,
I've spent my entire life
growing up
in shitty foster homes
thinking I was Oliver Twist,
but, apparently, I'm Merlin
the fuckin' Magician.
Demons are trying to kill me
through phones, with axes.
Somebody tried to suck my soul
directly through
my face today.
And now, you're asking me
to help you steal a thing
off a wall that is guarded by,
the scariest fucking thing
I have ever seen
in my entire life.
Well, excuse me
if I need a little time.
Just give me a fuckin' minute.
You should give him a minute.
I'll give you a minute.
Why don't I give you
the same minute
it took for our father
to die for your arse?
Tor, be cool.
Running is not an option.
Not for any of us.
She is going to find us,
and she is going to kill us.
Howard, our Dad said
you were here for a reason.
Give me one day.
Let me train you.
See what you got.
Besides, you got
anything better to do?
Come on.
They've got their own batcave!
This is a Killstation.
It's like a slaughterhouse
for demons.
Don't be scared Howard.
This is a safe zone.
Meet your new
sparring partner.
I saw you push a demon
through a landline cable
with your bare hands today
so I bet you pack
a hell of a punch.
Like, hit it? Like, uh...
No, not with
your hands, Howard.
Like that.
Right? Hmm.
I don't know what to do.
You have
to take this seriously.
I am. I just...
I can't!
I'm gonna shit my pants.
I'm gonna shit my pants.
Let's try something smaller.
Close your eyes.
Just relax.
Slow and steady.
Do you feel that?
Yeah, I do.
That's right.
Just like that.
Open your eyes.
Hit the bag.
I'll get you another one.
This is a Nekroportal.
You push a demon spirit
into this thing
and summon it up
as a real-life demon
through that goopy,
liquid stuff.
Like a 3D printer
for demons, hmm?
Something like that.
And whatever you do,
don't put a naked flame
anywhere near that thing.
- Why?
- It goes boom.
Superhero battle armor!
Fricking sick!
These are
anti-possession suits.
you're inside a pentagram
with an active demon,
you must be wearing one
or that thing is gonna try
and jump straight inside
your head,
and if it gets in too deep,
then we're gonna have to,
you know...
- Kill you.
- Great.
There's a demon inside
each one of these things.
We call them trap boxes.
We push the demon
out of the human host
and seal them inside.
This one here
is a nasty, little fucker.
So what you gotta do
is push the demon
out of the trap box
through those cables,
down into the portal.
Then, when you see that thing
light up
like a Christmas tree,
you summon it up.
Just summon it up,
just like that, huh?
Yeah. You'll know what to do.
- All right. Okay.
- Trust me.
Uh, and then what do we do?
Then Old Betsi
takes care of the rest.
Who's Old Betsi?
This is Old Betsi.
Whenever you're ready.
So, I just push the thing
down into the portal,
then it's, uh,
Christmas lights,
then summon, right?
That's right, stud.
We'll take it from there.
Ow! Fuck it!
Oh, Jesus!
Hey! Breathe.
Just relax. Let it happen.
Yeah, okay. All right.
I got this.
I got this.
Demon 786, offline.
Little bastard.
- Hey, Lurch.
- Hmm.
- Get your crew ready.
- Yes, madam.
Okay, here's the plan.
There's an electrical
tunnel system
below the city
that leads directly
to an isolated pod.
We're gonna load up
the plasma guns.
Do I get a plasma gun?
You're a wraith, douchebag.
How're you gonna hold one?
I don't know,
I thought you guys'd have
a ghost gun or something,
you know?
- Where was I?
- Plasma guns.
We're gonna load 'em up.
We're gonna make our way
through the tunnels
quick smart.
There's an access point
about 15 meters from
the Nekropod, right there.
Torquel goes out first.
She takes out the wraith.
Shouldn't I now take out
the wraith?
You're not ready for that yet.
I could lead her off
on a goose chase
- while you guys do your thing.
- A goose chase?
Hey, no one's doing
any goose chasing.
Torquel's gonna
blast the wraith and then,
right after that, I need you
to detonate the thumper.
Wait a minute.
What's a thumper?
An EMP bomb. Shuts down
all the phones in the area.
Means your darling Mummy
can't send any demons.
- It'll buy us some time.
- Cool.
Then I go and get the pod,
we both jump back
in the tunnels,
and we run like hell.
Any questions?
Yeah. What do I do?
You do fuck all.
Just try and stay out of the way,
But if you see any geese,
chase 'em.
- There it is.
- Right.
Give me the thumper.
Oh. Uh...
That's armed.
When this thing kicks,
it fricking kicks.
So be ready.
Hold this.
That's the detonator.
Do not push that button
until I give you the signal.
- Okay.
- Excuse me.
What is the signal?
You okay?
I'm holding an EMP detonator
in my hand. No, I'm not okay.
All right. What do you want,
some reassurance?
What I want is for you
to look me in the face
and tell me everything's
going to be super sweet.
That's what I want.
That's what I would like.
Everything's gonna be sweet.
Super sweet?
Super sweet.
Hey! Loverboy!
We only have one shot at this,
so don't fuck it up.
I'll see you on the flipside.
Don't miss, bitch.
As if.
You heard the man.
Don't fuck it up.
Thank you.
Oh, shit.
What the fuck did you do?
Oh, shit! Sorry, bro.
Fucking Howard!
Go. Now!
Did I hit it?
Rangi. Hey, Rangi!
You had one job.
I had that.
I really don't like you
hanging around
with these types of girls,
They're inappropriate.
I see you've got
your own pet wraith now.
I'm going to give you
one last chance
and then it's no more
Mrs. Nice Guy.
Come on, Howard.
Come home.
Fuck you, Mum.
"Fuck you, Mum"?
It's the best I could do.
Oh, dude!
Look what she did to my face!
Little fucking shit!
Come on. Come on!
Pod missing. Pod missing.
Installing new Nekropod.
Installing new Nekropod.
Pod replaced.
- Oh.
- How do I look?
- Good. Really good.
- Better?
Mmm, much better, actually.
It's a...
It's a head.
Who the hell is that?
That's Uncle Dave.
- You know this guy?
- Yeah.
Yeah, it's Uncle Dave.
Why's his head in there?
Turn it on.
- Well, are you sure that's...
- Turn it on.
Can you hear me?
Is that you?
Yes. Yes, yes, it's me.
You fucking whore!
Slut! Foul witch!
Oh, God, I'm so sorry.
Molly, they make me
say these things.
- Think these things...
- Fuck you!
Suck my dick!
Eat my shit!
Oh, god dammit,
I can't control myself!
Lick my face through an anus!
You know, he kind of
reminds me of my uncle.
David, why has Finnegan
done this to you?
Feeding us dead souls.
Making us...
She's making us eat them.
Filling us with power.
Unclean power.
"Us"? But what do you mean,
"us"? There's more of you?
All of us...
Shut the fuck up, bitch!
All of us!
Are you saying every Nekropod
has a Nekromancer head inside?
Why would she do that?
- She's using us...
- Arse! Fuck!
Camel tit! Fuck up!
Using our combined power
to summon a million human
souls into the network.
Through the game.
What's she gonna do
with a million souls, Dave?
Feed on them.
With that much power,
she'll be able to possess
the entire internet.
She'll have access
to every fucking soul
on Earth.
How long have we got?
Not long. You have to hurry.
Set me free, Molly.
Set me free.
Your heads
are next, you fucking whores!
We need to get access
to her security systems.
What's the plan?
I'm gonna jump myself in.
I'm gonna jump inside
the network.
Pentagram 85 percent complete.
Do you hear that,
Our pentagram
is nearly complete.
Do you know what that means?
It means we suck their souls.
I'm going to be beautiful
and you'll just be
a fucking head in a box.
Double tap to capture.
Oh, shit!
Whoa! I thought Molly
was jumping in.
Hey, what are you doing?
Bring me back.
What, no!
She's inside the network.
I'm gonna jump her back out.
Wait, wait, wait.
If she's already inside,
then maybe we should give her
a chance.
She's doing it.
She made it in.
Security breach.
Security breach.
Security breach.
Security breach.
Nearly there. Nearly.
Shit. Shit.
We gotta get her out of there.
Get out of the way.
Get out of the way!
You pull her back in.
Pull her back in!
- How?
- Please try, now!
- Okay!
- Please!
Come on!
What did you do?
What the fuck
happened to her head?
Hey, Howie.
We gotta get out of here, man.
Should be me lying there.
That wouldn't
do anybody any good.
Could have stopped her.
Jumped her out sooner.
I pushed too hard.
I fucked up. I...
No, that's not fair.
I practically
forced you into it.
This is on me. Now she's dead.
Now they're all fucking dead.
I had her.
I was so close.
But I panicked.
I pushed her away
as hard as I could
for a second there,
I could taste her.
I could taste her soul.
And it tasted good.
My sister's soul
tasted good to you?
No. No, no, no.
That's not what I meant, no.
No, I... I didn't, um...
My sister's soul
tasted good to you.
Molly, please,
that's not what I meant.
And then
her fucking head explodes?
You know what?
I don't know who the fuck
you are, Howard North.
You turn up out of the blue,
and now everybody's dead.
All I know about you
is that you are related
to a crazy, twisted,
psychotic freak!
I don't know where you've been
the last 20 years.
How do I know
you're not working for her?
Like mother, like son.
A filthy fucking soul eater!
Maybe I should just shoot you
in the head right fucking now!
Maybe you should.
Go ahead.
Do it.
You either trust me
or you don't.
Your sister just wanted me
to tell you
to stop whining
like a couple of bitches,
and get her the hell
out of the box. That's all.
He's right.
- She's in there.
- And she's pissed.
Well, how do we get her
out of there?
I don't know. I've never
seen this shit before.
There has to be a way
to get her out.
- I don't know it.
- Well, you...
Why don't we just use
the 3D printer?
Anybody ever
tried this before?
No, not with human souls.
How does it feel?
Kinda funky.
Did the upload complete?
All the data was corrupted.
Don't worry. I've memorized
her entire system.
Everything. All of it.
It's all up here.
Burn it.
"Thanks for bringing me back
from the dead, huh."
"Oh, you're welcome, Torquel."
Oh, fuck! Fuck!
The good news is...
I have a plan.
There it is. Come on.
I don't think you got it.
Hey! Hey, how about this?
I'll go and hook us up
to the mainframe,
and you keep this
fuckin' thing off our backs.
- Deal?
- Deal.
- Be careful, okay?
- Okay.
Three, two, one.
Pentagram 100% complete.
You okay?
Come on.
- Do you think she'll make it?
- She has to.
No, no, no, no! No!
She's killing them all.
She did it.
She fuckin' blew herself up.
It didn't work.
She's trying
to force her way out.
What are you doing?
You just have to push her out.
Now wait a minute.
Push her out of what?
I trust you.
Molly, no!
No, no! No, Molly! Molly! No!
Molly. Molly. Molly.
been a naughty boy, then?
Do you have any idea
how hard I worked
to make all this happen?
And you
and your little bitch whore
just fucked it all up for me!
Go ahead.
Punch a hole
in your girlfriend.
See if I care.
Why couldn't you
have just stayed
under whatever rock
your father buried you under?
It's going to take me years
and years
and years to clean up
all this shit.
And I know what that feels like.
Come, give Mama a kiss.
you're gonna need
heaps and heaps
and heaps of therapy
after this.
Whoa! Slow and steady.
- Yeah?
- All right.
Are you okay?
Did it work?
Yeah, I think we got her.
Let's take the bitch out.
Are you okay with what
we're about to do?
Like the whole 3D printing
of my mother, and shooting her
with a plasma-powered
bazooka thing?
Yeah, fine.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Just fuck off!
I mean, when we bring her
up out of there,
she isn't gonna look
like your mother.
Her soul is about as corrupted
as you can get.
It's gonna be ugly.
Shoot it!
Molly, now!
You brought me back.
- Yeah, of course I did.
- Thanks.
Don't mention it.
What'd I miss?
Where in the name of fuck
did I leave my car?
Suck on this.
Fuck off!