Nemesis (1992) Movie Script

When the uplink came through
with the work orders,
he had a strange feeling everything
was about to change for him.
Maybe it just had
something to do
With the way the world is today...
Bio-enhanced gangsters,
information terrorists,
cyborg outlaws.
Everything so congested
with high-tech overload,
that he was starting to feel
a little numb.
You see, there's an old saying
in his business,
"it pays to be more than human."
I don't think he was
so sure anymore.
Move and I'll crush your throat.
I had to be sure you weren't armed.
Can't be too careful nowadays.
There's undercover police everywhere.
Relax, baby.
Goddamn cop!
Goddamn terrorist.
The things people do
to get ahead.
His work order turned out to be
a nicely shaped chip smuggler,
who had some expensive
bio-engineering done
to her insides.
She was able to charge double,
because of the extra rams
she could carry.
"Morico" was the alias
she had been using,
and she had hoped to
download her data
on a gang of terrorists, known
as "The Red Army Hammerheads."
The Hammerheads...
They're a cute bunch,
fighting a lost cause.
Someday i expect to see
their scan I.D. S
Come over the uplink.
But right now, Morico
had been his work order.
Then it was filled.
See? Laundering data
can be dangerous.
You break the law...
Go to hell.
That guy we passed in
the hall, he's a cop.
No problem.
Our courier's been iced
by an L.A.P.D. agent.
He beat us to the data chip.
We're in pursuit.
Are you sure he's L.A.P.D.?
He's a cop, all right.
Get him!
Go on.
Go, go, go!
That knee was brand new.
Fuck, he's quick.
Aw, sensitive man.
Give it a rest.
You son of a bitch!
You toss your weapon aside,
and you step away,
and I'll say you were cooperative.
I don't think this is funny.
Cops are animals.
You don't know who that
woman was back in the room.
You don't know who I am.
- You're a terrorist.
- You're confused.
We're trying to save humankind,
And you...
You protect the machines.
No wonder you protect them.
You're mostly machine. You're not
really human anymore, are you?
86.5% is still a human.
None of you is human.
Never was.
You have no idea
what's going on here...
What this is really all about.
When i'm through with you,
there's no way
they'll be able to put
you back together.
I'm here to tell you
you're finished.
You lose.
God, ohh-hh!
This is the Los Angeles
police department.
You are surrounded.
I order the occupants
of building 4-0-8-7
to exit that building
and surrender to police authorities.
Drop your weapons
and exit with your hands up...
We'll start by replacing his eyes.
Respiration scans read critical.
Human organs are at 9.8.
Fluid levels, 18.2.
You're not really human.
Mostly machine...
You're not really human.
You're mostly machine...
You're not really human.
You're not really human anymore,
are you?
Or are you?
It took them six months
to put him back together.
Synthetic flesh,
bio-engineered organs.
It always scared him that they
might take out his soul,
and replace it with
some matrix chip.
After the techs were
done with his body,
they shipped him to Baja.
He ended up in this
godforsaken refuge
on the edge of existence.
The kind of place where
people on the run
go to be forgotten.
He was there to recuperate.
Cerveza, por favor.
Mind if I sit down?
I am Rosaria.
I'm not looking for company, lady.
I can see that, senor.
I've seen you around.
Not too many gringos
come down here
without some kind of...
sad story.
No one's here without
some kind of story.
I won't give awa Y your hideout.
What do you want?
I want to get even.
With who, senor?
You, terrorist.
- Oh, shit!
- Remember L.A.?
He wanted to tell this terrorist
that he had given
a lot of thought
to what she said back in L.A.
About whether he was
more machine than human.
He wanted to tell her
she started him thinking.
I know he really wanted
to tell her all this.
But she was dead.
So instead he sat there
listening to the sound
of approaching engines.
The kind of turbo engines
we use in our vehicles
at L.A.P.D.
Not bad, but a little sloppy,
Looks like you're ready
to go back to work.
The cyber transplants
have really taken to you.
Can't tell what's real
and what's synthetic.
- You'll be all machine soon.
- Shut up, Pam.
Pack up, Alex.
Rehab's over.
Farnsworth wants you back online.
I quit, and you tell
Farnsworth that.
And if he doesn't like it,
I know he will find me
and let me know.
To stop the pain.
She's right,
nothing is mine anymore.
Nothing's been mine
since I met you, Jared.
I didn't force you to enlist.
You and Farnsworth did not
give me much choice, did you?
We got you out of prison.
That was the deal.
What's wrong, Alex?
You want me to tell Farnsworth
he misjudged you?
That I misjudged you?
You can't handle the job,
you've lost the edge.
You've become too emotional.
I can't feel anything anymore.
You turned me into
a fucking machine.
I don't know what's
right or wrong.
Since when did you care?
Maybe you should take the time
to find out what you
care about, Alex.
I cared about you, once.
- I'm synthetic.
- That's right.
And i thought you were real.
Well, I never said I wasn't.
there's a lot of us
working to make
a bad world better.
Remember that.
What do you care about
a better world?
You're a cyborg.
I live here, too.
That was unnecessary.
We'll never
get him back now.
I'll give Farnsworth
the bad news.
The next year was
as grim as it gets.
He slipped into the
black market network
that thrived in
the New Rio grid.
He wanted to try his hand
at smuggling,
but he really didn't
have the knack for it.
His deals...
When he could get them...
Usually ended up with
someone getting dead.
Not the best thing
for staying in business.
Just when he was about
to give up on Brazil,
he got word this morning
some hotshot systems cowboy
wanted to see him.
The systems cowboy went
by the name Marion Face.
He had some japanese tech
that wanted to switch corporations.
The tech needed safe passage
through the electronic web.
A perfect setup for Alex.
It's about time, Marion.
You know you're making a
simple deal very complicated.
Are you enjoying your
retirement, Alex?
Still glad you quit
being a cop?
I hear you've been dealing
out on the line.
You've blown a lot of
transactions, Alex.
Your rep in the Brazil
triad is shit.
You're lucky I even
took a chance on you.
So where's the japanese tech
with the chip?
He'll be here.
Help me relax, Marion.
Pull your hands out
of your pockets,
where i can see them.
There's nothing
up my sleeves, Alex.
Don't worry, Alex.
You're not gonna die.
L.A.P.D. will put you
back together.
They want you for an assignment.
Farnsworth is here.
Let's go.
I also understand the
situation in Rio
was quite messy.
What are you talking about?
I saw the reports.
- How is that possible?
- I have my sources, you know.
You have some nerve
looking into this.
He used to be one
of my best ops.
Get him out of there.
So I'm still alive
for a reason, right?
You're too valuable to let go.
I knew I might need you,
so we allowed you to retire.
How was it?
Pretty fuckin' desperate, huh?
You're only good
at one thing, Alex.
It's all you'll
ever be good at.
You see that now, I think.
I hope you do, because
I need Your skills again.
And what makes you think
I would help you?
Because when they put you
back together last week,
they added a little something.
Your heart...
A bomb.
Enough to make you disappear.
You're living on
their time now.
So how do I stay alive,
The american president and
the prime minister of Japan
are meeting in L.A.
in three days.
The security plans for the
summit have been stolen.
I'd like to keep it quiet.
I can't use anyone
in our department to
retrieve the disks...
Too many goddamn japanese around.
Ever since the U.S.
and Japan merged,
it's been a fight to...
keep down these slant-eyed
This is the kind of power play
they are looking for
to get rid of the commissioner.
I need you, Alex.
I've been saving you
for something like this.
Sandrakes is good.
We're wasting our time,
He's just a speed-loader now.
Listen to your queer,
he's right, I can't do it.
Alex, you want to know
who has stolen the security plan?
Your ex-boss, your ex-lover.
That synthetic bitch
turned on us.
Gone renegade.
She's selling plans to a...
terrorist organization,
"The Red Army Hammerheads."
Jared is hiding out in Java,
a low-tech shithole
called Shang-Loo...
That is part of the
Southwest Asian Hui.
Some second-class cyborg...
What's the name?
- Julian.
- Julian is fronting for her.
We know Jared's going
to meet with...
The leader...
We don't know
who the leader is,
what he or she looks like.
But if you will bring back both,
- We can...
- You go and get them.
We want you to do it, Alex.
You've got the experience.
You know Jared.
You could talk her into giving up.
Convince the goddamn cyborg
to correct her error.
Why did Jared steal the plan?
Go to Shang-Loo and
find out for us.
Forget it.
You know the cliche,
you racist asshole?
What's that?
"Pull it, and you'd better use it."
Give me an excuse.
How's that one?
You haven't lost the edge, Alex.
Find someone else.
Remember the bomb in
your heart, Alex!
You've got three days.
The clock is running.
Take this one last assignment,
as a favor to me,
and I'll set you up,
on a real retirement
with all the money and
junk you could want.
He'll be here in a moment.
I think he accepted the story.
By the time he learns the truth,
it'll be too late.
You still believe
he can manage this?
He won't have to do much.
If he can walk, that's enough.
Besides, Jared won't let
anyone else get near her.
There's no guarantee
he'll try to find Jared.
He won't have a choice.
How's that?
I've sent Billy Moon to Shang-Loo.
Alex won't have to find Jared.
Billy will make sure
she finds him.
Get him cleaned up.
Shang-Loo, christ.
Immigration, asshole.
What do you see?
What's out there, Billy?
Just another tourist.
Just another tourist, Billy?
I told you L.A.P.D.
is sending a shark... stop me.
Sharks come in all shapes
and sizes, Billy.
I told you that, didn't I?
What are you gonna do about it?
Nothing, Billy.
Nothing for now.
Did I tell you how much
I appreciate all the help
you've given me and Jared,
Did I thank you?
Ah, welcome to Shang-Loo, mister.
I am Yoshiro Han, proprietor
of the Shang-Loo hotel.
Room for one. How much?
5000 yen a night, for...
a regular suite.
However, a view of the volcano
can be yours for a measly
10,000 yen.
How much is 10,000 yen
in american?
I'm terribly sorry, mister.
We only accept yen.
American is so very...
How you say?
Questionable, yes?
I'd better pass on that volcano.
What do you want, mister?
Someone in particular?
It's a busy time of year.
Lot of visitors.
Alex Rain?
Good fake name, yeah?
Give me the key.
Up the stairs, fifth
door on the right.
And if you like,
I can arrange guided tour
of the volcano, mister.
Alex Rain.
Is he the one, Angie-san?
Easy enough to find out, no?
What's the matter you?
No more of their drugs.
If Farnsworth is going
to kill me tomorrow,
I want to be clear.
I hope Jared really
hurts L.A.P.D.,
I really do.
She can sell her data to the
dog boys for all I care.
He's a fuckin' speed-loader.
Huh. Maybe he's not the shark,
What do you think, Billy?
You think he's a shark?
I don't think they'd
send a junkie.
Not on something this important.
It worries me, especially
with the exchange going
on this afternoon.
Probably just here for
the goddamn volcano.
I have to know.
Relax, baby.
I got you this far, right?
I'll run over later.
I'll see if it's
this cop Alex Rain you're
so concerned about.
Hey, I got you this far...
So relax.
Look, kill him later.
I want you to fuck me now.
Why did you do that?
You're insulting, Billy.
No, Julian...
Julian, what the fuck
are you pulling, man?
I thought we had a goddamn deal.
I thought, uh...
Come on!
Look, look now...
Please, don't do this.
Damn it!
We had a goddamn
motherfucking deal!
I'm your fuckin' partner in this!
I fuckin' set you up
in Shang-Loo,
I helped your ass!
We had a deal,
you plasmo-sucking bitch!
You helped a little too much,
How does an out-of-town
hustler like you
get the inside scoop
on undercover cops
and terrorists?
Answer me that, huh?
How does it happen?
I was trying to help you, man.
Too bad the sensor read
differently, Billy.
Too bad for you
it said you were L.A.P.D.
Angie-san, Room 16.
Room service.
Hey, how's it, bro'?
On behalf of the Shang-Loo
welcome wagon,
I'd like to introduce my
right arm, Fran Terry.
Angie-liv, yours truly.
Leave me alone.
I guess "leave me alone"
means something different here.
Or are you too stupid to get it?
Bugger get smart mouth, eh?
Like that in a victim.
Make it easy on yourself, bro'.
I'm the boss here.
Anybody smart mouth in Shang-Loo,
only if I say.
What are you looking for?
No, no.
I ask the questions, Boy-san.
So why you here, brother?
To see the volcano.
Look, make it easy on yourself,
I can find a place on you
that's still human.
Where you can still
feel something, eh?
I'm just looking for someone,
The cyborg from old California.
Jared, yeah?
Yeah, we hear she stole
something from the L.A.P.D.
What, they wan' send you
down here to stop her
before she sells something
to those terrorists?
The Red Army Hammerheads?
Since you know so much,
maybe you can tell me
how to find Jared?
Hey bro', why?
Look like missing
persons to you?
Hey, The Hammerheads,
what you think of them, man?
- I don't.
- Hammerheads are rebels, yeah?
They freedom fighters
trying to stop
the spread of information systems.
The cyborg computers who will try
to enslave civilization.
Think of themselves as
protectors of humankind.
You know, maybe you're
one smart cop.
Maybe too smart for cop, brother.
Maybe, just maybe,
you're one sharp motherfucker.
That's a lot of maybes.
Look stop it now, I'm
telling you the truth.
Why, gaijin?
Because i'm going to
be dead in two days.
I've got something inside me.
- Oh, shit!
- Inside you? Bomb, yeah?
Yeah, that's right.
When I get close to Jared.
I got a feeling I'm going
to become colorfull.
So stop fucking with me!
Surgery by surgery, brother.
Getting more machine than human.
How you feel about that?
I didn't have any choice.
Sad, yeah?
At least I'm still alive.
Won't make any difference
you no care, brother.
Just make sure you
stay away from me,
in case your bomb get accident.
Next time...
...I kill all of you motherfuckers.
Let's go get plate lunch.
Hey Julian, who the fuck
are these guys?
Who cares?
You're not the maid, are you?
Bring him in here, Michelle!
Did you hear what I said?
He's checked out.
It only works if you
load it, stupid.
Thanks for the tip.
Jared said you were
someone I could trust.
She said you were...
Who the hell are you?
Someone that can help
you find Jared.
I apologize for Michelle's
unorthodox methods,
but I needed to run
a scan on you,
with a respirator sensor,
just to make sure Jared
wasn't overly optimistic
about your allegiance.
I don't really care
what your scan says...
We can't really talk.
Farnsworth's got a
surveillance unit
implanted in your right eye.
He can hear and see
everything you do.
So you want me to
tear out my eyeball?
Jared came up with
a slightly less drastic measure.
- I trusted Jared once...
- Yeah, and she betrayed you.
- Yeah, she betrayed me...
- She did it for a good reason!
It wasn't her reason.
There is more at stake
than your feelings.
There always was.
Are you gonna help us?
You're a goddamned cyborg.
Why should I help you?
And you're a pathetic,
fucking speed-loader!
I don't want to depend on you!
I don't want to have
to rely on you!
Jared gave up her life
believing we needed you.
So she's dead?
Look, are you going
to trust me, Alex?
There's no more fucking time!
Okay, do it.
All right, Alex.
- Now this is gonna...
- Sting a little? I know.
No, actually,
it's gonna hurt like a motherfucker.
Just do it.
Hold still!
We're busted.
Let's go pick them up.
You know, she's not really dead.
- What do you mean?
- Jared was caught leaving L.A.
She suffered major wounds
to her housing.
Her body died a few hours
after she got here.
So she's gone?
Her body is, but not her data.
Jared's mind and soul, Alex.
The database was transferred
to her memory banks.
Take Jared
to The Red Army Hammerheads.
A meeting's been set for
today at sundown,
on top of the volcano.
They'll wait there
until the sun vanishes,
then they're gone.
And with them,
our best chance to stop Farnsworth.
All units, move to preset positions.
Scan coordinates
for any terrorist support activity.
Welcome to Shang-Loo, gentlemen.
Why did Jared do this?
Ask her yourself.
Plug her into this computer.
You'll be able to talk to her.
Team two, report.
Team two in position.
You know I've got
an encoded explosive in my heart?
That will scramble the signals
they try to send the bomb.
You're safe for now.
As they decode the jammer,
the lights go out.
When all five are gone...
Why did you need me?
Jared said you were the best.
That you'd have a better chance
of making it.
Why are you helping Jared?
I want to matter.
I want it to mean something
that I lived.
Isn't that what life's all about?
They are trapped...
Sitting ducks.
Team three, report.
Team three set.
On your command, lockup will
commence in 15 seconds.
We can get out the back way,
through the bathroom window.
Go on! Get out!
I'll cover you.
Well, it's an exciting resort.
A deep layer scan
confirms that Jared was
in the room with Alex,
Julian must have Jared on disk.
The jam on Alex's charge
is holding.
The techs here say it will
take six to 12 hours
to decode the scrambler
Julian put in him.
We haven't got six hours.
The Hammerheads, they could have
the data by then.
Sam, look at this.
Julian, wait.
I believe you've left
something behind.
Wait, Julian, here.
Let me help.
You've already erased your
memory banks.
Disciplined to the last.
But there's nothing I want
in your auxiliary program.
You'll be found out soon.
Not if we kill everyone that knows.
You always were
an extremist, Sam.
You were a shitty cyborg.
You were never one of us.
Killing all the humans...
Isn't going to make you
any more real.
I am real.
we got a little trace image
from the hotel's recorder.
Not much, but have a look.
Take Jared to The Red Army
A meeting's been set...
Hey, Sam...
I'll be back.
I don't think so.
That's it.
The sound is ionized.
Alex has Jared with him.
We've got him now.
If the techs can decode the jammer.
This agent has a knack
for survival, hasn't he?
Developed quite a reputation
while he was online, eh?
Alex Rain will be destroyed,
somehow, some way.
He's human, after all.
We'll track him on foot.
He'll try to meet with
the hammerheads.
Billy said it was going
to happen that way.
We'll find the rest.
Well, I hope so.
Jared, can you hear me?
Welcome to Shang-Loo.
Is julian with you?
No. Why did you turn
against L.A.P.D.?
You believed in them.
Not against L.A.P. D...
Commissioner Farnsworth.
So he's not the nicest guy
in the whole world...
No. Commissioner Farnsworth
has been replaced.
What do you mean, "replaced"?
I just saw him down in Baja.
You saw a cyborg duplicate.
He's dead.
Killed a month ago.
The cyborg was retro-cloned
into a perfect,
cell-for-cell duplicate
of Farnsworth.
Impossible to detect
with existing scans.
State of the art.
They intend to replace
humans with cyborgs.
Which humans?
All humans, Alex.
They have to be stopped,
before they start a war
between cyborgs and humankind.
You're a cyborg.
Why don't you side with them?
- They are wrong.
- And that's it?
Isn't that enough?
We've got him in sector six.
- There he is!
- Get him!
Give it up!
Fuck you!
- What?
- Not you, Jared.
Come on, I want an
answer out of you!
Where is he?
No, no, no.
Have you seen him?!
Please, don't shoot!
No more, please!
Teach you to fuck with me,
you fucking cyborgs!
Streets aren't safe anymore.
Can't even go to the market
Without meeting some punk.
Shang-Loo takes no shit.
I love this town.
I stole data on labs
doing the cloning,
and who's been duplicated so far.
The Hammerheads can destroy
labs and duplicates.
The cyborgs sent you, Alex.
You were their only chance
to locate me.
They planted that dermo-bomb
in you,
Hoping you'd get close
enough to me
to take us both out.
But Julian planted
the jammer in you.
Farnsworth techs are
working now to decode it.
There isn't much time left...
For either of us.
Jared, who's the leader
Of the Hammerheads?
I don't know.
You know, I don't know why
I'm helping you, Jared.
Because you know what's right...
And what's wrong,
and you care.
For what it's worth, Alex...
I loved you.
Yeah, terrific.
Cyborg love.
It takes more than
flesh and blood
to be human, Alex.
I'll talk to you later,
Go on, I'll cover you.
Let's go!
I'm coming to get you, Alex.
Shit, another 5%.
Hold on, Jared,
I'll get you to the volcano.
Heads up!
You are a very energetic human.
Follow me.
Oh, fuck!
Who is that girl?
Only three lights left.
Running out of time, huh?
Goddamn L.A.P.D. assholes!
The governor of Java,
he gives them permission
to come here, and fugitive hunt,
and then they think they can
blow the whole fucking place up!
I saw you leave your room.
Through the floor,
that's very slick.
Who the fuck are you?
Max Impact.
Local guide.
For the tourists, eh?
Angie-san told me about you.
He gave me your contract
of service.
Does it really look like I'm
a tourist to you?
Well, I've got to admit,
the hotel deal threw me a little.
Pretty radical escape, though.
No matter what your business
is in Shang-Loo,
you gonna need a guide, eh?
I'm your girl.
Please, Alex-san, come on.
I really need the job.
And you need my help too, no?
Looks pretty busy in
Shang-Loo right now.
Please, Alex-san, come on.
You don't even have to tip me,
or pay me the bump for
illegal acts, eh?
You can even scan me
if you'd like.
See if i'm telling you
the truth, huh?
Sorry, Alex-san,
But the big boss wanted to see you.
And we know you not come,
unless invited special-like, eh?
Thought you were going
to leave me alone, Angie?
Cyborgs really fuck things up,
Specially when they turn renegade
and no tell nobody.
So you know about Farnsworth?
Like i told you, Alex-san...
it's the information age,
Relax, Alex.
If I, like, steal
the disk from you,
you never wake up, bro'.
Take it as a sign of good faith.
Good faith on what, Angie?
I want you to help me.
Your reputation as a hitter
is quite renowned in the community.
You have systems access
like nobody else.
Who needs someone like you?
The Hammerheads, huh?
The last of them, Alex-san.
I need your help With the cyborgs.
They're replacing the humans
and we can't tell
who's real and who's not.
How can you trust him, Angie-san?
He should die for what he's done!
Max is right, Alex-san.
You've done many terrible things.
You killed her sister.
Last year.
I thought I was enforcing the law.
And what do you think now?
Get down, bro'!
No die on me!
Come on, cowboy,
Angie-san needs help.
I thought you wanted me dead.
Later! Right now, I need
you make others dead.
Let's have that disk, Angie-san.
You're the last of them,
No more Hammerhead bosses.
I want you to die
knowing you've lost.
It's over for the humans.
Someone will come and replace me.
There is no one else.
I'll finish it right here and now.
Fuck you.
Ja, doc...
I love to watch you work.
Thanks a lot.
It's over, Max, we've won.
We've won, Max.
Not finished!
Nothing finished!
Angie trusted me.
He was old and tired.
He was scared.
The whole thing's gotten so big.
There's another cyborg
runnin' the real deal.
Angie didn't know who,
or how big the operation really is.
He'd think he needs someone
like you to take them out, huh?
And you don't?
You killed my sister,
If you want to kill me,
just do it.
You need me, Max.
I have to meet Yoshiro
at the volcano now.
Let's go and visit the volcano now.
Come on!
Come on, Max, let's go!
The fucking humans.
Give me your hand.
What's going on, brother?
Nothing, Max, nothing.
Come on, let's go.
I picked up their trail,
Subgroups three and four
engage primary target on
east/west coordinates.
They've got to be around here
somewhere. In pursuit.
team eight has lock on
primary target.
I think I've got him.
It won't be long now.
Team eight, report!
My, we've got a lot of energy
today, don't we, Alex?
What happened to our
speed-loading junkie?
We're not the bad guys, Alex.
We just want what's right.
The humans treat us like things.
They fail to understand
that we think,
feel, care...
It's not our fault we're alive.
I don't understand why
you would help them.
In time, the humans will
destroy themselves,
and this precious earth.
They have no appreciation
of what we have.
You're really more like us, Alex.
More machine than human.
Join us.
Come on.
State of the fucking art, Alex!
The weapon!
Get in, Max!
Come on!
Cargo bay!
What was that?
l... I don't know!
State of the art, Alex!
Give it up, Alex.
You're not human.
You're one of us.
- Give me Jared.
- Fuck you!
Alex, you can't win!
Jared belongs to us.
Hold on, Max!
You belong to us.
We own you.
We paid for every part of you.
Then take it!
It's yours anyway!
All right, this shouldn't
take long.
Here we go.
Alex, are you there?
I'm right here, Jared.
you pulled it off.
Even got rid of the
bomb in my heart.
Excuse me? We don't have
much time for the download.
When I'm downloaded,
I'll lose my memory,
all my programming...
You'll only exist as pure data.
I will be dead?
In a sense that's correct. But...
Not like a human.
- Alex?
- Yes, Jared?
Before I go...
Farnsworth asked me to tell you,
he left a letter.
It's at your old drop.
Are you crying, Alex?
You see?
You can care.
Goodbye, Alex.
Get me the hell out of here.
It is over for me,
but the struggle goes on to
preserve the human impulse.
Alex knows what has to be done.
And he's the one to do it.
I did my part.
He is back.
Now, there is hope.
Having a bad day, Germaine?
It's not over, Alex.
There are many more of us.
More than you can terminate.
But I've been doing a pretty
damn good job of it.
Haven't I, Germaine?
I don't believe this.
Amazing what a tech retard can do,
when he really puts
his mind to it.
And that's what I've done.
- I put my mind to it.
- Let me go...
And I'll tell you what you need
to knoW to find two more.
I don't think you have
anything I want to know.
Alex, please.
You know, you were right
about my dirty deals.
Wh-what deals?
People die, Germaine.
You see, Germaine,
When I pull it, I use it.
by the time you read this,
most likely I will be dead.
If you are reading this,
You know about the
cyborg conspiracy
that has somehow
grown up around us.
Jared and I have worked it out
to stop what we know of it.
But to really end
this terrible thing,
you need someone quite remarkable.
It needs you, Alex.
I haven't been kind in
my handling of you,
but it's not a kind world, is it?
Some of us just aren't
meant to lead happy lives."
Ready, Alex-san?
Yeah, I'm ready now, Max.
So, where are we gonna start, eh?
At the beginning.
Well, then that means
we're going to New York.
Tell me something, Alex-san...
How are we going to get you through
the airport metal detectors?
Piece by piece, Max.
It's a crazy time we live
in, huh, Alex-san?