Nemesis 2: Nebula (1995) Movie Script

Alex Rain tried to stop the Cyborgs.
He failed....
Nem-e-sis, noun,
1. goddess of retribution.
2. agent of punishment.
The war between the humans and
the Cyborg began 73 Year ago.
Back in the Year 2027.
10 years later the war was won by the Cyborgs.
They control the Earth and
the humans became their slaves.
There were a scientist who
invented a super-DNA gene ..
- which would produce a man
with extraordinary powers.
A woman, Zana, was chosen to give birth
for this mutant human.
Year 2077 A.D.
Los Angeles, Cyborg America.
Directive: rebels sighted in Section 4. Grid 6.
Attack to commence immediately.
DNA child'ALEX' to be secured.
Scan child for DNA molecular mutation.
Child considered extremely dangerous.
Operation is Priority One.
Commence attack on rebel outpost.
Mother has escaped with DNA child.
Activate search Teams.
Activate bounty hunter ... Nebula.
DNA child must be located and secured.
Zana knew where a special craft was hiden.
A craft stolen from the Cyborgs
that can travel throught time.
East Africa ... 1980
Wootan-rebels and hired mercenaries
battle the goverment in an endless civil war.
Scch, Alex! You have to be quiet,
until we know where we are.
Alex, I have to leave you my love,
I am sorry.
Please try to undestand. Some day
you will return to our world.
You have Powers, Alex.
When you are ready this neckless
will explain everything.
Goodbye my love.
20 Years Later.
Cyborg America.
Timeline shows DNA child hiding
in late 20th century
Dispatch bounty hunter Nebula
to capture.
Tribal east Africa
present day
They baby was called Alex after
her famous ancestor.
And thou she was born in the year 2077 -
the destiny of her life was forged in the late 20th century.
in grimm Wootan, East Africa.
Where are you going?
They'll let me trty the ritual today.
Why would you want to?
I know that I'm a warrior at heart.
Well, I hope you survive.
what's wrong.... whats happened, ....
You're just a girl.
You dare to think you can be
a warrior?
Test me, Juna or are you afraid?
Afraid? Never.
You want to be tested?
It is my right. I am strong.
You have the speed and
the strength of a lion.
But that alone does not make
a Kutu.
Test me.
She's the tribal freak!
We are the laughing stock beacuse
of this white girl!
- She is one of us.
No! She is a creature from
the sky!
She is not human!
They should not have allowed her
to join us!
Alex is our sister.
If anyone denies her this right.
they will have to fight me.
The she will run the chase.
Release the boar!
Run, Alex!
News: A collection of goldcoins has been
stolen from the museum in Mosar.
Three American student worker are
suspected to have fled in an ultralight ....
The government wants an evacuation
of all villages between Karu and Mosar.
The Wootan rebels started a new offensive.
And groups of American mercenaries
has been hired by the rebel leadership.
They start to win the skirmishies and have already
taken over the old uranium mine in Dabar.
You did well, Alex.
She has passed the test.
I challenge you!
You must accept the
challenge, Alex.
Or he banished from the tribe.
I'll kill you.
Today, you have proving yourself
a true warrior.
What troubles you?
You want to know
where you came from?
No one Speaks of it.
The Chief has forbidden it.
Why can't I know?
The Chief has his way.
It's killing me. Everyone else
knows. I can tell.
They treat me as if I were a leper.
Come with me, Alex.
You must never tell no one what you are
about to see.
This area is forbidden.
The maze is haunted.
The Chief spread the tale to keep
out the unwanted.
You arrived in this when you
were a child.
You have no memory of it?
Go ahead. Look inside.
Perhaps that might help you recall.
I came alone?
No. With a woman.
Your mother perhaps?
We were too late to save her.
So we know nothing of who you
are, or why you came here.
The Chief says it was a vessel
from the gods.
But some, like Zumi, were jealous.
They thought you to be simply
an American.
Why American?
Because of your accent.
My accemt. I've learn English
from mine workers.
You had to learn nothing.
You came to us already knowing English.
The devil has come.
The village is destroyed.
The village is gone.
What could have done this?
The devil.
Female human confirmed as DNAmutant.
Destroy allies.
Destroy allies.
Unable to lock.
Interference from geology.
Laser power expanded.
Disable female.
Now you die!
Grid search.
Lock on blood traces.
Thermal search
no scan trail available.
Chemical trace in river.
What the hell are you, lass?
Such large muscles!
I hope that someone will pay a ransome.
Touch me and you are a sick son of a bitch!
Not soo sick, yankee!
we are going to eat.
- You are sick
- Want to see something really sick, yankee?
No, not me!
I told you to wait for me!
Where have you been?
We had a nice catch today.
The Americans pay darly
for their children.
I thought you were the one fighting for freedom.
Everyone has their home use.
Mine is to make the imperialists pay ...
... in gold.
Look at all these muscles!
My god.
Come on, cut us free before
the rebel show.
Come on.
I can help with that!... Please.
Hey, don't leave us, please!
Please, don't leave us!
- I'll take to my plane.
- What plane?
I fly through to Mosar.
From there we return to the States.
My sister and I are really sick of this country
and civil war, we want to go home.
My dad was an engineer,
and he is dead.
- Who pilot?
- Me. It was my dads plane ...
He hid it before the rebels got us.
- Come on.
- OK. Fly me away from here.
Its a deal.
This cloths are hard to come under hat .
Whats the idea, hah?
It will help us get past the Rebels.
You pretend to be my prisoners.
Just remember, its a cover.
What is it?
Follow me.
Stupid idiot! You deserved to die.
My bulletproof vest is ruined!
You are really something.
Been here a long time, huh?
The old mining plant?
Yeah, we needed a fuel pump.
My father was forced to land the plane.
We were looking for a pump,
when the rebels found us.
Dad was killed.
We run, we ended up up here.
You know the outpost is really close by.
Find the pump?
Yeah I can install it,
when we get to the plane.
Only we had to do the first time. its was just
to much for her, killing of our dad and everything
The mining plant is controlled
by Wootan bandits. Too risky.
- It is our only chance?
- Yes.
Radar sweep.
Life forms located in mining complex.
My dad worked for the goverment.
What brought you to Africa?
My mother. Murdered by rebels.
It was a long time ago. I realy don't
remember her. I grew up in a tribe.
- You sound like an American.
- Holy Cross missionary were Americans.
- So your village were is close by?
- It's gone. Everyone dead.
.... rebels.
- No ... devil.
- So whats the story of your life?
- What do you mean?
Well, you are pretty muscular
aren't you, for a girl.
Its like you been here a long time.
Wait! Quick.
What ...... What? Come.
This is the only way to mine.
- I can not see anything.
- Now look. - Wait.
Find the girls.
Scan search.
No scan trail available.
Gunshots. 507 meters away.
DNA human involment probability.
- Try to escape and I kill you and
your sister. - She is not my sister.
- And I can make a deal worth more
than a rent. - How is that?
There is a treasure and a plane.
You take me to it and I split the looth with you.
What about her?
I do not need any more partners. Do you?
Give me the gun.
Shoot her.
Drop your weapons.
Your bullets can't hurt me..
DNA human scan.
Data input start,
Explosive type D-6 / grenade.
Laser damage.
System damage.
System damage.
Duration to online repair: 00:15:42
System damage.
Duration to online repair: 00:15:38
- Shitta.
- Shut up!
.... here. Find the white woman
and terminate her.
She is in sector 17.
Concentrate patrol in there.
- What do you want?
An American. A rebel has her.
Information costs money.
Yes, yes something I want.
- Don't hurt me, please.
- Please?
- Come on you want the information or what?
- You know, we usually kill girls down here.
- Here you are.
- Where are they?
- There, up on the ridge.
Make in a hurry. Someone is gone a find us.
I sent scout to make sure we are safe.
Enyoy your life, we are going to be rich.
Until he is back we have
time to change that!
- You saved me.
- Did I?
What do you think I liked it?
Just trying to stay alive.
I don't trust you.
but I need with the plane.
Frame me, I'll kill you.
I just want out of here alive.
What, what is it?
Get down, get down.
Do you want another one of your friends to die?
No! Oh!
You would be vaporized if you resist.
Remain in place.
Genetic scan.
Drop your weapon.
Why do you want me?
Because you are wanted by
my superiors for your genetics.
Your mother brought you
from our time to hide you.
My mother was from your world?
My world is a 100 years into the future.
Genetic scan. Data input.
It has takes me 20 years to locate you.
Now I scan you again
to confirm your genetic code.
After I receive confirmation,
you will acompany me back to my time.
Chemical scan.
Data input.
Unable to lock.
Severe system damage.
Prognosis: Terminal.
- Can you still fly? I get you to
the plane, can you still fly?
- What was it?
- Now wait here.
Duration to system crash: 00:16:00
Duration to system crash: 00:15:00
Audio scan.
Duration to system crash: 00:15:00
Unable to lock. Firing.
Duration to system crash: 00:14:00
Unable to lock. Firing.
Duration to system crash: 00:14:00
Laser power expanded.
Get it back. Put it down.
Put it down! Now!
That gold is mine!
Step away from the plane. Go on.
Mine alone!
I deserve all of it!
Unable to lock.
Unable to lock.
System crash.
System crash.
System crash.
System crash.
System crash.
NEMESIS 3 - Time lapse