Nemirni (1967) Movie Script

It was not my fault.
Here's a witness.
They came out of nowhere.
Some madman was driving the car.
But Mr., I insist, there
was a girl behind the wheel.
Please make some room.
Calm down, everybody! Let's
make a list of witnesses.
Your name, please?
That should be enough. Thank you.
Peugeot 404 caused an
accident on New Belgrade.
They ran away from the
accident site by Nis autostrade.
Please repeat the registration number.
- BG 33472
At 20.30, Peugeot 404 theft was
reported. Same registration number.
Attention to all patrole vehicles. Driver
of the stolen car caused an accident...
Kosmaj 74 speaking.
...special warning to Kosmaj 74... Four
adolescents are located in the vehicle.
Follow them and try
stopping them with caution!
Kosmaj 74 speaking. Understood.
C'mon, they're coming.
Someone has to take responsibility
for what happened tonight.
Definitely not me.
Driver has to be blamed.
No one will be accused, She's
making some phone calls as we speak.
Who is she calling?
- Her daddy.
Rubbish. Why didn't I do that?
Because your father
doesn't have a phone.
Yes. he does. You
called hundreds of times.
Not that kind of phone.
Let me kiss you to calm you down.
Just ignore him.
Please, stop. I can't go
any further. I'm scared.
Stop! Do you hear me? Stop!
Take your hands off the wheel!
Get her off of me!
When did the battle
of Kosovo take place?
In 1389.
Stojanovic, do you hear me?
- Did you get their names?
- We identified the deceased man.
His name is Milan Djordjevic, born in
1949. Address is Cika Ljubina Street 9.
Ok. Tell me about that other
girl, what happened to her?
What girl?
I beg your pardon? There were
four people in the vehicle.
Two girls and two boys.
Girl was behind the wheel.
No, Milan Djordjevic was driving.
I see... That means she
must have left off somewhere.
Take control of the
traffic in both directions.
Open up!
Why did it take you so long, comrade?
Quiet, bird is in the cabin.
Why should I go out?
- It's an order!
Get out!
- Yes.
You're free to go.
It's really a bird.
Ms., your ID, please?
- I don't have it.
I'm her ID. Excuse me?
What happened? Ms doesn't have an ID.
It's alright. I know Mr. Ratkovic.
And where is she now?
- Somewhere on the highway.
Will she manage to escape?
- Maybe, if she's aided.
Mr. Ratkovic, sorry for any disturbance
this may have caused. It's fine.
Let's go.
Who is he?
- Have a cigarette.
No thanks, I'm smoking Niska Zeta.
We had so much fun last
night. It was a blast.
What were you driving last night?
Gunther Sax. Bicycle.
Fiat 200...
Stop chewing that gum.
What's your father doing
in life? He's a vagabond.
Doctor. Journalist. Police officer.
Who's the driver?
No answer?
Keep them under custody.
You were afraid that your son
was under that sheet, weren't you?
He likes to play with other
people's cars, doesn't he?
I've already told you not to
mention my son when we're together.
He's the only pure thing to
be left after you're gone.
Are you jealous?
What for? Your happy
marriage, fat wife, son?
Truth to be told, he is
a hunk. Strong like daddy.
Nice of you. I appreciate sincerity
in all of my relationships.
But I should've told you this earlier.
Stop deceiving yourself and face the truth.
You're nothing but a whore.
You fool. I've never even seen your son.
Liar. People have seen you two together.
It's not true. Yes it is.
You little charlatan bitch.
It's funny to hear that from a man
- who's been much despised and ostracized...
...but not until he's
filled his pockets full.
They believed you were going to kill
yourself on a morning like this.
That you were going to redeem
all of your wrongdoings.
After everything that's happened,
you should really do that.
You should have the
courage. Do you hear me?
Who is it?
- Police.
Oh, dear. Just a moment.
Good morning. Sorry for coming
this early. Is Radmila at home?
She's sleeping. Are
you sure? Yes, indeed.
She's not here, afterall.
Please, I'm urging you. She
must be partying somewhere.
Please tell me, what
has she done this time?
Sleep tight. Goodbye.
Radmila, my child, what
have you got yourself into.
What are you doing here?
- I'm looking for Radmila Jankovic.
You didn't fall in love with me, did you?
You're getting very close to the truth.
Let me introduce you.
This is my boyfriend.
Let's have a drink.
Pal, do you mind? Thanks.
Brandy (plum)
- One slightly 'sprinkled' with smoke.
What does the old geezer want? He's
looking for a 'fuel' for his car.
Have you seen Vera recently?
- Vera Bogojevic?
You know I'm not giving informations
to the police, but I adore Vera.
She's such a beautiful and hapless girl.
What happened to her? Nothing significant
really, one slightly "breakneck" ride.
If that's all, you should really
go home and have a nice sleep.
- It's happened a few times before.
Her father is stronger than you.
One of these days I'll
kiss you. Excuse me?
But not right now, I'm in a hurry.
Get out! Screw you.
Now you're kicking me out,
after I've served my purpose.
No, let me go. You bastard.
- Get lost, what are you waiting for?
- Stop throwing my things like that.
You really picked the right time
to kick me out, it's freezing..
You'll pay for this if I see you again.
I asked for a drink. But
you're already drinking.
I want something
harder. Give me a brandy.
Who says I'm a drunkard.
Give me another one.
Maybe he's got a tootache, who knows?
That's right. Everyone's
in pain. What's yours?
My tsigani soul.
- And his empty pockets, too.
What are you drinking?
- One whisky for me, please.
So, now you're a drunkard, too?
Just listen to the boss and
pour it in, don't be a smartass.
- Cheers, boss.
Do you want me to play? Mico,
come. Let's start in in C-dur.
Shame on you. You're
stealing my customer.
And she's acting as
if she's a nice lady.
I waited for you.
- Me?
I knew you were coming.
You're here every Wednesday.
Say something.
Hey, wait!
I have a cure for you. How much?
We'll settle on that later.
- You're selling love?
You're picking very strong
words. It's not really love.
If you proposed me after that. then
maybe it would be... but this way...
- You're acting like a saint, you know?
I'd really like to know.
where do you girls come from.
- How dare you sneak in my truck like that?
Please, don't get mad. I need
to take a ride to Belgrade.
Who are you trying to fool? Get out.
How do you open this door?
What's so special about Belgrade anyway?
- I've got a job there.
What would I get if
they caught me with you?
Please, take me with you.
Don't worry, my door
is open to everyone.
Eh, my Zorica, that's
how it should be done.
These days you can't earn your living
with all those "decent" people around.
What happened?
Some gal. Went with the freezer driver.
Not even 16 years old and she's
a pro already. That sneaky bitch.
Mico, that's because
everybody likes young chicken.
And how should you know
anything about that? You old dog.
You've never hitchhiked
before, have you?
I have.
- I don't believe you.
You're stuck against the window
as if someone's going to hurt you.
What am I doing wrong?
Sit nice and relax.
Is it better now?
- I wish I knew where you grew up.
In the woods. I'm a forester's daughter.
What's your name? Biljana.
Hey, buds, you made a
little deal, remember?
I don't remember,
- To keep you two company?
Now you're having a
memory loss? Screw you.
Come here. Lift your skirt for us.
Excuse me?
That's out of the question.
C'mon, you can do it.
She's worser that this
brandy I've just had.
You don't want to? Well,
you're not first league anyway.
Me? You must be kidding.
I slept with a movie star. See this?
That must be the reason why
he received that Oscar, right?
You old fart. Why am i
wasting my time on you anyway?
Faggots. Go to hell.
I have to work on
refining my techniques.
Next time I meet an old guy... I
will tell him he's ruined my youth.
"I could be your daughter"
You better fix your hair
instead, you look awful.
Really? Is it that noticeable?
One can see it from an airplane!
You're pretty like Mona Lisa.
- Fuck off.
Tsigani trash!
Stop cursing.
Nice company I'm in, in
the middle of nowhere!
You filthy tsiganis!
You were right. I'm not that
lucky, bullet didn't hit me.
Even firing from this close.
Give it a try.
You've always wanted to
set your conscience free.
C'mon. What are you waiting for?
What are you afraid of?
Lift your other hand, too. That's right.
You see. We're the same.
I really hope someone will stop.
You idiot.
You drunkard.
You're doing that again.
You must think all men are the same,
like the one who tore your coat.
No. My parents are afraid that something
horrible is going to happen to me.
Since when do they call
it like that, "horrifying"?
Maybe your parents blindly believe that you're
the only girl with a pair of legs in this world.
Everybody's lying. You told be your
name is Biljana. You lied to me.
I didn't.
Who is it?
- Police.
This early?
What's this all about.
- Good morning Mr. Bogojevic.
Sorry for the early visit, but it's in both
of our interests. Is your daughter at home?
I don't know about that. Come in.
Bogdan, what happened?
They're looking for Vera.
Is she here? Of course? And who are you?
He's a police officer. Check
if she's here. Right now!
She's done it once before
but she got what she deserved.
i can't find the lighter.
Here you go. Thanks.
Some guests were here
and I stayed up late.
Now what I really don't understand...
...doesn't police have
more important things to do?
It's just a game in a very
peaceful time. An upper-class game.
Everywhere in the world. And
nobody makes a big problem of it.
You see, our kids are very
carefree, because they have it all.
When I was her age, I had to fight in a
war and I couldn't afford that much freedom.
That's what their generation is like.
And that's something me, you or the entire
police squad cannot really understand.
That's in their nature. Their
entertainment, their favourite pastime.
I completely understand what you're saying, Mr.
Bogojevic, but those toys are really expensive.
It's ridiculous. Children
have always played like that.
She's not here. I can't
stand it any longer.
I feel like I'm heaving a headache.
Calm down, everything will be alright.
- Please tell me what happened?
Nothing special. A Peugeot was stolen...
What Peugeot?
- Woman, calm down.
Shut up, please.
- I knew something wrong was going to happen...
.. the minute I saw her going out with that
Milan Djordjevic guy, son of a drunkard from 28.
And what are you doing, young
man? What is police doing about it?
Bogdan, are you completely sure they didn't steal our Peugeot?
- What!
Avala, do you hear me? Any news?
Did some investigation. Vera Bogojevic's
mother claims she left with Milan Djordjevic.
The one who died in the accident?
- Yes. You have full description of her...
Her parents are here. If you have her arrested,
please tell her that her parents have forgiven her.
Ok. Have them announce
that on Radio Belgrade.
Are you alone.
- Yes.
Move on.
What is that awful smell? Sea fish.
Sorry, we're closing.
- Police.
Feel comfortable, please.
- We need an information from you.
What would've happened
if he caught us together?
It's still ticking very fast.
Do you have an ID?
- No.
Nowadays people don't carry their ID's and
when they do someone else's photograph is on it.
Do you still think I lied
to you about my real name?
Sure. Every girl that wanders
down the road late at night...
...lies about her real name, name of her
father, mother, address, city, nationality...
That's why I'm not asking you
who you are and where you're from.
She went with the freezer
driver. She's not even 16.
Are you sure? I saw
her with my own eyes.
When did that happen?
About one hour ago.
Are you feeling better?.
I'm still having a headache.
I'd like to help you.
Kiss me.
If you order me to.
- I do.
I'm not the person you think I am.
Who are you?
I am a real girl.
- Real girl?
I've never been with a man before.
And you've never been kissed, either?
No. That doesn't make much sense.
In Belgrade there are girls
who strip in front of men.
I would die of shame
doing something like that.
In city you'll learn that
people don't die that easily.
Why are you scaring
me with your stories?
You'll see.
My father told me that, if it becomes
very difficult for me I can return home.
I met a lot of girls
who came to big city.
They were just like you.
Never stripped in front of men.
They were very ashamed.
And do you know where are they know?
- Where?
Six feet under.
Why are you talking like
this? Because I know the city.
A man looks you in the
eye and says: I'm Peter.
But he's not Peter. Or Pavle. Or
any other name that starts with P.
If things were really like that
people wouldn't live their lives.
Is that what the
forester's daughter says?
You see, people do live their lives...
...when they take their masks off and when
they stop pretending they're someone else.
C'mon, tell me your real
name? Does it start with P.?
I've told you already.
Sorry, Biljana.
I've had enough of this.
Will someone stop?
Halo, Center. Avala here.
Stojanovic, any news?
- Why're you so impatient?
It's very tense here. Bogojevic
is very loud and upset.
We're on their trail. I'll call
you later. Say hi to daddy for me.
Bogdan, who are we waiting for?
Well... that comrade, of course.
That small fish? Why haven't
you made any calls yet?
Please, don't be so pushy.
Mr. Bogojevic is waiting in the
office of a petty police officer.
It's all clear to me. You've allowed
bureaucrats to treat you this way.
I've just spoken with the
patrol. They're on their trail.
We're going to press charges against Vera
Bogojevic. That's all I can tell you for now.
Make a phone call to Mr. Mrdak. Who?
Use this phone, please.
How am I going to...
- Do it!
Why don't you try, it's not that late. It's 8.30
and Mr. Mrdak may suffer from severe insomnia.
Why should I do it?
Is something worrying you?
The boy you broke up with?
I don't have a boyfriend.
I was in love once
but he didn't love me.
He didn't tell you "I love you"?
No one has ever said that to me.
Are you still thinking about him?
No. I don't even remember
how he looked like.
Stop. That must be a girl
police is looking for.
You really want me to? Yes. I've
always wanted to help a fugitive.
Good morning. We're going to Belgrade.
If you want, you can go with us.
- Thank you.
Come in.
Oh dear, what is this? - Don't be
afraid, it's just a harmless puppy.
Are you serious, it
looks pale like death.
I had such a great time last night.
I hung out with some musicians and we
drove all night until I've felt nauseous.
I left them at the middle of the road and
then wandered like a geese in the mist.
Do you like adventures?
That's my hobby.
Excuse me, what's your name?
- Really? That's my name too.
And you? Nebojsa.
Nice name for a dude like you.
Is this your car?
- Yes. Nice wheel.
Are you husband and
wife? Do you have kids?
Yes. A daughter.
What's her name.
- Paraskeva (Holy Mother)
I need to make a confession.
I've never met such nice people.
I really like you.
Zorica, do you know former
film actor Johnny Jovanovic?
I've only heard of him.
And you, brother Nebojsha?
- No.
He starred in a movie
"Call me at half to-9."
He's so heavenly gorgeous.
Only... he's a drunkard.
What happened to him?
Johnny was my true love. We met in
Vinkovci during one of the film shootings.
When we were saying goodbies to each
other, he invited me to come to Belgrade.
And I did. It was a royal welcome.
A night to remember.
You're speaking french?
- Of course.
Only, he was married.
You know how it goes.
Wasn't it a strange
decision to continue on foot?
They were driving really fast.
Whose car was it? Fast car?
Yes, incredibly fast.
Have you seen a freezer recently?
Yes, it's just passed by me.
Quickly, stop it! We'll
come right after you.
And you? Have you really loved before?
I'm asking stupid questions.
You're probably married.
Maybe you have kids.
I was married. I loved my wife.
Once, returning from my job, I caught
her cheating on me with my best man.
As you can see, he turned
out to be a real scum.
Did you kill him?
And her?
I didn't kill anyone.
If you decided to marry again,
what kind of girl would you choose?
Very pretty?
- No.
Pretty like girl from the cover.
- She wouldn't even look at me.
And if she did?
- It's not the type of girl I'm looking for.
I would be happiest
finding a girl like you.
Like me?
- Yes I would.
You're not joking? No,
I'm telling the truth.
And you could really love me?
- Yes.
And you would keep telling me
"I love you" everyday. - Everyday.
This sunshade is from
Johnny. It was a gift.
A gift from Japan?
Where from?
He brought it from Japan?
No, he stole it from a movie star.
I forgot the name...
Rose. That's right.
She had those really big eyes and
was always staring at me like an owl.
He was really madly in love with me.
Once I felt a pain in my tooth, and
it happened to him at the same time.
What happened with you two?
He was married.
You know, those guys like to screw around
but always remain loyal to their families.
Was he older?
Yes, but it's not really important
when man is 20 years older than woman.
You don't really understand
where I'm going at, do you?
My friend got in an
affair with an older man...
and it's as if she's
stumbled upon a golden mine...
Yes, she's got some benefit from it,
but he's never going to marry her.
I give you my word on that.
What is it now?
What is this?
Where is the girl from the
motel you took for a ride?
There's no one here.
Do you hear me? Answer
me when I'm asking you!
Wake up. Where is the girl?
This guy's a nutcase.
C'mon. Let's go.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
Ms, I'll have to ask for your ID.
Just a second.
Do you have an ID?
It must be somewhere...
Let me find it...
Get out. Excuse me?
What could it be now? Just when
I've made myself feel comfortable.
This must be a mixup. A mistake.
Do you see what's
happening, brother Nebojsa?
I'm not guilty. What did I do wrong?
They know it too.
It starts raining again.
It rained yesterday,
too. Nothing has changed.
There... I've just embarrased
myself in front of those people.
Who knows what they'll think of me.
And they told me to visit
them when I come to Belgrade.
They forgot to give me their address.
There they go...
What time is it?