Nene Mukyamantri (2019) Movie Script

'This is one of the state in India.'
'There is one regional
party and one national party..'
'..are competing here in the
political war since three decades.'
'The national party came into power..'
' defeating the regional
party after two elections.'
'Though the party is
a national party by name..'
' is in the hands of Peddabbi and
his son's Chinnabbi in this state.'
'Though Peddabbi doesn't
have any position directly..'
'..he only decides the
Chief Minister and Ministers.'
'Speaking truly, the central power of
the state lies in the hands of him.'
'Peddabbi wants to transfer
the central power of the state..'
' his son Chinnabbi
as a succession.'
'But, Chinnabbi desires
to have the power directly.'
'The father and the son
who have no opposition..'
'..have disseminated their business
in all the sectors in the state.'
'All the major businesses like Cement,
Steel, Mining, etc..'
'..are belong to
their R&R Group only.'
'They are doing the excavations..'
'..upto the tiny villages in
the forest by vacating the people..'
'..crossing the limitations
of their permission..'
'..with regard to their mining works.'
'A volunteer organization
filed a petition in the court..'
'..on behalf of a village
which was ruined in the excavations.'
'That petition is coming
for hearing in the court today.'
'The entire state is awaiting anxiously
for the judgment of the court.'
The court is believing the evidences..
..that the R&R Group was crossed it's
limits of permission in excavating..
..and hence, this court is
ordering the Government to cancel..
..the mining permission
given to R&R Group.
This court also takes
it as very serious..
.in changing the boundaries of
Cheekatigudedm village by R&R Group..
..for their excavation and
ordering the government to provide..
..the boundaries and common
facilities to the village.
The expenses incurred for doing the
same is obtained from the R&R Group.
The court also ordering the
government to cancel the license..
..of the R&R Mining company which has
been involving such irregularities.
This court is commending
the Jana jagruti organization..
..and it's Chief Abhiram to brought
this issue before the court.
Father, you said that the
state is ours and the CM is ours..
..and nobody is there
to question our activities.
What is this nuisance now?
What is that cancelling our
lease when someone filed the petition?
What is that the
judgment is against us..
..instead of our favor when
the government is in our hands?
What is the government is doing?
Father, call that CM.
Hello! Sir, it is Mr. CM.
Greetings, brother.
I just now only received the news..
..when I'm about to call you,
you called me up.
Whatever happened it is happened.
I want my mining and my license.
Brother, listen to me for this time.
Excavate in any place
you want in the state.
Who will come against you?
You don't have necessity
to tell where to excavate.
I want license on the
name of R&R Group only.
It is up to you whether
you and your government..
..approaches to Supreme
court or Tribunal.
But for me, I want the license
on my company's name only.
Brother, that is very difficult.
Apply on a different name
I'm here to take of everything.
I made you CM not to listen you,
but for listen me.
Tell me, if you are
not interested to listen.
There are plenty of
people ready to listen.
I'll make them to sit in your chair.
I'm your fellow brother. Trust me.
Enough saying it.
You should leave your chair..
..if a situation comes
to me to leave my quarry.
Whatever he asked in the state..
..I continued to giving him
as he helped me out to become the CM.
Now he is threatening us
when someone filed a complaint..
..and the court ordered for it.
Sir, what is he saying?
He says, he will comb us
if we don't allow him to comb.
Most of our MLA's including
the opposition MLA's are..
..having relations with that Peddabbi.
Mr. Venkateswara Rao, the situations
are like this only until the MLA's..
..are having the nature
to maintaining the groups.
Who is the person actually
file the petition in the court?
Sir, he is Mr.
Abhiram of Jana Jagruthi organization.
"The statue of highest
justice has shown the way."
"It will reach the destination
if you believe it as great."
"Let the journey continue saying it."
"The righteousness filled
by the truth awaken the nation.."
"..disclosed the secret now."
"The justice says that
we should step forward.."
"..with a belief having a view
that we can find out a new way.."
"..always for our searching
eyes along with the time."
"Let's go.."
"Let's go.."
"Let's go.."
"Let's go.."
When the fruits of development
are close at hand under your regime..
..the authority came to these fellows.
But, these persons are plundering
it for their selfish ends..
..without distributing to the people.
The trees planted by
us always produce the fruits.
We can distribute it to the people as
soon as we come into the authority..
..even after looting it by them.
There is no problem in it.
But, the father and sons are like
insects who will also destroy the tree.
We have to think about it first.
You mean, Jana Jagruthi Abhiram
directly targeted both the persons?
It seems, the person Abhiram
is going in the right way.
Know the complete details of him.
If necessary, extend him
any kind of support he requires.
We need such courageous
and honest people.
Such people will useful
for the state as well as party.
"This is the life."
do you have fancy to this hero?
You are taking too many selfies?
Go and bring the tea.
Greetings, sir.
However, you heroes have lot of craze.
Even our Rathalu
taking selfie with you.
I want to make you as CM.
I'll perform your
marriage with my daughter.
What is this uncle?
You said that someone is
CM until the day before yesterday.
He come with empty hand.
Now, bringing a hero here
and saying that he is the CM.
What we do if he too
comes with empty hands?
We have to have the CM chair.
But, what is this making
some dogs to ascend the chair?
Chinna, listen carefully.
He is the Actor and
we are the Directors.
What he knows is listen to someone.
He will do what we say.
Chinna, we have to make
the dog bark by giving biscuits.
We shouldn't bark.
If necessary we have to bite
and the flesh has to come out.
The blame should
be on the barking dog.
That is the analysis.
Rao, the hero came
and the ladies applauded.
Look for a good heroine
so that the male also will clap.
I already enquired about the matter.
Miss Parijatha will come and join
hands with us tomorrow or other day.
You are the person to stay here.
Because of the heroes and heroines..
..the people including
half of the MLA's will support us.
What we require is Media support now.
Isukapalli Narakasura!
He is the popular analyst of finance.., cine,
health and science in the state.
He is capable enough
on any matter in the world.. change in favor of us.
Greetings, sir!
Do I prepare the bulletin
on today's news and your views on it?
Why the hurry? Bring the news list.
Okay, Sir!
We are not the persons
to decide today's news.
It will depend on the payment.
Bring the payment list.
I got today's matter and
it's counter and encounters.
All are in one angle only.
Peddabbi is the great.
Switch on the camera.
'Is the CM designation
is in danger now?'
'Does the KK Kumar
dig out his own pit..'
' spoiling the
alliance with Peddabbi?'
'With majority MLA's
who think of him..'
' god, in which direction
will Peddabbi steps?'
'Does the Cine Star Ayushman..'
'..will become as Chief Minister
with the blessings of Peddabbi?'
Do the people are awaiting
for the decision of Peddabbi?
You found a good person.
With this blow, think that
the media will be our hands.
All are coming into our hands.
But, he is the person
is going away from us.
I don't know what I have to do.
Nothing will happen.
Don't think too much.
Whatever he asked..
..I did it right from his childhood
as he doesn't have the mother.
But, now he is mad at authority.
The power is like romance.
One wants it for once.
When it comes once,
one wants it always.
It will destroy him.
He is a younger one.
He will adjust himself.
He is very angry on me.
He is not getting my idea.
I'll take care of it Brother-in-law.
Your health is not good now.
Come, let's go to bed.
Let's have a chat tomorrow.
- Have a pleasant sleep.
- Okay.
Sudden death of Peddabbi.
We have an information that he died
with a cardiac arrest yesterday night.
With the sudden demise of Peddabbi..
..the political leaders are visiting
for expressing their condolences.
Peddabbi who provided employment
to so many by establishing RR Steels..
..RR cements, RR mining is no more.
The family members of Peddabbi
are in grief due to his demise.
So many political leaders and famous
people visiting to see his dead body.
We can see the star hero Ayushman.
The family members
conveyed that Peddabbi..
..has his last breath
while sleeping yesterday night.
Dear, he is Mr. CM Keerthi Kumar.
He is a great man.
He helped to so many people thousands
of families are living by his name.
- Greetings.
- Greetings.
He is Mr. Janapaksham Suribabu.
He is Health Mminister
Venkateswara Rao.
What is this star
heroine Parijatham came?
It seems,
she wants to enter into politics.. her career is in climax stage.
- Greetings.
- Yes.
Dear, he is national
party leader Vijay Goswamy.
Chinnabbi, phone me if you
want anything in any circumstances.
The Peddabbi's funeral
ceremony was over.
The Industrialists from various
places of nation and foreign..
..and Ministers and Chief
Ministers from among various states..
..have attended to the ceremony.
The MLA's who are
supporting us have come.
The MLA's who are supporting
to the CM KK Kumar..
..are not coming to our side.
They are not leaning after
the demise of Peddireddi.
Perhaps, they don't have fear of us.
Then, it is better
to show the fear to them.
The MLA's supporting
us have some little desires.
Let's have an ear of them.
In the last election
I spent five crores.
It seems, the expenditure
this time may reaches to ten crores.
That too, we want to construct a
medical college for my Brother-in-law.
What is not known to you?
What Brother-in-law,
still you want to become the CM?
What makes difference
between me and you?
You only the CM and I'm
the brother-in-law of CM.
'The health minister
Venkateswar Rao..'
'..was shot fatally
by the killer last night.'
'This incident was happened
while he was returning from walking.'
What is this he seems too brutal.
Peddabbi used to
manage things conceded.
He didn't go until murders.
His entry started with a murder.
How can we bear him?
We came to know that
he wants to become..
..the CM by side
tracking the star hero..
..promoted by the Peddireddi.
Yes sir. The majority MLA's
are in our support until yesterday.
There are chances that some
of the MLA's will go to his side..
..definitely with this murder.
Unless we take some action,
all of our supporters will move away.
The high command only
can take the action.
What we can do?
I called to Delhi people
for appointment with high command.
I have to see them soon.
Let's see what they will say.
Okay. Let's do if we can do anything.
Shall we leave now?
Sir, this is the file you asked about.
- Thank you.
- Okay, sir.
Greetings, sir.
The court is endorsing the
Public interest litigation petition..
..filed by the Jana
Jagruthi organization..
..after obtaining the primary
evidences that Chinnabbi..
..and R&R's property is a black money.
This court is ordering
the CBI to submit..
..a complete report after
probing in the black money.
Change the news bulletin
which was prepared earlier.
The entire news should
be against Chinnabbi.
What is that Sir,
we are the supporters of Chinnabbi.
So far we are the supporters to him.
But, what he will give to us after the
court ordered for a probe with CBI?
I'll take care of that.
You go and prepare it.
Ready Sir!
'What is the future of Chinnabbi
when court ordered a probe with CBI..'
'..on his illegal property?'
'What will be the action
that Chinnabbi is going to take?'
'Will the CM KK Kumar
protect his designation?'
'Who will be the appointing officer
to probe into this case by the CBI?'
we got a challenging case now.
- Good going.
- Is it Chinnabbi's case sir?
Sir, who is going to deal this case?
The young and dynamic officer
who dealt successfully..
..with the riots of Mujafarpur
and intruding of Assam.
Good morning, sir.
Morning. Come, Satya.
We are talking about you only.
I'm going to entrust
a challenging case to you.
- What case it is sir? - It is
Chinnabbi's Illegal properties case.
Oh! I heard it in the
news yesterday only sir.
He is Mr. Naidu from Hyderabad.
He helps you in this case.
- Hello!
- Take this.
From where are you beginning
and when are you going to start it?
From tomorrow only.
Beginning with Abhiram, the
Chief of Jana Jagruthi organization.
Who is Abhiram here?
That fellow.
Mr. Abhiram.
How are you, Satya?
I'm like that only
how I would be without you.
The exams are very near.
We are preparing the time table daily.
But we are not follow that.
This time we should
follow it without fail.
Two hours for General studies.
Two hours for English
and the two hours for politics.
- What about Chemistry and Physics?
- We don't have options in our subjects.
We don't have. But you have them.
See there,
your Chemistry is coming on a car.
- Hi. - What is this all of
a sudden at the time of studying?
We are also preparing for the Civils.
For getting success in Civil's..
..not only the studies are suffice
but also we have to see the public.
- Come. Let's have an out.
- To where?
What is the plan?
We are not going to nearby
country to have a plan and passport.
Let's roam around.
"When you see like that don't
the breath stop all of a sudden?"
"How many forgets
in the sweet calling?"
"I sunk in your romance. "
"We are half of each."
"I hid my life in
your hand of feathers."
"I saw my destination
in your foot prints."
"I don't get into my mind
anything when I hear your chat."
"If the world around us be with you, I can
renounce anything saying it is enough."
"We are half of each."
"If you see like that, doesn't
my breath stop all of a sudden?"
"How many forget in the sweet calling?"
"I sunk in your romance."
Dad, when did you come?
Now only.
How are you dad? And how is mom?
Mom is fine. But the village only?
What happened to the village?
Is it cholera again?
If cholera comes,
only the humans will destroy.
But now, the entire
village is going to destroy.
Tell it properly dad.
What happened to the village?
The day before yesterday some people
came and excavating with big machines.
When we asked about it,
they say it is mining.
Oh, is that? Then, they will give money
and also provide a house in the town.
They say they don't do like that. They
say the village is not belong to us.
They say no human
will stay in the village.
The personnel of government also said
the same the day before yesterday.
How it happens like that dad.
I'll talk with them. Let's go.
- Is sir is inside?
- Ya. go.
- Hello, sir.
- Hello.
Sir, the mining is going on in our
village. All our lands are excavating.
Not even compensation
they are providing sir.
Which village is it?
Cheekatigudem? Where it is?
It is nearby Koyagudem.
You are mistaken.
There is no Cheekatigudem there.
No sir. it will come when
you go through Koyagudem village.
I've been working as
MRO since twenty years.
I can tell how many trees are there..
..and how many leaves
to that trees in the Mandal.
Do you tell to me?
Why are you saying like that sir?
I have studied in Koyalagudem
up to fifth standard.
My dad used to send me to
the school from Cheekatigudem..
..while he was carrying
me on his shoulders..
..crossing the stream
in vicinity of the village.
Have you studied in Koyalagudem?
In which year it was?
It was 2002-03 batch sir.
Sir, does a student namely
Ramulu studied in your.. for the year 2002-03?
- What is your name?
- Ramulu.
Please check Ramulu name
student's details.
Cheekatigudem? Where it is?
Stay for a while,
I'll verify the records.
No sir. No one is
there in the records.
By the way,
where the village is located?
Someone is laying the
foundation for that village.
Are you jeering?
Are you pretending for compensation by
creating a village which is not existed.
Don't try to play with me. Go away.
No sir.
It is true that my village is
existed and I was studied from there.
Sir, I'm preparing for the
Civils exam staying in the city.
How can I pretend sir?
I'm studying staying
in the social welfare hostel.
I'll show my ID card if you
require it. Check it online once sir.
Are you making me mad? Are you
staying in the hostel with fake ID card?
Have you fatten up
by the government money?
Get out from here
with your mouth shut.
I'll hand over you to the
police if you try to deceive me.
I'm leaving you as you are youngster.
Get out.
Is the Cheekatigudem
village is not visible?
The darkness would have gone
when Peddabbi switch on the light.
Do you know who is Peddabbi?
He is God.
If he wants,
it will visible to the world.
If he doesn't want, it is not visible.
You are visible here
by standing like this.
If Peddabbi comes here and
tells that you are not visible.. will be here only.
But you are not visible to
anyone and nobody see you. Go now.
At least you can see yourself.
Ram, whatever happened it was over.
Remember your goal first.
If you become an IAS officer, the
persons asked your name will salute you.
What are you talking Satya?
You want me to become an IAS officer?
Is your brain working properly?
With which identity
I have to write the exam..
..when I am not existed
according to records?
All the records.. ..have gone.
Even the dead persons have a proof.
They made us without any
proofs though we are alive.
Ram, cool down. You are losing
your thinking in frustration.
Everything has a system.
Let's proceed legally.
How can I fight legally?
With which proofs?
Do you follow the system?
With which system?
The system you are telling
about is going against the rules.
We can correct the system
by going against the rules only.
No, that's not correct Ram.
You say like that only.
You would have understood
it if you are in my position.
What is this Ram, you are talking
strange today? Are we separate?
You used to say that our
wording and thinking are same.
You mean my wording is not correct?
Have you think of us?
Where is the word of us
when I'm not existed they say.
Let me know about myself first Satya.
You look dull, what happened to you?
Is there any progress in your case?
Mother, I have to see
an industrialist tomorrow.
I'll start from there.
Satya from CBI.
Please be seated. Do you take coffee?
No, thank you.
- I want some information.
- Tell me madam.
You are already in top
ten in the steel industry.
Why did you invest in
the R&R steels when it is new.. the industry and it
is not yet started the production?
It seems strange investing
in the other steel industry..
..while you are already
running the steel industry.
May I know the reasons behind it?
There is no strange in it.
We will invest for our profits only.
I don't say it is not correct.
But, when we compare the
buying price and the present price.. lost crores of rupees.
Then, where is the profit?
Does anyone forced you
to invest in that company.
No one forced us.
Willingly, we have invested into that.
Is that enough or
something more you require?
Hello Mr. Ravindra.
How are you?
You know him, he is Chinnabbi.
Greeting sir.
You don't seem you are
trying to develop your business.
We will help your business
if you cooperate.
Sure sir. Tell me what I have to do?
It is simple. Invest in the steel plant
company which Chinnabbi established.
It seems, your steel plant
company is very small which costs..
..only two hundred crore.
It is true Mr. Ravindra.
But, you invest seven
hundred crores in that company.
The company volume will be increased.
You mean, I have to
invest seven hundred cores.. two hundred crore worth company.
It is my responsibility
to provide you..
..ten rupees for your
each rupee investment.
You apply to the government
for land on behalf of your company.
The land will be allotted to you
for just ten thousand rupees per acre.
Take one thousand acres. That's all.
But, it seems it is a risk.
It will be risk if you don't invest.
You want to continue
the business you have now?
This is Abhiram,
Jana Jagruthi Abhiram.
I'm probing the case of
Chinnabbi's illegal properties..
..I came here to talk about that.
- Tell me madam.
- You invested in the R&R steels.
That was started recently.
Not even begin the production.
Moreover, yours is a software industry.
Then, why did you invest
in the steel company.
Nothing like that.
There is no rule that
is preventing us to invest.. other industry
though I'm in software.
You can verify that if you want.
I know sir. Everything
will be perfect in records.
But, not all existed in the records.
Whatever we do,
we do it with clean hands.
Now you can..
I'm Abhiram from Jana Jagruthi.
Tell me.
Satya, what happened?
Why are you looking so dull?
Dad, I thought it
is a challenging case.
But, no one is extending
their cooperation.
No one is coming forward to
open their mouth against Chinnabbi..
..I'm not understanding
what I have to do now.
Even single information
is not available legally.
But, Abhiram is getting it illegally.
Have you started the case
where you intended to start from?
Look Satya, personal emotions cannot
be come into your professional life.
Because Ramu is there
you started the probe from..
..where actually you
are not supposed to start.
It's not fair.
At least meet Ramu now.
At least now start
investigation right from there.
The success will be yours definitely.
You go. We have these works always.
You go and have a
chat with sister-in-law.
You gone away immediately as soon as
you saw me the day before yesterday.
What brings you here all of a sudden?
Yes, I was actually shocked.
I gone away with
a shock when the Ram..
..who has gone away leaving me three
years back, and appeared now as Abhiram.
I never thought of leaving you Satya.
I went in search of myself only.
Then, how Ramulu changed as Abhiram?
What are you doing in
the name of Jana Jagruthi?
Do you manage the system
illegally instead of legal?
When they made the Ram
and the village disappear by..
..changing the records on that day,
I'm getting back the..
..village through court by
searching the records as Abhiram.
What happened actually?
Where were you these days?
I submitted the original
records to the court through..
..Attender Sankaran when the
MRO did favor by changing the records.
What I understood in this process is..
..there are persons
supporting to the good..
..though there are
persons to support bad.
I established the Jana
Jagruthi organization with them..
..Through this organization,
we are getting the justice.
..In other words, it is inevitable
to go out of the system to ..
..bring back the system in line.
Then only we can bring all..
..of them to court's jurisdiction
and make them to get punishment.
That means, do you believe
the court and constitution?
Certainly I believe.
There is no mistake in
the Ambedkar's constituency.
There is a mistake
in implementation only.
We have to set it right.
What about the evidences you
collected which are against Chinnabbi?
Satya, I collected all those evidences
to submit to the government only.
Ram, I'm sorry.
I couldn't understand you.
Not at all Satya. I can understand.
Let's meet at the coffee
shop which we meet regularly.
- Hi sir.
- Hi.
- Hi madam.
- Hello.
Sir, after a long time?
Yes, after three years.
By the way, how are you?
I'm fine sir.
What shall I bring for you sir?
As usual. One Italian latte for madam,
and one ginger tea for me.
Ok sir.
Not bad. Still you remember it.
I didn't forget it even.
From India money goes
to Mauritius through hawala.
The same money will be
invested into R&R company..
..through suitcase companies
under different names.
Most of the suitcase companies
have started with a single address.
This is the list of that companies with
the address of AXB private limited..
..6-3-67, Dwaraka nagar, Ahmedabad.
By making believing these
investments as if FDRs..
..he favors the Indian investors
who invested in his company.
This is another view
of bribe called Quid pro co.
We managed not to available
the evidences to anyone.
But, I didn't expect the evidences
will reach to CBI through him.
It seems, the entire
scene is going to change now.
Then, let's reverse the scene.
The dispute between the two
organizations of the students..
..turned as the dispute
between two castes.
They are suspecting
that the opposition..
..leader Sruribabu
is behind the disputes.
So far, ten persons
died in this disputes.
With this, some areas in
the city are charged with curfew.
The city police
commissioner Doraiswamy..
..announced that they have
imposed red alert around the city.
The Human Rights
organizations and peace..
..societies are demanding
for CM's resignation for he is..
..not capable in controlling
the law and order.
Chinnabbi, this all done by you only?
Are you the person created the
disputes when our party is in ruling?
Yes, I only did this all.
I'll do more than this.
What are you doing when
CBI enquiry is lodged on me?
That's why only this is all.
If you meddle into my way..
Dear, don't get emotional.
I'll talk with him.
Nothing sir. The matter of CBI is..
Ok. Thank you. Thank you sir. See you.
Ok sir.
Everything is ok.
Talk to him once. Talk with him.
Ok Chinnabbi, good luck.
Thank you.
What is happening in the state?
What the government is doing when the
opposition is creating the disputes?
Is it sleeping?
Why such an inefficient
government is in ruling?
We are demanding for Presidents'
rule by abolishing the government.
Do we need such useless parties?
That's why only I'm establishing
a party and we will come into power.
The president's rule is going
to impose due to failure of.. and order by repealing
CM KK kumar's government.
Good morning sir.
Come dear. Sit.
Oh, you brought many.
What are you going
to achieve with this?
we can't put him in the prison.
For what purpose these are?
Shall we have a fire with this?
- What sir?
- That is what it means.
This is your suspension letter.
What is this suspension sir?
You went to see your boyfriend
on the government vehicle they say?
Don't be panic.
We can't do anything
when the Central Government..
..and the state
governments are colluded.
What it means?
Chinnabbi and the National
parties become alliance now.
They put fire in the city and imposed
the president rule in the state.
What is the problem in proceeding
the case when they become united?
Our duties are slavery.
We can't do anything.
I can do sir.
This is my resignation.
I don't want to be a part
of this bloody political game.
Hearty welcome sir.
Chinna, national party president
is coming to meet you from Delhi.
Make strong arrangements uncle.
"This is your time, come and be united."
"Come fast and join hands."
"Come and be united."
"Heart and heart are illusion.
Your talk and conversation is illusion."
"Hugging the illusion outwardly
treating it as love is more illusion."
"This world is totally illusion."
"Jare jare jare jare,
so many smiles have slipped off."
"The illusion than the beauty cannot
be existed in the world o my girl."
"Jare jare jare, enough saying more.
Jare jaa."
"Come and be united."
"Extolling me that I look like gold."
"They say that they will
make my beauty as Singapore."
"They say that the garland
is yours when I give a kiss."
"They say that they will write
the Bhogapuram on my name greatly."
"When such a beauty is in front of us.."
"..not only the properties but also
can write the state itself."
"You give the assurances
more than the priests."
"After swallowing the little waist
and young beauty, you will escape."
"Come and be united."
"Heart and heart are illusion.
Your talk and conversation is illusion."
"Hugging the illusion
outwardly treating it.."
" love is more
illusion is more illusion."
"This world is totally illusion."
"Jare jare, jare jare jare. The waist
curve is slipped like the river."
"Illusion than the beauty cannot be
existed in the world o my girl."
"Jare jare jare jare heart is slipped."
Chinnabbi, your hero
and heroine are very good.
Our party will not come
into power in the state.
Support us after winning here.
I'm going to give you a gift.
We will announce an
IT capital to your state.
Twenty five thousand crores.
You can establish
it wherever you want.
Greetings brother.
Greetings brother.
Greetings Mr. Chinnabbi.
Greetings brother.
You all are knew that
I have started a party.
I 'll put all of you as MLA
candidates on behalf of our party.
Distribute one thousand or two thousand
or whatever they ask for every vote.
Buy that herd of sheep. Make me CM.
I'm responsible for all or your money.
Buy the land in Geesukonda by
paying one lakh or two lakhs per acre.
We will announce the IT capital there
as soon as we will come into force.
We can sell one acre for one crore.
The profits are very high
in accordance of your investment.
Buy it. Go and be
in your work to make me CM.
Bye sir.
Let's go.
Uncle, hereafter
I'm the Chief Minister.
Aunty, where is Satya?
She looks dull after she came home.
You only correct.
I thought I have to stay in
the ground if I want to play the game.
I became helpless when the
ball and bat are decided at outside.
Relax Satya.
How is this you become dull
while you know the system very well.
We'll find a way to punish him.
I'm Suribabu talking with you.
Let's meet once.
See, our people came to you.
You are KK Kumar P.A?
Now he is working with Suribabu.
He came here to meet
us when he send him.
Mr. Suribabu likes
the works of yours..
..which were done through
Jana Jagruthi organization.
He wants to meet you personally once.
- Greetings.
- Greetings.
Abhi, come.
Let's change the future of the state.
State politics become more hot.
Three groups are contesting
in the elections in the state.
Such a situation is never
before the history of the state.
Chinnabbi who started the party
first time and the supporters of..
..Mahasena party Ayushman and the
star heroine Parijata are one side.
The ex-CBI officer Satya
and Jana Jagruthi Abhiram..
..who are supporting to the Suribabu's
party Janapaksham stands other side.
The Ex-MLA Mrs Lakshmi
Rajyam supporting.. the national
party is the third side.
Which party is going
to get publics' support?
In fact, what are the
fundamentals of these parties?
What is going to be their strategy?
I've seen bad times
and good ones as well!
I'm asking every supporter
of mine to support my brother in-law.
Support my ideals
as if they are yours.
Stand-up for Chinnabbi and
be willing to do anything for him.
Long live!
We've had a mad man as our CM, and
then there was a scoundrel as the CM!
For how long are we
going to suffer like this?
Make my brother the CM.
he'll defeat all these people.
It's my biggest ambition to become CM.
All my candidates are striving
hard to make me the CM.
For the next 50 years
that seat is reserved for me.
In the past when I was the CM,
you all know..
..what kind of progress
we've achieved.
You people commute
by the roads and flyovers..
..that I have arranged
to be constructed.
After that, the way people
were looted, you all know about it.
Progress can come only through us.
We are willing to bring progress!
Are you all willing to
achieve progress along with us?
We will go forward like this.
Any government should work for
people but not for their own benefit.
I wholeheartedly believe this
janapakshyam will work in the same way.
In the past, Suribabu garu
has worked hard for this state.
And I hope he'll continue to do that.
For that end I'm supporting him!
Corruption and inability is on one
side while progress is on another side.
I've decided for progress!
What do you want to support?
Greetings to all the friends!
We are king makers,
while all the rest are meal makers.
With meal maker we make curry.
But king makers make a country!
You give us your vote
and we will provide result.
Now we have found Lakshmi Ji,
the second wife of the old CM.
Now Lakshmi Ji will speak:
If he were alive,
I would've become the CM.
He desired a lot
to see me become the CM.
When he was alive they all
tortured him a lot emotionally.
Daily, he would tell me
those things throughout the night.
They all have caused his death.
His death wish was
to see me as the CM.
Though he's no more alive,
this boy has come now.
You all vote for me,
I'll become the CM.
I've been hearing all
this from past 30 years.
One guy will say he'll give milk,
another will say he'll give sugar.
Now the third one has come. Maybe
he'll say he'll give tea powder!!
Everyone here is only talking.
No one can perform!
"This guy is trying
to make us his relatives."
"He comes to eat food
in our poor dwellings."
"Says he's one of us.
But then he gives mone.."
"..and liquor for the
voter to vote for him."
"He showed heavenly
happiness to people and.."
"..then said he is the God himself!"
"Tried a lot to trick.. the poor people."
"These politics are dirty!"
"These politics are dirty!"
"These politics are dirty!"
"These politics are dirty!"
"He brought sarees for womenfolk
and asked them to vote for him."
"He cleaned all the roads
for us during the campaign."
"But it's a sign that
he's going to clean-up all.."
"..the government
funds for his own use."
He prayed in all the places
like church and mosque and temple."
"These politics are dirty!"
"These politics are dirty!"
"These politics are dirty!"
"These politics are dirty!"
"When we become stupid's
and buy their false stories.."
"..what is going to
happen to the country.
For how long will they
continue to burn our lives?
Though we are an independent
nation the citizens are still slaves."
"If the people don't change their
attitude nothing is going to change."
"These politics are dirty!"
"These politics are dirty!"
"These politics are dirty!"
"These politics are dirty!"
The elections have
the people guessing!
The counting that started
in the morning has shown that..
..there's a tough competition
between the candidates.
But the janapakshyam
party seems to be in the lead.
The national party has seen bad time,
they lost even the deposits!
The Mahasena party has lost
the seat with just four votes short!
How did that guy win brother?
These people are crazy fools!
They took away the sarees
but never gave us the votes.
My fans have cheated me, brother!
They seemed to be supporting us,
but changed party's in the end.
Brother, all our people have come.
They wish to speak with you!
Chinna, talk to me dear!
What is there to talk about uncle?
If he got just four more votes,
does it mean he has won?
All these are foolish cowards,
from wherever you brought them.
Let's go and console them!
- Greetings sir.
- Greetings brother.
What brother? You said you'll
be the CM and I'll be the MLA.
You spoke about IT and
real estate and many other things
and made us spend crores.
Now we are penniless.
I've spent about 100 crores.
Though I've won as MLA I'm not happy.
What about all the money I've spent?
Hey, stop your nonsense!
We've supported the CM KK
Kumar first and then dethroned him.
Then how difficult is this guy?
He has just few MLAs supporting him.
You guys go home now.
I'll handle everything!
- Okay brother!
- See you later brother!
Good morning Sir! First there
is a conference with the collectors.
After that meeting
with the foreign delegates.
After that lunch break.
Greetings Sir!
Congrats Sir!
Thank you!
I'm very happy to be able
to work with you all again!
IT progress in our
state is our main goal.
The international IT capital that the
Centre has announced for our state, the..
..cabinet has decided
to spend it in Raallapuudi.
Along with that we have appointed Abhiram
as the chief consultant for that project.
Raallapuudi? All the lands in that
area are for cultivation, aren't they?
In fact, will those farmers
be willing to give their lands?
We'll not cause any trouble
to the farmers to get their property.
We'll convince them to
give over their lands to us.
We'll start a new
way of land acquiring.
All the farmers who give
up their land in that area..
..will become shareholders
in the IT companies.
So we are going to turn those
farmers into business people?
May not be Sir!
I've worked on this procedure
for the past three years.
Farmers will get three times
more profit than the cultivation.
I agree.
What if company gets into loss?
Farmers will have lease
agreement along with income share.
We'll make sure the farmer
gets his payment every year.
Let's work as Abhi said.
We'll meet again! You can leave now.
- You go.
- Okay Sir.
Abhi, nice presentation.
Good luck!
Until now you were
just a social activist.
From now on, you have to be
very careful about your every move!
Or else the opposition party
will be waiting to accuse you.
You have to be prepared
to face all that.
how much ever government works hard..
..there will be some
problems that can't be solved.
That's why you tour
all over the state.
And identify such issues
so that we can solve them.
You as well as this government
will earn a good reputation.
Do you really think that there are
problems that government also can't solve?
Problems are like
salt found in the sea.
The solutions are like the
rivers that merge into the sea.
How much ever we work
hard the salt remains there.
But there is specific
functional body for that.
From the village level
to state level we have..
..the candidates who
have represented the people.
If we work through them
that might help our party as well.
True. We need political benefits too.
I don't disagree.
But people have given
us a huge responsibility.
In the past ten years,
people have suffered heavily due to..
..the schemes and procedures
of the government.
They need at least little relief.
That's not possible
through the leaders.
Because, how much ever they may want to,
a politician can't be without greed.
That's why,
only you can accomplish it.
Sure sir.
Satya, I'm appointing you
as the DWAKRA state coordinator.
Making sure as many women as
possible get loans from the banks and ..
..that the money reaches the beneficiary
properly is your responsibility.
I want to see every woman in this
state to be financially independent.
- Thank you Sir! I will do my best.
- Good.
- Hello. - CM has announced
IT capital just now Sir!
It's going to be in Raallapuudi,
I believe.
Not just that..
..he has promised shares in the I companies to all the farmers in the area.
Fk! Fk!
What happened Chinna? What happened?
He's going to setup
IT capital in Raallapuudi.
What does that mean?
Can a man do anything
when he has power?
We have to dethrone him uncle,
at any cost!
China, I'm working on that.
Don't worry!
What are Abhiram's thoughts?
Where is he leading?
With the CM's advice to tour the state,
what is Abhiram going to do next?
What happened dear boy?
My father died 6 months ago, Sir.
The two acres of land that he used to
cultivate, has to be converted to my name.
But they say the land was
not on my fathers' name either.
That land is the only
support I have, Sir!
Greetings Sir. My name is Abhiram.
- Hello!
- What is this boy's issue?
What's the problem in handing over
the land that his father cultivated?
In the records his father's
name appears as just the cultivator..
..while the owner of
the land is his grandfather.
To enter this boy's name as the owner we
will need his fathers' birth certificate.
40 years old records,
from where can I find them sir?
We'll get all the records digitalized.
We'll make sure the
records are accessible.. the public along
with the officers all the time.
Every record should be accessible
on mobiles and laptops.
Let's make sure the government
takes up this mission immediately.
It'll stop redtapism and corruption.
What man so many people are here?
Don't know brother, it looks like all
the people from the village are here!
What happened?
- Greetings!
- Greetings!
Elections got over recently!
Why have they come again?
Aunty, you have trusted
us and helped us win.
We have come here to
live up to your expectations.
As soon as they win the elections
all leaders go to foreign countries.
You are the first leader who stayed back
in the homeland to solve its problems.
That's all right!
Why are there so many patients here?
Is there any problem?
Hello! I'm the president
of this village, Sir.
In the past five years we have suffered
a lot to get clean drinking water.
We've given petitions some hundreds
of times. No one cared about it.
Even then we have a source of water
which is five miles away from our village.
Brother, this water is from there!
Oh, you people drink
this kind of water!
You go all the way to get that water!!
Yes Sir!
Sir in this water E-coli
bacteria is present in large amount!
People who drink this water
commonly get cholera and diarrhea.
Not only that sir,
the fluoride content in this water.. almost 20 milligrams per litre.
If people drink this kind
of water for just a month..
..their bones will
get perforated completely.
At the age of thirty
they become old people.
Sir, all these people here
need is good drinking water!
But not the governments
schemes and projects.
Please provide them clean drinking
water! Make sure they stay alive, Sir!
Yes brother! After mom and dad leave for
work this is my job, to get that water.
I have to walk ten miles.
My legs are paining all the time, brother.
Please provide us some drinking water!
Sure my dear!
Not just providing water..
..I'll wipe every ones' tears.
And fill joy in their
eyes before I leave.
Primary school!
Oh, you have come to our village, Sir!
What is this, is it a primary
school or stable for animals?
It's a school Sir.
Since there are no children to study
here, it's become a shed for animals.
You are a teacher,
don't you have any responsibility?
Sir, you are talking
about responsibility!
Yes, I do have it.
Not just about this school,
but about this entire village.
That's why I'm giving them a meal a
day for even the elders in this village.
They all are alive because of that!
When you see these small kids don't
you think about your own children?
Yes of course!
Every time I see them
I think of my own children.
That's why I don't want
them to become like these ones.
So I kept them in the
town to get them educated.
Why can't you educate them
and help them get a livelihood?
What subject should I teach them Sir?
A village used to migrate,
it migrates and it'll always do so.
This history never changes.
What should I teach?
All that these people
know about is hunger..
..what will they learn
about property laws?
About human relations?
They don't know how their
father looks who has migrated years..
..ago in search of a livelihood.
Or Should I teach them about their mother
who has to sleep with a different man..
..every night to earn some money
so that her children can eat a meal?
What should I teach?
Let's teach sir!
We'll change yesterdays' history so
that they can become financially stable.
We'll change human relations' perspective
along with the social scenario as well!
Let's redefine the growth
narrative to put people's wellbeing.. the center of
the government efforts.
Governments should work
in an effort to make people happy.
We'll do that!
Is Abhiram, who supported
Suribabu in the last elections..
..thinking of establishing himself?
Is he planning to corner
Suribabu in some way?
Is Abhiram the next candidate for CMs
seat from janapaksham? What do you think?
If your opinion is affirmative, type
Yes and sms to 98765 if your answer..
Even though we have bribed them, they
said negative things about those people..
..only for concluding 3 minutes
in a bulletin of 30 minutes.
But the rest of the program is true.
Abhiram is becoming
more famous by day!
Don't get provoked Chinna,
be cool and think!
Mr. Rao, give the phone to Chinnabbi!
What is going on in the state?
You keep boasting that you have changed
the CMs and destroyed the parties.
That's not enough!
Since we are still in the centre..
..we can keep the I capital project on the hold.
Meanwhile you do what all you can do.
Government should change.
Okay! I'll handle it!
After all 4 MLAs.
If we want we can
buy 4 more MLAs uncle.
Sir, Chinnabbi is
trying to buy our MLAs!
Is that so? How do you know?
I thought it's better
to keep an eye on those people.
I've tapped his phone!
Good job! Be seated.
Abhi, is the opposition guy plans
to buy our MLAs what should we do?
We have to react before they do.
We should buy their MLAs first.
Abhi, this is politics.
There is no place for fair play here!
All that matters is victory.
Who attains it first gets the power!
We have to be on a run all the time,
never giving up!
For that,
should we also do what is wrong?
Doing what is wrong to save a situation
is different from leading a wrongful life.
Moreover, for a long term
benefit and for peoples'..
..welfare whatever we do is not wrong.
We can't help it.
I don't think its ethical Sir!
If we keep talking about ethics,
he'll snatch the power from our hands.
If we don't buy his MLAs
he'll buy our MLAs and become CM.
Then what will we do?
Should we let the people suffer
again because of those people?
We should not think about our
ethics but about our responsibilities.
Our responsibility as a
leader is to keep the people safe!
I got your point Sir!
Abhi, whichever way you
choose you'll have my support.
But you have to win this battle.
History doesn't remember the losers.
Remember that!
What is this! They were MLAs but
how could they jump to another party?
They went to the powerful man.
They are like that only bro.
You keep telling me to change the tea
powder to enhance the taste of the tea!
Now they have changed into another party,
why does it trouble you? Be quite bro!
What happened son?
What is this uncle;
he bought our MLAs and made us fools.
How did he come to know
about our plans, uncle?
For Suribabu's experience that
youngsters' attitude has. matched.
We too should have a similar attitude
and take a right decision now.
We too should move with
people and make ourselves strong!
What should we do?
We'll act as if we
are meeting people and go..
..and meet our lost candidates
and give them courage.
Safe guard the MLAs that
we have currently with us!
So I should go to
those stupid people now!
Among those stupid people
there will be cunning ones.
Don't under estimate them.
We have to be careful!
Call those fools here,
we all will go there together!
"He said he is the future
CM and conducted many.."
"..meetings in all parts of the state"
"He said he'll be
with you all the time."
"He said I'm always there
to help you and support you."
"He keeps coming
to people as if he is.."
"..the best leader of all times."
"He doesn't want everyone
to know that he is meeting people!"
"He is fooling everyone!"
"See, see and see again
their political drama! "
"See, see and see again
their dramatic politics!"
"He tells lies with his smooth
talk and smile on his face."
"He builds castles in the air!"
"He thinks he can
take people for a ride."
"He said the people of
this state are his own family!"
"See, see and see again
their dramatic politics!"
who went out today to meet people has..
..faced an unexpected situation.
An old woman hugged
Chinnabbi with affection.
But Chinnabbi had least
expected this reaction so he..
..was shocked!
That's why I didn't want
to go near those dirty pigs!
But you forced me to go there.
Now see, how that stupid
old thing messed up everything?
I feel as if my entire
body is full of mud!
I'm irritated with what
she did and this TV guy is.. it
scores of times to top it!
Brother, all this is
done by that Suri babu.
I want to slipper those fellows.
It's not like that Parijatham.
She must be my fan.
She thought it's me and by
mistake she must have hugged him.
My brother, you don't feel bad about it.
Uncle, never plan..
..this kind of rubbish trips again.
I'll show you how to plan things!
In a short span you have
earned a very good name Abhi.
..Abhi. It's high time
you entered politics now!
In nandhipuram by-elections
I want you to contest.
I'm still young,
I have to learn a lot yet.
You may be a youngster..
..but your ideas are mature
and your ideology is mature.
You must participate in these
elections and enter assembly.
As you say Sir!
What happened Kumari,
you didn't go home?
There is still little more work madam,
I'll finish it and go!
Work never ends!
It's getting late, you go home now!
Zahir brother,
you go and drop kumari at home.
Chinnabbi, what are you guys doing?
Your reputation is diminishing by day.
Now luckily, this by-election has come.
You have to win this election; only
then things will turn for your favour.
You need to have power in your hands.
That's what I'm planning!
Enough! We've seen
your planning many times.
It's not working out!
I'm sending along an advisor for you.
He'll handle everything.
Henceforth you just
do whatever he tells you!
- That's it - Okay!
No thank you! Greetings!
Greetings. Come!
- Please! - Thank you!
Be seated.
Tell me Chinnabbi Garu, what
do you wish to do in these by-elections?
In that constituency there
are many people from caste.
I want Vijay Kumar,
who is a very rich man from that caste..
.. to contest from that area.
He can spend enough money
and he can win, that's what I feel!
Chinnabbi Garu, you are
committing the same mistake again!
When the candidates name is mentions..
..we should not get the
confidence that we can win!
The opposition should get
the fear that they will lose!
The victory that is attained in
this by-election will decide..
..our party's' victory in the
future coming elections.
So, you must contest!
And win! Your image in
the public will get better.
When are you going
to give the nomination in?
Abhiram Zindabad! Abhiram Zindabad!
Suribabu Zindabad!
Abhiram Zindabad!
Suribabu Zindabad!
Abhiram Zindabad!
Abhiram Zindabad!
Suribabu Zindabad!
Abhiram Zindabad!
Suribabu Zindabad!
Abhiram Zindabad!
Chinnabbi Zindabad! Chinnabbi Zindabad!
Chinnabbi Zindabad! Chinnabbi Zindabad!
Chinnabbi Zindabad! Chinnabbi Zindabad!
Chinnabbi Zindabad! Chinnabbi Zindabad!
Chinnabbi Zindabad! Chinnabbi Zindabad!
First step is done!
So, what's your next plan?
He came here to give us the plan
and he keeps asking what your plan is!
You should win, right?
Women's Organizations'
state coordinator and ex-CBI..
..Officer Satyas horrifying scam!
She has not handed over
the loan amounts to the bank.
Our representative Ganga will give
some more updates regarding this matter.
Ganga how did the scam happen
and what is the situation there now?
These women here are
very angry with Satya.
They are agitation and the
situation is very volatile now.
Let's ask them and find out!
You please tell us dear,
what really happened!
We used to work hard
throughout the month and..
..bring our hard earned money to
this Satyamma and put it in her hands.
She never paid our money to the banks but
built her own mansions and cheated us!
That is what has actually happened Devi!
Why did CM Suribabu give
this position to someone who..
..was suspended from CBI?
Who else have a share in this scam?
Does the ruling party have
any connections with this scam?
What's happening Satya?
What's all this?
I don't understand anything dear!
Who used to handle
all these banking accounts?
Kumari used to go to bank
every day to deposit the amounts.
This afternoon her
number is not working.
Satya should come out, Satya down down!
First you should leave this place Sir!
I'll take care of the situation.
Let's go away, soon!
We hear that CM is
also involved in this scam!
What do you have to say about it?
There is no such issue.
This scam is being scrutinized.
In 24 hours we'll
get the primary report.
If we find evidence
we'll arrest even the CM.
However influential they may
be we don't let the criminal go loose!
Hey, come on.
Put it on fire! Hey, come. Let's run!
Who the hell are you people?
Who are you!
Sir, we didn't do anything wrong!
We don't understand what's going on!
It looks like that
Chinnabbi is doing all this!
Please do something
and get him arrested sir.
Abhi, I've told you all this earlier.
Once we enter politics we can't help it!
We have to cope with all this.
It doesn't take a moment
to send him to jail!
But what's the benefit?
He'll be back in a year or two!
But Sir, if we use the
law properly we can put him in..
..jail for at least 20 years!
Our laws are like cobweb.
If small insects get entangled in it,
they suffer and..
..eventually die in that web.
But if a dung beetle gets
into the cobweb it'll pull away the..
..entire web and destroy it.
That's why we must hit
hard and kill the dung beetle.
Abhi, I didn't think you
will get disheartened like this.
Once relax and think rationally
and deal this in your own way!
Don't forget that I'm with you always!
Serve him a death blow.
It should destroy him completely!
Done Sir!
Do you know where accountant
Kumari's house is?
I know brother!
Oh, even the bank manager is here too!
Sister please forgive me.
He said he will give me a
job in the bank, so I had to do it.
Sorry sir, that AN Channel reporter asked
me to do all this so I had to do it.
Where is he?
Sir, I know nothing.
Our channel MD Mr. Isukapalli
Narakasura has made it happen Sir!
Come Mr. Abhiram, come!
You've come here for first time!
What would you like to have?
Who are all these people, your gang?
This guy looks familiar!
You are our Raallapuddi reporter,
aren't you?
Why have you come along with Mr.
Sir is underestimating
our channel TRPs and my MRPs.
He's new to negotiations, right?
He didn't learn it well!
Not just TRPs and MRPs,
I even know RIPs very well!
Shall I use it?
Sorry Sir, when Mr. Rao offered
the amount I couldn't say no!
So, you can do anything
for money, is it?
How can you tell lies to people?
Can't help it Sir!
Didn't I do for you now?
If I don't accept the amount offer they'll
give me bullet offer. What to do?
That's why we decide a price
for each news and telecast it!
These audience too,
are interested not in news but nuisance.
The media that is established
to lead the society on the..
..right path has
deteriorated to such lows!
To make you tell the truth
today we had to use weapons..
..what a shame!
Call that Mr.
Rao and ask him to come here.
In the survey that our
channel had conducted in the..
..Nandipuram constituency
with regard to the..
..byelections , 65 % people are
supporting Mahasena leader Chinnabbi!
Wonderful! Good!
Soon you are going to win.
Very soon all the MLAs
are going to be on your side!
You would be the next CM.
I've waited for this
moment all these days!
Because I wanted this so badly,
on that day, my father lost his life.
Because you killed him?
Its over buddy, everything is over?
I've committed a very big mistake!
What happened buddy?
I thought I'm under
the shadow of a tree.
But never realized I'm under
a hundred headed snakes' hood!
It can bite me at any time.
To protect ourselves from
a hundred headed snake, we..
..need the help of
a thousand headed snake!
We have it with us.
You come here at once, buddy!
Sir, do you remember ABM college?
1970 batch!
Do you remember Mr,
vijaychander Rao who..
..scored cent percent in economics?
That's you Sir!
We used to take pride
in talking about you sir,..
..because, even though
you were born in a small remote..
..village you have evolved
into a great chartered accountant..
..who is the pride of our nation!
If you had remained in your field,
you could have been..
..leading a company in India
that can give competition to..
..companies like 'prize waterhouse
coopers' or 'earnest and young'.
With your hands you would have controlled
international business entities.
You could have provided
livelihood to thousands of people!
With your amazing intellectuals you
would have become a pride of our nation.
But what is this Sir?
You Have used your intelligence
to help a criminal business entity.
To establish that empire you have
ruined some hundreds of peoples' lives.
Sir, Chanakya used his intelligence
to help the courageous Chandragupta!
What if he had used it
to help the foolish Nanda kumar?
Can we imagine what would
have happened to our country?
We are scared to even imagine it,
isn't it Sir?
At least now, think for once sir!
Save this state from a fool, sir!
Sir, tell me something wholeheartedly!
Do you really believe that
Chinnabbi is the right ruler..
..for this state and the state
will progress in his leadership?
If you believe so, you tell me Sir!
I'll take the crime
on my head and go to jail!
You have made me meet
myself again my boy!
Make arrangements for the press meet!
- Hello! - Chinnabbi Garu,
there's a shocking news for you!
Rao has jumped off your
camp and entered Abhirams camp.
In few minutes from now,
he's going to become an approver!
How long for press meet?
In 15 minutes it'll start Sir!
Then we'll finish
it in 5 minutes and go!
What boys, sticks and rods only?
Haven't you brought
any updated weapons along?
I follow Suribabu's principles.
Let's discuss matters
in a peaceful and amicable way!
Hey, he'll talk like that!
You go and kill that fellow
as well as that Rao also. Go!
We should not think about our ethics
but about our responsibilities, Abhi.
Our responsibility as a
leader is to keep the people safe!
I said let's discuss matters over.
You people elected a guy and sent him.
He's gone now.
Just think for once guys!
Whatever you may decide to do,
you'll have my support!
Deal this in your own way.
Even if I don't have a weapon
to fight with, there has to be red!
Come on guys!
Switch on the speaker.
Hey man, have you guys killed him?
Hi, did you think I'm a loser
to die in your minions' hands.
I'm Cheekatigudem Ramulu!
I'll not spare you!
If I had to take personal
revenge on you I would have..
..come four years ago and
sent you to your forefathers.
I wanted to punish you lawfully,
that's why it took so long!
Just wait for few more minutes.
Greetings to all!
You all know about the attacks
and criticisms that have been..
..meted out to me and my
party people in the past few days.
We are going to provide the answers
to all those things in front of you all!
My name is B.
C. Rao. Many of you may not know me!
Chinnabbi is the cause
and reason for all the problems..
..that have been happening in the state,
in the past few days!
Womens' organization money scam,
burning farmers;..
..houses and fields,
murders of the Janapaksham party..
all these things are done by Chinnabbi.
Not just these.
Pedhabbi had died not
because of heart attack but..'s Chinnabbi who killed him!
It's the only matter I've not involved.
In all the rest I've been his helper.
In these matters I've
used these two as my pawns.
I'm requesting the people
of this state to forgive me.
Brother, this by-elections you manage.
Give each voter five thousand
rupees and buy all of them!
As soon as I come out,
I'm the Chief Minister!
Be ashamed of yourself brother!
If you don't change now
you'll never change in your live!
Instead of running your party,
it's better to work like a..
..Junior artist in the movies!
Paarijatha, at least you can...
If there is a shoot scheduled
you are supposed to inform.. beforehand you scoundrel!
How can you be in
the location and call me?
How many times should I tell you fool?
Sorry brother, I have a shoot scheduled!
Rathaalu this time..
Will you not change even
after all these people said?
In the jail security will be strong sir!
Why do you need us.
I'll be back soon.
Then I'm the chief minister!
In the by-elections,
in nandipuram constituency..
..Abhiram aka Ramulu
has won the elections.
He got 85 % of votes which is
unheard of in the history of elections.
His opponent has got only 1500 votes.
I, the Cheekatigudem Ramulu..
I, the Cheekatigudem Ramulu..
who had been elected as a..
..parliament member hereby
pledge my alligence to the..
..Indian Constitution
and swear by God that I will..
..abide by and adhere to
the soverign rulership of the..
..Indian Republic and
carry forward my duties with..
..utmost dedication!
"The statue of justice
has shown us the way.."
"If we trust it we
can reach our destination."
"Let's continue this
journey with that faith!"
"The scriptures that filled
the righteousness into truth.."
" which they enlightened
the nation have unraveled the.."
"..mysteries to us now!
"The seat of justice is telling us
to press forward with the.."
" that will not the sight
that keeps searching for.."
"..some new way all the time, find
a new change over a period of time?"
"Come on, let's go!"
"Come on, let's go!"
"Come on, let's go!"
"Come on, let's go!"