Nenu Lenu (2019) Movie Script

I understand that I'm dying
Before death comes in search of me,
I should oppose that and safeguard Par
It's better I get caught to those who
wish to kill me than to search for them
Par shouldn't suffer for my mistake
If I stay here, they would know
my whereabouts wherever they are
-Why are you here?
-Why are you here?
-You shouldn't have come here
-Then come, we'll go
You leave, I have some work
-What work do you have without me?
You first leave from here, Par.
I have a work
Let's first go from here.
Come on, I have a work with you
-You go
-We got him. Come on guys!
Hey, who are you guys? Leave him!
-Par, run away
-Get him guys!
-Hey, leave her
Par, run away
-Where will you go, girl?
-Let go!
Nothing will happen to me
-Run away
-Start the vehicle
They'll take care of him and
I'll take care of you babe!
Run Par!
Where will you go?
[bones crackling]
What have you done to my Par?
I'll send you too to where I sent her
Neck bone disruption
-Get the CC camera footage
-Yes Sir
iThese are definitely murders
-Yes sir, they seem so
[phone rings]
-There were four of my men
Get to know about the fourth guy.
We are doing our job. We'll intimate
you once we know the details
We have to answer every idiotic criminal.
Influential idiots!
I'm very tensed Kishore
-At a factory in Kurnool district...
-You don't worry Par
-three dead bodies were found this morning
-Eeshwar would be safe. He's my friend.
CI Salim Khan is talking to media
from the crime location
We found three dead bodies
and we identified them
We'll tell you about who committed
these murders and why after the enquiry.
Kishore, these three along with another
guy attacked me and Eswar yesterday night
Is it? Then, we shall meet that
Police officer and talk.
We escaped so, Sir
-Raju, register a missing complaint
She says the people
found dead this morning
have fought with him
last night and took him
Ok Sir
Tell your name and details
Let's find out whether its is
missing case or murder case
-Where is the fourth guy?
SI Sir sent the CC footage
What's the tiff between Eswar and them?
-Who are they?
-We don't know who they are, Sir
What does Eswar do and
since how long do you know him?
I know Eswar from one year Sir,
he has a video production company
Is human being good as
he doesn't have an opportunity?
Or can human remain honest even
if he gets an opportunity to be bad?
This purse has Rs. 10000
and my contact details
Let's wait and see.
It's a social experiment
Who is honest in these days?
People don't even leave
a rupee if they find it
Rs. 10,000 gone waste!
Hello boss
Sorry, sorry boss
Yeah okay...
[unnatundi gunde song from
film Ninnu Kori playing]
[song continues playing]
-Oh no!
-It's gone!
You dirty rascal!
Give me back my chain you stole!
I'm sorry sister!
-I sold the gold, but here's the money sis
-Give it
She has struck me hard!
Looks like he picked someone's purse
-Sir, I got your purse
I'm calling you as I found
you contact number in it.
-Do you have a boyfriend?
Do you have a boyfriend?
No Sir, why?
You'll meet your
boyfriend tomorrow morning
Fortune teller eh?
[phone hung up]
It's mostly the girls who fail in
love and marry others. You know why?
-Because boys tend to cheat
-Boys are cheaters
-Boys are idiots.
-Boys are wilful
In unison: Wicked ones!
Thank you
So that's it... they're being cinematic!
[unnatundi gunde song from
film Ninnu Kori playing]
Dude... you fix the frame
and I'll change the focus
[unnatundi gunde song from
film Ninnu Kori continues]
Can you tell the reasons
why girls fail in love?
Untimed response
They're hard when have to stay low and
let things loose when they got to be hard
They take small things seriously
and go easy on serious things
They move away when someone proposes love
and propose their love when
the other person moves away
-Do you know why boys fail in love?
You say that too
Three reasons... lie, lie and lie
-It's true, tell your name
-I've got to tell you a truth
I love you
The qualifications I expect as my friend,
boyfriend or husband...
are'nt present in you.
Would you live with the
qualifications or character?
Do you like a guy who says
the truth or the one lies?
Obviously the guy who says truth
The you like me!
I don't every idiot who speaks truth.
I like the one who'd be
truthful only with me.
Instead of getting confused by
imagining unknown things about me
get to know completely about me and decide
-One coffee
-What Ok
Huh? Ah!
What's that?
Not always the brain,
I listen to the heart at times
What did that say?
-It says no
Huh? Ah!
-It said not to let go
Excuse me, something I want to talk
Don't try to woo me and waste your time.
-I almost fell for a guy.
-Who's that?
Oh no! You cunning fellow!
RESTAURAN He didn't come yet.
Did he like me or did he come
to know that I like him already?
Hey! Sit... sit!
-I'm sorry, you are late
I'm sorry. You're late
I'm not late
Seeing you arrive, I've been
watching you without your knowledge
They say girls look very cute
when they sit silent
You look normal even when you are silent
What if I talk?
You look as silent as a heart stopped and
as beautiful as the eyes can't bear
Ah! Enough now.
I had considered you my
wife the moment I saw you.
Not to waste time till marriage,
I proposed love in advance.
You waited half an hour for me.
Why do you want to leave in half a minute?
-I wanted to be with you my entire life
-I'll leave now
Go, but I won't leave you till you love me
-You can't get me
-I won't leave you till I get you
-You can't get me till death
-I won't leave you even if I die
Ah! I wonder why do you love me so much!
There may not be strong
reasons for love to bloom
but there'd be so many
strong memories once it blooms
Even before the words
'I love you' crossed my lips
I imagined my life completely with you
and only after getting the clarity that
I can't be without you, I confessed it
You know my name and job.
You know my talk and behavior
There's no one behind
me for you to know about
A small place in your heart, some time in
your day, few smiles in your happiness
And a few tears from your sorrow,
will you share them with me?
Impress me
"Let me build a six pack if required"
"Let me give her a gift pack if required"
"Let me sweep her off
her feet with s surprise"
"Let me change her
surname while caling her"
"Let me show some style and
bring a smile on her face"
"Let me evoke feelings inside her
sporting up a sentimental scene"
"Let me ignite love in her heart"
"To impress a girl,
we should become a hero"
"And we need a zero beside
us to become a hero"
"To impress a girl,
we should become a hero"
"And we need a zero beside
us to become a hero"
"Let's go for a drive in an AC car"
"Let's shop everything we like"
"Let's discuss about love
having dinner in a star hotel"
"To impress a girl,
we should become a hero"
"And we need a zero beside
us to become a hero"
-Look girl, I'm done!
-Have you given up so early?
I can't do anything else
if I don't give up now
All the trials to impress
you are done with this
-You haven't impressed me at all
But I liked your sincerity
I'm impressed
-I'm impressed!
The girl's impressed guys!
Do you know what to do
after you impress a girl?
What else but romance!
I'll tell you now
"Tell her you love her
with a wake up call"
"Tell her you miss her by the
time she goes to the wash room"
"You should become a
pillow when I fall asleep"
"You should chat when I am awake"
"You should pick me and wait for me"
"You should be behind
me carrying my baggage"
"You should be a total slave to me"
"If you've impressed the girl,
you're her lover"
"Once you become her lover,
your life belongs to her"
"If you've impressed the girl,
you're her lover"
"Once you become her lover,
your life belongs to her"
"If you've impressed the girl,
you're a hero"
"If you're a hero, then I'm your heroine"
"If you've impressed the girl,
you're her lover"
"If you've impressed the girl,
you're her hero"
Eshu, I can't stay away anymore from
you now and we got to marry
-Indian style or foreign style?
-What's that?
Indian style mean, love first, then
marriage and next getting physical
But in foreign style, first getting
physical, then love and then marriage
I'll go with the foreign style then.
Shall we go for it?
Shall we commit the sin?
-Shall we say it aloud?
-Oh no!
My dad is very strict!
-Well a kiss atleast?
-First grow mustache and beard
Then I'll give you one
Anyway, what fun will I have if I kiss
you without your mustache poking me?
-What about marriage?
-Uh... my dad will never agree!
We have to elope
-I'm ready
Yes... now
Now it's daytime, I need some time.
Wait outside my house at 1am
midnight and we'll elope then
-Ok done
"It's my wedding ahoy!"
[phone rings]
Tell me Par...
I'm ready, are you?
For what?
To elope!
I'll talk to your dad and convince him
My dad isn't a film producer to
be convinced by our love story.
-He won't agree!
-Listen to me...
-Yes mom!
Parvathi, when are your exam results?
In the next two days dad!
That's why I planned to
elope before the results come
To have mom's dishes or to spend pocket
money given by dad, it'd take 2 more years
So, let me eat to my fill right now
Serve me mom
Serve it, serve sambhar... serve dal,
come on serve it
Curry? Serve the chutney too. Some ghee!
It's good, serve mom
-Is there anything else mom?
-Nothing more dear
Ok then
-Serve me some rice and curry
-Oh no! Everything is finished!
There's a lots of time
Let me watch a film
[phone ringing tone]
[phone rings]
[phone ringing tone]
[phone rings]
[moans in sleep]
Hello, where are you? I can't see you
If you wish to see the gun, that's okay
But if you wish to see the bullet,
it's your doom!
Not that, listen to me
[phone hung up]
[car honks]
Oh no!
[phone rings]
-I'm sorry baby
I don't understand what to tell you
You don't say anything.
We shall elope tonight for sure.
Okay? It's for sure!
-I need some time
-You're talking wrong, Eswar
A man who wants to elope with a girl
doesn't need time. He needs a timing!
What if someone catches us?
The man who can catch you when I'm
beside you isn't yet born dude!
No, listen to me
Listen to me
Poor Prabhas was cheated the same way too
The film dude, Bahubali.
He is done for
What is it dear?
You said you wanted to talk to me?
I met a guy some days back.
His name is Sharath. He's a nice guy.
So are you in love?
Not love exactly, but he said he
likes me and wants to marry me
-Do you like him?
-What did you tell him?
-I said yes to him
Oh my!
Would you at least tell me about your
wedding or just appear after the wedding?
Why do you say that? How can
I marry him without you liking him?
I just have you in this world.
You are my friend and my family
I was just kidding, don't get emotional.
Your marriage is my responsibility
But Sharath's brother
doesn't like this marriage
Then his brother is the
villain of this love story
Parvathi! Dinner is served dear
Oh no!
I'll fall asleep again if I have dinner
Mom, I'm fasting!
And when is that from?
-No! It's just today
I prayed God for you not to ask
so many questions.
The food is on the table,
have it if you feel hungry. We're sleeping
Ok, go and sleep
[phone rings]
-I'm ready, are you?
"It's my wedding ahoy!"
Mom and dad won't be abesnt
in an eloped marriage!
Bless me mom, bless me dad
Huh, no shopping,
no ornaments and no silk sari
Alright... bye
[cop siren]
Ah! Why are the cops here at a wrong time?
-Get down the car.
-Getting down sir
-On the way
-Where is your house?
Sir, I just stay nearby
-What are you doing here at this time?
-I came to meet a friend Sir
Oh no, the cops! The whole plan
would go haywire if they discover it!
-Sir, I had doubts in science
-What business do you have at midnight?
There is my friend Sir
Oh, so it's a girl?
Sir a friend is a friend,
whether it's a girl or a boy.
Girl, come here
You are done for today
Oh no! What do I do?
What work do you both have at midnight?
Sir, well... science
What dear, do you know this boy?
-I can't remember how much ever I try!
-Sir, no Sir
-Move idiot
Well... why did you come out now?
I have a habit of sleep walk sir
No sir, she has the habit of telling lies
-Chinnababu, send her inside
-Yes sir
-Come dear
-Hey, move
No sir, don't hit me
He should've told us he
is her brother atleast
Come on get into the vehicle
Don't hit me on my back
Go inside dear
-Thank you sir
-Happy Independence Day
-But today isn't August 15th
A girl walked on the roads
in sleep in the nidnight sir
That's true. Goodnight!
-I'm already in sleep sir
-You're right again
Go dear, go and sleep
[indistinctive conversation]
Move, move
The plan went haywire!
Get in to the vehicle
-All these are common in love, dude
-What is common?
When Police were breaking my knee caps,
she didn't even say I'm her friend,
forget a lover
Added to that she says she can
feel it but doesn't know me
I didn't say it with the fear
of getting caught at home
Oh damn!
Sir, that is hot water
-Wait, I'll pour some cool water
-Enough! I'll take care
I came to have some coffee
and these idiots ruined it
I'll never plan to elope again
When you say that,
I feel my pain is already gone
[phone rings]
Answer it dear. Maybe she called
to wish you for the festival
Ok dad
-I thought the entire night
Oh what?
Instead of the trouble of eloping with you
Very good!
I felt it was easy to
convince your parents
Yes, thank you. Same to you
-I'm coming into your house right now
-Oh no! Please
Listen to me, no please
What is it dear?
I said no for booking tickets
for the second show, dad.
He has now booked me
here for the first show
A guy is behind me saying he loves me.
He's saying he'll marry me dad!
No problem dear, he'd leave you
unable to know completely about you
He's coming after knowing it all, daddy
I'm your dad and I couldn't
completely understand you.
What will he understand?
There he comes!
[crackers bursting]
-Namasthe sir
-Namasthe aunty
-Be seated
My name is Eshwar and I have
a video production house
I have a house near the Kurnool check post
I don't have parents to share love
and no siblings to share properties
Your caste?
Caste doesn't exist when
the cash is sufficient sir
Only those without cash need a caste
I have some savings in bank,
that's is for your daughter's future
I love Parvathi very much.
This is for your confidence
Okay, you loved her.
But our daughter should like you too!
Girls reveal a few things
even when not needed.
But they don't reveal some
things even when we ask them
They just hide in their heart.
Please ask her opinion and tell me sir
I'll take leave
Aunty, one...
Just a single...
Ah! Aunty is very cooperative!
-Did you ask him to come?
-No, no dad
-Do you like him?
-No... Yes dad
If you agree, we will marry and
immediately have kids
I just was thinking about it dad
You'll anyway retire, so thought
what will you do sitting idle at home
You'll play if there are kids, right?
We need some time to think
about that boy, dear
Don't delay like you do at work.
Decide fast. Tell me in an hour
Looks like she'd disturb
me a lot in this dress
-How do I look in this dress?
-I feel like carrying you
-I too wish to climb over you
-I'm talking about carrying in my hands
I'm talk about about
climbing over your back
-Ok, open it, I'll climb
I asked you to open the car lock to get in
Oh! Get in
Well, is this car auto gear or hand gear?
Hand gear
I too am comfortable with hand gear,
I can have the gear I like.
-Par, do you know driving?
-I did try self but
-Fine, I'll teach you. Hold the gear rod
This is first gear to the front,
second gear to the back
Third gear to the front and
fourth gear backwards
Fifth gear is again forward
This is the full speed.
It's here the fun begins.
If you want to go reverse, pushing
the break, pressing the clutch
You should hold the gear rod
and slowly pull it back
-That's what driving's about
I don't have the need to change gears
-I'll sit sit and you change it.
I'm not talking about sitting on you
-I'll sit beside you.
Whatever I speak today
is giving a double meaning
-Turn on
-Where Sorry what?
-Turn on the songs
-Oh, the songs
"The babe rocks, my mind's
spinning and my heart is pounding"
I'm hungry Par,
do you have anything to eat?
-I always will have two fruits
-I know long back that you have two fruits
-Hey, you
-I know that you always have two apples!
You've turned so bad, Eshu
Would anyone turn a sage once in love?
-Take it
-Feed it
"Let's play the trumpets of love"
-Change it. Change the song!
-"Oh bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!"
Stop the car, I'll get on the back
You can climb either in the front or back.
We don't have that chance
It's always the driving seat.
Par, why are you so angry?
Eshu, don't talk to me for a while
-Put it
-I can't put and remove so many times
You put and turn off yourself
"I'm roaming astounded"
"Every minute because of you"
"I need kisses and romance"
"Break up! Break up!"
You look forward and drive
-"Break up! Break up!"
-"I named Bharat am assuring you"
Excuse me
-You need help?
-How do we go to Nandanvanam?
You'll reach two hills from here, climb
them and get down. You get a circle there
Taking th curve there and go to center,
you have a forest
Going right from inside the forest, your
place comes. The beautiful Nandanavanam
Why do you talk filthy instead of
telling the route, you son of a buffalo?
-I was the route I told you madam?
-Why's your voice rising?
I'll kill you, rascal.
You start the vehicle Eshu!
"By the people, for the people,
as representative"
"This is me!"
-"Break up! Break up!"
-Why are you laughing?
What did you understand?
-The rule he said
Sorry, the route he said
Stop laughing
Stop laughing
Stop laughing!
[bursts into laughter]
Stop laughing else, I'll break your rea...
Looks like today is world's
filthy language day, damn
Everyone is taking filth
I too spoke filthy, damn!
Stop the vehicle, stop
[indistinctive shouts]
Par, don't get panicked.
Give what they ask
-Give the gold
-Come on, remove
-Make it fast
-Give the gold fast
Give the mobile, keep it there.
Come out, move
Get down from the car, get down
Move away from here
Move Move
What a babe?
You're leaving it all and going.
Leave the main thing, the girl and go
Eshu, Eshu no
You're right dude. She's precious
than my life. Take this first
Come on, shoot
[shot fired]
What if something happened to you?
Saying that I love you and saying I'd
give my life aren't different things
Sir, we got the fourth dead body too
Parvathi, you too should come
to identify the dead body
[cop siren]
Sir... there sir
He's the one who tried
to molest me last night
Sir, dead body floated here and
the mobile was found there
So, the murderer threw the dead
body into water from the hill
does this phone belong to Eshwar?
Yes sir. Sir Eshwar...
Take the pic from ma'am and tell the media
that Eshwar is the suspect in four murders
Any information about Eswar,
call me immediately
I'll do the same, you may go now
Another dead body was found 2 Km away
from the three bodies already found
Eshwar is the main suspect in this case
as per the evidences from CC footage
CI Salim Khan informed us
He said the search for Eswar is on
"and that they'd soon reveal the
motives behind these murders"
Commissioner Sir
Human can't get into
every remembrance he likes
But the heart can
Eshu, why did you bring me here?
Sage in work, expert in thought,
Krishna in beauty, abundant patience,
Satisfaction in food and
friend in joy and sorrow
I wish to live as your husband like this
in all the ways said in Dhrama Sastra
Will you marry me?
You're my life from now and
you're my world
My bond and my responsibility
Aditya! Come...
[phone rings]
Hello Sir, the man you showed on TV
died and is moving around as ghost
I never expected that we both will meet.
Fate brought us together
We just wished not to be
separated after meeting
But the same fate separated us
Death can separate body and life
but not the heart and love
My love on Par is alive...
But... I'm not
"Even if the world is dead"
"and has turned into a graveyard"
"And if I turn into a tomb"
"Would someone wed a corpse?"
"With no chance to live together"
"I'm suffering giving up to fate"
"The day I'd see you won't come again"
"I'm just living a life of waiting"
"I don't exist"
"But I won't go away from you"
"I don't exist"
"But I won't go away from you"
"Let me become the call in your words"
"Let me become the step on your way"
"The words involving you and me"
"have faded now"
"You go on as yourself"
Feel sweet remembrances in your heart
"I don't exist"
"But I won't go away from you"
"I don't exist"
"But I won't go away from you"
"I don't exist"
"But I won't go away from you"
"don't exist"
"I don't exist"
"But I won't go away from you"
I've been calling since three days,
what happened Eshwar?
Why are you here?
You know how tensed was I?
What if something happens to you?
Sorry Par
I said I'd never leave you and
go and said I'd live with you.
But leaving you alone...
I died
The word love got
separated into you and me
And now it's just you in the word 'us'.
I don't exist.
Forget me and start a new life
Salim, surrender me the evidence of
that murder case of four and Eshwar
-Why Sir? I'm going for interrogation
-Just do what I say!
You may be a broker, but I'm not one!
Just see what I do
What exactly happened that night?
I was waiting for the
four at Kondareddy fort
Par came to me unexpectedly
Those four guys attacked us
while I was talking to Par
Three of them dragged me in the
car and one tried to molest Par
After that?
I tried hard to escape
from them and save Par
They wanted to kill and I wanted
to live I lived and killed them
Then the fourth guy came to me...
He was hitting me...
Is there an exchange of
characters in his story?
He went on hitting me.
Strange changes in my body.
I lost my blood.
My heart was about to stop.
I felt I was losing my life
I wanted to hold on to my life for Par.
But I understood that my
body was slowly losing life
The tension about what may happen
to Par was turning into anger
I tried a lot to know
about Par through him
He hit me very hard with
the iron rod lying there
[iron rod clinks]
I couldn't move and fell down.
He was killing me by
repeatedly hitting on my head
He's taking me away from my Par.
I was unable to bear it.
It wasn't the pain but the gloom
It was about what happened to
Par and where she was
More than the pain he was giving me, the
pain of separation from Par was killing me
He killed me...
...and I died.
Where is Par?
What have you done to her?
[thunders rumbling]
[thunders rumbling]
So that's how he threw the fourth dead
guy into the gorge from the hilltop
Then, what is your link to the dead guys?
When I was alive I thought Par was dead
I killed him as I thought he killed her
The brother of the guy I
killed wanted to kill me
To escape from there and save Par,
I killed those three
And that fourth guy killed me and I died
In general, the criminals drink
water when Sir interrogates
but this guy is making sir drink water
Sir, shall I get water?
-He killed you and you died, right?
How come you are dead? You're
telling stories sitting opposite to me!
I'm neither here nor anywhere
-Then, whom are you talking to?
-With you
-But you aren't here!
-But you're here!
-Who am I talking to?
-You are talking to yourself
What? Don't you feel pain?
-How can a dead body feel pain, idiot?
-You call me an idiot?
Don't you have fear?
I had when I was alive
I think he's dead Sir
That's what I've been saying since long
Ah! Ghost!
-Are you possessed by some ghost?
-A guy said that too!
[man screams in fear]
Ghost! Where's he? Hail Sri Hanuman
Where's he? Oh no
Where's he?
There Where?
He vanished again Where?
[screams in fear]
-Oh no, devil
-What devil? Have you gone mad?
What he needs isn't interrogation,
but consultation
-What's your name?
-Once... Eswar
And now?
I don't exist... how'll I have a name?
Ok, you don't exist.
How are your feelings after dying?
I feel the world has become very small.
I mean like a small room
A single room?
Then, where are you in that single room?
-I'm nowhere
-Then us?
You look like the insects
swarming around my corpse
It's better we agree he is a dead
body than agree we are insects, sir
Who is Parvathi?
The life I lost...
The world I lost...
My bond and my responsibility
-I need to run a few tests
-Okay Doctor
Whatever tests you do, no science that
can bring the dead alive is born yet
Frontal lobe...
Temporal lobe...
Occipital lobe...
Parietal lobe
Mortar cortex Cells recording
Zoom it
Hmm... okay
This is called as Cotard syndrome.
In 1880 Jules Cotard explained
this as 'The delirium of negation'
Patient feels himself
as dead and he believes it
As this is the rarest disorder...
Neither people having diagnostic and
statistical manual of mental disorder...
nor ICD 10 people can be identified.
This is a neurological and
psychiatric disorder related to brain
When human's head is badly wounded...
or when prone to unbearable mental
shock, this disorder could kick in
This disorder is in three stages
First stage: germination
That is human being in
extremes of depression
They feel like they lost
something which can never come back
They argue that they are ill
although they are healthy
Second stage: Blooming
It means, a person loses his existence.
He keeps hallucinating things.
These are called delusions of negations.
He believes his imaginations to be true.
A person who is in this stage argues that
he's dead and denies his very existence.
The disease would completely
turn into Cotard Syndrome.
All this happened because of me.
And the third and final stage is chronic.
A person who believes he's dead would
refrain from having food, water and sleep,
and spends into extreme illusionary
thoughts and unbearable depression.
He gets disconnected with
his blood and body organs.
And after sometime,
he'll die due to starvation...
[gasps] the patient Mademoiselle.
But each case is a different study.
Isn't there any treatment
for this, doctor?
We can try pharmalogically,
but for the stage he is at,
we shall do electro convulsion therapy.
To put in a simple way,
he should be given shock treatment.
Sir, he's a suspect in murder case.
Please start the treatment immediately.
-Sir, shall I untie him?
-No, he's a suspect.
-Kishore...-Yes, uncle
There is news about Eshwar on TV.
The thing is that uncle...
Parvathi's cell phone is
switched off. What happened?
Don't worry, uncle.
Parvathi is with me
Thanks, son.
Why do you thank me, uncle? It's my
responsibility to bring her safe to you.
Okay, son.
[phone rings]
The guy who killed your
brother is at the Rainbow hospital.
-Come and take him if you can
-Hey, I'm coming rascal!
No one should know that Eshwar
is being treated in Rainbow hospital.
Not even to the people of our department.
Is that clear?
This bloody policeman
knows that I'd come. Damn!
[music mutes voice]
Tell him my name and address.
Ask him to come and take her.
[tyres screech]
I plead you. Hit me anywhere
but not on my abdomen.
There is a small life in here.
Who is it with? Is it him?
What about me?
[laughs hysterically]
[groans in pain]
[groans in pain]
If every wound on my body
multiplies the strength of our love,
I wish to bear any extent of pain, Eshu.
The excitement which we have now is love.
-What's the next excitement?
Yes! Marriage is excitement.
And the next step after the
marriage is super excitement!
After that?
Wife, kids and family.
That's the biggest excitement in life.
I know what it is to have a
childhood without parents.
I won't let our kids undergo that.
I told about my excitements in life.
Now, it's your turn to
reveal your excitements.
We should get married and spend two
years happily.
And after that, we should get divorced.
What do you mean by that?
Yes. Let's get married and
enjoy our lives happily for two years.
And after that, let's get divorced
and stay in different
cities for 6 months to one year.
Then, we should magically meet each other,
get the same feeling
when we met for the time,
get connected, hold hands
sitting opposite to each other,
and decide to marry again.
And in that marriage, I'd place our
baby in your hands as a surprise gift.
The photographer would
click that beautiful moment.
We won't get such excitement in our
life again if we won't get divorced.
Hello boy, is it okay?
Which movie did you watch last night?
I saw some French movie, dude.
Dude? Why not call me as hubby?
Ah! Well...
What's the matter?
You should be called as
-idiot, rascal, waste fellow, douchebag
-Madam, stop now!
-Your drama is super hit, sir.
[tyres screech]
Hey, I got just two tickets.
-You go and watch.
-Shall we go?
-Okay, let's go.
-Not with you.
We both shall go. Come on.
Why so?
You could go with him, right?
Going to the theatre with a friend is
safer than going with a boyfriend.
[people whistling and cheering]I wish to rule the world, sir.
[people whistling and cheering]
You should have seen his face when I
said I would watch the film with you.
He kept his face like burnt pan.
Then, why not come with him?
Oh no! Hugging, pressing,
kissing I can't do.
You could tell him that you
won't allow him to do such things.
Girls do say no at first.
If tuned a bit, we do cooperate.
If tuned further, we'd dominate.
-Anyway, he is an idiot!
-Is it?
Of course! If he had brains, he
would've sent you out and sat beside me.
I even grew the beard for you.
Why not give a kiss at least now?
You ask me to drop
you at your house daily.
But, what's with today, you asked
me to come little further inside?
There's no one in my house.
-There's no one on the road too.
Did you come all the way
till here just for this?
You've hit your boyfriend's ego at
the place where it shouldn't be hit.
-Move, we shall go inside.
Well, what will you do when
there's no one in your house?
Generally, I say that I surf FB, WhatsApp
and YouTube but I watch only those videos.
Shall I make you drink
the world's best coffee?
-How is it?
Well, I kissed you outside, right?
-Have you got tempted?
I made you have coffee, right?
-Have you got tempted?
"Shall I confine all the desires
that are being born inside me?"
"Shall I go ahead with all
the imaginations in me?"
"I wish we shall get
closer and own each other"
"The farther you go, the closer I
get to you and turn on the heat"
"Getting slipped away and getting caught
as you can't hesitate to cross limits"
"I'm seeing you newly and strangely"
"I'll kick if you come closer
and kill if you go away"
"I want you to be before my
eyes and keep looking at me"
"I'll give my hug and I'll set
you on fire if you touch me"
"I want you to praise me as your Goddess"
"I'll display my beauty to you and
I'll become a mirror in your hands"
"I'll close your mouth by
offering my lips to you"
"Turn around...
Turn around, I'm here waiting"
"You go walking into the blaze"
"Round about... Round about..."
"I was set ablaze with a match
stick traced on your fingertips"
"As and when I say and wherever I say,"
"I will hug you, make you
dance, sing and tease you"
"I'll attack over my man and
capture him and rule over the body"
"I'll kick if you come closer
and kill if you go away"
"I want you to be before my
eyes and keep looking at me"
"I'll give my hug and I'll set
you on fire if you touch me"
"I want you to praise me as your Goddess"
"I'll display my beauty to you and
I'll become a mirror in your hands"
"I'll close your mouth by
offering my lips to you"
Ah... Ah!
What's the matter?
There are no words such words
as 'you' and 'me' from now.
It's just the word 'us'.
-Love you.
-Love you too.
[door opens]
[closes door]
[knocking on the door]
Hello Parvathi
Hey Dharani!
-I did a mistake
-What do you mean?
[knocking on the door] I
believed that Sharath is a good guy.
But he turned out to be a fraudster.
What are you talking? Don't worry.
I got cheated.
What happened?
Sharath brought me to some remote
location on the pretext of his birthday.
He asked me to fulfil
his and his friends' wishes.
He threatened to kill me if I don't do so.
I'm very frightened.
Where are you now? [door opens]
[disconnected tone]
-Hello, I'm very frightened Eshu-What happened?
Dharani told that Sharath
threatened to kill her.
Is it?
I have filed a police complaint.
Alright. Just be careful in his matter.
-Okay, love you.
-Love you too.
Dharani is pursuing her under
graduation in Ashram orphanage.
The administrators of the orphanage
are shocked at Dharani's death.
As a complaint was filed
on a guy named Sharath,
the police took him into
custody and are enquiring him.
They've sent Dharani's dead body for
postmortem and collecting the evidences.
Girls easily trust boys if they go behind
them for ten days in the name of love.
And they'd secretly get married
without informing anyone.
Boys change girls
after their needs are met,
but they stick to their words.
Dad, it is my belief that
Eshwar is in love with me for real.
It's my responsibility too... make you believe in him by
clearing your suspicion on him.
Bro... Bro...
I have no call balance,
can you give me your phone?
I have an urgent call to make?
-Thanks, dude.
Hello. I've almost reached.
I'm coming directly to the house.
Will your body cooperate tonight?
-Bro, it shows as 'wife'. Can I continue?
Sorry, don't mind.
[bus honking]
-Yes, Par. Tell me.-Eshu, where are you?
The bus just reached Kurnool
station. I'm getting down.
A lot of things happened when you were
not in the city. Come home urgently, Eshu.
I'm coming.
[bus honking]
Auto Auto
Bro, please stop.
-Sir, where to go?
-Nandyal check post.
Okay, get in.
What might have happened?
Is it the matter of Dharani and Sharath?
-Bro, please drive faster.
-Okay, sir.
[door opens]
[door opens]
I never expected that Eshu will lose
himself for the mistake I did on that day.
[machine beeping]
How is he, doctor?
-All the vitals are stable.
He'll be fine after he comes conscious.
Thank you.
- Eshu, why are you talking so, Eshu?
I'm your Par, Eshu.
-Eshu... Please, look at me.
You are not my Par... My Par.
-You're cheating me.
-No, I'm alive.
-Oh no! I'm your Par, Eshu.
-Hey, what happened?
-Hey Kishore, who is this?
Doctor, what happened to me?
-Why am I here?
-Eshwar, cool down.
Nothing had happened to you.
We just gave you saline.
Who the hell is she,
doctor? Why is she here?
-Doctor, what happened to him?
-Hey Kishore, who is this?
Hey, you're getting
confused. She is our Par.
-Eshu, I'm your Pari!
-No, all of you are cheating me.
-Why will I cheat you?
-My Par My Par
This is
- Leave her
[strangles] Eshwar, no...
No... Hold him... Hold him...
Eshwar, leave her.
-Hold him tight.
-Get the sedative.
-Hey, stop man!
-Hold him tight...
-This girl...
-Calm down...
Cool down... Cool down... Cool down...
-No, Kishore...
-She is our Par...
-Stop dude!
Take him to bed.
His health condition is normal.
But he still didn't come out from shock.
Let us put him back in his
routine life and observe.
Give this sedative if he
behaves violently again.
It is safe that you keep away
from him till he gets normal.
Where are you going?
I'm asking you.
I'm going to Eshwar, dad.
He too said that he would live
with me together if I accept his love
or die if I don't accept.
Neither did he change nor his words.
But how can you advise me
to change my ways, dad?
He might have fallen in
love with you for real.
But, how can I send you when
your life would get into danger?
You are not allowed to go.
It doesn't matter if
something happens to me.
But it's on me to take care of
him that nothing happens to him.
You are not allowed to go anywhere.
What's that, dad?
Didn't you say that
it's boys who cheat girls?
If I don't go now,
isn't it a girl cheating a boy?
Do you want your daughter to cheat, dad?
I'm telling you as a
mother... Just go to him, dear.
Don't abandon the guy who
loved you dearly, for our sake?
Alright, go dear.
[tyres screech]
[door creaks open]
"I don't exist
without your companionship"
"Don't leave me, my friend"
"There isn't a place I can't see you,"
"the distance is too far"
"Though I'm before your eyes,"
"can I face you?"
"You're the pupil of my eye"
-"and I'm like your mom to put you in lap"
-Ask him to take these medicines.
Today is world's mother's day. Hence
I've fixed this day as your birthday.
This is the first birthday wish
I have ever heard in my life.
I'm so lucky.
Every man wishes for a
wife who is like his mother.
I don't know my mother.
But my wife takes care
of me even like a mother.
Happy birthday to my baby, Eshu!
"Why is the glow in the eyes"
"seen like a lamp"
"and gets melted to flow as tears?"
"All the journey that is taking place"
"stops at the friend"
"It won't take close or drive away,"
"Only the pain is left behind"
"I've done my part of the help"
"but you've carried my pain"
Why are you here?
-What work do you have here?
-Eshu, I'm your Par.
I should tell you something.
Have you come to cheat?
[glass shatters] [groans in pain]
"I don't exist
without your companionship"
"Don't leave me, my friend"
"There isn't a place I can't see you,"
"the distance is too far"
"Though you aren't in front of my eyes,"
"you are the boon all over me"
"You're the pupil of my eye"
"You are like a mother who consoles me"
"and put me on your lap"
Par, what happened?
Kishore, look at this.
He loves me so dearly in his heart.
But I'm in front of him
and he hates me so badly.
I can't bear this, Kishore.
-What's this dude?
-What are you doing?
-A small injection. You relax!
[dialer tone ringing]
-Hello, doctor-Hello
Eshwar behaved violently again.
-I gave the injection you've prescribed.-Let him sleep. I have an idea.
Whatever happened to Eshwar on
that day, plan that incident again.
[phone rings]
Eshu, where are you?
The bus just reached Kurnool
station. I'm getting down.
A lot of things happened when you were
not in the city. Come home urgently, Eshu.
I'm coming
How did I come here again?
Sir, where should you go?
-Nandyal check post.
-Okay, get in.
This looks like this incident had already
happened. Why is it happening again?
[door opens]
[door opens]
You fell for it, aren't you?
You fell for it, aren't you?
[door opens] [laughs]
He fell for it, didn't he?
You fell for it, aren't you?
You fell for it!
Wouldn't I? Come on, dude.
How can you support, dude?
Hey... The thing is that...
She was doing it for fun and
For a moment,
-I've felt as if I lost my life
I'm sorry, Eshu...
I could make Eshu believe that I'm alive,
but I couldn't identify the
problem he got from shock.
You don't worry, dear.
Your mother won't let
anything happen to you.
[singing lullaby]
I came to know that Par is alive, but
I couldn't say I was going away from her.
What is that surprise?
Ah! Will I reveal it so easily?
-What will I get? Huh?
-Ask me what you want?
What is it?
Whenever I ask for what I like,
you should give me without refusing.
Alright. First, tell
me what's the surprise.
-Shall I?
-Tell me.
-Shall I?
-Tell me, dear.
-Shall I?
-Tell me, dear.
I'll tell you after I get
back from the washroom.
Alright, go.
Ah... In the meantime,
try guessing it. Hmm...
Marriage is not a surprise because we
are already done with the main thing.
Then, what'd be the surprise then?
-Who the hell are you?
-Come out and you'll know.
Why is he here?
I should first catch this fellow.
[fighting sounds]
I shouldn't get caught to this guy.
Where did he go?
[tyres screeching]
[tyres screeching]
[tyres screeching]
Whose men are they?
Tell me... Tell me... [groans]
They are the henchmen of
Sharath's elder brother.
I didn't know on that day that
the guy who obstructed me on the
road would obstruct me in my life too.
I took a backstep on
the road, but not in life.
Par acted as if she was dead to
prove my love to her parents.
I believed it for real and was in a shock.
And I thought it was Sharath who
killed her as she filed a police complaint
against him in regards
with Dharani's murder case.
But Sharath killed Dharani, not Par.
I've purposely trapped an orphan
as there is no one to
bother if she is alive or dead.
But for the first time in my life,
I've hung my head in shame in front
of my brother because of Parvathi.
It is because I didn't handle
it well, but not out of guilt.
-Please, please leave me Sharath...
-Where will you go? Wait...
Police said that the case won't
close until she shuts her mouth.
Hey, it seems she's in her lover's flat.
Shall we send even Parvathi
to her friend's current stay?
-Let's go.
-Who are you?
- I'm waiting for you to come out on bail.
-What do you want?
-Your life.
-Huh! Life? What will you do with that?
-You've killed my Par!
Killed her?
I'm actually going now to kill her.
I'll kill even you if
you come in my way.
Will you kill?
Sharath, you said that you
loved me and you'd marry me...
Marriage? Huh!
If I marry all those I loved,
my score would've crossed 100 by now.
What do you say, dude?
-Sharath, don't harm me. I beg you...
[gasps] I beg you, please
Leave me, Sharath.
Where will I let you go?
Cooperate with us and you'll enjoy.
She did too much dude, I finished her.
[game sounds in mobile]
-I didn't kill her.
-Why are you lying?
-What I'm saying is true.
Hey, don't kill me.
Even that girl would've pleaded so much.
[indistinct voice]
Did you let her go?
You've killed her! You've killed her!
-Sir, do you have doubt on anyone?
Police didn't arrest me
though I killed Sharath.
It means his brother targetted
me personally.
He sent his men to kill me
and they won't stop with me.
[phone ringing]
I can understand that I'm dying.
But before death comes in search of
me, I should fight it and save Par.
-Sir, SI sir is calling.
-You go.
-He called you both, sir.
-Did he called both of us?
He is tied and is not in
a position to move too.
I'll take care, you can go.
-Sir, you go. I'll take care.
-Okay, let's go.
[door creaking]
Eshwar Get up dude.
[machine beeping]
The henchmen of Sharath's
brother took away Par.
I tried a lot to stop
them, but couldn't her.
Save Parvathi somehow.
They'd kill that poor
girl for your mistake.
I acted well, didn't I?
We both saw the girl at the same time.
But you've expressed your love a minute
ahead of me and became her boyfriend.
And I remained as her friend due
to getting delayed by a minute.
But I too have the
same feelings like you.
Anyways, you are mentally dead.
And if you also die
physically in his hands,
it is good for me and to him as well.
Actually, I can hand
you over and get Paru.
But if I do so, Par would
develop a negative opinion on me.
That's why,
I'll release you from here.
[machine beeping]
He can let go of the girl
but for letting the guy go, he
consider it as our mistake.
Where might he have taken her?
[car door opens]
Go now. They'll take care of you.
And I'll take care of Par.
It might take some time. But I'll
definitely impress and marry her.
I've already impressed her father.
Hey... Control! Control yourself.
I'm not the reason for
your problems or his revenge.
I just used your situations in my favour
and took advantage of them. That's all.
So, no hard feelings!
Die peacefully, at least. Happy journey.
[vehicle starts]
I know that I don't exist.
But I'm still alive.
I should move this
body to save my life.
[gate creaks]
Your revenge is only on the guy who
killed your brother, right? Let her go.
She is the one who is responsible for
his death though it is you who killed him.
You should see her pain and
she should watch us killing you.
She is yours if you cross me and my men.
Death can separate a soul from the
body, but not the heart from love.
[cleaver swishes]
[blood drips]
[cleaver clangs]
[metal rods clang]
What's wrong with you, dude?
I've buried our
friendship to gain her love.
You have survived and killed my love.
That's why I wanted to kill you.
Stop... Stop the car
Nothing will happen to you, Par...
[breathing heavily]
-Eshu, stop the car.
-Let's go to the hospital first, Par.
Eshu, just stop the car...
[tyres screech]
I said I have a surprise
for you. Remember it?
Shall I say what that is?
Tell me...
Shall I?
You are about to become a father
and I'm about to become a mother.
You've promised me that you'd do whatever
I ask for and whenever I wish for?
Will you stick to your words?
-Are you?
-Yes, I will.
Are you going to do that?
Yes, I will.
-[groans in pain]
-Par, nothing will happen.
Let's go to hospital.
Will you return my Eshwar who
loves me very dearly, alive?
[tyres screech]
[vehicle halts] [car doors open]
They are out of serious condition.
-It's okay.
Sir, I didn't understand
this case since the beginning.
What exactly happened, sir?
He's living in the
illusions that I'm dead.
But you're alive,
aren't you sir?
-It's him, not me.
He's alive in the illusions that he's
dead and saved his lover from dying.
And we've saved both of them
who were on the verge of dying.
I didn't understand any at all, sir.
-Do you watch Telugu films?
-Yes, sir.
Then, I'll narrate clearly like the
climax of Telugu films. Listen.
Both are alive and
both will live together.
I've a small doubt, sir.
What again, man?
He should be in jail for
committing multiple murders,
but how will he live
together with that girl, sir?
He didn't do these
murders with intentionally.
As he did those murders due to
his unstable mental condition,
he would be sent to a mental rehab center.
They will treat him and discharge him.
So, it is a happy ending.
It's a happy beginning.
-I don't exist
I mean I don't exist in the frame.
Yashika, smile!