Nenu Local (2017) Movie Script

Everyone says while death
whole life is in an instant
But i remember past six months.
At the time of the exam ...
Hey lazy son. Are you studying or
At this age also should i remind
Hey! Do you hear?
Are you there?
- I'm studying
I can imagine
You'are thinking why this
music in September
In March, I was in the mood.
Son, please stop watching TV
Go and study.
Hey! I studied everything
give me the remote
have this juice and study
-The leg hurts put it down
I will do it, my boy
Have this and study for half an hour
What nonsense?
You give the remote
When I said so much, I did not ask.
It is now that i should suffer.
If a girl gets up at 4 in the morning
Its March,
Boy got up in 4:00
it is September,
Between March and September
Relationship is the result ...
Take God's blessings
In March ...
Take God's blessings
In March. Son,Take God's blessings this time
God-fear is gone
What happened in March
So, take blessings
If I get blessed
The praise goes to him
If i pass without blessing
The praise comes to me.
This is not a deal for me and god.
4 years of study
Not everyone will be friends
But for supplementary exams
Everyone knows.
If We see a girl, it gives a sense of self-satisfaction?
If you planning to copy,
Get out right now.
If anyone is stopping us from copying can leave
Who is it?
Are you getting a copy?
what's wrong?
Is not it a mistake?
You watch your books in class in class,
Is it not ok to write the Exam?
Never thought i will invigilate such people
Hello, Master!
Just wait, for you
We are giving Rs. 1500 from everyone for the exam
Just think, sir.
That's right.
Is is u again?
eah, you again?
Took 35 extra additionals
Is It Easy?
What crazy
if i score 1 mark per page i will pass.
You copy this time i will suspend you
What's this?
Sir! Why was it given?
Today, there is the science of electronics.
He has computer science.
Thank you, sir.
Or all of this is wasted.
Sir and when is computer science?
How did u fail in drawing exam?
Ask the person who corrected it.
Writing from first year.
He did not pass.
I do not know whether he wants to
get his daughter married.
Sir, wait.
Let's go together.
writing these many times.. is in't it shy
don't you feel the same to
come to test all times
can't you study an hour?,
instead all these
can't you close your eyes for an hour?
instead of all these
I will die, but I never let you copy
Until now i will pass all the exams.
But for this i will come in March again
Will you get pass all other subjects?
Write here.
I will not see an hour.
Yes, of course.
I have not done this in my life
Just do it for you
I will not see you. Leave.
don't come to either college
or into my life again
Sir, I am Auto Driver, sir
Your son asked to drop at
Muncipal Office
Hey, the auto is here.
When do you bring coffee?
You are still failed to manage time,
even after 15years of tenure
- That's the ladies' attitude sir
- What's your problem?
why are you involving?
I like my wife, Got it?.
Is the coffee ready?
- almost done.
Lunch Box?
- getting ready
Then come quickly
Now its is your time to leave for Office.
What are you looking at?
That means the office ...
It does not matter
will come again.
Bye son, take care
- I Passed Exams
Nice Joke, tell your father also
- No.. I am serious
son you really passed the
engineering? -Yes, Mom.
That means learning is finished.
Then what's Next?
the only word will ruin the entire
happiness in no time is "Whats Next"
Think on it , will meet in the evening.
You know, my son
had passed engineering
Did you pass engineering ?
Then what's next?
Did i pass for good really?
I need to think an answer
Oh, my ...
I forgot to hear something.
What's next?
Not yet thought
No, You sh'd have an idea
on what's next, right?
Shutting up water wall.
- Do not do it
Now, no water, what's next
- no Idea, send water
No, You sh'd have an idea right?
-how, Immediately?
So, How can I tell you wahat's next
- Hey. Paper.
- wait, coming ...
Get the water open and go.
seems results are out!
- I've been through.Then What's next?
wait there, you'l get answer
Did you pass the exam?
- What's next?
You hit very hard,
What do you do?
same question, everywhere...
Hey, Software!
What about you?
you get salray in Lakhs.
and wife with salary of lakhs.
More over with lakhs of dowry, what
we do when everything with you
No money to boose
No girls to flirt
Money is right?
So where is scarcity of girls?
Is there any girl, who don't
ask "what are you doing"
Girls stopped looking at heart.
Looking only at purse.
But, where are the girls to fall at first sight
The first time I saw Keerthi.
I imagined the next 60 years of life
Lets have a look in wide angle.
Hey, how can you give missed calls
and messages at midnight?
how can you do this to a girl?
Didn't you learn
morals from your prents
Dont you know how to behave
Are you a general thug?
Do you think we scare of your
rough behaviour
once again, in wide angle.
Be carefull, if you send messages again.
will take you mid of the road...
Iam not the one you think.
- What's wrong with me?
you wore check's shirt, right?.
if it is not you, who else?
ssh. - tell me, is it someone else?
- Yes.
Come on
Sorry ...
It's him
how dare you to call and message
girls at night
Sorry.. I hurt you because of him
Just movie aside
Thanks alot
Why should you thank him?
b'cause of him you entred my life.
I'll hit him if you want.
What bro?, why did you hit me?
To comfort the girl as she fell in love
One can hit.
Hey! Where's the love?
I did not tell you, right?
After you hit me ...
love..its just a moment ago
- tell me one reason to love me
Tell me one reason for you
havn't been loved by anyone
You hit a rougue who can
hit 10 people, for your friend
Strong Character
figure also looking solid
This reason is more than enough
to fall in love
Its all because of she. I had to see you
Come on
You don't know about me.
- I don't care about me, who cares you
I fall in love the moment you hit me.
Tell me when you start loving me
I havn't been disturbed
like you to fall in love
I'll disturb you. every one asking me
what's next?
You are the next.
I disturb till you fall in love
You're right for me
heard that you proposed
to a girl on the road
Such a Beautiful, is that girl?
when we see a girls on the street.
We thought,
who is that lucky
getting married to them.
such a beautiful she is
and i am lucky
Going on this love story, No matter of
chasings and police cases
got fed up with other's stories
Pople should talk on our Babu's
love story, atleast 4 Years.
I'll take care, what's the plan?
We have to go through 4 problems
to love any girl
No. 1, Girl Loving Someone?
Does anybody love her?
One Minute
That girl does not love anybody
There are people who love the girl
No. 02, Someone gonna hit us,
if we love her
Or we should hit someone?
There is no one who can attack us
Then roll it out now.
No. 03
Who's the girl's father?
his background?, what kind of problems?
Dad gave lot of freedom since
my childhood
At the request of the money,
ATM card is given.
When you see a movie with friends
Everyone's getting ticket
This is all for you to see the movie.
Thank you, Dad.
The father who granted so much freedom
expects a little faith in return, right?
That's why I promised him that I'll
marry any, whom he wants me to
To me, father is everyday's diary.
That I write daily
Briefly, as far as I know myself
Dad knows about me too.
Good morning Keerthy
- It's my father
Just telling about you,
I feeling to call you as DAD
No, baby. only my wife should
call me "hubby" and
only my daughter should
call me DAD
That's why I nevenr thought of
second child, and
no thought of second
marriage after her
I don't like this kind of jokes
watching TV serial, hubby
All right, I'll go. Bye.
did you get him, who
sending wrong messages
Ah, I got it. After that
I showed him stars and gave left and right
now you feel happy, don't let him
to take revenge
watching TV Serial, Hubby
Dad, first I hit someone else by mistake,
He committed to disturb me for his love
No one can make u fall in love.
Thought right, Subramaniam's
daughter ran away with him.
Don't take boys light, they
can make girls forget parents
Together with maid
What is this nonsense?
Watching TV Serial
You never dare to talk to me directly.
that's why this serial drama
oh, we did realise till you reveal
- eating my brain
What's the matter?
Keep watching that Serial. ok
All right, Daddy, let me get ready
for tomorrow's college
The girl's father was a lecturer.
Not so hard to deal
Question 04
Problem 04, what girl is she doing?
How can I get her?
Doing MBA in a rich college.
college is famous for lovers
why are you leaving in mid of..
have to study.. lot of works pending
Have to join the MBA.
Did you get the engineer pass? - Yes.
Then why so aim less?
What's next?
Mom, Why Dad wants me to join MBA.
He strongly fixed it
OK, lets discuss in the evening
Dad, Why Mom wants me to join MBA.
What? MBA?
She strongly fixed
She decided to convince you
Let's make a decision this evening.
What are you eating? Let's eat.
Is it so necessary to join MBA
Dad always think for your good, right?
You should also listen to
your Mother, right?
If you've already decided,
What to do?
Mom, Dad,
For you. I go to college, I do MBA
I follow the girl..
I mean I follow mother's words
he will follow you.
You thought he follow girl right?
Dad did not understand I was wrong
Good morning, everyone!
excuse me sir, May I come in?
- come in
What are You doing here?
- as I told i will disturb you, come sit
Oh, oh, oh!
feeling disturb to sit beside to me.
What's your name?
Will not say
I should've asked there itself as
you will get disturb saying your name
My name is Keerthi
They're handing over now
Do not bother
I am getting disturbed
Forgot to tell you.
My name's Babu
Hey Babu. Please be quiet.
does he know my name?
Hello ...
I told you to be quiet.
You do your job
Sir asked to be quiet
Lecturers says a lot
What about us?
When I say like this,
are you feeling disturbed?
Hello ... entire class getting disturb
just b'cause of you
see everybody getting disturb
but not you, why?
why are you talking to her while I'm talking to you?
why are u talking to me while I'm talking to her
Hey, what's your purpose
of being here
I am on my job, you
concentrate on your job..
To make jokes on lecturers has
become a fashion for you?
Isn't it your fashion to cut
down marks at end of study?
Reporting the class attendance
Is not your fashion?
We play in the beginning
you play in the end.
If there is class in class
Do not look for a class
There are students, study
for lecturers, but are there ..
any lectureres helps
students in exams to copy
Where are the good teachers,
Not good children?
Teachers and students are
like batsman and runner
If there is no cooperation, they will get out
Why are you waiting?
you want me to repeat?
What are you doing?
Back wheel of vehicle
should follow front wheel, right?
Did't understand
- do we understand your class?
Who is that?
Where are you going?
hey you, Short.
what? short?..
Who is Short?
Even a inch is less will be called short,
Give your number?
Hey, give your friend's number ...
I don't tell you?
- is it..
I take your number from her
You, Stop it.
- Then, tell me now
Hey you, don't note down
My girl... ok
That fellow started disturbing me
Said, I said long time ago
at the begining
-What did you say at the beginning?
Its about TV Serial, Hubby
Daddy ...
he is calling
I'll talk
you go
sweetheart, what doing?
sweet heart sleeping
who is talking, if sweet heart
sleeping. - Guess?
This is Babu here
- Keerthy's father here
Give the phone to her. have to check
whether she disturbed or not
What are you talking about?
Silly, idiot, rascal, not you
Shame on your father..
Daddy call for you?
- who?
is this the way to grow a son?
what a father you are..
-Hello. -should feel shy
Even a inch is less will be called short
Actually, have to say something
I am in love, need your help
My dad does not like them
I'm going.
Come this way
Oh ... see how cool the
class in his absence,
He does something and hurts
Hi Keerthi. talking this way as I can't
express my feelings directly
people will be very brave
when they are in love
But it is so scary to express it
I do not understand why
In my life I met thousands of people
like classmates, friends
relatives, strangers. Never feel to live
entire life with anyone
Wishing to pay together for a lifetime,
You're the only one
You're the only one eligible for that
I love you, Keerthi
I love you, Keerthi
With all these matter
A letter has been found
Keerthi, come to message room
to Get the letter
come on. why Did You run up?
for me? - No. first give me letter
Empty leaf.
That means ...
I want you to get disturbed
So listen to the whole college
Tell me?
A boy's love is like "User Name".
doesn't matter if leaked
But Girl's love is,
Like the "Password"
Only user should know.
Now all approach you to know
Don't reveal the password.
Who wrote the letter?
Sir, he torturing me by saying lover
He wrote the letter and announced
in the Mike. suspend him urgently
If he suspend all lovers,
He only remains in college
what the purpose coming
to college, except love
otherwise, they can run seperate
college for Men and Women
It does not matter,
Did you write that love letter?
What is this?
I can't write even an exam,
how can I love letter
she said you're torturing?
I'll ask a straight question.
Did I disturbed you?
Did he?
Did I?
Did You Get disturbed because of me?
-did you?
Did you?
See. It's clear
Thank you, sir. You did a good job.
My book
- where is mine?
Keerthi, Do not waste my time
Just leave
I said leave, go to your class
Hey! Leave.
What's in the book?
Hey, you see?
Very comfortable to hold
Gentleman should wipe tears
should't be reason for tears
lets do ragging, don't insult
Come on
Take the bike
I am OK, They misbihaved
with Keerthi more roughly
Hey Babu, Please don't
- get on the bike
Please, don't get into it
- Get on the bike
Why this way..
Mistakingly without knowledge
you insulted my girl friend
Forgive the mistake
Take a bottle out of peace.
Or i will settle for everyone
you till take medicines
Now say what?
Bottle or medicine?
Hey! That Area belongs to you.
I listened and I came.
This is my Area.
will make you run out of here.
running to save life will be
called Deer
The one who attacks
bravely, called...
We can know it soon
Tell me. Bottle? Is it a medicine?
lets close his matter, we'll have bottles
he takes medicine
take your seat
The rest of the style is also for the rest
How do you like to take?
Bottle? Is it a medicine?
Sorry, sister
Compromise or not?
- Bro, I am compromised
Leave it Boss, - no
Leave it, - no
He is hitting hard. I'm making peace
Listen to me
Sorry, sister
What's wrong?
- No boss. compromise.
- compromise boss
To Compromise
I brought medicine right?
why that one?
To control BP, not to kill you
Then take two
What for?
just to live for some more time
Boss, Compromise and
take the bottle, Be happy
for 10 persons, he bought 9 bottles,
where is bottle to compromise
Do you sacrifice your bottle?
- No Chance, Boss
Sorry, sister
Thank you for sharing my anger
don't think, I will disturb with this
will fall in love with you..
Do not even think about it.
Oh.. my son
What happened?
its proved again,
not to listen to wife
What happened?
We paying education loan
for his MBA
Do you know what he's doing?
Nothing to say, I like that girl,
tried to trap, caught by him
really? - It's not funny
Aren't you ashamed?
Aren't you ashamed
to say that you are trappinng girl
Why Shame?, How come men on earth
without boys following girls
don't worry I am not behind a boy
- don't care, leave that girl
You leave your mom.
Hey, we're married.
This is my wife.
That's my wife. You fixed after
marriage, i fixed at first sight
I do not like it. will you stop
loving that girl or not?
Doing engineering and getting
married as father's wish
Everything is for your own interest.
Then why am I?
We'll show same sadism on our
children to do as we wish
Please let us do what we want
we'll let our children same way
You never listen to father.
when girls father knows it, and..
after sending villains to
break your front and back
Then You Understand.
-21 St, No.42/3, Jubilee Hills. Hyderabad
You think, I can't got to that address?
Sorry, sir. I never thought
of getting son like this
Who are you? What's up?
I came to say that
Listen for 2 minutes
You know how I struggled
to bought him up
Who are you? whom you bought up?
I came to say that
Listen for 2 minutes
after all this struggle,
he decided to do MBA
Hey. Who are you?
Why he decided to do MBA?
thats what I am here to say.
give me 2 minutes
at last after sending to college
There he following girl...
Ammammamma ...
Who are you? Why did you here?
Sorry, sir
What Is it?
Love You
Girl is super!
carry on
- What's this?
What happened when he left home?
Girl is awesome!
from tomorrow when he going to
college, you take care of his clothes
I take care of his bike
and other things
in two months, she should
fall in love with you
Do me "Uncle"
If it's fine, I'll give the money
otherwise, I will see you
How, Such a beauty fall in love
with our son?
Hey, In this world all angels
will fall for only fools
It's a rule.
According to that rule, she falls
As a father
Congratulations. God bless
If you're getting married to that girl,
I will catch your legs
How beautiful that girl?
I Love You son
- My mother's pride ...
Short, -Why did you call this time?
Daddy is also at home
Just came to balcony. The cold air,
moon, just wanted to talk to you
Not necessary, get down to room
and go to bed
Is it OK for your father?,
if I come down to sleep
I'm not in my balcony
i'm in Your balcony.
- If you do not come up, I'll come down.
- No, I'll be right there.
Why did you come?
My Father ordered me make you
fall in love in a month, on duty
Not your father. first you should
know about my father
My dad gave me lot of freedom
since my childhood
If I ask money, he give ATM card
If I go to movie,
He take tickets for all my friends
I know all those, Just tell me,
why didn't you love me
I can't love you by misusing
freedom given by my father
To love someone we need freedom
why don't you love if you have freedom
What does your mother say?
She'completely into the TV.
So every body has their own madness?
Come Sit.
This is what madness is you know?
You do not understand.
My mother made chicken fried rice When
it's shared in the dish, I missed you.
Had your dinner?
No dinner, even by this time?
tell your family to take care of you
Or else should I tell?
Hey!Let me tell them.
What you gonna say?
Carefully Take care of me
Whom should be cared?
You're still not clear.
The guys left the bus station
I left the plate halfway.
Do not you understand?
I won't say "I love you too" when
you feel all my feelings.
You say "I'm sorry", You wonder how
I alone captured all those feelings
No need of love. Just be as friends
When I say love
You are talking on friendship?
It has difference like relationship of
wife-hubby and bro-sis
Still you want friendship, will have it after
60 years of our marriage
Till that time.. Just love
Keerthi. What are you doing out there?
I understood things
Not you
Your dad should be disturbed
why Is that?
you come to know, wait
This Babu going to enter your Dad's life
from tomorrow, Bye
This way..
Why is he here?
What is he doing here?
Hello, sir! How are you?
What are you doing?
that's only balance in your life?
You won't change
what for, sir?
What are you doing?
What to do?
No Changes..?
At your age, I am a Merit Student..
No,Whatsapp, Facebook in those days
Easy to concentrate?
- It's my mistake to tell you.
- Yes, it's wrong. Get into your deck
You bunk to college, today
My daughter came to shop
My girlfriend also
Come for shopping
Do you want to help her for shopping?
No i want to disturb her ...
Okay. you can go
Let me see your Pity girl.
- won't you leave
let me also feel pity at your girl
Babu ... Go
Your daughter asked me to leave.
Oh, God. father.
Again coming here?
Yeah, leaving..
Why didn't you tell that he
entered into your life
I told you about a guy with check's shirt
Not about that one,
what about this guy
I don't that you already know him
He's not one of the regular guys.
He could change innocent people too
He is like a headache for medicine too,
How come in in your life ...
Why did I leave upon your words..
- Hello, sir
Why did I leave upon your words..
- It's my daughter
She said it na. One minute
Why did I leave upon your words..
Why did you ask me to leave
This is an issue of my daughter's life.
Do not joke.
This is about my life also,
I do not want to make fun of it
I have taken care for years
Thought of getting her married in next
6 months. Why this tension?
You are struggling of
leaving her in 6 months
My struggle to welcome her to my
life for 60 years, what about my stress?
That means, you want me to leave
everything to you, like a fool!
You're invigilator in my college
Not a lecturer
An investigator should watch,
when we are writing our exams
Here too.
You watch what we do
who are you, to order me to wait?
This is my identity card,
You have all the details you want
Where were we?
feeling like a hero in front of girl's father?
When I tell your dad about this,
You'll find it tough
There's also my address on the ID card,
You can go and tell!
- I've seen you at my house
I was hoping this
I will also see you at my home!
what? - When my son is there
You'll understand everything
Your son loves my daughter
Myself encouraged him. He has my blessing
What kind of father you are?
Your daughter has a very good track record
Your son is useless
Not good
Agree, Your daughter is not like you
My son is not like me..
You are also crazy like your son!
He can get my craziness, how would I get his craziness..
According to your way
There is no mistake in your son either
All together
-Brother, Everyone says that your
daughter is beautiful..
My husband seen, my son also seen..
Me too once ...
What's this family?
Everyone is mad
I know, How to save my daughter.
Sorry, Dad
I did not mean to hurt your feelings
why do you sorry, for him
Don't I know about my daughter?
Let's go
Good night
But remember, baby
I should feel sad when you leaving me after your marriage!
But I should't be sad to get you married
cool !
Ever smelled an anesthesia?
Wait a minute
Hope, this place is comfortable
For fun I call you short. But, good height
I am so lucky to get you..
First time, I'm seeing you while you are sleeping.
Like a cute puppy dog
I Have to tell you many things,
Couldn't sleep at nights. Feeling different....
Feeling scared
I thought to hug you, whenever I see you,
But, I couldn't do...
Feeling, Heart is filled with weight of 100kg
Previously, when I've been listening to love songs
I used to feel, nonsense
But now, I'm feeling those lyrics written for me and by me
I understand there's no order in my words.
But, feeling good at heart
Get married?
Will Get married and drive round our village
Wish to take a photo with smile while tying marriage thread
Wish to quarrel with you for silly reasons
Have to feel tension at maternity ward,
in thought of getting boy or girl?
Don't take me wrong, as talking like this
I love you, like my dad loves my mother
Till now, I didn't even touch my wife.
Who are you ?
Your biting, or kissing as she is beautiful
How can you touch someone's wife..?
That's right, Oh it disturbed my flow...
It's getting late. There is an important job
I'll be right back
I'll be back
Uncle, Parents are following....
- Where's the groom's room?
Bride groom?
Do you like this wedding?
Have you ever see smell of anesthesia?
Smell, will be nice.
Who Is this?.. - Get in the car
Get in the car
I cannot
Get in
I never thought his background is this much
They have guns with them!
What did you do?
Why did you bring me here
What if my father notice that I am not at home
adding to that, I destroyed his marriage also
Now, do you tell your father? about
being with me tonight and destroyed marriage
Are you mad?, It's about life of a girl
What if that girl commit suicide,
by feeling sad at her disturbed marrige
You'll regret your life
When I say so much, you will not ...
Sorry Keerthi, What happened, Paddu?
I am scared alot, - What do you say?
We are ending up our life to get you wedding!
Thank You so much for Keerthi
For what?, - Paddu..!
What are You doing here?
What happened?
They can talk later,
Hey Prasad! Take them with you
Nice to meet You
Thank you very much ...
why should they thank me?
your friend
You've been told several times to help for their love.
But, You ignored them....
Being helpless, she was ready to commit suicide
If your friend commit suicide, you regret for your life
That's why I broke that marriage..
that's it, I am not a selfish
If i was the one, like before I love you.
I bash them who thought of suicide. But...
when I thought, if you get married to some other....
He could have taken him by myself
She is keep asking, Where is Keerthi?
That's why I picked you up
We don't know ladies' needs, right?
I have only two ladies in my life
One is my Mother.. and second is You..
Will you not come?
He used to disturb me in the Class room
But, toaday I didn't see him there
He used to disturb me in the carridor
I didn't see him there, today
Instead of being happy, why are you complaining?
I'm waiting to tell you one good news
Why are you talking about him?
I'm talking to you, right?
- Phone, Dad!
Hey! Why did you not come in the morning?
Have to get the couple married, right?
Could you not mention it before?
I'm looking forward to tell a good news,
Who's calling now?
A friend, Dad
Why did I tell it is "friend", instead of telling it is "You"
It's okay, people say lies, when they are in love.
Why should they tell lies, while in love ... tell me.
Who are You speaking?
It's Paddu, Dad
Say, "I am disturbed"
- No, I am not
Not even now, You said you were disturbed when I slapped you
at first meet. But I din't!
U came to college for me
I did not get disturbed
When some people troubled "Paddu", you convinced them
When they troubled me. You hit them.
Still, I didn't get disturbed..!
My Dad got disturbed by you..
Still, I didn't get disturbed..!
You helped my friend to get married
Still, I didn't get disturbed..!
The whole day, you were not seen
Still, I didn't get disturbed..!
But.. To say these many times " I am not disturbed"
Why am I feeling disturbed this much..?
Say the three magical words, I Love You
I'm very sorry, I realized in one day,how did you survive for last 2 months
You are coming here or Shall I come there
-you don't come, I will come there
Don't feel shy when u see me.. Just hug me tight
I will come, but not now, Daddy is at home
Tomorrow at 9 o'clock
I cannot wait until tomorrow
I'm coming right now
Being speed all times is not right Babu
All these days, you were waiting for my love, right?
Wait one more night.
You listen every second of tomorrow
You will fall in love with me agin, at every second
Okay !..
Hello, Brother.. it's me
Bottle? or Medicine?
50,000 per each, like 10 people
Five lakhs, It is small amount for your figure
Those 10 people, brought you girl friend here..
Do not worry
You come here, take your hits back,
make my ego satisfied and take your girl friend
Keerthi, the one I'm getting married to
Loving her since 4 years
I came to marry her.
If anybody look at her or tries to talk to her, trouble her
Just, I will kill them..
We thought only 4 problems in your life!
What is this 5th one?
I waited the whole night,
to listen "I Love You" from Keerthi
But, I didn't expect that, some one will come and say
" I'm loving Keerthi since 4 years"
He came like sudden break to my floating love
Siddhartha Varma
Sub Inspector of Police
Four years ago, he is just Siddhartha Varma
when introduced to Keerthy..
It's you, right? committed suicide for me?
Is it you..?
I do not know who you are
Never seen.
As I said no to some other's love, You decided
that, I will also say no to you. and.. suicide..?
What's in this letter?
To get your last respect
Even i am ready to die.
If you want to die
Take this poetry also with you
Keerthi, It's me who loved you, not him
Then, Who are you? -A Small accident case..
Why didn't you stop me then..
Keerthy, I thought. I will die without proposing you.
I will do it now...!
- I Love You, Keerthy
you have seen the result, right?
You'll also commit suicide?
If you talk around like this
I will commit suicide once a day
Well, you can die, but don't let me die..
Keerthy.. - Just leave me, don't come into my life
You came to my life without knocking the door
But, I'll come to you home and talk to your parents
when a pretty girl is at home, Such people come every day
Not like that.
- How eligible are you to get my daughter?
What are you expecting from me?
Study, Job, Dignity
Can you assure that, She will be happy with you?
Ask Keerthi about this
There is nothing to say
I say exactly what my dad says
Got it?
Leaving.. without an answer..!
Today, October 22.
Remember this day and your words
I will be back, by achieving something in my life
Till this day, I did not know who he was
I went to the police station with many questions
Put it in
Keerthy, we planned to hug on next meeting, right?
Come on.
Come on
Do not be shy. It's common in love!
What, Keerthi loves you?
Keerthi, do you love him?
Why asking a girl?
Who is this guy?
saying, he is going to marry Keerthi?
Yes, Keerthi is going to marry him,
and he will be son-in-law
On the 26th of this month, both are getting married
What? Keerthi's marriage is with him?
Remember this joke to make me laugh again.
- What's so funny?
- Or else ...
Girls may have like this crazy
But I do not
What happened till today? I do not know
Keerthi is the one I'm getting married to,
Leave Keerthi.
Hey, Prasad 100
Take this 100 and leave Keerthi
Keep it inside, Keep it
What's 100 ? You are not the one who
takes 100 to leave..
Hey Prasad, give me another 100
What do you think?
Sidhu! one minute! I'll talk
Keerthi, tell me the truth straight out
You promised me to marry the one I choose
Do you marry the one I selected or not?
Whoever you choose,
I'll marry him, Dad.
There is my daughter.
Dad said, My marriage is on the 26th
Its up to you, how you make my father chooses you
He should say you are his Son-in-law
I'm ready for the wedding
Only you, should tie the marriage thread
This word should be said by my father
That's the point.
I realized how helpless Keerthi was.
In next 25 days, you make me to choose you as bride groom!
Upon my words, Sidhu went far away for
4 years and groomed the way I like him
He achieved a job, to keep Keerthi, Happy
What's up with you?
Just attitude!
Your mouths boasting!
Whatever you do, I will never get convinced
Did you ever think, I pass through engineering
You gave a book and helped me to get pass.
same way, did you ever thought, Keerthi will love me?
Just saw, right?, Who knows you will select me as your son-in-law
25 days left..
Just one moment for you, That's enough.
Be ready with 42 size shirt and 32 size trouser
See you.
Keerthi does not understand what is true love
You convinced with your sincerity
In these 25 days , Can't you make her understand your love?
you can convince her.
Keerthi's birthday is on tomorrow
Happy birthday, Keerthi.
4 years I celebrated your birthday without you
You should know how much I missed you
and struggled for you in these 4 years
That's why, This video..
Finally ...
Today, I'm saying in front you
Happy Birthday Keerthi..
Will you marry me?
Four years of love. It'll take atleast 4 days
to understand, right?
Still we have time right, I will wait till you say yes!
Why are you rejecting, Keerthi's call?
Today, Keerthi's birthday
I don't like the wishing formalities of
Happy Birthday and Happy New Year
What is the progress of impressing Keerthi's father?
- still, 23 days left for that..
What you do?, What is your plan?
I can't change my charactere for love
won't we get, one moment?!
Did you ever expect, you will be caught by Keerthi
- Hello Daddy!. Hey, I have some work with your Dad
Are you the only one? Is not it my daddy?
I'm coming
Stupid fellows
You can ask anything except "Why didn't answer my call"
Then quit smoking cigarette
I do not...
It came into my life before you, can I leave you
If some one comes after you?!..
If I accept something into my life, that will be mine forever
You convince me crazy talks..
Don't you know that today is my birthday?
After our love, It's My first birthday.
I expect, some surprise, Wonderful gift, chocolate,
At least a rose, right?
You won't get those from me..
At least, A Birth day wish..!
Told you right?, you won't get..
Sidhu took me out yesterday and, He surprised me!
He gave a diamond ring, and proposed me..
If you make a lot of money,
no need to compromise for anything in life
There will be options as you wish.
You want a life, like that!, let's go..
Where? - I'll tell you let's go..
where is?
What is this?
Hai. - leave us for 5 minutes. Okay
One from our side.
Why did you bring me to showroom.
Not showroom, Think this is our house
If I earn lot of money, we will have a home like this, right?
Come, let's enjoy our life and our home
Switch on the TV
Okay? Right
Options, Options, Options
Hello ... I'm sitting here,
What are you sitting there for?
To see the match
The best option for a better
life, Everything is extra
enough watching!, Let's go to sleep
What You do before going to bed?
Read some book
Take this book and read it
What are you heading that way?
You are reading, right? I switch off lights before sleep
I sleep here only, this is the advantage in rich life
We can sleep at separate bedrooms, more options!
Good night!
Come. - Now Where? What are you doing?
I do not understand anything
I explain come.. Hey Babu
Why Did you bring me here, - get down, I tell you
Our home
Come on
What are you looking at?
Your daughter-in-law.
Get up, come you please be seated
Hey, you said exactly the girl looks so beautiful
Are your parents fine? yes
Do you like watching ladies shows in TV.
No uncle, I just watch films
I see, Then Let's see a movie
Its okay, Aunty you can continue..
No, baby, let's watch together?
Watching together gives much pleasure
than watching what we want
Hey, had your lunch?
No.. You didn't serve, right?, -Not yet!
Oh its already late, give me a minute, I will arrange
enough, - Baby, Do you like fish soup?
I like. But its difficult to eat
Both are same, it's difficult for him too..
Gives build up like a hero
Baby, I make it easy for you, it's okay
don't woryy, come on eat..
Thank you, Aunty
Dear, I don't like to hear, Thanks, uncle, Aunty..
Ok Father-in-law. - Son....
- I'm proud of you .. -why?
Asked him, to make you call me father-in-law in 2 months
He did it!
Feed her properly?
Feed me too
You too
- It's very tasty, Mom
Get close
Its enough, stop!
This is our room
- Hey ...Don't lock the door. why?
We aren't married, right? that's why
Talk louder
This area is around 150 sft, -so what?
- Because, that's what our status
- Hey I am asking why be louder..?
Those who didn't get married have to talk louder
Then only, the outsiders feels nothing is happening at inside
- There's a bathroom at back side also
You know many things...!
It's 10 minutes from here to the bus station
At your home, hold your hand,
I like this.
you see at the showroom, that's not my life
This is my life
Everyone wants money
But if you need only money. You have to make
timetable to talk to your parents
I like this way
Tell me, still you like to get proposed with ring..
I will propose the same way..
I have this ring
-bye.. -bye
I'll take care of Keerthi, Sidhu
You concentrate on wedding preperations
All right uncle, will leave when Keerthi comes
Keerthi, Just waiting for you..
Planning is done for wedding, same date 26th
You can prepare your friend's list to invite..
Going to select wedding cards, Get ready
Let Keerthi get busy with wedding works,
she won't get his thoughts
This is the latest one
It's very beautiful
How much? This will cost you 500
Can he ever get one like this?, He needs my daughter!!
This is beautiful, is not it?
She called me on urgent, don't know why?
Why did your mother help?
Dad doesn't like you, right!, She likes you automatically
Tell your mom, I like her
Leave Mother, Have to tell about Sidhu, stop here
see. The messages and videos he sent
About honeymoon
Hi Keerthi, if I'm not bothering you
After marriage, for honey moon, Venice
is the best place, I think
That's why these tickets were booked
Besides wedding works,
he is planning further things perfectly
But, What did you do to convince my fatherr?
Still we have time, right?
Won't I get one moment?.
Tomorrow, Sidhu's family coming home to exchange the invitations
Stay and keep waiting for the moment
Time is auspicious, Change the invitations
-cold.. suffering with cold!..Okay
- Change right now, - All are here, right?
- Yes every body is here, happy?
Who's that?
got a wedding invitation.. It's a dream ...
The first kiss to the first person... God has written
The shower of flowers are so colorful,
Brilliantly smelling buds ...
What's nonsense along with your family?
We have equal rights in all aspects till 26th right!
What is this, Daddy?
Mr.Murthy, Shall we exchange the invitations
- yes, let's exchange, -let's exchange
Keerthi's marriage
You must come true
Dad... My son's marriage, you should come.
For my marriage, you need not to come.
What else is here?, let's go
I need to talk to the girl, What you talk?
Shall we go? What they talk about, Let's listen
- Okay, let's listen. take the seats
Shall we start talking..? - Ask them
Baby, What about your studies?
She studied till 1pm, after that she did chatting with me
Can you cook? I hope they are in planning to open
a curry point at city center..
You stay. stop asking old generation's questions
Try some thing new.. Let me ask
Do you sing?..
They're will make you sing at
Tradition Celebration
- Men, I have a suspicion Ouch!
Only one of you marry Keerthi, right?
What about the second one after marriage?
He's asking about you. Tell
Shall I tell...? Shall I tell what is about you,
After we get married
This is Hyderabad radio This song
was requested by Siddharth Verma.
Vallet Parking
Vallet Parking is only for four wheelers sir, not for two wheelers
Take these two, Now park the total wheels
Let's go inside, My son is intelligent
- What are You doing here?
- My son Is going to Bangkok
Flight is under this desk.. What is this nonsense
We are here for wedding shopping
What sir, Wedding shopping?
My daughter's marriage.
Who is the bridegroom? He.
Sub-inspector of the police
He's a big boy ...
- Mom, How is this saari?, Why are you asking me?
Ask your wouldbe, he is beside you right?
How is this sari son?
- Good Auntie
-Mom, your son-in-law?
That's him!
What about him?
I don't know ..
-Sir, your son-in-law?
That's him!
- What about him?
- I Do not know Who is he?
- Who are you?
- Wife and Husband.
- Who Is this little girl?
- our daughter
- Who Is your son-in-law?
That's him?
Aunty. Bless me
Not only we, even you have one plus one offer
Hey, show them Bride groom... sorry, sarees!
Congratulations, sir, why?
This is wedding season, right?
We are offering honeymoon packag as free
for one couple a day..
- You daughter got it today ...
- have given one, where is the another?
Already given to him?
Sidhu, Y'day he did nuisance while exchanging cards
That is in front of our 4 persons
He came to shopping mall today.
nuisance in front of 10 people,
If he do the same tomorrow at sangeeth party
will be get insulted in front of all relatives
Why are you waiting?
I do not understand
I don't know, you go within law or out of law
Jut stop him
Till now, I controlled myself, Just not to get
bad impression from you
What can the police do? I will show him
He's not coming for Sangeet
Why are you going for loan now?
- Wedding infront, right?
Have to shop atleast things for Keerthy, right?
Hey, Nanchariah!
Keep only that murderer in the cell and leave the rest
What are you planning?
Marriage right?, In thought of putting you in cell
to keep you glamorous, instead exposed to sun
let see, how do you put me in cell, without reason
What will you do?
Please do not. I'm like you mother.
Like mother to me means.. My father's wife..
Now there is a reason, right?
Dragging Inspector's collar while on duty
the reason is very strong..
Mom, you go home
I'll be right back.
Nanchariah, write the FIR, BABU arrested for
dragging SI collar.
Lucky right?, happening in my favour!
You want Keerthy, I make sure you
won't get her in your life
Sangeet at 6pm tomorrow
I will dance like a hero there..
Your like zero in this station, being helpless
How's my program?
But, I'm hearing future in different voice
I heard, I will be there in sangeeth and you, in depression
Hey, How can you be at sangeeth?
Tomorrow evening, I'm a hero of Sangeet.
You're zero in this station
What else is it?
There is a very powerful
thing at this time
See, Babu posted message in group
- how come he is in police station?
Hey, hey, take that phone.
Hey, give the phone.
Tell my uncle, who scared of me and planned this
Spending a lakh more is ok,
But Tomorrow celebration will be peaks
Are you from Police Station? what about him
Not from police station!
What did he said, when he was taken away?
- I'm coming in - Then he will come to sangeeth for sure
You take some rest, Go
- What are these guys?
- I do not even understand That, sir
Come on sir, waiting for you..
get water bottle, here?
Nanchariah, what about these guys?
Babu planned revenge on you..
He's making all his colony people to lodge complaints
There are 245 complaints
- Yes, Babu is correct
- What's the complaint?
- he, for cutting nailr, for pipe theft, for shopping
Why complaint for cutting nails?
He cut his wife's nails with cutting player
What is that Pipe Case?
he theft oxygen pipe connected to his
uncle at the hospital
What's the shopping case? - That means
he did before opening the shop.
A case regarding theft
The next one is the best
It gets pretty crazy
Shymalatha ... where are you?
Come to the front
It's heading
- What's your problem?
- Eve teasing case, sir!
All old men teasing me..
Eve teasing meant for young girls, like that
not for old mom's like you
They teasing me, by saying I could be
most beautful at my young age
I'll write the
complaint You go now.
-Bye, -Bye
Babu, Local guy arrested by Panjagutta SI
for personal reasons
Hundreds of complaints lodged at this station today..
Do not touch
Have you arrested local guy, Babu
What's the case
Give the phone to your SI
All right, sir
-Sir, actually.. - you are not there to
arrest people for personal cause..
- get there cleared everything, with in 10 minutes
Dont let media took the chance?
Sir, better.. compromise
No way to get compromise
Let's see what he'll do?..
- This is all for you to, see
he does, you watch.. enough for me
Why did you sit, - You also sit sir..
waiting for you to say..
What is the problem?
India lose the match
So what can I do?
International problems will not
be solved here only local ones
take down
- my favourite movie gone, Ha ha
- will accept a case which can be brought back
Then my brother's eye sight is gone
Can be brought back, right?
Tell them to, ask something logical
- Nanchariah, Where Is your purse?
- Here it is
No, It's not there?
- My purse Is gone
- Now take a complaint
-How is the logic.. What a logic?
I will write it down
What's wrong with you?
I lost my phone, sir
- She lost her suitcase!
- Yes, suitcase is gone.
- She saying phone?
The phone is there inside the suitcase
- It's a very logical one
- Hey Chanti, Hi Bro
What happened kid?, Sit
- What kid, what did you lose?
- Sir, I've lost my pencil, sir
No complaints on pencils and exams, leave
A little kid lost his pencil, and Police
ignoring his complaint.
Instead catching thief, joking on Kid
If he thinks there is respect in the
society only for thieves.. and
He becomes a thief, Murder, Terrorist..
Your Excellency is responsible for that.
Don't let us resposible, Babu?
- Then, what?
Let's take it as a special case.
How did you lose your pencil?
I scrolled it for 30 minutes
by putting it in sharpener
Good logic.
-What a logic!.. Chanti
-bye.. bye bro
Still people are coming to Station
Kept Complaining ...
-Sir - It's being telecast on TV.
I'm getting calls on this
Release him immediately. Or else
I'm going to take action against you
Hey, you're going to be killed.
Sir, sir Wait, sir
Sir, you're telling us, He could
disturb your wedding
Why are you messing with him?
Listen to me and release him.
You will be tension free and can be
attended for Sangeeth with fresh mind.
If not, it's upto you
There is no end I think
Okay. Ask him to send his people out
I will release him.
Did he hear what he said?
Hey Prasad! Tell our friends to
take a Tea Break
Don't think you won, I will see you..
Officer! Get out of here.
Sir, Have you arrested a guy
called Babu? for you personal reason
It's not like that, small petty case.
It's solved, He was released.
Side, Side, Side please, move
Sir, SI said its a small petty case,
is it correct?
It's so hard to explain in detail
To make it easy, I will tell as story
The name of the story is "Elephant Operation"
There was a small lake
There was a little crocodile
living in that lake
One day a big elephant came to lake
to have a bath,
It stepped in lake and touched the crocodile
That's it, crocodile got angry and take
elephants leg in its mouth.
To get released, Elephant had to pray
for the God, Hence god recommended to leave
Due respect on the God, Crocodle
left the elephant to survive
Looked at crocodile, and shocked..
What happened and How is it possible
You know what crocodile replied to elephant?
What is it, sir?
You can be King anywhere.. But,
Once you step into my area.....
He is also Local...
at 6pm, I will dance with Keerthi, like a hero
Can't you make Keerthi loves you..?
He won't come to Sangeeth function
You are like a zero, being helpless..
Look, careful..
Sorry Sir ...
He is the one you are in love with?
you accepting this as love..?
Does love means separating a
daughter from her father?
Does it mean to fool her father
in front of everyone?
- Sir you ...
I am talking to my daughter
Do not interfere.
What he said, that day?
"When you feel tense to leave her in 6 months"
"How much should i feel to miss her for 60 years"
Do you find him tense in any way
Say one trial that he made to get you.
Right here in front of these people
I get your marriage done with him
What you said to your friends, about me?
"My father is my diary that I write daily", right?
Since how long you stopped writing about me?
Try to-day!
You will be known, How much your Dad
struggling since a month
So in your opinion..
The mistake I'm doing is..
I wish to give my daughter..
A Comfortable life!
I wish my daughter should be happy
at her husband's home, all the times
But, you wants me to send my daughter
to an useless', irresonsible persons house..
That's it?, Right?
- I'm saying ...
- You do not intervene in this
Please get out of here.
Keerthi, tell him to leave, please...
Need to talk?
Your Father wants you to marry me.
You're wish is to marry "Babu"
You will be with me, if it happens
as your Father, wish!
If happened as you wished, only This Uniform
..will be with me, which I got because of you
When ever I see this Uniform, I
remember that I missed you..
When my love is true! I should also wish
you to get marry "Babu", right?
It came to sacrifice my love.
I promised your father, I win your love
I lost, Keerthy..
You can't marry him, upon my sacrifice
Babu, should win the challenge
I got a job letter for him.
your father will definetly like this job
A salary of 40000.
Tell Babu, to accept this and then
talk to your father
- Thanks Sidhu..
Thanks a lot -let's go
Babu, Sidhu changed his kind.
Got job for you..
Take this and talk to my Father,
to get our marriage done. He can't refuse..
Talk right now
Your daughter has brought a job for me.
Asking me to convince you..
Shall I do..?
Keerthi is not understanding,
I will never change my character!
I want to be same as I met her for
the first time, same even when I marry her
Keerthi is in little bit confusion now.
Explain, when she is at home.
What is this kind of, Attitude?
How happily I came here?
If you take this letter, Tomorrow
we can get married by this time.
We can live happily through entire life
Besides your attitude, you promised me
that you will convince my father..
But, did you even try atleast once?
You don't do anything, Be like this always
Every time I need to understand
Look at Sidhu, How he is struggling
to get my love?
But you ...
It's my mistake, still trying to convince you..
We'll marry
I wanted to be with you in the car
decorated for our wedding..
SI gentlemen !.
She is getting very emotional
Take her to home, careful
Keep these 100, for giving Keerthi to me.
Since 25 days, Waiting for one single
moment in my favour
Days becoming hours, Hours becoming minutes
One moment ...
Hello, Who are you.. guys?
What do you want?
We want, the one who is going to marry her
The one who is going to be your son-in-law.
Call him..
-Hello Sidhu..!, - Hello, Babu..
How much more time he takes?
Where is your son-in-law?
- Who is this?
- He is the son-in-law, But....
But the one who is going
to marry Keerthi is ...
The one who took away my son-in-law ...
If you movie, her head will be blown?.
That day, For her friend,
You ran away with my son-in-law
from my daughter's marriage
It's you, right?
The same day when you disturbed
my daughter's marriage..
..I can kill you both. But I didn't
If I do, That won't be a satisfied revenge.
How my daughter's marriage spoiled,
in last moment, and..
..and how my daughter felt pain,
The more pain She must feel
That's why, like my daughter,
She should lost his would be, in the last moment.
He's saying, that one would be son-in-law
She's saying you are going to marry her
Who's going to marry this girl?
Everyone says before death..
we will get a flash of life once
Why are you waiting? Say.
He told everyone that he is going to be
your son-in-law, right? - Say it now!
Doesn't he? You also feel great, right?
come front, now!.
Sir! The board was seen at entrance, right?
Keerthi Weds Siddharth Varma. He's Siddharth Varma.
You can look after me, later
First finish him.
First you finish him, sir.
We'll talk later.
Are You crazy? Don't play with lives
- What's it, don't be shy?
Sir, He is the bridegroom
Just finish him
Even after using one bullet for him
There will be one more for me, right?
What are you waiting for, sir?
Finish him, sir ...
Who are you to decide, as he is my
son-in-law ?
Let me tell you now.
He's going to marry Keerthi.
Keerthi also loves him
- He is going to be my Son-in-law.
Did you hear..?
I promised, at least before the last minute
your father, accepts me as his son-in-law
You heard it, right?
-Uncle, Record this. or else he play games.
Sir, The one going to marry Keerthy, his
son-in-law and run away with your son-in-law! is..
Your matter is solved.
I need to settle something with him..
- Dad, He is trying to escape.
Hey, shut your mouth?
Sir, Situation is under your control, Your
finger is on trigger, gun pointed at my heart
How can I escape?
I understand, how much you love your daughter
Or else, You won't come to kill someone..
Last wish, sir.
Give me two minutes, sir
I need to give some clarity..
My name is Babu, sir. He is Sidharth, sir.
I love Keerthi, That guy loves Keerthi too, sir.
The story is same till here
He got a Job for Keerthi, sir
I did not get anything.
He'll do anything for Keerthi.
But I cannot, sir.
Such a great he is! As Keerthi's
father asked him to get a Job ..
He went away from Keerthi for 4 Years..
And got a great job, sir
He's great, sir.
- Excellent, sir.
- What, isn't he?
- Yes, that's what I am saying
- He is great, sir.
You are great, Sidhu!
But sir ...
When he could away for 4years.
Can't he stay away for more 40 years?
I joined same college the next day, as I
couldn't miss her even for one day. Felt, that is love.
No use
Forget about that, On Keerthi's
birthday he gave big surprise, I didn't
He gave diamond ring, sir
I didn't give, any gift, greetings card, flower
I didn't even wish her, sir
He's great, sir. You ...
But sir, If we give a big gift, and
girl says "I love you" in return..
Whom she said "love", to that guy
or to that gift
There will be some important days in life.
You don't even care them.
I'm not that type of loving mother only..
on mother's day, sir
Since Keerthi's been in my
life Every day is a birthday.
She's special for me for 365 days
4 years ago, he didn't accept Sidhu's love
Now there is a job and he accepted, That means?
You getting her married to him?
or to his job?
Not to the job. To the one who had Job.
You're great sir! Thinking
so great about your daughter!
If the guy gets a regular wage
My daughter will be happy, right?
After Marriage, You want Keerthy to be
Happy.. or Luxurious..
We will travel happily even in city bus
When we are with, one we like
But can't travel even in Benz cars,
When you don't like.
People need to be happy to survive!
Not luxury, sir.
If you still want luxury, Tell me how my
parents are so happy with less salary?
And, Why there is distance between you,
Though you are earning millions
Why, she is still talking with TV, even after
25 years of marriage life?
What is lacking between them and what is there between my parents?
It's Love..
15 years ago, My father got his legs injured
in an accident at factory, He lost his job
Though my mother is not well educated, She is
Struggling for our survival
She never lost her love on my father
at any point You know why?, sir
If you love things like money, property..etc
Your love will stops there itself
Love a person, that will be permanent
Out of hundreds of millions of people in the world,
Only one will marry Keerthy..
That one can't be liked by his father or not the
one who plans honeymoon in venice..
That one should be, who wins Keerthi's heart
Person whom Keerthi liked
You didn't understand such a small logic
Excellent, sir. Excellent.
Now being a father and gentleman,
You decide sir, who is correct
Keerthi should marry me or him?
People can earn money, not love..
You're there in her heart
So, you should marry her?
How can you decide this ...
Now tell me one more thing, sir
Whom your son-in-law should marry?
The one who is there in his heart..
Or your daughter, he does't have any love
Great, you are changing his heart!
with your magical words, right?
Because, he is going to kill you..
First you turned situation onto Sidhu
Since then, you are acting well as you
love Keerthi, than your life..
Why did you turn the situation onto his daughter
when the gun pointed at you...
Since then, you are acting well as you
love Keerthi, than your life.
Why did you turn the situation onto his daughter
when the gun pointed at you...
If you have asked then itself to prove my love
I would have proved in thousand ways
But, You didn't ask
You asked me now..
I proved it..
You told what you arer expecting from me
to marry Keerthi.
You didn't ask what I have!
I can die for her Love
Hey! Someone him take him to the Hospital
looks like mental..!
A few months later
Babu is correct..!
Hey, Sidhu! There is good match for you?
Girl's father likes you alot.
Not girl's father!, inquire whether
that girl likes me or not?, first..
If there is another, like "Babu"!
This time I will shoot myself..
- Do you know earlier, will my dad accept you
- There is no option after knowing the madness i have for U
How can u shoot like that?
I know where to shoot that's y i shot an inch upper
Hey, Power gone at this time
Cal at this time ?
Why are you calling at this time? Hey, give me
a party. You proved no one is bigger than Babu again
Leave me for today. Tomorrow we will celebrate idiot.
Is it our wedding party?
not. I won the corporater elections.
What? true?
Only two people won with local feeling
One is a Trump. The
other one is me.
Only 10 minutes left
No problem
What will you do?
Nothing? I will see how you will leave
What is your over confidence?
I am a local too.