Nenu Sailaja (2015) Movie Script

When it comes to drinking
then its habit is put to us.. our friends or
neighbors or some relative.
But I got into this
habit because of girls.
Girls mean love.
What is love?
It is such a question that..
..every boy wants to
ask God and not Mr. Sharma.
Even he cannot answer this question..
..that is why even
God takes his own time.
There was surely love in my
life but only in heart. One sided.
From my side it was love, marriage..
..and even I would have
celebrated first night.
But girls call brother and move ahead.
Anyways, to whom shall
we show our love letter?
India is my country.
All Indians are my
brothers and sisters.
I love my country ad I am proud of it.
- Madam.
Madam, whichever girl I propose
comes and complains to you.
- So.
I love you teacher.
How dare you hit my son?
What else could I do madam?
Because of your son co-education
is being removed from the school.
What is the fault of my son?
He just expressed his feelings.
If you agreed you
would have said yes or..
..otherwise would have said
no and let him try somewhere else.
When girls started rejecting
me then I increased the level.
But teacher also refused.
But I was Romeo number 1
and had decided to find my Juliet.
We are close because
we go to the same tuition.
But this is not love.
You are my best friend.
Sorry Hari.
You like my dance
that is why I like you.
But this is not love Harii.
You are my friend.
Sorry Hari.
You are like my brother. Sorry Hari.
To love you is out of question.
I cannot be friends with
someone out of the caste.
So, please forget me.
I am sorry Hari.
You are like my mentor.
Sorry Hari.
I am sorry Hari.
I have never felt like that for you.
I already have a boyfriend.
Sorry, brother, friend,
I had started hearing such words.
By the way now I have stopped
taking girls to parties.
Because nowadays
they dance to my tunes.
I have become a DJ.
What are you doing?
"I cannot stop watching your face."
"My nights do not pass without you,
my dear."
"I cannot stop watching your face."
"My nights do not pass without you,
my dear."
"Look here, slim waist, young,
and my dear agree to what I say."
"And do not let my heart flutter."
Let's have fun, baby.
Hey, what are you doing?
We will do all this after marriage.
Marriage? Get up.
You talked to me
that is why I got ready.
What is this marriage
and all that stuff?
Then why did you get me here?
It is just a one night stand.
Does this mean just for one night?
What has happened to girls nowadays?
Get out.
- Listen to me.
She is so smart. Very clever.
Yesterday children of
my neighborhood ordered pizza.
That very moment Mr. Verma
who stays upstairs got a heart attack.
I called for ambulance but..
..before the ambulance came,
the pizza delivery man came.
I do not know whether the country
is progressing or going backwards.
You are right.
Thank you.
- Welcome.
Greetings sir.
Don't you understand what I said once?
Government gives
me salary to do my job.
If you have more money
then you donate it.
You will get blessings of people.
Keep it back in your bag.
I knew that you would
never take bribe.
But we are bad people.
..and family members' life in danger.
Okay, I will leave.
Whatever you said was right, sir.
I have understood everything.
Forgive me sir. I have understood.
I will leave sir.
What happened to him, suddenly?
It is the effect of brother, Hari.
Hey, hero. Who are you?
My name is Shinu.
I work here in the canteen.
Who asked your bio-data, small boy?
Hey, get a side. Let fresh air come.
- Hey..
It is my last warning
to run away from here.
Just apologize to Mr.
Sharma and run away from here.
And then do not come
here even by mistake.
What will you do otherwise?
Will you drink tea before
or after beating them?
One strong special cup of tea.
Hi, Srishti.
Hi, Srishti. How are you?
I am fine and hope you are too.
- Ya, I am fine.
I was passing by so
thought of meeting you.
By the way how is work going?
It is my new job
so I am still settling.
Shweta had called..
- Really.
..and we are planning for
a get together next week. - Really.
So even you come.
- Yes, sure. I'll be there.
Hi sister, good morning.
Oh, English paper hasn't come today.
Who is he?
Hari, my brother.
Oh, okay.
Okay, then I will leave.
Okay, I will come.
- Oh I am sorry. I didn't notice you.
- Srishti.
Beautiful name. I like it.
So sister,
what is the plan for this weekend?
Do you want to go
for a movie or something?
Brother, she..
She must be free so shall
we go for a movie in the evening?
Excuse me.
- Please carry on.
Sorry, it's my husband.
Hi honey.
I am at Priya's house. I am coming.
Wait for some time.
Yes baby, okay.
Love you too.
Why should we go for a movie sister?
What happened?
This is not right, aunty. one comes to know whether
they are beautiful or not.
Some cover their sacred
wedding necklace so that.. one comes to know
whether they are married or not.
We should at least know
on whom we should try or not.
Give it to me, mother.
- Who is she?
She is sister's friend.
- How was she?
However she may be but she is married.
Why do beautiful
girls get married soon?
But why did she come here?
- You are right.
Even she asks for coffee, do
not give her. - Okay I will not give.
Buddy, young age is very dangerous.
First find a girl to fall in love.
I can see many of
them but cannot get any.
And childhood.
You triggered me. The memories
of childhood are absolutely set.
Is that so?
I had seen my Shelu in childhood.
I found her very sad.
The girl who was looking like
Goddess Saraswati in school dress..
..was looking like an
actress in birthday dress.
And I wanted to be an
actor and dance with her.
Mother, father has still not come.
He will surely come tomorrow.
Father will get many
toys for you tomorrow.
Okay, child.
Then I understood that
she is missing her father.
While crying Shelu
was looking very cute.
I don't know how cute she
would be looking while smiling.
Did you see that not only beautiful..
..but Shelu was looking
very beautiful while smiling?
And I just wanted to stay
with Shelu forever and see her smile.
But God did not agree with this.
And I did not even have a chance here.
My father got transferred to Mumbai.
Shelu, my first love but
could not say anything to her.
I did not want to repeat the mistake..
..with any other girl
that I made with her.
From this moment there
is no entry for love in my life.
If you feel like then
you can hug me and sleep.
And if my heartbeats trouble
you then I will stop them too.
Hey, Hari.
- Who are you?
Where did you get
this beautiful face from?
How dare you speak
hello without phone?
You seem to be intelligent girl.
Had I died? What did you see in him?
Love is blind, okay.
So much blind. So much blind..
One minute, buddy. The girl..
Sister, I am giving
you advice like a brother.
Why are you wearing goggles at night?
Take it off. Take it off.
Make him do expenditure for you..
..and when he does not money
at all then I will find a boy for you.
If we keep standing here he
will get us divorced before marriage.
Hey, you..
- Leave it Hari.
Hey goggle, leave his hand.
Come on sit down. You are drunk now.
What times have come?
Leave about others. Finish
your bottle and let's move from here.
You had said that our
friendship is as deep as sea..
..and now you are asking
me to leave the sea.
Come on tell me how
much more you want to drink.
Half a peg more.
Clean shot.
Okay I will bring.
You stay here. Don't go anywhere.
Are you okay?
I don't have bike.
I don't have money for auto also.
Tell me your name.
- Why should I tell?
Very strange name. why should I tell?
If you speak too much
then I shall drop you here.
If that was the case then
you would not have got me along.
Now you will not do like this.
- What does that mean?
Give me your number and
I will tell you through SMS.
You have not done
a big deal by saving me.
As it is I am a good swimmer.
If I would have fallen in water I
would have swam and come to the shore.
Get down.
What happened?
If you know swimming then
you must know running as well.
Run and go home.
Hey Hari..
Who was that girl?
Why should I tell?
Hey, you will not tell me.
To me even average girls look superb.
She is superb so you
tell me how she would be.
After drinking I do
not forget the commitment..
..that I have done before drinking.
If God is present then
I will never see that girl again.
Who are you child?
From where have you come?
What is your name?
Everyone is asking you.
- Don't be scared child. Tell us.
Answer us. Don't be scared.
Speak. Why don't you speak?
Where is your house?
Tell us that from where have you come?
Since long we are asking you.
Why don't you speak?
What is your name? Say something.
Hey, she is a small kid.
Since long we are asking him
and she is not telling us anything.
Sit down.
What is your name, child?
Pooja? Hi Pooja. What happened?
Your friend has fever.
Where do you stay?
In which school do you study?
- Tell me Hari.
Just find out which is deaf and dumb
school in Gandhinagar named Rainbow.
Who took away this tooth?
- Is your name Hari?
We have come to take Pooja.
- What is this?
It is your responsibility
to take care of these children.
And she is roaming in the hospital.
Forgive us this time.
We will be careful in future.
My cutie.
Madam, are you from Katty ad agency.
- Yes.
Sir is calling.
- Thank you.
In five minutes we will leave from Mr.
Bose house.
Brother-in-law, you just come.
Have all arrangements been made?
Yes, come and see.
Hey, what is this nonsense
in the middle of the road?
Are you out of your mind?
Take the car aside.
Are you new here?
Why is so much public
standing silently here?
Didn't you understand?
Actually minister is coming
and my brother-in-law is getting him.
Just wait for an hour.
Let the statue get inaugurated.
And if you cannot wait then
I have an idea especially for you.
Just make anyone standing here
to blow a horn then we will leave.
Ask them to blow horn first, sir.
Can you..
'Let's go'
Why are you doing discussion in the
middle of the road? Go home and do it.
Who are you?
You seem to be in a hurry.
I had worn it because of pollution.
I m not going for looting the bank..
..and roam here and
there by covering my face.
Don't you have any sense
to give way to the ambulance?
Hello, hello..who are you all?
How did you come inside
without permission?
Without appointment get out.
Next month Shelu is going
to direct our men. - Congrats.
Thank you Kirti.
All the best Shelu.
Thank you so much.
How did you come inside
without permission?
Don't you have any manners?
Haven't your parents'
taught you anything?
Who is Kirti here?
Your lover..what is his name?
He is marrying some other girl.
Her father is making
arrangements for the marriage.
He may love you too much but
like you even he loves his father.
Don't try to do any stupidity.
If you remain quiet then
your father will return home safely.
If you go to police or media then..
..find a groom for mother.
Hey, now you can sit.
She comes in front
of me again and again.
There is something
definitely between us.
I cannot understand
that do I only love her..
..or even she has some interest.
- Hello.
Who is speaking?
Do you remember I gave you lift
and then dropped you in the middle.
I want to meet you.
"You are only my pain
and peace and love."
What is all this?
Shelu, please go away.
- What is this?
I don't need anyone's help.
- But you..
Kirti, listen to me.
- I will manage my life on my own.
Don't cry.
I will die.
- Let me complete.
I don't want to talk to anyone.
Are you feeling better?
My life is full of hooligans.
- Kirti, don't cry.
Quiet, just keep quiet.
Will he marry you if you drink?
The matter is not going to be solved
by this. You try something else.
What should I do? What else
can we girls do other than drinking?
No problem. Do you have faith in me?
I do not know you then
how can I have faith on you.
Okay, then I will leave.
Hey, hey listen.
- Hey, wait.
I will keep faith on you.
Don't worry. I will get you married.
Sorry, I hugged you
without knowing your name.
- Thank you so much, Hari.
Who is he?
He is of our area. He is famous
for getting things in a rowdy way.
His name is Maharishi.
Maharishi. What kind of name is this?
He had fallen in love
with someone in childhood.
Then a movie was released in which
the name of the hero was Maharishi.
The name of the heroine in the
movie and her heroine was Suchitra.
That s why he got
connected with the movie.
For seven years he
was after that girl.
That girl got married and he became
an obsessed lover from just a lover.
From that time everyday at 8..
..he watches movie Maharishi
and keeps on crying.
He is totally mad and
is difficult to control him.
So be careful.
Don't make it spicy
and squeeze lemon on top.
Maharishi, I cannot be yours.
My marriage has been fixed.
You forget this Suchitra.
Who is speaking?
What was her name?
Haven't you told her the name?
- Suchitra.
Who Vichitra?
Your, Suchitra.
I think the phone got disconnected.
No. No. No.
Suchitra, Suchitra..
How are you?
I am mad in love.
Forgive me.
Till I understood your love
my children grew taller to me.
Look, Suchu..
The voice is cracking.
It will become clear now.
I have suffered a lot remembering you.
It was not in our destiny to meet.
You very well understand
the importance of love.
..n the way of my daughter
Kirti's love and marriage.
Kirti? Is Kirti your daughter?
- Yes.
Don't take tension.
I will get my Kirti married.
Suchitra, I love..
Thank you so much Hari.
It's okay.
Because of emotional
harassment with Maharishi..
..he released Kirti's father safe.
The marriage took
place with pomp and show.
''The season of happiness
will come one day.''
''Forget pain and smile my friend.''
''Smile once my friend.''
''The season of happiness
will come one day.''
- Shelu..
..your father is coming to Mumbai.
Are you there at home?
No, I am in office right now.
I am busy.
Meet him at least.
- Bye.
Every father and daughter
has a special relationship.
And every daughter
loves his father a lot.
I also wanted to be my
father's doll in childhood.
When he was not at home
then I use to cry remembering him.
I used to ask mother
about him again and again.
But then I understood that my
father is lot like as I think of him.
I started hating him.
He killed my puppy.
My father is not a nice father.
I had told you about him.
His name is Mr. Srinivas
His name is Balki.
Maybe you have heard his name.
100% he must have heard.
From minister to the
underworld in Dubai salute him.
I will come straight to the point Mr.
The entire problem
is because of your land.
A big company has contacted
us regarding that.
The party is solid
and belongs to Delhi.
You know it well.
Those people want to tie
up with brother-in-law and make an.. class resort in between
two mountains on 400acres of land.
Out of that 400acre land you do that
100acre of your land in our name.. that there is
no problem in future.
So these are the papers nd
a cheque of 10crores. Please sign it.
If you sign it then you
live rest of your life happily.
And if you do not..
..then there are other
means to get the sign.
You had said that there
is some important work.. I left all the
work and came here.
If you had told me on the phone then..
..I would not have
wasted time by coming here.
Do you know whom are you refusing?
Paras, remember one thing that..
U.S military..
Every religion teaches us one thing.
Love all and stay together.
Everyone's master is..
Oh God..
Leave it.
I do not have time right now.
Let's go.
I will stay back. I have some work.
He is my superman.
- Hello.
Where are you, Shelu?
I am in the office.
- Why are you sounding so sad?
I am not sad but
it is just work stress.
Okay, I will call tomorrow.
I am going to Goa
tomorrow for an ad shoot.
Oh! For how many days?
What is the time?
11:30. Why?
I have to reach home. I have to
make many arrangements for the shoot.
And this rain isn't stopping.
So let's get wet and go.
I have sinus and if I get wet then..
- Okay.
Good night.
- Goodnight.
How long is the trip?
- Five days.
Whose car is this?
- My sister's.
did you see the keys of my car?
- I am not able to find at home.
It must be there somewhere at home.
Look, tell me truly. Please tell me
as I am getting late for the office.
Sister, can't you go by bus for a day?
To show that she is younger
to me she calls me brother..
..and I call her sister
to make her feel elder.
Your bag.
- Thanks.
Call after you reach. Don't forget.
- Good luck with your ad
Okay, bye.
..will you ask your sister
to go by bus for four days?
I have booked your ticket as well.
I did not tell you earlier
thinking that you would feel bad.
Are you coming with me?
If you had told me earlier
then I would got my luggage.
Don't worry about that.
How can I go like this?
Come on like this.
Madam, all set.
- Ready, take..
- No problem, carry on.
One minute, let us keep this aside.
Hey, both of you come here. Help.
''Fun, fun, fun in life.''
Just like the child in the ad..
..he used to stay near to my house.
I do not know his name.
But whenever I used to be
sad he used come to make me happy.
Because of him I laughed
for the first time.
And today because of you.
Actually, I cannot express myself.
From childhood the circumstances
of the house were such that..
..I always stayed alone.
There was no one to talk to.
I could never express
myself in front of others.
But you feel nice after
sharing your thoughts with others.
But you need someone close
to you with whom you can talk.
''Fun, fun, fun in life.''
''Fun, fun, fun in life.''
Five days passed so quickly.
Hari, aunt has gone to temple.
Thank you. Come.
I brought Shelu home
for the first time.
But today I felt something
new in this house.
What will you have, tea or coffee?
- Coffee.
Hey son, when did you return?
He came yesterday and
slept as soon as he came.
Mother, Shelu..
- Greetings.. Hello
- Hi.
Hari talks a lot about you.
How are you child?
I am fine, aunty.
Everyone liked Shelu in my house.
I did not want to delay anymore.
I wanted to say what
I could not say in childhood.
Excuse me.
- Shelu..
..come back home as soon as possible.
Your father has called you.
Okay, I am coming.
I will drop you.
- It's okay Hari. I will go.
Bye aunty. Bye uncle.
- Bye, child.
I am trying to contact
Shelu for last two days.
Is she coming to the office?
She has not come to the office.
Okay. If you are able to talk
to her then ask her to give me a call.
Yes, sure. I will tell her.
Okay, thanks.
- Bye.
I do not know what happened suddenly.
Shelu was not picking up her phone.
She wasn't replying to the messages.
These four days seemed
like four months to me.
I wish there was a button
for fast forward in life.
Then I would have forwarded
my life till I reached Shelu.
And never returned back.
It is very easy to fall in
love but very difficult to express it.
I felt as if I was giving all exams
together from 10th till graduation.
The thing that was different
here was that the subject was love.
You all know what happened till now.
But let us together see what
is going to happen with me next.
It is time for her to come.
Hey, you cheated me.
I am not in a mood.
What do you mean by mood? I have
not come here to set your mood right.
Please, try to
understand my condition.
As it is I am feeling
tensed in proposing Shelu.
Who is this Shelu?
Shelu is to me as Suchitra is to you.
How are you?
- Where had you gone Shelu?
You were missing for last one week.
You were not picking up
calls or replying to the messages.
Some work had come up.
What happened? Why did you call me?
Did you have lunch?
Tell me Hari, what is the matter?
Before you came I
wanted to say something..
Till now every girl
that came to my life..
..I used to propose
without thinking and scared.
What is that person called
who cooks dishes in five star hotels..
..and make others eat?
He is called a cook.
Did I ask?
Yes, chef.
You must be thinking that
what has chef to do in love?
My love is somewhat
like a life of a chef.
A chef makes thousand of dishes
everyday and makes others eat..
..but he feels satisfied with
the rice and lentil made at home.
So many girls came in my
life but I thought of you as mine.
I have got used to you.
Whenever we meet and whatever
you say continues to stay in my mind.
And whenever you are in front
of my eyes I feel like looking at you.
Just like this.
My heart is no more mine.
I have felt like this for
the first time in life. But..
I want it to continue forever.
Love you Shelu.
What is this Hari?
Even you are like others.
I just got a bit closer to
you and you thought of it as love.
At least I did not
expect this from you.
I like you but never thought
that I cannot live without you.
Not till now.
Please tell me if
there is any problem.
What you just said is a problem.
I thought there is
something important.
If I knew this was the work
then I would have never come.
But why did you smile at
me and became happy in my company.
Because I like you
and nothing more than that.
What do you mean?
Leave it.
You will not be able to understand.
You will have to say
so that I understand. Tell me.
I love you..
..but I am not in love with you.
I had said that you
will not understand.
Hey, can't you see a serious talk
is going on here. We will talk later.
We have not come here
for you but for this girl.
For this girl. But why?
You will not understand.
So you leave from here.
I will neither understand her nor you.
Do you think I am a fool?
Have you understood everything?
Come on let's go from here.
What is all this, Shelu?
Who are these people?
If there is any problem then tell me.
I can help you.
Hari, enough.
Now that I know what
you feel about me.. is not right to talk or meet you.
After seeing Shelu for the
first time I had thought that..
..I would not meet
her again and again.
That time I had thought
that God is there but not love.
Everyone concentrate
on your breathing.
I like you but nothing more than that.
No. Shelu don't go.
Sorry, sorry..
Sit down.
Tell me what your problem is.
The problem is not of breathing priest
but I am not able to concentrate.
She came alone. No fight, no argument.
There was no weapon in her hand.
But took away my
happiness while leaving.
You should concentrate
in such situation, son.
Your mind will be at peace.
If she has stolen my peace
of mind then how can I become calm?
Why are you here?
From the time Shelu
has apologized to you..
..I have not been
able to sleep properly.
I felt as if my Suchitra..
Two things in life
come without notice.
One is accident and the other is love.
When accident happens
either we die or escape.
But when you are in love
there is no chance of escaping.
I had made a temple
in my heart for Usha.
Even then she left me and went away.
Nowadays girls don't
come to pray in temple.
If a pub or beach house
was made instead of temple..
..then at least they
would have come there.
How much should I give?
I don't want this.
When I played then
everyone was in trouble.
Now you play.
Why have you grown this beard?
After failing in love
if I will not grow beard..
..then do you think I
will go to gym to make 6 packs.
''There is so much
pain in this world.''
''And my pain is so small.''
Earlier Ashok and
I were just friends..
If I had not seen then
we would have not come to know.
She would have come
home after marriage..
Will you tell me something
about the boy or will mail me?
He is Shelu's brother.
`For how long do you know him?
Wasn't it enjoyable?
Suddenly I met him yesterday.
He said we will marry without
telling anyone in the house.
Why? Any special reason.
One day he said his mother
has called him home urgently.
Shelu and Ashok did not know till then
that they had their grandfather too.
How is his health now?
- It was a mild stroke.
Doctor has said that
there is no need to worry.
What is this brother? You did not tell
children about their old neighbors.
Today after 18 years
I have to tell them.
But you did not come.
Now finish this distance, brother.
I want to make Shelu
my daughter-in-law.
I want to change this
friendship into relationship.
Look at the good luck of my daughter.
Leaving one house she
is going to another house.
And today because of her two families
that had separated will become one.
After what happened with Shelu,
Ashok was tensed that..
..tomorrow anything of
this sort might happen with him.
But Shelu would have told me that
Hari I don't want to do this marriage.
Let's run and get married.
Ashok was also talking of taking me.
Could I go?
Or tell her parents that father
I like Hari and want to marry him.
To tell him is her problem.
I think she has already
prepared the answers.
Father, their family
is not like our family.
You do not stop us from anything but
this does not happen in their family.
I know Ashok from childhood.
His parents have not
understood them till today.
They do not know their
likes and dislikes.
We have no problem if you want to
marry someone of your choice, child.
What is to be done now?
I have understood the
situation so I will handle it.
I want to meet Ashok.
Everyone says that fruits
of hard work are sweet..
..but this does not happen in gym.
Sister had said that
you crack senseless jokes.
Sister, she calls me brother.
Till today my sister has
not asked anything from me.
But first time, she said that.. is my responsibility
to get her married to you.
I can do anything to
get both of you married.
Just think that marriage
of you both is fixed.
But if you want this to be possible
then I will have to know your family.
Leave this on me.
I will take care of it.
Just give me one chance and
I will do everything successfully.
I remember tomorrow my entire
family is going to Ashtvinayak..
..for offering prayers.
You also come along please.
- For me.
Mother, he is my best friend.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Hari, my sister.
Mother, I have never celebrated
my birthday without him.
For Shelu's wedding I
asked him to join us specially.
Come, son.
- Yes.
Come on, Shelu.
If we had a book in our hand then
it would look like a library aunty.
It is not charged.
Give it to me. I will charge it.
Have you spoken to Shelu?
Sir, did Shelu call
you or messaged you?
Answer quickly. My BP is rising.
- Hello, who are you?
I am Shelu's brother speaking.
Shelu's brother.
Hari and you together.
Great. When is the marriage?
- On 22nd.
I am very happy today.
In childhood we used
to stay closer to your house.
Really. - From that time
Ashok is my best friend.
What happened?
Hari, please come out for a minute.
I will just be back.
You already know Shelu.
You had come for your sister.
Why didn't you tell me this earlier?
What would have happened then?
If I had told you then
you would not have introduced.. as your best
friend to your family.
Or should I beg from your parents
for your and my sister's love.
You get your sister set with
me and I will get mine set with you.
Why am I talking to you?
I will directly talk to your father.
- Really.
My father is not like any
father who would listen to you.
Very bad father.
The problem of caste is
imbedded deep into his mind.
Even when he goes for a hair cut
he chooses the barber of his caste.
And if not then..
Rest is fine but how would
he be cutting at the back side.
And before marriage.
Is my father's hair your
problem or your marriage?
My marriage.
Then for that it is
necessary that I marry Shelu.
Even Shelu loves you.
Then why did she agree for marriage?
Just like you were to enter my
house and marry Priya after eloping.
Similarly Shelu quietly
agreed for the marriage.
I cannot understand.
What are you going to do?
Won't you tell anyone?
There is nothing as perfect planning.
You need to adjust on the way. Come.
the chain is really shining.
Have you bought for my sister?
I am wearing it since morning.
Tell me clearly what you want.
Nothing. Tomorrow is
your sister's birthday.
Yes so? Shall I put
banners of your name?
You crack good jokes in frustration.
I want to gift her something.
Buy the keychain sold outside
the temple. Gift her that.
You will gift my sister a gold chain..
..and I will gift
your sister a keychain.
What is the connection
between the two?
Look, you have bought
a gold chain for my sister..
..and imagine I will
give it your sister.
If she does not like me the she will
it back to me and I will give it you.
Then you can give it to my sister.
It seems as if I am watching Marathi
movie with Bhojpuri sub titles.
I did not understand anything.
..and imagine I will
give it your sister.
If she does not like me the she will
it back to me and I will give it you.
The complex story cannot be understood
even f it is a repeat telecast.
Say straight whatever you want to say.
Leave it.
Just for 10 minutes think the
chain is not yours and give it to me.
Why are you thinking
so deeply son-in-law?
If I get married to your sister
then think it as dowry and forget it.
If you get married
then think it as a gift.
In both ways you are
going to be benefitted.
Where have you kept the chain?
- Wait, wait I will give.
I hope you will not make me a fool.
I swear. Is that enough?
I have faith on you that is why I am
giving, so don't take advantage of it.
Cute boy.
As you grow older people
around you will change.
Situations will change.
This world will change.
..and that is my love for you.
This will continue to increase.
I searched on the net and
there was no romantic dialogue..
..better than this so I said it.
English to Hindi translation.
Happy Birthday Shelu.
The worth of that is 1lakh.
Thank you.
Hey, good morning.
Aunty, I am there. Give it to me.
Thank you.
What was so special
in the packet, aunty?
Shelu's wedding card.
First card is always offered to God.
God is great.
We offered the prayers well.
Greetings, Mr. Srinivas.
Every year you come alone
to temple to offer prayers.
But this time with family?
- My daughter has got engaged.
That is very good.
Does uncle come here every year?
Yes son, he comes here
on his daughter's birthday.
..and makes arrangements
of food for poor people.
Okay, I will leave Mr.
Srinivas. It is time for offering.
What have I done?
Shelu, come here.
Did you have breakfast?
Are the studies going on well?
Do you feel nice in the school?
I misunderstood father completely.
I used to think him to be a devil
but he is a very kind hearted man.
He always cared for
me and I never loved him.
I really misunderstood my father.
My father is a nice man.
Where has he gone?
- This side.
We have found a five
year old boy who has got lost.
Wherever his parent can come
to temple office and take him.
Your family is waiting for you.
Shall we go?
Wherever she is,
is requested to come to the office.
The officials of the company
are calling again and again.
If this project gets cancelled then.. will bring disrespect
to Baapji's name.
So leave the project.
Shall I leave 100crores
for one person?
I am not mad.
I will have to do something.
Madam, the groom is very cute.
He is not the groom, Sarla.
He is Ashok's friend.
If that is the case
then can I woo him?
Hey, all the time you talk about
wooing boys. Go and do your work.
Sir, I have got all
the arrangements done.
But I have doubt on the people
who will arrange for canopy.
I think he is over charging.
Arrangements should be made
according to our choice and status.
And if the work gets halted then..
Now I have understood
the matter properly. - Is it?
I will leave, sir.
- Okay go.
You are so old then
how can I be your uncle.
Super. Where is Shelu's house?
Oh, Srinivas uncle's house?
- Yes.
Go straight and then turn left.
- Okay, thank you.
Thank you, uncle.
I hope the journey was good.
- Yes it was fine.
Why are you so sad?
What else should I do?
I thought you were my friend and if
someone came to know who you are then.
How will anyone know?
I will not tell anyone..
As far as your sister is
concerned she talks to no one.
This cannot happen even in dreams.
Stop worrying and smile.
Are you fine my child?
Why are you standing? Have a seat.
Greetings, aunty.
Greetings, uncle.
I am very happy. God is really there.
Marriages are made in heaven.
I knew that this marriage
will surely take place.
For years people will
talk about this marriage.
Leave everything on me, uncle.
- Okay, we will do.
Come here.
Let's get fresh and then come.
Sister-in-law, who is he?
He is Ashok's friend.
Come here.
- Uncle, why did you come here?
How will this marriage
take place without me, dear?
Even if I wasn't present this
marriage would have taken place.
Shelu and I are not getting married.
She is getting married
to someone else.
The boy has come from US
He might have come from anywhere.
- Hey wait..
No one from London or
US can come between you both.
Let's go and talk.
- What will we talk?
Uncle I love Shelu
and she loves me too..
..but is unable to
speak so get us married.
If we say so then he
will throw both of us out.
We will have to quietly go home then.
The problem is something else and you
are not mature enough to understand.
So cool. I will handle. Okay.
So I will go from here.
- Where will you go now?
This is the problem.
If I have come then it is a problem..
..and if I am gong
then also it is a problem.
You came with your luggage as if
you are going to climb the mountain.
And now if you go
they will have a doubt.
You are my friend that
is why you have come.
Otherwise the plan will fail.
So stay here.
What if someone asks me anything?
Someone will ask you only
if you go and talk to someone.
Just stay here. You better die
but do not speak the truth. Please.
Just for your love my friend
if I die I will not be sorry.
Sister, call Ashok and talk to him.
Yes Srikant.
- Srikant?
Yes. All my sketches are ready
and I am going to start designing.
What are you talking? Are you okay?
When you call my name..
..I feel what a fantastic
name my parents have given me.
Hari please, do not waste
your time by staying here.
Go away from here.
Without knowing you I
could get your friend married.
I can do anything for you.
But that does not mean
I will leave you and go.
I am telling you again
Hari that I like your company.
But I never felt that..
..I cannot live without you.
- Shelu, please.
If you like staying with me then
it means you cannot stay without me.
I understood your situation
so that is why I came here.
Which situation, Hari?
My marriage is going
to take place after 10 days.
If exams were going on I would
study the whole night and pass.
You have 10 days so you
guarantee that it will take place.
Don't hope that this cannot happen.
I don't like seeing
you like this here.
That is why I love you.
If everyone has had their
breakfast then shall we go?
Yes let's go.
Where are we supposed to go?
- Shopping.
My shopping is done.
- But when.
Just now. I bought everything online.
You go and do shopping.
Will you come personally
for marriage or will do it online?
Shall we go?
Uncle has talked to
the owner of the store.. you will not have any problem.
Uncle, I am going to say something
which I should not be saying.
We can buy whatever we want
to but you are there with us..
..then Shelu will never forget.
Everything will change after marriage.
On Diwali, Holi you will come home..
..and call Shelu and
ask her the how she is.
You will send expensive
gifts and congratulate them.
You can use the opportunity
of Shelu's marriage well.
Don't miss the chance.
There is place in the car.
Where is Hari?
- Yes.
Show us all the variety that you have.
- Okay.
Okay, okay.
Don't you have anything in red color?
Yes, we have.
Look at this.
Yes, this Sari is nice.
- Look at the border.
Wow! What great choice you have?
It will suit your sister. Buy it now.
Where is your card?
- Hey, stop.. Why?
Will you gift my sister with my money?
Now I will not give
you a single penny.
You've become very smart. Come.
Sister-in-law, is this Sari nice?
- Yes, this is nice.
Shall we get this also packed?
- Yes.
Pack all these Saris.
One minute.
Shelu, did you like the Saris?
All are nice so why
will she not like it?
It is something different to be nice
and something different to like them.
Ask the one for whom you are buying.
Shelu, do you like them?
Why didn't you tell, child?
If she said no then
you should have asked.
Come on show some more Saris. Come on.
- Okay sir.
Show those ones.
- Yes.
We will buy the ones you like.
Marriage is unification of two souls.
No compromise.
I will tell you. Okay.
If the bus does not come
we can sit in the auto and go.
But it is a real problem
in loving someone..
..and getting married to someone else.
You should sit in the palanquin
and go to lover's house.
..I would have taken 70 nuptial
rounds instead of 7 with Hari.
Why are you creating so
many problems in the marriage?
Set up with Hari and
get everything right.
Hari is a very nice boy.
It is magic.
- You do not know what to say to whom.
At least in a correct
way what you say.
It was good that I heard.
What if her parents' had heard?
You would have spoiled my plan.
Dear listen,
I sat the entire night to write this.
Which rascal marries 10 times?
Idiot, fool.
Aunty, I wanted to ask something.
Why doesn't everyone
sit together and eat?
No one has this bad
habit in this house.
Even if all are staying in the
house but there is no bonding, aunty.
Where is grandfather?
What is this grandfather?
Everyone is sitting downstairs
and you are here upstairs.
How does it matter?
Everyone is happy without me.
Will you have a drink with me?
Does anyone ask like this?
You should not ask but
just handover the glass.
Grandfather, you and Srinivas..
Don't take the name of
that rascal in front of me.
I came home and he
did not even touch my feet.
When I am with him then
he stands like a dumb person.
Have I come here
to get myself insulted?
He has always been like this.
His business was not going on well.
He had taken so much loan from
others that people used to taunt me.
And they always hurt me.
His age increased
but not his business.
Even then I thought
that he would live his life.
Then a daughter was born to him.
Uncle, you have been
blessed with a granddaughter.
Till now I had responsibility
of three of them and now one more.
The burden increased all the more.
Srinivas again became a father.
But what is the fault
of this innocent child..
whatever uncle said was in anger.
If he has said it today then tomorrow
he can say in front of children also.
So it would be better that
I lead my future life according to me.
And that very moment he
left the house and went away.. give his children
a bright future.
He stayed away from
his wife and children.
He struggled a lot in his life.
But today when I see him then
I feel proud for a father like him.
From the time I have come here
he has not seen me eave aside talking.
Do you know what my
last wish is before dying?
That he should talk to me.
But why should he talk to you.
Even you can talk to him.
Nothing will happen by sitting here.
You are his brave father.
Hey, Shinu.
Listen to me.
What are you looking there?
..talking you haven't
seen me properly.
Tell me the truth that
am I really a stranger for you.
I am apologizing from
you with folded hands.
If you insist then I shall
fall at your feet. - Father.
My son.
What is going on son-in-law?
Chatting with Priya.
What is the matter? You are laughing.
After such a long time.
You may do anything,
but Shelu will never be yours.
But yes Priya and
my marriage is fixed.
After Shelu's wedding when
everyone's mood will be good..
..then I will tell about Priya.
Then everything is set.
Why wait till then?
Everyone is in a nice mood now.
We shall tell right now.
If anything goes wrong
then don't show your face again.
I am telling you everything is fine.
Uncle, aunty Ashok wants to
talk something important with you.
Come on say.
- What is it son?
Leave it. Why are you feeling so
shy in telling family members? Move.
Uncle, Shelu's marriage
is after one week.
Everyone will bless the couple,
eat food..
..and then after some time will
forget marriage and everything else.
Ashok is thinking that why
will people come for a day's function?
Then what should we do?
Uncle, because of
marriage grandfather..
..has come so close
to us after so many years.
Why not other relatives be invited
because of the excuse of wedding?
This is what he thinks.
- Yes.
Nowadays in city people arrange
marriage in a simpler way..
..but do musical
program in a grand way.
Is it?
- Yes.
So musical program should
take place before marriage.
This is the idea of Ashok.
Because of this excuse
I will call my family.
Tell them.
- Yes, okay.
You came so early.
Please come in. Greetings.
- Greetings.
Nice to meet you.
- Uncle, father mother and sister.
This is my family.
He says that he cannot live
for talking to mother for a day..
..but from the time he has
come here he has not talked with me.
Is there any problem?
- No father, there is no problem.
Even if it is there
you will handle it.
How are you, child?
What is all this Hari?
You had called as if
you both are getting married.
True love always succeeds.
This is good that Shelu
is becoming closer to his father.
But at the same time I am scared
that she might go away from me.
She will have to
tell her father that..
..she loves me and
cannot stay without me.
Kirti, sometimes I feel
Shelu will never become mine.
I cry from inside..
..but do not show it outwardly.
I don't know whether
I am winning or losing.
"After falling in love with
her I cry day and night, dear."
"I have lost my sleep and
peace and she sleeps peacefully."
"After falling in love with
her I cry day and night, dear."
"I have lost my sleep and
peace and she sleeps peacefully."
"After falling in love with
her I cry day and night, dear."
The performances that you have
seen so far were average performances.
Now we come to the point.
But there is a small twist in this.
They did not know that we
were secretly shooting a video.
We do not want to hurt anyone
but show their true feelings to you.
So what should I do? Should I
do belly dancing in front of everyone?
To tell you the truth I
feel scared of these relatives.
Whoever meets says that
I am your uncle and hugs.
And then the same question
that when you will get married.
All this is drama and what else.
Time waste,
money waste and energy waste.
I like Shelu and
this is only important.
..from the groom side should
quietly get court marriage done.
These relations, emotions
and formalities are bull shit.
25 years old friendship
is changing into relationship.
This environment, happiness,
it feels as if I have got everything.
I used to feel tensed that I have.. send my daughter
to a stranger's family.
But look her good luck.
She is going to her own house.
Yes aunty.
But uncle went away leaving
everything then didn't you feel bad.
Of course I felt bad.
Like every wife even I
wanted to serve hot food to him.
Even I wanted to go to
temple with him on Sunday.
There are many other things as well..
But even being far..
..he has fulfilled the responsibility
of husband and father well.
And after one week this
hustle and bustle will get over.
My Shelu will go from here.
Though she does not talk much to me..
..all this excitement
in the house is because of you.
For your marriage we will
come one month in advance.
Why are you sitting here, uncle?
Do you like this place?
My daughter Shelu likes it.
I always wanted to give
her everything of her choice.
And I bought this place.
That is why even after
so many difficulties in life..
..I did not sell this place.
I could never keep
my father happy but..
..always want to
keep my children happy.
Being away from them I
could give them all luxuries..
..but being close to them I could
not get their love and affection.
What are you saying uncle?
You left no stone unturned
preparations for the wedding.
Marriage. This marriage was my dream.
After this marriage is over
one of my responsibility is over.
But she will go far away from me.
After one week Shelu will
leave this house and go forever.
But I want that before going I want..
I want her to say everything that..
..she has not been
able to say to her father.
Even if she would have married with..
..a person of her choice
I wouldn't be surprised.
Though she did not do like this.
Maybe because of my dignity.
Even after her marriage was
fixed she did not say a word to me.
I hope my daughter
does not like anyone else.
After marriage a girls
bids farewell to her parents.
I don't know who must
have made this tradition.
Whosoever must have made..
..must have felt her
daughter to be a burden.
By talking what is in
your heart you feel light.
And if that pain is shared
with a near and dear one.
I don't know why
I told my pain to you.
"You will miss me and
will always keep missing me."
Don't try to forget me.
I will lose my life
and will keep losing it.
I will lose my life
and will keep losing it.
Don't try to test me.
Madam, I feel younger madam
is not happy with this marriage.
..are you happy with this marriage?
Don't you think you should
have asked me this question earlier?
Why are you saying like this?
This is not the time
to discuss these questions.
As it is if you are
happy then that is enough.
Father, this is my
grandmother's jewellery. the canopy Shelu
should wear this.
Hari, that rowdy Baapji
has kidnapped Shelu.
In half an hour they
should be at home.
Who is Baapji here?
Hey, you are standing in front
and I am looking here and there.
Thank you so much Baapji.
You solved a big problem.
I knew that Shelu's father liked me.
But I had a small doubt whether
I got connected with him or not.
It got cleared because of you.
There are so many people at home
but still he called me and said Hari..
I got happy, buddy.
How can I break his faith, buddy?
I cannot deny him.
Usually at such moments..
Look they have come.
What are you doing, Baapji?
Chill. If I thrash you then..
..what is the difference
between you and your men.
You have helped me in my love.
And you..
I cannot thrash you. Sorry.
Shelu, let's go.
Baapji, you did a favor to
me that is why I am sparing you.
Next time if you touch Shelu
then I will break your hands.
All this just for that priceless land.
If Shelu has any problem then
she should come to her husband to be.
Now what will you say to the guests.
And who has gone to get her?
That Hari.
He thinks himself to be very smart.
Why are you giving so much
importance to that stranger?
Yes, he is a hero.
He is a hero.
Don't say a word about Hari.
Who are you?
We do not know. He came with you so we
thought he must be your acquaintance.
My acquaintance?
Who are you?
I am asking you. Tell me.
I have come here to
make Hari and Shelu one.
You have come to
make Hari and Shelu one.
You thought that I would
let two lovers separate.
And you will marry Shelu. My foot.
Father, what is all this?
Uncle, just listen to me once.
Hari is a very nice boy.
And is perfect for Shelu.
Please listen to me.
- Stop your nonsense.
Get out from here.
- Uncle, please.
I will not spare you. Get out.
- Uncle..
I have explained
to him in his language.
He will create trouble in future.
Enough of it. Now go.
That hooligan who had come
here has revealed your secret.
You are neither a family
member nor close to the family..
..even then for last
so many days you are here.
For last 10 days he
is staying in your house..
..and you never thought
about is father.
Uncle, this is right
that I love Shelu.
But I did not come here for that.
No one is interested in your
false stories. Get out from here.
Aunty, you know me.. least you try to understand.
- Okay, we have understood.
Uncle, if you know everything then
give me a chance to say something.
Your daughter Shelu..
- Go away Hari.
Shelu, will you let me speak?
Even Shelu..
- Didn't you hear?
I will not say it again. Go from here.
I will accept Shelu as she is.
I will not bring disrespect to
your name by breaking the engagement.
Think it to be my favor.
You came here but
couldn't you get my bag.
I had told you that they
will throw me out of the hosue.
I had managed it so well..
..and you made an entry
and spoiled the entire plan.
Who had asked you to come here?
Hooligans like you
can just separate lovers..
..but can never bring them together.
I am talking seriously
and you are laughing there.
I just want you both to get married.
What is my fault in this?
I can do anything for this.
You told Hari that
how much you love me.
But today I want to tell
you that how much I love Hari.
Hari does not know this
but you will definitely know it.
From childhood I always
yearned to live with you.
But today I want to be with Hari.
I smiled because of him
and started to remain happy.
Because of him I felt love,
anger and pain.
From him I came to
know the meaning of life.
The courage I could gather
to talk to you is also because of him.
To live without him
is like death to me, father.
It is my weakness that
I cannot say what I want.
He understands everything
without my saying. I don't know how.
..who understand me more
than I understand myself
Or with someone with whom
I will have to always adjust.
I am not able to understand.
Hari has given me so much happiness..
..that even I give my
life for him it would be less.
I cannot think of living without him.
I had heard that it is difficult
to forget someone in love.
But today I have come
to know what that feeling is.
He is always there in my mind.
Because see you in
him all the time, father.
If I just loved him
then I would have left him.
But I have become used to him.
I will not be..
I understood father.
Family means Mumbai's clean beach.
Everything is clearly visible.
And everything is heard also clearly.
I will tell you that
five minutes later.
I came to know how
much my daughter loves me..
..when she started loving you.
First time she talked me
and that also looking into my eyes.
And told me what she wanted.
How could I reject her desire?
She told me that she saw me in you.
What else does a father want that..
..his son-in-law loves
his daughter more than him?
Wait. You love me a lot.
So you were going alone leaving me.
Tell me one thing that what
do I look to you from my face.
Seeing you I thought
that you were made for me.
Leaving aside all my work
I just things to impress you.
I impressed you, made you laugh and..
..and waited till I
was sure that you love me.
After that I proposed you
and what did you say after that.
I love you Hari but
I am not in love with you.
You said something
that no one can understand.
I grew beard and roamed
around here and there.
Then I came to know
that you have a problem.. I left everything
and came to your house.
Then I understood that
to get your love it..
..was necessary to make
you closer to your father.
That is why I did shopping
for your wedding..
..organized a musical
function and did shooting.
And fought with such
people whom I do not know.
For a minute I was in
doubt that why did I came here.
To marry you or get you married.
I had full faith on my love.
And I kept moving ahead.
At last I brought you both closer.
If I had to leave you then I wouldn't
have come behind you till here.
What did you think that
I would quietly return back?
If love dies then
we can still revive it.
Love means love. I am not
one of those who would shed tears.
Did you think that I am a sad lover..
..who would put sad messages
on what's app and facebook?
I am a very nice person, uncle.
But sometimes the
matter gets serious..
..and then I have to use
the brain in the wrong manner.
Phone, uncle.
Brother, I cannot see
Amar anywhere since morning.
I don't know where he has gone.
His phone is also switched off.
Mother, coffee.
I am busy. If you want
coffee then make it yourself.
Don't give orders in the morning.
For one cup, put half cup milk.
What? With half cup milk the coffee
would be light. I like dark coffee.
Hasn't your mother
taught you this much?
I think I should
complain to your father.
Father is here. You only tell him.
Hey wait, Shelu.
- Hello father.
What is the matter?
Is my daughter troubling you?
I keep her. What do you say?
Nothing, I was just missing her.