Neo Ned (2005) Movie Script

I got to make a stop.
No, I-it's OK.
I need to make a stop. It won't take a sec.
No no, Ned, please. Please don't stop there, please.
No, you know it's OK.
I'm, I just I really just wanna go home.
I just want to see my daughter.
It's gonna be alright.
It's OK, Ned. I don't need to. OK? I don't need to if you're doing this for me
This is my idea, OK?
Just take me home. I just wanna go home.
I'm gonna go. I'm going.
Listening, Ned, don't! Don't! Listen to me!
I don't need to, Ned, don't!
I'm sorry about it.
I don't need to! Don't!
If you knew Ned,
you'd say what's about to happen was his destiny.
Come on, Luke. You know the routine.
Go on into the house son, I'll be right there.
Yah, three to five if you're lucky.
Go on, boy.
Give me the bat.
See you.
Shit. Not again.
His childhood was, well, I'm sure you get the picture.
Leave my dad alone you dumb cop!
You are all he talks about when we're home.
He's got a little big, hasn't he?
Today we bought him new sneakers at Target for 4.99.
Show your dad your sneakers.
Family time was normally spent during visiting hours.
As he got older.
Ned spent more time with the social worker than with his dad.
She tricked me into saying things I didn't mean.
I mean, look at him, he's a very active little boy.
most of the bruises he got from playing outside.
It's the truth.
The state already has my husband.
You wanna take away my little boy?
Causing trouble became his way of getting attention.
We'll talk about this, cut it out.
But what Ned really wanted, is to be part of a family.
White power! White power! White power!
His whole life has been leading up to this moment.
I guess what you're wondering is,
how he ended up here with me.
You got to go back to your room, Ned.
Just give me the keys man, open this thing.
Ned, I'm not letting you in there,
you gotta go back to your room.
Open the fucking door.
What's going on?
Ned wants some sugar for his toast.
Judd, just open it OK.
It's not gonna happen, Ned.
Come on, Judd, I just want some fucking sugar.
Come on! Judd! I want the toast, I want it
All right, all right. Come on.
Stay back.
Stay back.
What you're doing is unsafe, OK?
Put down the toaster.
Come on, Ned, put the toaster down.
I want to open the cabinet
OK? You're done?
Call the nurse to give him a sedative.
She's on her way.
Fuck the nurse. Call my lawyer! This is abuse!
OK Ned, you know the procedure.
We can do it orally or by injection. It's up to you.
But if you choose a pill you only get one chance.
OK. I'm calm, see. Jonny look I'm calm. I'm calm!
Take your fucking pill.
Mary, hi. I'm taking the pill.
Oh, man.
Love this! Kitten! I want your fucking sense of humor man.
Hey Jonny, who's that?
It's just a transfer, Ned.
Wonder what's bugging her?
You fucking bitch! Mary!
I hate your guts! You fucking bitch! Fuck!
I gotta get a damn rabies shot.
We just gonna sit here until the meds kick in, OK?
'Cause you worn me out.
Always take the pills, Ned. Always take the pills.
I got my pride. My self-respect.
No no, I heard her with my own two ears,
she was speaking German.
I swear to God she was barkin her orders to her troops.
What was she saying?
I don't know, man.
I don't speak German.
Her voice was something different. It's spooky.
Hey, you think she's crazy?
Or she's just faking it?
Probably both.
I mean you got to be nuts to pretend you're Hitler.
Got that right.
She's the one who thinks she's Hitler.
What are you gonna do?
Gonna make my presence known.
Mr. Hitler, are you in there?
Mr. Hitler! It's me! Ned Nelson!
One of the brotherhood.
Well, if you're in there, then you're in hell.
Oh, shit!
Heil Hitler!
What she say, what she's saying?
Hitler wants me to be his right hand man.
Yah, we're gonna take over the world.
Deal around.
This some sort of a joke, Jonny?
What's that?
Sticking some crazy nigger Hitler woman on my floor.
What's next? Some faggot Jew roommate?
Hey, we can work that out for you, Ned.
Yah, Just get her off my floor,
and there'll be no trouble. You know that.
Hey! You don't need any more trouble.
Why don't you cut her some slack?
I mean besides, you don't want to piss off Hitler, do you?
Hey, nigger. Where's Hitler?
Hello? Hey nigger nigger nigger...
Hitler was not impressed with you.
So, um, what are you in here for?
Post partum depression with suicidal ideation.
Well I got an extra Y chromosome.
I was born with it.
That's why I'm in the way I'm.
aggressive tendency, ADHD, that kind of thing.
My Dad's the same way.
I'm just like him.
You think she is faking it?
Yah. Question is why.
It's a little early to tell but.
I say she is suffering from mild case of psychosis,
probably brought on by some acute trauma.
It's gonna take a while.
You think she still suicidal?
I don't think so.
Just be safe I put on her 50 ml of medicine.
Come in.
Your patients are waiting, doctor.
Thanks Sherry, I'll be right there.
I really came here to talk to you about Ned.
What about him?
He doesn't belong here, Jeff, OK?
Why can we just get him
I understand. Let me think about it.
I promise.
So I kill the guy.
with some friends of mine.
we stomp the nigger to death.
Crushed his skull with our boots.
They all went to prison.
I got stuck in here.
Weren't for my lawyer I'd be in the pen too.
That's for sure.
I'm the only murderer here.
Hi, that's Joey right there.
I'm Joey.
Tell her.
Ned is a murderer.
I heard.
Stomped a man to death.
Hey, Adolf, I saw you when you came in here.
You were kind of having a fit.
I was freaking out too.
It must be a full moon that night.
I was just asking for some fucking toast.
How about you?
I just like to make a grand entrance.
Sit down, Joey, fuck.
My friends would have a shit fit if they
knew I was talkin with a nigger like you.
Ned's a member of the Aryan brotherhood.
Yah. Have you heard of us?
I'm the one who think she is the Hitler, remember?
Oh yah.
What does that mean?
You think you're Hitler.
That's why I'm here.
Soul of Hitler is caught inside of me.
I'm cuckoo.
Well, does he talk to you?
I don't understand.
Why would Hitler be reincarnated as a nigger woman.
That's what I'm trying to find out.
That's what I keep asking myself, why?
Karma, I guess, bad karma.
You know what? I'm starting to see the resemblance now.
Adolf, you got a little moustache thing going.
Just like the fuehrer.
Make way for Hitler! Heil, Hitler!
What she say? At the end there what she say?
I have no idea.
I'll be back to pick you up, around 11, OK?
Now you sure you can make her a star.
get her into one of those TV shows?
Yes I can. Don't you worry about a thing
So all the kids you need.
foster families have to go to these parties you know,
where we just play and foster parents just watch us,
No one told us what's going on, but we knew.
So a lot of kids started showing off and do tricks,
trying to say pick me in.
I got picked right away since I was such a cute kid.
I got picked by this family.
They said I was exactly what they are looking for.
They already had a little girl,
and needed a boy to complete the family.
So they take me home and I get nothing
I ain't get a god damn thing!
I mean usually you know,
foster family worth couple of new toys,
tennis shoes or something.
So one morning mama foster wakes us up,
says we are goin on a trip.
The dog too.
Get down on the floor, Rocket.
Where're we going?
Where do you guys want to go?
I want to go to Disney World.
Well that's where we're gonna go then.
Why aren't we going?
We are, honey, we are.
Close your eyes.
Close your eyes kids, and then we're gonna go.
Close your eyes.
Yah, we made the CNN headlight news.
Yah even the dog died.
They put me back with my mom after that.
They were pretty apologetic about
put me with a suicidal family, you know.
Thank you for sharing that with us, Ned.
Tell me, how do you think of this event
impacts you now.
It doesn't. I was just a kid.
So you don't think this event
has any impact of your life whatsoever.
I see.
Then why did you choose to share this story with us?
'Cause it's cool.
I almost got killed!
Not everybody almost gets killed.
The only reason I didn't die is because I have to pee.
That's pretty cool.
I've never heard of a family committing suicide.
How could they do that?
Families do it all the time,
whether they're aware of it or not.
What you're feeling at that time, Ned?
I remember getting a race car set.
The case worker gave me a loop-the-loop track.
Yes, but what were you feeling?
I mean here you are, put with the new family,
who was supposed to take care of you,
But they end up killing themselves.
almost killing you, I mean.
You must felt something, right?
Maybe he felt nothing.
Maybe he was just happy he got a race car set.
Maybe that's enough.
You know you don't talk too much, Adolf.
And you talk all the time.
Yah, we kind of balance each other out, don't we?
Whatcha reading?
Mein Kampf
Oh, wow, your biography.
You read it?
No. But it's on my to do list.
As soon as I have a spare moment.
You know, you don't act like Hitler very much.
You know that?
How do you think Hitler acted
with his soul stuck in a black woman?
Oh I don't know. I guess, all depressed.
There you go.
So what happened to you to mess you up so bad?
Daddy rape you or something?
No. But my mom sure as hell drove me to the appointments.
Almost every girl in here
has been sexually abused one way or another.
Benn to a lot of psych-hospitals?
Yah, I practically grew up in them.
This place sucks to me, stupid rules.
You getting all this down, Jonny?
Yes, Ned's talking to a nigger.
It's spelled with two Gs.
Not that it makes much of a difference.
That's two Gs, Jonny.
You know you really should stop using the word nigger. You know.
You already showed me you can say it,
came real close to spelling it,
you sang it that time which was really nice.
You know what if you really want to talk to me,
and apparently you do,
don't say it to my face.
Wait till I walk away, and then say it.
Like a good white person should.
Well. What do you want me to call you?
African American?
Jeez by the time I got that
I forget what else I'm gonna tell you.
No, I don't want you to say that,
'cause it won't sound right coming from you.
Why don't you say, em, colored.
Lookie here Adolf,
I'm trying to make a little conversation OK?
I'm being friendly.
You're a real charmer, Huh?
You know, you're not like other blacks.
And how many other blacks do you know?
Well, there's this guy Reggie in high school,
he's OK.
And there's the guy I killed.
Can't forget him.
I didn't really know him.
AndAnd just you. That's it.
Oh shit!
Well, if I can't hate the blacks, who can I hate?
I'm sure you will find somebody, Ned.
Hey, wanna play some cards?
Yah. But I'm dealing though.
Alright. I love playing cards.
My dad taught me how to play.
You and your dad close?
Oh hell yah.
Therapist want me to say how I pissed off I am at him,
for abandoning me or something.
Hell it's not his fault.
Maybe I wouldn't be such a angry degenerate,
if they haven't kept us apart.
You know what I mean?
Jonny look at this!
It already went in the trash can.
Musta fell in here when I threw it out here.
what're the chances of that?
Where're your slippers, Ned?
I don't like my slippers.
If I don't get to wear my boots,
I don't want anything at all.
You seem to have taken quite an interest in Rachel.
I'm just trying to get to know Hitler, that's all.
Wonder what it's like to kiss nigger lips.
Where do you come up with this stuff?
I don't know. Is it all rubbery?
Are you thinking about kissing Rachel?
No. I'm just curious, that's all.
Ned and Rachel sitting in the tree.
Shut up.
Shut up.
First comes love,
then comes marriage,
then comes a baby in a babycarriage
Hey, Adolf.
So, there's a zoo outing.
I think if I stay outta trouble,
They're gonna let me go.
Who's this?
My daughter.
Really? Where's she at?
My aunt Linda is taking care of her.
Where's her dad?
Does it matter?
Well, I made you something.
Look. I made it for you in art.
Come on.
So do you like it?
See the bee, with the machine guns.
That's cute.
You can put it on your wall.
Remember, this is a form of interpersonal therapy.
It's designed to help you learn better ways
to relate to other people.
How're you there?
I bet you are. Look at that, God.
Hey, fucker.
Pat your head. Would you pat it, don't rub it.
Yah, you're special, Jesus.
Switch with me Joe, 'cause that guy's a retard.
Hi! Rachel!
What? No racial slurs today?
Look, just because I'm a racist
doesn't mean I'm not sensitive.
I signed up for the zoo.
You did? Good.
Switch your partners.
Let your partner leave now.
Have you seen this movie?
I can kick quite a kick!
Everybody kick him to the ground!
Pay attention Ned.
Become aware of your bodies,
of your movements, remember.
You can't have control,
until you have awareness.
Yah. Your moves are smooth, graceful.
I took ballet as a kid.
Another wasted childhood dream.
When I was a kid my dad said,
Ned, state's gonna be divided into four quadrants,
the whites are gonna be up in the northwest.
Me and my dad will be up there,
probably workin on a ranch or something,
no one's gonna give us any shit.
It's gonna be great.
Ned, Mr. Johnson wants to talk to you.
He's in his office.
Yes sir.
I got a few ideas of how to make
this place run a little smoother.
You know what I mean?
So anyways,
maybe we can keep in contact after the revolution.
What're you talking about?
You know. Keep in contact after the war,
after the whites get their own nation.
You already have your own nation.
We can write letters!
I'm sure there gonna be mail
delivered between the quadrants.
Heck! Maybe we could even visit each other.
Just so, I understand.
You wanna have a war to divide up the country
in order to keep blacks away from the whites.
Then sneak across the border and meet me for a coffee.
Or movie or something.
Ned. Ned! You supposed to be in Mr. Johnson's office now?
It's a date.
I'll meet you under the barbed wire fence.
Deal. OK, bye.
I'm coming!
Mary, let me get that for you.
Thank you, Ned.
You shouldn't have to carry this.
You should have one of the orderlies do it for you.
You're quite a gentlemen.
So I have a meeting with Jeff.
We gonna go over some ideas.
Some possible programmic changes.
I'm gonna be sure to tell em what a good job you're doing too.
Heck, you might even get a raise.
I appreciate that Ned.
See you later.
Good afternoon, Sherry.
How are you today?
I'm fine, Ned.
That's good.
I have a meeting with Jeff.
I'll let Mr. Johnson know you're here.
Hello Ned.
Have a seat.
How're you doing, Jeff.
Very well, thank you.
How's your family doing here.
My family is doing fine.
Are they always like that? Smiling?
Or they're just doing that for the picture?
That was a long time ago, Ned.
They're older now.
What's with the goons, Jeff?
I thought we were gonna talk.
Hey, there's no offence there Johnny but you know,
you guys are goons, you know that.
Ned, we need to talk about your placement here.
I realise I've made some mistakes.
But I feel I'm gonna be making some big progress here.
I'm starting to explore to some key issues of my therapy.
The staff and I don't see it that way.
You're still acting out aggressively
and you're not taking responsibility for your actions.
Just the other day, the incident with the toaster.
Ned, you are too old to be throwing tantrums.
You're making the whole facility unsafe. For everyone.
This got to be some misunderstanding I think.
Ned, the decision had been made.
The state stopped paying for me?
That's not the issue.
Your placement here isn't right.
You're not right for our program.
You're supposed to be deal with crazy people.
That's your job.
It's the state, they stopped paying for me, didn't they?
They've got a bus ticket to get you back home.
I tried to contact your mother
but I haven't been able to reach her yet.
What about the zoo?
Can I still go to the zoo?
Ned, you're being discharged.
I see.
Well that's good, Jeff.
'Cause I hate it here anyway.
I was planning on breaking outta here.
But you saved me the trouble, thank you.
I want my stuff back.
I want it or I'm suing your ass.
Your possessions have been packed.
I want my boots. I want my boots.
Including your boots.
I hate you.
I hate your guts.
You know that, don't you?
Alright then. Let's get the hell out of here.
Fuck! You! Fuck you Fuck off!
I'll see you in the hell.
Fucker! I hate your guts!
I hate your guts!
I fucking hate your guts!
Here's your ticket man.
If it gets tough you call outpatient services, OK.
They'll help you out.
We had a lot of laughs, didn't we?
That place won't be the same without you.
Maybe now that I'm out, we can hang out
have a barbecue or something.
I can meet your family?
There are rules against socialising with former patients, Ned.
I'm sorry. It's policy.
They have the policy, yah, that's right. I knew that.
I knew that.
Well, I'm gonna be fine.
This's probably the best thing for me.
Well, see you. OK?
You'll be OK, Ned.
I'll see you.
See you.
Hi. I would like to return my ticket.
Sorry sir, that ticket is not refundable.
Look, I just got kicked out of a mental hospital.
I don't think it's a good idea
for your driver, or the other passengers if I get on that bus.
You know what I mean?
Starting to hear the voices?
Voices are saying don't get on that bus!
Don't get on the bus!
Let me go talk to my manager.
She called you by your nickname.
OK. OK. Well you know, Maybe I know her from work.
Yah, save it.
Sweet heart, Sandy, Sandy, hey!
Those of you on level two,
need to stay with your staff partners.
Level threes can go off on their own.
We will be there the whole day,
which'll give us plenty of time to see all the animals
and have lunch.
OK everyone. Let's go.
Ned's gone.
I know.
I wonder if they sent him to prison.
I hope they didn't send him to a prison.
They probably sent him to a hospital.
I hope he's OK.
Damn it!
Ned, right.
Thought you were a punk trying to hassle me.
Yah, Oh yah I am.
No. Strange punk. Not some punk I actually know.
So what's going on? Joey said that they took you to prison.
No! They didn't tell you?
Yah, doctor said that I'm cured!
I am part of the general public now.
So I figure it's a beautiful day,
why not go to the zoo.
But frankly as a citizen I'm a little concerned
is this a group of crazies here from a hospital.
I think you'll fit right in.
So what's been happening since I left?
You've been gone a day, Ned.
Yah I know. What you have for breakfast?
You have French toast?
No. I had the yoghurt.
Ah. I like French toast.
Hey. Look!
Oh God.
You know my daughter Vanessa? She loves bears.
Alright, pop quiz.
Who do you think would win in a fight?
That bear? Or a lion.
I don't know. The bear?
You're damn right.
It would kick the little king of the jungle's ass anyday.
So you think they're happy in there too, right?
Yah. Sure. Look. They got food, water, and place to sleep.
Look! Come on, they have a ball. Look!
They're not gonna find any balls in the forest.
I'd even live in there.
I guess you are wondering,
the bear will kick ass, whether a lion or a tiger
That's for sure.
You come to the zoo to see me or the animals?
I came to see you, Adolf.
Just you.
I don't know I just,
everything was kind of cut short between us.
I guess.
Yes, I was kind of sad when I heard you left.
I like talking to you.
I don't know why but I miss all your bull shit.
What do you mean you don't know why?
'Cause I'm charming, that's why.
That's right. I forgot. You're charming.
So, um, what do you wanna do about it?
Do you want to, hm, get out of here? Escape?
Escape to where?
I don't know. Anywhere!
Right. You don't need the hospital anymore.
Look at you. Not getting any better. You're crazy.
Come on! Yah!
OK. Why not. Let's go.
Alright. Alright. OK.
So uh, we should break up into teams.
So we can sneak outta here, nobody'll notice.
I think we are good to just walk right out of here together.
I don't know.
I think it would be better for we to go
You gotta drive!
Start the Starter , I gonna push to start it.
Push the starter.
Push in the clutch in a second, OK?
Come on, Adolf!
Drop the brake!
That's alright, Adolf!
You can do it!
OK. You keep clutch disengaged, OK!
Volkswagen is designed by you, you know that!
Start! Adolf!
Is it right? OK. Ready?
Start! Start!
What happened?
I came out here and She was gone.
Was she with anyone?
I'm pretty sure it was Ned.
She's self admitted.
They could be good for each other.
Do you like speed thrash?
I don't think so.
I used to like thrash.
Now I like speed thrash. It's faster, harder.
You wanna give it a try
What are they even saying?
I don't know.
Can't understand. You?
Yah. I like it.
It's how I'm feeling inside.
Hey we should pull over and put the top up.
Hahhah! It's great! Keep going, keep going.
There's a certain speed where you can,
keep going into the rain you won't get wet.
I swear to you. it's the truth.
The scientists have it all figured it out.
The aerodynamics.
You know, G forces.
Now try goin a little slower.
OK. What speed exactly does it work?
Ned, can I pull over now, please.
I'm sorry.
I swear there's a certain speed.
You gotta go. We weren't goin the right speed. You go.
In the certain speed you'll go right,
right through the rain.
What are we doing, Ned.
This is so dumb we should be at the hospital.
So stupid.
Why. Why. Why? What do you mean?
No. Now, we're free.
There's no one here to tell us what to do.
Don't you see?
Look! We walk into the sunset, something.
You know, mixin the races is wrong.
So what you trying to say is,
you're really attracted to me.
You have feelings for me.
Is that what you're saying?
Oh, see that trailer?
I jumped off that roof when I was 10.
Broke my leg into two places. They had to put a pin in there.
Keep the bone together.
See that chair right there?
Meet my buddy Brooker.
We used to go in there sniff gas.
Till I passed out, hit my head on a lawnmower.
I got 12 stitches.
How come all your stories end up with you getting injured.
I don't know.
Makes the stories better I guess.
You know one day I want to hear a story about you're,
you don't get injured or nobody else gets hurt, or whatever.
No I just want to hear story about you that's happy.
Just a happy story.
OK. I'll try to think of one first.
What about you? What's your happy story?
There's one time in a park.
I was just pushing my daughter up on the swings.
Pushing her higher and higher and,
higher than all the other kids, you know.
And I guess at some point she got scared,
and wanted me to stop but, I couldn't.
I just kept pushing her higher and higher and,
it's kind of felt like if,
I just pushed her a little bit harder, she could fly.
Well that's not a very happy story.
It's not.
You're ready to go in?
You're sure?
Alright. Let's go in.
Hey, wait. Is your mom a racist, too?
No, no. Not anymore than most people.
I think I learned that from my dad.
She'll like you good enough though.
Oh, when she shows you the video.
Act impressed.
Wait, what? What video?
My baby!
My baby boy. Look at you.
Hi mom.
What on earth are you doing here?
I got discharged. I'm all better now.
Completely rehabilitated.
I prayed for this.
I prayed to god every night to make you better.
This is Adolf.
Hi, I'm Rachel.
Why don't you sit down?
Excuse the mess.
Where's my lipstick.
It's cleaning day today for me
but my back went out this morning,
I have bone spurs and arthritis
I was afraid if I went to the hospital I'd be off my feet for two weeks.
Can I get you something to eat?
Oh no.
I shouldn't even ask.
Needs a little salt.
He can eat anything. He's a bottomless pit.
So how did you two meet?
At the hospital.
And she's cured too, mom.
You know, Whoopi Goldberg is one of my favorite actresses.
In interviews I find her so warm and nice and earthy.
Not like all those other stars.
Honey. Are you still one of the brotherhood?
No. I think they're gonna revoke my membership.
Oh, Well. I never thought those boys were any good anyway.
How's dad? Have you heard from him?
Once a month.
Well, he's probably busy.
Well how busy can you be in prison?
I think he is beginning to like the place.
I mean I write him twice a week and hear from him once a month.
Well you know mom, there's a lot to do in there.
You can lift weight, play cards and
further education, take welding.
Heck they even got cable in there.
I was just telling Rachel here how you were almost a TV star.
Yah. She couldn't hardly believe it.
You still have the video tape?
Oh yes, It's right on top.
You know I was just watching it the other day.
Why not just pop it in.
This was my first guest appearance.
Nationally syndicated.
It was right after that foster family gassed little Ned.
Oh look, here's my favorite close up.
( If we were together and I will never ever let him )
You see I'm trying not to cry,
but I can't help it because I'm reliving the horror
of what had happened.
You can't do duplicate emotions like that in a movie,
you can't even duplicate emotion like that in a,
made for TV movie.
You can really tell how much you care about Ned.
I was on Hiraldo.
That was men in prison and the women who love them.
So how many talk shows have you been on?
About 6 as a guest. And in the audience another 4.
Mom. The audience loves you.
The camera loves you too.
So, hm, where's your family?
Down in Hutchins,
and my aunt Linda is taking care of my daughter Vanessa.
Oh you have a little girl. How old?
Oh how precious they are precious when they are that age.
Mom, you think there's an available trailer we can inhabit?
Place to stay together?
Yah. Oh I forgot to tell you that we're married.
Well we are about to be married.
Oh my baby boy.
My baby Ned is getting married.
We've gotta to celebrate, we've gotta have a party.
I'm gonna bake a cake. A cake.
We get a cake.
OK Ned you didn't really prepare me well for that.
Yah they say I'm crazy.
We're not engaged. What was that?
We got a place to stay, didn't we?
Yah we might need to look for somewhere else.
No it's gonna be great.
Come on, trust me.
Come on.
Here we are. Home sweet home.
This is Shirley Nelson,
and I would like to be a guest on your talk show,
my son is a neo nazi skinhead,
who was implicated in the murder of a black man,
and who is now currently engaged
to a black woman who he met at the psychiatric ward.
I'm sure the producers know my number. Thank you.
Hey. I've picked up a bunch of stuff from mom's.
Yah. This place needs some work.
This is gonna be great.
Oh Ned.
You know what,
some women have these great bods,
and walk around like they know it, and that's good.
But you, you have this fantastic body.
And you walk around like you don't know it at all.
Come on Ned. You'd better quit sweet talking me.
Otherwise I might believe it
and think I'm too good for you. Stop it.
Oh. What is this? An article about me?
Why would there be an article on there about you?
I don't know. Community outraged that I was released?
Or, the wanted ads.
We need to find jobs
Whatever that is.
Teacher for retards.
There's nothing in here for me.
No. Ned. OK look. Phone sales.
You like to talk obviously.
No that's a loser job.
There's no way I'm calling people and having them hang up on me.
I wanna do something exciting.
I wanna like, a bounty hunter.
I mean I want to know how to become one.
OK. Until there's an opening in bounty hunter school,
we gonna to do something to hold this over.
So, Ned, get a job. OK?
This'll be more than a job to me, sir.
It'll be an opportunity.
An opportunity to turn my life around.
I think of the restaurant employees as my team.
You wanna be part of this team,
you have to be team player.
You have to work hard, be reliable.
Are you willing to do that?
Yes I am.
Than I'm willing to hire you.
You won't be sorry you hired Ned Nelson.
That's for sure.
Let's get you started on the employee handbook? OK?
Welcome to bitenway. What can I get for you?
Hi, my name's Ned. May I help you?
Would you like some fries with that?
For all....
you want...
You look so handsome Ned Nelson.
You look great.
You're very professional.
Hey, and you're not the only one
who's gonna be bringing home a pay check.
Working at a daycare.
Some kids.
I sort of neglected to tell them about my
psychiatric history and postpartum depression
They love me.
Well, then this is for you.
Hi, Would you like some fries with that?
Fries with that?
OK, you want chunky or smooth?
I see them there staring at me, do you see it?
I don't know.
Can't imagine why.
Stop, Ned!
Stay with your own sister.
What! What you say?!
Don't worry about her.
We have enough problems of our own, OK?
That woman's crossing the line.
Hey, don't I know you?
You're a cop right?
Yeah you arrested me before.
Remember me, Ned Nelson?
Two years back I was a little shorter then.
You know, got me for
vandalism of a public library, MIP and resisting arrest.
Did you bite me?
Yes, I did. You remember.
Yeah. I remember 6 stitches and a tetanus.
Hey I'm sorry about that, you know, biting you.
But you know I was freaking out
I didn't wanna get caught, you know.
But I have you know, I've turned my life around.
Yep, I've gone straight now.
I got my own place, got a good job.
That's my wife, by the way
I, sorry, this is Rachel. And this is er....
Officer Pendleton...Roy Pendleton. Roy.
Roy! Nice to see you.
Yeah, we just got married.
I used to be a white supremacist.
Then Rachel taught me how to love instead of hate.
I wish the two of you the best.
Thank you.
Oh hey Roy, I'm working down over at the Bitenway.
But in 6 mouth I'm gonna be assistant manager.
And if the place catches on and they franchise it
I'm in on the ground floor.
So, tell you what, why don't you come on down
I'll cook you up a burger.
Yeah, I'll have to do that.
Nice to see you again.
Good to see you Roy.
I can't believe you got that old barbecue to work.
What do mean you can't believe.
I'm good at a lot of things.
I'm a great cook.
You're a good cook, maybe.
I'm a great...
Oh yes you are Ned Nelson.
And so are you Rachel...Rachel.
You don't know my last name.
Of course I do.
Quick! Quick!
What is it ?
You are Rachel...You are Rachel...
That's tricky.
You like that?
Let me just something...
I think you are ready to be a star, don't you?
Jesus...What the hell?
Oh my god.
Did you wet the bed?
I'm sorry...I'm sorry...
It happens sometimes after...
After what?
Just forget about it please.
Just go back to sleep. I'm sorry...
Forget about what?
This is about the guy who molested you. Isn't it?
I'm gonna get that guy.
You don't understand Ned.
You can't ever understand
I need you Rachel
My mom says I'm too old to have my shoes tied.
Well, when you're ready, you'll learn
That's what I said.
I can't believe that you like that crappy flavor.
kind of boring.
What're you, the ice cream expert?
I used to like cherry.
But now it's chocolate swirl.
Thanks man!
Jesus! Christ!
Put that away! You are gonna accidentally shoot me.
Stop !
Don't worry. Just relax.
I got my gun
Got my girl
Got my chocolate swirl.
What else could a guy want
Why do you need a gun?
People listen to this thing.
You stick this in a face, you get whatever you want.
Come to think about it, you know.
Way to supplement our income. Like Bonnie and Clyde.
Bonnie and Clyde
You ever shoot a gun?
I can teach you.
I don't want to.
You sure there's no one you'd like to shoot?
Like the guy who molested you?
I said no.
Star shine studio.
We can make a good star out of you?
I looked that fucker up.
I know where he is.
You have to confront him, Rachel.
You tell him face to face what he did to you.
That's what your doctor Matherson would said,
You have to confront him.
I'll protect you.
You are gonna fix everybody? Is that what it is now?
Just you.
Did you really think that you were Hitler?
I just made it up at first
'cause I knew I needed to be hospitalised.
But... then it became real.
You know like...the pain and the guilt?
That's real.
What about all that German?
My German is a little shoddy.
I took it sophomore year in high school,
because Spanish class was already filled up.
Fuck! Fucker!
You all right?
That fuck!
We ain't doin anything to anybody, were we?
A couple of fucking Jews.
Oh God, Ned. Wake up!
They were assholes!
Get it! Assholes!
Whether they were white, Jewish, black,
They are assholes!
You wanna hate somebody so badly,
Hate the freakin' assholes
'cause they are everywhere!
A man can't even sit in his own car and be safe
I mean, this random fucking violence?!
It's ruining our society.
You never killed anybody, did you?
Oh yes of course I did.
Such a great murder.
Wanna see the press clippings
I'll show you.
Ned, you never killed anybody.
Otherwise you would have used the gun.
Just tell me the truth for once.
all right...all right
You wanna know what my lawyer's defense was?
You can't kill what's already dead, all right?
It's great!
I guess you guys party here a lot or what?
Yeah, sure. We fucking party here.
That's nice man.
We gonna have a barbecue or what?
Yeah, we're gonna roast a fucking nigger pig.
You ready?
Alright, Yeah...
Let's go.
Come on!
All right...Yeah...Yeah....
What's this?
Shut up
You wanna be part of the brotherhood or not?
I thought I am right?
A haircut don't make you a brother.
Crush his fucking skull.
Kick the fucking nigger.
Come on! man!
Fuckin' kick him!
Kick the fucking nigger, now!
Kick that fucker!
Come on!
Knock him!
Come on man!
Kick off!
No I can't...
Kick the fucking nigger!
You fucking bitch.
Get the fuck out of here!
Autopsy showed that he'd been dead long
before I even kicked him.
That's why they stuck me
in the stupid psych-hospital,
not prison where I belong.
I know all along you didn't do it.
Try to be this hardass but deep down inside
you are just a nice guy.
Haha, yes, don't say that.
I just..
I tell you I tried!
The shit just doesn't work out for me!
I know...
Our car!
The key was stolen
Stupid fuckers!
I have to push start it
Got my gun
Some fucking ice cream!
You know what babe?
Sometimes I think
We have an angel looking after us.
You and me
Even the bad shit goes good. Look at this.
Ned? Ned?
Look at this plate. What do you see?
I see a burger. I see some fries.
What's missing? What don't you see?
I pay for these.
I expect it for the customers
and the customers expected it.
Listen Ned, it's the small things,
it's the details
that make or break our restaurant.
Alright? It's the little touches that separate us
from the Ihops and the Denny's.
And when you came in for the interview
said you want to turn your life around?
Starts with the garnish.
The garnish.
I don't mean to harp on you.
I just hope I made the right choice in hiring you.
You did, sir.
Burger up!
I'll be with you in just a minute.
Is that you man?
Hey! What's going on?
Oh no way!
Hang on!
You guys, what's going on?
I thought you were in juvie, the state pen
What are you doin out?
You know...Food and burgers.
It's my place, I run the joint.
Ned Nelson work in here?
Never thought I'd see that day.
Hey so you free or did you break out?
I'm not at liberty to say.
But I will tell you this
As soon as I get enough cash
I'll be taken an extended vacation abroad
You know what I mean?
Where's your station?
And put on your hat.
Yes, sir.
Where's your station, at?
The grill.
Where you supposed to be?
The grill.
Then get there now!
Yes, sir!
May I help you gentlemen?
Some Ned burgers man!
Ned burgers for everyone!
To go
To go, man
Hey Ned!
There's a party at the canyon tonight man.
Thank you very much.
Get in there. Let's go!
Man, just got outta the joint.
I tell you man, freedom, it was good.
I heard you were in the loony bin not in prison.
Hey we were locked up.
The same thing isn't it?
What's up?
This crazy motherfucker.
Shit, I never thought I'd see your ass again.
We saw you walking downtown.
I don't believe that you were walking around
with some fucker nigger woman.
Imagine that
Me with some nigger
Fucking niggers
Fuck off man!
Get off him!
What's your fucking problem!
Crazy, remember?
Crazy mother fucker?
Fucking nuts.
He's fucking gone.
Yah. I just got out.
I was in solitary for
beating up a couple of guards?
You can go kind of crazy in solitary you know?
I bet that can get so lonely in there.
You are something special Ned Nelson.
Yes. I am.
Yes, you are.
Hey, I thought you wouldn't be up yet
So, I guess we have to talk?
What do you want to talk about Ned?
What we gonna talk about.
I wanna talk about us.
Did you have fun last night?
Before you open your mouth let that bullshit fly out
that you think's gonna get you off the hook,
Don't bother.
Did you have fun last night?
Yeah, haha
Had a blast.
Who was she?
Believe me. I mean if I...
I wish to god I could take that back.
and I wish I could unfuck her.
You wish you could unfuck her?
You know if people could unfuck people,
then there would be a world full of virgins
and I wouldn't have slit my fucking wrists!
I'm not gonna allow myself to be treated this way Ned.
I won't. I'm not gonna do it again.
I was gonna have to leave anyway,
and this just makes it a whole hell of a lot easier.
Well, can you give me another chance?
I mean I told you the truth, right?
That should be worth something?
You don't get it.
I need to go home.
This is your home.
This is our home.
This was us playing house.
I gotta go home and finally be a mom.
To my kid, not to you.
No more, Ned, no more. I can't be your mom.
That's fine...
I was gonna break up with you anyway.
I was already planning it.
I was.
Just looking for the right time...
to tell you...
Let me go with you.
let me ... let me go with you
I can help you raise your daughter.
We can get married.
We can be a real family.
Listen to yourself Ned.
It's not your family
It's mine.
It's my responsibility Ned.
You remember,
You asked me to tell you a happy story.
This is it.
Me and you...
were my happy story.
This isn't it Ned.
I'm sorry...
Get in.
I'm driving you.
Just drop me off at the bus station, OK?
I'm taking you home.
I gotta make a stop.
No, It, it's OK.
I need to make a stop. It won't take a sec.
No Ned, please. Please don't stop there, please.
No, you know it's OK.
I'm, I just I really just wanna go home.
I just want to see my daughter.
It's gonna be alright.
It's OK, Ned. I don't need to. OK?
I'm OK, Ned.
There's something I gotta do, OK?
I just want to see my daughter.
Can you just take me home.
No, I'm going in.
I just wanna go home. Just take me home.
I'm gonna go. I'm going.
Listen to me, Ned, don't! Don't! Listen to me!
I don't need to, Ned, don't!
I'm sorry. Sorry about that!
I don't need to! Don't!
Ned I just wanna see my daughter, OK? OK? Don't!
Can I help you?
You do all these?
Yeah, yeah I did.
I want one of these, here..
Yeah, OK. The tripod.
Can I see that, the bigger one?
What kind of camera you got?
I..I've a of those ..those old..
This is great.
I'll take it.
Ah..the money is in the box.
I don't want your money, pervert
Look at her.
You see her?
Look at her. Look at her!
You remember her?
I don't know what you're talking about
She wets the bed because of you, motherfucker!
She slit her wrists cos of you.
Tell him Rachel! Tell him what he did!
I never saw her before.
You filthy
You hurt me so bad.
All those times you were all
"Oh, Rachel, you're so pretty".
"You're so special", you have it
I didn't force you.
I was a little girl!
You sick fuck
Ned! Leave him alone!
Leave him alone!
Leave him alone!
Honey...honey don't...
You shot him.
You got revenge.
That wasn't revenge.
You don't know yet
Take that as a bitch, huh?
You OK?
What do we do now?
All right, come on, we gotta go.
Ned we gotta get you a doctor. You're bleeding.
Yeah...I'm alright.
Let's get the hell out of here then.
Come on.
I'm...I'm gonna stay.
Yeah I'm staying.
I'm not gonna leave you out here, Ned?
I'm gonna stay.
Look, I know what I'm doing, OK?
I promise.
Look at you, you have a kid to go home to, right?
I'll be fine. It's gonna be great.
Look, I know what I'm doing.
I know what I'm doing, right?
we'll be good
Yes. It's OK, yes.
Yeah, come on, there, let's go.
Hurry up!
Stay in gear, babe.
Come on Rach!
Come on Rach! You can do it!
Pop the clutch!
Let's go!
See you
It's a story of forbidden love
between a racist skinhead
and a black unwed mother
Neo Nazism...
Who did this, but it all looks so delicious
You know, when I am gonna do a show I get nervous
and when I get nervous I eat
You're gonna do great
You have an amazing story to tell
You know, don't hold anything back,
the audience will love you
I have heard people say,
that I have a way with the camera
You sure do
OK, now ready of you
Welcome Shirley Nelson
So, Shirley. Tell us about Ned.
Well. From the day he was born
I knew Ned was special.
He was different.
Different? That's an interesting choice of words.
He has certainly had some bad luck along the way.
What about his other run ins with the law?
Well, you know. Everyone has their problems.
Ned even in his worst moments
like when he was charged with murder
the first time
I never gave up hope, I never will
Underneath it all, Ned has a heart of gold.
I know it because he's my baby boy.
I love him.
I have to love him.
Every mother should love their child
no matter what
You have room for one more?
I'll be damned!
What took you so long?!
I don't know
Sit down I saved you a seat.
what'd you get?
20 years. 2nd degree murder
I shot a child molester
Shot him dead.
I'm a hero
I'm an American hero
That you are!
Deal him in!
Deal me in!