Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion (1997) Movie Script

I express my gratitude to the staff,
cast, friends, and the five women who brought this picture to the finale again.
Thank you very much ... Anno Hideaki
Adam is with me now.
This is the only way
to see Yui again.
The forbidden unification
between Adam and Lillith.
We're running
out of time.
Your AT Field isn't
able to hold your shape.
Let's begin, Rei.
Pull down your AT Field,
the wall in your heart.
Fill the missing part of the heart
by abandoning meaningless bodies...
...and combine everyone's
soul into one.
And I'll go to the
place where Yui is.
Episode 26' :
True Heart For You
An object's falling fast
from the outer atmosphere.
Say what ?!
No, it's the
Longinus Lance...
Finally, our wish
will come true.
The original Longinus Lance
has returned to us.
We're short of the number,
but it can't be helped.
Return the Eva series
to its original form.
The true form which
brings us the revelation.
Return the people to their true form through the equal means of prayer and death.
It leads us to a
tranquillity of the mind.
Let's begin
the ceremony
Eva Unit 01's
been captured !
Altitude, 12000,
and climbing !
Seele is going to use
Unit 01 as a medium.
The holy root has been
implanted in Eva Unit 01.
Now is the time to resurrect
the Tree of Life.
Our servant,
the Eva series...
...exists for
this moment.
The Eva series have
released their S2 organs !
The dimensional graph has reversed and is showing negative values !
Impossible to observe !
It can't be expressed by numbers !
Anti-AT Field...?
This entire phenomenon is
exactly like 15 years ago.
Is this the sign
of the Third Impact ?
The S2 organ has
reached its peak !
Unable to maintain
the molecular bonding !
Our mission
has failed.
Direct hit !
The sedimentary
layer has melted !
The secondary shock is excavating near headquarters, exposing the outer shell !
It's only a
physical shock !
We can hold out by
maximizing the absorber !
To symbolize
eternal time...
...use red soil
for purification.
Firstly, change
the Geo Front... its original form.
The black moon is the egg cell of Lillith,
the source of humanity and all life.
I don't want to
return to the shell.
But it's up
to Lillith.
It has begun.
Now, Rei... me to the
place where Yui is.
This can't be...
I'm not your puppet.
I'm not you.
Rei ?!
Please, wait, Rei.
Ikari is calling.
I'm back.
``Welcome home''
An unknown high-energy source is approaching from Terminal Dogma !
AT Field detected !
The pattern
is Blue !
Could that be an Angel...?!
No, it's not !
It's a woman !
A human !
No !
No !
By using the incomplete soul of Evangelion Unit 01's pilot...
...we'll complement
the soul of humanity.
It's the third time
of the return.
The AT Fields of the Eva series are resonanting with each other !
It's getting stronger !
They've started to
unite with Rei.
signal is down !
Destrude is dissolving !
The pilot's soul won't be able to take it any more.
No more...
No, no,
no, no...
You're giving up ?
You're there, Kaworu.
Solenoid graph
has reversed !
The boundary of
self is weakening.
The AT Field is
changing to red !
The seed of life
the Angel has...
...and the seed of
wisdom the human has...
Now that Eva Unit 01 has
acquired both of them... is equal to God.
And now, it's changing itself to the Tree of Life, the source of all living beings.
Will it be an ark to save humanity from the nihil of the Third Impact...
...or become a demon
to annihilate humanity ?
Our future is up
to Ikari's son.
We've done the right
thing, haven't we ?
How would I know ?
This Rei is
from your soul.
It's an embodiment
of your wish.
What do you wish ?
That's right.
It's like when I started
practicing the cello.
I thought there would be
something if I came here.
Why don't you
try, Shinji ?
Let's try hard to
finish the castle.
Hey, Mom's here !
I've gotta go !
Bye !
God dammit !
It drives me crazy
when I look at you !
Because I'm like you ?
Mama !
I failed to be Shinji's
mother after all.
Hey, come on.
Again ?
Aren't you going to see
your friend at school ?
Oh, Ritsuko ?
I still have
some time.
It's been a week
idling at home.
I'm getting the
knack of it... please...
I think I do this kind of stuff to find my own existence.
That's ridiculous !
It's just lonely adults
comforting each other !
At least your
body is needed.
I'm glad to feel
like I'm meaningful.
It's an easy way to know
that you're meaningful.
That's also part
of Misato...?
Yes, that's part of me.
You don't know the part of me, which is a reflection of overlapping souls.
The reality is painful,
but you have to bear with it.
Will I do what Misato
does when I grow up ?
Why don't we kiss ?
Are you scared ?
It's too early
for kids.
Let's do it.
You don't
know anything !
Don't get close to me !
I do.
You don't,
you idiot !
Do you think you
understand me ?!
Do you think you
can save me ?!
That's nothing but
your conceited ego !
You will never understand !
How can I ?
You don't tell
me anything.
You don't tell me anything.
You don't say anything.
It's impossible
to understand !
Did you try to
understand, Ikari ?
I did.
You moron.
I know you're just
using me to comfort you.
Why don't you do it now,
like you always do ?
I'll be watching you.
If all of you can't be mine,
I don't want anything.
Then why don't you
be kind to me ?
I am.
You're lying !
You're fooling me
with your smile !
You want to
keep it unclear !
The truth will
hurt people.
It's awfully painful.
Uncertainties will corner me.
A temporary relief ?
If this situation persists
I'll be scared.
I don't know when
I'll be useless again !
I feel awkward !
I can't stay calm !
Let me hear
your voice !
Don't leave me alone !
Don't ignore me !
I want to be of help to you.
I want to stay with you all the time.
Then please don't
do anything.
Don't come close to me...
...because all you
can do is hurt me.
Asuka, help me !
Only you can do it.
You liar.
You don't care who...
...because Misato and the
First are harsh to you.
Your father and mother
are hard on you.
-You're trying to escape to me!
-Help me.
That's least
harmful to you !
Hey, please help me !
You've never loved
anyone seriously !
You care only
about yourself...
...but you can't
even like yourself !
How pitiful.
Help me.
Someone, please...
...please, help me.
Help me.
Help me.
Help me !
Don't leave me alone !
Don't desert me !
Don't kill me !
No one understands me.
You didn't know anything.
I thought it was a wonderful world where no one would betray me.
You believed that the
others were just like you.
You betrayed me !
You trampled on my heart !
You misjudged yourself
from the start.
It was your imagination.
No one needs me,
so they should die.
Then what are
your hands for ?
No one cares about me, and nothing will change even if I live.
So, everyone should die.
Then what is
your heart for ?
It would be better
if I didn't exist... I should die, too.
Then, what is the meaning
of your existence ?
Can I be here ?
( Silence )
The pilot's vital
signs are near zero !
The Eva series and the Geo Front have passed level E, and still ascending.
Current altitude is 220,000 km.
Entering level K.
All Eva units are intact !
The anti-AT Field from
Lillith is expanding !
It's going
to materialize !
The anti-AT Field has
passed the critical point !
No !
At this rate, it'll be impossible for any lifeform to maintain its shape !
The Room of Gauf
is opening.
The gate to the end and the beginning of the world is...
...finally opening.
The world is going to
be filled with sadness.
Emptiness is going
to surround people.
Loneliness is going to
fill the hearts of people.
Ikari, did you see
Yui after all?
The AT Fields...
AT Field is fading.
Is this the answer
I've been looking for ?
Senpai !
Senpai !
Senpai !
Senpai !
The beginning and ending share the same moment.
Everything's going well.
I've been waiting
for this moment.
I can finally
see you, Yui.
If I stayed with him,
I'd only hurt Shinji.
So, it'd be
better to do nothing.
You were afraid of
Shinji, weren't you ?
I didn't believe that
someone could love me.
I don't deserve
it, either.
You were just
running away.
You rejected the world
before you got hurt.
The invisible and formless thing that exists between people...
You were afraid of it,
so you closed your mind.
So this is the price
I have to pay ?
I'm sorry, Shinji.
Ayanami Rei...
I hate you.
Why do you
think you can...?
Don't misunderstand me.
Why do you
think I love you ?
Don't get
into my life.
Get lost.
Please, don't call me any more.
You are persistent.
Don't get close to me.
You're the type I hate most.
I'm not going to
restore our relationship.
I hate you.
Don't come any closer.
Go away.
You coward.
If you're suffering so
much, you can quit.
If you hate it so much,
you can run away.
You want to feel
relief, don't you ?
You want peace,
don't you ?
You want to become
as one, don't you ?
You want to overlap the
bodies and souls, don't you ?
If it's you, I never
want to, even if I die.
What ?
What is a dream ?
Dream ?
Yes, a dream.
``Do you feel good ?''
I don't know.
I don't
understand reality.
You can't distinguish the border between someone's reality and your truth.
I don't know
where happiness is.
You only find happiness
in your dreams.
So, this isn't reality,
just an empty world.
Yes, it's a dream.
So, I don't exist here.
You recreated your own
world based on reality.
Is it wrong ?
You escaped to imagination,
and distorted the truth.
I can't have
my own dream ?
It's not a dream...
...but a substitute
for reality.
Then where's my dream ?
It's a continuation
of reality.
Where's my reality ?
It's where
the dream ends.
Where am I ?
This is the
sea of LCL.
The sea of the source of life.
This is the world without
an AT Field, without shape.
It's a vague world where you don't know which part is you, and which part is another's.
It's a fragile world where your part has no end, and you can't find yourself.
Did I die ?
No, everything
has united.
This is the very
world you wished for.
But this
isn't right.
I don't think
it's right.
If you want others
to exist again...
...the walls of the heart
will separate all the people.
People might
hurt you again.
That's alright.
Thank you.
I think there was nothing but
bitter experiences back there.
So I think I was
right to run away.
But then there wasn't
anything good after I did.
Because I didn't exist...
It was like no one
has ever existed.
Are you alright if the
AT Field hurts you and others ?
I'm alright.
But who are you,
living within my heart ?
The hope that people can
understand each other.
Along with
the word, ``love.''
But it's
just imagination.
A selfish belief.
It's like a prayer.
It doesn't last forever.
I'll be betrayed
someday anyway.
I'll be deserted.
But I wanted to
see them again.
I believe that the feeling
I had at that moment was true.
Reality exists
beyond your sight.
And the dream exists
in our reality.
And the truth
is in our heart.
Human souls create
their own body.
And new imagination will change the shape and hearts of people.
Imagination and creative power will create the future for us, and the flow of time.
People won't change unless they try to change themselves.
So, if you are lost, you have to recover yourself...
...even if you don't know what to say,
even if you are deceived by what others say.
If their hearts can
create their own image...
...they will be able to
restore their human bodies.
It will be alright.
All lifeforms have the
power to restore themselves...
...and the wish to live.
If you decide to live,
anywhere can be heaven...
...because you're alive.
There will be chances
to be happy everywhere.
As long as the Sun, Moon,
and Earth exist... will be alright.
Are you
alright, then ?
I still don't know
how I can be happy...
...but I'm here, and I will keep
wondering why I was born.
Then I'll simply discover things that are so common again and again... order for
me to be myself.
But mother...
...what're you
going to do ?
A human will imitate
God and create Eva... that your
true intention ?
Humans can live only
on this planet...
...but Eva can
live forever...
...along with the heart
of the person inside it.
It will exist even if the Earth, Moon and the Sun are lost after 5 billion years.
Even if I live alone...
I will be lonely,
but as long as I live...
The sign that someone existed won't be forgotten.
Farewell, Mother.
I feel terrible.
The End