Neon Lights (2022) Movie Script

What are you thinking about?
The interview.
What about it?
I'm nervous.
What about it
makes you nervous?
I won't be able to prove
that I can run Tempest
and I'll lose my company.
What do we do
when we're getting to that
uncontrollable state?
Very good.
What is the worst
that can happen?
I've been calling you.
I didn't hear.
I call you answer.
That's how this works.
I can handle this.
So we're not going to
fuck this up then are we?
I have it under control.
Hey, again, I
just wanted to pop in and say
hi before we get started.
Okay, all righty, um,
looking forward to it
and see you out there.
She's going to be trouble.
Tense is never good.
Never good.
Smile. Act natural.
Don't bring up the offer price,
and if she brings it up,
just tell her
it's still being finalized.
You can talk about India,
just no specifics.
Clayton, don't fuck this up.
They're watching.
You know, you're my favorite.
You know that,
always and forever.
Good morning, everyone,
and welcome to Tech Weekly.
I'm your host Anna Reid.
Here with us today
is Clay Amani,
the brilliant mind and
visionary behind Tempest Tech.
Thanks for
coming in today, Clay.
So Tempest has had the fastest
growth in the last 18 months.
You must be proud?
Yes, it's very exciting.
We work very hard and
we're very close to
achieving our goals.
There seems to be a trend
with young tech entrepreneurs of
promising the Moon and
pushing for aggressive growth
in a short span
with minimal to show for it.
Is that the case with Tempest?
We've been able to manage
our growth conservatively.
Yet effectively.
What sets you apart?
Well, our expansions
have been more timely,
and we've been able to manage
our hires and our facilities
to meet our requirements
and product output rather...
Rather than showcase
nominal value.
No, no, no.
Not nominal,
actual value with correct
figures to back the growth.
Speaking of growth,
there has been a ton of
speculation surrounding
Tempest's expansion
and specifically,
what are your strategic plans
for expanding into India?
We feel our
expansion into India
will provide opportunities
for us to grow
while still allowing Tempest
to bring better health care
systems to parts of the world
that, obviously need it.
Well, obviously it's also
a cost effective investment.
Now would you say,
the lower offer price
is a way to entice investors to
overlook a depressed
last quarter.
No, no, no, not depressed,
not depressed at all.
Prices would decrease to garner
attention from investors
willing to take a bet on
Tempest, long term.
We're excited
about our technologies,
product and growth.
Prices weren't increased,
though, correct?
How about this, sources, say
that, Tempest's management is
undergoing massive change,
specifically that your board
is looking to replace
you as acting CEO.
Is there any truth to that?
We can skip to the next
question, if you'd like.
Let's go back to...
No more questions.
Shut that off.
Are you okay?
Was I too much?
I'm just, it's my job.
You're trying to ruin me.
I'm not trying to
do anything.
You're trying to
make me look inept.
You, succeeded.
May I?
You're talented.
Everyone recognizes that.
That brain of yours
is, incredible.
It's extraordinary.
Building software
and technology.
What you went through
was tragic.
But eventually, you'll set
yourself free otherwise.
Good luck with everything, Clay.
Oh you sure handled that.
That was the one time
you had to do it alone, Clayton.
That was the one time
that you needed to prove
that you could
handle the stresses
that come with being
a CEO of your own company.
That you can handle
the tough questions,
the scrutiny, that you could
handle your destiny
and you failed.
You failed.
You'll always need me.
No, I don't.
Round and round
and round, you go,
into the shadows,
Clayton must go.
Round and round
and round you go.
I can't do it.
You don't need that
here, Clay.
Thank you.
What can't you do?
Run, Tempest.
I can't run Tempest. Just stay
with me just for a moment, Clay.
Clay. Sit down, please.
Please Clay, sit down.
Thank you.
Do you need to
run Tempest to be happy
with what you've created?
Tempest is all I have left.
It's all that's been
keeping me going.
Are you having
dark thoughts, Clay?
We can't move forward and
deal with our present issues
until we deal with our past.
I think it's time
we deal with the traumas
we talked about what
needed to happen eventually.
And now it's time.
It is time you
reconnect with them.
You must and you will.
Okay. Okay. Okay.
Good. Now just
close your eyes.
Allow yourself to relax.
Clay Amani of Tempest Tech
has gone off the grid
with little explanation.
And so close to IPO,
the company stands
on the verge of collapsing.
His ability to operate and lead
has come into question
for quite some time now.
How will Tempest recover?
Who will replace
the once revolutionary
health care tech genius?
Hello Anna, it's been
a really long time,
and I just thought,
I would call,
because, because I thought maybe
I could take the family
back to India.
Well, well, if it ain't
the tech genius himself.
James. James.
We see you got
your stut, stutter
when you're nervous, huh.
Still like physical
contact too right.
Damn, you did good bro.
You did real good.
Hi, thanks for
having us, Clay.
This place is beautiful.
Blair baby, come say hi
to your, uncle.
Hi. It's uh, nice to
see you again.
Again, when did you see him?
Oh, honey, he's a famous
tech guy on TV.
Oh, right, right.
All right, well,
this is all, peachy.
Can we go inside?
Yes, yes.
Why don't I show you to
rooms and get you settled?
James, come and grab our shit.
No, no, no, that's okay.
The housekeepers will be
able to bring you bags
up to your rooms for you.
That's uh, that's what I wanted,
I like that, I like that a lot.
You got uh, you got to
have a few of those.
James, you're so annoying,
let's go Blair.
You good?
This, this is
the living room?
Yeah, no shit.
This place looks old.
It is, it was built
in the 20s.
Furniture's from the 20s too?
Some, yes.
That's right.
Yeah, you got any booze?
Really. So soon.
Here's the bar, it's full,
so please help yourself.
Antique bar to go with
antique furniture
and an antique house,
it's amazing.
No don't.
There's a bottle opener
in the drawer James?
There's no need bro,
I'm simple.
No, no, no.
Please be careful
because this rug...
It's antique.
That's the kitchen.
Let me guess,
let me guess, umm,
personal chef.
No, but there's lots of food
and you can help yourself.
Thank you.
You have housekeepers,
but no chef.
Okay, I got to teach you how to run a mother
fuckin mansion. James. Shut up man.
We're bonding.
I'll, I'll show you
to your rooms.
This is your room.
Check out the lighting.
It's just like the club, huh.
This one's yours, James.
Money for the money, man.
Well I dig it.
Yeah, we'll work on that.
Yeah, when did
the housekeepers bring this up?
I didn't see no one.
Stealth employees, I like it.
No, no, no, no,
no shoes on the bed.
Take them off bro.
Just chill.
Oh, this feels good.
This one's yours.
Oh, this is beautiful.
This isn't yours.
Don't worry kid, won't make
too much noise, all right.
No, please.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
My house, my rules,
everybody gets their own rooms.
Hey, that's, that's cool,
that's cool, right?
Yeah, sure.
Dinner will be at-00 p.m..
Please don't be late.
What's upstairs?
It's off limits.
What else
is off limits, hotshot?
live on the estate
and they prefer their privacy.
Okay. We'll see you at dinner.
Please don't be late.
- 00 p.m.
My house, my rules, Benny.
How joyful.
Family reunions Clayton,
are always just joyful.
Clarissa's still very easy to
look at, isn't she?
We're still fond of your
brother's wife, aren't we?
Nothing like a little
incestuous reunion.
Just spice things up.
I want it noted
that I don't think
this is going to pan out
exactly the way you think
it's going to happen.
Very well then sire,
you're in control now.
Sorry, hope I didn't scare you.
What have you got there?
Oh, it's a magpie.
One means sorrow.
It's a superstition.
May, may I?
Here little guy, here little guy
it's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
You need to set him free.
You made me
you trust me
It's all over the country
Of taking matters
to join me
I'm having none of that
dispel me
You're the fuckin wolf.
Yeah that's right baby
you're the motherfucking wolf.
You're going to
get what's yours.
So are you.
What are you doing?
We're going to take a shower,
but it's taken.
Dinner's almost ready, James.
Yeah, I'll be right there.
I think I got a business
proposition for you.
Yeah. Yeah, I think it's
time that you diversify a bit.
Maybe we become partners.
In what?
The club, obviously.
Oh obviously.
Look, man, I'm serious,
I'm looking to expand,
and I know you do
a little bit of this
and a little bit of that.
Wow, Clay, this looks
absolutely amazing.
Who made all this?
My chef.
I thought you said
you didn't actually,
actually let me guess, umm.
You hired one
because I'm a genius.
See, we make great partners.
James, I honestly think
you get dumber
by the minute, dude.
Mm-Hmm. Mm-Hmm.
So we good.
Mm-Hmm. Yes.
I'm starved.
Lets have a leg.
Wait, wait, could
you start with the salad.
Salad first.
Okay. Yeah, okay..
Yeah, I don't eat salad.
You can use
some veggies, bro.
What does that
even mean, man?
Just please
shut up, man. All right.
Here you go.
I'm just saying.
You got it.
Well, there's a carrot.
Why did you stop eating meat?
I never liked meat Benny.
What are you talking about?
We ate meat our whole lives.
We were forced to eat meat
our whole lives, James
But I didn't like it.
Why didn't you
just say something?
Well you've, you've done
good for yourself, Clay.
I never really
thought you'd make it.
Never mind, never mind all this.
Rags to riches
like, literally.
Speaking of which, back to my
proposition about the clubs.
James, shut the fuck up about
your business ventures, man.
No one's going to invest in a,
in a chunky club rat.
Fuck you, man.
I'm a legitimate businessman.
I am.
Fuck all you guys.
What I was getting at
what I was getting at
is this kid
couldn't keep himself
from wetting his own bed.
Now he's the owner of a,
of a giant company.
So I hear you might lose
your job in your own company.
How does that work?
Can I please go to my room?
I said no.
Honey finish your food.
Is that true?
Losing your marbles, bro?
Whatever's left of them.
Please um, I don't want to
talk about work.
Why, why don't we have dessert?
Mommy, I don't really
feel like dessert.
Yes. Yes, you do, honey.
She doesn't have to
have dessert.
What did you say?
I'm sorry.
She's not
your daughter, Clay.
why don't you have
some of the cake,
you're incredible, super smart,
super giving uncle
made for you, okay.
Why are we here bro?
We don't see you for what
ten years maybe?
James, you've seen him.
James hasn't seen you.
I haven't seen you.
They haven't seen you.
Not a call.
Not a visit.
Not even help bailing me out
when I needed it the most.
So why are we here Clay?
Why now?
Am I too dumb for you, Clay?
Not worth responding.
I just want to
spend some time together.
Have, be a family,
you know, like,
you know, move past all of this.
Move pass what exactly?
The fact that you abandoned us.
I didn't.
You think I forgot that
you abandoned us Clay.
Is it fucking with your,
with your techie zen bullshit,
is that it, bro, hmm?
Or maybe, just maybe
you're going a little, you know?
Cuckoo, cuckoo.
A little cuckoo, hmm.
Please, please.
I'm sorry.
Thank you for a lovely evening.
Can I please be excused?
Yes. Yes, of course, baby.
So we're doing shots?
Inhale, exhale.
Where are we Clay?
Breathe, where are we?
Round, round and round
and round you go.
Round and round
and round and round.
You will always need me Clay
you will always live in
other people's shadows.
You need to deal with
your problems like a man.
Your company is plummeting.
And yes, always
you are incapable
of doing anything about it.
And I'll step in
to save the day and I will.
Because you're my favourite.
Always, my favourite.
I am a man.
And I don't
need your help anymore.
Whose help don't you
need anymore Clay?
I'm doing the best I can.
Well, your best is as always,
nowhere near good enough.
What's happening Clay?
I'm telling you, I'm telling you.
I know.
This kid's losing his shit.
Any day now.
Hopefully we're in his will.
Okay, really, really.
Is James thinking about others?
I better be in that will.
I didn't come up here
for nothing.
Aah. I'm going to
go take a piss.
If I can find a bathroom
in this shithole.
Hurry back.
No problem.
Thank you.
So how have you been?
Come on.
It'll be fun.
Just one.
Just once.
Oh, well, you feel
me on top of you.
You want to feel my tongue?
Are you my wolf?
Oh yeah.
Are you my big, bad fucking wolf?
Yeah, baby.
Oh, you want to howl for me?
How bad?
Really bad.
Keep dreaming.
Get the fuck away from me.
Well, I think I've had
enough for tonight.
I'm a...
I'm going to head upstairs.
Would you like to join me?
Goodnight James.
I didn't say anything.
Fucking bullshit.
There's something
weird about all this shit.
He's always been odd, okay.
You of all people know this.
Yeah, but not like this.
Never like this.
He probably has
cancer or something.
I don't know, I'm just
getting a bad vibe somehow.
I just don't know
why we're here.
Hey, babe. Hey.
You haven't seen him
in a long time.
He's always been
good to us though.
Yeah, yeah.
The little creep has
always been good to you.
He's never been good to us.
He's acted like,
like I never existed,
the minute he left for college.
Benny you never
made it easy for him.
What is that
supposed to mean?
You know what it means?
He was your
literal punching bag.
He had it easy.
Not me.
And not, James.
We took the beatings
every time he fucked up.
We got licked,
fucking literally, always,
so that Clay
could learn a lesson.
And why, hmm?
Why, what did he have
that we didn't?
That I deserved...
Baby you're so, so special.
You're my favourite.
No, no, I'm coming.
Fuck me.
Good morning.
Oh, good morning.
You're up early.
Is that true
what Benny said last night?
About what?
Are you going crazy?
Oh, no.
I don't think so.
Are you sick?
Well. Maybe.
Just joking.
Oh, good joke.
Do you read a lot?
Yeah, I find it soothing.
You and I both.
Astrology, Sorry.
It's on astrology.
Our birthdays give us
our meaning to life.
Sometimes our purpose
in life too.
So what's the meaning
to your life?
Well, I'm born April 7th,
which makes me an Aries.
So that means uh.
I don't actually
believe in this shit,
I just find it interesting.
You're funny.
Do you know what
the meaning to your life is?
Are you at least
happy with your life?
I, don't know.
Me neither.
What would you change?
I wish I had parents
that loved me.
They do.
They're not parents.
Parents protect their kids.
Or actually take care of them.
Take them to after school
programs, events.
And teach them things.
Mine are just
adult kids.
What are
you two nerds, doing?
Good morning.
Hey, have you guys,
have you guys seen James?
Ah knowing Jay he's probably
passed out under a tree?
I mean,
you're probably right.
Hey, Clay, do you have rackets?
I ain't playing tennis.
Yes, you are.
Yes, you are.
Come on, please,
please, please, please.
Blair baby,
we're playing tennis.
I am.
And please keep it that way.
Yeah you too.
You're dead anyway.
Aren't you, uh cold?
What were you guys
talking about?
You and Clay.
Oh, books.
Ah. You guys
got that in common, huh?
Yeah, I guess.
Do you have any book
recommendations for me?
You know, your dad
can read, right?
I don't have any
I'm just saying we can,
maybe we can do uh,
you know, like a,
like a dad daughter,
like a, like a father
daughter, kind of,
you know, like a
mutual hobby kind of thing.
Yeah, that's not
really my thing, huh.
Come on.
James, I swear to God,
if you were just.
Clay you scared,
the shit out of me.
I'm, I'm sorry.
Oh, I got this one for you.
Thank you.
We really missed you.
I missed you guys a lot,
and I should've been there.
I just I can't, I can't.
Clay, It's okay.
Just forget it.
Don't worry.
You got to warm up first, okay.
There you go.
Yeah. Get those
knees up, up, up.
Get your cardio up hon.
You know,
I used to play a little.
Oh, okay.
I was really good.
Ready. Watch out
it's going to be fast.
That was good, right?
Dad, dad, dad, are you okay?
Sorry, sorry.
Don't yell.
I'm fine.
I won't do that again.
Shall we start?
What, what are the teams?
You're on my team.
Where do I go, here?
Here you go.
Oh, hehehe. Yes.
Sorry. My ball.
Nice and low, nice and low.
Um, shhh. Sorry.
Bend your knees.
It's okay.
There you go.
Hehehe, yes.
It's two for them.
Sorry, sorry.
There you go. Yes.
A winner, yes.
Fuck you, that was in.
Benny, sometimes
you win, sometimes you lose.
That was in.
Benny. Come on.
Dude, that was in.
You're a cheating a little
scrawny, fuck, you know that.
Benny, come on.
No, fuck this.
No, no, no. Benny stop.
Stay the fuck away
from my girl, you creep.
You didn't think I knew
you were seeing her
when I was on the inside.
Benny. Huh?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
What to do, what to do
what to do?
I was only playing,
I just, I was just trying to
play tennis.
I was just trying to
play tennis.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry,
I'm sorry.
Round and round
and round you go.
Beyond the shadows you must go.
Round and round
and round and round.
What is this?
Tell me what's happening.
Please just stop it,
stop, stop.
Clay, just breathe.
Stop it.
Where are we Clay?
Why does he always hurt me?
Who's hurting you?
It was my brother.
Why does he hate me?
You need to let him go, Clay.
You need to set him free.
When will we stop this Clay?
You can't be fixed.
You shake, you, you tremble
you can't be fixed.
You, you left me alone.
You ran away.
You abandoned
the family Clayton.
She can't help you,
but I can.
Could you?
Please what, please what?
You're so weak, so pathetic.
It's okay Clay,
Clay I got you.
Just breathe.
Tell me what's happening.
Clay, stay right here.
Rough day.
And who are you
supposed to be?
Denver Kane.
And when did you get here
Mr. Kane?
Denver please.
May I?
It's such a weak
man's characteristic to
actually strike a woman,
such a beautiful way
to mock you.
And you're, you're what,
you're a strongman.
A truly strong man.
Who knows exactly what to do
with his hands for a woman.
Is that right?
How so?
It really does, depend.
And it depends on what?
Oh, yes.
What the heck?
Round and round and
round and round
and round and round and round
round and round, round.
Round and round
and round and round and round.
Really, he's doing
much better.
Oh, that's good news.
However, the damage to
the frontal lobe,
that's going to be challenging.
You've said he's doing
better though, correct?
Well, we won't know the
full extent of his mental state
until he's recovered from
the current state
that he's in right now.
His motor controls are
completely diminished,
except for some
sensory feelings.
So when can I take him home?
We'll have to take that day
by day as the court ordered.
He's still a threat to
his own life
and perhaps those around him,
He can't move,
how can he be violent?
I know this is difficult
for you, sweetheart,
but until I can assess
his mental state,
I cannot advise
that he'd be released.
Okay, please understand.
Now your visits are very good
for him and I'd recommend
you continue to see him
as much as possible, okay.
Of course.
Hey, baby.
We need to get you a haircut.
Maybe also a beard trim.
You are looking
rather distinguished.
Sorry Blair couldn't be here.
She is on her way to
her future mother in laws.
For a wedding outfitting.
So strange that she's
getting married so soon.
Can you hear me?
Please, please, just say
something baby.
Sorry, to interrupt ma'am.
I got to get going anyway.
I wonder what's going through
that head of yours?
Honestly, I can't imagine
what it'd be like to be
trapped in my own mind.
Not being able to move or
control anything in my life.
Do I bother you,
Mr. Amani?
You don't like me washing
your balls and your armpits?
Maybe too much.
Fuck you.
I mean, do you think I
want to fucking be here.
I mean, you, it's your
own fault that you're here.
You're weak.
You know what?
Immobile patients
drown, all the time.
Accidents happen, right?
And come, come to think of it,
you were in
an accident, right, Clay?
That's how you ended up adopted.
That brain of yours
is incredible.
It's extraordinary even.
Building software technology.
But now,
round and round, you go
into the shadows, you will go.
Hey, hey.
It's okay, it's okay.
It'll be quick.
I know, I know,
you don't want to go, I know.
It's time for you to go.
I'm going to set you free.
What did you do?
What did you do?
What did you do?
Where is everyone?
What'd you do,
what'd you do, what did you do?
Oh my.
What the hell happened?
I found the tequila
bottle out there.
I saw James.
I fucking saw James.
First, there was a shed
and it was purple and...
Oh my God, oh my God.
James is dead.
James is fucking dead.
Where, where's, where's Benny
and where's Blair
and, and, and where we're at?
I don't know. I don't know,
I just I...
Stop, stop, you're fine,
you're fine, you're fine.
I just saw them.
I just saw them.
James's body is in
a purple shed.
I. I.
Clarissa listen,
stay with me, breathe okay.
Look at me, look at me,
look at me.
You're going to be okay.
I'll take care of you.
I believe you.
We just need to get back home
and sort things out.
And make things right, okay.
Round and round
and round, you go
into the shadows you must go.
Round and round, round and round
into the shadows you go.
Hello, Benny.
Fuck. Fuck you.
It's time, Benny.
I know, I know,
I know, I know you
don't want to go,
but it's time.
I can't take it.
You need to set him free.
You're scared,
you're scared, you're sorry.
For what were you
scared of sorry?
I'm sorry.
Are you sorry?
Are you sorry?
I'm sorry.
Are you scared?
I said, I'm sorry.
Say it louder.
I'm sorry.
You lie.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You will be shot.
I didn't do anything,
I, I made mistakes.
I made mistakes.
I, I tried really.
Goodbye Benny.
Hey, baby.
You okay?
Benny's gone.
Wait, what do you mean, gone?
What is she talking about Clay?
What is she talking about?
They're gone.
What did you say?
They're gone.
I need you to speak up.
And I need you to
be a fucking man.
I am a man.
No, I am a man.
Ben, where did...
Where are they?
Where are they Clay?
Stop. Stop it.
I won't ever hurt you again.
We can finally be together,
we can be a family.
You won't hurt me?
Baby it's okay, it's okay.
Don't be scared, okay,
everything's, everything's fine.
I've been good to everyone.
Haven't I?
Haven't I?
Yes. Yes.
Dinner will be ready soon.
You should both get cleaned up.
You're filthy.
Oh it's your favourite dishes.
I'm so excited.
Oh, and,
please don't be late.
I've been calling.
I call you answer.
That's how this works.
What do you think you're doing,
Clayton playing house?
While, I take out the trash.
Need I remind you?
That I raised you, I raised you.
I made you,
and you were my favourite.
You had such promise.
Then you ran away.
You ran away.
You ripped us apart.
You are spitting
on my sacrifices
and continue to do so.
I want you to come back to
what is important,
us, and our company.
You need to come back to me.
To me, boy, boy, boy.
It ends tonight?
No Denver, please.
Please Denver. Denver.
Would you like
some salad Clay?
Yes, darling, I would.
Oh let me help you.
Can you get that?
Thank you.
Thank you.
Of course.
It's the outside fork.
I was thinking you should take
up coding, sweetheart.
I'm talking to you.
Like computer coding.
I'm not really into that.
You'll learn
to be into it, like me.
We'll start a company
together someday.
Why aren't you eating?
I asked a question.
I ask and you answer,
that's how this works.
What is this?
What are we doing Clay?
And why are
we dressed like this?
I'm trying to
have a nice family dinner.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I just really, will you stop.
We're going.
Blair, baby, get up.
We're going.
Sit right there and don't move.
Blair Baby, get up.
We're going home.
Can you please
come back to the table?
We're having a dinner.
Get up, baby.
Please sit down.
Sit down.
You're ruining dinner.
Eat your food.
I can't.
Baby let's go, let's go.
Why are you being
so ungrateful
after everything
I've done for you,
you are spitting
on my sacrifices.
Where's James, Clay
and where's Benny?
Stop, asking for him.
I've done everything for you,
haven't I?
I've been good to you,
haven't I?
Do you want to know?
Please, Clay where is Benny?
He's gone.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm trying to protect you.
Trying to protect both of you.
No, get away from me,
get away from me.
Don't say that,
don't say that.
Are you ready
to face the traumas?
Why don't you start with the
earliest memory of your father?
Okay. My father's name
was Denver Kane.
He took me in
at the age of four.
It's okay, stay with me, Clay,
stay with me, what else?
I should've been there
I could have protected them
I, I could have saved them.
You need to get rid of
the guilt and the fears.
You need to let them go, Clay.
You need to
kill off the guilt.
I should have been there.
I should have been there.
I should have been there.
I could have saved them.
End this.
What did you do Clay?
What did you do,
what did you do, Clay?
This must end tonight, Clay.
They must all be gone.
She must go.
They all must go.
You're okay. You're okay.
You're okay.
You're okay.
It's OK, come out.
You just, kill me,
kill me, kill me.
Didn't mean to hurt you.
Please. It's okay, come out.
This is all your fault.
I'm sorry.
It's too late, Clay.
You couldn't save us.
You can save her.
I'm sorry.
You were his favourite.
He did this for you,
for you, for you, for you.
Blair, I'll protect you now.
Stay away from me.
Stay away from me.
Help! Help! Help!
It all ends tonight.
No, no, no.
You just stay with me,
stay with me, stay with me.
Stay with me, stay with me.
Oh my god, oh my God, oh my God.
No, no.
Oh God.
I'm sorry.
I should have protected you.
I should have protected you.
Round and round
and round you go.
Into the shadows, Clay must go.
I did this for us, Clay.
It needs to
end tonight, Clay.
You must
move past all the guilt.
You must kill all of the trauma.
You must finish this.
You've always been
my favourite.
I did this, so you would
come back to me
and I could keep you to myself.
Keep you all to myself forever.
I've always been
good to you, Clayton, haven't I?
I've always been
good to you, haven't I?
It must end tonight, Clay.
You must set yourself free.
I forgive you father.
My favourite.
Always and forever.
Where are we right now, Clay?
Clay, where are we right now?
It's done.
What's done?
I set them free.
I set myself free.
How do you feel about that?
The best that I can.
I am so proud of you Clay.
You had a breakthrough
here today.
You dealt with a lot.
You were able to kill off a lot
of the pain and the agony.
You were able to
kill off the guilts.
You faced the ones you loved
and the ones who lost.
This will help you find
the peace within you.
Thank you.
Be kind to yourself
for these next few days.
Take things slow.
I'll see you next week.
If you need to
you know where to find me.
To the office, please.
Very well, sir.