Neshima (2016) Movie Script

NARRATOR: Before the
river of time began,
we rejoiced in Neshima
with our creator, our Ba'al.
He created the world as a gift,
to delight his love Sita.
However, she became
enamored with mortal life
and longed to experience it herself.
Ba'al granted her desire
on the condition that she lead an army
of righteous warriors to protect those
who could not protect themselves.
Ba'al missed his love
and came to live among us.
He wore the key to Neshima
as a crystal and crown upon his head.
In time, Sita gave birth to twin boys,
Dava Hataka and Sunita.
One of whom would
eventually lead our people.
Dava Hataka was
intelligent and calculated.
Sunita was carefree and lighthearted.
When they came of age, Sita chose Sunita
as her successor.
Dava Hataka was furious
and conspired to usurp the throne.
On the day of the coronation,
Dava Hataka came to celebrate Sunita.
You may return when you have found this.
NARRATOR: The broken crystal
disappeared from Dava Hataka's sight
Ba'al hurled one shard
into the deserts of Pudesh
and banished the attackers
to search in vain.
Ba'al charged us to
keep the remaining piece
and Dava Hataka's dagger
safe in the forest
until Sita's return.
BA'AL: By the flight of
the dagger, you will know.
NARRATOR: Then he faded away.
For countless migrations we have waited.
Endless raids and famine
have driven us further
into the forest, further to obscurity.
Our numbers grow ever smaller.
Most believe we must keep waiting.
However if Sita does not return
soon, we will not survive.
Some believe it is still our duty
to protect others.
And that she will not return until
we once again renew our purpose.
We cannot simply forget,
for our king dreams
nightly of the prophecy,
that one day Sita will be reborn.
One day she will reunite
the key to Neshima
and bring us home.
Soon our long wait will be over.
For this is the story of Sita's return.
It's practice, it's unnecessary.
BHIMALA: Maybe for you,
but even you have things to learn.
Perhaps you can teach me.
No, he should understand
that not everyone can do
stupid and crazy things
to bide them, they need
to learn and practice.
And why should I slow
down to benefit the weak?
- Coward.
- Bhimala!
He is to be king and you
should show him that respect!
You're right.
I burden.
Lift it, lift it.
The burden is mine.
Let's spar, you have the spirit.
Notice my benevolence, my
subjects will adore me.
Well too bad for you, the whole tribe
isn't made up of empty headed females.
KSHAT: Did we not just declare peace?
Empty headed females,
that's no way to talk
about your own sister.
MAN: Would you please
hold this, my princess?
What is this?
It's a needle.
You're doing well, too slow for me!
MAN: I don't need to be fast with you,
I'm more intelligent.
MAN: And I'm stronger than you both!
I will settle for determine!
No fair, teams!
BHIMALA: Get off!
A very good training session.
That's not fair taking
us to the ground like that.
Nobody can lift an ox like you can.
We sparred out here, so
there are no rules, yes?
TRAILANGA: Don't use your
mountain man logic on us, okay?
I'll never understand your humor.
ACHALA: And I'll never understand
your need to fly against the moon.
TRAILANGA: Well well well,
Lakshmi it is again that time
where we tell everyone how good I was
and how good they were not.
And so Trailanga, I can certainly tell
they're not at the same
level that you are.
TRAILANGA: A known fact.
When it comes to scoring the
lowest in a sparring match.
All lies.
I'm sorry, but at 36
blows you came in last.
Bhimala had 51.
Kshat 60 and Achala 55.
You were sitting the whole time,
so how can you be certain
you saw every strike?
That count sounded about right to me.
- My counts are right.
- Probably add one or two.
I guess I'm dangerous without my collar.
TRAILANGA: What is happening,
Bhimala is becoming a man.
I mean what's next, Achala,
you gonna break into song?
What a strange little man.
TRAILANGA: You are even
stranger, gigantic man.
You're both right, now fly.
My sister and I have work to
prepare for the afternoon.
You have not heard the end of this.
You may be king by the end of this night,
but I will have my rematch.
- And I will beat you again.
- My peace, princess.
Rain or steel, Gorren drown.
BUDDHI: It's always here.
Did you check under
the flowers, by the back?
KSHAT: Your turn.
I don't fight.
KSHAT: You're a princess.
Bond of blood runs through your veins.
You're a fighter at heart.
What are you gonna do in when the Gorrens
sneak into your yurt at night?
They're extinct.
KSHAT: Come on, Lak, just one round.
It'll be fun.
I'll use one arm.
Which one?
The bad one.
Avoid my strengths, attack my weaknesses.
Do not let the slap of
emotion run over your heart.
It's easy to say when you're
facing your little sister!
What's the point?
Clearly I'm not destined to even
take on a small warrior like yourself.
Apparently there's a
reason for my passiveness
other than righteousness.
KSHAT: You know what you need.
You need to relax.
It's almost time for the coronation.
I don't need much coming from the hunters.
But you have to see that have to
focus on peace rather than war.
Little sister it's
not about war or peace,
but you're right about one thing.
It's seems as though you're not
yet ready to take on even a
small warrior like myself.
Be on time so mama doesn't worry.
You had me worried half to death.
We haven't much time.
KSHAT: For you.
Thank you.
Now we don't have much time.
Relax, it's not as if
they'll start without me.
MAN: My boy, have a seat.
In here lies the very soul of our people.
For hundreds of migrations,
we have kept our secrets
safe from the outside world.
I now pass that burden onto you.
KSHAT: Is this?
It is.
You must keep this in a safe place.
Guard it with your life.
No, guard it with your heart.
When the time is right,
Ba'al will send you
on a quest to seek out its counterparts
in desert of Pudesh.
Not before it is Ba'al's
will, do you hear me?
KSHAT: How will I know when it's time?
When you accept the royal
dagger on receiving line,
you will also be accepting
the king's dream.
The prophecy shall be
shown to you as you sleep.
That is not all.
Lakshmi must accompany
you on this journey.
Father, the desserts of Pudesh
are no place for a huntress.
I will take my best
warriors, leave it to me.
This is why you must go, Lakshmi.
Because you bear the the mark
that I have seen in my dreams every night
since I became king of the Bonda.
And it always flies toward the dessert.
As if it were an eagle flying to its nest.
Father, please don't.
You knew this was to happen?
BUDDHI: This is not of my choice.
This is the way of our people.
Father, please.
When the time is right,
Kshat will call upon you
and you will go.
It is time.
Since the time of the cursed brother,
the holder of this dagger
has guided our tribe.
Those of the blood may receive it.
Our tribe's safety becomes their burden.
Until Sita, our warrior and protector
may return to her people.
May be guided by Ba'al's will.
Kshat, please rise.
Will you assume the burden
of guiding us in Ba'al's will?
To protect our people,
to guard our sanctity,
to lead and protect us
as we continue to prepare
for Sita's return?
KSHAT: I eagerly accept my duty.
As protector of these people,
I've trained you since birth
to take my place to better our lives.
And I'll pass that burden onto you.
You have my blessing in
all the things that you do.
I'm honored that you would receive me
as your new king.
For generations we have maintained peace
under the great King Buddhi.
We will continue along our path
and we will be ready
for Sita to return to us
and to lead us to Neshima.
The ceremony is over,
let the festivities commence.
The elders of the council
would like to honor our new king.
May you know that you
always have the trust
of the council.
To the king.
Perhaps it is time
to prove our readiness.
I'll be leading the tribe.
My father will resume
his role until I return.
And I'll be taking some
of my warriors with me.
You would take the
security of the village?
I possess a shard of the
crystal from Sita's cave.
You have kept the key to
Sita's return in private?
This is my declaration.
I will gather my warriors
and we will go out to
the desserts of Pudesh
and reunite the crystal
with its counterparts.
This will surely convince Sita
that we are ready for Sita to return to us
and lead us to our true home!
Our home in Neshima.
It's his right.
We cannot contest his declaration.
Leave the crystal to me.
MAN: So when do we leave?
Next moon.
I've always wondered what
lies beyond the forest.
Why can't we go tonight?
I'm not sure Bhimala can last that long
without Master Vyasa.
Well, someone's gonna have
to protect her from all the
wild bunny rabbits out there.
Yeah, okay, number one,
some bar bunnies are in fact dangerous.
Number two, I took it
easy on you earlier today
because I didn't wanna
damage the fair prince
on his day of coronation.
And I know the real reason
why we're not leaving
for the next moon and it's spelled Uma.
Now that I'm king, I can
still put you on hunting...
Have mercy.
I yield.
He's king for less than one sunset
and he's drunk with power.
And I do believe it was
you, that Master Vyasa
set on perimeter this evening.
Now if the bunny rabbits
has cotton tails like that
I'll be just fine.
Excuse me.
- I can't.
- What's the matter?
LAKSHMI: I can't.
VISH: Lakshmi.
Is Lakshmi coming with us?
She is.
She just needs a little more convincing.
MAN: She can't.
No further discussion at this point.
I'm going with you.
There's no discussion on that point.
Remember, I was raised
near the desert border,
my experience would
come in handy, my king.
You work under my father,
if he gives you his blessing,
you can follow me on this quest.
But you may not follow me
while I relieve myself.
Kshat, you scared me.
KSHAT: Holding up?
It looks worse than it is.
And so I'm king now.
I know.
It's wild, how does it feel?
It's going to be harder than I thought.
I've decided to go on a quest.
A quest!
So soon?
It's sounds scary.
KSHAT: Daring and dangerous.
What happened?
We didn't see the babies in time,
I was already poised to attack.
KSHAT: You're lucky my
sister Lakshmi was there.
I will leave you to heal.
Are you so frightened by
a huntress, great warrior?
You need to rest.
Do I?
I've never seen such
a look on your face.
What is it?
What if the fulfillment of the prophecy
is not what it seems?
My handsome Buddhi.
Do not fret, enjoy the night.
Migrations have come and gone
since the last time your
tribe was so lighthearted.
Lighthearted they may be,
but emotions cloud their mind.
You speak of excitement.
Happiness only comes now
and now, and now.
Do not let us avoid the moment.
Kshat, Kshat, look at me!
We have to go.
Take her.
Master Vyasa take her!
The village is gone.
- No!
- Come with her to the caves!
No, we're too late.
They're our people!
VYASA: No, Kshat, run!
We are in terrible condition.
Where are the king and queen?
Buddhi and Raddha have not yet come.
MAN: Where are the others?
We had to leave quickly,
there was nothing we could do.
We need you here, to protect
what's left of the tribe.
This is no time for new kings.
Where is the crystal?
The crystal you swore to protect.
They took it.
You gave them the crystal,
and I will get it back.
Don't leave!
We all must act in safe unison.
He abhor you!
To understand our position.
Honor your sacred oath to the Lord Ba'al
to protect this tribe with your life,
this council orders you to
remain here and guard this cave.
How dare you draw steel to me.
There's no need.
No there's not!
Let us go.
I am the backbone of this tribe!
I live and die for its survival, you?
We have seen what has happened
under your protection.
You should not speak of duty!
Then do your duty,
and protect what is left.
Do yu say this is a time for no kings?
We do.
Follow the path of righteousness, Kshat.
Kshat, Kshat, we need
to find Om and Baba
before it's too late.
We need to find them
and pray to Ba'al for guidance.
Kshat, we need to find them.
I can't do it on my own
and whoever did this
might still be around.
- Kshat, please!
- Fine, fine.
We take the north ridge, take this.
LAKSHMI: I don't fight.
KSHAT: Lakshmi.
HUNTRESS: Trailanga.
Kshat, if we go around the ridge
we can head them off.
Kshat, if we have any
chance of catching them.
I haven't done this
since I was a small child.
Remember spending hours floating these
with Master Vyasa.
This is harder than it looks.
It's all about the wind.
Use the arms to create
an updraft, like this.
KSHAT: Move down the perimeter.
Mama, baba!
Mama, mama!
KSHAT: Lakshmi,
- Lakshmi
- No.
Do not deny them this!
Do not deny them this.
Lakshmi, let's go hunting.
GORREN: We should move out.
Erbai put me in charge, Oak.
Keep your place.
Keep hiding behind your king, Akrim.
One day he won't be
around to watch your back.
Gorren, move out!
Why do you hate him, my father?
Erbai is a fool.
You're on your own
when you say such things.
OAK: Well then that makes
me truth's only companion.
Are you alright?
Should I be alright?
What happened back there?
There's a lot about being a warrior
you still need to learn.
Our journey's just begun.
What if there isn't much time?
You aren't alone.
I will never let you fall.
And your brother, he
will never let you fail.
I buried my heart in the dirt.
Vish, will you go with us?
Will you?
At least 40 or 50 strong.
Some are Gorren, their
footsteps dig deeper.
We should follow these tracks.
They lead toward the dessert.
Let's fly.
You're all trained warriors,
you're more likely to succeed without me.
Don't worry little sister,
you can wait in the cover of forest
with Trailanga and Vish.
I will get you the crystal
and come back to you.
And when they come back
they will have Gorren skull.
That's not funny.
It wasn't meant to be.
Set up camp down the way,
we'll be back before nighttime.
LAKSHMI: Don't go looking for trouble.
Don't let anything keep
you from coming back.
This is mine.
Hold onto it for me.
You need help?
Warriors begin their training
with basic hunting skills
and that does include
building sleeping quarters
when we're far from home.
Come on.
I will make the yurt
while you tell me more
about the art of war.
Yes, well,
war is not an art in itself really.
Such as hunting or
other skills we do out of necessity.
It's righteousness that
makes the art into a graceful
expression of Ba'al's will.
If you die in an act of righteous battle
you are directly sent to Neshima.
Everybody knows that
but how do you know that
you're on the right side?
It's not what side
you're on that counts.
What does that mean?
It means righteous lies in how you do it
not what you do.
Why don't you finish with the yurt,
Vish and I will show you eagle's form.
Then you'll get it.
Or why don't you
continue building the yurt
as was your duty
while I take Lakshmi
to go gather some food?
I see what's happening here.
And when you get back
you're gonna see the greatest yurt
that was ever built.
I've never seen this part of the forest,
it's beautiful.
I don't know what the prophecy will bring.
I've seen many stars in many lands
and I know my heart.
You have many burdens to bear.
I do not pretend to
hide my pain from this.
You are forever a shunt to my soul.
Let us come together as one.
To unite our souls for what lies ahead.
May I give my heart over to you?
- Kshat!
- Bhimala.
BHIMALA: 20 to 30, we were
wrong in our initial count.
KSHAT: And so?
BHIMALA: Those tracks back there
were too muddy for us to clearly see.
This count should be more accurate.
Kshat we should go back.
KSHAT: We should go back?
BHIMALA: See them in the morning.
KSHAT: You wanna go back?
Then go.
You, go!
BHIMALA: Thought we should regroup.
KSHAT: Regroup with whom?
We're the only ones out here!
BHIMALA: Why are you here?
Because there's nothing back there.
This way.
Turn your shoulders,
little more forward.
Slow down, like that.
Down like this?
That's it.
Keep your head in protection of your arm.
Gorren curl.
You don't have to block.
- Do it again.
- Okay.
This is it.
The crystal.
You know what to do.
This will save everything, right?
This will make it all better.
Will it?
You believe that, do you?
This will fix everything?
The prophecy will not
bring your family back!
ACHALA: That's all we have left.
Gorren curl.
Where's my crystal?
They must have followed our tracks.
GORREN: How do you know?
That flash can only have
come from the crystal.
GORREN: Scout, lead us back.
BHIMALA: Why does it glow?
KSHAT: You lied to me.
BHIMALA: This thing
has fallen from Neshima.
The Gorren hesitate because
their heads are full of muck.
KSHAT: They probably
threw the shard in the bag.
We made the crystal whole again,
Sita will be on her way.
KSHAT: Lakshmi, we have returned.
BHIMALA: Look what we have found.
KSHAT: I think you
mean what I've found.
Nice job, Kshat.
You circle around for a day,
you find your way back to camp.
- Brilliant.
- Did you get it back?
KSHAT: I just followed
your legendary aroma.
It's not funny.
Kshat, did you get it back?
KSHAT: Now that is a
story with an audience.
Scout, which way?
KAEL: Tracks are hard
to find in the dark.
It will take time.
AKRIM: Then we wait.
Then emerged the crystals together
all before the Gorren dogs even woke up.
Once again, you risked your neck
and got away with it.
Wait a second,
does it seem a little
too easy to anyone else?
I mean there it was the whole time,
just beyond the gors of our fallen home?
VISH: You talk too much.
KSHAT: Father told
me what to do with it
when I found it.
KSHAT: Achala!
I will enjoy you, pretty one.
OAK: He will never
enjoy anything again.
I've been waiting a long time for you.
I like that fire in you,
it saddens me that we have to quench it.
If you want me dead, kill me already.
But at this point I need you.
Will I always?
Maybe not.
LAKSHMI: You're a thief and a murderer.
OAK: And you ignore the truth.
Tell me how it works.
I'd rather die than help you.
I said I liked your fire,
but do not mistake me,
I have very little patience.
I will not be held back!
Everyone has a choice.
It was the choice of your
elder to hand it to me.
Cowardice rules your people.
Your choice.
You have to help me or die.
You may be Sita reborn
but you have become mortal.
You can die like the rest of us.
I'm not Sita reborn and
you're nothing but a barbarian.
The markings on your wrist,
what does it mean?
Sita will come for you
and she will take revenge
for my family's death!
OAK: What does it mean?
Tell me girl!
You don't know, do you?
It means.
It means.
You don't know, do you?
You don't know your own prophecy,
the one you so boldly protect.
I know your people stole our crystal.
And your people, they killed Sita!
OAK: Wrong!
The Bonda stole the crystal!
And forced our people out of the forest
to live like nomads.
No, that's not true.
My people would never...
Your people would never what?
Your people would do anything
to protect your people.
Now tell me how to use that crystal
before I put my ax in your neck
and send you to your precious family.
I need to know the secret to the crystal.
Find out how it works!
I didn't make myself clear?
KAEL: We need to
return this to our king.
Erbai's not half the
king you think he is.
You're calling my father a coward?
He's led us everywhere
he thought they were to be!
KAEL: You cannot replace him!
This has nothing to do
with leading the Gorren.
This is the eyeball,
the key to Neshima.
It will be found when
Sita has been reborn.
There it is in your grasp
and there she is in mine!
She's just a scared little girl!
OAK: I've been looking
for that scared little girl
since before I learned to kill.
My father has never
mentioned any of this.
You have no intention of returning.
Erbai is content leading
his army of ignorant peons.
I have what I've been looking for.
I'm going home to Neshima.
You coming home, nephew?
Or are you running to daddy?
KAEL: You can do what you claim.
I'll stay out of your way.
OAK: And if I can't?
Then you have more
than me to worry about.
The only thing that worries me, Kael,
is continuing this existence.
It is not out there that we fear.
It is what's inside
that makes us restless.
A restless soul
is full of duty to find peace.
It is this duty that I fear.
KAEL: How does it feel,
lying in the cold desert sand
while the sun sucks away
the last drops of water
from your body?
I wake up to this every morning.
I was born out here
and as long as I've lived I've hated it!
My entire family is dead.
The sooner you kill me, the
sooner I will be with them!
I don't want to kill you,
but he does, don't you see?
You'll die.
You'll die slowly, only death on the sand.
I see them die every time I sleep.
Over and over again.
This emptiness of my life.
You seek to make a reward out of it.
What about your people,
if what you say is true,
you're all they have left.
Little sister, it's
not about war or peace.
Tell me how it works, I will free you.
You have my bond at the right time.
You can go back to your people.
Put it to your forehead.
Connect the crystal to your forehead
and it will show you the
way to Sita's guardian.
That's it?
It's useless without her.
Without Sita, the guardian
will suck the life out of you.
Even before the sun has the chance
to take my last drops.
KAEL: Oak!
It's a map.
It's a map.
I can see a path leading north.
Well it will appear we
have no more use for you.
Time to meet your friends.
KAEL: Wait, you can't kill her!
OAK: What do you mean?
She is Sita.
Yes, if I'm Sita, without
me you'll face the guardian
and balance with my protection.
You will command your
guardian to let us pass.
It seems we may need you a
little while longer after all.
Let's move out!
Kill it.
KEAL: Run away, run home!
KSHAT: Little sister.
Do not run away.
It is not about war or peace.
OAK: You will die now!
You are finally here.
BA'AL: It has been so long.
We are finally home.
What burdens you?
The survivors.
There is no hope for them
now that we have returned.
Send me back to show them the way.
BA'AL: You will not
be able to come back
until you lead them all home.
LAKSHMI: Oh send me back.
I love you
and what can be will be done.
What do you want?
KAEL: We found the Bonda.
We found the eye of Ba'al.
This is not a matter to
discuss in an open forum.
Remember who you are talking to.
KAEL: We found the crystal.
Will you disrespect me?
I see no crystal.
You've had too much to
drink in the desert sun.
We have followed you faithfully.
And you have brought us many feasts
and women.
Either lead us to the crystal
or we will follow Kael there.
You should come with me.
BA'AL: It is your
duty to lead your people.
But how will I convince them?
BA'AL: By the flight of
the dagger you will be known.
Pass the test.
We thought you had
been taken by the Gorren.
Where are the others?
KAEL: We must be getting close,
the sky is so beautiful.
Neshima, I know the way and
we have to leave immediately.
You, you know the way to Neshima?
I am Sita reborn!
Follow me
and I will lead us to Neshima.
I will be tested.
The test is fatal if you do not pass.
COUNCILMAN: She is right.
She must be tested.
We're finally here.
Is it not beautiful?
You drag us out to the
middle of the forest
with claims to have found Neshima?
We have been fooled.
Yes, I must show it to you as well.
You're a lunatic!
And an imposter.
Your eyes are filled with dirt.
I know you!
There is no room in
Neshima for unrighteousness.
I've led us to Neshima,
did you see that?
We see a dog
not worthy to be called a man.
LAKSHMI: We thought Sita's
return would bring us peace.
You led us right to the Gorren?
LAKSHMI: But it is
not about war or peace.
It is about righteousness.
It is about doing what must be done.
And so today,
we fight!